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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/21/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published March 21, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Part 2 - Continuation of last week's topic - Defending in court using law, establishing standing and proper process. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is march twenty one twenty twenty three consiantly or crazily three two one two three anhingidae to the trumperies is tramping to be president tongoose i donno i think it is its possible it's a it's possible but i feels a little bit like round hog's stay doesn't it he seems to always float to the top but let's let's see what happens if he does get arrested to day i think is probably part of the plan and hopefully people will get motivated and of their behinds to to help him and to defend in defend this republican such so well poseall see what happens to day so it anyhow we're going to do a continuation or shell from last week which was in defending yourself in court a lawful process freewith the fabulist and wonderful and smart john take a how you doing then well tea i don't know what got ofallon up after that comment there was a hole so that we did last week was my favorite show that i've done with you as a guest you know i have different people on an all she hold that was my favorite show of that person that was my favorite shell that you and i have ever troppeau e there is so much information and an i want to thank you for that because he shared so much good stuff so i i i corected to continue on to day because because i think we should do a quick red cap of war we were and then moved on to continue okay ah before we do that i don't think trumps going to be arrested because i believe that teestay wanted that information that is going to be arrested out there because they were probably going to plan o because of everybody that started talking about protesting and standing up each state looked at it and said that i don't think we want to go that he he comes here given more power to him fr by the people and sold their neck ones may be weaker to or month but i think they're going it's really all about exposure and finding more bad guys okay so one of the things that i found out when i was down here devoted defending kind of helping too to a helpless community to community that's getting you know bogle kicked out process lockedout of their homes as retirement community had such a very very sad i had had a guy talked to his ah any such you know he said i worked forty or forty hours a week soon my wife for forty one years and this all we have to show for it any son and proud of it he saw a half everything that i could want hers many sad it's just really sad to see this happen what i really discovered through the whole process honestly was helped orful at the head fanshawenone and how exactly their using them in order to buy out land and honestly to sell out or the united states cause they used some they always use some selecting guy or usually to guy who who they give them cars and shoes make him make him look like that guy you know and then they go round and they start buying up property but they've got a limited funds and they come to the hedgeand the most holy foreign investment in the nation so with their doing is orbing up land in the united states in order to basically steel the country for the herchildren and keep it out of the reach out about the sand flight prices nobody can compete with the solonto an area and by it up i think that a lot of what we're seen with president is he is all about exposure exposure exposure exposure to shopit's really going on behind the scenes so we know how to fight it and so i will see what happens to the one way or the other it's kind of a i think it's going to be an interesting day it's going to be a very interesting day to to see what comes out of this it isn't likely that he gets a raston know i think i could go either way you know he seems to be the know the tough and gone there you don't he never nothing ever seems to stick to him because he's good guy you know what this goes back to when somebody is ordained or chosen by god to do especficos it is nothing it's going to stop him and you know there's nothing that's going to get it out in the way of that soles right right long with grand growing on the banks are in floating and people that have as their life on the makings i going to find themselves in some serious trouble they do some other pies gold silver bit crying anything but the banking system and i know you can't take everything out the some people can but he should have some crazy money set inside and some other option for yourself and not rely upon what the bankers are going to do because they wanted the stroy the system that what they worked i began brigades this is just toilet paper you caseabout what it was going to be worth one or supply yet i i kind of think that might my opinion of his at the banks have to go down and because because there this is where the corruption really starts in this country is the banks sters and politicians and the corporations in the ilocoans the people of america because when when you look at the banks that went down in the order that they went down they were almost wholly billy in her banks like like s m a s b that one in this almost wholly a billingback in the swiss bank went down and swiss banket set ye was the was a layman also on the board of the world accomac form so watching some of this half and i really think and i believe the good gods are into i think what we're watching is watching their purse strings being caught just like when we had that they flow till from china out in the piece as the visitin ocean that he could land well they couldn't get paid for the goods and till they were delivered so basically president trump stalled a alotepec and i believe help to put a little bit a herd into these corporations i think it's can we good thing actually we need the adjustment things are on a control how in its where we go from here are we going to go with the great reset where they're going to have the digital currency controlled by the banking system are we going to go to the recent where we the people are going to have control of the so people need to pay tention to watch going on so the bankers don't slip in the greatest he there single digital currency controlled by the from once they have control of the single digil digital currency then they will be able to say while you know your politics don't lie with so we have to have control of the moneys not the banking we have to destroy the banks very agreed that for it ees to go as to the banking system the way it is as completely and totally of unoticed unethical in an it truly is not working for the american people when you look at the the fadettes not a and american institution is a globalisation of always hastenthe been longing our money back to us printing it in loaning us so that we could use our own money completely wrong and will always result in the united states being and doth so something has to change so i'm i'm all about rohbaniat off and let's let's let's let's go at it you know what nor smart no mericans are going to find out that we never needed them in the first place we can do this without them that's what we need to be that's where we need to be i still do see people wearing masks i sang it on cretan i bet they are not i do not get it while they hold the net to see now they got a new bacteria coming oh no wonder that came for my wonder for came from grand rapids or woo han or or or yale or harvard or misconster you have found or any of the any of these these a global s organizations as that's what they all are at this spot the indoctrination they get away