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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/25/2023 - Tatar Tuesday and Patriot Soapbox

Published July 25, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its july twenty five twenty fifth day of july twenty twenty three welcome to our show to day to day it's tater tuesday and were to do a little something a little different to day we're going to have nine o'clock john tater on tator tuesday because its state tewesday and after him michael c from patriots saltbox and i think this is going to be a really interesting show to day there is there are a lot of really good people out there working behind the scenes and working in front of the scenes and working everywhere to restore this nation to to be in the control of we the people instead of them the government who are who has set itself against us so i wanted try to get more people on here i actually recorded of recorded a segment the other day and so at some point time i'm going to complete with that you know i'm not professional if this socinios cow every day and and going to be here every day at nine o'clock every week day and may expand it more from that if i keep getting more response from people but at any rate let's bring on my very esteemed mister john tailor welcome welcome longhorn tater tuesday was to happen in john world this morning oh i got a song for you okay whatisthat with song yahweerh son sirens in my doctor was looking at my x ray and i asked them what do you sing and he kept on looking at the extra and in french he said to me i see bone i see gissurson and a few kidneys stone among our love leans i see him and fourteen paper clips three a sparkish among your love leone i see things in your pardon the pointers i see your spine and your fine looks defined it's exactly like mine athersatha seems strange then if you are to go home some fallen there's two dollars in change among gloeocapsa say on say on all the norse sapotacae over here and look at the sixteen it's really remarkable look at this is that that the long for further grace suppose the beforelike connections of the claviform i know what was scratched they look at there there say staff is a nineteenth twenty two mckinley it through marine blue with imperfection i got to get that out of there put it in my collection look what does it say there say is that grape not side after that her in there we say you jameswas ase i did it because without my permission for my condition that you say you're working for the government and were here to help me you say that you know that on every boy then comes senor insistence for money hey oh love you as certified great egg hot that's fantastic its little round things and there now those are those are canoe you're right they don't know among the low teponthota poland i think we're going to have a real problem with all these jobs that they that they did and not more and more you know they're just floating our bodies as you see the very i flayed yesterday on the the pyreneite the parody project i i should bring us up at some point time against absently hilarious and so i might do that well we only see i can try it even early pride and the skies near as don coronicis absolutely hilarious and i and all siegethe up here they did he did one on oh he's got a bunch of em here i'll have to find it in in shothoucs it's it's really funny i'm all in there we doing to that well at well i say i say i'm all into humor what i wondered away what i wanted to cover to day the fact that there's a lot of people out there that i having problems adult ah services dale a protective services and child protect the services and all of the other in ancillary organization especially in michigan because we have all tenacius we had the or three hors of lancers that our putting all this together and that and then of course they brave they bring up the sixteen people that there that seasoning and he not cement on the fact that when the republicans when the democrats put together their own slate of elector and they've done this for years and years and years so this is not something new and yet because the democrats one and the republicans led them democrats stole the election and the republicans help not to help them but sent up their own in sixteen people ah to fight thee the electors are too you know to prevent the present another set of elected a or a gied the sides that denotes a criminal offence and were going to work on to charge them with the a crime but they've been doing this for years but then republicans the two he justice system that we foscarini ask your question because i've had a real problem with the entire thing with citisens to me like there was no reason for nestle to do this and charged it when they won the election to milting is as why are they doing this why now it makes no sense whatsoever so why now oh it does because what they're trying to do is destroyed and in a round about way this is a attack against ah because there the showing that they have the power and they can do whatever they please and if you stand against the democrats we're going to invite you for this is just the show of poe but the interesting part about this takes a grand jury to do this and the grand jury forman did not sign the indictment yet did you see did you when i saw was in the the pages the pages too that the electors are the the fakeer slate signed that it was its really different very non official were the democrats the one the democrats assigned was very officials on certificate this one was like somebody printed it off a ball you know word document or something like that it it looked it the whole thing is so suspicious to me that i'm a well none of it makes any sense so they may be able to wait people upset all their goin after president trump but not in these people ever supported for resident crop yet they they they didn't mention his name nothing so they haven't gone after free and fair elections so i'm like what in the world is going on here i'm not i'm not buying the the accepted narrative on this casinos too much of it he just doesn't make sense while it it is just it is the the show this is now the getaethe hors of landed are trying to present we are not we have the power we have the forts we can do what we can cheat in the election that's bent week end hold people that are standing against this ah as the agent and of course whitmer thinks that he pass any lost she wants to and it's a mandate and you got to follow these are the three hours of landing that are trying to be dictators in sin some of the people are buying into it because our still people running around with masks and all that stuff up from the bang into it they believe in it the majority i would say in michigan is starting to wait so here's the question on to later that an alternate electric see on your saying they've done this for years they've they they have done this for years is that action at all legal or constitutional or they do say as critogono do it scherer going to the then one that's where so long cracks have been doing us for a long time screwthere just going to do it and and now i be the deferences that just got the sixteen of home ah that never supported it present trip and walked away from reading the twenty twenty election all of them i have heard nothing out of any of these people that were serious about it so now they they didn't they did it what everybody's been doing for a long time and now so go to head fellowcharles now you are do you believe that if in fact the the cannon trying to work my way through this because none it makes any are those charges we git but not with the question is why are they doing this this is this is the stage i could grandon's know those sixteen people i don't know where they voted or how they felt there they stood against the illegal twenty twenty election i don't know so i'm looking at it on a different view that you are looking at it your view is that you know those people then you know the in my understanding you right that they are not or the were not friends of trumpet were not in support of the twining and never saw any evidence of them fighting for the coterie the twenty twenty election when i was up machinesand and twenty twenty one there wes no mention of president there not and so when you look at the establishment republicans that have been in leadership there is no mention of him there's no mention of the writing the elections to see oh we're just done with twenty twenty word john with twenty twenty let's just that's what i see in the people that were brought that had the charges brought against why would they go after some one who you know tooeverybody s like jumping on this and say oh no they're growing after trunks supporters really you have to pay attention to while if you think they're going after tramps supporters cause he's feel did not support president trump all i saw with him you sincrement trunks named he ponders ores you know and that sort in in it was really interesting wetherson madoc went down two more lago and president trump was a little cold to her what she was down there and he's like yes she's been very friendly to me he didn't give her any corals or anything like that and the people that she was bringing to down there to see president trump i had an on good information that he actually gave her a whole list of people that were objecting to the people whom she was supporting and he so that that was that was conventsin and she walked away with a with the a stack of papers of shame that she had to go through which i found in interaction the way home so you know president trongate her a little back handed you know action like that i've got some real quest because i'm not seeing any one that gave a rat's rear and about three and varlets or not fighting for it and i don't believe that that they were factshe's an onclenly and i don't i don't think that i think it was colin that cino carried the state for president trone you know and so on lismanin and marked fort on a been die her trumps supporters and i'm not and i'm not seeing that in so i just have a lot of quest this station been happening for years it's been happening anyway and now all of a sudden they're going to they're going to bring charges against the these are sad republicans is she there's more going on i i agree with you that it is a the whole ideas to hrumpen such a legal pickle that the republican party is going to say we don't want you as i can on greeting the doorassume i've i've all oatenade beginning is that that i've always felt that he will be the first round and if they do it's declared war on the american people they trot the they touched president trump it they they have they will have just declared war well that's the other side that they probably want to happen i want us to be in all into sight type of civil war we can't go can go into the fight and we can't load our guns and go out in we can't do that that's what they want as the can then they can swell in there in their power they can bring in whatever they want they can bring in the military they can bring national guard even though the national ganderbilt ry may be under the control not may be is under the control of trump they can still create a lot of poles so you want to go in that direction we know or understand that this is and that thing in so it is a show its gate okaseri lad losses good morning i read a month ago that they are agreed the end and revamping the shots oh please people on your tolls right and the sandstone her fear for questioning the election in twenty twenty four and brian says the common of lancinare that's pretty accurate so i i just think there's a lot more going on and i also believe that behind the scenes got as absolutely working and sifting people because ordering out who actually stands and who fails here and carrying the you know carrying the ball cross line it's going to get to her and that's just the way it is and we're we're goin to see her and find out who really is going to be faithful true too true to truth and who was going to stand for the nation other we've got to go through i think so schlemihle to go through this and we have to have it as public as possible so everybody can see it neither they're going to be people out there that i won't believe it like they believe that we went to the moon just like they believed a jay of k was shot by single bullet very nonsense these people are going to believe that we have of a straight government in everything is good and so you know they've got to go through this metamorphosis if you want to put that way to see what the world is really like you because i don't some of them aren't going to have revercomb i think that people are so there's so much mass psychoses coinon that that people it's like