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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/23/2022 - Pete Hendrickson-Tax Structure

Published Nov. 23, 2022, 9:03 a.m.

Pete Hendrickson is possibly the most effective lawyer in history, even while never having set foot in a law school, nor ever being a card-carrying member of "the bar". He is the first American in history to secure complete refunds of Social Security and Medicare ‘contributions’ withheld from his earnings (along with all other property taken for federal taxes). Since publication of his first book, ‘Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America,’’ in 2003, tens of thousands of students of his legal analyses have retained and recovered billions of dollars which otherwise-- wrongly, but as a matter of course-- would have gone to federal or state government treasuries. This despite concerted efforts by government to suppress his work, and in some cases vigorously oppose the claims by his students. Hendrickson is also a widely-read essayist on matters of politics, public policy and law; many of these works are collected in his second and third books, ‘Upholding the Law And Other Observations’ and 'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?'. He is a member of Mensa; an award-winning artist; and has paid his dues as a youth soccer coach. He is a long-time political activist as well, and has served as co-chair and platform convention delegate of Michigan’s largest county Libertarian Party organization; as a consultant to the National Right to Work Foundation and Citizens for a Sound Economy; as a member of the Heartland Institute; and as a member of the International Society for Individual Liberty. He is a frequent radio-show guest on stations across the country. Hendrickson makes his home in southeast Michigan, with his wife and son-- his daughter now lives in Arkansas. He is currently working on his next book. Tax structure policies and procedures Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is november twenty three twenty twenty two and i've got a very special guest and to day its feet henderson but for some reason i can see him and i can't get a hold of them so we're going to play a video here than that i coupeaus i think this is important or talking about taxes and tax structures and so i'm going to go ahead and start this start the a cartesian we'll see if we can get him to connect a word will were watching us this is i think this is going to be an interest distance of it taxes just a tax that key word her specific so it's not a broad general tax on good like a self i think about the specific good subject like think about things like like cigarette it these are the types of things you totally have even though it's not a i very important to act because they excite accent for example we are pacificate maybe there's a federal cittadella i think now talk about could be a federal or it could be a hey there as i think that was a are there here me you need to leave one leave in rejoin the sorgues grazy last you days had so many problems good morning everybody is well sorry about this this is like a sad once again sometimes we have sure problems in this is one if we can on her the america come for some reason he can't hear me i can hear him but i i oh you can aoooya right good i don't think you can have me there for a minute but anyhow for i inattentive itself will play a little video this morning i because i wanted to get in to get into things that is now good morning to you i was reading your thanksgiving email on your newsletter and not that was really awesome can you would you like to tell her body will be more about thanksgiving your writing but i ceremoniarii the news letter and he artemisium till the man had their place to the new is quicker dicotyles edition which has this whosoever years ago an ideal that has become kind of my standard thanksgiving period poison the subject the continuous a fast fading experiment in socialism with very transparent outcomes for the yearly in that discovered that selim i do not work if it will not preserve life and and prosperity in any way one bernenstein my of those things and they gave it a cry they reached the point of starvation and the happy were able to turn it around and embrace property rights but early enough that they survived and in lived to tell the tale and an instructress of us about these things and every one down well to read it i encourage people to read into their kids especially because the mythology about these subjects yet i still in children and an early age it's just another verse in this the sculptural million will generally speaking a minimum or quality history and in perspective but reality and that needs be fought at every step by knowingest responsible parents and one might do that is to his to record and in reincorporation or kids specially precipitation that is what i am now accessible and member the way which i tried to make this peace into so but that's my that's my a suggestion to folks for getting ready for thanksgiving to morrow the one in the morning strikes down read them he read the misery the many of a number of other peoples exposition on this subject that field with the real and truth about tasting ravine you know that the commons were saved by a kindly indians that made american other than i showed up and you know grahamite to get through the winter i really wanted like that so and the peri think that a really important thing for all of us to do just because the history that we've got is so the confinement to bed conclusions that understanding about economics and in particular and the political elements social he had been very dangerous to him that i popularising the direct line right here on my son if they got about four i have about four screens open all the same time and trained to trying to get to get to the one that is i was i love your sight you have so much information and this sight and its lost her eyes on dotcom and and i would tell everybody at this is a really great place to start not only learning more about taxes the tax structure but history as well as you know as well as just a variety of topics that and and i think that it's just like bastiles when you did when you when you went into explaining how the old usurpation of our of our country really took place i think he did a really good job and simplifying in simplifying it for everyone so like like usual when i get out in the morning i really don't have a lot of preconceived notions about where this conversation is and so i wanted to know kind of what what action he'd like to go in the cosmorama couple of different directions we could go and think that other young men it were here and i've got i have been having the last few days so many troubles technical technologically it's just kind of crazy so as no sound no sound no now we got i think we've got it all arousing the okay i'm trying to train to get the fire out it's just in the last two days at two or three days that i had really really incredible problems were here and i don't know why i had tactics look at it i mean everybody look at it and for some reason i can feel like i hate to say it but i kind of feel like targeted a little bit on speeritual trotted to start the broadcast i had to it like the morning you couldn't hear me i was trying to talk to you and you were looking at your computer away i tried to go thank you charlotte she said yes a good were good isn't this word so it's the beginning of the broad cast that seems to be the problem i tried talking to you couldn't hear me so tried calling you and i think he had to ring her of that i'm like i'm like i don't even know what to do right now because it's it's so crazy but i have to believe that they want to silence us and they want to continue to make the made this difficult and not to get the information out there so whatever it is because i do believe that they can have into computers i believe that they can they can absolutely change algorithms and that they can truly truly change things michael i can hear now the that's good i have no idea what happened i've done the same way for months and months and months and it's just gotten really weird the literal flat people ask you weeks by a sort of gooooooosh the adversary as i like to call them the defeat might people were to thquire etherington and truth and whether or not you know in any particular instance any particular person or oropastes everthing attaches a different question because there are a lot of them out there and their and so every one needs to behave with that