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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/15/2022 - Live - Jericho Gonzales and Barry Altman

Published Sept. 15, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is september fifteen thursday september while we had a lot of stuff going on lately and it is almost impossible to keep up with i can honestly say that last night i was literally a ball night pondering many different things including the fact that you know as a candidate normal person who is not a politician the amount of lying and deception that's going on absolutely unbelievable and i think as we are closer to the election we're going to see more and more and more of this i have been told by many sore that dixon's funding is gone and that she is nowhere to be seen really she hasn't done a tour she hasn't been doing anything she's gotten a couple of endorsements lately but but i've also been told that she had some meetings with people and told them that the gopis completely and utterly abandoned her which i have to go to in fact mango to the i find it a so a pretty much said that there's a hundred and fifty republicans who are who are found raising for a grudging whitmer the republican party and my opinion is an absolute disaster there's no reason why we should give them any even a second nodin what happened in the cocoas inspiring and wonderful but this twenty twenty election is is that is completely different anomaly there is absolutely no way that we're going to have an honest candidate between now and that in november with with the republican party for governor i can say that with absolute purity we've got a device money that is supposedly backing dixon there not vaccinated and then the gopis jumped up christina came could be receiving support from the go there not even giving her the microphone to talk she's just supposed to be standing there which is unfortunate because i like christine i think christine is a really good person and bariactar state she the only one that i believe that could in fact do the job by like christina i know her i've talked to her and but when we look at the marais out there the swamp in the amount of lying that's going on out there i here's donation message for the day we are going to have to think for ourselves and do things that we never even in vision ourselves doing because it's on all its we the people the can't we can't rely on any of the politicians i can't rely on any of the parties that are telling us which way to vote we are in an unprecedented time where we have to stand together patriots and say you know what my state i had somebody asked me to stand down yesterday and i'm i'm fairly i'm fairly annoyed by this i i'm really annoyed by this because honestly the one that should stand down as two or decent she has the republican nomination i was illegally removed of the ballot so at most you will never in her of her she doesn't have any qualifications whatsoever she talked about stayin home and and i and be with her family and not really being in the game i going with just because she's got the republican nomination this is a time were we as like gideon in the bible you know we're going to end up hamertons if that's what it takes and take the state back because there's too many and we may be up against thousands and thousands of people but i don't i don't really think we are i think that there's a lot more of us that are actually thinking as sick of the crap that's going on but it's it's time for us to thinking and not relying on any one to tell us who vote for or what to do and just keep marching forward because our faith is with god and god alone we do not put our faith as believers in what anybody says because you know what they're all in all of art and and testiness and trained to lead us astray so so this day the day make a commitment follow god no matter what no matter what anybody says your heart and is leading in where he's going to take in next new chapter of life the state of michigan of the state of life of the state of michigan of where this nation is going to go i do believe that twenty twenty two is in fact going to determine the outcome of our nation probably the most popinot think so as a mid term there so many things that are being put in place that if we do not get involved jump off of what we think is normal and vote for vote for those people that we know will be able to write this state we're in big trouble big trouble that every one believe no one self people proved themselves trust is earned it's not given and that goes for every one in the year we are all going to have to you really rely on god and pray and ask god to give us the answer be a the amount of censorship that i have received the lack of back into the republican party christina came has basically not gotten back in from the crom the republican party neither has man neither as many they are manipulating things behind the scenes in the unprecedented way that we've never seen this is not a time to ever back down because they're all in bad together it's one party and there a leading every one astray i think not every one some of us are smart enough to say i how now we're not doing this thing and were in this to win back for our families whether without their permission we are not backing down were continuing to fight and that's the way it's going to be so there's dates morning ran here because i had i you know i'm kind of right in the middle of listening to lies on every sight romarin to pick through and figure out what the truth and if i'm the only one that stands stands alone to say this is nonsense and i stand alone so be it i stand front anyhow today is a hopefully going to be a wonderful day going forward in some of smokin and mere clear in bring my first guess on this is i good morning now we had had a little bit of a discussion before we got on because i think all of us are feeling this nonsense that's around us where nuptial well we are at the cross roads right now the something really large that you couldn't have this much deception going on around every single one of us without something seriously happening do you agree with that that establish i was i do think that there are some things to look forward to in the etablissement to establish the momentum forward into the direction of the conservative movement within the united going to be this and i matter of two the direction of the conservative and the count in this country is going to be is going to be and hopefully we can get as much of the old guard it is possible at this earlier at the very least the very least we managed to get out a couple of within conservative the district we managed to get up here my that's cause optimism in arizona carry lake astaroth primary face there so there unconstructive i have to be i think that as you said twenty twenty two is absolutely i was i was sort of as destroy support behind tutterson and there's not a chance a snowball's chance and how it that's going to happen this as you know this is my state too and i really believe it's not that we need somebody in there who's got more experience someone who is as you know an actress at announcer to get in there and play like they know what they're doing which they don't and i'm going on to come out swinging a little bit on this because you know i heard that you know we're going to split the party while the republican party split the party as soon as they you know the people that were under angler i think this is really significant people under enderlin came out in order to support dixon and raise money for dixon these are republicans and it's not like they just came on the scene these are people that were behind engler and dixon i know we were talking dick orrin the republican party is in us happiness in his half and under angler this didn't disinterment under under aaron wiser in the current management of the republican party this been going on for a long long time and we've got some super stars in the latter trying to fight within the system i don't i don't think it can be fought within the system i think the whole thing needs to come down and eat to go scorched earth on both of these parties and on on honestly in all of these parties and in that the way that it is you know i have not one second you know i just realize they also have some one else none that i've had a respond to somebody and i'll be right back but that's the way i feel about it what's your thought on this like i was saying before i found a couple of things for people that have been talking to you my own life where it doesn't necessarily primefit and some people have to be spoken to mostly people on the left that were a cross roads of nineteen forty germany i know quite a few people in saying that this all over again that we had in a civil war again more people he vindicated as they think that were ever but where our cross road where this may just be again second coming of the rain of her the french revolution it may enter shape out to be something along the lines of a little of all of them oh somebody wearing a shirt the other day that teacher had on it of indian nineteen eighty four all right i think it was and then a whole bunch of historian novels than that the cross section of all the misery are here and i think as this is definitely a time concern but i think that with that sort of soft optimism that because everything is up in the arright now we do actually have a chance to chatterton and you can see his coming through mostly in the the the administrators are being found out on the constant on a daily basis across the cut that they are either discouraging critical thinking or permitting gender ideology to be talked to class i think just the other day you have a he forget what five for a moving at she she had hinted that that word and she insisted that in the proper context that she was not what she was doing that they that it in demonstrating a belief that she and usedn't necessarily believe the way the school was permitting this to be tough or are the alternative is that once they find found out that assuming that she is to her under the story is true that found out that he critical thinking and came to the conclusion that we can have us students thinking critically so i the way corrupt as can be and i think the education eric i think a lot of parents particularly mothers are standing to wake up if you initiation you look to a previous revolution gasped it was only when it was only when the women started getting on board that you actually started seeing an omen french revolution one happened at last mother started seeing that children stare i think there is going to be a chaotic period we have this we have this railroad work as the contract is the haves with that if they don't meet the dead line which he would estero they were going to get a strike and that's going to be two billion of the economy of a daily basis that's a major major as a major course but concerned but again in she was times the lead if we can through a and what the rabbiters the isle of bending through decades and that is to use these things to our advantage that i think we can actually well and to your point as you know there's there's much going on behind the scenes right now that you know just like the railroad you know we were in rails this is not been not been a one day situation this has been going on for a while when they stop the shipment of fertilizer and such you could see that well you know we could see that on the ground when shipping industry and general kind of like in in the middle of it you know how much was being manipulated just by that and you can look at you know say like like a pacific and in the majority of my black rock so we should all have a concern right there that is this an organic thing no it's not a chance as organic none of this is organic this is all this is all you know planned in such a supplanted economic warfare on the united states of america so you know when we watch the railroad strike coming up and i believe we're going to have it it's going to shut the condensed it's unfortunate but everybody better break brace for landing here a little bit because i do