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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/31/2023 - Special Edition - President Trump Indicted

Published March 31, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the thirty first day of march twenty twenty three what a time to be alive in you even believe yesterday it was dis crazy absolute craziness i want to start out this morning and i've got i've got three guests special guests on this morning and were going to be talking about the indictment of that in the nonsense so anyhow i'm on to play a clip here and then we'll bring everybody out good morning and good morning to chuck her sore is on the phone over here carin the riveter and cat nay ashiesteil i i resorts that what the feeling out the guys chuck care and act what was carrying off hurst a ma i'm little pepe and the roller coaster we yes how hot you the oh altho you know i don't sleep much now i can do a bit eos i been out or not just goethes by the whole thing with the generic then hold the holes so eriocomes had basically is all part in the wife uncle joe and in the rest of their restiteras there that are crawl around in the shadows toothat you know costs like the hall involved you know or are led to slay to thee the judges everybody's involved in the sissot a simple situation this is or in white and i think they all going to hang i know for trees and i'm waiting for that moment i truly am because i hate to say i'm not going over it but with a point being is that is that when somebody comes ah the the treasonous acts that they have the the lack of caring for this nation and which puts all of us at rest he mentioned at the nuclear word right there in a if they put us all in risked what there probably all sin in their bankers and switzerland and gone on the plan is to blow us off the map and it's like it's like no i don't think that's going to happen we're going to work in absolutely you know aunt and you know and this son and i think present tromp is going to get off i think this was planned and he to show he youhe might even be arrested but i think what he did is set presents for everybody else who is guilty at you know totally guilty of what's going on so i'm goin to show you where i met to day he were donasti now male thinker on and on is set here comfortable and and no no worse so anyhow go ahead to stumper in angus i think of really one of those was coming down as the backs biminis rations coherence is no doubt a long with long with michigan's as well because when one looked at we're not talking about treason were just talking about what they're doing to e international crimes with the practically locked up these people in january st and give them no deposits the gentle richepin just holegod and obviously not all implied to the camertines one or one five six seven eight nine and ten to you know he saw so what's going on here coke why are we let his hap can wire we got to stand up against the government why are we not putting into it and so world court we know the crimes against humanity that's what these are crimes against the manity have been committed in continued between every day these before lock ups they're doing it to president a former president the duty to our people once what i then got to do with their try to take our guns and all this is a a is a penciled plan in the can also take the books you technology take it the way that the written just one we are in grey closed the congees he great comminister postures they go care well i think it would chunk is talking about is we have these people any nineteen essential services position they're not our government they haven't been our government for a long time the men acting as our daughter ent and we lay down on the job a couple of centuries ago we have to learn real quick how governor selves unfortunately were we have been brought up too lazy and too stupid to notice this is a heart of a wake up cold we have got probably some more yet to experience before enough people are going to step up with with the crane of fervor we just heard in chuck's voice he he has noticed a problem or two and the rest of us have got to figure out how to do our part what is your role of plight you better be stepping up and doing it and for me that has been noticing the assembly we've got to get together in assembly we've got to tell those nineteen central services actors to get out of those seats and put people in the seats that we can hold accountable and hold them accountable using the grand juries if necessary we have more power in the people than we do in the supreme court we're above this supreme in court in the lawful grand juries so we've been locked into oh long then a long time we don't know our own history we don't know how to self governed we've been learning the hard way as chuck will tell you that the system we have in place right now is not working and it by that i mean everything the party system of the financial system the government quote ois not working like its supposed to and the people who have tried are learning come any of us have tried becoming opelets will vochang it from there we run for office and try to fix it from within or we go to the school boards and a local township meetings and the county meetings and we find out that no matter how fervently and how frequently we tell them what we want it doesn't change anything we've got collections sham elections there he set up as don an his found out it's a goat rodeo we don't get people in office that we want and we can't get them out when we want them to hold themselves accountable so we have to do it that is the last on here that we have had to learn the hard way a while so listen i told another wake up i think dear point too is that is that when we as i do believe that we are going to have another chance to actually self governed which we don't have right now and when we do we're going to have to do things incredibly differently every one is going to have to ways and such as a duty and put time and this may be every single week in some way or another so that we can get each other notes going to get a pass on this because if we sitting back sitting back sitting back waiting for somebody else to fix all of our problems the bad guys are going to creep back in and they're going to fix it in their favor can here not i agree with the law the things would be sent is interesting to watch the political side in the system and on the house divided against itself economics the boergan what's going to happen i think that the kingdom is at hand if you will and i think the words are there as cornstones when we look to our own and what word do we and our own goblit these things and standing on that right play i mean a play couple of videos as we go along this morning because i do think that fairly fairly significant never if they do go and the one that a former it is a sad day in our country and number two that somebody gets invited and gets charge with being e because it is actually what happen put her member that she wanted paines hush when he pavense something that a lot of people who have gone through with she is to me that they settle case his sore the story goes he tries to go the press he by his a bold attorney who had rised himself and that was not forget there was an attorney and all cerchoie get out and work stratager colin lovely face can can wait see in accord and soon a okay so kind of interesting too to help frame this a little bit and in what's really going on because i think i only part of the country really knows what is in fact going on here what actually happened here with president rumpentis honestly the weapon ization of our judicial two target not not just president the but in americans and as they can do it to him in some form or other they can do it to any of us this is why this is so the whole the whole thing is so signing he her legislature and all this carnenton about countability lastly crew with that young dissettlement out we need a conciliare the people standing up for the president the people that an supposedly supported him people like westhonest be alter out four front radway and of there and stay leftists what we're going to do where did they gained plans to go and support this present because i'll tell you you're right i think on to it to president to take him do it to every one of his but the thing is what about cornerbide atop got to go all the other crimes of the the pitfall the brothers the sister nobody talks about that do they now and they're not they're not talking about one thing we have to talk about is a a the other evidence at sceleris as well as in trying to bring something else there is i think pretty signed because i'm i'm going to i'm going to throw this out here for a minute i i did you post on this and this is about the shocked fond oh that the he had going on for exactly what their charging president what will what with the impetus of and in one minute less and i so how malastestian precedence i mean i think this is setting precedence for ah for going after all of them harry got miss from the hill people donationspanish was it sorry explain the word boomerang people who are seeking it may be for the first time this is what we mean by the where boomerang if you do this to a former president you get the annybody and for the public that's frightening but really for the rest of the what i called the nineteen central services they ought to be on time whiles they know all of this yet what's really interesting is that he go down here too and there's there's there's a poncho different stuff out here but i started this started and ninety five and there's actually been so seventeen years that this was really going on and to the point of this article which is a million dollars a year we put some to million dollars in paying off the is candorosamente conduct sexual misconduct of congress and in the sand there seeing that this is nothing new guys sus been going on but but they they want they want it in die the president were the rest of em will i think the rest of more cominius canoemate of time here is he screwed up such a high level that i don't think they're going to be able to get away with us manidid set presence her for going for in an plus the other evidence if they could bring into it which i think is in i feel like it was actually kind of a it was a good thing because the the deep state must you know kind of man in one direction but just like god always works god takes everything and works it for good to those who love him and so i think we were involved in a higher purpose here a much higher purpose that we can all stand out and be really grateful to be alive at this time and see it have patience and and a relaxed a little bit just watches going on because it's not like president trumps an idiot he guys smart and so are the people around up then the military is not like the rediting these people are smart and i think this is so what were seen as we absolutely a stable genius a whole bunch of stable gane who are actually taking this nation back and dismantling it set by so one dictatin to the dais in the rhinos miss conklin this one big time years wide when we look back his scorched look at what happened with agereplete days what it up to it ought to people stood by only about three hundred people reported we act of what really care people up cogonal wasn't the atomical action it is he with inseeing crispe grave escapegeneral age forgot to massachusettensis will the same way here in his she could we have the colosse called the unbearable as by queen crescendo first she put all these rules in it and o course sir taking guns and the course given this the chinese a bad replace would we don't want so now we go long i thought them we would set and quietly while they tried taking our rights away and now they did die our president well this is this combined with the guns should be the strollers a camel's back if people don't stand up like carnatica ed diroit on in that i don't know where we're go but i think not i agree with you too dossitie to stay on this is a time to fight this is the time to say i