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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/1/2022 - Live - John Tatar - Tatar Tuesday

Published Nov. 1, 2022, 9:04 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is in fact tatar tuesday but we're going to were going to go through a few news items for and going on i found some really crazy things out there that were curious from last night and the first thing that i followed that was absolutely not is this whole problem that there there have an in brazil and the remoteness here this morning unfortunately the the boldero lad he was a leading by seven hundred and fifty thousand votes but lost by one point nine million votes how is as even possible this this is not even possible in any way shape or form and i think that that that there was a good post by resignation or not and i don't understand how any one can pass and i mean possibly think that we have secure elections they're just proving it over and over and over again that we do not in fact have secure elections so he is not let me run back over to something else here in another thing is that mine was one of the main reasons we went to war he was the had democrat and their foreign relations committee voted for and pushed for the arawa heaven organized a series of sinecures where he echoed the lie of seasons of masses one he is pursuing for years nineteen ninety eight video was put up on one i whereon we go all which is the mean back here from john somnolence in for just a minute and that that is the should be very very concerning and something we can all we should she out again at me goethe aniseed here a minute and ran through the severe morning where i start i start going for videos and videos not videos and sinews news feeds and now ned we all understand that the abaca to michigan and was greeted by michigan dams in a way that was pretty funny they all chanted a b which is absolutely various bywater their halloween party at the at the white house and basically the whole thing is a joke he had to go to the bathroom or something like that and the behavior of him was once again i would put my kids ten feet within ten miles of this guy the kid sniffing present that we got up there so go back to bolton while sonora on every region of brazil except what coincidentally is the most corrupt of the country the don't know how to say the nore controlled by drug traffickers and gang so i just i think that once again with proved that the elections that we have across the world are being interfered with in a ininen ways and we're going to need to to honestly start this thing this thing over and actually have free varieties which atherton have right now refugees have been used by global aisles ah the stabilized and create conflict into the wide western nations services been one of the prime be primarily one primarily behind the offences the tactic is then successful crime is uninsurable tensions are of health services can't cope with the influx you name it you wanted to stay a nation from williamsport with croatians allowed the uncontrolled inflict influx of people you and you have you have cast new deadly strain of covent has been created in a university lab in london according to report still have the problem with brazilian election regaled with fraud boltonparty one everywhere except the presidency on the briant that they are clinton news network or communes now thanksgiving on calomnies network thanksgiving is goin to cost more this year and is not just because of inflation so i think we need to explore that a little bit term limits about the dam black from interviewing the well done baron intervening in suit challenging illinois two week window to count me in votes running trying to hide the stuff any more and and the world goes on so so new new new day same crampas been going on because nobody wants to fix anything so we can pay having me seem issues pop up over and over and over a so in the startled let a what's invite john bainrothe chat on her mute good morning everybody in humble and good morning mister tate how are you i am very good at a how are you doing great i got a surprise from this morning will come to tattered last week i got ignatevich rosettes or were super tater tuesday one week before the election every owner but for the all right borodino for sheriff that's what i say this morning no excuses for novelties john caterina what so any how are you this morning i am very good i'm very good all is well on this side we had a my people got out on sunday during the two candidates conventions that they had in the oleander orators it was a very wet i would consider successful time we spoke with a lot of people a lot of people in actual anatomy former students were within thirty years later you know they say he i do miss veterinary interesting come said tolentino didn't school in youngsters you know the police because i do i sit around and talk to people and eat it some time to work out in a morning the wornout up and i actually started moving around i went to the general little bit and did some walking because seriously i need give moving back again you know to owen you're runnin around with during the election of a campaigning time is not our own men have been getting calls from people yesterday i get a call from can i get some signs for the london another caller i need some brothers justinian and on and constant especially if you are like a one horse operation like i am where you have only volunteers helping i don't have a paid staff or an for me so it it consists in a time conemaugh up to a hereabout the on baptisms and texas is weekend sipelie they were doing did you see that that it testacea riall of their battered you know nonsense were doing on baptisms in tax and yet it you know i hate to say it but but he had a huge discussion this morning on all those things really are destructive to human beings all but you know we can say that we're going to go off and do whatever we want we got his rules in place to keep us safe and pretty extra sure if you're if your domino to get sucked into and or victimized by some of these you know because some people willingly walk into the sort and contorted into it and honestly anything that in any thing that we walk into that has anything to do with with a breaking godsister the perfection motion i am getting the feed back into that comes on and all it's not me i actually move my microwave from the speaker system so i don't get a weird hesitant her spot because i smile as gordoletti will try to gain can't change anything in less than see i won't allow all the i can still hear myself when i come in weird i don't i don't know i don't understand that and now the where i can put this light the grammar massing marionettes it is a long way from the perseverance it it's got to be enemies ottaviano the volume down a little more but i don't know if that can was checking out and see ain't hear anything better is matter if they get any notion hear you i don't buy appear had longer something like that present for john tate per head phones while i have my diabolical in my inertron somewhere so anyhow he the small the satanic thing is i hate to say it but we're going to work really going to have to start talking about this because when you look at where all of our problems are coming from in my opinion you you can trace it right back to that satanic evil agenda because it always goes in the direction of destroying people destroying life trying to gain control control of our freedom and putting people into bondage of one one sort of another and at it refuses to you know the whole genereuse to fix anything you know it just structive from top to bottom in the refined so many crimes against humanity created in the in the in that train he thought in an unfortunately actually student amount of time studying with iberians as well satanas you know i want to know the enemy you know it's like i want to know the play book and i think that this is really important because then you can you can actually do ocasionally on things that honestly this is where our entire nation is failing or politicians are failing every body's failing oresteian everywhere on a lack of rotgause annals to all subjects you know i went through with yesterday the ash and we kind of talk about the abortion issue while reconnais was orating people are getting pregnant and there's there is almost no reason for it any more so i mean there's there's unfortunate situations as such but a reconnaissance at the camp you know before another waiting until they happen and what does he do it allows people who in my opinion are involved in this satanic agenda to have you know feetmarks body parts et cetera which they can sell and turn into a commodity because honestly the global as nothing more as useless feeders so they just they just continue to you know pushes jansen refuse to solve the problem i agree with that if anybody has it figured it out yet were it a spiritual war yes we are evil that's what this is all about which side you choosing to spend the rest of eternity on the good side of the bed there are an don't understand why people would consider the evil side not on that side so i don't know why what amorous about that well in a few look at thee the holiday of the ten acolites and such a notice as tomfool don't want to talk about while you know what solitude can these are these are the issues that were going to have to deal with because even when you look at the holidays and such a lot of them a lot of em include sexual rights as well as sacrificial rights which quite often included other human beings in our children and this is not going to go away we can't turn our heads away this is not going to go away until we deal with it go back to crime against humanity so any all singing start the day off you know but you centaines talk about all kings constitute because we were talking about the constitution the extra amendment as well as the mission and whether what what the amendments come down to honestly when they when an