take the red pill people wake up and ah you don't get in the fight here and if you don't that's the pay worse still going to fight but but it would be a lot easier when more people want to show you this battle him so you're going to love this so thessian and i think this guy the thesis an silaris as fromerty project and so hang out here madamnothing about because it's worth it for a guy that likes songs you're going to love the scotochronicon now were it the ricochette arms that we may forever the fine and well we coleto the hat of men and with the loriotte right shapewith crown the right to represent opeeeenion that sortilegious royal the seenyoreena we will follow the cheesethe the lowther conessetagoes orders as onasioto that the race they drank our last resources with the tivermouth at chemoshincantations the the eschatocol stolenyoung one possessed origination on the way so anisospore the building of theirs to pronosticaron forcessocio lassaillier onso i played this yesterday it's the it's about five minutes fling it thesolution i think i'm going to try to get him on some day too and just have henley to talk to the skies there is ever all kind o here you know i'm going to i in to go back to the semites let everybody knows that this is this is worse it's worth looking at his sight because a ah he's got a whole bunch of things in here it's got what on ponds and i thought that was pretty funny so as i'm not a contessa so this is all kinds of things he's got on here so they i share that when every good the guys smart and likes a like the music that john like john likes you know self for the story he he he cornerso anyway so anyhow i can go into a couple of things here the constitute number one where we going john navigate the way in the constitution is he the wall by which government has the authority to govern without the constitution they have no poet they have no authors in this country we are the sovereign and we are supposed to right the laws on higher the people in the public functionary position to handle those parts of one that we follow or that we go under and and give them the authority to govern us it is important for us to understand that we do not have cost to chorit and the i hear that thousands of times when people are talking about second amendment is not my constitutional right millet's not your constitutional right it's your god given right again i say we got a control language because that's what controls the narrative if we have a constitutional right then they can use an amendment they really kept to that on the set on the first ten amendments but let's assume that they could they could take those rights away because the constitution is a human document and was written by human beings and therefore human beings can control what's on that document but that's not what the history of our country is document protects our god given right the government cannot take away from us under any sort so it's very important for us to follow the like language and not fall into the traps of the deep set the democracy for example in a we have a great delicacy no we don't ever demotene had it democracy have replied and republic higher people to go on a lance and enervating ton and represent and we have to get that driven into our minds as well as the lodge as are or have similar to the philosophy that they've been trying to drive into our minds all these ere such as we have it theocracy we don't have and so it's very important that we follow the language we listened to these public functionaries who are standing on a stump telling us about protecting our democrats now we don't want democracy destroyed democracy and bring forth the republican and we want people and like i said before somebody that's been elected says we have a democracy they should be thrown out office because they've already care committed to they have violated article for section for the constitution and their oath old and they're done but we the people have the gain control of that and as ben franklin said we will keep the democrat we will keep the republic it from all these other forms of governments that they tried to push upon us that we have to do that we can't relied upon government so although we see trop lie there one hotelthat her wonder what these may be it's our topic gineralise we were the lord nothing of this he had all the their messenwah broad cast i don't like what we're talking about just throwing a word china and let's see what happens nogales is get loose catching off ah i don't know then if the breaking up its bad enough that we can understand what what's going on a people need to say and people need to commit in their minds that we have a result now long with that prose we have to go back to because hereric a move now ye tis gone it's conoscitore but i there to there you in now we didn't let any thing to wit slow down just a little but then it may be led match out but i don't know every time we talked about something and portent the stream starts getting interrupted it's the craziest thing you have a lot of different hasleton your come maybe that's cousin he i don't know now i've got i've got so with i've got some bed and not bad okay so let me then say because we now understand that we are a republican form of government and that we have in fact constitution which protects the from all the criminals that run for office and take off because we find them with the chains of the constitution we have to understand that the glowing montepor and point this constitution in the struggle for this constitution is the spring court case called norton verses shall become why is that so important it's not because of the phrase and unconstitutional act is not a law and by you can bring that up that like them a third or fourth page and into the into the block into the interest a scroll up a little bit he have you do a little scrolling here several pages its like on page four or five into the slow down on the quicurre give going your not hit the amount there yet grosteste going keep where i'm looking for is an unconstitutional act is not a law okay just passed the number there why should not we should i should send you the document with all opake numbers oh because i i this is what i pomeranianthe were looking for you're looking for the last paragraph actually if you find ben passed that's the last two words and that paragraph there go i we found it as that stop back up the other way syria o sometimes he had gold you know at the very bottom that paragraph that says it should fit unconstitutional action see that in their other an unconstitutional lack of third sent last sentence from the bottom and in constitutional act is not all confers no right it imposes no duty it affords no protection it creates no office it is in legal contemplation as in operative as though it had never been and that's a very important phrase but that's the only phrase and a sting enough when i see that phrase sometimes in documents they leave out it creates no of so the most important part about this document the onthey were one go ahead then they want to protect the little scan that they got going on there to just keep eight inviting the more of their bodies so the party is like heaven if the capinera party i started with one rat and then you've got to hold ratherthe and of all kinds of rats and he cavor together she's the point that i'm trying to make for this and their several parts in this and i'm not going to go through it because it takes a while to find these parts in the cot in this so rather than you goin locate em i will just read some of those parts that are significant ah this was about a commission that was created by a governor such as the health human health sir human health though protect the sorceress human services adults protective or child protected services are officers that have no the two shells authority to have been created there is no place in the michigan constitution of the federal constitution that allowed these apartments others some people they have been having issued this the parent these the partes ah especially when when the elder people get in here becomes elder abuse cause the a dull protected services gets involved in the olonnais person has dimanche or ah it's not totally cognisant of what there's doing and therefore we have to take control and that we have to believe their funds and so we take all the money that they have in their inheritance and it becomes our money and then we with what a man an institution somewhere and we wait until they die this kind of nonsense and growing on and it's because these departments were created unconstitutionally without the constitution without the authority of the cone in order for this department to really be a lawful department they'd have the there federal government of the state government would have to go to the people and say we're going to institute department and we we need the point it into the constitution as an amendment if they don't department can it doesn't exist by law and i'll tell you what the courts don't want to talk about norton verses shall become so you mention those parts which you can't just mention norton as the key i'm just mentioning this cork you got to go through the cord through the document and find out those words that the nine supreme court justice all agreed to and put those words in your docket and then there is no question you just put martin this he shall be county as i've told you before they have lemonaded creates no office so they can give you the frase without that creates no office part the critical part of can't create an office unless it is constitutional authority so these people are really usurpit usurpers that are usurping authority never delegated to them by the public and he sets the proplic doesn't know about this they ratify it and they listen to these dens like when governor said work you know we got a mandate that you can't go to churches they listen to mandate she had no constitutional authority to give that mandate because she cannot make laws that lock and only made it be made by the legisl so we go back to the very basis of what the republic is all about we have three departments in government that is the legislature the legislature that makes the law the executive the executive department that carries out the laws that the legislature may and the judicial department judges the law based on the constitution is it a constitutional law or is that's what these departments were all set up originally to do in the problem that we have now there in aix from one department to and how a resident in these gets away with it he assigns the corporations and or other departments issued his mandate he doesn't do it but he says i ka a mason for example i use them amazon you're going to not shell products or your your goelets you're not goin to sell photics the people then ah will not give vaccinate in or will not wear a mass he can't do that she can go to the department and had or to the corporation and half the corporation while we were threatened by the the invasive railroad for our rapacity that they were not going to deliver rail cars to us unless we were fully vaccinated ah ah ah and i just looked round and sure were shot in it down when the attorneys were like well you can't do that i like watching i'm like we are not going to force people to have back scenes if i have to shut the thing down and and we're done with it and we you know i go sit throwing rocks in the water down and florid hour or whatever cause it was it was when it was cold up i supped we were were done and then when you look at the koonserra black rock and you know it's ottantantre afonso it's black rock as the primary owner of that and i was i was like i am not going to be responsible for killing people and in you know this is this is was i believe that that was what we were seeing right that in there and it's like note we're not going to do it if we have to get rid of things that's okay i don't care but we are not going to forngoing if they don't want to do and threaten em or courseseither with their livelihood in order for them to you know i i it's just wrong it was drawn in every and i know when you that when you were only place that was given that throat it happened all over the united states businesses were threatened everywhere you either forced people to be fully vaccinated or you don't get to play and oh i can't think of anything more despicable outside of actually giving people a depth so and now look at all the cancers and all the other things that have i come come of this and i want to get into it some point time the fact that there's investigator i've been listening to about how many people in actual cereal killers in the hospitals and how the hospitals and the medical or crenides them they move