in mind he thus make assumptions about the things are going rathantara this a little bit when things go wrong because because i there's no reason for we had ibeto people that have been on my show and while they were on they had like a bad situation where they were like the black screen adam up or one of them had a couple of the their fans from their other computer and it you kind of have to look at this and say you can't have this many issues and have it be a coincidence i don't believe it is because because it's too consistent i cannot essay you know i own ottoman it's not like incompletely cupid at these as he had in somebody who as was smarter than i am and tack on hand to fix it at any point in time and there's there's just there's just some weird things that are happening that we necessarily explained but rumble rumble literally kicked us off that the broadcast last week they kicked a sousing and been hearing that for more people that rubinstein rumble as he having some problem honestly i'm trying to get at our life streaming to work on brandenburg news network we added another little show called off the red freedom next week i've got one of my dear dear friends a pastor in parker and i think we're going to start an online cur and so he's going to be on newton's day so we're going to keep adding shows we're going to keep annies and such an if we can just completely go off the red and i mean that and to go to bradbourne network and not have to rely on any of these other these other sources i think that this is what we're going to have to do we are going to have to build almost a parallel a parallel portal apperley beat with with the way that we trade the way communicate our health care were got we're going to have to make these people irrelevant even i enchanter where all have people that are long time supporters of mine going what happened you remove me from the telegram canelike no i have it i haven't moved or moved anybody i'm a very slow person to black people or remove them if i make somebody that's that's my know like puttin a product out there that i will if there is in the channel just or sails i'll take but i don't even really my pealed differing opinions but this is it is such a crazy time were living and i can supporters that then on like face book and acutist there and watch three hundred importers disappear right in front of my eyes were literally are just vaporizing and then this last week i'm going to tell you rumble has really become a little bit of a problem and so were still live streaming to lot rumble i intend to do that till we get listening working from branford news now where he will probably still you know go from there but the really sad thing is how how much manipulation is going on of honest and true messages if you know and i always tell people that are in that are on the show in it if you want to publish anything to bradbourne not work we're going to continue to bolster this so that we can have an eye on the connection and i on the channel so i mean there's actually a direct line of responsibility accountability right there i mean i've got my name on it and away you know that way if there's any problems people can truly just pick up the phone and call me cause my numbers out there i let everybody know exactly how to get hold very easily they can literally call and to that sellon right there and so that's a cell phone number that i put out there so that we can have actual communications because this is absolutely crazy you know in we're talking about the you know the history of the united states and how they subverted that even then you know to what a thanksgiving as well if they control all the methods for getting out books you know most of our text books are coming to say arabia right now you go back to twenty five years on the tax books and they look very different than they do to in you go back further and they looked different yet the aether we get away the more the message gets coated and that you look at these social media in the way to get social media out there right now it's it is absolutely a crazy crazy time in this country and we're going to have to take it on ourselves as we the people you and i sitting here to gather in a reedy that's out there all her friends and such who are willing to and also stick some of the gitche because honestly we are under a tap i had you know running for governor and i do not consent only then i could see this entire process was all about censorship right from the beginning in order to install there global candidates that is allowed at action is of an we just an illusion as andalusian in an installation we don't i even i was even going to say it to day i want to say why are we even bothering the isis's huge expensive we're not going to fight for this and when for a election why should we go through the motions from here going forward you know it's everybody's goin to have to decide to get in here and that i'm seein hypothetically right because it's a huge expanse that they are putting in to this this installation press in order to control the way we think about it so either we have to shove this right in their faces and hold them accountable by all the way the people or everybody out there might well disband their keys were it over to china because we we have to fight for then there absolutely right we do to fight and right about then the issue and of independent not working as well you know the founders there are other thenius was recognizing the importance of the central nation that just exactly which faces separately from the one large central structure nice if somebody came up with a with a replacement for internet connection in general i mean that being come perforated and in government maintained etherealising even if we have our independent nods or as independent as they can be but you know in the meantime and any of them things like your project with your your nosepaint in independently controlled however important and i watch it's really funny as all watch some things that that you know it it's kind of funny to watch the political the political arena and i'll watch to things that i say and that i do and you can even watch dickon what she got for she came out to alice you know the average news caster which all looks like the rubber stamped they all were the same type of clothing and and the body can dresses the whole time the yards and then all the sudden she was wearing a white but not sure which is what i what i wear quite often and then she goes to a vast like a like a vast like i always hear bout and actually it was almost the only thing she left on was cowboy boots and the inner a little in her little leaden i hear the hero you know picking up words that i say even out here so you know there watching all of us and their trying to the ideas that arise at worcester too stupid to come up with the to have an actual opinion on things all they do as they just part what they hear in order to leave people strain and they're going to exactly what they want anyway abernethy sure i want to show you this before we get into the taxes and you know the sixteenth amendment because i read i read your piece on a sixteenth amendment and i am an teleragh now i felt very ill out gone on your the piece is sorest be able to piece the salt together it is a very that you rode in on your webs is something that going to take a long time to digest and i know that i'm going to meet some simple occasion for this for me to get the grasp of all the ideas in it i think it's wonderful it's very it's wonderful it's very complete but i want you to want you to talk as through it a little bit because it is very it's very complex now i've been doing this lately where i'll go on and i want you oughtenter of what this what we're talking about you know like the existence of a portion meant that sort of thing so so in the article that you have on the sixteenth amendment which will put a lot because i've got it up there too and i've really been doing a lot of this where i put things up on line so that we can in fact see see unreal time what we're talking about to help people understand but i wanted to show you this it's a spy i found this when i was researching to be prepared for them to day because i thought this was a a significant channel and i'll just show you why and we have discussions on this and you can tell me that i am completely of face with it but this guy is a professor and he's a professor and he goes through many different kind of like an online tight business school any goes through managerial accounting and intermediate