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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/24/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard

Published July 24, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Monday Morning in the Mitten! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty fourth day of july twenty twenty three and i wonder well him you to myself thank you for joined tonitis morning there is a something beautiful about just getting together and talking about regular stuff i don't know what you with there's not a tone of regular stuff out there but i've got chuck on light over here he's coming as i followed because he's up in an holland and needs a better and not connecticut you doin i started laughingand all wronglythere in itself the new plan i we you can make it up this course they goes better with service i says to im frustrated i may be at one of those that this is as other otherbodies right that's right with they've got all the tools and they're spying on you out there but you can't even communicate to me on the on the internet here it's got want to play a song to start this ovogenesis the time we live in we got to maintain kind of a sense of humor towards what's going on as you can't make the stuff up it's fun it's not funny but it's so absurd it is kind of funny so i want to play this corrody because the only way to keep the only way to survive this sister is the first informal trust god pre lot in a realize he's got the path and have it have a good laugh once in a while so i wanted to play this everybody hilarious heneritere to tyre the as and well we goingto the high as men with with hoohewahewa shapewith thrown the right to represent the moncrossen is maintaining the capitate chorasmia the seven in a daromean we welcomehowever through the other tones but he set sassoon there betteredge they drank our last resources with the cry of her baconwhich a chosan great and corporeos that they and weichteilen thinornis sooner spaces where tired o regin the ions on the pay sootiest the building over to thingsin no things chansonettes sillyshamefully and obispo chantereynehpital the tissues the folleries wootherspoons and on the temple nitatahocan ototototoi charioteer might survey my self searsport and those of the escossaise mortawan i retired to ochtertyre yowowow a way to do the way of warnapoleon he sidenote she now you can't have the car rose it tortionneur like aplonis what you have been stored and ducation is related to the ears you are confortand thee hers or sonorosities noise by not belisteresse destroying the pretorial dispraises he show he athensthe are sectaries and wasbefore o me an sensestaste lors stoodwhither weatherit's hard toisenlaisessa the strong his ware we stared clonlonan in neilsounnecnon the careers here on sollertissimo his facesalute hilarious besides think it's absolutely hers that's done i think it's done coronis the purity post and they they have they have a poncho a different videos there hilaris they've got a really good one on pants to cause i'm it's pence man but i'm not an aspen at all not at all so i can't get i can't i gave that one of the long time ago and when a headstones ions about his authentie that way so i were it is as one to the good like a concrete cracked up one because i holyoke the words it is i'd like to go to logotheti should shall be in benoit oh well we got it we got to keep keep trying that is so where i want to go this morning now last week nick and stuff any were listening and and i honestly i have had my hands fold in the last in the last week and i apologized to them i agreed doubted them several times that we were not able to make a conch and as to what will keep trying but nick himself and if you want to come on this morning you have my phone number you can give me a call at six one six for three zero for four one zero and i will in fact send you a link and you may come on this morning and we will we will talk about this cause we i relate i am not a party politics person at all i want the truth and i don't really care which side of the line that lands because nobody's right one hundred per cent of the type and right now we have a unipartite all protect so let's let's all get together and just go for the truth not first not for this ascanto les kiintesti a really is a crank in me right now i mean there's a lot of things i can go right through a line of things but the first thing has to do with me gounidenion oh the focatiue gold fund me page and the other one of the sick to the succeed the lectures that were in that lecherously wild he was the one tortestrein this scene which i think is the right thing to do i know unite disagree but there's a lot of history not explain that but paresis opening her troops she was isotheosis posed to be a leader and a fine of a christ in chobandede conformed the gold flung me page which has here married in one of cotteford ten have on me shown how hot not genealogie of the present crop to find the whole thing is as his election i thought she had power so i am cranked about her because honestly i was supporting her unessentials it is the right thing to do when we think explained that and discuss them for here he is and it's time and crisis of banding distrust his back and winston churchill i believe it i note'worthy campaign was about a good the poorfor but it had time when his true were who had a going to get to may and will work you out of oolite was but it was one of the campaigns anyways what did corthell do he went back to get him with the tree and prconem out and saved we have information as for the leader though he was himself a resource but was shown and marion hecastotheistic well sorry great here all in there all in it for themselves and i you know though i am not enoughsafer or my a whitmoreno on my advanceinteresting crimes against this descination but the shot down his unconstant they there guilty they are absolute guilty ordering toback become her own well i went on to talk about the thing with with his chin and and marian stand cristatis is what just get it just gripes me the whole of the republican party the grass roots were against for how long trying to kick them to the kirk and all of a set all was sodden now so comes up to press charges on the in everybody's like what a puppet but they're going after republicans are going to make an example of the publicans they're publicans have made a resample of themselves that the establishment then an i can't understand to to quicken and some one that they were sworn enemies against and forgetting all the things as they've done it this is incredible if they committed a crit she brought these charges against and i should have a thin mettetelo i think there is liesse dainties not doing this easton this for personal act like a tacit remembers how he nefer personal accolitis contradict this coveredexcept cally ope soles break it tonaltecos she women the law were talkin about his the nineteen fifty four was act one sixteen of of michelawic is a assalone sixty eight the thing that makes us unique is it's never been challenged and cord and any more we'll stand of his thought calege if it had been changed how come well because we haven't had any situations that would require it so that long itself in the problem in your going to see that because others takes a low at dools electorswith been done in the past missionthough it was getting head of the curving passing this law but the fact that there was a licking and this is the thing the people were i would agree that she would have more of a standing and happen with the rest and on the board of canvassers at wing county and to rest the poor state or to compositionall that this go back to this wing county we incountry she was threatened her child was strang to harken was shot was the and that was really that should have been enough to take shame to the steep or the canvasser's benavente there's any shoe here under the rest nothing matters any goes to the state for a cameses and wanted norssinge no he he obstained by the lagoon with the democrats questions met a shingle said that he was and that's what i was reported then lying bill had no rash and al for other than so suspected dealings which i have informed the appia question is to you coriander teresians should have been a consulate not and because there is a president and to pass a dual lectors lake there is a question of what really happened in this election that holdenough to put it into the courts to decide or to in this case to us househopes natives to decide which electrisation bested as condoned too that's why she and then he got that's why is a problem she has a conflict of interest why she was in if counsel over the tin grot and worldwiser prive spacewalk epithecata of stand rotten excuthe people of the other state of mistigen because those guys were guilty but we know they were gilt in the patachonicus she got money that is he quid pro ful that makes her liable for a priory a case cause she got bribed under him till seven fifty one one seven and one old eight she's guilty thinking of bribe and band for office so we have a whole group of scenarios going on do i like the shownand round absolutely not i think the despicable i think they showed it principle here is our greater than the individual standard ingels are going to get some another way but on this case i she's doing it for offerrand stay behind the scene you got more hot and can you know what the letter i said to mark to remind all this i believe that he's going to run for ah i turne general state of michigan the number he lost two bill shorty last time and davenescourt disgrace to the democrats as one she'd been to republicans ohio to that's why was going to in so i want to get in to stand brought two of the fact you know that they pulled his of his election does well that's it a grand stand on i can alike and i smiled and i cried at the same time he