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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/6/2022 - Live - Attorney Dan Hartman and Mellissa Carone

Published Sept. 6, 2022, 8:05 a.m.

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good morning this is brandenburg news network and i'm donna brandenburg it is september twenty two still waking up from the weekend a little bit and he we had no use me we had a wonderful week end this week and we went to the peace festival yesterday in rome and the turnout was amazing i'm hoping to get a video that i could post of of this would probably had at least at least to a thirty five or so volunteers in the support along the parade rotas really amazing it was a lot of fun and you know he's off to the city of rome because that they really did a really nice job so let me and some morning motivation here hang all right so this was wonderful but the men at wallace up lilian get i have a chance to let people join the he teetotallers athenaeum the oneirocritical clearly were having a few technical difficulties morning and clearly were having the few technical difficulties here this morning a admeasured happened but once in a while the internet just gives us a little bit of a problem i've noticed that in many of the pieces that are out there because i've been on a lot of them that all a sudden the internet well old ditches a little bit after we're going to keep going but it seems to me like a like a he is kind of a chronic problem across the internet especially if you are a conservative and you're also christ and they want to they want to silence our voices a little bit but that's a gathering to just keep so i'm waiting for a couple of my guest to get on this morning and so i got to go to my telegram channel out and read of things that i posted yesterday because i think that i keep seeing more and more of a push towards the electric vehicle not sensing out in the hypocritical hypocritical nonsense it's going on across our nation in order to take a town by economic means economic warfare so i did a little bit of a die yesterday and to the eye even dusty and what i came up with was a destinated to the top of some of the new feed that i follow and that i been looking into that general motors announced back in january a seven billion dollar micanopy better investment well general motors because they took a ball out four did not go dead changes the dynamics of that company in a little bit o any o this is this is really how backwards michigan is and being the most crusatte state governor whither helped mary barraconda a contributor to what was campaign secure eight hundred a hundred twenty four million dollars in taxes son of from the state of michigan for her company which is on government motor it's healthy and what was really interesting to me is that gem said that they were going to increase their jobs a four thousand dollar or four thousand jobs in the state of michigan and of contention that i have with us is just because they say that they're getting creased the jobs for million jobs doesn't mean that they're going to hit that that's an estimate and in my experience it generally does not it generally does not translate while into actual four thousand and i'd be really surprised if they actually had it so dividing eight hundred twenty four million dollars of a taxicab by let's just say they hit that four million jobs it is going to cost the state of michigan through these tax and sent two hundred and thousand dollars per job created thousand dollars to create an individual job this is crazy and giving way and they're doing it with pitache money to create these jobs which none of us ever voted on so there's so much that needs to be looked at in the school corporate welfare can that's going on just really unbelievable the the other concern that i have and i also have with say any of the green energy initiative is the fact that i'm pretty estate this is going to fail the carbon footprint i think that there's a misconception out there that the green energy and our electric electrics and such is actually cleaner for the energy because they only talk about missions coming from the end eranthis but the problem that i see past that is that that the lack of education are understanding that the electricity has to be generated somehow so if there are generating electricity through pailfuls are falsifiers all there is going to be there's going to be a mission that are going to happen from that any house and then another thing that a problem with that also there's a problem with the fact that who are those utilities the elect the electric grip holly and by very small entities truly or an extension of our government if you look at a control factor it is it is a complete centralization of our energy and our energy resources are coming to the consumer that a huge concern because if the government owns that the energy grandwich by by legislation by regulation they do on it you you really have way too much power in the hands of a very corrupt entity our own government are biggest the biggest traffickers of children on the planet as well as weapons trafficking and without weapons trafficking drug trafficking child trafficking biggest biggest entity that skiliton plan a disarrangement so now we're going to give them by the electric vehicle industry and increasing the electric red to be our only source of energy to that same government which has truly been launching an assault on you know on humanity putting it in our hands and i'm pretty extra sure that if we don't fall in line with their little communists schemes they're going to turn us off so it's going to affect our ability to travel work there i give in the ability to shut our businesses down and if you want to see exactly how this works look at what's happening in germany germany right now is a mass there absolutely as they are telling people that the cost of energy has gone as someone cases three thousand dollars a month to keep their homes three thousand dollars this is what happens when there is no competition in the government and everything wellinformed in michigan you will all nothing be happy same exact people same exact thought process going on there seem ideology which is a huge cone so if you look at what's happening in germany you can see exactly what the plan is for the state of michigan so i were were to get into that further but right now i'd like to add a patrick back into the stream again let's see good morning patrick how you doing how are you i'm great how how are all things didn't patrician ah get back annora as god how is the reaction it that's one so so oh it was great we went to the peace festival yesterday and he had a is about a mile and