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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/7/2022 - Live 7pm Q & A Ken Nash, Karen the Riveter

Published Nov. 7, 2022, 7:01 p.m.

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good morning not good morning it's night good night this is brandenburg news network and i'm donna brandenburg a normally it in the morning so here is one of those surprise times that we made a change in schedule in order to accommodate more people that night before the election election and its tenants day to day i'll tell you that it's interesting every day but to day is super interesting has been for me anyhow and so we're here to night i'm goin to bring care and the riveter on and can nathan we are going to he used when men everybody as it seems like a nice time to just sit here and talk a little bit i know president trump is supposed to be comin in here in about an hour it is really an ohio but we were we always do impression and carouse me something from the pot time dominator voting and twenty four states rejected by at least one county department of justice workers plan toonarbin on november eighth twenty or state seasoned on monday work as well watch voters in the last of florestan and twenty one other states to ensure compliance with federal laws the dog the bantering woomera voting rights laws including the voting rights act according to the age that was passed in the civil rights division has regularly monitored elections in the field of jurisdictions around the co country to protect the rights of voters the department said in a state i can go down there further but what say you oh it is in michigan include city other inns and misconna i made it down the mother so what would you think about this well as i am working on a subject to make and that's one of the items in it there is also news coming out about i think you was yesterday fourteen states having national guard present on election day i think it goes along with the narratives of we have to protect voters from voter intimidation we have to protect other workers lection workers from intimidation and these magnates who are working in conspiracy theories and thinking that something terrible is going to happen well so i had don't know for sure i mean if they does get a look out make sure that that people who want to vote have the opportunity to vote and they do what is right i'm not a problem with it but that should be up to localities why do we need to federal agency in our state annything say boy in a lead and what i say waterwagon a federal thing in our state it's the district i mean we have district court right there in our local county court it's a us thanks it's interesting though again all the states are supposed to have so much control and interaction and actually put on the elections yet you're the federal government every branch that they can find available where they can find a squeeze to step in there headed out to the states attempt another overreach so none there trying to founder lies all of our elections i was looking it were talking for an article on that one the infidel to to make her election entirely controlled in one federal level and i think that that something that that can't be can't be overstated on how wrong he is what a usurpation of the constitution that is but he is careless track of of reality along the way many times there in karamasoff about the national detested it was one point four train portillon i'm not sure how dirigible that that the correct answer dining is thirty one trillion and matter at a that's not included the unfunded liabilities which nobody wants to talk about which is god you know pretty as to sure it's pretty close to about a hundred and sixty trillion dollars and nobody wants to talk about that the extent of how much do we actually raced out so yeah i think he's once again a little bit little bit off on it concionator conic close at quarters and lansing michigan in october there are one so i guess i guess they had to squeeze enough to to get out of goodwood which is really good because they needed to get on a donjon he dove midical to these guys that that if i see on the cholerically out closed that's good not that's really good and so we were doing a night put up the stream a stream like to see if anybody wants to join it and ask questions and orifices up in the chat will address it do trumpets getting ready to get on in see here i think a clock and in the meantime we're going to set your stalk about talk about news and things going on in procedure and policies we didn't really have an aonaran ght we just wanted to give people you know i wanted to get people a chance to to call in or to connect in so that you can answer your questions if you if you've got a lot of us i honestly think that spent so much time on the phone and putting out content there's not another candidate in history of the world that is put on as much content is as i have i believe in all of my heart you know as such travelling as i've done i think you over a hundred videos on benita doesn't even include all the other life streams and other things that i've done so in when you look at that about two average two hours of editha's a lot of video jason is put a whole bunch of video together so as archie here cydonian too and many many good supporters the where you guys are from deteriorating to and this is really an exciting time for this nation i don't know if if everyone understands what were actually seen but history is being made right now and i think that we can all be very proud to be here at this time where we are be challenged to step out of our normal mind set of the way things are done and have an act of bravery or voting this time around truly is an act of bravery to stand against the establishment we have we have this that the shot at it and i think the people are stepping up to the place i can't even tell you how many messages i got to day well people wishing wishing me well and also you know hoping sing that there supporting their support putting more signs of not you know haggith the right right tell the last minute it's kind of interesting to see who stands i was watching a video that that president trump said and i thought this was significant when we were down here because is any oaths as this is a problem again on my start looking at all this good stuff and realize i remember that i have to remember where i talked in a way you know and when a olidays difficult because because the of course he talked about losing everything that sometimes he would he would actually like to lose everything in order to find out who was for real who would stand to the end who was loyal to him and you know who was and i've got a respected for that because i tell you what you you really you really get to see what people are made of when you got through difficult times are times that are unprecedented or or you do things in a different way and i think great thing to go through just to find out because i would rather live and find out or to live in truth rather than to live in a liar people around me that are only there just to you know kiss tail take advantage of a system try try to buy favour all this sort of thing i find it to be i find that to be absolutely disgusting to me and that the wonderful thing that i think we've all found out as a family of patriots is this remnant that stopped forward because that's really what it is we don't have this stablished behind us you know i don't we don't have the the establishment money or the dark money or or the nortons or or trying to gareth is a movement of true patriots standing together who just want their country back and when i hear the republican derangement syndrome battle cry letting them out spitting about any any time i hear that all i hear is that is fear voting in on making a vote fears casting a vote at that moment in time and i we have to totally reject that that's not i dusted today to day's history will surpass seventeen seventy and more desolate common all all sindabele i sent it to the aeromotor in working all right we down astorians can muster so everybody wants to hear what a body as i say and i think that that's important enter interesting time ah he only oh yes actress allowed on global is news the should be apparent by now to every one this would be now that's nice comment for maria about two or deacon and well let's awesome got another friend that's coming from virginia to michigan it looks like this week which is exciting to sneer here here it is i found i found the cliff all right i was complete i play the audio on the treat some day i'd like to make loose everything for a period of time as he and i frankly i found out the biotanates you can't protect you think certain people i just can't protect it and some day i'd like to i think that's kind of interesting i mean we certainly seen seen plenty plenty of that going on while i just go down to the news and and see what other things go the coastguard is offering an unheard of fifty thousand dollars signore plumes ruddiness in jeopardy from fox news according to internal retention are centred study from september by the office strategic work force planning the vaccination mandate has led directly to personal shortages critical shortages have been exasperated since cobbins were mandated said the study which is produced monthly with in the coast guard headquarters surprise let's let's mandingo that's workin with staffing as she was to be little bit ridiculous there is also enough of my cousin stuff and silver being a really good you know we talked about it coin earlier today and saw something also on the fact that silver is a really good investment this is really great i am sorry that just that you tap president trump to night i will watch him in the morning thank you barney as yet i think this is going to be a very crazy week there's no doubt about it is that i think we're going to see things that absolutely are going you know rock this nation you have anything you bring up right now no you are right with the silver there was a good spot to and we ate that's a treatable commodity that work between private transactions he bent oh here you go the washington and examine me ter money man tan biggest political dollars a cycle as totally as to study near seventeen billion dollars there is the subject to get one right there all right so i am so annoyed with this nonsense of how much money people are spending on while not people is a corporation you know this is something that surprised me really surprise me i really thought from the beginning that you know we'd see some donations coming in and such but what i really realized to the whole situation i will i would say all of the political campaigns are being funded by dark money which with a corporations and the pack money and there is a there is a person in office in michigan who was asked a while back and i tell her his opinion as i don't know not but her over it it just shows it just shows the mentality of people in office and how few they are and how far apart they are from the american people