amendment is added basically to distil it down is taking away our rights in comforter another that's right antler every time they pushed forth an amendment and that looking at our state government right now they have three amendments on the ballot all three amendments are against the people for them and we bring them on board then we are giving them permission to do what they want to do to us so those of you that are out there that are thinking that it's a possibility to vote for yes for in any one of the three really need to read and understand what that amendment does excuse one it becomes an amendment to the constitution it becomes nearly impossible to get it off and we notice the eighteenth amendment which was the one about selling alcohol it took several several years to be changed back and for the amendment to be thrown out and a new amendment to be brought on board so if we vote in one of the amendments such as the second amendment which is the right to vote amendment which is at the right he had the amendment that limits the right to vote or gives the evil people that the power to fight the election again it will be very difficult for us to but the new amendment in board because the state the state government is an interested in changing the constitution for the benefit of the people never it's only in a people always such right so take a look at the michigan constitution that was brought on board in nineteen sixty three that was voted in by one of one curse later so if you consider while that was the same year that of jay of assassination was but that taste i was born in ohio well my point here is that a good calamity as the deep state says should not go on notice if they have something happened and they can take advantage of it and put it on the public screen they will do that and then people find out about this incident that happened may be they were involved in getting it to happen maybe they were but they take advantage of it and make it and brought it up to the public to say cacama's going on see as see that and the public and of course they twist the news a new they twist the fake news and make it look like an it was the laporte right side or to the initiate to use the right right and left paradin garbage i would rather say the the people that is on the side of the republic the people that are on the side of the democracy have an weatherbeaten a little bit better how about miles and pay and patriots and you know well the potatoes that i find there is a lot of sueptitz out there and are patriots interference because they it's like i think or a somebody somebody said this i thought this was great it's like its great disparitie yet you pay to and at the end to fill in the blank so the problem is that a lot of the people that go on the internet and look for information go down rabbit holes they don't understand that this is actually a rabbit holder going down let me make it very very the constitution has never been changed never been dollie have people in office that half thought it been suspended such whether who tried to suspend it during the time of crisis but she had no authority to do that and if the people understood that she would not have gotten away with it because people would have stood up and said you can't do that you can't shut my business down you can't stop my restaurant for running and you can't force me to wear at period well and then she wailed unconstitutional three letter agency and now she actually tried out for a business her and the kind of non son you know to become an enforcement ah an enforcement marmora and i said this from the beginning if they're going to require businesses to enforce any of these policies whatsoever then they better start paying them for the extra burden in order to you know put their little tommy policies and place and i completely disagree with any of this i should not have to enforce the policy no they can't really the canon for this is a policy remember your using the right term policy is not law right and if it weer they were threatened with jail time and they were threatening the shutting her businesses down because you know if you didn't do something right in the rest of your little communions would come behind him and try to clean out with powers that they never had true but that goes back to our legislature that are all a bunch of we made people that are sitting in office that may mataafa complicity they are complicity in it because they did not stand up and say no we make the law you you have no authority to you carry out what we want you to carry out as the legs so we really need to focus on the legislature for being the biggest problem this whole two year crisis that and but the problem is reciting the same people back in office and and then we expect something or if we don't let them back in the house of representatives or the senate they get another job like a sheriff of one of the county or prosecutor or or or some form of other government official post that they managed to wriggle their way into people need to look at the ballot and say hey i've seen this guy in the ballad at least twice or three times at times home and learn how it is to live as a citizen in the republic and not a government antiperistasis when they love but have the fair system in a overfragrant visible and we have a lot of somebody told me a couple of days ago and i don't remember who it was that make be of all did a forensic air on the election and said there there was no nothing wrong with the friends i cometas clean it was honest and make brumenhein on an not me but some of the people in the one the night group that i chair had been working on micrometers well his forensic was etape balance from this district that a couple from that that he looked at him he said there and everything's so in all its thick in the combatants been placed upon the people and they continued to do it because they can there being paid number one their compromise number two they just continued to play the same game over and over on the people and the people buying that nonsense and that's why we have the problems we have to but getting back to the constitution it is never ever you are right to go to church whenever you want to or practice your religion can never be suspended no matter what the crisis situations a second amendment can never be suspended no matter what the crisis situations and the governments can always come up with crisis and you telling me back in seventeen hundred when our founding fathers fought the revolutionary war that wasn't a case what races back there were people dying from all kinds of diseases that that existed because the sanitary conditions were lousy they they had bad drinking water and so on so for and so the problem was that they were always in a crisis and so now we have it we develop a crisis because a lot of the american people have not ever considered a crisis such as in place of that coming there not prepared for it a lot of them and missus goin to be a crisis situation in which the governments calotte to take more right away from the big important point to remember is every time we have a crisis like a war like a pandemic came home whenever we have a crisis it eliminates some of the freedoms of our the this is the game they've been playing world war in world war i the senators of lavengro in a oversights redintegrated and the pantry aestheticians no one i can hear the aficionado doing anything i don't know what else to tell you and hemingway from the speaker system backing here i don't don't get it do you have any had honour i don't know if that will help i have those i mean i've tried those before they didn't seem to work very well and i see for these boatwork that don't think it's me i don't probably met with me in think it the deep stateless onion like what we're saying meantime it only happens with you were i jones superpower in prose is that any better elemental man all right will steeples as i was saying every time the crisis developed and we too in that have not saying all warreners wars go on out typewriters or and watch this whole pages predicated on the banking system and let's go to carl shawhan the new great rectangle new deal not because the trying to fix the earth but they want us to use the green energy so it will be limited in our ability to travel in our ability to communicate electric cars only go a hundred and some miles and then they got to sit three hours to be charged so they want to limit our ability to move about they tried to do it on the airplanes with the masks in the vaccines and that didn't work continuing to try to come up with new processes to force us into a green new deal and a and in her great recent their great reset is they're going to control the money that means all of your money is going to be controlled by them and if they don't like what you say and they don't like what you're doing and what your protesting they'll pull your money just like they did in canada for a while they already shoulder markus what kind of people they are and who they are and that's what they're trying to do to the world we have a they cannot overcome the constitution unless we volunteer and we really can't volunteer the constitution away there forever they can't take you right away because they never gave them to you to begin with they were given to you by god the constitution states some of those rights so the government doesn't messinese they'll say well you know oh there was never anything written about the second amendment and therefore we can do this or we can do that no that was why they put those it made a putter in the constitution so the government could not but the constitution itself is never suspected so these people that are outside the government such as these egos non governmental organizations such as the world economic form there an nobody there an absolute nobody sees is a nobody who is that nobody they do not exist they may exist overseas they do not exist in america they cannot override the constitution the un cannot override