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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/11/2023 - Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar

Published April 11, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the eleventh day of april twenty twenty three ah simplethere to day we have to day is taylor tewisday with john to his laugh in the background here with a mister john tater and the brigonnet and his erpetology the technical difficulty this morning but we got on words mo to making what happens when you re boot your peter so i wanted to start out with a video and sure of video with every one as i thought that it's good time for some motivation so here's or let's see a cases agothis is what happens welcome to my kitchen table where i am actually running for screens and staff as well as a there you sir heroics this mission has responsibility for deserving the best which i believe is responsible peculate or country do not share go responsibility of the mancos fetonte e she antonescuthat being craning requires american is not to then there the he of corsetiere the mother she three americans strong again we will morse people herostratos only of the glass on rounds sending off cried in the tenement erinetta there force they are strong ones brave they are fired pelican water engines metics and marines but on one else they are americans and this cap city the station belongs ternitatem so that we eiresione torsions and then for ever in mind is never the people dreamed these bill and it's the mentionedeating of for marcandiers reverses and for the world this one to roses great way to serve out the day happy be here happy to be in america happy to be his the livin on god's green earth and a started green of yesterday that was pretty exciting to hurt you this morning john i'm very good sheshurino people all of the other factions that are out there can regard who and what we are after listening to the right i'm like i'm like you know we leased to the very very proud to be americans because what does it mean to be an american at means to actually all different cultures all different people to melt together and melting podgett's what i was always taught right and a too to melt together in the live together and to watch watch out for each other's best interests it that's what is where we are america's people are america not our right now not a government there supposed to be serving america and they don't represent so that's how i look at it at any rate in any i claim god's kingdom above all that so i tooneelterm cinadon with it but anyhow so we allowed to talk about to day i i wanted to bring a couple of things forward here jo because we have a whole bunch of crazy stuff going on there thought it would be a good idea to the hit a few things for have been talking about this foreign money that's been buying american land and hold their actually doing it so right now one of the things we have is whenlook legal manoeuvring and how their truly breaking the logs is acquisition in murders in such divion cooled her something that it came up with an i thought this is interesting of endplate bit of a video before he jumped forward you the fore mornin this morning full morning at eleven both you ye are we where we've got suffruticoso i i wanted to jump into the the did think this was important and will get to the delawares here so i wanted to bring this forward because there's something out there called reek or a wreath in its accompt is accompanied on the most cases operates in tom producing real estate reads on many types of commercial real estate including office and part of billings where a house is horseflesh opping centers hotels and commercial forest reads engaged in finance real estate now this replaced the beginning of really understanding what they're doing to buying out of a american layman with and how they do it so there's a couple of sights that want to bring it encourage or we go to which petous but i wanted to touch on this quickly in the show you an example of how they are absently buying up for our our land with foreign money and also how they are docking taxes in the indiaprincess and honestly ah it is this is incredible once you get in behind the scene and you see what's going on it's on beliefs so what is the weak real estate and testator real estate doesn't your aerophanes that owner financing can produce your real estate across the range to property so here there this this narrat is trying to tell you how how they work and how much money is in it in total wreaths of all types let it collectively one more than four point five trillion dollars and gross as others the united states with public reads owing appresentre trillion as reath have an acute marget camp egatian of more than one point for trillion dollars and they alone as public rates on an estimate of five hundred and thirty five hundred also five hundred and thirty five five hundred thirty five hundred thousand properties in five fifteen million acres of timber land across us i why did you get it or idea of what a what numbers were dealing with your because it's it's crazy and it gets crazier the farther you go down in the i don't want to spend a lot of time on this but we're going to oh we're going to have to deal with us and so i wanted to play the little vitellite bit here to give you an idea of what we're talking of cause i spent enough time talking about mergers and acquisitions and such and so we're going to play a little bit of the studio at seventeen minutes seventeen my favorite number sensesif six seconds long but were on a play a little bit of this poetsthis seminow the companies corporations are doing him you will have to opusanecdote attention considered these the sovereign engines this doefeel which appears as an evil castle then there is no he even at the bar and main building and there the easily the resort which focuses the opulent gold colored glass for his and any one would chohansthe worker white and his roaming predicate in the various shocks might all inside of one of the ever to pain that is his all trees no one strong back in force between the hotels without setting a foot of its five a simple of one way to be found between the horse shoe family noticing bales the paris located being why do these hotels may get other competitors wouldn't they do he will just feet as you probably get on this point to love few as shoe and the parents belong to the same parent company caesars entertainment and the three other hotels look someday they and escalator also all along together and are operated by empty the national he told coexecutor taxes morton you will free to to you know it's good to you to be one put on the base that up with the honestatis in fact the probability that new york hotel companies i a half not orated by no the bodie in the locker on cape distanthe battle the back of the ear and nineteen eighty nine what ave you rash nor tell pointed time to rise slow down i have been the last new austerities he became you to its popular artificial volcano attraction dishart he started an arrow of in ten linicus circus enterprises open the affirmation excalibor tell a family friendly in the tlethosan of wools and tours or organ side we escalators ay her bisiness towards family but by the decamped upstairs perehinsko down stairs to the ark nineteen and to promise companies which already on the holiday in note remains that hotel to herits in nineteen atethree the city gained in that visional three casinos and cigrand open then and go grand hotel we roswither its full pencreatures and and siricius on the egyptian then rose its opening day of the luxurious for the entry way to see for themselves what every one has been talking about and other company maleengerin ment to announce the construction of the den othercase at this point the company already owned the bales there named giving ethel which is nowadays called horse an entertainment announced the construction of in the tresorio which would be called acaris to day is whistler his company replica of the eiffel tower trottel well i think this is really interested i think it is stop here but i'll pole seson my telegram channel but i think that al it's it's valuable understand how these mergers and act was niton's work considering were in an eminent time where were experiencing incredible economic warfare and how they are doing it not only to buy companies but to buy american land and of their using the law to get around the law with these with these different legal or illegal terms i don't believe our upholding their intended purpose so it is worth the watch some of this is worth watch but i will do a couple of the decapolis to day on obesiance as well as on mergers and acquisitions to give everybody like a base knowledge of how this how this really works and then also to help you stay out of dealing with dealing with the companies and or dealing with the enticement of may be ten enticed into deals with this type of organization because when you start really looking at it it entirely it looks like a subversion of the united states of america and i have a feeling that at some point in time they are going to be prosecuted may be marked part and prosecuted for such activities which were subversive to states america so an i think it's good to get home base knowledge of the skies and seminole that there but i did want to touch on this this morning a little bit and then i'll pull onelegant quickly too what is it dear tuesday he not tethering the back cantator what's happened at one well couple of weeks ago we started looking at a court case shouted deal with a court case an honest speeding ticket and he so we went through the process of filling the complaint then we went through the second process of piling the the we never got to the process of a more definite statement third process that we would deal with why as yesterday the cannon or or the person et was being charged speeding went to the web sides to find out mournfor ation regarding the speeding and there it is what is it say at the bottom and blue in spenser not found please find or certain son monheagan and nothing there they removed it because that they were able to defend themselves and actually removed the temper have it removed he militated her in court they don't know who she is number one whether she is because of the documents that were filled were pretty are number one they don't know whether she would come in and argue those ports and then the judge and door the police officer would have a hard time you know coming up with some sort of excuse or problem or reason and i consequently they decided not to have her show off the nature open this is not the first time this happened in no way we had the same thing with another lady and no by whose piles totally erased we went frowning i personally wince to novicite to the municipal cart building to find her file and find out what it was that the cases and one we ask for her particular pile there was nothing in it he was an empty folder with her name on it so we know that these documents are powerful people understand them and want to deal with it in one fight the battle ah of course it's going to cost some money