a half prerogative to shake out of hands and and you know people that i came out as supporters and such and and also the people that were volunteering with a somatically like the praise the lot there asked the low old time he is good old go girlie you know america i love it and a tremendous amount of funds so what would you like to talk about today we had we had discussed but couple subjects last week and manufacturing in the state he did it state back to work and you know we talked about several several topics last week and i guess over the weekend we got on both got chance to ruminate on the little bit and decide what we're going to talk about to day well my god talked to you last week about heaven domain in some work together with him as namely i was unable to get the i will be talking to him today he's the one in the hot howandiver and hospital priorities old man never his prince he was living as a fireman because of for family had been or a or to protect them against that they were to get a breather were allowed to get it ready but my will in a man sanitaetsrat ah i guess i got statuelike quoth i like to read his ornately the dark side doesn't like us to read at bahadurpur them to do what they're trying to do but thomas jefferson he said let no more be said about ambition but rather i am down from miss with the canadian of the case of so that's what people somebody like herself and i steered that people with your cane oh no she said and two party system and these are people that are not happy with washings are going he had festooning the tinwald system in it like opposition you hear a lot of people all from supposed to be coming back or trumpets to no office in still appreciate i can assure you everybody left if that were the one be fine and be happy i don't think they're going to do anything like that in fiesole and not predestinates because it's because of our complacency for the year that were the situation where it right now so they want to be i backed off and say no we love our country odeon i want to keep them the way to part of that is by having the for orator and both were somebody else seem the party system like yourself god is a teaspoon is a mother i eternity but morally person faced person that's what you have to look for and then you have to say say i need to get people on our do bring so yea i have it i tell you it really comes down to all of us standing together at one person can't take the state back but millions and millions can and it's it's really funny it's really funny how jeff lord just posted about the shadow bay true is the amount of sensory that happens with not establishment candidates there's myself melisande shadoweth and habana on the silencing tearmarks have had so many so many theriere's been a bunch of people that have been threatened very you know to absolutely to the point throttin i know one person that stop down because she was threatened and that that's kind of it's kind of unfortunate there the disturbing thing is why this is not dealt with you know what what is the what is going on here this is not being dealt with and my opinion is as because too many people in a system are a compositor in the protecting each other from top to bottom that that includes you know that included some of the law enforcement too i mean all of all of our systems not that i am anti police i'm very much properly but i am pro laforce men which which is actually serving the people not not not the creolian above them so i was a point that is brought up when i was i was in an interview last week and i'm not going to mention the person's name because i want them to say it themselves at an be able to clear some things up i think that something very significant about this is that i ran into i ran into a oh a website or an adonis i do a lot of research right and it was talking about the fact that there were a hundred and seventy five cities probably four years ago that i found the hundred and seventy five cities that word targeted to install mayors this was as it was it's kind of like warlencourt type progressive a communist lunatic minds they had targeted city in order to make sure that they were supporting in a starling mayor now when you look at what happened with beam and the pillaging of the berne of our cities they came in grand rapids and they just read it i mean it was it was wrecked i had five cars that were burnt to a little crispy critters within within a half a block or so of one of my building and i mean it was a mess down there and then you could watch you know you could watch the paid for factors going around the city for the next it on weaker chuck it up to make sure that their their destruction was complete or how people were reacting as such it was absolutely discs and i know some one who also is a cat and they were told to stand down in one of the star will now the question is where did they get that instruction from well it's coming from above in the stock so because he so there's a lot of questions that have to be asked on this why did they obey in order that went directly against their oath of office protectin that's my my first quest this is where we go to it out of personal level everyone has to make a decision whether we follow on constitutional rules or mandates or anything like that or whether regretting and do the right thing that regardless of what of what of what early were told and a job capacity or whatever especially when it's to protect and defend people but the other question is if it was you assume that it went to the chief of police while assume that that that word came down from the chief of who gave the chief of the police that order were they acting by an acetous her somebody above that what well it's come attention and i think this is very significant that the chief of police generally is an appointed position from the mayor so if that in fact is the structure of most cities and we know that a hundred seventy five cities it in the nation were targeted to install a communist mayor we can look at those cities grand rapids was in fact on the list we can look at those cities and we can say this was another tactician by communist in our nation to go at the mayor's position i think we can probably go down the structure further with the with the cities the school boards and such but this is a direct through a from a communist mayor to chief of police to the police and belleplain a lot on how and why because our country and nobody did anything those people are all to only the door realize a lot of them are you're goin to indigence that at least there and drying up what something eleanor until so many on goosie but compassionate i take the government government economou got to get into it ah when demar and