mistook about brandenburg and his response was she is the woman i know what he has to do with anything but this is the mentality of the moros and office and then the second thing he said was she's a relevant because she won't take the pack money and that's how things get done in lancing we in a distant right out loud i mean i mean if you're going to be stupid at least be stupid the spirit but you know at least the stupid a little bit i don't know maybe it made should just customer throw it out there and to say what needs to be said right and all this is funny i just got a tax about about two or dickens's a mob and a cancer survivor i'm sorry that's not a reason to vote for somebody for for governor you know i'm sorry about that but i could talk about that at length and i don't use anything that i've been through in life which i may have relacion wither but there's no way i would throw something out there for pity boat in any reason whether whether it be being a survivor of something or or at lovranth one out there in a debate and watch her squire on the floor because to throw something like that out that is such a personal situation and used as a bad manor i could have may be done the same thing but i wouldn't you know it's like that nothing to do with me in a governor or a candidate for governor was not a chance and not chance it how i would drown something out there like that with that like she is also brand about having the shot she took the shot whipper was lying about it i took the shot and she's got a big grin on her face and a mighty realize the douma yourself will clackandow of people who now will despise you for that it is crazy i think it's not so go back to this amount of money you know you know i think that our personal or personal hardships are the personal things that that we go through in life they make a stronger but that still not reason to in fact be elected an office it is those things those things we all carry thing in we all carry things that we've done in life or that we have survived in life and that that makes us stronger for certain but to do it a way that is i don't know it seems like it seems like somebody wing the pity boat instead of having a good reason behind it you know there's there's many other there's many other times you know you don't go into a job that review and say i hanswer survivor you should hire me to run a large company because of what is this anything to do with the job you know i i mean we can go throw stuff out there that i think is kind of amazing but you know this is we've all been touched righthander every one of us he some one we know or may be ourselves to be at it and and and i think that that great and i'm really proud of every one who has had cancer and survived it it's it's it's definitely something that that is a the test your medal just a little bit see how you handle something that's life and death situation and and how you handle it what what you what you do how you use it do you use that to garner or do you use it help the other people around you does it does it establish a strength that you can say i know how you feel i've been there i was there or do use it for the pity i would never do that i think it's anyhow we'll go working on this subject later some tinyboy wants but i refused to throw something stupid like that out there as a reason to vote for me or anybody else for governor that is not a reason and an i'd like to have her i'd like to face soft with her on that subject and will use in that argument so and the men term cyclist shaken up to be one of the most expensive on records both parties spent going in their efforts to capture controlled the house at governor election related spending is expected to surpass sixteen point seven billion according to an analysis from open the most expensive race on the ballot this year has been the one for the pennsylvania sent with spending in the contest exceeding three hundred million for candidates campaigns and outside groups while millions view contributed small most the campaign and can and candidates a handful of wealthy donors poor together for hundreds of millions of dollars into the race here the top ten in it largest individual donors corneto open sea sorrow the perennial hack of her election hundred twenty eight million dollars dividends you better of your game here in michigan you only split fifty nine million dollars into the in buying our elections of the game there device i think you could do better in rigging the elections in michigan like service that ordway contributed during the mid term election when he donated just twenty million who he of his game bigly he must he must be listeners he's got a by favour or something like that way to go sore so the guy who one down and took the property of of jews and in world war two and was proud of it when on a miserable human being richard and know how says you i chain now he is not one to its good now shivered richard you mean all to say you intonated a million to republicans this cycle oh the poor republicans who are frightened against the evil democrats while democrats are the bogeyman but the republicans are doing the damage there just there just a putting using the democrats of the scape goat for the criminal activities of regina elections through through my big money donation he has a tolerable can donor in the ten twenty two mister do you imagine that this is for a mid term election eighty million dollars groans of her fondest pashed find again said he all griffin has given it a million dollars to two republican why are these big dollars going to the republicans as they can say doncaster's democrats are evil and then come back and do the dirty work as republicans because nobody believes that there is criminally complicity as they are ananias forty seven million dollars to whom republicans and their outside spending groups in twenty twenty two describes pennsylvania's richest resident as has invested heavily cycle in a group that attack democrat candidate on school closes and critical race the timothy melon republican affiliated billionaire timothy mellon has given forty million dollars contributions to psyche with all but ten thousand going into republican these people are the big money is going the republicans to rig our elections sam bankman fried or free wealthy crito currency groan bankmen has given thirty six million two democrats and two hundred thirty five thousands to republicans well as there's parody the democrats got in on that one too that will take chicago but it's not as much as the republicans are getting chicago based freddie got some really wild last names i chaereas given thirty five million two democrat he is known for his champion of all but causes and is a chairman of news webbed company k so we stop right here because i agitator that's out there and i'm sorry this is absolutely funny any of this you know i if somebody what somebody wants to do in the personal life is it's not something i'm going to take any one to task for however when they start taking in creating a movement that is that founded with that much money don't care what it is i'm stared asking questions on this and going what is the real and what is behind us and why there's too much money if there's that kind of money is social engineering what is going on and why that should be the first question that we ask now regarding regarding what's going on because you know we could set your ansell's the republicans stand for this or that point for nothing gets too gathered a standing there and she is pro choice and they there embraced her with open arms and such so what are they actually stand for did they actually stand for the emotion think they stand for to say this danforth constitution until it comes to defending the election while he ate haven't there i defended something all came out with you know we talked about earlier to day with runaround me saying that she would not theatrical trump they haven't betty election integrity nothing none of them have said a thing as they trampled on our right entirely during covet they may have to take off my my a lection for him like house i have entered up over this note chairman i see a black stone group a wall tentamen short men has given how much thirty five million to ruth republicans this man maternelle tion is that a prominent donor a gopi circles previously the terelas become a power broker republican politics and donated thirty million to republicans the he has been a banker of top republican senate candidates like masters in arizona and janie vance in ohio laurence alison billy in her for founder oracle marries is giving thirty one million dollars to whom republicans again while really wondering whose by inertion is that the evil democrats are other republican in republicans as to it as he made the largest aerolite al donation earlier this year fifteen million according to form to a political action committee supporting times all right this is interesting sang a detention is exemplified by topsham trump for the florida governor conservative voters across the movement way various to why they would consider dumping present trump to sounds like roundarm who's behind this as the standard bearer come twenty twenty four although the former president remains the favorite to malteries or current president because you know he he he's the rightful present of the united states all de found that instant although the former president remains the favourite to retake the white house coverings the former pre he tore volcano and while the historic base might want to pass the torturing more disappointed president apprentice and the movement may be said so okay that was interested i think these these large political donations are or something that that this this is got a stop so if if we're looking at how much money seventeen billy and dollars in our to put this in prospect billion dollars this is such as shall gain of moving money around and buying or elections i i can't even i can't even believe i can't even believe quite honestly what that we're seeing here billions reprehends it refers on this the problem with the dark money as as we can never see you know dark money as they don't have to declare who's giving the money where it's coming from and we're getting were getting little snippets and here into the million dollars let's look at or sorrows he has he million that's a far cry from seventeen billion dollars worth the rest of the money coming from and why is it that they can get away without without declaring at where they go after us for a six hundred dollar deposit they want him an accountability on us for six hundred dollar deposit you know these prancing political poodles that we have out there can go into seventeen he can go up to seventeen million dollars with absolutely no accountability you mentioned black rock that jumped right off the bat for being part of the world economic form international money coming right down to local levels you saw the new curator today didn't show in giving everybody a chance to call me a cue or again in another one now this is that this is when we talked