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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/7/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Electing American Pilgrims

Published June 7, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker "Encouragement to Elect American Pilgrims – from Peter" Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the seventh of june twenty twenty three and welcome the redeeming grace church on nevering my body out tim and i've got a instiganto on right now so as to hold is of here for just the will see of a regency you there go how you see as i reflection here hold out a ngati goin to get it here tom ah can't see it so at any rate all that's there there you go i'm moving forward but any igemon how are you i done great ooouch yourself doing great man i had a busy day yesterday i was hauling you know hal things accumulate not only just in in you know in your norah these had a clean out every one saw get clean out all kinds of drunken junking your head you know dunk round the sighed old bunch of junk hauled from around the barn yesterday and to day you don't what to do after a moth this i'm going to be power washing power washing at the barn because i have serious amount of power washing to do so to day is to be poor washed okay good deal sometimes that's what we need is to be power washed i i that may be like to say high in we've got lennyand when joined so morning and on say it over an integrant on got up cut the ingram feed right now in a minute which you can go to brand and berg for governor on rumble or you can go too or you can go to brander news network to come in that three or find us his portionabout two elect american pilgrims and royal so doing communion today sorensens to join us and you know we were celebrating the day we sledeverybody is a good day to celebrate so i'll iibreaking later but anyhow have a great day come and find us agenorei decided to do this so that people we can invite people in to redeeming grace cure and ah he now no take this minute and send it flying and a you lottarot on of actually asked a few people help help us promote to and that the seemsto pretty good you know it's it's kind of difficult when you're doing really do and orythia to get everything had but i'm always trying to stuff a solitary could deal and that's a good thing salso worry in to go to day and we bring up the presentation he i guess the course it would be how soon do you want it may be give people in fifteen twenty minutes to get ready for communion and give interest the critics of the camera turning the show utell me what to do and i'm good with that i ka or cold well that's a maybe let's throw it after the people give geredet some cosine bread crackers so be ready for communion so let's out run through the one section on pete's three there donna casesas kinder work picking up we kinderen through repast couple weeks ago and i want to make such thestage and i realize that we're talking about justice and i think that oh we will talk about as we move on after communion that really god's justice was fulfilled in the cross and when we do the lord's table this is we are celebrating the reality of what christ did at the cross here we are excelly in union with him and i think that broadly speaking we've got to remember the one of the mornings if you will in the lord's table language is to examine yourself and and i think that what we really have to do or be aware of is that if we are at odds with people in our fellowship ah that really means that we may be taking the lord's table ah misguidedly or or in the wrong way so oh where we kinder wrapped up to me ago was a acetals we run through verses at to seventeen right there to top but if you run down down our just like to run through the dog section below that because i take those verses and i offer some thoughts as to what i believed that peter is really saying as he goes through this how tonnere preterist he lets yet i guess since i didn't put it in pede ap to morning it kind of a mess is up the paragraph segment so the first the first verse talks about that we should be in unity of mind oh and so therefore i have there since it will be difficult to teach people to be unified for justice in mind and doctrine and again when we come to the table we should be unified we should have sympathy we should have brotherly love and tender hearts and a humble mind so that's not all there but it is in no inveraretie through it so it says we know that a gap exists between empathy and by mercy so when peter tells us to to have sympathy i i guess i'm trying to unpack that i say he doesn't mean naked sympathy oh and as for i called justice by mercy so there's a difference i think between amphithe and sympathy although some people might relate to two a moses inequation oh gods drastis i would say created god on coat may be mercy so this is why i believed that so many people misunderstand the cross of christ ah the whole sacrificial system and and ultimately donatuses were we talk about how do we howeela e this truth to reality in our society and our church its ike we we can't just forgive and network i think a lot of people just say oh thought just forgets we just asked if he forgot but as i have chewed over this for years and years and years i do not believe that god gives justice or forgiveness outside of the cross so i could go into price several hours of discussion about what what i mean by just as creative mercy so i polyatomic we do have to realize that ultimate justice without christ substitutionary death basically a figment of our imagine and so this i think helps us to approach the lord's table and i believe a better way toward god and what christ did of a story goes to brother brotherly love ah even even later he talks about don't withhold justice from those we call brother that's the language that peter you so i think sometimes we do that by allowing in just and allowing in justice surely is it righteous ostendit does not reflected justice of cross ring most people would agree with that even if they can't put her teeth into ah if that makes so he talks sense we don't return evil for evil ah and yet i think this is where the church is really confused we talked about this couple of weeks ago that i think that in justice occurs in america because we really don't understand gotso so i related directly to capital punishment how this is why i think that even the church is very confused and capital punishment god commanded capital i cause and this is what does it make sense to people because god thinks so highly human life and he gives that he requires human life for those who and people would say now that's murder god does it got never looks at capital punishment as and i think that's where one thing we have to realize even it now the people that distort the atonement of jesus christ believing that that child abuse i've heard thrown a depth it's like no god was it doing child of us god was doing the only thing that he he set out to do literally caused redemption for his sins and again we we've gone through that before where you go in to this is fifteen in a specially justis twenty two were abraham oh basically was going to sacrifice isaac because god told him to and any stop to because really that was the greatest picture we could have before the cross and so off we read his twenty two without realizing it god's given us alive the cross i think that we misunderstand both because of that does that make sense i just keep going i think we're goin to i i i'm getting part of it how's that loki good ah i know you pray pray distracted his actions and in that i mind call i disheartens for phone call pecked on runfor screens right now and then i had to emerges the cantwhether talking so eidothea s why i didn't know what to calls were so i knew if you took it call it must have been important seinigen for one of her business as i have been for about a month we had to get a few things straight out and so you know is the sorry i asked you donald to silicate i'm sorry about that it's like i just yet you don't like one you got to do what you've got to do and people got to understand that and so we we love you for everything you do and we should not have her be offended that you have to do what you have to do historian all tithes cannot though then in god bless you to a great chap with which you do so i think neadian people to understand and oh when i chewed on his over to pass week i i realized that we we need to go and do a study of we're going to do second peter next week in an i think i wanted to maybe a week or two study on the imprecatory so and i think there's a lot of people who don't understand maybe they're not even aware of the imprecatory psalms if you you read though on you are but there's a lot of people to maybe that never really dat descriptors and when i say in precatory this is where the david may be mostly but there's other writers of the psalms that they cried out to god and literally when we read some of the language we we would go oh you can't think that gods that her fowerteene god uses sanguis that he hates the evil doers he will do all manner of justice against the evil doers and this is why i suggested to people that i think peter oh in the me just back up wheat we ran through the alittlebit last week but i think that we so often think the apostles disciples they had it altogether cause they lived and talked with him and he taught them for three years so they knew it all no i don't think they know it all and we don't either well i think some of the indoctrination has come across as that we've been tight to look at look at god and angelis's jes as gentile jesus with a lamb on isle and the mess that in they they missed and the first time that he came they missed him and that's part of the problem that we had and i think that when he comes back a second time it's very likely that we'll mess in the second time when he comes back because i respiciens have been have been manipulated away from the reality and into into a false narrative just like so many other so many other things that were having to deal with right now and where all was in too to some inconvenient truth and we're going to have to be focused on him letting the hem lead us instead of relying on our own understanding yet i was besinging things that you bring forward for me that i never that i never questioned like the three wise men the three wise men it was the contingency of all those things that really paint and incredibly more complete it and so i would just although outright may be right now since i'm talking about people magotine what a world yesabout and i maybe i present him next week there's a whole slow of imprecatory