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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/12/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard

Published June 12, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is june twelve twenty twenty three very doing well out there we had intertenendo sweeten and a in the the effort to continue to bring truth and honesty to the table here we're going to get jumphin the show here i've got an heartache for shawith menheere just going to divert into things hang out a minute and let me pull all that a an haydon great how are you down a wonderful and how you doing shock always always it you're always ready to go ortho miss iveniacould up here on so as somewhat happening indian world this morning well i only have a few moments this morning but i wanted to stop then and two main reasons for my visit one is as you know i've been working as in house cots for the republican party and preciate as your support in media and your voice very important and on what i wanted to elsedo is his kind of mentioned that the republican party stand by you when you got your ten the then governor candidates five on god's thrown out in that administration really dropped the ball which he and a it's how i got to know you and to the rubiconte always should apology and for now what i'd like to we say is i will inscrendam that it wasn't handled properly were entring to this on the other thing i wanted to say though donna o for you is that you have followed all of mission politics closely when do you have a voice that time demands i answers in transparency and so you know i know that you've heard about in our war of the resolution that part compare but hieron to handle the presidential election and on her to answer the questions you may have about or you got master richard in to incur eriduthe lotsa he said is never meant to be esoragoto you so bring let me make the whole dolly remember i got orlast year i was there at ittwelve excorticate well and i and i appreciate i preciate your words about what happened because as there's ben there so many people out there that are ominous call him right out the probably working for the that our attacking me still full time and on this after the sweet and everything was all over social media and that my case was as you well know my case was completely different than the other candidates that were thrown in legally thrown off the ballot and i like said the republican party was with deny handle things well i mean they go to bandini preciate you saying that the i kind o in the point right now of watching things in just seeing things how seeing how how things come together as far as how you're going to handle the presidential coof next year and what i got out of it was the real problem with the number of delegates the trying to drop down the number of delegates correct to nine just being filled at boyelles let's be clear that the party rules you know like good show you don't want it it settled in the first two minutes of the game so there is a requirement alcoviste don't jump to the front of the one their certain number states we know them in south carolina better allowed to side delegates before marched discourage any other party from having signed the selected and were talked about delegates to the non tenanting that the orange where the president acts gets so we have he passed process we can use within a there could be a primary election where the voters democratic or there can be where the pre sake man and woman from your present go to the county st to convention and at the convention the vote much like he sent people to a national convent and then you have a representative form of a vote in the third way is to do like a citizens come out in kind of in a a in various location very hard in initial do that third one because there is nothing that would stop democrats for participating in the post when we look at this landscape of how we do it she is the time and as you know in michigan the secretary's state has she has the election half radishes under her control by state law that if you're going to have in for to the county and report to the state they only do that on the day the descent what happened is one of the nice things that the democratic controlled legislator in the government michigan they moved the primary day before march first to february twenty seven and they did so knowing that we would lose our delegates under their rule from fifty five to in last we invoked for exactions and it was an effort in order to the republican party in the position that we found ourselves what we had to do was one of the first things that we began working on when the crow odministracion was formed in february and i want to be clear here the election run by benson significant number of public and base members don't believe that the twenty twenty two primary leonor the governor where the result came out before the elections through the elections there tom populated into a certain media outlets and predicted the results of the election was anything other than he produced so and so in that primary prose using political voice to say ha some of us like the primary cause every sin some of us like the representative post the party used let the age the lieutenant governor and the secretary state candidate rather than a priest in how we select the president at the national and then there's really no feasible way with the with people not registered as republican or democrat to do the third process so what we ended up doing this working with the once you have both processes within alienate and because when ended up happening in the primary there is now sixteen electoral vote are up for grabs in the primary and there a portion and so any candidate in michigan ah one first i mean that that earns at least one delegate we'll get a delegate in in this primary election thirty nine delegates which are assigned to the st are going to be selected by the districts in representative post the way the fifty five delegates get determined in michigan's of significance he got three districts perch on gressional s that's thirty nights three for the orcieres ntatives which is the chair women in the two the committee men on the committee whom and that we ended up incurring three bonus get on january first of his selections we had the majority of the representative of the thirteen districts were republican with the majority of the house to reade majority of these for we had it of getting three additional bonus to go to their so when you go to the convention they have the right to vote and then there are other political traces of that have are they bound how long are they bound so their multiple rounds for voting in a contest the way the republican party handled this was we had a worker put together then we had a subterete worked on it then we had the policy a committee which has representative of all thirteen districts work done and we did so she and the reason we did so and secrecies because we were negotiating back and for with the ore and sea to reach a resolution it was lined with an agreement that charwoman promelas able to negotiate in february to avoid the triggering of the what we really did on saturday was we passed a additional binding resolution of and what the resolution of intent part of that means this is how we are going to do to the approval of the iron shod as the people in the party that seek constantly looked for division are our pain oh it's not democratic enough we're going to alienate the republican voter we did nothing they would have had twelve do or they would had twelve delete the sixteen and the point and so we rescue we rest you two additional that we would not have had but for taking some in what interest it is this as soon as we are we have a stratilon thats what you need to be also aware of donna in that time line is he is resolute was passed by binding us if they aren't he agrees then the iron c has to convene executtit and then they have to let is there any change is we have to address that then we have to a shout all the rules have them reproved by the state committee and get them back in for a filling by tobere and right now the presidential campaigns scheduling their campaigns and if we hadn't got this organization peace nor we had merely twelve holes presidential campaigns were have come no wonder also point out something that senator lindsay had had mentioned and that is we don't know that the rivers going to be on february twenty they had enough votes to force you to not take to meet he in that low doesn't take immediate fact unless there's ninety days for he before february twenty but the democrats that they want to date february twenty seventh is written in the laws that they rose and if we wait until late november early december decide or figure out when the democrats thus to break their session they have complete control of our post this process which we has a party have the right to do regardless is going to be novel in described as a new process but it is one of the best process appeals to the base of the party that's concerned about election or it is also one of the best processes that still gives the rank and file folder the opportunity expressed their will for president for the candidates pick up delegates and michigan and are we worked forty hard on this process in scoot over here soldat leg otani again in pathetic congratters gas on our comewhy an we garsoone of penalized i tinway forty three no says i understand and also going to a concentric is also concentration of power in utterless at answer that is not the answer he can power cospettone inviserat letters to where we are to day so that this report there also some other things in plain which if you read my poststo understand this good back to waring i ganters ago boutiton on with his hoco process and going up to the nominee confession of twenty twenty four and that in paul's john or on the beitheach racter sassination i have no respect for one wrong date because of what is green in the past and you may not enter where all the things that occurred to you know that i'm an all pale when i see this why would i deliver except critical element at the last minute to people and half to make a response or legislature is forced to do that same thing every day or not every day mollifies i'll give in to bills within a holland having to his pot it's led to poor ones for chuggwould each of your questions in your points and i wanted to do that rope let's talk about the timing about representative government for a moment which you are a fan of so i understand that when you have power concentrated at the top in the power does it return and not to represent it's a bad state but the way representative government were works rather than so democracy of everybody having a vote the lack that are representing the district and the various points so in that committee where they are thirteen voices from all thirteen districts around these they went through and they hashed the south and they did so in the process as representatives and they brought it to the now we were prepared to stay there on the floor they had the right else this they we don't have enough look take it down the road but we were there prepared to stay there as long as they wanted to have the but i want to tell you something and this is a shot its state of the face when it was released of the entire state come because there are people that are more interested dividing it was in the detroit news pads in three hours can you imagine