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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/13/2023 Liberty Essentials and Jason Ickes

Published Dec. 13, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Liberty Essentials with Bill Mohr II Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Jason Ickes From Rebuilding War Torn Communities Abroad to Rebuilding Communities in His Home Front of the 3rd Congressional District. Jason Ickes, a dedicated family man, former Green Beret, and ardent conservative, brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to service to his candidacy for Congress. Early Life and Military Service: Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Jason Ickes developed a strong sense of duty and patriotism from an early age. His journey into public service began when he enlisted in the United States Army, ultimately earning a place among the elite ranks of the Green Berets. Jason’s military career took him to various corners of the globe, where he bravely defended American values and interests. Fighting for America: As a Green Beret, Jason Ickes served in diverse and challenging environments, gaining a unique and invaluable perspective on the importance of fighting for America’s strength and security on the world stage. Ickes has personally fought terrorism and foreign adversaries while also rebuilding nations and fostering multilateral relations. Family Values: A devoted father of four children and a family man, Jason understands the profound impact of political decisions on the lives of everyday Americans. His commitment to conservative principles is rooted in a desire to create a better future for his children and for families across the nation. Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it is the 13th day of December 2023. Welcome to our show today. My Christmas tree is up. I'm pretty happy about that. And yesterday, I don't know if you're following me or not, but I did a whole bunch of canning yesterday. I started and I decided to do to process some food. do some canning for Christmas presents this year. So at any rate, if you watch my channel on Telegram, you'll see that I'm posting somehow. And I actually got a few calls yesterday as to how to can food, which I thought was interesting. I'd love to do a class on it. I did some experimentation yesterday. Instead of using a normal weighted canner, I bought a new digital one. And I was kind of like, oh, we'll see how this thing works. If there's any hype to it or if it actually is a useful appliance or not. And just so everyone knows out there, if you're wives, if you can, gentlemen out there, that canner, that digital canner is worth every cent I spent on it and more. You don't have to watch it. And so it just kind of goes and you just advance it through their cycles. There's only one thing you really have to do with this besides push go. And it works amazingly. So at any rate, and this is from a person who's done a lot of canning over my life. And so I just wanted to let you know, good Christmas present ideas. Your wife will love you. So anyhow, let's get this show on the road. Hey Bill, how you doing? Welcome to Liberty Essentials. That's right. Liberty Essentials. Today we're going to talk a little bit about children and our posterity as our Liberty Essential. But, uh, Yeah, it is Wednesday morning. I always look forward to Wednesday morning because I get to sleep in a little bit and I don't have to go to work early. So there's always a benefit there. I love that. So I went to a new entity. It's called Red Pilled Michigan at last night at an event. And, you know, Holly and Alexa have been on the channel like four times now. And Ian Smith was down there. He's the guy who shut his gym down. That is one of the funniest stories I have heard. He is beast level. I mean, he slept in his gym for 40 days. to defy the order. I mean, this guy's hilarious and truly a true patriot. I love them so much. And I just really want to say. Thank you to, to Red Pill Michigan for the wonderful, it was really, it was so well done. It was probably one of the nicest events I have ever been to and Holly and Alexa and Erlina and everyone that worked on it. It was just amazing. So they're, they're raising money in their pack. I'm not a fan of packs. I'm going to tell you that. However, that's in the way that they're structured right now. This one is, is different and I, they are, they are raising money. for good candidates, not nonpartisan. So if there's good candidates out there, they're raising money to help everyday people, not big money stuff that's going into this, but to help actual honest candidates run. And they don't care which party or any affiliation that there is with them. You know, it can be independent, it can be taxpayers' party, it can be the Constitution Party, that's our party. It can be, people can be from the Republican Party and, you know, God help us all, but they could be from the Democrat Party and, You know, that the thing of it is, is that I there's a there's as conservatives to come to the table. A lot of times we want to go to those labels, but there's some awfully good people that are not part of leadership. It's the leadership that we that we kick against. Right. But there are a lot of people who are not radical right, radical left, radical whatever you want to label them, that are just good people that have a heart for this nation. And I got to tell you, I don't care where somebody comes from at this point in time. If they're just a normal person and they stand for the Constitution and the values of God, family and country. And they're willing to work. I think everybody's done with the parties. They realize that they're a problem. So this is where we all come out of our bondage to what we think is the way the nation should be run. and go forward into how it actually needs to be run with all of us standing together as Americans. So I just had to talk about that. They did a fabulous job. And if they do an event again to anyone out there, just go check them out because this was extraordinarily well run and it was fun. It was gorgeous. The tables were absolutely amazing. So, and it was, it was fun. Yeah, and you mentioned something, Erin, and you're absolutely right. We should be not fighting against ourselves. We as Americans, we are the people, we establish this government. It's our duty to maintain it. They are merely our contracted servants, right? And reason being, behind that, Ephesians 6.12 tells us very clearly, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We're not fighting against ourselves here. We're fighting against a higher power that's been established here. And that power is attempting to overthrow what we've put in place. It's always been that way, and it always has been that way, and it's up to the people to put the stop to it. There is an unseen world out there that people don't realize, I think, a lot of the full extent of the reality of the spiritual war that we're in. There's definitely good and bad entities. This has been going on. And, you know, I think that when we get so caught up in our lives and we're so busy or we lose touch with the fact that God's here with us all the time. But there's also, and the Bible talks about it, prowling like a devourer, the devourer that's prowling around to look for our weaknesses and take us down. The evil that's out there wants to destroy. It's destroyed, demoralized, destroyed. uh there's nothing good that comes out of evil nothing ever it's it's and it's set up itself set up as a war on god almighty and his children that's that's who we are and so make no make no mistake this is about going after god's children which is not just the baby children but all of us And we have to be on our guard for that sort of thing, too, because if they can take any of us down or all of us or this nation or anything that stands as one nation under God, which is what it's supposed to be, it's going to go there. That's right. Yeah, the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I think that's what you're looking for there. And that's always been the case. Anybody who is involved in such wickedness, that is the end result, the end purpose for what they're doing. What they fail to realize is that when the purpose has... has expounded itself so far that they're going to be the next ones on the chopping block. That's the way judgments have always worked for those who are taking part in such things. When the deeds are done and they no longer have use for their useful idiots, as I think it was Lennon or Salomon had said, they're going to be the next ones on the block because they don't need them anymore. They're expendable. And that's just it. And what anybody thinks that, Oh, I'm going to get in with this group and they're going to take care of me when, you know, when I do what it is that they asked me to do, which are evil deeds, they think that they're, that they're in, they're in this end group. That's going to, you know, take care of them. No, don't be stupid because if you serve evil, it just, as you said, as soon as that purpose is, they have no loyalty. They do have no love. They could care less. And, and, You know, you can see things like when people disappear. There is one one singer that I know of that he was asked to leave town for three days and they sacrificed his mother and he got $20 million in a bank account for doing such thing. And, you know, it's like, how how do you anybody think that this is going to end? Well, it's not. And, you know, I don't know. Look at the 30 pieces of silver and what how far that got. How far that got that individual? Not very far at all. In fact, there's always a judgment on that sort of thing. Anyhow, so where are we going? The other day, I think it was, let's see, today is Wednesday, so Monday. Everybody should have gotten a letter from our Governor Queen here in Michigan, as she proclaims herself as, bragging about how she signed into law, pretended legislation is what it is, the Reproductive Health Act. I don't know how many people have looked at this. It's an expansion of Proposition 3 that they stole through our elections to put into our Michigan Constitution. And basically what it is, is a redesign of the health insurance care, specifically designed towards women, and even more specifically designed towards women's ability to murder their own children. First and foremost, can anybody show me where the government has any authority to set up or regulate an individual's health care? I'd like to know that, except for statutory law, which violates the Constitution because they have no authority to do so. I'd like to know where they derive that authority from, because they're usurping power that we never delegated to them. So among this, they bragged that they have repealed the 1931 law that banned abortion in the state. And they were taking that on specifically because the Supreme Court had overturned Roe versus Wade. I'm sure most everybody knows this. But one thing I wanna mention is the Supreme Court had no authority to rule on Roe versus Wade first and foremost. That is not an issue of government. And they did that outside of their scope of delegated powers. So from its original ruling back then, Michigan has still been a anti-murder state, anti-abortion state, right? And so it doesn't matter what the Supreme Court ruled on. The state of Michigan has been murdering children since then illegally, as it always has been and always will be, right? So they refuse to give a nice link to the law, by the way. They love to paraphrase what's going on in there. And you can individually look up each one of those house bills if you care to take the time to do so. But anyway. Okay. So let's get into where this all stems from. I'm going to go through a handful of scriptures here just to set the foundation, precept upon precept. It starts back at the beginning of our creation. God said, let us make man in our own image after our likeness. Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air, over the cattle, over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image. In the image of God created he him. Male and female created he them. I'm not getting into that topic today because that goes on for a couple hours. God blessed them and God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Our first commandment. from the Creator is be fruitful and multiply, because without children is our demise. Psalms 127 says, Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them, and shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. We should be training our children to stand up to our enemies as well. As I believe it was Reagan said that freedom isn't, or yeah, freedom, I got to paraphrase, freedom is not handed down generation to generation, but it's given to the next generation that they can fight for it as well, just as we have to do for them. In Jeremiah, the prophet Jeremiah, chapter 1, starting right out, the words of Jeremiah, the son of Hilca, the priests that were in Anathoth and the land of Benjamin, to whom the word of the Lord came in those days of Josiah, the son of Ammon, king of Judah, in the 13th year of his reign. He said, in verse 5, Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee. And before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee. and I ordained thee a prophet unto all the nations. Our creator knew us before we were even formed. He already had a plan for us. In Jeremiah 29, 11, it speaks specifically about that, that his thoughts towards us are more than the sand of the sea. Let's see. Isaiah as well, prophet Isaiah, chapter 49. He said in verse 1, Listen, O Isles, unto me, and hearken ye people from far. The Lord hath called me from the womb, from the bowels of my mother he hath made mention of my name. Just reiterating the point, God knows us before we are born. He is the one that forms us. As Psalm says, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. In Exodus, let's see, it's chapter 21. In verse 18, it says, If men strive together and one smite another with a stone or with his fist and he die not, but keepeth his bed, if he rise again and walk abroad upon his staff, then shall he that smote him be quit. Only he shall pay for the loss of his time and shall cause him to be thoroughly healed. This is regarding two men that fight together and one causes damage to another physically. Verse 20 says, and if a man smite a servant or is made with a rod and he die under his hand, he shall be surely punished. Notwithstanding, if he continue a day or two, he shall not be punished for he is his money. If men strive, which means if men fight together and hurt a woman with child, a pregnant woman, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow, he shall surely be punished. And who is in charge of punishing him? According as the woman's husband will lay upon him, and he shall pay as the judge has determined. And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life. The appropriate judgment for murder is the taking of a life of another, the one who did it. When Christ was walking upon the earth in Matthew 18, the disciples came to him and said, who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? The disciples kind of got proud and arrogant at this point. And they were asking him, who's going to be the greatest? Who's going to be able to sit at the right hand or the left? And Jesus called a little child unto him and set him in the midst of them and said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same as the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones, cause them to stumble or transgress law, is the definition of offend there, one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offenses, for it must needs be that offenses come, but woe to the man by whom the offense cometh. And in Exodus chapter 20, the sixth commandment, everybody should know this, thou shalt not kill, right? The taking of innocent life. It's very clear. So now that that foundation's laid, we can build upon it. So let's start back, our original founding documents. Let's go back to the Declaration of Independence. It says, we'll go through a little bit more here. It says, when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth a separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitled them. A dissent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. We just talked about the Reproductive Health Act and Prop 3 that came into Michigan. Who established these rights? They claim that we added a new right to the Constitution, and there are no rights granted to us by our Constitution. Our founding fathers made it clear that our rights came directly from our Creator, and that they are to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that is the authority of government to do such. They are to punish the wicked and justify righteous, right, as the Scripture says. And they can only do that by our consent. So when we see something such as that come through, it's our duty to put a stop to it because they have usurped their authority. Let's get right into the state of Michigan. We've mentioned this on the show, the state of Michigan preamble, right? What the people said in 1963 during the liberal judges at the time. mind you, when we established the 1963 Constitution, which... Which was illegally put in place. Let's not forget that, is that that was absolutely wrongly put in place. They did not, once again, follow the law, which seems to be the M.O. Yep, yep. Change the rules so that you can adopt something that has the changed rule, right? That's the way that worked. But nonetheless... We can go back a lot farther than that, quite honestly. Nullification is my favorite word at this moment. Yep. So the preamble states specifically, we, the people of the state of Michigan, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of freedom and earnestly desiring to secure these blessings undiminished to ourselves and who our posterity do ordain and establish this constitution. The whole Constitution is premised upon securing the blessings of freedom to ourselves and to our children. Now, when Proposition 3 was first started being talked about, I was going around and I was telling people, if this ever went into the Constitution, it makes the Constitution null and void because now the Constitution is in direct conflict with itself. And why is that? If you look at Article 1, Section 28, which is the Prop 3 that was thrown through our elections without the people's voice, Section 8, Clause 1, says every individual has a fundamental right to reproductive freedom. Absolutely, 100% agree. You are in charge of your reproductive freedom, whether or not you want to have kids or don't want to have kids. And let me tell you, it all starts with the reproductive course, right? It's either yay or nay. Which entails the right to make and effectuate decisions about all matters relating to pregnancy, including, but not limited to, prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care, contraception, sterilization, abortion care, miscarriage management, and infertility care. I'm not going to read the rest of this because it's fairly lengthy. But there's two I want to focus on there. They claim now that you have a right to abortion care and miscarriage management. Those are two separate words that were used there. So I got to questioning that just the other day when I was reading through this again. We use the word, or they use the word abortion a lot. We use the word murder because it's what it is. But where did the word abortion come from? And it comes from our Latin root word, abortio, I think, or abortio, however that's pronounced. And in