not for words now we put him to ask an we have to be on the stoics then the consequences of not standing right now because their talking about a nuclear a nuclear action not only that but our economies followed part to banking fall in their turning us trying to tensevetes uela that was he was the the target from the beginning its turns into a third world country where where i mean all of do is look at that look at the footage of what happens when a commencants falls the the amount of looting the burning the rates of murders that go on as people try to set up their own little of areas of war lords and you know with all of the illegal immigration that's comment they have made this an incredibly easy thing to accomplish we don't stand and so every single person alter his got obligation to stand together that's what we do as a merit if i take i just conscientie in history levelthis you know i can help us see the perils americans are finally waked whether he is come of coming a betreppan king of france the type of our president question greatest what's natural this people but more importantly as what her game plan going forward i as one can plans going forward i think you know that i am executing those girly quickly those you will be shame but that is something a little different from what we're talking about here i think we need not set down in figarothat it is we can do there what we can't do oh we can't do i can do stop down wholehearted like that is a complyance so we have to put our minds together as they collectively what can we do to stop these grapioliter as carried indicated cause hold words we have to look at other local communities and we have to look at her state more important it is knowing what those rights are i think can you indicate lot of the not knowing what those are to burst enforest knowing what her rights are and use the law against you my fire with whilst just like he used to surveillance against us and the very smart people in the military and such have used their weapons that they formed take us to two in fact take them down so i think too that the some of the stuff that were seen is honestly to help us move once we once they take all once all these bad systems collapse i thisdifferent i really do you know whenever something bad happens you can look at it and sickgood is god is moving when he hears one thing down he'll bring another he'll bring another thing up when it becomes so grub got himself we'll take it down and i think that that's wore seen right now with with the collapse of financial collapse the the the complete collapse of what we're seeing in government and i i think that's where we're seein a panic in the deep state right now that is going to turn around and really become their worse night removed him i conceal that we can through a lot of iterations reconder a lot of cacti and each time he put essempio le cocked and we think what happened what happened some sold herself there is no accountability there is no contract if you will it removed then they sat well that's what the lections are for i can ellisons are black ancestor through the solid or gonothecae en gossaries we cannot let that eroticthat round we must have some filifortnis like contractual obligations because for you know it should be like the japanese do resigning in disgrace i shoesin on your own accord not because you didn't do you what you're so you to cloisterham to see so i see so like junichiro letter ah forgetting support for the second mendereri oration to get people to do it see there is great as soon keen people signed every public and should stand now understand the democrats to fail believing the constitution but we do we believe in the republican platform of the bible and in the constitution of its francesco and yet these guys are willing hilly and they give us the same pope every time john jones her anger walking rankenwerk o i can to down the list there not your friend we are not well my trouble is too or that the provethat i see out there is that there has been such a lowsy track record within the parties within the governess why would anybody trust any one out there some res sitting back going i don't really want to get into these groups you know which is a valid point you know and might my point in tones i i know christina cranmer and i believe that he she needs if people get behind her and o'er people that are honest that are out there trying to work from the right thing the track record is not been very good and i think the parties are so corrupted in time that you're going to have to find people within every every organization who are honest and spite of the structure of the organization and try to get together and helth and eventually the bad guys who fall away if ye if you out you know and remove them from these these organizations so we did that in the taxieren housenothing party right now and i can tell you that there's enough of there's enough it is the people who are in shirtthe ah that they are they won't stand if somebody comes to infiltrate it will be a very quick exit if there is there is there there to destroy the and in art and i think that's what we have to do in all the parties including the republican part the prepubic and party is still too dirty to have any any effect rite now and they're trying a torpedo christina at which i find is reprehensible is it that its republicans that are trying to do torpedo a very very good person who wants to restore this nation without personal gay while she won't fit into their club and that's why they're going after so you know screwed the rest of those guys that are all there trying to harm her she's the real deal and i'm so so when you see somebody who's a real deal there's got to be a lot of of people that are alike you know you i want to cause i could work with christine a very easily i like christina and i would intently work with and so i think everybody you know i think oh i think we're going to find out that it we're all going to be working together doesn't matter which side of the isle you're in democrats republicans i want to see those people that dare to be americans and don't hang their hat in some stupid label which is what they've used to divide us i got when we hold in manus have to go through it was called a corrector action in that what we do as we entered see cards scoring for that it cannot be allowed again gay those are called pocheos according to japanese terminology what it does this is the sagartian override so when we looked forward we went to make sure whatever we do we always put it in there then i metanism devoutly forced them out of office not waiting for another election we do i mean make sure we've got it to do you commit this this is automatic is not a discussion rightmindedness or go through a tribunal or anything like that it's done and oh how quick it has to be because i'll tell you wasingetune before we get these gods out of office and then under way how think omit so many atrocities that i wish an years trying to fix it great right yet i agree with you i mean if we were working on a forework in on a pipe line job then somebody makes in the stake you you don't make a mistake or if they do something wrong to generally that because this is like a very high level very high level skill set some he has to have they are immediately a you know we'll go we'll go into assessments situations but but there typically immediately removed if it's a very large a dangerous because we can't have somebody bumbling around out there that if even though they want to try they want to do the best that you otherthey want it they want the job and such but if they start bumbling around out there and making mistakes they could kill people and and we can't have that in the same thing in our governess our government we cannot have people that are bumbling around out there like a bunch of idiots and morons that we have right now they need to be removed and they need to be removed quickly so i do heroes grace you have redundance you have basically almost as times reginensis tems and proegnosmenos i we have redundantes the sun have one catastrophic caorigh his wife people whose rise i began for to government should give to and in colection reconnected nonothing and corrected action ever since it required out two years ago esadastes that's said carrying you on chiming yeah or am i agree with chuckled needs to be can hear me can he be coming to konigsee that ain't to be quick but there doesn't need to be process and the process works when the people are doing their job we have to be the ones intention first at all to tell them pete you're doing something wrong there's a process for that we go to them your doing something wrong are you going to fix it the seres yes or no what is the remedy this is a word that were not used to use what is the remedy oh i you i will do it it wrong let me fix it for you that that stops right there let me fix it if they fix it they get to skipton there has to be a process in this country we normally we have enough for unity we we can defend ourselves we can fix things we have to all be given that opportunity and that includes our government processors a process in place for that take it or we removed you can say get out we have lived in both her lay process that's the lawful way to do it but it can be more efficient because i miss tosinghi now is not working of fishing and we can just keep on doing you know all others to a petition and will tell them and i will do a recall and i'll just have to wait till the next selection and hopes that they shall act somebody who does a better job it's not the work any more this is this is not a surprise to me the threat of nuclear war is coming i think i think than will be in vain in before liselotte merch i think or economy is going to crash the dollar good die the fetis gondidi i expect all of these things with notesuses to me so seeing this is just one more step happening it's like okay rubbing my hands to get their blind and because we have which the people up get tempts and hold the govern an account what it can we do it when there's a pack apparently not it had affected everybody but it wasn't enough ye have to how far do we have to go partly have to go pretty far in the experience in order to push people into that reality is the dead the dead power to this is the is if the fact yes that's a good thing i mean i'm i'm looking at this going of this thing kind of comes down or economy crash as the fan the fan have solutely is obliterated we start over that's a great thing because right now won't we're debts slaves to the fad that will never get out of because they loan or money back to us with the usury and besides that is not american institution and its legal soul you know pulled mandate off let's go let's go and get the thing done i mean men that's what that's what prick patrons have done all you know though we just rested banado get to business and put the sink back together and i in bipinn too the other problem that we have is we need caught about ninety per cent of government and get a hatchet person in their that's going a gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone because ah you're not alone by the constitution and are stupid and the ones that we have been placed our soul of overbearing and cumbering that we have to continue to grow the government bigger and bigger and bigger in order to accomplish the tasks of administrating the administration at that that's the problem right there so we're not going to just pain for for jobs being done we're paying for administration of the administration of gamini station of the administration the layers are just the layers of of oversight are crazy version at the follow his in industry you required for cortication ever every year every three years you have a requirement that will you will review your ill she so procedures in government in cohonino of ten years because that's a decade to wesel he thinks changesthine now reveal the just caked in on top another an comfortin another and doesn't cater other sons others effective words enforced all the just the just otanima criminals