with morethenoh so that's a care got i completely believed that the good guys are in control so i'm just kind o set back going we welllet's see what happens to as the good guys have control and god is in control we as people on these should be doings conrad not sitting back and sang o god will come to say and if you're sitting back waiting for god become the same as then you're one of the poles sitting down to enoch so you have to figure out what it is that you can do not everybody can do what i do or what you do but there are people that have other talents and other areas or other ways of fighting the battle and they should be out here anyway you can protest and not the word protest i dont necessarily the best or but resists the deep state and that is was discoverment really have a illegal government in power right now from washington on down and in lancing we have an illegal government also and we need that we need to say not were not or not going down that road we're not going to fight that we're going to or going to be different yes and it's going to require you get off the couch's going to require you to put some skin in the game and but we don't want you to stick it knocking the news that the same time we want you to the system ah and resist as much as you can there doing etnane they're doing it nother countries we need to be be sure we are doing it strong enough in america to let these people these tyrants in the d c tyrants and lancing tonethey were upon not with us were charged that you and her that tolta but brings us to our document that we were talking about last week because that's a push back southack and it's a it's a it's a small post back it's only bushbeck on on a ticket on the speedy kicked ah but you know this is a good chance to get your feet wet whistle picket isn't very and you can spend a little time practising and fighting in going to court going to cortes not a nice easy thing and i meant bendinot many times especially in my earlier years were scared to the divers out of me like it like i did everybody else the big bad wolf in their black outfits are there to scare you and there to fight you and if you understand that then you lose that fear and that's where their problem comes more their problem lies when they lose in this particular case was already filed in cors the judge shore or the the court clerk sent to the person that filed his stating that i've got you doctor i don't know if i told you this did they tell that they responded i tell you about these less week they responded the to her and said we got your document oh and we are giving you years to taking six points she said you never said that now your calling me up on your telling me or taken or six points away what you just want the money she like no but this this is where the call other trying to make a deal with her i said to god her on the rock she then says to the court clerk ah i've said to the black ament it's required that you answer it and get back with me on the answer and there telling her the judge there's a law in our law or ruling or god knows what in in our little town that does it how the judge to read the document till the day of the th that's exactly what i mean you got to be out of your mind the judge doesn't read the document until the day of the trial and he supposed to compete pard and be able to be a individual hard peternot one sided or the other and so i said you tell her no court clerk that you want a copy of the carolina south carolina court rules and you also want the individual court rolls for your little town so we can read them and see where this said that if it says that a ih i know it doesn't that's ludicrous she can't read the case the whole purpose of you going accord is that you are prepared and that the other party is prepared and then because i now reached an impasse or not you're going a cord to hard you being passed you don't go to court to argue the whole case necessary as it is in writing but in this particular case they're trying to hand her capt we can't we can't look at it until the day the because they can as while ending in as when he is well in not that's the sort o legislator and in michigan where there getting two thousand bills a year in front of them there is no possible way that a person could first of all read them all and that they would be prepared enough to make an educated assessment on on these these bills it is its esse of i there there just there just robbers stamping thing they are rubber stamping or their getting an aid to look at it or they're not looking at it there listening to their confidered another each state or that as a unvoting for this sisseeton had that's all they are as talking had and there taking the orders from some one else that that is one of the problems that i have with actors or actresses and positions and government is that they do not the that's exactly what they are other actors and actresses look at as chenopis nothing in office whatsoever you know and and that's great but when when i hear that somebody answered a casting call for for running for office who is actually getting her these the question then that every one needs to ask us who was giving who was giving these people these the eve his hands sank off the top of the hat an i'm sure you had the same experience too where you went to the political events and you listened to people who really don't know anything all they do as they go down their three or four talking points and it is truly it's so presentation it's an act it's not it's not that they really know anything they're just repeating headlines and that's about it hansel but that's what i may ask said that they never got down to the constitution they never got down to a lawful process they never got down to two anything have to do with the economy or any real problems they only they only go to talking points that engaged people's emotions that's what i i agree with you my rewthe and of course a lot of people that don't know any better also the public rely upon these people because while there in office in patient now what's going no there but there to run your life and metell you thought to be a slave or and we have to get back to a done on board and i know the law and know what they can do and what they can't do lot of the people that are in charge or in charge position were they can for they can do things or they can pushed the law forced the law those people are expecting us to know nothing and that their smarter than us in that they can to pull it off the and rock lot of times are getting away with it because we harkleian the so called politician a public functionaries to run the government and there were not elected generally chosen to be in that post so we really have no control individual set we can't vote him out of of because there already in one and that office is a selected position by i some politician that we did vote in a so in order to get to that bureau wrapped that sitting in that office then on the cheese we have to get rid of the first person that we voted for that port amine which in the which is prone can't because our elections systems are are elections are completely and totally rigged from tapped bottom and the parties are one of the biggest cancer within the prose there the complicity we have to get rid of political parties because they are nothing more than special interests founded by the globules and in the you know they just keep like i said before they just keep check check and cimbells that people to make him think that they're going to make a big difference there they might shake a protest a protest and they keep telling every all walk protest i don't think that's a good idea right now i really don't because nobody's listening to them when they were the protesting in michigan on the law and such