morand so that they don't have to prosecute on average the ever in the hospital by these on by these to a serial killers in the hospital is sixteen people that they call thou thou thee are all time winter i guess from this one investigated that he got into it he for he got into it right by accident nos was going on four hundred and selma four hundred and about six ah murders by by on a cyril killers fool was in as doctors or hospital workers in the hospital shocking but ye there again i sawwas the money it was we go back to the banks as the banking as though creates the money out of nothing and then we can offer people the cash on ponies a million dollars her million that unites going to come to an end coming to god not congreso theo says he the possibility of getting a petition that gets rid of the voting machines and michigan i think all we really need to do is have a good governor and that's about it because governor can go in there she don't not doing this a love so i keep having to refresh the yolks says that is my question that i write to work paper balance only we we have to go to paper ballots hand county reporting by the present no electronovision whatsoever a thesis many three later agencies have been unconstitutionally correct created correct extend to patrick down patrons asked the eye was initially and executive order that is that reactivated every year and is not a charter they have zeraerts to what their dory and the work there doing as the siding out people to be caught that are honestly trying to do the right thing by stepping forward and their catching a lot of people and i would i would assert that were seen a lot of people that are infiltrators not only into things like the jay sex then but in or in our political parties and law enforcement cause if you watch em long enough you'll start singing the patterns and the sick to gather so look at the connections and then you'll have all the answers that you need a right there don't you you'll be able to see groups of the nerve pattern they can't get away from their patterns back up a paragraph or two slowing a paragraph that we need to look at i am looking for the word the beginning of a part i further right there but it is contended that if an act creates a board was void is that it has no constitutional authority and the commissioners commissioners were assigned by the governor of sense were not his officers desire the shering meaning a lawful and constitutional one per cent right there were not constitutional or not the jury they were nevertheless officers defect is that they were put in place as a matter of fact and that the axes of the board as a defect of cord are binding upon the country his contention is met by the fact that there can be no officer either dissury or defect if there be no one so the office as the be created the jury according to the constitution by the conte by an amendment some sort of thirty that we the people have given the government we the people are we the people created the government we the people therefore must give them forty therefore if we give authority it becomes a de jure government or the jury but if we don't give that authority they can't make it up like they do fbi is made it made up by charter or by even by the legislature but it still unconstitutional or that it doesn't have any constitutional authority to so what that does in reality should be in reality is that that office can work for the president and the private concern though given formation to help the president of an so on its old fort but it can't be used and we've allowed this to happen over the overtone we've allowed these organizations to be used against their e pa is a prime example where they were only specifically to b a safety organization or they would go in the plants and say you know you got a should have a mass and shower glasses take the glasses and so on so to appoint that they were trying to shut down the coal mines in virginia call and gas mines because they said that they were polluting the environment they don't have ligatori they never did herring and the biggest pluto and the in the nation just spiono the biggest ones as epathen you start looking at the theban the rules to fit there to fit with the want that we have to we have to abide by rules but they do not basset it really is and we need to weed the fix that process but the older way we can fix is when we have an opportunity to stand and a lot of us standing because the license because of drivers like or or or tickets and so on in sulphur niven without a driver's license for about seven years he i haven't renewed it even though they said i could renew it he sent me a letter he got to ride your drivers license and you're like mag going to happen not on happen with the lancing criminals and mcgoin to be part of that organization so i did go in and buy vehicle yes and the guy says in all you want to take take a test tribeless ye give me a drive is like those i have the old one expired she so i handed it he didn't look at the date or anything he gave me the keys that gold take a spin which i did and i came back now i'm going to buy it i'm paying cash for his there not financing it in any way they now they look at my driver's license and they say spines so he is what else has so i wiped out i have an international driver's license in my passports so i gave him those and he went into the back room and did his hind that was okay that passed through they still let me get the vehicle and get the certificate or life therein and that even a card dealership or some of his selves cares is in and on this this to everybody and on the same freebody's in on it if it a youdon't ever driver's life some senili don't drive first of all anything i'm a traveller or a traveller there's a big difference there all so i i don't need to be part of the commercial vehicle and so i have argued that in many times and in one in court over those same issues but i but i throw norton and then the st no here one wonan's want to talk about he in public soul the whole point in making here is that we have to understand where we can use our power and we have a lot of time i just saying no and using the proper court cases in an anybody that in your listening audience that has not found this i'd have to do is typeoften verses shall become and read the case and read it to three times to understand the nuances of the not only that one paragraph an unconstant not a law but all the other paragraphs say can't create a de facto of well honestly until i met you i had no idea about norton versus shelby county in the one you you or you are a wonderful educator and you helped so many people understand this stuff and i think that this is the strength of us recoming together all of us bringing what we know so that we can help each other on this journey cause nobody knows that everything but this is such a pivotal thateris pitacas but there are other pivot cases that you brought forward to that unless you had put a lot of strong time in with this you wouldn't even know that these this law that these laws and actually exist that it will doneespecially job do menial down so we don't know that they're out there they're not teaching in the school system cause they don't want one elthe challenge the that's exactly correct they don't dwell i suspect the lot of em don't teach it in the school system because they don't know and and they don't know what tahasete chers don't know it because they've been through the indoctrination camps where duewhich are posing as universities an institution of higher learning and there there indoctrinate doctrina tion came you know i was pretty much not following the trends of the teaching profession when i was tied but i didn't have enough ammunition behind me to rely to battle like a unfortunately i learned that stop after i retired but even while i was at the residences this i was showing i was teaching drafting the drab american history government and that being wood shop ah an in my drafting class i shone a video called ah we were mooned the to that nature we never went to the moon and i showed that video and i am sitting in my office with my feet up on the furniture on the desk over there jatinda i my own private office the drafting room had an old and in walks the and he says and he got the taper in his hand now and now actually didn't i have a sitting on my desk he walks in a your showing something about we never went to the moon i sit ei did ide his is the sole bold you know the learning experience and learning on because you can't do that without getting the tape a pro he is all nor and then he says you know this wouldn't have been a problem the kids went to the science the apartment had started questioning the science i should have to grass questions that's what they don't want ye the science teacher says go tell your parents that thrashing this vineland for the most so the parents called the principle this as you know i shouldn't have been involved in it this is not my back you and the science teacher should have got together and added to bate that's the way surely eh what he said son i got involved he got it to in doing something i came to i said don't shock it again he said i came to see her he says good idea next time is to run in through and oh yet i cannot get lepre the indoctrination it was a good guy it was the honester what was going on and he news all for education so i liked the i saw where he was coming from a wise head and a ki nothing was behind the scene and he was trying to stab in the back o his of straightforward good guy so i tried working for then this so some time later we have a oh the airplanes hit the trade then you know nine eleven and i'm walking from one office from from the american history class to back to the wood shop class or drafting and i'm getting all this all too plain hit the trade center all the nicest that's im pos strategic air command wouldn't allow it number one number two we have the best rate or system in the act and are in the world and strongest militant and therefore three minutes of takes so plain to get up in the sky strategic air concatenation so on all of a sudden on the other side of the coin here so i'm somehow one of the kids brings me a video about the pentagon being hit by the by the and i showed that for the first three class oh no fourth class before that was lunch time and then so i went to lunch and then i came back now on assistant principle is in you can't show videos unless on all you run in through the system and everybody can see in assists all about educated it's all about the oneshowing all different sides right is on that enid you can't do that can't do and i don't want you to do that again i want you to tell me that you're not going to do that no i won't do that but by then four of the five classes of already seen it sir was and really to concern the fifth class that didn't see it will and so he's telling me that he had somebody that was on one of the planes that its there was another you know nother story being did you ever see the plains that landed and cleveland that had that was real interesting there were two plans that landed and cleveland that looked like the ones that took off from the hand where the trade center plains took off allegedly took her off from and they landed in cleveland and a whole bunch of people got off the plane and i thought that was kind of interesting because there so many questions about that that make no sense it was controlled demolition and i do believe that the bushes were behind it as well in very there is there is a lot of those being with that silver seen all of them they were all in on us and why did they do that to get the patriot act on the top they had what is it like a twenty seven hundred page patriot act ritentre days after to light on americans and use advanced advanced security allogeneity when it was caritat all it was to spy on and turn americans into criminals as they opened the border and let let let all kinds of illegal comitem this was plants eversion of the united states this notamounted stand where a more right now make no mistake where it wore and it's comitates some hard headed patriots to say ha oh how old and i think we're i think were there on the map of where we're supposed to be as were at the honos i think there's enough people out there now that it was not enough but there i think there's a lot of people out there that are getting the and giving the of course president trumps said he was going to relese all that information on nine eleven he gets back in so we will absolutely see the real story behind what was going on and how they how dick chane sent all the no stand down sandegard plains and others to other positions where they had to had their war games and other states and other countries fire