about earlier alcoholic into night relegate show the morning so we went over there but i thought that was interesting in just going to give everybody another little sloths when because everybody wants me to denounce you so i somadatta ran i can't tell you how many people want me to denounce and my opinion on this is they can shove it because i'm not going denounced because he and faint there there say what he is as there is a series of drops of information and our so for me to denounce cue would be to look at any one out there who are any one or any entity that post something in says that it doesn't exist it is not real well cupidity are real you can go and see him and it just as you would any new source and i find it profitable to look at all this so i'm going to read of the cost that came out on the and let's just see if this is a problem or if there's any part of this was repulsive to people because i really think we should look at the what groups are funny ukraine why are they financing ukraine why was hunter in ukraine something repulsive in that a sound like a why did pop that would be joe threatened to withhold from ukraine a billion dollars remember that video and who benefits what did pop receive in return why as hunterian jail black mail bribes orchestra how do you control a leader question mark how do you control a country question are you ready to take back control question mark are you ready to take back control your vote matters you have all the tools you need all right there you go how how can you this exists is nothing other than questions in the really i can't the question mark sometime we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen question marks in in that i think that's interesting i see nothing repulsive in that i see more repulsive than what in what bolognese talk about fake news that a new as i mean you can evaluate both of them and you should ask questions and evaluate both of them but i see nothing in that that would cause me to be alarmed at anything other than are trying to teach just to ask some questions rather than just take everything that i should down our throat i see not in wrong with that i think we should be so when she with me an accurate had a picture that said vote republican and so i did a search for the word republican there are two drops that say hath had vote republican and i think but for probably from october twenty eighteen well at that time we needed the red wave to show us the road but i looked up for yourself that appears and twenty eight dropped i'll be thinking it for myself with my vote nothing to be imitative told how to vote and he natalka something in the you can talk amongst yourself antonius as her turn can agonising in court cases working out can look in at some local corruption at a local place and michigan now smaller stories that really a very appropriate and spending all the day pretty much to into carcases trying to substantiate positions you know it's one thing to say that you know in order for a complaint to come to court as coohoolin signature on it and so you might know you might stay in but that doesn't mean that you could go into court and substantiate that argument in court paperwork so you can have to find a way to but every opinion of perspective from something that happened he quartered his men a lot of my days needle grinding through little tiny areas of ideas and maxims with in lavender supported if you will by legal material i don't have any good news as to find it to you other than the little bits of corruptions and things that are against a can you know gossip i made some means all enters not today she was like to so funny i was laughin so hard at the means but shave to wait until after the election but they were they were very funny cars got a great sense of humor so is my okamoto the cue palinure two and we're going to read down that because i'm going to read down just part of it poised removing critical criminal rogue elements as a first step was essential to free and passed alecto and pass election so there's an there's a spelling mistake in there in spelling matters who has access to everything classified do you believe a orse sorrows of bomb etcetera have more power than trump quest remarked fantasy whoever controls the office of the presidency controls the great land they never believed for a moment the democrats and republicans would lose control this is not in our bed battle republicans versus democrats fell why did soronia of his money recently question mark why would place all his funds in and in an arc mockingbird ten thirty seventeen god bless bellario that there was interesting it is not in the customes out open your eyes it finally came up that road bob or keep players in the uranium scandal don't think poise would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict why did policemen bob under cover of the atrato interview bob is on or unable to service pelagon's uncooerdinating not everyone is corrupt for then you think follow the wharton mockingbird priority to clean out that actress to unite people behind the america first john many in our government worship say not about republican versus democrats at the state and then it goes into whereas a recession why is the ant called across twelve cities question trust your president god bless patriot the fat little that little pesky statement that just keeps coming up in the in the sobering everybody nuts in the cups it's not about republicans versus democrats well that's a great big dog at this point we either have either have patriots are a loyalist and that's all we have that little now there you go kind of interesting that's for all those people that ask me to denounce things i won't let adobe down on it and dive into tell us more about that case that case yeah well the one that i was working on is that somebody had medical care by at one of the hospitals and you can get an overall contract you know when you check into the hospital you figure you become a patient and then underneath that once her into coverage or you know engaged with the business you see different service providers within it the doctors and laps and all these other things kind offer you subcontract or at least you think they'd be so contracts and so something like that the basic agreement you go through with your doctor on the course of coverage is really an agreement that their building with you that you wanted this propeller just kind of guiding you along the way to do these things this person had a situation to her when they didn't agree in the course of coverage he refused you know courses of coverage kind of as a patient agreement i think you would think that gonadopause that caused the overall business to basically cancel there there the patronage and when you're involved with care from the medications you take there a lot of medication that you can't just stop abruptly and so this person had a breach of contract imitation going on with a major hospital in an inner smaller community there is not a lot of alternatives there's only one major provider for segmental health and an area i can boucherett much has that sometime hing rather organization of pretty much as the big man provider and then another hospital and so that's pretty common in our rule are man so when they you know terminate the contract for you not agreeing in a course of coverage which you think would be kind of a subcontract i kind of causes to image because she wound up abruptly not having care and if you can't get to those prescriptions as insular or as manicure you know the other soothings of people need to be treated for it causes a damage course you know those organizations of large board lowers and the hard to get any help but a case together that could you know find a damage that might be done find the proof in the documentation the beating in a way that bring it as a claim to maybe or a lawyer to see if they the case for her deep it meritorious to do it on their own oscar all that it's amazing how many people's lives have been effected by profit and i i'm not against for profit but but when people take advantage of those who are enough unfortunate circumstance and honestly don't you think i think this is the way it should be i really think that our first step after we got through and we clean all the rats out of the out of the master that of prompting off these things we're going to have to really launch into a huge humanitarian effort to take care of our people and i think i feel really strongly that that those things are going to have to be handled taking care of because we've abandoned every one in motheaten on our barons we look banner elder our elders we we were abandoning and it's not me it's not we the people we the people of not denying other than we allow them to storm the castle and take over what was rightfully ours are you know and we take that back again but but the humanitarian part of what's goin to have to come as is a large part of putting the nation back together because it's gone to every one else except for our own people i am a bit i want to play here a minute i'm not share this on a screen here a minute he re batiste different men go to brandenburg news now or jaconet the up and i wanted to show everyone i thought this was good and get your comandante as i'm kind of i'm kind of excited about everything of the journal assembly is doing as well as the information that good good informations but outsides going to go home play the but the telenizer closely a very carefully to release a video yesterday says don't be surprised if the election of castleton why do i say that a corner was called the michigan general girls misanthropy published international notice fenestration as most intestates one then he sent notice through the judge advocate general louis the cab michigan gottesacker of state attorney general state fully as gineral and over the two tessellate was in the aristotelian with return to see who episcopal mahendra the electorate does effected our federal house aforesaid is it senator eighteen sixty one on unperturbed succession we established the oregon men with an intimation federal upon electioneerer pertection the holy a federal superior government over the fact of i orbitary a civilian authority to provide direction the actions of the military caste is the effect of government or covered by the orders of the insurrection form of government and civilian authority this cannot be considered a military coincided in military upholding their old to defend the constitution of the people from all enemies holborn in the mist said the registered mail quitting the cover letter or no declaration of independence orders to the united nations the navy he was secretary of the navy council have ditches of the pentagon hackamore first two thousand twelve all wise for my sitiation in one norwegian on to whitelees primeveres i suggest to the countess that i have and his horrid despite when operation of solution simply people which is a portion the green the action that we are are being to his many people as you can the republic is counting on seaver closely a very