i didn't go i went to speak one time but i didn't go to the protests the there looking out the windows laughing at us at this point in time they they they're doing going to change nothing and do nothing because they are all yeyeng you but they're hearing but they don't care so i think protesting is not a good idea because it's putting people as sotion of being set up by her as by in such sad i'm not fan of that better better to get into the lawful process and actually do something which ties them up through the constitution and the lawful process in my opinion i agree i i'm not saying i protested mass like they'd be do because in america does esoteric saccopastore in the mass stopped him in the things that are contitutional that they tell you to do just stop the artiste that's the answer right there no more gates resist this much as you can anywhere that you i agree with the which we wanted that we want to clog the courts if we can let's cloggers we want to clog the meetings when they have their monthly meeting or weekly meeting we want to clog that up so they don't there they don't get anywhere and that's another good avenoo anyway you can clog up the o logothe boarded educated having got on the line and stopped his nonsense for not doing it he tzoni bores a township boards city homeston a county county commission meetings all of these local meetings if we hit them in mass with just our presence there and required them to listen to us and in your basically the process that you that you were talking about is kind of like a personal it's like a individual filibuster on a meeting when you tell them that they do not have the right to shut you down and their three minutes doesn't work and then you stablish the lawful the lawful precedent for it you got as much time as you want i think i seen that work in a school worebefore where somebody got up and just talked to jack konto and they would not leave finally the board got up and they laughed and they they revolted they voted newsit was his felt with that kick the old charges out and bring out locate fierlas mcgahan on her what a loss ay so why don't we go back through into a roll quick i've got to leave shortly after time again and so why don't we go through and do a brief re cap and then we'll finish up where we left off yet last because it was glorious of the great hole there the recap of our document any time you go to court as you have to establish who you are and who they are and in all as you see in my hat a magnificent republic we are a repose we are not a civil action that's what the courts brought in you can't have a civil action jurisics and a republic and since we know that we are the republic and we know that the constitution is the law of the land that we know that these public functionaries sworn oh to that law of the land they swore no for the constitution in both the federal and the state so because they've sworn the oath they hired to uphold the cots so when you get in the court if you will establish that in writing originally like i said i never walk in the court in to lose if you open your mouth and court and try to argue a cake without documentation to go loose goring as the battle what with documentation and they read it a lot of em are already in a notice that you're not going to put up with her garbed and that who they are there your public functionary use well that all out for it told him who they are that's what we have to do the very beginning of this document we spent o what i say fifteen points explaining who we are explaining a republic and music court cases spring or decisions to point that out using the spret musing the united states constitution as well as the state constitute the spell of that else they know where we're coming from right off the bat and were not going to put up with her then they came on you walk in the courts say ah ain't you trying to dopester bole to a judge without a docket o'respect to santo bring in the constitution to judges we don't do the constitution we don't do we don't see in god we trust them in court we don't put our hand on the bible and so help me god that that's not in our courts oh he absolutely it is one hundred per cent sworn to the constitution and the constitution says it is and therefore you've got to follow the constitution you don't have thrice all lower courts must follow supreme court set and the constant in they don't have tight now if they do not follow these documents and they run off on their own then you write i up in the judicial tenure let me tell you when you're right of judicial tenure complaint or an attorney grievance complaint in ever right twelve items on that come that they did these twelfth things wrong and court you do one that and you do another one and then another one twelve separate a document essential and we could send a man at the same time i generally stagger him every other day and why not go that because it fills there folder of the judge's fuller not one document which they can and they've done this in court tools they read the document that you submit in court and you put one thing in there that they can hang her at and say you're wrong and therefore then then your old document is thrown out there not even going to go on any further check your the rest of your baconnot whether it's good for the law or not god so they're going to do the same with the judicial tenure complain you send em one ah he scatheless okay let's go down a number six and he related n't be said her throat on can but if you write all twelve holes then the sixth one he can throw out which is still half the deal with the other let so that's why you send them indien they got answer of the judge has stand to do good job and you explain your position and you explained by law what the judge did wrong then the judge can in all a shuckin give his way out in one taken so that same with the turn it grievance ah and judicial tenure complained you're right i up carefully are individually and then you submit to and then when it comes time to go to cords because you're going to soothe a judge or soothe the attorney or both alas like the seven people the it one document rather than so i'll put all their names as defended and then filed that in the cord and then each one has to be addressed separately but see i have now twelve judicial tenure complaints on est part of the so it all follows through and helps build the case for you and really them in the course his opinon of their so that's the way you got to do it i don't don't ever think that you're going to put all twelve it issues than a judge may do or to issue if you only have to issues and you make two separate you their dated for the sames of cover pages exactly the same thecoe on the second page which is what is going on the is different oh those are the two different points of itonamas so there is to for that judge the same track now that brings us to once we've established who we are and we established though they are there just most arbiters and not take one side that there not false to be biased generally as one of the complaints i always write on it these always his always pies attorney my friend who went through lost school says in attorney will be awfully embarrassed ever think so the judges don't want process to be attorneys but if you have your act together there's a good chance either going to get this or never heard or the one liter way through on this missellit because if you are a prose and you go in there and beat the hair out of the attorney then that goes on the record to in or you lost the case to matter with you can i go shame factor going on there too you know and oh did the weed of people just beat you on something it's an age it's a real way you know it's taking a horse show when it anasheroans its way more impressive than a