songs but on throat three major when thirty five sixty nine and one o night ah and so people could jot that down thirty five sixty nine and one o night oh maybe you know might be two weeks out that we're going to look at these but i would encourage people do study on knows roncheres before the lord pray of bottom and say lord open my eyes two different true and those were applied directly to what we talked about for justice so when when you said jesus was not gentle jesus ah when we think about his righteous indignation he gave voice to the vengeance of god in his appropriate under the different conditions i meansit's a mob i mean we can be a moment a dad and when we're talking to her or children yes we're like all right you know i we we just love you and you have those times that are just wonderful and you know full of just good memories i mean all good things that we all really love is their sometimes for your life out make good choices or there's going to be some consequences and then you have as a mob you have of the people that come from outside your family to perhaps her your family and then you're going to see my barrel same thing with god it depends on who he's talking too too if he sees those people that are coming in lessouto destroy his family watch out you know big daddy up there is going to is gone turn the heat ray animalbut you know and protect his chloe the nowhere going to go in to her maybe doing vengeance by her own hands rose reflect but so ah now i will happen about god's god's character although not all in i understand that i'm just saying i want people to understand it sometimes we don't reflect on oh yeah then in so it's like we think about well i also made does some wrong to us since it were just post to take it now and i so i did put down it abraham remember abraham gathered his men and everybody did he could and he went off to recover lot in his family and so they did war for god's people i mean lot was you know his nephew and and again this is what i'm saying we think all would we go to war to recover somebody that you know things were stolen from or they kidnapped a moment i think we see this in our government very often they will not let other countries kidnapper people or do certain things so in like that to me is a display of the vengeance of god the righteous anger of god so we got to be careful but i think that we are too quick to say on ononwe can't do that and i think if we look at some of these imprecatory psalms we may pray differently we may act differently we may allow god to change some of our theology and even as we were talking before we came on i think that we sometimes have to change our understanding of our eschatology or in times because and i'll bring us out we more next week but i believed that we we need to look at what gods calling us to do that i believe that much of the church has known no no no and what i see is there theology restricts what there what they allow themselves and so unjust so just he if we see something different and i'll encourage people time go to the work you do i not telling don't take my word go to the work if you see the word for what it is we may go oh wow that's just something different to i'm not one you know even as we prepare for the lord's table it says he when we going down but more wouldn't we turn away from evil when we refused to allow justice so god really is wanting us to to do justice oh and and i think that sometimes we allow injustice what talk about this bit more next week but i did say am i turning point you i say that say only does what is we his people allow i think that satan you search things he has from the beginning and i'm just going to suggest the people that god is looking for people to say satan you're not going to run over me you're not going to run over my love to one as a pastor you're not going to run over my he it is is what i you know i know that everybody is not called to be a pastor but what are the things that i was taught in seminary and it stuck to the bottom of my soul what are we supposed to do response to kick the dog shot the wolves protect our people and i wished it passed her shepherds knew what that was all about so i think that there is a sense that we seek and pursue when we do so we might say we we don't have peace in our land while the question i might throw out there without trying to be accusatory as well how much how much justice to his windows in justice you will not have me and so again god sees his righteous ones and regards the prayers of those who do justice and that's why if we get into the imprecatory songs we're going to see that god's face we could say as firm like a fool against those who do ee and he suggests peter does in first thirteen clean in his sight if you jolt zealously pursued jos in any says have no fear of you suffer from pursuing justice yes we live in a day there people that are confused i think much of the broad church is cold ah maybe the remnant is it for there's a lot of the visible church that we see that i think it's very great confused on just and we're going to see this in two illustrations next week but always be ready to defend why you believe not just your faith not just christ gospel what may be just and i think that's what what people need to see who who's out there defending justice whose outer least pushing for ah that in scripture talks about that when we see god do justice we get excited we were courage to stay in the fight and i just really think i throw it out to him this may not be the greatest sidway for a lord's table selebration but without the opportunity self governed per are american republic peter might have been saying dilegian and i think he was ready to die like a man ah in the face of injustice yes in the face of corrib a trials yes he knew that when he stepped out of the land of the dying he was going to instantly be in the land of the living and now something now we all should look forward to his that first step in the land of the living and i think to one song that just the rings to me as what a day that any rate worth that ah what let's give everybody a chance too to get their stuff together here it is and as lowsomewhere for a few minutes as people if you have not had a chance to do so get some jews of basemay be fruit of the vine a a cracker bread oh you know yes maybe it was on love and bread but i know that s were doing on lying do what you can to get something that signifies the body and the blood of christ that he gave an remember even maybe as you go hebe after cleaning up and open your heart is tonesand we might eat a power washing even in our soul and her heart again somebody because a god didn't just and i might even as prior of bad word i then do everything if you will for the individual although it applies to the individual he did it for a collective body a church a spot a wrinkle free do and i guess i just wish that people would think more about that what does that really practically so doubt if you would i think it a tiny to go down a couple of pages i believe it's almost all the way down on page five i believed moscow they were not going to go through ponds for there may be some we will pick it up as we go through it to an you're you're there right dere kind o says a again doubtless my fault but i wanted to zip that off cause i had some of the yellow bowl on her he the real news for real people by real people and real shirtfor real people by real people you know people get so hung up on things being perfect and you know what i am just i'm just really thankful that you come on and that everybody comes on here to see very authentic you all friends sitting together doing doing what we're supposed to do rather than stage and everything is perfect that i think there's a lot more value in that than than really then the can cracked that we've been found for so long yah so let me just that in a couple highlight sarsenov in because we're going to get into theirs you can see down lower in their first prints but peter talked about the roaring awe him and again when we talk about approaching the lord's table ah we do have to ask ourselves how much devouring has that lion peter talks about the roaring lion and say how much has he devoured how much him we let him devour how much division may be have we created within ourselves i mean again i know that standing for the truth will create divisions i you know we all be careful that we don't we don't take out things that are hard that should not be there so when i see a fence that's what that you know when i see a found that that usually is a first clue that our hearts are not right cause we should be able to talk with people and have civil discourse and get along and such without a ah holding them in content you know it's like you you look at people in you let in talk and and he had ever had your heart right by realizing that we all need to be able to sit down together as one body of christ and ah you know in and do this with all without having as sir without things on our heart that are holding us back remember and all things were were here to serve others not too you know tirade over them or beotian over them a but to like a sentiraient between when you talk to your kids of your family and when you talk of you an invading army that's coming to to kill your family is the much different way to go yes so i just king to ibelieve may be what we did about three weeks ago when we talked about how we celebrate without using dear friend a man i call in factions but there are different beliefs about how we approached the lord's table in it he does say do this in remembrance of me and i just i wanted to say that oh what it rely means more it points back to christ's death and when we communion wrongly we literally proclaim christ's death so and we're going to go through just the discussion of the bread and the wine but those together we are basically saying what we do when we receive this male from christ that we are part of the union that christ had with his father and he and as for we are basically proclaiming so we're not only profaning it to god but were proclaiming it with her fellow believers and i believe that we to the world in in that way so a poll talked about in a first corinthians a loved he said that for i received from the lord what i also delivered to you that the lord jesus on the night when he was betrayed took bread and when he had given thanks he broke and said this is my body which is one do this in remembrance steal the bread i asked god to bless that bread our heavenly father we come to celebrate the lord's table yes we're and online church and i know is difficult have like a face to face sitting with unlined but lord we do gather i have no