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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/12/2022 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Dec. 12, 2022, 9:06 a.m.

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ah good morning every one this is a welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg and we're doing something a little different to day and i the man with a few things sought and give me just a minute here but i wanted to get on his close to night as possible i've got checkersand on the line as we're going to talk as the finish on a working on a genious even out here so hing out osotchoue yo doin good morning don than in well about you and don disgrado and fantastic of goi'm trying to veraniego to get out i got to get get a couple of things a figured out here a minute because i made some changes in the configuration and hang out a man so on he let you do a quick update while i've finished this up could you on what's going on in michigan oh well there is orrigille grow grave in the is covered something not we can thought orlogere detailed ohioknown people men follow me then weddihamy phone as sounds like conscious really none his crew and i can and prove it with casimir my phone calls been routed through places candor a russia or you think of katingans people of the pictures mandoline called octopyle call in the rhine called other people in youotherwise echowhere foes or from organ elisha's not grey whitely was showed inanition nor the shores it showed her she brazil founded i know but i can prove it i his crazy of course he never ate general a nonsensical and how she kiltubride on a toothshell diaries what's going on there one talk about the good old stand dry ah and you other things so ye lot going on i got a lot more man i am going to tell you what this whole twitter thing that's coming out is absolutely not too i i can't even you know you you can't make this stuff off now when people take my strangely as such one thing but however do you want to do with you have correct what do you do when you have direct surveillance on my come on my house thither day and i ishalloo in it when no one there is the grave many man pulled into the dry way then taroundant out to the way they think ill no bidel i hated i see them any man again down the road i've seen different cars when they go my wife's work there indifferent cards of sobering yesterday i have to be there she was doing some charges and what did i do i shall rail then the serveece there and they were keep one was keeperone i took him pedrothat and have that as well i've got up with licence covered irksome as people come at some freedom that we have it's more like oncewhat target in my over yes carden ah where happorition integrity to another item in one cage in ontogenetic were not here in those candidates said that want to be share i'll come none of them are talking all election in take i'm sure now our friend don messerino o popesay oh yeah lecointe rity you ran on the end to beginning but he sure lost his voice that esther developed how i'm so disgusted with all even it's not even one and i mean there is not one process carried out in a lawful manner and then in so i'm so low you to right now you know you to has got me band and every member that when i first got man off a twitter actually had a pretty good account on twitter and i got nepotine the same day that the plans did is credible baron but ah the its really it's really really said one of the one of the athletes of the sexes had five blacks painemotions a while back and one of the guys was on a lap top we've had he come to a two hour ah or property too on sufferedone and you know in the it's if people do not realize how dangerous the a couple of my friends fred and at oover on the east side they actually had a four vehicle here and there carolled carols killed and i don't go him i know you i mean get i also know i know has come cotehouse en yellingthat of the road travesty at the creation is they got other things to him as well as to the only thing a man to be till till you this score gamonson time i'll tell you the and in evenexist yet in he he's he's told me the different things they've done is it either i've got a good video of him too that michaelmas might win all sent me and it was when they got it rested ah when we were out adding got a rest if for asserting his rights to be an open metienians this guy is really truly amazing nnhis ability to stand and not back down onreconciled to he's a current one i didn't give realization you was i sent lists but he was so i don't coragiouslie was screening going on out there they they think on the surface of things rose on his talk about her first emendare on what that rely means we're going to chalcostethia precossi regardednot and what i am doing with it so a cover is condensation we all had got the parties because a rights are being hallisey day and re dan has just historian are very stout it itches me it is very sad and i i i put up i've been posting bills on my telegram channel my telegraphese my telegram chanted say that minute called helen my throat here the the one too for them they're trying to come in dear pirate as it were on the calle pires the the the electric ore or tiger or entire undertrod really from anybody the who has a private and individual at as well as there their gone control measures for somehow manistogee that on the cam in cr ole provokes as coscinodiscae going out there and there cotehardie here not acted all in fact what we're doing is trying to learn the real truth is because we now write now are politicians are political there not given this truth they just no one to it and we know it cause given prudentand in other south there crew in these ties a case gateway to his scribe to go is my yeah it's it's really it's really a ah the shape so so let's talk about not he got to the first thing on emeritissimo a little bit out it one nosological you don't like run one thing or another database so the dovecot i got a leave go inocaulis you might be doing this thing right on cosimati and the repeated that is iolcos put stay on release on the cigars do you youermight i can pull up a minute come i don't have this post to get em so i can talk about that even more i can not close to the sides the long document and longerhate whole document he were people oh wires where it can owens when thou saw was that he hes going after his going out for his people and i don't know yet if they're all republican or all democratical words to stay on thee o captoribus clearly it is a crime if the culicin many ways a flash one day the i think is the great news oistershels child and possess i don't you know it a year ago lock told a year ago october on underbraces i called out no competent chippered in escaping on present stroke i said they had all these composed the holes these are next governor and all this is oenother then go although you don't you talk about i was accused everything and i like it used to good i've i've been proven right mind you over year year go and now as showing that i'm right sometimes these things take time to togoland show what his case it is so whatness doing his make as sure that they can't get out the fish can get out of the net as she did was why she got the evidence given to her i think the press adistaste ber she got it before then but you are the happy thetheprecious she was god happyorwhat she got because she thought there were thickets squire well i shall others told me was so used in the department of treasury to go half groom like he did adelopod itinraire talked to your government will use other ways to get don't think the potakteon is your friend well i can get to tell you to be careful i go rise came about because our government was in her friend and if you notice we've been talking about the last the show last show our race under a thick under attack not just from democrats or republicans to because they stand what they stand pack and do not other note there are there all involved in my opinion it's like when you rise with what's that nicotine is then a party of true and truly as here in poling something operate now so people can see you know cosy relationship between a lobbing form and he and former house at one he in this his one of i think there are three that digs in before if you look at the cold you relations it also corsicorso and you know how can i so good cause she knew wasn't had and all and all these concessions not see does nice talk about i here called the chuckle head came meltedthen ah and so i was king corrispond i think it's so sad because you ought to know by now that i'm putting back out there i do have some information to iliacal me down and down east or did he oh well you know what i think another child people cut itself acetobacter because soon erlaters okasaki called them to come back came more there's the new we have endowed superhero we called him we call him recall lackery as inlaccire how collectedecho by night so forthcoming to you new partocac or cause i'm screwer going to put it out like got a lot on her plate which is entering the people is trustiness and pull that pitches that the cause hooisht conover left to what happened a few weeks here they came out i think it was i not hot over a hindookoosh homonmay november how he was great his ready afraidbefore things giving the came out that just what the colhuas back on the ice had gone stockton it never left never laughed and who was working on the casino in the same when he was in office cried the cat died so low and behold he started west to kate the startled cannot his ties he was tied cause she was pushed on with that with one tribe now it's not a gun deal because it to tribes are working out a consortion of some sort some type of a collaboration a course one of quite her gallant awake it's not a good deal hung switched i don't really have an anything brown against the cause she don't goodnessbut if he had entertainment i might i don't gamble had never been i'm going to take a teneooneoo that was at the top of the stairs on the landing side of those there on the conference but in its terms of the cecil baby for complete package for people that visit whatever may be something i don't know but you're going to have it controls and place so now so i can't coolnessso what she's doing as she potestate and i think she's right on that i think which she soon his trying to get all the touches it roll so she can glad the same times since reportabout tassel let's talk about thisthere not so accepted the bribe or or excepted the to her a thousand dollars from run wiser as a condition pro not charging ah for the bribe that he prized ever brought to get out of the out of these secretaries will wait if there were no charges issued can she received money and a quick groecolat she did the house fettered she was cried not to charge him with a felony what i know that's called a felly well if we look at one sixty m c one sixty eight point nine three two we've find out the collegefull it up as one sixth point nine three two i manteoceras it's clearly election all violation and she i was she doing is doing the same thing excepting a cry she's not administering the law correctly she screamed bridnorth and if that does in constate cried i don't know what this persisting in the job taking money for not to do so and i tell you what it's so hishishis and sea once since nine thirty to says it states archivolts one or more than poles of the visions is guilty of a felony a person shall not attempt by means of bribery minister other corrupt beings or devised either directly or indirectly to influence on election he is her her both to deter the lecture from from or interrupted accrediting his or her old at any election held in this state is is exactly what on wiser dick dannoso by chapter the money he committed a crime because grace elise said she said that she would not charge gelegenheid two hundred thousand dollars ogscuse me that his pride it is a pride one office and its one that sheaves admitted to because she knew that this whole thing occurred so how are we getting her gold free why or republican his supposedly not challenge in her well it's not it's it's a pretty obvious because then they are all complicit they're all sitting it's all go along to get along craft and an they they don't no nobody out there is doing anything except for covering each other's behind cause they're all what was it emtione excavate at nine the point nine three to all right his secrestados every hours likenesslet picol mitty a crime and nobody is challenging her nobody on or not none republican no grey daughter am i you pe not or not not even that and you know and i don't agree with me as one lot of things he had one come up this week i calkerlate to he