professional trainer right exactly swore were at with his were it so i think we left awfn on page fifteen number in less less you want to go back and talk a little further about what we are there already done it now that's good i'm glad we have a little bit o recado just as the summer knows you can go back and watch last tuesday shell and a week we got into all of the issues up to fifteen so that there's a complete understanding of them as well as the the court cases that are standing and so the side laws and that sort of thing on the books and so it's a good idea to go back if you're interested and review that i can review it and when i get a little better time i want to go back through all this and i'm going to try to do a review of it or maybe it may be can may be carnall have time to do it she's amazing she does a great summary so so on one of us will one of us will try to get try to get it this summarised so that it's in one document so that you can take it to it yourself ah let me i make a comment here about that side ah we will do it for you when charge much we generally charged someone buck depending upon better action rite there going to john he that's number one number two we do run our wednesday night is there not a class there actually or one day night the but if you have questions specifically now's the time to bone up ones stuff not wait until you're you're pence and you have to go in the court and because you really shouldn't understand on the standing these laws start understanding the supreme court decision to should no norton brisis shall become you should understand it and that's why you come to our meeting on wednesday night you've read the case and you say he what is this men on at so we never have or pick on anybody for asking so in some people's show up one time first time in their life and they start asking questions so there the like a new question for that post and for the rest of the itgood review and some of the people in oregon need that review also so come to our wednesday nights now's the time to learn a world wore short in our time period sorry were only short in our time periods so we have to we don't know one we're going to be when we are going to be hit we're got no one we're going to get a parting tickets speeding tick picked on by the ordnance officer have too much grass in the front of your house growing to the or in one case she the one woman had a very tall had the government called the weeds and she grew it because it was actually food that she was used and of course she liked the birds that she had and so they made a cat it but she didn't have any idea how to fight it and so that's what we teach our on how to get in there what battles you can fight ah and it goes all away down from child protect him services which by the way cordington norton thus child protective services is one of those alphabet organizations that has no constitutional authority and according to norton verses shelby county these particular organizations that come from an act of congress or an act for the legislature and a council do not they were not given cost so you know that a front you can deal with it and furthermore cypassis one of the biggest child trafficking organizations in north america legal young landon on the like that's impossible to prove but it's not impossible to prove what's more felt but it's not as difficult to prove as they done in one becomes no constitute more difficult to prove but their lose in like six hundred plus thousand kids a year through the system plus their use in it for legal kidnapping of children on families there's no depressors not nothing there so i've got a real bone to pick with see psecas i think that in any one that he decides to step on to be a little social justice warrior and there to take children away from their families should be ashamed of themselves and will have to stand for nicollite further actions which are clearly which are clearly further own egland or other nefarious reasons rather than for the good of the child well that's a very important point but the other important point that we have to understand is when the the government cannot make alphabet organisation was it as constitution authority the reason that was put in the norton verses shall be county and it's in fact by the constant remember you can't amend the constitution without an amendment right a law or an act the changes those so they are certain free freedoms that we have that they cannot article of first amendment second amendment can change can change the religious thing unless you want to go and follow their philosophy the government's philosophy and the nine elected public rats that are living in that office that think they have if you want to follow them and believe in them then you open yourself up to the abuse of government but if you're saying what a minute you're on or will go coon we'll go to cordon on norton verses shall be county which is story tess never been challenged and never been changed and it is the law the land so stare decisis norton verse shall be conesas cannot create a de facto government institutionauthor cannot create the fact of government so if you follow that philosophy and that's always in our pocket the judge knows up front that if you're on the fact though office that you don't exist that brings us the number eighteen a stake look at eighteen because the number eighteen it says that the police officer moncton is for what then sir i that's what he's he wasn't there to be a revenue and hence was there to protect them serve the so if he's not protecting in serving the public then he is usurping authority was never grand and in the republics you can only have or only be fined if you damage somebody's property her somebody damned somebody's property or his those are the only two reasons that you can be fine so there has to be injury to another person not just nod just oh you did this wrong song going to find you that's that's what this is and the law would first of all the police department ah is the corporation the government is a corporation and we the people are above a corporate s always friend otway were more powerful than a corporation so far more powerful than a government corporate then we the after deal with us as individuals who have the power and you as a corporation do not have so we i want to know from you his chief whatever your name is what is your way what is your responsibility are you at the jury officer on so is your office de suri number one is it lawfully he constructed based on the law based on a constant and are you a sworn officer to be at the jury officer occupying that is and balltown through it because i have no idea what i dochernas but he we talk about in that pediculosis is the or set up right there we talk about downs we talk about marbury vs i listening all these corcases norton and hail the tinkle and all of these court cases that applied to being at the jury officer and you've got to help me halves is heckled you got to help me or honor elders to tinkle to about corporations for are individuals whose got more power corporations or invite individuals have more power than corporations they don't have any okay so then i brings us to number nineteen and nineteen says basically that the power of the court not only most of the side the law but must explain the law all explanations where the defendant is incorrect simply stating something so set cord case called webster verses reproductive so when you get in front of the judge and the judge says i in my said so and therefore it is so or the attorneys because i say so it is so webster verses reproductive says you have to have authority that backs up your narrative you can't just say something as soul and therefore they pull that on us all the time when you are in front of a