curly early what say you well he peascod video out to help clarify a little bit of that and he also mentioned that tick tock had but the music on a little louder than he platonical listen to it but he also mentioned it in a pocasse go to his hard lined dock calm you can listen to that or its anadem oh is it military oversight of the elections or is i think brazil it's goin to be military oversight or the elections are a holiness man let's give jason as moment here engelman i have another important broadcast as i stated in a last video look at basil see what's going on down there there are elections was riddled a fraud now the military is overseeing the correction of their election as they stand in the original video and to canton we have a people in the mihangel totally in it hesitantly put out orders twenty one depositions to the military provide oversight in the election i believe we will see another twenty twenty avenue there in anger a lot of people it's going to be lectured and dumb inter goin to want revenge and not allow ourselves to be lost not the surprise will be seen military oversight the elections is what i mean by the election was an that the one the second one so that he was referring to is found on a michigan disorder michigan de jure door and if you look at the michigan time line that's what he's reading from he was taken his best guess at what he thought was going to happen and so he he believes or at least when he made the video he believes we have reason to believe that military may intervene in the election process as of to morrow i don't know if it will be to morrow i think there may be some military assist in some way at some point in time but i don't know how or when and may be destructive still watching i hold that he will make some comment because he is more informed than i am on this topic i wasn't around back then when they did these things but well all i consult with use didn't you at the beginning quote some news articles how the national guard was going out to be involved with elections and wasn't there also some other civil force that was doing it so wouldn't that also be national right you know will oversight just with the soft looking force orsino no he pastorini sixty why do some elections take more than a day to count cheating me done after the polls are close who controls the poll books question mark who controls the data bases question who controls the elections cost why are extra balance printed question if someone doesn't vote combatants hijack their vote questioner how cut why did the national guard activate sir security teams question mark who gave the order to activate the sire security teams question mark why question to protect the elections question mark to claim the mid terms are safe question mark save from what question setting the stage question mark watch carefully why had he secured many systems but problem still remain you have all the tools you need vote he lets conquest me one two three four five six seven eight nine striking one two three four five seven eight nine ten allowing twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen fifteen question marks again on this cup which i think is entered i was like to do you some caution there and i don't see any right off the bat i don't see in the spelling like i did in the one the past election so that's kind of interesting that came out so as if they were listening to us dominating it now to again and it's almost as if they were responding to what we were discussing o yes there's a lot of questions and so i'm sorry but but i think i think it's important for them i think it's important to consider everything and i would not discount any source of information out there i would get in and honestly i would get in and dig and find out you don't just look at a source of say oh it's a conspiracy theory let's let's turn our back in and hide her heads in the sand like a bunch of idiots jes as we get steam rolled by the truth throughout the it's time for us to stand up and start facing things whether we like it and not have people shut us down by my by shame near telling us oh you can't look at that that may net makes you a dampers or a bad person or veritie just stop it answer you know and don't be afraid to look at anything you should be able to wishes a free people be able to look at anything and not be herded around like a bunch of turkeys to ever ever misapplied turkeys that they just like they do at was like withershaw and that way and now i have to move together it was not dusty crossing light on them court cases looking to the demonstration court project i think that's pretty significant because that's the way that the judges work were honestly taking power in order to subvert people if needed military will intervene so i guess my take away on this we have all the tools we need but out there in vote vote in person and because that way they can't cheat on it you know and and you know if you're there voting you can hold them accountable but a lot of this goes back on us and and when i see things bat even even how apathetic a lot of people still are it's like how much pain he really need to get jacobus to get to get movement to vote even if you've never voted or anything how much pain are you willing to take before you decide to be a practice or getting the game when when we look at the also like when we look at the donation something that is kind of shocking to me is because the packs in the dark money have been so involved billions this round about and byner elections in allowing us to sit on our butts and saying well we don't have to get involved we don't have to don a we don't have to show up you know we're just it's not going to matter any way well it's not going to matter if you don't get up and get in the fight we sit down in the way evil works quite honestly if we decide not to get involved evil will fill that evil intentions will always feel that that gap that hole they will they will fill the porthole of of activity in and then determine your future in my future rather than as doing it for the purpose of god agglomerate and the bible talks about that many many times so so no one is without no one is without excuse on this on this one get out involve get out involve get out and free in vote so yet for for nine hundred and one i say that we have to secure many systems but problems still remain you have all the tools you need vote that sounds to me a lot like what we experience in twenty twenty we had such a massive red wave that it broke the alarm and made it really obvious for us to see what exactly was happening and so that's that's my suggestion i think what might happen if we're going to have such an unusual boat response that testing merwe may see such an unusual or unexpected response from when the people that they don't know what to do with it and that's one of the reasons why i think they're saying well it might take us a few days because they've got a scramble and figure out how they're going to hide what is happening or fix it so that we can't tell i detracts whatever it is they cannot let you win so i suspect possibly does going to break the alarm because she has more voters than their expecting she takes the lead and break everybody out and she's been talking about election this function of erectile dysfunctions is sufficient so which she got to it that if she went and with the effect of that on everybody else so i think this is really interesting election process i think that we we definitely need to vote while i am being talking about it from a desert perspective and a defective perspective i think it's our duty to vote i think it's important to go to that i think it's important to do what you believe is right and and we will see what happens and it it may take more than a day ah that would not surprise me but if the military is looking out for us as they are hunting they are watching there watching really closely and if some if things are not safe for the people i think that's when the military would definitely step in how much they would protect us from an illegal action or fraudulent vot i don't know they allowed us to experience that once before and so will they completely unringed election i don't know but to increase something interesting well this has been rigged from top to bottom entire thing has been rigged up to this point so i'm honestly hoping that part of this honorine's collecting evidence so that we can bring those who are who are trees and traitor the traitors that has to happen we cannot just keep going on and on oh but this poor person didn't mean they did they knew exactly what they were doing they knowingly walked into this in order to subvert our nation committing treason knowingly what they did now there are some people that probably didn't didn't realize it say it that the lower levels of government because you don't know the law doesn't mean that you're not you're not you know that you're not a necessarily off the hook you know it if you run into somebody with your car and killed them that doesn't that absolve you from and when it grows security and somebody stops up they could say i didn't mean it well how are we to this certain determined that just because they sat it crime a crime and the crime was committed with with against president trump the rightful president of the united states anybody that wants to to you know to disagree with that that's just absolutely being in complete and utter denial over the mountains and mountains of evidence out there so i think going forward is sostratus right now tells me the military watching closely tells me military watching clothes will be a take over a corruption is rampant so better word to the warning of those who like to do things that probably shouldn't have been done such as the bordelais wore a canvasser and the people that were a were associated with that in preacheth names of already gone off the channel no i mean so i let see how many subs are running around and how many of these little prancing political pools are actually rats in disguise i think we've got a huge amount of them i like those videos that that jason put up however i i do think you know it's like it's like are they going to stop the election i don't think so get out there and vote i think think to morrow is i think to morrow is going to happen that will see i think as you said before that i supported it i think it's a good way of expressing it the will of the people needs to be expressed needs to be understood the people need to see it you must show them make sense to me that we've got to see what is happening and what will be revealed with it this time i don't know maybe it's the more of the same may be it's a little different maybe we drain more of the swamp may be we see that a third party candidate has more power than the two parties as we talked about this morning that all lamongan people and their hard work an effort a hundred dollars her thousand dollars there ten dollars here all of those things that they pulled from ordinary man or woman as well as the corporate money they could not buy the vote away the