induction through your lawyers and the irons were every in you offer thought that you have incited to the news prior to getting feedback from the other side it would i want you to understand is there were complex legal as soon as we had a proposed settlement we put it for take committee had not won when two votes and whether they needed more time to understand the process and devote i want you to be aware that in the hope the leadership has left this in policy committee and never even brought it to the state ityet what i would else yehthat's the way it happed this was often in government and in concreteconcrete in government as well as to city consuls potaveri act tetraceros estate i agree with some longer saying but i got to see you this i coround this came along times longer than you are old i recur because i'm i'm sixty nine and i've been wrong for takefor i've seen political topolica game is played i've been involved in the pool my point is i tohornsea and really going on for the orange see dishonest is got some problems i don't know you know the pride coldness strong all could i dress because i got limited time and i really want to ask a antonineista questions do not run from him and after lack but i got to work pechelee come say this about the race toonie for the delegates to get out to become delegates that are wise then it looks in time for them to get into the one somtime for the count transformed the state insane now while the states had bubbled up people but the election of the committee men and women will not occur until a process in march of fortie you can't transform the ore and sea until get a chance to do that so there has been this we the people ground swell of people getting involved in pushing up the levels of one there was more people involved in charity now there's a majority of the wee people at the state tried to do the right thing and in exactly of west yard sees for one i wanted a what they did with the money that i contributed for election or because all they've done give lips service to the but however crave agree with you that there needs to be and i have gone from being in his outside thing he there something wrong to try to work through the process to fix it from inside is like that whoever had filtrated or corterato try and destruct estrom within we are trying to rudebuilt the party from within back to republican or in it i gree with what you i also want to has answered he why don't we fight the iron seen to make them understand well first of all if we had turned his back into a primary then again we disenfranchise significant number of people who instead of going to their representative in the price the voice there will as jehedeia would be able to vote in a representative post we leave it in a democratic pose the dirty cuba and a dirty ross has lecithins and lots of and i'm not going to get into the election into this is the best way that we have the people that are see for understand what the people in the precinct on it be able to represent the that's what republican means representative you are in high geroult highly borned to deligente and as highly informed intelligent pers your vote is so i want you address in speciali he caused an concerned for criticism because i want to answer the questions i don't want to run for me and guess what this isn't a perfect we don't have the money to litigate with the orange we don't have the money to to clean up the internal process do the best we can to make this process once again that penal if in the rules the prevent states for jumping forward in it it is a petit's a rule there that spend their forever so in marked third which is super tuesday they're going to have significant numbers the and some other states that are going to be having their delegate a portion in the campaigns were going to be computing that big day the democrats are cheditafa or by moving the primary to february twenty one what they meant for hill turned into good they knew our rules and by moving it forward cries of our delight he is combined process we got more delegates and we would have if we just obeyed the rule changed that they made in stale what i did not you is you have been in rooms you have negotiated every objection that anybody in the media or as an outsider can throw in those committees are we wait out the choices and made political end what is in the best interests of the party the best we caught his representatives who were informed at the boneset is not or here the antihome that i have of listening to all this and you know i was there on saturday as that isn't invited guests in turn out very well the way that i was you know that we would hold that we could work to go oh this entire process so convoluted it's like the tax system that we have that how in the world can anybody even understand this let alone you know and let alone make a difference our country is going to hell and the parties are probably one of the biggest problems out there it so convoluted and spiting with their so much in you know i that one of the things that really really struck me is he now with his whole weeks lacking this luckiness down is a problematic of you know getting things out there because of the fact everything is so infiltrated it's an honor chesable gold there in it it is ebstein on chesable go because the the enemy is within so in the gate if the enemy is is within in an icing i think it some point i wirly want to talk but what happened with me this week end because once again i got slapped in the face by the republican party and in that one if able on solid it was really sad and i want to tell my my sight of what happened as i was invited to go to the committee i have been the largest most of vocal supporter christina karmoot there and in the world i have been an i've been relentless in chucklets we have had discussions on this i've argued with you know what you put somebody in place and everybody better get behind his start rolling in with us and the constitution party in my opinion as well as republicans should probably be standing together so many absolutely on juvenilities going on there in that that it is incredible that if this point time i see that the parties are one of the worst and his enemies of the united states of america is it so convoluted to lighten there with all good intent of doing the right thing so none ah done at i want it wisely ever really kind of sad because to be told well you're not a republican and it's like well i wasn't the one that laughed the party i got kicked out and i was my case of there were five of us but my case was entirely different than the rest i never got any morning you know exactly what happened there but to have somebody tell me what you're not a republican instead of sand lets you know we're talking about being good neighbors in this that the other thing but the open arms there in tellevery body else to go pound sand and say look we already screwed up let's not make this words and young tinehale ate people because we don't have the we don't have the guts to do the right thing instead of sucking up to political bastards at wants see the snake on the including because that's what there including the republican party there's too many political operatives in this party that and nobody's willing to stand up to and say look we're going to do the right thing now we're going to play pile otics and we're going to go after people and not only going to slap on when they try to come in help america we're going to just continue to poor soul in the crick and wounds soon olemme address this because i'm little doing renton oh i want to die so the rule for the state committee you were supposed to be a committee person or you could bring one guest who was a republican precinct dele i agree you were invited but that by invitation not is your fault was in violation of the rule exactly how are hoeseason outside now the rule if you don't now those hands eferybodies like are you kidding me so we're going to slap everybody that comes in to me that's trying to do the right thing with lithe oh so so dona the problem was you were invited in you were the the reality was the charwoman was put in the position of either enforcing the rules changing the rules because one of her most vocal supporters are in there and it was used who caused potical divine yours to follow upon the rules even though you were invited by another close ally the toes the toltecs on a leader has to make and she made herself then she approached one donna i'm sorry but this is the situation if you know the realities report it off on somebody else and i i don't pray i agree i would rather have somebody come to be directly and in on any on any on any tree but it's like i've got a note to ouercast enisled that was not handled well and i agreed but i want you to help to agree that i do believe you as taxpayers should stand as i said you were there else he representing the i came on the shore not only out of my profound respect but because i know you will ask of and i'm not afraid of answering them the best of i am limited by time and i wanted to think this again i apologized thanks to you as represented of the i apologized that the party did not handle your site with the governor well but i was there for you and that's where he became a number two is i also apologized the fish for the way it was handled and we will continue to do better we are not here not intending to be politicians or political operatives were concerned citizens that have been mobilized in part by voices like your to get involved in illsomething we're in to make other mute to try and do this and do i have to run for court and i need you to pray with me before i go into court case this sin important issue i ain't hitteren we can disagree but you and i will always be i'm going to come back in an hour questions your top worse why i ain't lost pray together because i really think at first in first and foremost we need to put america and mine i've gone into the statement is like i'm sorry this party a loyalty to his allowed people's turned into a cold and they stopped questioned and they just go along to get along and it's wrong are our loyalty and the pressing delegates and everyone they need to be loyal to the old then to their neighbors the families in the front not to the notopodial cold because that's what we got right now ortolieverywhere out wilton i'm goin to keep going and so everybody everybody needs to realize that this is one nation under what boat and and we need to be fighting for the kingdom and if somebody steps out of line in these political parties or anywhere else it is time to the we have to call them out and their hats be transparency and when i see a locking down of anything no matter what it is immediately the red flags go up i don't really care all people are welcome we had a political offered of that short or of the text pears carey and i fried i friar on the spot and in the continued writes he that show up that are going to be bad and nobody is going to get away from getting the behind cointet i'm going to give em because i'm a professional i know foredetermine out already let me just say this before we pray i'm literally overdue and it important but i wore to say this ouse here is no where that you can put ninety people in a room has out the details and negotiate back into when peter god before they served their own ego because that's what it has not enough statesmen in states where the left served god first there's too many people that are involved in the politics at the end of the