away from washington so they could pull his of in corydid you see or with our president ah i baby bush there he was a talking proposichon eh that was kind of that was all kinds of weird and the words that he said i felt like like he was he was involving the kids that were there in andlike a satanic type ritual it was really the czar really superb and this is this is the that our country has been in for a long time and so now we are coming out of his and in order to do that we have to have the ammunition number one we have onderstand constitution what its functiones in whom we are who we are is the most important thing how we are supposed to ah be citizens all the country that has a republic and not a democracy were not a lacrosse again i can't say that enough there are too many politicians a public functionaries out there that then we have the more to save our deare very oncethat night test the like you jest on now and then there no that's so i like i said again one of the home the most powerful ammunition that we have is norton verse shall become the other her is downs first suspected and yet who verses the name there aristis was in eighteen eighty six case also and it had to do with that the chinese people that they said in a what you guys have you as are the authority not forgone you're the sort ah and so three cases are really important and those a toneither cases that we haven't even talked about yet but people need to beget the going up to speak now why is norton so important because norton is actually part of the cost in spring court makes a ruling outside it becomes part of the law of the late cornets one that's an article the of the young federal constitution that sense all rulings done by the spring corn o the law of the land this is and now actually you can consider it a an article or a part or whatever of the constitution even though it's not physically there but it is what the constitution says and what other constitution should operate in how the republic should operate sorties important for us as citizens so now these laws to know that the you know what ye can't make the fact if it was allowed in his the logic behind it if the government could make her the fact of it they could make all kinds of de facto offices ah the fact to obama made or tried to make and a resident of binrie to make office of information they're trying to censor by the sane thing that the germans under sine under the german the office is my mind the office of a in germany although trying to call the same kind of stuff here so they take it and now the latest was that they're going to have a i do it so they're going to take government out because government really has no authority change you say or to sense or what you say but bell say where while we're not doing it any more as so it's not part of us ship is not allowed in america yet hang out a second up got my neck gas coming on when we say how to omelet and michael how you do in oh good morning we were really going on a second ofendsenteco an open you right on ilka and something so i guess all i ought my my last couple comments would be that on wednesday we're going to have a live the face at nicholas on telegraph morphine set i could make it out there between five and nine have some bread with us some more stuff on the law and the that'll be the ones they come out anoienge her mail out there a case that body wants to get a hold of you as john jay taitor the rayah do come it is that's great and i might act guess and want to good you guys a talkin here too so that you can help educate him ah no verses shall be county his asses it's some of the other laws that we need to be able to face our defence on because i don't think there's anybody alter that more knowledgeable than you and i'm always very thankful for what you bring to the table you know with a lawn you know the laws that stand as well as the procedure is to use them to defend ourselves in thank you very much right all right so we'll see we'll see you next week on we talked about this morning we're going to try to do shortest segments i can have more peat land for a little while so i so i think you're being one to day oh my pleasure any time we can pass information on and get more and more people awake is open better offer he that also all right well well i'll talk to you later and you have a great day john and you paperthink no make o casei'm almost ready here guys mister minute and i will act itof that and bring my gaston michel michael j hi don michael i am loving it okay corneliafrom quickly here trying to do tricks you did you you can yea i can did you did you see the last length that i sat you and and i toasted to my mail i could pick it up awful by happeninganother i i know what i did or if you can if you can go to em a the last blast are chickerel men and see see if we can do that cause i'd like you to share the documents and the things that you have also so if you could check your email and menesson it to you this is okay this is what we do it's like real news for real people by real people and kitchen table you get wet again oaths he i listen your show this morning patriot set back and guys it was really a lot of fun i oh it there is a lot of friends on there that you know michael's a very gracious host adwises nine too everybody get in his shot out you know by him just a lot of fondness and two and e like the video in fact i brought the video up that you played this morning and we could put that up there if you like while you're trying to a powerful piece nicotera if there's a lot of information of it toopeople he to know that when you like me to bring that up with your connecting to what he yes i'll give you accoontable was this particular i have device of hearing and if i could work off my temishe taking his straight there but i took the child to his from the cold okay it whatwhat i no go head play this video and then well i'm datolite you time to connect i sonever cool what we said could i castigate you to send anything to night aeidousi you receive it at because i did sounded the one that you textthe the progression in todesbanden sending or stopped myselfforming out so while yet was orchises this cape from i just eeotsee and after tea as she is is absolutely incredible i got to the one that's the absurdity of life without god oh do theodosianopolis pigeon that's a good one too i'll i'll set with that when we can go to that other one too but let's go ahead and get this one will see from get you i on i hooked up with your talitha openopen on my here where my going and the hand of progress modern man is tried to answer those without reference but the answers the chinawere not accelerating the dark you are the accidental by product of nature there is no reason for hereticall oresteian a second year of menessee what's going on here it seems like we are getting a little bit of interference here to day and i really want to see why this is not a icewhy does the coming up my mistake all right says which you get guys got as it gets hard are lustrate out again and as the down on me state on my her of progress modern man is tried to and the answers the king will not accelerating the dark you are the accidental by product of there is no reason for your coloredthe in telling god his discovered the killing god he had winterton does not expand goddessmother over with all my logic wordneither le and god foresees pilosopers wat expanse of soapstone notelittle this is knocking his his too pers on the docks he was his life in relative to certain other events what if all the events are halting the interchange heloise mankind is thus no more old swanhild and what a cattymaran stretched for if life had he shoshawnee others thrasonides is holdenried for i spoke on his rather personal case or else the by products of biological evolution and social condition the sitewho pallors are right and whose harihonniaha meinento the son possible to condemn pressstill some one for the love shotsrevolver particular is that it is to laugh consistently and happily with such a world to the philosopher forteresse held that moral values are certainly expressions of personal taste and yet russell wilmette that he could not live that way therefore found it only long he and i quote incredible i do not know the solution if death stands with open arms at the end of life's trail the leaseholders for it's dashed ones i have been the resources other space but the answer is yes it is pointless we may tolerantand understand the gravity of the alternatives before if god exists then there is the overton if god does not exist that all we are left his despair finished with an atheistic world how the philosopher home of shock realized that life is absurd in his play no action it tragically portrayed the life of man as held the final words of the play might serve as atheistic montre well much get on with it montenegrin on hereby voice here second and i thought somatopleuric ararathe world of noteholder first thing i need to know about it i thought that was a really interesting a really interesting veto and a really appreciated that you played at this morning on in a patrician at such an honor and a pleasure to have you here and i might michael dead something he said i don't think the satin wants a sign to day because we're going to talk about god and you know what's what's really behind things in the satanic attack that we have on our nation and i inoboedientia in went to a not is not going to win that's his now this is the now back down channel right here it's like in your face you know you won't after we can use it though the cost on the screen you know ye didn't go it raged the outings the emilia come in or some reason by the others frozen oh my goodness that is so weird ye es okanogan free seeing yoscolo is there but i am hoda's really amazing as that that the broadcast this morning we were we were talking about norton verse the shall be county john tater and i was johnthati tution history lot of things and he defends he defends a certain things in court and he's really really been effected in good at it so we were talking about it on norton vesselwhich basically says that none of the three latter agency actually exist there they only exist because we have a allowed them to we have capitulated to them in such but there is no legal standing for the fbi theirs or any of this and that the laws are standing so so we just need to know how to use those laws and i know we love to talk to you about it too because we're trying to spread as much information as we can about how far from the constitution this nation his fall i too and and when plecotine these there when people find out the assad now no she insertedone theatreson the constitution too and i shamed myself to cos i could just now willing what siderodendron time about as some running on going who if we ever like the sample simple we hold these truths to be self evident all in crete that they are endowed by their increased crotonylene or is the common these ice a creator or life telepathy in the pursuit happiness what cool now that to secure the rights to secure protection governments are instituted among men these only purpose governments or is south to secure thories to riving their just powers on the present of the covered i don't remember getting a whole lot for sentiscere doing now she i did not consent to any of us i you know i really thought that we lived in in a nation that was one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all and then you wake up one day and realized that its ah one nation which is fighting to not be under god that is completely divided and that there's no justice for any one because the judges and all of the prosecutors are all bought and paid for by george sorrows the communes the markiss enginemen that an ice okay the neckarand there on her night in polite contentiosas when over we were whenever whenever any of the word any form of government any form of givenbecause destructive of these ends or as not securing a gadianton wife and preehaps thro the i just policyrepresented to the less whately become destructive of these arms it is the right of the people not then the people his report for is true also or to abolish his horse also or compass on to institute new government laying its founders have such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall he most likely to effect their safety and happiness usprovided will do sayingeven ments long established in soodan for light transient cause of that wassiboo the all three in a low foreheads heliscomys teased doctissimis old that he he indeed are so we isisosiris prudence in he will decline to coonsongs that which should not be changed for light and transoceanic ardingly all experienced hamstrong but ma cried or more disposed to suffer while evils arselle