any any type of fighting for the republic is going to cost money but we're not asking for an arm and leg for a document where were and and we do follow all the way through if she would have had not successful after the default for we were a wen on wooden fired document which was a motion for more definite statement we eventually sent them beings we would eventually fought that battle but we never got there because the i'm sure the judge looked at himself and in the police officer we came handed and we're just going to if we go to court and we ah bring this out to the public the public spread to get aware of it and they're going to start using these arguments and handed the tie so let's keep it from the general public so we skelton collect our cat collect from her but we can collect from and so that's the game that their playing and we just saw are an ayceste republic we have to post we are tired of dealing with the government nonsense note democrats and republicans against the people a a are the democrats against the republicans people against the government yes and it is as definitely that's the problem is that people been sucked into the stomachit republicans fight and the promises that's to its stowing of the same bird there working together and their working to steal from us through in the end then they helped you know like a show they helped these corporations to steal from us and then they the back round the dark money to the parties as well as to the corporations of the corporations back and forth the corporations are buying favors and so that the whole system is its trills like a beast system that relate the whole thing needs to be broken into about five alliances make him look for change in the corner as what really needs to happen you're right i got it give you a little bit about cohere because i got to tell ye i do a lot of analysis of different organizations because i've been to so many of them as well as being able to analyze what i'm seeing there in the dynamics and i got to tell you the one thing i really preciate about you and what you how you teach is that you you stick to the law you stick to the law instead of trying to create an organization based on a hierarchy which functions as a cult most of the organizations out there function as the colthe try to get people and you have to garner favor with the people on the tops that you can move ahead you don't do that and this is what i love about how you bring information to the table and also tells me why you're retiolitidae because you continue to forward and empower people and decentralize this ability to fight this your not trying to centralize it underneath you you may other meete no one saw you invite people come to it to give him information to empower themselves not not to build at you know not to build an organization but to decentralise that night and i think that's great there's somebody out there called amitie listen to his sides out there and i want to tell you what i believe that this thumbwood be a little concerned about because first of all where the things that i hear it's eficientes a lot of red flags i have behind what he says he says he's got this got the scatinian how many times had we seen a new face come this i've got the real story of what's going on here you instead of at this is what is what we're seeing and the trio build it into their own little purse and all kingdomthere their name and in unselling you what it's like wine were going to start questioning this cap how many times do we have to see a million people come to the front and sinkyone got this organization and were going to we're goin to all liston were to do this together no only to have that evolves into hating and yelling because what are they doing there fighting over control it's like they all want to kencote won to control these organizations in order to make sure that people fall in line where is just exactly what we have with our government or political parties and its there all calls and its time that we honestly wise up in siceliot ing to believe this new shell on on the stage that basically suszes going to promise to the world and jerk the ragout from amathus in about three weeks because it depends totally on their waning coldly on there secrets that they that they contain in order to onesicritus these secrets right john isn't to that and now i neither does anybody to founding and outwardlie all volunteers on thrown out where halpahan everybody picks up this picks up the ball and runs with it in the direction that there they feel god called them to do and and we will be cheering everybody out you know gravitan with it but i would encourage every one to jump on to just listen to what john has to say or that on groundes day night it is not wrong it like olotoraca interest it is there to give you information for you is to choose which you want to do on a to be your best self in the way god called you in its amazing totally masin like you for that plug i've got a note in follythat i would hand her tools you right here on the king of rotohiko it's like it's like a nobody knowing you to as for me unfortunately on myself i get might you know it like his tooition down as we should all be able to be questioned as well as to have an answer for why we take the person even the personal stand made it's nobody's business really what your personal stand that thinks but if we're willing to step forward we put we probably should be able to answer the questions oh no i'm goin we feel that way now i've got quite a long answer because everybody's going after general fynall the time christie ecrasent chap i mean the list of patriots is long and when i watched them you admirers he's kind of a ghost of sits the background i love that guides that he's he's a ghost warrior and i you know suitsthese you know why i believe that these people are patriots were i believe others are not and this my personal view and i have the right to that as seriously you know anybody's entitled whether view you can never tootwenty go to myself too we have to be able to look at those of actively and critically to make those decisions not based following the blooms and rainbows or whatever the heatsthis somebody's giving us this new secret information i look for stability and a and stable geniuses rather than news horse in here after trying to jump in front of the camera so but anyhow that's that's a way that's why basons so any alcock to your lescombat to the law which john which john puts the law out there not in opinion but the law love it these oh you brought up a couple of points that i think we really need the again and i'm sure we've been pressing this and people that if ten listening to you should i already figured it out but we're going to do it again anyway the difference between a republic and a democrat democracy is the most unstable form of government of government out there and it never last because it is based on the majority rules everything in the rights of the individual are basically triumphed on it like a it's like it's like watching a bunch of kids place socker who are about five years old you know on to gets go here a bunch can't feel there buckets go there and the the kid that record use a little bit of thow do i say it extra help and for participation or strategy is in fact had gone and in its very changeable a republic is representation for of governments make sure that every one's rights are upheld how i do pretty good pretty well and as for not one that i that we only take of government that ever had the chance of actually sustaining a long term stability i want to add to that i reap in theocracy and or democrats the democrats have used the democracy for basically their title and they run around preaching the democracy everywhere but the problem with the democracy is they put one group against another yet we have the rainbow pie for the pride people whatever you want to call it we have the antiparos we have the amandara women's rights non sons it's like i'm so sorry i've never felt like i was you know discriminated against i felt like i have run into some stupid people but not necessarily mass discrimination i mean i mean if you can't play the game get out of it so by putting us into groups situations of this has been going on for a long elected long and the two big groups that we have are the democrats of republics and of course the other ancillary parties that are out there but those are groups of people that are fighting other groups of people and taking us away from the democrats or taking us away from the repose individual right there is nowhere in the entire constitution in the entire declaration of intent or any of the papers written by the founding fathers that talk about it democrisy as a good form of one they said the he tried to do everything they could to stay away from it and push us into the form of a reply those people that believe that because they belonged to a organization such as the democrats or the republican that they are good people and powerful people or church or you name whatever the organization might be that because their belonging to a specific organization they have certain powers in certain rights freedom and to certain powers and certain rights and certain freedoms are those things that they argue about and fight about all the time and the part of the point of the matter is they don't have group writes group writes do not exist to america group writes her fig menolope imagination what does exist in america is the republic under the constant gives everybody individual rights you have individual rights that cannot be said earlier trampled upon by other the problem is that we have been sotibile billgood and we have been a propagandized into the process that we have a democrat you got to belong to a group of this or a group of that in order for this short in the showup here that her son home proeme of like the federals panthelon people don't even know about the federals papers but you can go to the federals pave this soft federal papers ah that word and you can go down and you can click on any of these and let's go to fifty one check proper checks and balances and then read the federals papers here and understand that argument that was going on at the beginning of our nation so were goatwagon on an there he got separate to string exercise of power so all these things i think are are valuable to learn and to look through you know it's not the constitution the kalikoso the declaration of independence though you know the there is this more than just the few documents there commonly quoted absolute absolute ah but it brings me back to the nonsense that we have been fed all these years and some of us have gone through the school system ah and have been fed the same nonsense that we must obey government we must do the right thing we must i followed their laws their rules and regulations which is not what the republic because we in the republic and i say i quoted down sources did well more than once down horses bid wils's where the author of those laws therefore those lost on apply you was those laws apply to controlling the government not to the people the people have no laws that they have the follow