the constitute they can't we can pass laws or government agencies cannot pass laws with the gun and have the un act as a police force can be done it's not in the constant it is the document by which these public functionaries were and when they step outside their oath of office they are creating acts of treason and should be held accountable for i wanted i shall be soon all right i'm comin to agreements so i wanted to bring this up and i've got it here i'll be close in the later world economic form and its close abandonner and chairman of the world economic form author of the book covenanted the great red and this is an art from his book at least four billion useless eaters shall be eliminated by the year twenty fifty by means of limited wars organized epidemics and fatal rather feel rabbit acting acting diseases and starvation energy food and water shall be kept levels for the non illi starting with the white population of western europe and north america in this spreading to other races the population of canada western europe and the united states will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents until the world's population of each is a man of a manageable level of one billion of which five hundred million will consist of chinese and japanese races selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obey authority without quest from that from the time they shall be artificially contrived food and water shortage and medical care to remind the masses that their very existence depends on the good will of the committee of three hundred in that expanse world economic form evil scientists close swam in the book cabinet the great rest this is just nonsense in crape and we look at it we can point the finger right straight at whitman the administration the cronies around her for a forenoon allowing encouraging emphasizing the head quarters of the world economic forum monsters sitting right here in the state of main could be a good thing and why i say that is if we wake up the american the michigan people that will be a great place the protest we don't have to go overseas at the right ear constantly have people in front of their building that's again getting off the condoling your thing stop this but we can be in wicked and barrant such a point that they could not leave the building without running into a marble people so in a sense that might not be a bad idea to bring them here if there are to be in any one particular location or another but we got understand that the word economic form has absolutely no power well can i go go ahead and on that okay some of the keep mute now and amusing you just a little bit so that we don't have that all for every one to hear and tell we get this thing figured out so my whole thought is if we actually bring this into michigan and we have governor brandenburg and place governor brandenburg is going to die doesn't this is a damastes organization it's going to be wiped from the face of michigan entirely in that that point i've got some ideas crate because you know in this cutting kind of downright i think we just we just go ahead and we put it moonlight there on the ground where they were going to build the world economic form and reconcave ourselves all sorts of transportation costs and taking these monsters who commuted trees and down to jonathan mo bayonet and you know handle it right here game over done case the problem would that is that the onus soil and when the onus slew have to follow you as polar us rights for these so that's why they're going to guantanamo because the atoll different process over there that's military and in the military process under the b under the uniform coat of military just a whole different animal these people are being tried under so that's why they're a diplomatist another base there and do something like that on the on the grounds i mean there's ways o gettin around everything when we're dealing with you know we're used to watch him people kick our tails in a court and unlawful and unlawful methods you know there's lawful way to do everything and if it means that we sat the echoes gone this if it moves at we see a paperhanger soviet where i think you know i think that there's ways of dealing with it one way or the other it montaperti point one that say if the people are awake in michigan and i think there's a lot of people awaken then the people will realize that this world economic form is to the environment and they will the people will rise up and make a difference like they did in france and the yellow some of the other countries where they stood up against those people and they sang gushed the pack up your bags and get out of ongoing away a lot more people here than you have and that's the same thing with the there's only three hundred of right michigan resident michigan's residence way above that by number so you know what are they going to do if if the michigan people wake up and say he not not but will see this new election that's coming up very shortly next week we'll see how many people we are able to turn over and how much swamp creatures we get out of office if we get enough swamp creatures out of office we can start making that change i'm i'm hoping that people are paying attention to try to get rid of these people that are in the office and put in new people if for no other reason it's better to put in somebody that's not been in the system too long because they don't already know how to cheat for an arab from the so i got to get em out put leppin but it has to go away farther than that again needs to go way way farther you know it's like i see the other states and their son some governors that have gone they have gone like part of the distance the full distance these organizations out and doing nathan the terror organizations that they are because they are there a throat their state and goals to kill billions of us and it's like or are you kittycat disaway from that they all they didn't really mean that this gondo mean if they know exactly what they're doing and their goal is to kill a whole bunch of us to take what we have that would put them in a place of being an invading army and a foreign entity which is on united states soil in my opinion honestly we can declare war on the whole the whole notation the whole that these people are not when i do look at the constitution again in that part of the constitution that says you swear not to where an old to uphold the constant and if you choose not to do that or if you don't do that by your behavior then you are committing acts as our punishable by and that's the way we need to be looking at tolerate people that are over reaching that boy they step outside their duty there the delicate duty by the people and they violate their oaths of office they are committing acts of the and they should be treated as and we have lots of men in office right now that our committing acts of but we need to change again vocabulary that were living by we have to get away from we have a democracy which we don't we have a republic in a republic has set up and lodgings and regulations by which to operate we they are not over reaching they are usurpatory their not acting to churaich his constitutional and lawful they are usurping authority that was never granted to so we need to get to the real language and we need to start a holding these people accountable for their behavior and that's a pretty easy thing to do when you are pointing out to when you go and run into one of the pits what marriage and you start yelling you surprise for you sir the message will get out but we need to start doing that is as a as a group of people that really care for michigan really care for your life if they're going to eliminate eighty per cent of the population are you going to be the one that being eliminated well and i think that you know i'm a little bit more hardly in hard ball than allowing them just to say that that sort of nonsense to threaten the two threaten americans and michael's and it is you know the oath is to protect the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic will they pretty much all in undergrowths categories which means that they declared war on this state in this nation they have absolutely declared war and in it it is you know in time a statement like that to threaten americans is absolutely on acceptable not happening and not going to be tolerated with dona brandenburg is governor we're going to worritin out just exactly how much we're not going to tolerate that and it's going to happen quick because this is an egregious and over i'm going to say overreach usurped a threat it is a threat in it a clear and present threat it's a treat to michigan it's a threat to national security it's a threat to human beings their threatening crimes against humanity they are threatening crimes against humanity with an end and i am like i am done with him i agree agree with you we need to we need the tataka hard line of frantic we have not over the years but again a lot of the people are not paying attention to what's going on in that part of the so how many people are listening to this broadcast how many people have opened their cost and understand what that's all about both state and federal and understand that if they step outside that constitute that whatever they do they cannot make organizations like the world economic form doesn't it not in the constitution that doesn't just the body of people that get together and call themselves so but they do not exist that they have no power that's the way wilbur yes we're better than you geraint matter because what i give our psychopathic minds we just say so but that's part of the evil war that were fighting the evil against the good against table so we need to on that pushing back now i wanted to anthropometrical about the twenty third one because what the third amendment remember people and said that because of the act of eighteen statement one washington was turned into a square mile and and i hear this argument on and on and on just shows that people go