Latin, that means a miscarriage. And Webster's 28 Dictionary describes the word abortion as the act of miscarrying or producing young before the natural time or before the fetus is perfectly formed. In a figurative sense, any fruit or produce that does not come to maturity or anything which fails in its progress before it is matured or perfect as a design or project. The fetus brought forth before it is perfectly formed. That is our definition of abortion, as was laid out in the early ages of America. Now, I want to make this very clear that it says producing young before natural time. That doesn't mean producing stillbirth or producing... or killing young before their natural time. Miscarriages are included in this, which I think, according to what I know, would be stillbirth, right? Women can address this more than I can. No, you have the right. Okay. So, you know, you have the right to talk about anything, whether it's, in my opinion, I think all of us have the right because we have husbands and children, you know, sons and daughters and the whole thing. I mean, we have the right to it. I completely reject that premise that men do not have the right to talk about things and they have to apologize. So never apologize for speaking your mind on this. I give you and all the males on the planet credit. the right to speak your mind on these issues. It's not just a woman's issue. It is a human issue. That's right. That's right. And I'm not saying I'm not going to speak about it. What I'm saying is I don't know how to define some of these words, right? Because I'm not in it all the time. You're good. Okay. So now that we've got that block sitting on top of our foundation to know that children are from the Lord, children are an inheritance of the Lord, that we are to protect our posterity, that abortion, according to the RHA, is murder, not miscarriage, and that abortion originally defined was miscarriage or birth before its time. So if we want to... if the government wants to say that people have a right to kill their innocent children, Proverbs 6, 16, says, These six things does the Lord hate, yea, seven are an abomination unto him, a proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood. Now, innocent blood is the... the killing of someone who is undeservant of it. Somebody who committed no crime, somebody who has not hurt any other individual, and a revenger of blood, you can read about that in the Old Testament, has no authority to go after them for it. I just moved my camera. I've got too many papers. Real news for real people. Buy real people at the kitchen table. That is what it is. Oh, yeah. If you saw my desk right now, I'm falling a little bit behind here. But, yeah, so the Lord hates those who shed innocent blood. And we can read about that in, let's see, I think it was Jehoiakim in 2 Kings. I'm not sure. I'd have to go back and read that a little bit more. It might have been Josiah. But anyways, he's talking about the king that had set up in his reign. He tore down all the high places, all the idolatry that was happening, and set up the judgments of the Lord properly and was following them. But in 2 Kings 24.4, the Lord says, And also for the innocent blood that he shed, for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, which the Lord would not pardon. All of the other things the Lord would pardon the sin of, but for innocent blood, it says the Lord will not pardon innocent blood. And that goes for any innocent blood that's shed, including the murder of our children, 70 million and counting currently in these United States. And innocent blood must be paid life for life. If the Lord will not pardon it, you can see clearly that he will bring our enemies upon us to do that work. That's one of the judgments in Deuteronomy 28 that we read about a couple shows ago, that they will come in and we will serve them. that they will be our head and we will be the tail. If we don't get this right, that's where this is going. And you can see that as we have wide open borders allowing thousands of illegals coming across. Let's call them what they are. It's an invading army. It's not illegals. This is an act of subversion. And this is an invading army. This has nothing to do with illegals. They ship them in here. Our own government has facilitated this. Yeah, oh, yeah, that's absolutely right. Mayors, governors, the federal government and the like, they are incentivizing them. I actually just got a report from Sheriff Mike Lamb that they were being given cell phones, that they were being given $5,000 gift cards, and that, yeah, they're incentivizing them to come over, right? They're paying them to come here and invade us. Because it is an invading army. This has happened before in history. And because unfortunately, because people don't study history or don't know it, or we have the, you know, the curriculum coming from the MEA, NEA and such, they want to strip these truths away from us so that we don't know what's happening. I think Bill froze up there a minute. There, Bill. Let's try that again. You froze it, but now you're back. We're back. All right. We're back. Yeah, so not only is it an invading army, but it is a siege of America. A siege is just a slow, steady takeover. It's the same thing that happens. You can look to history and see what happened to previous nations who would dare the justice of God in the same regard. They were taken over by their enemies. Now, I'm not saying the enemies got away with it by no means. every judgment that came about and you can look if you read about Josephus the judgments that happened to the nation of Israel the people there after they had crucified the Christ, the Romans were sent in to siege the land. And not only did they wipe everything out, including their own temple, but they flattened the hills. It was the worst massacre that I could imagine, if you read about some of the things that they did to the people. But when that was all said and done... You notice the Roman government doesn't stand anymore like it used to. They were also destroyed, and they were destroyed more so because they were used in that regard to accomplish the judgments of God, and then God wiped them out for it. It's the same thing we see in America today, and this is something that we have to get right. So all that being said, what I'm saying is we've got to hit this head on, people. We have to put a stop to this. and whether we do it legislatively or judicially, or we just... go in and put a stop to it because we we've had this show before we the militia the men of the nation the men of the state we have the duty to enforce the law to repel invasion and suppress insurrection right if there's one thing anybody knows about me when i uh when i'm asked to talk about things everything comes together um everything is linkable we don't just talk about one topic or another topic they all blend together because they all have the same purpose and that is the restoration of our state that that's that's the end goal here um to to bring back the nation under god the way it was entitled to repeal all of the uh or or nullify like you say Yes, the illegal as the Constitution being the highest law of the land. Most of what we see is illegal. Certainly the federal government is, I mean, you can look at that and say there needs to be some deep cuts here. And I mean some deep cuts. If you went back to the pure form of 5% of what's out there was left standing after nullification, I'd say that's about right. Maybe 10, you know, but you can't do it real fast because the nation has gotten so dependent on these systems that you could never just, you could never go in there. It's going to, it's going to be like pruning a tree where, where you're strategically taking it out almost, or like a surgeon where you're, where you're cutting the cancer out. You're going, we're going to have to cut it out strategically. Otherwise there's going to, the human cost to bring it back is going to, it would, it would kill it, you know? I fully agree. A few years back, I think it was about 2008, and I believe Chuck Baldwin was running for president in the Constitution Party. So I think that was 2008. It might have been 12. Anyway, we had a man in the Constitution Party nationally who had actually taken the time to revise the entire national budget. And at that point, we're beyond trillions more than he was dealing with then in national debt. But he had revised the national budget and laid it all out on paper, clear as day, that this could be resolved. All the unconstitutional agencies like welfare, social security, and any of the government handouts that they don't have authority to give out. Because to receive money that you don't work for means that somebody else had to work for it without receiving it, right? Let's get that laid out flat. But he did so in such a way that we could have regained our budget in a positive figure to get our treasury back in the black within two terms of a president. So within eight years, and he says it could be done within six. That's pushing pretty hard on it. But within eight years, we could whittle down all the unconstitutional and unnecessary government benefits bloats that they've established. Let's call it for what it is, right? The three-letter agency, they're bloats of government. And what do you do with a bloat when you have it on your body? You get rid of it, right? Otherwise it causes you pain. Or kills you. Yep, or kills you. So... That's what we need to get back to. And I haven't heard of anybody doing that recently now that I don't know what the debt clock is now. I haven't looked at it, but we're so far behind. I tell you what my plan was is first of all, we need to pause all taxes. until we get this thing in there and audit things to see where things have gone so we can chase down the criminals that have been making unjust enrichment or unjust gain off the system. That's the first step right there. And claw that all back into the coffers of the state, which is for we, the people. You want to talk about restitution? If we went after the millions and billions of dollars that has been laundered away from this state, and clawed that back into the coffers and gave it back to the people for their own lives. That would be my first step right there. Then the second step would be doing charging, let's just say Nestle, who has got the nonsense of an ice mountain going on up there and the water that they're taking out of this state for a $250 permit. And they're taking millions and millions of gallons of water out of this state. These are the resources that the people of this state own. They should be paying heavily for their theft of this state. And that money needs to go back into the public, back into the public. And And Alaska does a good job with what they do with the oil, the oil that's coming out of the ground back there. Every person who is a resident, a citizen, whatever you want to call it, everybody uses the words, and it's not worth fighting over, okay, guys? That term right now, we got a lot bigger fish to fry than standing on that hill to die, okay? But the people of Alaska get a dividend from the resources that they take out of that state. And this is what we should be doing in the state of Michigan. And besides that, there's so many things to look at that is so poorly managed. It's incredible. But, of course, we want to launder this away. And I'm going to tell you what, Donna Brandenburg is governor, whatever I am, and hopefully at some point in time would go after all of this and claw this back to give it to we the people. Because that's... That's another foundational principle is that the government owns nothing. Nothing. The government is a creation of we the people, right? We set it up. They didn't... set it up for our benefit. We set it up for our benefit. And thus, they own nothing. All this public land, what we call state land, they don't own it. We give them the authority to manage it. And in my opinion, they have done a horrible job of it, including in Michigan. Terrible job of it. Yeah, yeah. Their Department of Natural Resources, what you have is a state that has taken their management powers and turned it into ownership powers, right? They have no right to do so. And they do it with everything. Yeah, they do it with everything we see, including, you know, speaking of children, including the education system. We gave them... not even management powers, all right? I don't even know what to call this. But the only provision that we gave them was that schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged, right? Not that they could legislate it, not that they could regulate it, not that they could set it up, but that they should encourage it, which means you stay out of our way while we educate our kids. And you do everything you can to make sure that nothing gets in our way of our authority as parents to educate our children. Saying that, that all needs to be abolished. Absolutely. But think about this. If we do that, then we have to have actual parents that are present with their children because all of these extracurricular nonsense activities that people have their kids in as a babysitter, thinking that they're going to be some sort of Olympic medalist of some sort and or whatever. That's great. I don't have anything against doing something, but there's so much destruction and cost to families. When I look at how How much money people put into running their kids around to sporting events to hopefully have five minutes of glory. And it's great. I told my kids, I said, I will not do this. This is something that, you know, you can pick one thing to do. But that is it. At any given point in time, you may have one activity, but I'm not going to be running you to other states. I'm not going to be paying for hotel rooms for the whole family to go. And that's one thing to do. And we work together. And, you know, in many ways, and we still work together in order to strengthen our own family, not to be distracted all the time. Okay. And I know that's going to really bother people. But if we do this, that means we have to have present parents who are willing to to put the time into their children to take them and show them and enable them to teach the skills that we have and or go find other people to learn together instead of, hey, see you later. I'm going to be over here playing golf all day or I'm going to be over here doing this. You're going to need your kids with you. You're going to do that stuff. You should be taking your children with you, in my opinion. And I'm going to say it's going to be unpopular. Oh, well. Look at the parenting that's going on. You ever had somebody tell you, um, you know, that you're an overprotective parent. I ha I did when my kids were little and I'm like, thank you. That's like the greatest compliment you could give me. Cause that means that I'm doing my job and I care, you know? Yeah. And we don't do it to keep them away from learning things or to keep them from having fun. It is solely about their protection. Right. Um, And we're told in Proverbs that we are to train up a child in the way they should go, and when they're old, they will not depart from it. Read about anywhere in Scripture, anywhere it deals with children, the parents are involved. That is our goal. You walk together. You talk together. There's no one that can love your children or know what's best for them more than a mother or father. We will literally die to protecting our children. That's the way that God made us, to protect them. Nobody in the school is going to do this. Are you kidding me? CPS, they're going to take your kids and try to kidnap them because your kids are worth a million dollars, a child to them. Biggest child trafficking organization in the world. And I get it. We tell, or I say we, but I know I tell people, get your kids out of the public education system, the public indoctrination system, right? And I understand the hardship that comes with this because both you, Donna, and I, we have sacrificed to raise our own children. And the government has it set up so much, and taxes are a huge problem with this, but the government has it set up so, so well that they have kept both parents having to work full time just to be able to raise a family, right? We've become so dependent. 70% tax, 70, 80% taxes, which means every single person out there, because of these horrible criminal individuals, they're forcing Americans. Think about it. You're working all the way to October, maybe November. to pay for all of their giveaway programs. You are only keeping, you are only at best two and a half months of what you've worked for. The rest of it, it's money fatty going everywhere. They have got everyone into such a state of survival right now because of their theft of this nation. They're nothing more than common thieves. Yep, yep. Sorry. We had that set up as well early on. I've worked full-time jobs my whole life, whether that be driving truck or working in a factory or I did commercial roofing for a while and now I'm doing home remodels and such. I've gotten to the point now where I have been able to take over my father's company. uh, as owner and operator. I'm not just an owner, right? I actually have to go to work as well. But, uh, but my wife, my wife originally, she picked up small, small jobs working. There I go again. I kicked my camera over. Doggone it. She picked up small jobs, um, up at a little local convenience store up here, just working a couple of days a week just to help out. Um, and, uh, And we had other family that was willing to help us train the kids and watch the kids once in a while. That was good for them. They get to hang out with their aunts and uncles. But upon our latest addition by God, our latest child, she quit working altogether. And I applaud her for that. I've waited for the day when that would actually come. So we've added one to us and now lost that income as well. I'm not worried about it. No, the Lord provides for those that. Lost Bill here for a minute. He'll be back. All right, computer. Squirrels work. Squirrels work. This is what happens sometimes when you're on live. And you're in an area with not necessarily the best signal. Okay, there you are. You're back. So the Lord provides. This is the pain of country Internet, folks. I don't live in the city where I get good Internet. So the Lord provides for those who are doing his work. And as long as I'm doing his work, I'm not going to worry about the provisions that he has for me, or even whether or not he takes everything from me. That's his deal. It's not mine. I'm just going to continue steadfast in what he's given me to do. And that is currently raising my family and promoting truth, proclaiming liberty throughout the land, right? As our founding father said, and the scripture says as well, the You realize it's written on our Liberty Bell, and that is derived specifically from the scriptures to proclaim liberty throughout the land. And we know that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Without that, you have none, right? We have to be able to know our roots to be able to know where we're going. So, and I forgot where I was going with that, but it all had to do with the kids. Homeschooling and the sacrifice that it takes to homeschool. You know, it's like I didn't, you know, and the sacrifices that we make as parents, nobody can take care of our kids like we do. It's like, you know, everybody out there knows that I've got a very, very special needs daughter. And we have been because, oh, they're just these rich billionaires. It's like, right. Haven't seen that little income statement. Just just so everybody knows here. Right. And, you