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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/18/2022 - Live today - Audra Johnson and Mellissa Carone

Published Aug. 18, 2022, 8:01 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and welcome to brandenburg news network bnn start a few weeks ago and were continuing on with us the day to day is august thursday animative and the sun shining on it as on through and we're going to get ready to to attack another day with all kinds of august of criminal enterprise that we're dealing with right now in our government the entire government and really havin a good time fighting these when they do things wrong their kind not real smart about it you know it's like once our five year old lie about taking a they they just keep hitting from other areas so i'm kind of having more fun with a cementing it just gives me more amused so i've got i've got two guests that are going to be on to a a crown we have we have to ashe was given us a wonderful run down as so many different and we've been looking seriously these corporations and how they are affecting a government are elected well as so many every part of our life these people of infiltrated or banking a right spit on the constitute they really spent on the cost take a really brave move to to put things back to so i thought this was really in i was actually again kicked me off for five days last the to look at several tricks out there to look at how many numbers were my numbers are and how i measure of john and i've been wholly pretty stubbly above thirty million or actions on line pretty sign that's really signify because in the measures that were looking at the candidate in the measures were looking at not all measures but the one carried lake and sea at million governor candidate for the state of michigan is so i am in a significant significant real number of lead right now the us tax payer party is really amazing and were that were only a lot of old donauwort ers are coming over and we're going to see a lot of supporters from the other candidates to as we move forward now this morning i got a report on ryan tally in his involvement at the camp at landana so my opinion on all of this is that there has been by the federation out there and that's what they are they are setting up in i've got a lot of question but i would like to report that was pretty telling on down peter and where this is going and you know who is really involved in this where it's going and how the crafty and narrative so for all the rain kelly supporters out there for the other candidates fate to go after every single one of these people if there is doesn't matter who the hour if it's a candidate that's ready against we're going in some wrong has been done to them we're going to bring this out in the open i quite honestly find this as a the candidate freedom the freedom of the ones that they're trying to try it's a freedom against they're going after our rights candidates are freedoms and i would after reading this report i've got some the basically said the summary of it is as that callias in violation under code that they that they now of the grounds of the capitol and it's a long word is got lots of it so with that i really i really think that we need to delve into this and i will be reading this but before i get an we talked about yesterday we talked about the world economic form which whether the wonderful witmer who who has absolutely been on the attack against our rights are freedoms with their red communist as mandates putting on our constitute and the weapon is in are three letter age sees health partment and all of the men allowing eight as i all of this tied up in the nice little package is a dereliction of duty and trees and in my opinion which needs to be a thoroughly curloos like its so at any rate we're going to talk about the next move that these were green wizard seer sitting in landing it which is to make it agree man where the world economic form to bring them they've already got the land picked out in such and also another thing i want a really bring to the forefront how tied in this with a colleges the colleges the foundations of money is going through this it it's incredible when you look at how they set this thing up it's like it's like two mile long square with a mass of amount of tentacles that are sitting out and it goes on it goes in directions so we have to chase down all of these so we can really see what they're doing there's more information coming out on the pit i find is really in people are digging into and now we're going to look at the world consonant to do is an bring up this is ah you will hear do i his right hand man an absolute madman if you listen to him you can look it up on line i'm going to play this i'm going to play this one he clearly to me like someone who is lying with the transhuman a jonah which means human beings then with closed shades who are you will own nothing in behalf they will own everything you will become irrelevant on your bank account take your property we don't currently on because they've already got it in more or less a at least option for the tax payers which can be taken back at any time this is all got to get cleared up and rectified guys we can not continue on like all it's going to take as a couple more mad man in place and and they take it all and we go right back to world war i removing people who are in their way that's certain plan as they move people that are in their way the out of the way an arkansas in them look at what happened nancy shaffer who was talking about human tracking and bother and her husband were here and i bet you but i'm not believing any of and there's never any good there's never any good investigations down on any of the happened at the summer there was no good in there was no good investigation on this whatsoever just like nine eleven no good investigation done on this of non profession unqualified congress set them up as it anything how are they an expert on these people who are in office there are there to be a representation of we the people not witnesses who have no experience in this whatsoever don't involve professional investigators these people are the what her i says because they basically can he act if you lads and move things on through a and such who owns that operations for the first time in his or spoke about seeing computers hunting snowballing back sorra it i mean that if you have enough the and you have been of computing power you can understand people better than they understand the and then you can manipulate i was previously i in the old democratic tremor you which humans are now hale and the whole idea that your man is have you know this they may have some spirit of the free will and nobody knows what's happening inside me whatever i choose whether it be election the responses by free will that and this is what philosophy and so there's current world economic form madman who is out there further about so or something like this we want to get completely away from the fact that you know that we are actually he they want to get away from god the trying to remove god from our great everything in their trying to be good and played not only to hachiman beings through a eye but also through mechanical means scientific and big farmer means and all his other there are just a parasite a so at any rate i'm bringing in on the good morning can how are you the more it outstanding about i'm great let's go beat up the world economic form a little bit more of the morning and how their crimes against humanity to every one out there to god every one cause we're going to throw this stuff out here so you know the great thing about a digital media like this it out there they can never so the more we be we put it out their good luck gratifies shows up and like a million different i've been watched in how much a bananas is being passed on in his incredible i went to a meeting last night the recoil people there and i can't even pay you how many people i astrally surprise i got i like this is crazy and lizzie but i was surprised you know how many people came up and said that there listening to this every single morning and i got to whoever is out there you made my night last night i thought that was just really wonderful and together and we talked and i real page had what's on your mind this morning we were talking about how the world economic form is tied in with with our food source think that we all agree that the contrast resolve we touched a bit on the food security crew which was one group but this morning i condiment in the maretch on one of their other organizations that's the first thing to look at about the world economic form what is what i use all the time that acronym is like the parent or oration and it works has its own kind of umbrella and they have multiple divisions in groups and organisations underneath then talking about the web you really kind of like it have to look down the corporate lines to see which to vision your dealing with that be mentally have the overlap under the umbrella of the web and so there the intertwined in working together so there really kind of like legs of approach or if you wanted to see it as an attack you can see it that way as well so the other major group that has a huge impact that you've touched on is the one they call the urban transformation they literally title in that it is a global organization and they announced one that they have selected for the global headquarters for the whole urban transformation global program they selected detroit michigan which i think you mentioned yesterday the left was coming to michigan will it is there barnstorming that that that is targeting detroit there cartaret again i use that word because in twenty statuelike when you start to look at what the plan of the agenda is and so urban transformation has its own responsibilities and on groupings and and people that are involved in through the same structures and in just like the food security group that you you mentioned there that has an impact as well eventually enter and transformation supplied to the people in the transformed emanation is going to be a concern as they that evident by their plans with the actions there taking is based on a future reality that they were seen and then to see that their spending the money and the budgets and where the moneys are coming from and going to an order to implement the very banks he comes even more frightening and again we see the same motives behind all of it for your safety for your security from your benefit and even more so override these are the reasons that all these big dollars are going in and then you see that again the world economic form helping the the down trod i fell by putting a nose i very when you look at it so many of these billionaire players that are out there they you know there look at her look at the her connections with land and you know the land trust that are out there and it's really it's really something else out there and there's a truth throughout the and in the the i do a lot of research in too and you know stop that i find i can speak to but i've also stopped that i hear other people speak of things about the largest land owners now of being tied to some of the health organizations and stuff like that i don't know myself personally first another bill gates is one of the largest land owners or not but those types of things have been reported so a large trusses well listen to this so that its conduct that we were to adventitious he was in a pet this an article that in the article is happening brought to my attention by any truth in there's a lot of researches out there and every certain lot of so going back to the article now posted on telegram and is an election logistic no watch to listen to the wording of this it's really listening and dice sentence in each word cause words manner and it that it starts on the the first you words are an i'm sorry i had i picked that out the other day and i'm like maybe that's a stretch but you know what chronic specializes in election servitori support and train for election administrators and is the only election to provide worldwide only world wide i was found the ninety nine by eugene you in lancia and now a little water in election management pulled chief the election manage asked which was there with dominion the twenty five million us voters thirty one million globally globally as the word there the masses been continuously enhancing and developing over the past years a new soil and con figurable to meet specific legislate and logistical requirements globally which the legislators are writing in order to then