caused again prince what strange consider issues there and i don't know totering him out the question he now that last election were his wife one by forty boats there's some real questions there so i ses is she deeper and i think its underlying be undermined by the storing i think he has something to with it and and i won't know they cannot they will not tell me any ways but i got a chuckle because i send some to during which he she you can't make it up on one we got some more to cover i know you want roistered ble it's abscedite all the stuff going on but i'm a still going to go back to that that i have more questions about then you know even even if the ladies be challenged the president is that the president is there and so she and in a way i think she is following the law and a that were were challenging things but there's a bigger principle that's happening here and this is and trying to find out who who done it who did what it what time the there are as many the there are so many questions having haven't do that i want to see this go forward and i don't know necessarily think that this is for personal accolites for dan there i think there is i think there's way more stuff going on there and i'm going to go back to the i think that they're all in it together and that these people that sign these pays for his were kind of an insurance policy to make sure that if president trumps somehow between december oh was it to some fourteen and the bonagratia in and that if he is my somehow something came out we have another assurance title the presidential path for the rightful president of the united states donald j there there is no there is no real reason for her to do this after the fact i don't believe it the republican party is already employ the the grand new party is not is not doing anything so e told me the other day that actually christina and michonis and that that was kind of a shocking thing i have a amazing whistle blow or and wersing to put together a little many series including a whole bunch of video foot that has not been seen and this is going to be a lot of fun on this it is such a shocking amount of information that being able to hit were can be put out there then there's no there is no way to not have to deal with the reality that he ingentes ing as we as regret some some of this information down ill because there the so much going on and in for the irish person you know not all that there could have what what what what and why we i would die a assolve bring this up now it's like the woman the woman is totowhat that press conference he was no way she was walking on her own powers there was somebody in there in every as she started in the guy walks in front of honikol there's her little hand or she's that she's a polonese and so he worked in front of her and alsoshe goes oh i so put her head down like the shoes sat oh i guess i'm going to let them in him deal with it it was like what what is this this is not a woman who is running at her own pace she's taken instructions and she was reading off a scrip she was not going off the and and it was kind of interesting so why would she bring the charges of now it makes no sense it makes no suntoso out o drawers oshiret take a look at it this sixteen electors okay he won that i think is not or is actually good go on getting out his these people were were all kate they were lectorale into one way or other cause i've heard all kinds of stories but in any case they were for chonsorte this only gasoscope told doontrodden again came to do this pretty clear and so there finding all kinds away why is dainton because gaminlike you said there's a lot of times and to hear why is in triestines altogetherin baines now you know dan is not step in ontotheological realm nor is so nor is the other or the other the when you got to guide the challenging you haven't done anything you've got to get repent ask yourself how hoolan is daneben in the last year since last july she has been relevance to walked on the state writing the shooter anything from her where is the chap you cash you know what i know on that was she's just send onbecause of a democrat high i power to democrats in i knows that i laid it out for and i'm just want to see if he's got the courage or the other cold is to tickle after i think he does i think he's waiting i think he's going to pile watch what happens because david is so all able repeaters had been in professional they have been less than animal even to a democratic stand because the democratic standard is pretty loveful right there the lower wall is chariot em all in one one little camp there i doesn't make interpectoral to the landscape of both parties it's a unitary now i'm not talking the grass roots but i am synthetise country goes down right now i believe it's going to be the the fault of a lot of the people not in leadership still following this ridiculous party politics stuff and having their minds i moved into into that directions thinking for themselves i really do he is called my halting and we're going to have to start thinking for ourselves because here all spended i saw i i'm i'm a not a pain enough but there's so many things here that makes so or they don't make sense i still can't get i can't embrace is that she's trying to say rollant my going after there is now at there's no reason there is no benefit to her she is arose she showed the the chatfield case so why didn't she keep this one she it does it is doesn't make sense to me in bostonthe cap the chap tocache you o you noticed she can out to monstrous papasha have something out by dandin the ear the reason is their trying to find out a way to get around that those two democrats and the issue otherwise she was ready last saw the hegelian she alike when she got so last september why she was ready to go in chapel played a card and that's what through lost and in the one person resided in no conqueror and so that for him in a quandary what to do i so it's kind of funny and in and funniest being a is she's not your typical political animal occas he's not i think she does some things o ka this one here is not she clearly claimed how decked all i can say is watch it'll bear the truth because what's going on going this sancho's going to get caught in her own actions and i think without howled i'm going to be smiling i could be smilin just like i was the other day when stanco got relieved of his election duty remember there's more than us which stained in justice in this case electors he is a question of that election of his wife for by winning by forty votes i asked leptosiphon people's mouths their hoping that some one will look deeper into what was boltoni don't know his true o i really don't all i know is there were a lot of upset people when as he was and his was a ganesaid ing for him in a dispatch again this might be the way to make him a roll of i don't know so well the lot going on and offers preserving misspendest the octonis as it appears absolutely nothing as his so i want a story something else the other wise of astor talk about a yes some the like that selective got on crutch the grutching up as barby celebrating the new move and herethat's that's not and then i want to show you this because i'm goin to keep hammering on in the fact that the republican party is going to absolutely be at fault for president the having any difficulties going for her cause they've never stood with him i'm a shinover stood with him in in actually they just used him thought the establishment republicans just used president trump from what i could see and because i never heard of actually talk about other than when had benefited them for fundraising so he go michigan gopi is functionally bank rock according to directing of a closed and i were talking the report here such can't get the honest and honest number from anybody oh that is in a keeps changing there is ninety three thousand dollars in bank account sixteen months before the november twenty twenty four elections and over a half million dollars in in dot well that's one on nothing and now there's talking for a hundred and sixty thousand dollars in debt is i'm not sure what they did to go to get down to the but regard less none of them the grand new party or the amigo p is working in the best interests of any one out there and it it just is there focusing on the bilander blaming it on the bylaws rather than lack of or and in its kind of shocking thirteenth line one of the biloch that they keep saying that they want to change the bylaws that this that's what they they hired em i came copastor was that they were going to it the problem with all this as the by loss that were going to go back and were to change the violets how but we focussed the little bit and perhaps find out what you've done financially because there is there's money eh a decimation that nobody is talking about sheria i asked about the four hundred and sixty thousand dollars in a lodge a debt wiser than refuse the number and fight friday statement that he asked also gave no indication he would step in to resolve it wise or study had given more than five million to help republicans when elections the twenty twenty two like other vexations there was a relatively small part of doubt left over the represents less and four per cent of the total robins he is there there all covering their tail on this and there's just no heroes here at all i'm seeing pretty much in leadership no no hero and it's really it's really a shame it's it's the he i think come he really got to get more deep till he's kings i here all time this off toisilleen thelast night convocations of the had about forty do you not conflict resolute bacon things are falling to the procedure there not even old internal that's that's a problem if you're not all in procedure then who's really called the shots and who do what we don't know really don't do he can always speculate so it was transeatis crazy but the shore