out of every one of us without a even knowing it so there needs to be a policy to review that ceres light on the process side that's part here an i'm correccion when you go through the process because to that it requires you to review the croolities affected and make the changes not you say a trained what i actively changed something on the metal that would surely does not re occur goordaspore we don't see discovered clear after lateraanissa the goat can't all three of you of touched on that principle that had he been faded corporations now and that nolasena sick said main here space and manufacturing checked people millar with it the very things that these talker our pieces of that six sigma and the whole idea was that every thing is the process the start of her day puts her your boots on and lace on after your pants otherwise it doesn't work so everything had assented there's a optimized process in the idea is to take the errors out of to to make em too got and so we got identified where the fools are and then we set those safeguards and place to ensure that the fool can be foolish and impacted or process and they do this is started at toyotamahime in their plants or were they change their facility around to make it more efficient with hertalking about but first they had to sit down i identify all the problems and there in all the inefficient and then they had put together a plan a set of proper processes that would if you will correct the fung sway of the manufacturing facility and then the hardest things that they in people in six the mind finding people to perform in the area the hardest aspect of any of this the biggest skill and anybody who does so process and provement is actually changed manage people management you goodpart ment that you're not part of it to tell the paters all the corrective actions we got to put in and then go hey this is our job we know what we're doing and is it no no no the statistical analysis says this is wrong in so trying to get the people that so heavily and old with the day to day to actually you don't contemplate the fact that there needs to be a change into a better process there always resistance to a lot of corporations have there validated factual processes that need to be improved that they can even get him to change there because the people fight later already in place on the currents it whether it applies in the manufacturing a word started which now corporate america is now applied that to their administration departments as they realize in finance when they bade their bills how they pay their bills as a process so doing that accurately cash flow and increases capital and improves the whole apartment and if they don't do sic sig month in order to make money they do it to get the optimized prose what comes out of that is a process that doesn't create so i do granose if you just needs to in it is starting to some of the areas of idenstein in case i did protaspis in some of the sick pigmies it is working for myself that it was beginning to make its way into her military organization they did have people that were doing six sig myres in the military were again optimised process his very important if we can have that infiltre down i say to the foe well we got some friends right now down in battle creek got a posted some videos document in that there are local offices are not even following the law laid down for them on how to build in charge for voids in their weaponizing the foot of cross to make a sort of pansilo and will he know he that you can't even have a plan remedy and out comes if we get six sigma and process in provements in again employed teams if you will as if you do are at work were in towards the same changes against we could make it happen stoppedevery corporation and i say country wide that would be the most difficult and again some people don't notice accipientes could round the long time it is called by different names you can repack in his or ways and really used in the protests lf to determine what road i want woddyou should go on we know natural creation and everything in life we know that in the one concerning and sixteen prosprits to understand what the natural ration is on what outside the kilette exception only in dispense that here's good a lot of work done on chasseron go back in to look at random cosmeteira meekly did on the detesteris study for the army years ago in the plan and in that comes quite the peekadeely this sake though it is taken up back some people don't graceone he chose to call it by by a preachedin other people know a more like what they're doing in their denajo and they do it i found an interesting one government over in shall be township has his i don't believe he secessive asked the old yet we hold that since then to a thousand twelve welsh i to think the scepsians at least with me were trying there but your house right we need to look at the process here res right one too we have a process we follow the process we make stroke the process and has to be followed is like a rush of pee imporcitor out there when we don't follow rest we make it something good or we may not and on our customers depend on his consistency of the product while in oregonmen and what i see with government as the there not running it like a business that the service organization for we the people and so you have you have career politicians who are in places who have never actually had to cut it out there in the public they don't they cannot relate and so they don't they don't have the the really there not qualified all their qualified for is how to move money around from one pond to next then how they get money for themselves in their bodies in this organized crime ring that they've got going on but they have no idea what it to actually live run a business because men they can print money if they need it they just print money to cover to cover what they what you know what they the want and so we have we have you know wholly unqualified people who do not know how to run things efficiently make it count even stay within the even stay within the law as they don't know what an order they dared they have the desire do that i want to know the laws one of the winters a down bed of dolomite land and after the are the is and about how bout well people countability if they don't even know the law the very long makers in ere making are making so many they can't idon'tknow which in his dog i hate to say that that's true well they got the stinking bar a torney sit in there with them sitting there way out where sineous and soles basically they sit there in there being told how to he you know i i heard i one of the greatest a statements i ever heard was when of a gallop was going to our church years and years ago a is going to sell and see they called openhearted from los school and had him she jist chokingly such they said well you know what why why did you go and and she she made a comet she said to the wild lost school teachers he has had to be a better crime and of course everybody every kind o laughed you know because because it's it's honestly it's fine to the law in the legal system is neither ah just it's not justice in its really not sorohen legal and moral set but what it is is king on out maneuver in a quart of law either by papering people to do it's not about just it's about a it's about money and and who gets the money or who gets the relief and who does not because that's what this is all about has nothing to do with just if you if you go out there has been proven over and over agin if somebody goes out their kills somebody else and they get a really good attorney they they can get that person off on every single count that is brought against and o'er have have reduced sentence or the getting the stupid flea bargaining which that needs to go away the flea bargaining needs to stop and and have actual actual o i mihopini grand juries in order to you know add to the process but we we need to do this way differently because there is no justice in our legal just past history absolutely greeiued percent we know that we know that the legal system is all found he whiting is hot about to justice how do we know that we think a look into one to recondite district disavow that is so fast but they don't want people know we the right right so do the boring in the truth forward dancers should be ochasowa they want what we had we've had times where we've been in court fighting things because like right now i've got two active lawsuits going on that are trying to fight you know fight for in some summer gard in the end the in our elections and such sunset my lost its are going but we've had some other law suits that have gone on and the eternities with say that well this is the risk i know this is the risk that were weighing over the actual ability to win or the gain or what you look at it is again you sit there you have to figure out what's your poet going to do and in the legal system even even if even if they're in the wrong so we would like for example we had to deal with some of the teaser oil co or of or other pipe lying or pipe line companies as it were and they they will the the accepted ado or what's really going on out there right now sis big corporations are absolutely out to break every little guy that's out there grave whatever their deen do e mergerus tion but their out there to bankrupt the small contractors a small company such almost nobody that i run across in very many years are actually in it for the right reason if they convey cropt you as the company going into a job they get their work done for free so is it behooves them in or in our non justice to go ahead and either refuse payments start last suit on some bogus charge and then try to break the contractor and boom they get the job for free to the contractor's camp can't withstand a companies that are worth billions dollars they just keep their own money in it until the antille break everybody involved no your pontecurone sure do so go ahead care yeah i'm touchedabove the internet kicks me out again touching on what both of you just said in my town ship ah at one point the township clerk said we are the bosses and you get to tell us what to do when you elect as every four years and who should not knowing on what you so indon't now but the public isn't aware of is when they get on that board they empower under the dollars for a hand book to somebody dinted who ran that in book the mission in town satistaction the politeness they have no right to do it they have no there's no reason for to do except they profit off with it in the hand book i have a foot in the handbook there's a page says the people are your audience shall that is why when the people went to the township had a disagreement with the board they didn't like it you are our audience they said that is what they will train to do this is a literal problem it's shocking isn't it if the public were aware of that you might have a little bit more her understand where some one like that in coming and she may not know any better because she wasn't taught proper history so he is by senora she was fine concave or election information to a ah go pember who was going all around charlestown ships to collect the honorific ion and the other townships scene the gave a hard time or tarnished him for it and she said hereditation or what's rack you have the rect know that our election speshee is good as it can be something to that i praised her for that when i found out that she had done something right i told her so we can hold that a common both ways but also to your boy what happens when somebody doesn't like something and they see well i know in my county it's pretty likely that there does colorow and the whole is let the insurance company handled that money we need is ill because going to court for this as good a cost the even more how many that dollars every year chuck are going out the door do you really stevedores kings and sthetically does not a for kicked to ostendland that happened the night horse the carrying have quietly to talk to the attorney about this cave and they come back and they tell the worse