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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/1/2024 "Greatness in Being a servant to others" - Daniel Dryer

Published Feb. 1, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Daniel Dryer is a follower of Jesus deeply in love with his savior! Jesus found Daniel in his bedroom on Good Friday in 2006. From that time on Daniel considered evangelism a daily focus, taking two truths to heart. Jesus left the 99 for the one and greatness is found in being a servant to others. He is passionate about a secret place style, being led into truth by the Holy Spirit and living a life set apart for God. He traveled to Israel with Lifestyle Christianity and has a deep heart for making disciples. In 2009 he met his bride and together Jodi and Daniel now have four daughters who all recently moved to Tennessee when God asked them to go! To Daniel nothing is more important than being known by God, knowing Him and being about His Kingdom come! X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the first day of February 2024. Welcome to our show this morning. We have a lot to talk about this morning. There's a lot in the news. It's crazy. We're trying to process all this. I watched the Ivan Raiklin report last night that he put out, which is really good. I'm going to see if I can get Ivan back on again. But what we're going to do today is we're going to explore truth because God's really been putting this on my mind and in my heart lately in a tremendous way that we really need to talk about in a fuller sense. The fact that we are in a spiritual war. We think we are in a regular war. We're in a war that's fifth generation warfare. It's mostly a psyop type of war. And the biggest threat that we have to this nation is people who are ill-informed, buying fake news narrative, the fake news nonsense out there and such. So we have to be sober-minded and really know the truth and want to know how to sort through the truth so that we're not misled and become part of the problem, right? This morning, I posted something that if you have a black national anthem or a white national anthem, You're probably part of the problem. We have one anthem for this nation, and it's Americans. We have to dare to be Americans. And furthermore than that, it's we are children of God, and we need to stand together as God's people doing the right thing. Because the fight here is that it's very, very clear. It's clear cut. It's between good and evil. You're either on one side or you're on the other. There's no marriage of those sides. So anyhow, my first guest today, my only guest today, and I think this is really a God thing, is Daniel Dreyer. And I want to bring him on here a minute. Morning, Daniel. How are you doing? Good morning. I'm good. How are you doing? Awesome. I'd like you to introduce yourself a little bit to everyone and tell your story. You've got a great story. And I think that everybody would be really blessed to hear it. Yeah, awesome. Well, thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. So my name is Daniel. I currently live in Tennessee. We've lived here for about two years, my wife and my four girls. They're kind of my world besides Jesus. But I grew up in a Christian home, but it was toxic, very toxic. And so my dad was Pentecostal. We went to an assembly God church. But throughout the week, he'd shove my mom around and condemn her, speak ill towards her. And then every Sunday he'd go to church and worship and pray in tongues and cry. and then every week you come back home and me and my two sisters saw this and so growing up from the time I was six and a half years old I hated christianity hated jesus and that continued on until I was 23. i got into a lot of crazy stuff over the years drugs violence I had a scar on my head from brass knuckles had a gun pulled on me about a year before I got saved my mom the whole time was praying praying praying she wouldn't quit praying for me and about six months, I think, before I got saved, the church told her to give up. Pastors were like, you need to just let him go, Sharon. He's going to prison. There's no hope for him. Like, you need to let him go. And so my mom was like at her end. And so I got saved on April 14th, 2006. It was Good Friday. I didn't know at the time it was Good Friday, but it was the best Friday. And Jesus showed up in my bedroom. It's the only way I can explain it. I was drunk, became sober, heard the audible voice of God. And Jesus said, Daniel, nothing like your dad has made me out to be. Come to me. And I saw a mountain of sin in this vision and he shoved it into the ocean and just disappeared. And, um, I spent the next six months pretty much in my bedroom. Didn't leave except for church. I just read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and began to realize that, um, No matter how much I know about the Bible, it doesn't make me a Christian. No matter how much I go to church, it doesn't make me a Christian. It's how fruitful my life is, how much I'm bearing fruit. My dad, when we moved down to Tennessee, my mom passed away about a month after I went to be with Jesus. The day she did, the sky lit up a half an hour. As she passed away, I was driving a drop off a work truck. Sky lit up. yellow cross over brentwood tennessee I drove back home and I realized when I talked to me like she passed away so peacefully though half an hour ago in that moment I realized she literally was going to be with jesus as the sky just lit up yellow and I was like wow so but my my wife who did not like my dad because he was just so dogmatic and just still mean and cruel um we he was a hoarder we moved him to tennessee with us and then the night after we moved him here he physically attacked me in the hotel we had to put him in the hospital again we brought him back out again with us one more time and we had to put him back in there again and since then I've lost all connection with him and my sisters and um and my heart breaks for it I'm not mad at him I love him but like you know the biggest thing I realized in life is you will know them by their fruits like there are so many people that are professing christians but the fruit of their life is so many things but jesus and it's scary um me and my wife are starting a podcast soon and the whole podcast is called god known and it's based around many will say in that day lord didn't we cast out demons do miracles prophesy And he'll say, depart, I never knew you. So we can do all the wonderful works of God. We can travel the world like Robbie Zacharias did, right? Travel the whole world and do all these things. And at the end of our life, people won't even know it. We're going to hell. I said that to a Christian when I was newly saved. He was like, man, when I have my funeral, everybody will be rejoicing. And I didn't know him that well. So I mean, I was newly saved. I said, well, I don't know that I will. He goes, what do you mean? I was like, well, I don't know you well enough to know that you're a Christian. He's like, oh, I'm a Christian. I'm going to heaven. I was like... That's true. You might. I was like, and I'm not judging that you're not. But I said, who am I to stand between you and your private life and what you really live out? When I got saved, my mom gave me a book by President Bush. You got to read this book. And he prays in tongues. And I was like, Mom, before I was saved. I knew about the Illuminati and the Freemasons also. Now that I got saved, it all makes perfect sense in the Bible. I said, he's a Satanist. And for the longest time, my mom, because she had a letter from President Bush Sr. 's wife. Thank you, Sharon, for praying for us and all that. And she kept that letter in a framed thing on her desk. And she just could not believe it for the longest time. And then she started to see and her heart was broken because she trusted in these people who were supposed to be Christians and they were everything. But so so that's that's like my whole life is like I just want people to know him. Like you can get people to seek God, to know God, then their lives will change. Yeah, well, that's an awesome story. I'm really sorry about the loss of your mom, but I rejoice with you too. And my dad died about the same time. It'll be two years on Valentine's Day this year. And he was ready to go home. He was a very committed Christian. He was a believer. And I asked him one time, I'm like... dad, how do you pray? Because he was reading, he read his Bible all the time. Cause I remember when he got saved, I was about 18 years old before that things weren't so good. Let's just put it that way. And I asked him, I said, how do you pray? And he had, he was in the beginning of dementia, but he was still with us. And he said, I never stop. You know, he looked up and he said, I never stop. And I thought that was a, that was a really wonderful answer, you know, and And when he died, I was with him holding his hands. And, and you know, when, you know, I, I literally, I felt him go. And I remember the, the, there was so much, the minute he took his last breath, there was so much joy in that room. And it was, it was just like, it sounds to a lot of people, it's going to sound really strange, but it was, it, there was like joy in that room. Like all of his pain was gone. And it was kind of a beautiful thing. Of course, you know, I teared up and I cried a little bit for a day and a half just thinking of all the good times we had. But it was OK. Yeah, that's all. So and there's a there's a big difference between being a Christian, being a believer and having that connection with God, you know, accepting Jesus as your savior, having the Holy spirit that's living with you. Cause I do believe that you can walk on this earth with God, his spirit. A lot of people take issues with that, but you know we, we really need to talk about this whole sin part of, of what's going on here too, because Satan and his, his demons, they, they can only come in if you give them a foothold, open the door for them. They don't, they, you know, it's, It is, you invite them into your life by opening doors. Now they can harass you from the outside and such, but do you know what I mean? It's like, the more you focus on God, the more that falls away, in my experience. Yep, absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, so what are we gonna talk about today? Where do you wanna go first? Um, I'm open, I'm down for whatever. I know that you were curious about some of the fallen angel stuff and I definitely put some stuff together. Cause like I, like in my head is like a plethora of knowledge and I can just spew it out, but I can just go all over the place. And I wanted to do here though, this is real news for real people, buy real people the kitchen table. And you know, it's like, I've, I've done a decent amount of studying into say the Masons and Luciferianism and, Satanism, that sort of thing, because people say, oh, you know, this is one of those things that people tell you all the time. You know, somebody who wants to see a counterfeit only studies the real bills. Well, I'm sorry. I think that you need to kind of do some study in both sides, because if you know what the schemes of the devil are, you can avoid a lot of them. And, you know, when you look at the Marxist playbook, if you just study the way that the Constitution works and the way things are supposed to be, you may miss the fact that this is a playbook that has gone over and over and over and over again. And you can trace it all the way back to Babylon. And before, of what they follow in this ancient religion, thinking that they're special. They think that they're special. They're set apart. But what they worship is they worship Ra. They worship the sun god. They do not worship our Heavenly Father. Wow. I don't know if you've ever seen Catch Me If You Can, but I mean, yeah, so like, I mean, the FBI, I'm sure that they probably only studied the authentic, but guess what? They studied the authentic so much they missed the counterfeit because the guy came running underneath the nose and counterfeited everything and they had no clue so much so that they actually hired him in to help them. That was a great example, actually. I'm not a big movie watcher, but, you know, I've watched a few lately, but that's one that I watched years ago and I thought it was an extraordinary movie. Mm-hmm. Yeah. So like I, I told a friend just because it was interesting. I met a guy at the gas station. My license plate on my vehicle now is Yahweh. Since I moved down here, I was able to get that, which is awesome. So it's such a magnet to people. And it's at the gas station with a guy who's been saved two and a half years. She shared some of his testimony. It was just heartbreaking what he went through. And so then he was like, can we meet? I was like, yeah, anytime you want, like I'll meet with anybody. So we spent like four hours at Starbucks and we talked. And then the next day he came to church too. And then we brought him over him and his wife and we had time of fellowship. And that's what the kingdom is about. Right. So we talked, he's like, man, I just want to know all that you know about the Bible. And I was like, if I tell you all that I know about the Bible, that's not going to help your walk with Jesus. Like you can know the word, but knowledge puffs up, but the wisdom edifies us. And so the Pharisees knew that, the Torah, right? But they didn't even know Jesus. And I said, the depth that we have to go to is a lot different. So we can know the Bible, but to actually get it into our heart and live it out is completely different. And so he came over on Sunday and he was like, man, you know, I have been studying about the Masons a little bit and this and that. And I said, what can you tell me? And I said, I can tell you whatever you want to know. I'll be an open book on it. I said, but I will say this. I said, I do believe we need to be in the know. But I said, there comes a point to where we can know so much about a certain aspect of this to go, okay, I could go endlessly and study for the rest of my life. So, I mean, there is a depth we need to understand and know, but I think that we could get in a rabbit hole just studying. And it's like, well, like I've looked up General Admiral Byrd. I don't know if you ever heard of him. Oh, yeah. Admiral Byrd, I've looked him up. I've looked into a handful of things. One of the things he said regarding fallen angels, well, aliens to him, was when they were told by SS soldiers that were brought to America and given amnesty, they were told that Hitler had moved to Antarctica and he did not die. they went to Antarctica to fight him. And the son wrote in or found his journals. And after he died, said that the father said that they were on an aircraft carrier. And on this aircraft carrier, UFOs started rising up out of the water with lasers and started attacking their ships. Admiral Byrd flew over the land of Antarctica. And he says that there were these ships that came up out of the water, out of the ground and brought him down to a crystal-looking civilization below the ground in Antarctica and told them, we are waiting for the proper time to reveal ourselves. We are the creators of all this stuff, right? We know this is demonic. So these people, since the time of Hitler and before, have been engaging with mankind behind the scenes because God won't let them come forward fully. So the son was going to share about this on the History Channel. You can literally look this up. It's fact, not conspiracy. The day he was supposed to appear on the History Channel, he went missing. They found him five days later dehydrated in a warehouse somewhere wearing a different set of clothes, starved to death. so it's just like how does this even happen like you know just nothing from it I love how like Phil Schneider shares about Dolce New Mexico and how he's like look fallen angels aliens are intermingling with the government below the grounds and they're building most of the prescription drugs that we use today and it's coming from fallen Angel technology well he starts sharing the stuff and he tells his sister if I ever died and commit suicide well if you look at the Wikipedia it says he's conspiracy theorist about UFOs and he died by suicide, but people said that that was a conspiracy. Well, he warned ahead of time. How many people have warned ahead of time? If I die by suicide and they all get offed and we just, we kind of just dismiss it. It's very weird. Well, look at all the, the, uh, our conciding that went on around Hillary and Bill Clinton. You know, you can't look at that after a while and say that this is all there's nothing to this. It's just like all the dead doctors don't, you know, don't lie. I mean, that were all the doctors were were, you know, suicided or murdered or whatever. And then you can also look at, say, like Aaron Schwartz and James Dolan and John Perry Barlow and and all those all those people that were in, you know, that found the pedophilia in MIT. And they were all There were so many of them that were hung by a red scarf on a doorknob. All right, I hope nobody out there is stupid enough to believe this. It's like, how do you hang yourself on a doorknob? And it's not possible. Your reactions would not allow that. Not like that. It's kind of nonsense. When you look at what they found, what Aaron Schwartz found was eight hours of pedophilia that he downloaded from the MIT computers. You know that there's a lot of video on that. Then you can trace that back to the Wonderland Network and that sort of thing. There's all sorts of truth that really needs to come out. On the chat, Charlotte said, Phil and William Cooper too. There's a lot of people that have been trying to tell the truth about what's going on for a long time When you look at things like the simulation theory, multi-universe theory, all that sort of thing. All they're doing is it's a secular way to describe what the Bible has been talking about for a long time. You know, this