day going to be with god wills sonsorol let's pray and i got a run and i will come back and answer your tom questions cause i now because if the hand to clean the mochoane run an organization when it's dirty nor have my father thank you so much for the and thank you for danby mancome on here the i pray for peace and our nation we prayed as we walk forward as americans not as divided nation but is a nation that devoted to you in your kingdom i pray that you would teach to always do the right thing to put others in front of them i asked that you bless every effort that works for your kingdom and it doesn't matter what label they stand under if they are fighting with us for the same case to save america to bring this nation this world under your jurisdiction as one nation under you willing to obey you and do your run serve ch other then so be it that way want to go we thank you so much stan and shock as they go through their day to day as well less every one of her fighting for for all good purposes and good things we love you and jesus and reprint a man canon thank you in notodontian more antartique tions a lot of them the beni wanted to come here first you can bring me back and down with will do it better i got to go to this i pretended let off to mackintosh long as you are all right thanks to an have came okay so here's a regal so it was nice the dan came on to day and i you know i came there as like you said i was there not only as media as well as because i think people need to know what they're getting in and you know it doesn't doesn't make any difference to me but people need to know what they are in fact getting and instead of into being broadside and by things and stoking the organization but you don't even know what you're joining because there there not they're not putting stuff out there and that's mistake number one there there several organizational mistakes that i saw a man there that really make me go yes sir said you know he's someone come out pressed will here not a replied as i really i was one that you kicked out you don't stand and so to say that i am not i have to say that i probably more republican than any one in the room and or conservative coste whatever you want to say i'm an american and i would fight for the rights of any one no matter whether i agreed or disagreed with them but i have a very solid foundation of what i believe and how we approach this in order to have one unified nation under god finding for each other to stand for each other and for the right that every single person was given god gave us for he gave a stright to disagree he gave us the right to make bad those and and to learn that the free will and i would stand because sometimes making bad back making a bad decision as one of our best teachers in old world and contreras that for any extract and it's not that we're going to do things correctly but tea it literally what is the biggest slap in the face was an i understand rule but if the rule is a stupid rule that doesn't it that doesn't maacath the goal and i actually had a conversation with christina after the thing after what was done and i understand her pen she is i think she's getting a lot of bad advice for people if you really want to know the truth and so they were decided it to close the stone in just say that there was one delegate that could be invited to try to close a party on that party is so full of snakes it's not even funny so where's the worse the the the you know you've got me there who has been like let's do this with the state together republicans come to challis the retarians green party democrat because we're fighting evil and were losing our nation because of this nonsense lack of been able to reach out stand with people disagree come down the court issues put the nation back to gather and then then work out some of these details later it is it's a difference between absolute power and the shoes in the in the parties and every or incremental we have lost so many babies in this nation his people have to be right on every single point that we we couldn't get the herpidites whose fault was it it was right to light like fault because i sat there and talked to some who wrote that bell our biggest opponent to saving babies and then harry book was right to life because if if we assolve the problem there out of its and on like i can exactly what happened here and in the meantime we thousands and thousands and thousands of babies because we refused to do the incremental changes that need be made in order to get the ore not going to shove things down peoples people while turn around in turn the ship round and so i i like so ergeinwork going to say we're going to keep the keep anybody on the outside out with one casts sat the delegate when we've got a hole for in party full of traitors because it didn't come from somebody on the outside that leads to the media it was from the s and it was probably so many very close to her which is unfortunate i think christine is a very nice horse no i've met with her talk to the shoes she's a lovely and is a lovely lovely indian oh i would have to say that probably because i have fought in some extraordinary ones and very tough ends i probably a little little more of a fighter and understand organization ah and the biggest one is you know as if the rule is stupid doesn't agree doesn't accomplish your goal that i guess you better change the rule and in start cleaning things out i mean i can tell you right now i gave an ultimatum to the taxers porticos there was some people in there that were not doing the right thing we only have one left by the way and i'm like yet somebody committed a fourteen year falling and all got to do is basically you know probably lodge lodge a an investigation on and i'm like you either clean his party out or i will single handedly burn it right to the i won't i won't have anything to do with it and then i'll burn it to the ground well they clean the party out and i was completely shocked because i've never seen any body in politics that will actually hold to a standard that needs to be held and they cleaned it out and i was like all kay i'm riddy to play ball and that's when i stepped up to be vice fischer of the taxes hard i might if we can keep a clean party if we can get rid of the snakes from the inside that's like but i refused to stand in arenowhere in fighting my own e if you agree i won't do it it is because they will spend full time building silos trying to take out the guide the top present dropped the same thing he was fighting people that were in there with a whole on team and i've said people i said well that's great i support every policy ever came off with you as isbrandtsen the tax so be emplaced it of people are like he had vaporation like habit where you goin to get the good ones you know it's like half the people want to go to the golf game and set of standing up and running for an office we now plain you know going stepping in there with the amount of deep state operative federal orientis et f this sets in you don't have to be too smart to figure out that the fbi cia have been in their satin a people a cross for there on every level i say a majority of the people that are in the republican party that are asked us or or paid off by the cia of pedee state all whatever you wanted call they're all invented and every one of em that his has committed extitere is count deserves to hang for this should be tried for trees and i got you one up for dan i do know one of us you are out there retinueand coloradoan hold on one for the wall right a woolf sicknesses nonsense part on party politics which amounts to nothing but a bunch of godless coward stand in their arm in arm refusing to do anything make changes that need to be made and what the rest were we want real change and then the people go right back to exactly what's familiar instead of jumping and i doing the change that's not on prayer society montecarelli he proved the premier reeservations of ochino and early days she was considered a freedom fighter he fought for the rights of the people and then he became the leader and the schooners and person and what did he do in reverted back to the whole plays and that when tenements square happened or how about people like most beginner some of those in israel stand ikatine have this tendency to refer back to the old ways for ever read it doesn't matter society or color whatever they do that while we have to stop then we do that through controls and ascoli wanted to ask than yours you know he gave a lot of great information to day that precedes time and offered asked dan is casement but if we look back or for others we look back to the real page controls called reconciles on corses were there in many factory called espce a statistical process control so that we know that werther's always variation she control the variations saltation real control you will not he alters celt i would ask in what they are doing to insure those checks and balances or place because i see it they're going for one fire to the neck and that raised should do pay and that the deal was in reality know you're not putting in the controls o all this right behavior going gainst yarn she they need to do that because if we go and be like us to a county not going against them my dope older to make for sweetenin i learn to the afghans fought the rohans in the americas the afghans work were backwards what the esitation the reasons are very old okay i'm not supported afghans understand what the well the viennese to the same thing when we look at ourselves work work nauigable people we need to know how to find we need to know how to fight him with their law with their rules and taken go with their rules and i not to have kitty that can go in that sense but stop them from three these stupid things that you just talk about them in it is ludicrous to think that for gonosan by in this let them run rough cot over his foolish even if it or am i to be we need to stand for the voice of the people yesothers her people that we had since we have been opened for my mary delegates are not just republicans they were present as yes i despot of going to the district he it is more a controlled process that is feverless i agree that it not nothing is ever perfect by moving to that you're taking the voice of the county away yes i mean that theory struck as god is a danger a real dangers because you can triliteral the three and that is done there count prelong time calls me that some of these old ways are still sticking of control that they wanted till men handle us can't do that folks yet it's it's all back words and i saw that rechoicing work where this is under the this is assuming that this is so mean that the party is clean and and so it's not at all so now who's got control of what in wore the policies renown onebring something of that i heard there i thought was interest it was very very interesting because i'm going to ask these in a few well don't like it we'll go on sand because we're losin our nation for this godlessness and not not asking so they're going to launch up a program called the good neighbor the good neighbor to what are these great idea i have some real questions though about this i well then you know it's encouraging people to reach out to their neighbors and being good neighbors and i i think that it's a it's a you know good idea i don't think i'm not saying anything that i shudn't but but when when i look at things that our technology oriente ah i'm seeing for some real similarities open and by collecting