know, and we I've had so much criticism. Oh, I'm sure that, you know, that they're just using this to get get money to take care of. We've never taken money for her and her meds were costing us 20 grand a year. besides all of her full-time care. We've never signed up for a government program for her. This comes out of pocket because I believe that you don't make your family somebody else's problem. And this will go back to we have the right for reproductive, you know, our choices or whatever. You know, let's go there because that's what everybody wants to say. But now you can strip that back one more level and say, yeah, but if you're out there screwing around with everybody that's out there, And you are playing with fire. And the fire is that you're going to end up more than likely with a child. That's how it works. God made it that way for a reason. Because he wanted us to reproduce and to fill the earth, right? So to say that, that's fine. But if you walk away from what God tells you not to do, it's going to fail. And it's going to fail every time. And so, you know, the I know that people say, well, it's not realistic to abstinence. OK. And so but you know what? I I'm I'm going to say if you're out there playing around, you're creating a responsibility and you're going to probably be choose have faced with the choice to murder or to accept that responsibility. but it's still your responsibility to make that choice, which is a great time to bring this up here a minute, because I think this is significant. That is the basis of reproductive health right there. You choose whether or not you're going to lay with a person. Yes. And there are other, other things revolving around that, you know, whether we're out there playing the whore or playing a harlot. Um, I mean, there, there's judgments that come with that as well, but, uh, Yeah, go ahead. I love this. This is the moment, a flash of light at the moment of conception. right there and if everybody thinks that this is just let's just hit this home here a minute for all of those who think it's just it's just a bunch of tissue okay right now you're looking like an idiot for saying it for anybody saying this watch what happens at the moment of conception How can anyone in the right mind say that it's just a lump of tissue? This is absurd. It's absolutely absurd. And for a while there, I was like, you know, I should just like play this every day to hit this home because not only does this have significance in creating, in being part of God's creation, we're only part of it. We are not, this is not all about our little narcissistic selves. This is God's creation in action right there. You start killing God's creation of his children, you're going to have a big problem because Papa up there is not going to be happy with you in any way, shape, or form. That's right. So last month, here in our own little county, Right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we had the youngest preemie survivor ever recorded, right? I don't know if you knew this or not. I didn't. His name is Noah Markle, all right? I think it was November 17th was his birthday. But Noah was born at 22 weeks and four days, okay? He weighed one pound four ounces. Oh, wow. Yeah, he was little bitty, right? He was just the size of maybe one and a half of my hand. But he's a survivor. He's alive. He was living before he was born, people. And he will be alive to give his story here in several years, Lord willing. But yeah, one pound, four ounces. And he is a living, breathing creature. that was destined by God for a specific work. Right. As we read about in Isaiah and Jeremiah. Did you know that China celebrates when a, when a baby's born, they consider that the first birthday. So the beautiful, lovely people of China, not the Chinese government, the CCP or anything like that, the globalists that are screwing everything up. It's not just them. It's us too. It's the whole, the whole open in it. But yeah, the, The beautiful Chinese people, they celebrate at birth the first birthday because they acknowledge that they are alive at conception. Oh, that's wonderful. I didn't know that. Yeah, so add a year to your birthday, and that's actually your birthday. Okay. Okay. Here, I think I can share this. I've actually got a picture here. I don't know where that is now. I struggle with this so much. Oh, there it is. Okay. I don't know if you can pull that up or not, but that is Noah Markle. There he is. That little guy there. can see the doctor's hands there he's just two sizes of that doctor's hands is all so yeah i'm uh i'm i'm waiting for that story i'm trying to get a hold of uh a hold of the parents there so maybe in uh uh in a year or so we can actually we can actually get uh get little noah Do you ever wonder, I wonder, okay, I've got all these questions in my head all the time. It's like, how can you justify it? I don't understand how a parent can kill Their offspring. An animal wouldn't do this. Animals would fight tooth and nail to keep their babies alive. And you know something? I've got some fun stories about horses having babies. They know their babies and they know what the rest of their lives. I have one horse in particular that she was always really sullen. She was just like, she just kind of like was, you know, you could look at her and you could see that she was struggling with something. And she had a baby. She said two of them with us now. She had a baby. And, of course, you know, you wean them at a certain point in time. Otherwise, they get so dependent that you can never really take them away from their parents, even to go out and get grass. They lose their minds. And so when you wean them, it's better for the mom because it's not stripping all the food away from her, which a true mother will do. They will sacrifice everything for that baby, including their own bodies, right? Right. So for healthy reasons, you take them away and such. And she was always really sullen. And so they were in separate pastors and such, but they were all with their buddies and such. And their trauma only lasts horribly for a couple of days while they're trying to readjust to the baby standing on their feet and eating for themselves and not... you know and the mom having to dry up the milk supply and that sort of thing so that she can keep the nourishment for herself um and it'd been a while because we put we put went out with all of the babies and the geldings and such because they teach them manners right and the moms would go over here and they have their little mom group well when she got big enough we put her in with the mom group that baby and you you couldn't believe the reaction of carmantea she was like They didn't kill you. They didn't eat you. I mean, that's literally what you could see on her face. And she stopped like this and she put her head down and her eyes actually watered. Her eyes got watery and she went over to that, to her baby. And it was like, you're okay. And she walked over to us and literally it was like, thank you for taking care of my baby. They know the difference. And, and it was like, she's never been sullen since that day. And it's like, we come in there and she's just, she's just like the, the, the ultimate trust was established right there, knowing that we're not going to sell her babies. We're not going to, we're not going to hurt them. And, and it's really a beautiful story, but even the animals, even the animals get it. And I don't understand how people understand. can do anything to harm their children, including child trafficking. And because we have parents that do that or put them into somebody else's care and sit back and go, well, you know, at school and they're being shown pornography and I sit and I pray for them. Are you kidding me? This is a clear and present threat. Get your kids out of these schools if you see anything wrong and protect the children. Even an animal would do this. And if anybody listening is questioning this and saying, well, to pull my kids out of public schools is too hard. I don't have the resources to be able to do it at home. Listen, neither really did we when we started. I trusted God that he'd provide for that. And now we have a co-op set up, and we're not an organized co-op. We don't ask the state for permission to do what we do, right? And I know you didn't either back when the state claimed it was illegal to I had one pair of tennis shoes that I wore for 10 years. Every cent and every action I had went into my children. And at that point in time, it was goodwill. That's exactly what, you know, anything that we did, you know, it's like the kids would go and work on things with me because I was working. But everything that we had went into our children. We, you know, we sacrifice. Even their piano teacher said this and used this as an example. She said, you have no idea how much this family has, this mom and dad have sacrificed for their children. They didn't go and do anything. Our kids were with us all the time. And then, you know, we bought a piano, a better piano so that they could increase their skills. Do we have the money for that? Well, we made sure we had the money for whatever it took to enrich our children's lives. And I had one pair of tennis shoes that I wore for 10 years. Besides, I had a few other pairs of shoes. It wasn't like I, but you know, most people, normal people switch your tennis shoes out. No, my kids got that. And I was just fine without it. I don't need a whole lot to be happy. I grew up poor. So it's not a, it's not unfamiliar territory for me. Right. And that's what we do as parents. And all of that, the whole purpose behind it is to be able to ensure that what we hand down to our children is better than what we had been given, right? That's the whole purpose of our government. That's the whole purpose of what we do. We train them up to be able to carry on the legacy that we hand down for them. And my question to everybody listening is what legacy are you leaving for your kids? Are we fighting the battles that need to be fought, or are we standing back and saying, that's too much for me? Because if you are, guess who's going to be fighting those battles? It's your kids. And if we allow them, or if we force them to have to fight for what we're not willing to fight for, they're going to turn around and curse us in the next generation. Just as we look back and see what happened in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, We can look back and say, where were they when all this was going on? Why wasn't it put a stop to them? I'm telling you, if something gets in the way of my children, it's coming with deadly force. You're not touching my kids. You're not touching my family, right? That is what we have to get. But yeah, if you don't know how to get started, there are plenty of groups out there that will help, including me. If you want, now I'm not going to give advice or counsel because those are legal terms, but if you want a good base on knowledge, you can get a hold of any of us. Start a co-op. Get a handful of families that are willing to do it together who are like-minded because if they're not, it's going to fail. Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it. So if you're going to tackle this on, make sure you do it for the right reasons. And get a co-op started. A bunch of families can handle, you know, if you have three or four families, let's say you have 10 to 12 kids. And I think that's more than the average nowadays, actually. But three or four families, and you can cycle through, and each person has a skill set that can be taught. My wife teaches canning a lot, food preservation and such, and it's really cool. You got to get her one of these digital canners. I'm going to tell you what, she is going to be, she will be so happy because you don't have to watch it. Push it. That's it, you know. Yeah, that's on my list. We had talked about an outdoor canning thing too, but I don't know. I have this problem with canners sitting there boiling on my stove because I'm a little bit of an engineer mind, so I know the pressures that are in there, and I know that I don't want to be anywhere around that thing when that goes off. There are a lot of women that in the old days, because I remember my canner that my grandma had with the clamps on it, And there were many women years ago that were horribly hurt or killed from these things exploding. Because it's not a joke. When you get into this, you need to know what you're doing. Well, the digital pressure canner? Nothing. All right. This thing has got a flange on it. There is no way. They've got the safety features. Even the way you close the lid, you can't open it until the pressure, you know, it's got a little pressure pop-up that comes in it. Yeah, really, Phil? Yeah. The relief valve. The relief valve and that you cannot open the top of it as long as they've got that as the stop for even opening the top of that canner. It's so well designed. It's amazing. I'm sorry. I digress, but it's amazing. Yeah, so the whole purpose of talking about such things is Scripture says, Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do with all thy might. If you're going to tackle something on, put all of your effort, not all of your time, so to speak, but every effort you can into learning how to do it and doing it right. And there are people out there who are great resources. You just have to look around and find them. You have a lot of skill sets, Donna, and I have my own skill sets that I've been trained and have educated myself in many things on how to do. And I equate it to skipping a stone across top of the pond. I know a little bit about everything, but I don't just dive into just one thing and become so focused on that that I'm unuseful in other aspects. So I know a lot of people who are into... independent minded who go after one thing. And I love having those people on my team because I can go to them if I want information about that thing. But as far as me, we'll just throw a stone across that I know a little bit. So yeah, that's that. But we have to be able to protect our kids. And the point is they are our posterity. And they are the next leaders that are coming up. And I think a lot of people have left that out of their mind. It says, oh, they're just children, you know, this race. Well, pretty soon they're going to grow up, people. And they're going to grow up and they're going to be your leaders. You know, when we're old, what happens? Somebody has to take care of us, right? They have to care for us. They have to bring us places. Not all the time, but most of the time. And those are the ones who are going to do it. It's going to be our posterity. And if we don't train them up to recognize the virtue and the value of life, when we get old, they're not going to recognize the virtue and value of our life. That's why we have so many people out in nursing homes and such that are organized and governed by the state. And we saw what happened with those regulations back in 2020, didn't we? Right. They killed them because they wanted to protect. the money rolls there. They want them not to be a burden to the state. They don't care. We're just numbers to them. And so, and your parents, your loved one, unless you're actively involved in it, your children, your children are just numbers. And you know what? This is one of the things that shocked me. I'm waiting for Jason Ikes to get on here. Oh, they're joining right now. So sorry. I sent him a link, but it was above, I guess it should have been a little clearer, but I love these people. But You know, when when I really started looking at this, so like I home birthed my kids, I was I was done with the system a long, long time ago. OK, I think I was probably born done with the system. Right. And when you start looking at how this functions, if they can tell you that your kid is ADHD or some other one of their stupid made up terms, okay? It's like, why do we have to categorize people? Even with ADHD, okay? You can say, you can give a category to anyone because they get money. And so all of a sudden now they're drugging these kids instead of going, hey, hold the phone a minute. Maybe they're not supposed to have that kind of attention span and sit in their seats all day long. Who in the world came up with this? It's like children are supposed to be out there exploring the world, getting their hands dirty. They don't have an adult developed brain. Why are we expecting them to sit in the seats like they are? They're not learning anything. So we drug them so we can manage them. You know that in schools, they at max, even if you take the indoctrination out of the picture, even if you take all the woke garbage crap that has nothing to do with education out of the picture. In a school setting, traditional school setting, they get maybe tops two hours a day of anything that looks like instruction. Now, let's put in all of the mental gymnastics that they're doing to indoctrinate our kids. How much of actual go are we getting that's an investment in our education dollars? I'm going to tell you right, not a whole lot. If you kept your kids out of school until they were 12 years old and taught them about the world, the actual world, how things grow, how to do things with their hands. I heard the statistic one time, it would take no more than two years to catch them up. Yep, that's right. Because their brains are developed. They can't even take in this. That's why in a one-room schoolhouse, it actually worked really well, which is what a home school is. You take your older kids, and the younger kids are watching what they're learning. So they get this message over and over again, but in short bits that they can process where they're at in brain development. Right. And the teachers, they teach to test because the whole system is backwards. Nobody's thinking, okay? Because that's how they get their dollars in that school is by teaching to the stupid meep test and everything else. That should be illegal immediately because they're doing this all for money. And teachers out there, if you participate in this, It's just like the doctors. You're responsible or the people in the military. If you're asked to do something and turn a gun on an American, you better think long and hard about this. Of any of these things that they're telling you that you have to do, you still have a choice. And God, God will provide for us. You know, when I've talked about this, when the whole COVID crap came on, I went up to a couple of offices that arrest me because I will not comply. I'm not shutting down my business. I will not comply with this. And there were a couple of times that, you know, that I did, in fact, they were looking for ways to kick me off airports or out of airports and planes. I did wear masks and I got called out on a plane for not having the right kind. And this Gestapo flight attendant was like, I'm going to be fining you $2,000 on this plane because you don't have the right mask. You told me you had one. And I said, I do. And I'm like, why now? Are you doing this now? I had some chasing me down to the airport. So I did where I did where otherwise there was no way that I was going to be able to get where I was needed to be at that point in time. And sometimes you do things like that just to go. But but there's there's a there's a choice when you're told to kill people with a vaccine. forced vaccination. You're responsible for this. I don't care who you are. Or to take kids and indoctrinate them and groom them with this stuff. You're responsible for this. Or in the military, if somebody tells you to take, you need to walk away from this. This is not something, this is a personal response. We