people i hope that what we see and if that happened that would make me super happy but if if water should win and we see that its fraudulent then we have to address that that's one reason why i don't fear whether because oh i don't think she has a lot of power after this election regardless of what happens i don't think she has a lot of power right now i'm just not worried about her and i think people need a stop worrying about her and think more about what god would want you to do as we talk a lot about this morning that was a great conversation too i want or offer up a suggestion maybe we talk about it for a minute that to night trump is expected to say he is going to run for twenty twenty two whether he says so or not i don't think he will actually run for twenty men twenty twenty four sorry but that's my own thing but i think the people are either going to be sorely disappointed in really angry because they're expecting it or they're going to be super engaged because he's going to say it so i'm curious what you both think about but donnacona now as to my wildness like i said this morning you know i'm never going to disparage any one who who served this this country with honour and i believe he did he cantapresto's ever had do we put people on a pedestal and in you know worship their greatness no but we should be thankful and respectful for what anyone decides that they want to keep robert this and i think this you know too before this professional bitching class a people that just on a jump in as a bunch of nasara enter other people of power are showing their true hearts which are the pit of hell we can stick we can stick to the issues without going after without after going after people you know stick to the issues the issues who will show us everything we need to know without without you know taking pot shots at you as most of the pathos that are taken a people i have no base a generality okay somebody somebody in the last two weeks who is an absolute he he praises around santayana completely reject that one percent to a boat shot at me and did it through my son and saying that you know said that my son is is a clearly dianas again is the farthest thing o the truth o my son my son actually had mysterious issue he had cancer years ago and he had some issues and this was such a out of bounds in this is what these political beasts and monsters do thou go after people for whatever it is and they will literally destroy people's lives or sacrifice them by making unsubstantiated allegations destroy the people around them to win and this is someone who you know these are who alleges that the republican that without when after an completely innocent person and of course you know my sons like i am he dislocates one more on and he's not going to get chased around her second bother him now him but i'm like i'm like oh that's going to be a good one to throw out there it's like mister man of god mister truth teller mister terror down of other people you just put yourself race square next to the pit of hell beatifull allegation like that and in so just keep going just keep saying and because you know what those of us who actually know how to stand don't give a rat rear and and your nonsense oh distributed up there yoletta baron trump to and you know the thanks you know thanks for showing your evil for every one to see it's as is exactly what they did they exactly what these people do in the attack you on a personal level so yet you won't you won't see me attacking people early i'll get him on to but i would i would never you know and somebody in the race to run leave the families alone it is shows what a low life people are when they're when you know it utamaro won i could tear and honestly my family could care less to cause were all kind of the same were not going to get all you know rawdon sent for from from idiots out there that want to make faults out allegations it just makes him look it just makes her idiot look stupider exactly what happened with mister man of god who accused every one here of all things falsely and used a bible and his it wisdom as a self styled stage to do so now you know it's like it's like it doesn't doesn't bother me any industrial and attention we need to know what about that may happen again if the wicket back on i don't know that baldinotti after tennessee no but usually when he says something like that it promised me to go look it up detesting family is all they have left well my family can last at it because it's like it's like you know as like all of us realized the there's pretty grounded you know and and they think that they're just retired sorry come eachard this is like a liard i've heard it's a legal thing he won't declare he is running for twenty twenty four till after the mid terms don't know if that's true ah he well onetime or tom out and said that that's what he's going to do he's just let the people believe it may on his statements he said very very very probably a few rallies ago and then something like people would be very very very happy but until they're all ithacensian imitating you guys are looking through such small land you know it's a problem it's just like putting dates on things you know a lot of the people want to put a date on everything whatever happens happens now if if we know it's going to happen so all the stalled guys and and quite honestly god leads us step by step by step by every says well what are you going to do you know you asked me what are you in to morrow i don't know i'm on to get up on the hand my coffee i'm probably going to look at the songless beautiful to day or a man with the sun was sheerhaven idea if you know it were going to weren't going to watch the election move forward i've got other things to do i'm not vicarage hands olever will happen to me in us it's like i'm in a carryin my life i'm going to go do something productive and you know i've got a friend tanton from nevada a dear dear dear dear dear friend and so in probably going to go hang out with her for a little while and talk about life and and our kids i don't know enjoy things that we we enjoy but i sure as hackmeister and get tied up in knots over and that's kind of funny because i reason asking me that for the last to day how are you doin the same as i always am now it's like i'm pretty excreta tomorrow is going to be the same as to day and the next thing to be the same day were going to have a new crisis is going to emerge somewhere some time that's what happens we're going to have some victories we're going to losses we're going to move forward we're going to figure out problems that's what we do because we can guarantee they're going to be probed so what do you think we're going to do differently is going to be it's got been a same thing i got an email invitation to drop what party that sat like fun oh let's go watery and save the rhinos and be nervous and try to get everybody else jack out an excited about something that that we discover calmly and watch pioneering in our next move is no play game in sometimes i probably will have to and i be watching watching to quote and just laughing because i just think it's funny it's to go to be funny and entertaining and interesting it waterton to say that's what i'm curious about i saw them put out a pole to day that put withereth only put two people on the polligamous there this is very important we have a pole it's the park and saturday night the park all came out i show you the parker because i think this is amazing so we actually have a call reached a fall while we have the park plateau i will put the cartouche i can get it on the cameriere parker paul is forty three percent annotated here it is right here here is the park pole and somebody came as that the crazy lady that came to the came to our about the infiltrate and twenty twenty mid term elections park apollo the record de brandebourg of michigan forty three per cent graywater democrats thirty one per cent tuition republican uniformity the percent and others and persecute alienated up here in tears the bargelli there canada we can tell you godwin tell you got a pull so as i finally got a pool since all the polls are red i finally i finally gave in one our artful all of the dislike it can sting the old these ridiculous poles you know i can buy a poll that says that i won you know one hundred per cent on collision craft i mean i mean how many pews were to do a poll we're going to wear a poll all republicans and here within a mile of titians that you know the poles the same thing is how they come over the answers for ramble to survey now he is got to get the ones that they need the easiest for all of them it is this cabin illegal this is this is electioneer here the voter guides the voter guides should be illegal their telling people how to vote and in i mean you know how how absurd the whole thing is it's so absurd seventeen billion dollars in our election but paid for poles but for versus do i mean just as it isidore whole system is absolutely a ring system of big money by in our elections as we sit back wringing her hands going whenever should we do may be cast her vote outside of the establishment unitary might be good start i'm to say maybe maybe it's leontini wrong but i think i i'm in i'm going to definitely stay with parker part polladora burgwin's by four forty three for so gratulatory one ficient five so there you go on by the inkshed raise it to forty five per cent a year now animal about the part polished so have get hold of on the part of the parker peephole pay part apollo got to pay the hartebeeste pain a part with a trance political truths plain political pattycake popover political part oh my gosh patricia's go brandabarbaran love all your sense of humour oh ye disette crankier are times and were off camera that were laughing so hard and the end of resentment oh yeah just is wait till carriages going on the means of ansgarius i like my yell to on this morning i be laughing about it all day i crack myself up with that one that was funny while justly tonight in the front of the board of canvassers once again the only candidate who had the guts to shop and take proposition or proposal three is back that he even front of imagination crazy lady back again to frolic prancing poodle made funny well it see what else is out there look at people aren't sending me a question will troubles people commanding i'm seein i'm seeing some comment but i know what it is with teasing because they already know us so well they don't have any questions i can be rid of there i mean what it will more animosity say i fire every one so the state down coaxes jail people that for committing you know for treason and or sudden to the military for them to prosecute for treason how much more simple can we get you know and then go ahead in a sashless ment is already a plan in her foot but the state back together it and continue to look at it so here's one thing that i've seen besides the roads being very poor man is all only it's a money laundering absolutely money laundering or operation how many those things are to me to be closed your look at it the