accounting and it goes through a taxation odder titivate microcosmic economic didn't see macro but i saw micro in there which i think finance in amicitia statements personal finance and an insurance you know he's coming to it from from an academic point of view which i know that that's not always the best way to come about it because i think that honestly what's really been ten our society down it is these institutions in doctor nation i i alice a higher learning i and doctor nation in our colleges and i i am so out on most of this when when we when we went and to how do i say this when we went in to that last the twenty twenty two election can you hear me notwithstanding heathen twenty twenty two election how the colleges and you even actually had had the buses greyhound buses bringing people and and honestly they were bringing people in and registering them to vote upon tominie christina cramahe a happening happened to you at the michigan state university too so whenever i see something like this guy that's put it out as the professor so he has a cause professor he may be really great but anyhow i did play as exists on this morning because i thought that might be a fairly a fairly good definition or so peopling kind of understand in a chocolate learning how that works now here is here is petite last risen and we're going to talk about the sixteenth amendment a little bit i wanted to bring this up so people could could see what we're talking about and going back and forth on this this is that work for you heathen on the but you have goitres definition of an excited station initiation a very limited application it doesn't actually the definition it is relevant to the incometax and it really doesn't a complete definition or even a really accurate one in any sense all but for me people experience would excises like you know excitemins like that that is how it seems to work but actually excited tax is a tax on privilege which is which limits and dictates the stubble of the sort of things to which it can be applied and that the tendency taste applied to concentric the most part but they have to have that privilege another specifically in the supreme courts and from adonbec to a number of times very clearly you got my best about sixteen a moment of it if you could sit and moaning up the like appetites like out of that peace if you collateralis excise and if you could click on that and bring that popopo could read a long as we got to be down another terraport from what you got exposed there but now existing the first there there i think reindeer short in peace the very important bees because what it excites is specifically how it relates to the incometax really really critical to grasping the entire package on the income tax in light to just read through this within i every one so ameliorates atonement any would like me to mislead to as we do to say so and i will be the go ahead put it in the chance so that we can go through this i think this is a great great waited to go with us on our sooner policemen as excites our privilege to excess was he out with a statement from the bucranium to the railroad a supreme court in in which the immature me court declared the taxation of the income is in its nature an excise entitled to be enforced as such and in this it was reiterating its conclusion of same otto further in the definition or the meaning of that as we do here next thing is the affirmation of the first incometax return before and this is how that read i hereby certify that the pole is a true and faithful statement of the gains profit or income of some into those somnolence in the county of seasons of someone so when the drive from any kind of property rents and prebendary of any profession trade employment or volition or from any other source whatever from the first day of june were a thirty first day of december eighteen sixty two ottilie and underlying for emphasis subject to a incometax under the excise laws of the united states to the point of that in instead of instead clear the distinction that the taxes applied in the ex on to testimony i read it to the record of congress that had been written by a former century department legislative grassmere hubbard and this one is to say contendest for congress and making three the income tax is an excise tax with respect to certain activities and privileges which is measured by reference to the income which they produce the income is not the subject of the tax it is the basis for determining the amount of tax on us lowermast week when we when we spoke a word remember emphasized a lot the fact that the taxes actually on the activity it isn't on the money reentering money is not protective of the exercise of privilege which manners has just as afoursaid her infinite spring portionless one trace company and entitlements was set in the tamasese entouree sixty three super the requirement to pay excise taxes involves the exercise of privileges recounter at one to a state court this is the corporeal of tennessee in two thousand and seven those good job of mistreating how this works anapaestic law recognizes no distinction between a privilege tax and an excited no sides to a toast in which it is it is a rule that whether metairie in the state as a privilege to act or an eye tax is but a choice of canonised for an excise tax is an indirect or privilege another citation with him that the ruling for walter's deep of water feebly the terms excise taxes and promoter sometimes and the two are often used interchangeably and they referred to as seventeen one american state local taxation sectionaries senorita the two had been used interchangeably whether in texas characterized in the specialising it as a privilege to act or an excise tax is merely a choice of synonimous words or in epistaxis a privilege but continues the waters become the excise patch now before us is by more complete description preferably an excise uproar ticular privilege assassinating to the quantity of substance possessed in enjoyment of such privilege this case the taxes on account potentates by that last look little bit is the definition of privilege and black indicia since the nation problematical benefit or advantage and joined by a person company or class beyond the common advantages of other citizens and exceptional or exterior power of exemption a particular right advantage exemption power franchise or immunity and by a personal class not generally possessed by others for example in insatiable how that were to overawe neglected him in speeches that of princedown in the united states versus county of allegheny forty four which they observe the government is an abstraction and its position of property largely constructive actual possession custody of government property nearly all these or impassioned who is not himself the government but accidents behalf and for its purposes he may be an officer an agent to a contractor his personal advantages from the relationship by way of salary profit or beneficial personal use of the property that is as the applied to privilege the darling the privilege i sized principles very simple for the government to be able to charge an indirect montmorin were taxed for indigeneity activity must be one done by permission of the government rather than anything done by right this makes the thing done from which the feet can be charged necessarily and inherently and exercise of privilege and the government is the etonians the reason your ablett's the privilege that being exercised and the amount to which you inserting some of that measure how much of that privilege you engaged amenities payment for the privilege of in the most basic sense of that expression the reciprocal of course is that such a task came to plaitings from which you don't meet government permits draining your labor for pay with any one except the fat or engaging in any other economic activity not involving federal stop okay so give us like like turn examples of of that sort of thing of which using overmantel are anacreon ent stuff enforced in regulations for the department of transportation that would be to one example a lagging on federal land rounding it roads across interstate edisonian yet unterland which was one of the the major applications of the tax and effective was it was redecorated here some of the profits from that process that that the taxes revived in eighteen ninety four after going on at us in ten seventy two for a rapid of time you don't you go and imagine any number of others yourself had it signifies a gainful use oh a feller as property but i upthorpe and federal here was it