ought to constantinopolitan in gallegher where's the curse speaker wirework why isn't it worth out there greene about his listerstrom in both the querist mister churches while you know why mister cherkes not content i complain because why he's a printedpeter and he's looking for appointment he's not going to enter all noise conestogas some nice cause do and so when worse got those guys it's all about them it's not about the these were acuminatis in this case of with the giacchino condonoma in trying to show why she is done a lot of things the good i think there's something she is going is good this is one is she old trough two prosecuting these guys and sold his particles as she must also in all fairness go after come acrass as well let her do in stuff and that's what we're looking well the problem is to show that when we were at the first hearing in front of board a canvassers met mad at got up for like a few minutes and and gave like a curse he probably shouldn't do this sort of thing and then walked out that he didn't they didn't fight for anything the problem that is seen in an almost all areas of old we've got a we've got a professional bitching class per they go to the meetings nothing gets done everybody it uses it as a therapy fashion for getting their anger up but there's no go to anything there's no teeth on and in there's no plan it's basically show up feel good about showing up but nothing really gets on and this is this is ah something i observed fright from de one of running for office his how ineffective an absolutely need the entire political and their doing it on purpose like their the splitting people up into different factions and in using it as a popularity contest oh i like this person i don't like this should matter whether you like or not can they get the job and are the actually fighting in the answer is as none of them are when when i look at how they are doing the of the head of the gopit now that race that that is his laugh from from the profits passional analysis is absolutely laughable did the same thing that they did whether republican candidates for governor yet it's the same the stratocles you know dat i don't know if you know that i haven't given up on that race i mean i think i was either oh no i was second got doingwhere and i was sad so were we we now set over me colman course they don't want to cover me and you know why because they do not want these you realize that i that i could out there to six hundred and seventy two days hundredseven two days why did i get out the i knew that we sho and wiser doing was not true i knew that they were doing stuff criminal ah not nisi colonel racentege ing to certainly not a ah in the best of the yoke so that's why i came out well gomori you don't come out a gentesein more i came out against i found it more and more self conscious about them but other people as well esuscitados to havelok the one this truth or he said i consider now i might my dad and this is why the lesser we must a green the state wrapped and the state senators back to their own districts to work out of their hole district every day not lance we don't need to be a lancing coldicott that they can work remove and we have been sent on that thought she for cannery in men than he have have everybody go to and beyond that the issue with the chap you'll be estimated discover how a lot of this stuff isle together and why important to get him out of that she i call it the cesspool because we call this swamp out in these well she swam we've got the suspended your by his intestines so had we ought to be cried now and get so in declined this is well some of us been trying but we need help we need other people in their battle the ah the issues so bad there read and in his tall the lobbyist seraishe the lobbies or bad loves been so hard just like the hare in many things but the problem is before able to operate in secret doing that or not more or not working in our interest we caught our state groansthe ceceders working on our behalf turns out the not the work and for their old interests and they have been or onie i recalled all the carpet they don't like oh i now look at oh relocate even our own setter you re talked about election integrity we get into that deeper and no bed very dare were talking about about i died a sidewise fled no rodadero well what is he doing right now grandesti ion for what election fought and who in that is who john boscenos under an hundred vestigation for election what her till there all they're all guilty about it it's the sterisset ices words gettin caught i rowed how we do in his old county now mind you i don't know why he left doing o county if they kick him out we left i don't know but obie's cottonfields over there even in the political officer a press being a i counted that wasn't a county clerk has won it pleonaste the clerk and the welcome still the complaint with the misses he that he had no old alsace then he has not for him it was on believedoes dauger and go to she told before he did he get she would finally complete we merely napsinekee allen so she did and now is of course in the hands and state place to have on her to work on it but congonorthern that's election fraud to the he said there was never any front now go on the th competitioner and over and over again in nino you that it is a miss here i got a lot of stars and rounds past long timeshe even if you don't believe there was both it is to me to you have to say in occurred in his occurred the improbability i have that something occurs going off the sail to the same time coming back on in the results hollyche eton it oftenwith a mistererwhat solos like held the old days i member the old tectis those of program calculators oh to program for a function in their self you would have to do all the keys one a machine or riding colminster hist archipr gram as well oh who are the programmes probably that your most honest people it doesn't sound like if we talk about about what they are his canoeocean nobody was to well why wandererof the kid what i do it or why would it democrats what did you it to make a call quite as to really make us all like fools will show them will do show that the wrong we'll go look at these and nobody was to do the equator they afraid of a thereafraid that we might be telling the the problem well can never got exposed it massolottes yet it will you know you look at look at em the the suppression of information and i am really concerned about this whole fbi nonsense in my in my estimation our government in their little their little nose agencies that they've got going on their esssence orgestr whatever you want to call it that this is this is gotten so out of hand that it's not even funny and i mean when we look at when we look at of of information on the bidentato on spying on rudy juliani on the whole thing this this thing is absolutely beyond comprehend if it is his restituted you see the one interview with tucker and and that miranda divine i did not i retired a pot with accesses and impassable grenkesto he lemonsif i can be here in an icefield this sminute i put out my telegram channel at samoset this is low take is is just the way it is sorry but he king and ma got i got a share different wind are there see king at imminet me security i can get my sceoldon like a synthesis very very low tachpanhes in begin at the correct way i can out of play it then he that one and hear him out let me let me see if i can get this thing up a minute i can ship assertest the share the sound part of it one what happened while we learned that found out that the general count i portleven you are must go answered i bitterwasser est saloon most if constance at baker's possible rolling the dull what you make a high chuckable look at as you and i discussed on friday night and i think miss pretty ones files in a crucial and that was the as beist so is and somehow he long must have rejected it for as some one had withheld sibou the bis revenoient the vineae you are the only some one has taken out credits in were the only the only person certes the are we now had three ponchiassi ladia storing before came out they told him to i pile his information and wide was told by the bienor from you ros expected in a would be notre so we knew that they had to be something at that that at wide and yet they will some in the twenties and it was pretty of that information who was the twins talk boy at giantssages who as you just said have pain a lawyer the bin the quarter back the i is the eye russia collusion scandal and and he had had to lie the cause of that and lo and behold he short self and twitter for once be twenty election and lo and behold one little element did come out in the twitter falls friday note one a man at the hat the giantism it very peculiarly but it was from james beer and it was i wanion the decision on the morning of october for ten twenty a few hours after our story or came out of and there was some spake away in on the side of censorship noises and ensorcelled the very ounces this is for with the corruption a federal one rebouterent and chackalok he even must let all the international of sols the yetnono more distorting and holding so that this is his coston one more step into how corrupt the fbi is as well er i i mean i am i can i can't even believe you can't you could not make this stuff up if you tried in if any of us did one one millionth of the criminal behavior that our government is now involved they would they would like us off and throw away the key just like they did you know like like january said as very very an arrested don't even have probable cause to just say i don't like you wameri a slammer they did the same thing with judy my chabits as i'm doing is ah mon o doctor and i love a doctore searcher and i love this that they slammed her away for five years never really arrested or just locked her over five years took all of herself and walshes or you see only people that lose their lives because moses cabot archie i relate to rate and little hearts little heart michapous tion about twenty two he people in the county of ocean who would you think what it ever ever occur in his small carry like that well let me talk about it twenty one there was a lady he in peggy in petty was a pool watched her purwoke agoratus jesus teacher too toward the day light to her copuls and what did he do he supervised election are for the city of hearts where the i can where is i can so shippelettes person and other est the manager said he attorney i sent through hole in hope page got hold his tent can't we cut all income came to a hard you pitched her i gave her a name of a lawyer the lower shouldnot loathing there he's not going doesn't do it came to me and said he can you help me senseless geholpen you know me i'm goin to go try i got with well a friend to johnson and the competence to you two guiding will wagner down in none down in an air you know whither with the helmet so this is how they took the case on and on the bottom line is this when she came to me i asked her coleochaetaceae i called the option on grenade and there is a guide there in its agent name was shamed weatherby whether be i think i said so i asked since the word why did you go stony her clay in a why did you not you know when this went up passed well very well a directive is she will cotogataco ment it should know is holding a gostegion latiner you can produce the doctrine the document never stands and therefore you never did what she said you did so well i thought to thee as saturn i should so and he said well he felt his serawolli a dress coat caracucarador right galionis crime i said the sciritae he says to me saravecas and as the six hundred dollars fraud in another is a six million dollar front ishon which would you choose i said as honorable order they re seiches cold to my take the first poliscene and then the psychologies of how much money espoleados effect money affects personal it anyways so then i proceeded to your gates useless as a two handled rake i in a pretty sense of you were other keep for my dad and i used it the lot but no i have no loss of love forty of bi it because i with the generosity i have been there but not in the capital i told people sheeta who was at the time a sender before you came prosecutor at comishon call him up after a peering the day before i said pete in his head as we talk to you up when in at the enterest committee he didn't i he said and in part you but that he had how he was going to be re athos maneros the head ah was the he had on the eastern distric for the i appeirit headed out or department justice should say not have got or congestis anyways i shall tell them this the composer i have loved called the conserf astrometer rested because at that time i had several cases going on and i was i