the chief of police yes the chief of police police they are appointed desires on the count right for people don't understand that that is the lone horseman officer eevery to that's why they want to get rid of this year i hear and talking about getting rid of it while they have talked about he unangelic but i think the change miacomo breaking into the house rattleton want to find the but they they're not you don't hear these politicians then a less but get rid of it elaborate or here in the wet the prince because she selected by the that other accountable they are the chief and horsemen at a recount they are responsible responsibility as a crime a salad in their county including a launching brodaa so those are things that their supposed to do there also in charge of public safety and they are also because they are licentiate can be so like now there were going to go right back to that thing again that night said getting gay if your share is corrupt that the guy that you really need to put a lot of facilities that the guide he could appoint a how likes and education in our court aerating else i run they can actually conduce common longer granger that are like minded and a so a sharp what a bit of a sort in that the people have to blunderer going to git the right thing and one your olfactory the chief of police and the police officers i know a lot of great in the onlooker waiting for with good leader yes and because why if they want moral but they want the country back so there waiting for they made an old poet and i feel batterseas there having to be subject to order that they know right people that's why there again they are waiting for us i think tarantula of them would join up with the people as the people together at another they want a race affectionate on history worthy tiresome any man kind brotherly he rolled the mass as the masses were placed in the dishonorable and danger stand up against a looseness the other stand the and i otaheite violence i radiation come to the theater the things are caractere but they want to erase that to the people it read eraser is corruption to what he supposed to relieve in a matter office and put somebody in there tis gone under their whole ear i she as a rat to deceive anybody yeah it's kind of a mason and i think that one of the points that you made and you cut out for a minute when you sat donna brandenburg for govenor ratione of the one of the points that you made though is that solicited to have their the state finding is a lot of the probe mean nothing nothing free and the way that that the governor has given the governor interstate in general his funded enforcement is a good deal of the problem that were facing they have caught the funding for community police several of our omission of our counties especially the rural counties and i was trailin this to some one yesterday that a lot of people think that the big cities are our problem big cities are a cromwell where do you think the drags go to get into the big cities they don't magically pop up right there going through the roof proconnesus they're easy to the mother in her non detectable the problem is is that they're going through these rural counties and getting to getting to the big cities and screwing things up mass of ly by by not cutting off its ledwith the border while the not protecting the borders near your your flooding united states will you know what we're not protecting our big cities by creating the defense and our rural areas were leaving those rural areas white open so i know that one of the places or trafficking quite a few drugs through as wisconsin and up wisconsin on the up huge because the counties in the up haben largely forgotten so when you have counties that may be have you know deputies that well that our protecting of pinones i've got another guy coming on here a minute six deputies providing providing providing the line force meant for an entire for entire county you know and we wonder why they're burning out law enforcement because all of the money is going to the state police and the state police was you know their primitive titian investigation unit for in in a crimean there cutting the cutting the funny to the to the community policing which was the sheriff as well as the city police force and there's a lot of overlap there too so therefore comes up in the up which got together started a drug task force which i thought was was probably brilliant but what i think everybody needs to understand is that if we want to have good community policing than we have to support good community policing and that's why have leaders and position such as donna brandenburg governor that was the port with support funding the correct way so that we could have the crosstree to deal with these large problem if we doubt with the drug problem before it got into the big city because it doesn't just manage magically proof appear you know it's coming from somewhere if we could if we could stop it coming into our big cities we would we would have have a solution to it and i think something that president trump said this past week as he believes in the death penitent for for drug providers and an a a drug provider a drug dealer is responsible for for like five hundred death that's murder right there and you can call it for what it is is when they were murdering people in the hospital when grunewalder people in copple in with our elder pill that is those actions are murder a drug dealer is a murderer and i need be treated as such this is and i i would completely agree with us it's not necessarily the users which these what they're going after those people are easy to rain it's the dealers and the people that are dealing the death blows across our nation than they need to be treated as i'm not going to try and get you i'm not afraid to take myself that when i was a kid in school he had disciplined in the school back and when you saw dimly and for taking up in class what in that case you canasatego man i'm not the torontonians whatever as in some of the things but in a thing where you see somebody being account of people aren't that's why i see so much going on under her i've had people say the same thing i've had gone for satterlee to you should be at they would cut our federal funding in our state in no way sure you know as doing the right thing and he told me hesitate or putting their monetary purpose before the people that they as i for one gone out there and gone after the corruption i haven't seen problem so far was my the gasoline she had important that you have the funding for things like this my son could have doctor about a and you i'm sure you heard about that they have a course that they are for understanding her a change men and her music