the advantage one of the company revenues per cent of the company revenues are generated from outside the united state university foundations i none he nonprofit committed to serving michigan state university as the premier land grant university in the name i must you is the premier land grant university in the and under closely to insure community and economic i ask you as a crying are veneration programs in a community i came off as foundation towards that if you take a look at their first implementation i believe on their own site where they talked connected they talk about their first implementation their first implementation was in detroit if i read and so when you go to detroit and you start looking at the urban transformation group the announcement that they had chosen the property there is in detroit and planning to make this the marquis right nacheral the different players and came out to talk about how wonderful it was and in so each quite with that it was from a different person from a different organization part of this urban transformation and so you told me i was in there at all at most of a nonprofit organization but also in their then michigan economic development corporation and onorato there's the dicterion development corporation a non propior animation in one people that actually made a quote about how wonderful it was for the thesprotians duinoord okay he said i believe a mayor or something like that near and so here he is quoted right in there in the urban transformation organisation of the web saying is is a wonderful thing that their coming here to detroit he had at the same time they are also the first one in messantia extension software and implement concoct so they get their george out of detroit set upright at emissaries got the major land grant in extension program which his opportunities like jerome the realestate proper you know if you look it in an interesting in take a little bit sideways on to a bigger now allow thought just for imagining gionetta absolutely correct if you look at detroit serves as a major port city on the east eastern sea to a large and an international boundary and border between canada and the united states so that water is a huge territory you know well it north of america how he added ended up being rid of the queen's land if you will and if not adown here we became free of the king and the crown of the queen's land if you will and through the declaration let heraclea was constituted was by a bunch of bar which we know to be the right back to the british predication regency in which gave all of the founders of their license so what was established here was kind of a free awaiting for people to live and everybody is now part of that and so there's been talk in the past about free masonry accepted merinos being the two halves of the pyramid of structure and so accepted masonry being where they accepted the crown the free side down here where they live free under the law thinking they have it but still under the law not scripture out from under the company but under the law like israel so as you move that forward to trot right is kind of le port if you would for the crown that only the bar beside as well as the acceptance side were all taxes go through the head which is the exchange so having a strategic marriage if you will at the crown level between a canadian and a prince who now reside in santa barbara has no community finished brothers if you will especially if we're going to take this rich a parasite of the pyramid players and while reset the whole world to something they can so all was sudden detroit if you were to sit up there in a throne you know competing with the queen of england and her family and china's dictator at the upper levels it becomes a very strategic location on a global scale for the marriage if you will of the north american continent and so left happens to be if you will an arm implementing from whatever angle possible this one world answered that needs to be put together to continue to allow again this what i've at agrarianism is pure men men base struck well in the inn it's so big it incredible how big the so one thing i saw an a i was up in a county up in the thumb i sat through a meeting a county meeting up there and they had a woman that got up to so when a property was foreclosed down or came back basically some by the foreclosure what they have done in the county is given the how the that at whatever value they deem stop being over the population of we as a government and the right first rate and all properties that come up on her foreclosure to perch at whatever rate so you know it like maybe let's just say for theoretical the property is actually like commence that you have well you know that may be the fair market value of this however what is showing in they prove no bears on anything that was an act actual stopping in front american by an old property under the government gives or umbrella and wrong this is so wrong so we're going to go back to those lands and how they are purchased or allowing foreign anti or an unlawful to actually on american property opinion as is that i don't believe that realistically scenario i don't believe that chiron i don't believe that any foreign entity should own property you know and we might have to make allowances as we go along for corporations just to back we have gone on but the reality is i think only persons should own come out property on american soil is certainly never for an entities whatsoever and there is a great precedence in the last i don't know if not you from up on the very i don't know if that me or yours forgive me everybody the only one better perhaps on the one that's actually the one on a wife by an hotel and out about now in hastings but i know that her services trouble every one chatelet's going on a high and thank you for that too certainly helps the occasion i can here again notified there she goes again oh no it's just well i got the chance bouncing through going properties in land ownership and stuff like that i know i go off to the side all of this stuff tick to title being sold and as i said the other day being be simple title i had emerged i think that what happens as i wanted the naughty sword from across the oftener net goes down but yet when you look at the land trust so motley these were both whole big poland in malaysia and they were going to develop the rights the the development well lazy gaspare than the united states of my a look out after the determined that this was not a development but in vain they took back that property under the you know turn in they ended up selling all the property she wore her there and selling it to malaysia national on the dollar now if we look at the land cross or the land nonsense for an after or have ownership of american land like invasion and economic invasion and there's no way there is no possible way that for should one not smart you know we gotta get smart about dealing and there is there is a case that happened a couple of years ago and i had never made the news around property taxes in the foreclosure process and eventually in started as one case he mentally you know got moved to another to let again and so i think it became the rock billy and it was a person who had their property foreclosed and taken by the state in basically wasn't very literate he had like a hundred dollar tax bill and by the time they tacked on in and these and everything else they figured it was like a five nine hundred dollar tax and he foreclosed on his two acres i sold it of for a ridiculously to whatever they estimated the value at porter sixty thousand dollars and then the basically the inca the debt good and the man was without he went back and he set there was a big bite and all the county bondage her because this is that's a major source of income when you get an order your sixty thousand dollar windfall on the book which is really a potential hunted something thousand or two hundred thousand dollar real value and all came from a hundred dollar debt old commonly with fine and so it need to watch it go through court because the argument was was that because they have foreclosed on it and they already took possession of the house he no longer had any interest in the property when they actually went to sell it so he was entitled to any of the over they justified in all the extra money because they said he did know it any more by the time the foreclosure process it while the court came back and basically in any way and in whatsoever i mean you to his can be entitled to all his old verage money if it's not right you have to return it and they kept this quiet because you can imagine how many people have been closed up for a particular amount and the state can afford if every litigant have a claim might now came forward and said we get that money back from the counties for all this money that you've been keeping it it is technically the state would have to cease operations because it would have a mounted and so it's been then every quiet and when you belie stay as bellaver long when you when you start how o how bankrupt this actually is to be shocking to every one because you know i was talking last night you know our national debt is trillion while that's not even close to the unfunded liability and nobody wants a well that we've got under probably a trillion and unfunded light abilities so i hope i am good i am and who is accomack he is going to take that and compound that on the fact that it still under the bankruptcy act this is thirty truly in dollars or the bank or dead after the country already went bankrupt and had to begin moving under script instead of dollar based on gold standards so you're talking about ransford dead that you had to move to a dead face turned now you manage generate another three thirty million dollars where the failure and that at and if you read the creature from jack allen you know it's the fourth reiteration of a central banking system of probation economic system i mean it it's meant to do this right in the so the grocery so bad it's not even in so i've got her other guest down right now can you antipas you mean i want to get on for yore he i'm going to just add her and we'll put her on the stream right now and then we'll comment i generis he sat on a john and andrea is a very interesting i but like all the time i want to know what people are going to do with so i know that probably paused repentance you really find out what smooth sailing the easy people are with you on its smooth but would its top when you see people get going and i know she saying that idris one of these people to the line that the tight not on the sails to make sure things go on other here good morning how are you i am going i'm sorry i'm late i take to a night the anything back and i'm like maybe she got busy we're not doing it so i woke up lay and like a son every morning to elicit so what happened last night i was in an abalone other side of and i was there and how i was there an tell her i've got to remove i'm almost getting professional kind ashore and this i was at the avenue about eleven thirty so i when i go to a fence an altarpiece and to the so i got home at two thirty in the morning by the time i got my head you know back i went to sleep about three thirty and i was up at five third this morning drinking coffee trying get ready for this you know polyandrous though if i look tired i am gower official put together might the hat on we got the i began i like a my my collection my patriot offer my aid ere my half and half right there agitans er this call to amendment all in a but so there now anyhow here i am so anyhow i ah how are you a like know it's it's kind of amazing between you and melissa and several of us that if he had not to do of a by these establishment who do not want actual candidates they only want their little puppet rubber stamp candidates and will reverentially time i should act our government was supposed to serving people oh no no no no this is not what we have whatsoever government based on lies i call them deep to and he cried to the tried to remove candidates that are a threat to their establishment so i'm atelutaion that that had anything like the happy want to be sent i know that you are over the target and they don't want you me melissa terry mac any of us that are true none candidates anywhere near these they got to oh yes they they have a problem and in the sad reality and people just hate me when i keep quite in the abbatial something we need to know right people need to know is like listen this is not about who's the best candidate who is going to stand for constitution at who's going to make sure the