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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/17/2023 - Human Trafficking Special Edition

Published Jan. 17, 2023, 8:06 p.m.

A group of researchers share information on human trafficking at the border...exposing and asking questions about individuals and activities which need to be asked. We are asking for your help - get a pen and paper ready...join us researching and spreading the word. They can't hide if we throw their activities out in the light. Save your not contribute to felons who pose as humanitarians. Michigan is also a hub for human trafficking. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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hi everyone welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg and it is a january seventeen love that number seventeen seventeen seventy two thousand twenty three and were doing a very special episode to night on human traversing huitrain that it may take every one a little bit o time to get the hands around the information that's shared her because there is so much animation that these wonderful people have been compiling and looking into it that is it may take hold time to get our hands around but the crux of the problem is as that is the same as that would be seen across the board and politics everything else we have a bunch of as sisyrinch of grifters of course it down there at the border who are askatoon ions and pretty much our part of the problem rather than actually helping us and i think that there is a lot of questions that we need to ask men to look at their backgrounds i've been talking about that for a long time on the people that are in office that are running for political parties and such we don't know these people are and were not doing our home work and our de deligence in whom we put our trust so for what regiment craterwhere we're going to come in to night and we're going to try to explain and that work that's in existed down on the border which is that which is taken advantage of people's are and we ask questions and find out might my first question of an ask anybody do you think it's a good idea people who have colonies and have had the any of proven criminal sexual conduct in their van background or rape of miners in charge of children coming across the the first question as and everything falls down from there so wore on i invite everybody on it and introduce every one here and i think this is going to be a really interesting program may god have to bear with us the little bit okay you've got me at the kitchen to evil i have my own staff here and we're going to be walking through this and uncharted and uncharted areas bear with us gapan this paper because we're asking for your help we've got the lots of rabbit trails to go down this thing is got tentacles leading into so many different directions you're going to be shocked and i think the more we research together we're going to find out more so please join us in researching and bringing the facts to the forefront if if we don't do anything i don't know of anybody else is going to we're going to have to get out there and expose this stuff and say enough is enough this as now so anyhow welcome now re one how you doing good how are you a wonderful so we in to lisa shannon i i look urtha yes okay and and i contend i in campion i oponente you how proud i am of all the work that every one's down this is williams and of john in let you kind of introduce things i'm going to acus the documents behind the same here a little bit and and try to try to bring things up in an appropriate manner to stay with the conversations to going to have to come a little bit here so that when he can make the semeseme program i guess and lots of quickens we have to ask those questions the things that don't make so at all so go head throw and let's let's start the so we have here on screen we have let i came to know lisa omnimodis kind of howhowi came to know these people and then they can tell their story and then we move on from there and celerities weave ten trains for a while and i got to tell you i have i really appreciate all the work that joe does and i have i have never seen any one who does a better job of organising information that's in fact how we met i started watching his work and i called on one day and i just sweet talk here because i've never seen anybody in my life that has the ability to organize information in a meaningful way to get things in front of people so that's how we met we became friends and i am very happy to introduce all them to you have to all of her too on my listeners because oh the this is a very significant individual so at first of all a this here this whole situation here is not me this is a theme it's taken almost i say about twenty months at this even get to where we starting to find thee the really really really bad old time we're doing it we've been attacked we've been of nonsense the longest time i wasn't until they figured out that i had opened i think i'm going to see if i can change the page name and make it a little more broad and name it is this like you said does have a lot o time so what i'll do without explain how i met every one and then you know you can and i move around and just ask everybody in or how they came to know this it would be the best way to start i'm so with a operation on zero nine ah this is an operation that was out of it i jes through a channel that i was helping to admit on to i met him through the edmond chat where we would talk about who need band in a lake as somebody sparing the check and somebody get that first on out of there whatever with adsint i got to know him a little did not like super well and he comes out and he asked me if i could build the webs i can build webs ah that's what i was and of description i have for this is kind of ass at least and was there was kind of but like here's joe lisa and the man leasthad to figure out while i then learned that they were trying to therein the process of trying to come a nonprofit ore amarinth early stages of it it was during covering was taking longer they didn't have a whole bunch of money to a firm to to do all the legal they were doing not by the ah till i said you know i can do this so perche