or a lot of questions so where else is going on that you wanting with the morning casterton of stopped them we this is like a squad we could go in about a million different the recess youotherwise was because you know i did a piece of owing him to go about the second district i had to remain davon bird has a as dorothy and the corsetiere you go off the rails coming names again no no just call it all his in better game sorry i call her door the recluse she dressed up his door the from the wizard is which his fire was referring to the sinyuha some other characters you have honrosas the tin man because roadhorses have already goes out there and takes people's money lives off the he got any she leesethe in district share now i have him as a coloneling of because he never really himselfor anything he's sold there and you got raided gopias the scarecrow because scarce was what a brain right is what he would so that tells you lolita the cast the character i believe all for those people should resign to save us on recalling him i think there be evors as cold to find out within the next month you got to find out at least had a couple of ah they should be thrown off now i'm waiting because i don't want to hear somebody else as case against him but in a loose three of them automatically baby may be defeathis fail in because he doesn't know he is really think things through a well but the rest of them ah there behaviours has or going to be released in about a month i goin to be the destructible there is i do theretothe political landscape it's all it's it's all a it's all smoke and mirrors as all about money and moving money around and getting people in jumpedlike their little poodles and their sick as that that's what i see i don't really see anybody thinking for themselves the kind of move like a school of fish if you if you don't move like a little and he got a got a bigger fish that's going to swallow him up it and get rid of em you know the cipher though and in they want to talk about transparency one willing to show the budget for the the district the second district where is it we don't hear anything women to do ask on the beatings scattereth ugh the website there notanother wet sidehis witling the ego that let's be honest with people ride oot let be honest were there comes she only promised that to raise the hundred fifty thousand dollars from the second district first of all where are we where to be stand second all were to money come from because i would question anybody any district is so there raising it money how because we know that this second district raised may be in thousand dollars before backs ratetto budget i don't raise much money ashes what did they do with the body to have suffered in this latest group is they have concerts they have all these people coming with nobody comes he have all the vendors they have red house and i told nobody came to be rethoricall show up i'm told yes i'm told yes he gave her some pitchers i saw i'm told by some of the benders they were very very very disappointed they would come back again because these guys don't know what they're on it made themselves rolled i made himself the relevant they have it's just like you you you you hit it out park with that when it's like the supper club or a professional pitchers at meeting that's all they do and there's there's no on not hearing any actual solutions coming out of any of em to it's just say well you know this is going wrong and then they divided people up into so i'm on this sortie earsports steam and we are wind at all costs and in that's not how america works you know we're sped be you know one nation under god it and in being able to actually have have a salient discussions on how to fix the problems that we have because the problem there's a lot of problems but if we shall be mortalityhave eventooally you know and there's there's a lot of quick ways too actually fixing i i'm going to say when i get in as governor because i'm still a non con i'm not conceding to the election julie's chiefs in the whole action was absolutely ah a failure a large field so i'm going they when i get in you want to know what we need to do first off as hers about sixteen hundred people that need to be fired and arrested and panotlan to get me immediately and then that that numbers going to grow from there rapidly but not nitrogenous to shake your dogglerers poland i lost said that star is halfthat's the start we got to have about a tiny person strike strike over thing off with a pat on because it's its novice that's what has to happen and you know what also and do i would pause all tack i would pause all taxes for period of time until we figured out what was going on because you're going to start seeing the pots yet out there that even you know sucking off the the government no kiddin so you don't work on to hear him all up and out there and they're going to come forward and all of a sudden the the ones that are dipping the loudest or probably the ones that are the most guilty of the money laundering the theft the sopheric they're the ones that are going to be up in the most cause they've got nothing all taken do because these people basically are just in their play games or not real varit they will not be able to stand on themselves and so as they after fee into oh no melting away i'll go to the the wizards they they're going to turn into the wicked witch lyathene we throw a little bit of brand and brynowen to the scene here because i tell you what we have to we have to address as did you know so it was the one things that i've been looking into cause i look at all sorts of things on that that need that looks is i'm i am how copters i love i love flight i love plans and i love helicopters so i've been looking and too the a and watched oh no we love are made right looking into the problems that we have and how its structure how a lot of these is arested to profit of of people we have cereal killers in our medical or magical on and i'm going to i'm in opposto in it an investigator who's talking about how they hide the setterel killers within the hospitals there there there's there's no there is no denying it and also how the funding works within a the the helicopter transport of patience and what the reality of that really is in most of them now are owned by private equity firms and it is there is no bid contracts and i believe that in actual flights of the casts are between six and thirteen a thousand dollars and what they will out is twenty six to twenty seven of the sixty thousand dollars and this is all to benefit the shareholders of the private equity forms that most of them are owned by the this is its incredible when you really start looking at the numbers and what's really going on in all of these ales you you you have do you have to go down these paths to find out what's actually going on so that we can because people are being irrevocably harm by private equity forms by haddon spy black rock vanguard arabella these these large corporate organizations that have truly on taking over her i mean they've done it economically as how they've really gone after the united states america is economic warfare of the anniviers that's how they done no ridable and he sat in a while look at don as i look at what what crime is the engine i'll be comic poseidon i mean and blincome albino having spending vencedoras in this case price if we look at as we need to go out for that aspect because why because that rather these to have a tax if you look at other comsilio at england the social country geraken i think it's like stone by per cent the i live on seven on twenty five per cent of this dispose odontitis adding and what the doing is something real or dividing in conquering their thtake in separating and the millions is walocus o it a cool actionsystem there that we don't even trust and yet were getting or giving quartered into a havebesides the taxes we need to do and heavily did promptly catch and put the cat you should knock as continny more than to stay for i per cent not to trachonitis it is to be that that's that's even outraged a talk bout total taxes without you what do you think you can rail i wore were above seventy ascites what way of having and notionsthat above this you know we wisit here and i really really that they keep calling is what inflation there there there hovers where inflation are so far off its not even fun people don't realize that the inflation is another form taccuse there manipulating the whole the whole game and so we we as americans every single one of us has lost over thirty per cent of our not value and every person of the unit in the united states is in debt about five hundred thousand on despises you gasp places olonets every aspect of everything you ought retecto the rustle you go there you go to my food you go to buy clothing you go to buy whatever i feel sure charging the and that trockener goes down consul if you look at cold in castramont doubled riton saunder per cent that is crazy yet look at go to rush ingather day i can live it just utterly the price you pay or another thing is all things altogether no way i don't want to go on gottes was douglas she just cut out chop so angering him silicate his nalastes restore nailed every which way i will go to go up to dinner any more to be on the street even by conford to let a into yet it is a principle well is the principal and you know i worked as a waitress when i was in college and i am loved watersend i made just kill or tips when i was when i was a waitress and i would not if i was away if i was a server there is no way that i would be supporting a fifteen per cent retty that just tells me that they are lowsewater and waitresses right there their lowly service as they wanted fifteen when i when i go out for dinner on the telia if if i have any kind of service what sober because i really do appreciate good service i'm always north of a twenty five to thirty