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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/9/2023 Chuck Ritchard

Published Oct. 9, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg it is the ninth day of october twenty twenty three welcome the while this week and really a very sobering wee and the sweet and and i thought i would bring up some only some issues going on with this cause i do think that this is kind of import arm to cover to day but let's i take a look at a few things on miss roemer societies i think the face is less and as her conflicteven palestine and israel is going on my mental as destruction over there is and i am going to refrain from you know from doing a tone of command ah on some of this because there's just a lot we don't know but what we do know is that seeing as being beaten women being raped and hostages things being taken on civilians is absolutely not okay this is this is not okaina also seen all of the protest of the itstates on their becoming out that is also oh i had a lot of questions self so anyhow i find that a mirror all pretty pretty educational to listen to but we're going to wordtalk about it a little bit more as we go on but in the meantime i want to welcome oh my very she this morning as usual on monday mornings checkers are i do an ok morning downcoming keep o for glad to be on an wergeland obviously the things were not posing the world who had conveyed up to mineremember where our swinkere comes from i think we do we know her but you will win in the end i think that is is that we've got to be willing to run towards the fire if there is a problem you can't shirk away from it you have to go to chords that in order to in order to fix the my i've got i've got a a a little bit of a problem with with a mainstream media and how there how their spinning ness there's a lot of stuff as does not make one and i mean it just just doesn't make sense to me at all first of all how in the world did did israel not see this coming we've got the united states and the israeli military which is probably the most sophisticated in the world and they speak past him and parable i'm i'm i'm kind o i'm kind of shocked and on this is kind of like the balloon thing that was going on in the united states what was really going on here and i don't think that we have all the answers but what we do have people caught in a tremendous tragedy there no matter no matter who you are as well as here you know i've heard people say you know there's a bunch of crisis actors on the ground there oh i've seen footage of people ah ben been seen over there it is possible but there's some of it that you can't deny it his having as enough proof that this distant credible over there and that there is a people that are missing their saying there is a families that have been that have been murdered in the process of this you know an innocent people especially children and an i just i just got to say right now i just don't think there's any heroes in this situation right now over there because there's always two sides to every story but when you see people devolve into his type of barbaric conduct were things are taken out on innocent securin beings were off the rails and when when we are on two sides of any she and we can justify the other side as being evil by making a moral judgment on them rather than say let's sit down and do now try to fix us out without going to the you you'll justify any behavior including what i saw his being beaten i dragged through the streets on my shot one got that was shot in a truck in the then the truck rolled forward and was dragged on miss he got dragged out of the truck it was long it was lait was pretty or any portalen i i'm not okay with us i'm not keith at with the map and the human that no matter who no matter whose side any one is on that sort of none is neither a lawful war ful o there's no no part of this no matter how how much how much agrees etherside the the means don't justify the and and still on backthat's really not sure that war is not so we know that but there are certain things that don't cornwan and dragging a body through these oh what that cause is just ingratiates he pole and co cause of seven more anger and in phocodont know it know how that's goin to ask late for me that was me i would probably find a guy that was they anyway and probably go in and i'm take a counter attack right i mean help the process along a little bet as it were he now yehiel i would get probablethat this should know and gladly go out of my bed you talk o israel and it were they are in other there army there messidorthe sycopolis along with this south creates are the most fear to revered in the world of how now me if you will they are there not mean nobly only when they are gone like this which appears that there were attack i don't know that for back like and said we don't have all the theonare the information we have somehow like that what's getting out the by the news meteor pennants on either side right and say don't know what is really going on and reply taker that at the back is that this sings back and not a wonder i mean it's never been settled the land a conserve the land in all the land of israel was given the israel actually if you really want the truth of an untold it one of the land that the palestineans won its really enjoyed here no mention of if we look at old maps no she itwhy don't they mention i don't know everyone who lying at this point time for self gate and that that's the problem is that is that you know if if somebody is his clinging something that's one which had better be able to back it up the not to say i've done it slung gonocele and that ooephore another thing that i've heard or over the years now there's a lot of things that we hear i do believe that others of israel is let's put it that way his lictors two tears of americans in the government got the government and you got the that china the government you've got shinto the you've got israel the government and the bankers and the people retranslate don't have a quarrel with the with in in either way and whether palestine is but what i have a big complaint with is the leadership structure within those labels you know it is very conceivable to me that mosade which i've got some real problems with it you know you've got you've got i'm going maxwell robert maxwell who was part of massid and coincidently most of our checks have been i have been a the source traces back to robert maxwell with a lot of them and i and though i've heard they've also they either come out of there most of incommoded there they come out o siderable cable to me and you're going to every's got have to like take a deep breath with this one that that there is one entity finding both sides of the war because that is the is the way that in global history it's always always they make your credible money off of war so my whole thought is i'm not buying the fact that the israelite pariliter through into a music festival to go in she then it happened that they knew who was there there listening to conversations they know what's going on and they can pick those going you know going off the ground within two seconds they know what's going on like this i costasthe london stupid weariness say yes stupid weather balloons no no and i in that we knew that those weather balloons were taken off within and where they came from and what their purpose there is no mystery on this stuff in one so they knew that the parasites were coming they knew what was plant they knew who was insulted so why would they let the coon was it so that they could let them within the borders and go after him catch him and execute em all which you know you got if you've got an invadedin army coming in within your borders you're going to have to put him down and you're going to have to put him down decisive way there there they know they're there they know the purpose therefore and i think we're going to see this in the united states to some degree i really do ah but you put him down without apology because this is an invading army that puts our entire nation and their entire nation at rest right no backward class they know what they're doing so but i'm not believing that israel didn't know that they were coming at not at all i don't think courseseither because i think the exactly correct you may now see to the blood and exactly right you can accept some of it with no not all that because in reality sisters are sold oh fine grit i mean it's fine it's fine grain and telligence had i agree with you he can't believe that they were leaving us that is on a answer or even raise issue yes and so exit doesn't make any sense and a lot of the stuff is so inflammatory just like you know there there lobbing bombs and both sides i mean this is what happened in world war too you've got the bushes were antwerpo viding the the petrol in products to both sides of the war they were sitting right out there stand erweisen right out there in black sea and they were providing it to boldsides the war the question isn't a sort of like the democrat and republican party whose funny man because neither one of them are a pure raperent there merely puppets of the puppet masters or trying to stay and control of the globe it's a global corinne and i am sorry but if if somebody's taking part neither one of em i'm going to come right out and say it you taking part in organization sene a captured assat and your part of the crown cause the these organizations are not a pure form in any way shape or all they are is being used by somebody above them some in that you'll never see and who is only trying to remain in power and i think that's what no there is highly conceivable that that to me that mosaiced home i care incounterers also esacus comes as sedate as record the serious inshore they crosshaven in five million dollars was approved to go over there two hours before the ate to me sounds like they were paying off somebody to you don't just do that and that came from the united states seventy five million dollars got shipped over there start this conflict off two hours before the end i'm not hiding in one of these and the people are always caught in the middle suffer because the structures of leadership across the globe it's a global crime syndicate who could care less whether we live or they could care less for the relief or done i am sly agree with you on that that's exactly i'll take it the chechessee where were the were at best wron come no doubt and his friend the case for a long time as great revelation is not the opera because it's all about em and i and that's all i care about money is now he had no that's how they justify all his for the cry on colletes not much is known really oh about it and on till we get the practice pre hard to his constant well i follow it pretty i follow pretty pretty tightly with what you know looking at die sides of it you know clerks like an i've been pretty pretty much out there to say that in that at this moment i'm seeing no heroes i'm seen what usually happens in these things it's like a you know president trump who is it who is a at tis out of war as we get biding the globes in lace and in on its relishedthat there are people on the democrats side who believed him so absolutely believe him that he was going to keep aside of the wars in war any bomb seria within the within the state was aggrade and we had nothing but more sense than and present trumpet was the oystermonger really ah i'm pretty exercebator start looking at the facts do not sport whatsoever not whatsoever i do now i i mean colin a world i now the bieston so much tiresome and yet in a word inquire they now they still sport how can they support this one while her rain washed her stupid because they're not looking at the facts the facts are the facts whether we like it or not if if if a president the you know it's a or are elected or elected officials the ones that are in charge if the mitran crocker that's a good that's a good idea the things are going in the right direction president trump has a great tract and oh for defending the united that's what he has been he has to be looked at we are we are in a position right now that you can see people's track records and see what they've got if you look at the failings of mine he has failed on every single level across the board if you look at christina cro ah mingonyo look at christina caramel mango and look at the families that are there across the board i have seen not one thing done correctly she talks a lot she talks a good game but once once she got into position it was like peeriewirrie completely complete failure refused to publish the s to come forward with things hired foulons and on not you look at the track we have a problem he and the same thing with wine we have a problem and we have captured assets on both sides does it matter which side that their aunt you can't look at the labels you've got to look at the scenario and the facts that surround menassent you you you know i cause i know you already know that but it but you know people as a whole we need we need to note wierstandan all were talking at peter we we need leadership can understand what theses are to order this all the problem you got to understand it to cleared up condition then you can approach it and attack it with thought the problem is so revealedwhen ion is the fact that we don't know what the plan is we don't love is share to plant so lest we share of the plan we can sell the plan i can't you can and so we don't know what that plan has got we don't look a plant is and work generals in the field then how do we cut the plans that was supported romischen answers the cat and cork world to wayte that is to you have deportment had i directors is presidents etc if they were never given the plan how he expects the corporation to be and the answer is you can't i not call them i saw her time the same way you have a structure plan of how you're going to take composition in goodooroo tellindeed as well as trained and what that mission is and the rolled see now talk go by the same thing pineplanks now not a bit not a bit and i does but its coplan unfortunately is not a but with that mine i want to move to cochleas locals were act hispano at the king county joe and i got agin the malites now whether they can continue be successful i don't know but they they started to take the bull by the horns one saw stepniak and then i come and people realize in that their just really not part of the position of a part of the problem and he started for milling plant whether or not the success of idle know but at least john show comes in swinging he did not wait i together a copy with the chair last week and he had a lot of people there questions what do now to plan they lay out strategy i thought his excellent looking at it through lectisternia i can count kilcockan romer that was the whole thing in this oniewise adimantus against oftenerthey were it if you can be obstinate or propositions that had not but now this kid comes along and his tea i not i tell you i'm amazed at withered on friday they met friday they cope with the chair consharto mahatthe christian col coalition locongotiha there in telling what they're doing in turns to get out the bolsero coffee from a latinos talkabout how the target in gelatinous so in other words a structured plan and how to be the peak could democrats in i put out come up with the slow in don it's going to be even the score and twenty four as mine and i want to do that because we want to even the score for wonastow this nonsense in america but when i return it tuhgether days or there is republican or not what we want is american that we all can can quite for oh we got right now is the vice and america device him and on the very poticarie that will not exist for the republic and her democrat if well not exist it cannot it must not i believe that god has stuff in him i stand on this pathway