for you and i can get it done nobody argues that that's what i some time around the end of on august there was a big fight between this guy i mentioned joel has smith of pensioning in this other guide who now runs something called ordering name is jason they were trying to kind of team up during this whole and explain that a little bit better in a moment there is a big fight all out from all of this chose sides even now the jason guide the i'm just trying to get the website done for them the way they want and all this is hope later a couple later i left his face book that ere for little bit not for too long come back twenty twenty two early i still go on of a sudden that the attacks this joel guy has started doing on lisa and the man named mark were part of the board that they beguiled to have to have an empty were still continuing and untacking these are awful attacks they use them of fobing him basil men all this stock no evidence for any of it stuff they did put out with senit was gibberish and he prefaced it with his big long story and then present nonsense a pattern they have in the people that follow them don't look at what's actually there they just was and don't research the i come back in twenty twenty two makes some new accounts on face book and i set to being attacked he is none and i snapped my said you know what i'm i got i got to get in the game and help those people i can't watch this any more it's they got to know them and i knew what they were saying was that went on till as some time in may i decided to website and twenty twenty two not the website of facebook page and twenty two operas or a cononites we started it exposing like just little lies that they felt contradiction spiral me so with that being said i think i will pass it to lease next because she was the next one directly was affected by this like so and was the one that was actually on the board so she can explain a lot more in depth on that level on moved i so i parenti was the see of what was tensennan that was very short lived it was just an idea because one of the guys i'm not sure it's okay to say his name or not but he he knew that i was doing some soft and i had a chin with me at the time i didn't really tell anybody what i was doing they just thought that she lived with but i was casting of family out at tate i had so when he found out exactly what i was to he kind o took it as his own and he ran with the and so that's when him and i had talked about it i had told him he loved i be doing since i was seventeen years old or so i took any children and it was too kids the man was prosecuting out in present california and that was the first one i had ever taken children and after that is his after kids and helping families get their lives back and bringing children in or families back to me as not in round with it which would also katewith because it was something that i had already been doing it wasn't in any different the only difference is that it actually had a name to it arms and it didn't bother me i was bothered by it and was it my idea no it wasn't and i wouldn't say it was my dear but it wasn't something that i was the was an already doing the a anastomotica ing now no help you in a way yeah yeah i didn't i didn't see it as somebody taking from me either i never saw what in that way nor did i see it as he anybody because it was it was that i had already lived or and so some one else was just going to make it what is going to give me the opportunity to be what a help even more people and knowing that there wasn't just going to be one other person that there was going to be a group of people willing to do it with me was even better for me like it was one of those things oh good i didn't have hope to help one family at a time we could have we could help multiple people at a time and of course knowing that you have do you know how people do background cochiseyou have to when it comes down through an organize it it's a master every one has to have a background check you have to do that when you're an organization now this guy did know what it was to have it or a nonprofit organization he had no idea he was completely clutches as to what i took and that's where marconi came in where i had already worked for an on crossed organization that assisted in the families that needed help would selfsufficiency and that came from a work of light taking lovehow just bathe the child to learning how to budge it or even write a check or even just being able to purchase a home and look in for its own more writing a resume whereas mark already had a non profit through out the church that he attended so we were very very familiar with what it took to get a nonprofit together and how were to be raised and how a non profits work i mean it's in the name you don't haf it off he i and so it was mentioned at once were you under a trust fund his children's and now was an immediate the time wasn't a red flight we just the smiths it for what it was we did agree to it we just sat there quietly and one of the things that mark said it was we don't even have the money to do it we have to do the money's coming out of our pocket how can we get a trust fund for your daughters when we don't even have the money to find what we need to find right now when lisa and i are paying for every oh and we were let mark was perch machines out of pocket we by every we had one donation of twenty five hundred dollars eh and that in was made out to operation engeronne it was not made up anybody else we have a copy of that put away that we did not share with him because he was not the owner of operation transirint it never had to be shared with him nor did the banks they minced ever have to be shared with him or any one else at that time but we did here some things with him knowing we did not have to do that his name was not attached to anything has never been a catch is not his and legally and that went on i'm anycase we did not to her or jason franks the mans we were black male we were told by jason frank that if we didn't do if we don't give him a thousand dollars that he was going to tell his community in but ever he planned on telling them which to this day we really don't know what a plane now he never referred to his community as people are people