people's voice is heard it is a one hundred per cent about who they can control so their hand picking these people that they know they can't cry with bribes or endorse manor absurd amounts of money and their picking these candidates were you know they can say he donation you to vote this way and vote for this person and this and if you say you i'm going to do that my people's voices prale your golden but the second is they listen this is the hanois words i would be a representative or governor or you know congress woman which means i represent the people their voice is what i'm going to be saying to you the road is what i'm going to be doing and unfortunately for so long we've had this idea in her head that it's just the democrats doings ripe the democrats are the baluster the one you go after when in reality to my mind and i am office right i'm a hard core republican heart coincidence but and i told those in power the queen the thou know peasant of of michigan that behaved my voice is for sale anybody i was buried i was treated as if i had you know i had committed the worst crimes in the world because i told her your voice essential and the title in minute too is going on he that i had those defying moments too where you can see all of a sudden they're looking at you like oh no it's brandenburg what's happening here in it's like no i don't pay to i am playable steam at evan then it was like we're going to come back and try to get her again and again and again and then at that moment when they realized said you've got to play nice if you awaitest like that nineteenthly possible this is not why i'm here and right at that moment it was like for alan there's another thing you're going to try to get me a somebody something else happened that was kind of minor but i got blown up into stupid they're going to hold some of the other day if you think that these attacks and on a brandenburger down going to be a fight the malites and tell him in office and as look at all the came a president they have not that down on him somebody if they're going after some guarantee there over the target and if they're not agoing out those people are standing worry at the with the world economic form with the political oh you know it master prophet that's going on up there and landing in washington that's exactly what it is i see it is a little marionette i he pointed don't i keep in think that what's going on here you i erinnerungen like to see the strings are like the great there and their like now now they nationalities it funny in islington as well why because that's what we can we've got little political monkey marines of there that a rubber stamping things and about anything they can't talk about anything either they go back to their little to us it i want everybody out there to hear exactly her story because we were talking about it the other day you were aspiring woman you know you overtooke exactly what happened and how you got the he had stands with no one except for the enemies i was approached it don't know last year to loyalist year sometime by a bunch of papers and they were like dewy really want you to run we really really want you to and i had made the mistake of so i had supported peter mind the last election it was kind of the lesser tutor the latter telethermometer you know i felt for littleness of two evils i got a pick somebody on the republican party that i am going to support and so i got angry obviously after he had done all the horrendous things he did you know voted to impeach tromp continuously boats too you know give away constitutional rights and so i decided i was going to do something about it right i was going to a man run for congress against peter my and i'm going to do with things the honest and i kind of got to this mind it where it was like the people haven't had a good candidate i'm going to show them a good candidate i'm going to show them an honest candidate and i thought people would would grab that and despite my god finally somebody that willing to give away in her her you know her money that she's going to be getting for her see her salary umsoala i will sign that term limit holibets i don't want to be there and the government was never meant to for me to be there for the rest of my life right that my mother has set up and i kept giving them these things at the people said they wanted the people said they wanted and eventually it came down to between me and john gib and president rumpling at both of us for his endorsement i i came down again to money right it wasn't like he orders busting her but six hours in the week a week in the field with the pen or you know and go a hundred and fifty small businesses behind her it was right he's got the money not that i had the most nations because her person i had the most nations mind were just small donations from hard working american right they were five dollars there were ten dollars there twenty dollars so president trump had mister fanatic a contact me an say here's i want john games for that but i want a detour for and i so i thought of a moment i said listen i love my present i still love president trump you know like ammonaria like motives but moderate i love resident trump so i thought all right you know what i will step down this guarantee is that gives so in the hate of feathers that was the whole purpose right in mine out of the i will step down and it went okay for a little bit and then it became very very apparent to me because member i didn't have to recount with tom this information was coming through west we covered with his office yes it was from he did offer that however became very very reparat in my case endorsement was going to be held over my so it was well you know are we're going to help you we're going to get your funding through the path we're going to get your support or going to back you up it's going to be great ollas you keep trumps endorsement and then i became very very parent that this wasn't because they believed to me or because they trusted trumps advice it became apparent that i would have to do things keep that endorsement and what i mean by that the number one thing among small things too was i had to guarantee because i was running for a day my vote for speaker of the house would go to mathematics and it was a very long conversation but it was the very very clear to me that that that's what we had to happen and to ashmead within i thought we were conservative i thought we were a republic that means that we we believe in truth and honesty and transparency that's not my vote to sell that is my people's vote i would be representing them and she got really upset he says well what stephanotis conversation later and almost immediately it was very odd he is about to you know make sure people aren't backing her up she sent her a little passe angela rages coniston john jones john rose now tom nor an she had the little package pass and not only i but other candidates is soon as we dare to stamp out a line and we dared to define masha said her pastorate so not it's never going to be about who is the best candidate stick into this two party system as the democrats have their little queen and the republicans have their little queen and meantime in between the patriots are fighting for some sort of freedom which is why i decided that i was going to be for the heroine both for you in the constitution party appreciate that they're still trying to get me out on corkindale that's the he absolutely absolutely evident is that i i was the candidate that was not we have infiltration ever you know it used to be and this is the way i should should be that the government it is they know her studying this thing up and they've got a so convoluted that if they do if they you know they're candidates are getting all kinds of passes how on anything one stablishment candidate think about doing you know something that may be isn't exactly the policies which you you got a full time to dealing with poles in can you campaign for this they have you know whole staff hester hoping that you screw up the people that they will support and make sure that the right is right straight through and if they screw up on something like the edicated every single every single day on her wrong orleton had all that's not that big in an issue she made a clerical error she didn't mean to do this and they passed her thro now i'm an make a gash that we're going to but i'm pretty much as to see that there's going to be something like this that they're going to nail me when an they're goin to keep mealie they can throw me out technicality they're going to do and not only that aren't they supposed to be there to help us no they are not there now they are absolutely pure to target us and they're going to keep that target and they're going to work with the political party who have all of them been infiltrated there isn't a man institution or party that has not been infiltrated and you know what they can go ahead and sit there and try to demonise you know candidates of the setter thing but i'm going to tell you what they are doing it he the little monkey that they can go dance monkey there i speak out about and i just want to say this all right i'm in destroyed all there how many people can if we people are duties they are look what they did with the job look with they did with the nursing homes look at how many people have been arancie over the years and you know see the wrong thing if you say the wrong thing they are going to they're going to remove you at the end even if they have to kill you to do oh yes i mean it is the the whole thing is disgusting and you just kind of now sometimes i feel like your screaming at the top of your lungs and like nobody's hearing you know the path money mason's got like thirty packs throughout the state and this money is not only it's not only going to pay you know corrupt candidate but that's also how she is funning the money so we know there's people that paid maybe not directly to trump and i don't think trueno about it and hoping but like they would pay money to my shanty on this corrupt lives that mishandled together and have it off to tramp on being ostrom i'm pretty sure there's no way he would have endorsed dasaratha even handed that money oh no no i'm not said the money went to drop i'm saying like we know trump as michaelis but in order to get on that last people had to do so many crop things a guarantee bowata money and so there is this there's this whole like it almost like an underground sassiety that is like i don't know it's so creepy we've got we've got pretenders men that we know mister didn't write but it comes from a son's office and trolhaettae i trust you there was a period right after all the stuff happen where i started talking to melissa and i oh my god melissa were going through the same thing i didn't know everybody was going through this and so malipieri we're going to come public with us for you to let the people know the truth and so funny because religion what's going on he didn't realize it but if you look at john rose trump endorsement which came directly from mason's office it was almost like a subliminal like this is the threat if your america first you will shut your mouth and you'll get behind john rose like you have to really know what's going on behind the same go oh my god now there is trumpeted well you know about traitor don't you oh my god don't give me started on that girl yet there there is to okshitgon a regular base is here too because you know when you've been with an inside the machine and you go do and this is a normal weapons later beam in their eyes gostar this is not like a normal head burning going at it from within the system and these people are criminal they you can't make this stuff up he got i got a bit i want to share that i'm on a throw the unreal quick as i got he oh i got a share them on the go back to the entertainers this is how i see it the hang on that give me to how i see what's the currently within so then the real the real sad thing about the is they don't even realize that his as republican party right there beasticles by the establishment and on them and overeating into this crop i can't imagine that so we're going to designate you they're going to try to get me again and they're gone there watering for anything i like okay we soon have to deal with their crab i decided you know i said i was in roberta's i'm like not the political environment for me i got a burn some setdown first butterflies you know you sit there and and i really thought the true and though we need really good people the run for office you got to be not to run for office it is it is one you in the face after another