in ladinien i got to believe that things i see are already starting to take home i'm king i'm kind of interested in the names you brought up there for the cant contigo and i'm questioning of the legitimacy of at least one individual and that in that group that because i saw some just say no ideal not ideal behave and i in the petticoat and so an i mean i mean a a one of those gentlemen you mentioned grabbed my hand of mackinaw and darn your broke my and it was a power play type a thing and you know that happens within public within the podere and so cold ever does it again he is going to be layin on the ground because i'll put a boat right up his ass and i mean it no no one certain you know he knows who he is so yet we does it again and i will absolutely lay his sorry assert on the ground were like to save you on them as give meschance like you didn't christianoi not getting too i i will not give somebody like that a chance again don't nonodon't beteween on pole the cantonese can count topers to body because together you're going to see some changes and as well we got to see and i get it back to work he right now in the past say eight months on ah this continent i believe i believe it was done intentionally perinikian really bring it to i think he got another christine crimosen write there after he gave me the names it's like well see ben i and and we'll see if i'm right or wrong but i think you not you've got as a snake in there and will coursedoes you know how as are out there and then they wormed their way in herself i ought not senorito right i do not see her wrong i don't know i don't know but i know that to push oward on what we know right now the only thing yonderlooking of like verified for me i know somebody that would actually do something like that is a snake and you all better watch out because because that snake that me and he won't get a second hand and so transept this grew out there you know that it's true for bow so i was sent there then obey i'm seen aposentos sanger actions there were reaction and as only the key could a lot of people have said a lot of things and it doesn't materialize it doesn't happen i i'm going to choke it down to brand and bertarit now the donebringing it's going to be that that you all being led right down the rabbit hole of corinto a bad situation an because nobody's done enough background checks actually know who their talk into and so neurologique we will see how this progress is elise really emerges as in control because that really i see the behind the scenes componesse what goes on they don't want their face and be shown othersbelieved i think my transparency i say eh you'll be rid of on on it there's no a enreson why not to in order something to get i guess you can't be but i'm portentosae you know what you know or the person giving in the straits coperative got it you've got a history with you understand the plan spoke or they are are they just had in their own yes somebody that was out there in flick of physical damage on me and on my hand is if i am out for the count you mentioned his name i like it's like he he got one shot he got several shots to make a good impression and he failed a smile so i hope that can't county geo p gets her head on their behind and gets a sink figure out or you're going to have another county in thoughtsas tre state is a problem because it seems like the only people that really want to step off are the people that are part of the problem and so they just change out once bad sad story for one so i will see what happens there but what good luck with that the solitaries one can here watching the watching it happen and waiting for that you know waiting for the the the huge let down the same thing with christina crane now you can count on me on this so it isn't work out i want to tell you it's not working out and you know that i go right at it on i shall now do seem to try away that is true that is true so i'll go right at it you go right at it and then we'll see what he happens he outwits really going on i'm willing to give the chance i'm willing to say hanoverian as i worked in as high a forsook i'm going to probably go over to the next meeting to an to see and on was going forth i see her and as lessees he got his see how it's how it being laid out how this plan to be ere is that becomes the real cost you can great plans be can't in a great strategy but don't know ample that those i mean is that they are such i think he should the of there's a folloin there too you might want to crachettes right you let's check those names out to see if there's more fellership and party besides people that go out to do physical damage on others i think you're an find out erbenfeld come in that's right the republican party its like the stacked with found the more felonies to they have the higher position you are yes when you are to get it get employed by the ponaparte answerlike in the life charon look at that guy he is a big big i take is that gerardo yes asked that it orderrefined man you know he's a shot descomedido vanescunt any five theodor now you got that any course remembered remembered this was should he was a great guy and supported him who was that one chair that woman that culchard that supported gerard could that be missin oh you had onlingering thou than a i know down in on one of nowithstanding poisons for does frankstown she disinclined the he was a real any as i got to save this is conoid in the reverend was following her inmost thought like he was a dog snipers meting she like my son i saw him i got was at her dead so is so here's the kind of an interesting thing oh this is interesting to somebody told me that when the hearing went on for the signatures when i was in lancing first time ever met dan hartman i found out later that dan was in fact in a room off to the side according to somebody who was law enforcement and sedatethe were they were on now they were bodyabout the of to the side in now during the hearing on these i've never seen the mad ox or any one else stepped forward in talk about election integrity in a material way nor have i heard them to found president trump unless they were using his name of problem huge problem and i'm not buying the bull shit and that's just the way that because this is what is if you got somebody that's defending said dona to the side during a hearing didn't see cause i would have i would have probably had a problem with that at that moment time and that the sad party did nothing to those that were being attached did not they never did while daughter he never came to my tent when i re going after the sectaries at my and my point is is that we've got don hartman off meeting off to the side with manetion you not to prove there is little we have a problem and so with an interesting i matched fraud would escape in robbed as shortly after they were paneas after these troit moatherthe i meeting i have copied a meaning in what was a dear like sorry a dear leg the north old clino alicub mansi there was no road there is no fraud and it later on he changed as what he said i have people that were there these guys park on opposite totheroh i would not trust them with anything i would not trust him with any of my ohanything of importance round then because the citiesrio maybe they were going to stop the coffee after the hearing together and they were just like figuring our place stop my many sons of a not not believe in a thing any of these people say is fairly fairly completed this point time i don't believe anything said salbation everything i mean that man to keep going back to question everything cause we have to the people that are sitting in a seat got there because of they were voted it's just like the masons the masons have a gating pass if you do not if you do not get em get the approval or if they came control you you're going to get to love or re and there is say just not ready to progress in they'll be very nice about it but you're not quite ready to re now that the old and different thought for the call your gold bricked something like that he evaserit overcome in funny your father i don't know anything about the i always say i'm going to go like a mop my havin i'm because all the others stop has forded any time be even read done in the his kind o stat i called this week end life in this bein the past lang persue the guess ofcrazy holcus polkas going on there all i can say from what i've seen i've known some people that were involved in it let's shall he say and one of the guys said that when he was initiated they then literally fell to his knees and he said in his big i said could not yeah they they they hit him i think they hit him in the back of the hot or something like that with a mallet and the i don't know is something that that i was told that they noonoo do it in order to a kind of ah it's kind of weird but but there's some different different things one of the gals that i know one of my research she went to a the eastern stars things for a while so can weird she said the women really are you know the women are in charge of of the the fascher ations and she that they all inter marry and so if somebody if somebody ah dies they'll marry somebody else within the mason's rather than somebody else side of it yet in it lodges five five pointed in a five pointed star the whole ten yards again a feeling there's a lot more colt going on there than what they wanted womit too and you know a lot of that a lot of the people the lower levels don't really know what there really getting into when they get me up for levels there being found in just like like political things people and in the lower levels they have no idea what there really getting into an tell they get in and there are proved and then then you know it by that point time it's too late you know you got the blood old going on and all that sort craziness and cinematical free talk about trafficking retamoso much i just incredible we talk about lately this beauty coreyou found this thing like entercours beside if you been here moshono there's so much crazy crab you could be out there limited to it a little way i never even knew all the goods i buoancorsi thinking economist be just really ultroneous i'm thinkin o you consols were magical ces the reportabout him in the no big deal stories right now i'm told that it's a or this whack communities or in dictionary has a different meaning for it untold that it means something like a person as bis a year or a unicorn and thinking oh how yeh that is conelike i think they're trying to steal the record like elgiqui whatever did with rainbow i say go it's contain back the rainbows is god's creation is not theirs and is not owned by anybody but i put by god and in i issomething a liar of beauty not to be what's sorefoot antonino of defiled or whatever in any way shape or form is beauty and the unicorn and the useless rainbows seems that of that success snorted to be something bad or maybe not now once well this is is a great segua two ominous share something here about how their train to tell us how to think because that's what it is there there were rallied hears in other things they that the attack came on a on saturday cried and by sunday they had rallies all over the united state plan and they were big ones for palestine and in like i like are you kidding me writing front of most of them in front of the jewish and which i think death like such a low class and men in any body in the united states that goes to the stupid rallies you just showed yourselves as a traitor to human beings because they were they were reaping they were killing their kidnapping that your temper tantrums do not justify that kind of behavior all it is as a child's temper but i've got the thing is do you like sole no not i saw it i don't know soersele south park at soft ball but south park on old several in character he i think is actuating a fine i don't even watched it in kowno a big keefe other than blue i may report of pueblos as my favor show i watched some of that i don't want to lot of tv but this is gone on you know it's been rung for years that i cottises interestingas copped out some in a god played the life he now every hour of every day until you to being colored of every intolerance on the the i think it no no are you no wonder that one of the ontootered how the as many telano on the hanging a gun its maker taking we gave you or her forever no i think it's kind of kind of a sad commentary but it sure seems to be a a solar has a has led incredible ability to cartoons in in a very very interesting way who is the same concept and i know a new calm i'm writing oh i'm in my journal and is called perade and so i bade i write some stuff on actual space on fact and i i'm putting in his story of the questions of from the reader rihitak real real questions too but sometimes i developed the question myself dear aunt free you know and so confligere happy and his kind of fun to response as i've got and his brother in his conioining in politics so away on a question in a letter or that collectionhouse his golfire right his hopeoitsee in as i don't stop now i don't serchio well you know in a lot of people don't like what you have to say and you know you you'll see that but sometimes sometimes truth is a problem i mean i never agree with with what ever what one hundred per cent would what any one says now for short or none and we soand i think that's one thing that i really like about you as being able to talk about difficult situation and i don't you know we don't always agree with it you know i think i think the republican party can counties going to be an abysmal failure as estimate of time before before we figure out whose really ho there then who's got the new the new savors story in all the coroados politicaster down aloides babies sententiar comedisse and will see that they have one makingto a challenge right i the should do that let's make a settlement let's make one those things of of chuckchuck prediction and down as price of wasconsisted have to get i here here like a i have a bushares a chancon the cad that's got i've got eggs so like we've got chicken so what what matter o that chicken eggs and you bout you got that indoostanee not tattooed little on right a little a little love a little wager if you would fire challenge and an etiennette well the one a tacks so oorooma what we pay him with his about the they can't even they can't even tax for fine people because the conviction he waits and lodges are of the will pay him and apples night rochegrosse he will will give ten more give me ten per cent or whatever it is you know of the trap or the eggs in the he see see how bad they could screw that on you know gewaardeerd come what is higher collocandole down here is will get them doll her a bit you hundred dollars oh you mean doll hers as the hostile things to do not go right beecher yet was it beats and what else do we have a lot of a well wildoo notices for their further removal for the firing i think that's great we will pay them all and notices for the firing and or gets for trees on that would be good thus to tickets were trees that who who shall we start with all had and all sail like what hernosand bonconti kets for tres as that we know de do i may i making that up to date thenwhat we have a lot of wholetotal rowena lot of b we can come usedthreadbare i've got a horse craft we can patrino that's a fire got to that of fire order on taking milk he is of the long order riosos to glide with it senarmontite craft that tentative as i sessilethat arigisthe discussion on the horsemen who were this morning because i then i've been stenostome piling and an it's like i work getting ready to spread it you don't fields and but it's like that you don't the one thing about it his horse than you were at to give the keeps given right and he got a girl your own food you'd better have a good supply of that cause you need to fertilize and that was that was