odeon you don't let her ally uvifera stuff like wiener landholder taking federates out in making money on them or than the goethean federal authority in a profitable way as well who told example so ottoman some state cordell actually the first one is is a federal lorraine the right to receive commonly define incomers a right belit every person this right cannot be taxed as privileges discovered but the distinction between what alfieri who can't qualify as a privilege of purgation right that obviously is not aprender a permission from any one and that as the court has said in jacopone's alford tamarind and the garland commissioner it is that all asinarian be taxed as private here's another one that i think is one of the very very best and most illuminating into jurisprudence on the subject of the senhorina in the place of sense are one and that it's a little one but but listen carefully to sincerely although the legislature may declare as privileges and texan such for state revenue purposes these pursuits and occupations that are not matters of common right the legislature has no power to declare as a privilege and tax for revenue purposes i potations that are of common right the recoinage in an employment to carry out of business or pursue an occupation or profession not in itself her or conducted in a manner injurious to the public as a common right which under our constitution as construed by all our former decisions can neither be prohibited or hampered by laying a tax for state revenue on the occupation employment business or profession that was intimate in the state carry on their occupations as above to find who derived no income whatever there but where an income is dried from any occupation business a word inconsiderate action business profession or employment than the legislature may lay there on a tax the distinction has been drawn in this case is is really really tell him they are in thousands of people carnations lamentations without any income from them and what the point that's being made here in large part and one of the important take away there is the understanding that income that term is its use in tax law is not athenian the thermopile think of income is like all the comes out at just now whatever money some sonnets that's in in parasite on pamlico only the meaning of the guns from the exercise of privileges of textiles emerson aspect of artistically that the saying thousands of people carry on iterations employments businesses repercussions obviously money making activities they make money doing all those things but they don't have it come none of them have income the satanas and so they set committeemen that is that it has in the context of tax and so the it's only when some one actually does the privilege of variety that they discussed earlier in the ruling that they have in the cornered call income and can be taxed on that very important distinction and but motorboat the rights and the titanite cannot be no these are two speeches first one which union versus creation in eighteen eighty three the right to follow any of the communication of life is an indelible right and it is then well said that the property which every man has in his own labor as it is the original foundation of all other property senate most sacred and inviolable the patroon one the foreman lies in the strength and dexterity of his own hand and to him he is employing the strength and dexterity in what manner he thinks proper without injury to his neighbor is a plate violation of this most sacred property and it is the corresponding and sniffs welton the meaning of capitation is said that potawatamies river purposes of the us constitutional structure the indented the very studiously discussed and employed by the supreme court in falieri's entrust one of the great key income tax on the carcass come in in the next toast when you sit etageres cans as it reads included in the right of personal liberty and the right of private property partaking of the nature of each is the right to make contracts for the acquisition of property the ouachita as that of personal employment by which labor in other services are exchanged for money the other forms of property no consumption will piece with the isolation so the receipt subject to the federal existence for i won in the federal income tax are those produced through the exercise of certain federal privileges just like the name says it a federal income and mantilla to were more complete it in this case just manly should drink back to the larger piece of the fanariotes notwithstanding about what an anise actually esperoit relates to the income tax the white the documentation you've got on here too so that when people are taking the time to really dissect these and i just that you have you have supporting you have supporting documentation to actually say no there's already a precedent set for this that they are so far into over in the way that their taxing this name and we're just letting on to it because it's because of our lack of knowledge that's exactly right it is just the latitats very very cultivated lack of knowledge the state spends an awful lot insuring remaining that ignorance among the american people and maintained constituency of beneficiary interests the support that internally notice blocks been on the neatest recently so and a mind to attention when they do they are the pedestrian fioravante data from their clients the plans civilian for some reason or another i don't know this doctor is but they get access to two clans computers under some circumstances majeste the sending lots of it the baseboards of present i don't know anything further than that it attitude the news and i yesterday and the deposition or black inside constituent interest for the misunderstanding of the incometax they make all their money based on the fact that people don't actually have accurate picture of nottonby needs a texture to do their taxes unless they are deeply immersed in actually engaging in federal privileges of most people are not most belave at most somnolent with the investment because they are in some cases investment investigations and may interest eatanswill the bout the that's why the tenor most folks unless they actually work for the federal government directly or more on companies that athenagoras in with the face now this is crazy this one was seen besieged lieutenant there because this is he confronted face book may have collected some for iris finally data if you use her online text services well there you will tuck this thing a cheer that a right i had read this guy's one fly research going on nothing security were boys that true the moral is commonalities or the equivalent to personal data back so while i prove i applaud ironmaster this is you know to a certain degree i've got a lot of questions on this whole thing because everything in line is basically it it's a surveillance we live in a surveillance state and honestly it's it's no different than what they had and in rushed or the story you know world war to any of the tissues much worse not to worshiping way i think we're a way worse she then germany or rush and i really do any point history i think this nation is a serious serious problems and and you can you can really go to to he had you to really see what they've done all you got to do is look at that five eyes alliance and how they used other countries ability but to spy on us they would have the exchange so they were exchanged information on each other's a population to get around the constitution you know the constitution and what it allows them to do or not to do what they do not were not they're not allowed to spy on our citizens governments not allowed to do that so he is the aeneid it before sterndale at this is crazy it is more or less common alsace book as an equivalent to a person at a acumen is proven quite capable of collecting enough information in an individual use a crate attempting advertising profile it's not just that i have seen these spread sheets that that are available one of em is collected by the obstrepit people and save michigan but you can get a list and it has you cannot you would not believe how many columns in data they have on people i mean i wish shot yet said your name ideogram it in as he has what you voted and how do they know what you voted on every single proposal issue that's overcome thee got columns for all that your house on and on and on it's it's incredible so face to his just in in engages on tuesday investigated news outlet the market revealed that several major tax silence services had shared a private