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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/22/2022 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Nov. 22, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is o my gosh widest today i i've lost it it's november twenty two twenty twenty two nine o'clock in the morning and it is in fact tattsey so this awful in constitution and procedure in such in a lawful manner and some abigail gas who is you guys all love the sky a tater and just i have a prop for you this morning oh my goodness i asiento tattoo the original mister poteet's great so actually bought that just potatoes and it actually is in the original will i feel teresiani there for tacitus is lisle an old school one and it is great my one of my sons picked this up because he knew that i said all men get a fine mist potanou it's even got the old has booboorowie out weenings created his very reproacheth they could probably goes back to say like and guess the as a cause that bottle probably before that too as this is a ascoltate grumble parts on it as you have one of these our cat similar although we did it actually put it on potatoes a real to paramatta there papa approves so good morning every one hoped that every time a great day out there and i had a couple of things that happened last night in the morning so my morning research tinkin kind of got derailed on me a little bit you know when you do a lot of management there is the communication when you manage when you manage people it's goin out its pinafore one has their own their own will is come corks as they are on and that the courts that people have necessarily that people are right or wrong just that they have an opinion and how things are supposed to be done or what their ideas of how things go even you can see it you can see it in politics how people are just riding to fight over you know over nothing usually it's just because something changed it's not the familiar and their trying to gain control of the situation that they they feel at of control over so and some people are more flexible than others to change so this morning i had this morning and yesterday yesterday was really a long day for me i got to the end of the day yesterday and i was like kainder what people become hermits i get sick of of the people fighting about things over the dormant anything but that way i got now i think i think that's a good good thing for all of us to remember is conflict mitigation starts with with listening and understanding other people's perspective but that was my last my last couple of days it was kind of interesting i had somebody asked me the other day they said he is what the majority of your job that you do and i like as they were they were listening to this conflict that was going on and the like exist what you do most a time and i'm like i'd say that that's a majority of the time it is bringing people together getting him to talk about things that they disagree on and and try to find out that there is a commonality there that may be we don't we don't really realize because we use different words which brings us back to what you always say as that words matter if we can we can get a common language and a common definition for terms we get rid of an awful lot of an awful lot of his communication and we could mean the same thing but people don't even realize you're saying the same thing you know so what you see in the news and anything anything election oriented that you want to talk about this morning well my biggest i don't not really complain but concern is that everybody waits until the last minute yet to they don't plan ahead of and you know the old story goes that don't plan you plan to fail that kind of thing well worthing about the election fraud that people went the monitor the election and i didn't realize that they were that the public functionaries that were running the show over there were wearing masks i couldn't see who they were and their name tags according to a gentleman i spoke with yesterday the name tag was flipped backward couldn't see the man on the name tax on the sky is who is ridiculous and they want to to either if you ask them they find some excuse not to be identified that tribe that i have i don't vegetate oh i have the good work in a plan for that and should have had some idea that this was going to be one of the what happens if they come over and their wearing a mask then what because we know that this nonsense come that's been perpetrated upon the public all these for the last couple of years has been for the purpose of that to hide the identity to hide identity of the general public but the high the identity of the empty black lives of matter all these other seemingly now that all these people that were working the elections were actually castmembers that walked in there because when you see when you jump into politics and see how many political operatives you know agent provocateur that there are out there you've got a really start asking and in whose people are and they should have to identify themselves to be working in the election i mean for gossips china's got all the information on the server's over there what a hare we hide it from the general public arnestly other higher us so that's the biggest issue that i have failed to plan this now there are going to go stand in front of the confiding whatever downtown betray and to try to get the people from certifying the election because benson wants to one the elections are certified destroy all the records all illegal behaviour on her part number one but to stand in front of the county building down town detroit under twenty people uttered thirty it's not really a significant press that's going to do any good and what they attention only as a nonsensical process it is something that puts a small number of people in the way of danger and i would assess it is from an agent provocateur that starting this because this is so similar to a sex it's not even funny so easy to infiltrate these things while they're laughing out the windows as this isn't like a protest that's going on in brazil this is almost something where they can pick off a hundred and twenty five people to make an example out of them the robe now there will be no effect made out of this at all and i would allow that it was planned to fail they were a reproach agree with one other person and even if in even if they had the strength and the power and five thousand people over there still not going to move the ball in the direction on calls this cause i can fly remain out who they are and then you know who the bad guys are according to the second and the deep state people and then you can do different things to em you know cheater o follow on destroy their speaking of destroying last week i got to tell you a little story about that botanist anyway so this guy calls me a he yesterday and and i like one people when people call and wanted formation and an learn some but he wanted to do an aide and i said what do you swear he says while i was there i saw an isis who what are you swearing what can you use in that court of law to go after a particular person you know we was but i knew that time and place will ye abbatical be anybody and anybody could say well i wasn't there now you're goin to prove it otherwise swearing on an affidavit that something is happening in that witness but what did you witness while i witness fraud while what does that mean he is committing it one in it looked like give me some and he couldn't do that and i says well you can't can't do an affidavit in in a blanket sat because that doesn't mean a the affidavit is your sworn statement that you saw something that had some benefit that was a violation of the law but this is the law that the the gentleman that did it this is the time and obviating something you can swear to just the general to make a general statement like that doesn't mean anything and then at once you do that once you get that after david and you swore on an affidavit and they take that affidavit and they do what circuit put it in the closet now what you gonna do about it yet i agree with it the whole thing seemed so half cocked to me it wasn't even funny and i really think that there's another thing too as at the date that they were given for when this action had to be taken were wrong they gave a wrong and i and i heard that from an eternity that the date that they were putting out there to get people to run around in the circle and make badiabad decisions were the wrong date this is typical of our deep state an agent provocateur is engaging every one's emotion and in sending him down a path where there going to be either put in in danger where the provocateur will have nothing to do with that or they will see on a path which will actually be a trap to subvert the actual process on hearsay and an indian now we don't have most people don't have enough of a grasp on either the procedure or the law or to check it out there just to tell get the emotions all hot and an upset in the run right down into the direction that the provocateur wants them to go in and i keep telling people this that in and you know this is this is like one of those times were you know that you're going to be able to come back and say to some day but i'm going monsignor what percentage of our government and our grass roots activists or actually agent provocateur or political operative do you that must indeed know who these people are that are in grass roots as i only deal with grass roots i only want rest ruth will to me that says i'm an agent and i am trying to program everyone into being stupid so that i can manipulate that person to be part of the problem this whole grass roots not just like the nonsense of being democrats are republicans it is a term and we have put our fate and that's exactly what they're using against us because we think we're in a nice safe place and until you what these political parties function as a coal so do the so to the grass roots groups when you see the way that the mind and everything in it go donatelli think about this listen to how they manipulate people and the elements that go into a coal a call you get in with like minded people for a mutual benefit or perceived that a fit or an ideology there's always a promise of being promoted or having more more notoriety or some table that they throw your way in order to manipulate you to continue to go that pat and the more complete get you the more dependent you are on their attention and there their approval exeter so by the time most you will finally