really a came to light in the last couple of years when they shot down all the arreared uction in or is allowed that comes from india which we should all be going really what's the quality happening here i've been to india and i've got some serious questions about the bedtime both he was a carriagethe the the sincerest castes should be after there to the question he gave his old colorabout ronaldthe degres grew colton you are finding so so yes so ordered montgomery money monday morning humored dad jokes so anyhow yeah what one thinking about here though is that you got to have some you have to have something to fertilize your crops and that's one of that they shouted down with whether eriopoda tion the guy get my head from he went to turkey manure he actually got rid of all the commercial fertilizers and as turkey manure in the fall which is a great action to go to actual animal manure and in the dust got it you got a process things little bit differently osyoot to make sure that that you've had enough time to break it down where you when when you're ooooor on lawns curiosity and were great you know these theories for lies used for is me once in four years and i used bring but i haven't usually because of my case to the onemake strikes a very spirity all and like osseous in avenues the first rear for us went the fort or other could not so free ears went fidentinus inghanite is like cruel at longer so that it chokes off any week as ye see the see the thing of it is this that if you if you can put down naturalmore like you don't we put on a natural wit that's all us we don't we don't you know i suppose we're gettin bagooree once in a while but but if you do what right you shouldn't have to get any extra fertilizer but you got it you got to give it time so any any of the poetry and you got a letter compost for at least a year or was horsemanhorseman do spolenosti can one tylor pig manure ethereally those want i wonder where neighbour olintecle onto one side for my neighbor i don't overstate in pretty sure you can get stone coltbecame pictoor chicken me and work comes east collymore comes next and then on the very very bottom of the wrong for tolerance is smell his horse and he actually ran who i don't know that's the donor of perseverence i am relieved so lie if you let a if you had a decomposes if you let a horsemanhorse imposed in a composed pile for it doesn't take up very long to decompose it looks like just a really really rid a soil a soil type of composit you know and if you throw that down on tabio don't see you don't i just its it's well in a graded it had time to cook down and it pantodont really have as song so it's really it's really ideal for putting horse manure down as a fertilizer for pretty much in is actually pretty they they pass a lot more on through their digestive tract then ah you know lot of animals a button of it goes through selected the manure pile that's that's like the dear love at the deer jumpante of the manure pile their digging throughout because there's so many nutrients and at such like if you look out in the fields and such the birds will knock all of it a part if we don't if we don't i get rid of it quickly and it's a food source for turkeys and other wild life so there's all of these things that i am i'm really sorry to say that the peep that people who have lived in the city and haven't really you know i may be learned by books rather than real life experience therein amiss that and realize that all the use of everything you have like like you should be put in all of your for egg shells don't throw out that's that's a soil and rich you know them you don't crush her off and throw em back on your gardenthese toshigoto i can please you does go to downey she goes it yet he put back in there you know and just then about this amooor chicken feed and such a specially for layers has to have some colsonand that use a lot of times they used like oyster shells in it so that they can build the shells on the eggs there lad you've got to have that or that new trent well if you feed them back even the egg shells she let the egg shells you know if i drop an egg in the one of the pans they're like little carniverous cannibalistic dinosaurs if you drop one and breaks the chickens wintered there immediately to the e and to clean that up their cleaning up their area and so yesyou can put you can do a lot with the egg shells you can champeton put it in her feet at o and that sort of thing you can throw it in the garden but you shouldn't throw out you should not throw egg shells and to the land fesca's a really valuable it's a valuable substance it reallyas i never knew that yeah it's valuable so dislike from the nore as i mean the manure if you if you cook it down it's to save for you know we're going to go in formed stuff here you know you take some some horseman or throw it in a bucket o water and just let it follow part you've got a manure tea that is super neutri and in he don't have to let that compose you know cause you got it in the water you throw that on your plants and the like there's no to morrow well i'm kiddin as i have you been calling in stories of dotheringtons godoaldo dying i mean i saw some this morning what is that i saw yesterday thought to get to day what act is on something called wonder on and thinking what on earth is that he so fake has in a mean so i thought why we they do that to trying to get people to the rise up and i think leaves go you in anything they kin that's inflammatory turn away from it because it's its trot they're trying to still its fifth generation warfare still trying active ate people by emotion so what do you go to do to keep the conflict going on palestine and that israel you're going to show a lot of bombings you're going to bomb things and you're going to get people mad because the other side is the sad well not as a balloon the same side and i and i count this highly highly likely because there being there being funded every war is a banker's word doesn't matter who wins the they they just want to kill people keep them to keep the machine going and such an i got a lot of cronos engraved as the complete bache yet in who loses hoosie they salebosus most sides and spend that way for many many many years and who does the people to do the people lose every the people lose every single time you know and netherlands he got a look at where people are putting eines elsewise what henstock in in idinistno holding you goin through it and that's where you really got to get you if you really want people to better guess the teinousa e not going to dust the neck company because the company is his doing his older tons of good potionhe pathos like i don't i don't invest in i don't take an even go to target i own no target though and i don't go to the store why cos i don't believe it fainting is got applied people got to principle but the not oglander and gonegone to make your choice is and northeastern choice so i wanted to i wanted to place something here yet before your carnotite a something i repose channel cause i love carceres the background high care out of bring her on in just a minute but he cargoto acorn here i'll bring avengernot a minute hold on what was to karen's be and care oh no don't know go go i carried a horn the morning oh my god there goes to neighborhood the oh out of the sissonnethe than i did the sweet gown which was really really found a so so here's the thing that carnot it's when they ask you what you did for your country what will you have as an answer or will you stand asked what did your country do you for you and that spike if the lamentat was made by president kennedy i love the canaries or kin and i got a chance to meet king at a minute we're going to get there that others do i went too oh went on with an listen to well robert kennedy and got to meet on and i'm going to tell you i really i'm not a poisonous going to pick sides i am a person who will pick the best candidate that's out there and we're going to go with that and i you know i like i like i we'll go back here little back as i went into the homost any he had a lot of good things to and a tremendous you know i had a fine time meeting on and lots and lots of good things to say and a really preciated and really preciated the visit there it was it was wonderful but a very very kind man of very smart man and some one who clearly shows that the inn in a and people and you know them you mount of fighting he's done as an attorney for for purposes to defend people with monsanto barahe pretty much hits all of my all of my push points that i've been fairly you know angry about over the years that the lion and the mount of murder that's been done by these corporations and he's been fighting on my think that scretion question i didn't get a chance to ask and because he did bring out a black rock then guard arabella is why that i didn't get to to ask him and he's he's fighting the companies and i don't expect that anybody can do do it also that's im not unrealistic but the thing i have to say to every single person out there is why didn't any one go after these corporations with anti the anti trust laws would then so easy to to get out there and start a mean if this would have spent if this would have started years ago it would have been easier than it is now and they know the law half of marturn most of our tourney sat in the seats they know the law don't go and because they know the too they might they might have to do something or at the doors of this one of their friends in the house to do something as betrothal haven't forbidden well the wrong to wrong and as the whole thing we turned our so in our i can set it on so can take it milledollar this party or that party can't be done so carcassonne it meantime quarterthe do into earningsoh the urinous i'm in time stocks are we going to go or that penological again the icecold it oakhanger he's going to make intimatedafter he might catch something gone attention came like be chancol if it was that if it was the kennedy to take that would run i cannot like the fact that that oh you know robert of canete i have tremendous respect for the man and i really do and ivies a very very sincere it comes off is very very sincerely that he wants to help and i can't say that about many people that i've listened to you most people i think florence smoke at as you know but i thought his very sincere and how i would i would think that a trump canned take it would be unbelievable i really really what i would i would absolutely back that and i'm not i like the fact that he's running as an independent so just as sorry knows a robert of canned junior is running as an independent i believe that he is a he's a very sincere good man he's worth listening to he's got a lot of good ideas you really did not destiny sahiman present trumpeting together with almost be a dream he because you know president trump is going to bring the hammer down you can have to have almost a split personality in my opinion ah looking at how to deal with the promisisset ye heftedeen ough to cernerent to know who do you bring that the hammer down on without looking back and with no mere he who needs to happen to the bad guys no mercy clean him out and send him away at the same time you've got to be able to bank balance that out with the humanitarian effort not a government of a favor after but a humanitarian effort because our people have been so hurt disadvantage and such comets not estar people's people crossed the entire world and i'm i'm thinking that that would be kind of a nice dream team you know i could have to go down and i got a lot of stuff i hold give the kicking at three o'clock and he got a bunch pesosto do here i'm sorry my transition to all i got on my sweaters on the shell of continenter and sedate to that of it's got tied it is already starting that transition i ought to go out doors and spur putting stuff away cries the man he's trains ansinine i just have to say checkered minentissime thing you've met in transition now you use the wrong or holosericea death resistanceand i've just moderate or here you know i'm just kinosternon reconnoiter i find that i or or or the color carey it's funny he i went on when to give you give me for the day ik so this trick there's a man's store over and saint john's michigan and i have you you know about this man store you need to as critic egripo yes it is i i use all the right perona's men and women that this is its one of out have to pass on the name of but there's a mess in saint john's michigan that i went to last month with one of my sons and they are they are truly a professional man's store even have tailors on on on and so it's probably one of the nicest doors for men that i've been into it a very long so he he knew the guide that started rochesterthen sore and i am in it's in the same fashion where you can go in by very nice clothing there and oh and the sweaters were amazing he had wonderful wonderful and then he carries that they carried the brand seven diamonds and no one knocked paid for the just that i like things that are nice quality they also have an entire i like a wise something where we're somebody as a local small family on business does well man ever to get my support if they do a good job and then they do they there carrying the entire brand of clothing that is used on a yellow stone an i've never seen the tv shall i just know that it's got i want my son's tried their stuff on it that was like while this is really well on and seven diamonds is one of a one of my son's favorite brands of clothes to wear if he's going by something as you get a dress shirt the crumpled it up sticking of in a bag if you want to pull it out shake and it will not have a wrinkle in it so if if you want to look sharp eh and you don't you're a little lazy like you don't want to press every time you go in somewhere scentings out if it's as a great it's a great brand it encourage you go and check it out i think you'd enjoy when to have there oorsels oh i i i got to think of it's like the old only manstories john's michigan gogling ociositie down the last yet it's a it's really good i'll put him a telegram chandelier but i think we should support local family of vestimento madison they all wererather at san testosterone ing to line yet in it wasn't it it wasn't a servantly like i wouldn't i would win in there and i was like to this is an ode line you know it is it's something that you know i would now you will youdifferent shopping like if you're not like a camacho ah you will expect to pay the prices that were in there and if so i mean i mean i i think i do when i got liebrecht's that's not it and in the the quality of their helpfulness was really good so muscologist out look it out saint johns and go health these guys out i don't think they need help they've got such a good business that's amazing and they've got a very very long line of committed customers because then you know you're going to go in and beyond patteshalls sons comogra one sorting he outeguentchera to get out more news i pologize for not a lot because it was quiet but then a geni was an i was here as he wold soccorondo polkas it was like unreal the biggest thing was a lot of silence because they pried attack me a number of ways the work as i turned the negatives to a positive he can handle the i don't know why he is anacard up carry on the tradition and to have a great time with one i'll dry we always you thanks a heavensave great okay there you and karen karen on next say up in an well i'm i'm just glad that my dog paid tention to you calling me this morning because i was oblivious well i was that i was i thought about it you know i tried to do with some walking in the morning and it was as i was walking on likelynow what i think i really want to see if you want to come on this morning because i do think we need to address this nonsense it's going on over in israel a my my heart is absolutely breaking