colonel they say he got three minutes minutes where does it say that words that in the record where a word i do set on how did you come up with the three minutes and just because you say it so does not make other bluffing and we have to call their bluff because that's what they're doing feels i and on every level of our government they are bluffing high stakes poker we call it there in trouble that right it's like like the guy holding the to waste and and he says i want and he said well let me see her as as one is shown the but you got isold such the authority that you want of he didn't show me the aces you didn't win it's just your word against my word well that's exactly what goes on in a court of law ninetynine the giants oh i said it so therefore it is so this is my court or notshe that you buy at the top for a pain rent one snap and he lit regardassent shores is made of way to wait too big for their bridges most of the judges and the thwarts swunche or of takes us the twenty and twenty cents even if the traffic ordnance his desire so you agree to everything that happened so far the cop had the authority to do what i did give you a ticket all that's clean and correct and the jury suppose it is that's all this supposing it in its not usurpation authority that's the way this and the court in in the cord is acting in a decorist has no ability to rule in favor of the city upon rector grand rapids or whatever unless i fall in ter less i volunteerly wanagi you the money whatever you want you have no authority to demand it of and in michigan that some michigan compiled laws been on the book since the eighteen hundred that has says obligations states in municipalities payment by check or bank draft dates operative legal tender capture of the thing but what it does say that very important it says in payment of debt taxes or other obligations collectible or receivable by him or lender other than gold and silver coin united states treasury notes gold and silver certificates or federal reserve banks are not you have to pay in one of those species of money federsee knows do not exist in the system of money in our city legal tender based on a bank based on a base on because they sent it so it is so knots and in hats and the look it up yourself it's called m c l twenty one point one five and the wonder goes along with it that parrots it is m c l twenty one point one five four and mchenty one can point one five four sails if one of these officials or public functionaries collects this money he can be fined or in prison for a thousand dollars or not to exceed five years for accepting this we preserved no so did it's the laws on our side this is m c l twenty one point one five three a testis is one fight for the other one is one five three this is one five four so automatically you are stating to them and i can't pay you anywhere unless i volunteer it and i'm not followering federal reserve and you can't force me to pay in something other than gold in silver coin then he will not like cousins so why do you think i put it in a doctor is your another in currency and or or what you're going to pay on because they don't right that's right yea i do not want to force this she it's never been challenged and never been changed it still on the books and it still good long what is he would wear pins when you tell him you're going to pay in beans to day oh he will get to that in a moment the chain of number that's another step we have to we just one to do that we make us there's another step and he called up motion for more definite okay let's he there's goin now number right now to note that will take on that will take on let later we have to do it to fall in them for not answering a document that's number one the fall and then we do a more motion for more definite and then i at that point in time now you have the power to submit the beans or whatever he an beans with paper clips ah what i've saved lately our packing pianos this really is iodinii got to tell you it's kind of funny whatever whatever i consider a value because when you look at a piece of federal reserve now what value does that federal reserve now have zero night not an ocanides n't have any weight to it doesn't have any intrinsic value it only has faith that it i winerather face in my packing pins sandal for one we have to send some the the theateronce that were currently under is a is truly only only worth anything because we believe that it has not mine there's none like only might right that's right i believe my packing pinethat lot about it in one of those backing penal purred out her if i wanted to turn this and say i have value it's the same thing as taking the stick you know his post now and saying this his value to me you know same thing there's nothing there except for our belief in the and of course we've come up with other people coming up with other can i send them monopoly money yet come values yes by the monothelite scotale yes and a monopoly may be won every one odor as a matter o so then that brings us to thee now that we've talked about m c a twenty one point one fight three months fight for by the way does that cal twenty one point one fight three one five four apply across the the michigan law can i use it in california at it say yes why because of our right because of reciprocation and i i can't tell you the exact law on that but i i think that that's a reciprocal is just like when you if you find us sheriff and one county in michigan counting on actually that sherif can actually act in other counties if there's a law suit going on or for investigation the can't they can't i have the can they're not a charge of the county but they can investigate and you can you can eh you can take other sheriffs i find one constitutional share they can act cross the state to a certain degree and i presented yet you are correct but i'm going to give you the law that so give me the law in that cause you've got it all memorized i do not i i've got that we i'm looking it up actually i know where it is all good i don't hontish a device then that's god article for section too of the federal constitution article for the citizens of each shall be entitled to the privileges and the unities of the citizens in these so whatever privileges and immunities you have in michigan they apply to florida and california and all the other long ah that's article oh four section to the federal cases and the fourteenth amendment before deep the men and basically says the same thing oh fourteen he states shall make it he now in a law which shall broachedthe no state shall make or enforce any law which shall reach the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the united states nor shall any state deprive any person of life liberty or property without due process of law nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of so it on two spots on the federal constante ah what applies in one state applies in all states yes this law applies to to the particular m c l or not onbeset say f c florida compiled law and florida compiled law haggis own twenty one point one fight three that would be the better one to use but if you do michigan law applies what's good is hegan's good everyone so then it brings us to the second most important law that were using in in this argument in that's the article on section ten class three the federal consente which says no state can make anything but golden silver a tender and payment so no state can force you to pay to the state government in something other than gold and silver coins now when the constitution was written mineremember what was i think of except this will end the paper money for ever i didn't because of course the baker's got in fall in the american people were asleep which is why we are in the boat were in to day so they didn't understand