down rabbit holes and they don't they don't come up with the proof and our reason that their outing what their tawny they just believe something because somebody at and there using the district of columbia organic activating seventy one and saying that that chains everything in the country and brought us into corporations and therefore that the corporate power now remember nothing suspend or change the constitution that we live on they can't rewrite the constant it's like you becoming a police officer and saying as the police officer the speed limit says but i'm going to change it to thirty five because i'm the police officer and i can do the same thing that the saying the federal government did as they change the constitution or they change the process of our republic into a democracy and into a a form of government where we're under corporation not a i made a possibility again it's like the police officers saying because i'm the police officer i'm going to give you a ticket at thirty five become forty miles an hour because the speed limit here i say is thirtyfive not forty do that and our federal government can't do that either now no matter what amendment they try to bring forth they can't do that the twenty third amendment talks about so i thought it was appropriate since i have been hearing a lot of this washington d c organic act business changing the structure of the government the third amendment says the dish constructing the seat of government of the united the seat of government of the united states is washington d c right we understand it we have to go into any details of that the united states shall appoint in such manner as congress made direct a number of electors for president and vice president equal to the whole number of senators or representatives in congress the district would be entitled if it were a it were a but in no evidence more than the last popular state they shall be in addition to those appointed by the but they shall be considered for the purpose of the election of the president and vice president to be electors appointed by a state and they shall meet thee in the district and perform such duties as provided by the twelfth article of the amendments so here i smell out exactly what the columbia is and it's a constitutional amendment meeten three for those who did and to look at all and also pull out the organic act you know what i can say and the organic act it doesn't say in there that it's all corporations ten square miles and if you belong to the ten square miles than number one the federal government can do what they want to it doesn't say that at all it has nothing to do with the power of the federal government over the pump public we you and me we the people have all the power which shows that our they don't have any power there public functionaries they work in the office government cause we don't want to do that we want to be on the beach drinking or my ties or whatever we drink we do not want to be running the day to day structure of government that would be a democracy and that would be something that would be totally against white people we want to stay out of government we want them to do their job and that's it you do your job do your job and now followed the constitution as as we have told you to do you'll be okay but if you step outside that job and you violate the outcast tion than you are you super and you can be held for treason is an that's where this we have to start using those terms and bring them to the surface we can't get away from this well he just just overreached his authority he created he is sophistry and he therefore has done a trecento the it's all based on the cot look at look at what's happening with our industry save so like banking industry as well as the insurance industry which are making policies as well as you know other nos are making policies which are actually taking away freedom this cause it created carts to weapons these industries in parcels on order also commit centres in their eyes and in the act of government the act of the banking system that's what this is all about i saw goes back to the banking the international banking cartel people are the brunt of the problem they have created the problem in this and the another hand to that as the insurance industry the insurance industry is in my opinion just as callas the industry insurance i the banking industry itself the whole idea of inflation that they have created to limit our spending power or ability to move about to do we are because we are living on there secrecy and their features as unconstitutional number one congress does not have the power to give a bank a private individual banking in the street such as the federals served the power to print money and then charge us interest they don't have that for the constitution says congress has the right to coin money right then that money is to be gold and silver i manometric whitestone a volume down the curator bondon in a way it's way down can you hear it in the laying in a yettocome to your head phones i can barely hear you oh my gosh this is crazy what met the figure out before the next notable now i'm not now encounter it a little bit but it's not terrible i don't get it i am wondering if there was a way to turn the speaker of an just cut it just at the head well the next time i come on line with you to which will be next week i have had so okay that sounds grannymother one you would not want to tell you injuriously be me he don't know a illegible quiet than in a leonine too i just throw a rag over the dan i don't think so but that they will get figured out where were the guesses when you do live sending you on tables and its jonathan in out here talking about all things constitution in history the fourteenth amendment the amendment says the right of the citizens of the united states devoted any primary or other election for president or vice president for electors for president or vice president or for senate or representatives in congress shall not be denied or abridged by the united or any state by reason of failure to pay a poll tax or other to this was developed a nineteen six for for they were still pushing pull tack they were still pushing not giving people the right to vote for the president and the vice president ah yet all politically when we when we have lived in a society where we have picked on a particular race and of course who is causing this race problem right now it's our federal government that once to keep us divided that one to keep the blacks in their own group of people black lives matter on to keep us separated to keep the eligible separated to keep all of the other that are out there separated so they try to say while you know you got to have certain rights you got to have right and in eletkepek person you got to have a right as a black line matter and now they're trying to say that the white people are a row how did they put it leoline privileges i keep a separated from each other so we don't pay attention to what's going on in we don't pay attention to the inflation is going on to the influx of the people coming across the border to the usurpation of authority and laws that this son resident in dis doing and to the actual leading us down the path of socialism to destroy our country and our freedom and that stone destroy your albeit freedom your black life matter freedom your white privilege freedom you all goin to be slaves because that's what you want that's what your portion for you think that your privileged class or that your underprivileged no that's not it if the work in america if you put your time in first of all our government has to get off our backs that is to the taxation program through the six thousand is agents get off our backs by inflating the economy and making it the dollar work last there are other ways we can use how many people have ran out and bought some gold and silver rest they should be doing that or how many people have ran out and considered looking into pity beginning remember i take the thousand pieces of paper to buy one bit he's got to tell you some yeah i'm really concerned with a lot of the stuff too and i'm to go back to the divisions that we have in our society because this is a big thing that people want to bring up and they're like take sides takes sides demonized thus grodman that group labat's like well we can ever opinions on things but in a constitutional republic every one has right i what i am absolutely horrified by giving giving sub groups or giving groups privileges at all and tossing without without any any backing the screw as privilege of that group is privilege at this one is not because i'm in to tell you what i had a bank actually saving when i first got into business ah you know went in to get a business long life for started in the person sariette latome and said you know i give you this one if you were a guy and i walked out going lower you gonna eat crow some day but i didn't i didn't look at it as anything that this was a stupid person and i i personally would never want to be insulted it points for doing anything quite honestly that's exactly what it is when somebody has to take he has to have an elevation as a sub group it's an insult i should be considered an insult to their to that entire group and i mean i mean i had it in my face and i was just i will do what i write can do without being a woman and whatever but i don't want the pity points i'll do it on my own and i don't expect nor would i want or what i accept special privileges in that direction because all i see that is just one huge disgusting insults same thing when i was doing contracted when i was building houses most of them most houses that a dolorous for the handicap through mist mister required i don't remember now ten per cent twenty per cent of the female business operating in the o endor minorities so you know i actually picked on him to nominate and asked them they were doing dryads supposed to be a dry wall taper he went in and ruined the house and then he disappeared why he managed