think that we're going to have some rough times now the good the good thing about it is without a few of the really good things that happened with obediently and totally disagree with the way that it was done people are in a you out with a friend and family a little bit more maybe we've gotten some san of the indoor insane world where we're running around like you know like a bunch of savages instead of taking some time to to ponder and to be involved with things in our community and such were not just penalty running at top from one to another other event to the next event such an may be hessie to actually ponder as the people of around us some of it some of that worked for some people some of the people were very isolated but i do think this slowing down like a good idea the time to legally taint about things a lot of people have a lot of time to think about the lot during the london and i think a bit of a double edge hop into a lot of but it also sort of bride it off a bit of so some people did have a bit of her sanity round off in the as you expect from keeping people was basically some arterial and as they not good for people you know it's like horses horses are very much a herd animal our people you know we need to be together and you know talking about commitments have been talkin about commitments with a few people recently because of some unfortunate circus that had been happening around me and has nothing to do with me it's just some people that i know there having difficulty and i'm to them also that our happiness comes from commitment to the people around us to to you know to the people that we love in our family and we cut people grace but it's all there's a commitment there that changes everything if you want to have some committed to you then of course you have to be committed to them also and do that in an unwavering manner that that's that's a huge huge issue that commitment to me to me it is lifting about the idea the something that stone that i have started and he seemed to me but a coping mechanism among people i think the driver independence is good you should be able to rely on yourself but i think our onorar indeed he was some downside you entailing himself from every one around and it's not necessarily that you want to be able to be only rely rely that you don't want to be able to depend depend on any one else you want to be selective you want to find those people that you care about you know can about you so well you can come to depend on and i don't think that having people that you depend on is necessarily a bad thing with you being we need other people in our lives the day i think that if you can find that if he if you spend all your time trying to be as independent to the covetous ting off or all of the more enjoyable aspects no the whole with old ben in a girl as saying that the younger women of these days are going into i think that they the view independence of something that is so keening out most almost every one could eiseidon think that explain that you said lean in what girl loss yet it is a sort of this one for the idea of the black that the idea of the glass ceiling is something that you have to do something that you have to break which you know is fine it there's nothing about women and here that even them from doing anything that men can do with these professional but i think the idea that you you should be able to be completely self contained as a result of think that that is necessary that can very easily be into a awful direction so contained that i don't allow any one else into my life in any capacity and i just sort of shut the world out i think it may stem from a severe getting her emotionally merapi the idea that you know in order to be successful in this war successful in this world you have to isolate yourself from the rest of it that is a a young well you've got to you've got to be brave enough to risk you know whenever you get relationship either there's always there's always a risk in any relationship that we enter into or anything for that matter whether we're whether we are you know in a in a relation husbands or wives or children or friends you know people who are in business every relationship is certain amount of the certain amount of risk involved in that you know you nethampton going to be okay anyway because i know my moral compose and they may need me more than i need them and you look at it more as a caretaker is a servant rather than some that has a lot of expectations out of the relationship i really have very little tis out of relation and i think it works really it works really well you know it's a look at more as a caretaker or somebody that's taking care of the people that i love around me rather than wanting something back i don't keep score you know i like to keep score on people isn't really love that's really that's really a lie in itself if your storekeeping her you know i want my part of this for my part of that it's like well what's that even me you know there's times that that you you know you don't you don't you do it because of your relationship with god and no matter what happens the pay back for all of us o lisabetta were serving were serving god because we love him you know and and whatever that means what our fate means that way we go so let's talk about history more and where we are right now with the crossroads because i find that really interests you know can you go into deeper detail on things or other things that are really making you think about similarities well well let that was something typifies the english man to be invoked this week that if we would compare the administration go by probably something along the lines of where were either at in charles the a king john either which i very bad very bad or very bad john john was ridin by romagna i so terrible that they actually stopped the talmage to revolt powers from the take that into consideration and charles the the first was so bad that they spanning the monarchy altogether that was a replacement managed to be terrible and the reinstating his son as the as the new king afterwards to go but i think if we're that english history we define facing in a period of leader is rashly and come and lashes out in all sorts of directions of that actually knowing where is going i suppose that may be cast cupiditatem that the manner supposed to be in charge of every i show to the degree which is going to be affected i think we are definitely at a crossroads and time where the established powers no there on the way out and they are but i done the hold on to any amount of power they possibly can and doing a lot of trying to maintain the power thanks said strongly indicated that the look no further than the way that the legacy media as been anything named they know that on the way out and the trying to correct for this petticoat the art the mechanisms that drive and besancon those actors just no longer work to last the trustworthy and they mean so hard into being anti trump news networks that whenever they try and cover any news outside just as father the yeah well and you got a really good point here because this is something that's going on in my life right now and one of the reasons why i'm so annoyed by this whole thing is the amount of sense or ship that we had from the face stream media you know we send out after i got the nomination for the us taxpayers party if he oh my gosh don't mention brandenburg in any way shape or form we set out for a hundred and seventy presses not one response back not one they are so heavily censorious now there's the heats that are going on with white and wet with whitman with dixon this is this is not i mean dixon basically is pulled out edith everything because of that because of the and they've got there were four debates that were discussed though only two on that are proposed right now and we've had people calling the station and if you read if you read the criteria for giving in these debate so deceptive because if they don't if they left themselves room to eliminate a candidate no matter what they said well you have to be pulling at its number or you have to have which they control the polls so you can't get an honest pole no matter what you do you know the poles are all red you know nobody out there believe don't don't believe one of these pools there liner single one of em is a statistician dream right so so and then ate and of their little criteria they said oh and by the way we can equal change the rules at will and exclude any candidate that we want so there are a part of it they're all part of these debates that are coming up from the candidates there then ritterdom tap to bottom its range from thee from thee our elections are ranged from the point of the ballot the ballot signatures we had people within our own government that were paying people likely sings up to fifty thousand dollars not turned them in we had democrates's men that they were working for wearest a mecatina williams whose out their maladministration because they're not going any rules at they want their making a policy as they go and now when you have the main stream fattened out their controlling the message and who actually has concanens with pepe that you know this is election interference at the highest level they are picking our candidates in the include a political party so i mean the media is criminally with what's going on in the steel in the overthrow in the cup of our government and in anna was that we have never we've never seen in the history of this name it is you know donald trumps we sought with donald trump and wedded we get we you know like you said we get a guy that in there that is you know can't even tie his shoes latona my decision used but on top of that there's a lot more than just the election they election reining perception ragging and the media is the amount of lying and disease mind disease out there in control in mind disease that's happening out there telling people how to vote and that goes through all of this the voter in that goes to all the polls and orbiting people have to spare thinking for themselves you know you you want to eat if they want somebody who is who is an actress or a you know that's been involved in soft corner whatever will guess what you're getting on somebody like acuteness and watch the struction around us are a the opportunity to actually go forward and do an andaman actual state that administrative properly rather than this nonsense is going on in this in this nation we should all be discussed furious absolutely furious with this concatenation contest that there is also some concealed for mild optimism because this is definitely what you would expect from the machine that understands that a dying trying de santoine they will try and fight their great i think that the brotherhood of the american people as they the increased there the tempts to maintain our more and more to the average that that is what they are doing look no further than the radiator than the rain of doldrums about my that that will of a lot of people in the left and the like look i don't like a lot of a lot of people are i don't like the man but that was definitely a step too far and you had yesterday they are they rated my friendes i tell thee it is becoming abundantly clear i another average person who is it is really a much at that is definitely something wrong with the curt and in as much as said as much as a conservative movement and to abandon to try and stick within the realm of politics and only poet look to mainstream popular culture ethereality a turnover jordaens peroration like what's going on he should probably probably not vote for democrats he endorsed the republican body to cut the surprise of every one a long life left in man i endorse and dancing traditionally conservative political spectrum and their you definitely not his devotion a conservative i lighting the families of the left just just in a random just in a random using to follow it and i think that we are starting to make in a it starting to show then that it is incapable of running any that even the main stream concerts dispiriting out of that impasse is the other at all costs because at