to let this and one woolhorton of dollars each time well it's a worthington this the turning wilstach's the tones of so judges i mean that our better profiteor this everybody it called that the christ its county registry investments and every judge is out there ninety eight per cent of the cases are actually on a conviction that the said the prosecutor and the judges are all working together on this from what i can see only two per cent get dismissed in the reason why it is because every conviction that a judge makes eighteen per cent of that judgement goes into their tax pension i watch you as to think about that i am i am i here aye this is this is something that nobody hears about this but there literally getting paying into the pens and fond for conviction you don't this is this is so bad i mean this whole system is so back word that honestly this issue materiae and a heretification our presence institere literally used in the presence for political prisoners in all this sort of thing in order to in order to perpersonal game why wouldn't they do you know why wouldn't they go sit on the golf course why with the her pace as if they're not going to waste time in cases that they already know aren't going to be some serviceeven and the here's another thing if they let somebody out of early you don't what in somebody's or repeat a founder a little accountability would be great guess what judge did you let him out we're going to give you three strike to let you don't to let people back on the street and see if you can actually make a good judge from if that person goes out we'll just say the child grapes if the child is you let that person out in that person goes out to rape other kids guess what you've got three strikes on the third strike you served the same sentence as the person that you let out even on cofather i agree with you in her the thing about what the wonders what the seven commandment is as seven commandment that right by trilby i cried you have that right what lawyers deed i can tell you this the and the group it is mediation were cosacos of any more time and money they get money and then it doesn't have to carrion so they worked on an agreement with the other judge now that's not even when you put it in the the greement an i say you want as trial by jury the will dissuade you from doing them we've got to stand fast everybody and starts saying no ivison the in seven commendment trial by jury because when you don't go wihtarichtiss writersand the high the hide it i'll give me toecaps areolar i pity wonder is to come cord against i guess the city heard about wearing that truchsess shirt and there the two tricolors becod i never got to prophesied good my case to the want to get the recounting clerk and the in the county or commission never got published why cause he's gigolette she fired up shortcake that's wrong is totally wrong i would never do that a gin i will never let i don't care what is tornhis how could they are i will say look either represent me this way entertainer or we don't go at all i be that as certificarse the sosistieare entweichende on these lawyers i don't spose while when you look at how the setting of the financial gain on this or the favor i mean it starts out with the article i showed you before were then like pan off the hush money their tacks dollars and how their moving things struck you really have to be pretty pretty ah ah how do i say it willing to look under every rock to find out exactly what you are what your how they're doing this and it like why you know once in a while you really find a nugget that word time to look ah but ye wish i had more time to constantly dig on this and such but there's a million ways that their killing this nation by you know not a thousand cots like about a million cot's right and set all the stuff that the hush fond that they set up and that was as really interesting how they set that fandor the for the hachmonite sexual improprieties but there's more of them out there and we think that these are good good ideas that then you dig into you go wait a minute this doesn't look right this is what it's it's looking like to me and somebody when need handbuch of investigators panottingham gooderidge erwin because her all in one baker constellation gets bankes ecenesse on and what interest no interest no distrust on a long into no favorpeace you member measures to go to namoyandagon out of her his thought was got in and they breeches called his tactician i give you to look it up on the deck taking siestas right traction alone one house bank and now any thing to the did we have to pay for our toxotesthe word winterevery was where you can and we've had to go an for reticules well it's a it's clear that we've got a two tier maybe twenty tired a system out there because it sort of instantly the masons you know the masons as a poster child for how things should not be done people at the bottom or really being fatted in the bottom levels the bottomthe botteree levels in them in the mass in other their hating people to see whether they're going to comply and whether they have any integrity or not but they never really see what the people of the upper levels go through right and that with their doing politically in our parties as well as in most of our you're being though it every single person is being bored when they walk in the room or when they walk in any site on whether cause there's their spooks out there everywhere where were there to there he spoke not work is now this good schools in their spanish the amount of bad spooks out there who are assessing everything comes out o your mouth and in quite honestly there pretty good at it there going to be old the protector behavior with the fairly high accuracy so i to gothey brought their profiles and you are beaproned all the time there using people at the bottom is useful idiots to push their narratives and its like and will all get caught once in a while cause there's so much information that we have to go you know you have to go down you have to go down that that rabble hold to get it to get it figured out so so can you look like you want to say oh i've just been got to old deepicts as dolores arch you're talking about the judges and the eighteen per cent of the judgments the funding and how the courts were out the corruption there there is a case in moncontoni where ice millions come up missing and so the accounting firm was soothed by the county and the judge has actually refused themselves from the case and he actually signed a acatamento two judges out there the chief charge and the other judge to disqualify themselves they literally rode on the affidavit that the county is a funding unit for the court and in sodingarami themselves i just thought the document to the andreoli's petiots it's easy to pull up and post so then what are you do what's the judges themselves tell you that the county is a funding nofurther and we know that instrumentality that spinal the county is an instrumentality of the state the townships are instrumentalities of the counties that are all enter the just the wings and arms of the same or so were traces obidos when we've got written hissed the fact that they had paid for what the old obligationwhich tutress of credit reasonsi posts on jail i know the kind that piddinghoe was not a lawyer he had a lawyer too but he was so upset partisan in a last all the time by judicial system and i might add to please he wore collectively i know i like to please one got a call to the ars some bad was and living sitdown in you one an he got other judges disqualified because of these types of things and we have what those skill sits are and give with this guy so that we can get other people how did you the same thing because we are fighting the judges they hold you distils we are longing the prosecutors all i need be holecombe for what they do and that's not that's not something that we've been going at em you know two aggressus and we have no systems for accountability anywhere there's no systems anywhere for countability with our governs and beresfords you know we we do is six hundred or transaction and man like comes to a hall right they they lose millions dollars at a pay one person in or that they weren't supposed to were shuffled moneythe struction and in they set back and look at us and laugh which could edit s like the bully and the playground which hoodoo care will look what's set up for the remedy you have you got a problem with the judges you ought to go to more judges i mean what is the true oecideretur i met so here said article and livingstone daily not com surena and go what was what was your own initial to get in here and get that out as i have i've got four screens screens going right now and yes i am my own stayyour meaning your own singer talk in the staff here on your old canbecause diffily what i say about colour power you know you you do do you want though the valooable o death what do you your staff is with you right kisslike that i heard an or yes it's me and my staff here is clear is he here a staff the count don adone sadthe whole in on we deodoro of purporting his son totopotomoi uncovering all kinds of things that need to be talked about he never got to hear any of this on the face metnomakenai stream me to or not gotthelf of it i ll turn it if spake comedian because half the half of the ones that are out there that i see or plants or their is just like in the political parties or in the grass roots crop or the school group who whatever i mean others a million of em a lot of to our actually the onpolicy operatives that have started these things i had the figured out right away when i started running on like all i get it the grass roots grow small sound by political hopes and you know to be able to see that say okay i get and ah you know it's the same thing when you're looking at alternative media there there is there is there are so many people out there a telegram and on all these other a social media not works that there just another ted it's really is a itspeculation happening in our media and you really have to sort through here listening to even to find out are they telling the truth will they correct themselves if they make a mistake as it's going to happen i mean none of us could be found proof case he's so much lying going on out there but who is leading who strain and i go through some of the i go through all the annonciades and such i know and and i know i know i know hold once of an onset on occasions and so it's you go through it after a while ye pretty good at figuring out who's a hack you know gone anger to have to leave i go make a call and to figgetty brothers and of his shellsdoing the day i think the dollar and so i pologized kin i carentonianos greatat the destruction we got to stand fast be onto stand on that wall we got to stand together he no prophet this is okay because because you don't want ah don hartman ah who is my attorney just said that he is also able to come on it is a beautiful face so i'm going to i'm going to go ahead and and ah it is to dan the lank and then we're going to let him come once but think you shouldn't try i love have you on and we saw each other in a meeting this week and i was telling everybody was about as about eighty per cent communists in the room and in chockanoe there but i walked in and it was kind of like i just had to laugh i walked in and ah i literally had to laugh walking in the room has his people think that their self slept and a couple of merchistoun turres that like like a show off here and there and when you get to know how turned like they really are the indelible it on his aeneid as i'd rather handle horse than our then then deal with with some of these people there there who say that their parts and have not ethionate you that there is one woman in the room and she attacked me like absolutely greedily here she brutally attacked me and blocked me and told me what a horrible person i was in this she said in the room as to your left almost against the wall i'll tell you her name will get off to the but this curse and even my my guidance perfeshnal profiler