people on both the notice this it's like people in both sides of this or being child it is not one side is being killed and the other side is not being killed it's like the hillanother off and there's going to be no wind from there the wind who is going to back down when need to run a the minute with somebody does something in bombs one side while we're going to get you back in they're going to bet bob the back and get the other side are they justified all other are all everybody's anger is just they are not approaching this in a way that's going to subtle ah you know there's there's always two sides to every argument or and the so i got my other mother screened on here the there's always two sides to every age you go you know you look a divorce you look at everything everything out there when there's two parties involved you got two sides of the however when one side decides to throw ponce the other ones got to be mad and now you have engaged the emotions instead of the brain and it devolves into nothing but a tribal type of and i think that it's a really good idea to remember that we are in a war it's not just a war between countries it is a war on many levels it's a war on it's an ideological war we have gone on china is not a contrary with boundaries neither is the united states any more that they give us a nice little one picturesque norman rock while provision of that were living in its all lie because they don't play by the rules of boarders they don't play by any rules whatsoever and they've got everybody on believing in you know then china oh and china as the enemy while you know what china and it's the globe leaders that are the enemy china is here in the united states all you've got to do is look at the ninety per cent of the guys comin across the southern board were chinese fighting age ah okay nos flesh everybody that's an invading army and there he and if you look at what happened over in israel and palestine they knew they were common there's no way that these people stopped through the border on aware with ares israeli telligence not know what's going on they can think and throw a drag not out there and be listened to every conversation with sixty miles a worse someone and probably further these things we don't even know that they have the ability to do there's no way they didn't know there is no way that the people in the united states set in these don't know who is here come and cross that border and where the cells are within the united states if we don't see action on the i am going to be the most surprised person on the planet it's going to happen in our bore there already here they knew they were here our government paid for them to be here they paid for thee the invasion and they not only let it happen he stated that he and i think i think we've got a bigger problem than that what anybody says that i'm going to tell you what this girl's going to stand a ground and i think everybody out there needs to realize that you have the cathright guaranteed by the constitution to in fact and your property and i would get highly suggest that you look into that and be prepared mentally for something to potentially have a little liver melt down here ossywhat happens i would say that we're going to see if financial problem i would be surprised to say don't hit the thought of the power grid which is why been talking about it and nadim here had been studying it and how they would be able to disable the united states in a very very way leaving the people pretty well on protected unless the military steps and the only way to it this is the military at this point in time that i'm believing that if they took out nine of the twelve critical sub station were dark and unless the less they made plans for that that i don't know about its potentially its possible it is possible but with what's out there to be able to resort they would be able to throw the united states and in entire darkness one saw one on a grid electric grid level and there is no way out of the that's why they've taken down the nuclear plants that's why the taken down on you now try to be dependent on the the electric energy cause it's easy to see his way to take out the outer decentrali or centralists and then the other thing is our infrastructure the brit there infrastructure go what was it oh twenty seven hundred pages of these stupid infrastructure bell and ah how much of the infrastructure bill actually went it was like a lavender sat went to infrastructure we have a plus seventy five per failure the task for the bridges around the united states cause they have not been maintaind you wanted to sable united states you go after the infrastructure and they have disadvantaged of thy refusing to do the right thing for the nation so i suggest people get a little bit for paired for a little dificaboi situation happening because i think it's going to happen and i'm it's it's going to be a very very sad day oh everything is sitting in place for that to happen if it doesn't god is it been merciful to us but i think we might see exactly what we're seen over in the middle east happening within our bounds or border what say you well that's what i was saying this morning i got on and an updated myself on em what's been happening over night and i i find it interesting also the timing of things as we take the car the out who is a primary we got a fundering guy and you know we later so that we have this and they haven't selected some one yet to replace him so currently there's no funding going anywhere ah there saying jim jordan is most likely at this point and i don't think he's going to be a a proponent of funding but i also saw think it was donald trump junior that shared this morning he said this history is that the dope rhinos are working with them across to tie funding between israel and crane so that it goes to both places if you wanted to go to an it's goin to be well there is that money go where is it weaponry go well they're finding is what we've suspected and we've been hearing all along m and that again the question is is it a ah weaponry going to crane it's getting out hors that also weaponry that was left behind abandoned by the quotation and miseration to the taliban now re seeing these going to israel through the terrorists so that i got ask questions about this wall is this purposeful is it just in all a guy here or there a greedy and he's he's sneaking weapons out and he's sellin em on the black market or is it all this is actually part of the whole plan where just got to take all the money and weaponry otto week at that we can for america and we're going to turn it again americans against the last against israel one way or another and while you cream is that that situation is dying of their loved and is from what i see so we might as well start send in more of that stuff over israel if it's not going to work and you create and it is morning it's a problem it's a big problem yet i'm just this morning i saw on the others report about some special forces trying to have some kind of attack against russia and they were not successful they tried several times and they just didn't have the like air support whatever it is if they needed and that's another indication the me that will if the guys who were the specialist who is the best train can't do with their job is to do because they don't have support you're not goin to win anything for me cried so now we have to shift gears and focus on well how else can we tack the at when we got into it with his red so i think it's planned i think it's all planned but it does kind of feel like a plan be desnica of feels like will you cranmers russian work and we but i also see it is kind of a good thing it may sound relistran but all this money in all this weaponry a lot of it is his old school stuff that's not as valuable too by the oh all of that stuff getting of our our equipment and everywhere else all these dollars that are allegedly going overseas cause i'm not even sure that it is actually moving we don't know reining it's anything you it's getting it's getting put away dirty money is never a good thing and so in that said you know let them bleed themselves try because that's kind of what they're doing in the end we can come back stronger and i think trump trumps going to help us do that but on independent who is he whose in charge o so capitally the good guys were in charge which i do i have then the outcome of this is that a lot of this is for object but there also at the same time accomplishing gals like so say these palestinian they left these guys then these his palestinian ah a protest nonsense you know this this is out in front of the jewish ambassies coma and guys i mean what kind of a more on wants to go out there and just protest in front of the enemy or you know the healed adam you know you're just poking the bear and it and making it worse it's like it's like this is sad why don't you come together and half have a time to pray for the victims on both sides and try to bring peas to a bad situation but no they won't do that they're going to take the and tried in flame everybody's emotions a further in the united state if the good gas are in control which i believe that they were the infiltrated bellamante on that sort of thing we had good guys on the ground watching what was going on taking the names and planning the future for he i'm sure that washed i think it is happeningnow there were way too many of mother a man to go back to something else so that you are talking about with jim jordan and the rest of them we have to look in to who holds duels therein will the background checks is going to answer a whole bunch of question on on on different people we can like people we can think that they're good guys and such but if there is a greater loyalty there tertia foreign entity the united states what the heck is going on and you can kind o see how they played back and forth with this this un concert you've got a town of people sitting in the seas who are jewel citizens with israel you also have people on the democrat side who while both the omissions des locatebut sides are working together but yet you also people who were part of the moslem brotherhood who were part of a ah that would be that be whom evident um ah and that we're in with israel valerie garret and that sort of thing i brandon was in an israel adam sheff was in ezra you've got armentaire i ran we're talking ran here at the side bet that side went was involved with a rat and they're all sitting in the so you've got you've got people that are the truly agent from that other side running american politics as their little minion really for for perhaps onto for prophet and realistically they have turned the religious organization into a military while it let's limitative the religious organization i and lord become the earth what they really are is a military present is cloaked in a religious whether religious mask there actually a military thing and the one the people that are on the bottom of the carcase ominosa the ones at the top in all the power the people who are within these these religious it my discipline religions whatever you want to call it i could come up with a million words i'm going to be wrong in somebody's eyes one way or the other they they are sort of like people that are working within the republican and democrat party they just want to do the right thing they don't know where to turn so they find something that a lines with with what they believe they're doing the right thing and service to god man the people in the top have no such delusions and nor did they think the same and it is kind of all in allusion all titus but but we we truly have military military or political organization separating as religion and that's the problem it's not the other way round been taught that it was the other way round but that's a lie that's not what's happening and when you see when you see the brutality of shamas going after the israelis and killing children and raging children women and such do you really think that that's any one who claims to be on the side of god i don't on pretty sure god's got them targeted for eternal damnation for their act i really do eh you know and i know i know ah there's people that are grieving on both sides you know a the there's a lot of people grieving on both sides for this still though they stay within these organizations thinking that their doing the right thing of things down and up is probably something wrong and we need to get off if we need to get off a following a prophet that are leading the people astray and we might just as well go there you know israelism is an innocent of this in any wise ante defemation ly come after me i believe that there's two israels to united states going on right now we've got the political class who has even concerned for the people not at all you've got israel you've got a political a globeless can who could care less they don't care about the people at all the bankers there there most of the martian with international monetary fund the imf ah the world like canonic form you can go right down the line and these people that are on both sides in the leadership the sentencethe table with each other their helping each other profit just like the political class here they've been doing it for decades look at what the bush is dead and world war two i went through that with chick they were finding both sides of the the war look at with the rothschilds roma the the rose him think recovered his first name but right now an it'll come to me but he said we don't we don't care he does it make any difference to the because they make money off of it and that is by and large the jewish hierarchy we we have we have the american hierarchy we've got them we've got the islamic hierarchy and you know what she sat in the seats they are part of the people our battle is against the governments of this world who solely and totally have sold out satan himself to the love of money and refusing take care of god's creation we can disagree with each where we're going to disagree and people are going to do things that are going to hurt us there's no two ways about it you know we can all of us can talk about things and horrific things that have been done to us we've all had family members who were murdered and friends the job who is part of that he was found dolichos background he in it who who is part of of say like the catholic church you've got the cat in the catholic church is wolgast he at the jesuits that are all there the jesuits are the historically read their oath of office to kill print women if they will not abandon the just like the moslem said the same thing kill the infidels right and and spill the babies out of the pregnant woman's guts readthe at the back on and then you'll know who you're talking but to demonize organizations or say one as the savior over the you know of an organization over the other we got a big problem most of them are just political military type entities which have by and large and taken over by stones and people who have nothing to do with god what so and there you go think we can we can get that figured out pretty fast you know my only saviour is jesus christ that is and he was the only one that led a perfect life used to throw a stone this is that certes not gone and this is a you talk about biblical these people are going to be at war forever it's telling is not they turned the middle east in the glass and somebody else digs for oil me but oh you know one when we say this is binoculis is atypical or this is not new there just using it for particular gain in a particular time right now a people have said this is disserere version nine eleven will what does that mean that if you're talking about their own government attacking their own people will okay we know what that's light nigel olethan mean that we need to go in and say well we need to support israel what does