that helped them he referred to him as and when he said when he needed help he referred to them as the community as well it was never she it was always a community oh he always said that he never needed to ward because he had his community that would find it you won't there uncalled there is there's a lot of things that's going on out there in the political realm a cross the board and in these non profits or or these political organisations there in there's many of the they always to have that that structure of a cult in called following of after a personality like that right and so we have it on we have him speaking its caption on their were its i do not need to i have a home in its caption and you hear him speaking that it is very clear it is not muffled and you cannot get it any clearer than what it is now this behind that i don't even know her to thought but moving forward they didn't get what they wanted they thought that i would eventually just state quiet and not defend myself and so the slander went on i became every lease on lopes in the attire country i had so many go on me accounts i had had verses that i didn't know exist i became harald i became part of em thirteen i became a human traffickers i what else did i be caught i was everything under these it docks you as well i if you go to the older or operation tends to nine and then go to erin ah you potos of where he docks her and then dragged about it put out my address i don't think that early how wrong and formation so would get a widget spread around to get community they put out my address they put out my minor sons a you and the class and they glowed about it they found it humorous that they were able to do this and i didn't care and they've had no remorse in in fact even several times after an i'm going to say his name because he's had no problem saying my name joel had casionally said my sons several times after up until probably two weeks ago but not only has he set my son's name after he has given my son's name to several people on after that and there's no way that i even spoken to some of these people for them to be able to have my minor son what for on the one disoyent go to operation tends to nine and then you're going to go to aaron and then it's those three files right there start with one and then two and then number one is showing him a dock ere we got her address scribbled out then two and three shows him celebrating the fact that he or that he has every girl so ran up to there you can see where he osrades ah you might need the dome so a little bit if that's so and then he posts other people that were still involved that's when he was a turn he had done turned on everybody in operations and juniores so there's a where he docks her up there the next moto he raging about doing so that's okay that person circled there as a local law or spent a constable joe has i see them celebrating each other's existence right there in comments joe calls everybody his brother that's on his side every one else who just makes lies on the next photo from this one here as at least i never trump or which is ah as about him laughing about how it's a as she in the circle are i do must we got the rock violet there but you could where he is under our pa actually in the circle area celebrating the fact that he knew it again i think a super nice guy we do have his background check brought up their things like poor of the innesigenes and public in the salting is it will not peperinos there is no use island charge on aft and as in the problem is is that these people have not this done it to my family but they've done it too because family as well and they don't it to other peoples families so they do not err about anybody at all and that's a problem it's one thing it's not wanting to do it to somebody in that man it's horrific ah for them to sit there and do it to people and then to sit there and say this is all about the cid no matter what i'm going to protect the old you haven't i anotherof your children with their full names together parents thoughts her minor children and then they said that they called in reportcost to have your children taken away and we all know what she teases all go so in his haste larger or name athens and information out here to try to insitiency or harm dease you have a voice and your trying to speak out and states all these people on the screen at the nerve pass son i questions not followed blindly like some in their comments to but say what the heck is going on i mean with lisa she didn't necessarily ask questions she started getting a bad feeling when you know people started using things you're not and here mark abandoned the post the whole prospect was as well the black mail and had basically what it sounds like his that you started something that was very good and they came in and basically took it over through infiltration and then kind of threatened in threatened blackmailed and and turned something that started very good into something very bad is that crack it does seems to be the amount all of most most criminals that there their kind o the kind o stupid really they they they can never do anything on their own and all they ever do their parasites is they live off the work of what other people do take it claim for their own and the corrupt the hack out of it and then use that in order to lead other people astray or take advantage of them in my cot why and see it here's a thing which all he is going to sound weird but i am being to say the something about him is he's very good with his words he's very manuniti and vindictive with his word it's very easy or he i say well i believe he he so so good with his word he also shares s and stories about things that are thus out to we've talked about for example he'll share those builds a he builds a trust of sharing the true he lies about every day people you see here and here on the one sunrising there in or tamsin that's another thing that he does he he doesn't lie about the stories he puts out as far as like child trafficking and so on and i might be a little off the wall to normal people who even but he does help what gets the attention on him as being a truth teller so when he says things about people like litanischen on joanna or myself or any one else really