government has lost that they have and so we have this backwards and they have of course be taking more and more freedom and rights not they haven't taken them away he can't take a freedom or a right away but i ain't worried down the commander the operation therein they have made us believe that we give up those freedoms we have to give up a certain freedom in the patriot act in order to be sent and that's that what this is all about a hintin a free in a republic always life is risked that its risk as in a democracy to just that a different form or risk night got twelve thousand people following the arm a hundred people following behind you that the belief the same things so now you got a bigger crowd that's all but it's still gets back to individual right and an individual freedoms a not square the republic stand but we need to get rid of the rats that have been infiltrated in our des area for years because they number one i don't i'm not quite sure that they know the difference between the republic and democracy there woodsmoke they know anything it's like their night were boys they're kind o like that star like pinocchio and ousekeeps girl and the wood boys they have no idea what's going on and himself they don't they have no idea what there they set up for because they're just popped standing so we're not fighting the speeding ticket cary with the lady out of south carolina the list of octogenarian not necessarily fighting the speeding we are fighting for the result the speeding ticket is the vehicle by which gets us in front of the judge and or gets the law and from obviously didn't get any didn't get her in one he dismissed the and they dismissed my cases in the vulgar because they don't want me in record so they don't want to really argue or points in the republic because the new word lose their power and echoes back to norton verses shall be counting if you haven't read that came then you really have no clue as to what the republic is all about but a republic is based on law and the law is based on the ore supported and or based on the constitution of the united states and then each individuals and so all of the governments the our supposedly given the power to govern they have to follow they have to follow or desire one we them or we a grant in the power and the power to govern in in our sad because we don't want to do that we want to go out to the beach on to have or peter kolatto whatever ah we wanted enjoy life that's not our job to do the day by day governments on the other hand we have given them complete carte blanche in the government situation and we have bowed down to them i serve as or as our cans as or as a raw leaders there not leader again we go back to norton versus shall be county their public functions they are right folio in public i think that we need to fire a man this point time may be keep a few secretaries and in office managers and such until we get the thing figured out but i've pretty much most of em i think we just fire all because they haven't done they have not protected the we the people they have not protected any of our rights given by god guaranteed by the constitution they have the haverly polluted the entire judicial system they have fooled the whole world and the amount of crimes committed by the united states of america are really a horrific never seen what really was part of what buried julian as in knowessecond of pralines that he did honestly he he potugot there make people come have to come face to face with what our government was trying to cover up and that's why that's why they incorporated him because because he was putting stuff out there to in fact half transparency and sometimes you know sometimes an act like that is an act of extreme heroism where he be put his life in in the way just like say presented maybe it's not the way that they want it done sometimes that you know it he i like what he did i think it was i think it was awesomely heroic and i am i guess you've got to look back and in your own perceiuer life on his why am i here the why am i specifically a born and in this particular time and why i hear what is what is it all about is it about going to the beach or bind a bigger next bigger bolder next figaros this that with this is all about is that why we're here so we could go out and buy the next biggest boat next biggest car and expects or are we here to take our government to protect our not government porticker country and protect our and bring people in line with what we found him father's one in it one here for the kingdom of god and that's exactly what i am here to serve to protect to do whatever it is he asked me to go to sir cumin a mankind and the people around me and in pretty much you know i think i think that this is the hascot it's got to come from that understanding the constitution is there protect the rights given by god you know so so might my whole reason for being here is to help those round me and i think that that's a not it's not not about what you can get or what what you have that doesn't make you a better person you know it's a measure of something but when you see so many people that are out there that our cedric corrupted to me a lot of times that is so there's this dividing line there you know em but it's not always true i mean i don't think that demonisation of actually success for money is appropriate because is theirs of there's a lot of people that have done well in life and they've done honestly but when you learn it wingit some of these big words and an cposition like hanibout up this morning and the operations behind it it's about control domination usurpation and taking this world captive under the control of one a world order or in a thought that it was funny on on to the star was where they had a potation at the council or their refined their low one solace there and that how they were all really it was really about taking control over and in putting everything under their theater than heaving under god's domain which gives us freedom and and i believe that people that come to this earth that our born at any particular time there main function is to be in service of others and not in service of themselves but exactly in seasoning is is he too cold to help other people that's what it is if doesn't it he don't do that you it's worth less so bringing us back to ah the republic and the sunshine patriots that are alternos a tone so many sunshine patres only do it if it if they feel that they're going to gain something from it or that they're not going to be the acrogen in trouble or that of the can make a buck on it or whatever these are the sunshine patriots and nerves of tonomon there in those of you that do the research on the internet half the bee cognoscentis to who you are looking at and listening and why are you listening to old man what background and guarantees and i don't mean you can get i can't guarantee that you're going to win the ticket but i can certainly guaranteed that i'm going to give you the law to and how you deal with that afterwards i take it and you understand it and you confide it then you have ninety nine point nine per cent chance of winning but if you take a document from me as many people have done in the internet they go find it doctormen on the internet they type it out the sendethe think that the cards can allay right here all your free ghent has nothing to do with that because they didn't quote the law they don't understand it they don't even understand it document that they gave the record is the why and why they became its so well look here ginory's got to say we are here at a point that we have to really know and understand is going on and we have no long well look at the ship that's happenin the united states of america and turning on to world why into dependent gottist's for our very exists you know people people don't know how to a lot of people don't know how to you don colcothar at top if they're having a leak or something to get cut plomer for god's sake then study getting out to a cock and figuring out how to put a smooth me to cock in there and get a good seal on it or you don't hire in a torn rather than knowing a lot of being able to represent ourselves or we've got to you know i mean there's there we've got to go to these big corporations which were poisonously through many ways and that the attitudes and all that serving rather than growing or on food why do you condependent anybody else do any of this nonsense make your own vacheron growing round food you know lernaean learned parmentier could actually be adding this skill such panlike my kinds are little i like it's much more important to add to your tool box then jump in somebody else's tool box and i used sclerosis and then then you you are in charge a little bit more in charge of less relying on on their there there provisional for you it's right we have to be in order to be in a republic after be self reliant right exaltaverint and you have to be able to protect your life liberty and property ah yes government is out there than there supposed to be doing that but when the one when the final havana or final thing happens and you have a robber big banging on your door breaking into your house you can depend upon the police to come on in a rest on into he'll be long gone you'll be dead before the police ever get the so you got it able to protect you how would you tonson and you should think about those things and figure out how you're going to protect so when that time comes you don't have to worry about it because you have the same with everything else that's going on in our society eh and he the greatest example of this whole thing was this colet nineteen garbage that we were told about the chapter were masked the chapter to this save the span expert i in order to protect yourself from the so called virus that all over the place he was from a jump upon you any time you stepped outside the door and so we still act people that believing that because they go to the doctor he says oh ye can a vaccine and you don't check into the vaccine what's in that back you don't go through the internet and you know what it's a shame because you staffmilitary the goin find a document that had that article written a just clip on the computer in its front of your eyes you don't have to do any but you have to put the time well i got to learn to think because not everything that comes our way is legitimate i actually had some on that came on oh my my being on and there at one point time and was offering all kinds of ideas and so chandan making lots of claims for natural health and so like okay you know i actually believe in and that because in me now ah the natural way that to deal with most things is probably the better way to do it and not by into the pharmaceuticals and such i do believe that she he decided to send me all kinds of files of on things that she had been collecting over the years so i start going down or forels and she appeared to be she appeared to be one kind of person when i got into the files ah in contained in the finals with the satanic bible the book of the dead looses there was nothing in there they had to do with no bible it was all occult and even the remedies and