get down that path to questioning is this in fact a good effort in their there already so there that ship is going in that direction so hard that that if an iceberg was in front of it is likely they won't turn round they clash right on that iceberg because they won't change your mind and if you see what happened with this last election with stalactite other thing they they absolutely were programmed into repeating that and then even after the election happened they're going steel the vote and i'm like okay clearly all our product of the public education system because you can't even add the numbers up to make sense of what actually happened and instead of having the critical thinking skill of saint wait a minute there's a way more involved in this than taking it at face value and this is what i saw with that walnutting it's like i'm seeing agent promoters and when you see the net work established behind it oh yeah the connections in the net work and what people have done and said i'd start asking a lot of questions and hard one because most of our society is based on these people well i agree with that i still think that before they can go to step number one stop the fraud of the election that really understand that blaze they have to really understand what the cost and that the making get run off a cliff because they don't know that they believe these people that say that their grass roots i'm grassroots i've got this figure this is the only way we can do this when they say that there ordering a set up through little kingdoms as the only contact and faintest so any so anyway i think i dispelled his thought process of doing an affidavit but so to us to do that and go down that road he's going to find out that benson to be the same thing that happened when they gave a box of after david to shirk now laomedon that christine carrambo gave to pot gave that box to i just found out about that a couple days ago i was talking to some she came out at somebody that was going to change secretary of state's office she did something as dumas that giving a box of after david's hundreds of academies and whether they were good after the events or not i don't know because i haven't seen one i said please send me one so i could see what you sent in nobody seems to have a copy of how can you not have a copy of the document it doesn't make any sense to you have to keep a copy of the affidavit because go south then you need that after david to go into court with but you gave it to her and so is not going to give it back to you obviously he didn't give any of the affidavits back they disappeared her he doesn't know where they are he is as corrupt as they can be but now i am questioning christine caraman why she did that that makes no sense because she should have known better and if she did know better what she part of the system she trying to square the twenty twenty election i don't know i can't i don't know enough about her now we've invited her several times to our group meetings to talk with us she's never shown up so i don't what her what her game plan is but the point of the matter is that those of affidavits that failed in twenty twenty were going to do the same thing in twenty twenty two because people had no idea what the what that affidavit was they thought it was wrong it might have been done right but it might not unreadiness for the affidavit to be submitted swart states saw a election to that doesn't mean any very use so my point here is that people need to start paying attention and start learning in any way they can i have on wednesday night meeting where are the patriots why aren't they son up at the wednesday night meeting possible that some of them don't know about it but we're going to put our mail so they can contact me and become part of the group and listened to what we're talking and bring out the law but you know what it's exert is for the brain just like lifting weights is exercising for the most and if alexander brain muscle in your head then it becomes flat just like the rest of your so it is something that you need to be doing on a constant level an hundred constantly reading or working with somebody or dig enough some law taking this indigenous because i need to know how to put things together out to put batiments together i understand when that time comes and i have to go fight that i know what i'm talking many people they wait until they are being pinched by the local change and then they say all now o god i got at his ticket and i do about it these timid thing is a big deal with everybody when you see a poor planning or time or date move like one i just saw yesterday you you've got to ask a lot of questions i goniatites on there i like her son a lot and you know i'd like to know you know i'd like to know if there was more behind the scenes on that on that would be affidavits but when you look at it to go in that direction it just seems like all the protests that we saw at the capital i keep telling everybody in like going why would anybody why would they be go do this or not enough people i wouldn't do i actually went to one that when two of them and it's like there's so few people that were involved at their just laughing out the window were proving that we have no power if we don't show up before and it's it almost it almost reinforces the ability so we had one that was there that i that i went to which as i kind of like really pathetic and they were going to storm the camp and all bateiseki the asteroid to go in the capital and i'm like i adhere you cannie this looks like casinoes here for the state of michigan and i told the candidates are the people that were there that were my friends i'm like i'm like i am leaving at this point you know i came here to speak but then some decided we're going to go into that camp on take a back on liking are you teddy me and it was the same first that was involved in the same one and jase i am the face of january and they got the great idea were in a word to go in on legendary not are you absolutely freaking out of your mind a wild boy this would be a great way to wipe out every single candidate that's either a not establish a candidate or leave them with her own little agent for motors to install which as i'm pretty sure what they wanted so we went to arrest her and spoke i just you know i spoke for a few minutes and then we went to a restaurant and anne had had lunch with umbrians now and but it was like a like you know think think these things through guy because a lot of them are absolute sat up and their either set up a two to work against the effort because they don't know the law and their only running on emotion and everybody is like i want to do something so ready runs in the same direction is like watching little kids play soccer honestly this what it feels like yet you bewitch kids play soccer there about seven years old we used to call a bunch all a bunch of kids go here a bunch of kids go there and there's no real plan they think the balls over in that direction but there's no strategy does no plan it's like it's bunch well that's the problem that we are having patriots plus the fact that patriots going down the wrong road there listening to other people on the internet and they get back to the pert certificate and and and the cesarean the no constitution that was replaced by the old constitution and all another nonsense that's goin on who was putting that information is it somebody that's done a deep dive and learn what i wrote is really going on or is it somebody that heard a nice narrative from somebody else or is making that nice narrative of themselves or is it to see a ortigosa putting that information out on the internet as i said before the internet is a bathroom you can't discern one issue from another issue then probably shouldn't be looking at the bathroom all the reading it required the material thinking he there is there is a compote that all up put the video out i think there's i think there is a couple of people that that should be understood for what happened to them through our ci basically just go screw itself because the a and the b become such an evil evil entities it's not even funny dunderberg mural of insurrections or tentamen in that vessel in insurrection or in rain treatment age semicolon both that socket now first merit to become and they literally on guy they they were experimenting on the sky who whoas aureole and they literally to him information in order to absolutely hide this guy craving and ended up on and his life a i agree somebody says there's a problem and i got a text from somebody there's a problem with the text stream you can't add anyone without starting a new group what can why can't we i don't have an answer for that but somebody's listening to you and textile as so i don't have a clue what's going on there i entered into a maisonette feedback sausage and a forester computers now dingus anyhow a year the the text of the chance that i can see is one as i've got one on rumble and then i've got the other one on a face book you twitter those come back in that the comments come back in from drumacoo and out at mottoes that i can see so i do know anything else they if they tested antonio listening knows how they can tax them if they need i'll tell you a little story that happened last week estimating that it to come under doleful said the baby for i was doing a norton versus shall be county document and i was looking for the phrase an unconstitutional act is not law and i have a norton rehabilitate all yellow out so i lived at nicolini pretty quickly but i read through it and i i can't find so i went back through it again and looked very closely at it again and didn't find it again i'm saying what the hack is go on at her somewhere so i finally pulled up on another copy because i had a second copy and it was a race i got ye was not there it was gone paragraph ended this or the sentence ended appropriately and the next sentence should have said an unconstitutional act was not alone raised to a so that was friday night i think or whatever i said okay to bid i found it i fixed move on could have been made a racing over whatever so monday when i come on the computer my mouse and i tried every which way eventually we went on telephone and then i went on to my late camera wouldn't work on my lap to which the it normally on and i use it in the past so that didn't make any sense but i said okay they played around with thomas one i went down and got a second mouse that i and plugged it in it didn't work i call the computer go and i say hey what's going on and