were told that we would not get any rail cars delivered to our facility. And it's a big facility. Okay. We're on the UP's main line between Chicago and Los Angeles. And This is like, who does this, right? So the attorneys are like, you know, we're going to have to be completely vaccinated, everybody, or they won't deliver rail cars. And I'm just like, shut it down. And they're like, you can't do that. I'm like, watch me. You better figure this out or nobody's going to have a job. And I'm going to go sit my sorry behind down in Florida or, you know, hang out with the horses or find another way to, you know, fight this. But we didn't shut anything down. Yeah, and all those saying they were just following orders or doing their job, you can go back to Matthew 18 where it says, "...woe unto the world because of offenses." For it must needs that offenses come, but woe to the man by whom the offense cometh. If you think you're just doing your job in enforcing this, or like teachers in schools, if you think you're just following the regulation because that's what you're supposed to do, I'm telling you, that's coming your way. You're going to be held responsible for each one of those lives. And it's always been that way and always will be that way. But regarding the tickets you said in the airport, I love that because you and I were the same in there. We had a business and we were in and out of town and driving when nobody was supposed to go anywhere. And I love that everybody's off the road. but uh in and out of houses still working on houses dealing with the public on a day-to-day basis only only got kicked out of one house that shows you what people actually thought about even in grand rapids nobody cared they just invited us in Right. But but we tried to get the same thing. And actually, I was trying to trying to have an officer write me a ticket because I wanted I wanted something to fight. Right. I wasn't I wasn't being given that opportunity. And unfortunately, I never was. But yeah, when they dare do something like that, I'll hold up my pen and I say, here's a pen. Go ahead and write it. You know, please, please give me something to do. That flight attendant, too, as I was getting off the plane, it was a complete setup. And so it was a setup. And I got up and I said, I want to know your name and I want your employee number. She would not turn her badge around and show me who she was, which is illegal. And so here she committed a crime on the airplane. This was Allegiant Air. She committed a crime on it. And the people that were sitting around me in the seats that she was coming up there when we were up in the air harassing me, you know, harassing me. I had a mask on and she said, I asked you if, you know, when you got on, if you had a problem, I said, yes, I've worn this a million times on, you know, Legion Air, right? And she came out, she goes, that wasn't the one. And she said, and I'm not going to give you one. So she said, unless somebody around you is willing to give you one of their masks, you're going to get fined $2,000. And I mean, it was total extortion. And you should have heard the people around me in the other seats. They were furious about what was happening to me. And I just sat there and one of the guys behind me, he pulled a mask that he had out of his pocket. And he's like, this is crap. And this stuff was going on. And she wouldn't tell me who she was when I got on the plane. I said, I'd like to know your name and your employee number. And I said, let me see your badge. And, you know, and she wouldn't do it. She's like, no, it's none of your business. And I'm like, you little fricking Nazi. And so, I mean, this is the kind of stuff that they were doing and they were trying to get me, you know, in that regard. Well, you know what? I was taking flight lessons at, you know, at the time too, because I'm like, screw them. I'm just going to go get my pilot's license. I'll fly my own self and a heck with them, you know? And, And kind of, you know, there's always a way around things if you think about it. But I'm going to tell you what. And then my mom fell and broke her back, and I was in the hospital. And I got to tell you what I saw there. And this was the nurses that were there. You know, people were saying, you know, they all needed to quit. Well, what are you going to do when somebody's going to die, okay? Or if you got somebody with a heart attack and all of them quit, right? So I was in the hospital. And to see the brokenness of some of these nurses who were there, Because they cared about people. They weren't the enemy. They were, they weren't. And I sat there and I did not wear the mask. And the one gal came in one day and she was just. Absolutely heartbroken. And I'm like, I'm like, you know what? She's here taking care of patients. I put my mask on. I'm like, I'm not going to sit here and watch her go through this. She could have cared less if I had one on. And I was like, I appreciate you standing here and, you know, and taking care of your patients. And she came in and the one nurse came in and she was crying. And I gave her a hug and we prayed together. And I'm like, I'm proud of you that you stayed in this to take care of people. You put people first. And so there's all kinds of dynamics going on there. But, you know, she was trying to help. She wasn't jabbing people. She wasn't doing she was actually trying to help. And it was a it was a really beautiful thing. But anybody that's told to do something that's going to kill another human being or so still you can walk away. And there's other ways to do this. I really think we need to do private private membership associations on all this. And just we can absolutely destroy these large systems with private men. They can't touch us because if they come after us, we can go after them because that's how they've been doing it. Hillary Clinton, the whole mess of them. That's right. Yeah, that's a huge topic. But, yeah, we currently are so indoctrinated in working in the public sector. And the public sector is all regulated by the corporations in the state and the counties. And criminals. Yes. Yep, we need to get back to the point where the people work in our own private sector, where we are the governing entities. So I've got Jason sitting back there here, and so thanks for being patient, Jason, and such. So, yeah, you and I could go on, and people in the U.S. Taxpayers Party, which is the Constitution Party, can go on forever talking about these things. And we're actually doing things to fix this and address them. We don't just go and sit and talk. We're actually doing things. So we have a meeting on January 27th. And this is going to be a great meeting for our party. So Bill Vollen told me, I like your Vollen told, you're in charge of getting a place in the speaker. Okay, that's great. So we actually have a spot. And we're going to be at Center Shot in Door is where we're holding our meeting on January 27th. So anybody that wants to come there, we'll be there at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And hopefully we'll be able to get some range time there. They've been absolutely wonderful. I took my I got my CPL through center shot and I've taken I've taken other other firearms courses. And I can tell you right now, hands down, the best firearms course I have ever taken. And for eight hours, I'm like, oh, you know, I'm like riveted to what they were saying because it was so well laid out and so complete. I would tell anybody this is a great place to become familiar with Endor. So we're going to go down there and have our meeting down there. I'm still working on speakers. Yeah, but I would tell you right now that this is going to be a great time for us to be together. We'll be promoting it more, but please mark a calendar for January 27th. 2024, if we're all still here, you know, we'll see how bad they screw this nation up. But our plan is to be there then. So get on the U.S. Taxpayers Party site,, and we will keep you updated there. join, become a member. It's cheap. If you, if you're so inclined where, you know, if you get on the mailing list and such, um, I'm working on this. Okay. I've been doing a lot of the communications and, and the social media and bills, bill chips. And it helps, um, with, with some of this too, but there we're really, we're really doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes and we're going to be addressing this unconstitutional crap that Whitmer signed in place to take, to take firearms over misdemeanors and what it is. So with that said, Thanks for being on today, Bill. Always amazing. We should just like put a five-hour block out there that people can just come and go and interview people and have a USTPM show and just have people come in and we'll bring them on here and have real discussions. That would be a riot. Yep, yep. So, yeah, next week we'll have a lot more of the details laid out. I'm not going to try to incentivize people to coming by giving away a rifle or something, but I heard somebody's giving away a rifle there, so... Yes, we may have all kinds of cool things going on out there, and it's going to be fun. This is going to be a great time. I mean, this is great, having our political parties meeting at a gun range. How cool is that? That's like America! That's right. That's right. Yep. If we want the results we used to get, we have to be willing to do the things we used to do. So let's all get together and find that common ground, the like-mindedness, that we can move forward in this. Now I'm not saying compromise. Don't compromise principle. But I'm saying whether we disagree on the little things over here or over here, let's all find that common ground so we can actually make some headway in this. We're going to have our meetings are our work meetings. It's not going to be sit around and complain and whine and sob and talk about who's right or wrong. It's a work meeting to do something. OK, we can't sit and just talk. You know, there's part of it to educate you. That's great. Fantastic. But sitting in an echo chamber in a political party, it's all it is. You're sitting there preaching to the choir. Doesn't work. So you got to do something. There's got to be some motion. And guess where you're going to find that? The Constitution Party, U.S. Taxpayers Party in Michigan. So at any rate, there's my plug. Neither Bill or I are a fan of political parties. We hate them. We think they should all be abolished. But right now we have ballot access with the Republican Party absolutely on the verge of bankruptcy. Where are you going to go, guys? You are absolutely going to have a large problem. Where are you going to go? You better start thinking about plan B right now, and you may not like it. None of us like what's going on, but there is a plan B there. And guess what it is? Come and have a good time with us at the gun range. It's going to be great. So anyhow, thanks, Bill, and have a great day. I'm thankful for you. Tell Megan I said hi, and the girls. Bill has got the sweetest family. These girls are so cute. They make me little drawings for the horses, and they're just beautiful. Yeah. Thanks for having me on again, Donna. We'll talk again. You're not going to be in a county meeting Saturday, right? Or are you going to make it up there? I might be able to be there on Saturday. 5 o'clock up at my place. Okay. Well, that's cool. I'll bring cookies or something, you know? So this is the way it works. We just kind of like, I'm just, you know what? I'm grateful if somebody brings a package of cookies to something anymore, because people just come with their little bird hands out. What are you going to do for me? No, it's what are you going to do for this nation? Show up with a package of cookies. I can do that, you know, or something. So anyhow, have a really great day and thanks so much. And I'm going to bring Jason on right now. Have you ever met Jason? I don't believe so. I think I've watched him on your show a couple of times, but. Oh, yeah. Hello, Jason. Jason, now you're introduced. Bill or Bill? Bill. Bill, mostly. Right on. Pleasure to meet you, Bill. Yeah, same here. But I probably ought to get to work, so I'll catch you on the road here. Yeah, we'll talk to you later, Bill. Thanks for being on today. Take care. Bye. So there you go. Hey, how you doing? Great. How is everything going? Oh, man, I had such a great time at that event. Jason sat right next to me, right behind me. We were like, he's on one table, I'm on the other, and we had our backs towards each other for part of it. But I got to tell you, I had the greatest time last night. It was such a wonderful event by Red Pilled Michigan. They did a great job. And I'm going to tell you what, it was amazing. so loving and beautiful and everything was done so well to bring not just Republicans together, but Americans. This is an American thing. It's nonpartisan and it was wonderful. I had a great time talking with people and, and you know, even some old people that were kind of standing with the establishment came over to me and actually apologized and, For, you know, because I was demonized as she's the establishment for a long time. I took a lot of hits and I'm like, I have taken so many hits for Red Pilled Michigan, for the people that are standing up, you know, for this nation, for everybody, because I do not, I will not be told what to think or what to do. And so I think of her myself. I'm an American. I have that right. And they did such a great job. And I mean, it was talk about a healing time with people who have been perhaps at odds. And it was it was really it was wonderful. It was great. I really enjoyed in Smith's story. You know, the he's hilarious. He he was great. I got to sit next to him and we talked quite a bit. He's quite a character. Bring on the toxic masculinity. That's all I have to say, you know, because I don't really see anything toxic about it unless there's someone who is going to be threatening our nation or our family. So it's only toxic for the people on the outside. So bring it. Yeah, well, that story that he, you know, he enlightens everyone to the nonpartisan aspect of freedom. I think we all can agree that you can toss your politics aside when it comes to freedom and everything you've been doing. I think everybody realizes that there was a lot of attacks on you for being a disruptor and for being an outsider they cast you as. But in actuality, anybody who tries to buck the system, the status quo, especially in Michigan, is demonized harshly. Oh, they were trying to wear me down. And how's that working for them? Not well. No. Yeah. And we have a lot of people that are waking up to the reality that there's a significant level of psychological warfare going on in Michigan in particular. I mean, there's a lot of different reasons for Michigan to be center for foreign actors to be trying to infiltrate and disrupt our defense industrial base sector here. We have such a diverse power grid. We have so much to offer in industrial capacity and raw materials and water. We are an essential and critical component to any war effort. As you see with the warmongers beating the drums of going after Putin and basically wanting to really amp up things there in Ukraine. You can see why there would be reason for China and Russia to have significant influence, especially in this particular state, because it would cripple our industrial ability to actually conduct a war. And And obviously, you also want to influence the minds if we fall back to the Vietnam War. Remember how bad the American people wanted to end that war? They were just like the protest on the college campuses or universities and the camp massacre. And what's going on right now with Israel and Gaza, right? We're seeing another very similar situation. escalation uh and this is all on the heels of a significant amount of psychological warfare to uh break down the american people's will to fight and um our identity as a nation and you know everything you've been fighting for that you know so many of us uh have you know espoused is is our uh constitutional freedoms and liberties that have been enshrined for uh since our nation's founding And these things are being absolutely destroyed and demonized. The idea of burning American flags, the absurdity of what the people who are doing that kind of behavior, how they don't realize what that desecration even means. Our enemies are reveling in the fact that they're succeeding in tearing down our mental resistance They weren't trying to wear us down. Yeah, absolutely. And then this movie that just came out that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama produced. Did you watch this? No, I don't watch the Kenyan and Mike, Big Mike in the Kenyan. Are you kidding me? I'm going to say it right now. You know, Big Mike in the Kenyan, they've done more damage to this nation. And, you know, it's like it's like who's in charge right now? you know, with them? Well, I think the good guys are in charge. I think we know who's really in charge of the White House. It's not the guy who's sleeping most of the day, I'm sure. No, I'm pretty sure that Papa D is the commander in chief and the rightful president, Donald J. Trump, the rightful president of the United States. I'm of the opinion that we've been under a coup d'etat and that we're in the process of rebucking. And we have in the United States a unique situation that's not seen anywhere else in the world. We actually, for one, I believe that communism was successful in capturing the country's hierarchy. And the only reason they have failed to fully implement their policies is due to gun ownership. Typically, when communism comes in, the first thing they do is they confiscate the guns. And you can see with the attempts in Virginia and in New Mexico and even with some of the stuff that was passed this year in gun laws in Michigan, the attempts at taking away our guns and, oh, I'm sorry, but the storage requirements are absurd that they just passed. So how are you supposed to defend yourself if you have children? You're not allowed to even have the gun out ever unless you're going to shoot it. So it has to be under lock and key. It's absolutely insane. to think that they just are so contradictory in these implementation efforts. And what's even more hilarious about it is when we go back and look at this Muskegon police report and how they went into this facility where the GBI Strategies was conducting their, quote unquote, get out the vote operations. And they have a case that's unsecured with, silencers and custom pistols and guns, all that required the owner to maintain proper storage and security of that. And the lawful possession was in potentially felons, which violates the ATF laws and our federal laws for Felons not possessing silencers. They went and broke even more laws. And what has our state done to even go after any of these individuals that are breaking these laws when they're so serious about gun laws, right? They're so serious about taking away our guns and giving us more laws to restrict our access to be able to defend ourselves. Yet here they are supporting and covering up the abuse of those laws for their own political benefit. Or at least look at what's happening with the TSA. So I've got a bone to pick with them right now because of the nonsense I saw at JFK airport there where they were trying to use coercion tactics to get people to sign up for that clear view. So the retina facial scan and I was going off. I mean, I was just like, what kind of, you know, Banana Republic BS is this kind of crap? And the TSA guys were kind of laughing because I'm like, I'm not going to shut up about this. So they have earned