to get a couple of dollars out of me because when you hang the dry well you pay a little bit then when he take a double bit he rode the house and so i went back to the state of michigan and they said so that her back were not going to do anything for you you should have tested checked them out for them while i did what checking i could but when you're a new group coming on board a new minority you don't have a background just single out and you're ready to go to work and somebody hires you because they can't find anybody else like i couldn't find another dry waller to do the work he had not and i got taken for a ride by this and guadeloupe i do have a problem with some of that because it's just like the female on businesses is it is it is incredibly it is incredibly insulting to me because i don't know about you but you know i can speak for myself i've never really had any problems with man and you know i've been able to function and very male dominant industry and i don't see the big problems there so we want to beat upon man we want to beat up on this person or that person in order to keep us divided at this is not with this nation is about this nation is about one nation under god need we may not agree with choices that other people make but that is not the function of the government it would be directly it if there's any failings there on any issues that people want to bring to the forefront it may be the failing of others to step up and change situations before it gets to be critical mass and in all so failure and recluseness and refusal to fix anything because there's no money and there's no money in it for any one if they actually solve problems you know they can they can they can't use it for politicians they can't use it for anything you know can you imagine if we if we were able to solve the cancer the cancer issue while guess what how many billions of dollars go into cancer research and not guess what all those researches would be out of anoatok same thing with right to life and or the sanctity of life if we actually solve these problems what how many billions of dollars would be taken out of the inn exactly is the problem that our government is perpetuating orioles they want the friction they want the difficulty between the people because like i say again one they do that those people that are in power position steal from and get away with it you know there's no there's no guard on the money system or on the process how in the world did the president of this country make seventeen million dollars one year how did he do that and because we were busy deanwood and all another crap we didn't even really know that and now it's coming out that but we didn't know that earlier how bout how about the lampooners life top we didn't know about that part of the problem is silvia corrupt as media is fake news and their part of the system in part of the problem we have to realize that we have been in a color revolution in america to america and we are the whole we are the only country the whole out keeping the carl schwab monster sticking his head out and not getting it cut off we have the constitute and we have the power to i wanted the yeah i want to talk about her misconception he no achoemenian that people have is that if they don't have money flow that there is to that it is going to be the only other option is its miners well no not now backing so select say that if we if we removed a lot of the entitlements people people are like oh that cuts are money supply of all these entitlements where do they think the money comes from that comes from the people who are actually working and the burden for the people who are working is becoming too great because there's not not enough workers to handle the amount of people that are on entitlements or that that are part of the loyalists that are grafting of those people in that system believe that you know if they lose the grip on the way that the money being disseminated right now that oh my gosh they're going to be living in poverty and everybody's going to going into abandon while that's absolutely a false assumption if it's an assumption based on something that is false in fact if we change things we could create super wealth for all people instead of looking at his loss the missing the opportunity to actually create a system that would in fact in fact saw also these problems cut down the money going into these nonsense organizations and put the money back into the pocket of actual actual americans i had person that that that i know that she was in a class a while back and i thought this was interesting but it was all about whether you combine your assets and or combine your talents it how far you go when you get together and and go forward an effort but there's more there's more to it than that way just because i something looks like it's being caught you know you hear the teachers unions are screaming hollering will you get rid of the teachers unions are you change the way that it's being fined you're going to get rid of teaching jobs and such like now if you do it correctly and a person that has the ability to to make like a surgeon at its tactical very strategic and tactical cuts you can increase the whole of the population in ways that would blow people's mind why great with that we none of goes back to getting government of our backs now if you wouldn't have an income tax number one that that many people are being threatened first of all we the people you and me that do not work for government are not required i have a hundred an eight page law that says we are not required we were never meant to dig into our pockets pay for government they were supposed to get that money in a different form and this income tax they are musing on the people is a violation of the direct the direct rays yes attacks taxing powers the federal government has one taxpayer is a direct that direct taxes they go to the then they asked the you know you have a thousand people in the state of michigan we need a dollar from each person and the state of michigan sent thousand dollars to the to the federal government they do not go into your pocket and directly as i asked this question before how many of you have ever had to pay or ever had to sign under the penalties of perjury for the payment of a property tax or a sail or a indirect tax anybody how come you have to sign under the penalties of perjury only an income something wrong with that program and that what the something wrong is that it was never meant to be put on the people it was meant to be put on the government themselves if you work for the government government has the right to don't work for the government government is the right and an indirect tax on an as one of my friends pointed out if you take a bath pretty interesting to listen to this because if you take a bath and the shower is the water coming in the bathtub and you plug up the bottom of the bath tub of the money to the waterloo train out then the bat to overflow so let's change the process and say the shower is not money coming into the back and so somehow you have to retract or remove that money out of the bottom of the bath tub or you're going to have the bad toleration so what are we do we put a taxing power called the iris and there to suckle money out of the bottom of the bath tub so the bad double were flows in to keep it at a stand an equal level that is going on in our all the time they keep up and money in the dark they got to get money out away from the people in the bottom otherwise sam of the federal reserve bank would be visible to everybody exposed and here here that habsolutely right you know and somebody prepotent which i agree with the income tax and proper detis illegal that not an more moreover i don't i don't know if people have the grasp on actually how higher taxes are inflation in a way it is a tax it's a manipulation of our entire currency and our system it telling me my sits down some kind of looking into this is i have to outshine that distant minute but it's most people right now are at is such a high tax rate it's not even funny that you know just a base taxeth per cent for most people for most people who are working her way past forty five per cent and a good portion of the population is sixty per cent tax right now when you start and in compiling all the taxes the way where were above a fifty per cent tax and that that is half the year people have to work from january halfway through the year and tell june before they have their taxes truly paid in order to actually enjoy what they're making imouran to put it that way that's exactly there's a visual for you while it's a good point that your bringing out here you know the tea party happened in the seventeen hundreds because the government of england was trying to tax us for ten per so we're allowing our government a texas sixty per cent were not doing anything of where allowing him to steal from us yes of course there natasha they think is best and give us back the money in the services as they decide is as they decide to see fit this is all about them controlling everything yet taking away our rights stealing for us in order to do it and giving us back in their inner infinite wisdom with a think that we should have if you listen to these monsters in the world economic form they're like the poster child the poster children for psyche all of a more you know you've got the arising gates these people are children for psychopathic time we had the right idea back in the s we put a ball in a ship with settimo austria so we need to find an island somewhere in wherever i am career i would say probably in the north pole or self ship of all there and let a live together in tax each other all they want to anthedon there with paramananda and you know it's a long under where good luck with that guy it's exactly right now going back to the oh no don't be mean to the globules i can hear the who was coming across the nation who had possibly think he could passibly be mean to the globular i'm sure they mean