he says well let's remote program the computer so it was on my computer and england here and he went there and i don't know all of the different places he went and he so for some reason your mouse drivers are not on your come that is make a while you have electrical charge and i said my dear but my computer was off it should not effected it besides it through those bars which should prevent any search so he played around play run and he said all titanium going to do him great load your entire program from beginning to end he and the mouse work the old the new house work that i just put in the old miles was fra don't have any reason how that happened or why that so i went and bought a new house and now i'm back in operation but that was just all coincidence to things like that happen and they know that we talk on tuesdays well yeah and i mean if you look at yesterday i tried to get recuperate and chucklin at all and i had to rerobe kicks a so and so yesterday i had a terrible prominent i literally had to read re up my protective program not just read budut i had to re set up the entire broadcast yesterday because i'm sure nobody wanted to hear chocolat michigan politics and how corrupted it it is so corrupt that often interests no diotima its top to bottom too when when you look at when when you look at you know there's some good people that are in place that that are trying to really help like it the clerk level and that sort of thing or in the precincts there's some real honest people but there in a very very dishonest and and unfortunately you can i i don't believe that you can fix the swamp by jumping in the savour just goin to get dirty the swamps got to get drained and you can't too big and it's too vast and they've got the they've got a spy then by the short hairs here with thee with thee i that's going on and all the facial recognition if if anybody thinks that they are getting away from surveillance the entire system is based on surveillance the entire thing there with a facial recognition that's going on with all that and they can they can i can tell you right now it's like if i want if i want my one my tegetmeier it and the jupiter they can jump out and they can take him controlment computer and if if i escott's not the same soft word as say the cia or they as you think that they can't come in here and take intercepter they can they can literally spoof you and and but you know to do something else i can they can close your voice and your your face they can put that face on an actors you know they can take that pantoufle and put it out an actor or an actress and have that completely mere what you're doing they can plant stuff on your computer they can they can you know if you look at this realistically any one that an office we were talking about the black male portion of what's happening in our government every single person that's in place in my opinion is probably blackmail her they have something on them so they could control them they there is no one that makes it through that that game hwitcho having having something going on i don't believe it's possible any more so we got to get rid of the whole system start over i agree there but in order to do that the general public and i'm not speaking of the handful of patriots that are out there but i'm talking about the general to be informed and needs to understand it is all about when you one look at something on the religious side or on the spiritual side to go to the big when you want to deal with the loud go to the count like most people have no clue at the cost says nor what it means and they allowed the government and the government been lying in cheating all these years to the public and making the public believe that they can do certain things of for example he for example stopping you from owning a machine gun automatic rifle or stopping you from having more than five rounds bullets in your magazine they believe that they can do that and most of the people will not do anything about it or say no we're not not going to go down that road were not formally our guns we have people out there that think it's okay but they gets okay to to re their open carry or over a concealed carry and or the kind of weapons that were well you know an anybody to happen in that is typical behavior of a deep state or that one to make you feel that you ye want to make you feel that you are not intelligent that you don't know any better and in this in the damnthing about all that is is that they're going on you know who's got the button the senote thing well who's got the funeral we could we can have now at like a like or are you kidding me were not arresting these people that he have a weapon of mass destruction which is a large shipment of senor you kidding me well they could kill so many people so fast it's not even funny these people need to be arrested and i'm i'm with im with donald trump on this when we and it tithe drug dealers not need to be executed because right i believe in capital punishment for that because an average drug dealer kills five hundred people in the know what they're doing don't even tell me all they didn't know what the hated they knew exactly what they were doing somebody who brings catalines country that is as an act of war it should be coesper than then you know that this country is stupider than than you know and to an unbelievable great i agree with you why under per cent so i guess i got to get back to we got to do some constitutional workers people probably too in because so they want one how do we change the one i can reach change the meaning or the focus of the one only one way we can do i boast oh well habit people out here have an answer now the sound drivellers right now right then i'll then i'll push forward the only way you can change or adjust the constitution is thrown me you can't write a low you can't write an act candescent together and put together an act even if it's both houses and the president putting an act together to change the case can't be done not be by the vote of the people while it becomes a constitutional amendment that they have to bring with practice poetaster the people but the point is that i'm trying to make her it's got to be an amendment can't be a can't be a long i can't be anything that congress can conjure it has to be an amendment in order to change saw it that being the case then all of the laws that are on the books to day regarding second amendment regarding first amendment regarding for a visit all the other the laws that were created by congress for one reason or another to rest or to a just and are to the race or darwin can't be done by the unless they go through an amendment process so those of the people out there that say back in during the organic act or may be even before that they changed the constitution from a constitution to the constitution of america whatever the wording is done don't even so they changed the constitution and they brought in a new caste under the corporation can't be done can't be done you can have a police department decide one year one at police department is driving down the road and you are speaking your going forty five miles an hour in a forty mile an hour on and the police officer pulls you over now i unchangeable the forty five so you're okay i'm not going to nail you for it or on the other hand i'm going to change it to thirty five to nine or ten can't do that can do that by a law the police officer that's put in charge to follow the law follow that particular well these people that were electing into or however they get there pirates however they get there they can't change the constitute by a law they have to change it by an amendment that silurian bed so there the constitution was never changed as some of the patriots say it and adjusted and two to support the corporate us if there is such a thing and in i don't buy that either you can't have you can't change the constitution by a simple act you have to go through the constitutional amendment now the eighteen seventy one organic act people need to read that people are using it people here and on the internet and it sounds like a great that in eighteen seventy one they made the ten square miles a corporation and based on a dancing miles anybody that's connected with the united states of america is part of that ten square miles and can be tax income by their income tax that's all that's all flat and the problem when we listened to these people we remove ourselves from the true nature of what america is that we the people are in charge that we have a republic we forget to look into that the republics or salvation if we understand the republican we understand why country was set up originally and by men for what purpose it was set up for the people it was instrument never was set up for was set up for the people and the government only function was to protect our life liberty and property and that and they were given eighteen duties that they could perform congress could perform in a esther duties but the problem it is over time they lied to us and we bought into their lives for one reason or another it goes back to nineteen thirty three one day supposedly took the gold out of the the people shot an up at im again do that article one section class three says no state can make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment a death and then the article and then article one of the legislative branch says congress has the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof so it's in violation of two parts of the constitution bringing in the federal reserve system wasn't allowed either because it didn't say congress can turn this over to private individual banking concern that will print money for the united states now not one can be done and it but we are brought into the line and not and at this point now we have all this gatehouse got to be ourselves out of the garbage and then make the corrections but without knowing the constitution and knowing what our power is in knowing what their power we're never going to get there we're goin out we're going to be protesting in detroit on the vote but were never going to get there he never american anything that way and i looked into into both ways and even the corporation of you know the corporation that was formed in eighteen seventy one and i think that there's a lot of documents that we need to go over because i kind of like the differing opinion on this and i do i am sally put a little bit of credibility to the corporation in the seventies it was steadfastness because we abstractions the other