themselves a new name, and that is tyranny, subversion, arsehats. And that's what I'm going to say, because anybody that commits a crime against you, they have turned Americans into criminals as they let all of these people walk in. Don't tell me you care, anyone in TSA. Don't tell me you care about this nation as they're flying around this, you know, planned army that they're funding, right? on the South border, Northern border, the whole thing. Don't tell me you care as they're going after Americans doing full body naked scans of us so that they can create crowd scenes and all other things to take our identities and whatever. They've got everything they need to absolutely make a complete digital file of each one of us. And now we're the criminals. No, we're not the criminals. They refuse to go after the core of the problem. So I'm on a You know what? Go after the lawbreakers. If they went after the lawbreakers, as you said, to your point, you go after the lawbreakers. You do not go after Americans. Shame on all of them. Were you able to get Stephanie pulled up? I believe she's trying to join as well. No, I can't see her. Okay, let me just real quick send her a link. The one that I sent you, the first one I sent you was at the top of the text message stuff that I had sent to you. And then I just re-sent it again. Is she able to join with the same link? Yes. Okay. Yeah, the last one I sent you, just send that to her and she'll be able to join. Okay, I sent that. And then she's going to cover something. that I was just alluding to, and you are as well, that they are breaking all of these laws and obstructing justice. And she's going to talk to a couple of things that are pretty clear-cut attempts at doing just that, in particular with Dana Nessel and how the Attorney General's Office has repeatedly taken things over and then scuttled the investigations. And we can see that from their own published narratives. So they've actually caught themselves in some Catch-22s that appear quite blatant in their attempt to obstruct justice. Well, I'm going to tell you right now, I believe that they're changing evidence, if you really want to know the truth, because I was told by the first investigator that was going through the people that they've got the 27 felony counts, that they had something that was a testimony for somebody. And then the second investigator came on, and the first one all of a sudden disappeared. And I said, we never had anything like that. I'm like, so one of you is lying to me. That's that is a very that is a very sobering that that should be very sobering to everyone. You don't tell somebody that you've got something and then all of a sudden your investigator disappears is taken off the case. And all of a sudden what I was told they had now all of a sudden they don't have it anymore. Really? You know, sorry, I've got a really good memory for stuff like that. And I've got a long memory for writing things and retribution to liars, cheats and thieves. I play the long game. Yeah, well. Well, I think that we've got, oh, here's Stephanie. Hi, Donna. Hi, Jason. How are you? Good. Funny little moment there. No, that's OK. We were just talking about about them. You know, I was told they had a piece of evidence in the attorney general's office by the first investigator. And so then all of a sudden he's gone. I got a new guy that's come on. And I said, well, what about I said, you know, you want to see this? I was told I said that you had you had a signed testimony that that from from one of the people in the signature gatherers. we never had that. And I'm like, somebody's lying because I was told that you had it. So somebody can explain that to me. And I'm like, screw all of them. I'm going to throw this out there and I don't care whether they like it or not, but that's what I was told. So let's go ahead and start a lawsuit here and I'll, and we'll go ahead and get into discovery and I'll depose the first one. Wow. That sounds a lot like, uh, Sharon Olson, where she called the Michigan State Police and said, you know, I just received a phone call. Someone wants the serial number off the back of my election equipment. She called back to confirm that a report was being made. She made a report, I think, to Berry County Sheriff's Department, to CESA and everyone that she could reach out to in a government agency to report that She was asked for the serial number off of the back of her machine. And then she looked outside and there was a truck with, you know, huge antennas, I think 10 of them, a ton of antennas on the back of this truck. So she found this to be highly suspicious. And she's asked for that Michigan State Police report and has been told that it doesn't exist as well. Yeah, they're lying. They are lying. And you want to know something? I know somebody who filed, who prepared an arrest warrant for Gretchen Whitmer. He has been threatened by multiple people. And he went to the state police and said, you know, here's an arrest warrant for Gretchen Whitmer. They said, it's perfect. They said, but if you file that, we will shoot you because we're here to protect the governor. And in your faces, there was a witness told to me that there was a witness for it. If this is true, we have a bigger problem than what anybody. And so I'm like, I'm like, so he didn't file it. I said, give it to me. I'll shove it right in their faces. And you know, it's like, it's like, if this needs to be done and you have state police telling somebody that has an arrest warrant for the governor and said, you file this, it's perfect. But if you file it, we will shoot you. That was what was told to me. wow that's that's interesting um like so take your best shot guys up there because i don't care Well, what's interesting is Jason and I were talking this morning, and he asked me to join you, if that's all right. Yeah, perfect. I love seeing you, Stephanie. So thank you for having me on. We were talking about Michigan Compiled Law 750.478 because it's really interesting. Jason and Sandy and Joanne said, have done a ton of FOIA requests to get the actual data out of the state offices showing what they knew and when they knew it. And we now have proof of obstruction from Dana Nessel. If you think back on the timeline, remember in November of 2020, when everyone was asking questions, everyone knew things were off. They wanted to know what was happening. And Dana kept repeating the same line, the same narrative that it was the safest and most secure election in history. And then I think it's on November 15th, she wrote a press release chastising Bill Barr at the DOJ. Bill Barr's job was to investigate election issues. And she told Bill Barr, stay out of it. There's a 50-year history that the DOJ does not interfere with state investigations until certification, right? That was in her press release. And I think, Jason, you have that. press release. I sent that to Donna. She should have it there. Yeah. I've got, hang on a minute. I think you sent me three, three attachments, Jason. Yeah. Okay. Hang on just a minute. It takes me a minute to get this stuff done guys. And so, but, but talk amongst yourselves and we'll, we'll get it. We'll get it handled here. You don't need to throw it up. I just think people should read it. They can find this on the Attorney General's website. She made it public, right? She chastised Bill Barr and said, don't touch our Michigan election investigations. This is not how we want it to work. We want to do the investigations. We don't see anything here safe and secure. And you know what she said, right? Well, now there have been FOIA requests that have been conducted where we know what Dana Nessel knew at the time when she released that press release telling the feds to stay out of her files. There was the Muskegon County investigation that Jason wants to talk about showing multi-state fraud. An arrest had been made. They were in the middle of the investigation from October 2020. So she knew that there was not only fraud that took place in Michigan, she knew that it was a multi-state investigation. So you would think that as the attorney general, knowing that something involved multiple states, that she would want the assistance of a federal arm and federal investigation. But what she did was she obstructed it. She chastised him and said, this is not tradition. Don't touch my investigation. And we now know from FOIA requests and emails that she knew about that Muskegon investigation that she was conducting with D.J. Hilson. And she shut it down and she closed it. Nothing ever happened with it. And she prevented a federal agency, the Department of Justice, from doing an investigation and meanwhile lied to the people. Wow, it just seems like it gets worse and bigger and bigger and bigger. I'm not seeing the press release here. I'm seeing samples of, let's see, I think voter registration samples. Let's see what it is. And then I'm seeing the fraudulent registrations. And then I'm seeing the Speckin report, the speaking report, Speckin. Oh, I think you're referring to the Detroit 2020 report that was conducted almost three years after the 2020 election. Oh, okay. It just came through. Now I see the other one, Jason. Let me get this one up a minute and I'll send this over. Okay. That's what I needed to see. So I'll... So, Don, I don't want to go into it too much, but the Spokane report talked about up to 35,000 fraudulent ballots discovered from the investigation that Spokane Forensics, the state's expert for 20 years, had discovered as it related to the 2020 election, which corroborates the Muskegon investigation, which has been, Jason, it's reopened, right, to prevent further FOIA requests. Isn't that a federal investigation now? The Spokane report for the 2020 investigation? No, the Muskegon investigation. Oh, I don't know the current status. All I know is that when we went to FOIA, the materials for the other 20 states involved that we were told they can either confirm or deny whether or not anything's going on. You know, obviously if there was nothing going on, they could just say no, but. But they denied the FOIA request, correct? Right, exactly. So that indicates that there's something still open somewhere. Right. In all of the other states, essentially. So Dana Nessel lied to the people of the state of Michigan and the American people stating that it was safe and secure. We know that it wasn't from the Spokane 2020 report, from the Muskegon FOIA, from the EIF election integrity force FOIA requests where they've asked over and over again who voted on November 3rd, 2020. And the Secretary of State continues to this day to change the answer to that FOIA response. as well as a number of other things, the EPB data, on and on. So she knew what was in her file at the time. She lied. She covered it up. She prevented an investigation by the feds prior to certification. And then she went on to criminally charge the alternate slate electors that were saying, hey, there's an open election case in the state of Michigan. We want an investigation. She then weaponized her office to charge people trying to pursue exposing the truth when she had it in her file all along. Unbelievable. Absolutely. I mean, there's, there's nothing else to say, but you know what I can say? I'm going to bring Sandy on just a minute. Hey Sandy, how you doing? Well, how about you? I'm doing great, because you know what? Because you people are here. And I got to tell you, the only thing to say right now is thank you to you guys, all of you, Stephanie, Jason, and Sandy, and Joanne, and the people who have actually gotten into this, Chris Kyla, and everyone else that's behind this, to hold them accountable. You know what? I listened to so many people out there, but I have so much respect for you guys. It's amazing. The work you've done, the professionalism is amazing. And I have nothing more to say except for on behalf of the United States of America, the state of Michigan, every true American that's out there. Thank you so much. for all the work that you've done and you're doing to actually bring this thing into a lawful process and save the nation. I mean, this is amazing, saving our elections, because they're the election deniers. They're the ones that are hiding it. And you guys are going after this in beast mode. This is amazing. Well, thank you. So Donna, Sandy wanted to go through some data that she was able to obtain years ago. It appears that there's a renewed interest or maybe people have learned what Sandy was able to obtain quite a while ago. I'm going to give you guys the floor. You guys just talk and I want to listen because you know the dynamics here. So go ahead and take the wheel here. This is great. So since I'm away from my office right now, Jason, is it possible for you to bring those files up? Are you on a computer? I believe I sent the stuff over to Donna. I'm actually on my phone right now. So I can send them on. The one that Joanne sent us in the chat right before this meeting. The voter roll. Can we forward it to Donna and can Donna maybe bring it up? I can bring up whatever you want. Yep, I'm sending it right now. You know what? You guys should be able to share it from your own computer. Go to the bottom where it says present and see if you can share it directly. Then I'll add it to the screen. You can bring in whatever you want. And then as I see it pop up on the dashboard here, then I'll go ahead and put it up there, whatever you want. Then we can go back. That way you're in control of what you want to show at the time. Donna, do you mind throwing up that press release for us to go through what Dana Nessel said in November of 2020 while Jason looks for that? Yes, sir. I just forwarded those to you. They're both the same if you pull the PDF one up. Okay, I'm going to give it my best shot. Jason, you can actually share that yourself. And then I can, so this is the press release you're talking about right here? Right. I was just going to go through that while they looked for their documents, but it appears they have them now. This is a document I think everyone should go ahead and review and recall what Dana Nessel said in November of 2020, that it's safe, secure, don't touch it. There can be people, you know, and she goes on and on and on and saying there's no problems. But we know that that was actually just a lie. We know what was in her file at the time. We know what she knew at the time. And she shut down resources that could have quickly investigated the fraud that was taking place that she knew about a month prior or at least several weeks prior to the November 3rd, 2020 election. And this is obstruction. So but I'll let Sandy go into her data now. I'm sorry. So the reason we wanted to talk about this is yesterday the RNC released a letter to the Secretary of State and to Brader saying that they weren't meeting the law by having our qualified voter file accurate and telling them that they had 60 days to clean it up or they were going to file a lawsuit. And we thought it was interesting because, of course, that, as you know, Donna, has been one of the big areas that we've been working is cleaning up the voter rolls and all of the data that we've brought forward. And so the charts that you're going to pull up here now are data that we've been showing in presentations for at least a couple of years now that show what's wrong with that. And as you know, we've been working on the Boots program to help the clerks clean up their voter rolls. So I'll wait till you pull the charts up and we can talk through them. Yeah, I'll be right there. Just a minute. This is what we do. You know, real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. Sometimes it takes me a minute if I'm having to move one file to another to get it up. But and I can talk a little bit more about the time frame on this. So either. So if you want to talk longer, I just keep the camera rolling. So you have to be in a hurry or feel, you know, feel panicked for a time constraint because there is none. So the letter basically goes through all of the people who are no longer living in the state, all of the people who have moved away, people who are deceased, people who don't have a right to vote in our state, people who shouldn't be registered in our state. And of course, as we've talked about many times when we've done presentations, you know, these aren't people we are denying the vote to. These are false registrations. They're not voters that we're saying you can't vote. These are people who don't exist, people who are voting in other states, et cetera. These are people who should not have the right to vote in Michigan. And they're false registrations. They're a lack of discipline. Our law in Michigan says that the requirement is the qualified voter role be kept accurate. And way back in 2021, I started doing research on what does accurate mean. And I was told by a lawyer that if there's not any case law that specifically defines accurate, then it should refer to the largest industry in the state, which, of course, in Michigan is the auto industry. And since I came out of the auto industry, I know that our standard in the auto industry is six sigma, which is one part per million. And as we all know, our qualified voter file is nowhere close to that level of accuracy. Okay. Giving us my best shot, guys. You got to give me a little grace here because... Hey, you're doing great. We're glad you're pulling it up since we're on our phones. Okay. Since I didn't know I was doing this until about a half hour ago. Like you said, real time, real people doing real things. Yes. And that's okay. I mean, this is, you know, honestly, I would rather have somebody that comes on that's telling the truth. Here, let me see if I can get more of this up here a minute. So this graph shows the different states. And it shows how their registrations are. And you can see the line that says 100%. Where the 100% line is, it shows the citizens of voting age population in the state at 100% are registered to vote. And you can see Michigan's well above that. You can see where the red line. And when this graph was created, we were the second worst state in the nation. We were well over 100%. The last time we ran the data on this, we were sitting at about 108% of the citizens of voting age population registered to vote in the state of Michigan. And national average prior to the 2020 election was about 85%. About 85% of people care to vote or registered to vote. You have, for example, people who have Alzheimer's who certainly shouldn't be voting in our elections because they're not capable. as an example of people who wouldn't be able to vote. My daughter, who has special needs, got mailed, and I have a guardianship, adult guardianship on her, and she was mailed voter information, and there's no way. She wouldn't even know what a person holding office would be because she's that challenge. So it's crazy. Another great example of the kind of people who shouldn't vote. And that's why you should never be to 100% of your citizens of voting age population registered to vote. And like I said, this graph shows where Michigan is and we're second worst in the nation when this data was run. You slip to the next slide and I believe the next one is what we call the hockey stick. And so you'll see the black line on this is where Jocelyn Benson took office. And we enrolled in the ERIC system that was supposed to help keep our voter rolls clean and compare across state and remove people when they were no longer eligible to vote in a state. And as we know, that's never happened. I believe it was Pennsylvania when I was on a national call at one point was saying they had like seven people