the end of the day cast a going well the proud and i have with it is just like in michigan though we had the senate and the house for how long now and if they were going to do anything the republicans they would have but they didn't and it's an illusion that they're going to be any better than the democrats there both loseth both know their both involved in tiffany one it if they they had the power to change things they had the power to step up and say something and nobody did a thing they didn't do it in they all went wrong to get along they all sat down to table together they were all prime other and so at this point time i have completely completely rejected the idea that the struction others good people inside both sides i'm not saying the people are but structure has been so invigorate roots groups were infiltrated we had people that were working for americans for prosperity to coke brothers that were basically you know thrown throwing all kinds of money through the grass roots grow you know in order to in order to leave them at so there's no heroes out there right now in either side it's going to be you know we the people the severe this with our vote and kick him all of every single one of them netherland and or removed replaced gone by by you failed and and i i feel that way very strongly i mean if i was looking at this as the company the company the company this is a company as is deep desperate and it's going to take everybody to step up to pull it back in and so the optimism is is that is that we are the ones that are going to have to fix us don't think somebody's going to move on with the cat because it isn't happen no one of resurrected with melisso just the elected officials at in weary positions the secretaries its all of them really need to be cycled yet i think that i am osawatomie but he anywhere who in has any information toward social work for any that i would say get involved in a government job and i be that be tharfore from within the system of the men of the internal because you have to be able to effect this office spaces as well and is going to be difficult at the beginning you cannot be a number with you can start recruiting conservative pursue career back to like that and get into those it actually there is actually over doing so ashantee within the unelected apparatus of government and i think that that is where a lot of the fight it yeah it's it's it's just going to work every day as being a hero right now you know it's you now go to work and make them make the make the changes that you can and take care of nation i agree with that per cent the mental health i've got very ulimengo to be coming on here a minute and i think this is a great actually great sideway to bring barancas we're going to talk about welladay some bring him an he bury how you do it more out good morning will dare go just gave us a great sage here into mental illness and social work and varieties a counsellor as well as a minister and we were we've been talking about wellness and how to get people involved and take responsibility for our own actions and not relying on any one because you know what they're all in everybody's lying to get you know to move up the ladder right now an the use people it relies on us to honestly to her own compass before god and just walked forward and do what others can't seem to do mad jump in any time you want because i'm annoyed enough to morning that i'm probably going to be a little hostile at the yet i told me get it you know on the day that i don't talk about the affairs that i only have one so out of six children and he is a he is in the artist and establishing a health care redmen from him for him at an early stage critical this to his future development she's almost years old now and i almost a possible to tell that he had touched it until the dog just got a light speech and the but he that the high end of the performance ran for out anyway my my point going there was in the beginning but as he was small child i was was not so well known well treated it was just kind of a newer a nordenfeldt and but my wife and i were very aggressive and pursuing treatment for him and having the resources the time you have in you diagnose ted and to help him development that as you look into a into a lot of immunity for example where they are to parents in the home or where the heresies of a more limited you have a lot of tesselschade ever come out of you know their slow bandino treatment is to be inferior and their development is to be stifled it is the new wellness on and we hoped to develop in the next administration a more comprehensible and not only for children for our hour agin parental the you know most of have no idea that this problem is way under the radar a way unrecognized right now it is everybody one you know what agency raid in trumpington who likes trump you know it turns into this thing of acrobatics then the person now to the involved then the actual impact and it has on the community than them we elected people these well i want when i am seeing is that people want to create these to heroes and winners and losers and sub tested a fixing on the what the real crimes are which is the issue we're trying to build out teams out there that's what i see a lot of us everybody trying to build a big team instead of the team should be once again being just in american rather than going into this you know i'm going to decide whether this is a good person or bad person and then i'm going to trachoma person i'm going to you know put all my trust in the good person when the good person may be lying to you like everybody else is so you know it's a focus on the issues in leave this whole high school mentality of kapellebau because honestly this is what's leaving us as i agree i think that too much my favorite analogy is that you know i lived in tamatave for ten years and even while i lived there i was still rooted in you know and you know listenin every season since i can see i can recall and that it was that deronda to you when you know sometimes tried in a just being you know support them i continue to rome for the lion now they were losing now close uniform and a city's name when i do santien a boat and i suspect that many people do have because i been youth for but this my team so i'm going to continue to my ten and but the difference obviously is the lions love and a living don't go down the quality of my life depreciate the lion when last their lack of champions but my political among us in that word now for lack of a better one because i have a lot it is however in some people is my is now my pen the one who will could further from rumford one party or another one is obviously lately corrupt and now the one is a better but it had cantercot's republican party is the judas it tenesco you know it's just like we just see a so called republicans that were under england snider that jumped off to raise funds for women you can't tell me no one can tell me that the republican party is any better you've got you've got everybody that from wiser who's a globeless to you know that that are that are connected to biancheri and to the atlantic counsel and all that's not you've got me shaman who blocked endorsements and tried to keep people either in or away from to she was bringing people there to see him and she was lacking other people and i know that i know this for a fact that that's what was happening and so so that were that were granting access or or or stopping access i have some real questions about the people that are around trump right now and that would include people like say christine about and lesser i i am as really bad feelings about because i think there are people i can tell you about the people that around me that or that or maybe not who they say they are maybe their tasting us or whatever to see if we're goin to jump on the bandwagon of of stupid bell a spirit a stupid i mean we talked about the spirit of stupid yesterday but i am by and not of this none of this so ever so let's look at the debates because this is a big deal if were hanging in everything on these stupid debate and the debates first of all a ragged cap to bottom like bulls are the devices are completely and honorably ring somebody's getting the question somebody's not getting the questions there refusing access to only somebody that they want him because why because they are on the same side of the tail it's not republicans and democrats they don't they are ringing the thing to who's going to win so we've got a good news a white tea are dates proposed for october seventeenth and twenty fourth box to detroit is proposing maybe the first week in october the real line i mean look at these are these are the stations that were involved in breaking the news tintinnabulation totalitarian in a man absit near in the background and putting an okay i'm going to give tetrastyle en per cent nobody knows who the house she is i don't know anybody in this entire state that that likes her other than politicians she standing with the that's establishment that's entirely establishment they they are they are picking the winners and losers and i think that the support that we have is incredible what then all the support you know i didn't come out of the shooting girl fast because i thought it was stupid as somebody who's who's a little bit more strategic aileen blow off all their ammunition and come in when i know that it's going to come somebody wanted me and last fall that was supposed to be this good robotic consultant who i have no respect for whatsoever that he was sent to me and i unlike this guy is a joke an absolute total joke and in october last year on madhava great book out of this you know i'm not going to lie about one thing and people are going to have to just tuck it up because it's going to come out had right they want me to spend a million dollars on t as last year in october for what purpose i used to own an attache i bought monait was a stupidest idea i bothered and why was that because the political consult that was going to be a big help or to me as seas a big helper was going to get for cent of that million dollar by in beretania i everybody seems to be salaams nobody who really deep in the game actually has so people who are standing with an integrity you know i'm not guessing at her in money what a word i'm saying it you know and one point do you you know i'm not going to i'm not going to sell it to people who supported me i mean to come in to serve the purpose and now i'm going to sell them out or come extolled in the auricle somewhere i think it was somewhere in atoned and they were seen all of your employees right now i looking for one dollar an hour more exactly what it is i mean i mean you know it's like it's like you know every one seems to be like the vote the highest bitter you watch and politics with they do they move around the trade around they're makin deals behind the scenes because they've really made politics into a quasi celebrity status you look at how they stacked it with people who are announcers or t personalities or the set the other thing these people have no business nor do they have any background in running a company a state they have not a contentions whatsoever in its onsartin ridiculous this should be a you know this you be you know the a batting process for a job just like you would a financial adviser who is managing your ass that's what's happening but no all we have to pick for is his absolute you know functional idiots who really are only there is announced the personal is or quasi quasi celebrates and if he you can watch it in the debate a people that put these debates together this is one of the reasons why i was so adansee in the the primary type they are ringing the questions they will they will ring the some people get we watch them to it to president trump it's happening now and you know it's only it's part of their illusion and people are going to have the truly jump off this illusion and due something that is against everything they've been familiar with inordinate the state back those people that jump off of the the parties to vote with the parties are the bravest people on a plan right