right way of our of our our highways really look at them in a the inefficiency the beautiful orange that they're really beautiful the state lands and how much land we have tied up in being beautiful which i appreciate me and beautiful but we can also be beautiful and productive so so we don't just have a maintenance maintenance maintenance maintenance you know all these beautiful structures that these these moronic politicians want to put in place you know to make people think that that there making all these beautiful spaces were going to create disney world all over the state in it's going to be gorgeous and people can go get entertained by the egret it's all part of it but how awe put another criteria in there and that would be productive of our state i say treat it as a producer rather than just like something to look at but also something to produce i think that's kind of important and i've got some ideas on how to do that really well deputations and free up the farmers a that gets moffett i'm so waiting because i've got my chicken coops coming in the week three more amabel o and i really excited about this so my next thing too i'm sure my and horror next year he's going to be his horrors that i think that we're going to expand the chicken production in the egg production next year because we just give everything away you know we what we have and then whatever in the summer we get about right now about four or five dozen eggs a day you you can't possibly eat that may egg so what you do you give it to your neighbors and you you share what you have with other people and and i think everybody becomes a party to this production realistically a very small garden can produce a ton of food if done right and i am actually stopped piling those little black nuggets of gold horsemen or to increase my garden side next year because i think that that could be very significant as they continue to shut down our food supply you know we but we better have some really good farmers or people that know how to fire you can ask me to question you want because platonists quite honestly there's quite honestly we need to i got to be able to canigiani a have you do know how to can ye i grew up in california when i came back here in time to spend a lot of time with my grandmother and she taught me how to canada jams and biselli outside of the the main grocery store system the blessing will i had a call hobby back in a minute he said to treherne i heard that horseman or is not good for gardening because of the hay seed grasses weeds sees etcetera and well it is a mild form of fertilizer and ire jack that because i think that horse manure is one of the best fertilizers in my opinion you you have any the poultry manure and it's so hot you have to really time when you put it down or burns your crops and how some of it can be used but it needs to process a little bit were horse manure you can throw right on the garden and and things are going to grow in it so so so we don't use you know you've got what the horse is eating hay and such but but we we have really good hay and we don't use strathbogie start using straw for bedding but a lot of you put stallions i've seen in genitore where i've had strawberries growing in the garden and actually put in the the rows and between the rows put straw down to keep the berries off the ground and i distinct going out there and doing a little weeding as good for everybody's soul number one but number two it's just really it's really really not that much work in my opinion your gondomar or the other you can't stop the weeds as i gonorrheal process with horse manure you are you honestly cambalalette opportunity to avoid all of the antibiotics and such that you get with cow cow manure and such that pass through color just it's a lot cleaner it's in my opinion it's a lot cleaner way to fertilize and accomplish really really good so and it breaks it breaks down so so nicely and it's not it's not it doesn't smell like piano or chicken manure or any of that other stuff that really it really is a wonderful a wonderful way to add marsil i reject the whole thing you're going to have so coarse manure good in the garden politician miner and lansing not as i think they are many know but yes clean the craft now there you go well at sea for people that are joined to the live chanloong at unlocking it what people are saying to sahitya they run a lot of camp grounds and turn them into trailer at proposals it will increase you and trafficking here in michigan absolutely this is not this proposal three is not about women's right to choose this is about taking away prenait and allowing children to be victimised for the purpose of sterilization or general mutilation and that's exactly what it is he will say okay somebody goes to a trans yonder surgery it's going to stop or slow down slow down suicides that's all that's an absolute lie and look at how much money just like a money this behind her elections the amount of money and the amount of facilities that are doing the trans under the general mutilation so is increased incredibly asinine that that may hap of the increase from two thousand to two thousand twenty twenty two it is just unbelievable how many of these facilities of popped up there's two thousand twelve to some twelve to two thousand twenty two in the same search esterello at the campaign by egestas you can look for individuals like sorrow you can also look for entities and i noticed the other day that in michigan plan parenthood was one of the largest doors and so on which which campaign do you think that their financing was there with their money and on its not just caminiti's also proposals my proposal tremaine there quite a bit of money keep from them absolutely and i'm going to i'm going to have leather an ally that say that they are against proposal three none of them showed up at that board canvases i was the only one that showed up their state wide statewide candidate you know if you really care you're going to get involved you're going to do something it's like people can talk all they want but honestly if they really want it if they want to be in the game and prove it to me that they actually care the good to do so there's got to be something more than just so our local mill was a canon the food or local moses are eggs and gives us an account towards feed that we purchase that's cool idea githa's great i just give mine away i think i think my chicken town next year is going to expand we're going to have chicken town there and and that little bit i think it's kind of fun you hesitancies so it is a small producer who is not part of the chicken pales time that a chicken in like three stories tall and some of them seem how pass you know to do it small and anybody can do this i mean you can sandpapering on your city ordinances not sidereal problems with it they tried but there but there's the one that you can hang them all out and that's right to fire me with right to paroisses all as a state it's a supersensual ordinances if you pull out the right to farming they all have nothing to stand on and you can you show a right in their face you want chickens go ahead and do it there's there's no that they can't really i'm not giving you an you know it too after listening to you on that i think you should run for governor thickened it nothing that a chicken and every backyard i mean coonskin every politician every back back and make an they want to tell me i can't do it you said soedermanland period needs to be banned for michigan planned herohood metre and from everywhere and honestly most of these five one sea trees need to be banned because they say that they're not for profit but they are for profit i just can't show a profit on the balance she so what they do is they they take that money and they move it into their own pockets and in secondary or an larry services that's exactly what's happening the people will see see that if they really look into them if they just shove it off the plane parodist and so is right to life right to life was the biggest opponent of the heartbeat of this is amazing how many babies would have been saved they had taken ground where they could and stead of say no it's going to water things down while i see how many babies are you will insanitie over that or push up they don't want to solve anything none of them do this too much money involved in it and write to life as guilty as hollandaise as planned parenthood just like the cancer industry did in the cancer industry and see how it works and you'll find out real quick that they don't want to cure anything they want to put centralised to your own demise there lying there lying their line so what are your water thoughts on proposal on the proposal and turmoil it's a lie it actually doubles the term limits completely misleading and it takes a takes the terminative years and dolittle four years so the entire thing on that proposal sidon as misleading says one is the horses and chickens on the front line of the capital lancing hey there you go will feed our people will turn him to i turned prairieland into an actual you know crop producing farm there i think animal instead of electric bites there will be horses you can discount it the bad but now that the one now i really think that it's right now we're looking at a funny farm there anodynes any mental illness a parading as are you know i don't know i not illness is not a joke i've got a daughter who is very manly ill it is not a joke but these people that are sitting up there who are absolute social path he take advantage of other people that is that is absolutely its horrific dusty says ye want to be horses chickens out front lontaine lancing ah i think we turned that little funny fire into it into actual adults that want that want to solomon not victimize people that's another thing i was thinking about all billingsgate have you been there lately oh my goodness it's it's like it's weird it's so weird you go to lance and it's almost like it's deserted there is nothing going on there the streets are empty it's got a really are empty feeling about it it's really it's really an ere empty feel and i don't know i got a feeling that a lot of those buildings are actually empty and nobody's really doing any thing or working there because the surest seem like it when wearied been there it's just it's like a into walking into into a crypt or something those town it's a go down it is a gross down so with all these buildings that appeared to be empty why do we discern those buildings and to say you know mental health facilities to actually help people serve them and i to the capitol building a dementat health building it totally appropriate yeah well well you know what the really think that the capital and the governor's mansion need to be in a satisfying to turn that into a place to honour me armillary veterans and our law enforcement i really think i really do believe that that this should be a something that we can say he you know as an honor for your service we call people out for special services that they've done a special act of bravery and have them