removed over a four-year period. just crazy numbers. But you can see that once Jocelyn Benson came into office, we have what we call the hockey stick. So the yellow line is the population, the voting age population in Michigan. And then the blue line is what's gone on with our registration. And you can see that since Jocelyn and Eric, we have that hockey stick going on where we're well above the number of registrations that we should have. You can see there's a little drop down there. That's when the Secretary of State removed people. We believe that the only people removed were people that were already slated to drop off. But you can see that there was a little reset. And we're continuing to go up. I mean, every month we pull the data and there's more people registered to vote. And I believe there was a bill that was signed into law just a week or two ago that talks about underage people and people in prison being now allowed to register to vote in the state of Michigan, which is just gonna create more confusion. It's a way to hide things. How do we know that they're even getting those ballots? Because we've already seen so much harvesting out there. There's no way to have control of this. It's just like with the elder care homes. They were taking the ballots and there's proof of that. Right. Bad plans. Yeah, so we can keep going down the slide. So we've been showing this data for a couple of years. We're absolutely thrilled that it seems like even though we've been standing on the rooftop screaming it and doing this kind of presentation all over the state, somebody's finally heard. And we finally at least have the letter going to the Secretary of State and Brader to hopefully get some of it cleaned up. This is a status of over-registration. based on population in the state. And it's typical red, yellow, green. Where we have red, we have more voters registered than we should. Where we're yellow, and I can't read the little percentages on there. You may want to jump in here, Donna, because they're too small on my phone to read. And I don't remember off the top of my head the numbers. Red is 100%, yellow is 85% to 100%, and green is 85%. So green is what the normal national average is. And you can see we have one County in our entire state that is at that, that normal national average. So this goes back to what Jensen did by registering voters or allowing these voter registrations to enter the system and not do anything about it. It's not just, it's not just Muskegon, it's the whole fricking state. The whole state. And, and, You know, you add into that the piece of motor voter that we have, which is basically automatic registration. And now we have illegal people who are allowed to get driver's license, interact with the secretary of state, et cetera. And there's nothing on there that asks if they're citizens. And so we're just going to have that complete over overregistration. Well, and look at Brader. I mean, he's the chairman of the board of ERIC, isn't he? Correct. A number of states pulled out of ERIC, and that left an opening, and Brader was named the chairman of the board for the ERIC system. Yeah, Mr. Brader, who lost 10,000 of my signatures and made anybody want to believe that, and only miraculously found them after I sued in the Supreme Court. I don't know about you, but I'm not buying any of this. Yeah, you know, when we were down at the TCF Center or Huntington Place, whatever its name is these days, we wanted to get the tabulator tapes, and they refused to give them to us. And, you know, and then we did the recount. And, of course, he was there at the hearing on the recount. And with all of the issues that we found in the recount, there wasn't a single investigation opened into that recount. course not because that more on that later but make sure that they all you know honestly because you know it's like it's like Benson if she's if she's covering up what she's doing in one spot anybody if you if you know that somebody's committing these kind of kind of cover-ups and it's clear do we think that this is a one-off no I don't anyway it's like not not buying any of this nonsense so that's The significant issue here is that we're refusing to acknowledge the errors in our own system and rectify those errors. There's no partisanship necessary behind any of this. We should all want to have clean elections regardless of what party you're from. And the conflagration, the conflating of the voter rolls is one issue that opens the door to a plethora of other problems and when we also remove voter identification and signature verification we've now removed so many safeguards in our election system that the security measures and protocols that would normally give us confidence and faith in the execution of the system have been so egregiously removed that saying anybody's an election denier is absurd. Saying that requiring voter identification is racist is absurd. Saying that people have to choose between feeding their families and voting is absurd, especially when you look at the fact that the Democrats have typically offered numerous transportation solutions. As a matter of fact, we can actually go into the Michigan State Police report and see where they specifically outlined that GBI strategies, while they were doing their voter registration drive, they were offering transportation to those individuals to get to the polls. So this idea that people have to choose between feeding their families and voting is absurd. And then on top of that, there's no cost associated with the mail-in ballots. So the plethora of security measures that are supposed to be the safeguards for our elections have been so badly degraded. And the one party is acting in egregious behavior to obstruct our ability to fix these problems. And the only reason you would do that is if you're involved in shenanigans or chicanery here surrounding those very security measures. That's the only reason. Why else would you want to completely remove the ability for us to have security measures and transparency in our elections? There's no other reason. Yeah, if they didn't have something to hide. Absolutely. Because if you're honest, if you're an honest person, you're going to want to have your name cleared. I would think, you know? Yeah. Do you want me to bring this other letter, this, what is it? This is the letter that, this is the case that's being filed currently, which is on the findings from years ago by EIF that's now being brought forward. You can bring that second page that I sent you. Yeah, that's the one. So this is now being brought forth, and this is about how dirty the voter rolls are. And Sandy had just mentioned how Eric, Several states have left ERIC, Mack Warner, one of the Secretary of State in West Virginia, and him along with Secretaries of State from Louisiana, Alabama, and several other states, including Florida, have all left the ERIC system because it's not doing what it was intended, which is actually giving them a list of voters to remove from the rolls. Instead, it appears to be an opportunity for other things to transpire that essentially amount to conflating the voter rolls. And that allows places where they know the bad voters that are on the rolls can then request ballots on behalf of those bad voters. And there's nobody to contest them unless the watchdogs are allowed to do what they're doing. And that is contesting those voters, standing up for the rights of everyone else that are being disenfranchised by these fake electors or bad voters or double voters. There was a recent study that was done on the mail-in voting. And honestly, one in five people came back saying that they had done something illegal, whether they knew it or not. So, yeah, one in five people that were surveyed said that they knew of or had themselves conducted an illegal activity surrounding mail-in ballots. One in five. You've got to be kidding me. No, this is just making the waves. Charlie Kirk was one of the people who was sharing this information around. It's out there on a leading report on other sites. And I believe Blaze Media also published it. So there's a very deliberate effort here. And we as a nation need to come together and realize that this isn't about Republicans or Democrats. This is about whether or not we operate like a third world country or we actually honor our traditions. Whether we have a country or not. Sure. Absolutely. At the rate we're going right now, I don't even know if we're going to have a country. This is a planned insurrection, a planned coup d'etat, whatever you want to call it. I mean, this is planned subversion of this nation. Right. It goes back to someone dissenting chaos. I believe that there was a deliberate attempt to try to create a civil war. And so far, we have not descended into that. and we have continued to fight through the courts and through all of every legal method and here we are today uh they they took control through coup d'etat and we're we're every time we try to fight them or expose this they are acting like tyrants and trying to suppress any of that information from getting out and this is exactly you know the unique situation here in the united states is that they were not never able to take our guns from us so we'll see over the course of the next year as we go into the next election cycle if honest brokers in our supreme court and our supreme courts across the land um will actually enforce the security measures that need to be put in place to have legitimate elections or if they continue to allow the degradation the transparency and security of our elections One of two things is going to transpire, and that is no one's going to have confidence in our elections if there's not proper security implemented. I don't. Right. And with just cause, for just reason. It's not absurd to ask when you submit a FOIA request for FOIA materials that are being provided everywhere else except for in one jurisdiction that... you want transparency and it's absurd that a judge would sanction people for that same request where other jurisdictions have no problem providing it. So it happened to me here. They would not give me, they would not. When I went with a FOIA to Byron township, they refused. She refused my FOIA and said they didn't have anything. Double check all your language. But if it's a mirror case, from another jurisdiction within the same state, this is exactly what I'm talking about, where one jurisdiction, comparable jurisdiction, provides the information, but another one covers it up. And that's only logical reasoning for not complying with FOIA requests. Yeah, they told me they had nothing on site, that they gave it all to the county. They didn't keep any records and that they were told by the Board of Elections to pass it. It went to the county and went to the state and they have nothing on, they have nothing in the township on it. except she's like, well, we have a thumb drive. And I said, well, what's on the thumb drive? Nothing. And I'm like, then who erased it? She said, well, it's not exactly erased, but it'll be erased and updated. And I said, so who erased it? Well, nobody erased it. And then you've got something there, don't you? And we went back and forth on this, but she said they had no records that they kept of And Scott Ogney was quoting, you know, we were talking about it and he's like, he started quoting the law and he's like, they've broken four, four laws. Yes. Cause the laws say they have to keep this stuff for two years. And within a few days of the election, the secretary of state is sending out letters to the clerks, telling them to, to eliminate and delete the data because they know that that data is a pathway for things to be exposed. And I'd like to go back to two things. Jason said, Can you bring your video back on, Sandy? Yeah, I don't know why it stopped. It gave me a message that said that my video was not working. And it says I have to reboot to get it back. Oh, that's weird. Yeah. Well, we'll carry on. I can do that. I'll say this and then I'll pop out and then reboot and come back in. Okay. You know, the reason the IAF focused on the qualified voter file and trying to clean that up is because we know that no matter what form of cheating they try to do, it requires that bloated file. Whether it's ballot harvesting or false voters or ballot box stuffing, any of those versions, all of them require that bloated voter roll so they can shift votes around. And so that is a big part of why that's been our main focus and why we've stayed in that lane because we know if we shut that down, we clean up a whole lot of things. And Jason talked about the law enforcement and are we going to have a law abided election? And one of the things that we found in the last election was that when we called the police force, when we called the sheriffs, when we called the peacekeepers, we weren't able to get their support because they didn't know the law and they don't know how to investigate election law. So we worked with the sheriffs and a federal attorney, and we have developed training for the police keepers, for the police, the sheriffs, the peacekeepers. And right now that has been sitting with the M. Coles group for weeks and they have not approved it. So we've heard all this rhetoric about the about the, you know, the. elections and will they be secure? And people are afraid to vote and all of these things. And we developed a training to protect every legal vote. And yet it's not getting approved by EMCOLS for the police and sheriffs to take it. This whole thing is so much bigger than what I think that we can get our arms around. This is incredible. So now we have to look at that and say, well, Why are they not fighting for this? This is the Sheriff's Association, right? Yeah, we actually, we were working with CSPOA and they said they had something in the can that we could use. But when we got into it, it didn't cover any of the things that we needed covered. And so we worked with one of our sheriffs here in the state and a federal attorney and developed that campaign. Sign kind of went out there. Oh, there you go. You're back. Yeah. Somebody doesn't seem to want this out there. So I've got a lot of questions on this. It's like, why aren't all of these sheriffs standing up and going after this? I mean, they have, they should be on the front line of this to make sure that this is done correctly. All of our elections, our county should be run, it's run by the county and they are the ones in charge of this. Why are they not stepping up and screaming about this? Part of it is also the prosecutors. We need prosecutors to actually bring the charges and that's the other aspect to the sheriff's office. So the sheriff should be going after the prosecutors for not doing their jobs. I mean, I'm sorry. This is one of those things that this is like one of those excuses that's not, oh, well, we're not going to do anything because nobody's going to do anything after we're done with it. What kind of a An idiotic response is that, and I heard that from sheriffs out there. That's like an idiot response. Okay. Just because somebody is not going to follow up. Does that, does that mean you stop and you don't do your job? No, it doesn't. That means that the whole mess of them should be removed at this point in time. And do you want to reconnect your, so you can bring your video on? Yeah. Am I wrong on this guy? No, we need, we need absolutely to actually put the the pressure on and the only way we do that is when sheriffs actually make those announcements uh that hey we found these things and we're having difficulty bringing the charges because our prosecutor is uh unwilling to bring those charges if we at least had that level of If we at least had that level of transparency from a sheriff saying, hey, look, I'm trying to do this. I need your help at this point. You need to either recall this prosecutor or you need to start filing bar complaints. Look, there's only a couple of different ways that we can go against this stuff. And if we don't apply the pressure where people are operating in bad faith of the law, then we're doomed to be ruled by tyrants. This comes back to having good people stand up. and run for office and challenge those who are failing to uphold their oaths of office. I guess enemies both foreign and domestic mind you, we have plenty of them here in our own borders that are suppressing the lawful execution of statutes and enforcing the investigations that should be conducted when we find these discrepancies in our election system. I was shocked at the answers. I talked to probably, I don't know, a third to a half of the sheriffs in the state when I was running, right? And I'm going to tell you the answers. I only had a couple of them that made the cut with me that I would say have anything to brag about. Because overall I heard from the sheriff's, well, we don't, we, we, what are we going to do? We don't have a prosecutor that will, you know, prosecute this. That doesn't mean you lay down and don't do your job. You do your job and then you double down on it and make them move. If you, it's like horse training, you make them move their feet, but that doesn't say you walk away and just don't do your job. And that, that's what it amounts to. If that's the case, then they're in on it. Yeah. We, we have a lot of digging to do a lot of work to do on, um, on all of this, but at the end of the day, tell me I'm wrong. Am I wrong? Good, strong people with actual, you know, like character and willing to stand up because there's a lot of people who don't think that there's going to be any pressure. There's not going to be any support. And instead, whatever suppression they're getting from attorneys or outside sources, look at what was going on right now with Elon Musk and the ADL, right? How about with the attacks on SpaceX for not hiring foreign nationals in national security projects? The level of absolute absurdity that we have going on right now across our country is playing out at the national level in front of all of our faces. And anybody who's saying, oh, you know, Elon's a bad guy for not hiring foreign nationals in our national security projects is absolutely acting in bad faith of our own laws. They're traitors. Yeah. Even the people that are pushing that narrative, that is a traitorous activity. Yeah. Well, it goes back to they're trying to dissolve our borders because they want a one world government. They don't. Like the United States existing, they don't like national borders. They're trying to streamline things, right? They're trying to create economies of scale and just bring everything under one single stream of effort here. Sandy and Stephanie, come on back on, guys. They went away. No, no, come back. Yeah, this is, I mean, how can you even respond to this? Because it's so large. And I mean, you can say, and you're wrong, and you're wrong, and you're wrong, and you're wrong, and you're wrong. You know, the people that are sitting in the seats. There is not one person that you can finger on this and say, they did it. there's a lot of very convenient narratives. There's a lot of very convenient narratives that people, you know, won't fight because it's inconvenient to their standard of living or what they've accomplished in their life. It would contradict where their status is and they don't want to disrupt it. So they, they don't, they don't fight that fight. They don't arise to the occasion and they don't realize how bad things are getting as a result of just turning the other cheek. Oh, go along, get along. How many times have we heard that? Just go along to get along. Yeah. I think that's a big piece of it. And I think the other thing is that