taxpayer information with face some companies listen includes the act tax layer miltonville and dollar giants like her block and into it so did you know that that face book i used to be called life lock and it was it was going going back to some of the government agencies that put this out there believe it was dark reproach no there was it was dark dark project that was put in place to make a file of every single thing a person does in her entire life including where they go who they know their contacts are communications all of their call of their conversations in i mean they've got to have a one hack of a file on me for as much of orations i put out there with good i you'll say it to him directly you know you guys you guys can go on go jump in a lake i can use a lot stronger terms than that but go ahead spy away it's not going to stop any of us and in so so goes it but were still fight on these people but this is incredible the information shared with matilde relatively benign data like names nameless's more concerning is the personal finances involved including annual income silentiarius the mark of even so instances of cold scalaris amounts for dependent children and health savings account activity the data was conveyed to face book by a man of papilionaceous nebeneinander a babbage so they knew what they were doing they had if they had a job ascertain their web page they they were they were collecting for one of our government through face book this is this is all about the cia involved in one and i the sibyline into our lives for as is little little man on little angela for the globe as the sitooation at last ristocratic locker that provides two whole software choice itself or a ticinese to improve depravity in some cases so encryption programs and other recommendations for miseries to use that relatively not completely and in this respect anything not wilmecote also owed us meditate a pout to one for some other interest that not you had some relocated you know you can still be served himself or even when you're not that i can find yourself to it to a you know private portal access to the man but it at least your move one layer of surveillance and said and you become a lot less specific and by using some of those tools and the preacher you can actually make yourself completely about as far as it went searches are concerned damage exchanges with other people and so forth selenites to improve the situation and certainly no one should be using a trapassar out this conversation the harpeth tax the vast majority of americans would have absolutely no use for counterbalance i thaetigkeit there some one created in an educated terutak instillation then finishing them rapidly he do at exeter takes fifteen minutes absolute m fifteen minutes i am for the vast majority of people one great if you gave a class on that that we had put out there because you know a lot of time people can read them but it takes a while for peteiro people you know the three different kinds of learning there is a visual learner an audio learneder that most people fall under most people are more of the audioceiver ner than they are a visual or most teachers are visual or so they expect a scelerat and take those words and putting an end to mean understanding whereas most of us actually are kinetic work when we see it or reiterate with another person it becomes meaningful and antlike oh the light wolunteers tides of my ears are posted and louisianian guys were going to bring this up because i want to see this this is this is the one on the fly learning that were doing here and researching so help help get me there too not the idea on nor were any get this figure out gus because i think this is i i really do think that this is significant it's a significant learning okay here gossip atalanta moreover in every sea but were doing her waist potation the lifesavers will get there they tapsalteerie get paid other concession formation in into the another very balaustion and salteadores foot their sea why why i wanted on the show the skies of amazing okay in hooratookie trotting the young oenothera otterbourne for spreading the word about the protestant but also there's a list of films that i have posted to people can make you so and amongst these are some severals of labors and you got you got like manna is amazing for letters and everything here this is a there's there's a pet but oweenee body and here is a form and a number of them to focus on specific opposes but thee o the bakersfield sobieskium patentee of their band he becomes a lot another and an oor five hours of senor covered there and and when he wishes canoebial get it in an auditor and you know they supported for me okay and there's your channel right there there's petunia channel so i'm goin to go had an save all these off and i did the the other day in trying to put all these links and in my telegram channel and brandenburg number four or i salesladies and because i want to i want to hear some of the if the but if you will in states over are but the agony their greater i might these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness i would further but it is to secure these rights that governments are instituted among them driving their just powers from the consent of the governed at whenever any form of government struck these it is the right of the alter or to abolish to institute new government what a inspiration on such principles in organizing its as to that shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness i want the restoration of liberty on the rule of law in my life there she with your jonathan to say about the subject of the american revolution he said what do we mean by the american revolution do we mean the american war revolution was effected before the war to revolution was in the minds and hearts of it's a resolution that we need it is a second american resolution and then when we were all in the century there was a counter revolution of arcadia the original revolution we have the original resolution the cinnamon and we had the revolution prompted and we had abandonment trueman i particularisation whichever way you want it when we we have the severity the people we had individual liberty recognized as premature or we have the answer of the pledge elevated to the found an foundational concepts of principles of the government i love that so i'm goin potential those resources cosetta's absolutely wonderful and wouldn't it be great if we could have discussions like this oh you know where we just talk to each other about all of this really important really important information like the fact that this is a republic it is not a democracy the fact that this is and what that means you know what it means to be a republic and how how we go forward with restoring that restoring the lawful governance that supposed to be yet it so that the aconitine an so he read mandricardo here there's not that i think that you know having such a hard time getting started this morning we were not having quite as many people on the chance more anthea before thanksgiving so the nooning that peter t party caucus twelve i was as his robe stand all i was interested in the long for mortgage fraud national association of realities in a joke and to the republic for which it stands not democracy truth to rough i agree with that is it ought theocracy is the most unaform of government that we have and then going back to rumble we've got oh sensitive we were trying if some problems like yes love as yester watching down a charlotte as dixon and whithering athenian as a global as good morning i don't trust mosque from lamb charlotte dana what about makin constitution section eleven text one search and singer and you as constitution of madmen for ye that's all that's all the surveillance as all about illegal searcher because even our rooming presence should be protected in its not the therry overstep there is a usurpation of my right sorry you not you see i desiderate permanently cured my serious daego the other so all right whatever i hear about your series on and your isolating about taxes so here you go a man so where do i go from here i go back to he there i want to make sure that i'm not amputate lowrie's winton to make sure i wantoning to do is keep all of these windows open and then when i cumulate and post all the love link okay so may she whereat and i go back here a minute he had grand i think i had categories here at a let's go look aback to be with the man that word you want to start where you can go from here well there there is another important covered the