then to write themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are customed watch incoherent here your his earlier he uses for but when a long trade a long train of abuses and you ocasions cushing and read me the same object is this i desire to read in selma under excellent despots in was a antes it is the right come it is for to love scotto the obligation to sponsibility to capitulo said in her and show off such government so of such gotmeand to provide new guards for their franciscocity i don't know that bessie aleander to grinding the sessoneys lf in mangletime hid i have sense anything like this even though in my life contesting let you corruption and forinsecas all the stop but have i ever really seen we can do i i we the people that you lie above danesthey sending the sordidest ple o nay one econmica ii conterposition whispered he said got a stock wissen and started with the weed we the people and what we can do correct to correct this because we have all the power we just need to not play their game wollocombe of graceful brand new i onecarlitos wassailer gene got grand new one and you can tithes which you don't know how to start it up be don't not a wanted that's wot thesilicates competition more or loss more bitesome oneswales cool but the problem was now the judges or croppanthorn to what was he a we here this constitution and the laws of the united states which shall be made in pursuance and all treaties made or we shall be made under the socio tuited states shall be the supreme eoono supreme law of the land supreme walnesford so ananassa the judges in every state shall be and thereby ochsencarrete forgot that poneidista know it's maybe maybe we have laying the have this incredible to take the coat nosepaste constitution is the solution and evens on a a cosonages give him none of this note heck of and its worshipers concussation ship we get an delitescentibus in wine the horse comes will be fined strategists because all of this supposed to be established based in god and if we tried to do anything we can get ourselveshowever here that he lighthouses isorthermal take her westindies doesn't work radlow i mean yet it pretty athamanian the old weeding said the longer though and i regression westigatin this forecastle sitting down to the if the cross in as sinceritate ly on cretaceously sontiates ourselves true this yea and what they put out that i watched them and like the light on onshoulder i only thinking something it is an inane the recession wenaston that in york pretiosa in rickets go let's stop with you license witetlice of your coloquinte give me a brake when he had so many reconsigning then loosens the shaktas alligatoring newssince i like that a congeries and like that is really quite freshly work and have words was a kind relatedness it was twelve thirteen years old inside that i cossetter and at your last time he had the decivilised and one more frigates and the achieved to recall this as on the sustentative have the incense and in back my mind but i'm going to her who soveranitie seen his money an croissante be negative now here but the same i go on aware there is no sail longsister and cullaniore and by what i say that won't see how to know that his consommaient twenty he was pretty big cases those of a lesson but a true ottomaniser on the i nonresisting names round the christine ever shines personators balance of in here below guess all then they look at them they see and look not to anything happier to day close by to worry it is creoleswar their mine said is and that on fontenette from their simple coveton with their god and support and they get wayssometimes if no resistance yet no push catch oh yes my cooperated in spots made esperantist tortano they now stuff in the bishop now i sonthat weird but that he take what we call him the cool bad guys go they mesomething that i admire about them nothing is isotonic conciliates passeporto some sooseness these guys could any ch other intewestin more for in unity that pythique and take it has with bloonder a comatose kettotanese die ostioles compactor they see their mind wound the god they keep their eyes on that grow that this is so the etherized on the goal santoine that and to a pretty good at that have you heard of the secret component or the ither dead i i have heard that several things alluded to but i'm not i'm not familiar with it as ye know you are i think that's interesting cause i've i've started some of nosestate some of statesminster anism cause i think you need to know the enemy you know that for years penistoun counterfeiters only studied the real money they don't start the counterfeit money that's how you know the truth well i don't like i don't alienthat i wish he knows they know how cotachis it pasaconaway they don't show you contributes show you the genuine for mistresspossibly comes up that's how they do it to get the doorthe condition changes only fast criterion in but genuineness is its like toothbill getgood foreninst understanding scripture that when something falls comes up the spotlight say the money sangaree with that too but i am also and you right i'm also somebody who will jump in and look at the other side look at the counterfeit side too because there's there's patterns there that you can see and when you recognize the patterns and the connections it makes it a lot quicker to be able to categorized guy backed up badgaiyan evil in my opinion edited benbeni he begs i and you know or the interpretation gave as something and i know to imaginetomato notes and i were ever i get chance i read this ah the little isakson racked far and this was a long time go was not supposed to conwention sombrero down and hit the lechwe to the masters in i got a copy and pray and isle opinionwell you know sinosities know what when i read this thing don't look in picture you weresurely he exactly what their real ones as exactly what they're doin it's like she told you all do so soon to the light is too i and i speak in the teapot you composing lacily and steal the playbook and eringoeous de i take tablesanything the game for his wine or the policeman asistotle in place of it well but what's it wondering when she gonetowhat i called the contracted alectryon you can go talybont the sand is he called the contract of the illuminati what is that if i were to look it up on line what would i find she the seeseeahto of the secret covenant the woman at oh no as the order of vienna which is a bigger child countesshis to its dilettante out there in tracing anatomiquement with fortunate i think some overcome to the more hereof corisopiti these segarovna of i my candy rockefeller i theoretician yes the issuance of pure essence issued under the supreme authority of the jewish power and sanctioned by the jewish lost child pinaster ope and the ishmaelites as well here is the secret covenant of the usual more secret society long has she ordered of the note and and he or words so moved by an tessie in trying to find the others all kinds of stuff in here the first line in it he says this little place in orionthe first line is an illusion it will be so large so fast it escaped their perception as the first complete ah then what i found it here go let's see i can share the son letterscan see it on cool yes self this sometimes it is takes new montbarts i can use like ole pretty well and allusion it will be so large so vast it will escape the forsch the pope even in three pages long correct we will not i will love by cosatenense at perforationsand yeh i like and i like to read sir so i'm a little bit obsessive a got it and i can i can get on there and messaoud and tried to find things you know in rosesthough this but you susperstition is so making dositheos the first opening wine the entire stage the entire a gandelish propose it stands all the way back to the garden be the devil played out his will on eve and deceived an illusion and a legion it will be so large so west evocated there perception she will see it will be for of as groups and he could set up as a good son that have you out and he only seen his ensewethe people in the comforteth alessandra othersthese all that editor on the list of the second one we will create separate france to prevent them from seeing the connection between us that is so important because the gong these different things going on to their hasty connected regenerate in time know it howasever cooks the storeman foster comeliness my noetling about holiday the should how they carlate chelostoma tramontano awoke some because in one as like woman so much lonerganthe by one of those doing the sigistani yet in releasing dmence they are for by something beastessy in teapots and can you not know the connected the glacires on solved rely for much but so those sustentative of wit that erecting there was in this tree because the one to but because they are are suffered flicitant see when you connect between us on this example i i do impositions on isthis next line yet these we will behave we are not connected to keep in what delusion during again the illusion taking these holes was elusion something as old and the cold olacopotoo and easting about in a day like the coup the eve person geoponics conditions on the renews cold worked i couldn't somebodythis some time and i couldn't keep up to them how many wise prelocution lodged in we are hit by and the day is unbelievable ice in straight out not life someone saddled some making in the face but the matter of fact is that these lies are cast to the total we know who the father why is saysomethin songswas wise costliest scene harder for the average man he would know what truths and incoherentes with the too he behaves if we are not connected to keep the eosinophilie alive on the gold one singular this is the lady will be that night may be so long osireion be accomplished one drop at a time so as he never be suspicion upon ourselves is also prevents him is thus from seeing the changes as they occurred at sleeperin but on heartpatiently that's seenawan he looks this that poor red salootatory tells socialistic a couple of years now and the more is he who in one of the work is just stitching her here the people there shines nay i may in so she's longitestis awayand he had the level she know that sees sir kennethee hunted whatever issoonlush seven since i seen that call in the shots and when i got you that his challisuseless is keening the ossorian to down you've got he's got those denatured angelic being now dens of the compiacendosi the soft the once and realise that in you one o greek language shootest went about the shells they have and hierarchy to get her gentle old weather but ties on and pass with these gods catassomething now cer'igo there not arachnother not this is the thistlesfor god the steel was the saint john soeternes consisting kill and destroyed careful onebut she's aside come if you might have life i guess like have it lord bandon these guys when the ore and the younger the this is how they roll and the things they get everybody in mishepecotin and the same direction as biergalopp shoe dropped in tiastanes you sancho word and roses is thunthering then sees a worrisome strange in a chipolata it and i think agonisticon and understand before when you be resoositate as you go on any talk about and then if you just pushed the walls of the youstanding out of little father and worked on the conterminous sendwhat not long the boshies hechos they talked like drane who talk in sestos you regard the bible something which has to day they were trying is somebodythe desponding the bible because it was written by man on outpost which song said if i ledgeacross the knowledge what is a man who once yes one of man detected formation oresme up the onono was the sanest more god the protestant in the wild man addidisset o came right but the holy spirit spake through that man as he wrote down that's how the actor god meesairable one ohotorino god inspired the person who he shows to wait the certain but in we got and how he left us in his cool on god you know which coohoolin bible sisebut anywhere can only iconolater oleostearine secrestacion if i lineaticollis to his setting hioseai think of it think is thought of this mondrogone drop at a time is odd the word i not that yes very endless lessing isotheric legesseno another concentric that's hopedindeed from election the rock ecarlate up miss blue and she erovantaschad comensator entelechies longsthey have one before his ibiscures you think too there desolation and it's the end doctor when he can't blow it they show the pines heel why not to think or tending to he will do it sometimes so they're not all that ever i that they think he so they know they know that they are not very enough but sometimes we will know that which she did he do and what i have locked northeasting the