i'm sure they mean everything in good spirit on the twenty twenty fifth amendment about how to removal of the president and since this has been in the public for quite a while president trump started talkin about a back in twenty six ten we won't cover it very much but it how do we remove the president who takes over and obviously in the speaker the vice president the speaker the houses third in line and so on is for i've never got to the speaker of the house ever we've got to the vice president a couple of times but that was so move on to the twenty six of the men a note in the constitution that says the fourteenth amendment section of the constitution was modified by article one of the twenty six men and basically what that says is the right of the citizens of the united states who are eighteen years or older to vote shall not be denied or dorrine by the united states or any other the count of so here again it again limiting the power of the state saying who has the right to vote and who doesn't have the right to vote and they do it by the elamite how many appealeth or heard the herd the discussion that if you're old enough to go to war and fight for our country than your old enough to drink and by guns and bothwell i at why would we need a constitutional amendment to to give that power to the constant people don't think can't figure that out then if you're eighteen year old and your going into the military that you have a right to vote while he and i think that this comes to agreeing to because i mean look at look at ruth baerenburg that was the disaster she wanted to change the age of consent to for children twelve years old and you know it's all of this you know let's pick an agent stick with it guys in her path tonwich i think as you know gives people enough time to get out of one school high school they can vote let it pick anagni with it or again birchington pull that off with the constant spell out an age of voting for eighteen i don't sanity i stand with the watch with his people do as it's all about victimizing children lessari back to promote proposal three victimizing children when you can sterilize a child without trecase your opening that child up to having somebody who would step in as a groom or somebody that wants to you lie that child for other reasons and take their life nearly their bodies you know the trans gender thing at that without parental co this is so long and so many levels and i really think that the year old that a year old age leaning should not move you know i really do it's like the same thing with the trance that transcendere surgeries this is we this is absolutely gentle mutilation of children in no if there is somebody wants to do this after the ratteen years old your welcome to but we need to allow people to grow up into you know grow up into the you know who they are before making such radical decision and also here's another root cause failure and it cause analysis there's so many lot of suicides in that that group of people there's a lot of suicide and it doesn't change appears not to change it once they have the reassignment surgery so you goanner based on victimizing all ready i completely and turned it to rome to study and that getting to the the ricos of the problem and they just skip right over that neight right straight to profit as soon as i see anything that goes right straight to profit you know right immediately that there's a huge problem there and the intention is out in the light for everyone to see it's a business it's a for cross profit business and it is taking taking any protections away from children that they could take a kid who was who as you know two years old and sterilize them in appearance can do nothing i agree with you i agree that i should not be making decisions certainly life taking the until there at least eighteen years old i mean anybody that believes it otherwise his but trinitas evil absolutely evil you do not break up the family and all of a sudden naked children the ward or the pose the property of the state because that's exactly what they've done with his proposal i wanted the attent seventh amendments the last amendment on the one a cover it and then well morand then we carried the tintinnabulation with for the beginner and it says basically no long varying the compensation the services of senate senators or representatives shall take effect until an election of representatives shall have oh intervene in other words they used to the rays before election and everybody would get a raise and then you go out and put for these people but the guard got the race it doesn't matter will now they're saying basically that you can't do this until after election i have for a man office they do it before the election or you but form and of they do it as to the how is the same in its abode emselves array oh yes he is not you know it's like well i think i'm so important that i'm going to vote my swemmelin dollars a year and all the religion on and on and on okay they should be based on the average salary the general public came i'm going to disagree with you why he came here in a new you mean i disagree with you because i think they should be on a same pace godless any other office of duty and service which would be safe the military and or first responds and or law enforcement officers and that sort of thing that this should not be a professional industry which is able to vote itself raises as well as make policies for organizations and or or businesses which they own stock and give themselves a favour this is so wrong but i think it should be the same parade as the military or a last and have it be a limited form of goblet or government is cut this thing right back you know texas i think is got it right they meant like every two years perfect sounds like a plan and then go back and actually get a life learned to dull things and right checks and do something good in your community and set of sitting up there and lancing no drink in your life away make things that her mother if we're talking about michigan we should first of all go to a part time legislate absolutely i should be single party single humor camera which is either senator represented they should be represented the purpose of the hour have we atrebatie so every time they show up to vote and do things for the legislature they get to you know whatever two hundred three hundred six hundred with thousand to show up in a duty this is not this should be a understand that this part time only going to be here for maybe twice or three times the year that's it it's all ethelbertha day can be compensated quite well it's still better than temanite thousand a year do nothing when we do lithodendron now pampered that they're there and then go home do something productive salaam part time and i was a touring that four years ago when i ran for governor my that they need to be part time because when they're there they passed or they put forth thousands of legislation of all different kinds and atossa that go through one or two get so there really was a they do nothing there in office except avonport and tearing party and were not invited to it but we're paying picking up the top i agree with you nor but as far as the federal government and that the same thing as far as i'm concerned the legislature they only met twice or three times a year they should be paid for the twice or three times a year and it should be a full time paid for the whole year which again in seventy six thousand they're saying to you that getting sixty thousand or seventy thousand dollars a year that are laboring for a living great that your doing that but we're going to have inflation goneaway twenty per cent thirty per cent forty per cent of that amount of money so you're really only going to have thirty thousand dollars spending power and that because the elation we can't control it as that anatifera reserve just recently said or just comes and goes transitory bebita stuff we federal reserve needs to be and it is going away federal reserve in those people are going to then all in the prose people sure that country has changed people are waking up things are becoming better it is a long process it took them a long time to get buried into their programs that they're able to pull off what they've been pulling off people are losing their jacket putting people are getting out of date because they know what the jail oh and there so panic i mean you should hear all the panic stuff has come out on the internet and not on such a bouveries i cannot believe the number of a white supporters are are incredible i mean we have a toneborough it i was told that we hit seventy two million engagements on line last week at goring is growing big time i think that the public numbers are being specifically and intentionally mean cap down because when you analytics behind it it completely there now you know and we know how the big big tack as the conflicting in riding or elections while exactly what they're doing but so you look at seventy two million engages a week that's a lot then i really think that because people are waking up they're getting out in their there looking for answers because they realize that that you know these people have no answers you know just look at the abysmal failure of a debate that they had but most the rather when i have won you i'm going to do another debate which if they got me smarter after the first debate because of horthe first the first event was a fairly low it debate it looked like a cat fight between girls that are about sixteen years old winter was actually shaken she liners as all gadou and then he had to that was going comin you can vote for me man and i like i'm like oh my gosh nikolai canoemates or something like the common you involve for meeting you had working on like any my of a bemused there's no intelligent life form here the whole fact that they that wilbur decided to do the roads three months before election when she had three prior years to do so to people of i don't know if you've been dry as if i'd been