that mean supporting israel are you supporting the people that just got a tacked at her victims to like the majority of america was or and i say majority because i'm excluding the criminals there ah criminals profit by the pain of tramarica well they're doing this safe they're doing the same in israel the wonders it need to support israel to where a sticker on your bumper or on your profile picture to israel's color on their flat colors on your profile picture what does that mean to you does he mean you good as support the government and send money to the government so they can discontinue to perpetuate this crime against their own people or are you talking about finding the he made a tyrian needs of the people or they have lost over a thousand people in that area between gaza and israel were talking more than a thousand people that were killed and i think that count is just in one day i i think that's probably a little light on what we happen yes you know but but that sent out there reporting so i inlandclose it we went from one narrative two o you know thought the the mainstream media trying to buoy up the line and in then ah you know an down play vladimir putin and then watching watching you know the bricks then the devaluation of the dollar and all is there is so much going on in things that we have no access to that the jump on the emotional band wagon for one side the other is really kind of low i corson really as i mean i'm sorry for hurt anybody's feelings but that's just the way it is we don't have all of the information right and it is if we jump in one direction over the other with without really having the information at hand you you pretty much have become a captured as that from one side or the other and you there using you to weaponis happened with the palette the palestinian a protest in oral is regyon a call it in the united states of america why does this need to be on american soil tell me that why do we have the son americans we can't even run her own damn country and we've got him here prayed in the streets and i know and and the fights that have been broken out you know during these conflicts why are we doing this here why are we tolerating the there is nothing to do with the constitute and there the right to redress grievances that is in a way of having a temper tantrum in the friend streets and they're all looking out the windows up people laughing i give i done nothing but move the bore and more conflict rather than resolves stupid persons re and there's no reason for this if somebody was smart why don't you get a group together and figure out in a legal way how to remove some of these people that are pain for the invasion of our country that are pain for the conflict and ukraine and the deaths of the people that are there and you know and such and with that said i'm ready for president trumps mean weeds again because at least he actually get he was telling you know if people think there were men he was accurate and he kept his side of the war these moros that habanse sit in the seat right now or going to do nothing but ask latonian many many more people are dead and in talking on american the goal right there and where if they want to do somethin why don't they do something where they actually get involved to actually make a legal nogus jumping around like a bunch of monkeys in the stern looking like a bunch of idiots and now that's not a racial slur that's every one to the majority of these people are young white privileged spoiled brats that are out there trying to train to to take on somebody else's cause and all their doing as being a stupid captured as of the color evolutions that are going on across the united the united states in the world and creating more of a proud terentine to set your little spoiled behinds down into indoctrination camps that you've gone through for your life not blame you for being there i mean me no granted they find it though to but it's time to sit down and figure out what's really going on before shoot your mouth and danced around in the street like a bunch of more on well yes they i'm glad that she mentioned the indoctrination because that makes those those people kind of her victims and swell i can so we can look at the young generation and i'm with ye on you know you people are fools slowe allowed them to be taught to be fools and raised his fools we allowed their parents to to be in to this is how you treat your children and raise your children and we've tolerated one of my favourite and one of my favorite videos i've seen was this woman if she told her son not to go out to a protest and i had and she came whole a key there and in ripped his hood off of a man grabbed hold of him and just oowhabbe old enough to know about her but basically let him have it all the way back to her house on of course immediate came wanted interviewer and she had a soft and the blow and said well you know it was you do was to try to soften it making apology for she should have pologize for she was probably saving his future it is life by giving him out of an area that could turn into an quickly escaladed situation where he could have likely been maimed hurt or kill good job mamma you know drag em out of their drag their sorry butts home you know it's our fault because they were you know i'm sorry but the bible talks about it too but the kid's going running to and fro on the one that the indoctrinated and doctor nation crowd are domino not even now the third in danger so when here to do what to sit there you know in a pansy way and let her kids run into these into danger your kid gets killed in one of these things partly the parents fold and in dis conqut it out there nobody wants to talk about that you know to talk about something i've got i should probably shut out now because i'm going to put it you know that i think it's that larry nassar though in all these gymnastics coaches that were you know that were accused of a enomoties kids or whatever he did where the how were the parents or rot i'm in a bee the one to say it where is the parent on to sit back and say my kid was as victories were the how were you why would you or i mean i've seen as in the horse were where parents dropped their kids up and they take off to live their little little you know self important lives in these kids will be like twelve years old an horse barn they don't know how to handle horses i mean my daughter and i saved a bunch o you know said several different kids who did know how to more handle and their parents weren't there and they were going to get their behinds hurt in a really really bad way they have no idea whose in those are they have no idea what the workers are like there and yet they drop them of in the barns to to go you know in the the barns where they do boarding in such they do it all the time they drew it in gymnastics they do at all unless your sitting there you have no idea who who your kids are setting with and you know it's like if if a doctor is examining your kit and you're not like watching over what's happening there i'm sorry there's that people out here don't be and in its still partly i am not saying that there's there's ever a situation where there aren't true victims there are but you go back and get analyze the process when something goes wrong and woe process business proved out happen over and over and over and so you know if this has happened over and over and over again parents ye better step in and not say well i i i you know in the schools kids are in a dounton camps what are you doing get a monethe get him out of there and let's cut their finding the emma and the one have proved to be nothing more than a mark this organization to indoctrinate our kits same thing with cold he be better off teaching the trade at this point they're going to get no go out of that mess here going into some skilled tree like a doctor or something that requires to act in the united states which had better know where they are on what the bee are you going to have you're going to have the heart break of your life oh how much i'd like to say to say i got on to weave you know you have the right to say whatever you want i have to write to not censor you you know and i don't sound sacatecas it's a it's so these are hard topics we have to talk about and i i i really believe that instead of shine away from them we need to talk about you know kennedy comes at you know kennedy comes in as the democrat i told me reject that the ah present trunk comes head at or as the republican you don't contend abeat least free you know stepped outside of the democrat party i've got a lot of respect for mesoreodon independent i've got tremendous for the man for doing that even though he had it history of of the democrat i got a feeling that he's kind of like sick both of em i mean if you listened to him and president trump talked through ferlyes milar very very somewhat present trump comes added as kind of a republican he he ran on the constitution party and the nitescit thinking that we've got people that really are you know going to read too the united states of america and rejecting the lies of the indoctrination that everybody has been fed for so many years seerat fixed so here we are back at tom we're watching the world crumble around us because we fail to that's what the big lesson is i think over all we have to learn how to self govern we have to have our eyes opened to all the things that we have been fooled with for with it by for generation so now we can see we a lot of people immediately went happening to israel's nine eleven isn't there nine eleven well we wouldn't have said that ten years ago because we didn't have as a whole are eyes open enough to now we can see things more clearly so let's continue to work in that man that's why when this first started happening is started looking at telegram the other day on like oh my look what's happening or there let me just go through this ah and i said okay let's let's not you know be come to emotional about it of course like you just said look at it from a two thousand foot few what what is really happening here what can we see what can we learn from it with not get emotionally bogged down into certain images or certain things that we hear because half of it may be false so we can we see about what what is the timing of it what are we supposed to be learning whate'er of vocales learned from the response and congress what can we learn from the responses of politicians what more is there to learn by and even a party out on even now a kind of party it was a disapetite was having a party while all this was happening and bonpland what bacon you know i'm so comparing contrast there's a lot of things to be gained from them that's why i'm constantly saying it we know that if trump was concordin charge we would not be seeing any of his so of course she couldn't be at least in the grand view of the public in charge of anything right now because we have to see the comparing contrast and gives us hope at the same time what did he do within that four years to make mere grave again so is it possible that we can return to that given a few years i think there's a lot of good that can be done one presidential term but he suggest depended on the president absolutely not we can see the damage that a congress can do we can see the damage that an agency can do so how much harm has been done to americans by schools by tremendous darconstitution agency by ah the americans being kidnapped and caged in d c foreign land then the down there sorry some of you got caught ah its shame but the the sothe consequences of americans not having our eyes wide open and paying attention and disagreeing every time we saw something that wasn't right now kepler starting to do it in their communities and that's a good thing but if it doesn't seem like it's happening in your community than that that means is your roll the step up in her community while in the going to do while intimation it doesn't continue happening so what are we that i have to do how far are the evils sufferable until oh oh you mean there's a terrorist organization over sea sick could also have people infiltrating our own communities even here in michigan a a oh we're across the border from canada and we have an international airport and bussing to chicago all these people we don't know where they come from we don't know what their intentions are and there here and what appens then well thankfully and michigan we have people who do know how to use weapons and more and more and more of them are doing so every day here so we do have some protection built in and i think that's a good thing and i think that's one of the things that from harm so far and i i know you know military knows that too that's how they've been able to keep hands off and let us learn as long as we have i think at some point they're going to have to step in so americans don't have to accept fatal consequences on a larger scale do you hear it right there and i and i think that's that's on the wisdom there i think that the next step though for the united states of america is to realize that a the government is a reflection of the population aurelius and so if we want a government that has that is moral that has integrity they has valued we are going to have the change things and our hearts to do we jump around on the street protesting as a laugh at us out of the window not lets a stupid persons reaction nothing got done that way i think we should probably get that figure out by now excepero are going to get targeted and and get thrown in jail do something that one move the line in a legal fashion to remove these people and hold them accountable that that's the only thing that's going to change it you're not going to change it by jumping around in the street waving your flags get in fights and that sort of for maybe spellbut of your own blood maybe end up in jail you know that's that's about the only thing it's going to happen with that and oh i think that that's the the the biggest thing is that we we truly need to use discernment and go to god for wisdom and how to handle the situation and emotional reaction extreme anger extreme anger rage any of those any of those emotions only further the conflict they don't they don't you can't have a new york reaction you have to be able to make decisions like president trumpet pretty pretty secure what he said this he really meant if you touch to a ran if you harm one american he gave him a stern warning he goes i would think about that very very carefully and oh you know i think i think that that's that that is not an that's not an idle that i think one american gets hurt a through iran and aran is going to have some problems that will be an unrecoverable on and a his his hole thing and i am honestly i believe that president trump the rightful president of the united states is the commander the we think we're passed were passed us i there's no possible way that i believe that by an is the rightful president i think we're letting their let things play out a little bit the hale but but there's a lot more going on than what were seen just like i just i think it's absolute set that any one thinks that that they were caught that israel was caught on a wire really we got the most sophisticated military at in the united states and in israel has the most sophisticated military on they they they could they could they could fried everybody every single person there from the clouds if if they wanted they would they went out taken asparagoides out and would have been it would have been decisive it would have been no one i thought it was really interesting it was on eleven eleven and i can't remember the year it was two thousand eighteen do you remember the earthquake that happened in the last there is an earthquake that happened in alaska and all of a sudden things got real quiet underneath under president trumps leadership real quick across the globe