lyric and things like that they teachers at him while you and i laughed at that one on elongated tolopotomy and now therefore giving student long you can't under long horsemen to do with their supposed to but you're going to one people to take courses that have absolutely no benefit to mankind and this country as were the people and i encourage the people get up on bessie as became turner ever little man whatever they engage in her and if pleasure i i like to watch television at times and things like that for but there's a time an employe but if they go to go for true not to no gettin directing him formation now the one that i love as for truth come and then run like around not unwiseman lest by god on my and he discovered the arched accommodate a several made these are things people should watch the things and realize how things that are in the bible actually did take place he may be told book is true and go courting to them like the people would you mentioned that bella indeed by the destruction not personalize that but like yourself and i know you well enough to know you're on the may not a after that came people we want to help them bring everybody up together be productive and loving and respecting each other frontiers color or how many legs o many arms eaves so that's exactly it that is saltash's exactly at what is our goal they've caught a set competition that there's always winners and losers problem with that is is that if we all work together we could all in together and we go twenty times as far as we would go by by knocking people down which is which is the way that we been we been groomed in the thinking that way quite honestly while patrick thank you for coming on this morning i would like to have you and mike an maybe i can be trifon day because i think this is an important issue on how i had one of my best for unskilled and murdered in the hospital as well as i lost i lost untold people uncles and aunts i lost five uncles and aunts in a cosaguina this whole nonsense and in quite honestly none of it was really directly thereat they said that the threat of the cause of death was most of it was from broken hearts in the nursing homes and hospitals because they were old and two old belongs i i thank you for coming on to day i very much inkerman was go ahead and schedule another time and love see if we get my back on with us because i think you and i could talk for six hours at a shot here because you know here on the same page how we make a difference by talking and like i said educating herself and cocking it now there and that's to come up with ideas i come up with delusions yet but like a coyote my sedan then things ready you know i'll be in touch with as some thank you so much god bless you and have a really great day to day down down preciate it so much by he and lord the morning good morning how you doing not you bad we had a great deal to pathetically esterday louder and and a lot of people really happy to hear about all of the one had thank you there you go so late lot of support of the tremendous amount of support along the prairie woman that follows me she said she started crying she which she terseness she's like i'm one of your aunt on buddy out there and so that was kind of fun so yes i will i will admit to that i have an awful lot of non budut there and and happy lives manner of really you know tell me tell me now so looloo people working behind the scenes so to me what's going on out there because we want to talk about this lawsuit and you know you and i continued a land panchot there legally and just so that everybody out there knows how to talk this is dan hartman he as my attorney and one of the greatest i will go to my grave saying that this man is one of the greatest most selfless patriot i have ever known one in my life not only is he a wonderful selfless patriot he's a christian brother we prayed together every time that we talk and animate you what this guy so committed to the united states mark and i'm just really honored to know you i really am go there you go got that a church yesterday so i had i want to tackle a beauteous to which i am very pleased that you joined in and i want to talk a little bit about how that last shot came about so this is a law suit that is its case numbers twenty two dash eight one seven was filed in the southern district the western of michigan it a federal district court loss and the main research in the work behind it was done by the american's project and a gentleman by the name of russian okay so let's start there by saying that rustled prepared this cause of action and he was looking for a local lawyer mathews talking to another lawyer in that lawyer suggested that i might be better appropriate i so i got involved in the lawsuit kind of late because the theory in the theme and the research was all something that these other great people had already put together and let me explain the basof the lawsuit and then i'll tell you what i did to michigan dies it a little bit and how i was able to add some party to make sure that we were when we filled it that we had the right people that were going forward to speak about it and to be plaintive of which you agreed to be one so what i want to start to with his saying that the last as the basic requests for relief okay it requests first that the twenty twenty election be deserted and rerun second and ask that all election material from twenty twenty feet preserved for discovery and third it says that should prevent the use of machines in our lack until we comply with their own internal rules so we're asking for three separate cases of relief now with the cause of controversy is about that entitles us to those reliefs as this follows michigan a adopted help america voting at a help america vote act of twenty twenty two had treated a set of voluntary boding system guidelines those are called by so mission adopt these guidelines and makes them mandatory we also have an ample one set eight seven sixty five eight our own requirements for certification of the machine what is the voluntary voting system guidelines even though they say voluntary when misconducted them they became mandatar mandatory so as are federal government does a lot of time when they cannot dictate to the states a law they pass a law and say if you adopt it will give you a bunch of money within the help america boat was the system in centralization and destruction of our election system in michigan which we finally took the doll in about two thousand and six and benassis the law said the lady took effect when the act he gave us the so it was very clearly linked to other the federal government taxing our citizens that giving back a saramony exchanged for doing what we want them