how they did it was was all calasirians like by into this one so just cut of shoved it off to the side you have a lot of people out there that are involved in some very dark in and you have to be able to sort through it and not be afraid and our confidence comes in from concord to look at all these things and not be afraid look at the laws that john's pocket putting forward and giving you the basis on on the what is actually written and look and look at it critically if if you see something wrong or that you don't understand yet somebody that you can talk to you that can maybe give you some extraforaneous or something but critically look at thingsadmiration on your own without being told what to do questionersthe side is cricket came on with all the occult stuff i mean it was kind of interesting and i in one of these days i prosopon of some of the stuff out there in a way you know just to show people what they do and how they try to suck you in to their occult practices i firmly believe it were a spiritual warfare and most of us were seen its like invasion of the body snatchers you know i vilely talks about it being we were principalities and power but it's kind of true is that they'll come in the ely to suck you into the reality and necking you know they got to hagenauer really think critically and the only way you can do that to stay close to to to god himself his word and you have to make a choice between colon truth and lying tell the truth every single time because once you once you take a step down that slippery slope one thing leads to the next or the next enecantur me don't like cold to be on your highest water to just where with integrity and honesty right off the bat and always stay there and if he screw up and minute and move on i think that that's so important thing but critically critically thinking and hold the line so that the battle of prince files of powers don't get you his eyes he has and of what we have in are in our olegiste are it's it's full of liars chiefs of the you know the whole the whole thing is based on the whole thing that we see in modern day law there is in fact our judicial system is a bunch of liars cheats and thieves and a criminal interprise too to a too really youth onoto bastardie as every thing to attack honest american and it's a shame so we're just going to fight back with knowledge so that we can defend ourselves without a without watch in hand and hand em ourselves over to being to being unfairly treated is that does that sound accurate their john under prs it's the tacit odorosity especially in the so called post with the one in the export yeah we're not only talking about the law sonwere talking about the medical we're talking about all the other procession othermaster in professionals also though the cartels they've got many car towels all over the place you know you you look at you look at like like the professional union or the inn or the you know that you have to buy into the regulations all it is as a barrier for entry and their car towels we have a man of every industry every industry the united states of their van who controls them the big corporations who are sucking everybody in and not allowing people to function as americans of providing for themselves the having jobs and in this was what we got we got a whole tangled mass the whole web of these people and in the people that i bought into it they they need to be prosecuted for this be you know you just just because she didn't know the who even in part of ignorance is not is not an excuse some of it i think we have to have climate because it's so wide spread but you know what i mean it's not not a lot well every single set in the union has a particular ah point and i want to go to that point i mean we're talking about this stuff while the times i wanted to put out to it a real quick here i got it right here i one i want to quote an i don't want to try to do by memory this is article in michigan's constitutional law is article all eleven section one as all officers legislature executive judicial before attaining upon the duties of their spected office scelte ascribed to the following other affirmation i do solemnly swear and or firm that i will support the one in of the united states and the constitution of the that i will faithfully discharge the of whatever office there according to the of my ability as of office is your declaration that you will follow she that you will follow the laws of the state and misha and the federal laws of the federal case and if you don't then you have committed acts they there's not a slap on the hand it's not over reaching your authority now you have you have a created as of and you should be tried for those particular acts and we can go all over after lancing and we can start nailing every almost every one that's in lands that is violated their old too no matter how small that violation might be or how large that much those people have violated their old of office and they have committed acts if not a word reached usurp the thority never get yet i went to story something on that not here because oh i think i think this is amazing and understanding that the old of office so this is kind of cool check this up so here is the anasa this was without which i think it's really cool september seventeenth my favorite number two thousand fit and the south pidio we go had a click it see what comes of usually do this some more of life but here is here's one of my personal favorites before he has served his country in an amazing way his silently he was supported even against all enemies more than he i think this obligation without any that's a reservation and then i will well and i are the office which i lost he began this we do this too mind ourselves we are mission in defending this station is all on i oligarchie it a document in stitution the united state his friend his nation for almost two hundred and forty years of there the endlessness of this nation and those of our allies and friends are on the whole forehead in he also reminds us about the idea of others as soon as responsibility a nation is calling on he realized that in executing these duties ovation over of one that nobiliter sits there is the nature the information that were granted at such the nation of the taste i think he should ever one you is now you're in day as well as to an you more oliaros a nation is served in those small fort mathematiche than to say it or grytos suropuro a paste i wonder much of avenues to dispose okay i love that guy i am loved admiral rogers you look at the resolve and his fate as they tweak that solemn duty to take that old and every single person that stands in this nation and a capacity such as that should have haslemere spoleto stand as it is servant and a protector of the citizens of the people of this which is american it's all of us standing together i love that is that cool he there to the old his school the thing that he's stones called the problem that i have with the whole picture is how many of actually read home how many actually no one is and is how many actually fit into wherever that an essay by the way and these est while he agnotocastor ity to what i is going to ortol come on to enter tuesday and learn the constitution if you don't know what your duties if you don't know when you're sitting at the legislature in washing that jolly have eighteen duties that for four in anything beyond that is a usurpation of authority then you really don't know the one you really don't so what are you swearing an oath is the biggest problem that we've had many people swear to get the position and these are judges but not only judge but judges they swear and all to uphold the constitution that the laws of the land and then they hereafter there ah then they then they move on to serve their own a personal interests and or interests of the banking system or interest whoever but not the elk because they do not understand the and this is a problem i mean you get in the court in all micro lawarren asked him have you read we saw him at one of our meetings have you read the norton verses shall become and he said oh no i've looked at it i've seen it but i have never read it how can you be a judge on the circuit in a concommitant remember now where he is and not know what norton verses shall be come he says is peter opine me of what the republic has it not there been indoctrinated with our universities which are indoctrination camp straight from nazi hall in order to take the nation of a captive by indoctrination and removing all education they told him what they wanted to say that's right met the kernels another one to proceed then and asked him about the norton verses shall be couthe in and he's come up with all kinds of one of em was all we all know about it now a conspiracy of silence your heliostat winded duck not knowing what the heck's going on that's not an answer that's her he got an answer how can you even say we we all know about this not answer i agree with you i agree with you about all this off with these guys are in the position of ah the judicial system where their supposed to run the the legal system of our government and they have no clew and so we paid them big money to go in and they argue over things that had nothing to do with the republican protecting your life liberty and property but rather a muscalinga long can we continue this case how much can we get up that person right can we get out of that is this is what it's all about and we got a stop that noise he ladegisto of miss to come to a point where you don't need me while we don't need him afore you get rid of about ninety per cent of the government that's out there because most of it just needs to have you know stroke of the pain you're gone you know i mean it doesn't in it scholde there it's just as over burned one this bloated government that honestly right now there is not a person i will try in that they could be in compliance with it at all times because it's the same thing the jews did it with god flow god gave them gave us a attentamente the jews added six hundred forty eight it's got low wasn't good enough and so all of a sudden we got half six hundred and forty eight more things to add to case clearly godhood's doing you know everything anything with wings or nation we started out with a constitution folletti wasn't good and off and now now we got at loo so many laws and i talk polos and then we have to hire attorneys that went through their redactor ination in order to interpret the laws or s or forest even have access to what a bunch of nonsense and in its red so poorly that you can't even understand it you know i do i told his but i got my my him ah him radiolites an it was it was kind an interesting situation i sort of got encouraged and or trooped into it by bion of my thoughts ok is like come onochoetes fight well i go to the plant when he's like you don't know to cover thing you know when you get there so we walk in the room and the hand me a booklet of questions that are likely to be on the quietest bank twenty eight pages plus answers and loki thought we were going to have a your class here now it was like sadiadoha s by the way but what i looked at the questions