an allegedly and i have a tendency believes true that it originated over by madagascar is an island over there where they say originated proves besides the fact that the weapons that the weapons of the milk on the military great weapons that we have most of what we know that's out there his bent others a white you to think about do we alesly think that we know them the weaponry that's out there with that amount of time this passed not a lot of gain or motion or pro progress and weapon and weapons re department you do there's there's there's things that they they leak out there but me tell you what we have no idea the sophistication that the military has and weapons and how far reaching it is and oh but i think the enemy knows i really do the old pete don't know our americans or people that are at our perade you know that out the other nation states they know exactly what they what they had they been tunneling under our country for years that was basically put out there to me by john ferguson and some other people who actually work in the military xmilitary we turn wondered others countries all the time and of an above our country that they can take they can surveil i've heard up to fifty feet underground or probably more than so get your banker good luck with that you know it and let's hear who dine i am not sure how much it's going to help you know you know what i think i think that a few and of wars is that each country will build their military force just like you always you always do just like you've been saying we should have our own militia everybody should know how to handle and use weapon who is capable of doing so because that is that is kind of a right it is definitely a right it can be considered a duty as well let's say every country has our own military and their own weaponry that they keep in practice perpetually but then when they have an altercation and they decide we're going to have to lie enter all the data in two a computers the probably already doing miss but the prominent doing it for years and they give the rose supercomputer sees it's like a chess game you know how in this is how i compare it chess game where you have really really skilled people and they can one guy make a move and they both look and they know exactly how the rest of the game is going to play out because they know each other and i know the board and they know the game so well they will know who will win far before they get there and then the one got will look at the other and he'll say yep you want and they shake hands as they walk away why even bother finishing a gate i think we can do that with the computer system too well i can see that you're actually going to win if we do this and many many lives this is how many lives will be sped or i can just admit that you would and therefore we'll have to concede and surrender and let's make a piece treaty and you do that in a day and nobody gets her but nobody profits of this writing maybe maybe we would like to say but i do now carried the imagination where messers here's another question so there is a video out there on a merschel about a day ad who saved his family and an the kids every were going out of window at one sothatthato in through the window right oh the israeli seever single person i believe he has as he spent two years in the military and so my question is and i'm not seeing this that no this is happy but i have a question to if every single person there whose of an adult age is hid spent two years in the military why did any of these people get passed them on a local level why in the neighbors say had guess what their overrunning us and end it yet have already have a plan in their neighborhood no don't start start stack in the intruder's bodies applecorn wood that's what i want to know and it's like in all a sudden the busking into houses well wouldn't wouldn't the citizenry the able to take them down in lotsthey said how many people of the actually came not that many and and i would think that the citizens are the people of israel having been trained in weapons in having an only wapins li believed there they own weapons there too i don't think they fanned and the ownership of weapons there i think it's not i mean you know and well there's something new that i don't know about why didn't they take him out themselves and you know like so many came here to take over our town and such a rentall you what is you know there's a lot enough cowboy round up happening out here and necessaryacross stated in michigan where moth embody came to invade us pretty extrahere that there's going to be some toxic masculinity that's going to make its way to the surface and that hide how you going how how second work for that's why the second amendment is so important to it it's not to defend herself we don't have it of law enforcing take care of it collishaw long it takes start the clerk encolure not going have re action before every one i'm sorry i cannot yet this is where omohase of that ideal that i saw little of may be think of grand rapids when we had the riots there not very long ago and and the food was jump and from corner to corner so the police would come and they'd skedaddled and within a number of minutes that i was listening to a skainer so i can hear them talking on the scanner about a police car being on fire i've been watching it on tv for fifteen minutes to a half hour before it came through on the scanner they didn't know about it because they were somewhere else in the city i don't believe it is blue as i set up because i've got a friend who is a tective and i asked in my son why do ansigis put this down i said we were told to stand down in the stern by our marks by the marxist plant of a governor in or out now the governor but yet governor but also the mayor of the city of grand rapids she told them to stand out in no and am and i'm sure that is absolutely a part of it but it was also on the failure in communications and strategy by antipathous from place to place and the the forces could not hope openmen they wanted to they couldn't have kept up yet bentonthat a bunch o ye if you had a bunch of armed people who were willing to defend businesses in some places there were and on after the initial shot i think you started to see people and other areas especially california think being one i remember seeing footage of armed people coming out and just standin in front of business says in say we're not going to let that happen to this business i didn't matter who it belonged to whether it was a black owner or a white owner or what kind of business it was they were now you go down to the next block a fore goin to do that crackcase we're not putting up with it here this is my neighbor i am a that has worked in some places but it it take coordination and and the boiler trained and willing can do it yet the world to defend yourself you know i think that's an important that's a really important point you know there so this is not what my thoughts are in these pale ossin prod on protests you know of a more on jumping around in the streets here in the united states of america have just gone after another i'm not saying palestinian of morons mestanding to these protests or bunch moronoand the the picking up they're picking up weak minds spoiled self entitlement minded white kids on the way and you know too to jump in to jump with men look at the pros look at the brook look who shows up at the black lives in the enterprise look at bookshow up is it ses by and large it's a lot of spoiled young wicked that's what i saw and about thirteen to ockinton like this both they are brown shirts was just call him what they are brown the and a so so not let's look at what's going to happen at the palest in plan insurrection riots because i i have said the profesin lved in this and maybe they'll get a bunch of names of people who actually hate the united states of america that also need be taken down in some form or another we can't read only hope but there's no way that these protests in the the organization of these pots could pop of overnight like that without an already being planned there's no ossible way and i with the heat licity of the local governments i don't know if you have you saw my pose but i could i can in owing pope but the post of these cities that that it's a coppice and so i'm sure this is i'm sure this is the same you know a people who are wearing the vagina hats around and dancing in the street in shorethe same people because they seem like they just sort of like reearicara themselves under some other social dresses warrior of event ridiculous in ary a few things from the chat here charlotte says he before for five fifty to fifty do not let youth the killers get a life time sentence go easy on a cause there cause her young is going for approval the sweet color ops a tolleno psychopath is a psychopathia age i'm sorry even a child bible sums even child knows is known by their acts a secret anticsan lance and all these little colt closes the allowance and pink and unicorn in corn and climate change clouds are republicans demcrats while he kep goin love says yes we really are in danger for sleep orselves to awake again and attacks love says our charles as global geopolitical has plans for an aw o we should ask what my world lecanoric form queen and nessler benson what's the next clown show as well as o'brien enjoy a picnic with live and in rose garden on the meta sisabanonase obine enjoys a picnic in the willie band in the rose garden while hamas holds americans he man it is ever related to hillary clinton and been gairit its former can you know there and what happened i met some helicopter pilots that were grounded on the tarmac and said were loaded to blow the whole area apart and rescue them and hilary told them to stand out in it was hilary's fault the marks of the marks communis stanisich who but your kids o in or he have looked it up look into it it on all kanadasago news post former advisor to the s ambassor israel calls on what mercures after fraudulent response to the attack she has many many fraudule items under her belt which to call hey there you go you don't what i'm going to put a posouete everybody out there jump on my telegram channel after i make this boat and tell me all of the crimes the illegal fraudulent things that white has done has i think we need to call her out for all of em her nestleton's make a report i'm going to underwrite a report on this and i might even take it somewhere you know lomenore i want arrives i want to to provide notice for all of her crimes yogis need to come on and help me out here help bout me out and tell me all the things that come to mind and help me remember all of em with all the sources and sources that you can list on it and we're goin to do that this morning that's going to be at my number one thing that i put it on telegram is to list all of the unconstitutional crap crimes fraud but that were an entry to categories e forme for what more vonse three there sitting at the top o the queen gretchen her squire now sold in the court jester globeless the three trades three blind traders after do like a me on that three blind mice three blind trees at the th here you were talking about a tricarinated some day i once all the mussendoun turned to go openwork or burn in hell this halloween it should be trick or treason there would be a good mask for the fur thicker treating you know for for halloween go as go as what maracan think there are of anything scarier on the plan and is what were nestalone tide den of so many make mean where's yer the year before were they made halloween costumes with various politicians and that in the order all the orange background they did a bunch of them so many made a bunch of those means i probably the have i should figure how to do it not salines no why is it all these people ask now i can the ochonochon and i have a really really funny funny thing that we've got going between us here and it's listening i listen to people speech patterns and i'm like i let you no repeat themselves as funny it's horiscos it is certain like how the valley girl thing came out years ago they all speak the same withersteen of things going around that they say the same thing and you can pick em out o my way oh cook you know that's just as if i'm right listen listen to this place the its hilarious avshars repeatable if then we got hacks decides as we've got three and your mexico also man on to tell you what now maceevery state has got there his got their little hierarchy of globose as marks this whatever want to call them in place and watch how they work together i got to do is look at abstains island look at what happened without stein down there and how you know the most sad was most sansar of that galen maxwell's dad is robert robert maxwell hustasana es so look at how mosad the sea i a the fflocking how these organizations are working together and if if i die i did not commit suicide i did not kill myself right i just call him out for what they are in all their bunch of lying bastards who are working together they're out working together one organization he he for have you do this day okay fine fine well you do it to morrow that's the jowett you're all working together all the intelligence agencies throw work in beats all one just like the the governments of the world are all working together one one organization one globalisation they work together you know besides was square in the middle of what was going on with absinthe were blackmailing people look at them history of it it's crazy and of course there were there all working with you know with what's going on in britain is the whole then tried there working together the thought them against anyhow mexico yet you got at you got a you know poster child for what not to do out there too so but i think michigan is like almost the worst i really do maybe it's cosetting your sin and that one on the ground on both they go in a question for you so he in qu somewhere in acute there's a drop he says israel will be last me for the last save for lose well i i don't think you know i've been hinting for a while we just assume that there crying to be a hiwan extreme of some sort ah so i don't think we're done with like onionsin as therefore by an every side that's exactly what's happening to try to pull his hat a global conflict and crossed the globes they can comment in estridentes se so this has not happened yet so what does israel last actually mean what is your theory you know what i'm not i'm not going to go to jump on that i'll tell you why i think everybody needs to do their own reserve but i do think when you see the cue proofs on what actually happened not people interpreting it but to look at the time line of what happened there's there's disinformation in every even the cu possidet his was a group of areacopong a group of lesson time people now the plant and ah that was that was clearly stated and three non military the rest you know the rest would be military involvement of some sort its clearly laid out and you asked what happened with sadie arabia with china with russia with a you know with a the different countries across the globe and the alliances that were made there were some alliances that were made there were big things that happened but said israel would be why is that and i think we can all of us without me interpreting anything that was said as i don't want to turn into you know um some one who is come antin or throwing my own opinions and i tried to put out their what i see the fat ah maybe maybe think through things on what a possible could be i don't like putting dates to things because you know in the in the cococoming in it that's called date fagin don't geradon date tag on people or i've been called a bible fag on there because i like i like you now just such a lot cried and so sisisest it's just a it's residue urns that friends throw around and or people that are within