percent always i don't i don't blame rewarding i for the one that really er is his automatic it just absurd to sir because he ginians could to do as her of any ways castissimae say this such a bother to go to he cook it all my havesold hole and intercept i just don't like it there enter jack on the prices so high i dragon there going try bills very people out of his job and in one of the good to do greediness cialis of that's all this is doing remember when they raised the it will wait all its going out on his it i won't ultion term it will not have force to be look what we toosilk what the other instiganto the key as right it would concistoit away the life diverse it oldeven grazed her prices he prostrating to be too because you go the gods beside sheep any more and quintilian donald so so they go so that that's a different fertilised the choice do i just don't go there's no way so yet but anyway i've got a undred a few things here and grand rising from collie loves what is your take on the rumors floating round there be no twenty twenty four election those good morning and also danaster vulnerable during college football season asanasana she's she's drunk came the time you know she got to go and ponerselo the in the station a loves his hospitals a signed you numbers in those numbers are tied your care find out that found it out when my dad was died it i told them they are cavortin they they are recentelly right now that i will i will go to my grave telling you that one of my best friends was absolutely murdered in the hospital there's no two ways about it if it was a in order to talk about that i'll bring that i bring a plot sent that on post to my telegram channel and so that you you can see what i'm talking about but i'm let me let me bring us up a i've got a good video on this that i like to i like to look tedioso it's a good way there's no reason to reinvent the wheel if somebody does a really good job of putting things together so people can understand exactly what's happening i hang on to mine i a lot o what gone to posting things to my telegram channel while i'm on line because i can pull that up fairly quickly and shall you guys exactly what i'm talking about here and if i get his there was so the stupid ants on the on knots really too bad okay so here's my little graphic there i think it's a pull out of this veto which i think is really good and it's something that so there he goes to the original cost per flight for for an arable is six thousand of thirteen thousand dollars and the average price for flight is twenty seven nights almost twenty eight thousand dollars ah now the problem i see with us in how you fix is to look at or case so like like i've taken i've taken no flight lessons and a fairly fairly involved so here's the the next the next screened standardized standardized average charge by ownership type and two thousand seventeenth we got to go back further with this is what i have for it now look at how this is changed to go towards private equity in of in our air met in this isn't seventeen is much higher now so i find this to be very very disturbing the it's like our prisons are prisons are owned how are the prisons on same way and so we we've got published publicly held prison so grown to the private public public right partnerships which is a bad idea really really bad can't follow to get for money grewelthorp shon and not only that what they do not only that what they do is their more interested in their shareholders than they are with their goals and silokfoke in prison cowell here you go we've got no competition with the with the you know the air ambulance is thus no competition whatsoever so i think this is really important to look at and why is that because there the more interested in protecting in protecting their dollar amounts or high dallamount into actually opening things up for competition so when we look at things like like thee the air do you know that air traffic control you have to be i think they only allow people to come in or that are twenty eight years old because they much time and the that they the and and the the span of their careers can very very short back based on a crazy regulation so anyhow the same thing for pilots pilots that they are able to do fly commercial do you know that if they get cancer they can vicatim mediately be grounded on a down grade and down to a class one pilot license which is a small pilot yes they can and so there's all of these things than that in the reason being is that they are really not wanting to have more pilots in the industry there trying to have less pilots in order its a cartel it really is a caress things of the orsons a cartel to pet protect industries just like politics the is it works the same way and corporate america up placejust a little bit of the iskatis wendover productions he esterreichisch litrachoor any subscription picture as she crinoideaorder her interested nutriche a young doctor named or adam's called and his deployment on the battlefields of europe treating patients on the he observed through this expert suffering from the medical state of shock following a dramatic entry placed on an often certain but not me exposure to those patients developed his life she sought to take those on the certain path towards stem back to she wanted to be able to treat then untreatable major dramatic some years later in nineteen sixty he year closer to this goal by opening in some corner of these sprawling university of maryland madison maryland to a unit dedicated entreating major trompaient first such department hall he started with about eight forty per cent survival rates his experience accumulated in his techniques were fined more and more patience servant it turned out that these certain path towards dash for major coniptions was not so however he also observed that even his reliable techniques couldn't reverse the course of death if a patient took too long to get he paused on some one experienced major train they had a roughly sixty minute when do to reach him as to the problem was that by the time other doctors transfer patient to cowley that window had often on so just wasn't suited for this sort of see therefore he re invented he loerancs to bring trompaient directly to him or eventually other comet units rather than just to the nearest potentially on equipped hospital as was standard protocol at the time the maryland state police to use their helicopters to bring tropicalians to his un dramatically producing the average time to care how poesies of that right there and asked everybody take trying to watch us video a little it because it talks about the different to level of trana promeson ers and the how most of the money that's that is being made with these armed services is actually transporting from a level one to a two to three to four in a quite often the patients are unconscious so they can't even they can't even object to this and the problem being is that this is not considered a menace ah a medical in in alonehas it to my undertain this is not considered a medical sassity so basically its travel so the insurance companies do not find this so people wake up if they survive it and there's only about four in a hundred lives that are actually saved by this kind of by tratrato according to the side and articles in their philacteries a sixty thousand dollar bill for in ticket on armed in order to make money for these private this is a really big deal and this is the kind of investigation that needs to be done in all of our industries into see why regulation does not work other than exploit to to create a barrier for entry there's not when there's no competition there's the they they create a barrier for endfor entry there is no competition to the price is just sky rocket and these in these organizations and or in these a these industry and as who is the victim it's all it's all those people that are in a compromise situation where they need somebody that help and they really are just turned into a dollar sign to victimize some one who who has no other way out i think it's absolutely sp in the the ambulance and the story is the same did you know that there's protected so loth protected statesas for geographical regions and such and the thersites and the high spirals are getting a kicked in the old persiansthe one hear of encindenos kinnerton that so so in we have a lot of so have a lot of us as you know and in secanno imagine waking up after after being in constant trommen find out you've got a sixty thousand dollar air model or i don't know what they call you know er and billings and intentionnotes air made i'm not insane aromatis accompany i'm sad like an an ambulance and air ambulance company have in a st thousand dollar bill you never agreed to that you couldn't shop for other services and that basically it was driven by private very sad so i went out to wordpeople to watch this cause i think it's really it's relentest ing i'mnot oh a few more of these upper because that's not the only one and this is one source i look it i look at him i look at a whole bunch of sources to help explain things in a very simple way now to to to people out there is i think part of what we need to do is educated so we disconto keep hammer in this kind of just like with in our political oh you know the political i gained the going on right now and i do find it to be very interesting to ask these questions with what nestles do we not not i i'm not buying the obvious answer here i'm i'm thinking that there's something much deeper than what there admitting he in areascaesarea i goatheaded in really enervative got into that at all but it makes sense because he don't have no opportunity could get two or three pints or cushoo want to go with what happens to five got a problem was safe with say mercy whatever it on us her hand was so you sold how right or they go out by different in no you don't have at option on stone and whose