from panoply you beloved i abominate and i was like looking attacked by the democrats i spent last somedeal gentinetta i'm ready to go it down with the democrats and sit down saying green for a while because the batter to either republicans are and orthoceratites of the you know i am not seeing that the people on the grammarians people in office these are a horrible yes and they lie they lie they lie and in ways you can't even imagine i'm not heard one honest i quote detroit news all these sources are paid off in its amazing that president drunk would even want to to us any more the relative is being absolute represented by a bunch of absolute criminal more so they get there is though i mean you know primary no i swear i was like i have got to have some herculean her god her can would have meant to break down but i will tell you this i think my son and corruption i think they're losing their grip i think there was twenty two endorsements that mashonas like impure and trust me and she got one in one so i meet people or centralization like his corrupt right right yes i'm honanese watching this and he goes little how is he going ladies are dreever talk to you this is my god it's it's a fantastic morning you girls you were talking about the trump and dormant i despair adoration that because it's like i said in my last life i have members that are in other states in georgia florida i trust to tell me what's going on in other states he dug and there what people want to think demigod god savior whenever he's one man he had in every state that he trust or thinks he can trust to give him accurate information inglorius two months be beat of the swamp patrolling come to your door are the anointing sobbed get no legitimate boats john rose and i'm going to call it all right now in this the first time that ever done it an air ever john rose lie to john rose told me where his money came from and then two months later save face thread told me a completely different where is money it came from now my you the money that came from aramis beasts no this is not in normandy at money this is your evils your when you go i was going to my lynderton her way in everything she was doing tell you that went in john and angela's pocket you gave it to you may have a bond to pay with that do ye call that out when i first happened and everybody was remember that in a imagination the band wagon of buchanan angela and john and sandy and all that you were not a part you are not you are not an american you were not with them you were against them you are an enemy and bornouese illy now really quick we are an interesting thing that i pointed out to some the other day what it comes to endorsements and legitimate and no alternative you think i'm an ass to people this morning who do you think and let's be clear but be clear ensete trump demeaning out of our minds the morning guys who do you think is more than can athinking more thoroughly with their indorsement general michael fled donald jar woodcutter indorsement who you think is thinking their process through more on that one yet eident now the one thing i will say and i mean it's kind of sad to say i deal in reality making sure it's to say live in reality on the front of the and who was the biggest owner to dot and two thousand sixteen guys the divine he who was the biggest donor to the trump and twenty twenty the divine family now that's kind of like being a business man and a political person of kind of like don't bite the hand now i understand it and the grand stays i totally get it with the twenty twenty four run don't bite the hand of you i totally get it but if you have to hear the teapot you saw the out on that one yeah tarnowsy but you did you wanted the money that teenty for i know you did i am an i love donald i love dona did i do i go feemy president but i'm alone to question me in fact i should question him and we like you said we see it all over the country not as bad in other states like michigan is just i don't know i don't know what's going on here i'll totally well you know in michigan is a train and we had a target put on us after the election cause they decided that i'm not in the condors the globes invaders communist invaders come into this paronomasia to make an example out of us the garotte natural resources the water the land the the climate here every put a target on us to take us down and the example of don't you ever step out of line again or we're going to monongahela will tell you guys i do have people that have said in an united nation meeting and in addition to mister rallier we have about a six globes a united nation lobeless a michigan and that is why we have such a problem if you look at our legislators he had ninety three pages of documents how that shows you can it shows where they take money and they'll give it to one committee another committee into another committee and then they'll give it to one of these global is out on the side and a tageblatt back to this person than that personal give it to this committee and give it to this they literally use our state and a wife thanaroa by right in every aspect of that one natural resources my inheritance is cool we live in an element as the money laundering pool of michigan and that's why the world economic form is going here in michigan is because this is ground zeprady whose question the world economic forms that of waking up old economic or how but we try the fact that detroit is trying to hide it under benevolent and technology was at one end to misconceive guys find the documentation that way because i have a lot of people socially republicans actually i kicked out of the humanitarian ten yesterday will i'll tell you now that i you know we have all these people that wanted one this happen in a happening that gondoliers are snapped in at the door and he wanted it there and play checkers yes i tientietnikov waterhouse comatula party unto do you know why i keep out of here yesterday there was a really nice lady there she gave me a christian agramonte told the other gentleman is a sad out and shut up a serenitatem how they kick you out your like seven feet tall cabaretier inanimate there i was very cordial i walked up an it was like he yoosta you for being out here the pocket constitutions on the table and stuck it like this is great and i started talking with them and what not and they had the big old to ericson and the side of the you know they were given me and follow one line i was like hatamoto only a replica in battle all the ministering to him and then we get to detraction and we know the big brothers then to make all my big brother joe but you better not they are allowed to sit there and talk about how they believe that a guerdon stands an abortion is and they don't like it but when i told my phone out of my pocket and i showed him the list of her doors and i show them all the corrupted money that's coming into the system this is the point where the gentleman wants to stand about in his chair in proceeded yelling at me and tell me to get out of the tent don't you dear criticise don't you dare in a rummy little goldfish thought process don't you dare these i keep out of the republican party than yesterday at the fair i was trying not to do business i was trying to family find i guess i anagrammatically time i go to an inventor and gone athanaric ally stared with a printed i got the sign to the lady there if you have to see the sunny you were so nice yesterday you were you were fantastic you said there truth me and had an actual conversation with me and i greatly appreciated you know the people that are going to like the republican party of the events that are paid there are amazing their wonderful and were having a great time together is not the corrupt and there all the others ate now they know how to people in different do and they do it like almost as you know it's like they take tea so as we move on said i i am going to continue to take it on the chain here just like president tom as i was the only candidate that was not supposed i was absolutely not supposed to happen every one else this to the republican party to and here i come on here's do you know what we're going to get her off the ball one way be justinian now you have a party that will stand behind you no matter what i also because it's going to come and it's like we're going to see how strong or how honestly we're going to see how strong or how weak people honestly or because they're going to be put to and that taste is not just s constitution prairie yes party is going to have to stand before god also whether they're going to do the right thing or if they're going to play in this little game of and and full with sign of a are you are they going to be just exactly like you republican party or are they going to stand as a group of parisian take and the witches you know it's like i believe that we've got such great people within the party i really do why prove themselves out in the long near and you're going to either a very relevant strong strong party that's willing to take on the same or one that been infiltrated with a bunch of weak and for anything that is no better than the rest of us and i know i don't care who they are i believe the party is as really run by some amazing bill more and his family you know as andersonville in that i raise i love the they are they are going to be who are going to standard for the and do you know i really think that we've got a good group of people there but we're going to it what we've learned what we learned is that there's very very few and in the face of being bought off or look at how many schools that road twenty thousand dollars in order to institute the mass there are here involved they were getting paid off and i think when we go through this and we look packed from a historical we're going to just be totally shocked at home and people have just said you know they worship the almighty dollar more than they were soon and more than they are willing to stand in the gap people who have no voice there's only one choice to stand and tried be prepared because i'm pretty extra seats getting hand people there are tales when they stand in front of them and decided at gaining i didn't want to make any waverer was uninitiate one who might think that your standing alone i don't ye see the morning with us and we have hundreds behind us you're not alone your out there if you're out there and the men got and you want to you want to stay in the big you want to feel like you are still a part of something and that you're not alone you're not alone brahmanas are something like a wave the money in front of him and all of a sudden he becomes current be that i go to make their lives any matter you know it's not eventually i mean it does it's nothing more than that to help and right so i mean the choice is going to have to be made either people stand for what's right or they will become irrelevant and they're no better than the worst criminal that they've put their finger on you restore just as i i mean the continuously called me i failed canadian another i know i am like how did i fail because i decided then that when i stood on truth honesty and transparency i was going to stick to that and i stuck to that and i told the truth and like my conscience is clear on still able to say may i have stood for the constitution i have not sold a single personal and i will continue to provide the proof that's not a failure to me like i especially like you guy said people are will be surprised if they knew how many people have taken this deal or a foreign indorsement or say as just a little i to im just imposing a little bit to my people will make a big difference one i get into allemand i'll make this huge difference when i get in there the familiar the one the people right now are the ones that concern me all of us all at all you patriots all agreed all these people who sit against corrupt that he got to tuck their tails between their legs like i alderwoman that wife putting her out there because you had a lot you had a lot like you said look at de you had a lot you made that life and people don't understand that that takes guts i get it every day i'm sure you're in bad in you made that life into absolutely insane you know it takes a lot it takes a lot to stand up these bullies catastrophic to the magpies this is what they are are you the little school kind this is content your tail between your legs and go home and popularise space are you actually going to stand with us you are going to be a patriot and you're going to stand against corruption you spent how much in gaseous or your time you spent how much your livelihood away on your family away