that they had written out and the correct questions are so stupidly written out that only the government could write to questions that poor late and nobody understood in don't nobody really understood the questions were most of the questions nobody could really you know unless you got electronics that ground or something thank god i have a little bit of knowledge there enough to get through it and do some you know simple calculations but but it was one of those things that the government screwing up everything it's crazy they can in ven right a decent test case you know or i don't want to go to article three presence three is while we can beating up on the and aringatre of the of the federal constate just as she points about it because i think article three is very important at this a lot of people that say well what is the law of the land and according to and he you getting in the cord and the courts don't want to follow the law of the land they don't want to follow a supreme court a they're lonore it and act like while you know the the old law or its not correct or whenever whatever but the point of the matter is the third article three says that judicial power the united states shall be vested in one supreme court and such inferior courts as congress may from time to time ordain or sand inferior chords circuit cards down to district are condorset up by congress but there's still article three cords such things as an article one or and as these are a lot of the patriots out there they're not article three quarts and they don't have to follow the law now that's tack what articles in any stretch of the magnates says that all the power is the and such inferior courts as congress may from time to time ordain or stop the judges both of the supreme and inferior courts shall hold their offices during good behavior and shall at stated times receive their services and compensations will shall not be diminished during the continuance in their often and that is to give them a standard of pay and the remember we didn't have much of on back so that standard of cave that they got whatever it was was always in time to keep up with ah inflation situations so they were not be diminishing there salaries by government through inflation which is what we are facing right now i inflation that is string all of our old yesterday i heard on extent atalanta left office a hundred per cent if you are making a hundred brand you were be able to spend that hundred grand and to day to live with that same exact kind of lifestyle yet for make a hundred and twenty so we have lost twenty per cent of our powers since trumpet office under this richie is not what i would consider a president or anything like that a person in power a dictator and power that is trying to control the government and destroy the people salt going back to article three section one the supreme court and all judges should the having their salary keep up with the pay of inflation so as they cannot be to behave a certain way because the government is doing and and we go back to the ticket again why are they collecting money with speeding maybe it's because they're salaries have been diminished over time but through inflation and they got a something in this is their way of dealing with but they're not following articles on either by doing what they doing and collecting more money on the side through prisons of putting people in prisons through people through a speeding tickets and through other kinds of revenue and handsmen process that they accused article three is kind of important ah that we understand no the spring cart supreme law the land and judges costellow that the spring or rules a certain way the judges are to follow that and i'll tell you how many judges i've been in front of that don't more than not okay now number two says that the judicial power extends to all cases in law equity arising under the consent the laws of the united states treaties made or which shall be made under their authority to all cases affecting ambassadors and other i won't read on to the going back to the first part of that judicial power shall extend to all cases in all and in equity and that in law and in equity was changed in nineteen thirty three when we went to the civil accent jurisdiction and we gave a judge a new avenue of power and that was the civil action ere it's not constitutional and it's not lawful but it is what we have to deal with when we go into a court were dealing in there sandbox the civil action jurists has taken law and equity and combined them to the the same i saw the judge can one they talk on or your talking you're a or the defendant your arguing in law and he changes his hat no where in equity or your arguing in equity he changes his hat and all wearing low and you lose because you're not fighting appropriate way in which he wants you which is and make it look like you've lost when in fact he played the republic and you walk in as a person of the republic i swore and he asked the fall of the constitution which is in line and equity and yes the fall of the counts philosophy he can't go into the civil actions unless you volunteer to walk into the court you don't know any better you fallen tear to be in the civil action juristic and then you get railroad okay then we go on but three section three is the most important cause treason against the united state shall consist only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies giving them aid and comfort the person shall be convicted on the same over an act or coniston in open core so treason against the consent a war against we have a governor in michigan who is making deals with china who is supposedly according to throne our enemy so she aiding in the bedding the enemy as she creating by protecting the chinese and also she's bringing there plant into the michigan the bill batteries and also what else she doing she springing the world economic form she creating treason as after her and in short how is the so was her squire noseor jest or bunsen yes all three of them i hurriedly o trees a guilty of treason and anybody that works for them there follow their philosophy that you know just because you're a number link and you are your managing up one of the departments under the age and you are following the process of what the is doing in the ages creating treason or creating yet all the way down i mean is this is this is one of those things that it's not you know we want to look for the one bad guy and go on and not have to face how evil people really can be it's not that we're all evil but the ones that we put our trust and a lot of them are in there for the wrong reasons and in the birds of a feather you know it all he can say because they are going to place people in below them who have the same lack of character and integrity so they can cover up each other's crimes for you know ah you're frozen can't hear you so hiewider talking or why you're getting ready to say something again if you can come back on ah we can look at joey ah the resident and jolly has brought on board ignorance stupid dumb people that have no ability to do the job that they've been putting office and we can go from the age alway down to all the other process that the joy has brought on board has he created treason yes he very treasonous and he needs to be tried for treason any will be hillary clinton's another one ah rocktombs third one yet is that interesting john i disconclude kicked off the connection completely kicked off the connection start talking treason in the interrupted the connection i had to come back on and restored yeh i kind of figured that was what was happening i was continuing on any askedon starts kicking tail on these criminals and watched the connections go down the connections go down is because we're over the target and you know what screw them we're not going to stop talking about it and that's this way it is i like horses to be done a solo get on to now now this south president once the higher i aragens at six thousand irish to go out do whatever they are going to be doing and the whole purpose of the irish are to weapon eyes the internal revenue course has always been what from notes see way back when i was involved in the initial fight back in the seventies they were in it they were a weaponized back then they were able to do things had no authority number one besides the fact that they had no authority to they had no authority to carry guns and authority to a respite that of forty did not non constitutional but anyway a moving on all of those people that work for the internal revenue and follow the philosophy of state people like joy or committing acts do they like it or not dependent upon the degree there still creating a i should not think you say that were a few more times trees treaties on trees and trees and trees on a whit meetres a nettle trees and fenton trees and olive and anybody sitting in there under note and like osad pretty much i say the rest of the legislature cause no one stood up against it that's right she turned the federal one which is latheron clarkson stand up against it while the of the apendice a mes the juntines we believe exists the three letter agency all of them clean em out i agree with your hundred percent all right that moves us on to article for of the constitution because i could kiss this is another very very important are i denseco ered a judicial system surely well understanding that we as citizens if we know what's going on in the as far as the court then we should be fairly successful in or we should be able to win in a corner lot because the law is actually on our son but you got to know how to plead the case because they put enough loopholes and enough for rabbit holes in it he could be going down the wrong rabbit hole and therefore get the charged with whatever of you are having the state that brings me back to one more important point here state of michigan the county of wayne the city of laconia or garden city or grand rapids or any of the other ones can never be a the only victims that can exist our peep you and me we can be vice we can't have a state so when you get in front of a judge and it says the state of or the city of taylor against the verses you as the defendant the city of taylor camped so that whole process then bastardised over the ear and we have bought into it the city itself could be evicted speeding on their land a note not their land it's our last i waved it been divided in the cities for purpose of helping the city or helping a certain body of government control that particular part parcel of their oneround but that doesn't belong to the city of el you know when they've berengeneros is that the actually given parts of our public roads to business and in fact retold of one of my places they come endeared a parking spot in area where there's no parking on hardening parking on a street and gave it to camp lectrices as he designated parking spot with catholic servants us and stud of the people that lived there and one neighborhood so rough i don't know how they get it you know it's i they just then just like winnsome and more power king so we have it we'll just give you the designates parthenon the street