was screened to the high have about scampering that they were great and federal law once that everything under the sign and in conspectu have become or three at some point and that some day but i got a key i've got a nice on my whole too you know he's in a hole two year by guys so you look out because we will to will go at em i don't care what they do lock me up whatever that's he scooted to that because my doing so i'm a lobed different and i know why on'erstand at his guys that oh that they go with all these clothes as you as they don't have that church sexton lost me worn in gave warwoes the warrant who is to judge the signaling out for so going out to the legal side of these guys that they don't have a third well and i think what they're doing too is there using like private contractors that's something on that i've seen too and wore the thesigers because they'll send a private contractor after you to harass your whatever and we have that half and and on one occasion to and i got that all documented and i called the company and is what gives you the right to do this and he's like well as you ask the people to leave and i like well yea and and he ensefeohte he said we once the problem and and i like the problem is as they they passed every now trespassing sign on the planet and i so isa you are not one foot any of my properties from knowledge till christ comes back or you know or things are going to get real real qui and in the one number to call up by hersnothing more to violet so that you are sure about the horse yes and tell that said what is it you want me in complete in this poison your my protocol because i don't want you guys coming after and said i used accessions sure i can my property or my my life and i told that to the active i pulled to the ground is pleased to i have no idea who the lessened commanders of the chopin we don't know we don't know what these evil minds are like well i can't look at how many people then killed on that already that you know you speak up at hospicefor the truth you speak up on different issues and well you know you're you're gone and and i mean this is this is you know that are concatenative you want to call it i don't you know i'm pretty once took for organisationists happen its happening all around some i've been studying in some some you know i like to look at every and i've been studying in a track right now on zero point out here as i am crinocerus i'm a curse and either either if if there's anything there to look at i want to look at it if there's nothing there look at and we can't prove that out and in a with a anything actual with reality and you know then then it's it's got to be it's got to be debarked and the only way you can do that is to look at everything you cannot believe the amount of people that have been around the issue of zero point one it grew on the all my it leads me to believe that there's something more there you know sort like i talked about the whole patrol m the fateful thing i've talked about that ere great book called the deep hat viele sphere that really gets are ready asking but the reality is is that the first thing i was asked people about about ah you know oil natural gas in know any the petrolite and anyway she is what is and in what were you taught in school and people will look at me and say well i don't know it's oil gas is it not on what what they call pasfield and like ok now i'm like i'm goin to ask you a couple of questions and get you just thinking about this i'm not going to tell you he answered i'm just going to tell you what i know you don't get were drilling you can go to russia and and look at it them drilling as and feet under bedr all right and on like a registhe word were not talking to surface oil because you know you can get you can get crude from different areas you know that some a shell some steep or some one severely are out and what i've seen and the gas oil indited is really kind of it is true though so like well what then he had to do the he'snever been anything his walk this planet if the was a billion billion years old under bad rock not now at that deep and when you think about the old oh yes we had a mass extent naldino saurs died while will think about what is actually sitting on top of a plant how forked many dinosaurs would have had to die or vegetation to produce the amount of oil we pull out even on daily base it is absolute so the rockefellers you know got together and there like men we got to make money on this oil things so they in people of the now locked so much oil in answeredas everywhere it's not even funny is the second most vieville liquid on the planet and the only way the only way that we ever seething and back the only way that we ever make money as to transportation ye here ye issue so the first law to that as in inequalities square little but if people remember that because his nine this theory of relativity the amount of energy had remained the same rites transformed from one to the other so when these people say that all were unnoticed not i no i'm right there with you and in the rocketlike saying as like the only way they ever and i mean ever made money off a gas and oil was to in its deterrence and in so because it's everywhere we got more oil and in colorado than they have in all southarabian and in in it it's it's a repose it is so for years yes ah and i know the old theory was that well wordes ther oil for now it is that we are putting money in their pockets for they can come more reasoned why we ought to be going in say no say no in this foreign oil why or fueling terceros activity against the osprey and they make money off flushedwith they make money off a war in killing people look at the locket the vaccinations look at everything else i mean they make money off of killing people hovering weapon drugs a human tree the united states of america is guilty of one of the one of the biggest human trafficking organizations on the planet s and all in it there getting paid for removing kids are legal kidnapping and they've been doing it for you and then quicker ruin now how is the order his whole everything is going on to day he glorioles mind in their genders and everything about what makes us why do we let them go the realized what they're doing is their deluding the population controlling the population on now in margaret's finger eh you know every innothenthe side that the portions the wesharkoopsee she's helping the earth she's preventing the over population ah wish he's not i got to look deeper into her where her backgrounds where she came from memorial marganeis sanger i was a a proponent of oosurper human race or a race if you didn't have a blond hair and blue eyes you were nothing your god they can ride again he proved that over over game because look at the races get thee on lashing his vans were second class son pefore the note that there were novelties they were inoperation she sought to get rid of the taste whole process this abortion did not course she wants to get rid of a gundershofen der neutrality again moving towards his home one one type raised one type of person as one familiar like somebody we knew back in the thirty you see says she professionbesides or work of the had loved a good indisgestion from the thing my my education experience lepisosteid now you got to give jack if you can't it you know you got to hear it out and look into your oldnolls more important don't use listen people like costarelle are in quaint to poor owen looked to see it are we telling the truth and not his judge the truth by right now looking a longer term as i might add one giving the example why i sayde gale and galileo was banished by the topic church for telling people the world was round i was in tomed he could not he would not be an in church anywhere where the copichoch they they basically a they dispoged to will only holding the showed that it was notoirement since ongenoegen colic church of the church that rolled her looks the river arno and italy my old pointsthat is it doesn't change his just we haven't known all this stuff about it when his kitrell i go back even the bible play we go back to the bible we start said the wakemanites sothseiere and we know for a fact we talked about in tootreated about the bible cissusa look at some recent finds over in over in was now to connie's part of turkey it is pertooke now of assessed on read that in the bible about and as she could find on all kinds of new things always time why is that well we finding hope truth takes longer to bring the truth then it does the sins somers in anoother wi his post back to what i've been talking about all alone all the people like to call his crack on like all his many names what not were you doing this they don't realize oftentimes we have information given to us from on scores i have sources every day i got information i get loggias calling me up on the fold to deal being so i know why would they want to call me because they know i know i protect her identity but i will get thee information how and rescatadas in a way that the other side like i might add because why i'm going their hocks i'm bringing something out with the venable to make money off of or again on power on an un collington as i did in which eaten as they did in no way go to my dad in the age and when i went up against the shell back and you know that i henaproduce you could out of fate peyondire a trash and by the way this catadon deal for those people that might be less he out there the judge the judge up that case anyways and accordwhen she comes up her lest we need to go on on on the fore front of that that woman needs to get off the cork and she said the costaccounting but that these should not be all reluctant that judge was aired dodonides actually challenged the law because the law was wrong there with the he is the tooleries she teased peppo because i was used in my political m my constiterit to speak out oh no you can you contrapesi or try to i didn't did stop me they thought they would stop me from going to her there it did in use should he keep holt a pugilat i'm a ratoner really political maraton my writer every day and i can ride for six hundred she botheltons or reached the but the whole point here was i shall she i might say i lost how i lost the battle had been loosed the war a war continues and in still there and still stand and by the way i would add for that it wasn't i am so makers also malling mesomatic couch here then i might hope and some other people the point here is a truth recently i found out that a couple the people that opposed me vehemently about this going after i maybe checkersand was a run half her all coase lied to us she deceived us and she brought it to the goop and brought it on and they were so right i don't need a public apology they know i was right and now there is now no one right on that as i've been in most of the things i report why if you know is they don't come at a to much because they're afraid to because i might publish the truth about them laymen more so their little eerie but an i don't threaten anybody at all with that high and you know that i had my brother's orimoth rather dispreising or going having coffee or relaxing instead we we shot out there we don't know where rights are going there here to day but they may be going to morrow they surely have been subjected it well there and they're trying to they're trying to a right now they're trying to come dear not only all over energy sources better supply lines and i we were by an exeter day and eggs were like seven yes that we let our chickens have a rest right now chris seven locks edison on like a guessin better i guess we'd better like increase our hour is almost seven dollars you know i guess we'd better increase our egg producing the operation we have here and and i am working on a couple of projects right now that i think you're going to end up being pretty dance a based on something that i did oh to unify our community and be able to unite behind political activities really quickly not in a way group that is a ohio agree with everything that we do but this is a threat let work it out workand with us and we've never lost which is kind of cool when i got thinking about it in we're going to expand that i'm goin expand that some kind of work and some projects to address but they are literally trying to cut off a rights they've got we got the new bill that's i can look it up a man or of that that is going after the summer automatic weapon and the contenders and theresa i mean the these people are so dumb that are sitting in office right now and or he they call or republic a democracy democracy democracy democracy i have hearing that word if people really understand how unstable a democracy a true democracy it is the most unstable form of carisma rule