is this is not that complicated. And we constantly want to go to another source rather than go to the book. You know, let's read every other Christian book on the on the planet, but never crack a Bible. You know, and, you know, you can see. What I saw in politics is everybody is, you know, they want to speak this political, this political. And I'm not saying you shouldn't, because there should be politics and our faith should go together. But when you see what they do. And you see their actions, you know that they're just taking God's name in vain. And they're saying it to manipulate rather than, you know, Satan knows Bible better than any of us. There's no two ways about it. He can quote it. He can say whatever he wants. And we have to be a little smarter when it comes to what we're hearing out there, a little more critical thinking, I think. Yeah, absolutely. You know, the book of Revelation was written out long before John ever penned it. Like the word of God, if Jesus was from the beginning and the word was manifested and made flesh, that means the answer was from the beginning. That's why I like to share with people quite often that only one time you have in the gospels is really amazing. Jesus casts a demon out of a man, and the demon says to Jesus, what do you have to do with a son of God of the Most High? Have you come to torture us before the appointed time? So two things are interesting. One, clearly it says he was a son of God. Two, he goes, have you come to torture us before the appointed time? So he knew the time had not yet come. So Daniel chapter 12 and Revelations chapter 12 that I tell a lot of people is yet to come where Michael will cast Lucifer, Satan out of the upper heavens. War is going to break out in the heavens because it says in Revelations 12 that he accuses the saints and the brethren. And we weren't brethren until we were saved on the cross. So it says, "'Rejoice, heavens, for Satan has been cast down, but woe to the inhabitants of earth, for Satan has come down to you with great wrath, knowing he has a short time.'" He doesn't know when his time is up yet. He just knows that when he gets cast down upon the earth, then he has a short time. And it's going to be very, very problematic for the people of the world because in that moment, he's going to rage. um you were talking about like just the stuff that they put out god told me like everything that's been hidden is going to come to the light um one of the funniest things is when I got saved I put away aliens I was like this is crazy nonsense I don't even want to look into it and it was six years into my faith around 2012 when god says I want to start showing you through the word of god what this is um and then in 2012 the same year the avengers if I remember right the avengers first movie came out I'm a big marvel fan I love marvel and so what blew my mind was as he's teaching me about fallen angels I went oh my lord this is crazy so back when I was what eight years old so we're talking 1990 I was at west godwin elementary and there was a teacher there by name of miss wexler And she was, she kind of just seemed, you know, I would say like off, but she wasn't off, but she just seemed that way to people, Spacey, and she wasn't, she was a substitute teacher. But she had been a teacher one time in California, and she was talking about when she was out there on a field trip with the kids, because somehow we got on Unsolved Mysteries and UFOs and stuff. Which is what you do in public school, you know? Right, right. So she was like, we were driving across the San Francisco bridge. And she goes, there was an aircraft carrier flying in the sky. Now instantly us as kids, we're like eight and we're like, An aircraft carrier flying through the sky. We were like, and the other teacher was sitting there like wanting to correct her, but didn't want to say anything. Let her just kind of. And she's like, so we were driving the van. We parked next to the San Francisco bridge over on the side, put on the hazards. She said, I got out of the driver's seat, turned around to go look at it. It was gone. Completely gone. She said, we sat there for like 20 minutes. looked over both sides of the bridge waited for it to reappear somewhere maybe one underneath or something right nothing but she said that thing was flying in the air it was the size of a u.s aircraft carrier and so at that time I was like okay that's nutty and then god starts showing me in 2012 about all this stuff and then the movie the avengers comes out And Nick Fury says in the movie, let's vanish. And this US aircraft carrier with technology literally vanishes into thin air in the sky. And I went, shut up. I'm like, you've got to be kidding me this. So like all this stuff that they do, they post in movies to boast and brag about what they do. Like, that's why like a Transformers event, revenge of the fallen, who is the fall and the fallen angels. It literally centered around the pyramid and we're going to tear open the pyramid and harness the power of the sun and the stars. And we're going to destroy the earth and the fallen were fallen robots that were hiding out on the moon. So crazy stuff. It's crazy stuff. If you watch Tron, Mm hmm. Yeah. I watched that recently. I binged watched Tron one and Tron two. And I thought that was pretty interesting. Main character is Flynn. And, you know, I think that's kind of kind of interesting. General Flynn out there, because I do believe that General Flynn is pivotal. Hadn't been for him stepping up. I think that we would have already lost. this nation, he was him and Admiral Rogers most certainly changed the future of this nation. That's awesome. And it's people need to do their part. Everybody. I'm not a political person, but I definitely know that there are people that are. And I think over the past five to eight years, I've changed so much because I've been like about eight years ago. I've been like, man, Christians should just stay out of the government. We shouldn't be involved in any, we should just let it all go. And if I see a house burning down and I have a can of water in my hand, I'm not going to go, well, stop my house and I don't think they'd be too happy with me if I help put the fire out no they're going to be thankful when it's all said and done and so I've really readjusted this over the years and like okay that might not be where I'm called to but I know there are believers called to stand in the gap so god won't destroy the land so god will have mercy on our land right that's how we're supposed to redeem the time is by redeeming wicked people and bringing them to jesus and And so I've changed a lot in that I do have a lot of respect and honor for people that fight in that realm because I'm like, I don't know that I could do it. It's a little bit of a rough arena. I'll just tell you that right now. But, you know, it's like you see that you really can see the worst of human beings. And, you know, this whole win at all costs. And that is really what's going on is that they're protecting each other. It's one group of people. It's not two fighting. They're working together. And it's unfortunate. I think there's some really good people that are in there. But the leadership, the leadership is corrupt. They're not about we the people. If they were, they would have fixed something. It's like, oh, this is going to be a good person. Are you kidding me? These people have been playing this game for how many years? You think that they're any different than Biden? Biden was in it for 50 years. He didn't fix anything. He's gotten worse. Well, what about the rest of them? They've all been around for how long? You know, we need we need some farmers. We need some some, you know, people who are just normal people to step up, not even has any political ties. And I do believe right now. Every single one of them, top to bottom, need to be removed because all of them allowed for a fraudulent election. It falls on the legislature, and they let it go through, pass the torch to the board of canvassers to certify it. They could have stopped it. They didn't. So thereby, they're all complicit in it, all the way down to the clerks. And everything, they all should be removed. And with removal, I think it should be stripped of their citizenship because they committed treason. Yeah, it's definitely a pure cleansing that needs to happen as far as the White House and all this stuff goes. Because when you think about it, like, and I told my wife this because she was trying to understand a while ago. She's like, but how is it they're doing all these wicked things and professing God and this and that? I said, so many of them don't even really believe Jesus exists. They just hear about it. It's a religious thing. Marketing tool for them. look at Jeffrey Epstein though. Like they did a second autopsy on him. Like the family, I don't know if you heard about that. The family did a second autopsy on him. And they said that his throat wasn't strangled up. It was strangled down. So the rope was taken and put to his Adam's apple and pulled down. So security cameras are shut off. People fall asleep. Nobody questions a thing. They come in and they go, Jeffrey, you screwed up. It's over for you. And they killed him. And so Michael Jackson, more than likely, I believe they killed him. Whitney Houston, they killed her. These people, they just snuffed them out. And people go, well, why would God allow that? God doesn't allow anything. God has a hedge of protection around Beyonce right now. If it wasn't for God's hedge of protection around Beyonce and he removed his hedge, Satan would come in and destroy her and every single other person. Why is he protecting her? God protects her because he wants her to be saved. He truly wants her to come to the faith. The devil, even if he could right now, probably wouldn't kill her because she is doing so much for his kingdom. And that's the mercy of God that we don't see. We have to understand that so we can fight differently. We have to fight the political government. We have to know... That there is behind the scenes, Khalil, Lucifer, Satan, whatever we want to call the loser's name. He is running behind the scenes. Phil Schneider, if you don't know about how his story came about. I do a little bit. Do you know how he got hurt and injured? I've heard his story, but go ahead and tell it. So Phil Schneider was building the base for Dolce New Mexico and they were digging down in the tunnels and air pocket, they had an air pocket. So they went down inside this air pocket and he said there was this tall slender being down there that went like this and shot a laser beam out of its chest, cut open his stomach, blew off three of his fingers. Like, I mean, his hand was like this. So like that was his hand. That was all it's left. So he, he hung himself like this somehow with a, with three fingers. Like, come on. So, but like he said that they shot the thing and killed it. So obviously we're looking at a demon who was able to somehow manipulate and genetically make a human body. Doesn't sound crazy when you think of Genesis six or the book of Jude or all this other stuff. And so the abductions that have been happening since world war two, right. That stuff just isn't, we can't just dismiss that as the church and go, well, that's just crazy stuff. We're not going to deal with that. No, what happened to all the milk carton babies? What happened to all these people disappearing? All these stories, like I got stuff that I put in here and I could talk about, but I'm talking like pilots that left Australia, Melbourne, Australia, literally within a half, 20 minutes of leaving the airplane site. I see a UFO. It's flying above me. It's getting closer. I'm a little concerned for my life. I feel like it's going to attack me. Cut off nothing. They don't ever, ever find the plane. They don't ever find the pilot. Where did he go? Did the plane just literally disappear? You're not going to find it anywhere? Come on. And so they have been behind the scenes doing all this demonic stuff. So you have these beams that... Admiral Byrd talks about these laser beams. People are talking in conspiracy circles that Hawaii was hit by lasers. But here's the amazing part is, and this is a video I pulled so I can tell people how to look this up. You can actually share your screen. Oh, can I? Okay. Yeah, if you want to. Go into where it says present. I see that. And then you click that and it'll say choose a window. Okay. Yes, cool. And then I'll bring it up and then I'll just add it to the feed. Awesome. So I think it's going to be this one. Yep, there we go. I'll share that. So this is in 2006. This is 8 million people that subscribed or 16 million subscribers, 8 million views. In 2006, the military comes out with an active laser weapon that can literally cut planes out of the sky with a laser beam. You have in the 1960s and 70s, Phil Schneider talking about an alien was shooting a laser out of his chest. You have in the 1950s, Admiral Byrd talking about lasers rising up out of the ocean. Where did this stuff come from? Where did this come from? This came from heavenly technology. And so I think part of it is we think that we're like, well, what's the point in all this? What's going on? We're not the enemies. with, with the devil and all that we are, but we're not, they are planning. Their whole purpose is teaching the government right now of America and the world. I believe they're all in cahoots. Like Russia's fighting America and China. I just, I personally don't agree. I think Russia is completely on board, shaking hands with American government. And they're like, this is, we're going to make Ukraine be the enemy of Russia and you'll fight them. And then we'll fund this and we'll do this. And they have us running around crazy and all the while behind the scenes, right? The fallen angels are like, we're building weapons and technology. And what do you read in Revelation? In the last day, it says, when God comes, he will gather the armies of the earth to fight God with what? Sticks and stones? No, laser beam weapons from heaven and stuff that's heavenly technology. In the 50s, people that were getting abducted in the 50s were sharing that they were brought up into UFOs and they were showed massive TV screens and all different cameras all over the world. We didn't have camera technology all over the world. They could literally see stuff. And they were like, we are watching and monitoring you guys and trying to keep you safe. And eventually we will reveal ourselves. And it's just this garbage mysticism. It's nothing more than demonic mysticism. But it's a setup to help dilute humanity into thinking that there's other galaxies and worlds out there that aliens live in. And that's what's going to happen and come. But when you look at a lot of it, and the biggest thing recently, and I've been telling people on the Instagram lives I do and stuff, is everybody should watch Moment of Contact if you haven't seen that. It was in 1996. 20 years later, Joe Rogan's Joe Rogan's friend did a update on it. And these are aliens that crash landed according to them. But the thing is, is 20 years later, you have these girls that are revisited. This doctor that is revisited, the guy that's revisited it, saw the UFO crash land. And they said it was like massive. And he's in tears remembering this. And the girls, their mom says, we had people in black suits that came with briefcases of money. take your daughters, get out of the country. If you get out of the country, you'll have a life leave. And they wouldn't do it because they're like, no, this is the truth. And so Virginia, Brazil in 96, there were three aliens that crash landed in a ship. They were about four feet tall. They had oily green skin. They had red eyes and three horns bent back on their head. And the most important part about this that we tied in a description why we know this is demonic is they all smelled like sulfur. People that were around these creatures got sulfur into their lungs. They couldn't get it out for two weeks. Well, sulfur comes down from the earth. Doesn't come from. Yep, that's the one. It doesn't come from outer space. And so this whole movie with moment of contact is just wild. See if I can. Yeah, there's a sound button at the top left. In 1996, the people of Argentina, Brazil, witnessed a UFO event that would change their lives forever. Called it another Roswell, if you will. It was a crashed vehicle that had beings on board. The Virginia case is considered the most well-kept secret in the military circles of Brazil. My objective here is to put some clarity on what took place in Varginha, Brazil, January 1996. The witnesses are some of the most compelling testimony I've ever heard. Action! A lot of people in this town have a little piece of the puzzle. In that place, I saw the trace of the creature's bare feet. That's where he said that what he saw was something supernatural. This year. Marking, you should add, he had captured this creature for his burial. Do you confirm that your brother was in service on that day? I confirm. After he captured the creature, he developed his infection that wouldn't go away. He went to the ICU at 7 a.m. and came back at 8 p.m. You're about to die. a handful of people on this planet have. Yeah, that's the guy that was crying. I feel bad when I think of the soldier that died because at the end of the movie, they're trying to talk to the brother and he's like, get off my property. I'll shoot you off my property. You were talking earlier about the church in 501c3. I go to a 501c3 church. I really believe it's good soil. That's what the Lord has told us. they preach truth and righteousness but yet there's certain elements of like talking about like the tithe right we're still under the tithe no we're not give everything for the kingdom right certain things because we have to have certain things I talked to a friend I won't say his name but he's a friend of bill johnson and he's been in ministry he's one of the worship