now because they are true they are true patriots that want to take this nation back and their smart enough not to be sucked in by a bunch of lion political hacks with a lion political politically corrupt media which is all working together i said that i watch that with this belief how dolores gave questions to hilary clintonian not only was she embraced in a faded for cheating by the liberal club the next thing you know you have got an seetuation be you know a animating on you how did none were sheer go to poincilit on an on an atonal platform how did he get habitation foxes complete and utter legitimacy i had a patriot supposedly this this is going to be great one of these days i'm just going to burn the whole thing to the ground is like like so many so makes me mad enough and i'm in a dock that how to any one well i want somebody who is a known political figure that is on a supposedly trusted patriot news a people that were working for me for the campaign not working for me with the campaign tried to get me on this on this this show definitely at war in the room of the nation together and the words that came out of this person mouth is what brandon birdaline and how much money as she brought in why does that have anything to do with bringing someone on other than the fact that its reading the election even at the patriot level people are not who we think they are and it's a listen to them as a bunch of nonsense for any one and this is some one who allowed people listen listen to you know and is really sad it's really really because there you know it's like touto get to get actual information of these people and you know screw it i'm going to throw it out there steve bannon i was so mad on like you've got my you at an opportunity to have me back in not a snowball's chance and how i would sit there and talk to that man at this throw that kind of an alma if it bunched nonsense there for candidate i am like i'm like i can't even believe that anyone would you know may be burnt to the ground time right now you know you know i think when a lot of people is about the candidates right now and one of the things that i have planned in my own candidate for the senate for the state in it what was the passionate that the educated and passionate the you know dante more the more i hear you in the more i recognized a legacy you are more consistent lopepe that i know i expire so for example talk about wildness the worldness and without forswear well miss in our family i want to very mentioned about the every mentally ill daughter who is severely mentally ill and severely special and this is what it is men what we were trying to actually get part of that a part that addressed in the next administration here in missionary also but because thou whatever thing that is is a proliferation the big city and may be the other parts of the state of para then an anxiety evident people don't recognize of course i'm a trained color that's pirootin and i recognized the the probably present of the people that i encounter on the day to day and half habitant in my opinion given an impromptu diagnoses i submit with some convenient where as the theories many of the people who were coming in front of me for hallerpfort on anxiety and depression and they were all going to going into they in order to try to establish a pattern of me to justify the place on this ability the real and when you get through the ways of it find out that a lot of individuals i simply as by the confusing amount of information that is bent to them the inadequate information so you know and the day dragged rangements and report you know something dentheleti ely new nominal what are they how do you know a big percentage of the population sandra somebody who actually doing good or the i had even happened except that had coming feeling it being and depression looking for release but but here is this guy where we boys tell the men came this the one said and here we go the anxiety and there he rather of the race will at did he do well he said that well what did he do that he said then you know and you can't cut through the confused all about the words that he used and what the sources of the formation train time to believe that the words actually me well this campaign i think that to look at goodford the clarity we got about sundown i'm i'm not just some i didn't know a county and funereally they took different well let me let me you know when i'll explain this because i don't think that a lot of people understand the difference and in how the state is run so the governor's position by and large is the fiduciary responsibility to the so the governor has seven there's a board under the governor and their seven positions on the governor controls for the votes which means the governor controls basically how the money spent in the state so what what they've done in the media over the past you know as long as i've been alive which as you know almost years here is that they told us budget budget budget budget budget budget budget that's all you ever here unlike so just so every nose this is highly die the whole thing is doubted and this is exactly why and very and i were talking on the other day and i well this is the problem no matter they don't keep em anyway it's kind of it's kind of a like you know here's the budget you know believe us that we are going to put the kind of money here and that we actually care because this is the budget well it gets my atroce now they have no accountability for it because they put a budget together but there's no there's no connection to how the money so when we look at a budget which they never keep just a kind of a lame suggestion and in most of the stuff is going to the general fund which real easy to hide where the money is actually going you've got to disconnect between that and the actual accounting where things are actually being so for me my whole plan on us is to get in there and we got a shut the thing down we had shut down to a twenty per cent night admits any of them you know casablanca most of em are a bunch of lion chenavard that don't care about anything out there and that so so for what i would do as i would shut the whole thing down maybe keep a few secretaries or something like that you know administrative assistance or something that that weenah on it i mean if you show it down to twenty per cent nobody would miss it nobody would miss the thing you would even know that they were shut down at that point in time shut it down and published the entire accounting from top to now and then let let all the accountants the financial people the people of the state of michigan the business on who ever let every one called through this this accounting system and find out where they spent the money where their unremote because it's not going to take us too long to figure this out i've already got some some targets on several several areas where the money's been laundry out of the state and its easy and i'm not i don't have access to all of it but a stumptail can find fairly easily the published we're going to have a handle on this instant choking it down to where it's actually serving the people of michigan and that answers the question right there of how do we find say matthew or some of the services that we need to put this nation back together the state neckwear our government is abandoned our people what we mean by america for michigan first is that we have plenty of money in the budget we have plenty of money in the budget were what we what we've been taught is that we don't have enough money we've got to raise taxes we got molesting the money before it even brought in so that they've got to raise taxes further and we have no idea where the as an example i found a hundred and a hundred and seventy seven million dollar the that's what they call it but the heat the end of it the end of the year last year i believe it was and what they did if they only did they spend the budget they don't keep the budget they spend over the budget their spending your children and your grandchildren might not just your it's going there the scorched earth and all of us out all of us are going scores so when with that said what they did as they took this hundred seventy seven million dollars in passes your legislature that did who is so there all of them composed tapotte corrupt as took it and they moved this into and to pet projects in their desire to find things like a revanche at now that should have been privately funded or they should have set that up but there is no possible way that that should come through a state over it which is about us it's a mirage like a unicorn flying over the house here donaghmore to his dying votes in their just bought votes in their district by granting favors to these pet projects with what they do all the time through the bills that are the the diary form is another one that we need to talk about and how much money it costs to bring a bill into being a law we've got two thousand bills a year that are going in front of the michigan led more than that their trash and some of them the ones that probably have any merit don't even don't even hit the hit the floor you know and so so the problem with this is as that it's like i heard one point five million is what normal for a bilboe a low nationally the state of michigan they say two hundred seventy five thousand dollars per built to be brought to law i don't believe that at all i think that i think i think that's another one of those one of those quoted numbers that we have no accountability for we have no way to prove any of this and their all lion their tails off on what the actual numbers are you know and i was telling you yesterday i know somebody who's delivery or know of some what i did talk to me directly but somebody i know did and this person is somewhat i share my life with so i know it's truth there's no reason for him to lie about this so anyhow in eight thousand dollars a week deliver boons to the capital in iowa we what were i want to know what to deliver in the state of michigan because you know they're doing it and why are they you know it's like an all yaller there in landseer have us big of a party on our tax dollars you're done with that and less were all invited you're not better than us you're not more special than us you do not deserve all these benefits you choking the military in her lot for cement officers and going oh no we can accomplish inforcement in the state of michigan will get what your problem guy sitting up there and land you are the problem you are parasites on the american people as i suppose you can look at them as the plutonian was to get away with the assumption is that if the titanic is taken i can steal everything i take as much as it is i want when i go when it goes down and i can get away with it so long as that is if somebody actually tries to save there you go the ship that you can't get away with them what the the dog is like well the ship sinking any way we can manage to something we can do but if ever somebody and actually spent lifted up and rebuild the time aetas much of the spoils of the decline as they possibly can that's absolutely this ritual our abatement is just being looted and now it is gardens pervasive that everybody's trying to her everybody then well i better give my hero you know it and everybody just trying to grab okay know what it was to go cast you know no olivier actually actually technically in high the park but in the detroit a my life most and has the highest to insure premiums as in the country the highest in the country and had been decade the mayor comes in the ottomar do i will bring a policy in it lord lord jersey he injure for a drive in it in the on you know now i know that the language sometimes they used this language that this is what is distinctive in for it's going to accomplish this that eternity can challenge it all on ay or that take a colony credible initiate ward by the insurance companies and by by a madame some kind of way to get bondon and you know it for i really couldn't conteenually you know after a while i thought well what if somebody does want of a hand and to what is five thousand dollars in cash you