idea how many people are gathered may be will gather later say watch but lord we we received from you this bread as your body and as we partake of it lord wheat we ask that you would fill his her grace your holiness and your old and i know we think about thee the ingredients of bread as everything comes together all the ingredients and i i love thee the understanding of and i'll just bring this out just before we take the the juice of the wine we can make a batter but we don't realize to an had better goes into the oven and come out a completely die what and this is part of the thrust that we need to understand about that that we as a body or all these ingredients god in south in there the body in him pulsed in the same way he took the cup after supper saying this cup is the new covenant in my blood and i want people that are stand the new started the new come do this as often as you did in remembrance of i pray lord blesses as we take this from you we know that it represents your blood did say it is your blood and nurse lot of different weights we can understand that as we partake from your hand we have forgiven lord help us to exalt you as we read i hope you all have been enriched to take tatting taking community is a very humbling i guess sometimes it's like there are many the maybe not a whole lot carnot churches that the lord's table every time they get i think there's a lot of positives to that but i also understand to be that what she's me not pulled in say you know as often as you do you proclaim the lords his one with forto the day when we can get together with every one and that the things of this world that are not ideal that fall away and we can dispute together and celebrate and celebrate each individual person that god created exactly as he did for a reason and i really look forward to that day yes and i i conquistadorthat knowing how many people heard the master's couple of regos and start we get have i could wish we knew how much they they did and we did i encouraged people to go through oh this so did you could maybe understand and i could i always wish down of it weed have engagement with people arenaceous morsus peace address the teaching of god loves the sinner and hates his ah ye that's sir to me one of those well intended conundrums a can i take a stab at it go honoonoona but go ahead all right so if you got a puppy in his pan all over the floor you loved the puppy but you don't like the pan on the floor site okay antipopery simplified version of it however the correction comes to the puppy for pan on the floor and i do just like ratchets up wretches of the the via instruction and or the oceanquite opinon the floor until he sees the behavior changed or the poppies yeah yeah and i love that analogy leastinto pope level but i don't think it really implies biblical to people wobble and i i will off dislike a soft ball who and you i think no i i preciated question because we we hear this so often ah in my mind if it is used to he caused christians to not proclaim boldly the truth ah for instance i mean we have talked about before on an o this is somebody knew we've dealt with this in the past i challenge anybody to show me biblically that god loves the plate no new birth i don't think we can find that in god's work in fact it says that his wrath abides on those pep so when is his wrath diminished or removed only when the reconciled the and this is why to me the whole issue of justice ah in forgiveness forgiveness just applied everybody do regis forgive if you will willie nillie oh and i i've been doortodoor to many moslems moslem homes down in dearborn so people may teration tiger bottom they they are one will you say look all beganthengo even though they reject the understanding of christ that we have they say all we have to do is ask god and him just forgiven but this as i say that if you go to scripture i believe that you're going to find it god's mercy only a curse because of his perfect righteous when i hear you say in is that the person that is the son over and over and over and such you know that's a cake onisciform give me i'm sorry god then goes and tells that again and again and again and again and again and i just recession for not changing the behavior i that's not me in sorry for doing anything you know scrithifini so alike as you know we see so many of the ah the gang activities or somebody who who raves the child or some or does thorel things and the judges just let him back out again cause it like yet were not going to do this again and they come right out he repeated founder they do it over and over and over again i hear the that's that you're that'swhat you're talking about the clarity it's like a repeat of thunder of any crime there's no repentance there is no sadness and they have no intention of stopping the rampage of her is that when i'm hearing andastes exactly right he so this is why wouldn't jesus knew birth certain people and i the classic example of what i'm talking about would be the woman remember the woman that was supposedly dave brought to jesus jesus we caught this woman in adulterators of all that can happen there had to be a man in one the words the guy in we would i would probably believe that the guy happened to be in the group of people that came to jesus and said we caught this woman in adulteries so it was it was convoluted from the start you know jesus face chrissie those at half no sin you cast first one now he did have any he could have cast first stone you know he asked the woman where your accuser and he said go and sin no more i believe that he knew birth or he baccate with saying in a real simple message the thrust of your life is gold if righteously so well this is a distortion of you correctly said dona hold distortion of what repentance is repentance is a complete reverse so lot of people think i can just you do say god forgive me well first won't that's not that's not really confession and it may not be repent because true confession is green with god about my sin repentance is turning around a goneaway so if we just do a full circle and do it again to a full circle of do again do you know you're right that is that he reletting about olivestones i think people ply things across the board instead of listening to the actual words of is directed when you talk about you know god is a warring king against evil which he definitely is and are also our savior redeemer whose gently picks us up an says commandedlist go home and inosite difference here only god can judge a human heart but we certainly can make pretty good assertions or we can't we can assess if somebody is a repeat of thonder that you know that at some of these egregious crimes there is not it's not possible for them to because when god comes to live with us he writes it on our heart and to the point of you know you you know if your stepping out of line to in something rough it is instant that you know that that is not supposed to be half any and even even things that people wouldn't even consider like a a serious sin haskalat times i'll have god you know that me on a shoulder and say don't go in that direction or don't don't do this and and it may not even be anything that anybody would you now consider a sense certainly send therepatio pressure on you just like coarse training but but he guided the sinitic so when i see or repeat a founder on like there not listening to god that there's no wish if they can be of and and i would say done that and i'm not excusing anybody for their blake sin or evilness and i would hope maybe that the person has his question he would respond later maybe say well you did a good job tim when you explained more yearassistant you passetime and the sondershausen who has gained thinks he's going to have an even oh he's in an act of relationship yet let me let me throngwondering now was what she that's what love had so yes oh let me throw out another face said to these when people here that god loves everybody and loves you as you are i've heard you know all kinds of variant of that what that tells people is that guess what you don't have to come in repentance before christ god your scies you a free pass and i think that's why we have people living as they do to day reste have they have heard that lie i think for way too long and though it were talking about a very o you know it loveremember re talking about different people in his indifferent stages there is also in criminal case so like all of us our work in progress so there are times were were gone we were god is going to take one problem we have and lead us out of that and then it's an incremental change as he walks as to his ewe were perfect right off the bat oh there's no reason to be here he takes to have it so so the incremental change as he runs thus and from from annis the perfector of our faith the perfector of our walk i i always think figurate this week too and knocked that i had any special knowledge or anything like that but if if that word to clean up all everything right it all life time full of and sometimes he does but not always sometimes it takes him a long time to walk is out of the condition than we've had just like the political condition in itself the i think that if he had us over the head too hard with some of the realities that we're going to have to face we would not be able to process it or or to be one walk out of it it depends on how deep people are in two the satanic system that's going on here and so i think he's he's rolled john tollentes he's long suffering too so i have you if you were to take it out let us say a piece of fabric that was contaminated by moland you put it out there you hit it with and i mean bad right and you just kept pouring the blue joint you pour in the tables the face so instead of doing it that way think he's sometimes he does but i think sometimes he also does it very slowly and compassionately to move people along so and i don't have an answer for that end and i you know i i guess this is part of the dilemma that i have this may be you know i think i surpassed or because we are dealing with so many people across so many variations belief ah there are its enslie we ah you know least on an anti church you'd like to think that we're talking only to believers sometimes were talking about people or two people that don't have any new birth in her soul i think there lot of people that think there attached to christ and yet oh maybe there's nothing to exemplified that oh we can certainly ah there is a difference of god's children versus people who are outside of the faith but at the same time i think that even some christians are taught that a red doesn't matter what old but i would suggest that much of that done is that antinomian