leaders with bill johnson and them and he didn't speak bad about bill johnson but what he said was he's like look I've been part of bethel he's like friend I love your heart he goes but listen he's like churches Corporate churches are businesses. Businesses have agendas. They will be run with agendas. And, you know, one of the things a while ago God spoke to me that just really was profound is they asked what they're supposed to do with the mint and coin. What do we do with this? And he says, what, whose insignia on it is it? And he's like, it's, you know, Caesar's. And he goes, cool, render to Caesar's the money because that's his and render to God what's his, which is your whole life. And so the moment we agree with a 501c3, there is certain agreements we have to meet. And for me, I'm like, that's conflicting. Now, personally, I'm not going to get into probably most churches and talk about the government because I'm going to talk about the kingdom that's coming. That's going to crush every single government to power. And I told my wife that morning, I said, if you really want to boil it down, even in America, I don't care. No president is going to be like, they're jolly well happy. with believing the Bible that Jesus says, I am bringing a kingdom and I'm going to crush the White House. I'm going to crush, you know, the Mossad. I'm going to crush every Russian empire. My kingdom is going to wipe it all out. He's not going to become the next president. He's not going to see if they'll vote him in. Like when he comes back, there's no more discussion. Like he's coming. And I mean, Psalms 119, I believe he's going to execute the heads of many nations. And I he goes look when when the lord comes I wouldn't want to be pro-choice in that moment he's like he will execute the heads of many nations he will come and he will put things in order um and so we are in the season of grace and so like circling back to what I talked about like these political leaders I had a season where I was so viciously angry like god they all should be hung and executed and any and just the lord just convicted me he said daniel not one of them would ever enter my rest How much guilt should a person have before they're cut off and not have hope and mercy? Because the worst sins that Jeffrey Epstein ever committed, which sounds crazy to us, but not to God, is just as equal as what I did wrong in the eyes of God. And we would go, no, no, no, no. He was a monster. It's sin. It's rebellion. It's wickedness. That's how God sees it. It doesn't mean that he's not grieved more. Like, don't get me wrong. Like I steal candy and someone molests a child and God's like, Oh, you both hurt my heart so bad. No, he's, he is very grieved and angry that, people are taking advantage of children, but like the church has not addressed UFOs. We have hundreds of thousands of cases of people saying I've been abducted, sexually experimented on. I had memory of being six months pregnant. And then two weeks later, I felt like I was caught up into a craft again. Next thing I know, I wasn't pregnant. You can't call them all crazy. You can't say they're all twisted. When Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed, God destroyed it with sulfur, fire, and brimstone. These men come in and they're like, Lot, get out. We're wiping the city out. And it doesn't say Sodom and Gomorrah in the book of Jude. It said Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities in a similar matter were destroyed for going after strange flesh. When you look that up in the Greek, it means of a different kind of another form. And so these angels are there meeting with Lot. The men around the city come out and they go, let us have sex with them. And they go, no. And I mean, I don't want to put it this way. I'm just going to put it so we understand. They go, no, my daughters, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, they're virgins. I'll bring them out instead. And they go, no, we don't want them. We'd rather have the men. So they knew they weren't men. They knew they were angels. And all throughout the Old Testament, God was going as Melchizedek and Abraham and Moses and Joshua wiping out tribes. I couldn't reconcile this until I understood fallen angels. Why is God the same yesterday, today, and forever? His mercies are new every morning. He's kind. He's loving. He's just. His will is that none should perish. That's not something new. That's always been the case. Yet he goes around and he says, wipe out the Amalekites. He's so angry with Saul because Saul didn't kill the Amalekite king, but he's like, wipe out the king. Wipe out the children. I love the little children. Wipe out the children. Wipe out the animals. Don't keep no animals. Don't sacrifice or eat any of the animals. Don't even touch their gold. So back then, there was the technologies of heaven that were being revealed. God sent the flood, wiped it out, and then they came back again and again. And so Sodom and Gomorrah, I really believe God was over the top of Sodom and Gomorrah, hurling fire, sulfur, and brimstone at it. Jesus said hell is meant for Satan and his angels, a place that burns with sulfur, fire, and brimstone. moment of contact 1996 in brazil these three alien creatures you can't deny the experience but what we can say is the doctor said they had to close down the wing of that hospital because they could not get the smell of sulfur out so we have a very clear understanding jesus is talking about sulfur the government is talking about beings that are constantly coming down and doing what they want now why would the government come in though and take them away and this and that after working with the government because Fallen Angels are here and they consider mankind to be here and they do what they want. And in the 60s, there was a pact made with the government. And that's the last president for a long time that knew about Fallen Angels. And John F. Kennedy knew. And that's why I believe one of the main reasons they took him out and assassinated him, because he was going to expose the majestic 12 program that Bush Senior was part of. And so was Prescott Bush. And what it was was in the 50s after World War II when we took all the scientists to America, all the Nazi scientists, gave them amnesty, gave them a job. You wouldn't give Epstein a job to work in your daycare. Why are we giving soldiers who were eugenics and doing wicked health care things over to America a job? And so they did this. And in the process of all this time, then we have the Roswell crash. Then we have the 1945 over L.A. That's undeniable, the Battle of L.A. They were shooting shrapnel bombs. I'm not familiar with that. That's wild. So I wrote that down in here in 1945. I'll pull this up. This is just wild. It was like for hours. They were bombarding with shrapnel over L.A., and they could not destroy this thing no matter how much they tried. There we go. Yeah. You can bring it up and share it on your screen, too, if you want. I have it on my tablet, but I don't know where it's at. So I'm just going to share it because I know you can look it up, too. You can look up the Battle of Los Angeles, and I believe it's 1945. And it was over Los Angeles. It was in the news articles. You could probably pull up a news article about it, too, on yours. It was in the news. They had a picture of it, and they were bombing it with shrapnel. Like, air sirens were going off. Like, all the people of the city knew it was happening. I think they said people were injured from the shrapnel falling out of the sky. Thank you. And the next day it's a weather balloon. It was a weather balloon. We just, it was, and I'm like, how can you not pop a balloon? And so they didn't know during world war two, it was fully going on. I believe Hittner tapped into fallen angel technology and he was hoarding it. And the U S government reached out to him and said, Hey, share. And he goes, Nope, he was going to try to, of course, cause what's mankind power, right? They want power. So he was trying to control it. And so that's why they really went in. They wanted to get ahold of this stuff. And, um, There's a device called the bell. It was a huge like Liberty Bell. Yep, there it is. And so that little white thing there you can see in the picture, that's actually a clear depiction of the UFO. And of course, then it talks about that the picture below is that's... What's his name? I wrote that one down and I have his name right here for sure. He was the guy who found the Roswell crash. And that was in 1947. And with the Roswell crash, what was really powerful about that is the evidence. He brought it to his son. So he stopped by his son's house and his wife and they brought them the stuff from the craft. There were hieroglyphic beams on the craft. They tried cutting it with like saws. They couldn't even scratch the metal. They would bend it and it would bend and they'd let it go and it'd fold right back straight. It was almost like a thousand times. I mean, like welders today would be just in over their heads with technology for years with whatever this is that they're building. And so he brought it to his son and his son, you can look him up. He's on YouTube as well. He literally talks about it. And then he went to the base, dropped the pieces off and stuff. And then a couple days later, it was no, we didn't find anything. And it was funny because the rancher was threatened. And they said that he was even beaten by the government. and told to be quiet. He went on the radio show and he was asked to talk about this. And he sat back and he goes, I'm not, I'm not talking today. He's like, you said you were going to come and talk. He said, I'm not talking. So the radio host was like, whatever. So I'm going to get up and talk. And so the radio host was talking. He goes, you know, he came, but he's afraid. And I understand he's afraid, you know, of some green men that possibly landed on his ranch, but we need to know the truth of what's going on. And the rancher leaned forward and went, they weren't green. and sat back and that's all he said. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, like my gosh, you know? And so, so it's just crazy. So like the, the main concept I want Christians to understand is fallen angels can be cast out of people. We are called to cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead. they don't have a right to be in my body. You can be a non-believer and I'm a believer. And guess what? Whether you like it or not, I have a right to cast something out of you. That's powerful. And so they said, let's again, build bodies that we can't be cast out of. And so that's why you're finding all these lifeless things. When I first started sharing this stuff with my mom in 2012, my mom, as I took her through, you know, all the stuff with Bush and these things, it was, she, I don't know, Dan, and God would show her different things. And I remember telling her this stuff and I wanted to share this. I'm glad that God brought it to mind. She was staying with my sister in Missouri at the time, helping her and her children. She takes a train back up And when she's taking this train up, she said there's a woman sitting across her in a couple rows in front. And she's like reading a book just like this. But she said she had black hair down to like shoulder length. And she said she wasn't flipping the pages. She's like she kept looking over like she'd never see her flip the pages. It was just her face was just in a book. And she's like, that's just weird. and she said um after a little while of her looking the lady caught notice and kind of looked over at my mom and she said there were no eyelids whatsoever it was this would all be just black just like you see in the aliens she had a slender face and she just looked over at my mom and it was just black eyes so now either she was a into sorcery and she was a witch a satanist or like her and her skin was removed it was just way up high or she completely was looking at a hybrid fallen angel which sounds that's just crazy stuff daniel I get it's crazy but it's happening and it's part of the reason why the government is so excited for us to be upset about transgenderism and homosexuality and focus so hard on that as being the issue so they can graft fallen angels among us and we don't even know because we think they're just a transgender person So this secret agenda, it's wild, Donna. This secret agenda the government is doing is all being led by Satan. When they started abducting people and giving us the technology of TVs and, I mean, our phones with, like, glass imagery and the stuff that we have, all this technology, they were abducting more and more. And there was secret talks, and this is more conspiracy because we don't have, like, documented proof. But the government went to the fallen angels, the aliens, and were like, look, you promised you'd only be abducting 1,000 children a year. You're like abducting 10,000. And the response was, we don't owe you anything. We can do whatever we want. And so there was a secret war that broke out in the 60s and 70s, I believe, between some of these fallen angels. And that's why when there's these different craft crash landing and stuff, some of them believe. Because we don't have any biblical scripture that Satan is the head of the armies of hell and all the angels are just like, whatever you say, devil. There's nothing concrete that they all fear and bow before him. We just know they're all fallen. So that doesn't mean they don't fight. Come on. How many people know whenever you look at movies, most movies with the criminal bad guys, they end up fighting with each other and end up killing each other and shooting each other and fights. And so we think that like, there's this harmony with darkness and they're all just hanging out and they're best friends and whatever you say, devil. Yep. I'll do whatever you want. You're the head. Like, no, everybody wanted to be in power and control. So they were all cast out in rebellion. So, um, i was um after I watched that moment of contact video I came downstairs the next morning as I often do I come down here and spend time with jesus like that's the most important like I love studying this stuff but one day when I get to heaven I won't care like it won't matter like I won't want to know like okay I need to know god who was who was wicked who was I don't care Just let me get to the throne room. I just want to be with my father and worship him. That's all I care about. But like, so this stuff though, I came downstairs and he said, Daniel, he says, do you know why that ship crash landed in 96? I said, no, Lord. And he says, they're still rebelling. He says, my angels are still rebelling. And I find them. I see them doing things that violate my will. And I strike them down. I'm like, whoa. So you have, and this is where I want to tie this. This is going to be the awesome part. Elijah was caught up into heaven in a chariot of fire, right? So we have in the 1970s a military officer, and I can't share this, but I definitely will read this exactly as it is. You have in the 1970s, you have a military officer who said that he had a flying saucer that was orange in shape. It came before them. I believe this is the one, the early mornings. Oh, yep. In 1976... Oh, this is in Tehran. UFO incident was a radar and visual sighting of a UFO over the capital of Iran during the early morning hours. Two Imperial Iran Air Force F-4 Phantom jet interceptors reported losing instrument and communications as they approached the object. There was one in Ketzburg, Pennsylvania. So they're all over. And Marcel, Jesse Marcel, was the guy from the Roswell crash. But some of these... These technologies, they have really understood and found out they're not threatening. They're not demonic. And so there is this understanding of Elijah was caught up in heaven in a chariot of fire. What would we call that today? How many times have we heard of orange glowing UFOs? When I got saved, I watched them. I don't know if you've heard of Jesse Duplantis. And I know people have their different views on different people. I look at it like this, whether it's Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, whoever, I say this. God hates discord. If people are in the wrong and you're in relationship with them, they should be exposed. Absolutely. But if your intent is to do it out of malice, don't do it. If your intent's out of love, we should do everything in love. But so Jesse to plant his head, close encounters of the God kind where he went to heaven. And when I first watched this, I was newly saved. So y'all probably would laugh at this, but he says he went to heaven. And when he first got to heaven, the first person he saw was Abraham. Now I, I'd never really read the Bible and I'd only been reading Matthew, Mark. I was like, that's crazy. That's wild. He saw Abraham Lincoln. Like that's the first person you meet. Like I just, I was, I was, I didn't know anything. Right. And so I was like, later on, I went in Genesis. I'm like, Oh, he saw father Abraham. Okay. Okay. That makes sense now. But yeah, He said that the day that it happened, he felt something was off and he had been praying and asking to see the Lord. He had had angel angelic visitations before that. He went across the street from the hotel to go get lunch with the guys and the food comes and he goes, I got to go back to my hotel room. They were like, what's up? And he's like, I don't know. He's like, something's up. He's like, I got to go. So he goes back to his hotel room. He gets on his knees, puts the do not disturb sign on the door and he goes, god what and he says he was sucked out of his hotel room and he says the next thing he knows the best way he can explain it and once I started researching aliens and fallen angels I went it's the technology of heaven but he said he was in an enclosed ski lift the best way it was a ski lift but it was enclosed and he said they were hooking it up above the sky at like the speed of light almost just