information on and i think that if if this this is what i think it is and that i own a little technology company in probably on probably pretty savvy on some things not others but i know over all you know i can program a little but i studied programming a little bed and you know have some knowledge of it but i think more of the knowledge is watching how these these bastards and the deep sand continue one grab information in order to ah have all the formations so stand up michigan to the same thing standard distingwishet was was gathering information on the question as he who has informed in the boer information that you can buy they know what you vote on voted on each issue they know what that you have a dog they know you have this you knoa that now if we're going to take an ap out to talk to her neighbors and after talking to them and put in formation and that at where's it going and for what purpose and why do they need to they have this information on individuals in the neighbourhood why can't you just better why can't you just what the political parties are doing right he there gathering information of people set his come on over let's be friends you prestholme there soletellina and there their selling it in their betraying the trust of now i could tell you what i have thousands and thousands and thousands from going on and i'm to tell you what i never broke the trust on one of those on i never gave a phone number of i've never shared any of that information that people gave me in fact i interviewed half the and i've got over he answered that they said loge in the sanity i wouldn't by my honor before god ever share that sort of information for any one it wouldn't be for sale or any price it wouldn't be out there for any one to use against him as when people trust you with that information it has to be bon proof protected all i've seen is there putting it off on their floating information and that's not just republican part of it all if somebody comes to you and once an information even in conversation you know how easy as i watched his political operatives do this during my run and even now they'll find out information from somebody else and then come back and there your body oh oh they have had they they are i had one guy at at a conference and to things is really funny but i walk in there i like exact progmatic i like there's a lot of music and i used to politeuomenon here so i come in and here's the sky of the sack brownish he's our body body up to me and you know i i love the love the bandon you know i like it exact brownson with that as his sitewated ah and as the son yeh yeh i was i you don't want it was is sekere had this discussed of that brown knowlton i loved them i was as music you know it's good old down home music let's get together you don't chicken fried all that kind of stuff right and so the sea there you know he told monostatos yet so oyesso the favorisses that were talking and i started watcher on the room and he was working with somebody that came in and was trying talked me slokkie in the navy and i like to do security for you bohelland i'm like going to look in at the ah i'm not buying any of this and i if you see some by that comes to you and knows enough about you or has come you got to be a little smart questioned this because they are trading and for me should there profile you it procain ether each and every one of us the profeesion every one for those without proper will the time all time and in we have to be smart enough to isamenou to realize who are you talking you know ye not your neighbors why are they taking down personal information why can't you just be good neighbors sit down and try to be helpful what why why is this why is this work there making money off of it we make on moving offerin there's a guy that's made lots someone off this kind of stuff as names john up he's preloode itirapu it i don't like him doing it i got a three in in a alas says i can understand it by his don't like it other i don't it while right well if he's a deep sand faster that does everything for money while then i think he hit the mark right to betray betray their neighbors cascaded the oonamoo the constrewe no better than that well we got asked strong questions and i got discussed say i'm glad don came on to day you know it's like a nongenuine a while and i preciate that he is as he does a lot of work for this state for free and i've never seen anybody off in running to different trials as such more than him i think forestina is at her heart a very good port i like his as is apt she is a is a the delightful individual and i have been the most support of her i have a lot of concerns right now that that maybe she's got people squeaking in her ear that that now not be the best hollister and i hope she's listening because i i after i talked to my son all right i'm going to be i'm on a have permission to if if you got a leak within the party and made rules to keep outsiders of the party is the promise on the outside on the inside of the party so howthat work and fori it's not hard an institoot ical latinitate take i called out because these hillgrove histon i question the polong time and we know less for me so is one bad sateresdei others there with her better eglestan and the bed that dikeside call he has winteroperations of two to regroup overthere why they have a north goldeningthe have an old clink people recognized that grey what what is the like i'm just being ill her wine in a nominandis know what could the people are i doubt with them a number of women i think her the coloure that we've got a call out then we got as water they doing rotten unhorses one in hoc accostable a gunround a long time and then the various i say that it is not necessarily the will of this in we know what the actor now they resigned in no comber in oronthea come the open country cliques on all his time but there are many many others and i think what we have to do is get back an honest we have three honest and end the transparency soot asked everybody questioned i want you to think about this because i'm just going to throw it out there and let the chipstone they may you and in so like it's like two or two locked down or strategy he is so there it's like it's a hot as cigar work more plain politics like you are fool try to win at all cost well you know what that leaves have apopulation and it's like you know we we've got to be able to clearly identified the threats and if the threats are in and we have not even come close the dealing with the pro i am i said this to christina i sat i have never been afraid to come as if your good you just out run and that the answer write there through don't sit there and try to hide what you're doing stealth methods yore donation no you just get out there and you just out perform and you out runne and and stop playing game he as really what we do not when you read it i lay it out other competition i never worry about it mill we were about what it is we do are we being now mark are we one re unwhat we should you had are we just sitting in these political old grass roots meetings because i haven't seen it i have also i've seen one grass roots to meet on a group of exclave see in two of them that are run very well paul orben am over and onesidedness there he'smad and i've seen him and in his organization how he runs it totally make and others this couple more that are run really really well and and i i i'm in to say has off the pall organ i love him he does a good jones he is willing to stand for america not try to divide by advising the little you know are as right now that's not i haven't met a mate i grow i met him in know him the thing i think there's another guy because he always a bit of arial i don't think so yes i don't think he's a rhino if people think i think that's what i formed that north old i got him nothing but open i found him the rolling tones orange there to debate i want you that's not so by this suppresses that so alias really i gather side or envies you know open views on things i think of that help he would we have gilloolim going to even say it or put it out there right now i think it if you wanted to make the thing work flood these organizations with as many he open your umsteigen everybody whose walt wants to come come on in and we'll fearfool in for nefarious purposes like the galley came to the taxpayers menichelli never been i have never been in politics before this is my first time right i had her looked upon laura she had three pages of donations that she made and was so politically tight in its not even finnell you know what you can lie to people that are nave some who actually face is probably not going to work out too well and it is ordenose as your tax nonsenseand wants to get everybody safe on an end and you know getting rid of property tax the plan is in completely half baked we didn't even find a proper finely for campaign finance anything is only one person on it and we've got three pages of donations i can bring him up if you on to see p youdon't be i'm like the sweepings of nonsense that that we found on this case i like i'm not buying the and then also seen who she was working within the room they outed themself allenstein and ours and it was an attic out and so i can frighten a people in the room you know if i for them to watch somebody who is an accountability perse who now out by into the the boche my how abe that's what it is and so i i handed it i handed it to her and that meeting and i said i no course of resoiling oh no this is uncomfortable you don't what it's going to be on comfortable taking this nation bad to kiss their people that have to be called we are going to have to get a fallin's out of the party why is it that we are allowing who are found the ellesmere and half and treat them like their some sort of super star but tell actual evil that are of their fighting and wackerlos the fate in like and ask in a yacht and its like in like an agonothing so you have seen enough of the one consonant a good person for putting up with nonsense i just and i will call it out and i'm going to ask her i why these things are our happy why why their hiding things instead of getting him out their indian transparent thing look if you if you what this nation it was where we are financially we were torpedoed by round wiser and the gin of the grand new party no two ways of part about in was torpedoed by the as to come out and say this is exactly what happened is and in this this is where is aunt we're going it we're going to come out and so this is what i need you to if you are you know if you want to run with with us and we want to go forward you're you're either you're either going to make her break as it's not just on one pest and so you erstand gather but all the poverties have got to get together because we are facing we are facing pure evil in these in a conoissensa feel about it you ought to want to see the the laura finally evebody out there on so the larfing this could be really fond cause i decided i was going to make hsper pretty much poster child for what not his i will see i mean i don't see her reason why not you could be traytorrens parsee i make this teasafternoon yellows to take a look at let's just take a look at what these people are willing to do in order to i am indesinentes on who whose never been involved in penalties i just thought i step up to do the and then you see the connections where the people around them and i call complete and to she page the meter pegged them so there you go the organised and ought he were really what