when she came round his like his she acts like just a regular person hack now she's a political operative and gonderonne privately and then i got a cogis that you all very much and i hope to have a great detector with in gonosome i can do i'll listen to it after looking later on a great day thanks check your many a case chucks can and chuck is an amazing plate and now i bring on another amazing patrons and so my attorney and very good for dan hartman well hello good morning god bless you i bless you too more meithis sky works harder than almost any one i know it's amazing and an so on i'm honestly so honoured to know you and its thanks for coming adsso what do you think about this little little law chap show going on with the trump with the present trumpet first of all i just want to clarify one thing and i know it might have already been stated earlier in your show but an indictment is no different than an impeachment it is in a convict each donald trump they had to have a trial and during the trial he was he was not in fact removed from so indictment is just spens and do i want time had a law professor say that he had the ability to invite a hams well that's a point here is how absolutely what a sham this whole thing is because it's it's basically on a on a trumped up charges have put it that way and it is ridiculous to hold thing is absolutely shamanites to go after her some one she remove him because they don't like him in their fraid of him this is what i do has nothing to do with justice or even even honorable or correct and so that that's why we're talking about it to day this is wrong at every level so whenever a prosecution becomes politically motivated in remember there is also when you when you have the authority to make a decision but you're going to charge it you're not going to and you realize that a grand jury is just a mechanism and a tool ah that a good prosecutor i mean the skilled prosecutor not talked about morally good as the ability to bring indictment against sandboy that they wished then there's the next piece is that is the ultimate conviction as he sound i piled on somebody tried to call him on the phone so so one of the things i wanted to tell you is the good prosecutors and victor guilty the great ones are good enough to convict and do you know so when whenever you're talking about the application crime justice two two or be involved in politics if you remember when james come decided not to address her in issues before the election either the choice to go forward with the prosecuted to defer even the hunter bine laughed top until after sportic ramifies and unfortunately there still to many people who are i mean the country's divided but there are still too many people that eh you know just listen to the sound bites and make the day and oh you know this is shall we say in the frenzy of the people that are most opposed to the same to trump stands for you know it is interesting that they have the political power to use this in the same prose turn the cones ye es said it's a it's a horrible thing for a really procedurally for what what the country's going through but i do believe that god is in control and he's going to take every one of these bad circumstance and use it for good so really i think president trump is saying precedent right now for going after the bad guys he isn't he's an being cast player and and he understands the art war and how to cut et and etralia general plendid kind of the same thing were not working to go had throw ourselves out there and and let's let's rumble here and get all the ah excelledits evidence out there so that we can look at all of it so a otobius our exactly right i live a battle and dumb you know let pray the cooler has prevailed in the continues to expose truth and light and let ah when i say that is you know god hates a crooked scale pretty clear in the bible and our election systems are compromised are judicial systems all of our institutions of man that we put our fate i have now been exposed that without god they are even the constitute i requires you know godly les and godly people be to also that not iust hopes and so we need a heart change in its not it's just not just the ungodly people that people that are silent people that go to care they need to have their hearts woken up and they need to to realize that men we need we need to pray for repentance for the contrary on and trying turn our hearts back toward our our creator and stately and oh you know if if we are able to i like to think about when joan went and read the net of of the assyrian empire i was glad for another generation responded and even though he wasn't happy cause he's a heberian ed then he destroyed it was as it was pushed down the road and we know how it's going to end in the bible you know there is many souls to be saved in many children and grandchildren are here on this earth that need to hear the message of good news we got to a we got a prey and her repentance for yet entirelie what's really import is it important to stack up these material gains that we have or is it important to real life that every single thing we have belongs to god and use it to help those people around us and to serve in his king his kingdom of god is right here right now and we you don't we it's not like some day when we die you know we can run em off here and do whatever we want and then all a sudden some day hope we makes caught younothing itinerating that we need to live living at right now and realizing that the itcarrying orrests in ourselves and in in this world and like you said come to repentance and say i'm really sorry i'm going to try to do better and then turn jesus and realize that he truly is the only saviour the only he only got the only begotten of god and let her helpless all through this yes so in in jesus his words he talks about the narrow way and exact with the talk about refining fire and you only ah you know there's there's the process of testing the model of your of your faith and the bible tells us that when we go through those trials and tribulations oh it will callister we truly believe or hoverest giving lip service and do you know what when i see what's going on here in the political aspect and a you know in we have to remember that his great a leader and a great voice donald trump is or a donebant and berg is or anybody else that you know ultimately a god god deserves the glory and death what we need to recognize is that these people are going to be going through their own individual challenges and trials and tribulations she you no state they grapple with so the meeting of their relationship with god or their absence of relton and do you know i think it's a good time for all patriotic co americans to pray for donald trump and to pray for this country and love to pray with you we could done hey i'm always out for that telescope right now and then pray again and will praise some moral praise more sotamiehet a durhamite we come before you and we just don trumple asked lord as he goes through that he would be drawn close to you and he the lord no matter what happens on this earth and i know so many of us looked to him for leadership lord with just asked the donald would look to you for it answers him his decisions as he makes choices for our contre and in how he responds to the lord in a ditement even the indictment which come out o late last field i will cause worrying anxiety and we just had strengthen and in that this would continue to expose a lord in behalf of the people of michigan and the beatitude united states in we repent for our sins lordly just asked that you would draw us closer as a nation that we ah we are sorry that is christians we allowed you are christian ideals to be pushed out of the market place of ideas to stand strong tree lord and his encourages we seek to make sure that the the biblical world view in the kingdom of christ is elevated on the eve we just ask for your help and guidance to jesus name we eva that's really as i may to the question here is that you know indictments and prosecution are a neverthemore a pound on and you know i was with us i would to the meetings we and i look looking it was with the ash election secretorie scottie was there in such and insideless with severation going how much more information do we meet to realize how bad it really is an we got a week we can stop in long time able cretan running to sing right to the bottom but i do think that we needed to find out every single where every single cock roach in the system was and every corner and are you know in every part of it and i think that's where we're at right now indictment i want to see the dictment on binitwan to see indictment on on her or some one to see indictments on on the people real observed it who were selling this nation out to a foreign foreign so the talk about setting snares and in having the i am encouraged by the classified documents how they went after he everybody was like all landale and then how it bore her ague back upon them and then it is exposed the lot of other in anteposed the hypo and and when i am very hopeful that this indictment will do is it ah break the ice so that when there are indictments conserving ah you won't be able to say it's done for it purposes to knock joe out of the race said just like you know i it kind of his tossed it he asked to go by going through this makes it so that we can begin to indict other people and not have them say it's done for political or and it's not onorevoli tion stone out of legal so i know the bible talks about in the artimese will be dead in it talks about i mean he read in second timothy about of the final days of earth and i'm not i'm not going to take a stab at one crisis going to return or what that is but i will tell you that ah you know it's somebody's final day to day it's time for them to get their heart right and to know who their creator is you know i am encouraged by the guy on the cross to the right of jesus how able to join the harvest in the field the hour now are the the last hour of the day so i will just encourage anybody that looking at these turbulent times and realized that many many many many years ago thousands or if the bible were written and a two thousand he ergo other parts of the bilse predicted about the declined the human human spirits that were faced and were supposed to tried to extend the kingdom of god to end but ultimately it so only spirit and god that old as to be a spreading the good news as well and do doneif anybody looks round in his red any of the bees and they will know that there a lot of signs here without without god and get a very very dark place yeah i'm i'm thinking like i'm looking at the clock go on hat tesse now about thirty seconds to be out perfect you know henoticon back but it's in his time so any time we're ready we're right we're ready we're ready you know and the tsin his time so that's good as could be a glorious joyous moment when when god comes this comes back on looking for the moment that foot touches the ground it's going to be off so up it certainly is bring out of an immunity precedent in obviously on the courts working upon precedent and having the situations before in the past it is torpoint ing out donna if were laying ground work for in future prosecution this certainly set a precedent that there is a deniere in the future that is an ultimately loosing the immunity for the sake of criminal prosecution for all the patriots had he been crying out o restless crooks on the local levels of the governor levels that the city levels they all fit granted some form of immunity cause a lack of precedence because of their offices if anything i think this certainly takes the stab at that immunity at every office under that executive in the hall the other branches yes so it is that's an excellent point and that that i does break down break down some of those barriers the concern is ah you know will they be successful the concern is will this now be turned against individual patriots on the local if there able to do it to tromp or the able to do it to me if i may be going i speak up at a school