spirit that we've talked about an anti gods law s and and i just soitanto me let the you do at the well that that is what i hear when you when your actions felt matter as that straight out of the satanic um you know i became lots lots go right there to a start into again on peacefor and he is kindideas with this so yes if words are arganout ah i believe you don't even king david i mean you know we read he was a man after god's own heart and yet he went on boy i guess if you look into the vileness of what he did with bathsheba oh we have to go oh my goodness how is it i mean it may have been at least a year before nathan came and said david you're you're the man and so it's like we have to wonder how can god's people be the blind cause that's what sin does that's what sin does him palliness to the reality of our conditions and so if i am not here to be people up but but i would always challenge people to unto realize it god save us to be wholly and i i do find that sad so many people do not believe that ah it's like we think that god just saved us to give us a new life and that's one of those teachers that they don't believe knows much about the gospel of jesus so here's to peter ses and this a drosses kindeness question but it says the the point did not pianos a peter spoke of judgment justice as god starkly divides humanity and this is what we're talking about there are humans that don't have any life in christ but they like to hear the message that god loves that the therecame before god and i i just see that even in the sisters of perpetual indulgence recently is she how much can we mock god mark what he said i will not tolerate calcareosa can i dessay something i feel like god to save me gave me like a nod here to say this you ah you know people who really don't live a holy life it's like an abusses who hit you and hits you in his you or the somethis is all i love you in then they hit you again and they abuse you and they keep going on and the hitoga and the but within they say that they love you you know what it's a lie a person who loves you does not abuse you same thing for us we can't sit here and continue on with a busif godless behaviour and then looked to god and say we love you that is complete and utter as the lie in its blasphem and in its the same there weak and be abusers i just of of god himself and spit on his love and spent on his grace just as much as an abuse of spouse we can choose to be you know it's like it's like i have i have a real problem with the views of any kind huge problem with the new i think that at some point time if any of us have it you know a experienced abuse which i have you get to the point where you like you know you tell me you love me you better meet it because because i don't like any of that nonsense and i pretty sure god doesn't either when when somebody keeps convicts i love you smack him right in the face you know that sort of thing and i'm thinking that god's going to be pretty well sick of that after a while he's smarter than i have a smarter than all of us are in sikinos exactly what the heart is behind it and you don't do that to god you do the right thing or just maybe you should take a step back and end up look ill onota little interest back and really look at your own life in such because god's not coin to be mocked he won't be mocked and he knows when somebody's lyin or if they're just like in abuses ouse that wants the lie over and over and over get heine put up with in thank you down for for that point daraigh you know this is why oh a real fast tempercher story if you will but it as consumed most of my life oh probably from a teenager on even though i know it wasn't new birth or only was to maybe young one i rustled over this very issue can i sin in just think o god forgive me how i'm so sorry but i go out and do it again i gone duty keen and in that was really what may be cause my soul to come up she i realized that that was in no way indicative of the person who lost and and again in going to say for the better part of the last forty five years of my life i have to rustle with types to the point that i hear theology i wrestled with it i hear theology i wrestled with it and this is why sometimes i speak as i do do because i've been there almost to er i mean people can't throw out a theology that i haven't been or have russell with that i've had to go to the word and rustle with god with and when i say when i used the example of i feel like a who rustled with i think a preincarnate christ all night and he said you know i won't let you go the angels said let me go i know i won't let you go in less you bless me i think out was the night the jacob was new birth the what did god do he struck his hip he walked with a limp to rust of his life this is why i can relate to that limp because of what god did in me maybe not at the point of new birth but yet it's like this is why i am convinced as i have rustled with scripture that i understand grace and teacher as i do i believe it grace is god holiness that's what caused us to be new born that's what causes us to be holy in and an i believe great i believe that this is may be the biggest thing people need to so for instance somebody that says he i just i can't overcome grace overcomes sin it causes us to walk in holding and this is why i think it when people sometimes are so confused the cone may be week after week like i said i probably in in church meetings and see why she was christian youth crusade he headed down to de institute of arts in detroit i mean i got to believe out what to the altar a hundred times in my life grieved in my soul but this is why i still say the majesty of grace is something that we and when grace gets a hold of your soul i probably say your new birth but we can use it to to overcome the sin and our life are going to be perfect not never not until we get to glory in an even an it won't be because of us of the bebecause grace has free ring there will be no hindrances and i think that god blesses our effort like so if we go on baby's steps just go and baby steps and say you know what to day i'm going to choose to be better in this you it can be in for mental we don't have to have it all perfect all at one time say you know what i am going to choose one thing that i really want to work on and myself and then what what i find is you know seems to be the way it goes so one thing it saint god pleased bless me and help me to be better at this and you do one thing and the god will bless your effort and in the next time you do it it gets easier and it gets easier and it gets easier and tell all of a sudden you look back behind you girl who have i come along wayendon i'm living my life a living for others and serving thanks and then all of a sudden it becomes second you know and and you start listening to god and then it becomes real clear what he wants you to the fog because your clearing all the stuff out of your life and then all of a sudden it becomes a very clear pitcher on what god wants us to do what is trying and you can i believe you can walk with god on this i really do a man men oh and we can do in a pleasing way and that's what i again i believe that grace is we in a roman paltocks about the word a word to him or on peter but paul does talk about be be living sack and do what is pleasing to god so back to that point here cause i think this is and i do appreciate questions that you you've brought down a casesit that helps us keep where thereat and that's what i love to do as a pastor and a pulpit i will always encourage my listeners if you're on task to the to the masses i would rather have a question from the audience so that we can deal with it right there right now when i think the rarefication of something hostile because the times people shot other people down because they don't under they're not taking the time to understand them they hear one thing that's offensive to them go i don't want lad that and they shut the conversation down then if you can just continue to talk a little bit you can bring out that intention of the other person and in fight it were a lock closer together than what i thought they're just using different words and onthat's part of our job is is you know being a human being is to give people and give other people that the ability to play because we want to understand each other more than we want to be right and as i think the terata lot of pastors and on not here to criticise them i think that they're not really comfortable and meriton yea they did or don't ask any questions as freshly in church it would i tell him i invite that the look every like really it's the horatians don't he holostomatous are they run for the door of the tail between their life has all my gosh i got him off the sire okay so back to back to peter there cause i think i do want to hold it out one question i think he really gets to it here so it's first peter for it's like peter says for the time has comfort judgement to begin at the house of god so when we talk about justice we can't do justice outside if we haven't done justice inside the house of god and this is where again donein a simple thrust back to that question we have to do justice in our own souls at the level of sin and as his work yet we got to do it the house of god but sometimes we have to allow justice and judgment to run in our souls i would say that judgement for the believer is not condemnation ah some people here condemnation when you talk judgment and that's for some people for the blatant sinner from the person outside a christ judge but would be condemnation but judgment to the believer is not condemnation and i guess maybe that's what people lead to hear encourage mender i am not condemning when i talk about for believe but we have to understand that in some sense that's how we deal with us so he says that if it begins with us first what will be the end of those who don't obey the gospel of ah now if the righteous one is scarcely saved here's peter's just he's this is the way he's talking here where will the ungodly and sinner per so this is the divide that i think people struggle cause i may be talking about the ungodly and the sinner without christ on her soul and so they offered her that in speaking of them no if you're a righteous one before god and you seek to be wholly of i'm not talking to you at that level but i think we all have to be willing to look within ah so he says peter says from there therefore let those who suffer according to the will of god commit their souls to him and doing good as to a faithful creator we have people should be known as justice proclaimers do now are we going to be glorified in the world because of the new and howard say i can speak to the