and people get more resistite into notewhately menstreworth i'm glad you take strep covered this week good a document and i'm going to put it out there i discovered a toccate and his old its sironcourt ability project i govern i did neither some one man then agelas of sentissimo i overlooked this thought met calepin accountability of close is that line yeah it's stratego oncometopia countable the pit o that where you find out i says the democracy to the michigan legislate seems in the michigan lenses o as what i crassities one recalled are called up her on him geometrie for it up here in and corsets the name of the projects again the responsibility the wife i am very in just calling out for these i tell you the second is cut him up here because what we find out is doorkeeping track of other people or working on project really no fire serving ralentie so this is repercusive got it i've got a appear leisetreten called up coconstantine at their hired espresse is called prestiterit on the mishtisthe had had what a god is he in sessionsfifty that goes his son ohoientos are you kidding me no lookahere down chrismatis on that go cheer number too is got a high lighted two at the fates to what pages and never to holding republicans who live by the election accountable what is god is called it orthoptera rashion the one on the page i think it is good free it is that the page dorocestre penetrali associated with the stop the still moved i i can hang out a sign and going home is it in looking on looking it were worse should i clickitin where you are out on the left side of the page pagodella don't get the first thincarnacion in the long you should see the set the first page of course is just oh the cover she i got coruscatus covers a is the cantonese shed cruises space it is cowardice and the god of oroites presentation in you know have the right one this one was sad grew policiaco nt of building project sacristy and michigan legislature i am looking for that of great allingford to go where there's a website the bottom go to come e w i countability she he and the man killegenico gee i am i'm lost here with her let me let me go back to this casamento e i archlooking her long because you never know what's going to gossensass if he wore a case so it its accountability dagopan what's after that and accountable at accountable gee where is that in that in the oh you rimoloo down here i got it no econciliation fund is got in on the cover sheets covering public democracy and the minstrels legislature called republican accountability project they have produced this document seepages in the foliage the his hingeless still coming or something cause i'm not finding that there is or not we've got to be looking at something that we were looking at something to her look at the right wise but simons the lincoln men if you would if he goes he she don't have the link your upon it and a discontinuation ability do gape and then behind that there should be like a forward slid and i know i know but i don't see that they produce this is the document they produce and okasion liking what out there consolement have no website colin to it cried is nothing to as for my suspicions are but i'm going to be plotting part of this out said tay because it seems foreseeing you page he called it the document that octopuses so i was says as her paperpublished accountability project apostrophe to democracy the mistletato here or rather cause ellevin democracy because most people think that all you wanted a democracy now we can we were ublic why because we don't want to row or rolmentis as simple as simple enjoy rules everything a bass which you don't want us norris where we do oreste they would be shut out and he inordynate described many differas as what it says in this key finding republican accountability project analyses two hundred eighty eight republican cantatilles for the insterstellar rafters condittione is so distrustednot the priceless including portions to republican i can as for the state senate and a hundred eleven out of the two twenty two republican candies for stations i tell you what i'd love to know what they said cause you know what i can tell you they don't have any anything i mean that i sotenant true in the thing and i would challenge them on anything anything to research group this candid and i domocratic actions for categories making public statements that cast out on the legitimacy of the tonthelein im i don't cassotis tell you the fact there were anomalies they were and that you can prove me wrong high ten correct i went before the senate oversight committee i basically laid it out for mintonian his saysitting is of the steel rellytive to be at lancinanti was outside the treasury billy they did tethered me i stand on everything i said do not back around back down in the winchells me the time i've got it on onchallenged to him so they are put up or shut up signing on to the pistol letter or loss soothes so distrust about two twenty twenty elections i not only signed on to it and kicked to the federal supreme court that was the whole idea of rights are in jeopardy we have to stand for a week to live what we believe what we know to be true a constitution is where we stand on end we will stay on it until i press over confraternite capital of participating in the attack on the capital on a which is perswades no attack on the capital and january six had his that is a missionis athis statement and they have not shown these beattock to be an attack there was a planned activity evensonge they drew on we got these people in testatament well attackfor many different ways the jim might poleone of hated things i was doing interviewsthere so he's got it square oaks just the tanigeroot capital just now take one a criminal nor being at the capital at any time any other time make one a criminal no one to action certainly can make them a criminal but not their words other they can say what they want the only time your words might be discredits criminal would be if you were in a theater whatever he called fire or eye on to aircraft can sit hiacinthe times your words or your words as pre speech is the first men he was as tetanisation on these people and on this one and one of sunken the nemesis is some candies have maintained as such a lawyer at present a rap could not find out it is the tether undermined her appelloit macy as so little the little proviso there albocristatus know what they're doing the trying to sweep his opinion is not even true this is how they do and i don't know who causethis probably had democrat ilike saroon of this or what of his chinese friends i don't know but i can tell you this i also could be it could be the people from a national popular boadicea that we are very wisconsinis and do not want the national overcasteder away our freedoms away if he only feeds we have as arespirits oaks and those there go we'have anything in particular the first and second and meet we've got to do that and where those who were the cold riever given in the first place we know why because we feared our government even promised jefferson peared to government he knew where he was going deversantem great quotes out there and then he talked to the fruit of the of the tree of liberty having to be refreshed with period of creoline time was the blood of patriots and in others so lithias advocating a sorry war boy i'll tell you what i'm git worried now about his seeds like these people walk on and i wouldn't be surprised if our empty i was so in some of those feet anself because the honesty you temple trade groups and the notes tones the iasian by estheticists i will and think back to the sixties and in a time of tormaid out later that the i was doing things he as like guiding chain gorhere didn't all the time he kept files on people at a precontemporaneous think and what do we have to day sent princlando and yet how low and relate seventies was closely in an acid to stop it well it didn't herehow owe know that because it was the end sortissans rose and found out that they were calling him as on him one of miles on him there was a law that so he couldn't do that he will candleswending down the road the speed of his i saw him an hour in you to eighty or ninety whatever you do every day when the waistrel when you get caught and that's how our government she was insisted just a cry and jane i never otras there in is a crying crying and in you know it's like that the thing it is is that the apathy that we have going on right now oh i found it thank you to care in the remoter scene on i'm trying to run this thing i run the supenation and so i do need help occasionally finding things too because i'm trying listenandand find things here it is right there skeining there i'll make cinetheodolite to the waist as he dictyocodon to pet his sobhon the page at the thought i can be with on that page is the th the candidate charles recht you got it coatrischie it be correctly there that which is really entered if not an make it if i actually is white madison college promulgated election protospores a gay and refused to certify the results of may twenty one collection that is not true that steeletters not re melecca with his glass he restores removed for the board camescasse he had poblete tion proud conspicies had refused the survite results of men twenty twenty one election only not true because number one is i didn't promulgate electron cried conspiracies i laid out a novel i should i don't know if the broader not why i said because we have to we have to judge them based on the fact i said i would leave the aceto look at grey methodical easier much o doctor deming's promise holinesse and also looking in something like a fish onitis said there's a lot of ways to dress propel in order to address the problem we had the first identified the problem what i clearly was galactometer election prodi pasted in the fact and said as they work that's why her before the state or before the senate oversight committee and that he says that this article i refused to cirey the results of a mad tweenty one election client i said i planned to god i would not shortly unless we had what a corrective action from the sentries take which reminds me done i want to tell you something that we need to talk at if all these clerks that are wise and i call not because i want to challenge us he will like chosen costumes lions heroes father robesart i cover and enlistees she is the canon or as the ossicles collection ever entered before the senate oversight or evening others will say always screen election well ain't gonenothin that's funny disceplines the left on however then we got some rattlepates catlet's go back and tryingand ookow i all of a most of a back to the skip going and tell he can't do the fine might be happenit go back to seventeen note the note dec while she canisters written many things gone in for in pocono ah stealing the last of these coats called stealing election tended democracy he's written in blockade rotato call the poor ontadenhas eighths i have to agree with him tis never been a clean election yet now he got worse and so if you got worse the only way you're going to fix them his side don if i the problems in not very under the carpet interesting here was i did not i never got that for all i wanted was a corrective action but why was getting at his way to get these guides at all these peoples he was clean of le make a county clerk finding after david helde handling it under law honor other being been coontail here's why let them tell us that they have certified accordance of the law every aspect of that election proces ay they cannot make the statement there making some of the maid i should you don't even understand celebration i said your people i'll go grand robes and was serinyer instance had no clue i asked him i didn't know how it and for those you don't know is to be then chairman's that oracle of momenton to the giveof the boarder camelssore when i became the german i should letter know lo goodabout gascon on i decided that i could gather a plan and when we take in circling well the good species for the county on the year what my ideas were so i gave them a fifteen slide power polly presentation of peter tatooage there was throwed a i started down the road and what i did was scared looking at princess in forcellini conweyed any kingledoors all counting twenty six tousand people not many so to i went the three county and i are rebuked those counties and guess what i ah i found one cone was extremely poor i found no cellini's about till the road on another county i cannot trisecting that were that was exceptional they would be the clerk or cone because our current county clerk has some problems she clearly does to the couple of times i slid to so you got a problem but my one point all this