medium existed critical term for understanding tax law another one that's the actually versification for the structure is what the meaning of capitation i can note paper there in you want go down to it you'll find a leg captain at the moment of the exit he opinion myself as well to it off just like with the excess lancaster short peace but but very very important aretino seen the capitation oenothera abolitionists like a beacon on which we polecats nobles entered under the bosom till the income tax remains an excise on portion captains remained prohibited it to that page on the he that lent the there is the line right there kept the shops the presentation go through it is well i can therefore camposanto a completely misunderstood and probably a misused in commanders and often in law in because pelignian they're doing with a ringleader hastened what actions is inarticulate under the earthen section nine clauses for cattolica the belaboring of the senses or enumeration hereinbefore dried betaken that's the apportionment it into unconsecrated change it we three entire destitution of america from which these pieces fall and that will be made one hundred per cent clear to any reader but but no inteference beefeater captain one why the apportionment of repose retention that or continued supremacy is is so important so the other this real quickly they pass on or measured by commonality or the proceeds therefrom is a capitation as that term is meant in the united states constitute the state supreme court declares the meeting of the constitutional term habitation in its rolling and policemen on trust in eighteen ninety five the most detailed analysis of federal tax in powers ever made by the court the door by sending to and endorsing the observations as to the framers understanding and use of the term of albert gallatin state and federal congressman and senator us minister to limoenfontein the longest serving secretary of the treasury in us history it is the supreme saladin his sketch of the finances of the united states and will secure published in november some deity six said the most generally received opinion however is that by direct taxes in the constitution of those are men which are raised on the capital at revenue of the the pocomoke the nature and continues the remarkable coincidence of the quires of gratitude with us pertained amputation as a generic expect including the different species of direct taxes and as acceptation of the word peculiar it is believed to doctor smith leave little doubt that the framers of the one and the other in view at that time for at the time and that they as well as he by direct axemen those paid directly from and falling immediately on the revenue formalists antony at the stones throughout the western world when the term was deployed in the constitution adsmith describes several forms of capitation and well evasions when i read this now remember this is what the court is accurately described it as the basis for the distinction in the constitution prohibiting capitation unless a portion that others ammersmith while the nations from the five caperton her article for the taxes which it is intended should fall indifferently upon every different species of revenue or capitation capitation tax if it is attempted to proportion them to the fortune or revenue of each contributor become altogether arbitrary the state of man's fortune varies from daddy and without an inquisition more intolerable than any tax and renewed at least once every year can willingest captain and so far as they are let me upon the lower ranks of people a direct taxes upon the wages of labour and our attendant attended with all the inconveniences of such states in the capitation which has been levied in france without any interruption since the beginning of the present century there was their eighteenth century stood orders of people are rated according to their rank by an invariable terror the lower orders of people according to one is supposed to be their fortune by an assessment which varies from year her and the first pull tax some were assessed at three shillings in the pound of their supposed income now and on going battalion through a low quickly but anyone who was listening carefully you were in one rosecrans going to recognize the wholesome is described it is what people into the income tax but it's in a virtually identical in its in its description to what people have been led to believe the income taxes in fact the way it actually is applied to most people but even though it is only applied to them because they are themselves inherently setting up the situation for that to happen the other against his historian the taxes went on is intended to fall indifferently upon every different species of revenue in other words describing what the definition of income all that comes in the paris the fallen alcuin or capitation captain tempted to propose them to the force of revenue each contribute or become altogether arbitrary the stateman's fortune varies from day to day and without an inquisition more intolerant pectore evermore a reality because he says more intolerable and yet americans in power every year yes it worse too the work oratorio every year commences i the direct action the wages of labor and spent of course using the term wages in its common sense rather than its customary presenting sensible to day having written a couple hundred years before that at winterdean was written for it ever and i had isolating the destruction of what people have become accustomed to with the uncontaminate the income tax as it is being improperly the minister due to exploit him anatole as to the nuances of the a monster a captive and that is a prohibited tax but without other than by the apportionment mechanism but here are letting this happen to themselves because they don't understand waters and what earthly falls in but people who have learned that he come for of in proper unsophistication smartly at the parenthetically the cometary about some with using them the commemorates that custom by legal term of the same spelling found in matter of revenue not revenue laws and withaout that descartes of capitation imposed under the name of palaces as well observing that in the first poltarnees hates me any more taximeter suppose it fortune he assassinate shillings in the patent of their supposed into potatoes certainement heard the expression all tax that they're talking about like getting charged to vote is not what it means and the visionariness is its continuing with his piece the poorness of the time the income tax begin the definition of capitation is given as habitation a polack an imposition which is nearly laid on each person according to his estate and ability you mean that isn't discriminates most people understand it today but i then actually capitation that is not a legal text that can be applied to people other than to the portion of mac antagonistic sorry the way hesitation in the venetian was the official at oniony up congress at that time as morton as queries eighteen forty eight a lexicon experience but in this way captain attacks or imposition raised on each person in consideration of his labor and dusty office rank et cetera it is a very ancient type of ancient kind of trick at the answers to what the latins called tribute by which tapestries are distinguished from the axis amercan is called back delia a clearly general indiscriminate on all the comin on every species of revenue or which is assessed as a percentage of earnings as in three shillings in the pound while the five as a capitation as the term is used in the united states constitution donelly the income corporation in inception of the uniformitarian income tax can be another use things then it tattletale if you think about it just for moment it's clare what the income that that is and can be taxed by tones without a portion hetty and if the things just described it overcame and indiscretion all he comes in it can be attached on every species of revenue and it can be one that is accessoire of urban services he has all those things are coaptation tentations not of course men are provided to getanittowit acomas that is taxed under contain it's not by the way smith peculiar accent to it one of the tradition has got and put it with his recognition that any chance of the inmost himself pay is in fact tacon the man a capitation stanton the head even if not blatantly on something else smith saw the justice attack nominally went on the man as a pertaining to his burthensome name lay elsewhere but which must be paid out of the man's revenue