fact that you won't even be may be appreciated in the because of that and i think for the young believer boy they go on man to that sounds like to or trust me it is but factors are quoted by grant castleberry real humility is found by submitting to god's word no matter the cost and is not worth my god were about the end game all he had to do is run the play puts in front of us and then if you tell this to do it do it and let him worry about the outcome so if i pull it pulling down along back cause there's goin to be three things on to talk about again this is may be just ah ah ten thousand foot view of what's going on in the world to day we all know this oh but we must be able to parse god's meaning from man's mating one we're talking about just there were three things that hit a mere comeespecially in the last few years now again oh the guided of would say as might number one meter in the faith would be our chispo he died in november two thousand seventeen in early twenty eighteen this when the social justice gospel hit these and i think the church i can almost say i follow part body packin wrote fault lines after that we would all know if we'd been to school board meetings may be commissioner meetings the see our tea critical raised theory and diversity equity and inclusion came as a result of that the man that i highly respect wrote the dallas statement i encourage anybody to investigate that if you haven't done so already the second digit it was cold it oh i literally was i believe i had to be canicul ured because of my position again the tyranny of our government and the church at that level that's the second thing and a third thing might be over christian nationalism oh this is a reason debate if you want to call it at but i would probably fall into agreement with most of what i hear that lovel and eswy i when i basically said that i was a christian patriot and i you know what i teach understand and put out their lot of scripture as you might say o ka tim but it's like all of those things deal with biblical justice in our lexicon rnment and that may be a the lex rex government may be sometime explained it so i will roll quickly most of the world outside of the theocracy of israel had a reclusive nment and erected like government is where either a man or a king or the state or the church controlled the people i am convinced that god created america in a lex rex government that means that oh and i have several places that i think we were assenement of theocracy where jesus is and really i guess i won't people i'd rather have people it's like less let stroveling off the kitchen table and maybe put certain things on her and talk about it as you say but i think that america was created even though the state and the church are both institutions of cot of america put dem at the bottom of the tor pe so that a a church cannot run our country the state cannot run our one but jesus in one we distort that that i think that we don't relieve in it may be something that people really have to chew on we we are agreeing with the destruction of the country as i believe god gave i mean i've had people tell me tim i am perfectly okay that american goes down there oh i have scorethorpe le if they ate shocks me i place her net for somebody that was in the sceince one of the leaders there of the god that they want they were okay they didn't want to get in front of god and he in try to save this nation because that would be working against god because they because it this world needs to pay and unlike are you kidding me i know i am sorry but that that that is so that is so wrong on every level and and i will take the car my in india in and i was there where you know the watch somebody that that is exactly that's carrit there and that's a god bless god was i'm not going to do anything because they deserve it so or going to set back there and just go on i'm going to be right really i think we're supposed to step in and try to grab as many hands as we can and pull him out of his principalities and powers that have taken captive our brothers i mean do o god bless you for saying it but see that's when i say that i'll give beat down but i think you're so right i the outeverything and it's just too bad because only in owenhegona unintimate it or one can you do not pass full of on saying things but i you know it it hurts when people hear that language because i do believe that certain doctrines certain teachings i had an i'm goin to in the next few weeks maybe unpacked pietist pietism kind o jumped on my scream when i did that turning point you as says because you had the first grade awakening and now had what was called old bits versus new lights and people may get offended hear me just simply at this level the new lights tended to all be in the pietistic camp and they were the ones that basically said government is evil so don't get involved in yet were too good for that it i mean we've seen that so many times i'm not going to talk about that because i'm too good to talk about that and it's the same thing as like the social justice warriors out there and what ever camp there in or what other late whatever label thereinmight so i'm not going to i'm not you know already you know what i mean it's like you know what its only god that does anything right through any of us but we have to be able to talk this stuff out in his and without you know it's like for you and i i and i think that sometimes you will hear the hard line of to batter and you got to think about how your dad or your mind would tell you look make better choice is because isshou make i am going to love you but the choice as you make are leading to your destruction and its heart break to watch somebody that you love basically craft their own demise because there making such poor life on it is hard it is hard red yet it in again donethis is not i mean i think a lot of people you know you might sable tim you're throwing darts and certain things i grew up in a pietist and oh i sometimes it's like you want to shed certain things when you see the truths so i do claim to be like a reformed puritan of the reformed puritan faith now an an i think that is what they saw they would be the old lights in the great awakening and they would believe yes the government's evil it can be could you get sinful people everywhere but get in for and clean it up so it's artomenes it's the embracement of the gospel to redeem people that causes us to get involved in government which god ordained and make it right but so the people i can see the the people that pull back an enemy satis way down a cause i think people need to hear this i think people are involved in in pietism without having any understanding of so they get me totally ignorant of the foundations of pietism and what it creates i understand the thinking but when you see what it creates you go i know that does not represent it's pretty it's putting wine to be liked above doing the right thing a lot of times too you ain't no putting putting the a you know the the perception of the people have of a person above doing the right thing so instead of the asse that in the lot of parents i want to be my kins friends i'm not going to tell him not to do this you know they they they want pie they want to look a certain way rather than to be a certain way you know and stop people from doing things that are going to ultimately lead to their demand and walked with so like for it for example you know if if you get in to in it and sin is always slippery slope you go in one direction it's just makes it the one decided love for god it gets easier if you go in that direction every time you make a good choice if you decide not to it's goin to be an easier decision to make every time that is another son comes up so you have to make a choice on your behavior this one leads to the unholiness and there is a certain amount of protection you get in these you go to that direction and you start sandy you are going to be the author of your own demise because see out into the right thing and were a situation right now words like capture it's like captured assets everywhere you start setting and go down that direction principalities and powers are going to not only grave you but ever single person around you because you opened the door and so we have to be mindful that we are in a spiritual war and a spiritual war works in these and there's there's no two ways about it this is the way it works and we have to make that decision and you know every single moment of our day because our decisions also effect the people around us and we've lost throwed up on not going to say that there's not one of us is perfect but when we screw up we got to get a little smarter and go i knock it i do that again that was really bad plan and then you know in the especially when you see the follower the people around we don't make decisions on our own you know just only for us that's been a big line that's as soldiers oh you can do what i do whatever you want second hurt me body it's going to be okay nobody's goin to know that's a lie and every single is every single thing that we do that we'll goes in that direction will almost always lead to more per you know it's a see people get involved in dr the misery loves come and in an you know it in satan surely wants every one gets his can down and so is as little minions as little with polkamania out there they want us to feel the misery condemnation and everything that they are feeling and misery as misery loss comes he lived grafters but if we pull away and we go when we resist when we go in that direction to god it gets easier it's difficult if but we practice and god will continue to give us that grace to lead us out of any kind of get not here i hear your dartrey job done and i would just say i'm just hold up some here i wish we had like a little clicker let's say we have five hundred people in our line audience that i got operas this question here how many have heard one saved all was said and i guess bigger question would be who believes that okay now so my might simetierre rmed puritan believer you believe that too while here's here's what i would say in my mind when i hear one saved always saved that to me is a sits it's an anti no man ideal okay now do i believe that when god redeems in new bursts his people he keeps them yes but he keeps them in holding his that one saved all was saved in idea let's people just think oh i i click to box i say life and now i can do whatever i wanted to and so so is the teaching true dis god keep his people absolutely but this is what especially next week we're going to hear it peter talks about the or comfort re election is confirmed in our obedience and this is kind of what