me don't throw date everything is even driven and honestly i really believe that the only one knows that knows the true plan is god himself god almighty and we turned god we don't turn to man we do not try to figure some of it trying to figure things out a lot of people falling to fortune le and trying to feel like they've got control of their world by figure and was coming back why do you care if gods and control which i believe he is why do you care what the next step is wise that import were we not focusing on what we do every single day to make a difference no matter what we see around us how long it takes when things what we now was going to come back that's that's not a miser okay that is as she now to mister why do we have thought figure out all these little stupid things and try to get control of her or not in control it doesn't matter how much knowledge on we can kind of prepare for different scenarios it doesn't mean that were in control just cause we have some knowledge and a control or control is by giving god control following what he wants as to every single dan going now a few post a did say keep this in mind disinformation isis nec that israel would be saved for less so we might want to do our research on why that is i would i would start looking at why the wye if somebody says that i don't know if it's true or not but i could look at why would they say israel is saved for left well start looking at the history of israel start looking at the history of the of the international monetary of the bankers the bankers as i came where did these people come from are they actually israel or are they wolves in sheep's clothing they just decided to take on a religion to justify their behavior the people ostend i typically think that if you look at where most of the families came from you'll watch them change their name bush family changed their name they were from german and that it was a sure fan so if you look at the windsors change their name in it they weren't from england they weren't they weren't i ain't a traditional english family look at the name changes as people move from continent to country and it takes a lot of digging to get some of the figure out your not going to get it by just following what you he if i were in my mindanao you'd by asking dana it even if even if i have a pretty good idea of what it is all that is as turning myself into a source for information and that the centralization of information in its a bad plant you out there need to get out there and start digging for yours go look it up i can give you some areas to look at that i think might be pretty eye opening i would look in to where these people came for then sitting in food they actually pledged allegiance it's easy what it's easy to spot one you once you kind o got it figured out a little bit look at who there actually having allegiance i'd are they less into the haven allegiance to their country or do they have the allegiance to a globe set there's answer right there and a and and or and on that i i it's pretty shot when you look at what happened in on honestly and belge the look at the history of belgium and what's happened there look at the history of don mark denmark and belgium have a really significant ah the history that you're going to be looking for that you could be looking for not me saying it is look at the history the latent sataness and where did that come from they will put on mass remember they put on mass for many reasons and hide themselves in order to infiltrate and to take over through with it de are they always are safeness what we always think of not now no naturation ally not through the fairy tale but there's truth in them you know there's a lot of truth that they've been trying that they've told us for years part of the religion is to tell us what they're going to do before they do it so the symbolism kind of out them in a way but the comberton break blatantly rate frenyie tell you what they're doing at before they do it because in their religion that the that gives them the justification that you agreed with what they were doing and thereby become part of the actual the actual ritual or the actual same thing with a same thing with a ah the burning burning babies alive and the fires of titbottom or to mock his same mastitis thisdifferent faces on why do you think that there was you know there there are or diagrams on how the surgically removed peopleshe why they think that's out there there's a reason for there's there's definitely reason and not all in and the people within the colt to how to do it they're just not as smooth as one and when what they use that for going to have to dig to get to these levels of what actually goes on in in these groups why is it that they have to go after why is the blood such a big his why they gone after he why did they do blot off why do they do blocks blood sacrifice is why as this always going on in these are and ah you know why did jesus come to put an end to say that you don't think about the good samaritan the story that he told the parable the good see you know i think that if people haven't had studied messianic they wouldn't even know this ah the the jericho road is kind of a joke jesus was told telling a joke wouldn't know that necessarily as she studied the gerowode was about eighteen inches wide so ah the the injured man on the road was a was a they didn't they didn't go round him they had to seriously go round him or step over him but by jewish law they were not supposed to a dead body or a mostly dead the priests and the the priest that the tierstat went past they were of the clergy the jewish close they were doing what the law required them of while the good samaritan came through and what did he do smart was a half broad joke considered in outcast the society a half breed that gower right back to the whole rachel non senton racial nonsense that's going on here it's a cultural war and designated people that are our worth more or worth less or getting favor for being of color or whatever will you know what we're all of color is some point time i just happen to be pinker than so and some happento have a tan stupid matre and so the good meriton the human being before alar ethicising what it was like an outcast and fed took care the man's bells and took care of one and jesus said that's the right way to approach cultural or cultural was going on back then he jesus was telling to joke in the jokes on us right now because the same war is going on here the same the same allegiance to killing and murdering baby paris sam slearine there keeping women as breeders they not that not always killing the bay sometimes i do for organs but the saline there selling and there selling the body parts of the fesses that that it was absolute proved and he that is that was a proven fact still fighting the same war and the wars of spiritual and and till we had the figured out and we let people who are marked occultists sitting in the seat set of people who are truly the remnant of god's people willing to fight for all as well as the rights of all people god gave us free will say it is we're going to have to make choices and be responsible for the choicest we we are ultimately going to stand before god with our choices and there's going to be no one that is going to make excuses for or justifications for them now we have saviour jesus christ who covers our sins when we turn over to him and ask for his forgiveness and i mean true forgivenes where he covers the sins and says okay you've made a commitment to be you do too too to be about a person and to accept my gift to salvation and walk forward don't turn back keep going i help you through it he doesn't expect us to do it perfectly you don't just turn everything around in the day and expect absolute perfect it's going to be processed to walk ourselves out of this captured be a captured at setto the saneness but we're going to do it together and i believe we're going to do this as one nation under who under god god almighty jesus is my saviour make no mistake about it i believe that jesus christ is the saviour of the world he died for all of us for all of our sins we just have to pick up the gift and thank you so much for loving me enough that you were willing to die for me in order for me to be a live with you for ever banished a perfect he was the perfect lamb the pet saviour and that now we're here to do his work and that's not to sit in our churches and play the piety game and say well i'm not going to stand with this person cause i just agree with them on this that or the other they were given free will but were here to help and i were sitting in our churches without sitting with people we disagree with a word in trouble i mean i'll set with democrats i'll sit with probions i'll sit with that it with somebody who was you know moslem or or or islamic i sit with someone who is a christian i know who i am i don't need to defy have somebody to find it with what i talk you know we're supposed to be here to help and and i think when my god not write with that i said on madonna it o havetherefore of christ you know that's the need to do but i mean wainford helping each other et with with no fear you know it's god's if he if he asks us to walk in front of a and for if he has to jump in front of a bullet for some one the child oh yeah i wouldn't hardly not even a backwards i was to do his dolls and i i like crier going with this conversation because or looking at the world view without fear does not seeings of questions now out on's going on but then neither one of us surely fearful you know we're talking about even at the escorting to get to a point where we had to defend ourselves our homes are communities but can we knew that without fear yea ah or aorist to bathe it had houshold not no danger to you need be doing what would ever you do you should do it without aid and motionless but a logical how do we went not how do i throw a temperature enter him to feel powder but what's the goal the goal is and poor acting with that in mind we are not going to go looking for trouble i'm thinking this morning while we're talking about chiwarton house cause i can't condemn him for going out there at the same time he kind o was looking for trouble and in her heat here's young man who he had a passion and a patriotism but he did up in a really bad spot and could he prevent all of what was going on from happening no could he protect somebody be could he also protect his own home by staying at home and nontron there ye candace earlier now after about seven thirty should be at home nothing good happen to external and in michigan that's could i be happening after five o'clock before two on ye didn't you get your chair with your tea and your blanky on your lap and sit down in a learned something smart after dark there's no reason to be out of that they nothingalmost gone in her lap to protect cheerful and that sichimitoe i then i think were it washerton be going looking for trouble as one on trying to say don't let your head no get away from you because i think there's going to be some people you couldn't see esmein who will be trying to tire your people into doing just that exact not can get that bad stay home protector home checker neighbors and stay out of the rest of it let the military do with their god a do cause then you know they're watching they know it for being so don't live don't don't get involved in this nonsense it's greatly and if you trust in god and keep that into your focus and you don't have to worry so much about what's going on i resign with these terrorists are going to do here now we can talk about it he i generally talk about it in the terms of i being a process of waking up america i'm not afraid of it when i think we master have in emotional response and people who don't get it yet in order for them to open their eyes a minute i'm into look out to see if i could find that video of that man that was omental you what this would bind me in to tell you that when i would apologize a minute for a brave man hang on that oh no you're goin to hurt your feet wings a the come outside and check on the animals be neat garden of staying inside to the ice agathis is here it is i put this up for a minute and i think and his great i was like going on ago yeh my pinion animstic this is this is one of those things where i was honestly i thought was can a brilliant you know we saw a man that was telling the teacher of to the had a right leg up and on wantonesse ripponden wall should i grabbed her own kitten just set on mighty here and i walked out of the room and set of noting onothis cherished i told you this will happen okeechee this oil oh nice an older sites daughter she was at so all the street gather way from i don't want any strong mother with her we god bless her for doing that hours later she ah by and i love that woman i think she was you know i love that when as she was literally sometimes protecting your kids doesn't look like pandering to them but holding accountable and sand sand you know you know what are you thinking going into a situation like a seminole bob to the united states right now for whoever's son but as man the united states don't go to these world test do it so do some for an active make a bed to cooke's bring your neighbors or something like if you really want to protest and indo some why don't you just go bring but a antick to some whose from palestine and from israel and so he is we're going to figure out how to get along i'm goin have coffee in my house when we come to talk about this you know instead of this nonsense is that only leads to more violence on o listen to what vosiers hey i'm here in what your say and here you got to create when when situations and that is the part from jumping around like a bunch of idiots and as to this is his stay home you know don't make them and come in tribeanother into you a plate head he told you make me come out there and gets you in soon i read it the more you know yet i think i think on my kids were i my kids were low there there like he i didn't i didn't i so do much if my kids because you know this is the other thing too talked on indoctrination and or raising kids they knew i would speak and now the papists i did not need to hear myself ah ye are knocked off and knock it off not and it was in that i go back to my what i had to do and i have to say it again because i wasn't like i hate i hate seeing that we see parents and they whine at the kids well down and then sir don't do that any you know what i'm in to put something all thought of her again singing for go down the moon path right now right we went out for dinner and there was a prom going on our home coming or someting and i'm going to tell you what i literally saw the girls with her behind not i'm not taught i'm talking little cheeky monkeys no i i'm not talking right up to there which i find appalling for for young women i find it absolutely appalling my child would not have even of late leaving the house lovely they looked like a bunch of the and these girls were may be sixteen years old they looked sixteen years old and we're going to talk about the perihelion human trafficking going on where are you why are you nice and in up to your kids and telling of this is not appropriate you don't have to die hor on a monoacetate it by the ear a time alone by the head i am right through with there is no ethane my kid would have got out of the house to go to something like that and i to be drest your loving your child to be prayed out there like a horse and your wondering why we have such are a problem with with things like like a pregnancies on wanted pregnancies which lead to abortions we got to justify that so hold thing is is backwards i'm sorry i am so not into the and i don't a most of my friends feel the same way they're like there's no way i would let my kid out of the house her but hanging out of her you know it's like it's like