that i you cannot hide his and agonise i talking about children and animals and that its then they build their colt following when and what of the one thing that he does in its very he'll go and her mention one of us or three of us or what then he'll go and post all these stories right that are all true and then he'll do it again he'll go hand sorry that i have to tell you everybody and i just need you to know that you will exist and he'll he'll do this long long story so that we all know it'll make acorarinon within the first thirty c after the first thirty seconds nobody wants to read the there's other more important things on faces people will coronacon another stuff and then okay you were too only caught me up thirty seconds horapollo gissing i'll pack the god for you let me call me withinnot next and so he'll do that and nobody fully reads what's going on and the actual screech short sees though that's where you'll see the truth but nobody actually gets the option bantam to be able to say what wait a minute guy there actually saying this and this and this why are they sank why are you in hey look yeah i throwing up aluminised and i've been why are you sad so and so was in two thousand seventeen but a natality it was two thousand night why did you put it i makeson's name out why why are you pon your daughter when hospital at supposed to call sepes why are you make people won't take the time to do that because there is a twenty hours story that he just rode out yes have you i can give you an example go ahead done i know you entrete well what the the a game for ten o nine was that they they could not get the could not get abroad non proponit he took it over and then what happens still selling thing so selling things i would something without a non profit statis and he openly they did nothing help kids on his own okay and so is there there say veto that i have up here is that something you'd like to share right now an that's a video that more perchance but the person at the beginning is joel it would introduce the audience to do ah this is during the time where the he was fighting with jason frank so it is relevant to the conversation rightnow i had no i feel it could be played on you ain't he i think i hang on to second on one day in a sense of oneoneoneone one of my one my pore and his only idea when he didn't get to say there going to speak expose say is to hurt everybodywhat to eat coming under their calls from an recorded it must hold the call up posted his rowters spirotricha theascaris choose god though why pride cantocasino le you get to see all we showed you down we showed you the one we shall give the canonico by the cartilage we showed you who those phone numbers with that to the adverse of the people their their criminal back ground of what these people have done what they been in trouble formed incarnation of weapons of mass destruction or wi supremacies capo she promises catches he promises cases clericals got to why pride than to contenson betake promises the premises can we show you who those phone numbers would back to the adverse the people there their criminal back round of what these people have done what they menetou form with in the room carterons duke for most i says to merica all the way on the side and a this case packenough he was fourteen hands for tollemer on the side o the ventadour conceler over her and the kid of the united states border side walked up the wall of the gate righthere fence on the road so this poacher and his eyes the cartel guides got a last hope then he tellinghis kiss then what will get the translation on the one we ask where what on that i was told he was telling and kiddo he don't don't talk prickly got in to stop as it that's what it was timed to start break it up caredbecause it was so i have a big question about this why why are these organizations there involved in on the kids come across the border in the first place rather than a or border patrol who whoare these people and why they just camp on the border and why are what why are they just what's happening down there that these kids are getting through their not being there not actually being helped in their getting there in the hands of people we don't know who they are there is no accountability to any money that's going on or what they do or worthy kids are going or any of them am am i asking the right question i mean that's kind of what we're all one micalike i met i i am that i met nica kind of after all this fall out from this happen it was long after ah lisa and i after the allow happened we started investigating some people surrounding andronie we were up at late at night looking at google earth and all this in that the after i left base book or whatever my on one of the i think it was last year i am a little while now it would have been like anyway my father passed away i laughed for a little while he joanna ah then poncallec table we ran into his how everybody at and niko's well i i met up with nice fer chaps section i saw her questioning joel and that's when i noticed like interesting other people are asking people are asking so that's how this was this was kind of horn this isn't the whole theme but this is the other people that they attack a lisa you haf off where i think you were tidebank ground check on jason and you he is merely yourself sided the background checked and and sighed the background degacher and lo an behold oh there was trafficking in the identity of there was a vehicle stolen over five thousand pounds there was drug drone charges that were felonies but seen not only the jason have those same charges to solitis girl prince less white so had the charges except paris wardrobe and so i presented those charges to go joe came to the house pickles charges m and i think i'm not sure if everybody is mute maybe now what was he a adorasen yourself oh so i picked up those like that those joe came to the house the night before picked them up shouted to him said we have a pole i don't like what i'm saying and it looks really bad he can not be anywhere around operation tensioning whatsoever and miss ring he hated me and when i say hated me he hated me parently i was never supposed to know about any of that at all oh it is he was terrible that your sly did a background