board meeting or a city called me to you know i think people are overcoming you know their fear and their shell shock that has been has been out there it'sit's an interesting time ah you know i'm not one of these guys who all eats the popcorn but as thessaly i will telo it sure is an interesting time to be alive and o in ultimately a i've just very glad that there are voices out there that are still willing to rise up and in basically call out an outrage on an outrageous the i can't think or do you think that they would fight that to lack of precedence in this area and iniciarse to house the case on the first place with that real and appropriate argument well i the the the crowds that are at are a committed an offer so don't believe that immunity would apply it's going to show his ness hardy bunch of stuff coming out that it relates to a one area of a corruption of that is the campaign finance and you know it is going to be interesting to see what hope and oh what i will just say is that i like i followed geoffrodon old the lone wreck to an on line and no i've talked to many times and really endured then i called comtoises busy oh so anastatia's my that's my call i got a i got a otec but i i just want to say is this rodquick is he i like what he says ah he likes to wait thirty six hours after sanddrop leaves a little bit watch less make sure everything is going good a dot i'm sorry to jump off i had a thanks glad to come on to our late nights after get together some god bless you cardi do have oronookothe gretta you it has one great guy or it there on going to tell you what he is he is full time out there for jesus for god doing the right thing and in omitted you there's not many people that i think that are out there they could out work him out you know he ought he'll be on his way i'll get a call for a minute like eleven o'clock or ten o'clock at night because i inconnection and he'll be driving six hours to go to cork somewhere that he's driving over night he doesn't as do it at his convenience he does it whenever whenever it just needs to be done and he doesn't make as for and helcath if you are asleep here there allison the road fight and for all of us and i just want to read now this is this is one fairy very special a patriot who has tirelessly given truly all that he has presention pretty pretty man several carcinomatous now that's about true isn't it well and i and i think this is the very the such an important part is that this is not this is not the worst thing it ever happen in now we can go through it look at all the the things that are wrong with it in order to ebugansus you've got to get you've got to approach every single thing or failure as the fact that god is in control the what to do it what's he doing is he he is going to work all things for good so we can rest on that and our battle is one of the biggest battles is not get tied into the side of the coin on to try to make us you know run around to be as stupid as they are going here here here here here and never been able to focus on what what the real issues are because we are literally being saved by the deep standing around and fear and going from one crisis to the next of the next which they create just like hilaritywas a crisis while because they create the crisis so they wouldn't waste it you know what i mean our whole our old job right now is to sit back in to scold well well well this is one see and a really a sessile looking at so that we can have our own knowledge as i you know i know some people that are involved in a couple of different organizations and the organizations are come and it's it's okay because i think it's going to take down every single one of our human construct in order for his kingdom to you can't run you can't run those same time it all has to go down and the in orto living god's kingdom you can't do this half way doesn't work the whole thing has to go down and i think he i think that's a direction he's bringing us to that's a very good direction and it's not something to be afraid of it's a house cleaning that the we need to fire the entire government my opinion the entire government needs to be fired removed and put it back into what really worked which was where we started and o'er you know when with an oligarchal of what we see while we go through these prices to you know to take down the things that are an evil and also illegal unlawful unlawful a term there it's goin to seem a little little scary because it's the it's the then the loss of the familiar and select when when i adopted my youngest daughter he was an orphanage in india and really hurt really bad her mandated or side in a train accident hatters had her had smashed her brain as proven by a cat scan looks like sis they did a craniotomy on her when she was there she couldn't she couldn't hear she couldn't see very well we had some surgeries done on top to help her they took a rib out as a bone donor to rebelled her face because one of her eyes was falling back into her hat and tremendous tremendous problems with her right but and she came from an orphanage where they the was though she never had shoes on she when i when i am the first time that i saw her it was kind of a neat story brought her in and i was expecting to to be very angry that's what i was told and a you you you see that transformation from some one who is absolutely orphan fighting for survival on a daily basis and fighting for food fighting for attention fighting for somebody to care fighting for love in it takes a little while two to gain that trust when you've been so abused will you know what are our nation is in that spot right now and what you see when you see a person coming out of an orphanage and that's called it orphanagetenliere it you'll never not see it again and i see it all over the united states that this country is truly its country more prints are families had been destroyed or are the people that are running this nation are nothing but but a bunch of victimizers that's all they are to go into the next and and be able to get past all of these egregious crimes and in expecting somewhat hurt us because that's exactly what they do it's logical is a larger a thing but you see this orphanage mentality where people are willing to crawl over and top of on heads of any one next in order to so safety security of financial gain whatever it is and we've got a break that in the only way that we can do that is to go to god and it really starts with gratitude gratitude for what we have in like i'm thankful for this pen that i have rite this pan i'm thankful for this day in enables me to write i thankful for the sky and the colors in the scotimondo and little bit that i found years ago yet coffee i'm thankful i even thankful for my lizard people more right that i that i can kind o laugh about what our politicians are like as it came late yet they listened but it's really kind of tragic when people go going wrong direction of that doesn't back down or give any quarter whatsoever but the rest of us who are just trying to make it some it we have a lot of rehabilitation to do on a personal level in the state and it's going to take getting rid of everything that has been at war with god and his pen it's all got to come down and once it comes down a week clean house fell back or communities free of these people that use the churches and what ever that they have been used schools the the church is that the pretty much over that right is infiltrated in order to teach people again to say not everybody's bad most people are just in survival mode even those people that are doing the wrong thing most of a merest and survival moe and i might do like a little a little low in some time on where you can see it really really clearly with horses and how horses react who have been beaten or who have been abused by somebody else cause it's very similar process in in one step at a time nice and slow because first thing is the so have the discernment of whose who will never betray your trust and who will always be betrayed your trust and you gravitate to that you need you go and caught those people you can't trust out and go to the ones who are bomb who won who will not fail who will in you only find that with people that are honestly are walking with god because they're the listening your seeing god who is at wstenfeld from their character and so it's not as it's always god because in and of ourselves we are failures a certain degree i mean not you know what i mean it's like we are going to fail we no one's pet we're going to have a son but we're going to also have things we fail at go out okay with so smarter wissewold done that better ashton of down that even if it's not something that's known as a classical that we think of his but we are all struggling with a senator the only way to deal with that is to mister salvation through jesus christ and dwelled by the holy spirit and walking with god by flooding our minds with the things that replaced the tonic which is what we've been living with for so long the nation is run on satanism in a satanic death cult is at the head there's no way to get away from this satan their symbols can see it what they do you can see it if you really get in behind the scenes a little bit and see what they do to children i'm fighting with everything i have for these kids and people who are literally being sacrified if it is it is a real thing and i could show you go on to see it but probably won't sleep for a month and when you realize what's really going on behind the scenes it is so specable then there's no words to put to it and that is why we continue to fight for the it's america are families as for those without a voice it's not just about abortion a portion is the is the this part of it but this isn't stopped here this goes after after burnt birth that they are sacrificing not jus in children kids going up i mean i've literally seen people who are full grown at dolls that were sacrificed in in in videos that were a part of what they are doing and if it can happen to some one else i can happen to you nor any one we love and we're going to have to face the fact and decide a reinesse back and try to save her own tails the fetal position in the corner like like most of the nation gone with the masks and the end the you know the alleged vaccines are we going to stand up get tough and say say it stops here it stops now and that's what's got to happen i yelled well here's to old mining can talk your dear talking about the tree being cut down so the roots can re gross with the shoots can come up enoughmuch again was we got trees everywhere and you go cut one out in your yard and darned in the shed if you don't think the sum poltarnees to think doesn't turn into six choolook in most your maple clusters off there some one cut the tree down and now you got this little five trottre on crown all at one spot with proper tending inlet could a been replacements single tree and were certainly of the spot where you know that the tree that you become accustomed to that great big two hundred and soften her old oak and is become robin his word if you will it's fine to cut the tree down turn it into fire wood he get through the winter the iewes avisos acorns turnament of flowers we get some ponteseive on who were eating ourself and we waited for the shoots to grow back he or no victories strong trunk lit out performs the others and tended in cementation the replaced and i think this is going to be a very exciting time to actually have the freedom and the rights that were given by god the you know the world to work the way that he intended it to do sicher and the rest of it it's got to go it's just got to go so harricoad oh i didn't have anything much to add i was just thinking that yesterday we talked about goats and to day we're talking about the goat rodillero the it does never know what you're going to get the dollar becoppered holtei's always goin to go in a different direction and that's a good thing so i go ahead there was a solingen said titus sitting on the bottom of my stonecutting hot to have it come up with it and it's not a prospective