to do and olimali our last conversation but anyway so here we have the voting guidelines voting system guidelines and i need to give everybody an understanding what is a voting system i according to the voluntary guidelines it is all of the electronic a manual handling in the entire system of handling the information in the data around voted a so extremely broad but in michigan i use this term in our state and our statute use things called electronic voting in that is defined and it includes of course the use of the tabulating machines and other parts of our system that's used for the counting tabulating emulation of voting so when we look at these guidelines and we look at what the voluntary guidelines that we adopted and made manatorian mission we understand that these guidelines have certain requirements for both security and transparency important one of the ways that we know that a guideline one of the reasons we have these guidelines to make sure that we have like for example a security in our supply has to make sure that the parts used in the machines are good parts secondly we have guidelines that talk about protocols to protect the election materials anemic and and then there's all these other requirements that are put there even though you cannot make her system that's not accable which has been proven over and over and over again there are were safe guards that were designed to put in place one of my most interesting comments i heard recently and i apologise canephorae was he basically said that it's not like we left the door unlocked to our election system we left the door of in other words that people have the ability to move around in our elections extremely freely so there are foreign and domestic actors who have attacked the machine the tabulation these votes and what i will tell you it is that as a result they have the ability to influence the election and to change the result and i know that people say that i am an evil insurrectionist for saying such a but i have direct evidence of how boats have been shot i also got security logs about the problems within the voting i'm not standing here asking a christian man i like chess christ was led away i'm not going to fight our system if they come as for me i mean that not my call my call is to stand here in the speaker some truth some prayer to take some action that's what freedom is so i'm not i'm not an insurrection as in any way but do i question the twenty twenty election to twenty twenty election did not even comply with their own laws to let's get into what is required okay so there is a requirement our street counties had to adopt an electronic voting system that was approved by the secretary of our secretary state approved three separate choices you ever been into a store you see louis rich and master meyer you will see that those are competing brands it come out the same line with the different package all three of these machines come from the same basic code software but there are three separate companies and they were hard interactive the dominion and these masses so these three types of voting systems were used at the county level to tabulate all and add in an put the money but put the stuff together i want to use the example the most people will be familiar with dona and that is i like tronchet anybody's ever worked as a clerk even i've done that and while working my way through school when you punched and arion your clerk now we used to stand here but if you and the old days used to punch on a hat kanneberg and that was food and number seven was gasoline or or however then at the end of the night you had the ability to take and total out your sails by those categories and you would have you have the ability to exist and you come up with the last of all the different things that you sold and a total she could reconcile you to what adulators supposed to do is just supposed to collect all the votes by the different categories i converted from an optical scan into a table tabulate a report and print the report up it's not complex software in fact in michigan we have been administrative role rule seven seven one and saw basically requires that when you have this program for tabulating the votes at the county level it is required to be an open source program that nobody had come in and look at because the program is supposed to be simple enough and a code is supposed to be simple enough and it's not secret should be open sore that actually allows personal programme now inexperienced to verify it works as intended so when we get into that this this tabulation software in all the secrecies and the stuff that they have put behind the software in the code or actual legislate have said that becomes the when they wrote the law they rode it to benefit the companies that provide this and said the information secret in it be disclosed because they want serving the interests of the people they were serving the interests of the company instead of saying he you're going to provide this information always do it under the guise of so if a secret is safe when in actuality if it's open at and is going to be a big movement in the event we have returned to machines which in not saying we should the information should be open source visible and available for people to inspect one thing that amazed me as this process has gone on down as the number of really intelligent computer save people who have stepped forward as patriots and said wait a minute we have real problems looking at the computer science and the friends and the saber security in that way whose train that looks at the system just cringes gait or voting system is so subject to attack manipulation and corruption it's not even real it's not so we have these three machines in these three types of companies and basically what happens is if you ever filled out a standardized teachwell done we all done in fifth grade way back in my day we were going at it colonial beer you callin a box if you ever bought a lottery ticket that everybody has you know how to property ballot so then you scan the ballot into a machine and in theory the machine is supposed to read the ballot and then turned it into a table much like an excellent and that's what tabulation made the problem it is if you can corrupt it rose or you and all or if you inject change to have it read something other than was submitted or you object interjects things that weren't even ballads then you can see the election results and so there's these boding safety guidelines making sure that a machine is proper and save that our federal government laid down for all fifty for the tongan what then did i lose you and all that no you didn't lose me i'm listening i think you do really good job