incision in in or else it's the disenshrining the elections to packs and through dark money their buying or election so that they can continue to have favor and use the amenities apple as a farming crop not just for you know my we've had a lot of discussions about about farming firing the people actually with organ too organs swancourt i've got i've got something also i put up a minute because i wish you could see this because i have a a to in i mean a ton of to put up here his very this is very very interesting so you know i you know i there there's nothing that sacred would me everything gets kicked and i think this is really interesting because i do am i i really did starting the cue post a lot and i do think that there is is what most people don't realize what the pope cups and you our poste do your own your own digging on these she honored how did do some research some is gone how this up here because i think this is an area that we should question and i find this to be really fascinating per the supper my telegram channel and i will the supper here so we're going to go to cups ah for nine o four take a look at this because where the wit the son with the a moviegoing out the sound of freedom i think this every sign the ether i haven't seen it yet he neither now i'm i'm in fully intending to see it but i quite honestly i think this is probably research light for somebody like me who has been researching this sort of thing for years and years and years and so oh i can't i get into the deeper darker reset what's going on swinhow we have a movie of a movie screen a low little now plains or it has you know like the air for five and six and it's got a like a guardian is of the galaxy on the left panic and c in the middle and fishgate on the right and so what he is saying here is all three movies plain simultaneously with a question do you find it interesting that everything discussed in the pass is somehow making news of like if we look further into this i want you to look at this and realize sometimes to god a doggerel down on into the details and this is important an important thing for every one of us to look into his get into the details because this is where where we get stock and political headlines and political posturing you got to look for oh my goodness we drove down and it's nat guardian to the galaxy as guardians of the path so this happened as was back in the post was october twenty one twenty twenty in all this sudden this came out i i heard that this move was actually made what was it like a the release was two years ago i believe it was made for five years ago and in that they held off the release to the and i think that i antegoano this little bit further to see if this is there by dangerous we by the rights concise ah what's that guardians of the god of the galaxy gardes of the panel finals colleonard for an comefreed i i don't know i'm not sure about that one but i think there consrey really important at this time because of all of the nonsense going on behind the it is it is if if you don't if people don't realize that this is about the children and what's happening to the children out there you need to get caught up the crops of what we do as adults as we are supposed to protect and defend and first of all serve god but oh in whatever capacity that is but by serving god we serve the least of his in the least of his is the weakest the most vulnerable those that are being preyed upon by private equity firms as well as those who are who prey on children it's not except and i believe as a lame on the scroll through this real quick because i'm going to run back to a quot by by san which i i agree with him he got ementito get there these the talk about this a monumental movement present trumpis made now the to the sex traffickers death penalty for the human traffickers i shall want to take it up a notch he detaples room if you are convicted patacoons something to small children to destroy them that out of the capital crime also to all talk about them more in the second hour of the shore thank you mister bannon you are over the target on that one and i also agreed that there's the certain things that we cannot tolerate a because they will come right back and they will do it again and again and again this is not one of those things that a person is going to recover i got as he is anybody is stuck nor or near cor non shareson den you all oh no not this morning they did the other day all get hold of them to day and old i really do want to get them on i went on i told im not going to smart aleck i do want to hear what they have the the casewhether i would the send you the video i they sent me a video he wonderin they won't because i it came not why dat's what i think keep saying i said send the petiolate the video we want to hear you what you said what the what the lady said because the lady may file a sexual raspish on the whole on the whole group on the sheep that's the part i don't realize she's pod his own is pedicalis name and disguised by the way had we of please we called on him disguised gottbeht for issue that has been documented in i think on a discovery as you said earlier and after david's are great fools he threatens the loss sonthese he was to do what i shall cite this cover and onandagas was show because there was a clear trondhere i clear strand of the problem and it's on teofamini thinking of all he so and think as a proprietie to hear it i mean i got hierotheca person i can i can see when some one indonesische called him the name as she called him a loser desolating all the seaward in the this coronet even the same same category as for me i could care less you know it's like entire it's like whatever you know they must show their ignorance as so why why would we even why would we waste the time on on you know the the somebody who was somebody's goin to be ignorant you know to say something like that it's like in equal protemnodon isostatic she geothe concoction to give as to the earlier god offering solutions go there not their ideas descriptions like even group in the alsogrey called galanies but the really just nothing more than beams because all they want to do is burned down and destroyed the thus thought the objective of the civility objective as has to offer constructive criticism with the offer solutions probosition or one begins for the root cause analysis it means understanding what the plenplenis and in there are different pathways to go out they don't care about cats we they care about you know just disrupted and then the talk about transparency transparency are they going to put their alteracons so i togetherthere there there a case sir have the law suit can what they want on it you know the i know had one and so let's talk about transparency wyringen transparent and those series or or the psychological pro or again it is the certain things in life i toistansa we know that there demanding is don't are less than the few could he get it tis it is not going to get it done people won't even contribute at pesticate and ask where werecreatures tion yet i think i think that there needs be way more transmisso you know count anderwood and he i talked to him when i was running and i believe he is in with john col yes she is others they have i think they have business together i don't think i enchalcier business as the secret is they may have some acanthotetra castedoes a lot of camp counties of other political stuff he does a lot of the trentino what do and in design so he's heritagethe lot of em a lot of different people i don't know just one can't i know for facts he sanballat more than that it was it was interesting to me cause i believed that the can the underwood had a way for me when i was when i was actively campaign to do text mass to the base but it was like for to between four and eight cents attacks to the hip the the voting bass and i was like you and to be centime i this the worse the worse to money and pain that kind of money four to eight so for sending texts to get information so in a note i'm not paying the holes like that's kind of that's kind of naughty you know to do it that way so i you know i was doing everything as on the chief as i could because i was paid for it i was paying the bill right apart from a few a few very night a people who made some donations personally but other than i was paying the bills so like now i'm way too i'm way too frugal for that sort of one so what end of jurine's we rode for or on program looked up the rules and that and the legalities about it and we we were able to do it for he zero zero for conibos for protects not and we did we did a yweddede that way it's like you know if you if you allers got to make a innatantes ere you just made yourself or roll event to brandenburg here because well this will us build our own and you all get cut out of that the money scheme you know i don't thesewhat what is connected dorsaliter now but i can think through there and was i believe that through there but i would love to have somebody come forward with that maybe you won't come on the show and he can explain they can explain themselves in why i would love everybody to come on this show and explain why they think this is old kais the take these the donor money i'll tell you what to keep everybody broke don't give him one son because camasaks about the lacessitus she's thought of that ontarians he sure is which makes me i'm i'm i'm not in this that these are innocent by standards i do not in wellfortune to get that i don't believe i'm not there i'm so out on that one and so and i'm not going to pull back in on that one there's there's too much does make they are i challenge you to come on here and convince changed my mind that that they these people are innocent after they have done all of these horrible things over the years and now you want to have me all of a sudden throw a party who were going to throw party these people now i'll throw a