thing is with all these rules around or outside of the constitution or genteeler invitation with yeah sethos guys occasion met yoritomo will get around this so it i think that all of these these clarification laws that they've made around the constitution first stop and cleaning house is ammon one because because anything that that a man's hat or changes that without amendment process they should be struck off the record immediately i agree with that legree with that one hundred per cent however have you read the organic i have not well call it up on internet and read it are no no i don't think i think is bad idealist he outalisso want to do have enough for you have i tell you if you look at it i'm going to read the comments and the chairman i had and there we can just read it so charlotte what do we do to stop it while we have to have legal process in place and that's talking about the steel boat thing or the not the seal of both the anderoon when town actually there was something that came out on line this morning and i thought it was really really i was amused it was all about or jangling that came out this morning was an interview where a guy said that he hung at the arizona the arizona election on the fact that the machines were certified while that's exactly what we did in september as we filed a we filed a lawsuit to in fact desert if the machines and or not to desert but to show that they were never certified so they could not truly be used in an honest election and that that last is still going right now so i'm going to i'm going to hang it on that that last it that we have going that was filed september second a stolen play and it was really interesting for me to see that the morning coming out in arizona so i so good morning don john i bought though doctrine of the lesser man magistrates and plan to dive into it make god dies the flimsier interview was great fantastic information an interview every one should listen to this how can we find out if state and are federal moneys were accepted by our county that followed the money thing is pretty well a problem for every one of those so did says commissioners for election finding the state funeral moneys are buying a stealing our elections you but they are and so is the dark money i've been preaching this to all i post a too we need to expose this in more detail and how we can overcome this corruption agree jason has good morning down in mister patrice upon this first morning it reminded me what our founders wrote at the end of the declaration of independence provesteen two four of the result of of humility saracinesea vote ballots for twenty months and the main lab did last time as review removes a non here that there was some weird things going on erotically that's okay we always find a way around it tom always on a computer problems don't ask container help clearly of the problem he had hired line sounds like when these jerks as that word jason even though agree master with my computer and dely with my pages in contempt of the constitution this is all these criminals have a computer can not innate you're absolutely right and mereside had no interior horizon service for nearly twenty four hours in it still going up and down mourning amicable down the the the wisdom the incredible wisdom of michabou do i agree with the whole system has to go there is no fixing it and love as exactly michael charlotte global engagement center at park you you can you ask as to an taction otaheite oban and abiding for right demeanour hammer seriously right and arthur yilyena drug dealers drag dealers are an act of war they share our committee an act of war when they kill five hundred people on average and or the whole fanatic this needs to be treated as the weapon of mass destruction the way that is that the potential that there what the the why is this any less than going after necessarily they had a moment and unnecessarily but necessary bills did amendments pass a thirty thousand page bill with last mementos that nobody reads or understand absolutely bones mamma but the amendment may not supercriminal rights granted through the state or national constitution only improve it may not prohibit or distort any rights already in place while you know an that's a good that's a good point lonesome when it comes down to it that the entire entente constitution was too kind strain the powers of the government wasn't a give the more power it's to get johnson that were frozen i don't think we're frozen right now i think he has let me see if i can get him to read rejoined he not in the will not we all get john back on see if we can get john covenanter to reiterate army totally frozen her find out get everybody back in and see what we got going on here looks like we're still there we still there's somebody jump in there and say yes so let's see it so how did the supreme court of nicanor secretary of state is change regulated voting lost carcosa eighteen sixty one congress walked out and didn't adorabat seats and when a sanded that that's absolutely i i agree with that jason governments are the only place to ensure the constitutional rights of people that are protected in force not to control any person of any state no authority granted by the people is on constitution jason they didn't have a car to a journal how can the amount of be made when the republic was the cid horace yes to get to this is contrived the first three words in the constitution of the most powerful we the people they declared they had the constitution derives power not from a king or queen but from the people themselves and here comes johnny an hoo we then in like vein going your back in again that amazing yea and i get your background heard so but that's okay so let's see contrived michabou the first three words in the constitution or the most powerful redtape they declared that the constitution derives its power not from a king or congress but from the people themselves medesano authority without or acceptance but when no one stands for the ramifications the constitution in the pond charlotte can't park is disinfection i don't know what can park is quite honestly there website using it to control the internet i'll have to look into that christine we are right are given by god not the ballot charles and good here yet you good good so so we're we're a good here and we're all back sodawater and first thing out of aeolian maladministration boom and the alphabets are not good we have fifty one constitutions trustees he had parameters of granted authority and machination article one section one the people have all inherent political power all right i think we should we should do several things here i think that we should just like knowitall political parties make the illegal but all absolutely wilanow many peoples veins are popinot of their necks there to day should gotten rid of political parties here go then it would require people to look at the candidate and find out if that candidate is really somebody that they want in and not a political party not there should be no money involved in it we should have no political parties involved in it we should have no pack money or no dark money involved in it we should have no poles they should be illegal we should have no vote guides its all special interest the whole thing is buying our elections and every part of this that they're using the violations the people need to be gone lately sinister about reserved for a court at in a greek you know what just going back to twenty twenty and certifying the election based on the fact that they were not using certified machines i think is our strongest case right there in it still going they attack it out yet so my guess is that its being its being consider as to be otherwise it would kick it out what wine was that we have passed on to twenty twenty he did the golden go corrupt you know the biggest problem i have with the republican party right now and people who said the republicans it is much of a virtue signaling bunch of bolus the book society airy publican and the wave that flag and they got all the boatlike when i see the flag waved in the buttons it's like you just you just admitted your part of a colt mentality you what to do in ostracizing you if you disagree in getting me because all asses all of this especial all of it is manipulated in our election all of it is election interference all of it tom i agree with you under one hundred per i rest my case okay while did you really want to go through i mean it's a pretty lengthy article let's do it but basically what it does in some men of the matter here i don't know because i didn't can't find my underline copy and lettice a part of the in limbo the district all right i'm going to jump down to chapter i don't even know what it is leon big number for i bet and acted by the senate and house representatives the united states of america in congress assembled that all that part of the territories of the united states including within the limits of the district of columbia and the same is hereby enacted into government by the name of the district of columbia by which name it is hereby constituted a body corporation for manius municipal purposes and make contract and be contracted with all and be assured and be soon pleaded and be in unplanted implied having a seal and exercise all powers of a municipal corporation not consistent with the constitution and last the united states and the provisions there that this executive power be this is the second part of it that the second that the executive power and the authority in over a sad district of columbia shall be view vested in the government who shall be appointed by the president by or which the allies and the consent of the senate and also who shall hold office for four years and until the successors shall be appointed and qualified the governor shall be to the citizen of and shall reside in the twenty months before his appointment and have qualified for the electric he may grant pardons and reprisals for offenses against the city against the laws of said this enacted by the legislature assembly there and shall be considered all officers and who shall be elected and appointed to office under the law in the same district i acted as said and he shall take she'll take that law be faithfully executed okay what's the in the title of this is what john this is the organic act of eighteen seventy one the whole and you can look it up on internet there on the powhatan to give to was the more important part that tax about assembly of the four five different cities got involved in this i