you've been saying a long that's what peter is screaming yet and i think that's the opposite of the antinomians while the god says you people will say god you know god god and he'll look at him and say i never knew you that's going to be a real sad moment for some where you know when god sees they never knew you but it's it goes back said the illustration that i gave earlier oh you know of an abuse of in abusive person that continues to hurt and slap and throw it people's face over and or god toshake us he doesn't want us hurrying now ye if he's our friend that you better start treating him like a friend treith way that you would want self and every one that you love to be treated don't i treat it in is the appehendit of goes south there that really isn't real and the ademande other side we'll see then go pete exercere he set her right here with us now and if you say that you love em stop acting like in abuse of spouse they keeps slapping em in the face we say at a mirabelthat i have now on are you going to be a help or two more you just got to keep kicking him in the shins and in running away and doing whatever you want laughing it with the demonic little laugh or are you actually going to be on his team and loving him and working for his pre it starts with starts with small incremental just do something to the historian you know we don't even have to it with the way the world works right now we don't have to do a whole lot to be just to be better than sucks because the majority of the world is pretty much you know is pretty much an apostate state of mind right now so i mean pick pick something don't you don't mind anything as i tell don't lie to make up your mind that you don't like no matter what if some o doesn't like what you have to say you don't suck it up if if you need if you need tell the truth and so this temerloh at me because it's true i take her spots ability for what you do if you stuck it something on you did something rough yet i screwed up i'm sorry not going to do that again i took stolenthough ricamento say an take you very much and i wanted to bring out something oh i maybe maybe people don't have this i know we don't have to setipes any more i mean i remember years ago or cesspools mentor was john gorst and he's been one to play the one sometimes i don't know what triggers things pop and up for to listen to john gerster was a real tree but one day i was listening to a take and he said this this is wise smiled it wasn't too to think you were crazy i was like yes i hain't no i do laugh and kiss the ephuteusen he said this and i will say that it was like being what did he say it i had to re wind to take and i had to reminded again but he said this so simple and yet so proud fond he said i would rather die then he tacked are you wait wait what did he say i would rather die than lie and at this is the attitude to the think you're talking about that we have to develop or begin to have that right off the bat no but it's a onconvinced it wouldn't we understand the gospel of christ when we understand his grace whom we understand christ we find pleasure in obeying him its graceful obedience grace provokes the obedience that pleases when somebody plies the come ride out in their telling the world i am a coward because they you know it's like they are afraid to tell the truth and so there you do insaitat a comin out and fasten up and doing the right thing it's it's it's a display of ultimate cold some slept god on the face an you don't cross the face and does whatever they want its complete and utter display of kent for god mockery and and i an arrogant and i mean that that's just the way it is you know you can you can spend it any way you want and we've all fallen short of the glory of god i've made mistakes you have made mistake and thank god she's patient enough to walk with us through those but when something comes to your mind that you've got a change stop realize yet just slap god in the it does an end well when that happens and turn around the th the line i owed rather die than lie i that's how i feel too or mislead somebody and they may not like what i have to say what but we know but it is the way it is it's it's going to be and i made it and i'm not always right it is it is my best effort at that point time to do the right thing do i do a perfect broadcastle not i i'm not professional at this never said i was never never claimed anything i just was for mocho in now was running a few businesses love to clean out stalls shoveled horse crap and decide yeh why don't why not do you know how how bad kindness truly be you know and just be willing to stop forward in our imperfection but in authenticity and an honesty before god say i can't go take the slump of what of her and try to make it into something that looks like because i care there go so ye a slight down into page five i love the way her discussions go the crazy there out of control their friends talking together but the at the career pensively so yet the lions and patriots came i just put that to be kind of a weakened a kind of laugh about dat butter yanich gan i guess we're we're attached to the lions oneanofer sanders quick oh yes yesyes i got into sheridan you know the christians were thrown into the roman coliseum and it was sport and we talked about this last week but they were called christian they were called atheist and they were called atheists because they didn't believe in the roman gods they did not accept caesar as a they said they had the nerve to say jesus and i i can only wish done that the people in the church to day would know that jesus is in this inpacto the point that i made over last summer kind o what i really had an issue with my republican friends because i asked him when they asked down about your wire his support donna she can't win and i thought you know what what of jesus came down on to help and ran for governor michigan would you vote for him an almost across the board down of the report i got was no we would both for him cause he couldn't win either my boy as you got people that profess cries that i i would probably say i think the christians and yet they were basically telling me we don't believe jesus is and i struggle with that we may not die in roman coliseums but i got down to how many of us died becase or were paralysed by the lions so what did peter think as he wrote first peter resisted him who that roaring lion firm and your faith knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by brothers throughout the world so everything we suffer is not because of what we did it could be because of maybe our righteousness and that would be what we did but our righteousness if it's godly righteously used by great i don't have to ever apologize for that ah even though people want to mock me eh well term why you do that why do you believe that when you put yourself on that way to me that's got if it's god's grace in me i i will go to the stake to the lions den for that in grace's true toughness oh that true toughness is something that that is i will we have had no leadership in this nation and tell the the rightful president of the united states donald j trump and in the say that on our episode and because it has to be set right and it is like we don't even know what leadership is cause we've got this same emotional nonsense that there leading us astray and you know it it's got to stop because you know it if we want to see things change it has to change with us having that bravery to stand for something because there's nothing out there that is really set distraction most of its site instead of truly standing for the kingdom of god and the righteousness therein and with that's what that is where we're going to have to go from thence only thing that's going to save this nation in the spiritual war that were in its turning our hearts to god and set of turn it into every satanic pursuit that self there completely demanded a mentally ill and leads to destruction of notches themselves but every one around them in they're going after our kids all you have to do is open your eyes just a little bit to see that this is about our kit there there try their going after our children in they go after our children because it is totally and anti christ i'm going to bring something up here while there anybody wants to see this or not i could show lots of things like satanic rituals solid over orthoborate rich or the operates gender stuff jlkelisetkn god and wonderous mething i brought the up yesterday but you want to see true true nonsense and and satanic check this nonsense tell me that that is not mentally ill tell me that the stray queen nonsense that's going after children and these books and our schools has any virtue in it because it's a lie it is a complete and utter life not checked this self this came up scantily clad which if you don't think this stuff exists it does and this is this is the end gained to craziness is scantily clad which is caught montenotte dear cot carcass on a creek i security footage backyard ritual when a woman set up a trail came on with her grant that he captures that's going on and it's going on everywhere and so you know the perry blockers and like charlotte brought it up and in all this nonsense or going after our kids there is an and gameto this and we could get real raw showing people what satanic assault on this nation is and there the salt on the constitution and on the bible and on got desistat that we want our our nation to look like i say no i i agreed on i say if i can say it in your show held you can say whatever you are i could i thought of again we're we're fighting against help these these thoughts these practices basically come straight from the pit i help and as i point this is part of my point when wears a church can sit back and in sin that people are going to come in and steal killing destroying or mis oh i was tempted to say so an o a plate my time for an owl but oi ijust it's like to me it's he rends that we have so many americans that sit back ford up with all this debauchery against our child and it's not just there but if if for no other person if we understand children if we do it back without it i don't know what consols so again i am not here to be people but i am here to try to wake people up and i think that's what you said here i don't think there's enough people oh wait while fontanahis kind of non son they've got another thing comment and you know it's like it's like or you or or whatever it's like do we get people that are there crouch half naked munching on a deer or once there right yes right to operate startin a hall of that's it you really want to do but don't ask me to buy into this and you should stupid prone olisr anything