going and he said he was in this craft with this angel and the angel standing there with him he goes what's up and he goes you have an appointment with the great God Jehovah and he's like wake up like he was just like no way um and it's always powerful and So we know from what I believe, and when I first started doing something called Gathering the Bride in 2012, when God told me to start looking up stuff about fallen angels, I'm at Parable Christian Bookstore. We did Gathering the Bride at Rosa Parks Circle. So I'm putting up flyers to get people together. And all of a sudden, as I'm standing there, God says, Daniel, turn around and look behind you. And I'm like, what? And I turn around and there's a bin of books and it's $5 bargain books and just tons of them in there. And on the top, sitting right at the top, just right perfectly fine, is Escape of the Nephilim. And it shows a UFO and you can look that up on Amazon and find that. It's really the cool picture. It's a UFO with an angel in it. And I'm like shut the front door. And I read the back of it. It says during the time of the great flood. The fallen angels knew that God was sending his judgment. So they built craft to escape. What's it called? It's called Escape of the Nephilim. And it's a fiction book. But it's so wild. And I actually remember. I haven't looked this up in years. And I looked it up a while ago. Because a friend of mine asked me about it. And yeah. when, let me see if I can find it here. When he asked me about it, I looked it back up and I was like, no way. I was like, that is crazy. Cause I remember seeing it again. I was like, that is definitely the book. Um, let me pull it up on Amazon. Um, I thought about it the other day too. I was like, man, maybe I should actually like read this book. Um, but like one of the things I wanted to share too was, uh, Bill Johnson was talking recently about something, um, And when he was talking about, he was talking about Numbers chapter 12. And I actually think I saved that part for that. In Numbers chapter 12, it talks about how the people were going to the land of Canaan and spying it out. And it says when they went to the land of Canaan, they left. And it said two men had to hold a cluster of grapes together. between them on a branch and so it's it's wild when you think about that and go okay these people are leaving canaan canaanites noah gets off the flood the flood right the boat curses ham no he doesn't curse ham ham uncovers his nakedness and he curses the grandson canaan who later on becomes the canaanites who god completely tells them to again wipe out the whole tribe of them He says they're giants. Some people will go, oh, well, they weren't giants. It was just metaphorically. Well, then why does it take two men to grab a cluster of grapes on one pole, one cluster of grapes to carry it out? And so there's tons of stories of this all throughout the Old Testament that you have just constantly. God was wiping out the tribes, trying to keep them back. I always wondered, like, why is it so important, right? Why did we do the genealogies? How many of us read the genealogies like weekly, monthly, or even once a year? Do we even, you know what I mean? Like we read it and we're like, you know, so-and-so begot so-and-so and so-and-so begot so-and-so. And I'm like, you know, that's great. You know, like nobody's reading, like nobody gets up to preach a message on Sunday morning. And we have a guest speaker today with Jesus Culture Church, and we're so excited to hear it. Go ahead and preach. All right. I'm going to preach on the genealogies. And we're like, oh, great. You know what I mean? Like what revelation is coming from this? The revelation of the purity. God wanted to make sure very clearly that the people of that day knew that Jesus did not come from the seed of Satan. No, he didn't come from the seed of Satan. See, Noah was perfect in all of his generations, but that clearly means the same word in the Hebrew as Leviticus, a lamb without blemish. Now, we know Noah wasn't the sacrificial lamb, but it means he was genetically pure, just like a sacrificial lamb has to be. It actually says Noah, his wife, and his sons. And then the second time it mentions them, it mentions three wives. But when it mentions the purity of his genes, it doesn't say they had wives at the time. A couple of verses later, it mentions they all went in the boats with the three wives. So he gathered three women after, and those three women were not pure. At least some of them weren't, right? Because the whole earth had become corrupt. And so when he gets off the boat, he says, don't eat anything with lifeblood in it. So Noah was perfect in his generations. God had to preserve them. So when we have the genealogies, This is, I mean, they talk about it in the book of Jude. Jude actually warns and says, angels who didn't keep their heavenly position are bound in chains under darkness. Likewise, Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for going after strange flesh, suffering eternal hellfire, a warning of those to come. Like he's literally talking to the church. He's talking to us, but he's talking to the church of that day too and goes, hey, don't forget about this. Don't forget about angels who came down and intermingled with mankind. And then God wiped Sodom and Gomorrah out for the same reasons. Right? And so when that happens, you have the genealogies. And they wanted to make it very clear. Jesus was not a fallen angel. Because what Satan wanted to do in the garden was, oh, you're going to send him through the woman, huh? Okay. That's all good. I'll just wipe out genetically everybody in mankind. You'll never have a savior. That's literally what he was planning on doing. So it's just very, when, when you look at Nimrod and you look at the tower of Babel, you know, they said, go across the earth and I will, you know, make you a great, well, he says, go and multiply across the earth. Nimrod goes, no, let's build a tower into the heavens. And you actually look at it. And the, um, if you look at some of the antiquities of Jewish writing, Nimrod wrote in the journals, I will tear open the firmament of heaven and I will avenge God on my forefathers and kill him. Uh, he was the great, great grandson of Noah. So he knew about the flood. He knew about all the other people that were wiped out and everything. Like, I don't think sometimes we think about like the, just the, the, the scary reality of Noah. Like I watched that crazy movie about Noah and it wasn't right. It was by a guy who was an atheist, but you got to think like when the floods first started happening, God opened the floodgates of heaven. It wasn't like the earth was flooded in five minutes flat. No, Noah's in a boat. And you're hearing banging and screaming and people crying and yelling and anguish and torment for probably days. Agony. Like, this is crazy. Like, God, where's your mercy? God, don't you have any mercy? Couldn't you save any of them? Come on, there's a purpose to this far greater than we know. And so when you look at the last days and the coming of the Lord, God, don't get me wrong, we are sinners apart from the mercy of Jesus and our redemption. But God talks in the last days about he will come and he will put an end to Satan and his angels and the works of the enemy. From the very beginning, God created us with love. When he created Joseph Biden, He said, I love this guy. I have the best plans for him. And the enemy said, so do I. And sadly, Joseph has chosen to follow the way of the devil. We're not guilty of that. We're not wrong for being angry with his lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with being angry with his lifestyle. But to know... Had it not been for the grace of God and our opened eyes, we might be walking the same way he is walking right now. We have to keep humility and go, God have mercy, because who's leading Joseph Biden? Who's leading Hillary Clinton? She looks so depressed and in such agony when I see her, right? Who's leading these people? Lucifer. The army of darkness, angels. Phil Schneider talked about, you know, the Dulce, New Mexico incident. There are people over the years that have leaked out conspiracy information that have said there's seven layers going down into the mountain of that. There's a UFO hunters video that came out where they were talking about that years ago and they were talking and you can find that on the internet too. And they were talking to the native Indians of that area. And they said, well, there's a train that goes into the side of the mountain. Then it goes down even deeper. And they can, you show us where that train is. And they were like, no. And after that, they literally, they said they cut off communication. Like they quit talking to him on the video. And that was the end of it. They walked away fearful. They were like, we will not show you anything. They were afraid for their lives. They know better than to talk. And, um, They said some of the scientists that have worked in Dulce, New Mexico that have come to the surface about stuff over the years have said that the seventh layer of this place in Dulce, New Mexico, the seventh furthest one down, humans are not allowed to go down there. It's called the freak show. It's literally called the freak show and humans are not even allowed to go onto that floor. It's, it's a floor that's meant for, you know, they call them the alien grays, whatever, but we know they're demons, but they're not even allowed to be there. Like that should scare us. That should alarm us and concern us. We shouldn't be fearful and afraid, but that should cause concern. And so they behind the scenes are running it. The whole world lies in the sway of the wicked one. I'm thankful for the people in the political government that are fighting. But we have to remember, I think the greatest thing I would say if I have encouraged anyone in political realms that are Christians in ministry realms, sex trafficking realms, are everything that you're doing, are you seeking first the kingdom? Because if you seek his kingdom, he'll give you better strategies than you could ever have to bring a standard against this onslaught that's coming. We know, sadly, how the book is going to go. And I tell people this. We don't lay down our arms and die. But when we look at what's happening with the movies coming out by the Obamas, I don't know if you heard about that. Leave the world behind. That movie there, I mean, there's bombing stuff there. Contagion came out five years before COVID. We know COVID had to do with the cover-up of 5G towers for all the stuff they're building with the RFID chips, all this stuff. But at the end of the day, the people that be, when we look at Revelation, we look what's going to happen. It's going to go dark. like the world is going to plummet into darkness. Like when I was studying this about two years ago, when I first moved to Tennessee, I was studying the 10 toes in chapter two, verse 43 of Daniel. They will mingle their seed with the seed of men. Who's they, right? And those 10 toes we know talks about the 10 horns. It says 10 Kings who have not yet received their power. And when I was studying this one day, the Lord spoke to me and it was very convicting. He said, Daniel, those 10 Kings are not going to be Christian Kings. I said, I know this Lord. And yet I don't know this. Like it was just, it was unsettling to me. These 10 Kings are going to be serving him. He's going to come down with great wrath. They are going to wipe out and slaughter people across the earth. And so I'm not against like political arms. I mean, or arms and guns. I have a, I have a weapon myself and I got rid of my gun. When we moved to Tennessee, we moved to Tennessee. I lost my mom. My dad attacked me. We lost all of our savings. Like my wife's van was stolen. My Mustang that I bought after I moved down here that my wife let me grab because I got rid of my Mustang. We had a baby. She's like, it's not practical. I was like, babe, I want my Mustang. I've always wanted to run. It was the only thing I ever wanted, right? And I was like, Lord, what should I do? Don't pray about something if your wife wants you to honor her because God will always yield to the wife. Why? Because we're supposed to lay it on our lives for our wives. We're the head of our homes, but it's oneness. It's not like we just work together and we're a team. We're buddies. Me and my wife are buddies. That's what Stephanie talked about the other day. It was so convicting. She's like, you know, it's not like me and my husband, Steven, we're partners. She's like, he is the head. He is the priest of the home. I submit to him. And I was like, that's powerful. But, but she, I prayed and God said, get rid of the Mustang. So we moved out here. She said, what kind of car would you like to get? I was like, really? I was like, I'd love to get a Mustang. So I bought that Mustang. and uh it got broken into and never once got mad at the people and we kept losing our money and all the finances and I ended up getting a bronco my mom my mom loved the green color and so it was just it was a god thing how it happened um but in the process of all that happening I'm studying all the stuff going down everything that's going to take place all the stuff going to happen on the earth and I'm like okay god I got rid of my guns because I just personally don't want to have one because you know I don't want to shoot somebody. Like, even if they try to rob me, I'm going to go be with Jesus. And what? You know, I hurt somebody and they're going to die and go to hell. And I was working at Best Buy and a police officer was there running security for us. And he says, well, I understand what you're saying. He said, but please hear me out. He says, you don't want to shoot somebody that doesn't know the Lord. He says, so they shoot you. You die. You go be with Jesus. The police don't find them. They get away. They shoot another family. That person doesn't have a dad now because you didn't stand in the gap and you thought in righteousness and you meant well, you would lay down your life for the sake of those. He says, you're not a martyr. You're murdered. He said, there's a difference. And now there's two dads without a dad, two sets of families without a dad because you didn't stand up and it sucks to that you have to make that choice in that moment. But what sucks even worse is somebody who is blind is out there destroying for the works of Satan. And so that's where like, also I agree more than ever with us standing in the political government. If we don't stand in the gap, these people are going, they're going to enslave humanity anyway. It's biblically going to happen. They have FEMA camps all over the world. I can get into so much about their underground tunnels. But at the end of the day, are we going to stand before the Lord one day and go, well, we knew it was going to happen, so we just let him do it. We want to walk in peace. We want to walk in love. But we will stand in the gap and say, you will not roll over us with darkness. We are the light of the world. Christ lives in us, and we will stand firm until the end. I believe that we have peace through strength. And that God is definitely, he's a God of laws and rules and such. And when we allow the rules to be broken for God, excuse me, for whatever reason, um, then we, we truly are not serving the way that God wants us to. I mean, I mean, you, you have, we have to be a country of, of, you know, in order to live in peace, we have to have certain rules that we abide by and, you know, protecting the rights of others, but they don't get to, they don't get to infringe on other people's rights either. And right now our government is full of them where they're infringing on everyone's rights and they're, they're writing, they're writing, um, workarounds and you know it's like our in our hearts we know what's right and what's wrong I mean even the bible talks about it that that there's no one without excuse and I know sometimes it's hard for for um for us as as uh christians who are who truly do care but you have to look at if we don't do our job and it's just like letting the serial rapist go there they could be coming after your girls And they broke the rules. They knew what the rules were and they have to be dealt with or they will continue to destroy more innocent lives and innocent people. And I don't think that I don't in any way, shape or form think that God wants us to do that. You know, they made their choice and he can deal with them. You know, he can deal with them. But but their their choices on this earth have to be dealt with. And and I think he's given us the job to kind of take care of that. in all parts of our society, but it is difficult. Have you ever read the book of Enoch? Yes, yes. Yeah. And so, so, you know, there's, there's, uh, I think, I think that's a very interesting, interesting book. There's many books that weren't, weren't, um, you know, included in the canonized Bible that we have. And I think that God gave us all that we needed in the Bible that, you know, that he, that's the basics. Right. But that doesn't mean that, that, that there's, that there's all that there is out there either. And, and he did say that, you know, you can't get people, um, uh, before they drink milk, right? And so sometimes things, even though they're true and there's truth to them, that a lot of people aren't quite ready to hear some things. And that's okay. We don't all have to agree on everything. And sometimes it's not just the time yet for things and truth to come out that will be revealed at some point in time by God. But I happen to think that there's a lot more to that. I was going to bring a video up here. Let me go to it a minute because this has been brought up a lot. And I think it's profitable to talk about all things. I really do. Because if it's in the news, whether we agree with it or not, I think it's important to consider everything because we don't know so much. But check this out. This