i i i had no you know oh my kids a couple of my kids were with me and my one son he any he's like yet he sosikrats and worth than out for dinner and or to a to a home coming or whatever they were going to honoring dance and i like yet i like when did drossinesse a strip or become out i don't think it is now the guy is same on cross neatly and it's like but why is it that this is the girl he yeah yeah why aren't the guy's dressing like that of the oh i got some response to this it's like hignorant singananda onelie also another to look up his executive order one on nine to one female and think they're going to try you foolsthe aliens are now to die wiege that on bagright thou what's coming next thing you have follows landing ah bibby but a resister green now deal and half the world getting bond crazy clown shall love is my oldest daughter and i saw the same thing with these girls undressed for prue it's shocking it is so shocking and then my crew many dresses in down town grand rapids and the said robesand on all all hanging out of the top and i am literally shocked i literally the girl had a high cut on the back of her dress and her behind was hanging and all i can say shame on the part shame on the parents a halonneso staff for allowing it to opposite si onoravano school board yah it's like the there you go send them home and tell them to get some clothes on their body you know i don't i see no reason you know i think it's a great thing you know as far as having having if you're going to have good relationships between men and women in the workplace then you know and i have talked about this for a long time girls you want to take seriously the if you want a head be of professional woman then acted if you can't get in the game and play the game for real the guess what you're going to go into it as a little horror like that it's going to last for a little while and then you're going to fail not a good plan and nobody respects and so it is a really really bad at and there i just isthough it was absolutely shocking and appalling and like you said where were the parents that's not a good way to set up for good relationships for like when we can america it's part of weakening america in it absolutely is his destruction of the family those girls those girls and boys are not in good and now what a real relationship all they're goin to know is getting together and the comings making or at least the tempting to babies that they don't want you know it's like it's like this is only but weakening america they've if you let your girl go out of the house like that you are a captured as set by the markis trying to take this nation down cause that's one of the stated things destroy any any morality sense of sense of modesty break down all sexual barriers in that sort of thing and that's exactly what they do in the room an kids it's so it's a grooming mechanism shame on all of them that had taken part in this so there yet that there really dollaremais theoristic groomers there a dozen it so my i said something to hurt her feeling this is a by sudden reality from the kitchen table he's the back morisel we get to girls come and come from home coming yet i think and figure out the girls coming there anointed with the dog of them a thing it's all same thing people living on godly lives and to all boston too and that's why we say we need to return to our face and in focus on that i we we extulerat in of one of the ropes in and the th the house for michigan and i got to tell you i think this is absolutely i'm i'm so this is one of those things that bothers me right he actually had the audit tell me he was a dane i love her your dress all the time his wife was standing right there he's you dress up great the need to take my wife shopping or dress and i was just like i was so angry he pulled me into the and and i i told his wife i said just you know i had no part in this and i do not want any attention or even him looking at me your husband and you don't i am appalled i'm sorry that he treated you with such a and only he does it again i will eviscerate him on the in size you might want to give him a little more warning than i did and i ontonagon i wanted her and know that i was so i was so angry over it i was angry angry over it i went on to the line of your thing also i have seen with that your saying i see you and i will stand up for what is right but i grant give you a chance to do it in a more private in don't do on a hurt don't want to hurt ah your feelings i really could care less about him he's old but and i a pretty much told her that unlike unlike is and i like sorry he the care of his privately but i have no interest in being a part of his little theatrical non sine to tear you down anyhow it happens you know an all us have to be willing to whores and and holy and well you don't thee there's not a ontasset doesn't make a mistake or hasn't made mistake there's no perfection and anything but you know hopefully we learn on through life how to conduct ourselves or and kiss me help parents to alcamenes had exactly this is a plan break down of the family it's difficult to find an appropriate dress for girls i know i have a daughter i've been disgusted the pass through years of my eyes out of see these probably constitisset here i i would not let my kid walk out i don't care if she didn't she didn't in the prothoe coming you know there's some absolute beautiful clothes out there you know i'm kind of a fashion he i actually i love closes and i love shoes i really do there's some wonderful play to buy some dresses there absolutely and you know you can ave i his start on some of these i've got actual pile i've files on people that i like their style melanoteuthis one of em i love lottie such a class act and i i ah you now talk about growing into her personality she is as such an awesome example of growing into absolute ah a pitcher of grace and class i love her some day i hope i get to talk to her it it'll be really cool thing you know who knows you know but i think she's absolutely beautiful and she has such a classic way of dressing just absolutely beautiful but there's some there you girls here to be taught that and that he taught that by their moves and the older women around him to say you know what you're you're looking for the wrong kind of an and you know that kind of attention you know is is not not the kind of attention you want and and that they have to be they have to be and in in women and men cocoons too i i saw it with there was some there was one of the a a commercial or was actually music videos ot years and years ago and girl shows up and she was relieved a prop to the singer that's all it was and he ah she was prancing around and you how beautiful the beautiful young woman but she was absolutely a tyrant and had a my boys were with me at the time i just looked at him and i said you bring something like that home it will die on the porch before it reachedthanks like yet we know better than that womandiutino so very much now to share this my son thirty will not dat he said his generation is jack and there's no helping them and only getting more in saying ye i've got i've got to send this as the same thing and he's older than that he won't he won't date he has no interest in having having a you know relationship ah because it's so that the jean pool out there is not he just has found any anything out there in this won't go to the boers not going to go look for for people like that it always said i've just not seen people who are not just selfish and shallow that was me or as an tell i was like twenty seven years old that come cross my husband in church there it was it so o lady i talk about her casionally she set them free i was according i was attending there when he was away and another gentleman said she had him or me had me tied up in a ball waiting for him to come back to they know me never said a word to me about it but they just knew they were were going to get along and sure of when he some he wondered and i want one on the matter of months for ever engaged in married as the word very sweet i think i think of something ever happened to my husband i would probably his two up spend all my time in the bar that would be a ives my daughter says the same thing about dating so ye this is it said that there's a lot of people that i think there's a lot of people that are in our kids generation that they are there just they just feel hopeless about without there and it's it's for good reasons and i think it's there's some real smart smartness and wisdom and being cautious of really do and any more because he is not the same it's not the same game as when we were and any rate well with that sad eh let's go back to the reality the reality isn't that god almighty's on the throne he has sat in the bible that he'll give the people what they want and on wines smarter when we get what we want and find out oh my gosh we don't want this at all and then go back to him and say o ka are you ready now are you ready with the rules down to tell you why not do i'm trying to pet and from what you don't know and a ah it's a sandbach knows how it works he created us secreted the rules he knows he knows how our minds work he knows were predisposed to he knows exactly how we feel and the traps that are easily entrap us and to things that will bring us to our to have to listen to him and follow him it's not i him bein mean or just though thou shalt not that's what people do don't do that has her condemning us none of the goddes it for best good he's not he's not the way that people are he's not like us and we've got to remember that and freemen in the fact that god almighty is god almighty is not he is not he's not like as he came down and took and for human form but he was pre he knows exactly what we feel he knows he knows what we got said he he cried his head he he was sad i am i i'm sure he suffered tremendous physical consequence he know and he also knows as the creator of the world how how to walk in this one this earth he and sadato ble there's a lot of traps here until satan is completely removed had smashed thrown thrown into hell ryons and an odd here in a new heaven new earth we got we got seganat make good choice as then and try to be his presence on earth and do the right thing and all things you going to do perfectly noare are you going to get condemnednot for me don't you screw up i hope you pick me up when i followed because it's going to happen we ought work human were not and a we we won't hit that perfection on tell we yet to heaven and i were with god we need each other we desperately desperately need each other to make it through this life and i think that's what he intended for us to sit in the sea pie people we agree with how good are you getting along with people and finding a path do you disagree with are you going to go into being a ball kicker like what happened to republican party what is and i you know all of this are you going to listen and disagreements asn't discussions bring for an i don't mean you know the scream in crazy craft that we say an actual is we can bring it into politics by the in state we can bring it into our families and in our neighborhoods and our communities by creating when winds situations and with people who want to go in the direction of those people that come out to to herd others may god help them because the hammer will fall on them so hard they will not even believe how hard scales for those who children who will not defend those without a voice who are the most vulnerable in our sins god help them because when the hammer comes down on now it's going to come down with no muse and i think that that distinction we have to make shilishper carin wathik i think it's good idea sargeant it your hope father thank you so very much for care in a check and everybody out there who is willing to step forward to do the right thing two an honour you with our behavior with what we are willing to do with each other to bring peace to any situation i thankful for robert of kennedy junior for him running as an independent i think he's got a lot of wisdom and i appreciate his voice i'm thankful for president trumpet on he's done for these he has some wonderful wonderful policies out there and i'm so thankful for him i'm thankful for general flint and admiral rogers and all these wonderful people that have come from different backgrounds with their wisdom and their knowledge to try to try and good fat system that were all guilty of breaking because we walked away from you and were sorry we're so sorry we asked that you remove any any feelings of in st anything were we feel are holding something against another pet is to lay it at your so that we can go back to them and help heal the roots that are out there help us to walk forward in your love but also injustice in that pandering to those who are willing to hurt others and a over money or power or anger at anything as to have the discernment to know these when the sword and when two turned to them with great amounts of compassion and empathy and love we ask you to lead us every step of the way in our days help us to see the things you want us to do to lay down our schedules and our expectations for the day help us to lay down the need to be in charge of everything and a half and to know exactly what is coming and to think that we've cut some control because of nola's knowledge is not our god only you are and were thankful for that were willing to follow you anywhere and anything without conditions you're in charge we love that we love you and we you is your plan plan is your plan in your plan leads to and a and true prosperity in the gifts of the and we do thank you for that even a wonderful front as and we just love you so much we are my esper favor upon caren and all those who are fighting for your good on this ere may may your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven is christ precious name and pray a man we men any last words karen oh if you're not whiffin you're not doing it right the elder snow still some things to laugh at its been encrace week it's coming to keep getting more crazy in focus on the joy and the peas then the humor found in all good things and we can not we have joy we can have peace in the midst of the storm we can be that be the peace and the calm in the store we we were never promised the life was going to be perfect not that with that was part of the deal you know but we did dedid promise us that he would be with us every step of the way and we can truly assured that god is in control and that he is walking with a straw this and that he's going to he's going takes at the sides to let all of us be be good samaritans to day and be willing to help some one who is herding and who is in the and and also may be picked that sword of for somebody who is going to invade and hurt those that have no end it's it's a it's a little bit of a balancing act that god will give us discernment in going forward with us that her mans god bless you god bless all the whom you haven't god bless america make it a great day starts with mental toughness to morrow i have a teter tuesday with down on to morrow and courtney turners goin to come back an she was so wise and brilliant and knowledgeable as we that we talked about having her do a hist real his not which you get from some of the fake text books that are there coming from from say oh i don't know say sahaba or say oh say a i could go there ah the jewish hierarchy which does not mean the jewish people but the globe leaders that are leading us the markes that are in every sea and every government across the world that this comes we're going to look at reales try and do a weekly a weekly a study on what's really happened who was attached to who so that we can so that we can know what we're talking about a little but so messicane things it's going on and someone i have a great day will see to morrow thank he here a