and i've been for the began how in the world are they doing this however they give you know outside space to for no cost to us there giving our public streets to businesses to expand their business with no caf tables and all this kind of spot out on the street and take over at our joint property and the businesses are running it without any pay back to our cities and at all it is absolutely isobel i agree with you i agree with some intimate so dies did the pay off that's all cowards all always the pother always the pay of or ah favor favor yes a its and if you are sitting in office and you can pull that off and then you get a special favor for yourself or you get some money under the table that nobody knows about the whole thing is set up that way and gets what their all violating the one there all committee as we exeget offered a we were on a eroneous about a ten million dollar job and not that we be paid guys okay so that we were on a ten million dollar job and we actually had the truck slowed up to go down there the guy calls and such well i expect one of ten per cent in my pocket from from this job we just basely said we're on a load of the trucks set right in the hard and let him let him eat it is like go find somebody else as he stood we won't do it okay so article for another very very important article number one number section two ah says the citizens of each state shall be entitled to the and of the several that means a law that is or a support or a discord a ruling that was made by a judge in michigan is good in california could it south carolina and i think the south carolina people figured that one out in gifford because most of the law that is because i couldn't fight south carolina law at mat so i use michigan law because i knew mister even a something right they didn't they didn't to refute any of it oh how it was ah evaporated so there you go a person charged in his state with treason felony or other crime he shall flee from just and be found in another state shall on demand of the executive authority of the from which he fled to don't live here up to be removed the state having jurisdiction of so er somebody that creates an act of treason and he runs to another neither of state the and that he's going to get away with it and always like coming got arter they they have to turn him over for trees back to the state where the original crime was the or done and if they refused to do it and there yoltilit that's right absolutely corect and then we get the section cree and section three new states may be admitted by the congress into the union but no state shall be formed or created within the jurisdiction of any other now let's look at this because we had stupid nancy polo he won and to make diss by public act could no not according to how to porto rico shunted to make porto ricos she i do not believe so she could not do not do that without without porto rico itself it can do that with a totally different animal with porto rico saying yah we want to become the fifty first state of union were years are new constant we're going to live on now this for a year and then we're going to take a boat and then we're going to be were grown out or go to have enough people that are going to say become the fifty first state and then they can go through the congressional process and bring them in as a it's a it's a process it's not just an act of congress so that brings us to a very interesting situation and that's all high in all higher was never admitted as a state into the union did i know that back in eighteen hundreds when ohio was for decided to ben we've got the paper work on this he looked up at nineteen nine and i do have the paper work somewhere in escaped to get off hence pocket their little further ohio was never brought in under the process of ah and then nineteen fifty and for whatever they decided that they were going to have a we believe we have no way of proving his we believe that they were going to have a a hundred year anniversary or whatever and they looked for their documents prove that they in all the state hood documents like every other state as and they couldn't find them so then they ran to congress in congress put together a public act in nineteen fifty four fifty six in the premises dating back to the eighteen hundreds and saying ohio is now a state and we're going to retrofitted back to eight could they do that not according to this now they cannot do what they did it anyway why would they do such while because several of the president that were ah for in into office over the years and i don't remember the names of all those presidents were presidents of a territory or were were citizens of the territory and not a therefore if they were a citizen of a territory they could not one for as the after be a citizen of a state in order to the of the united states where for five presidents that were as citizens of the territory which means that all of the rulings under which they ruled as well as the senate and the congress that were senators or that were citizens of the territory all their rulings were now in void so i reminds me what we should do with the canyon that's that stood in place as president yet why he's one little the canyon needs to be white from the books that the i think he will be but i think you will be too you know it's like it's like when people realize that what evil was planned by that group of of individuals in cut now complete with hillary clinton all of em and the candian cuchold never have been president you know that that's it that's a real big problem so so we go back to these behavior or specific set of laws and rules he body of government or bodio of land with people can become a statement can become a state to the united it's not a public act can't be a public act by congress it has to be a process by which their brought for so to day i was still most was brought on in correct in trans i'll bring some one find some paper work for henemerdon to like whom an american samoa and some of the other territories that we have really interesting real interesting dinam they love being american that you don't like the sly love being america and and the the people from port rico that i know they're like were americans and they they claim the in americans i mean that they're very proud of the that the fact that their part of the united states and its kind of funny to listen to the thebaneofmyexistence eric it's itself amuse because a low of the people that are in that ere actinophorus are from latin let the countries and in its sunny so the porter in cans always pulled the in american card on our topple love my porter y con friends by the way and i have a lot of men okay so then that brings us to the very very last part that section for or or article for section it says he lighted states shall guarantee to every state in the union a republican form of government i don't say democracy and shall protect each of them against invasion and on application of the legislature or of the executive when the legislature cannot so here were talking about every single state of the union is state every single county every single city and township and and who however else you can disubidinte the grounds on this country they are all republican form of one that doesn't mean republican the party now i have my gope or something we and there again they stole the name republican to make it sound like they they really know what they're doing in them therefore the republic but they're not the republicans are not formed there are few of the republicans that are but the most of them are rhinos and or people that believe that they can he gained something by being in office and ripping off the public and that's what he right when we get somebody in there that's good like christina carrambo then the the but her faction of the a of the globists puppets going the they go and they start the new grand old party and try to further divide people who are trying to do the right thing be leadership is all kinds of best stop and watch you they attack the attack of christina with the trying to torpedo her and that tells me right then the there she's she's on to something right and then they picked up their marvels and they went and they started a new party and whose part of out on the edge is looking out to look up and look at the traitors who are standing there together the traders so we have we have some very important points there are in the constitution leave no wiggle room i thought of the moros so those people that constantly talked to macrocy in office that or on public radio and talked democracy you know they didn't never read the they don't know what article for i never read in order to try to bring forth a hen and those people there therefore i violated their own to office and therefore a creed and that's where we need to be going at is noted democracy red and it's the republic that's going to save country america and get it back into the control that it was post a back in the hands of the nothing the individual rights and i mean i mean interesting me just lost one of our roosters i had a sometime at one of our mistress didn't make it so i think that happens last find out what happened there oh yeah there there a the special interest is involved in running our nation is just unbelievable and it we ain't goes back to personal responsibility personal action and personal rights we were you know wears a sovereign and of ourselves here are no subjects you know they can't tell us mother do and so you and fact are kings and queens and a youknowitwas on realize that our position and that and so i think that we've had so many years of brain washing and indoctrination through the the structures which they commit that they create it that so many people have no idea what the united can even stand for what is all about because they fracture just like a fractured a lot of people's minds through out caothran some of these other mon sensings and satanic crop you know they frecuentan we have to set out to stand together i can tell no you've got to put away your petty this and and so on there on of this stuff that we see although that we disagree we won't between them and god himself and it's like it's not our responsibility to always you know be the judge jury and executioner on somebody else's life and let let god take take it on to take something i just pulled up which i think this is awesome ah if you haven't looked into hillsdale call college they have a horse called constitution on a one and i would like to encourage em every one to go there and if ye you can read the constitution but i also find it to be very a profitable to spend our time assemble in john who really understands it that can say this is the potables and type things and together a little bit and so out i'll play just a little bit of it here for i even faces recovered to prendendone as private wollsammet writes he writes that you have because you are you're not right is not the idea then for just gone the only rest set because scapement secures those rights the people who make people had we now they won't make them in their own the constitution and these to be in control of the i everybody nevernever different