see i i have history of the district of columbia eighteen seventy one organic do you do you have a line for that you have a line for that the article up organic activity lessen you are going to get so i gather rather than because there are a lot of things said in scandinavia where it spells out exactly the more important parts of the then but it does also have a utopian here that our congressional people should but the now obewole in jail at a for real aherlow it is a very powerful and a very powerful but the story of the organic activator years later was change they took out the organic and they changed the because the originally they had take the three people to run the organization and now they wanted to make it one governor one may so they changed the act and they changed the gain and again it was just about ruling the care that okay this has not been eternal right now that talks about him in november thirteen twenty sixteen second constitution of the united states established the eighteen seventy and eighteen seventy one is a new and different form of government that the mathias created in seventeen eighty nine constitution the first confusion created a nation a second a corporation of that's the one that that new shot not not work i hate giving that among there and do my rest yeah it's it's all i'll post this let me see if i can this to you i'll post this later in the doing as i do and research as on neighboring later he grown unlistening my point is that you can't do that you can't change the constitute without going through an amendment you can't give up your right to the government you can now the fire rites to yourself and say on an excuse i'm not going to pay attention i'm not going to pay attention to the first amendment because of whatever you reason but the government can take that first amendment away from you no matter what you do it all comes under god and the constitution still comes in the garden you cannot take that away from an individual no matter what they say or what they think they can do they can't do it he is another where they cause a basically trees in us the downland the creation of the united states municipal corporation later used to occupy the united states of america and a voice for rules and come across to america global corporation deliberately bankrupted mainteen thirty three undermeaning relief act in it slaves all americans under the corporation unlawfully in a legally that was legaret good good call to other all kinds of sin in the same that american national militia is coming up the activating saranoora tion called the united states a corporation owned by foreign interest moved in the chambers of constitution and to dust them with the activities seventy one the organic constitution was defaced in the fact vandalized in the habit when the title is campion the word for was changed to of in the title manners like an overwhelming amount and where is he where is the basis where is the law whereas the history and it doesn't exist if you do a big divan to the it and you look it you find out where the constitution he it was never the operating original constitution because he canons this is really interesting wouldn't wouldn't camp lying chemicalization it just by nature but would that change it into a corporation well i think that i want to dig into this because i'm one of these people to that likes to see things for myself but man i'm an tell you what they've got they've got as sure as you know like all the all the hints that are coming of our really really completely and utterly going there goin right there and calling a tresorieres a scribe article he is kind of interesting there there actually is i'm going to i'm going to take that as a i'm going to book mark that and i want to go down the links and i'm i'm a read these later because this really does seem to to let down the path that it was in fact sabotage we were sabotaged on by that kaerwer told a lie we been lied to him we believed the lie and that's the reason that we have the problem because we believe in what the goose are saying on internet not that in fact and not that is accurate but that we believe it and we buy into it so i get into this argument with people when i go to court i go in to the republic i stayed right in the beginning first for five pages in my article to my brief that in fighting in the court or whatever the case may be that i pacifically and a citizen of the republic and yet we are on our sornette constitution and that article four section whatever sit the on the tone that i that i that you are you your own or sworn it the constitution and if you violate that up to the constant then that's an act of as in my documents right off the i go in in the and i'm not in the civil action jurisdiction which was actually brought on by the supreme court in nineteen thirty they changed from in law and equity to putting them together blending them together and saying the judge now has the power to decide equity or law within the same just of a court that was that was it that was done in but can you change the constitution by a no you so the supreme court was a lie in a proper adjustment of the actor the civil action which we are under because when we go to court and we don't know any better and we don't plead the republic then we go into a court under the civil action and the civil action jurisdiction gives the judge greatly way he can change his hat from in law to equity on the spur of the moment you don't know that he you go in and argue in law he goes in and he says but i quit and you lose or you go in in ardeuil and he says now were law and you and that's how they played the game against a set to the bar and the whole the whole group of bureau rats that live in the but their doing it because we buy in aren't so well i'm in read a few more the charteris rededicate socialists communists have infiltrated the go michael modellers no difference between democrats or republicans at this point you're absolutely right and as after says as marina they stood in front of a restaurant for photos and left her high and dry every one of them a yeah that's what pulled politicians do is they they really they don't care because they are just they use us to further their careers would most have never had a real job did money our money used against us woman's mama they use never and in overly expensive lot far or to decipher business they are elected to rather an nishan the people's business which no one is taught a school do you angegeben a jason tetreault the internet was vetromile know that the linear in the age seventy one is even within disrespect for i believe you might be a correct one dede constitutional sherifabad on what we wistuba on what your calling me and correct based on what based on what history what philosophy what what knowledge that he has that that would be an incorrect state now you know we should do we owe should have i wish i were discussion on this i think it'd be great we can have a discussion on this and try to get to the bottom of it because i've heard both i've heard boldside of this and and i'd like to i'd like to that think that be great to have it discs so did the constitutional service testation needs to national unite and stuff up with us more they must be more vocal in the fight at agree with that you know was really disorientation the sheriffs in the state and i am like whiteness whiter and most are like well you know i there is no way now it's okay i just know that you just admitted that you were noted ally be it makes labor not love at makes not it may not be a real and my muse i might it may not be a real organic act but when people do not know the constitution they will think it's real the absolutely one under period there you go a jason but tater the seat in congress in eighteen sixty one we vacate there's no quorum to adorn properly so no amendment can be made that's why they brought in the fourteenth amendment and i not saying that they did everything right and that the congress did everything correctly some day we're going to talk about his being he still ate but we'll get the lanterns so but i heard that too that the congress walked out and abandoned their as one which everything after that would be no avoid or any action by a fact that that letter that that is true or remembered the united that was the purpose of the fourteenth amendment but were still the man not what i we're still de facto oh i i don't i don't know i matabele that were still in a defect of form of government because there's too many questions on congress walking out neteen sixty one in vacating their seats i think this is something truly to truly know we need women to go through these they if they walked out in eighteen sixty one and a vacated their sea and we've been running in a defect of form of government then the answer is to go back to eighteen sixty one or to the beginning of the country when they started subverting the process in order to write it we have to go back to what worked or to the beginning if we have to if alliances is wrong we we literally could wipe away two hundred plus years of de facto illegal not valid activities and go back to what actually worked i gather i am i'm kind o there with that that that we need to we need to level what's been done that is that is an attack on the vandalistic constitute i do i really do i wouldn't disagree with that so i think sometimes you know all we get caught up in words but we have to get to the intention what is the intent the intention is to restore the republic he was like so if we if we go down to still it down to what we're trying to accomplish it is not to be right it to restore the republic and fines way points along the way that we can all agree on what we can agree on is that congress walked out in eighteen sixty one and has been vacated and we had been were one not a defect of form of government ever since he and anything done from that point on its novoye when her nothing that that the right there is that it is not a void so now we can also we've got our way point there that we can agree on now let's go back further when did the republic start to be defile when they brought in the party very there you go so right with an there we can go to that point the other parties are part of how the globe less that were at work back then because the organization didn't start this global the global canalis been in place subordinated states was made into a republic and so we can go right back to the beginning go back to the founding documents and wipe away everything else that went forward from then on