or indiscreet the words that came out that just kind of strong hollored at this kind of reverberating he no such statement that that professor made that he could indite that ham said you think about that from the assembly position in the idea that in you can have no indictments to without a grand jury and nightnobody gives that so how could one professor ever get an indictment in tenements fire constitution are supposed to come from a grand jury twelve people so it must have been it speaks to that that was sasousmat re of the professor of the lawyer if you will it is to say you know even though it's supposed to be this way i've got the ability to accomplish that which isn't supposed to be accomplishing the by taking advantage of the twelve indians that will give me an indictment by bringing the case or to circumventing the process all the way around wareroom here and that's really the essence of it next the professors in ascolto and here in the thick about the unseen that whole concept twelve people sat there and settle kiham sandwiches capable of espinhal accountable response ability so that's just ruined ieder in michigan we've got this one man grandeur and concept where the grander admission in is literally a judge a single judge consent there an the the grand joy and we got this constitution asano one ever gets invited without a green such a rub about exactly what we're talking about and that is this corruption of this legal s right and in the whole thing whole thing is which to be ashamed if you sat there and somebody somebody who you know i can't even imagine going in that direction i mean i would think that every single person would want to see justice wherever that falls as she to serve instead of say while we're going to play this is a game with people onionswas which kinesasis ad of that and goal of right and wrong being the final outcome back to that thing that we call process legal is processed and so it happened as he found a way to take the process of going through quarters i say that if you don't get this spare qudo process the somehow so lazy and result is been computed polluted and he now no longer worthy of even being the proper outcome he could some problem happens within the process certain we should have a fair and proper in process but he created so many steps of the process now with some one ingredients that's real easy to screw up the final serpentina product that they have a dead but they know how to put their hand on that scale to change the the weights and measures anything and as you don't do all your teas or you don't cross your time your teas and do all your eyes the smith sat for something that stupid you know it's like trotabout justice at all it's about playing a game with people's lives for a financial game i am wont to read something in menton then we'll go back to the someonei second corinthians five cos we're talking about it really in a brand new system right a brand of brand new day for we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed we have a building from god and eternal house in habit not built by human meanwhile we grow longing to be clothed instead with our heavenly dwelling because when we are clothed we are not found for while we are in this time we groan and our burden because we do not wish to be unclothed but to be clothed in step said stating their heavenly dwelling so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life now the one who has fashioned for fashion us for the sparing purpose is god god fashioned us for the who has given us the spirit as deposit guarantee in what is to therefore we are always confident and know that as long as we are at home in the body we are away from the lord for we live by faith not by sight we are confident i say and we prefer to be away from the body and at home with the lord so we make it our gold to please him whether we are at home in the body or away from it for we must all appear before the judgment seat of christ so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body whether good or bad sansawe know what it is to fear the lord we try to persuade others respect or love what a respecter la for how what we are or is plain to god and i hope it is all so plain to your kind god can see everything those nothing he can't see it's not like he is setting up there going while i guess i got a sort through this little bit now he's trying to got the sword of throughalready we are not trying to commend ourselves to you again but are giving you an opportunity to take pride in us that we can answer those the friend what is seen rather than in what is in the heart if we are out of our mind some say it is for god if we are in a right mind it is for you for god's love compels us because we are convinced that one died for all and therefore all died he died for all that those who live should no longer live for themselves but live for him who died for them and was raised so from now on regard no wonder worldly point of view though we once regarded christ in this way we do so no longer therefore if any one is in christ the new creation has come the old his gone the newest here all this is from god who reconciled us to himself through christ and gave us the minister of reconciliation that god was reconciling the world to himself through cried not counting people sends against them and he has to and he has committed to us the message of reconciliation we are therefore christ ambassadors to christ as though christ were making his appeal through us we implore you on christ behald be reconciled to god god made him who had no son to be sent for us so that in him we might become the righteous of god turn to god and as such as nat's co workers we urge you not to receive god's grace and vain for he said in the time of my favor i heard you and in the day of salvation i helped you i tell you now is the time for god's favor now is the day of salvation pray and pray and pray and pray and pray without ceasing and with us i i've got this o this video and gratitude and in its is really kind of amazing it was made by a man named louis i had a schwartzburg there's a vanities this behind it is really helios really lovely and i i ah i used to play this every single day keep my mind in the fact and it doesn't call a god so much or or jesus by name but it is something that makes us look around us in the world and be thankful for what he's made in it but one pulls on cause i think that everybody right now it's it's time for to sit back and watched the process note and the world i know everybody right now feels like feels like ice we're done it's all over in such honor not at all let the process work out because who is in charge president truman church god himself who is and we can rest in that case he's never taken by as switches and and we'll come wholeheartedly talk afterwards but in to last his the colors to some think of rather i never o men as creditor story that evans the life to so so i giving oh you are credit predicts that she realised faces his to on a post i think he keeps them millions this sits long this drunken to recent so wise that that or this she this just a the gracefulness all the he isn't that wonderful and no maggots moother isn't that wonderful i think i think it's really pretty it's a real pretty video to lucky as to look at and you know we can find blessings and god's world and so many different ways it's me i agree in making the most out of every moment i won a lot of it in here it certainly inspirational and i i guess i balanced there's that word balanced back and forth process goes back and forth between the two ends good and bad are two as of that balance we got this scripture the talks about not eating from that tree of knowledge of good and evil but from the tree of life he realized god is good everything is dingerrein flows from that which is god life is good it's ruin becomes so uniform there is almost like mad econtra ry negatives of good almost for me she as as a strange foundation because everything works towards his goods it's like you become a word that doesn't happen antithesis because it is ultimately like it is on there such comfort in that because what's gradieris no bad but he might i picked the duel of it when ultimately the wholeness of the coin having besides ride the horse in ireton's what it is life has to be lived and it's night we've been sold that everything has to look and feel and that we get what we deserve and what a you know that we deserve all this and weren't title to all his ride the horse because some of those some of these things that that appear to be negative and that being some of the greatest blessings of our life because it helps us to learn it helps it helps the to grow it grows as bredow at isnwants it prunes the trees so it produces better i i'm rarely friends with somebody who hasn't gone through a lot of major craft in their lives well i think that everybody behind every face there's a story and it's not just that what it's a lifeful of ancestors too they've got to where they are so and i like to hear the stories i am a story person to listen to what somebody is gone through that that oh you know it and how they owe either overcame at or that's just all part of it's a particle they truly are the the stories are amazing that come out of people and you know that the difficult times usually here about the difficult times more than you'll hear about the times of joy or or see out of most tender everybody likes the trainer act whether your assoor happy family christmas card will take great we'll set it up on the refrigerator which how me what's going on of the blessoit give me the correct there you go how it you can i don't know there so much going on i think that something that there could be a problem as the people get overwhelmed and uh yeah balance is really important and i've taken a step back from being on telegram as often as i used to because i used to scroll on an off throughout the day keep track and posted a lot of things and i just don't i can't have the time for that now and i need to find about her balance and my life in in order to to keep everybody happy oh i've got i've got to be wife and the christian in an animal odor in this time of year things are starting to get busy and all these responsibilities owen agentien directions and then hold the sky is falling now it's not i i'm not worried about the defacto world or out of the cleiteach where oh because it doesn't in a grand scheme of things god is in control and i have faith in that the rest is kind of fate in a sad it exists but it's not that important to me what matters more is what i can influence and learn about and take part in and have a duty and responsibility as an american two and now do my part i will put it that way what it what is our role to play we as you mentioned earlier he weened sibbiston we need to learn what i role to play is in the civic area of our lives it doesn't have to be complicated but it sure would have been easier if we had learned those lessons early of life does now we've got a add that to her list with things to learn you've got so much to learn and all these things happen to all around us of putting pressure on walls in and i you and i your sitting back on ocatillo know got anythin his co whichester makes more prone and then me i wake rollercoasters i've never been out one actually these to my house and i been out o i went to a michigan's adventure wolkoper he cook and i went on the long ride and it's got a little drop rated the added of a i don't do well with that i just i don't like that but stomach drop fell i don't like that physically my mom isn't say way i just now that's not fun for me at all it's really uncomfortable it's not fun it's scary and do like i think when i was a kid i liked it but not any more so do i in goes to my hands up in the air i know i wingatehashad a fiction to lords have her around like a month of songlike a savage i'm i'm one that i am less experienced on a horse so i would be gravitate to the saddle horn or the man maybe you can teach me but the odiferous most people they start with her hands i like this and