is the clerks like to say that this election processes how can they say it clean with they don't eat the know it they don't understand that's not even the shame that's an instrument why do i say that while because in imachine it is does what she tells the do you don't care about any environment in operates and it is plugging but a machine i mean but an instrument measures what does this one measure i pass the character of the old old to will on the ballot and if it doesn't measure what's to do and rejects it then requires human intervention now mind you if i was devious and i had a ballad how off that i knew how to ofsette it would regenerate out i could have two types of ballets i can't this bellori know its precise i can have another set of bells that's a shed that every time you shall all your republican all give me this old if your dungarees to and what do they ask you are you publicnotorious no i win your potinier you know the exactly right so what happened she the instrument would very kidthat's what asked but here's the the calibre how do you know the calibration holds okay we have what's called a difference is between the accrescinte rescision achresis how close to the standard precision precision is how much variation i give from time to find his fine like a target acrostichals eye calcosis a ontimes i had whereas in precision is are they grouped together are they all are right after all group together i got high pursition and draw over the board then i have read low personwhy is that make a difference because there the instruments measure instante measurement to be true and real well what things affect that measurement things like temperature do they control its temperature many these places they dont est be mills standard out there nigate was the mill stated that controlled temperature humidity power power varies soalone is incredible unless you have a abolishable seer on that on that st ah that pore go up and down you know varies with youknows called all their days alternating corentin all paid all the time your power fluctuates and that instrument also flustrated he really did another one come peter another one comes to his control these speak controlled costlinessto degrees strictlie that i think always you like a plate then there's lester thing is we want to know is precision so in this process when i was in a wing i asked the people that were calibrating the instant what is the precision i don't know is the expert he didn't know i asked why did you a hundred and four valets and in houses called in his in of experiments so doe i don't know in no clue indeed didn't know this sutecase of why they tries me notecase these are so called extremes an old gun no i the cares o di there was concerned as whothrough all this about alone the holding is led me further but i in tropes the whole point of all this is to and have a free and fair election where every one's voice truly count and on it it's amazing so so that those your points are just amazing there you know the law suit that i mind with merceret with weisswhite ber two is still going and gneissose call i need to follow that yeah i i'll send you the lancelot the link on that but only one gooooooosh the odd the brute the brunton verses and cases and not in one that won't be a huge remote removal but there's so much of the stuff that's going forward i heard that election source had as and also there in clerks that were able to get in and turn the minturn them off because they were rebooting correctly and such an the the rate of failure and in this in this is a matter of national security it is just unbelievable and then to sit on it this is what jobs at the board a canvas and in heaven that there whether little loves trowch come on take organises for to canvassers in oreodon your alloioton about not you not talk about tony down i am going to like in about the whole case and crew of long antlers there up the pecause i i'm on to sit here and tell you i sat there and i listened that was wonders up there oh go in oh you know we have the nicest clerks in their little love as we've got these nice clerks are doing such a good job there doing so we did such a and i got up there and so i'm sorry after they went i'm so thankful for all of the people that have worked so harness lection iustlie i'm sorry but i am not thankful for anything that was done for the you fail to carry out a free and fair elect due to mesostate on well i hope that that because hold on that is what they were doing as they were setting clerks as the fog eyes for their inability to carry out a free and fair election and then get everybody community and so our clerk is the nicest person they would never do anything rough well you know what this craft was done above their pay great i was done inselreise behind why i it that our clerk she has stood you rat the state certain all of them up and then the th van can on the fact that we will not question the clerks and our airs because they're such in we went one asked them will prove miss deflecting the wrong persons that i can guarantee that some from probably did things on but he did incredulity of the election that the majority election and the problem that we have with the whole thing farther off in his intinctus foreign interfere includes the machines itself notes with programming but it ill taking these diculous absentee forty five per cent of our battles are absent and they're all going to holding setter before it goes to where the bee counted with absolutely no over such and they know how you voted just by looking at the ends they don't even have to vote they don't even have to look and finding boathis to his son all the things you talk or another thing rebelled in the cortes gobain his halting of sentries converses hartland on one secretary state the sectaristic plates of the who in an occasion you mentioned that the sun the clerk i had on coracopsis not really with it any one she is not really well know i mean well well read well this lot of people that do it that they stopped up in their very nice but the very very nave people and more was in ours with it had come a couple of points on the end i had a couple of dishes with girl ready and they knew it by the wish clearly set up by the sectors states he told her one thing and the singoriensis something else and i have to believe that he probably did because she would be not even do with the colder and so it's got her not water the toy you can fire on you can't cause it you don't have this ortygornis that's what all this kid down though unfortunately caused the county a lot of money and i isayagaha come on was given to me the money was given to the lawyers the lawyers a wad made the money and that released i didn't have recanting all fisnamie horse to the audience out there be happenanything going on make sure your log your damages irenicon offer you one piece to the vice i said any time you get involved in these as assure you got you in though chronical any and all of your your loss is why because that's what they like to do in that where they dwell there no damages therefor will were not to take all it's why we didn't go into diceretur i asked for one okay they settled in out in court i would never ever i on carewhether involved should the poonose did worked on for the stormy they did it i could pay this i longed to epochwould tell you this for the court law i'd say you go to court you go to jury trial i'll put my my hands in the fate of the dreary as opposed to selling for first some small little one of money i don't really care and money was the issue dessue was a right i want people to understand what was going on into the government doing it and that is why we have the millerites yet a way that the whole of the whole thing is absolutely on a control and in their spending time covering things up and i got to tell you this is kind of its i hear a person call me this and it's kind of interesting because i have a lot of people that are asked me the gay and the chaperooning bering mongenais taken ly good morning donerby on the cha i am listening and that anne marie a lob die michael odo and bury my very monocase out of i made the mistake by investing five hundred dollars an oftener months ago i am not locked out of the account do you know some one i can contact for class action so old i think it's comment estimate of time here and am a that taking out the check but we we've got i have got so many people that have called me who are actually whistle blow and in one day i was at events and in one day i had two grandmas he came up to me that had the kind staken away and terrorize now i hope i the sips that lie that needs to be gone because they're paying for legal kidnapping of nonagentos that there are some is but the way that it's being done and how many kids that go in to see pass who are who are raked who are lost i e for afric it's a bunch of bull craft and in a thick this stuff needs to needs and will last the i had something that called me and the i i'm going to try to put this together claims that he has and i want it we're going to invest it that a police post attempted murder that the fbi was involved in his report and in order to highest if there was havenot they okookono ed case on natheles i general flinched the three or two the call in rogersin the when they got the goveiter right three toes which the dotted what thing is castration in policemen to the scene ah she asked about the interrogatories and that what they were changed so she asked hal was seen i want the originals they couldn't produce the originals in other words god fabricated the colloid yet aloitettiin back and re rode on competent well waited minute i thought these were truthful afferdavid they were as wet hunters i got them and trouble because they did go back and revised them uncautious this is actually a beautiful sagua into a video that i wanna play about the fbi basically jumping in front of the critter files and ancientsand then working at i want to play the as mabel we leave i got one worthy with occisores with we polyodon initialled and that's why i got souls and we put out a lot of silothe guy gets hold of the meaner his whole prejudge that he said is efficient competition but here's the kicker this is what we are going you been down in conteret he said well go the callboard of canassatego the natty grey college as nothing more than bikenore it's so looking at the numbers it doesn't have anything to do with gelidity or circination though turn certification should never ever ever ever be used any more a canister is no certifying anything what are you certified to serve by anything you have to compare to a standard a known standard that you come comparison did you compare to the bible now what you compared to justerfies the is no sin at all there's no servicais altis as fining off on a diopithes that is why down a way we have in clestine and after damon under penelawd and all askerthat election process had been he certified i want certified why because he had backed certifies that signs or names second the prison and or gonpot her in jail okay or prison because he falsified the document get them to take so strongly and susan possibly those lisping she felt so strongly side name on the oncoming audernie shower has she gone to call okay he set simple because these guys have no clue what that instrument does how is served by howe's program who programs are county programs or machines i can our coming not all do there's a lot in more iijust oh it's real mess a real mainisto mass and the insistent is built on lack of transparency hiding what people are doing as low as absolutely no accountability whatsoever because they they keep it's like a psyche corporation this is what happens the corporation if you if you the big corporate they have bored and they have people that sign of so that they can never really get to the who you know the rest people and hold him accountable and system we have right now we have zero and i mean zero accountability pointing down at the counties the counties have no clue and they say will not or not irresponsibility and the ball gets passed back and forth back and forth and tell where so sicke that that he had nothing that we have no record the the the other thing that i want to bring up at some point time here is the then a working on is the and how we get things changed we have been to and i i stumbled upon some bit somebody that is has a law as law what an alert try to get him a not being on her but talking about the pope is not going to court is to pressure the legisl and in it were not doing it in were not doing it correctly and because they moving us into areas to chase our tail he seemed to get nothing off the ground and then they get people into these intellects how many grass roots groups we can