party for the rule of law i will for that but there's way too much there's way too much going on here to just go oh yes now there might best friends after they have supported president trump they have it they had they never chargedthe have not supported election integrity and annootok that gold day have you let that go entirely these people are not there nigh here or in there not victims there opportunis and antigonos i don't care which side of the aisle somebody's aunt my my i am i am actually in amazed the dane nestle didn't just walk away from this it only tells me that she is controlled she's marching orders so he's telling her what to do and it's bringing out through discoveries some other some other things so i i am desire really interested in this whole thing but i think we just need continue to make him a relevant stop giving money to the political parties do you think they really need your money no they're gettin all the big money from the dark money funds from these private equity firms that that's where the real money is coming from the only reason why they're excited about taking individuals money is the keep you poor and broke so you can't exactly what it is if somebody really wanted to do make a difference politically they would sit there and they would start putting the truth out in rapid fire in your friends and family putting amen your social groups and such with no money it's just personal effort i mean that's what you and i know jack we're out here every now mnitint getting paid ooever body keeps telling down he brandeberg you need do you need to monetize your channel you need to monetise this thatnothing you know what sets me a part is that i i have it i think i think there might be a qualification on rumbled i don't know maybe a dollar or something like that for but it's not like a takin on sponsors or have taken money this is one hundred percent volunteer brandenburg happening right here and that's one out of per cent volunteer chuck sitting right there and the peepeth people and coachy because it's a civic duty to write this nation when things are wrought in wet we should consider the right now because we've been invaded and were in a war it should be a full time job for all of us how you if everybody to one hour of their dead consonat i guess i'm going to be serious about being a patriot i'm not so show up for these rich sections such were nothing gets done in political party you now give it a money fontego to go to a a selling influence his safety i'm going to go on oh all of my social media and i'm going to rapid fire out very bit of truth that i find out that i'm going to spread it and i'm going to be my own one one person individual truth teller you know how quickly we could change this in an actually doing it ourselves the power is and we the people but we're going to have to divorce ourselves from the political establishment which is all of it the entire thing they are not going to help there not get help us the ones are sitting on the seats because they're getting money for this they're not going to the election officials are not going to help us they're part of the of a machine and they're going to absolutely torpedo any individual that the sticks is to this one stick their hat up they're going to torpid because that's their added of their little gravy train so it's going to have to be you me and everyone getting out there taking upon ourselves and rapid fire putting the truth out there in order to get good people in office and doing our own research to find out who those good people not looking at indorsements not looking at political parties and having the do something that is not predictable that is not that is not a a that is not predictable or on control or or control will we have to be ungovernable and uncontrollable in situation where we have criminals running the assigns ah that means you know can you imagine if everybody just went out there and did that we have this thing over to that quick the mass and noteease one over the cook stars where oh where we got people of the image or running the asylum this first sure i don't assassincome tarry but where are the good people to get people were standing down because they don't want to oligocht up in the back i mean you gonewill ing to do it you're going to have to be willing to get in there and take a few hits and a few bruises just the way it is no war has ever been on any other way and how it how wars and it's one by surprise it's one by things that they don't ee it's one by getting being smits not that hard to be smarter than that i you know it's i went when i first started running i'm like all my gosh how can i possibly do this you know there's there's got to be somebody that's more qualified and smarter than i am you don't and i was expecting to learn something from the in the more i sat with them the more i was just on ah is what we have sitting in office rcelsroce are supid and i mean i mean the only thing they know is how to take orders from the time in a word to keep the power in the money schemes going that's that's all they do is their order takers he in the public masters on the top are just like you to do to do jump monkey jump and they do for the people do they do it read a hopeful hoonting my son son saw sons of freedom as weandand you are right the information shown his what you and i already know it's much worse but i think that this is very important to wake up who have been researching for years you know i've seen oh my gosh thet the horrific things that you see when you get into research hard correr grey is where our heart for a few and we realize i mean i remember i remember that moment where i like i will die before i will live in other day in a copy style without in then i would rather die there is no way that i would back down the because of what they are guilty for or for the cold and for for its its satanic ritual abuses what were seen were seen that we cannot do the average person cannot even comprehend and sound of freedom is a nice is a nice inter o from the clips i've seen of it it's what's going on scratching the surface it is the tip of the iceberg of what's really going and when you get down that rabbit hole and you see what's actually going on and in how you know i know people that have seen kids in cages that were then in women that were kept as breeders what what happens to these childer and is were were talking were talking unbelievable unspeakable crimes of humanity and we can't ignore it i would die i will die before i stopped fighting this with my very last breath and tell me eradicate scourge off the planet that his basically gone after and victimized every single human being on the planet to one in one form or another we cannot turn our backs on this we have to go for we cannot oh i'm sacrificing his you know the clocks run in out i gave it five minutes to come could he come to see the of they don't if somebody doesn't step forward and do something here in five minutes a lot o here i'm going to run what kind of a coward runs away from a fight like that when we know that their brood lies in e this is a fight we do not leave we stay in this until our last where the resolved that we will die before we turn our backs on and you know what we're going to have to stand before god and walking away from this if any one walks away from this pretty exer sir standing before god that day it's not going to be any fun for them at all not any fun at all so any of a angel studios bought it from disney look at the marshesor where john marshall who truly founded in involved with the sound of free of dastagerd one i actually liked the marshal report i look at that and thank you for letting me know that shirtless gives mornings i'm sorry i'm late any one ill there knows about paccarisca as of two thousand seventeen she lost seven governors i don't know i don't know what i think i think sometimes voice voice so over pentecoster weir and nineteen seats in the house of representatives why is she chair of rabbit hole to day the republican insieme an oncoming you right now the it is not one side it's all of them they all need to be fired i fecks that one met my favorite general jones barnover gets in there on a fire all and he's like whewell ought keep you secretaries and i'm iidon't think so i think this is a god i think this is to get grenevieve one must go this is a clean frick and house we need to fire all of them and then they have to stand trial anybody that has been involved in the it is everything must go sail no find ninety maybe more person of a turn into a human and i can image all the democrats out there oh don't doernberg is not compassion i think the first thing we need to do is to a humanitarian africa for our people not for our politicians who are money laundering to you crane and and you know bonin syria the first day that faith vine gets an you know the whole ten yards i mean we have to have we have to bring it back and support our pee and the nullification goes to the robbers the thieves and the cheeks that's what we now can be great either is good be so that that other more to topics i want to cover the case he he feeder not coming on this second district thereof off to see the wise the bishop and marion to wealoto people are off under old of stanois is he is in hiding and then of course the itopen the hollister but i never heard from any in town of dinocrates supposed to call me an called never happened so i so kai got a enough other things to do in working down the lake spell of was down to yesterday were in to my costebelle to day and then so i don't know what what anything else you wi me this cost otherwise i am i grown much gone i think a locatine rity you hinted earlier is the mazinghien people have let it go still a issues still readbefore yet we we can't you know that the number the the issues that we cannot let go that we have to fight with our last it is where we have to fight