of a explaining that down too you know the fine green the fine grain here and i think if that's really important for people to know the basics of how the system actually works it is just like any analysis if you don't analyzing you can't come up with a good answer to either a wide broken stop it from being broken again or solution to replace a broken and our complete the entire system is broken top to bottom in it exists to in richest self rather than serve the people that setteth voting system are elections are our whole process of governance is broken and its broken big well genittivo in system and these guidelines what the federal government said was it we're going to use machines which they were encouraging to move away from the old punch in the hand count systems are the actual punch system that that perforated the paper where he had to change in the acadian all that they said we're going to go to the electronic voting system then we want to make sure that we do this with some standards of secure that was how they got us to adopt them so now here we get miss ate three counties what your viewers may be shocked to know is that there was a requirement for machines to be used in the county to be certified by an agency that was accredited to be able to certify machine so let's pause and talk about what a credit dacian when you get in a credit ation means it says somebody says that you have not the standards of having knowledge it is castries to certify so if if if if ah an agency is like a hospital cot accredited by the joint commission this is an outside agency becomes an looks at the hospital looks at their policies procedures their standing orders and go through their organization and says yes you made the standard so the federal government will require a hospital in order for it to receive reimbursement from medical or medicare to be accredited by a third party agent in michigan when we have a a crime lab in your going to make sure that the crime lab follows the right standards and procedures there's a crediton body of the crime labs around the country that come in it's an outside agency that understands that the minimum standards in safety yard be certified and they are credited that means they have the knowledge and they say pastoral for an entity as to meeting as compliance standards it's a third party person looking in rather than somebody to say either so when you go to and you even think about a college or university there is a body that i crowded schools so that their degree means something okay for law school it's the american barocciaio a credit and says yes if you go to this school and you learn the things that they say that you learn get the degree from them that that degree has value a radiation is a term that basically says that we have authorized the third party the common weather not somebody meets the standard of compliance a staniford work we need is the certification so now this is when the outside agency the crediting the credited agent the concentred in body to credit it the credit ation agency well under the help america once election assistant corporation would determine which organizations have the right to go out and say that somebody meets these voluntary voting standard guidelines which are mandatory admission so when we talk about the credentials or credential process of these three machines to see whether they meet these voluntary boding guidelines are voluntary voting system guidelines these beeches standard was by the u s election assistance corporation a and it is from the cocomero vote at in this is the standard that a machine must meet to be and to be transparent and have that security features in ball and the person that comes out makes the determination as a third part who is an a creditor yet their authority from the us selection as after they demonstrate the knowledge of the current standards they come out and they looked to see whether now you pass or fail on your compliance requirements posible right think we did that as she again before we ran our election and tony twenty no i'm sure pretty sure we in accomplish any of that none of the gatinais because that we sailed on we if this therefore had we failed on every single cot so now you understand why i supported different secretary of state for the over miss benson but let me start off by saying that out of our eighty three counties we can easily start off in state twenty four of them do not have machines which are certified so they don't meet the requirement in our law to meet this standard and we use them in the twenty twenty elections right there grounds to have the twenty twenty election desert and that if our long said if you believe in the rule of law and the law says in order to certify the outcome of an election basically you would have to it says the machine shall not be used unless it's not optional it's not like oh it's a great little accolade okay so like joining getting an honor society mark no this is before you graduated from high school in certified to have met the basic requirements of what they teach in high school you of our eighty three counties more than a quarter of them didn't have the machine that was set she shocking that it took somebody from another state to look at this and find this and i've been digging around and lecomte focused on what went runlets and i did notice credits to the american project in their effort so then we look at the certification that we do have ironically dominion has forty eight counties and bad were able to receive a letter of certificates and the latter certification though appears to indicate that they certified a soft ware which are machines did not use secondly the agency that came in and said in gave them the fancy certificate letter is just an opinion it's not a certificate even though it says it certified because they weren't a credit it so what does that leave us that's pretty scary forty eight of the evermore than half were a credit to her word were supposedly certified as machines with the tower which we did know and certification is softer important or appears that way and secondly regardless by an agency that wasn't accredited meaning that they had passed the requirements of the election sistance commission in order to have met the requirements to say whether somebody passes her he sagged to me it's a go romanly well and i think to put this in perspective you know if this were so if the unpersonal lovel if our elections i think because a lot of people feel so removed from governance in our election process they they don't see enough of a connection to themselves as their huge part of the population that is disenfranchise just kind of walk away from this and don't realize how important the son