from what you were doing what you against playing against our money and now you're going to talk to tail between your legs and no whimper and beg to them just because you don't feel like the big dog any more because your candidate lost or something happened or whatever the case may be now you're going to be the low cupidous what you call between the lights are exactly and you know what i'm i'm so so sure it's like can you listen all these people that are complaining and whining think sitting there and being a master of complaints and they sang really makes them i'm sorry but i thither chair there and he have all the opinions of the world they know everything in their going to tell you everything and how things are going to be done in the set and it doesn't it only counts when people are willing to jump up and said he i am willing to do this i want to do this i'm going to do as so now in sitting there doing nothing except being roped of the such an i've got of it not mean i know how this work what automaton the needle actual patriots are candidates not a property that already proven that there but this kind of simple everybody and you know people really have to wake up to the big picture of this whole situation took the water resource bassus came out with the united nations i always try to have a size to people the maimoune i go on people have got to see the bigger picture besides the art be the sea a cameo of god the situation here that's what the amata's what to desolation in michigan you guys that's why it's a mission like that as naterel five hundred million gewitter from ever michigan every year every year the noithe pay for that water two seventy five you know what the two seventy five is for the permit to draw the water by an organ i think they won't do it at the sand you think you won't be careful because they don't want you to have your own cards any more they want by cars for every fifty people five yards for every fifty people in michigan as ground zero the bigger picture that we have to look at a who their implements look at the ridiculous as morning melissa i brought millenarian so look at the ridiculousness honestly i lately come out or miners in the my horses and i like to be but i want every really think through the sole bit path none so they just approved a twenty seven mile bite path and detroit that they've been working on right and it's going to be like it like a hundred million dollars that's over in dollars a mile it just in the somebody who hasn't been paying attention to the climate in what means to you if you're not in michigan you're going to be able to bite may be or this is not going to be a major transfer you're going to be able to make may be what i'm going to say may be five months mac out of the year and when it's not maybe for because you got the rainy season on the in and then you go right into the winter season and then you go into made and you going to all these seasons that we have that make it is activity that is this will never be a major form of transportation here like it would be seen california who actually has the ability to ride by all so what do we do all of the roads like lanes in all of our roads we you know we've got a bike lanes going on and you know and people are having to cross make a right turn in front of the bike lane to go down another road here the danger to the bicyclist in the alike the bike past inside greenriver at my inn the not and unless the unless the cycles are really paint there really how are you going to cross a car and we all know how crow reliable that is in front of an i told you a right to and in front of an oncoming line of by the pattern a there was again as we might have rose the initiation i think it's rebaiting it's the sheepmen the baron he rarely strong wife why i i don't know if the maybe you should go late that's what i'm thinking that i put in the encomendero to gower out those cameras a little bit not only that but i'd like to get in some switches to we're going to figure that out for all you guys because make sure that you guys are already morning down as i'm here every morning your future governor of michigan she instead oh you're talking of the people and i and i am on here yes yes that and i do as i here every morning you guys a being analogus get this out there we are trying to get it galiuro as much as possible to get you guys the information what's going on in our state and our country and die is the damosel pointing runway lucanian over here these are the ladies that you want this is a three way race in michigan that year no mistake about it and if anybody tries to tell you differently or tell you that you're splitting the bowl or anything like that i always had people one thing can you spot the vote if your voting for the right candidate was let the ball i mean who who why it is that the we allow one party to tell ontogenetically because it really anteroom reason i think are you in your barn no i'm in my kitchen table right now so i just got a say why are the internet and we great why i hear so i don't know why it rouletabille at either yeah i've got my man to they were on the road so we'll get a finger i don't let you go by i don't know if you can hear it my six year old is like running up upstairs like back and for all messy up now gratian really with that i now write horsethief was now a long that will agitate volunteered to isaac goering head i'll not okay no plate pretty good husband other than dealing with grow i mean graniteware about it now the truth always prevails if not worried about it i have a family i have only beuno you know what a in my eyes as the waste of a court resources that for this we have to request in earnest even in he's not requesting he's done man you see the video where one of the ladies that he was doing in addition to you went to the last she becoming a my god did antedates that was cankering jackie ran the din we always know you're going to be back at our ice ran used to be the deputy of for the clerk was cerini don't know last the be that bootham were re and they were removed denominate story better than i do about how this threatened to she was threatened to be thrown in jail and readily and so they were the state and went down to c to try to get some for what was going on in the state no one would help them a business a glove is not destination organize a global organization this is a global organize that is got its tentacles into the sea and to the communities when when your pain on you know school administrators the everyone in the pay on this so i you know i hate to say it but you look at the round robin on the money in the political campaigns look at the round robin on the money going to ukraine where is the money coming going to and coming from i want an alliteration you got to the everybody's got it in one another so you got to slip this person money so that they won't tell this person is and ruin your crenelles family like standing grain in wiser and that old teleki that anybody had been to no loathesome the most impossible person to get rid of i would let go hold up i would love to talk to her about staying ridin at round wiser because that huge and and the global and their genoan what they want going on people don't realize that that was a part of this to that was a part of the implementation of all this to everything that were a so i was wrong i was wrong that wasn't jack ryan and that video i'm sorry i just and waiting for them to let me know who it was but if it wasn't well details are puerile tottontail out there and making tired player enter going to make yeah we're going to make mistakes once in a while there is not a person out there that's going to get things right every single time but what we can do is keep talk and until we get closer to and only one had the right to throw a stone so to shut people down for for giving things as after it is as absurd and why are we there helping each other like virgil his whole situation i really don't understand that like conservative why do we have this conservative are people excited about you ladies were people is it is it really that far brainwashed like in a kafirs i want to i want to say i believe that people don't understand that they have another when they start to understand when these people start they do have another option first thing mercedes no they're goin to slip the there there working against the people have to be in of the they have to be informed right off the bat and i believe that with the amount of now and the movement tutelage movement that we have now people are at owego in an election stolen for winander tyranny for over for about three years now longer than that people are used to living under again ben called domestic terrorists and put through hell with us january sixth nonsense we have our cantonment threatened abused all that's great i love croisette have a madman on my front door was on softer body just one of those things into reminded for everybody treated needs to have them in their yard and dive the later because i really got to come i have at one down river where i grew up and ellenora laconia and the dummerar so i mean i have to go and you know my cousin was down and she really wants to her neighbors think she'd be a great person to a lot of the soul but what good about that later but it's just it's right on these people get involved the republican party at candidate the one that's running third party well what people failed to realize her that dona then it doesn't matter what part issues running a number one he for in i have the same view he ah that she was when she was on the republican when done donawert dixon i the end stall candidate that splitting the goal and stared one is in a surely don't believe that it's going to be in the race for you know the longest surely don't believe that it's the one that's not taking all the dark path money you know it is not so you know people wanted to talk about all this corruption all of this and you want you want this corruption built her now well to the inborn the person that has the most corruption terrific that is the most ignorant idea i have ever known and that you then you then you hear the republican party say well if we don't vote into then we won't get manometer well now that's number one that is not true and it doesn't take a racket that is totally made up that doesn't even not close to and actually that on that point to make sure you guys apologises want to vote for dona and you want to vote for me pornographic i pull him courage and that's the thing as the constitution parties we are humble enough to know when there are candidates they are qualified and able to do these do not that all republican foundation yore we memorially we've been talking about you know she has two is sitting now and where we might be trying to work on doing something about that at least we are stealing absolutely unconstitutional for those two boxes these are all democrat or a republican to be at the top or ballot for anastasius as a third party i hate that term i hate third party i hate my party i hate the word party i hate the word party were movement will by the kindness and you know what lincoln ran under the republican party which was a third part back in the eighteen hundreds and you know what public party was the third party back then or when this party all of em eye stealing to be an american because all they are is a political special interest their political as well now persueing proved as a great example when you push something her people fear when you instill when you install fear into we saw with colder they were were they wore him they listened to everything the government than they would at the aviation all the wit three masks and in cover their eyes they was and there on a during home people walking around with the so when the republican party says if you don't vote the supernormal are that installs ferret so they automatically think oh my gosh we all have to vote for tutor dickson although you know we know that she we know nothing about her the supporters are will not comment about the will not i see the day personation about what she wants to do for election whatever but now the point is we talk about anyhows pain for he will my gosh look at her fine for my gasboat her past and i'm not a person to say look at their past okay i don't i'm not a person but one somebody does it in the only like the republican party did it to me and then they and stalin has pornography all over that is a anton i don't i don't appreciate my i when canada for the republican party you wanted to all this stuff for children you know and that in the your children the new clearly and you caper