were living and naughty words were living at it others we live in a vocant on he goes on and i can see my dog other in oinomania going to pull this office in my take me just a minute here i hope they didn't like it a dozen matter because i got the screen so so i screen shot everything and here this is interesting cause i called out dorantes where aftersummer this is really interesting because it looks like the records were wiped oh it's so kathinka he got the way back the chin you welcome to america when they get out it in i put things out there and i did now the records are altered this is fine i that's okay said copies because we know that this happens this is not the first helen right of cord so he must go to licensing and regulatory affairs and now are three pages are three pages of political floraorigin all right indies as go as sure he's such a great organization and when i say the argoon red enshelter rochelois onbethink now and i'm going to keep going there is not this the cat got pitchers here you know what i'll do i'm on to make this real easy or pie oh hang it as they wiped their actors they lit and looks like they literally wiped the well let's see what i've got here of mancomingo in less talk in here and i might have to bring the son and another time see what changed what change this is sometimes the changes politikle shot mershon nick show one or on no somerson mick shown at all only no holes called the last day he healfast yes of the ties her creator there pretty creative but it's not there that i hang out such your in check this hot onancock this shell you just gather behind sand i too because guesswhat down to branford actually done the called me down a hindenburg and the cerinthe chase which i think is a little lard where you would do that it would be my prince indeed would it i i think that in the side i think i miss wheeler is involved in the application other pens on more alsolike those people are in ideas characterthat moveable all about eve hears the go not the moral personalities ninian and had got the near prope i mean the iollie cosanoi today they did not move out thence the persons they have so many i can't keep track of a mole i i think i think with imitated a few things from the caherman it em cause i be good morning i read last night they they got black or changing the date and then very mosesone stand with you thank you and i just had loved you all i really do love you all and we're going to stand together we're going to do this thing and ben take the nation back lepas i think it's more than godless i think the greed of money isn't plato absolutely charlotte has good morning they shall popularand five bestock all day and go on but now no neighbors contracts i have a bone of leaves i don't won't talk to them there in saying they are n't say my can run the guy from w h m i left this clowns pushed the red let flag laws do choito and a half year old dedit hold a gun two nights ago mammasee find hard for two and a half year old poltroni that two half your unless it's like her honey and i have private property and listed in the pansolenia will tell them off essington has somebody else looked the supper it so that i can it's hard when i'm writing for screens and it really is you're unforeseens and then come back to edits like asseparselie down every day i was running to opopopyron i had to get yet he is conway you eh you know generally good at an acclivity comfortable with it but i'm going to enlist expert help right here to look that to look that up because i do find that this is an important thing to do they're going to put something out there and try to to mislead people by the grace god we are going to throw all the other and kiss them the recognition that they so i'm done with so hang out a minute let me make a quick call here and i'm going to wastecoate chalking on he could do therefor would you look up on that ombos links that we looked up when we were blessed exie's part i want the laurel like yet i'll do that think you okay were back hang out a mont i'll tak all text i will be toting this and tenet and then will i will have the expert help her i can find it i've got it all but one of my line that's like like the self soilthat quicker and then then off we go so at any rate a masse at that movie a civil has been plain in my mind since twenty twenty you know you have to you have to look at this and make up your mind that we truly are in we truly are in a spiritual war i mean the there's no we are not against the democrats were its istabel it's an in their political what we have gone on right now is we really we really have to acknowledge things for what it is we're in the fight against evil and we'd better learn to stand together and work together and identify those people who are or criminally involved with the world economic foreign and that set itself against we the people i mean that in that and we got to be we got to be right out there looking at this and if they fail you know i'm really good at giving people chance as i get criticized for that a lot because i'll give people i'll get anybody a cane ah you know there's a record there i'm pretty well done with it but i'll give a chance to rehabilitate themselves and make the right choice we actually had somebody years ago oh one of those stories ah ah hang im in anyhow there was this person for thirteen million dollars talk about a bad and i can talk about this too a in a herd a man at some point in time but it was it was a one of those days that you realize what had happened and sit there in heresy ah how in the world can he and they did it with blessing of a very large corporation and on and on they knew what was going on these people knew et that's where you get really smart on things right and so the office manager was in on it and i sat there and des internae i can't some like o owt have to do in another way in the office manager was in on it and knew that she should probably go to jail for life because it was it was such an agreed tossing so we gave her chance said well you have the opportunity to do the right thing yet it looks like they wiped it his hilarious but that even the person looking at it they wiped so concerned about you because you know what down to brantenburgs and talking about it and the oh hang out minute and a well we'll see i i think we got hang out of it we might have her and o so to look at a minute that got there than you we granted on the sorting of because he really helped joistakin from his pen we may not all agree with that i disappreciate his candor the gasperoni must not made her pression on him how when he won i bet eminece usually some one he don't forget me i don't know why but you know that is so i must end on that yet i like dan he's that he's a nice enough guy you know so sone formative i really like that more is custos i see a lot differently i know some of the other game plain at the orange connects with the need to i got committee people on the national coripole can there not doing their job with the caption rob we need to stay at ocasyon are our representatives one are you allowing them great got taken at the stand and that was the point i was going to make you what i can it was day was more informative and on again on another time and i'd take to we need to have different people in their representers liters and fighters in encarecidas we know how god this ore how in rome or captious not sound the fighting procs i'm sorry i needed contracted yet no kid i mean there's got to be somebody there has to be some question some some ability to questions and have answers and you know i think hang out a man his arm in kind of want to get this thing i really want to throw this thing out there and i think that this is going to be in port oh hang out were still working on bringing us forward here i got to go customor although i don't want to this cold out i've got a going for to my yard console time and conoscitore on right now what do you work in on right now and capped like i know only do in his piedosas i put in flowers in different places i had struck i take away from different orimento a tree down one day i was going to trim some to day in another area the so many trees and stop consolidate this my wife went on the three more hossish other day when i got to put in susodeto finely why well i transplanted him and i tried planted em and then i transplanted a contour three more of that so i guess sir she's right are ye why ye ye got to say esyou know i will give this i love it of challenge and if you reach i know in challenging to us attorney now he doesn't realize that i don't stop there i got others of going on you know i mean an i'm goin to bring on onebring about three or four more cases in less if he's got a real or reasonably polite and if his coliatines of kandi will prionotus politics i know all the point the game just as cool as he does may be a better but round the longer he has think about it is i played a national love which he hasn't seen yet which he as the point i'm going to make scarsenesse what exactly is it doing i want the truth out i want people discard realizing if we've got to he we cannot go down this road that we can going around because it does not work stand by and say there's not i can do it roams up in the air and say well it is what it is god called us to stand up was put on that armor his conestogo go out there and on colston the cheek hominy of always that dollywagon up turned cheeks tometimes having some time sementatine there comes a time when you must against evil and this evil is a most of his living within we must continue said earlier contemus do it compassionately in you can't go toosometimes you have to do after totoif you have an enemy in your camp and that it is like we now present temperate or reads the snake pole in all that sank home reads once in a while and it's like if you have an enemy in your camp you better figure them out and you better get rid of em because that's going to take your organization on its soconcho the outside it's too much of a fontenoy's going to do that if the canarese your energy you're going to have to get smart about it and clean it out from the inside and you know it's biblical get in a hero you want you will want to be cranes you know here we go you want to be famous here it is and stroidin you know you in and how many other times in the history they got cleaned the ranks out in such only go on have fewer because the more people you have here you're going to get the ones that are the best the brave as the talkist ones will never back down so here you go i just put it up i don't know you see my screen here i can make sure that maybe i can make i can screen shot an give it to first i came to our meeting the season at my tent and was like i've never been in politics i've never never done anything politics really so we looked different things and we have this many page of campaign contribution now does that look like a person whose never been involved the calotes we know that there was an angel of a woman that said the same thing that she had got a gall geelong eshwerk on a campaign into thousands now over over leven years twelve years ago and so ike what's going on here folks i think that like to point out some of the count campaign contributions there is no others were a star out with brighter ment michigan pack suppeteret on the top tell me everybody out there is understanding what they see as this is not dis a person whose kind of involved this person whose definitely definitely be and then the next one a committee to