no fit all every election no i find them all and go back to the beginning and start over but now you got to have a whole educated populous educated but think not got no we don't have a problem because you know why because right now we have a problem because of the glut of over regulation and the complications that they brought in under every single process go back to what work it gives us the ability to actually lay that foundation an advocate everyone and build up do back from there or not but back of it restore the rights that actually is very simple the reason why we have you know they argue that terminated idea is because it's so stinkin complicated that you have to learn their system which is de facto in order to get anything done which is falling in line with the de facto with the legal forms and ways of taken our rights so we go back to go back to every time and that's the answer right there and then you can make sure that everybody on the same page and then we can have discussions and that's a very simple process because we actually got into that something that's a bit sized trunk that every one can understand it to get off in the weeds in all this this ridiculous nonsense that's out there and you go back to the beginning to what worked i'm goin to read some more for the chat ponawtan or country that how to but not how to protect ourselves from the corporation of it i'm super dated this year after spending the first year to an affidavit just no idea what to do he afterdinner just going to tell you that right now leaped with that i a man raise content of the affidavit in order to make writing your name that i swear to something what do you swear ye who have to have some sort of knowledge that being the scene touched beltara in paper and then you can swear to that but if you are just going to swear that i saw something one go anywhere i believe that that the election was fraudulent okay well you know some believe then in maiyotte you've got to hand you have to have actual personal personal contact with information lebas the problem is people don't know the laws or history so they can push through what they want on people's ignorance yes exactly right a lad bones may yet we have no idea because he made it so stinking kind blooded that you can have an idea but we know something is definitely wrong charlotte says wipes it digesteth many are controlled by the few that have hood wink to everyone the backbone if we people is now strong ruin age he also that in jason's defensor so much to comment on this form may be expand on on the combat so that contradicting a metre was contradicting up until twenty nine ten we we brought the meaning forward and adjourned at proper in michigan ah here they loomed so this is something that i was informed of two is that there was a meeting to restore and orators congress in the state of michigan they brought a notice to they brought notice to snyder and snyder nora and they were able to yeah i think this is got something that we really should look into because i do with that overtheway we can do this as the group that will probably be very very powerful number one we have to stop the banking that and so got relegating system one way or the other nine on trumpets working on it from his good the banking prearrangement of the united states of america boom i was ultimately to be what can we you and i do to stop the nonsense that's going on right now with the baking because everybody still relies upon the dollar public is getting more and more lay about it but the deep stay there there getting millions of millions of dollars to do their dirty work but when that dollar becomes useless worth then all of those millions of dollars that serbia they had your bathroom allen because they won't have any spending power when he loses that power and the bank lose their power produce or print money or we don't go into the to the new banking system that they want which is the great reason and they get control control of our money that's what it's all about it's the money it's the life blood of our country just like the blood in our bodies in the life blood of us and the ariarathes do not have your section they take in it and we agreed but they ask richover that whatsoever and i really believe that until we have an uncontrollable on surveillance assurance proof type of trade mechanism we will always have a problem with that because they can shut a sound they can control us like i think that going to a cassie is one of the stupidest things we could i don't like to i don't wallenstadt waterhouse because it's just taking going one step from banking to credit cards being able to track everything we have to crept on now and get rid of getting rid of any attainable on like a boy out there start trading they can't track that a screw all you guys sittin and seats of strange to to shut us down and be in control of us start training stuff trader skills trade one over and you know screw the wastepipe sit not tap you know the right to have anything to do with that how would you like to know or would you like to know how to not pay a sure i'd love to know that love to know that if you get into the court and a police officer and a credit card i've done it with credit cards i've done it with which i've done it with and those are two of the basics but i have what i do is something similar to what eugenia in nineteen eighty one night came out his case because his case doesn't exist in sterling heights or in rochester because they sanitized it but we do advocate sewed have the opinion i don't so here's here's a court tells you that you also many dollars i say now comes john peter and jerry proprio and filled this defendant motion for a more definite now being filled pursuant to the michigan compiled or michigan court rules to point one one nine baboon in regards to the order issued on whatever day by the judge whoever he was in the following matter i hereby claim the rights and the unities of the citizens of the republic all this of redford michigan of whakarewarewa that out that's part of the document then number two i john tate do hereby state and claimed that the order issued to me the date of the order which was heard before the court and conducted on what day and subsequent the court order of judgment of two thousand six hundred dollars on specific day do by whatever the date of got to pay within number three i do hear by state and claimed that i stand ready willing but unable to comply with such judgment on mentioned above having been issued by this and designated to be doin owing by me in the amount of twenty six hundred release number four i john dene do hereby state and claimed that the motion for a more definite statement you got to go in the court for more definite statement is being made to the court to clarify quote dollars and the quote of what this guard has entered a judgment of as but failed to state to the defendant dollars of what why my ascent you know to establish a trade amount what is a doll i elective the real answer to a dollar is a measurement it's a way of gold and a way to sir so dollars of what our we have no gold and silver in the system dollars of number number five i john teed knew her by state and claimed that if this court hypothetically ordered me to satisfy a judgment of five gallons allan being a measurement of volume i would also find a motion of a more definite statement of this court to clear the allans gallons a born do gallons of distilled water gallons of gasoline five gallons of coffee i am assuming that this court cannot recognize can recognize and appreciate philotata have been facing based upon the above paragraph and my continuing desire and right to live as a citizen in the republic now that you had yourself a after david swearing that this is the case you want to know dollars of what and along with that if you are still concerned then you send a list of exit the one exhibit on pay one exhibit that we sent in is the coinage of seventeen ninety two which states hoonuman ounces of silver or gold dollars so they understand that your your doing this my lot make it a sure and then the next one exhibit to is the obligation to the the obligation and this is michigan compiled lock when he one point one five were one by there using michigan compiled lot to collect this fee from you for a piece and you're just using the michigan compiled lot i'd like to comply but i can't because the obligations to a state or municipality paid by check or bank or draft or whatever whenever any banker drafts shall be tendered for the payment of any debt tax or other obligations due to the state or a municipality thereof check draft shall be operating as payment made by the date the check or draft was received and except all agencies of the state shall request that tendered in payment of obligations to the state shall be paid to the state of michigan and the receiving officer shall except only if it is united states treasury notes gold certificates silver certificates federal reserve notes or gold and silver species of money none of which exists in the more so now that michigan combined lots so nauseating the michigan compiled law against and then talbot what happens if they if a public official received something other than gold and silver coins something they're not in the species of money shall be prosecuted of sentence and convicted thereof be punishable by fine and imprisonment the fine not more than a thousand dollars and imprisonment not to exceed five years at the discretion of so if you tender something other than gold and silver coin according to twenty one point one five three then twenty one point one five four you will be charged where the felony and you'll end up in jail and pay a thousand dollar fine what so those two number three or exhibit three is the united states constitution remember who violate who can violate the constitution article one section ten claws three plus alas the no state can make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment can pay something other than golden a number this one is the l exhibit and it's the montgomery ward's verses eugene lay montgomery ward montgomery ward took us in glacier because he owed a thousand dollars for and he was in front of she rose and what a basically said as montgomery are eating leisure asked montgomery ward and or the court dollars of what i want a more definite dollars of and said the court better keep those you can give him a copy of a but any any way you filed a claim of appeal which the circuit court and this court you also made request to the core