people don't really realize, right? They're boiling a frog. They didn't start this yesterday, right? They're doing a little bit and then a little bit. Look at the 2018 election bill and then the 2020 election bill. And right. They just keep taking little tiny pieces and, and, You know, we don't have to go far. We can look in history. This is exactly what went on in Germany, right? They didn't just immediately go to giant concentration camps everywhere. It was little pieces and little pieces and little pieces. And history tells you that if you don't step up to it, now what's amazing is how quickly it happened in Germany, you know? And I keep saying that if we don't wake up and we don't all get involved, I mean, think about what we have coming at us in 2024. We have minimum nine days early voting. We have a more bloated voter roll than we had in 2020. We have an election just by the voter roll. We have a secretary of state and a legislature that has approved things like minors and prisoners being in the voter rolls. And we have them making it so that poll challengers are threatened with criminal charges if they do their job and somebody feels like they're being harassed, which also goes back to the sheriff and police stuff we talked about. That's why it's so critical. We have those people trained because they need to protect the citizens that are participating in this. They need to understand the laws so they can be confident in the execution of. Yeah, absolutely. And so we need to have, we need thousands of volunteers, right? We have over 1,600 clerks and most clerks have multiple precincts. And if you look at what we did in 2022, we challenged 13,000 voters prior to the election. And when we did that, we did it at the primary as the test. And when we did it at the primary, we sent letters to the clerks a few days before the election saying that we believed that all of these people that voted were false registrations and that they needed to do an investigation. Didn't stop anybody from voting, but asked them to investigate. We got letters back. Brader told them their challenges are invalid because they're not on individual affidavits. So for the 22 general election, we found a way that four days before the election, we analyzed all the data of everybody who had done a mail-in ballot, and we challenged more than 13,000 votes on individual affidavits that went to the individual clerks, the 1,600 of them around the state the Friday before the election, and asked them to investigate. They came back to us and said that the clerks didn't need to do anything with this. Now, some of the good clerks did anyway. Some of them called us and said, hey, you know, this one's OK. That person just moved. That one's not OK. We're doing some investigation on it kind of thing. But we got, you know, the letter went out from them saying that we didn't have the right to challenge because the ballot wasn't present. And because the person challenging was not in the jurisdiction where they were challenging because it was EIF challenging. Well, we had made sure that we were certified to be poll challengers in all of the counties so that we didn't have that problem. And yet that's what they did. So we armed our poll challengers with the names of those people for the absentee counting boards. And they went in and started challenging Those voters, when they came up on the screen and they were told they didn't have the right to challenge like that because they were slowing down the process. Oh, that's just like the absentee ballots. We're going to run the time out. It's all about running the time out on all these processes instead of having a lawful, correct process. Well, we got to hit the timing. Well, you haven't hit the timing yet. How come they can move the timing around and have nine days of voting? But when we want to make it honest, they've got no time for us. Yeah. Well, what's really interesting on timing is this came up in another state and we have the same situation in our state. If you really look at the rules and we've learned this since we now have people on some of the board of canvassers, the board of canvassers, if they don't certify the election, whether it's got filled with fraud or not, if they don't certify, the state takes over and the state will certify. So what message does that send? They have until a certain date. And if they don't certify, the state taps in and takes over. So no win. There's no checks or balances. They're just going to ram it through no matter what they do. And Prop 2 says that the only people that are allowed to audit the election are people who work for the election bureau. So tell me what industry in the world doesn't have outside independent auditors? Because every industry in the world does. The hospital industry has the Joint Commission. The auto industry has QS 9000. You know, you can go through list after list of what the standard industry things are, where they're checked by outside auditors. Why is elections? That's probably the most important thing we have. Why is that not? Well, and they're not they're not supposed to be running the elections at all. The state isn't. It's supposed to be the people. And for them to have any part in the elections is is unlawful. Go, you know, just let's just go back to scratch here. You know, they're not supposed to have their hands on our elections. Period. Because, of course, they're going to vote in things. It's just like these proposals, the proposals that we have. Our 1963 Constitution is it is was illegally put in place. And so they just write the laws and say, oh, too bad for you. And now we're going to call the Gestapo on you, which would be any of the law enforcement that have thrown in with these traitors, bastards, and that refuse to stand for what's right. You know, it's a mixed bag out there. I mean, and every organization has been infiltrated. The sheriffs, the state police, the local police, the universities, everything, the corporations, the corporate structures. Look at Citizens United. You know what? I've got some really great ways to turn things against them that they've put in place because they've done enough stupid stuff that you can use. It's just like President Trump, what he's done with how he's fought legally. He set precedents so they can go right back on the ones that are actually committing the crime. And because he hasn't done anything wrong, we can go after the bad guys. He was willing to stand out there and put himself out there and say, okay, you want to play this game? Let's do it. And then he turned it back against them. There's all kinds of rules that can be turned right around on them because they're breaking all of them. And the proposals that were there, I'm going to tell you, somebody's going to have to talk long and hard to me about the fact that there was no possible way, in my opinion, and I have the right to my opinion and my free speech here as an individual, that they got enough signatures to get those proposals on the ballot. Not a chance. Right. In the 2022 election. And of course we can go in and see it even to challenge the other people that were running at the time. I had no access because, oh, it was, it was all over. They broke the law there. We were supposed to have access until January and I was denied access at the board of elections in your face, Jonathan Brader. Well, and take a look at the fact that we had the thing that required identification for voting. And that one was turned in prior to the other ballot proposals that got on the ballot, but they didn't have time to verify those signatures, but they got the other ones through. Yeah. Mr. Brader, Mr. We're making up policies on the fly. Brader who admitted to that in the hearing, Mr. Brader, Mr. Chairman of Eric, Mr. Let's just make up policies on the fly. Yeah. So we keep shouting stuff from the traps. We're excited that the RNC heard us and is trying to do something here. We'll see where it goes. Yeah, I hope everybody wakes up on this. And so here we've got a task list for everybody today, and that would be to give EIF a call or reach out to them and say, I'll help. Correct. We have 1,600 precincts. How many people do you need to step up? No, no, no. 4,500. I'm sorry, 4,500 precincts. We have 1,600 clerks. 1,600 clerks, 4,500 precincts. I'm sorry, I was, you know. So, yeah. So, OK, so we need how many people do you need? Thousands. We have nine days of early voting. Minimum of nine days. And then if you look at Prop 2, it does say that private organizations can raise money. So we don't even know if there's going to be private organizations that set up polling locations that we might need to cover because this is going to be our first election through that. And so, you know, how many polling locations are we going to have to cover? And I personally think, this is my personal opinion. The clerks in their offices are verifying signatures on the ballots when the ballots come in. The absentee ballots are sent out 45 days before the election. I personally believe we should have poll challengers in the clerk's office every day for that entire 45 day period. So that when those ballots come in, we have somebody sitting there looking over their shoulder, doing the signature verification with them. Because that's part of the process and we should have challengers there. And if they would just be genuine and let us see the digital version, then it wouldn't be a big deal because you could digitally review. But the problem is they say, no, it's PII. It's personally identifiable information. And you can't have access to It's absolutely absurd because if you go to conduct business anywhere, they have to verify your signature on between your credit card. Again, for God's sake, state of Michigan, do anything they want. They can sit there and get a chicken leg and scratch it on the paper and say, oh, it's verified. But you can't see it's verified. You know, when I was at the board of, you know, the board of elections, the board of. The board of idiots hearing there and this guy gets up and talking. These people are idiots or morons. I'm going to tell you that right now. And so this guy gets up and he is a he's a guy that does signature verification. He's one of these guys, you know, and I've had my up to here with these guys. Right. So he gets up at this at this meeting that they were having. and he starts talking about what he's done. And you want to know what he admitted to? His name is Mark something or other. He admitted to, well, yes, of course, he was in there trying to protect his industry because he has access to it. And you know what Brader and the Board of Elections allowed him to do? And he admitted this in a public forum. I'm like, you got to be the stupidest guy I've seen on the planet. Okay, you just admitted that you were part of something that was a clear and present threat to national security. And you want to tell that they care about protecting our signatures? No, they don't. They're lying. They're lying bastards. So what this guy did is Brader gave him access to go in and copy, copy off All of the petitions that came in there, they were able to go in and take all of that data. Who in the hell is this guy? That's what I want to know. And who are these people have access when none of the rest of us have access to? He went in, copied every single piece of paper. It has everyone's signature on it and their address and their name on these ballot on these petitions. took them to Bangladesh for verification. He admitted this, that it went, that all of them walked out the door of the board of election, the board of election line bastards and took them and sent them to Bangladesh to have signature verification on that. And they verified it against previous signatures that they had on, on, in their possession. Well, let's talk about what can happen with those signatures. They had previous year's stuff in Bangladesh to verify the signatures, but we can't walk into our township, the Byron Township over here and ask for these things. Well, we got to protect it. When the hell have you protected anything? You sent it right out of the country for verification to Bangladesh who had previous year's signatures. Tell me these people care. Well, let's talk about what they can do with those signatures. You load them into it like a CNC type machine. You attach a pen to the wand of the CNC machine. And in less than 10 seconds, you can sign signatures on ballots. Well, it'll copy it and just transfer. You could go that way if you want. But even with digital signatures now, they digitally create signatures. You can print your name and it'll give you a digital version of your signature. Correct. They have it already. Yeah. Yeah. And and and regardless, I mean, you know, they their stand is that in the poll challenging places, we do not have the right to challenge signature. We have not right to do anything. We don't have. And so the only way you can do that is in the clerk's office when they're doing it. We don't have the right to privacy. We have every single amendment that has been broken, that rightful ones. I mean, we have no rights for anything. They've already destroyed most of them. We do have still some recourse here, and we're always going to have recourse if people stand up and stand for the rights given by God. Not them. Not them. Not the traitors. Not Nestle the traitor. Not Whitmer the traitor. Not Benson the traitor. Not the clerks that are traitors. Not them. They're traitors. They're so power hungry. Yes. And they're in a structure. They don't want to make their little overlords angry at them because they might be removed. Well, guess what? The American people are going to get sick of this nonsense, including the sheriffs that won't do their job and arrest Gretchen Whitmer. which they have the right and the duty to do that. And if the prosecutors are funded by Soros, then they need to start going right down the list until they clean this thing out, until we get to the last person picking up trash in the parking lots. Tell me I'm wrong, guys. Tell me I'm wrong, please. No. Tell you what, I will tell you something though. I was just pulling up over here. I'm so mad over this. I was just pulling up the reason why the other states were pulling out the memo to the Secretary of State. One of the reasons, the first reason listed was the amending the bylaws to explicitly, this is what they wanted. They wanted to amend the bylaws to explicitly state that Eric's membership should only consist of member states who answer to the voters and taxpayers they represent. This is why they exited because Eric would not comply with this request. So if they're not... Headed up by Jonathan Brader. Who's on the board if it's not the state members that are responsible to their taxpayers and voters they represent? Headed up by Jonathan Brader, Mr. Let's Make Up Policies on the Fly Brader. Yeah, yeah. So I think that's pretty... clear-cut reason right there that makes a pretty bold statement against Eric. So why is Michigan still participating? Well, like you said. Because of Mr. Brater, Mr. Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Board of Elections, Mr. Make-up-the-Policy-is-on-the-fly Brater. Mr. Lose 10,000 signatures and only figure out where the heck they are in a room you never put the signatures after you're sued in the Supreme Court. That Mr. Brater. And the one that's currently under that's being charged with the conflating the voter rolls in that case that was just shown to the people here. And then also he was the one that we requested after conducting the recount to open investigations and all the discrepancies that we found. Eight and a half percent of the recount precincts were not even able to be recounted because we were refused or denied access to the ballots as a result of broken seals and all the shenanigans that went on there. Y'all up there sitting in Michigan, all right, in Lansing here, that has the illusion of running anything, which you couldn't run anything. If you tried to run anything, you couldn't run it. It's all an illusion. You have spectacularly, and I mean spectacularly, in front of God and everyone, shown everyone how stupid, negligent, complicit y'all are. This is incredible. The overwhelming amount of evidence against these traitors is just incredible. They're scared. They will do anything to cover up what they've done. They know what they've done. They're in full on panic. Yes. And cover up there. It's just the stuff that people will do if they think that, you know, the treason, which comes with a very hefty penalty for their lives. Well, let's talk about the fact of who that is, because it's not one side. Now, if it was one side, if it was one side, we would have gotten reaction in twenty twenty. right after that election, right? We would have had action in 2021. We had control of the house. We had control of the Senate. And what did we get? We got a Republican party that laid down like a bunch of worthless wimps in the corner who did nothing. And we've got Republican people that are sitting in the seats who have fought for nothing and stood for nothing. Go along, get along, you know, ooh, divide and split the vote. That's what you guys are doing because you haven't even counted the votes. How can you say split the vote when you don't even count them? you know, and then the Democrats, I mean, these, these people are absolutely in abysmal failure on levels that this nation has never seen failure. You know, it's like one of these days they're, they're, they're all, they're all going to have, you know, failure, traitor. It's, it's all over them. Every single one of them, traitors, failures, failures, and traitors. I don't know where, where they think they're going to go with all this. Like, At the end of the day, they either plan to just cover up and they really want these concentration camps that they're talking about and they want to put us in them, or they're already vacationing somewhere else. I think that there's some great places. And I've told a few people, you know, I think you just earned yourself a free flight to a very warm, sunny location. It's on an island. On an island. It's going to be hot. Hot as hell right there. And you know what? I hope you enjoy it. You earned every bit of this free flight. There's a beautiful tropical island that we send certain types of people to. That's right. And again, I would say go back to history, right? All of the people that did all the things that they needed to do in Germany because they thought that they were going to be saved. Yeah. Weren't saved. This is the same playbook. It's not terribly different. And they all ended up They all ended up not on the good side of things. Right. You know, so history, history tells us what will happen to them. And history tells us that there was a lot of people who had no idea where they turned a blind eye, completely turned a blind eye. Republican Party, Democrat Party, go along, get along, be proud of yourselves. Cognitive dissonance. Right. And there's also confirmation bias. So there's a couple of different mental parameters that have to be worked through. for people to see the reality of how they've been lied to and how they've been deceived. And once those barriers are breached, then there's an opportunity for truth and reconciliation. But even when facing, what was it, 12 years that the Nuremberg trials lasted for, it took quite a bit of time to break through all of that. And only people from outside the country who had no real knowledge of what was going on there, except for, you know, the sudden shock of being exposed to these images of the concentration camps truly understood what was really transpiring there. And