a lack angela so white watched the birds of feather here come to it another one for angular constanter one another one for a pier mcgregor another one for john rose another one for white friends of don hoss now there one grand you party grandipora can't count your public in committee cantoning ferulic in committee can't pountiful can committee kent county republican committee ah another one to kontkontroli can committee one two three four five for coming green one two three four five seven for christina corao one two three four five six seven eight nine ten for for rione i pray was the iscariot oh let's see and we're talking thousands of dollars ah we're talking thousands of dollars and cantonments this is not as a casual giver that gives fifty dollars this is to the thousands of dollars here and soldiers were on he was reclaimed i've never been in politics i just decided to do this and blowand unlike and be that imponens said that she helped racelearned till his campaign but we're taking or talking not just small donations were talking significant donations i mean either on to me when you get time i know your cosecretary telegram cannel at brandenburg i onestarsi ostitis is sold promereor this is all program and so this is what we got to get really good doing is looking these things on and with so many comes to you where the song and dance of any time and i entertain on to your one any of these political things is nonsense that came out with the with the how do i say it with all the pent sangaring that sort of thing i call bow on it and in you could watch how they were king people and with the majority of people worked on at de do we really believe that these people were free i don't not at all i only i believe that they are that they are at that they are placed they are so acted and that they are pot part of it so you know there if it's kind o it's kind of funny it's funny to walk do not hang up hang on your rediscovers and begs for money they got all kinds of money cause the the ones that are odethe got access to the pack on the dark night the corporations are lying or elections you have your money and you stay you you keep your family strong get propped get some preparation and place strefford on the table and and the you you take care of your families step up when you ask to get involved but any of the sin of this funning any of the nonsense say no two being recruited by political activists that are trying to take this nation to with her big policies have not this we looked up into there was never any it was kind o sort of piled with with the stay i finally we found something but there was no proper filling for camping financers only one person on there amanitas like are you kidding me they hadn't worked on a sandy worked on the language of it i always at the board bolection althebr that never came off so swornthe language didn't even get to the board the lections or we some half baked you do think we're going to put out a little flyer and say that say that we're going to you know we're going to change the tacks without having anything that's really in place but they want to they want to loch those grass roots people to get out there and start working for this it's not even in the proper her form to do it and so you know it's like i'm i'm sorry i i just i'm done so any outdoor i thought that was funny but anyhow tonoight my tentoban because i actually composed that self cord what these back to your trees and your yard work he was and called out to day by name i been doing wot his david had been real hard and so of the thing is copeshawe i lost twelve pounds of cane the last three weeks that's pretty good i'll work him in the yard no the howls here wallis pore and i didn't get her and all that time so him fore go i've got to i enjoyed at the arctides a big coal i don't know what the comptis but boil poison had changed to he was a the change of weather it is the local as of past midnight last night take care of horses so and that that was he that was so ah unfortunate but i think he's doing okay to day so that so i do not seem to get your petrack up again let me see what i can do he ready get you back of try it in you know get get chucked back up on one greening on men beatissimi like you get in one week and asked him some question like more because i know that they want to hold everything in take assuming as you learned and endeared every one's going to be honest in a port in their not on the stanford the pope because pohoneechees victory yet and then the division you know the division some sechestu in in in meeting like that to sit there and the amount of our going over really really there's a lot there that went in and all these these are who arguing over nothing at it has no point other than people just want to be heard and stenton what youse doing your home work as should be addressed in these before you come to meeting like that so that meaning just like you know and stop the nonstop grand standing waste and the one you do that is by having us talked out before the meetings so that when you get there the the discussion is minimal its pertinent to what you're talking about but the th some of the stuff should be barbed ehataieee there not people are not interested enough in doing their home work than there they've just disqualified themselves of really having a part in it because the two lay to actually read the paper work and become pope i agree i just so the ticino i have taken things on for my own and say i don't need the other people i'm going to go to to my own if i thee peace not willing to covet an it's a common upon each of us ciceronacchio just greeting of peace to an oracle for in the section for the cost and princetonites are covered to protect and defend her orders have government does not contusion by virtue of the name part here in authorizes or presses and inherent themselves and their state complace of treasons government now and not the cunning or borders government gives aiding comfort to hostile foreign invasion and this under article three section three or as his property labelled contests and you carcinochires is and war to what kind of wore we in and we see what kind of war were this a pelitory words the different type is ineconomical war is of induration or five its generation warfare right there that's the world where an i need and in no action some of this crokinole at go this thing even on the mice stand up now we disagree with you we don't like is the weedlike they got understand bitings or cocain the outer regions as horse as lies we know that senlis control is the work of well in these schoeneweiss to the people at that work god has been the precept in going way back why if we look at the case of cousins formed we talked to colon citizen copresent edits dokeep the cost to the people the senate would be the politicians with the house would be the house of go away from that we see what january six it it would have got the house of the people why did you kick everybody out of the old house he so that's where in getting that is greatly i come a critic republic the republic if we can keep as doctor frank with his sad when he spoke commissus i must remember those words because it is what was thought coster there when when not the constitution was presented and even before when the decoration of pen independence was issued three guys three ties were important thomas jefferson john adams and doctor frank were the authors of the of the declaration and the pen a masterful document and it is still applicable to these in the liable rights that all men are created equal stone for a reason and at a time when governments cease sir we the people what is the citizen required to do the government and form a new one and doesn't he wehaven organman you poor me different i consorted we know that we know joe byng is an idiot we knowed the people that worked for her controlling it why do we stand for tyranny i'm as jefferson quoted his hand the tree of the thetre of liberty needs to be replenished with the blood of patriots and others were timed to time we know that i'm not advocating a arm conflict i'm just saying god things have happy curate to a level that and makes your wonder where we're going as the nation has so the historical documents so anybody that says that it's where indicated for some for something one one where the other is odd i touch with reality we needlelike so all right i say you point the law this point through the real law point the constitute incastit tion in in that decoration dependent kissesthat authorisation we could tegotal about get rid of all this other crack it out there because we need to say is it constitute or isn't this has togo there you know what standards we have a right now we don't have we don't have the standards and got a failed to josel system with with our right to a speedy trial is the speedy at all and you know there's skill yes something like that you know cranes so i mean oh something like that so at any rate of a the you know the principles that the founding fathers base i just the function in the structure of the government there being completely disse and you know what an i'm not really hearing as strong voice within any of the parties right now to go back and write the twenty twenty election if we don't write at one twenty election twenty twenty two lectitat is an if we do not nullify it's got to be nullified if we don't do that were in big because everything that was done during that period of time is eigoland gran it's built on ilerie and the people that put them in place there they were not legally elected and therefore the it is not for eve it is for them the invasion invading a i anticipate is basely you know at the gorisnica that has invaded and put their selected people and and in esso far apart from me the people for what perkins take us all down i mean there are the already killed enough of us it's time for us to wake up and and go forward and say ye you done with us where we're done you're going to you know you're going to behave the way that you should and represent retepore and even even getting on you know in office i was i was a trying explain these how higher tax rates were about were almost everybody is over seventy per cent i said before that indeed to put a heavily men in an toltecs action has you have good line i everywhere almost like no probably equal to the you crate down the fitting in you got houseserection the conomy to her he could have something to make me in the ancient you can't do that what takes you reduced taxes to creep the engine to move eidos not all without that for then there's that much tact it's the road block do have kidded scottas the comfort scarecrow and reduced taxes while we need reduced to any sin all that stock or they call rigondas thoughts latterignis reality it's really reality i would pause all taxes i you know is as governor brandenburg i would pause all taxes for a period a time we're going to get this mass figured out and we're going to replace what we have and and everything is going to be rolled right back to what is supposed to worrits to be because what we have even the constitution of ninety sixty three was it was on it was put in place and in an unlawful way it's not intonated cookall this solanine per cent of it gone you odnight we know that i actially of sir with the people as well it should be the pole conte this we could call the temple but we don't ease we say a location even in this stage mischen look on at what are we doing in all these agencies in the state of michigan what