pop up across and fragment though the population one more cortinovis in control and the modern current rule so they've got grassroots group that his as you were that is the issue and they've got people believing that old man if we jump on this issue we're going to win and i cling the sather of that old was efforescences a loyalist ride a tea party euergreene town and soeating there's ane no differential just a title sweet then to keep patrons for the country by for what is it i put herself the when our guys were as good back the revolutionaire war days to go back the wet hisself at risk why there's something i i send this week and called the col curse help he respiring this was his firing serve general washington against the british and they did simplistic ways they did it like hanging the loathing low reound on the line and the saleroom a way so they could read what's going on it's senoosee it was like like a caligraph right this is how he got the coursethose from a distance but that's what they did this spring operated and i think it was new york hewisi think against the talmage oh was a natoas hung because he was part of this firing okay and these as collecting probation on the british and now what they were doing movements and soften he gave he gave us in sight and the godestruction to and in historical now call it up or feloupas called the cole spiring seelying and it is good is god historiesone use its company i don't get in normal and normal history hal looking out and grievancesome was because they know i'm doing the same patres pickerel at risk regardless asswois going with all this loyal is what were they there her righteous saythey are satis co in this well you know that's what's always panodorus on the feathers a ain't so bad what this so god may be right now it's going that way and so we got to stand fast as an that's what makes us unique is american o what i hadn't really houssay that you know there's this story is the story the aloneleaving to day we are living in the modern preversion of that very thing we are having to fight our own government and some of these people that are loyalists remember what was it it is often quoted i haven't seen the facts she done it but these sentry percent or really okay at the time but what do we see the how hot you messires out there doing what we're doing by then a good fight now many and i can i can tie and not many the ones that that are out their fighting and i can tell you know my supporters that are out there as i've got some of the amazing people i think i can and i'm proud to say and with them i mean i can i know them i i mean we have some amazing patriots don't get me rough so there is a lot of people that the show of it these ridiculous mean they sit there and the bitch and they whine and they talk and they think that they're really doing something by getting to the bottom of the but they do nothing so as this sort of like watcheth be going yet yet i know the thing is going to crash and bird i know it's going to burn and then it makes him feel like they've got control all their doing is using it as a sobs thereby ah there beside and they get nothing done it's like the petition is when we are rich this is i will go there because i agree i will also go there in when we were out collecting one for an actual of we would go to and the th the office that was going to be the only one that would change anything in the state of michigan is was the governor's of that that was the one that had they the only one that had enough power in enough go to turn this thing so what did they do a flooded it with establishment candidates then they flooded it with pits initiative of and you could go walk around grand rapids and on a given corner you could have these people that work for like twelve ten different petition anson and and peer were so sick of signing the then and i will get the people that were collecting those signs petition initiates and those of the people write off the bath that i suspect that were are involved but i had to or or political operatives of miscommit out and say when i saw the people that were back in these initiatives benno you you want to talk about exposure displayed a he card why did they put so much time into it and and i had a few whom that came to talk with me and i had a professional profiler that was with me and we owe doubt within five mines and then they get ruled frustrated with me because i'd just for a while in the dry dropped the hammer on a after a while that this whole thing is about people busy in busy or and having nothing that actually moves moves the the bar while they are said look over here and all this busy work were given you we're going to keep you busy in these little groups where you can go and you can betcha you can you don't become a professional bitter who knows everything but does nothing and doesn't put anything on the line porther wealth on the line does not yet know maybe put some of their time on the wine to a recruit more professional they don't do anything in i i am i'm going to go back to the fact with going to the the protest at the cape i went to one and as it was kind of watching this from a far going this is such a waste o time it's not in funny first of all the people that your protesting too are an'teen there and the ones that are there are laughing out the window that's number two number three you got people like craig moor over there who is who does nothing but but i propaganda reported i am not heard now one article that was done avow anything i was involved in was not one has come ask him if he woke genoafor the managers on any of the peril for a man is or any type of a packet associated with the mate oh i believe it we can go there because when you get into and looking at how many people are on the pay his political campaigns which are nothing more than a huge and i mean just related his name strode up on the mate okay in expense report of one of a stout that's why masking it as she now restrain you the answer i estenssoro in the old as interesting what's smarter or why was his name stooponce reports from the don't know while not weisses pect we know because as herself how many negative reports does he put out on the basic zero and innocentlooking the vaster we can look at the the the leadership the manx leadership now i can go there too because when you sit there and yah that's that i and he i was offered to twenty thousand dollar i have dormeti remain then i ever we talked about and i know the acrethe i know exactly where we go resisters another party enter to materias why hamperedso or down or sadasat is my true takomaisillani is we are people are willing to stand up the stronger is true and you know i secure that we need to put a wire on you i mean as you recall said otocrane o you because these people are more dealing with some real criminals real criminals not ah how little meniscoidal with criminals of mine that a is not like any any horns that were used to overseered these the promise which we tended think that everybody it's all right and there we prove wrong way we're not talking about westergate of accursedness we're talking about cruel behavior then goes much beyond the state border probably goes beyond the national border to be honestly it have to litely does yet you know and i got to tell you i was opinantis campaigning and found out i got talking to the guy up there and got his snake is to drapeteuontn had i bought a glass of wine in his wine or in the flipped on a side and then you know but will that i had some me that came off there and said basically of that every billionfold has got a residence and he started said he now i can introduce you to this person and that person and blonde i tried disabled me you know as asa actual person not a place candidate but the really the only one that had no ties to into the establishment i was the only non and you know you can prove that by looking at the background clerk the other people who were recruited and placed and bolton i was one once as so you know once once they realized that that i wasn't getting sucked into this of course i take the he and blowcock and proude privacy meet to whirl we're going to have an we we were not we don't like the want the guy said yes said i it was guided was right next to wiser he a connected business wise totoral connected and he's like yet we're all going down this is exact words were all going down to naples next we want to do some we wanted you fonderies of free we want to help because none of us really like to and i rode that here going on keywords this lie got to go to you know you know exactly what they're doing so i do said to listen to him the we got out there and and i i i was talking to the couple of people that were with me and i'm like this is such a march of bull crabbit's not even funny and so when i am i got a massage later has clearly they were he later on i got a ms there are that a i may not use any of the in anything having to do with the campaign so all sudden they realized that i was going to get sucked in and and grandees on the outside robe as he gets a odontoplast to be and and her connection i wouldn't i wouldn't sit down and talk with him you know to go forward for any reason whatso its all about money and they want to control the candidates the only ones that siththe table with the are one that they control the programme and all there's robbers stand puppets dislike that board came as in in lands series and is the election is only thither only robbersand where did he come from where i wote i owercome from before he was on that board and not in i was alive he added up the biscantre with that is so she with a diocese and he really i was told to havensailing with true i am a look at myself i told it by two sources that cause is surprised me either but i want to bear praeripiat but he is just got such a poor demeanor and he comes off in for three gin or good of his houseisolated questions he has got the right off he says this secretion expedition hearnone or in das right on doing that in visaytesugocarn termed the outcome will and problems sole as you do that you'll you'll get you you feel on a problem de problem great racial that's why we do it with tonics so that we can really get to the root cause they don't want the record so they don't want the problems solved is that since they do not want to selenomania bit now and it's this it's really it's really sad that the more a tiny spend in it the more that you can exactly what a concerted effort this is and there is the people that are on top like you can look into the big corporations black rot bangara ah the there's there's a few more of em too but there there there all sitting on these old and they they have foundations so this this other foundations that we need to be looking into because i started digging into it years ago and to a i can like he and the i started digging into ah what mers that ground her dad blue crossed one shield he the connections to snyder i and i know it's the i'm sorry they got a looking at the democrats but when you start looking at the activities of the satrpic the soul thus as the republican party and ideals has been a lie decades upon decades upon decade that the bushes were finding through standard oil as noteven their last name they changed a nameshas they changed their names and they grieve with emerge as something else but they were they were standard oil was providing support for both sides of the war and ococolin me saisseti they make his homekeeping back his tortoise that the biggest thing that i i i hate is the fact that these be corporations what war why do they want war because his go there ostracon the very part that i was part of for years by the way you realized how there evil word after while you see it here are seen the evil in there it is not good yes i is the sad reality i don't have a lot of time lest i hate to say it i don't asolando sheets there is a video that i want to play that i think is interesting i don't know your time as the enemy how many the roses here but i'm in a go ahead shared the screen and then i think this is not worthy because it kind of explains what is going on here this doeslisten to the meta now we know that on one we now we suppression of the big to go he no but you should get high lords there was a lot of russian propaganda oleson in a notice now ted jump out of lead such a speed to encordados no i don't remember for she but it was not these side the pan can conveyed to twitter as well in weekly meetings with the end behind as well as the deportment of horossen the fbi was represented in these meetings by atentine posessors also against the federal two hundred and twenty two of his he his chin then cannot person who is in the shall we electoral prince bits of the director of national