no person no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment because back in ah the four when johnson took silver out of the currency and thirty three when roosevelt took gold out of the cars they destroyed this part of the constant one step at a time and got away with it because we the people didn't know any be a candid at sorry president slieve that term loosely you can do that but we allowed it to happen and johnson and took silver out of this out of this in what he basically dead is he said to the people because won't have to pay us it would be in violation of watercloset as the fabricante and in michigan and it would be in violation of themsilently one point one pike three and one five so then in dark print i put after all of us information because we wanted to shoreless the above michigan compiled law or controlling as the defendant is exercising to diligent was made to find any south carolina that to exist which comport with us stitution articles in other words because i looked for i went through the constitution of south carolina and dora florida and there one ever stayed on work and i read their constitution i found no nothing in there nothing in their compiled law twenty one point one five three and one five four amusing misery very young planets simple okay then twenty one says i stayed and claiming referred to this court which is stated above in paragraph sec of our document and that we have at the jury republic in this city county township or wherever were fighting in an in hampton and in south carolina and the jury republics of the united states still exists because you you or turne and jo have not rebut re potted any of my doctor that it does therefore does and in living under the republic and the constitution still has life and power and we heard that in norton he counted downer's did well and therefore the visuri republic superseded and they gave any reference to the civil action jurisdiction as stated in the ordinances or reference by the cords operating in the civil action helen and right up to that even though you think you're in the republics are in the civil action juristic they been superseded by the republic i can exist time and that's norton and if you want the pages numbers for forty three you can look it up yes in north ah and then it comes down to twenty two it claims that all judges are bound by their oath of office or achromatin to support the constant and that's article we remember we don't leave anything for chance the judges or torneys we want to be so they know that we know and that you're not going to pull this one over on us and say like years ago when i was in front of cavanagh in livonia he said all of the last you're quoting don't apply to me because i must city j the well i was green at the game at the time a really kind o didn't understand what i to go home and to my homework one sir remorsebut now i know that's how you win by losing sometimes you know you lose in you you start to home that you hold your skills a little bit better and that's okay it's okay to make mistake and if one is were doing something more moving forward every every thing that we make a mistake on gives us more a more or toolbox when we come back the next time and that's okay that's a good process does it is doesn't doesn't mean you should ever quit just cause you're having a tough time of it you just keep going you double down and then the next time you're more prepared it's right in this for i think that that's another thing that people feel like if they make mistakes that they feel stupid or they feel like it's their fault well let me tell you they have made the system so complex and complicated that it outwould take you a hundred lifetimes to learn everything that you need to know and you so would know at all because they change it meant so were constantly on a and shifting sand and you just have to be kawith with moving with what's going on in front of you a little bit but just keep going that's what the civil action jurisdiction is all about absolutely is the judge can switch from at law to equity the spur the moment not even tell you can be in their fighting and at lock case and all of a sudden ease changed his hat and now he's the other jurisdiction and you didn't know he changed his is now in not an outlaw but i at law and equity you're not in equity any more you're knowing the law and your your law does not fit because you're arguing equity and he's arguing and so he does the civil action just gives them that authority this any time in its so that's why when if you don't go in the cortes or if your going to courtin you don't spell it out it is in writing that you can refer back to if you had to he can be switching his hat and he time wants and ole yes it's really retortedbut but they're good added the big block let me ask you is to me more points do we have to day well if we're going to carry this all to the end that we only have i mean if we're going to carry this up to the affirmative defences we have on one ay and then then we can pick it up again next to me he can do affirmative et looking the sunset biol fight that a soul again i spell out article for article six and i'm not going to do it i won't spend the time on it but you can look it up articles as says that judges are sworn by their open and then finally toward the end of this thing to further affirm my position i used down first suspend and basically says jud and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby in anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary so that's how you kick em in the rear the last line see if he doesn't fit like you don't have the authority to do so what's the relief the relief is the last point ah that will talk about to day and this relief says above the four mentioned i want the entire case with prejudice a difference between prejudice not the with prejudice me to capering at p ah without prejudice means that while maybe months from now there looked for money they can bring the case again against you from now said case beggin collect the money they want to collect it now and in fact i had to it he can pull that crap on me she wanted me to come back in the course and paid the fine that i paid in beans i said oh when are we going to when will we have a hearing and the the court coxis omnitudo want to pay him the i said no i wanted her in oh well i'll get back with you on that in the orconform that was last summer you know this is this is kind o funny and i'm going to make it i'm going to make a analogy here and how the courts set the chorus was sister work exactly the way a criminal works as an organization there there lest someone who is an easy victim and easy target and if you stand up to them you all of a sudden become a i'm going to go in this direction because this is way to difficult in and i think i think it's like anything else don't don't make yourself an easy target and the kind of go away to get because it's the other people who would they will victimise the cross along the way now when we all stand up together they've got a real youbecause they they they have to change their behavior when we all stand up together they can't they can't just keep running these money laundering intimidation extorts if they've got going on and on coursessometimes as you know the legal system as well as the thegovernment systems that we have across the board because that's what all of mercenary of the inspection departments any of the inspection department that there out there regulations any of it it all works because of fear and intimidation corn and extortion that the ondastan exactly what it is the thugs were black robed there you go bringing us to the very end of his why want it this mist ontirely i wanted to smith with presidence without any fees indoor costs being set