cause he's so tenanters yet all their train to hang out in the its very tramatic for i understand how dramatic it is to try something new i actually love and yet teach him to say okay has i feel you know of what my hand round on you somewhere and if you follow catching before he the ground right he won't you what three feet that you're going to come in he jumped off a bigger things and that but it's a psychological the then i could fall on licitation a horse the skinthere on ever and seem worthy sit there and all a sudden you can kind of watch and go such that this is so bad and the unrealised you know if i tole yer somebody that he's just going did the to look around at the birds and such and then then to a few more steps and then all the sunnis like oh this is familiar i feel that that movement its necessary any more and that any thereas then with a dais though i for me in one of those i don't like something underneath me that i can't control why am and in one of those rope courses other fir the rope is underneath you but there's only one and you could barely reach a cross between other pieces to keep your balance when when the ground underneath meat is not steady or it gets removed or of on a roller coaster maybe that's part of it too because you don't have control over the gravity where your city what what is underneath you has control of you instead of the other way round if you've ever been to a bog that's really unsaddling feeling too to walk on a ground where the tree next to you is shaking be a bouncing up en down if the ground is quaking under your feet it's very unsettling i think that's an instinctive thing so maybe that's why when people are in a horrors it's it's also unsettling because if you are not familiar with the rhythm of it and you don't feel like you have control you feel like you're goin lose control of your own body and i think that was how people feel figuratively right now because they feel like the ground underneath em has been pulled out from under and like the rug has been swept from under your fee you don't have control over yourself or your environment and that's really unsettling the ass when you and i say he we have a hand here it is loonikie your ballots look at house steady cutis he's not worried at all and send their comic new comer you and to hear something to find eventshis i'll make you laugh because this is like such a the dana personality think when i was eighteen i had to go to leadership conference because i was the youngest of the youngest of a staff member at the university i was going at a physician that i was in so ehouse and we went we had to do a rope course and so all the other seen her staff and i reeled was there there flipping out and i looked at the course on ida think about it i june i jumped off the cord i fired and attending on willified john all knowis coneel like ill never be afraid so i just so does jump i jumped right off the course and said ten and then then a the structures looking at me and he's gone what are you doing in like well i figured if i jumped and i knew what it felt like to hit bottom i'd never be read i climbed up on us i climbed up on the pole and it was like tentations ence of hishorse lighting speedone i like to see this again only i want to jump off that one next yeah i'm no cider i were at my hands i want both him on something solid and when i went and did it i think the grand rapids knew and went did that one and there's some cad that's running around on like breezin through past me on going through he's really quickly he's just comfortable he's out and i'm like the early jumped off the course a renown in crossed fall oh yeah i i don't know people are going to catch me it's not that but i don't like that i that feeling of losing control when you get about forty five degrees i'm one of those i don't panic it is me nes singleton and forsothe hands right there everibodi nobody ever hurt me have done the few times we had it too we have the nasty plunge we did it without people which is let the water catchins they still youhonest is oligon follow or backward as othersfor along the back order the drink of lettercase don't lose your lungs as as panicace things we do right so awesome well this is a great show to day guison it's the good good thing to talk about all these issues as well as realized that in the grand scheme things as you said to your point karen and yours also can it doesn't matter god's and control this is all temporary around us and we have to look at everything within eternal perspective what does that mean we win we win this way we went that way so what would difference to make which way the road goes it sonsthe same road as god it's a it's god's word followed the rhodeoretin and a cash created that he's in charge and is going to be it's going to be all good it's just it's an were out in adventure if all this human systems collapse which i am praying for i am a kind of sick of it really you know it's the god bring it down pulled the bandage off and let's see what we can do with us because i think that that's what we need to look at it let's just pull the bandit off and see what we got you know here we got mired some sixty four here hear me my god as i voiced my complied protect my boy my life from the threat of the time hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked on the plots of evil doers they sharpened their changes like sports and aime cruel words like deadly arrows they shoot from ambush at the innocent they shoot suddenly without fear they en gay encourageth other in sent an evil plants they talk about hiding their snares they say who'll see it they plod and justice we have devised a perfect plan surely the human mind and heart are but god will shoot them with his arrows and will suddenly be struck they will stutely be struck down he will turn their own tongues against them and bring them to ruin and all who see them will shake their heads and so all people will fear they will proclaim the works of god and ponder what he has done the righteous will rejoice in the lord and take refuge in him all the upright in heart when glory at home this is this is such a such a blessed thing in an in it it's our hope and our our future are hope and is something to be very excited about i hope every single human human system comes down but let's bring him all down we can't leave we can do this and and it's going to be kind o fond actually it's going to be fun process think about habits a whole table full of legs gilding blocks that ever her many and charny can't say lads on thessalicos you know have a whole tableful legos like when you were little kid and you're going what can i build what can we build with these lagos without somebody telling us while you can't use a rod legs because we've got a car till that care the that is in charge of the red legs and less or pay as you can't use the rod like or you can't build your golden more than two levels hide because the local code does in allow with or you need a permit even the use legs in the first place and did you go to college for likes are you quantified to build would like you know well loosethese counterfeit letheby you get recolligo this langley angle that we can ligonier the place is good of your riot what a what a fun time to ford and join this ellison you know all of our creativity and the stuff that we can do together this will be a riot get the get the evil people and the criminals out of the way and this is goin to be wow this is so much fun and a and a wonderful time and we'll look back at this and go why did we fight this so hard why is it we say pon vanadoforme were goin to get the stone that is going to happen but it's on to oh dear have leather thank you so very much we prose you to day with hearts filled with gratitude were grateful for president trump were grateful for the people that stand with him and the people that are standing with all of us to fight for your kingdom thy will be done on earth as it is thank you so much for shock can damn and carrot who graciously came on to day to share their wisdom their thoughts their ideas and i asked for your favor on every single one of them please protect president trump please protect the minds of the american people helped him to see through this and be encouraged and turned their hearts to their minds to you so they can see real game theory because you play in the long game and were thankful for that were so thankful for the long game you that you play the mercy and the grace that you give us all the help you give us in times o trouble and the fact that we can turn to you and our help is right here we have no worries we have no fear we have no wavering back down anything because you give us a strength to do whatever it is you call us whatever you ask us to do we know you give us the you give us everything we need to carry things to completion and to day is the day we're just going to rejoice and end be grateful for every single thing that you've given us every person and our life every good experience and every bad experience they all come from you in order to work good lately all all works for good to all of us and were thankful for that thank you for her both the but give us the bible that we can read your word and that we can be encouraged and we can find we can find hope in time to trouble and we can listen to your voice i asked that you had encouraged every single person this day to crack their bible open and to pray help them to take the time and guide them into into a time where there pee and they can sit quietly just with you and their bible and they can listen to you talk to them and give them encouragement these and joy and filled her heart with a flood of love your love for them so that they can pass at an ale so much for everything we love you so very much the same reply a man to me a great day is he now so any last words don't be afraid of a girl rodeo now could be fifitoi the air i jumped on that goat and ride it out is going to be fought how far can i go in how far can i go outside in white ones biggest god revere seeing it may be three feet tall how big can i go or we throw you so this gold rod he how begin how far can it really throw you well my it is are you very far cause we've got the jerida her little anyway they're little for door but ah i got go out and check and fight out if i got a little gooroomahashoy she's not quite do yet but she's so big she might go early so his neapolis you are you going to the ah twenty some inches so go rodeos knockindale for no matter how big to go is so the lower one with queen gretchen her squire no sol and the court jester ah the court jester a benson and the the the hack at the bottom washes her the breeder and the rest of the money bored elections there there not even on to the court jester you know there's the ones that are like maybe you like clean in the cramp of the jester's shoes there you go this is what we got cannot be a great day to day guys how i can make more of em there's a lot of them out there is co so you are go tingling leaving binding the cat now dealt with the dinging on me then otto brenier teredines because i am the best non tender who is ever not conceded in electric cause i will not concede to liters and col so he got were still or still in play or still going lost in ter flyin and and that we're going to get these people and till we're done not literally don't somebody gets so anyhow there you go have a wonderful day to day when you love you we care about you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merica i retread the chap ah hing on it were ectosarcous recherch said semitone by and from everyone involved for six sigma almost impossible to attain this is exactly why whither was shelected too many factions in the grass roots and too much cheating their so much cheating going on the th count count process and then led former judge friend who told me they don't care who wins as long as they get paid in go there you go god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america can be great day the hands in the air ride this thing out of his great see later eyes have a great