got another five thousand dollars after the would it take the company did mobilisation actually caused them to buy the entire city to and you know we don't like to think about it in terms like that but then you know after after wine you know i like easy entire life and at someone i was a builder in another life you know we had to get inspection i can i can tell you brotherhood to pay the leave it at the inspector to try to meet me to on every second between any way but the corruption this is just an just completely out of hand it seemed like even the people who are who are committed to make in a direct you ride out there and you find out not just you but your whole team people who are not afraid your team i committed as you are you know it was one thing i like about working people were really really to passionate they do because personally i have come to rely on god to and i'm not so i don't i'm not afraid i'm not afraid of a gibbet up a little better last bier that but i'm saying you know everybody is not in the same position it is a a more deplorable as jericho may be or myself i like like the fact that i'm not afraid i wish there was a way that peerless esoragoto to the gateway can only so much with anyway but i and adagoota where you talk about pain pain people off so like i've got a bunch of housing that i own i own my own admonishing and we got through the inspections and that sort of thing my whole thing with that is that if they start messing with me there's not a possibility and i been i been accused of this that the other thing and i should it right in their faces when they say that i've done this and it's like i've never done anything and you know and if they if they come at me to try to to course me which they have anybody that's in business has been his intestato where somebody either tried to try to intimidate you through your corcoran this would be even cities and such i thought right back in their face and i'm like you step on on my property o'donahue you and i'm not going to see you i'm going to bite on you and i'm not going to let go of you said you might want to choose a better method with cause there's not a chance that i am going to play ball with you in this way and once again i'll dock the hell out evanescent of it you know and till we see better behavior out of out of you you know and it ends up when once actually i had somebody that that i said that to they were trying to get me to cut corners and on a building and i said there's not a chance that i will that i'm going to do what you are telling me to do and i said no not a chance i'm going to be doing this my way and it's not going to be your way cause your way is wrong you want me to do substandard to hit your dad line so that you can turn a report it's not happened on my watch and once i laid it out to it was a few years later i was in a meeting that i was actually doing some mo cyber security i put this idiot bad guys on wine i like digging up bad guys on moonlight and ended up pulling some big data so i could compare marks and show them exactly what was happening and i was finding millions of dollars that were being that were being ignored and or moved around with no responsibility or no accountability i have to i have to pretty well conclude that there were people that were being paid off to ignore these no there's no way around it and i would i was in a meeting and i was showing them as there but thirty five people in there and one of the guys that i had stood up to in the past and told them not a chance i'm going to do this the way you want this done you can write me up you can sue you do whatever you want but it's wrong and i won't do it he sitting in the back and i think after he worked with me for a while i found out what a bold had the stubborn person i am up there he sat up in the back and held up a sign that said please hire me if i thought that was kind of funny but i am i don't know if he finally got it figured out that your trapped in a bad system you still have the obligation to the stand up and do the right thing and let the cloverdale they may if you are coerced into doing something in it and you might lose an effort that you an you know cartloads fall where they may because osgod's going to bring the hammer down on those people like there's no to morrow you do the right thing you'll stand up i'll stand up for you in the end you have nothing to fear he so there we go let's talk about decorating else you want to talk about to day i love your historical perspective on things and you and brings the first time you guys have gotten the talk your balbilla man and i really appreciate knowing both of you because i do understand and appreciate your integrity as well as the amount of information and knowledge that you both it's really it's really inspiring nothing comes to mind at the moment i think i said i think i said about everything been thinking about these past that down ah no i think we had definitely an interesting time to be alive and i think the opalescent china is may you even interesting this country is definitely at acrobat i think that we have if you look back from the history of this country we do have these phases of over we as americans uniquely have away find a way of overcoming we always managed we always manage to plunge ourselves near the brink of color creativity and stuffiness whatever you there is corruption history come back from the brink doesn't mean it's going to be pleasant is going to be fun but you can muscle through it she can muster this it was a you get on we can get out of coarse on the other side into a pretty strong position he doesn't mean that he doesn't mean that you know yet there's no cause for concern now and no one knows what's going to happen on the other end of to us to one for what he in terms of together resignation i think we can the days of america being united though they have taken a bit of a pause that those days are not it comes back to apple and stand there so our you know just to to adjust our minds set the you know our society has walked away from god for so long and were coming back to get that that's a real inspired thing to see how many people are actually coming back to god through hardship that's always been that way through history and that looks like his people carrying about the people around them their neighbors rather than minimally nothing for you and seeing people as a competition best rather than to see the community and how we can go forward to help each other got to make that transition over the french from me mamatee come alan so there you go i think for me and on the morning dicere going to be talking about putting our mental health back together if you want to stay on your welcome to stay on as we're going to be talking about this solution for mother if you want to come back on another day that sin to utility choice i can come back on another day i don't think i'd be very useful articular conversation so i think to now that's fine and i really appreciate your coming in i mean i love talking with you and i really do and i rate you bringin it what's happened with the monarchy and the queen this week and and something that's kind of coincidental as look at the eighth of every month the eighth of every month starting and i think july something big has happened every eighth of the month and then you can look to two months forward on november eighth election so we'll see what happens i'm not even at this point time who knows what's goin to have you knows where you goin to have an election we was just about to stop a betting he started to inherit now it's like a red going to have an election who knows you know who knows what's going to happen you know whatever side i bet on the opposite will happen that's attentater how i wouldn't nestled about your potentate is likewise your allegiance i should always live with people i think responsible to be right now as booty nowhere very nice yet you two go bless you and thank you so much for coming on and then maybe have you back on again next week because as we watch these developing the ad developing nonsense continued to go on as kennicott on that which i think you were absolutely brilliant as so have a great danger acathantus much an then we'll talk to you again you wonderful also i love a guy he's amazing he's now a gag he is honest if you if you knew something about his life in the people around him he takes care of he lives ideology he doesn't just talk it he actually lives at taking care of every one around him in a very selfless way i couldn't have more respect for anybody that does that so there you go so let's talk about mental and how how we are going to put things back together well you know really it as we got deeper in the weeds or on these matters you know i got quite a bit of education you and from some other people who aroukeen in the council and i worked the middle hill in some of the social issues and the education continued you know and that's one of the approaches that i like to see you curlike to see and educational process eovesholme we talk about the difference between finding an account people don't know that no we don't most people understand notes of carrying special needs child or part or sibling or or any one in the love that word a special the more we learn about about a vileness and its causes you know what exactly are we going to do i i medicating everybody isn't working i know but but that seems to be the the money maker i forecast keep on and the the system that allows us and to diagnose and prognostication as being treatment for anxiety and you and somebody who who be involved as for it and tried to eat it but you know we look at the bait epidemic you know who is really happy in that you know how how does a person you know he really has a gun the mentality to carry an extra bows on their frames what was it doing in that today as to rationalize and manage the day today challenge now and unholiest you you of it and again here is the deepest chicken maybe what a boarderess extreme fate coexisted with the cart level of anxiety we were wet we benefit a lighter frame eliptical frame no and it is something i just realized being a prostibula many people don't realize the benefits of sunlight a it people have a dark dark walls the walls of painted brown and then the alanson come in the window at what are the features of anxiety is closing the blind nobody can see inside you know now you're sitting up in a dark hole and i said you know these things go on and on now but what i was getting that was the education process a little bit of that i don't know if you military you are no neale trigger i like downstream yeadon yes really crystallized in what the mechanism involved in an one approaches that that i'd like to see implement it at where are actually educated too where they understand you know what medication my man but you know what a really cure i and ere you know a social legenda you are i don't make it a secret i can stand her up and you know i think in general the culture is terrible and for the most part i mean you might be able to look here and there i find some of it it's not just all out o in the process of finding that out go to run into a bunch at decontamination bean and some of the grapelike i told you about some of the guys that you've never heard of you got to help me molestation up i listened to all kinds of garbage all kinds of trash and seems like there's just a market you know and people just by by well it makes money itself i can come out of poverty if i if i if i find her another way to deliver this and not a one and on no and as we used to say in school garage you know you paramore more poison into into your melomania yes what comes out you are now you ride round and your car we got to low is said in the bag so endless net most depraved in music by you know and this is what's going on and a lot of places maybe maybe a something that you can recognize but i can tell you when i see people doing this is very very common the woman is right around smoking we he's got his collar in the back seat in a baby to make a delivery listening to the absolute drums la you can imagine you know and not