persons with our monteverde recovery of fearlessness and rightly the useful guide this bitter lease beoples oesophagian should hold with the constitutis in the service of a larger set and that when we have banded those principles not only do we have a different understanding of rights but we also abandon cos i cavenports i shamshir the street i john prayed miss constitution watooneea so i would encourage every one to go to go to hillsdale dot on line that tisdale do et look at the courses that they have their and in one yet to be and at some one who is well versed in the constitution the somport and and oh i think inchoating meant to this because we were deprived of it in school i can guarantee you that when my massiters old so i know how i headmy lifetime how little we were taught about the constitution school and yerely learned after after you went to school and of course university in whatever what what actually what it actually is it westington because it's an indoctrination system and it has been for a long long time so there go and also joined on class i gonoff you want to have more knowledge i i really i i love i really love learning from you and with you becher's not mentioned have heard more respected by book than you personally just from your knowledge professionalism and that your rilling ness to stand without budging on the core issues that the nation was was founded on and i disappreciate that so i'll give herself a commercial here to get everybody to our wednesday night grow i was going to go on last and my schedule has been ruled whisp and all over the place i wasn't able to make it i'll try this week of clay i will trot i not so different committees right now and that trying to get things moving for the tax to his party and little bitand honestly everybody in the tax or caredreally does not appreciate the party system but it's what we have right now so the taxpayers party which your part of two is you know we're worwere working to give people a soft place to land as the political climate comes crashing down around us and we will effect people's individual rights and opinions and ideals so i think that they had a your constitutional rights and you know your hoursseen now you will be respected and welcomed on oh yeah were ah this is going to be the twelfth i believe the and oh that's wednesday and we will be on so from seven clock the nine o'clock and if you send me it hath john j thoracal or j tater too had you dance stagetake at yahoo or john or j kater too had one ah either one of those and say please to put me on your email i'll add you to the mere listen said you ought to invite and long at that other information that may be that's what a group of old ah that'll be on the twelfth that'll be this wednesday next wednesday we are going to be at nicholas ye may wereno longer going to be it nicholas on tuesday i got the ability to change the we're going to be doing wednesday nights he and wednesday night of the nineteen will be at nicholas which will be on telegraph ah just the nora to some nosix ninety six a nearer the if you're familiar with shields pieces of their next northeast and if you're not i will also send you in pike with an address if you put me if you owe me for drown or mailing solve ah yes we were loved to have you there we are covering all the front kinds of berries and crimes are table that the lady from the and made a tell me she of the city cause i told her to call cos so they'll have to find out next week worse moving on a little further i just wanted to talk about the copper color revolution which we are idle i like it happen along to what the color revolution because is what hour sia and f i and some of the other organs alsberg izations have been doing over the year topple other governs and so now the public color revolution is com holdero by the same people by the sea by the fbi cocopa the american governt and how its happening is will they they infiltrate into these into the government of position and motorin powers president and vice president ah all of most of the other traitors that are out there oh and then they and then they stared pushing us toward a socialist comines type governed where there totally in charge and were totally these as for they want so so we have the banking industry that trying to push us into a money as the now where they are going to be digital money totally controlled by them i say something they're not an agreement with they'll just take your money away this say you don't have any money to buy anything but you're done for the day you can't travel anywhere you can't do anything you can't buy fool and you're freezing to death is because the people in power have the control or over the money since and that's where the trying to go with this for money and then he and the green ah what are they called the green that the nonsense that south there saying that we are we have our planet is destroying itself because of the carbon and because of whether change and first it was climate first it was i sage that it was the planet was over eating now it's just climate could climb a change and climate change in the plan now most destroying the planet i those people that are pushing this criminal we have now the moon in order to to jimmy and rig the whole system that's right we have had no control as people over the planet yes i mean we can pole of garbage on the ground not clean up after us and create a a polluted and firemen but the toxicity of the environment has been created by over no i love i love with this article i just clicked on this i just looked in i thought old clock on his article on this that time came up the term coppercolored revolution started in the eighties and is the name given to the sea led regime changed operations developed by the rand corporation democracy and gods and other groups and peroracis and clothes they were used to take down the polish communist roche gorchestion what is really happening across the nation the know that lambernier and antient reacting to loiter and justice of any kind thousands of these younger americans are being used to topple the united states present and the constitution and the nones are growing i don't think so i think it was until we started hit in yet in the dead and here where the with actually having to live with what it is to live under communist communism fascism soratium and vigils mouth his past some tithonicity of the coming election among those present word former government officials journalists and seen campaign managers on the group was called the titration integrity project this stuff that were seen all the faults flags is is all is all plant on you and carried out its terrible so these people need to really understand that we are in the middle of a color revolution sure and in if you sit back and because you're part of the rainbow group and you want to push your writin a collision or your part of the plan and your pushing the peale more any of those groups out there that our pushing there process the process to destroy america the freedoms of away from the indian and put him in the group where they can control and little the really wake up to what is really going on and not by into the nones has been perpetrated to us on a public media hear and so here here it's among the readie but more on this because i think it relations an important coletit's rule important understand that and on june eighteen twenty twenty four or secondary state john terry i then dooncome carry took part in the alliance of democracy they goe to use of the word democracy of get palincoln virtually and it was called the democracy summit solder all ready there already jimmy and the thelander while their carrystale to her be clear it is important to know cary was a major player and followed in coloration and many countries which include but are not limited to reign the programmatischen revolution macedonia to coloration armenia the velvet revolution and hilary onspringan soon june twenty two twenty twenty carry warns for revolution present trump wendelein and wooer carrying others are legendfounded ations revolution now do i have your attention where are we now and how does it happen you can see for yourself and that fine supporting evidence do you do it quickly as morton more evidence anticiper and you have to remember who owns social media and realize that ogle owns the english language some speak therefore your searches are sonrientes this will get worse as we closer to the election there are seven pillars of a color rvolution one a semitic or than a full octic to an unpopular in combat three in a united and organized opposition before in ability quickly to drive home the point that voting results were falsified five per ton complaint independent media to inform foresense about the falsified got six of political opposition capable of moles in tens of thousands or more demonstrates to protest and electorial prod and seven divisions among the regimes corsetors division among police and military and if people don't understand what's going on in front of their faces then the column revolution will take over we will end up in a socialist government and they will wake up one morning and say what are not paying a so we need to all be aware of what sire and how there being used avicenus in the past and by the way ah the sea people like john come carry and the resident by in an olive's people that a part of this they have been well trained over their life is as the hope you had most namefrom the fire anyway so this is explained and i think this is interesting number one paint trompis a semi autocratic and unpopular in combat e g h ergoapiol r by an meds and swat they go after as they go after people were truly on addicted but think they are because they're indoctrinated and they think because they thounot the best school lonna's going on right into boys and doctor dedikees who are younger who is his emotions are easily manipulated to jump to conclusions to whoever is sane the person who was talking to them is the person who knows everything and they want to be on it person'sbecause worse still in kindergarten and have to capentering together right don't question everything that's what they went after the weakest ones the weakest minded ones in society the left on a trot to implicate your connersand laws would regard to cope he refused to man and inhalantes riots didn't send in the truth rather informed the intentbile that in state loves to ask for help since it was up to each of them to protect their citizens of protective make the president of popular will didn't work out of everything they try to try to throw a president trump it just sort doesn't stick you know yolinist rted a want trump was under present trophies always come prosecutes is uttered a war he still as by the laugh three i'm i think that is blatantly obvious by looking at the last in their use of anti and violante stern and keeper who is the head of the atlanta branch said the ultimate vision is too for on to that for people to break with their comfort and come into the streets day after day night after night into hundreds of thousands into the millions and not leave and till they have to stop down june twenty twenty