le in the reasons for the security officials twitter was borne by a paccincpoa on you wrote with his foeticide integrity confined in the swoon at the day ben to the epic that port a hack and legerton would involve hun tofind it was worth even than that is norandine revealed to us last sunday night the oath they had come to twitter and told them in their weekly meetings before the twenty twenty election to look out for a hacked materials hacklelike operation that they believed going to be about a hundred by and it was going to come in or tory was going to come in october how held in i or that because the fbi had been secretly spying on rue de chavini the been given unto by the late opens working with miranda divine to gates contense especially the shopping evidence of biding corruption outinto the open he saw etherages between juliana miranda and knew exactly when the punch was bending to publish his bonchester but his most daring practice pihahiroth year he was given to the by the god who rented computer were persolventes for the appostolicos real they knew the contests were not had well can you believe that i do in the ah it's just as in the cases compostella all now know they're just caborca norther extrapolate the friend thing is it is going on all round this has con going on for years and years and years it's why we're in such a mess that we are in right now because we all them to get away with it and not not call out on it there are a few of us like yourself myself better call in these guys i and they don't like it and then they come back at us when the vengeance hoomered that's odontoholcae last as menilite cohere in at this rest the somebody's got to step up and in actually give a rip about this country and what's going on here and the fact that you know it's the the border i mean nobody wants to talk about the border what's happening you know where the wit the border and the fat that the fat now poor and other work you are on gonewith a help of foreign interest is guilty of drug james the seven thousand people just by that nola here the taint no of or the theregetting to and i you know i mean this is this is not our home and it or be traffic across the border the ore anybody has come across that border as stepping on the graves of children because they just use on they use the kids to get across the border to these stabilized these and then as soon as their down with it they they disposed of these kids they the they traffic them for for a you know sects for their further enoughworse for organs and all the sort of thing and anybody that refuses step up is composed you know i mean this is exactly what they're doing is that there you there most of the people that i have seen when i fought the refugee resettlement as she was on my sotheron of an almoost of the people that they were that they were bringing in and this was bethany christian services that were repulsed and nonogenarians them noosed them i tooremember chesterford short reported such the twenty four it was that for forty three years right for henry years okay i love the christ reporters they because they were affiliated with ethicist and before ministerialrat now welcome he has it all they do is make money off this stuff they don't care i should say don't care their people they did that's for the entermette potis they continued to well and i bellicent complete break down on their nine ninety and to show exactly how much money they had come and they had the break on i did over five years at four hundred and five million dollars that came into their coat they were getting forty three million dollars a year for five years from the fat from our federal government to go to refugee and immigration services that's more than not they were for four of a and evasion foster care or adoption her business its immigration it or its rouge its refugee resettlement and what they were doing is an anti broke down as that sonderson be nice to everybody here as a seal and i'm a lot three million dollars of the forty three million a year that our government is giving them in fighting age males they were almost all of them between the ages males between the ages of fourteen and seventeen years old they would hold him for maybe thirty to forty five days and their gone with no with no idea of really word they're going there is no follow of nothing so that is two hundred million dollars they took it from our federal government over five years and by their own admission on their webs they helped something like five thousand he soon people on like do the math do the math we look look at it there making or this is absolutely matre viola out for money and the moving fighting age and stevie the country the putting them on on a government of the government dole the there getting entitlements and there getting there getting better benefits in americans than americans are getting and race how many how is the complex or being built around this state oh yeah you got an oscinine houses in with he used a sample o ka in this kincaussie shores a report township acrabattene placed on harvey street gate you see how many how how many how was he complexionwere those people coming from there not come in from his canteen moving in the tower the anio the if you look at christie's information on onechon you realize that there aren't aconitep wound into his kingcote so where are they getting these people who was going to live in those parts yorke i had we know and whose fun ia and so like a widows caniatewch we know you linetaking to do your work talking each other yet i understand too and it's like an an omoncon right out set right now any of these developers that are making money the whole tales are our most of the hotels are in in an inanimate either going on in the hotels and in its like even even terry tecos going on in all the hotels in all of our neighborhoods but when you see it there are actually refugee resettlement hotels and there getting like four hundred dollars and night eight hundred dollars united and in every single one of these people attached to the hotel a chance to this refugees there in it all a human trait and the developer the developers that are making these developments they know they know danilo's going and and they they know what's going on they know what what their buying into they know what they're you know how there of involved their absolute and as the you go time i can't believe we do border cover i mean of you i just think so oh i doctrineitalics that it to the right a mail if you don't get it next few minutes like i know i sent you a doctrine okay i well and i really appreciate the time you know all the people that i've met i don't have a handful of people that i met in the political world that it's never not talking about we the people on talking about people that are our serving politically and or hand served there's not many people it and and i got to tell you what you're one of em and i am so grateful for your gods you're no back down attitude and you're ability repeople are you know both of us that had it empowers her threats alone all the time i understand to didaktitos on my wife's office i peters a cord i saw last week in a car of many men here he should allee consolatevi no no i'm watching his hopeite we know it my followed we know has been happens routed through the interchanges of friends and stop at his like ocasiones up brazil like his had yes sir and i isaacson find my shot up his potopaco stand toisessakin one short of a netherlandsone day thither showed up as russia with the rush and had idolaters but i haven't seen any of em rohitsch ne and a good waiting for that one by the way i'm taking pictures of it when it happens hides that i'm going as rising please explain to me why my own cause through your system of gained routed and why you're not do is sophie now that being sure comple in his holding to yet it we've seen we we do i'm dynastics on our servers and thought and we've seen him come in from other countries and we've had things that are like you know a ten thousand tacks and less than an and we no whiteweshers time after wild and to go through the locating you see what they were doing so people little realized this come israel is too his raising our fate abated it's there and the glow the great thing the great thing for me is that we how howshold say for per me at the great thing that i that we have as we have the ability to track down this nonsense right down to the eye and actually the come in an bergreisen we do we've actually done that before where there is an attack years ago and we went increasedrich down to the computer and had the cops there within and i nonesthetical a would it the computer your crown all that has an idea and can be traced at back my cameras my cameras have i pen numbers did you kot to cameras as how they were able to act em but if you got him through rounder where scrambled became you mean he there's hope this ways of obscenities to the most the cameras that we have of the right now the us military just prohibited the use of avocet brands at cameras in the tryin to get rid of estout because that gives the china the back door and anteverting sir volcanoi cameras is carelesslike what myers used and other parole erections and those things are interested when you going through the route they can hack a you could go mainstream with the main line of red onto what did you i don't because i don't want to be able to pack into the hole so that they can so that's why they're scrambled in that way of works scarsement is that these ties were doing consoles something like a ring like those people have fought ringone they are gorges were ever by their able to a canto or cameras regard cameras like your house the way i don't have lithotomy i have em by and other mad when i want to use them i ka for youse but i don't someone you know they talk the if your neighbor has one detonation rate across the teasers and you know that i don't use any of em see you no intestate you have you come all that he got were by your the why do you think you're following has it has a better you can't take out so you can't think the power of so that's why you have to use a party back to prevent it one of the ways you've got to take to make sure you're you protect yourself against who oh it winter while the only people we know capable to do in that stuff has so the government which is why we have a girl rights which now we conflict i turned altiranischen worded sethocorida mondays blowing the lid of ischian politics so we'll see a next week monday at nine and thinking so much the anatone do you acroterion you see i put out there and deep it out on face more but out well and it will ever one draws some fire i garreteas good draw fire and love that about you i began the great thing you know you got to get a it's a not swing in it you they're not if they're not a tack in you you're not doing anything right to my child sernghown a shot about ononis really she to lose friends onecontent jack and inland were somewhat french and i don't count on so friended all his more candidate people tell the they were telling the people had to vote our mind but tell nonconduction point i had and i had words about this because she had to cause the old pat to place head we do exactly commented on the direct icosactena tell the people on that exact how to go so she was in height from the screw she didn't control crossed also the ology they're all tenses not it's like going much little kids line i didn't do it she did it will nocentina then eingetragenen like a bunch of little kids playing the popularity contest and a playround on all the their divine nuptias sed i don't really care how this kids done but we've got you know it's like i'm i'm okay with one none of it as long as it was is getting done with somebody's got essick step up and get something done and is like nobody else will do it i'll step up you know put in it doesn't it the jobs got here focus on and was gone to the old work with people we don't like we don't always agree with and that may be were not exactly the but when you got somebody you can stand next to and look at a hare the gold the gold is to restore this name and the people are standing next to you yes you're right i like ocissime to get rid on on labels we got to be americans and the care deserteth not people don't want us yesalways say no noisie tregoweth this truth we got cross one built cross we build relationships wealthier relationship that we can build a community we can build i can go salivation without centre there is no trust in there is no relationship and that in politics has been the problem because these guys have wide as she cheesed scotland i've got everything all the allisonthe world lavishes sabrebut you know i mean there countermining stops really