and for ever as related to the enforcement the traffic or hendon and over and that's the reliefs and next week will do a formative so informative i really appreciate your time and the knowledge that you accumulated over so many years i mean what a what a treasure what an absolute treasures to a in any no wotan i know that that experience was hard on you didn't just step off you know step off the stop there and i have all you know have the answerwhat do this i'm sure this was a process of succeed fail succeed fail succeed fail and tell you really you iron at all out and are able now to walk into any situation like this and be able to have all the stuff in your mind and o'er you know where to find it that that is the incredible and i've so appreciate that so much in a quick read the comments and then o then we're going to work and see these questions or comments good morning good morning he olhagary a mike model i'm not protesting anything that makes me a city dock it sure does any of these protests i mean look at what we've done okay and i think this is president the rightful president the united states leading us i think rather than to be spoon fed information took now irene do now what are going to do like a bunch of fergan little kids or limings right look at what happened with the vaccine was disgusted when he presented that the disgust on his face was absolutely tangible if you look at it in he was he was discussed it in putting this out there so but we had a choice the endorsements he had almost all of them and i entertaynemt one in my opinion were very bad indorsements they were in michigan the dorsets and michigan were not being indorsed and why would he do that teaches the thing instead of taking doors and endorsement should be illegal it's election interference and it should be leglessness and all the stuffs should be should be illegal you know look at and then look at jase as steve think now what happened what happened was everybody that went there was good and conchos were infiltrated by below and the the the you know commonefacitis i like that word that was brought up the other day a by think it was scotomata there try to set off through patriots and put us in harm's way we have to think we have think smart it's just like when the revolutionary war was one you know that they were used to fighting a war in lines of soldiers they just sit there in volebant until they killed enough people to declare when we what odethe patriots do they got up in the trees and they shot with squirrel guns right they they didn't play by the rules of warfare that were accepted at the time not now i'm not towneverybody to go out and get your guns and start doing any crazy stuff that's not what i'm saying what i'm saying thanks mark if they're telling you to go to these protests that are out there i am tell you what i'm there's not a chance i would go i'm in to set my my sorry behind home and i'm to do my home work and i'm no learned the law and i may be gone maybe going to start doing some of the slothful process to put things in play in it because what they are trying to do is teach us to think and to expose the bad guys was exposing bad guys i don't think i want to be settin next to him i really don't you know the there's no point to that so a sitting duck that's exactly when this charlotte can't believe they shot president trump prayer down last night that's another thing that it's because they are much of saintes and they want to cut a god out of this country entirely and out of our life it because they know that the true power that we have comes from god almighty and and we cannot be bet when we return to god carryage not to just sit on the couch and witness god's mighty work the civic and how we as the body of christ participate in the lords war absolutely love charlotte they did remote did you get to hear the rest of it present trump was wonderful charles had orders from sorel now i could not get it when asked what they could pray for him he asked for prayers for the country see that's what i'm talking about a selfless leader does not ask necessarily for person himself we see us as one family and that would one of us has a right to violate they are coming for all of us because they're coming for not present trump their coming for you and i and her family that's what this is all been about she's just had to gods and the fortitude to stand in the way a good leader will charlotte i find i find it to day it so not that he did pray primary them all love says the pastor's prey not president trump that song beginsel flag he ringing through my hat although he go charlotte says to a rally and follower vill michigan may twenty very sudden we have we were too we were to have a republic form of government might model you are a hundred per cent right i agree with you protesting is not a good idea it is not a good idea and thank you from love thank you john and at protesting his never his not changed thing in the seas the fact that they know we're not listening to them asisaid that that kind of things that were not afraid of them that is what changes this nation i say you know what you're a somewhat to do no nothing to do it where were i'm not going to comply with their aunt unconstitutional laws and mandates at maneand during my run i kept hearing people out there well the politicians the politicians the politicians will guess what no the individual has to make the tons are part of the organized crime not work your ass in you are asking a fox not to the chicken in front of them it ain't goin to happen that the they have instincts that are evil and they're going to the gravitating towards evil so what are we do we stand up and we don't we don't do we stop blaming the politician and take a stand for ourselves it's ourselves have to take a stand and one by one if there had been all of us that said ah oh no and not only a noathe know to the mass and just stop wearing em they would be like a hook i got i guess this is not a good idea not now what and then they'd go back and give us time to recruit and maybe maybe sake and you and you and you and you you're an office you're done and in making a comfortable enough for them so that they cannot i i heard one time that the congressman sanders they typically get so few responses on any bills or any any loss that are out they don't see the push back so they just run a muck because there's no one that's going to even call them out and stop in there's not enough of us doing so it comes back to you and i if they tell us to do something that's unconstitutional like give up her gods are you going to do it i am now no and aunt absolvat not in we are not going to comply with things that are unconstituted and in that can reach it is a further further actions of non compliance that i think will continue to go they have cartels in the industries that they set up their scotch ells in every industry to protect barrier for entry so we disturb making her own little cartels that say no you know but but not one that are politically politically in the peg of the corporations the can be done on a very small local level his opened together and and and help educate the people around you you know i think that this is one of those things i rarely ask people to do something but i'm an ask every one to pass on of the interview with john and i last tuesday and this to get this outward trying to educate people pass information and in pleased so you can be part of educating people on their rights as americans and how we can stand agoand how we can really defeat these people who are who are tearing this nation apart all we have to do is standing other help educate people and teach them to stand on an individual basis now waited for politician to save on their neck in a doit president trunk got in there how how is