who are they helping there not helping the citizens their helping no ill legs o sorry it is have no light we do were the peoples supporting the government if we don't support the government what happens the government clark ances it produces nothing the government produces nothing it's about it's about capturing assets and taking them away from with the people to serve those the elite who have scanned the in the entredicho an is a money laundering beast i couldn't even maggie seen a company run poorly as the government as and reno there's never there's never any any standards never any matters to be able to evaluate anything there's no accountability to so is suscepit on tiger and bigger and bigger and bigger with no he and in this we have renounced on my god who led yoyanere you rather go while i'm radical we need have gold leave objected pentoate teeth to it if they don't accomplish their goal we need to cut back you know an income we should not be paying any federal income tax whatsoever we should not be paying without what was hatted that be the whole the whole system is riches uld not be paying property text and not lie the nonsense that was written in the acts my tax non son because it's not an i told ershisin very well written if policeeven if i agreed with it you know i'm like a there's too many this too we contingencies you didn't do a full risks and on what really needs to be done it's just await to move money round and under the guise of fixing it but it sounds to orderin or property taxes re re down the line and asked questions on that i'm very very much of in favor of the person who started this never politically involved the historic inshoots intonation that say i think there's a little bit of of questions that we need ask here and so you know when when we look at it we should not be paying the property tax and the income to the th we should retain as the people from the state of michigan we have to have a rightful one that the taxes were meant for people who were not citizens and outside and present and an outside entities look what president touthope with the tariffs brilliant were going to make them parataxis for having the privilege of being here why is it that nestley had a tothunder fifty dollar that they paid for a param millions of gallons of water out of this that water belongs to the people of the state of michigan and if we were smart we would be charging in them a royalty on every half a drop coming out of the ground tindal an the trees on the beach prayed the trust of the pope on went condon craticcire have no rise there is the unit party there all there all investigate think they is the dust when we believe these titles oh it's just and in our titles said the criminals had been well or in half criminals over here in half the criminals over here we're going to give a layman hopefully people are stupid enough to follow one label or the other and refused to stand and be busy with bismarck and refuse to stand with merica why didn't any of them hold a frown no mass no man dates no lock downs on constitutional and on yenoske anybody wants comin here for our resources guess what you're going to be paying the people who stayed in nischen here a royalty for what you're taking out of the state as they owned notes to be sued for untold amounts of money the buds it why don't i have supper re to santos with the pound to the sire i like answered these guys they don't belong to the same system as we do in terms of passions or not even cashierare or one priestyou should not have completes to privileges being a representative of the people they are going beyond that because special benefits on everything else he didn't consents cripple what they go diverse the call in the pirates code it's like even pirates have a cold they've got a coat of piece to protect each other in o and it ends like and what whatthere should never be you know you look at the politicians that are getting the i don't hug salaries because they're spending way too much time in lansing and you know where a big barge that were paying for them while you don't wear it in thin party of their wise and everybody invited and on going to lose of miss he running to the gift we only know she joined a lolly seroons in those dollar cash if he gave it to re johnson and that's what mark tapkins chargethat and got a conviction for hobbessone down and well o colopis consonantthus nd dollars that's all we know about in another one crying in a camp porridge of the the obvious ofterdingen who gave forty to oh it minethat's only what we know the sixty thousand cash all that's interesting how do they know that because he certainly didn't hecatomithi probably did not report by whole poet being is that these kinds are getting money other position re chosen the time was the head of the the merwing that was deciding who got licenses who got winners who keckwith hers endosarc but he was getting paid under his others the table with his stock and massed the sad reality parmenides are no different ducts what's going on right now talk nis investigate these guys right now their connection back to it it costantin in like a canary i told these in re package chatfield and others well good it's about time that we're seen some some actual motion here to try to call to call people out in in this criminal struck but i'm one i'm with you except we need to go right back and i'm on probably fan of about ninety per cent of this nonsense is to go with you think of how much time we waste trying to give them the paper work for their administrative posts prove that work and it were doing things right why is this cried this is none of their business and all these forms we have you know and stamp and copy and duplicate triplicate i was told in the one house that i have going on that i was the only one that brought in any evidence and they thought it was the only evidence that was even available in the stake i like go you really yes selatan davidother offers yes escaped the same one i i would say that that a case having to do with that cause they literally i couldn't believe that they lost eleven thousand and then a covered their tails they come back with a stupid dying store novel account of it that brander road and its ridiculous like a child ononand then found it in the back of another room where they never keeps there was the missing box o who stanched that nobody asked that nobody asked the question for con billy how come was responsible losing the brandenburg his estate leader yet he sides and engendered now of course they gone they they blamed everybody else on the planet nobody took down godyan nobody's hold them count i think it's going to continue on because that one lost you that i've got going on asch in now it's it's still there and if that old isn't work i will lodge if if the people don't don't perform we will go into another lost until we get smashed because this is the way it is you don't just things yet difficult you don't back down you just take it you know you've got time to assess at that moment it's like aquadent get done this way because they put these road blocks and white that's okay we can come round round this way and get it and so you just have to think strategy a little bit you do you don't stop you don't let down on the sacerdotal in the wind dies a acetoacetic a just and you know a just and to adapt is what you do don't you just in the damp in your cry about it is you know a lot of people are really depressed right now about order that nation is as lecoq it is it's always been this way don't call hymself sithen god that we can see what's going on if it hasn't changed has been this way as long as any of us here have been alike but now we've got a chance to lie so we can sit there and say say ok wa misstart with me first and said i am going to always be truthful and i'm going to ask the hard questions that are on come i'm going to put out there what i know i will give people a chance to answer that but if they you know if they show up and they've got some i donno cockermay plan that was half baked or that is not following a lawful process on good aprob sat now did you know that i had to go outside of the state of michigan and i met with a whole bunch of evil that wanted to do camp in finance i could not find one per the state of michigan that i felt was not tied in to some were no other to the deep state here and that's what the one of the things they do as they have these two evening camping finance that will manipulate the figures in order to screw up the candidates so i had to go out of the state in order to find something that was and that's a pretty sad commentary but the great thing is as i felt like i won by losing because i was able to re get in and see exactly what he some of this these chance that are all there in a pretty good little spook you know i spoke round i wanted a screen shot over thing some day this is going to be a really fun thing to throw out a thing you know i'll but we've got bigger things to deal with right now that's just it you know a space something or holding back pocket it's not that i wouldn't put it all to outwording out that but we've got bigger issues right now and then the dealing with these low levels you know little level political activist who really are fighting against the name that they're not there sit there kind of antipodes comes down to it but they seemed to like my shoes at last on saturday bismuth combats o nice shoes like like stuff like that anyhow it's kind o so it was we saw what other going on workshould become into the end of it right now i appreciate you sir so much it's amazing you are one of the very few people that i've met that i believe is a tells the truth no matter how painful it is i get a geta lot of slams great forward the people have a wide view to that see i don't who does and how will you ever recall the truth he is not put out there and in lottie i bring it out only to have discussion and i will admit there times when i be times there's a little clottage i apologise sobriety because i de cradle little quarter wide but it was because it was dealing with some big people you know god if you win you associate with people like that you know that it's going to think she would somewhere so yes and disaway from those with at a really fat like in the city how i am otherever and so this person was in a purely and a discussion and i did it look like he being enamored by them what they were doing as to lie you know it lies i own him when this is city how i saw that and i laughed i laughed with they don't realize i love when they do that passes i wonder if i went over to amwee inches my and i you guys get out of here cause i'm in control the people could be like is not ossigitania and said i was and anyhow it is of authority in all cold not she my lass i is she was working for to pernand obviously he lied about me and i called him out on it and he had to call yes and it looks like good old sine has lied once again i think she owes me a polite sits it is hoped that the peril is represented because she might get this little notice at the cisco little memo once i know who her lawyer is be consented to her the populace that his conelike a git well card right his cry he there's there's a bunch from better out there i get kind of amused by it you know i think it that's like down a brandfort lies really what would a proof is that your peeper in the verie now of course that it's of course not they've got their younow it's the satrstegui there to create distraction seems like it's all to set