shocking you checked out that what they were and found found problems and your spouse to do that worry well she had a quite two by laws while i in tollentinates proposing they made a big bet like they literally made a big deal about her doing a background check on that as the board were required to be it have if a man is the he wanted to be on the board oh you bet on the in here's a funny ting not only did he want to be on the board forced himself from the board and happyfor themselves on the board was through joe who was never on the board joe didn't want any ties to being on the board whatsoever joel wanted here's the best mare he wanted nothing to do with the board or paper work example of that i look for no et ah and so when we found that out that became a came a problem and i became is worse so i'm in that same joel has smith older under operation tends zoonin you go to joles and then you go to the you will see asking other people to be now no currently claims all these people stole his name and his brand from him and tried to silence i hear you can clearly see him asking evaporation tension he doesn't want his name on any atter fact until very recently for whatever reason in taxes either because that would require having his bekais joe purgeing with the burgher king cause he eats there all the time you can see right there let's set up a deva for now avoid all see and get in touch with legal you mark will you set up a deva in your name and i'd say you and lisa and maybe paul have access but you lasses that's just enough that's just one small example of him not one she it's an odd thing that you want to have this organization you claim is yours but you don't want your name at at at your legal name so so ye after that and becomes my my enemy very few not a lot ergotine that with a sendin't know is that i was already on the jason prior to and i had already known it it ready known about jason's struck habit when i was at his house when he was out on his garage this thing in his garage and when he would close that laptop by reddy knew what was going on in that lapse i know more about jason than jason knew about him if they thought i was at in i just wasn't nave and the fools or in there an i might have them and i might not but i might have him on my text messages right now too i mean who knows see there's a lot of reasons because there's a lot of reasons why he hates me he assumed that i knew too much about him come to find out he was absolutely correct and knew a lot more about him then he thought and that's why i became his ismenaces the chaps to what which organizes and jason is attached to jason separators is where he claims is more ranges occasions wondering if i should put that with that tree up here met he can see her talking about a little bit the th there's the i wouldn't call higher ups is we were trying to get all this together so i just made two separate ones there's the people that they use to a kind of attack people intimidate people and so on that's the one so do the actual organisation hierarchy on that's it it i'm now this isn't to represent whose higher lower anything suggestshow how they all kind of contact ah to go ahead hard was that nice that was me be got he can knows more about the top guys than any i think any of us sit here until there a kind of start to dig on them pepe we all kind of know about em we can get into that and a little bit ordering gels there on the right that's jason's organization then there at the bottom is joel has a a kind of a all linked together oh let's say i'll go ahead and say maybe joe doesn't know dave lincoln directly and sassoon not necessarily true but this is just the kind of give you a map so people who are may be keeping track and right in the town as you ask may be kind to take note of this and that way you'll be able to be out a little bit calefacta at one time didn't know each other and that they ended up knowing each other for years sounds like a political organization where that with much achoison it because they all worked the same it's like this like a rubber stamp situation when there's an entratra ion that happens so see on and you know what onaisyoh take a look at the way they all the all speaking the same language and it's really not money but i mean a kind of his but they all speak in the same language it's like you can't tell the difference between whose who because there's so much i like it's almost like they practise it to the yet they if they talked like gonocoelic traicter china o mine control you and bringing also for example joel he calls everybody brother brother brother i don't know if he calls women's sister i've not seen in forgiving which though but all the member is others and in inhe'll end every post he may in a show you an example of this second just to illustrate on every post he makes everybody here that is on the show right now citycounty ends with the hash take operations sends one if you go to the joe has folder ah back in operation tends or nine and you go to number three rate out in the main folder for joel has a face book admits oh and i love you the yet i love you thank you for being here that's another canoeist on is that which would i go to so operation and so nine and the generals and then number three right out there in the main older there is a boase you know he doesn't the name that he called woman walesmanchester yes it was singularites followed oh i think your body's adults here you go out and say that we of prentice we're just pussy then hear a mint so this was his big story here that he for whatever reason announces the face book that he poisoned his daughter with his since changed the story about what the mazar a how all does it match up with the kidney failure a line here at the began but he says right here he says i have serious histories with growing up when i am in kidney failure i he's goin on kidney failure for how long leastawise i i've been giving many its two years now you should have been dead by now yes i've been given many medicines to help with this including one called helde you miss shellshad all but it no what how all is anybody listening right now gee look it up it's for as then he goes on to say that he she was throwing up so he gave her this helde and she ends up in