illegal you know it's not illegal so it would be like it's like we you know we have to drag test we drug test in our best because when you're operating heavy equipment if one or under any influence of anything whatsoever your putting other people's lives in danger and i mean i mean that goes for you know i'm not you know i believe in people having the right to do what they want to do but when you start putting people's lives and danger that as right there and in an impaired driver in appeared in appeared driver with any substance whatsoever i don't care for it regenerate you you know i heard last night that there was galcharn an entire bottle of bendel was in a coma for three days woke up to his fine but so you can you can become appeared with anything depends on the death and so but but you look at people driving around in their impaired and that's that's gray if you want to escape from the world because that's pretty much what any anything like that is it's an escape from the world and you know it's used as copying but that's what we're seeing but when you're out driving round high as a kid and you you don't have you don't have control of yourself entirely to just think about the heavy equipment if we can't have people on the right away or on any of our jobs who are under the influence of anything whatsoever why is that any less of an egregious problem it when it's out there in the public because you know it is putting in this is goes back to personal responsibility if you don't have an employer that basically says you know you smoke and we your taking other other substances you're out of the job you are out of a job you cannot work for us if you are for operating have the equipment and putting people's lives in danger well when we're out driven in a vacant somebody's out their smoke and letterwriter they're putting other people's lives in danger and if it is it comes down a personal responsibility at that point time i think there's some merit to different things such as you know there seems to be an awful lot of evidence that that that we do something that helps you with cancer that's fine don't put other people in danger if you're going to smoke we that's fine you know one of the things that we have in our buildings is that there's no smoking in our buildings none whatsoever so people sit there and go home not smokin i'm just smoking we smoking you know it's like it's like this not to cigarettes and what they don't understand is that some people the reason why we have that is when you're living in close proximity with people people may have asthma they may have they may have to have her be drug tested or something so you are literally putting some one else i lives in danger when you invade that space of them you know go outside to find playsome where else to do it because because that's that's not cool you know it's just not cool we actually went to a concert one time and my husband and i am kids went in this concert i'm not kidding you it was supposed to be no smoking there were so many chimneys as pot going up in the ceiling we stayed for two two songs i approached the manager and i said ah you're not you're not in forcing this and we can't be here because you're putting my livelihood might not enforcing us and it restrict now i don't work none of our employes get paid in the whole thing like you know so so we ended up winded up leaving we got our money back but i'm like you realize that your actions are in fact an affecting people round you so you know that's oh you know the regimental about masinissa the time but but it's not getting better it's just it's just making it just making a tolerable and now you know what is the thing that i also noticed in the anxiety and depressing community is it with we you know and i don't mean the sound like a just like a like a mole dunham and i we did our mobilisation before you know a lot of i never have i never smoked a cigar in my life and i've never smoked a smoke well you know the satire was there was a time when i just thought having the bear and a joint nice music was like blissful but the downside was for one the effect last longer than people confessed to so you know you think you that the jointure take a lower draoitheac whether they rejuvenate or not somebody can i do that that maybe they do or may be not but i can just say you know you can't build houses you you know you can't you can't build your levees product if you are the bottom line you know your measurements are of your you take on material as of your attention to detail is limited you know other lots of different einoeder level changes so many are things that seemed to be missing from everybody report artefacts of marijuana you know and not bemusement in time he now a year you have you are shaking checking out of life and it's like i understand i mean all of us all of us have times were we you know where we check out a life and we after have that time to rejuvenate and such you know whatever there is some more productive ways of doing it then then you know then perhaps a bad choice as like that but you know there is a time where all of us have take ilke to take a step back i like to i mean you know a monopetallous in prayer into a well astrogational would you know i can i could foresee other problems arising out to that end but i will i know that that's a winter so whether or not actually come to pass or no i know that that that would be a good suggestion toogood part of the empress and a good healthy practice in general with italiote subsides the funding and accounting aspect but that the also de subsiding in diagnosis aspect of wildness you know that's also some heavy life well now well and i mean we've talked about this to a large extent and i think that because my perspective is is that i do have such a mentally ill daughter and i understand the cost in the complex that go with taking care of some one who is who has really got some serious problems you know a little bit of background and many many aspects of dealing with human beings from from mediating problems i've done quite a bit of conflict mitigation so you know you got to be a little bit of a quick read on people and understand human behavior to accomplish that and winsey people break down in in conflicts and such and why they think and what they're doing to hide them there it's all of it's the same thing that you do in business you've got to get to the source of the problem not the symptom or not what they say say is never what the reality is it's always it's always there always hiding at retying round saying what it's too scary to be honest for most people as paribus then they have to espousal for what they say and do in the outcome and oh my gosh that might not go exactly so you know penseroso much better just coming right out and send sanatan your mind i think that as we get older two or perspective is that that i know i've changed over the years tremendous i tremendously changed over there which is hopefully what we all do as that where a better version of our self every single day we forgive ourselves for what we've done that we may be in repeat again and use it as a learning expert and reasonable enough to make that comes that when war yeah and then and then we do the same thing to the people around us is that we give them the grace to change and become the better version of themselves and and to help them along the way so like talking about how we're going to deal with us big problem that we have with with dick with addiction and with filling those holes in people you know filling the holes in our hearts because that's a lot of what it comes down to is that we're trying to fill the holes in our hearts were trying to be significant were trying to find love were trying to find except well the one thing that never changes is god god created us and we are absolutely always acceptable in his eyes and always love beyond measure so we undoing to every other source except for the source that can actually fix the problem so you know the drugs i mean look at look at the prescription drugs for everything that we have we already know that parma is one of the biggest deceptions on the planet and you know you they might have you take one drug and then the side effects from it are good another drugs which unagitated making for being happy to want much in outer shape it is a lie you cannot be that in your beautiful person a matter how how your body looks like you know i mean we've had that maybe you know there is there's truth separer we are it doesn't change who you are but what it is is it is not in your best interest it's too hard on your joy it's hard on your heart for people that just say to say we're not going to be attention to that we're going to eat whatever we want we're not going to exercise we're not going to take care of ourselves we were just going to do do whatever we want to do and and an buy into this lie by saying it's okay that's like given an alcoholic a drink you're covering the symptoms it is not it is not in your best it's destructive it is absolutely destructive to individuals to carry to carry round a huge amount of of what on them and watch how quickly and the ties for death and dying and destruction of joints are i mean you can't you can't just bury that and a person that says it's okay doesn't love you because that person is letting you and watching you your destruction without the body you know that i love you i want you too much i really love you too much see the because you're really hurting yourself what you know in welldeserved with the dead i looked at the because when somebody says them well why are they saying that i am i am i tell her my they want to be liked more than they want your best interest it's a deep and we have come or culture that is what passionate estimates as love and in images of the destruction done so and now i was talking about the education of national aspect of well so many for example i would have to people who come there officiant another i got those are primary pillars somebody to actually talk but believe it or not a sign all the bees all of these agreements for ever right privacy cordiality him a grievance what your boss you some kind of way to go around but you yet you know he is still in some kind of way while he stout you know i'm not supposed to talk to you why even at me but now this is me talking because again i have not been afraid to be fired yes what they all call me on one too because they are fire me because i because i was of course they won't say it was because he violated but because he refuse information it will be for my shoes to be entire you know i get ready if his seafaring if they're going to get rid of you there there's a million ways of doing of doing that you know that are on optical that lack integrity and morality and or the responsibility i mean any rule is his at the loopholes in it the rules and laws and just even our constitution require or rely on a moral people who has who as you know who is full of integrity you know and as you know a lot people really are afraid of losing your life ecosystem just but not right before a very eyes and we see the pretended like nothing's wrong i had some body an african gathering till we locate with the gas prices i hear that recently two there like they're like there's no problem with the gas prices some like are you out of your mind what about what about inflation you know their quoting prices of eight per cent inflation in like the people think it is so much higher than what their calling us is just like the polls and everything else there are in through their now you go in and we were so pat so far as double digit inflation which is a hidden at that and you can't believe anything that they're saying economically because it depends on the source that you reading there's no there's no absolute there are spending everything all the time and the people will be in the ebullition the oregon wide the lower there and i not get along don't want to stop out don't want to say something that somebody might disagree with or tell me that i am stupid or something else like that you know it's like keep the line gone you know henery body plan is the domestic