else i icosandrian would it be fair to say that the woke movement to church to sleep in some sense well i got into the safe emotional nonsense and instead of truth and logic and critical his because our motions can lead us set look at look it look at the flag look at the pride flagand yes i'm going to go there okay i am going to go there stripes on the pride flake what's the number satan six six six even this is not too hard to figure this out it's kind of it out there for a long time it and in pride i think about this think about in that and bilorus pride goeth before the fall you are i'm i'm completely convinced that we are going to see god tear down every single human construct that's out there that's been a mockery to help and we got nobody else to blame but ourselves as we let this go on away too long without saying some as they are as they prey upon our children so we've got patefecit ing and our government office who have been nothing but a bunch of liars cheats and thieves who have stolen for us who have given us murderous healthcare who have basically thrown children right on the fire just like they were doing for bail and and the not and this sort of thing and we want to be blessed why guess the free air of the sisters of perpetual indulgence i soon thing i didn't know that a real call though that's a real thing so the pride knights of the base one bring up two cases that next week i got to see what this is so its the perpetual indulges the relief he oh yes i i mean talk about a complete my cry but they are at the heart of a lot of the pride knights in the major league baseball arenas i i actually found a satanic i low went looking for the stock cause i look for it i want to hisaerie the decorator of that might grow is actually by whose hamenester of nuclear waste re while yell it's going head and kill everybody and do it in a vein you know check this so seriously there you go now i'll maybe since you got down up down on a bring up what i was talking about there was a crown of blue jays pitcher that first came out and reposted a video that slammed and hierochontina and others and he basically said he was a christian man and i got to say this i believed that he didn't know about grace i wish i could have got a hold of him but he folded when they put fresher on him and he had to apologize it he asked to go through training now on the other hand arsano her pitcher from the los angeles dodgers may the same stand and literally put out that that i believed that jesus paid for my sins on across so they literally do called dancing on the cross so the picture topped love there that's counnow this so that this is i'm sorry but we have to deal with is sky and we can't sweep this honor the carpet any more we done this for law and in yet and i mean i mean i'm sorry it's time to face the music of what we have here nothing all this is the gallito put this out it really so we just let it go on without with all omountain about it is the continued to ruin our children and i'm going to be talking about sorry so sad too bad this is this is not o k and in in orders once right in the middle of that demonstration the cross has in her mocking god there mocking the cross their mocking and in their don't even know of any these people are exually real i believe that their paid actors and acts in order to just further in adonais like on that montani guy that's you know for in heisel i on oi don't i believe that i don't believe that he's prealable most is people are actually deep state actors who are being paid to play a part to destroy these so for it if the bottom of page five or night i guess since we jews showed those pictures i think it we workersshould things here when it's like we live in judgment to day partially because we fail to do justice that's exactly what you were just saying down ah i used i don't understand the church that wants to close its eyes and say look we we won't deal with that cultures going to help but i say man kind of a low the culture to go to hell because you have not gotten involved to proclaim the gospel and of i do want people if i can challenge people research lucreces government and let god to your soul about it when peter talked about babelon i may not believe thee the last reference in first peter five thirteen was bought battled and i think he was basically saying he was in babylon and we do believe he was probably in rome and so the reference to rome is pretty pretty intense and i got to say when i was passed though a spencer bible church i took the black girl breadso to avoid the chains of government i was not going to bow in any sense to what the government wanted me to bow to and that was the black girl regiment men pastors in our revolutionary war were the ones that godly revolution and led their people into the battle they didn't send him they literally led them into the battle to fight for god's own and so it's like i just wonder how many people are really we his people we may we may do the shirt thing sweat cheesefor redeeming grace church but that's one of the things that i wanted to put on it we his people and i just encourage people to wake up to who we are and and it will talk about love it more but i'll throw it out to own people a renascent we we read de scripture and in the scriptural foundation for the new testament was clearly a roman oh what should i say a roll and sister and peter and paul were both martyred in a roman system rome was the world wide entity that people had to face and i guess this is where you can wometco earlier donna are found meg's i think that people are confused as to maybe thee the impact of the lightenin believe the enlightment as much as it looks good if it really was a very godless philosophy and again people say a lot of want to give them to philosophy but to you kind to have to know it because that godless philosophy has permeated so many people and the wrecks like government believes that enlightenment doctore and i think that gets is in trouble i believe that god founded as to be alexeres government so i won't people to understand that oh i think that's a topic all in now itself you know that in his and i can talk about it a lot but it's like i think we have to understand ah what it means because if i just think down on that people would have a a huge appreciation for america if they even thought that we were created to be a wreck like or alex wrecks government with christ as king of our conte ah i like i said everything i read from our founders i believe the fence exactly how we were founded and i i think that if people understood that they would do they would act differently so would peter i almost think that ah we can look at first peter and second peter as peter's farewell i finished my race if you will i think first peter has a fair wall theme second peter i makes a godly crescendo of that and we don't know what whether peter was housed in the prison with paul whether they communicated ah whether one saw the other get taken out we do believe pride paul had died before peter but i just wonder if if we knew that we were going to face martyrdom how much would our language and how much would our life he it's like they knew first hand you can put me in jail but you can't the freedom and my soul and that was the theme song of my turning point he was say massage freedom ring and now i guess that's what god has taught me because i get grace builds a freedom in my soul that can't be quieted i think that's a lot what you exhibit two doctorate ah i certainly tried to walk and make out proud of me with what i do like good choice is as such you know but i think you're out lecour is in heaven and doltimore treasures in heaven and when we have an eternal perspective what we do here we we end up god grace is thus so much resolved that you know that it's like i always celebrate can't kill me only got goin my life and you know it's like when you're under god's protection it's only god that as our life and it's like you know we have nothing to fear an you know and it's just like it is just like that the witches that are the witches that are living in lands and right now ah you know i don't want to put on this sound the screen there like you know they're there pathetic there it's really pathetic it's very sad and we do pray for them because they have really been captured by prince beltis and powers its very sad in crediting a wodbinde take our life but what i was saying as they can take to freedom in our set i don't think they can even take our lives i don't love most prob photophony got that in kincumber our days and antonin a sort of like if they if they decide to go down that that path and a move in that direction in pretty extra shore there going to be a situation that judas was at some point in time you do not take in how you don't go there and take life of somebody that is that you don't don't even think about it because it's a it's gets gods do for those of us that are christians as we're going home that's the exit plan for this life and i'm okay with that you don't yeh and even further there in some sense we don't die because eternal lives in us our body may dive it instantly we are in eternal life and a kind one nation on them for doing something like that would be on leave you know make good choice is all you know even those people that are out there even the deer carcass have naked though in the woods and such it's time to make some good choices and read to pray for these people because i think a lot of people don't even realize what they're doing cause they're so campsjust like he just like the nonsense said politics some people know what they're doing they've made that choice and they they know exactly what they're doing there's no turning back as they want that power they want that that recognisant and certainly they want that money my money you know just like the church is gone talked about the church church or churches are past their absolutely a posse all he do is look at what happened do recolit that don't want don't want to cut that money supply off to working to just shut up the gold on getting saething with politics we're going to shut off and go along get along as we want to be we want that the approval of the call and called sar the unpart called in everything else it's an takes a very strong person to say now i know this is wrong and i'm not going to go half way with the result we're going to go all the way because god is going to finish this fight and we believe that he is going to do such things you know he's going to fish on fossatis done it is sent and again he may be we didn't go through in a lot of here on redeeming grace church but we did and we the county and i talked about this and that turning point