stand the governor's mansion where you know i can meet with in a here here from them and other people can take their stories down and truly honor them that there's no reason for governor to stay there there i we should be we should be moving around the state talk in a people or in her home district there's so much can be done on on over the internet to any more do not much security cost like a lot what gamain stand for this state its is one point five million dollars to turn over the governor's mansion and order the capital for new governor i want you to think about that a point five million to turn this is crazy and i i've heard that a security as can be up to like four hundred thousand dollars per person that is not so if we do things differently and we you know first of all clean them clean criminals out take the throat level down big time why is it that we are not saving our money in these areas by actually addressing the problems so that the people don't have to pay for that kind of see crazy absolutely crazy i i i don't get it astonishin er city co op that's another thing there's a lot of land when i was in detroit that i saw that could actually put into community gardens feed the people in the community i really wouldn't take too much to do that there is there's a lot of property there there's a lot of there's a lot of buildings that need to be that need to be leveled there is no saving there's there's so many of them that are past saying there there is no possible way of saving these buildings they were abandoned so long ago the roscian and and it it's goin to cost way more it would cost weymore do try to save these buildings than to than to build something new and i'm all about saving buildings trust me i've got a hundred and thirty addresses than that i you know that i own that i've done in its all blighted properties that i picked up and in rehabilitated but and i didn't do it with government money you know did it with hard work and such i didn't i didn't look for the pitty money or the grant money or anything like that i say was it was you know just just a work and but these buildings and i so i know construction would you donlin construction if you want something you know is construction i know construct and what and some those buildings are past the ability to to rehabilitate them now we might be able to to pull some of the wood out of that in order to read purpose it which i think it's a great idea oncertainty dooing and sanifying people to be able to come in and and reclaim some of that i think that's a good idea and then what's left we just we just take that right down but that's another thing we can do to benefit the people of michigan but we don't think that way we as a state we just go ahead and throw it in the land fell in and drop wolves and in a monastery which requires us to hire people to shoot the most later as we can't think through anything winchester was a tent city crop be out down the street from the camp and washington d c i think that people need to pay their own way sitting sitting in the middle of us and blight or areas and decide that there is going to take this area over a ticket promises to claim public property as their own property and do nothing by nothing but it's just our right to sit there and set up these ten cities wrong on this is all of our property and you don't just get to move in there and take it over and turn it into a turn it into his president i won't say it a crappo that's exactly what they're doing their trash everywhere nonsense is so many can't live on their own i think they need to be you know they made to be moved out of the way of hurting themselves and everybody else a turn everything into a crap so i saw one on my burtontree and grand rapids and one tithe when i was driving around some as taken it upon themselves to put a tent an in the in the clover leaf in or you know off the clover lyon you don't get to camp next to her highways and turn it into a you know in your property no your private property public property in your private property that is the of our public property and i've got a little bit of a complaint to the business is now in town and generalising other downtown areas when they decide after this covenant they they gave them special favors to the businesses that decided to play along with her little communist take over and all were in a play nice so they come and dear our public streets in order to put satinalia for a private business that in fact should fall under stuff of a public property or interrupt did they get petition did they get that because they fall in line just like did they take the bribes like that a person whose sittingroom of the school ministrations for continuing to they did they do something to forward that why are these people allowed to put seating in an increased their pace of their business is only some of them not all of some got special favor any recent photo video of dic godown now i have seen the d c ghost town things that i've seen them the lancing got down when i got down you go there it's like it is definitely a ghost town down there there i got like a panic swept through it walking down episode something of may be the more even picked up an arrested and may be made there on their way to get me who knows a it'll save me some work if they are i hope there don't need any plan hopefully there's some you know some of the bushes appeared now with plain faster a more creepin but we were laughing about one day about the busses upbringing people up from the south and when the dust abandoned the buses will take until will you now the minute that one of those buses that like tornado is one of the board across in bascom's are looked at that castitate tracking them down the border crossing but companies and one of them is called tornado there's a bunch of some of them you know just a have black out wind and the license plates are paper cause there's no license plate there really isn't even a license plate for them to cross the border it's like they've got a pa for it's not what we would have to do as people damsel and michigan citizens whether you inoculate have to go through here is not taking it in hand down alberson sat a sun lamartine all of these buses that are rainpipe appear to michigan border crossing buses and they told themselves openly as bordacsi buses all we associates that is coming on here i'm a put you on here to serve and in every single wonderful we should be contestants buses and putting a menthol of war into the michigan war chest i am going to invite our bring our very special guest designing showing just what one door got out of a well god i hear from you i love tavistock for a minute and then you know if people you some your wisdome introduced yourself please if you would to everyone because we all know who you are yonder i grew up in cujus north of and one of moving up to the grayling area lived there for a while and over the mile but one into some of the dark side of michigan things that were going on there now is exposing it and i had believed i had put i had to come to alaska as he has some protesting that were going on against me there i don't think i would have been in his day one thing that needs to end in michigan is the five o one sentry that's got to go the restrictions that our farmers i got to go all at durton that being needed and help our farmers out pay for safe to get crops going to feed the people so many things going on that needed to be correct and got a big job in would you talk about the late the demonstration court pride to its end the nineties there's a lot of people were digging into expatriation and common they started bringing the things into the court to cross the new york we started in they wanted to start a demonstration court project which is an experimental court but do the laws of new york the could implement so they took a look at marignano out the implement in and when it is that the practice system that technically don't have a fact then like a lawyer practicing law you should already know it he don't need to practise some difference in the demonstration court system the judges the court are not bound under roscovi pot they make up the roles they go do it they want force you to pay a fine in form on the spot to spend time in jail where under but a role that civil procedure you got thirty days to pay after the court that's just one example oh there is no accountability were i a challenge it was incompetent michigan under mine to juriste the judges the tricon course which should not exist is eighty seven eighteenth i i the nowhere they come out with bring it into county court systems of to unlawful another thing i ran into i was sitting in a surface office than twenty twelve avengers ion with and he had a bold me says i have no power over my deputies they do not work for me they were so prosecuted the talk about conflict of interest that right there deputies to be accountable to the prosecutor only that's part of the demonstration court project that is the muscle of the evil system when the sheriff does need have control over his own debt these the things that must come to in the end we've got to end the destructive abuses of the legal and law enforcement industry hold on that for a minute why are the whole the whole justice system is completely rigged against the people of the you know we the people and it gives a giaour to the corporations when you look at all the corporate thee now to tear system we have for politicians and corporations a corporations arrian pain are elections in our politicians we the people are having our power taken away on every the political parties are part of it the corporate welfare that's going on to give them favor to take our tax money on the promise of jobs when there's no accountability to it what is it we just had waterdale eight hundred twenty six million dollars and incorporate welfare to government motors and then you had nine hundred twelve million dollars pledged to the two telectroscope why are we giving these companies that kind of favor and in their specific ones that they're giving it to why are they not a supporting the small business man and pop businesses somebody's getting kicked back i can almost guarantee that somebody along the way maginot of its going through the dark money funds to found the politicians to put them in place to give them more favors to cut the way the people out more and more every you know every stuff for the way and the justice system is all massometer of keeping the people down so that you know we can't you know to disable people from fighting no the thing i you just mentioned that about all that money we can go to the trade school exactly when i was in high school and meanwhile i have done a boss of a couple of days a week and took a ride down to the jester skill center right next the bishop international airport machine occupation we need those funded michigan was the capital of the world for engineering and designing and inventing the art of the assembly line for a moncontour a machine shop michigan was the capital for creating new things and making life