is an imposition of the man directly he had had his renters of his rights at best with the ancient heavens perspective and hyaenas accurately identifying in accounting for the practical realities of the incidence of text and how it is paid nowlett time anyone had done the favors were devoted respectful and coincidents of smith work and adopted smithsonian the matter just as m albert lamented said this is clearly illustrated by the financier ion of the term capitation by the constitutional convention as reported and james madison's notes on that precedence is originally deemed assumable expression of all forms of direct but end up supplemented with another another cast to the meaning by the addition of or other direct taxes in order to ensure that no mistake on the contrary could be made this room james madison's notes on the consolation action an article one section nine no captain shall be laid unless a etcetera mister renato insert after computation the words or other direct tax he was afraid that some liberty might otherwise be taken to save the state with the readjustment by this rule of past requisitions of congress and that his amendment by giving another cast to the meeting take away the pretty mister williamson added the motion or second of the button which was a great on the margin of colman were in operation inserted after as explanatory of sense the farmers were intent on examinational liberty and so to insure strict meaningful limitations to the permission to lay in places even to the federal government a permission intimated under the articles of confederation which the constitutional convention had met to revise and then promiscus of captains and the relevance of the term of the current american tax tractor please go back to the organisation which from which we make so reporters and the menace real important to understand the meaning of reputation and that the excise and can't be habitation and between those two this you can reply transcend what the chance actually also and that unto understanding everything about how it's administered and on nothing minister and how to free yourself that mussolini ration hope from my unlawful taxation that's exactly what we have gone on there entire tax structure and i think that the most noteworthy thing that i'm seeing here is that our politicians because they're not leaders are just politicians looking for their own our constant a serving there any of the the obligations they have to run this nation on order for self and rich and there looking the population is just as a slave class really in order take money away and and it wasn't intended to be that way the other thing it's really clear to me is how schooled and learned they were on economics as well as just just in overall tax structure knowledge i mean we're talking or tax structure right now is so complicated seven mother with that seven million words that i can't even understand how we got here because it is so complicated the average person they had to add an industry or several of them to manage the rules that they created and you know you can go back to the bible and see how that got really completely condition got got gave atonement and the israeli society the and secured forty eight more of them than they have to have people to interpret those and then a bright lass in a case money to do that so you've got another whole class of or an industry built around the complexities which they have in fact built into the system to rob from the american people there is a sameness constituency of beneficiaries were uttered in latin or black the lot of loot of people in this country that take liberate maintained endurance maintained public general ignorance of peconic people here you know tax return preparation business as woosters toreadors literature people jolyffe just decided take a pause at all taxes how we got this thing figured out take a pause on all of it in order to get the thing figured out and and actually actually right all of these wrongs that had been committed to the people of the united states of america wellingtonias been figured out now then and really it just a matter of people taking a that information and an action it which ascertained of study and the very very little actually really marvellously had some that was in place he would put it in the action and have phanariot there that actually knew what they were talking about they had no gain involved in this other than just finding the nation put back right i think we get the sindon pretty quickly you know we can go to queensland is empty resonator of her hand it lay at a there's there was a game show on and when somebody on the game show got in trouble they would have a phone a friend so they have so many that now a subject and made all they got alternately the business ariosto by cracking the colander demariste website at all posted there and just organizations one of the nicest offers i have ever heard because your offering your syou don't have to buy my book you can just go to the web site and get it this is what i'm talking about a boupari who are in it for the right reason not just remain money so he's not going to say it i am going to say ivrybody out there go by his book the kyasth peters put so much work into this that this is our duty our arigato honestly my opinion to help him for the work that he put into the annie got to tell you if we want good people that go forward we have to start to be in her sponsor for the sanitary going by copybook you to your friends and family for christmas start on this process to help help all of us educate population around us if we've got a good resource like this support it and and you can do it through making you know christmas rasselas for years i'm like bibiena flensborg for christmas present and and give out of people things that are meaningful we don't none of us need another coffee man all right we don't need another coffee my we don't mean nothing to fill up space in her houses how but we give gifts of no information and education and there is my plough was unsolicited by petite to say it right here and now that was a very nice very nice offer that you made to every one thank you and and i'm going to see it right now i body support this guy i'll say it again support him support his supporter me find somebody that actually putting work it that's not all begging for money it's your an my responsibility to jump on their team and help them to help us so there you go there's my there's my statement right there for the day each preciated he had no worry i really appreciate your coming in here cause i got to tell you i'm over my head and some of this because you had how many years of you been study in this thirty cause you got thirty years doated with with with all kinds of of miss he is your book available on audio no overbearance of making a hoofprint of mentioned and mary said mary said and my order and last week giving to my family for christmas that's beautiful marritge jocasta this is part of the problem that we have with our school they took economics at school they take in finance out of school they take you tax laocoon than those peonies aeschere nobody knows anything i thought i not conistons and all the pounding documents that i'm going to be given out to every want because they actually go back to bandmann's traitor as writings which i have some big issues with undermeaning because he basically you know said you know her you have a republic if you can keep it and then did a whole writing on when the people be of the people became too powerful how to remove the people i say that you know look at his behavior i think we have a problem here festoon yosemite guy he had done he had her a very strong connections to totherhouse ones but his son reheated governor of the colony then to then i suspect and that by itself was a hereditary where do you live contentus enjoyed himself a lot when he was sent to england to a speaker the colonists it loosely should have been involved in it i understand that the brothers were placed were and formation was traded but i'm sure we could have done a better tradition could have proved to happen in a better scenario writer you know talking to women i under an not ideal circumstances charlotte says good idea i pedalled seafowl edge baskets that it oh i like that idea charlotte that's a great idea to have knowledge basket at it treasure boxes or treasure box as great a love that we're doing that i'm doing that i know last year i did i did not last year i did here see back where i gave seeds out to every one that were not hybrid seeds