is a new thing. The Jellyfish UAP that they've been talking about. see a little guy flying there I don't know if you can see him but he's right there oh yeah and they could only see it with a heat it was over military allegedly it's over military air base and then it pop they popped up it popped up again or something like it over I think in california yep and uh So they're integrating this more into society as a norm, but they've had this technology for years. There's a lot more stuff that's coming out and we need to be able to look at it and also see, be able to question everything that we see and that we hear and use critical thinking skills to evaluate to evaluate the things that we see, because not everything we see is real. You know, we don't know if that's real. We don't know if that's a psyop. We don't know if it's our own government putting that out. But we do know that that Satan certainly travels this earth. And we can look at that and put it in the back of our minds and realize that there may be a lot of truth to it. There may be no truth to this, but we need to consider it and use it in our bank of information. And I believe this one went down in the waters, what they said. Yeah. It's hard to tell, you know, and it's hard to tell on a lot of it. You know, I, I typically, I believe that there's a lot of people that we're seeing out there that are just CGI and that aren't actually people at all. That when you, when you look at them and change, it's like, uh, Ron DeSantis. I don't think that Ron DeSantis is the same Ron DeSantis that was there at the beginning. And, uh, when you see, if you do facial comparisons, which is one of my things that I like to do is I like to do comparisons and, and they're, they're pretty good. They're pretty good at it, but it's not perfect. And that's the great thing. If you study it enough, you can see the anomalies. When I first saw the information coming out from Wuhan, China, when the vax came out, I spotted it right away. I'm like, oh, this is CGI. All the stuff that they were showing in the streets and such, they made a few fatal mistakes. on what they were showing in the news. The first mistake they made is that they didn't, I'm not going to give up all the things that I look at because then, of course, they're going to listen to that and say, oh, well, we've got to accommodate that. And it gives me the way to look at it and know I can pick it out right off the bat. But they made some fatal mistakes where if you looked at it closely, you can see it's gaming software. It's not real. And so the physics of what they put out there did not match what is physically possible in the real world. So if you look at things like even motion, motion can be there. But there are always telltale signs that something is CGI. If you look at a person, so like when I look at the footage of President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, I'll put out there, because they violated the Constitution in depriving him of his office. And the legislature, the entire legislature should be removed because they are responsible on a statewide basis for certifying the election. They could have stopped it. they pass the buck up to the Board of Canvassers Board of Elections. And our Board of Elections, the guy that's chairman of that is also the chairman of ERIC, which is highly, highly flawed in this state. So you look at all of the cheating that went on, the fraud that went on that's been proven over and over and over again, and he's the rightful president of the United States. We don't say that to defend his right alone. We defend each other's rights across the board. And I believe that everyone has the right, you know, free speech and that that's how we learn. Even if we don't agree with what somebody says entirely, we have to have these discussions because there's always there's always something we can learn. And it may be a different way of thinking about this. Now, I'm saying that to my to my very how do I put it to my Christian friends who think they've got all the answers on things. Mm hmm. I believe that the Christian church, the Christian religion, the Jewish religion, the Muslim religion, they've all been infiltrated and they've become almost a military operation rather than something that serves the kingdom of God. the people within politics use those religions in order to justify themselves. And for Christians, it's taking the Lord's name in vain. I've seen it over and over and over again, where they are winning at all costs, they're cheating, they're doing whatever they can do to be in their power. That's not how God operates. He doesn't operate in the shadows. He said everything in the shadows will be uncovered. If things are hidden, it's a cult. And it's hidden. It's a cult. God doesn't operate that way. And so I think that there's some real issues within the church. And what was going to be sifted first? Revelations, it's the church that has the first judgment. Right. And we are there right now. Either people are on the side of good or are they on the side of evil? Are you going to give a pass to some things? Do you justify the means by the end? That's the question that I have to ask everyone. Are you willing to do anything to get to your end? If you are... you're participating in evil. Because that means that you have, in fact, determined that you're going to throw in with evil in order to achieve your goal. It's like if we walk in the righteousness of Christ... And try to do the right thing. It's not that we're going to do it perfectly. But that we don't make excuses for things. And we try to do what we believe is right. We're going to fall down once in a while. I don't think a one of us is. The only one that was perfect was Jesus Christ. And he chose not to throw a stone. In the political realm, we put out the truth. Like I've gotten attacked quite viciously for being a part of the removal of Christina Cromwell. Well, Christina Cromwell from the chair of the Republican Party had to be removed. And now what I'm seeing now is that they're saying, oh, Laura Loomer, you know, she... She was sucked in by these people that were trying to remove her. It's like, no, we're not saying that the ones that they replaced her were any better than her. They're all corrupt. They're all corrupt as hell. And it's like, but you don't give a pass. You have to put it out there that this is wrong. Look at the process. Certainly pray for everyone. to be in, to try to turn this thing around and turn their hearts around to God, but we don't give them a pass. And I think that this is, I would love to share with you some more of the political things that are going on where you can see this played out in a day-to-day way. in a day-to-day scenario. And it's unfortunate, but right now they're all corrupt, in my opinion. I haven't seen one person out there that's not playing games behind the scenes that is honestly just coming right out and calling it for what it is, that are in the seats at any rate. There's some good people out there and there are some good people that are fighting out there, but by and large, We have factions that are fighting each other, Republican parties, same as the Democrat party. They're all there. It's, it's a, it's a pay to play scenario to take this nation down. The only way we're going to write this is turning back to God and, and, and acknowledging his rightful place. Just like it, because we, and that means it's a, it's a, it's an issue of law in order. It's lying justice under the law. That's what God has. It's blind justice under his law. And he gets to make the calls. We can't judge each other's hearts. Only God can judge a human being's heart. We can't judge what the outcome is because we don't know if they're going to be saved at the last minute or what God has planned for them. But it's interesting. I do find this whole discussion of Satan, Satanism, the, the, uh, the ways that people are led astray is critically important to understand because when you look at the Marxists, Marxists are serving Satan himself. The Marxist agenda is about interjecting, you know, uh, the the sexual deviancy into into our society in order to break down the family break down the structure and the family is the smallest form of government and so I don't know we can we can they groom them while they're young I mean I remember we probably 2019 2018 maybe even less than that jojo siwa was a young girl she was like five she was like seven or eight And I told my wife, I was like, I don't like all the rainbows. I don't mind the rainbows, but I don't like all the rainbows. I said, they're grooming her. No, Jodi, I think was more on board with it. People were like, no, Dan, growing an eight year old. I'm like growing an eight year old. And the more I looked into it, the more I was like, I think they're grooming her. I was like, you watch, she's going to come out to be a lesbian. And sure enough, she came out as a lesbian. But now by that time, she has built such a fan base. They all follow her and they put aside their morals for the sake of what they like and follow. Well, what you said right there, it's a fan club. Instead of looking at the facts, they're, they're respecting, they're, they're fearing man instead of fearing God. You know, they're more, they're more concerned with the opinions of people than they are with what God says. And it's like, we can love people. We can certainly love people. There's, there's no two ways about it. You know, we should love people and, and such, but I'm in a situation where I believed, and this was, you know, like I was telling you before, I'm 60 years old. So my kids are in their thirties and all but one, she's working on it yet. But I didn't want them to hate God. And there's a price to be paid when you make a choice like that. There's definitely choices and you pay a price. Every time you follow God, there's going to be a price to be paid. And the price is going to be to walk away from this world and this world system, which isn't much of it. When you think about it, it's not much of a price to pay. It's one of those things that you let go. You let go of your preconceived notions. and you have to cleanse it. And I was texting you earlier. I was up at 2.30 this morning, then 3.30, I couldn't get to sleep. So I got up and I'm like, okay, God, why is this situation bothering me so much? I had a situation that was really, really bothering me. And I got up and God showed me something that was really, it was trauma-induced when I was a kid. And realizing that this was actually my attitude that I had was based on that. And, and I prayed to him and I said, you know what, God, it's like, this is one of those things that I cannot fix within myself, but you can. And I asked him, I said, I need you to step in and remove any, any, any part of this that, that is, is, Actually, I'm sure it's playing a part in my life today. Yeah. And it was kind of a cool thing to watch, to go through it. So I was up all night and, you know, praying and such. And I really do think that God does that for us sometimes. He'll show us something. You might be bothered by something. There might be something that's like, like just eating on you a little bit or that you're struggling with something or you're having anxiety or there's, I mean, there's a million ways that this can manifest in human beings where you can stop and say, First off, we know God's always good all the time and that everything works to good for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purposes. So you have to stop and say, OK, God, why is this negative thing happening right now? Why do I have this happening? What what are you showing me? And it's just like being, for example, being in the political world and running for governor and running into so many problems. It was incredible. And after a while, it became like I call it a game of political fraud or trying not to get smashed on the road. And after a while, it was kind of like, oh, wow, this is teaching me everything I need to know about what's wrong with the system because I am truly an outsider. And it needed to be debunked, not by somebody in the system, but somebody outside the system who hates the system because we all know that it's corrupt. It's evil. It's money laundering. It's extortion. It's entrapment. It's all of those. And the only people that make it in the seats are the ones that will play ball with these people. And so if you are eliminated from the race, you actually won by losing. And now you can talk about it from being there. and saying, this is what's really wrong with it and why it's not working. But we can do that in our everyday lives. When we come up against things that are bad, we can look at that and say, okay, I'm not comfortable with this. I don't like it. This is a problem. But then going back and saying, what is it that you want me to learn from this God and let him show you and grow you and be aware of it, not run away from it. And he'll open another door or something else in a different direction. He wants you to go into. So I had somebody, I was talking to university years ago. I was a speaker at a university, um, uh, on, on business and what I've done in life and how, you know, how, um, I created so many different businesses and what I did built them from the ground up and, and why I'm like, well, Mainly, I'm a very curious person and I like to build. I don't like money, but I like to build things. And they're like, well, have you ever failed? I'm like, are you kidding me? Yeah. The only person that failed is the one who doesn't get out of bed in the morning. Right. But you take those things and you learn from them and that's an OK thing. And, you know, I think that looking at the fallen angels and being able to look at that and not being afraid, you know, it's you don't have to be afraid. There's no fear in the presence of the Lord. And that's OK. You know, but I like talking about all those other things. Anything else? What else do you want to talk about? You know, it's funny that you mentioned political frogger because, I mean, so that's like – you called me yesterday. And I feel like for – Out of the blue. And I had your number for a while and never called you. And almost 18 years I feel like I've been playing church frogger. So I got saved about – five months after I got saved I went out to somebody's um ministry to help with something from our church and we were out there and I shared my testimony with this person this person was connected with billy grant shared my testimony right there voodoo donuts in the whole 10 yards right yeah he looks at me and he goes you have an amazing testimony he's like I want you to come with me and travel and preach he's like I want you to share your testimony I was like I'm saved six months I'm a child in the faith right I'm like This is crazy. Up until that point, save six months. I'm not like, God, I feel like I'm called to preach the gospel and travel the nations and get rich off the kingdom. Like I'm not even thinking any of that. I, I literally from day one, I read the gospels. I heard about the great commission and I went out and I started sharing Jesus everywhere. I want, I mean, I was at my workplaces. I was at, you know, wherever I went, movie theaters, I would go anywhere before the movie would start. Hey, does anyone need prayer? People like this is the movie theater. I know it's best place to get, get healed at. just I'm just whatever um and so that happened I never heard back from him um not too long after that again and again and again so for the past 17 years I've had multiple and some of them have done very treacherous things towards me christian leaders tell me I have an anointing I'm called to preach and travel and I've never once been in a church um preaching and um and so for me yesterday I'm getting up and I'm like, okay, God, we moved to Tennessee because we applied for a ministry, which isn't a bad ministry. It's not corrupt. Um, the minister, if I mentioned him, people would know good man. They just never found my application or at least never got to his eyes. But I had a dream about him and his wife. Soon after that, I met his wife at the market in Franklin, Tennessee. And I saw her and Tony was like, you should say something like, no, she's with her daughter. I'm going to be respectful. Um, And I just waited and I never heard from them again, really. And so I've had that conversation. I've been in touch with another minister and another one, another one, one from Bethel. So many of these connections and they're all like, you have a calling on your life and nothing. And so I've been in the season for almost two years of being here. I'm currently working at a security job in Bethel. God, we moved to Tennessee. We obeyed you. We've lost everything financially. We're charging our groceries and credit cards. Like we're not mad, but I know I'm grumbling in my heart and I know that's not okay. Help me to figure out how to get away from this and how to see you in the midst of this. And I'm like, God, I just want to know why you're not opening doors. And so I'm getting up yesterday when I've been praying in the season about God, just show me your will. I just want to know you. Like if I live for you, that's more than enough. I could care less if I'm ever known. I get up yesterday morning, and I feel like he just told me to get into the book of John. I'm reading John 1, and the Blue Letter Bible app is amazing. In there, it's talking about how the light shone in the darkness, and the darkness could not comprehend it. Now, often in natural world, the darkness couldn't understand it. The darkness was confused by it. That word actually means the darkness could not seize the light. They could not take hold of it. They could not capture the light. The darkness wanted to seize the light and could not. So now you have Jesus resurrected and now you have Christians with the light of the world in them and they want to seize Christians and they cannot. So they go, well, if we can seize their minds, they'll