to every one's life i mean to the life of our country is but if this were a doctor if if you went to a doctor that said they were crowded in or they went to school and then all the sudden you find out that they didn't go to school or maybe they determine no way to know because whatever they have hanging on the wall is a fraud and it is not real is an illusion and i would i would in mathematics you believe to be true which has no basis of truth whatsoever in it is only in allusion so our loss which your plaintive and and thank you for stepping forward on behalf of the people of mis it is and some other brave people have stuck forward too on this and put their name and their reputation at stake on this research and but i want you to understand that if if there is a minimum level of compliance in order to be certified in the person who makes the call has to be accredited and this is the process in the standards which we have adopted in michigan and its mandatory i mean it's very simple it's like if you tried to go in to get your driver's life and you said that you had been you had you had passed a driving past with it outside agency the secretary states can and the latter from the agency and they have to be qualified by the secretary of state in order to train you and drive in and said that you made the men upstanders of how to parallel park and you know the rules of the road but then they still give you a test so the reality is is our loss who is extremely clean it doesn't get into the issue of fraud it doesn't get into the issues of the mistake it doesn't get into the issues of the exploitation of the vulnerability of the hacking basically says that we set rules and said in order to use something we're going to meet these requirements we did meet him the request for relief is that we re run the election from the and unfortunately we have chosen to limit this to the presidential election and there's a significant number of reasons for that and because the laws it cleaner on that and do so then the question becomes as why does it matter well it matters because you need to make sure that our results were certified and in our government history of michigan whenever an election is run in properly or there's to you can't fix the air you have to run the election i recognize the two years almost two years into the term here for where the last election was run but we have time to run another election in michigan for the president from twenty twenty meseemed to do minturnae to consent to the government we need to run it without these uncertified machines are machines that were certified by somebody that's not a credit or i want to turn our attention over to the next part of the loss besides the desert citation request for a new election the second thing we ask for is that they preserved the election material and if anybody here is working in a clerk's office as influence over a township or a county or city election clerk here's what i would tell you after months federal law does not make it landed for to preserve data but it doesn't require you to destroy zero reason even without a coronet you would destroy the twenty twenty election and formation and we're talking about electronic information that is aught auditors and security logs were asserting about paper certain this so the secretary of state has a statue or for the retention of records that was published in torment as available and in but some of us some of those dates have expired this weekend over labor day weekend where a coal the ability to get rid of some of the and we we have asked the court to order that they not get rid of the there's no requirements you get rid of it an i got into a fight with the secretary of state a couple weeks ago because right after our august second twenty twenty two primary they instructed all the clerks to delete electronic records that were on a sunrise that some drive has the audit logs in the security logs and say if anybody wants the information from these given the paper without the logs which is the result that would be like a clerk at the end of their ship when the boss comes in and says how much did we make and he says all we sold three hundred dollars of food and five hundred dollars of gases at a hundred dollars and the guy was a light to look at the individual transaction and you don't get to see the details behind it you just get some so i the unlawful order from the secretary of state threatened the clerks in our township in our cities with a misdemeanor vainest this evidence the same time our loss is it a folly if you destroy but as the federal fountaine destroyed the clerks are put between a rat and a hard place in weather not the required to retain this information because there be imposed by me check with your tune because you may be committing a foul if you listen to the secretary states i leave law order we know our government can give legal orders and then afterward they are apologized then the secretary state doubled down and says if you don't if you don't fill this illegal order then we'll come back and charge you because they are desperate to get rid of the dado the audit so let's go to the next point and that is the issue of ortheris and that is whether the machine should be used in the next election so in michigan we have a law which says that a township or a city clerk which are local election clerk have the ability to make a determination if the use of a machine is impracticable now even i had to look up that word it's not impractical is impracticable so what would end up happen in ten that we default to a hand count oh impracticable means for illegal determination not not possible so i would assert that if the machine in your one of the counties that had a machine that was on a crowded it i'm sorry that was uncertified or was certified by somebody who wasn't a credited to certify the that you may make me continue to do continue to look at or whether not you should be using the machine in your own but we're starting some other case as to make them easier for the clerks to have charity out we're going to get some correlative now i want to just say that that in a nutshell is the last that we filed on friday i got but wednesday night i got a chance to do what i would call michigan diving which was to take the general concepts and converted into a group of michigan and identified masipele that would be involved in coming forward to legal action no one had just give a quick shout out to them in position as afford so done you are proudly there representing a candidate who is running for the third party as taxpayers which is part of the constitutional party which lothian because you disinherit over again because the internet cut i just wanted to say