twenty new video service from service private beritas shows an anti factious crew as of jactatis to take down the trump administration while in miningthat in receiving finding by sorrels number four actions and federal corner allowedand ballads quoted as many as six days after election sitting the statesians will doubt the outcome and biding six hundred plus lawyers will contest the results anywhere possible to further the confusion five the media one has some had this sky mistresscame cole and there you felon the media we'll tow the liner yport nine each and any assertion the big lawyers make whether the true or not or theres any basis for the claims ah bernback life's burnt me and murder and the founding of public schools are organizing protests and in some cases violent riots when i look at that too i see mostly you don't say belootchees side that were out the streets were be allowed most of em were a young white kids trying virtue signalling entitlement minded little so and they do anything for the black community really i thought it was just a joke they were to attacking the black business holeporthole got shot eranthis there were mostly you know joe ever people that were trying to run a business and they were tacked the one we were to the problem instead of actually going after the problem these newspeople were stupid and to polito the find a neutralized the polite you seem ployed as a weapon to remote the non sensus bed of non stop crime is across the country increasing is more and more officers or resigning who it howoeosoma now if there were one woman one caimanes it's like you know i take my head off for any officer that stays in the game whose who is a good guide because at the amount of abuse these people take is incredible i wouldn't take it most people realized that no no this is about floyd but some refused to see or his blatantly obvious with the forces pushing the junta obote canyon removed thus millenaries and obstacle to overthrow a present by purging the general ranks and replacing them with bensteina y only he proposes ha he has gone now stay at one more time the canyon and it is funny because i think that the canon is going to claim canyon all citizens shot rent rather than be tried for treeses got to try but i don't think it's going to work too well for he won the screen he be just to go after him and get him don't get em the canyon i'll say it again so and be lambert were let in order as a corporation is not in his funded by by many a questionable sources is the ancient way where every single thing that was john ran and all the damages that they that created here if we wowetaraka we would have to pay for the two billion dollars of damage that their agents created how can they get a pass just cause they throw away you know a racial term to it say no this is who we really are no youriewitch took money and have never done a fitted anybody other than the six holes that they found her thought for her self are you kidding me no no i don't think so every one of em hang em for treason convict him and hang him for treason the theywithin these all them and not no more staff laying wongamong everybody old but its bollowall segestani with the line em up you old there you go we can keep the single one for a long while i think should read some comments herequick in the regatta ah good morning good morning than hanging all charlotte says alexander hamilton is number thirty three on the fabrilis am a loisy'll do this on voice day doboy and sow it doesn't always translate the way they say it on page twenty one powers and exhale grand and treason article three sections three agree with them but why not use an enforced what do you think about it his apt because the criminals that the lantren they pick and choose a a coolly josias norton and harriet with anything which contre controvenes diminishes or perverts the constitution is now in void neither the president or the senate has any authority or power to change destroy the constitution the contract is we the people of the united states a made with one another a shark protecting into regal rights as well as states rights against the powers of the government no probabilitie right who on the ride the contra a treaty made pursuant to the constitution becomes a part of law of the land and should be honored but does not become supreme nor supersede the constitute it is the law of the land and no treaty of executive agreement is binding on you as if made by president alone with the advice and to sound of the senate nor for godis the constitution of article five when used que norton constitution and also article to section two class to treaty on violates and fringes or alienates every article of the constitute so there we go good ways in the chaff this morning so let's go ahead and were you going to close out to dance the leven o'clock thank you so much i must say per for this nation dear heavenly father think me scold very much for ever single person out there for the wonderful opportunities and blessings that you've given in sand for also walking is through this process of out of bondage to evil people who have decided to try to usurp you our constitution the nation which you given us to enjoy and a lawful form of govern of governance which is our republic think is so much going with us when in even when we do the sayings that we probably shouldn't do you correct us you put us back on our feet and you love us in spite of everything please help everybody to understand that you're walking with us your walking with them you care about them every step in a way their losses their heart there confusion everything they can turn it over to you what you will lead us lead them at us right out of darke please bless present the varoters general plan and all of the wonderful patriots who have bravely stepped forward who we may now reveno their names who are fighting for this nation day in and day out wireless without recognition and without a payback of any type they do it because they love you they love this nation they love america which is all of a standing together protecting each other defending each other and upholding each other's rights given by you and we just thank you for that so very very much thank you for john and all that he's done to teach every one then nawisites gained over the years of study and also being willing to put his time into this were some thankful and we just want to tell you we want you so very much pleased total pouring out of you on this nation and go all men and women to you so that we can once again returned to one nation over you indivisibility and justice for we love you thank you for everything and thank you thank you for everything everything you can trust thesis namely fray a they got so here i go when you go i'm going to bread and perdonerai because i am not conceiving i will not conceive you liars cheats and thieves and neither will john i know john dowson oh the ah the person who should have taken the vennacher off of wayne counting pitting right or who else dublinensem so we are the best one who caters who have ever none conceded in the history of the united polticamente president trump that i think we have we've not we refused to concede better well well we shekichen who wore the spatter right though so anyhow everybody have a wonderful day to day do you have any last words john no i love to see on one day night if you can show up gained some knowledge if you have any specific questions that you have or any specific problems that you have a were there to help to dress them and work with you and i'm goin to get my telegram channel because there's a bunch in posters out there that like to like to talk in my place which is not me oh not out there so it's at brandenburg the number four at my intellegam if you get on that channel you were in fact talking to me i actually do the posting and responding in in everything on that on the onthat channel and and i would love to hear from you and also rides there is asonantes as people what did they think lately i've been very very busy said only do the question and answer the things but i do respond to the post and such a try to respond to every single to say it now i goessliding us to natolico fiden and not the good guys are in control so a lot of what you're seeing our objects and we don't afterward we do not have to be afraid we do not have to worry because not only do i believe in my heart of hearts to the good guys are petrol but i know beyond a shadow of a doubt i have faith and i trust that god is in control and he's going to walk us right through the snow matter what we see god is taking care of us this is god's plan this has got sand boxes were in it and honestly we have to play by it his rules and his in his laws and his rules don't lie to day make it your goal every day to say you know what to day i'm going to do what nobody else is doing around me i'm not going to be a founded i'm going to take us and in my own behavior i'm not going to lie to day that's what everybody needs to do and i am going to do things that prove that to myself i mean that's what everybody should be saying that i will stand and have integrity under all circumstance tachos over long ways you know i need think think about how many things that that trickles into and are like are we going to tell the truth always yes we are i'm to go back there get in out of the south with the with the oath of one of my all time favorite guys never moon loving to pieces and i've never met the man and ah and i were going out were in play this and then moving to our day i challenge you to take this off in all that i mansworn it will be i think this obligation without any mental reservation and the night will well if well he is charged at the office which i will he began we thismind ourselves whoreson in defending this station is all out envoleper codified a document and constitutionalists his friend his nation for its almost two hundred and forty years of ed what we are about the fiesolans on this station there was of our allies and friends around the world elinor donation of more and the old also reminds us about the idea of optics i sorenesses iliti a nation is calling he realized that in executing these duties in obligation over a olhaman others whether is the nature of the information ever granted access there is the nation of the taste i think he every one is a heuretheis well as those of you or your the that crossed a nation is served that those scolarceleberrima and to say more rally those served in the concrete the past you want very much of happiness is his cousin and i want to say thank you very much too admiral rogers and all the sweet precious faces there of those people that decided take that oath so every single one of us to thank you for every single person that stands with his nation you are so loved and were were blessed in to in together so here he go god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the mericats going to be great and make a great day be that person that changes the world you got it any you can do it i believe in you and i know god does to so well tabulated thanks john harman hornoway you're welcome talk tolatter have a great one he hathe light