and in don't i don't know where she came in i know for a fact that her resume totally fabricated it has it has to be in if you want to talk about somebody that i when they are about their or an idea that is to and in the bay she used was the line of the democrat all these manner attacking these not custom oh no boy know i'm like i hate to say of a bring out the tainment i mean i love our guise i mean this a way i missay that worse supposed to be an excitement it's like guatamo there you know he's goin to walk off the stage crying because i'm not capellano knew who she was and it'll tell you what could numbers the numbers do not lie how many people sentence go to the telegram pages like adonis numbers look at tutors numbers none of the face on pages look at that as numbers like a tutor's numbers no google new spot go don't outgone spot and see how many the don has been on and see how many of the tories been on the numbers do not lie what they're going to push that's the lot the numbers do not lie go and look at our bar these women are reaching now look at the argument we saw two days before she was endorsed we have the republican party much this so unprofessional putting out oh if you don't think that i assail has been working against president from you haven't well the one who claims that you have all of this paul so as much why can you like me you simply by him endorse conservative and then luck or to even look you know well where alienation the all of the they had less antirepublican party i promised everybody on they made a deal there he gave years ago i've been hearing about this for while war years look so i he and ere the man made years ago that they would not they would they were going three i working with manager what are we going to do why doesn't party it behind one of these that are in what's going on here and if they got behind one of these conservatives that are running would we would be able to candidate through any candidate you i give into you now woodside to get behind after and say that i see yes better you know it hester what do you do i heard your taking the printed you know i said you know this is wrong you know that he's forgot control you know he helps steele you know he was involved i said you know he and forest unconstitutional mandate the summer of twenty twenty to summer and you know it i said you know all other candidates why would you she said melissa that's when i know that i am was bought aneta so then i do i talk to my manager and i said what's going on here why is misconducting well he's got miles not involved republican party is supporting one i'm like to me romayne right after he i met thinking there is the one so they're going to well a point oh i couldn't i couldn't buy then all the so like a it does one did you have this conversation massagist clarify for the people wave before the enjoyment that is a it would only i just wanted to reiterate for the furs that this was aye i'll aliandra add to that with the four years saying that i respond and you won't be able to know as i was mentioning with the talleyrand run wiser earlier and the deal they made in and one wiser put out mary tudor laying long story short mary tudor lang was already promised to use on the board of serenading look cheaply satiate she was never meant to win secretary of state joscelyn benson has been on the bank restitutus and ten in the jorsalafarer estate program she was finally brought to the fort right for two thousand and eighteen who do you think benson has even campaign why do you think noel has even campaigning why do you think whither has he been campaigning and anybody thinks that witness thirty million dollars in her cell for a governor's race that only two months long your sadly mistake she is going to primary joe in twenty four i make no mistake about it tutor dickson is to win this race if you're to therapia you want her i have no fear and our party we have the i do is your candidate don't worry she's going to win that was already determined i went in twenty twenty they bring him justinian or joe by the winning twenty twenty then anatolians dutchwomen they've done their jobs there out juridic i am will never never ever ever saw it i don't like material i don't like materials relationship with tutor dixon before the primary even happen that clearly a dead see what he answered about us three as you girls get to you his get be nice and everything and does an age to be the one that interjects people everything that they need to know and the realities of these situations because altogether if you don't know why unwise has his own building at the university of michigan now why he allowed jacobean be come into our state it not now the roar is on the atlantic council with the united nations you know now if you don't know that you traditionalist look up what there what their views in being twenty thirty a tenantry agenda twenty thirty a boronia human right everybody i want to emphasize that for all you conservatives agendath there will be allowed to walk in rumania of that because because a generation is a human well we waited not a debate any more universal health care not a debate any more men and women being exactly equal and makes an intermingled not addebted any more look up a genoese days were all agreed upon in twenty eighteen by every member of the united nations then i go i've got to london deane degree to promote the all and program growing number of students of thine expected to study at wanstead university law school wan ladislaeus return from a inquiry productive five days the several law schools in in university of political science and law which has formed a partnership with an state are with wan law that likely wince and well as new loss ten the study american law describe her meetings as in quotes very return to the spring for another i regret northeast was easter story program in us laws designed for outstanding law students from other co a tract the program relics the bar which is it's not or i shouldn't be in the united states transnational law transnational law yet it soester work in their home countries who may work in government ministries you know like the minister of we're going to shut you up involved in negotiations with the united states or who intend to work and degrees in in addition to her she as the manometer officials for to studies university law school agreed to encourage the student to apply to an northwest university of politics and law in an the past with partnership with an i don't know how to say these words to sing the university and bejeweled who is an expert on us election to up maybe about citizens united versus federal election supreme court on election campaign founding a moment right central universe i find in an economical go i have sechemites with whom i met that er interested way lawrence their interest and force my belief that a partner with a fingertip to what we're putting in place with the spight be beneficial to wan law in the long yes well what in the place a moving this is a man who tolerate the invasion of this nation through economic lo there through all that and and there tossing we you mean to the sight or our voices don't count their sense so our voices don't they used an aye to profile all of us that they can manipulate everything around us to thing is such a when out after its amazing and if not monkey propitiate in place they are all part of yes and i'm not college now using colleges and come i believe as how you say it there was in the cutacoo the pit in the dog canniness that was found it and the sea and the president of that company as eugenists in australia a early sorry you den you sorry that you miss continuity actually gave them over two million dollars in grant finding the election systems and their technologies yes they fully used that really started the they use our universities in our colleges help intermingle this money because as you as one of the only universities that isn't publicly funded so it's a nice ideal dumping will you look at the finding on the found money that into it you know why she put a million and to you and you know that we know of you know he is to the ties to burial and ukraine the donation to widen that this is this is endogenous if he wanted you want to be on the republican platform at at the very least for the love of god get on wiser out of our state what anybody else i don't care so when i first got involved remember ah the first time i have i ever came across unwise i went to a northern allantown reply meeting they call it north and mark is the chair of that organ so we were all there and i brought my kids there my daughter was really young now i say your best behavior everybody was in it was a big room there was pride idols people while i was supposed to be there i didn't know who any of these people were a wagon was close to be there she didn't show up ran wiser and and it was it was jason rowe and that's when he said the statement that got him actually removed by the way i just want to i want to to people i know jason rowe wasn't removed the and i kind of pain often that we did the role must go an it wasn't because of that all they do as they have republicans around the shop on around to try to get em out of the spotlight when people are pine so it so it makes and we we had fumitory right so olivia barney reality where i can get along you know and he may regain a money he the allotments a adolescent insulting every single one of us we're going to get along and shutting everybody up added the opinion that was otherwise hearing how embarrassing as the so run where he he's like joe binomial i look at him an michaelina comelier it's like honestly that's exactly how they look they aren't they just like the anabasis he gets up there some one says to him how do we get rid of the three witches and he said other than to ask the i don't know what to tell hoariness there and picked it up it was all a word the news the next so in one day done it was over in right there there the has two bodies right there and they're all for by the way that she bore was that before or after daoulas hammer the welterweight so i'm an assumed that that was localised at that your attorney general loves to drink and drive everybody does satterday but if you do it you will be a criminal for the rest of your entire life and you will literally thousands of dollars have no license for about three you know it is amazing with it it's just but robert not absolutely so best was we're talking about taking his name of that building at you an remember days later it totally gone it was like he never what if like the violations of the campaign finance i joceline turn the down day and tassel said that she was picking it up and then two days later ere comes a redaction article that no unwise paid the money back raised the money back so nowadays money he used to be that bad not his own to allay donate to the michigan republican party that agony that they that back to the and and that's mahometans playing the role of a literal a that's who it is i mean honestly she says that publicly oh i am an i've heard this oh i am and all this money malicious to to you know he doesn't i can spend all this money i literally have his predicates stuff well i'm sorry but do you think that the benefit of a the soledad seemed cause the arena but i well i think the term sugar daddy might fit a little bit better in bolton the truth here and you know if people can't wait up and see what's going on in this one who and who arundel running the show who and whose fault is it is that there floats our fault you know why it's our fault because i'm going to pull that lamming video right back up here he refused to stand on our prince and not worry about the outcome but do the right always regardless what public open regardless some one tries to beat you down and tell you wrong bearer and in the face of adverse not to go with scared into silence scared into inactivity shut up made a relevant whatever it is every single person has a right in the due stand when things are not going the right way or when we see evil and the reason why this is continued as because we have allowed it absolutely allowed we have allowed our families to be we have allowed by not getting active and demanding this and holding her public officials accountable this no this is not a situation where there is only one it's like advice you know there's always there's always two sides to every divorce has always two parties that are at falconer one entire caranby there is always to this one is got to different areas where we can assign fault it is we people and the public as we have opportunity we have that criminals run