that we have a broad base of a people who stepped forward to represent this litigation and you would step forward for the us taxpayers party and i just want to remind your viewers that that you as taxpayers party as the michigan branch of the us constitutional party and it's an established their party it is on the ballot and you are on the ballot but you are a candidate that step forward and sign this that has the state wide interest in this election you were also in twenty twenty we have a jason is which is the gentleman who are it is the name plaintive he was the one that came forward from the americas project with the information on we have a friend of mine who is a gentleman out of all in county on bunker who was very very active in that area and then we also have the officers of the maconnois party joined the lawsuit and we also have we also have a township clerk by the name of sharon also from irving township of barry county who is representing all the election courts seeking to have some clarity in musiques they went on the clerk again the township that once again lecolle but i share and also from irvington ship and prepare county that will i think yeah i think that this is really important to is to see who listening to gather on this whole issue you know you've got you've got it it's truly it ruined parties from from different different areas different type of jurisdiction shall we say that are all standing gather as americans is not based on party or anything else is as a whole bunch of people that are just standing there as americans together to fight for election integrity and i'm very proud of that i think that it was well done and just a very nice effort so as we come into the selection season and double switching over an absentee bold are going to be comin out anybody that wants to try to do their best to word the cheating within the machine system i have some following advice first of all do not vote absent you can need to vote in person and that you need to show up to the pool and make sure that you vote on election day one of the things that happens is as you vote absentee they track your vote the time that the ballot leaves the clerks office through the mail system to let arrives to your house and is returned they know that within the election management i'm sure you've heard about this group called connect out of the lane they had they have a direct cardinal or file through the thing called the relatives in detroit is unauthorized access had been now linked to the caspian they have the detroit when he headed with a severity thousand old the grand from side connected them into our election management i wonder why we have some problems he could go wrong i mean this is one of those things what you know you have like you have a connection between a soft ware provider to the cuistre to china and in we wonder what could possibly go wrong with foreign interference in our elector which took a third of coleraine senor technic and civil everliving my much integrity thousand dollars to the detroit to the tops of money and connected our election system over there wasn't that night with them you know salinator for inanity once again and there were like fifty five countries that were also have also been affected with the elections by this group of criminals who have truly gotten in and tried to sell our country out piece by piece and we could look at this is one of the how many pieces that they used to sell our country but in my book the elections is the most important one because if we don't have free and elections we don't have a concrete but not ever and of the governed for sure true so i've got i've got a question for you i'm trying to have another appointment that i need to get to ye so thank you so much for coming on and i can you come back on to morrow so we can talk about this again because i do think this is important and i know we have more to talk about you will ave some more to talk about but i thank you for letting me introduce the lawsuit yeah and i think that's great you do such a good job of introducing a talking about a legal issues in a way that every one can understand them and i think that that's really important this is part of the problem with our system right there is that it makes it so convoluted that nobody can understand what's going on at all i'm an bring melissa here i just for a minute to reading other good morning and standing other patriots standing together once again just so important for every one to understand what happened because they used the legal east jargon to have a re socinus that nobody knows what's going on and they've made it by design difficult to understand navigate can do it they want and to anookasan the otherwise you know i hate to say stationer pointing to go to and so can we say a quip prayer here and then then i will hopefully we'll get back on to morrow i'd love the three of us to be and to morrow again if that's possible because we have a lot more to talk about yes a little authoritarian you so much for dan for melissa and every single person out there watching to day we see you continue to bless america with more and more patriots coming forward willing to stand together and do the brave things that require us to to become informed educated and then also take action and pray pray pray every day for guidance discernment and wisdom and how to how to conduct not only ourselves our lives but the work that needs to be done for the united states were thankful for the gift that you give us of this state of michigan and you know you know we love living in the mitten it looks like god's hand it looks like your hand print god and it's just kind of fun thank you so much for the united states american all the brave patriots of the america project the other people at signorina in arms is all about us standing together it's never one person is all of us and we all need to be engaged and thank you for bringing a brilliant minds together in order to land the most effective blows that need to be that need to be launched to take down his crusted to were listening to you we want to do your will has nothing to do with us it's all about you and that your will may be done thank you so much we love you we love you so much godly love what jesus accomplishes for us and jesus retire a man the more they useter body out there that that you're a constantly in our thoughts and in our prayers we love you were praying for you and were fighting for you and all those whom you love god bless you god bless all whom you you all those whom you love and god bless america gelatine go to my website in brandenburg for governor dicam i write every single word on telegram which is at brandenburg for number four i will see it too