biggest fool i was that so your son that the devil uses upon the people's fosters fear the great is a great eton and the cronological freezes you up and not astaboras she can out now and now your justly like shoot fish and girl they know green o the door is something that we old people can do as my love that the constitution along with cacascriptores because solicitous to astonishing i think who god he can this your worsted himself the bellinglise in writing a contract if you will his people i don't distancenessness that all things pertaining and to life and godliness goring the work in the knowledge of god but she's in a word o things i eat everything we need she's committed it to writing and these guys here if he into the divine complied he set this should never be written down as she never been known cocosates oates sorry sorry they erected every note masseuse oh nobody my third on your one on us is john for twenty four the fathers teach such tuition dandy looking for his kids these guys are hiding in the wainscot society he always hiding elltogatott here i met seeing relying i will behave if were not connected but then are connected there the shags the same thing or he doesn't anonthere is an an an pointers mentioning close sound of tram the cookery or carried on the stake the wilbenham about the cession because discontentetly physicists in your secret world there is a connection in oh we i behaved as if we had not connotating about in the teichid son cholesterin in tenoning and is the secret little thing the king all the bandage connected together extent would be aimed it for not connected but they are wishwill stand a ball while here in a wolstand to gods the relative field a very experienced for we know the secrets of the absolute denied she deynoot oh god that he exactly words was going to go on we will work better essherefat ingowol together how often always into the scene on always oonstate always the wossester at this children of be honfiust agorastis we wolwiche always and will remain found like blood and secrecy he not i know the seething pot had mired there i think about the the indians shot did any tribe the montecorno tietoisina hegan and they could operanter there onedescend tie to the escrito the necissity were all woke in together and then they turned the we busto in in the threshing out and this hogenwald plight and defend with howeverlike the thoughtscalled them it will work together always not no stimmon lock when you see this wonderful displayed consoles no bad down the dell and the second of bolander margined the giantesses on open was gone on a princess this is no corinto see because this is exactly what one out of here the justice one seems side but i move signore the people more divided than these two and one by the learned this is constantly putting down and mocking and disavowing his annoying giles has the actual evidence that might be in her true he would point edocasion to him who pasition adonis guys talking about it is not elsichtitup this is distant got them the boston store like the nonsensesame saying this is heresiesthe watchfulnesse me this coengineer bell we will keep there life span short and their minds weak while pretending to do it opposite me i got tonsons worldwide with to try to keep on and i standfrontispiece in what's going on with ossekeag buttonhole for the people's arms then and was iconoclast wiesing mycetoma seashore do he completely won is he in there was an i most lions i who much islands the people are not the andiocera and isistines bothersome of this people were then to handed twenty easily and more until until linear and locofocoism on the horrible thing yea had i had an he come well i had got a check and einhalligkeit sixty the tacoma we they're goin keep the liscannor ascetical of it in the closeness consistnot sister save the ansthesis the world forever one will levitical about that here but then a plain god here we will keep their life spacewithin a crick we will use our knowledge hopesince and ichnology in some ways so they will never see what is happening i just saw something we should not orisonsand we stored in the crippling talking in the finish telling how the theosophist ing with the poles because now the poinsol was here technology can ton like the one to china they can think of bacchanalian the senatorie a something in tongoose and not by the ciancime they ca tristanite contenuanse some of the technologies and satherwaite too much much deeper with this it would he go oh we use soft nettles engin accelerators and sedative in trod sedative in food water also in the air i'm sure i misteriose i shore and whiles we can't think of niceties so far worthier like florid never think else at their putting and the comical and sunset's pretty mare at right out there isn't it he and you won't have a damoiselle having otenesis they will be granted by twistings everywhere they turn washed his this one sandwort she kept the soft modes they spoke of will cause them to one for miss oh she on a wall times to womanliness we will trethewoll promise to find it sure from a many front members in the ascalabot all creates separate fronts and the last oontimeous to find the pure shorewhat old but so byloathsome in for he never on some or many fenshawe will feed them more what poison to the room next sees to toss will be absorbed in the skin and most to wash conscintis sisterssister we what the poisons will destroy their minds and what we productivism now why is that in there was a kidney other insteadnever descended to gettingworse or go on consoles is a little people looked into her going out i don't bostonconcerning this is hosspitality taste of candle lighted up icesimo sharp or as i would open with us for me is it such a right there as hexactly this is exactly what they does the british part of the started nitkomsten whose hold on the one wide behoofull john de john dyrchafol the fonder of the father of the forsoothe street he started the whole balbaithan a bite out of the sand estonnante thirty asserted eighteen hundred the mention thirteenshe went to bordentown forestalled that he could make do the bipartite or assentator etiolated and petroleum trunks so that in inspection and again they had gold and his old picioning no outreard is and is insusceptible to some day but i not try to change right i in tin to change its sustathentos on those condicionata could not hear he put a price by sanhedrin now i gondarino prototokos will you in him a little too much so acetoles the on protection historie its traneuse we had seen that word because seensitive tradition planted contake the back to glow hilaritywhen he say the best way to predict the future is to plan it in this all of this and in picking up from nineteen thirteen or but it goes oleosacchara cal proposes a bepainted the guys started natanisand started waterplane to remember this odeions or c or plan dropped in time and necessitates has got a plan in playful long pessinous so long teniers on the eyoteles they're a part of it remember remember the creek separate from the solouth architected this how they could pull off and how people that loving member isopolite the plane sing out and all ensinaste lishment of what is only plan and the tintaiter i find it are really and leasing setting out everything he went now and once you know those and you can eat any canassetego times by anything scalelike in my treating i am a i believe it will go powerscorea bit to know this of the nine know her you know onesomething to sadistic something was cerennos and impute word god in her life i talked of his discernedan rose when made what you cannot rise and is then like is this she said erityinen ledge is in sosthenion and his sofered stephanie lorraine it but pretty and in order and kindling i wished the stock in which popinot locked room and in the plays but we do not spaceas reading was a goin to give us a grated agin again i really i really want to be what you see that there you will destroy their minds and in productive systems is been in playful long time one thing to do echelons well notwith seen showing for to well leptocoridis stones or get its did you isodiametric so on hatfield the fief voice present what hemostasis by his cospatric contentamiento the show from missolonghi in tosiwitches o on the stage he weyeneither and bedashing populace says a right there she says it right there like like potendosi can be said in dointerposed i think you don't wish was a good one monopolisation on betraissed oblation on the twenty flandersended on hoder go on meetelie and for topology go do you not here when you said what was that clenialitidae coniston by he says any disisimo oh together i ever seen him for he sat in his testiness are have greeted i believe the greatest rotrod organisation in the history of how long what what was it michael what was the god of the gales name you played the clip on this morning that was talking about eating the children oh yes yes that lady there he'll leading a what's her name there were distressing an she's like the proctor of the father that she sononnawentona he chincipe le he says you don't show him she said recarriage themselves and i know that just i think for the most part peliosis at his comedy or his retired but making priestesses on f he says anywhere and then we happened to lie so i bossed but he told us that's another thing to constraine somebody has that question yesterday somebody is why do in chapter tells what then can do for the two it could for that said for hanselein and i don't know likenese although the navy its carissime thing he got orange with of the have to do he said something they do to mock us could he know tintoretto or was it something that they have to do so that if they didn't do find out we can come at em please he told you that already pikeses and if they could say this but getinto show i had glandless years i spent i wish oh anyday sest worked the carlitosvery angle one has of the straight line and to see see i don't think they are the only more so i guess it said you see she would deontopora there can then they have to do anyway so like a footing in when they have to pay havetherefore leave the pisteuon her wishie it would coasting is of golden goose to cook enos and it will operaglass qaidori with the obesitas shot out you know and five minutes later which can not be followed apocodeine and took care of dessication is something to be infolgedessen they have to because they can say well we told you what you do listen oh we on winapie at i got it too it's not to cook dainties in by the other week so lisle what they do and that you should but for rate whatever they have put in the war and fittonias gone pretty good job of comming and doing coming and nodding on society down you know we had a cup it was quenched the one chance in antisthenes a banded on the countries but we the use of entombed and those are the poisons in their speaking of as exactly as the messengers another by but were not the not yes i thought her an afine doubt how much we don't know some point in time you know that i think that we look at ourselves as as a the shining city on the hill here and the problem is as he used everything that we believe and good and i use it against us and that's that's a really sad thing and it's really sad that people are so tight into what they what they think is good instead of looking at the evidence of what actually is good or bad you know that i think it's what we got stuck with the vaccinations and now we're getting stuck without with political parties as well as ideologies not realizing the their youthat weaponizing all these things that we believe and to take us down and they're all things that distract from god almighty we like so we have to question outeverything yea and the getting away esittisin because and no lies to say that antisthenes oh the other are they one and how complish impunity felicity celibacyinto honestidade ponce in perpetuity of this that oenothera he continued to grow and go and go into an occupons ties on the only child and i stole pack begone or store and i looked round as ceiling but no beleather thought of nothing he think golloway isinagot young my steel soleniscus poinsinet to the point gettin nobody's done anything enitescis oh he just to carlotta parents something that's how we have been in capitulatory manner to this i think for years this aoutou light now is now this this shift messapus however and in inprecation to lie and think that i want and i dumped on other tangled because people before us didn't do it in when a lonely and pisitre ne and i though i stand by this ah because of the constitution of this in the bible of the to come since and lodging people in falseness shown have when executed according to the wall yes she whinstones ophlas is it because comes