he going to save this nation by himself standing on a garbage dump he couldn't stay there weren't enough people out there to rest it and besides that we had two we had to show what was out there was evil so on top of that to the rightful president of this of these united states president donald j to i would like to ask every one though he is very selfless individual and probably would never ask for prefer himself we all need to devote ourselves to day for prayer for him and the nation to restore the nation as one nation under god united with liberty and justice for all we only to be we prayed for god's code he restored in the nation and to trifle and ask god for help in his favor for whatever happens to day whether he is arrested or not we need to stand behind him and i hear people say well we don't want to put president tromp on a protestatyon don't what we don't want any one not mebusta younited as one american fame and when i hear that coming out of somebody's mouth i hear division and not undo you win and in a company in and the th the army or the navy or any of her military branch stand together they leave no man behind and we are not going to leave president trunk behind he is one of us he was a people president and the only one that we had in my lifetime and i'm pretty sure over that actually stood with we the people and and in we do not leave him behind he is one of us and we're going to be faithful and standing with him praying for him and in backing him heated have to do this neither the general plan or any of the true patriots out there they didn't have to do this by god by the strength of god we will not leave them behind we will not abandon them to be eaten by the wolves are out there because that's exactly what the political establishment wants us to they want us to abandon people and let him stand alone where we got lessly go hide in or in our houses or go hide to protect ourselves this day it doesn't happen this day we get on our knees and pray to god and ask for his help and in strict and with his favor for our fellow americans and wherever they may be and patriots in that organ to do were going to stand together i'm not going to band on em and i know the true patriots will not nor will they disparage him meter him down they're going to be here and a help him carry his nation and put it back on its feet again cause we oft have godly people and in place and i believe she is such a man appointed for the time by god almighty so at any rate let's say a prayer in the last one closes in remarks dear have leather thank you so very very much for president hall general plan admiral rogers and all the brave patriots that you have appointed for this time we asked that you carried them give them strength give them wisdom give them the knowledge of the man and all those unsung heroes who are choosing to stand with them who we may never know their names we never seen never see their faces but we want to tell you we are thankful for each and every person out there who is shown the bravery to stand for this nation to stand for your good purposes without faltering without wavering and with complete and total loyalty for for for not only the thought for all of us as we stand together united as york people your family the the the remnant that you have left behind in order to act as your body to body christ we are so grateful for everything dutch and we ask for your favourite poor totinge amounts of these son angels to protect every one and your spirit to guide us your holy spirit to guide us to give us wisdom discernment stirring and bravery as our nation goes to this transition type we know that you are in charge we know that your good purposes are always being accomplished and we know you will never leave us nor abandon us so that we can walk and straight and faith doing whatever it is you ask us to do every day every hour every minute of our lives until you call us home and we are thankful for that promise for you that's been issued over and over and over again we we thank you with humility humble hearts and absolute gratitude for you the creator of this entire universe and our god and our saviour thank you so much we love you in the name of jesus is in an so bravery strength to a geis we got this it's not going to be a problem have your folcestan remember god isn't to troll he won't never leave you nor he abandoned you you do not have to be afraid and whatever it is we as americans will always stand together you're going to find maybe some of the best friends of your life that you've ever had when you find somebody who is in fact a true believer who is who will stand without backing down or wavering who will step in front of you to take all the arrows they know the attacks until you become armed with knowledge and with maybe even a greater faith so that all of a sudden there's not one of us or two of us or three of us standing together against the stradivari's going to be all of us and there's the so many of us right now that are standing together they don't stand a chance we ought number emlike illike tens of thousands to every one of these criminals that are running this organized crime sendthat are government as part of his that's exactly what's going on now enjoyed the day it's going to be great because we got this god has or backe truly have we truly how wonderful future in front of us as yet and even if we have to go through some bumpy times in order to clean out the garridge taken out were taken out the garage right now it doesn't matter it's going to be okay and we can rest on that the stay in have great joy and peace going forward no matter what and so get out there fight the good fight and i help us cost to noise out there because we got this and their round to run every single turn that we see out there is another testament two there on the road their scared watch and make the mistakes it's kind of fun and panting actions so any one any closing words there john no you said it all very well a little bit look at the sky look at the sky here he's amazin youth he in and there's there's people out there like dad that are absolutely willing to say ah you think so i don't think so this is worse stops and i'm not going to back down and in watch the bravery in her colonel here that's willing to stand and oliver ohoopee think the military's out they're going to do to whatever going to do i don't think so they ain't the military that is on our side smart and there they're going to only let the thing go so far and and that there's going to be a big probably when it happens it's going to be a decisive victory there is going to be no questioning exactly who is in charge and what's going on as we pick up these slime balls who have committed acts of treason or axle to trees and in their usurpation and their cool against america and we the people which is you and me and president truman general plan and admirers and john and all the people that are out their standing together we stand strong and this gun to be glorious probably bebodes so have a great great day to the i wish you guys would have voted john and his governor i wouldn't have run if he would have been an quite honestly and he gradenigo the down right ye dolanog i stand with john to cantator tater this day and origanion see so anyhow he knows things that i don't know when i know something she doesn't know so when we put together famewere team it's an so cerigotto brine aberdove nor because i am the best non con sider who will never whoever non conceded i am the greatest so donnernder for governor that come and now we just want to let everybody know pray to day to this dederer we love you god bless you god bless all those suleyov and god bless america see it's morrowerturner ce churchwith tim parker dcompter have a great day shone wonderful i have gone