just stop being the light. Um, but anyway, so like, I'm reading that and I'm like, okay, Lord, I get this. And he's like, I've called you to be a light, Daniel. He's like, everywhere you go, you share the gospel. And he's like, I'm pleased with that. He's like, but you think I'm hindering you from going out and making a way for you. And I'm like, well, not seeing open doors. I'm like, I'm not having opportunities. Like I've had people ask me like to come out and like what I would charge. And I go, I won't charge you a thing. Just pay for my gas. I'll come and share the gospel. I'm not looking for money. And he takes me to Ephesians 5.17 and 1 Thessalonians 5.17 yesterday in the process of this. And in Ephesians 5.17, it says to not be unwise, but to know what the will of the Lord is. And I'm like, okay, what's your will for me? God, you called me to travel and preach. Early on when I was newly saved, God showed me this. And I know that there's a time and a season. When I was newly saved about eight months, I'm in my bedroom one day praying. And all of a sudden I see this vision of somebody and they literally take this as the Holy Spirit and they pour it out on the stage and then they cap off the bottle of the Holy Spirit and they start to preach. And they come to preach again and they pour out a little bit of the Holy Spirit. And we know the Holy Spirit isn't a liquid. It's a person. It's the Spirit of God. But they were using God for their agenda. And he says, Daniel, when I begin to send you out, revival will follow. And he says, I'm calling you to do this. And he gives me a sledgehammer. And he's like, you are going to smash the bottle. And I was like, okay. So like, I've been 17 years now on my walk. I've gone to Israel. I've gone to Hawaii. I was a youth pastor in New York for six weeks. Let go because the pastor out there had people that were living together that were Christians, but they weren't married, but they were saved because they prayed a prayer and he thought this was acceptable. And I said, how can you believe this is acceptable? And it was around that time I became friends with a guy who works for Messenger International. He gave us the Gooder God series as we were driving back home. And we listened to Gooder God and we were like, oh, my gosh, this is exactly describing this church. But so over the years, I've been with so many ministries so close. to an open door of going out there and traveling and preaching. And every time I've turned it down because they wanted me to compromise just a little bit and I will never compromise. Like they don't need to hear my voice. They need the gospel truth. The church has got to get back to the truth of the gospel. We have got to get back to holiness and righteousness. Why do we put our pastors in the front row and guest speakers in the front row and reserve the front two rows? Well, because, you know, we need to honor them. But then nobody can sit around them because they're just people of our church. And it's like, well, no, we have a special place for them. And I get what you're saying. but I read first john and I read james and he goes don't do that have you not become evil have you not become judges with evil intent in your heart and selfish purposes like god actually condemns that so like we read this and we go oh this is kind of crazy and we look at different things over and over you know people will come to us and and I'm not saying this I'm not looking for a hand I don't need people to help us god's going to take care of us financially but what I'm saying is this is I've seen this I had this happen about a month ago I went to the gas station, and I'd been smoking cigars for a season. I quit smoking. But I was going to get a cigar that night. I was going to get it close to my home that we're renting in Brentwood. And I felt like the Lord said, no, stop at this gas station. So I stopped there. And there's a man there named Ronald, and he had a dog named Max. And they were homeless. The homelessness is 10 times worse than Grand Rapids. It is almost heart-wrenching. In Grand Rapids? Yes. People have no idea how much of a problem it is. And a lot of it is mental illness that we have created a crisis by, you know, I have a very mentally ill disabled daughter. And they have people have no idea what how bad this is in Michigan. Yeah, there's people, there's whole cities and now they've outlawed sleeping on federal property in Tennessee. There's people sleeping under highway overpasses in the city with propane tanks to heat up their food. What happens if that propane tank catches fire and all of a sudden it blows up the bridge? You know what I mean? Like, it's just wild to me, but they are building... So now they're also tearing down houses like this house that we're living in. The people that and I wanted to say that Hidden Valley Homes is how we got to rent this house. We were staying where our vehicles were stolen. And I had a dream about a woman with blonde hair and a red house with white pillars. And so that house actually is on Lipscomb down the street from here. And next week, I got contacted by a friend who was like, hey, there's this house for rent in Brentwood. I'm like, Brentwood? And we had, at that time, I had bought the Bronco, and we had nothing in our savings. We went through $90,000. We were just dead broke. We couldn't do anything. And I'm like, there's no way we can rent in Brentwood. Brentwood is like, these are million-dollar homes around us right now for sale. There's no way, God. And so the house was like 2,700 months. We're like, shut up. And it was a red house with white pillars, and it was a woman with blonde hair that handed us the keys. We're like, get out. so um we moved in there they tore that down last January and they moved us to this house we're in now for the same amount and it's just crazy they're tearing down houses though and they're building up two to three million dollar homes there are over 400 homes in Brentwood alone which is almost like Grand Rapids would be Nashville Brentwood would be Ada but there's there's Brentwood and Granville and Alpine all these surrounding areas with all these homes brentwood alone would be maybe the size of ada there are 400 homes over a million dollars for sales sitting empty that have been sitting empty for at least six months just sitting empty and they're just building and building and building and then there's people sleeping on the streets Oh, here we go. This is a good issue you brought up for me because I am so disgusted with the developers. They are no better than Zuckerberg right now in eating up our land. And it's like, let's just keep building and building and building a bigger metropolis. And we can say, wow, look what we built here. And there's people that are homeless out there. And we've got all these houses that are empty. And they say, well, we have a housing crisis. Really? And some of them are believers, right? And what does Jesus say? What does Jesus say, though? The rich man says, I have no room for my storage of my vats. I know. I'll tear down my barns and I'll build bigger ones. And God goes, okay, cool. I'll take your life tonight. Now what? And so, like, that's a warning. Like, if you have two boats and a yacht and a summer home and you're a pastor and there's people... I'm not talking about the homeless even on the street. There's people in your congregation struggling paycheck to paycheck. Listen, there's a very sober warning that we miss with the rich man and Lazarus. And it actually had a bigger conviction to me recently. I was like, whoa, that's eerie. Um, and I want to, I'll get back to Max in a moment. Cause I wanted, it was crazy. The whole thing with what I did, but like, so, um, the rich, the rich man and Lazarus, it says in one of the scriptures of the gospels, it's very convicting. The people of the city came and put Lazarus at his gate. that he might care for him. So it wasn't like Lazarus just came out one day and hung out with the rich man. These people were like, we hope that he can take care of him. And he did not. And so God convicted me about that a couple of years ago during COVID. He says, Daniel, don't ever forsake the people I put at your gate and act like you don't have something to give them. Even if you have next to nothing, you give them what you have because I will always fill you up. And so recently I was reading that again and it was even deeper because it convicted me even more. The people of the city brought him to the rich man's gate that he might care for him. Collectively, the people of the city. Why didn't any of them bring their resources together? Why didn't somebody bring them into one of their homes? Oh, because they want somebody else to take care of all of them. It's a selfishness. So it's the whole group of people. Nobody wanted to help Lazarus because he's broke. He's homeless. He can't do nothing for me. And what does Jesus go back and say multiple times again? When you do good to those who can do good back to you, what good is that to you? Even sinners do that. So Max, right? The dog is Max. This guy, Ronald. I come to the gas station to grab a cigar, and I hop out of the vehicle. And instantly, I just knew what to say to him. I looked at him. I was like, hey, Ronald, what's up, man? I said, anything you want in the gas station. What do you want? I'll get you anything you want. Really? I was like, really? Can you give me a pack of cigarettes? I'll get you a pack of cigarettes. Now, I know some of us might go, that's not healthy for him. That's not honoring the temple. I know. So is McDonald's isn't either. But so I went in there to get a pack of cigarettes. The ones he wanted were five bucks. I said, what else do you want? He's like coffee. I was like, get a coffee, get the largest one you can. I said, ma'am, can I get two packs of cigarettes? We walk out. He looks at me and he goes, I was going to, I was thinking about taking my life tonight. Cause we had to use our credit card. Cause I didn't have the money. I've been cash, but my check was coming in Friday. I was like, I'll put it on the credit card. And I'll pay it back Friday. I'm not promoting that. But I know that what we've suffered financially isn't because of our lack of planning. It's been crises and funerals and crazy stuff. And so I did that. And my heart just broke when I got in the Bronco to leave. I'm like, I obeyed you to stop to get a cigar, which some people would say you shouldn't even be smoking a cigar. And I stopped where you told me to stop. And here's a man who was going to end his life that night. i was able to prevent that because of what you've given me so I'm not saying look what I was able to do lord it was like no no the credit card belongs to you the money belongs to you my bronco belongs to you they got me there my breath belongs to you it's all you touching your son ronald and I got to pray with him too and I prayed over him my heart broke because I'm like I wanted to like do get my bronco come stay with me I can't because we're renting um The house that got torn down on 1504, it's selling for $3 million right now. And I told Lauren. She knows. I know she's not watching this, but if she ends up watching it later on... Because I did put it on my Facebook. I told her about a month ago. I said, look, we're not praying that you would give us this home. That's wrong of us. But I said, my wife has had visions and dreams of this home specifically. And I used to want to... pipe in speakers. I wanted to pipe in speakers that you could play worship throughout our home because we always hosted and had Bible studies back home in Michigan. But I was like, Jody, you know, we're going to eventually going to have to move out of Brentwood because we don't have the money to stay here. We're going to have to find a place we can better afford when our lease is up. And God told me a while ago, he says, Daniel, I brought you here when you didn't have anything. I'm going to keep you here. I have a purpose for you here to reach the people around you. Don't despise them because they're rich. Cause see, we can look at the book of James where it says, don't despise the person in rags. Right. And we can go, okay, so I'm going to make sure that I honor the poor, just like I honor the pastor. Cause we need to honor our pastor. Right. But if we're not careful, we can be somebody less fortunate. And instead we can despise the rich. Right. And we think that's acceptable, though. And that's not. God's saying don't despise anybody. Honor them all. Love them all. Cherish them all. Serve them all. Everything only comes from God's hand. Right. Exactly. Yeah. So I was talking with Lauren one day. We went to an open house. They had an open house. So we just wanted to look at the house. And I was like, you know, I love that over this big ceiling you have in this fireplace in the main room because it's got a big hosting area. I said, I love that you can like go up in the attic above there. I said, Lauren, someday you could pipe in speakers because I wasn't sold on. My wife had visions of being in this house and we're just like, OK. And I wasn't sold on it fully. And I'm like, you know, because I'm like, who are we with nothing to believe that God wants to do this? And. And she goes, oh yeah, no, no, no, no. She goes, we wired this house. We actually chose this house specifically to wire this house with speaker. We're actually putting it in next week. It's already ready to go for all the speaker wires for the speakers to be out through the whole house. You should come back and check it out. And my heart just went shut up. And so I'm like, okay, God, so your hand possibly is on this. And so the whole thing I was telling you that morning, know the will of the Lord. And I said, Jody, we've been praying God, if you're willing and able. And I told her too, because we talked about that when we do finally get a home, I told her more so after the other day, I said, look, When we get this home, there's enough bedrooms. There's going to be at least one extra bedroom in that house, and it's going to be away from all the kids. I said, I won't do anything to violate your heart or the safety of the kids, but I said, it's not questionable. This is not an option. I'm the head of the home. When we move in here, we will find a homeless family or a homeless mother that has children. Cause there are kids sleeping on the streets. I said, we will take them one family at a time, but we are bringing a family in this house. I said, I will not let God give us something great. And we just keep it for us just to enjoy. I said, we will start to bring homeless people off the streets, not charge them anything, help them get cleaned up and get work and get out on their own. I said, that's what we're going to do with this house. But so yesterday I, Know the will of the Lord, right? Know the will of the Lord. God, you called me to bring revival. You've called me to travel and preach. I don't know how, and I've had so many opportunities to make my own way, but I didn't want to shortcut you doing it because I want God to do it because then he will be the one to keep the doors open for me. And so I said, God, I know this is your will for me to go out. I pray today for phone calls. I pray for today for connections. I pray for people that have wanted to reach out to me today that things would shift and I would see this happen. And I went to work that day yesterday and I spent that time talking to a guy who needed to hear about God and stuff. So we walked around patrolling the whole day and we talked. And so I also said to my wife, I said, Jody, we've been praying, God, you know, if you were able to somehow make it happen with 1504, we haven't asked people. And I told Lauren, I said, we're praying that the house would sell to someone else if that's God's will. And I said, we're not asking you to give us anything. I said, but we're praying that the finances would somehow come into this. I said, so Jody, we're going to pray this way because you've had visions of that home. God, thank you that home's going to be ours. God, thank you for the resources to bless Hidden Valley Homes. Thank you for, and we've just been praying, God, your will be done. Like in all this, like I don't believe in the prosperity gospel, but I do believe where Jesus, the disciples look at the rich young ruler who went away sad. They're like, man, he couldn't give up his riches, man. That sucks for him. But we gave up everything to follow you. What's going to happen to us? And Jesus looks and goes, you're going to be broke. You're going to suffer. You're just never going to have anything. He looks at them and he says, I promise you everyone who has left everything, to follow me will receive a hundredfold in this life and the life to come. Now, some people might not like that, but that's prosperity. He says, you're going to receive a hundred times cattle and family and friends. But the thing is, is we have to leave everything. So if I have it in my heart that I'm going to surrender all to Jesus so I can receive a hundred fullness life, then I haven't surrendered fully because my whole motive for serving God is so I can be blessed. My heart has to be like the whole reason. And it's what really, like, when I got saved, it was the big thing for me. Sorry, but like, I'm not sorry. Jesus washes the feet of Judas. He's the one that's going to make him suffer. He's the one that's about to cause him to go to his death. And he washes his feet. And he goes, if you want to be great, you will wash the feet. Who today would be willing to go up to Joseph Biden and say, the Lord has sent me. I want to wash your feet. we would go, dude, don't touch him. You might catch something, man, whatever. If I touch Joseph Biden right now, he's going to catch so much Jesus. It's over. Like I promised, like he don't want to come up in my house. He's going to catch so much Jesus. And so, but like my heart was like, there's greatness in serving. Jesus came and humbled himself. Like he didn't come. And even with