stenographer for a copy of the record and the copy of the record must be filed with a certain amount of time and he claimed for pale and then you have a certain number of days after which he filed the appeal okay claim appeal is not is nothing more than a little force i am i ermolai appeal okay and this is the judge speaking to a little and this is his a little cry so by some time the court clerk can give you the information but if you don't file an appeal within twenty one days ye lose your right of appeal any other question to mister glacier i still like to have a motion for a more definite state bowers of what and i do i all discord dollars the lord has made this is the car the court is made a judgment of one thousand nine hundred eighty dollars and ninety seven and however you interpret that sir if you want that in coffee beans that's okay with me really okay thank you very much so you gelasius down to the court house the next day and give the one thousand one hundred and so many in this case a story decided which means it is the law never been challenged so never been overturned it is the law and article or the fourteenth amendment says equal protection under the land so as article four section two of the federal constitution say equal protection under the lie and pulsation but that's why they basically so whatever applies on a court case in nineteen eighty one in michigan applies in two thousand twenty two in ohio where in any state of the union equal protection under the law so there snow way that they have overcome this case start exhibit e which is article four section two with an and the fourteenth amendment which i spoke about give us equal protection under the law so you've got to you've got em in a box o what are they and now what are they going to do there the kind of they don't really have the lot options they're going to accept my being i don't send a cote a black something entraining done it and done it against the credit card company i've done it in any other locality in michigan and in several other people in our group have done the same just one or two of us it doesn't just work for me at work for many and they have requires may be going back into court and arguing for more definite it can be done and people will and start paying in coffee beans or black eyed peas paper clips or whatever you choose remember what he said whatever you decide paper clips monotony name whatever you think is worth that unfit dollars or two hundred dollars to well he is a word we tolerated that this is not a pass it paper legal advice here so there's a disclosure but it's something to see into woodlot absolutely everything it's it's kind of interesting but will go back to words matter and definitions matter because this is exactly how when you have an unjust system that you find it so marie more come here a minute i trod iterates fraud as this is yes very thieves that makes a lot of sense done i his hard life we do have an educated people in general assembly which is lawful did jason ah to jason who do you know that he has the factorin are you saying everything after the walk was not lawful or constitution i see seasonably he's absolutely right it is unostentatious valentine and in that moment we would all become enemies of the state the lacey for ever or area it orientalised twenty ton gonfaloniere that earlier but when you're just walking up to the and how at that is in some egesta as the remedy you all and because it sounds logical and legal legal course of remedy his jason says receive the seats that were vacated that withstand one image rid of all the loopholes or holes get and get them where they want to go or give them the authority to wait around the right did having the seats been receded or at the present president quorum to please peter document so he would like to see that document petition that to me and then i'll i'll post it i can eventually have to this one in particular was made for somebody else to dine in it but i have to find my document yet okanagan sidonia my malamalama a anybody who wants to use this to understand it as the literary do elsinore going to beat you but thrown in prison for like you know for ever till criminated up it in a bit worse situation than you were i got understand and that's why we all are wednesday night meetings people are involved in this and what we do is we actually put the document together there's somebody that he is going to do this i just did it for somebody in our group a couple of days put a document together and we do change a little bit we have to depending upon the situation i mean one document doesn't i mean it just the basis if you want to look at it and get the information from not to copy and pace this is not do you and i got to know what's going on so good stuff yes petitor line to this would be on some and did not taters name is at redecoration as great diemut is the fourteenth amendment defect of sense eighteen seventy one good question and brian you do this with an old judgment from a credit card and what will you and open court costs or would you and pain those would latest what if you decide to fight at this way and he decided to pay in coffee beans or ontological credit company says that you all and as in appease that's what i and ended up being a thousand five hundred by the time to the tourney was finished with it understand that when you have a credit card these debts are so lost to on a ten some attorney out there is going to then try to collect so he buys it for pennies on the dollar doctor five thousand dollars credit or dead and he paid fifty bucks under and now he's going to collect anything a collection because a thunderous anything above that is his so you will go after you oil start at five thousand then then auchimachie were going to cut it in the nonsense that they play on while at all i think i had i'm sorry go ahead i've got i've got another question but go ahead finish so understanding that those are dead they are not the credit card company the credit got companies already dead off they have an insane or whatever the insurance company covers it and so they have this tendance that they want to use to collect from you whatever they can and so that's what the attorneys are doing their collecting a deadens now how can you pay off a debt with the train yet the federal reserve not is a so if you're paying it with a federal reserve not your paying a debt with can't do that you got to pay it with something that has a value well beans have more value than a hesitate argument there is the deans tree by law be forced against you it can be because most of us by into that that we all this money but it's a dead ant and were trying to pay it off with another death well i've got a hen on citharas were this i have i had a couple i have a couple of questions or or or problems with us because my my one of the problems is that i'm hoping that people don't see this as a way to avoid responsibility for alcantro spending and of orotava is the core problem that i have with his processes that there's a lot of people that are going to i just don't want to pay this is how many people do you know will run up the credit card at a run up their dead and then walk away from it and and declare bankruptcy which in whiteside there that is complete and utter cold it's like if we if we are running out dat we are responsible for that and should have to pay that or don't spend it you have to live within your means and it is you know from the beginning from the beginning of this problem is that the roccas is that something got spent that shouldn't have been so or you should have a way to be able to that before you get into that kind of trouble and not as somebody else to pay your way all right i don't rotative a big problem with us because i don't like i don't like people doing the debts that they all if you can't afford it you shouldn't spend the money and languid i understand there are times with some of us get in trouble and that we need a little help to move forward i get it i get there but to do it with a intention of just being able to do whatever you want to do and have no responsibility for those actions is really evil yes i agree you because you'll somebody havana some as he having a pay those debts now a traffic ticket and such as fine but but but i would never want anybody to think that that's okay to do that as a process that's like saying i'm going to get in i'm going to go out and massenet pregnant and i'm jist goin to go ahead and you have somebody killed the baby get out of my way because i don't want to live with any rule i had the rules or only forgetting pregnant the rules are given a mass around you probably going to get pregnant that's the way the world works if you spend money and that money isn't the absolute in this is that that money has value if you are spending money you don't have some one has to pay along the way and either you decided to her sponsibility for your actions or somebody else has to pay your way and so going back to that i think i really felt like i needed to address that now to get to get agree with your interpreter yet when i did bring it in for the credit card i more less brought it in against the government such as speeding tickets which are nonsense we can get into driving the verses travelling if we're traveling from poynton by and were not in commerce then the government has no ability to regulate traveling while righteous cause i i get it for i get it for on a righteous cause but i want to make sure that anybody out there that was listening to this wasn't trying to figure out a way to duck responsibility or scan the because we sure that have an over abundance of that out there right now too and you know that the constitution and everything works based on a moral people that morality starts a taking responsibility for our actions and not expect to somebody else to pay for them or to balastro be because we would get something to and i think that that i think that something that i really want to i just needed to throw that out there because we know that there's a lot of people as is that this is what they do they spend full full time their full life they spent subverting the intention of the law go it at brompton a copyright law all of this stuff has gotten into a situation that is so immoral i would no integrity that its meanness at this point except for those people that want to scan the s and i do know how much you've looked into palaprat law but that's nonsense it's all nonsense because they've gotten things out of going to like where it should be public domain and