they don't understand where people do not understand where we are. Cause it's like, Oh, you know, we're, we're living our little fantasy lives over here. It's terrifying to think about. It's terrifying and it's infuriating. We've already done this path before in the Bolshevik Revolution. This has been repeated over and over. Ten million people were genocided. We want to focus on Germany. Germany is one instance. I focus on Germany because I had the opportunity to live there and I saw it all. You are absolutely right. I've been stationed there, too, and I've seen the concentration camps. Yeah, I've been there. Look at what happened in Poland. Look what happened to Cambodia with that piece of crap. Kissinger, who just vacated, and I'm sure he spent an eternity in hell, too, for what he's done. Go to the Ford Museum. It's not a Ford Museum. That's a Kissinger Museum. Look at what the Ford Museum is about. Kissinger just passed away. In the final months. He started questioning whether or not it was all worth it. I would hope so, but the world's a better place with him gone. He is responsible for so many deaths. And who did he stand with? He was directing Nixon. He was directing Ford. He has been a little puppet master back there behind the scenes. Good riddance. Enjoy Howe. You know, it's like you had your chance. And, you know, you can see that the DeVos's have got him paraded all over that museum down there because that's on DeVos land. In Grand Rapids. I'm sorry. I'm done with all of them. I'm done with them all. But really, everybody should have this righteous anger, indignation of what they have done. And it's not just Whitmer. She's an easy scapegoat because she's easy to see. Man, that's a chip shot. If you're playing a golf game with criminals, she's the chip shot of the day, right? That's easy. So is Nestle and so is Benson. Let's go down further and get past the chip shots and get all of them. Well, that's why I keep calling for people to run for office. I think that we have one when more people run for office, it gives opportunities to expose the corruption. Because every time you have someone running against another person, you enter into a level of scrutiny on their past work and their behaviors. But when there's no competition, there's no scrutiny. And that scrutiny is what is necessary to truly exercise. You know, the Democrats want to call our nation a democracy. Well, if there's only 30% or less people turning out to vote, how is that a democracy? And then furthermore, if no one's contesting and you intentionally, especially in the Democrat party, field only the candidates that you approve of, then where's the democracy? There is none. Yeah, it's a selection process, as Karen says. It's selection. It is an illusion that we have a choice in any of this. And they just keep writing more laws and making more rules to further distance us from their power structure. And everybody should be absolutely furious about this. I believe there's a good quote for this, too. And I forget who says it, but resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. Do not comply to liars, cheats, and thieves, which, you know, they come down with this new variant. I think they're going to have their hands full this time because the American people are done with their shenanigans, their nonsense. And, you know, this is it. It's like, you know, we think that they have any power. They're just a service. They're a service contract. That is it. They have no power, none, zero, zip. They can threaten all they want. They're nothing. They are losers. They are nothing. They have violated all of our rights. Losers, total losers up there. And so, you know, we just need to, we just need to stand strong and they tell you to do anything. You just tell them to go pound sand, you know, get out of my face. How many, how many of them do you really think there are that are sitting in the seats? And all of them are cowards, so they can't be much of a fight, really, when it comes down to it. So, you know, they work on us with fear. And they think we're going to be afraid. Not this time around. No, no, no. We're so far past that. They should absolutely be in that panic because, you know what, they've all earned that free flight to a warm tropical place. What do you think about the possibility of a caucus or a convention allocating the electors? instead of having a primary in Michigan for a presidential election. Because that last note that I saw kind of looked like they're leaning towards a caucus instead of a, or a convention and allocating the electors. Well, they're trying to do the caucus or convention, whatever we want to call it with super delegates. So the people's vote doesn't really matter. Yeah. It's called theft. Well, I think that the reason why, and part of it is also, they don't want to down ballot consequences, right? Because if they remove Trump from being on the ballot, the down ballot will be more favorable to the Democrats because they know the turnout or in support for Trump is going to create a serious down ballot issue for them. Yeah. Well, you know what guys, they're not going to win this. We're just getting smarter by the day and it's great. We're paying attention. That's the difference, right? It's, It's, uh, you know, being occupied by bread and circuses is a great distraction and, uh, it's, it's good for, you know, consuming your time and energy and resources. But, uh, how much does that have any consequence on your, the future governance of your, your society, your city, your town, your state, your nation? It doesn't, they're distractions. They're, they're meant to keep you away from spending time and talent and treasure. on the things that actually matter, which is how you're governed. I love you guys. I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, I love you people. And everything that you've done, it's like Jason's running for office. So everyone out there, here's your mission. You got two missions here. Get behind Jason and get behind Sandy, Joanne, and, um, and, uh, all the really good people in EIF. Okay. We've got some really, really good people there. I love, I love Scott Ogney. I love, you know, there's, there's good and bad in all organizations. I'm not going to give everyone a pass, but I'm going to tell you the ones that have earned my respect would be these wonderful, lovely people right here, Joanne Bacali and, And and I am so thankful for everything. I love you. You are amazing. You are a really it's going to be a great day just talking to you guys. You're amazing. So everybody that's out there, give them a call. Step up and do your duty and help us take this nation back. If you can help Jason get elected, he's a good guy. Green Beret, worked with General Flynn. Good, good guy. Right. And so, I mean, I mean, I think, and he brings me egg cartons for my chickens, which is kind of cool. And that's not payment for my endorsement by any means, but, but you know, I'm, I'm telling you what, I actually have more hope right now in writing this nation than I've ever had in my life. because they have created, through their Mr. Braider making up policies on the fly crap and all the other law-breaking that they've done, they have created a beast class of patriots who aren't going to put up with this stuff. Yeah, and they've disenfranchised the inner cities, the minorities. It doesn't matter what particular group, they're all waking up to the fact that There is an elite class that's running the show here and they want us all to just be distracted and go away while they run that show. And they kill us. They get us down to like the, what is it? The world economic forum with queen Gretch who made an agreement with world economic forum to bring their headquarters here to Michigan so that they can reduce the population to, Oh, I don't know, like 500, 500 million. Well, how many people got to die to do that guys? That's a lot of people who got to die. You know, they can do it through sterilization with their jabs. They can do it through outright murder, which they did in the hospitals. Cause I had a friend that was murdered in the hospital and no, that goes back to the whole Bill Gates thing. I mean, he's, he's made a, he's made overt statements saying that, you know, reducing the population by 90% is the, is his goal. And look around you. So, so that if there's 10 people around you, that means taking nine of those out. Yeah. Yeah. We're in the way. They think that we're consuming too many resources. This is all part of a planned depopulation agenda because, you know, they're in their predictive modeling. They think that there's not sufficient resources on the planet. And I think that that's all a lie. I think that there's plenty more than sufficient resources. I believe that they're intentionally suppressing technologies that would liberate the people from the oppression that is under the energy policies that we currently have. I think there's plenty of opportunity for all sorts of success and growth. And if we break free of the shackles of tyranny that they've put over us, we'll see that not only is there sufficient room to grow on this planet, but the more success we have, actually, we tend to have less children when we're successful and when we live longer. And that it will all just kind of take care of itself. Um, and it doesn't require pre-planning or, uh, the China model where we go to one child, uh, policies that China's going to implode here. And they have a very few options for rectifying that. I wouldn't be surprised if, uh, you know, North Korea is over there exporting females to China, uh, as a, as, as part of that, um, deal that they've got going on over there. China's struggling to maintain its population. It's deflating, and it's quite possible that while that's happening, the exacerbation within the population infrastructure could result in a lot of tensions internally, conflict and strife internally, the erosion of society and potential collapse over there. And they want to implement those same policies over here and in the rest of the world. In Denmark, you can't become a citizen without being two generations of Danish. So one of the problems that they have over there is fertility. It's a huge issue. And they want to maintain their citizenship. And they've got all sorts of things in place. They're imploding as a result of those measures. And then you have significant influx of immigration. Now, all of those same Scandinavian countries are looking to boot out immigrants. They're looking to kick them out because they don't want to deal with the potential of an ISIS type. or what just happened in Israel, Hamas, right? Well, if you come to a country, you come there to live within that country and the country's rules. And I'm just going to say it, screw Sharia law. That has nothing to do with the United States of America. You know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I've got a problem with this because they're using this as a military... It's a military move. It's not a religious one. And it's a military move under the guise of religion, in my opinion. And we have a problem with that. This is not what this country was founded on. So if you don't want to abide by our rules of mutilating children, and adults or whatever, you need to go back to a country that says this is okay for you to mutilate children. We don't do that here. And to come and just change the rules or whatever. I mean, if you wanna be something else and go back to your country, that's fine. We came here to be one nation, not to be fractured and set ourselves apart because we celebrate this holiday or that holiday or whatever. We don't really care about that. But the principles that this nation was established on was to create a new nation out of many, not to fracture it and have little pockets. Does that make sense? Well, it's called assimilation. And that's part of our immigration policy is that when people come into the country, we don't have concentrations of specific cultures because That is an invasion. It's not assimilation. And assimilating to our culture, our laws, and our policies is a requirement in our immigration. And if you want to live here, you are choosing to live here under our laws, not to take it over and institute your own. Yeah, I don't like my wife, so I guess I'm going to do an honor killing Sharia law crap. That doesn't happen in the United States of America. You're a lawbreaker if you do that under anything you want to say that's okay. It's not okay. That's breaking the law. And it's not an honor killing. It's murder. And I think we should just come right out and say it. But it's true. It's absolutely true. That's not the law of the land. Well, Jason, what you say is true, the assimilation part. My grandparents came here from Italy just before World War II, or I'm sorry, World War I. And they didn't teach their kids to speak Italian because if the kids spoke Italian, then they weren't considered to be American. So my mom and her brothers didn't speak Italian at all. That was just part of the way of how things went when you came to this country in the past. You wanted to be an American. You didn't want to be a whatever you were from. You came here because you were trying to get away from tyranny. So you were coming here for freedom. Now we have a problem where we're allowing massive influx of people who hate our country. Why would you let people who hate your country into your country? To destroy your country. Exactly. They want to. And yet we're preventing people who love our country from coming here. And silence our voice and silence our vote and disable us and turn Americans into criminals. They're going through going through, you know, the the, you know, TSA. And I already said what that stands for, you know, tyranny and subversive arsehats and turning Americans into criminals rather than dealing with a freaking problem. You know, this is this is so crazy what's happened here, you know, but. We could go on in this forever. I think we've hit the Donna rant quota for the day here, you know, but it's true, you know, and I hate to say it, but we all need to exercise the First Amendment rights. Say what's on our mind. You know, I'm just stupid enough to say it, you know, and that's the truth. You know, everybody just kind of keeps their mouth shut and I'm not going to do it. It's like this is not okay. We need bold leaders and we need people who are willing to buck the trend and willing to stand up to tyrants. That doesn't come easy and it doesn't come without sacrifice. This nation wasn't built by being handed to them. There was a lot of wars. The Spanish-American War, the Civil War, the War of 1812. We fought so hard to maintain this country and we've gotten so um occupied with bread and circuses that we forgot what it took to get here and we're letting it slip through our fingers i always say freedom isn't free Well, there you go. Well, let's say a quick prayer here and ask God into the situation and this insanity that we have. You know, I can't even imagine. I'm sure God's looking at this going. He's got to be furious. Absolutely furious to see what's going on. And you know what? It's going to just that he's going to go over the tipping point. One of these times he's done in the past, you know, for behavior. And he's going to go over the tipping point and say, yeah, you guys have blown it. This is your last warning. The last time out I'm giving you. And now it's going to be. You know, let's start over here. This is not a good situation. So anyhow, dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very, very, very much for everybody at Election Integrity Fund and Force and for Bill Moore and Jason, who is willing to run for office, and Sandy and Joanne. And and Stephanie and everyone who's willing to put their literally their lives on the line for this nation, because it does come with a great amount of threat and not that we care because this country is worth putting our lives out there. and uh because you gave us a great gift here we're very thankful for what you've given us and for the law and the law is on our side we don't have to go to go to stupidville and say grab your torches and pitchforks all we got to do is go to the law you've given us everything we need and we're so very thankful that you're guiding us and showing us how to get out of this terrible situation we're in right now thank you so very much you're a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you help us to be significantly to the people around us because our battle is not with flesh and blood. It's with principalities and powers and those people out there. Let the enemies of yours tremble with fear and panic this day for the war that they've waged against you, your creation, and your good purposes. Let them be absolutely brought to their knees with absolute terror of what they've done as in their crimes against you and all of the rest of your people that are out there who have had terrible things done to them, who've watched the things that they love be torn down. Please give them hope and comfort and knowing that you love them and that you love all of us and that you're with us and your favor is upon us, that we can go forward fighting and, uh, and standing for your good purposes for your creation and for our brothers and sisters who are here. Um, Give everyone hope, great hope today. And please open doors so that we can right this mess that we've allowed to creep in and happen. We are sorry. We're sorry that we didn't act 30, 40, 50 years ago and kick this nonsense out. We're sorry for not coming against Satan and his little agents, his little idiot loser agents that are out there quicker. We're very sorry, but we're willing to stand right now And do what you ask us to do without concern or without regard to what comes next. We're willing to listen to you, whatever it is that you ask us to do. And thank you so much for everything. We love you so very much. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. So there you go, guys. So thank you for your hands. So anyhow, go to I'm still not conceding the lying, the cheating, the stolen election of 2022. And we're not going to do anything. We can't go forward until we write 2020. And the rightful president of the United States, Commander-in-Chief, President Donald J. Trump, actually is in the seat in the rightful way. Whether you like him or not. I don't really care if you like him or not. It's the process, the American process. It was our rights that subverted. He was just standing in the way of that. They couldn't have him in because he was a true outsider. Imagine how that happens. So anyhow, the rightful president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, we salute you, sir. And Admiral Rogers and General Flynn and all these wonderful people who said, not on my watch, that weren't cowardly sitting in the corner like our politicians. Thank you so much to all of you. So anyhow, go ahead, guys. Thank you, Donna. Thank you, Donna. Have a great day, and I'll be on tomorrow with Dr. Andrew Huff, who is also on fire for exposing all of the criminality in the forced vaccines and what he's found out, the genocide through vaccinations, and he's got all the proof of that. And so he'll be on. tomorrow and i'm trying to get judah ayers on who has done a spectacular job of tying in who oh perhaps the devos family and the van andel family and the production of the jab in west michigan here which they funded with a hedge fund called arlington hedge fund out of dc this is good it just gets crazier by the minute so we'll see you tomorrow have a great day make it a good day it's a choice if you don't have a good example be one