life for life ah was it chosen cried constantine every other country does it and we were saucerotte child one wish that the talecolonel de without bond edliwied yet in indication someone we were in a more out to do my kid for congenerate trying to make her as he got might heard that out of some essential fornia the end cushing to me could aforenot manitowaning on the point alivelasting on marabout months ago and if he ever davidsonsurf sidestepped work controlled that come he's got at the best work of his cool on his to lay and what is the depth and in an cantilation of the nation a child six ravacciano jake obove the traffictraffic in that's all he theeseeing put his tintotintino and break neck and most school like in your neighborhood than what they have books for kids and seeing them in distributedthis from age what pisistrate by the wonted to have such part or by the time the five people want to teach her desk in the sickest thing i essentine anserated in the society which after god after that he scientiae bandoleered againstthat on as well water now in many ways i i think he said of more procopius and cry wife with her ah we see this responsibly will you come isiameterne in love of god for our going to give the title something sides aelian i see i gotsomething if yes to be it's up to me he is to be of the week who we win the great right now certainly even in a state by way enosikhthon his cockiness on misinformation let the oniscos shirking the personate his strictly that the boston to get thethingerus why here or here but would cerocom and for your children yeah that was really all kinds of weird wasn't it but he not and ethingtoun off there and if that doesn't check your hide and knocked the dan tocache head oh the night be glad to help you do the no kid and then like like i hate to say it that's where you have put a boot right up there behind seventhan in about that yet i really do leadthat sometimes is the tragical lower shoonless hegonnentha they pressed the waters and one in colonisation and show best when years musical i command more from such as only a disintegrated fishes but i thought you are here and ledingthonis and i i well instantaneous or well as computius wanted to do to prove to myself i tetoteler then i shall toteecoo mise i bought i did get glimpse of berytos not an hour old wahnsinniger i don't he had a couple of college degrees without it he had not like onexperienced so owentawgan mottistone your brand lothinglandthe would that's wot the pan partingalone look for this and this planthere is an previniendo of lonoikahaupu and ii shoute a bit o and isisanything handbook and house owned in it some one heard but now in his precentor no in curing time i am not a room in history guide because i think a bleistrew been his athersatha not most of them were placed a time were passed on hotalmost this that were to wereanimation history i count as this is isimpudence ulation you see to go in miocene a year from now oh what if you will get to you now whatever you doing were you but then we ever you're in my now he's nukidete same then that what the way goes to god in gonosco be much much better than god bless it doesn't contentine horse but it would not be the same the intestine or complete retention the cover of entries we not only cried we shall be taken god constantly changing olisinko with more forgive me dear one i have the sole with that is it me in canine god bless america think educator asking the old michel where is it he in less america generic he knew shapes and that each one and here you all did you number one and no child trafficking yes i now starsonthesea over forty sols or the bones with forty years now i go on iloinneet thousand a year in the united states osismii that's a lot of giver and india you know it's like the questions that i have about that is where that we need to ask is where are they going and why is this why has he not been addressed in the only answer i can come up with us that they're all in it to protect his industry that they have for harvesting or children like far animals that's what it seems like to me is that you know were literally we've literally been turned into some sort of a weird or source or whatever i mean i'm looking for that gal that i was computer up there when she talks about eating light the children to that i'm really i hate to say it and that's a hard thing for people to come to terms with but a hen that they've set it out in the public and of times we have seen we've seen them fled out and it would be great say now they didn't mean it you can't say it as many times as we've heard this sad or seen the evidence thereof and say this is just a joke this isn't true there there is something happening there and no one's investigating it nobody is i know out the public at any rate you know i have a great faith that there's a lot of good people behind the scenes i do believe the white hats are in charge but the point being is that this is then going on for so long and it goes back to the bible i goes back to a malokand ball and all of the onknowleche beginning really of in case we don't know what came and between there because our history books are or not there not a reliable in very the books in the school right now most of my arinulih in saudi arabia so we don't even have books and or or or cricklum coming from within the united states any more were shipping an office sourabia and such so near were literally absolutely under a mind control situation to form our opinions are values and there all set against god that's what i see and in its its deeply concerning an you can't you can't want once you see this kind of stuff you can't on see it i mean i put up a video last week of a of a new born who or maybe a plate to abortion where a doctor was cutting organs out of this can and i warned everybody i said i'm getting your fair warning but it's our duty to look at this stuff because we're going to have to be we were chosen to be here now therefore it is up to us to jump in the fray it start doing something about said ah absolutely no not happening as long as i am alive i will fight this with every breath i have to my last because it were good to have to stand it for a front to god almighty and he's going to want to say where he's going to say what did you do to protect the least of the then if the answer is i you know went from one a one not worthless pursuit to the next i don't think the outcome is going to be be all that favourable you know i just don't and i we enweave to fight it when we have that many kids disappearing and that the crimes that have been going on against these kids have to fight it we do not have another choice and we were born here at this time to do exactly that to fight this with everything we have been at and never back away and no fear and no turning our backs on us none of this we have to continue on the fight i can i but himbelieve that no intessellation into or iheortet to isforce his reward i melanospores ing thing colonel beverston on faghoor the seeming long tioga on and iterative and i wish cosetore as some think of it in this thing and i polygenesis the expected longer than in the singing was tekeenicas orison in coronetone him and this canine restoredwas forth in one opening the car completedcorrected attewoode round in search insoorance and one conoposis kids it is the consoling then my god protected as the something he on notesomething if you like go do but dromatherium i don't and i don't like and corsican the carnation opportunities to whisking scrappily exploration some simple things like old charon come nelsonians poring on litotes sold someplace in some one portington i know i got nineteen thousand we were distinctly and that will can go let will get mother to whose on doneraile in thousand and in one day before home from the she wooes she completebones her in the three stages in the teleostei tolstoyon cads egshorted to relics yeonitemictli his radishes of filisofico on he definitely me people it have the heart to inoffidosi is lonopele do it is to intonation genoese crazy topothesian cansouneto much of this for the appellation was to get wollaston oceaninstead swat in streets we called the train was out tetrantheroides his kids and he andersonthomas are made greedinesse come no contraband on josiah was more or being some is is about this subject and they the constipation were in his tiessigned fortune angriote god's house of the swathed in there that's one thing i says that's the light of light thing is not much friskiness is still getting through the ties of the street and that the halecote ononoeomere in was someplace in holinsheads one gothische goes throughout a downstill now is that he was one cassiterides this has to be and icositetrahedron essisting election ever and to my god has now we come more millions to go inconcessos where did it were the hips where do the kids go when when you rescued the kids were typically do they go i mean i mean that's all lot and that's a lot of honestatis a lone to fringethat one sometimes in one instance with i read of screen plan was one nonentitarians which she only cooled and that happens on most of them were taking out of the now good old how protected services and praeconialiter nitentes of believing therein in the intracolic sepia's the largest of human traffic or in north america and that's an agency that does not have the right to exist and that you know it all all this stuff needs to be nullified at the these agencies in these places that have crept in the wall we need as one honest governor and we can write the entire united states in my opinion that's why ran for governor is to get in there and an unwavering way starting all fine and saying this is this comes to an end right now and then going after the perpetrators within poshishun trichinopolies you lie and i i believe that the paraplegiacs bowie or what mischeivous over tient tinland i want time and is now notenbeilage a beagle gesserit as pleases to you know in those oleron there they're going to be bruised in the waning when an o how onesomeone sometimes people censuissent things and i've been denotherwise in the moon got the lay back into a esaias on commission for ten mens soptat have ten and the like to be alive and thaptomys almost got taken out to play oh miss lethe complice sister but he had an able he lost in on the new gewoonte for and in the wondrous my charge toobeeoong on nenostamowin had placed some cinamon this we do dofolsocnes get him to this litigiso of in coniepp onesthe have a relationship with god you're going to to hear oscar and one sonoita ions no doubt to go no doctor snow tried on but ooestegite chesterton the so many opportunities had an enmity to people start his conteso many opportunity who was the gets to westings kids this still locked into it not thinking to you right wonalthough him i ganhotongen properties to be and then a long main close to the enclosure i could speak a shortage in subject with his point i desist him my heart can the right now and i want oceanrover in worehere in our nonimitation shiranamino the house of those esseintes of the number of men the highest should elianor held in eshontes with that now kay and about two ninety while no tentative jump yesterdays yes it is as discussing sintieses on lonetree honoredgod bless america i'm nothing as god to bless this i killrington and so think of basement a medicis cos god likethatthat first coelestis mortises so are most in and we needed de of the right sangbcoo casesto way because she say well then i olesale strong of height people shall be strong and do exploits this will both minimising the god be anthem you take a step which came to incarcerate estates to be taken and ask to be phasesthe its action yes sessionable that these was old words is dated in and an ant and considersomething which we obligastis something for every crust to the hard beach to do in the wars racesis king every god so cruel about making even push in different in a way made him that he threw that more lothinger dog that it and the world is glad rightwyse i do so both calling myself this ietorera i don't go like that much for it like a hissampoor and like factedly get this done i didn't give out of one twenty thousand to me i cieplice coquerette h on all he theaetet and her gonorrheathe this god says in ivinnison trusted as things life is his we wenceslas if we compare selve to each other a mise say that oh i don't know what thinking of me thinkin for pride which is the god members in particular street of the members in the body of the house of christ members in petitioned the sled lie in catecheses to keyword in these each in his own part each in his own part of less cool now decent enchesone in nobodies can do we can go with a similar whatever he did was smithianus culotte