political arguments is so powerful. When you look at it, the Pharisees were like, you're wrong. And you're of the devil. And Jesus went, Bye. And he walked away. He just left. He didn't debate with them. You never read where Jesus picked up stones and said, if you don't shut up and let me talk, I'm going to hit you. He never forced, even though he had the truth, he always yielded. And that's one of the things God is teaching me more and more in the season. Love is always willing to yield. His kingdom come and his will will be done. Nothing is going to stop that. But if we are loving, we will yield and they will see a difference. And it's the sad truth and reality right now in our world. And even with Donald Trump, some of the people that are around him are good. Some of them around him are bad. And I won't say who, but some of these Christian people around him are bad too. They've been through multiple marriages and their life is a wreck. And so the government of the world looks at the church as a whole and the corporate America and goes, man, your God isn't powerful. Your God doesn't save. He's not real. Y'all are chasing after money. Y'all got million dollar houses. Y'all are just like us, except you preach a God and you say it's about laying down your life, but most of your congregation is suffering. They don't have money. They don't even have the blessings you have. You're traveling all over the world and taking vacations. Some of you people have never taken one in your life. Why are we going to trust in that Jesus? We can serve the devil and have more power than you'll ever have. And that's what really has to change in this season is the people have to see the church that it's something more. That no, we live to serve. We're here to be servants. Like when we get to heaven, we're going to be there to serve the king forever. So, yeah. I was, yeah, so yesterday I'm going to bring you back around to what you were saying about having God making connections. Yeah. And asking for connections yesterday. And go back to the fact that I had your number for quite a while. And I never called. And then yesterday I called. And I felt really blessed to call you yesterday and to talk with you. It was fun. I was blessed to talk to you too. You know, text you back and forth and then, then get you on today. I think this is really nice. Yeah. I see Larry. I want to say something real quick, Larry. I understand what you're saying. I want to talk to you real quick and like, I don't know what's fully going on in the chat, but I want to say this to Larry, please trust me when I say this. I don't need to talk to anybody about the sexual abuse I dealt with as a child or the stuff that I've gone through. When I moved my dad down here after my mom passed away, he was a hoarder. When I got saved, my dad would stick his finger in my face and tell me, oh, you must think you're so righteous and holy now, huh, Daniel? And it was kind of cool, not cool. I looked at him. I was like, I do. I believe I'm so righteous. It's awesome, dad. And I told him one day before I moved him down, I said, dad, I said, listen, dad, I said, I never once saw the love of Jesus in you. When my dad moved down or he was having issues, I mean, he had accidents. I had to clean him up. Things that happened that people would go, whoa, how are you okay? I am okay. And I'm more than okay because the love of Jesus Christ. Like my childhood, the trauma, the stuff that I went through, that stuff does not have to affect me. My dad is not my father. One of the crazy things that we think sometimes is that, you know, a man and a woman come together and they create me. That's not the case. It says that God created us in Christ Jesus before the foundations of the earth to do good works. That's why Jesus said, call no man on earth your father. My dad, Ray, is not my father. He created a body that I live in. God knit me together in my parents' womb. God is my father. I was thought up and I was a creation of God long before any of this ever happened. I want to show you this. This is one of my favorite videos. I've been playing this because I think, you know, to your point, and I think this is really important. The moment the sperm enters the egg, there is now documented source of light that enters the egg. The moment of conception, the very moment that the sperm enters the egg, there is a flash of light and the light has entered the world. Just as when Jesus- Isn't that cool? It is, it's so good. So it's kind of funny. The person in the chat, here's the troll. Don't worry about him. It's like I have gotten attacked for so many different things. I'm not enough of a Christian. I'm not this. I'm not that. You know that I had a gateway pun that put something out in billionaire Donna Brandenburg. And I'm like, yeah, I've never seen that that statement, that financial statement, not one time. So, you know, people people will see, you know, people will say all kinds of things just to be honest. Just to be evil. I mean, you look at what the Bible says about naysayers and people that are just there to tear up. You know, Larry, we're going to pray for you because I think, let's pray for Larry right now. Absolutely. Would you like to pray for him or do you want me to? I would love to. Larry, we're going to stick around and we're going to pray for you. Yeah, let's pray for Larry right now in the chat, because you know what, Larry? I feel really sorry for you right now because, you know, this this kind of nonsense that's out there is quite honestly, if you if you if you really look at what you're saying there in the chat. a believer would never say the things that you're saying right now. Well, it's wild too, because I have a person on Instagram that follows a lot of my things that I do. And I just post stuff and go. And so we had one recently that hit like really high cause it was about homelessness and it hit really high. And then, but he comments on most of them and it's funny cause Instagram actually hides his comments, but I don't delete them and I still let him talk about them and stuff. And You know, I just say to him, like, dude, I don't know why you keep trolling around me, but I'm going to keep letting you comment. It's fine. But I said, it's crazy. It's like a mosquito bugging me out in the hot summer. But I said, you know, what's wild is if you don't really believe in Jesus, why are you here? Because he's like, well, Jesus can't speak to you. I said, Jesus can speak to me. I said, maybe you're not listening. And so, Larry, I can pray for you, but I think truth will set you free. So I even actually I don't even want to pray for you, Larry. I just, I don't know what you've gone through. I don't know, Larry, what you've dealt with yourself. Obviously you've dealt with trauma. Obviously you've been abused in some way, shape or form, and your heart is broken and you're soured by the church. But one day you will stand before the Lord and you will give an account for your life and you will have to answer for it. And I hope that you err on the side of mercy and you come to Christ because he is real and he loves you. But I couldn't imagine raising up my daughters, Larry, And telling them when you get older, go on to people's pages and just condemn them, make fun of them and mock them because that's the thing adults do. But yet, Larry, here you are doing it. And it's just sad. I feel I feel I feel bad for you, man. I feel really sad for him because this is this is when you watch the people that are yelling and screaming out there and being crazy. the the uh you know it's just so let's pray for larry right now yeah let's do that and let's pray for everybody else out there that's got like like this derangement syndrome that's going on where people are screaming and yelling out of control that sort of thing that's not the way that that people are supposed to it's the hurt from religious people and they blame it on god and they blame it on the true church but the true church would never act that way and it's very sad Well, it's also their fault, too, because even if you come from an abusive background, you don't have to act that way. You can choose to be better than that and not do things in the way that you were abused. You can choose to do the right thing. And so, I mean, that's still a choice. It's still a choice. And we all know. So you can choose to be crazy. You can choose to say things. For me, I'm like Teflon. I don't really give a crap what anybody says. The only one that I'm really concerned of is God Almighty. That's it. And trying to do the best I can. My parents didn't take me to the dentist when I was younger a lot. They died off on that and stuff. And so I had issues with some of my teeth and whatnot. And I used to be insecure about them. Not anymore. I had a while ago when I was praying, I smelled like dental work being done on my teeth. And God has shown me visions of my teeth being healed. It sounds crazy and spooky. I really don't care. But I know it's going to happen. My wife has seen it. So I was talking to my girls about that specifically this morning. And I said, girls, make sure you brush your teeth. I said, Julie, she's young. She's not brushing. Well, I said, hey, let me help you brush your teeth. I said, you got to brush them really good. I said, now listen to me, girls. I said, you know that we prayed about our healing for different things. Ariella needs healing from allergies and stuff. So we're believing and speaking faith over that. And I said, we're praying for the healing of my teeth. I said, so my parents didn't do well with me. But I believe God can do a miracle. Right. And I said, so that's a good thing. I said, but girls, I don't go, well, I'm not going to do well with you girls because God will eventually take care of it all and do a miracle. No, I'm going to do better than my parents just because I wasn't taken care of. Well, it doesn't mean I have a right to pass the buck and not take care of you. Well, I'm going to help you brush your teeth and keep you off a lot of the sugar crap, you know, and have you eat healthy foods and live differently. So we have a responsibility. So, yeah, let's let's let's pray for Larry right now. Sounds awesome. Father, I just thank you, God, for Larry. I thank you that you know him more than we ever have. You've known every moment of his life, God. I thank you that you've known every season he's gone through. I thank you that you know of every hurt, everything that he's dealt with that has caused trauma to him, that has affected him, that caused him to shift away from people and be angry as he is now. God, I pray that your mercy would overtake him today. I pray that your love would convict him. I pray that people would come around him and he would see your goodness. And I pray, God, that you bring healing to his mind. Lord, there are so many people right now in the world that are afflicted by religion, by people that have done them wrong, and they're pointing their finger. But I love how even my pastor at the church said a couple weeks ago, God, It is our responsibility and our ability to take responsibility. It doesn't matter what people did to us. What are we going to do in a response? God, I pray that you would open his eyes to see that he needs to be responsible. And I pray that you would bring healing to the people in need of that in Jesus name. Thank you so much. And Larry, I really, really feel bad for you today because that shows me that it shows all of us what your heart really looks like, which is unfortunate. And I feel sorry. I pity you. I really do. So with that said, I think that we all should be praying for the nation, for everyone out there, because there's so much craziness out there. And some of it's part of the psyop that's going on. I mean, Satan is working through these things to make people crazy. That's not how God works. He's not chaotic. He's orderly. There's a peace there. There's a peace there. There's there's none of this that we've seen. So when somebody hurts you, I've I've always believed that that, you know, it's better to be somebody who has been abused than somebody who is an abuser. And so, you know, if you've taken some some abuse in your life. And or bad treatment. We all have some of us more than others. You can sit there and feel sorry for yourself and wallow in self-pity. Or you can look at it and say, what do you want me to do with this, God? Because I'm going to use this for good for other people. I'm not going to repeat what has happened to me. I'm going to break that mold. And or I want to. And even if you don't have the ability to do that, God can. All you got to do is ask him. to change that, to change your heart, to change the way you look at things, to see the world through his eyes, through his lens. And instead of being offended, I mean, I mean, love is not offended. Love, love can look at things like that and, and go, okay, this is what it is. I'm not going to, you know, I'm not going to say that this isn't what it is. We're going to look at things for what they are, but I'm not going to feel totally offended at it. Might have a plan for, for ultimate destruction of, of what I'm seeing out there, you know, and what it would, what it would take to actually, oh, I don't know, let's say replace everybody in the, in this nation because we need to have a house cleaning there. You don't just give them a pass and say, Oh, this is this is that this is a modern day Christianity, Gentile Jesus with a lamb sitting on their foot, not saying anything. And refusing to do anything or say anything. And well, you know, well, you know, and excuses, excuses, excuses. And to let things be completely destroyed around us. No, that's not what we're called to do. We're called to be strong. And sometimes that iron fist needs to be brought down on a system. It's amazing to me, but governors can declare war. Is that the emergency act that they put in? Well, like Greg Abbott did down, they're being invaded by the federal government. And a governor can, and I've said this for a long time, a governor can declare war. And we say, no, a governor can't declare war. Only Congress can declare war, the legislature. Well, you might want to look into that a little bit further. Yeah. And because there are then there are many types of wars that can be won. But there's and all of us can honestly, all of us can declare war. You know, in the name, you know, we can declare war on the things that that we stand. That doesn't mean you're going to grab your torches and pitchforks and go out there like an idiot. You know, there's a lawful process to follow in all things. You just take your time. You know, don't you don't have an emotional reaction to things. You can have those emotions, it's human to have emotions, but take the time to make your actions be lawful and moderate in your reaction, because truly it's like, we don't have to be idiots like the other side is, you know, there really is no other side. There are brothers. And so brothers and sisters, we are brothers keeper. And so, but I mean, it's powerful. The word says to be slow to speak and quick to listen because the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. A while ago, I was studying on that. The wrath of man, that word wrath actually means in the Greek strong passion. The strong passion of man. Passion is a good thing. No, the Bible actually says to put away from yourself passion. It says to put away passion. It's a fruit of the world. And so the strong passion of man does not produce the righteousness of God. And so we can be like hungry for the things of God, but we have to do it with his spirit. We need to be led by the Holy Spirit. So, yeah. Well, that's great. Well, why don't, why don't we say a prayer? I usually say a prayer at the end, but do you, would you like to say a prayer for everybody right now or tag team or something like that? And then I'd love to have you come back on again. I really do. I think if, if we turn this nation around, it's only, well, we're not going to turn it around. It's going to be God himself. That's going to turn this nation around and it's going to be turned around by, by people turning their hearts to God and doing the right thing. Not, Oh, I can do this because somebody else is doing it. No, no, that's not a plumb line. That is not that's not a way you measure things. You have to do it because it's the right thing. It's full of integrity, regardless what anybody else is doing out there. It has to be a personal choice. So I'll say this to finish off. Somebody who's widely known. He believes that the Lord is coming soon. He never shares about that, but he shared that recently. And so I'm like, that's interesting. But he said possibly within the next 10 years or so. But one of the interesting things is this, is that God spoke to me recently regarding all this fallen angel stuff. And he says, Daniel, when my Holy Spirit no longer restrains the work of iniquity. Satan will come forward with all of his angels deceiving, if possible, even the elect. There's going to be a big onslaught of demonic activity. I said, yes, Lord. He says, Daniel, don't think for a minute I'm going to allow darkness to come forward and not to release my angels to take care of my church. He said there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like never before. And he says, my angels are going to go to war for the church in the same time. And so no matter what happens, whether we reset America and America is a saving grace land during the time for the Lord or America falls to the ruins, it doesn't matter what happens in the wilderness. Before we were covenant children, he fed us in the wilderness. And no matter what happens in the days ahead, we must not fear. God will take care of us. He always has. He always will. So yeah, let's pray for sure. Father, we just thank you for this time. God, I thank you for Donna, for her heart, Lord, for you, her heart for political justice. God, we know, God, that you are bringing your kingdom and we are called to stand in the gap so you won't destroy the land so we can remove unjust leaders so we can see righteousness because it exalts a nation, God. Lord, we want to see this nation exalt you. We want you to be the king. So we pray for the people of this earth. We pray for the churches of America. We pray for the people involved in the political realms right now. God, we pray for America that it would be saved, not as a corporation, but as a body of people. God, that you would teach us to daily go out in the streets and share the gospel. God, that we wouldn't be afraid. We wouldn't be introverts anymore. We would get out of our introvert mentality, God, and we would go out daily and we would look for ways, Holy Spirit, that you would give us ways to make a conversation about Jesus, whether we're in a checkout lane or whether we're at a coffee shop, wherever we are, God, that we would make your name famous in the earth. God, I just pray for Michigan because I'm from there. I think of the West Michigan Prayer Center that years ago, that conversation we had when I saw that map on the wall of Michigan. God, I pray, Lord, that the blood of Jesus would just cover Michigan in this season now or like a glove. God, I pray that your mercy, your revival fire, and your heart would just convict people. I pray even like for our governor now, even in the wickedness she is doing, God, that you would give her dreams and visions like you did for Nebuchadnezzar, that she'd be so troubled by these visions. She would go seek out a true man or woman of God to get the answer, and she would be led to you, Jesus. I pray for salvation. I know the darkness has overtaken the political realm, but I know your will is for them to be saved. And I know if we seek you, we will see many come to Christ. So we ask for this, and we believe for this in Jesus' name. In Jesus' name we pray. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Thank you for Daniel and the wisdom that you've given him, the ability to speak that you've given him. the courage, his faith in you that the world can see his testimony. And I'm very thankful for him. I ask that you would bless him today in a very special way and that your favor would rest upon him. Thank you for General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, and for this nation that you've given us. It needs a little bit of maintenance. And I ask that you would call many, many, many to step forward and to help in this process. We ask that you would be glorified in all of this, that people would see your glory and they wouldn't remember us at all, but that they would see you and remember you through all of this, that you love them, that you care for everyone, that there's hope in you, that they could turn to you for all the problems in their life, for the things that are bothering them, and you'll show them exactly what they need to know and also how to have peace that passes understanding in and out of any season In any situation, we can run to you and have that peace, knowing that you are good all the time. You're always with us and that we just love you. You've been a great friend to us and we always want to be a good friend to you, a great friend to you. We love you. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen. There you go. Well, thank you for being on it. I'm running out of juice here on my... I've got four screens going on right now. Okay. I do have two phones, and then I've got two full screens, and then I've got my phones up too that are taking comments. Our technology, like I... we make because sundays we're finally starting to gather we did it last week and this week we're going to be gathering and hopefully it's going to grow in more families but I i told my wife and kids sunday's an unplugging technology day we wake up before we go to church and and even after we get back for a while there's no tablets no phones not even for us unless we need them we're just unplugging we're taking a day just to unplug and of course we take I take two days a week to lead my girls in bible study you know and we do communion stuff but like we're taking sunday and Unplugging. Well, when COVID started, what I did is one of my best friend's son was killed by fentanyl. And it was right at the beginning of COVID. And I wasn't going to shut down anything regardless. I was done with it. But we started opening. We opened our barn up at that moment in time and said anybody that wants to come is welcome. And we fed anybody that showed up. And so, yeah, it was kind of cool. So this day we've got a couple of pastors that show up that one of them is unchurched. One of them got kicked out of a church. I mean, it's people that actually, in my opinion, are some of the – some of the true believers that are not welcome in the apostate church that is existent overall across America. And I love these people. They have a love for people. They really are amazing. You know, you can see God's heart in them and it's just amazing. So anyhow, in the summers, that's what we do. Yeah, I meant to say that earlier, there's a pastor currently in Ohio that's this is the true church of jesus christ I'm not saying all the ones are false because I love a lot of them but pastor in ohio you can look him up facing 17 I believe felony charges because he opened up his church he wouldn't close it and during the night and whenever the um homeless could come in and sleep in the church They find him for felonies of not having proper housing space for bedrooms, not having proper space for restrooms. And he's just in tears. He's like, I just want to obey God and take care of the people. And I'm like, oh my gosh, man, that right there is my brother. That's what Jesus would say. Who's my brother? Whoever does the will of my father, that's a man right there. I love this. You, you're, you've been safe for 17 years and he's got 17 felonies and it's like 17 is my favorite number. So there you go. Yeah. And I know we got to go. Um, I, right before COVID hit, I lost one of my best friends. Um, I feel like I can share about him. Uh, He was killed by another friend of ours. It was on Thanksgiving morning. He was stabbed 77 times by our friend. And yeah, and so the other guy didn't know the Lord. And the first thing I thought of when I was praying for them was all of a sudden when the news report came along that it was 77 times, my heart just broke. And I said, God, please forgive this man. Please let there be mercy. No mercy for him. I said, God, let there be mercy for this man. And the Lord spoke to me and says, Daniel, how many times must you forgive your brother? seven eight times seven I just broke I just cried and that man ended up taking his life six months later in jail he hung himself and um my heart broke because I thought of this and in all my evangelism and all that I do to reach the one every day the best I can I try to talk to everybody I'm gonna go out in a little while I gotta go to Costco and Sam's called people I'm gonna talk about Jesus and And I thought about it. I said, Lord, I never once went to this guy and said, hey, man, I got saved. Can I talk to you about Jesus? And it was convicting to me. And that's the conviction we got to carry daily. What do you say to people when you're evangelizing to them? We're talking about Jesus. If you walked up to me and I was a stranger, what would you say? Hey, how you doing today? I like that sweater. You know, that's really cool. My wife has a sweater that looks almost like that. I mean, I'm not even playing around. It's really cool. What's your name? Donna. Awesome. Donna, what do you do? Hey, I, I just, I work for security right now. I love Jesus. Are you a Christian? Oh, no. Can I tell you about Jesus? No, I know you might not want to hear that. Can I share my testimony? I just want to show you what God did in my life. I know you don't like religion. Neither do I. I just want to share what God did in my life. Can I take a minute and do that? And that's how I share Jesus with people. And I start to talk to people about Jesus. I look for something on them, in them. I take advantage of what they're wearing. Jude says that to hate their garments defiled by flesh. Okay, if their garments aren't filed and most of them aren't, I'm going to look for something they're wearing or something that stands out. And I'm going to not flatter them, but I'm going to say something about them or I'm going to encourage them in some way. You know, and sometimes I have words from the Lord for people, but quite often I don't. And I'm not waiting on a word from the Lord when I have the word of the Lord. Go into all the nations, preach the gospel, make disciples. All right, Lord, give me a word. Go, give me a word. Go, give me a word. Go. Like go talk. Well, Lord, they might not want to hear that. I'm unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If I'm unashamed, then I'll speak up. Well, people might reject you. They rejected Jesus. I get that. But you don't know that and you don't get to be judged and say they're going to reject it because it's the one person you think that might reject it that you wish you would have spoke to that you find out a week later in the news ended up shooting themselves. And you go, man, I wish I would have done something. You could have. And so like, and I don't talk to everybody. Because I really believe that some, so some water, but God brings increase. So like, I literally, I pray with my, my girls and I pray this way, wherever I go, God, I just, it's a mental ascent. God, I'm going into Sam's club. Whatever you have, my heart is open. whoever you have for me here. However, I've gone into Sam's cult before. And so he's been like, Hey man, have you heard about what we're advertising here? No, that's okay. But can I advertise Jesus to you? Cause he's really awesome. I'm a believer. I just don't go to church. Really? You don't go to church. Why don't you do that? You know, Ephesians, you believe the Bible, right? Ephesians says that we're supposed to be knit together and that Christ is the head and he knits the body together. So I'm not saying you have to go specifically to a church, but you're supposed to be knit together with other believers. You know, if I hang out with cocaine users enough, I might start doing drugs. So if I hang out with believers enough, I might start believing more. And so I find ways, I mean, and it's, it's what people say, the guy who did security yesterday with me, he goes, you know, he goes, man, most Christians, I just, they just, it's so like, just they're in your face. He's like, but you represent it in a different way. And I said, I give God the glory. I asked him for wisdom because I lack it. I know I lack it. But if, if we seek wisdom, This word, and if we seek the Lord and we ask him for wisdom, we're going to walk like he walks. And everybody was going after him, even if they didn't agree, even eventually if they walked away because he said, look, you got to drink my blood and eat my flesh. No matter what, they wanted him because there was something different. He was embracing. He didn't have three security guards. He wasn't like, hold on, hold on. Who's this? Who's approaching me? Wait a minute. I don't know if I want to talk to them. Like he didn't have that. Like he wasn't afraid to die. Like he was laid down. He lived that way. And that's how we're supposed to live. So yeah, I just look for ways. I look for people. My eyes are open constantly. I'm looking around when I go in places. I am definitely looking. People are like, man, are you targeting people? I'm targeting people. I'm definitely targeting people. Man, it seems like you're stalking them. I am. I'm soul stalking them. Okay. Jesus paid a price for them and he's worthy of the redemption. They are deserving of my life laid down. Jesus said to consider others higher than yourself. And Jesus said, no greater love has a man than he will lay down his life for his friends. I know that is regarding troops and soldiers absolutely. Absolutely. I was out in Israel. IDF soldier out there. It was just amazing how much they cared for us. My translator was a soldier named Daniel. It was so cool. But greater love have no man than he laid down his life for his friends. That means I put aside my wanting to be protected. I walk in humility. And today when I go to the gas station, I'm not just getting gas. I'm going there to be a servant, whether it's the gas station worker or someone pumping gas. And that's what happened with that guy that I met. It was literally pumping gas. And he goes, dude, I like your license plate. I was like, cool. Thanks, man. I was like, can I tell you how I got this vehicle? And we started talking. And we spent 20 minutes there at the pump. Thankfully, we were parked far enough apart at Sam's Club so people could drive between our cars. But we spent 20 minutes there sitting, talking. And he goes, man, I wish I could talk to you more. I said, write down my number, dude. You can call me anytime you want. I always tell people, like, I mean, my stuff is simple. Facebook and Instagram and all that. It's just Daniel Todd Dyer. It's my name. And I always tell people in the comments, like, man, I need help. And I wish I had someone to talk to. I said, I'm here. I said, message me. And they messaged me. And you know, half the time, the people that message me on Instagram, dude, this is crazy. Cause like you have somewhat of a following and I can't believe that man. Cause most people I messaged, they just don't have the time for me to say, Hey man, I don't, I don't talk to people privately. I'm like, dude, what gives with that? Like, I'll never do that. I made that commitment to the Lord years ago. I don't care how big, if I ever get big, where I go, where I travel, where I preach, I will make sure that I don't leave that area on Sunday, but I'll stay there till Monday. Cause I will sit outside the church and sit for three hours. If I have to with everybody that needs prayer, everyone that needs to talk to, because I'm pointing them to Jesus and we need to be there for people. So that's awesome. That's awesome. Well, thank you. Well, I'm going to end it here with I always go to Brandenburg for governor dot com because I am the best non conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the world. And I want to have a discussion with President Trump over that someday. But at any rate, just remember that you're important, that God created you the way that you are. And, you know, in all things, just turn to God and he will give you any answers that you have and the help that you need in all situations. So with that said, hard hands. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Have a great day. Make it so it starts here, here, here. You know, it really does. You can make a choice. You make choices and all of your choices every day matter. They matter. Think about what you're doing. And if you think you're doing something in the dark and you're getting away with it, you're kind of like epically wrong on that because God sees everything. He knows what you think. He already knows what you're going to do. He truly knows you. So if you want to make a fundamental change, ask him to help you. And he will. He'll help you. He'll help you every step of the way. But you've got to be willing to follow him. And that's an important part of this. So get in your Bible. Read your Bible today. Sometimes I put a video up with scripture. And you can always go to the SoakStream videos because I really like listening to those. Let's see if I can bring it up in a minute. and just listen to, listen to, uh, a little bit of scripture and you're going to find out that God is, is so good. And all of a sudden, uh, something's going to jump out at you and you're going to go, wow, this is so amazing. How did, how did he know? And, uh, because he just does, and he puts things in your path that you will, you won't expect and, and things that, um, that you'll be really surprised at, you know, that, that God is, God is an amazing, an amazing friend who loves to leave you surprises because he knows you. Hang on a minute. I'm just going to bring up something so extreme that I'm trying to find it here. Of course I can't when I'm looking for something, but we'll endeavor to persevere. Let's see. See if I get the right one out there here. There's several of them, but some of them I like better than others. I don't know if you've ever been familiar with this, but, uh, this is the, this is what I, I like to listen to. And, uh, they usually, yeah, they always come in with a prostate commercials on Google. It's a Google, the Google brands. Yeah. Yeah. It's the Googles folks stream on YouTube. Okay. I love their videos. There's a guy's voice one and then there's a girl's voice one. I usually play the guy's voice one, but there is both. See that healing scripture? That's awesome. Yeah, I like the Bible Project. I've been getting my girls into that because that's really good too. I like to listen to this when I go to sleep at night and I just listen to it. It's just scripture. You can listen to it all night long. I love that. I am living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh. Matthew 6, 14-15 For if you forgive others, forgive you. But if you do not forgive others trespasses, neither will your father forgive your trespasses. There we go. There's always peace. Wherever God is, there's peace. There you go. Have a great day today, guys. We'll see you tomorrow. I've got Jim Rieger on tomorrow. He's talking about the removal because they didn't like how he was conducting business on a school board. I think this is really kind of sad. His story is sad, but it's really telling on how people are politically targeted and such. Then Also, Jim DeSanta, who is a state rep tomorrow. And both men have a very good grasp on what's really going on in the state of Michigan to subvert the will of the people and what's really going on here. So we're going to continue to fight. Stay on. I'm going to end the stream here. And so have a great day, guys. Remember, you're loved.