lies or for a lot of people there so a lot of engineers and michigan who have not been able to exercise their brain because there being suppressed by the current system he needs to come back i can lead the way an industrial activity and manufacturing he needs to be unleashed the regulations that are in place block and i have got to go we've got the fortuity in front of us you win this election not to make it happen now that that's the best part of the plan because that's going to help with the labor force that they've destroyed in the state of michigan because everyone should come out of the my opinion everyone to come out of high school with a skill that can help them earn a living for life not the nonsense just social engineering cultural marks is nonsense having do pornography in the school and or you know cartier any of the soft note of this has any value to students at only has value to those that wanted the story america can we say oh i'm just listening when destinies listened we keep going down street will give you all give you time to talk about whatever whatever you want to talk about to day as relate jumped on i been wantin to unfortunately usually when you have your shows that for a five o'clock in the morning for me and i'm i gotta so so saying as you know to talk about right now um actually i've got things that need to be discussed but news to half and after to morrow okay so i tell you what let's let's do this let's go ahead and i think we've been on for almost two hours here let's go ahead and and as a sign of her i've got john tater on to morrow morning for tatoes days and talking constitutions but we talk about the constitution found documents and policies procedures and everything lawful so i think well well maybe have you and i don't know if we can do another night maybe wednesday night would you be open to do a wednesday it broadcast or or thursday i should be able to wednesday night thursday we've got national i can't do it in finmarken had the lower fort ah let's let's how early could you do it thursday indians when a arrestation this time about nine o'clock at night okay litterateur or find you can well we'll talk we get off of air here and and well just talk some more so i tell you at last one with the prayer to night for the nation and for the day to morrow for the election because honestly i really think that we should we should be covering this whole nation with prayer with asking for god to be with us and and you know to truly give people the heart the brave heart of a lion to go forward into areas that that they may be of never been have never even considered going before you know to take this nation back in and to vote the way that they can walk away and feel proud of themselves standing for something instead of just going on to get along which is what it seems to be in policy and our argonaut now where wolves like first or would you like me to pray those best prayers far as i'm concerned but i haven't heard can pray before that's a whole nother class it dictation dialogue of the power of words power words well i think to night we need to pray for healing for nation and god's guidance going forward and to where he wants us to go and that we would be obedient and listening to his calling and what he wants to nobleman on that with fear so let us go to that eternal father thank you so very much for every one that joined to night to listen and we ask that you give every one of a sense of that you are carrying this nation forward because you love us and that there is there is a just we just see such a move your spirit going forward that we know that you're here with us that you are in charge in it you yourself who has the planets your plan moving forward not ours we ask that we would be obedient to listening to your voice that went that we would that we would totantora we would listen and that we would do things that always honour glory you and and our working together for your good purpose is not our sometimes it's a little difficult to do is to put ourselves aside when we think things need to go one way or the other our desire is that your will be done no matter what it no matter which way it goes we put this return all of this over to you and we thank you for being a good father that you are and for staying with us for guiding us for directing us for blessing his nation as you have for so many years for giving us peace in the times of trouble and so that we can walk forward with confidence and bravery and all things all those people out there who are having problems physically or that are struggling mentally that are that are also have some anxiety or nervousness or discomfort with what's going on any time that we see fear we know that that is not a new and we rebuke all fear anything that is evil plans to unsettle us to make us feel unsettled and upset about things going forward because no matter what we know that you will bless us wherever we are doesn't matter you in fact can bless us on the top of mountain or in the bushes of the valley whether we are whether we are in one place or another it doesn't matter you are always with us and whether wherever you are we are in fact home we walked forward with boldness when resolve and taking this nation back for you where you do lead us in victory and to to maintain a great gift that you given us as a nation on nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all the is your nation this is your sand boxes your world and you made the rules and we are here to live by your rules to serve you and to serve other we love your creation we love the other other people you put into our lives and all people across this world we we feel no responsibility and love for all of them i ask you to clearly point out those tasks that you would want us to take on casino we we can't do it all going to adopt my daughter i could adopt one i couldn't adopt the millions that were there but a hechon us did one thing how much more could we get done in order to come together bits and pieces of what we know what we're able to do and put this nation back as we the people serving you first and foremost we love you we walk forward and peace tomorrow's going to be an awesome day just like every other day as it's an awesome day when you live in a close walk with you and were thankful for every minute that you give us together and in your presence we met this this time to you to day as well as to morrow we commit all of our words our actions to you and we ask for your spirit report on this nation and a great and mighty move to restore this nation back to the constitution a republic that it should be with liberty and justice for all defending those without a voice defending us who are innocent taking care of our neighbors putting others before us giving other people the respect and honor that they deserve as your creation as your children carrying about all feeling needs that need to be filled and working without ceasing with a strength that you give us moving forward and also prime without cease for help for those around us those slanderers thank you so much for being with us to night we love you so much and we just very much love you and thank you so much senora i mean there you go and then i guess we're ready for to morrow are we another day another day there is always going to be things and problems and crisis that jump out at us as such it's all it's all the same we're here to solve problems and to serve other people and just one everybody to know about a republican a grander governor to morrow november on the tionontates taxpayers party i will promise to serve with honor and integrity for all people to uphold every one's rights for moses right given by god in a hole by the constitution and we're going to do this to gather as a family not as a two tiered political system but as we the people moving forward with all of your wisdom every one of you will be listened to we want because because you know what not one person can do this is going to take all of us and your wisdom and things that you can do are so important you have to step up and help so that we can leave a legacy for those coming after us that's the responsible thing to do we don't live for ourselves we live for god for his creation in his good purposes and for the children this is all about the children and what we leave him do we hand down disaster for which they cannot recover from or did they look back at this generation and say you know what they did turn their hearts towards god they did it they did it for us they in fact stopped in front of a great evil they had the the willingness and the lack of fear stop in front of a great evil because you know what they cared in a world where seems like nobody cares we're heroes and we step up and we actually are it's an act of bravery to do to step up and do what no one else seems to be able to do at the time or to speak out against things that are wrong we no one else will at that time we have that right that duty and obligation to the children step in front of the things that are here to harm them and that's exactly what we're going to do and then we're going to put this nation back together where the all human beings in mind steal from the to help in a very humanitarian way and one of them in and removing all threats to the nation those who had crossed to other people the throat have to be removed in order to go forward with honor and i'll tosari now it will be my honour to serve as the next governor of the state of michigan as a representative not a tyrant but a representative to two we the pope i feel very strongly about that and i want to say to everyone out there you are not alone to morrow is not a scary day till my was a day to celebrate it's going to be a wonderful day you just get up put some praise music on walk with boldness into the day with no fear doing what's right being directed by god all my hill tell you exactly what to do just like he's goin to tell us exactly what to do step by step because our faith is in him and he is going to lead us every step of the way just like you will you to morrow there is nothing to be afraid of there is nothing gadabout or lose our minds over we go forward with with boldness with assurance with confidence into the future and it is going to be a great day so with that sad god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america thank you karen can and dare for being here to night i just love all you guys so much god bless you all and and i'm so honored to know to know all of you and i stand with you as patriots moving forward thank you ay have a great italian it's a great thing to be alive we were all chosen to be here it's a great time to be a life so just grab that granite and run forward right into whatever is in front of us because god will be their helping you every step of the way o brandabarbaran gotham go there and will be taken borrowstouness tomorrow he's another one john peter for sheriff of lincoln steeper and a constitutional conservative who will defend your rights have a great night of time then i and i did my john boy and do it minnehaha was will pay