she leave half an a and the policratiri cock well thank you so much i'm going to go head on and you'll go to your church i'm here and i'm a letyougo or but andsomest you chick ies i disfiguration of a daring thing for good work thank you to let me keep on to keep me and in the little a there aisy it's really amazing to have people that he is really how the state to be right as we need to come together as people oh standing together finding out the truth discussing all subjects without backing down and oongba hen once again we had another political operative that came out and when after some other people that are in the th and general geral assembling and that you have to denounce her take an down all references for anybody who for even talking about pegwell you don't want i'm not going to stop talking about it and the people that are talking of that arguia hit job on generally have never read them and in the the human andnonsense interpret and these that doesn't matter it's going straight to the is what really matters and that what the gold of that really was or what is all vos asking get answers in our or public functions to be as and they need to respond to his their working for us right now there ignoring us they're not representing us their finding out ways to like that itkowlie ah an abuser there all the their trying to find ways to take it manage american a line or pocket and they're not serving their all in is really a cry shame right i think as we go through this process and we ask more the lesson and we we really get down to the truth which finding better ways to fight them as well as to expose their deeds their doing were were finding exposure on on in all the dark or they've been able to years and years and years everything's getting dragged out in the light and it may not be a real comfortable especially when you do i have to deal with things no child trafficking or in a week we can we can go in a million directions the criminal activity that has been carried out so many people that were in the church is like the fire of one set look at the the ass service what their hiding the the elected officials the public contineri es that are on oleate the perils that he in order to take us all came and honestly control us in justice let us further is there there she very punitive way and this is god a stop its really it's really very very sad going back to what can we do in the future while we're doing exactly what we need to do were waking up more and more people so that they know organization are not we need ask st hold the maccallein make sure that there that there as the truth and that he can't hide it and the therscan bility responsibility i i think that we're honestly were in a very very good he had to the bandage off this thing and and get everything out in the open we had to drag everything and i mean every out into the like the good the bad the ugly so that we have the ability to really good assessment of world proserpine we can in fact part of that problem is getting every single person that we know in two the knowledge of has been going on and what is currently happening right now and where do we go with us think that i think it certainly is a structure of there i know of i know that there's a so there in the s a lot of people really good people individuals there work i think that we're in a period a time yet still going through expose clean out every single corner of the house so that they've got nowhere to hide they all of their needs are on the open so that they can all be prosecuted and i do believe that and i do believe that it's going to be wed to people that are going to prosecute people that have had committed egregious crimes gets humanity i do believe that the military at the people within the military that are working for very very good and and or there there good people in every in every spot they you can say that they've been filtrated us onfesten that we also invited in order to get named were he done make the cone and find out people in these networks actually are and every day were finding out more and more and more i guess the one tell everybody chapwe're going to keep going forward there is no backing down there's no backing away for god family furthermore for the children we have got huge problem in this nation and in this world abuse and i don't mean i mean trafficking children i mean selling children for many feet and in in the crimes of the commit an so heroic that most people would probably end up in a mental and to try to deal with incredible evil that is he is pure evil that is being done right under our noses as on this plant and it happened in world war two of the germans say that they did not was going on they knew the there was enough if they wanted to go along get along most they didn't want to talk with any one to get out of their comfort they in at a fight for something that really matters so now her time and we get to prove our commitment and whether we're going to be in the game to win and clean paran or our land out it is it is demotic panic you cannot cut up kids you cannot do this sort of thing in half any one whose got any any bit of sanity in say that this is a god it is not there is no part of this god if we do truly believe that follow god we will fight with our last where we are to work this is not where we get our rest we not now and working on several projects right now oh and i'm pretty excited about the one of the things that i'd like everyone to think about is the fact that we have been told to go immediately into the corpse asawee already proven that the head and the elections they had the maladministration the the failure in elections reached right into the judges it the stack too just like our thing every other office at we have right now but the press is is going to be petitioning correct presented to in the legs and that the direction that we're going to have to go into that as the lawful proces yet i believe that if we do this correctly and we assemble i believe that we can truly truly make a difference and and i returned s to the lawful process in the founding fathers designed in order for us strain have a constraint of government to to insure the rights even by god and guarantee by the count so i think where we're going into a really interesting time right now and michael wadela set out the king the corpsethe is broken and his cane grew court it absolutely as i kangaroos we do not have liberty or just for all right now we only have liberty and justice for those who are falling in line under the the globules overlords they continue is over until tree so and try to take over this nation but is not working for moral well right now which is kind of fun you know to keep trying to keep swinging and there every time they slice we are country in the running on ammunition i i remember back to a time when as rode of one of the first executive orders that he wrote and it was seizing assets of any one who was involved in human trafficking and human rights be well didn't i intituling after that and all of a sudden you could see that rothschild estate in the black forest area europe seleti wonder why that is when we walk asunder we can see i see exactly what was what happenand was really interested as so michael roth shall it after that happened an i was pounding him pretty helply on i took some of the research that was doing and i had a couple of logs and i had i was on twittered i was i was kind of like working kind of behind the scenes kind of non moselland ah i did get threatened by michael were of child and i thought it was pretty funny so i send it up a secret sir the other people like the threatened me and i'm dis goin to hit back and i'm going to hit back harder we're going to hit back harder a hundred times over criminal policy criminals that are in our organizations are three letter agents and such keep him an harder because you know what we know where our home truly is it who west and that's our heavenly father got on mighty that's never gone is not our home missis or our homes we got but we're here to do his will and work into and very very thankful to our heavenly father include us in this battle in the sight because that was his and the victory is held and we just as god to keep his cookee walking forward and faith and that's es what we're going to do with boldness with no fear no back and down until every last child whose in danger whose being kept in cage just being traffic so saxo organs ottelevi last child is safe we will there he goes selecester to day for i want to see her for every single person out there for bravery and the impiety to go on without wavering no matter what our eyes see our ears here our father god yahweh isn't and we just have to trust and walked for dear homely father think he's so very very very much for the ability to look for the she assembled together as your peck finding for your good prose the beautiful be for earth that you may at the beautiful and we we love we love you we love all that you've got an i asked you would chlorine wrap them in your arms and let them know is going to be out it is gone oh because you're here you're with us or step of the way when we fall you picks up an you carries when when things look like we have no more options you open another door so that there are open you are always with us you will never leave us you are so faithful and you are always good all the time and we are grateful so great for everything you're doing for us right now we he promised we want to lar lives down before you and do whatever it is that you ask us to do with bravery i asked you give every single person a lion's heart of bravery to be enlistand under any and all cost she had the discernment to go for it and no whose line whose telling the truth and exactly what to do the wise to what to do to counter any evil that they see around them we asked that you would confuse all the plans of the that you would send and satan and his demons screaming and running holy warriors exact exact in the heavenly realms a gate stacksthe have done in the evil that they have done on your peace and we acknowledge that this war is war principalities and power and we asked that every single person would turn their hearts their lives over their minds their actions sessions everything to you lay it all down before you and and walk in long suffering peace and joy that only comes with walking you and every minute in every minute of our day we're just very thankful i asked that you would let our rone know how precious they are that they are created in your image that you love them you you are joyful looking at them seeing what their doing there their hearts are good hearts you on you alone know and not the hearts that they carry that you rejoice over them and you rejoice at every single person coming into relations with your precious son in our saviour jesus thank you so much for the day we love you so very much the name of jesus christ we pray the so is without sin have a great day a one back on morrow it's tater tuesday we're going to keep knock in the side of the park were going to where going to find ways we're going to find ways to bring us all together to unite this nation in the sather's very simple ways of doing it and structure and working on a structure right now outside of everything that we are familiar with and i think we're going to we're going to go forward with that and try to unite us on these key issue brenthis nation back to institution a republic under in getting rid of all this nonsense acting every single person that has had a hand in the subversion of the united states its it and whose guilty of re and god is on our side were going were going to walk forward with boldness and very excited about this praise anyhow love you very much can't do heart hands to day but i'll put you know what i'm doing here and a few more days i'll probably be back on in a camera got that use of my eyes back again and a few days ago is incredibly helpful it at any rate i will him out will keep moving forward her very love there's so many of us that care about jim praying for you wanting to see the that god has in your life we do care are not alone you're never alone and i just want to let you know that you're very love have a great day to day god bless you bless all those whom you love god bless thee we got this it's going to be okay good brain bert for governor that come and i i'm also at a brandenburg the number four am i a telegram jovite egram i do a lot of writing there in a canticorum there that place to reliance with me and what a writing and i've got an old log that i'm going to start firing out here in the next day herself so that it can be a little bit more complete news feed like i used to do but anyhow have a great day to day it's going to be okay