and i thought that was good i do i've done that before but i've also done things i do i do not traditional and a year before i decided to put about i went to austere and i was in i went i bought a whole bunch of books to add our library for use book store but i try to give everybody around me of course as in formation i gave general plans books out a few years back and i think that great those are great resources and so now we've got another one here with i think that's a great thing so christmas shopping made easy on peat sit right there so all right well i think is it may be a really good time to stop in the will come back at the sign sometime next week wednesday i'm going to have a reverence intolerable pastor he's minister some sort i asafoetida i don't know what is official title is but tim parker a extension we're going to be launching and online church and i'm going to tell you it is a dear dear he very very very very well said godly man and i got a tale so he had been asked to put this together and i like well i've got the perfect value on the disturber news network so we're going we're going to get him on next wednesday and then i'd like to have you back on again pete i find this to be extraordinarily maybe the following wednesday can we do that again and will launch into another subject because now not only will that give people the access to the knowledge that you have as well as some ideas for christmas presents that meaningful christmas presence of you know these he of knowledge baskets and such a helicopter but i think this would be a great great way because you cannot get inform good information on takes what he do but each in our block and find out about that or the colleges that have potagerie the whole system in order to you know have foundations and rigor elections of bringing greyhound buses and people and register i'm telling you we have a real problem with these colleges and universities the amount of money that's going there when they say follow the money i'm i'm telling you right now you can find out figure out just about everything by peace and together the story by following the money keane what they're doing what's been done charlatans for helping me out a christmas gift this year even going to put dante jaron the job's in it that's a great idea we can have some real information in the knowledge that i love that she has a great idea i just want to i just really want to say thank you for your time i really it is a hard subject to get her hands around because this thing is so complicated how many million were you said it was a senorita or on which the current penitentiaries what a nineteen fifty four after to render confusion and for associated with the seven lords the interestingly the nineteen thirty nine tax cart version of the internal revenue was was a nearly crystal clear accurate rendering of existing tax on any one going there iolanthe helpful summerall the cod are are compilations of taxation easier to deal with and then he tried in the allegation fifty four i think they after fifteen years or little less prunier exploitation of the ignorance that began with the with the resumption of withholding and the spreading to businesses and the general public of the custom to find terms like wages and employment and employer and trade business and so forth without explaining that their custom to find terms a consultation for a teetotal in a fashion that seems to my mind to have been but a deliberate effort to make a confusing him an indecipherable at ten and easily misunderstood inattention ere after to do that now would they were doing because there trying to cut we the people out of every every part of this system disable us through making it so complicated that we held it in fact higher their own agents which will skeneatelass then automedon enters and simple by the whole protopopoff information is to inhalation words itself so neither right into it it's a big chunk o takin whether in or otherwise but the one that so all you know page he is a mass a thank you for it thank you for all the time in the year you put into this and understanding it because truly somebody who really understands it's going on is so valuable to we the people to help all the rest of us you know that's another form of warfare that we have is by our knowledge and i estrella to thank you robert sensed take money he has no law yet that's another whole subject robert or features which really worth nothing and only worse something because we believe it has value and now we have a mother that's going to have to get straight out or and i think it's going to i'm pretty positive on the fact that we're actually going in the right direction but i think it's probably a eighty seven thousand irus agents armed now with what like the getragen to use the video on his is ages that their training that looked like a whole legion of burning five and schoolmates to saint i don't know i think i say i don't know i shouldn't go there but i think these are people are not let's just say the not the top bureau in the dresser there they're not the best sharpest tool in the shed there there just i don't know these people aren't really all the brighter that's unfortunate all they know what to do as a steel so can see that they're real intelligent so anyhow well at sea prayer here and that when we everybody had the dank giving and and go on to our family and i'm cooking i'm doing is to day so i do allow time i do a lot of cooking them make a couple of ducks and such and so that's what we usually do for thanksgiving the heavenly father thank you thank you thank you thank you so much we go into this wonderful season of being thankful for all you've done for us for what jesus christophe for on the cross for the provision that you'd given us for all the wonderful people who are working behind the scenes who are never recognised that most of us will never know for those who paid the ultimate price for those like pete who spend a lifetime study to help all of us out of bad situations that have been planned and co opted by very very evil we thank you for our families we thank you for the food that we will be able to eat to morrow for the fact that we live in the greatest nation that has ever existed in the history and though it's been co opted by some very evil people we know that we can restore it and that we want to restore again as one nation under you under under our faithful beautiful wonderful father and saviour thank you so much for walking as through this process we trust you above all they all your actions are good you're good all the time and that we know that wherever you lead us we are willing we are willing to do what i takes to maintain this nation to help restore it as one nation united under you under the precepts commands in the rules that you laid out to have a good life you made the plan you made all creation and then we want to play by your rules because and not not try to you serve your laws in your rules but to honor glorified you with everything that we do and say from here on forward we thank you and we love you please let her re out there now that their love so much come along side of them that they would turn their lives over to you that they would find their protection and their help in all situations from you in lamassery an then all right he at thanksgiving or you want a joy that turkey and doctor whatever else you ll eat out there in these kind of variety out there a picador in as a patriot warrior to god bless at last your family pet i did know your wife's name i just know you was just talking on line and a little bit outside god bless you and your family and daneland mary and charlatan and blab and all i see michael boy do and die and dames and everybody out there on the chap that soliciting just god bless god bless you all and any one who sees us and thank you so much and will see you guys have a nice state to morrow i'm going to be with my family to morrow to so we won't be on air to morrow but i think we're going to be doin friday again i'll let a robin but for certain monday we've got chuck or shared onegin tuesday is is tethered with john tetraides ay as it is temperature be carin the riveter friday as garnerer and jason jones if he's not a wall or can canon karen and jason kind of switch off and i and then hopefully we'll have you on again very soon polly the following wednesday will shoot for me again because i do think this is valuable to learn the tax structure which none of us have learned what what that should look like a remora day to day and enjoyed the day happy thanksgiving about