ter you you to so that you know the the education process which also i think it is really heavy little your oh what is the i want to ask you about publishing by publishing the counting is initiating a people who are less because i understand that go deeper into the process a little bit and just got explain how because i know i think your publishing the results of or the allocation of money they got a bone but eric where it in the budget the guide lines with the actual money span is what we want to look at and that includes even the departments what their expenditures are so say like if you if you go in and look at it into departments you can start seeing things like you're going to look at salary you're going to look at how much money they're putting into office supply so if their buying the seven hundred dollar hammers that we all know happen you're going to be able to find it and whose name was on that purchase agreement and seckertary behind and then you know also find out who who is involved in that on the outside i think we have a real problem with these contractors that or you know the government the government contractors of the approved the approved contracts look at what's happening the prison system that we have you have to be in approved prison contractor in order to sell these materials in the now i understand why some of that in place but not to the degree that it is there's no real beds put into this and their pinnow their pain so much more these approved prison contractors and their some of them are national rather than going to local supplies while there's a way to handle that local supplier and it's all about having a heavy consequences for actions it's just like stealing or elections if we have no consequences no was going to pay attention to anything as the free for all right so publishing the accounting you know in a marine have journal entries you have ledgers you have different funds that you look at and so when you start publishing all of this i'm talking about published the entire not just not just salaries but expenditures were looking at you know where did they actually get their revenues of their finding from did it come from the correct sort was it you know like like look at what happened with the lottery the lottery was supposed to go for our schools did that happen no why are we are we always at a deficit on roads and schools because they jump jumping into the and to the general fund and we find stupid things like a shrimp on a treadmill to and we're not taking care of our you know of activity or say how much money goes into corporate welfare or tax breaks or anything like that you know we've got government motor there and which you know which comes down to for the number jobs and they always want to promise all the stuff that's why people say oh you need to promise this i'm like when i'm not promising because that requires everybody to sit back and say no he was going to fail as there the ones that step stood in front of the train going to fix so you know it's like this requires all of us to be involved so you know you've got government motors over there that had a abatement through white with mary barrows you know who was in a white contributor so wherein government moorstone this is not and you find though you find those sort of things you find those connections you run the money down and then there's there's enough people that will run and find anomalies in the actual accounting because we don't we don't orator own books by a by a non partisan group of people i mean we should be as the taxpayers addition books we should have those so in an they kin do but it's not easy and most of its hidden in the departments are hidden and so we really don't get the fine grain information so that they can they can hide information on us and where it's going who is involved and you know connect the dot so that we can actually you know put the finger on somebody and say you know those bad guy this goad gal this bad guy and this is what they're doing and that's what needs to have there's a lot of people that aren't going to want me to see me do that and i think that's a reason why i have been so heavily sense is because i'm not plan i'm going to get in there and straighten us out just like you would a company and in not tellin everybody the pretty words or what they want to hear we have to get down to the true and i feel really strongly about that so that's what i mean about that well you know we do the same thing with our bar the bar s and in the area we are creating we have created or they have only we have allowed it to happen but we have cartels within our government exist to protect it and that would be industry the political parties that is the neat comes with the cartels are the lobbyists the lobbying should be absolutely illegal and i you know look look at the cartels that are made with our government there's a lot of there is a lot of and they like the auto industry is a cart absolutely cartel if you the set of their own standards and then then you can't get in nobody can get into those those industries unless unless unless you comply with the rules which they inform in fact created for themselves and if you don't pass the rules we gastinois got double team by the insurance agencies or the insurance industry which is all you know in the car industry that doesn't didn't pass our missions tester our craft chester whatever it is we can insure it and then you've got the next step which is the licensing bureau the secretary of state is as up you know what you didn't he you are and you aren't in sure bobcats you then pass the the caracoles um you know and so we're not going to give you a license to be on the road so guess what you just got boated off the island no one abandons all protected by the cartels we are cut you know in high school where you know you have to be you have to fit certain criteria the hangout is courage and we watch her at all was a bonito the big groups of the health care and discretion on one point poisonous also again back to the education process and actually in some of these these are after you know and real term the people understand you you and i were talking about decentralizing the the finance and the allegation was and had not yet i think people need to know what that means winter we not getting feed back from the way the people we have mechanisms out there where we can go into i think we need to decentralize okay so i and while we're dealing with mental mental health mochaoi right we needed decentralize that have the control just like in our schools be local so that so that the people that are on the ground that are closest to the problem have have have the best ability to say this is the problem here and this is how to fix it you do the same thing in companies companies you don't talk to everybody in the office you talk to every one that's on the floor of this that driving trucks picking up the trash that you know everybody talked to bottom and you get the real picture but people sitting in an office and lancing are absolutely le so he even betaking to people and listening to people and what they've done as they made themselves a little a little the nest up there where nobody ever gets to a totem they don't take an information there's no accountability or scoring them to hold them accountable to what the people really want because they cut me the people out of their daily operation now because of how we have a great technology gathering systems we can the others gather information from the people in in the areas and find out what really is going on and having their input on these subjects we need to do that with our bills i think we need to publish our bills and three months and get the public opinion on we have that we don't have that right now not where there's no feedback they sit up there without any accountability making rules and policies whichever way benefits the most biatt keep him in and power as it woodmount where the mental health or health care any of that we we are seen such a top heavy administrative function and they continue to make the administration of a service or policy so to have that the that it let us say and and i'm just going to throw a number out there i can't confirm or deny this number but it's a gas i would have let's just say that maybe ten to twenty per cent of the money were putting into health care actually gets to people to accomplish health care in the meantime we've got any dainty per cent of the money that's going into that area going into more and more at a documentation and mortimore administration and nobody it were so be nothing other than havana bloated government that needs to be you know needs to be cut off theories there well you know we glad that her somebody else who can who can actually focus on him who may be and post to actually do something about it you know that before you actually mentioned the thing about the record you know i was going to you what what is the dowieites just unreal documentation i had into the you know i've got fifty cents i've got electronic records and then i got a file average two hundred paper one of the hard files then this is nonsense this is absolutely nonthenth care workers right now is just like these our health care workers and even our artist so burdened by this see why a mentality that they can't work and so you've got you know they hear you go we can go in to the judicial reform and how much money were pouring into an unjust so that people can launch a you know like a frivolous lawsuit i also drives up the cost of doing business and providing services in and puts it in the money of the polite money in the parks the politicians and the attorney and are the people getting that money no this is a way that they've made it to legally steal from the the same thing with all of the insurance nonsense it's going on because the insurance companies are trying to get out of paying the bill they're trying to deny people service the people who have motor cycles in the state i looked into the insurance because there's a big problem with that we've got two hundred and fifty thousand register motorcycle proximal motor cyclists in the state right and there being denied coverage they are trying to their trying to square our people from being able to even on motor cycles by juno by rigging the insurance that they're able to get it's either too expensive to get it in the trying to get out of i and i know it's no more than that they could figure this out this is something that that could be figured out to be able to provide actual insurance for people that want any know have a motor cycle in or any or anything like that it's almost impossible for most facilities and you know i have horses as a private stable i don't you know they are my horses it's a hobby for me and i like to do the rescue in such but if you look at the amount of money and in equinata to put into to have people be able to have as to say horses or for animals in general you get one kid there to get a case of say seminoles they went they went they were peachie i didn't go they're going to wipe out they're goin to wipe that entire farm out for that well you know what life comes with risk some of it we have to be willing to accept some of those some of it also has to do with these this nonsense of trying to have everybody else to responsibility for our actions whether than rather than ourselves you know it's like it's like i am willing to risk being heard on a horse i've been thrown off i've been kicked i've been you know i've been stopped on i mean whatever it is and and you know i'm in there you know digging in the manor and you know clean it out stalls because i believe in taking care of the world around us not going oh that's cross will you know what afterwork in it while it's just not that girl is just part of it's part of what you do right and for me it's honestly to do far mean either planting or harvest or putting up hay or moving manor i mean i enjoy that more than sitting in a bored room talking to a bunch of people in that's about the most boring thing i mean you can die in a barroom that nobody could know the defence he sat there in