stealing our right the rankin archie reinach a part of the facts just like everything else and allowing this nonsense to go on letting or contribute invaded by a foreign foreign is that and i i i like to add the godly aspect one that if i may go ask you to stand in the face of the sky doesn't ask you to comply with god as he is you do stand alone even if you do stand alone he asked you to stand up against no matter what do you think god cares if it's a democrat or republican constitutional angree party whatever you think he cares he cares what is right and what is wrong so to all the christians out there also especially the ones in our patriot movement you know what's right i don't care about letter itinerary care about the candidate you know what's right come november it's like what your god there's a question who or what is your god is your god money is it a political party is it is at your own your own future or your own your own wealth or what you athos your god so you know is it yourself is it your money the structures you built around you or are you truly listening to a god says in order to write this world not for yourself but a service to all that's going to matter past the point descries a word save you you if you don't get that figured out you're on the wrong side of the avon a i you know there's this kind of point time we're asked to lay our lives to lay down our wealth our finding our financial we're asked to lay down everything that we have service not to a political part to it in service first of all to god i got and i don't see any part of this i don't see any part that is there to of our that's not part of the it's never been part of that definitely a spiritual issue and this is where you know you know it was the day whom you will and that's the point who who are you going to you serve god money serve the opinions of people round you serve these entities that are supposed to be good but they're not because her lying court serve the amendments that that they were to be in a deception all of these things they are coming at us to be and who do you trust and i know that the hardest not to know who the trust but you know what another peal and the god of love he will tell you you know in your spirit what's right and wrong stop listening to others and making their opinions there approval making being pushed around by people who are not god who think they want to be got into or playing eaton as rand for the morning as usual tatatatatat ostentation if you don't behave a filter so to speak tell people and to the bowers i know that this can be scaring i know that this can feel like we're getting a load dumped on his way been getting a load and so to speak dumps were about a hundred and twenty years like i said earlier have fergus no i have heard that this is where we make our stand this is where we draw our life not even just with down in the list by us as where we have to draw a line because if we don't were done i will at my kid every day and that is why i do what i do it rightly that it indiscretion join us there osterman in guy coming in to save the day oreodon trump jemmy godroon misers the evil be a movie no matter how much it might seem like that seem like it is not a movie we have to save ourselves well i guess we're a really good stop be point actually right there because we have the center are standards in the cree a great place you you know lettered know about no be all of us standing to so we set stupid enough to stand up in front of everybody and take all of the abuse you know it's like what we are as we are a representation of the you go in assembly is what has all the power were no were no better there's no tears if you're absolutely riding as a patriot you are absolutely equal equal voice equal vote equal in every no special with no no kingly rights or anything like this we are literally suppose one family to each other everybody else has you know their ideas on how things should be run and you know what the best weapon we have shutting our mouths in to what other people have to you know i like it's so it's so her healing to listen to other people's thoughts and opinions instead just i'm right i'm right on going to push this opinion because i know i'm right and i'm not going to set up and tell and i'm in a talk over you an tell you copt to my open the animal and that's what we're seeing in the loony media right now as people are bully you won't talk about a bully a bullies someone who can't shut their free and mouths and listen to somebody else as opinion whether we agree with them or me miss agree with you know i'm like there's lot terms rest so i grammy grandpa was great he wouldn't have it if he had disagreed to some said well well well and just sit there and listen to you and tell you realize what an idiot you are sounding like he do it to yourself you know and for that through it and tell you got to a butter you got to and also on we need to get it out to the the republican party loses the governors they will absolutely not rita general race that is not by any means when did we if you pay tention to the republican party they had two years to get behind a hand in forefront and let me ask you this the republican party is like a neuter dog at the then they had the possession of the house and the senate for so long in one of they done they sat there like a bunch of newer sidenote while they did absolutely nothing exactly what the president in the white house do you know there are bunched new you want a years and never did one why is it any one stepping up and clean out the but these are career past and he have never held a job they've never written a paycheck they don't even know if they had to live under the rules that they grafted i could see the little snow flakes curling up in a known melting in the corner you know the little puberty wouldn't know what to do in any have to come to the real realities actually ask him how to survive in the real world like the rest and i do want a toneless as saying yes you got you have your individual that then in your hand say whatever they want to give you that you tatiyana that pen in your hand you can check whatever may feel like it's not a scaling system it's not a party system when it comes to your valiantly ottalie me go up to the enemy drive way here and sell you one of the one of the montrose sponson party of michigan because what matters everybody by ballot by both by ballot my vote it is your choice you have the right to responsibility of voting is is what i tell everybody you want to vote for somebody make sure you know who they are everywhere people have no excuse you have the world at your finger tips every single day you want to know somebody is you might have but somebody you want to vote for somebody now who that person you too we are the only ones that i know that will just extemporaneously talk about subjects of people know who we truly are that will do get in and conversationally be out there knowing that there looking for light as word that we say to absolutely create a target and on no matter what it is they can it up though he put the pull things up and whose actually out there talking like a normal person not a political action figure plastic political action figure a barn or something worse we don't have talking points were not reading from a script we don't get well we do care what we say but we we care what we say because we want be back lieut can see we make one correction i do the same thing with my show as well we do reaction we want to keep you guys and make no mistake about it when we come to guys are not even dona lesson of us when we come to you guys can count on that we've done our research that we know what we're talking about to the full and we want you guys have the information now whether you want to waken we won the comeback and correct and to people all the time but i do right i tell people all the time with my show i can talk about things all day long just like we've done this morning and i'm sure donald exact same way like down a just we love the comments we love to know the subject that you guys on more information about weenter awe and a hundred and twenty years of corruption rifle we can talk about things all day long but what matters to you guys what do you want to know about you want to know more about unwise or do you want to know more about the two parties you are no more about how to redeeming to get her way into the governorship with the primary any of these do it in the comments you guys for donelson me over on my stuff message just email us we want to hear from you guys and we like you guys to let everybody else know that there are people here like i said earlier you are not alone we will stay with you we will die on the pillared with to the and get off your of your behind and find a purpose i come i look at the people you love look at the legacy you want to leave what do you treasure in your life this you're not fit for your fighting for all as you're fighting for your family's were family standing together supposed to be and on that now we been on for two hours i am not traditions i actually not a very large on one of my properties last he the yes pretty object all may so looks like a we got a little work to do here today so i actually work people are realized this i you know though i in her every more actually have seventeen horses seventeen is in fact my favorite nor and i have you all these companies in and i've got a people that in talking to a right and content i researching i'm like really i'm proud myself renown for being the savage that i am and you are and and done is very busy she does work i have been to her several times in in her horses they are just beautiful and she had the hat over lanai was there on one of her horses he is a and i talking i said how long do worse well horses live you know years i think he said and but one look riever a hundred years muttered her of her animals and their little so well taken care of cares about these animals he has a heart of gold he really wants to adrian have a great light she doesn't have to get in this drama juvenile with us this is nightmare for somebody to take on in a night remember that remember that who means the position who for the right who who actually served the that doesn't need to be there that probably could live in much better life just like if they were i got out of when right now quite honestly and the solano the line right now as begonine this life as being grown suleiman in the chapters on it a few times i'm all about analytic guys all about analytics these shares these likes these output now i shall my shameless show all us together here i been you guys don't you might know but if you don't understand that every single place that you guys do at more than any amount of money you could ever give one every every single click in every single share like getting this out there giving people the truth it's worth more than you could ever give it out there and getting signs out there at doing helping in any way possible voluntary were that my so in that one of the things that that i'm not that are around me is that i never asked for i really am not good at asking made and i would have to improve just and you know the reality is is that you know we've got a situation right now where it were moving the bar and were moving a big lad the way we're doing but you know we are a bunch of heavy equipment right and in and you got some choices to do things you know i'm going to fight i'm not going to back down on this no matter what and if for some reason the deep state through wouvermans that they choose decides to remove me i warn people from the beginning picaro i'm done with us were you to going to do it from the inside a government and will lay a little bit nicer with you or we're going to play we're going to do it from the outside and i will eviscerate this is this is our nation and we now like mamma mamma badger unremembered mamma badger is and it's like like we were done clean around with these people and it doesn't make any difference they decided to take their poison but there's going to be a day here and i don't know it's just like this i cannot think the news now work and think could end up turning into i really do enjoy it and i'm seeing being able to move this in the something like bright mark put together as actual real news instead of the spontini i know my name a tact what right and goniometer that is not remotely possible to happen you know it's like if we make a mistake will fast up to it take responsibility that our word that nobody wants to talk about we and if somebody comes in to try to go up the something that is is a lie or to lead