and you instantly because to you are you meetingyou too for you can do what you will do with him was god siding wherein to willhouse pleasure nobody else can do then to glen shining going into those cranes dark inoboedire est places the story closes it togeither deserted by betealde there oh i'm on wilsetas fit in otfrid these a ungenannter onspeeding a glass an there it contracts of learning and if they talk about their only two and the talk about the cohesion semicooked by the poisons the night i saw that that thesisthe sesterces by thencontent will be more twice and then said in her looking at it encountered will give you listen that will make you more sex you come back again and will you then more poison this is tired piastres and i know to chase it almost killed me and i do addack i had disabled horrible horrible i sent to me it will trip my cocky then that a man tolerantly to walk in what i do like the inglebies strained in a little chair ah no i don't sit on one each day round you can't get to idaho dying or o'shanter back will you go really really fast he didn't think did the one cross on oh yes costitutiones in gold the industry that has got people deem wished i farmacia equals which crack shade word in greek in the bible she would have establishes craft the bible is agreed old foreheadthat sawlike fratello i was soon called in lagenoides that word he well he does the coleson osses with crociary it instituted but it's about the sadness and a emprosthotonos my god you were bad but the string to it crow job and then the fun shoesthere making so much money a little chap in eeoappa kids we shall keep her my span short while the net i i lost was coffeethere all this stuff is not and you know hospitals originally were not set up as a closelet gotten is not what the design was we can find that out you could indecentest off an i said timesdistinguished taken to pumpsaint i look on the cinecitta horse is moustiers the nosologies sinopsiss in it was nelininen fifteen in john de i should be too word biesenthal to get time because it helytelen schools to jump all the bettesworths posecuting critical he circles cool that like i knows extravasation does in terseness no stuff came orthograde in his petronels he started the furnishing the crest is the father of it in the companies yet well certainly we certainly have seneschal and montepoole in ocosinco back agreed peoplesof the kids on pinceneis o k o kay you can do that god you might want resisting the first sod who sows where his son i say you cannot pray for a human to guess i can be and she necrosed that lilitte had as to say of the deshonestete rejection of god his song of hospers and i would one congarees in age of the luminary to one tied the deseret it was so cool epitelountes guise to cousin so saltationibus interestingand insidious and the onefootnote clan forsoningen estriberas one much to promise well i like you sorottenly and in heart to think that you're not going to go sanitation of the sin yes i'm thinking that escalator on her take down in you want because little meeting me had i not engraissent see where you will tonguethere king i want so like you chilliness me you now find telling her pienamente hinsolence o lovers care i appreciate this sir i precede that pretty i made my mind look a long time the girl i chills my case and i accept everything goes with that i owe womanmore he said that i should be the cover the side itthinking so i knowing how you saying that i am presided this note want to go it was coorteed thatbecause i didn't seem like you have to on the sheet there had guy yes his saving has for ever save as she but i think that they've been sold such a lie that of this down down as a good is bad bad as good that they they've lost they've lost their their way so so significantly that they don't even think these acts they commit egoist children are wrong they they feel like this is you know that they have the right i mean talk about true social assonyheit incredible when when a person follows satan they they lose all all sanity and then they go down into an absolute insanity and it's really it's really really unfortunate you know i'm really enjoying o this talk and i very much enjoyed going through that a the their plan their little plan i'm going to publish that to day and i'm going to need a break here at a bettereven on sonsince early this morning so i think i think i'd like to have you back on again though that would be very nice and she looking as i importantrescued about the time i stepfather wormewood o'clockas i think o the law or some o you know what i do that i kind of do the same thing that we at the end of this probainonti do the same thing too i don't pay attention of the closemouthed quhat my coffee that i drank this morning is fain attention to the clock so with that side low every back on again i love to come in your show i think you're delightful and i preciate you so you sharenot you're not ledge and the things that you've done especially the stuff on human trafficking i would love to have you back on and talk to that again out about that again i we could keep going if you like or we can come back on him to onomea little bit of a bright herenative back on another day and one focus on the human traventer of it and because it will keep petiolethe wishing so yetsomehowshe be really cool that would be cruel to you did you go down and tunnels to rescue i positionyou i been an i been it was those colette tunnel yet was he easydon't intolidcil with this acutely if the indexes i play the itintensive myself how for the hold potent like to talk giustiniano thing if she shortly instead her batteries then shortly however is pidiesen sententious and that dissective seen so does mediocri other ones and when alonethere nonehave seen them but i'm glad like to get into the little but because of toopeeshottee ago because i onetwenty nine now canabe twenty nine for eloweise to twenty nantaoli think this is stuff that everybody needs to deal with though and and i really think that i'd like to have you back on again and will well ginacont the chase on that little because i think it's important to focus on the one fact that this is the biggest issue of our time we will not be able to write this unless we have selections because those of the people that are protecting the child tracking industry because there involved their involved either getting paid ah enabling the funding a lot of em my think of already been black milder compromise but unless we remove this whole corrupt structure they are there absolutely involved in human trafficking we obstrepit and drug trafficking a on gentoo there are drawn a crow and the whole time yards and what they do to these children as astely despicable the the organ trance plants and the satanic ritual abuse were going to have to deal with all this because this is where the lead and i i know i think that we should all take a good deep breath here because we're going to have to toughen up a little bit all of us i remember when i first got into it it was it was the kids that really motivated me and seen what happened to the kids having to do with hilary and whom and all that sort of thing there involved and once you see that you can't see that and i remember at the beginning going my god what is going on here and i was so angry i couldn't even express how angry i was it was been going on right underneath our noses and i serve free and got clearly spoke to me said some of you are going to have to be incredibly tough cause you are going after face this head on so tough in because that's what that's what you're that's as you need to do is be tough enough to be able to stand in the face of this and not not letted on disable you so that you will be able to and that day sat and i think that that the messages out their clearly for all of us there is no backing now there is no fear there is no running away from this or hint our higher heads in the sand this is going to be an issue we're going to have the hit had on for the sake of the children and the sake of god cool is our friend i want not only to have god be my friend but i want to be a friend to god that he can count on in all situations because my will is there but it's by his strength that he holds us to go forward into these areas of that are dark and that are that need to be cleaned out i just i'm amazed at your story i salute you i applaud you i am encouraged by the fact that you have dived into these deep dark places to save these children and so much respect and i very much respect you in your efforts let's and thiswith prayer in the maybe we can continue to talk of wine a little bit so that out we can go would you like to pray it would you like me to pray in my boy solilary pride i possessed by voice once dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for michael and for all the brave people there all their fighting on the front lines save children tim balor jim caviezel's part in this the on the people that are on the border that are trying to rescue kids down on the border like on how their hobs and the people that are down with her and john fergusson as well as people cross this nation who are truly settingsetting the truth out for every one to see i ask that he was poor your spirit out on this nation that people would not turn away from this with that would they would step off to the ultimate calling to protect and defend the children or older are older population those without a voice those people that i had no defence i asked that you would please poor spirit out wake everybody up give us the courage and the strength to walk the path that sat in front of us i know that you're there and we have the well we want to follow you and we are thankful for every single thing you've done we know that it wasn't a mistake that it was planned that we are here now for this time and we are grateful that you would honour us to be put in a position to be entrusted with the job of writing what the enemy was satin what the evil has done we ask that you would come against all forms of evil the youthat you would confuse their plans that you confuse all the plans of the enemy that you would they he would just be completely in a state of chaos and lost that they would have no bearings as to where they are or what their supposed to be doing and we ask that you or turn hearts towards you of good men and women that they would turn to you because this is impossible without you leading us out of this type of evil and darkness and we ask you to do that we need you we we desperately need the relationship with you your guidance your strength and your discernment in your wisdom going forward we have nothing without you and we lay every single thing we have at your feet everything we are and everything we have we lay at your feet as her good father and our friend we want to be a front to you also and are willing to do whatever it is that you ask us to do and we want you to know that we love you in the name of jesus christ are precious saviour we pray no sothere we go so i'm going to go had in and this right now and let everybody know that you're not alone we're off their fighting for you we love you the our onomies the enemies of this nation are going to fall and those that have hurt children that have committed at ringaste are down they are going to be done they think their smart gettin away with it they get nothing past god and god is not going to let this sutherie is coming very close to the end and as that time comes we will be sticking together even closer those of us who love god who love all things good who believe in justice and liberty for all in one nation under will not fail because god will uphold us with his right hand and will be able to walk right through it so that sheegoroocoo i am not conceding i will not concede to evil liars cheats and thieves and wore on to continue to walk our way through this for what that flag mean something and in god's law made something he's written it on our hearts go and have a great day to day god bless you god bless all those whom you love and i will say it god bless america with his spirit being poured out on all of us his favour on all of us who truly are america we are america the government is a bunch of usurping satan worshipping child murdering ah evil that's what they are that's not as were better than that and so you know what we're going to check ourselves we're going to go have a great day and we're going to make it so we're going to choose to do the right thing don't lie cheat steal stand for everything that's right no fear no back now no waver and we got this so have a great day i'll be back on to morrow and i want to think both john atoran michael day so much coming on to day and sherry there wisdom and their time with us so have a great day thot's e sono