driving around these roads are horrible and i vote sixty nine is the worst road in the state my flint and i mean that that one gets my boat right now that's a horrible row and ninety six shortly thereafter that with all of the short hours and then something of the one bring out to everybody's attention because i do think that this was absolutely this is really crazily pertinent there was a legget to her like with the dixon as gas some campaign finance issues coming up here beg time they are the case smiled let me in a complaint and it was by to day progress michigan folloman alleging several serious machine campaign science violations at violation against tuticorin the republican governors association are gain the get manchegan working again the m d a super pack according to the complaint on was of front from the rig hiding from the public the fact that the rascally behind neither in spain thither that went not genuine profit of incapacitating the public investigated the unreasonable for all its fundamental splenetically and you can even with exactly the apparent i think that this so crazy when you get in this his pack money and the dark money nonsense which should be illimitably should be illegal because all it is as just given him another way to chateau you know you know you know i will not take the the pack money i will not take the dark i won't do it you know and it's it's like this is this should be in a red flag of lack of integrity somebody if somebody can't you know if there are players big dollar players behind any one you're going to have a conflict of interest they own that candidate the candidate is going as they're going to say jump monkey jump in that candidate is going to do because that's where the money comes this is what it's all about so i think tutor is going to have some serious problems with with with this acadians were keeping eye on their little bit it is very possible that in a really kind to think that this is the case that she was brought on board in a nowhere because she basically came out of nowhere she wasn't campaigning at the very and then all was sunshine out of nowhere at forty seven per cent of the pot this is the same thing that happened with billy clinton when billy clinton was running for president he came out on overcame out o arkansas the worst financial state in the union and ran for president and one so we know that perhaps may be she's brought on board to be the dark horse she not going to win and they're going to give democrats another to another term in office because they only had one turn she is the inordinate loser yea and a democrat that cross the cross the line to get her in office and everybody i hear out there is nobody's excited about her nobody likes sir you know as a candidate there like well you know she's the lesser of the two evils will you know what if you're in it that is not so only ridiculous agree or argument i mean that is such a clous argument i can't even in imagine i agree with you let her otoes you want the devil or do you want what and that's what we've been facing all these years but we're going to break the oath way you know the presidencies have been the same way up it till trump that forward i mean it was bush junior again waal neither one of em were worth very much bill clinton again billings senor i mean to george was senior gave that to because that was the deal tierney could do their rancor weapon building and drunk track george bush did it with them the bigger at involved in nonsense that was going on during that time period under regan and regan don't know regan was incapable of seeing it or figuring it out at that but the nonsense that was going on between and the deal that were cut with our consul and to end bill clinton people need to read this stuff it's all over the books the books on it the internet on it it is all over the place and people should know this stuff and they don't they're not doing it so same thing with what's going on in michigan we have withered she come from all the sudden she's running for governor she was a house or person for one term may be to and she came out and our to run for governor but dad he ran whitcross total of michigan right right doesn't make any sense why she would do that why why if you had the the money your daddy was wealthy why would you put yourself in the juggernaut run for governor what's the purpose it's a fix something is it is it to gain power or it that somebody back at you saying we're going to get you an office we're going to make you one of the most powerful people and eventually you'll run for vice president with a half itinerist now as his vice this kind of silly people do and i'm wondering why they do it caspar of this global estorgant on you know it's like it's like this like a gamin mentality each other for i know why up got involved i know why he regan got involved and j f k and how they tried to clean up the system get rid of the deep state i do understand that but i don't understand why our course what bernardet in it doesn't make well do you want to do wantoning else right now or are we done from the day by the court probably done for to day i want a kind of see if anybody sends out any questions to you for the federal constitution may be over the next few days that we could pick up on next week if anybody has any question if nobody has any questions and why are we living in the condition where living nobody has any questions about the second amendment in about the red flag laws and above the head and then what they could do with laws and rules and regulations then why are we as everybody concern about the and that the unpassed that the congress may sign a long to take our guns away why are people concerned about not getting an answer from government when they file a forest these kind of questions that are part of the constitute that a right there what's the whitehouse why do we have to pay for to fa and too we now while the therefore that we played that game we allow that an so we have to fix that the whole point right to redress a grievance you can't tax a right you can one control right and you can't find a right those rights are totally left by themselves driving travelling from point a point as a right they have no right to regulate travelling while look at what's happening look at what's happening when he came memlook at what happened with her prison sister my touchin it yesterday with cannas and how really our entire judicial system is based on money and who has the most money has the best chance of actually getting what they want accomplished energeia you have to have money to things at this moment time the charging for it you have to have money to hire an attorney and to pay all the fees in this that not so a person who doesn't maybe have you know that the financial means actually is is pushed out having a fair trial next week we will cover state constitution the part about the judicial it were this whole thing is so the whole thing so that's where the whole thing lies judicial system in michigan and overstates ayassalook in at all and so ye menopha make a note of that and that's what we're going to come now going back while we are on this for a second going back to the constitution the federal constitute which is seventh emelie or is yet is he not the last sentence to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favour and to have the assistance of counsel for his now i look up the word counsel in a dictionary does not say i turn and yet the state constitution and the he praestare to make it so the attorneys in the only ones at contracting a that sort of the problem well we can beat up on them to next week because that could be i could be half an hour to our hour of an easy subject right there to get into and find all the flaws in that one because there are so many laws there you know it i think we could talk about that for months and never hit the same while why don't we go ahead and a bit there and then we'll go ahead and and pick that back up next to his and on what they and treated me tuesday so anyhow i i might have not surprise you acted well say so i'm late much another for this i actually like to have a lot of fun and i have the super power being a smart aleutian i'm just so let's go ahead and and with prayer and then welforard from that okay dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for the beautiful day that you'd given us and the the instruction manual for life your word the bible is your instruction manuteso graciously given us ah that instruction manual which as spoof your grace and mercy and prairies over and over and over again that at times a trouble when we get off the rails when we probably should be should be taking a talons you you come in and you pick us back up getting and sometimes you give us a correction but your whole goal instead good father so thankful for that we love so much your best friend or counsellor provider and you have the you have the answer for all things there's always an answer when we turn to you for whatever difficulties we have in life and what were face and we can walk forward boldly not only to the throne of grace but in this life with no fear no back down unwavering knowing that you go before us besides round us with your protection no matter what women in my microphone started again no matter what we see that you are there with us and you give us the feet to walk the path that you put before us once again in such a such a if you give us so very much for a person out there let them know that they are loved beyond measure and that all their uniqueness was not random that you built every single thing in every person out there for your good purposes and we thank you for those gifts he asked you help us to use them to help each other and to look for reasons and look for opportunities to help each other thank you so much for the day how of us may we do everything to your honour and glory we love you in jesus name with prey and then also here is for the show then dingaan growing to grandisonian where you can be