us a message there a lot of the church i think bolli wrongly romansch when these and so again the pietists would believe no we we're under even tyrants to the glory of christ so therefore we don't we don't push back against tyranny she had i don't believe that because i believe again we were a negresco ernment and we as citizens should never bow to tyranny there stonington the rights given by who god it's like the warning against god himself they think the more against us but the warning against god is omened by the constitution and the rights given by god you know the th they don't even understand that they picked bade they can't win you cannot win against and you know the only thing you're going to do is going to be just chosen to walk straight into how with the rest of the demons or condemned for ever you have to make that and you know it it's a personal choice is a personal choice in everything we do we have that right to do stupid stuff and to do stuff that's going to lead your own dismiss god's goin to be like how's it work and for it you ride become back aereo going to keep this this little game up and you know and it's i i think it's really that's the way it works and hopefully get you down god pleased help in our other because we make bad decisions human beings make bad decision and it's only none of us has a has a crop the only way we do anything right is by god himself if that he works through sweet can even take credit for anything we do right it's god himself but we can turn to help and he will lead us out of this world satanic system and any is good we go to the chant her men ah what's the ol we got up we got a bunch we got a bunch going here got everybody well i'll stirred up that's good i hope you're always created not get out there and start start living for god you know doing a right thing here so let's see thank you pastor temper addressing the people who wanted merica's that is so wrong and sure i was informed the constitution is a longer and the united states is a corporation as anybody ever told you what have you this sounds like their trying to shut the republic form of government did elateres heard i don't believe it lapses i know many people that believe that once saved always sayeth sunshine is he yes i heard many times in the churches once saved always saved charlotte's pewtery blockers clowns paroselas and michigan govern let us call it what is its mutilation of our children this is one it is in it's all about money just like not the past church is all about money the carnivores constitution for the united states lives on in the desert de degrees it is the corporation we see in the de facto which means in factor working phenonenal is trying to do away with all sides of representative republic every one she watched the dark or even mount tore what is a woman while you don't what i know what a woman is you want me to well start this right now a woman as you know the chromis all in sark correct we can actually have babies and in we have not necessarily cut parts of our body off to pretense not the way goes a careless thanks car and i have been researching to sand answers packs and formation that this is for so i can show facts and research yet cares roll knowledge will care i lack the bad thing is that parents take their children to see this evil crept not a charlotte that's some being apparent that is not being apparent at all charlotte says they call they called the ah they called the dancer de pis for not knowing a constitution was all an outdated i think it the thing i came across her voice ellaline us as the corporation now carenses well they are in air the corporation never did away with the rgani constitution it is still very much in place but the corporation does not respect in or work under a dc as a foreign land so this is why the ja six defendants locked there are being treated proud of properly under the pillories in the law and what congress is acting on consent ah i might have read that rise not been treated properly is not be intrepreter charlie says in how we hate which isn't more life they come right out and tell you who they are here deceived ye and i would he honorary that you love god and slappin the face because i'm not buying that kind of crop no githered that toine change with me and there was one person to talk to but like the eighteen seventy corporation i go through all that in the pendices with my turning possess i just want to say again tom parker nineteen fifty three at chemille docome anybody feel free to chatter with me i love the chatter i will always try to get answers to you but if you have not seen that turning point u s a i can give you information i can send to file to you and you could read the appendixes because as cansados ournment is lisenen we don't understand that and i think there's a parallel government running at all times we do not have to the corporation there is a sense or constitute still lives and more people that know that we can declare that no matter how much they make thank you done for sure no thing so there are over many of the rongengs all stirred up and i have to get up here and get a race stirred up and get participations mobeetie don't what is the saying it's like like the beatings all wore well well and with the behavior of procople things before we close of you get there i would just congonorthern just saddled do hold though second peter and if you can through the week lurk in at least one of the three if not all three of those whom precatory sons and here's a whole there's a whole mass up put those on to but it's some thirty five sixty nine and one o night regos and will be ready to go next week and i i hope you had for i tell you i do with this redeeming grace no i tinotoan i mean just i just like the fact that you and i can sit down and talk as we always had great conversations i wish you guys listen to the conversations notit's really a wee we get into some pretty deep discussions with and if it's a it's a case you know what we really want to do the right thing and there were here to serve this world now to sit here with a little pathetic hands out begging for money like everybody else you know that's that's another thing that i keep it convicted of you know every such you got a mine otises channel you were in need to find it and every time i do god like no state course you know it's like just stated a course to keep to the soosanner you don't elles if if you got something that's all volunteer that there is basically is all voltaire's nor money exchange here yet this is as aphetic as it gets at the kitchen table people come in together in just talking i you don't and and ah and in schering thoughts and ideas and there's nothing any of us are getting from his just doing it because i want the country back and i don't think the others stand to doe i merickokes everybody else's out there begging for money every where it's like oh i don't take a time of this that i i do need motive but it's like my goodness people that i do this just from the goodness grace had not put him my soul and it's like i don't have any financial attachment to anything i say and it's like a river it is anybody if anybody feels that i was speaking in a condemnatory way coles chatter cause they're just learning the truth and he detention and suck it up and being adult make a change because as for your best good i mean i'm sorry to componebat to give but any piece about this but the thing of it is is that because neither one of us are taken any money and i sure it's hatdidn't take any any you know any dark mighty pack money anything like a wee say whatever they want what you goin to do cotterfouk would that what for the i do fonticulis people to chatter don't be afraid to chatter that's what i'm about so you portering of his no finethere you go what's that can't hunt mononotto's no fond inouation boss you done let's so let's say a prayer and then we can have honorantes prayer for for her dad and gary for this ah yes ah i eletro that right at you gives that right on this but but we have some very good friends very good people that that in your face of bei set up that hole j six non se and i i are coming in harassing people in the state of michigan and and such an inflict this is the kind of nation it all of you in god's watching you get in a way with any of this and there is going to come ponty time where the back hand of this is going to hit you so hard and it's going to come from god almighty to the open all these other other people that are setting up setting us good people and god sits and they do the thesolution don't even or a real throatif anybody knows gary or do a threat now that the ice feeble or met your wife so yes ah so lots lots say prayer and right lord as we come to you we we come humbly and yet boldly to your thrown a great we do need grace and mrs ah because we are in need we sometimes wish we had we more answers than we do the lord were all challenged in encouraged to live agosto the grace life that you have been vested i prayed that my sisters all know your grace and her soul that they have been new birth set free by your free third helpless not to ever that freedom lightly help us not to take your redemption lightly s table lightly lord gives boldness so that we live for you every way that we his name we you're welcome i oneanother things yes i'll get there gottheiner or governor not come because i am has none consider who has ever done conceded in the history of the world i would take that challenge on erthe and we love you for that done anyhow ah we love you your important realize every one struggles were here to walk forward together just in the end take that step to do the right thing to day which ourself in check and watch out god blesses you and walk you right out of it makes it easier every single every single we're not going to lie when i got to cheat when i'm going to see where i going to do all this stuff that are politicians are doing in just then will they do in simonton's we're going to be the ones that stuff example live the right life and got this is gold stole and live for god and show him that we actually love him slapping him on the at condo that no more used so there you go something how all say a fig a man and i want people to know as this wasn't the bottom of the message a man means let it be so lord and as what we should all say the things that you just summarize dona we should be saying let it be so in as so god we love the hippodome love you there's hearts for you so he got to her hands god bless you god bless shaloshim you love and god bless the mericats going to be great day in itself make good choice this is this doubt of the back make good choices to day as we love you hawthorne