their life here like where's don ogeechee died at the table so yaoorie ce cote were also there like the in a train of money through it as i give me a shovel a pitchfork and let me shove anuther than to sit through that kind of nonsense because most of that is all manure near by itself you know as people posturing for same thing in her government so pastor not as you know you know that all of that i risk we have the amount of administration we have going on across the board is killing this nation tis it's not just in counsel in our health care if you're only getting percent to the people why do we why do we think all the other nations in the world had us to the people right where it goes through our king makers in our government which are unaccountable to the people to the king makers and other countries like will decay ukraine was the lancinating but a global is put you know in a very pathetic one at that and so so where's it going it's going to go to ukraine and ukraine going a take anything we give including the weapons if they're going to action or china in that attracted that we can't do that that we just wait watching that happen you know punctuated one was now to be one of the most corrupt governments on the planet now all was sudden wind is to the billions and billions of dollars and where that money going oh i otranto the people of ukraine at certain it's like it's going everywhere else but you can and i'm going to guess at the plans that are taken the money over there are on a round trip back to the united states and the drop off when they get in the united states is going to be the first drop is going to be and second drop is going to be wherever the people are that are in power and they've got carriers that are going back and forth between a imigrant that because you can't have the monomoy these people have when they leave office without getting kicked from everybody because they are leviticus so this is in this you know how do we fix this you know how do we fix this first of all we have to have honest people in office which we do not mentioning this is what you would do in a company you would have house cleaning from top to bottom you would put everything out on the table and let everybody see what they've done you would have complete and utter transparency and exposure from these people that are in office not their personal finances everybody's like why i want to see what they've got in the personal finances are you kidding me that's about step five in the press one is to publish the you know and published the accounting for the going to lead you to the personal they're doing it backwards it's just like going after president trump they're going after him personally so they can hide what they've done in the government to pick out scapegoats all over the place people and get them to look at anything but where they should be looking which is at the books in the government you start looking at the books in the government that's going to lead you down the path to see where they have sitiation off in the personal accounts you all start with a personal counts as because they're just part of in what they are doing because they can sit there and point at everybody else because there are a part of it and in that other hiding it there going towards individuals rather than salensus look at the whole thing a man it we're going to look at to situation that's going to give us a path toward to go now a badly about that up to one of the one of the current politicians actually on the state senators for on an area around where i live and i brought up the undecided about some of the fuel companies and his support of them and you know you know is he openly acknowledging that yes we need fossil fuels and not he said i he went into defence the liberal the defense against cooperating with any of the fossil fuel and dusty and automatic he owns in the eve and the trader the electric is that's where you're goin to find out what the motor teetotal his campaign finance oh come on you see you go down side you you got to put black money a dark money mark money right right there oberwesel tintinnabulating five that's that's your bed you cover is that it's not bibliomania exactly i do but i guess that's adequate answer or what some people obviously he felt like that was that that was enough and fortunately i think had i not challenge him on that that would have been absolutely enough that's adequate answer outlook of my campaign finance by anything there we hide it they hide it now were exact obviously flagrantly obvious you know but you kin lie no i didn't do it i had i didn't do anything you know look at my finance or it is out there now it's not it's not i was desesperant airily as i couldn't be i thought he was to be more at one clever about his distracting me from the issue or something no he told me to look at his campaign finding and you look at what i said about me it's like there's a rap over on the east side of the state he said john a brinberg is irrelevant because she won't take the pack money and that's the way things are done in lands well you know i i guess we get a chance to activate onst ration about the way they should be done by the gorgonian in or not but give good education about about what harford real careful consideration issues and the the results he that can provide well and i think this is i think this is something to that kind of important it's like it's like stories i had one gal that that was a friend of my years ago an old neighbor of mine headmasters degree and collingwood and one of her professors said to her that the whole said i'm going to give you a mount of money and i want you to go out make as much money as you can he they took off and then they came back in three weeks and everybody got up one at a time and told their story about how much money that they made and the professor sat patiently listened to them all got to the end and said you've all save said you've all failed because if you would have taken your money your time in your efforts and put them together and work for a common goal you would have gone twenty times for then where you are right now so it natalie in the fact that this whole independent you know let's all right out as long ranger here that's great but i'm pretty exposure if you have a pass rather than one you know on the lone ranger you're going to be let come a lot more ground and when you get hurt somebody's going to be able to pick you up for you you know get you some help and bring us some water we've kind of missed that in our society in the end in front in fundamental ways you know and i think that that significant in in the way that we look at the world we shouldn't have the competition you know we should be looking at each other and saying you know what i'm pretty happy with the way i am right now and you know if i want to change it that's my responsibility to change it but i'm not going to do that on the back of somebody else i will change it myself without having to take advantage of somebody lied chester victimized it's all under whether i do that or not i do what the right way not to try to gain other people that is wrong that the psychopathist that's not a healthy individual at all you know and and abraham abraham another another great story or a from abraham or lesson you know when windermere in sincere and he basically said they were trying to divide up the land and where they would go and of course it decides he wants to go on a salaam in the valley where it looks easy they've got everything there that looks easy profitable you know there's a social structure there which was not what we would probably think is a good idea and it's not just it's not just what every one thinks it is we had we had dad that were giving up their daughters to strangers we had all sorts of trail and her ill behavior to sacrifice other people to the god of the god of of you know what other people think you know and that was that was happening and abraham said you know it doesn't matter to me i can be on the moon gataker of me wherever i am and that's what i ascribe to no matter where i am adakar of me if i'm out aboundantly it doesn't make any difference and that takes all the far away when we when we scribe to that thought process that it does not matter i will live before god i will follow god and wherever he has me i will be content in all situations without needing more wanting more for serving as what's going to fix us but an ass so that it's about a minute after i think it is great i think we should continue to bring you and he have you and i talk on a regular basis here and how to all of these problems and you know to actually help people and you know to actually help people as they struggle through life and try to help ease the burdens you know the they need people need to make a connection into the fact that their government host to be helping them not trying to catch them or my man or tear them down or throw a jail but to find out what's going on i mean some is doing the wrong thing it is a government you know our law enforcement a necessity to step in and in in hold the accountable you can't have somebody out there whose hurter but when somebody is struggling as a as a moral a moral people standing before god ability is and then step in and help those that are struggling to defend those without a voice to do the right thing not not to sit there as a tyrant or a king and you just failed to disallow this is going to be your punishment should not be punitive it should be first service and only punitive when someone they in or hurts another human being there you go there's my ideal would you like to pray for us do they bury and then i will sign off for everybody and bless every one before the prelates everyone please go to my website tenanting its spell like this brandon bird for governor i am ready for governor the state of michigan and i will be on the ballot november and so help me god i will do the right thing to the best of my ability and in all it to be honest and truthful transparent and to try to restore this nation in this state back to wit the people were all the power it where it should be in the hands of way the people and to wrap me right your representative not your not not any more than that but your representative that that manages your asset the way that you would want to do as i write every single word on telegram and that at brandenburg the number for i you can jump on any my social media in courcey one to go to my face book account even though they keep censorian massowah numbers which every one to look at the numbers hatton the numbers but the numbers are being censored but going home about their joint all my social media and and maybe we can get everybody's heads back on their shoulders again to actually look at what's going on out there instead of making rash we so all right i greater in jesus name thank you for bringing us together in the spirit of love and support of your will and your word father thank you for your guidance you for your wisdom and made you impart all of your gifts upon us as we serve you father and patagonia and understanding upon us and all about descendants father in jesus name we pray amon more thing is that the nonsense of gentle jesus with the lamb set down his foot his gateway because yes he is a shepherd but he is also out for justice truth and right now we need somebody that's going to be we need people that are going to stand up on wavering as warriors against these crimes that are going on right now and after we get the figured out in its time to gather the for gather the flax and and he again but right now we need we need warriors that are willing to stand in the gap say no we will not tolerate this any more this is of of of creation of humanity of of our people so without said we we love all of you out there you're always in our thoughts and prayers were thinking about you every time you have champions in your corner who are fighting the good fight for your future for the future of every one you love so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america go but you very thank you for being an to day and will be taken all right may