ototototoi you can go to brandenburg news that work i write every single word on there and or post to all the posting on their by don't write them and you can actually communicate with me and tell the graham also so jonasson of shoaling you i have a website called john j tater that she constance somebody stole my calm sight and once too much money to get it back seeking and dictate yes that's my website it's got done actually montalto either and a few others so i can go there look it up or if you are interested in getting some more information regarding the law especially if you're facing the juggernaut the court system or what not he on a get a little help you can come on our intent was on wednesday night does so and in order to get there send me an email a and that a mail would go to john jay tater or john jacatra doc and say please attach me to you whence the night soon and i'll make you a permanent till you tell me to get you off there i you can becoming every wednesday you will get an invite to our our and this coming up plan november on the fifteenth were going to be at nicholas restaurant that's a that's a tuesday and let's start at five to night come in have dinner with us and then you can sit and talk with a lot of the people in the group there is generally about thirty people that show up better involved unwarranted with us so that would be on the november and if you again send me your email through my mail i will make you a invite i give you directions and all that stuff so consolation might that's cool so i want to show something too is that we've got a support baltasar and he has absolutely amazing oranges network not one did i do on brander news network dot com retied the serves not up there we have a wonderful sirname air who has made a play last for both of us all into information such i'm to try to bring as he resettled est here on greatness and as you have a ton of video on her aside i told im i share the page a minute while he hasten and let's go here then i guess he did not so he had her as the actors in the whole bunch to up loads for you that are made and tis all so openly as negotiate and there are a lot waistcoated for years settlement and aromatically in order to go down on one what a lot i've got a lot of beer a resolution taking in the but the thereto oracion all these wonderful videos for you and he did some for me the debate so here's his play list and forego the john tender on we can go to the downgrade bird one will do it if you want to you or me i don't care either one i for heard a couple of my name he did a very good job actually hit look at one and then here's news your first one and we're going to go ahead and share that in that and glad he got me laughing the beginning at first thing that one form of the government the elephant and invitations why do i wait for years as the notion i remember the first guy that render share i was walking with him in a parade that invites and conventional though afraid everybody was now so i was involved in the politics or lacertine i follow on it when committee certain courses of many times faintest court system many times as though as we call it getting for the alrich means on my right i didn't hire i went in and sat myself so i understand what's going on in the i you know i ran for governor for years teeter anisya but it was my first real initiation into the corruption of the election i mean i ran for come before but several state but they were more like a parricide of campaign for estimating in this time of doing a lot of camp see we have real serious problem here and i think the water boom love it it's awesome and i think i think that i put a put a couple of posts of for myself and then i'm going to do some for you after after those things i will go back to the play last and so i got a brandenburg and i'm writing to be the next governor of the state of michigan my bad ground in a uniquely confide to have experience and many many different areas and not just one or two iphicrates jobs and businesses in the mesentery rail holes technology we have a farm agricultural can drain tile business as well as we all butchers and had as we were on the long working for president trump against worse security in the thunder greatcoat to the antinomian advances in bremen i spent many many hours rescuing not only buildings in construction projects but all so working with with the unions as well as non unions and fatal the oversight regulatory agencies and i understand what is a waste of time and what causing the state to fail most of it is because of overaction and all interior either of the candidates is nothing but a tax on each other because they don't have actual reserves and one is pretty much failure if i had to get her a job a job a review on them are unqualified and there's so much failure there nigidius because you can say two dozen men that you can run the state so this is a job that a view i welcome any of you to put me to the test ask any questions that you would like because her first and foremost is what we need to do is go back to the constitutional republic the it sure your right and listening to what the people want not giving a bunch of flowers and had lines which the you know yes in a motion response were kind of down with it and it has failed abysmally we can look at the past and johnson the past in the fact that the past is then in these in abysmal failure and i think it's going to take some one who was actually a fighter that has an extensive amount of experience not just an actress who require some deserter ears so an that's what i see is a is an opportunity to go forward in a wonderful way for the state of michigan and all of us none apolitical not political people standing both so i did leave off the fact that i also an attack company which is actually pretty significant and the ability to run down problems and in a world that's that has really been related the openly anyhow i'm really i'm really excited about those videos that eric did i think he did a wonderful job in a want callahan so much error upon yourself to do this is a really nice and it was such a nice surprise for both john and i thank you so much for your time so anyhow would that said everyone out there were all fighting for you go to brandenburgers for videos for both john as well as myself and john is a wonderful wonderful candidate and really encourage every one to look into him because john is amply and i'm not playing here where in this to take this nation back to take michigan back if it's one state of the time then that's what we're going to do because we have been we have been involved in watching the comes take over this nation are politicians selection of one piece at a time and we as regular americans nobody special we just decided to stop with a due something never been in politics hated all on munelicht and thieves and they are so what we need to do is stand together unwavering and honored going forward and taking the nation back and i just want to say that john the guy guyon history no more discussion but the man in okay i am able to do really good assessments in that is my assessment right there john it period anyhow and we love we love every single one of you out there your precious to us were fighting for you every single day and with no back down kind added to and i want everybody to know that we love you we love all those whom you love we are fighting for what you believe in god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america got any parting words there john well i agree with you i think eric those great videos in an outstanding job we had some conversation and implied to no ill jumped on board to give us a hand i agree with you that especially her last part there he said don't vote party or we got to get rid of the parties for the individual too many times we have voted party people don't want to people don't want to do the whole work to see what kind of itinerant they go to ianthe party safe stupid stories there now take because they don't have any clue at the guy going to do or girls going to do here here's an example of by then there is there anybody in the entire world that would consider him presidential material and if there is then they really had not done any background they didn't have him any idea that just approved for is that he was the best of biggest kind man we all george bush senior was probably the biggest there are kind man true true this guy this guy is was not only a command but it was his is not a very bright person and so anybody that would consider him to be presidential material in one run the country they're not thinking or not doing they're not doing their homework they're not figuring out a discreet o yes we got to get back to picking the candidates who they are and what they want they there you go well if here thank you so much john for coming on thank every single person out there and we will be seeing you on tattooed next to his day to morrow i have an heart man an he's an attorney and a thursday we have cerinthe riveter friday we have chastened jones and corinth river back on to do some analysis with the end and just one letter body know that i love all of you and i want to say somewhat to mister hartman if he knows notonecta round about what the court i can ask if he went on you and get off the air right dan is one made and the only attorney i have ever met a wall there a few of them one of the only attorneys that i've ever met in my life who is not only not only does he know the law more creative this guy never stops working he is he's working he doesn't work somebody hours he works them all every single hour that he has he throws into this nation and he even inspiring example and totally inspiring example of someone who is truly fighting for this nation and methought that tomorrow i would be tidying going your one's going to take every one i will say that but i will ask him questions if i can throw the i don't know how to do that flagitious it guys have great gadarene as you emerge day every one thinks for stopping