the election integrity is not is not something we can let go because that's how they perpetuate all of the all the crimes that are going on the crawe can't kick these people out which we can't write now because we don't have of honest elections were on near donlan in or somebody asked me about the twenty twenty four election with the rumors that were in a habit i doubt it fred is a shame because we do not have a process to assure honest and fair elections we have no process we proven it into elections that that there is so many problems the only reason why president trunk got in was because they had a whistle blower and they made their cheating right sir in certain of in certain areas they they didn't chat they just made it right they went in an a the a worked you know he that's really interesting story i mean i can cover that i can cover that at some point in time in fact we can cover this at noisemaking on him an omitting something on here i thatwhat actually happened there because i realize that not everybody has put a a lot of years absolutely putting every single minute that they have like i don't really sleep that much and i didn't see and i haven't slept much over the years i really don't i can a lot o nights i'll get four hours sleep sometimes i i'll get up there and i'm just like i i keep trying to amass information and not just on what was wrong but on salt at that that is so important we have to have solutions but we have to have the root cause analysis first right the elections in human trafficking is the number of those are the two most important issues we have we can't have the human trafficking we can't have the child sacrifice and the the the ritual satanic abuses going on and we are going to have to the bible talks about thus and we are going to have to go forward with with esteban and sad hard cold hearted decision makers the church is satan is going to have to be no more because this is this is where this comes from it's coming from the church set satan himself and all this is going to have to be torn down we cannot just i have a blind eye what's going on when you really look into it that's that's the word is that the spiritual war in the wars against the children and their using politics in order to have more victims for their castine so you want to know there they're going to choose their they have chosen their out comease they've done this knowingly in the play of ideo here a minute and in june to go right now checker you on to listen to my neogot a few minutes chat i geestigheden since sufiagitation i ginigini for that hour in getting close to our half that i sargento looks collondas eh i did that it's it's a long sofronii did as i had an interview i'm trying to do i'm going to start trying to to interviews like an actual news channel i did one last night was a pre recorded want with somebody who was a precinct delegate who he has a front row see at watching the republican her county republican party not only removed her i am from an elected position for the chairman of the party unilaterally just as cricket to bound himself to remove her from what her present and she went in it with armed with information is the really good interview so she she capture ah she kept her seat by having the knowledge and then they removed her from the colony the county a party the county come and so as they disagreed with her they just say no you don't get to play ball with us this is what i'm talking about so i'm not sure what damn good play i am i've got to morrow i got michael j coconino to morrow from patriots set box after john taters i'm going to try to break his into little bit smaller segments and in extended hand to more quite a few people that i've got i met that i really want to see out sorento change a format of at some point time and go to smaller segments which i think are going to be easier for me to manage as well as the such but i'm not professional this i'm a volunteer in a kind way can have on every other week if you want to that's stretching i i love him on on monday morning and i do think that's nice but wait for you do it money and maybe stick to an hour so that now his he's always crop coming up on mistakenthere i can go to relowance that anisoscelis it's a lot to get in the fostered like to do it every week yet because in ah intelligat relisant little bit remember i'm not professional at this i'm i'm i'm a now i'm doing by the best that i can i am a professional running companies and research in that sort of thing that the whole video thing is sot down of volunteer happeny les places city on the income so what to for polite conversation over to mathilde herbescenti the deepest recesses i his spread the jew that may should re tenors the sword at the box office harding or hundred ten million dollars despite massive our next is the horrors of the crisis highlighted in the movie human trafficking survivor of has done and he has dedicated his life to finding a bringing awareness to traffic founder of jocko jacko woman's ministry jacobins of he joins aston jacko is so great have now and thank you for joining us and bringing more attention to this issue to our viewers with such a a personal story talesthat en chair sister soories can understand how how how would unfold and how people get trapped into to morning reclothing you for the opportunity to be with you this morning he nineteen ninety four twenty eight years ago i was an eighteen year old senor and high school and that year my sister long covers traffic in the was traffic through the music in the street she wincanton contest himself affricate the time we were still so differences dizens every raised by a single single mother at the time not having a father present not now the impact that that can have on a samlicher is not practical that's the predators actually been looked at that charlescote pore you nollabring in on the regiment we talkin earlier we talk about asked o fathers betalked about the effect has wollgong man we don't talk about the effect it has so young women and i and i guess it just mothers me that it takes some movie like soldered to give people a canto this is you titistein that happened in so many different ways as you have a non profit ealdspell out of chasing the periers yeates some few of us in this fight the two dollar is a give friend here we support sound a freedom it's a mass move because it's doing what its pose to be doing till he is rising the wariness for now he got take that knowledge into the hole and under and how each family can be afflicted by this water wine two tories of parent it's on our organization or starcross the country lone horsemen in legislators with tangible things to do to day to safegard to children in their inducant learn how to do that you can learn how printers communicate on social media on amosis to the use what tactics are covered beds where about in attentions i cut your every ten days this something you were the scribe or diesomething to fret elseabout the impact on your sister on an how know it's its impact on esanchas her whole life and in an epicedian ed your life to his how do they survive what can a services are out there for people who have had this ere graduates the doppers partof the sithones to rescue it child as becoming easier because we can also use the interatomic a child but restoring of life a soul that is crushed and which talked neceseco monethe thinstegation toofive that once too by the child for he of god which is to identity ashenbach ld once i think what should nooning was to be seen in the proditores i'll see as speaking to your life oh i'll talk to your needs byciclets maslos argive me something colocations of today no fortinate for okanagen leon process on a ebriaco a child's traffic for five years you can a triple the amount of time it's going to take the rebuilt that life has survived most children dying as does the short one rate is through the roof because coming back into colorno understanding the purpose of love of intimacies were to vitrus can i trust myself currently a thorough of our survivors men three rescues on us to reach in a methamatic contente sort of a survivor suffer want called sra spirital orichinal abuse sentencing of views the crushed the there intentionally driven away from gorm i mean if we interview a lot of people and we say they do god's work but truly i can say enough that you were doing god's work were so grateful to you to the work i do and also to every one involved in this film it bringing it awareness some sewe had a segment yes shade for our for present trompes that has set his cogitate very stiff actions talking about sin death penalty for people of all the sex traffic in oh what were hoping that we can raise awareness get politicians and and also you mention parents or to understand how they can help on make sure their child am i ortenter doesn't fall into this so check the jacket thank you so much for training as i think that's very significant ah that all of this is coming forward quite honestly i can tell you you know i know you know that i adopted a little girl and from india whose man was killed in a train accident at her son and when you see kids that have had high level drama that had been in orphanages care is really really question when when i was i honestly when i got my daughter she had boils all over her body she had worms currently out of her and as i was carrying her home i was literally was poke had to tell cause she was so until we got her home and got out her help but the emotional scars of what happened to her and in lots of other kids in in situations like that most people don't know how to deal with it and then the long range implication of that is it's a big deal what when when we have to one were fighting this too i believe that the next step is that the yet that's right we absolve to fight it but somebody better have a plan in dealing with these kids when they come out just like coming out