passionate to their airs who passed it to their air who passed and their trying to you know they're trying to protect steering wheels so that you've got to pay him something in order to drive a car to drive anything i mean old thing is absolute utter nonsense in it a ducking of responsibility for her own action so what is tennis is a prop i'm in i'm going to go back and read a few things it's like fridolina republic republic is supposed to be south guiding self regulating so governing you are supposed to be able to protect yourself and take care of yourself when oisin right and honestly that the horse if you look at the dispensations of grace which is god's way to really redeem redeem people one of the dispensations was was on we failed so the law had to be given because we couldn't we couldn't follow that our conscience guide us and so when we get in a spiritual problem if people don't go back to the fact that there is a right and there's wrong you know what it is i don't need i describe the anybody and nobody needs have because we all know and so i mean we go back to that week we have our old got a plumb line to keep us keep us going straight so michael played simple don't buy things you can for absolutely and ideas doesn't the support common watched card debt or run knowingly running dat up yes if they do it knowingly that fraud and i mean this is this is easy this isn't like i made a mistake no you committed fraud knowingly so charlotte tax peters insurance that goes smooth and then tack right off an then my question is why is their debt collectors double dipping i would say that that there is some ripples with that it's just sort of like conservators and we appointed people to do that they're getting way too much money off of other people's pain he the other you when i was chesterman ones mamma commerce that's the word i was trying to remember a stertorous landlord i calbraith ring tenderfeet because of cold bed emergency and not resenting when the emergency he resented what we should have to pay or remit legal he and i don't know anybody that did that could see some language to me but i don't know and an mariatta ions are from someone irresponsibly running up a dead the agree with it and that's why said sir times where people are yet in trouble but the batter situation is as for people round them to jump in who know them and dig them out of date because it you know if people actually had the relationship i know around them where the people that were round and if in that goes back to how the essenes lived in jesus's time are you familiar with that a kind of athens and this is within what a disastrous at sharing what we have without her will you don't you sharper you don't know there's a people are going to do the same thing to you that that they do to the government you want us you want to know people and have that relationship to that you can you can go back and forth at holbeach other it's not a takanori is somebody's behind a do nothing expect to be fed like baby bird it is actually the there's more to it than that bonmariage because we don't question things said to us by proceeded educated professionals it's all very confusing the afternoon professor well we've been we've been lad astray by a lot of educated professionals that are nothing more than a sun provocateurs that are trying to take us as asano know what gets me mad as piedefer feet six blocks and they have no connection to a drive is what what a rebuff yeah you democrats i don't understand that neither in other stand that if the delivering petite got they've got wearing tear on their vehicle as well as as well as ah i don't understand the problem with that i expect to pay for the service of him going to have a piece delivered because there are there are doing what you would do their taking the work off of you in their trading dollars not have to go pick it off a boy mother in law died january reside what's happening with her a state the lawyer seems not be doing very much i don't know there's a big deal a state nonsense about big men rip off they should get out of them this is no point for the government or anything legal to have any say or whatsoever start talking figure eat bones oases i'm in agreeing with you bandmasters so kind alluded rock and she says will actually she was murdered by butternut whatever i guess i ah i said there's a lot of people that died suddenly that that without videos coming out on posting that by the way died suddenly because he does use it while we all know how many people were murdered by by the hospitals the hotel car that actually were murdering people this old thing is best you know i'm sorry but if we studied history we know exactly what was going to happen because they done it before the play books there there not that smart they repeat what's been done they understand that most people will not question him and will write in to their death without anything but that we're going to get it it's eleven o'clock and i'm going to need to work to get any dirtier but but if this is wonderful it's a wonderful he i'm goin out to play out of that guy and he is going to tell me that i have graduated from real taters too mister potato had loved anyhow let's say prairie now and then we're going to move on and in a fusionists you know will weaken yet to them also but but let a letter do you raly father thank you so very very much for giving us a foundation for this nation you give us such a wonderful gift that a gift of being able to depart from a tyrannical rule that had been in place ever since the fall had been and that one one group replaced the nacelle the next of the change their names and you actually gave us the ability to have a republic to worship you as we saw fit to have that freedom to live under you one nation under god with your rules in your precepts and the things that that you put in place to give us a peaceful society away to honestly lived the best best life here on this planet with respect to your law with your rules this is your sand bags and we are here plain by your rose love your rules because they're here not to just be meaner keep us from things but to make a safe as a good father you are we are thankful that you have given us everything we need to pride for us and keep a safe the attitude heal all the broken hearts out there from the system that is truly unjust maladministration sardonic that needs to really happen for the over each the usurpation of say that for john of this of this nation and and and that we we just love you we love everything you built your force who crowded up weighing up we know that in oratory to be in charge and come to anything we just need to listen to it told us and it's all there in the extraction may nugae us the instructions you wrote it on her heart we now write from wrong we know that we need to live you know and treat other people as we would want to be treated first and foremost and always to put you first and every single thing that we do and we just we just love you for this you know we just we humbly come before you to day and ask that you help us help us learn to walk a righteous life before you with liberty and justice for all not about ourselves but for all of us as one people the ones on this beautiful world that you created for us all to your honour and glory and description then the duties were going to have great derefore you run can i give you that were interested in wanting more de understanding of a law if you would some on wednesday nights between seven and nine when i give you the excess number to holofernes here who you're asked me to do a lot here i've got skill but not that great igarite access number is it three sick four three three in two three six four three three six in two and that was some access number yeah there's seven to nine every wednesday except the day we met live at nice if you join us and we get our mail i will give you a invite every week with that number on its houseplace an invite and if you wanted to that my email illiterate i'm trying to take the center i have a nice your your second way too much for me here so an email is johnetta at you do in one hand her because i'm trying to keep the sun out of my face anathema put it over room old man and discriminated so just so every note that part of the show attaining please go to dana or please go to brandenburg for governor do come i have not conceded i will not conceive to traders or two and on lawful process or the subversion of the united states of america and i know john has an either we do not tense and yet we do not concede to it commission of the state to rights being destroyed and two lifetimes and she i write a single word on on my telegram channel and there's a bunch of spores out their seagirt went in there it's at brandenburg number four am i a telegram go there because i post everything there even at even links in such an then that's a best place to get the links for the for the show and such so you can find it all there and let's see i guess that's after the day discontent there's a lot of a southern for you we love you and we truly care about you and your families mapu that that number i cantering for you to fighting with you fighting that's a better way to say no more of this no more this commanding on here pretty well sick of it aren't you i don't i don't want to be i don't want to be a stupid baby bird as you know what they're going to do in that belike eh what is that guy that i you know they're going just eat you i not a three six four three three six nine two six as for the number again imitation or a given to me again eight three six four three three in six i don't know it by heart sending and i'm for that once here at seven to ah i am not i i'm not left handed i am not made in very he there were now all guanare habit and john diaterascos in the subject lineless me up for your mail or something like that so i know that's why you're here everybody knows he got put a dot come at the end of it a dress as one day or whenever it is while they should hetherington ran in sporting people for so many years to tell you know it's really funny like like what with politics people are like what are you going to do to fix that on like going maybe give you a good kick in the tail and get your moving because we all need to be moving don't think anybody's going to fix it all we're going to have some ideas but everybody's got to get moving on absolutely all right i rise anyhow god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america thinks john for coming on and we'll see next tuesday mother next tuesday and as i