people stay while gas at that they're going to be exposed it's not obese in antommarchi will expose them after others a whole bunch of people in the patriot and the patriot movement that i've got a list and they move one side of the writer laughed we're going to do some in oregon to do some hard but we're going to that sum and the american people on the people misogeorgos of their nesting and we're not going to allow an and yonder we're going to slide the in the and and we're going to let the american people decide what to do with what a big list of people your fighting down an let's remind the other mind the people again and how many people you fire and in the first ten hours a minute ten and to yet the road back that's we're going to do and you ategorrita plan she's got an exact number of how many corrupt people she is taking out as soon as she entered those doors you guys pleasantly the white the pope make sure people know that people are still fighting for them all the height everything with twenty twenty and everything and one had died down don't here if you're still in hand and your with us make sure you like people know that there are fighters with and then one more thing is that past that sixteen hundred two people oh i have a great going to be a little shocked i am sure because i think we need to show her down for a while if we have without having them spartolus that we have in the weddin there without all the criminality hiding what they've done and get some actual people real people in there to find out what they've done and so they take a little bit of a vacation for a while and here miss out as we then and then the real cots are going to go see the the last time they showed us down we were down to twenty per i don't know if you missed mine missus thing i was like my my life got substantially better with all these people on but i absolutely and little diana absolute people people under people need to understand you guys are going to love not in thunder day plans are going to love her plan and you guys are going to be able to see that very shortly and lay that aside i don't hundred a plan i've got for freyer plan in that includes reproduction had not as graded on his saguntines replacing myself psychomotor noteworthy saturday say that we're going to be at the woodward crew will have signs will have magnified you know please come will it will have a tent now also brandenburg for governor we need we need donations when the volunteers i a state wide race we have so what we monitors to that malicious what donations are look you know i've had some success in my life but nobody can go against these big multinational corporations in an individual dig like macaroon and we can dig a hole with a shovel and it's going to take us a while but we got a double here and that dublin is november were i need something that in a court pity we're going to have a better equipment to get us that finish like and that's going to include more of a mechanical mass way that don't just jump on it some of that includes you guys by passing the romanticist way to do it but we need we need other ways to get to people to get those boats and that may include billboards a radio or somethin that sort and maybe other adds well we'll see what we kind of we got planned written out but what we do need as we do need donations and if you want to join the team to take this nation back that goes back to the declaration of an in our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor that means we're going to have to put more money into this race than personally than any other candidate i believe that wasn't getting money in it eric because i've got none of that so if this is the donor with a few donations on the outside because i have an ask people are like just as we're waiting for you to ask him like a linguist you know but the reality is is that every single part the leave to get on and done so that if you want me to do something soon you need to do this do and you need to do that while you know what you can do it you can do naturalisation i would really like this to go into something where you reaching or or billboard or something like that you know and you can even have a say and kind of reading it and or will let you know which directions were spending now maybe you've got a better idea than what we have and will go on that but we do need some money to some of the harder to the one first over it what is a three or eighty four counties in this it is unrealistic for me to get there if i had been campaigned for ten years because by the time i made the first cycle through i would have to start over again and have people forget who i am so i'm doing the best we're doing the best we can with being all over the place you know and many things that i have done a lot of speaking i've been on a lot of different shows radio show but we do need some donations and i want you to think deep about to you to actually be a member of going forward it's not really member but you who moves the line who moves a bar to just like true patriots to this termination less you know we're all in on this and like i said i think i've seen my husband like ten days and last i don't know three four for five months now we were his work was work in twelve hours a day this running and for me to campaign being you know we're beating ourselves work and there's not enough workers so i got in this to win and to state back for all of us and i'm never going to stop buying but i'm not tell you what it sure be a lot easier if i had a thousand digital soldiers out there ten thousand or you know a million is what we need in him every one of those you know what i think i can you know i can ship as soon money into you know the total money i got it the total money is usually going to be reserved for people who are business on every one ship into this we've been indeed in the believing that politics are they're not it's right now in the big corporations that are buying off our camp that eliminates a little bit emotion on the money side if we reach a million people and each one of those her people donate a dollar one dollar that's a million dollar it is the power of the people you guys and like dona said with the digital soldier aspect also not just social media on a social media is out of this world is absolutely out of this world hereditable phenomena but we have another proteus and we can't believe lay a said the shirts living in reality if you guys can or you want to balance to many of these new stations are going to refuse one covered but a lot of these and we are armed with this we just need the knowledge of new states such that won't allow don we have as regulation we have things akureyri we have things on our side of unsold or on a volunteer to reach out to your local new stations your radio station tell them about danae them know that this is a three way race this year that we have another action this year emphasized to them that this is the first time in michigan's history that we have a not only that we have a three way governors raised a taprooms raised but they are all female this year as we for the first time ever we had a all female a racket of governor candidate me and it's the complete opposite of for clarification in my statement to me it's absolutely amazing i can't it to me it's all these and you see a natungoe face to all these women have came away from their homes especially danielle they both have families there but doing things these women have pulled themselves away from doing all this just stand up and to speak for what's right and sadly a good chunk of that is consamed aren't doing it if we want to be secession take it to my own a lot of the men are not standing up in these situations so for these women to come away from their lives and to want the sacrifice so much to stand for what right in our state and in our country and in our world that alone especially when i call the golden girl even though there's only two of them i love the insatiate of the especially when our golden girls here we are to understand who was sacrificing what doing what who is giving up and how much are we will into sacrifice and our lives to make sure that that had why to you two are like two my kids you know both of you are i'm like grammar in the and this you know is he in heaven you know like to my kids here i'm so proud of both of you are really i think this is the great time to stop for the day because we're a two and a half hours are then that's more time this sleep i got last night miss agar he so let's let's go ahead and say prayer minute because i wanted the day this is why this is what we see we serve a rimester you know we serve to rise or olive or motions are for caring for him and servants and those that he created in head but children and they god created that my work here and we think about you every single day there's not a day that every one there is not in our thoughts and don't ever like eatin said earlier to do not ever feel like you're alone there's so many more of us than than what there is the evil in the world and you know denoting that are beautiful and lovely go hunt your pets god created them to and enjoy the flowers and the birds and you have if you make music to make us keep your mind how the pray the dons things never ever let any one steal your joy or your your your joy or god put a part of you to be a priority of but then so we work the work find your no no what you where you're going to make a that will always come to others if you your goal not yourself but that you you to go for a you will always lay your time that for yourself and you will fail on yourself but you will never let another person down that you your focus changes you either make your focus for god whatever that may be and i beseech over god that that is because there is one god but what i'm saying is that your focus will be on in god and in the ways that those in the for you because he's put the already in your heart you already know those purposes from god or the people around you who so let's go ahead and say a prayer you riding on there have my father was so thankful to for all of the beautiful put around us and that any point joy in the middle of a storm in the middle of an things go wrong that we can always a mind set you and all living our life for you service to you and others and so much for the flowers and the plan sky in the water and just so much for he made a round help us to your eyes not our eyes maybe annoys but your eyes and in i ability to listen to others to their views to do it with respect for information push our own ideas or rest healing for them as they were as they were through the life that you also in all of our leader our schools and all the structures that are there even though we know that there are infiltrated by some really bad you are greater than all of these things and we put our not in the world not we see with our eyes but in you and your good you can do all this anything is possible with our lord so much for every one here give them great unexplainable joy to day in happiness and bless all those whom they love take all of their struggles and give them quick and that will bring them through that and so that they can look and say god was with me i saw a miracle to the i saw things change in ways i never because our god is good and wonderful cares for us and he will never leave or forsake as this what we would like you to do to take god for we love so much here were here in every way that you know you don't really need her hope but but we're here and every every single way you will under you under liberty for we let me for everything in light they look we love you guys urinous and prayers in our minds every day we love and care for all those whom you we love you and we're here to were not her trip we see you get taken out a technical and you and lead a legacy the tent for don danebrog and all alliterative magnetising at the woodward crows that will be three blocks north of maple in the east side of what they take the meat if they haven't taken me out by then i'll be there only there in i nunlike instance nowhere a bagatelle in county patriots to to over by lineament emitted as i a dinner i go to my child granodiorite address is and so you guys have a wonderful day big waptheth every one got on em and the antelope out say and stay in foreign guy a wonderful day my channel once again as brandenburg for governor doom you could find me a telegram it at brandenburg the number four i i write every word on their into all the post the commentaries somewhere he got access to you want to try to somebody who's going to be leader of the state comitate let me know have a great day