of out of a high level trot anywhere when people are in roma em that we were going to have to deal with more relates more poniesand to suicide so i think i think that a quick answer is that for me is that having gone through some of this personal level with my daughter oh she was very young at the time we got em but there as there were a lot of all signs that may be things were the way that they are portrayed by de doptin agency and or by the by the orphanage or sha and i i mean i can tell one that at some point in time when when you go through that i think the advantage is she like for me right now being some one who works with horses and abuse horses and rescues horses that so the horses and people are the most like of any animal on the plant stower were so much like them it's it's amazing where is to deal with this and this is going to have to be a soul searching thing for every one out there if you want to be involved and helping going forward we're going to need a lot of people that are going to be able to help rehabilitate those who have suffered a lot of trump that's not just people that are being traffic but people that have been caught up without even knowing that this stuff is going on right up on her neath their noses right so first thing that we ought have to do is we've got to turn or we've got ourselves turned towards god and get our own lives came and clean him up in a hurry we don't have a lot of time so as the first comment don't lie don't cheat don't steal try to do the right thing look for opportunities to help every one around an that's the first that's a baby stop right there is then the next in turning pianowas asterite curriculum to help rehabilitate these individuals through using horses or animals in which an i kind o started working on that this you have to have rest for a herring person herding individual and realize that their acting reasonably the tram that they wente as you you don't know what a person went through until you walk every you walk in the foot well it's the same thing with people we don't really know the trama the people around us even now or those who have been trafficked or those who have been in a situation to trot we don't really know what that feels like exactly and we can't even admit that we that it's an insult to say i know how you feel really how how do you know the how they feel unless you've walked unless you walked in their shoes i don't think you really do none of us do but we can sit and we can listen in the other thing that we can do as we can be trusted so that every single time we are absolutely that they know that we are not going to react in a way that is hostile and that will set sometimes just quietly set to just in our own subspace gone well well well not saying a word standing there in being able to sit with them as a process their trams themselves and being that friend that never turns her back on them and it takes a lot of guts to do that when somebody is abusive when in there they're going to be of yours of coming out of the site they're going to strike out every single thing that they people do it and horses do it they'll bite horses a bite and kick i mean i had my daughter bite me one time and draw blood after it was just his sitter very very hostile they can be margery hostile and we have to expect that he prepare our heart for being in a world that has been victimized but he'll expect to get a talk it's it's you it's we're not going to come in there like pollyanna and have these people go thank you so much for saving me now they're going to hit you just as much as they hate everybody else not causeperhaps what they know and it's going to take really top people to say i will die before i stop fighting thus and fighting for people who have been truly hard there you go so on one oolites i find i thank you for have me on the day i flewe gives some information people i think of the fire works were in continue over the next ah in a lot of areas i think will see next week was gone i can county a next monday she aftersuccesses cordon if they are and i feel sorry for him county if ther not i'll be glad and how have you got to work all your folk and goose concerns of i can toto i was in your neighborhood on saturday i lived here i was in a family reunion on abroad ninety second it here we were were coming back to him geotheos but were there from month onefor o'clock the most of in thirty fondness of like fun well next time they bring a dogs because i've got a fire himself don alltheir ascriptis hard elyot three of em you know i mean it's three of the men they love to go that's for sure but it won hototo keep it owercome grallatores president working are you you've got you've got the air condition baby dogs in the house yeah they are but they love to go out doors arisehere going on the side yourwhether s no there's no fenceriding old man they go not still they teroneren they roll and to grasp and his fun to watch them be here freedom there's free to him he tegretil to roll yet when we're cantores ore that freedom for people the united states were not going to give up ward not backing down this is going to be our sa prayer before we go in that i'm going to with me or or gettime put the order only father thank you so very very much for putting us in so to and trust and in for you trusting to be able to be here now knowing that we would act in that you would uphold us and give us the strength and direct our paths and were just so honored what an honor to be in it's an honor to fight for those things that you put in her heart which are good and you give us the the ego to be able to carry that carried that to the end to the very end and we thank you please bless all the children out there who are in a very very bad sute send them comfort and the people who are willing to fight for the increase our numbers have this movie sound of freedom just absolutely virile go across this nation and open up the eyes of every one to know what were really dealing with and we ask that every one would turn to you they would they would know that in you is all peace and love even going through terrible things we can we can go to you and know that you are still in control of your allowing some of these things to happen we don't understand why but we do trust that your good all the time in your good purposes are being sold we ask that you put in and to the tyranny that we see in the united states of america that we would go back to putting you in the proper position that you never left us we love you as one nation under you indivisible with liberty and justice for all it especially justice for those children who have been victimized by pipesand venice asked that all things would be would come forward there would be complete and total transparency so that we can wecan this mass of and go forward and walking forward with you a friend or your friend we want to be a friend to you we love you and we just want you to know that we very much love you and that we do trust you and jesus as sempre a hot erimanthus subscriptores you go chokanth nk you so much for being on an idon'tcare a great day you too constant i'm sure the fire words will continue all we will i'm sure they will i still love it stephaniaion here i'm going to talk to them cause i want to talk to every one yes she would get him on good love and forget that he porocapsa i would do so cimiterio that the promised to have a rough i have one the son sent to me but i've it's not on your talking about i do inthought hostis that's that's what they do i wanted to give the video for that day they know it well put it out there i got a range thanks or my isolation to chucks gone sanoi going to go run through this minute where an put lacosti ture men to come with the holland trying to our purpose here as little to fictitious as an she god's compassion bearing with and if one has forgiving or ask for giving you so you also must forgive as but on which binds together in pursuit pieces to which in the ecole the st word of christ dwell teaching monishing in and him spiritual then from this in your heart to go and whatever you do were or apr giving a vague to god the one see king enter seventy she said do not be afraid pathos shore with us those who are with then he lit shaped a door on lisbon his eyes that he missed lord open the eyes of the young man and he saw and behold mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all the round elisha for the pins for for rejoice in the lord always a kid i will say with short let your reasonable this be known to everyone for as her dead do not be factious about any but in efforts i prayer and supplication giving letter requests be vague now to god the peace of god which surpassed his panel understand or your hearts and your mind so in questions number six twenty four or twenty six the poor bless you and keep you toward make his face to shine upon and the gracious to oil do for life on his count it's tongyong you be depressive whatever house you enter first saying peace being whether second samuel she to either twenty nine and now o lord god you or god and your words are true and you have promised this good thing to your servant now therefore made it please you as this house of your servant so at it making ten you for ever before you for you oh lord god have spoke and with your blessing shall the house of your servant be blessed for ever walter of mine twenty nine so i know the plans i have for you oersted plans for welfare do not treat to give ye a future and now unless a stop right there i think that's a great place to stop so i have a wonderful day to day go to grandeur over do come i have still locked see the night the best not consider that's ever not conceded and just want to let you know that you are loved your love beyond all explanation have a great day god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god blessed and with tater tuesday and michael jake cold from a patriot so