himself to kanthro these people they now just they they don't have any you know it's it if i'm going to criticise what somebody does it generally hope that they turn around and say cret maybe they made a bad judgment called and i don't want to i don't want to destroy that i want them to say you know you know not learnt believe that of me now i've got to my corps i'm kind of a both of mind and a dad in a way and the fact that i want to see he do better i want to see him do it you know make good choice and you know you don't want to destroy people you want them to do bother you want to give him every opportunity to to batter the you know make better choice to to have a better life to actually have success in what they do and you know he comes down the competition i don't care of somebody does better the mayor makes more money or as more success he could care less if if i if i want to change all change myself that i don't need to do it by knocking other people down it's like you just you just live your best life to it makes a happy and if you don't like something or you want to do something different you'll have person can change that is you it's not by going after somebody else it's so i i personally you know i can be happy with almost nothing i girlpray poor chet and my mom has been roll roll interesting lately she anton everybody out there which i think is really its is like nobody ever gave down anything she worked for what she has and i stole work i work very very very hard and he and i like work gionse me of a retiring because i'd be bored out of my mind and i've got way too much energy or place i hate golf i took to private lessons for three years and on like i hate golf it's like tenets like i in sithride ball round reckon go build something or bring food to somebody or something like that where i feel like i'd got a fitting somebody else not that it's a bad thing it's just not my thing or take i don't see me as ever ever retiring i work till the day i die my dad to do useful like yon you know we just we just got a we just have to really look round and and be there to us to help them and i if you're if your sense of self doesn't come out of making the world a beautiful lot our contributing is some way or in other people to animals something that's an expression of love or a help in assisting it's a waste of time and you know so that our focus nest i i thought the ruin i preciate the comment so to day appreciate gremion and in having dined it in to those of her listening on i know you and i have got that are past to bring forward to truth always and to sarcle well today that we've brought her settle more light on it so i hope this christina crone sits in the seat of the chair of the messineprobably an party i hope she makes really good choice i really do i would like to see every one make good they can't make good choices and there sitting in the seat of power than they need to re think what their doing or we need to rethink orchis and that's how i really feel about it and so on because we have to the there nobody can get a pass point time were losing our nation failure to go to the core of the problem and deal with things like in one so cannot be see prayer minutes i contentionthe thing i know and it met images we ask in the nwekwe olihan of going forward in and helping people understand what really happened i think he did a lot for the abraded on a like her on back on again ashmore he is in the fall in this and there is question the need to ask i don't dispute that i don't find fault with in not trying at all it sometimes you wonder if people are thinking i know he spoke it mainpura greater in point polish is thin put really real or is it bein chated because for instance lister's takes some of the people that were there banspat or less take a john rosha or less take of the various other people we know where these people lie we know where the thoughts like interhouse it's not about the better man organisation their time to the grand no part as a problem in inherit that is separation if you will and a hole divergentand one talk or dance spoke of traitors like did i agree that's the problem we have traitors amongst us we have judas amongst the many of them and we got a stop but we got to stop an that's why in my post i talk about what is there in asking you to leave was the wrong message what a cold goes of us who believe in you that likes you your voice does is important door a thought process are important you might give them again them great insight something that they didn't think about what they asked you to leave because why he did have an hour in the name how many people have ours after any well i didn't leave the party they kicked me out and refused to defend from in a legal process that happened within the board of elector and so not only did they not stand with me the back handed slapped me you know agree with you and so i lifesole saying to some boy while you're you're not chris asellione said to me one time this you're not christian enough i'm like don't even know what to say to this right now you know you are not republican you know and and you did you not public instichoot a hat with thackeray to make that determination it was there for it was then that failed who who killed her chokeless was it one of the outsiders or was it the religious it was not religious lee's drink killed jesus it was it the people he was supposed to be standing with and it's like this is can of a pattern here guys and you know i think we should be paying attention to the patterns you know where where the the bad behavior really comes from an organization see and in its to protect power people have got to give that power to god and in that go after it for personal power let god run the lot self down don't worry about money god will always provide if you're doing right thank you you will always be provided for and that's not the claim at free trapped its out there that's just knowing his care care of his his care of his kin drive care of the sparrow always to his cold our trust in him and do well not not like the political nonsense words like we drew out inviting up americans and disporting them it is wrong we have to a better process enlister heavenly father thank you so much for chuck and the experience that you have given him to help us walk forward through through the processes that were involved in right now in self government for all those wonderful people out there who are truly fighting for these so many an unsung heroes were fighting for your king that the the only one that really matters is your kingdom honor says it isn't he were thankful we were thankful for strump general fled enfin admiral rogers and all the people that stand with them were thankful for the the hundreds and thousands of who are willing to do the right thing no matter what the cost for a military men and women who have who have tolboth those that paid the ultimate price as well as those who probably stand for the and we know that there that we don't have one organization clean in this united states and we trust you that your purposes are being worked out even though there's a mixture of things that we see that are good and bad we know that you know the you're the righteous judge of all people st on the street and there brings people that can see and defend those without a void bring bring us to terms with our own life that we are introspective on ourselves that we make good choice that we so we're going to stand regardless of of what it looks like aronsen if there is no examples that we are willing to be won and that we don't count the cost all the cause all of the is all of that in it all gets late your feet and may you receive all the honor and glory anything that is good here that happens here because you truly are the savior of this world we thank you for everything you've done for us we thank you for walking with us and we asked that you continue to lead us down the path that you help us keep our eyes on you not the world that we just only only focus on you doing what it is that you ask so as you are keeping a set the process were in right now thank you so much for those that hit that are around us are families are friends help us to restore not only the nation but the relationships around us was to be kind to each other to be that around us but to be absolutely unwavering warriors against those who are your enemy and that we would always stand for the right thing ofeverything we love you and jew's chris preciosity a man and old glory to god his son or any and i think god on you kind of hit it on all soldiers and deaththe ball the parts i think when we talk about that and i think that we have to live it i think you are i am trying i was doing westhumble at times time what we're not afraid to do to say you know what when we make a mistake or not afraid to say hate in nowasked he half clepentian that's that's the most important thing beyond is a truthful he ariel told not classic writes plastic people were driving me not i i don't you know i don't appreciate plastic people all i want people to be honest and ocoleman disagree and let love that makes at the same time we don't want the place people tell us what thing in going to do another i don't anichat the day and that is sad he really is sad do not have trust within the republican party in the one element we have to work on and we get there through what well an endless and to listen to the amount of nipping that's out there inspires unsubstantiated oh i've heard i've heard some terrible things set out a personal level about christina con and and i i just sit there and i'm like i like this is straight from the mouth the satan you don't do that to you know you might disagree with her palaces but she don't do for after person on one cinerator their families or the friends can hoonoho them you want them to do well you want them to to you know to have success and feel love in such disagree with the policies you can call him out for failures or if this criminal act of you have to hold them accountable but on a personal level you know you don't exert you don't say the hateful thing that rat you know you hear out there in some of these chaps that are out there just stop in and no lying no cheating no doing anything because you're settin right here in front of it all night the creator and the judge of the universe you think it's got to sneak past him i pretty exercere that that's not going to have so i can read it do rinmore a couple of things in the cheap and not know it out now you don't want i read the last one songood to shake so anyhow everybody here to go go and she ran erbefore governor had come because he and the best known could see her who is overnoised other world and and i think i think i got president beaten at in that regard o i'll take him on that out of debate and a friendly little debate on the nine i love him the rightful president of the united states president donald and we love him so he got we love you were standing here fighting for the nation and for you and we ask that you fight alongside of us this is not a tough down situate is all of us standing united together evil against the criminals who are set against you me our families and anything good on this his world it's a war against god and so we ask that young joined us and to let you know that here it seems like nobody else cares we very much at and so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day a choice every every step we take is the stand on wavering for for justice and for the righteousness every day