the hospital and if you look down at the bottom we don't ever go through the host it is on that page operations are hash take operation tens or nine at the bottom so he tells the book about how he almost killed his head by illegally administrating a administering a prescription drugs to which is to hash takes it with his hash egad that's what we were talking about the thing i guess would be the word how as far as how he talks about women like nice said if you want to play the video that would be number one talking about human trafficking survivors in that video and you can let it roll he used to have this entire video up on you to cave which very oasis number one it's mark number one talking about rising but no solennisation on artis this disabilitie it so ye might be a video file but it's ponerotaton file here you don't have to have on a better gatheringthis is for those of opposition on was that busy raised the you are a lainoisi that children at a friendthe he turned to a piece of being to come a bag and this the mind said that it was left at the aristolochie in the attic the mettlesome and at this the vestige then an that's why tursiops and thersilochus osterspiel the that's that's joe hasten behind the scenes with his body andre van we'll get into him later eh that's how he talks about human trafficking but he cares about he you heard his friend laughing also when he said that like it was so that the actually discussed the getafe people he released at his abidence against somebody else ah that's a whole another story we'll get into late but an act alisa we have and up jason began attacking her his attacker as recent as the said she was cared to related to multiple cart and so on it's still continues because we're now exposed nikon the other hand they also attack her it's just somebody we haven't mentioned there would be on the other the organisation or the follies on a camera here so discolored contri to follow our retengan ah no henochstein where people are speaking done now whenever you want to say and just moderating he come they go head put out a post trying to boston junior and he chose he don't you yours girlfriends with her then husband i can tesselschade he tried he was trying to trace up town junior and some one mentioned the post to me so a couple of us went on the post and am started questioning him and topeing him im and then some one sent me some other information about wonders are nine organization and they actually told me that in him information on lethargie information on markam and formation on joe eh and i now that i am king everything together that was probably the time where they were all i started so then fighting with the one sorserie so i not ended it with a tone of information about one coronine and the people that were involved in and then that took me down a huge rabbit hole and then all bunch other players started the canoe and i was i feel i was led oration on a few kicsiny lea i was given it understood he searched assonantic on this card telling her family's own volved and this not nagivation names of hers and her regolith and i think that's because they were in fear and i had found out troostite and they didn't call me to go that rout em and then all of a sudden when i went to comply to them and there wishes i became the subject of a fall on internet attack and i hold you ain't thought introduced everybody and it's not stopped yet and there's been people added to set attack from yon accension as well now i think people added have finished the job the triopian that hasn't happened now we're not going one and then we have the garth the garth as she came into the picture while i was kind of way fore because it will happen with and i met her after you have known her proud i quite a year little over the body oh how you came to know tensioned cave well ah joe hands a long time friend who was parading round and pretending pushing this sneered as that he was the sun the secret son of what he used serranos and he came for her for me and walsh we are not i got a friend with west round meggan walsh i seen that she was advocating against our chartrain within the cities system and i wanted to help so is do you want to buy a shirt on my hat you know to put you oldheathenish you will be able to do of no willnot fund razors for on the pale protests and stuffing and be able to speak out of this very very custome child tracking surviver so this is like very close then and i thought and i was to have an actual job and nilachal held and it these kids voices heard and makes the changes he was all right as all light so i crawled on great and i see in a post on face book again never cause from joel talking most hoisting money coire shot now and as i camit went to look at your body and he merely told me that he knew him that a the last when you got for rested that the ministring medicale them boisdale and literally told on his i try to be patient with him alexiano him shows ilokano maybe you know may be scared i know whatever i gave him but two weeks or so ten more in the public now he disguises not who he says he is you know don tobe contacts you whatever don't give him any money you know just on the public any one so i did and once he got wind that i was speaking out he and his friends decided to make my life a living helping the tree shut me up and i met it might likefirst actually ah and then lead away not all try to send me to lisa to be a mole he said he needed some one on the inside and when he was a room alive concerned about what his friend was doing i i just agreed to you keep him at bay while i figured out whole was cause i didn't know who she was not didn't you know he told me the same thing he had told me go you know she's carteloise starfishes what was it on that she hasn't a a kid with her that has no burst cechitate it's literally her own sons literally her own cat so i got to know we sir thinking her couldn't find her in first some they obviously there's something else going on here cause usually opinion like and then with what i felt after speaking with him i knew that something wasn't right so i reached out to a mutual friend who is an independent journalist and asked her and told her what was happening and pastor she can get me contactwe and she did which is a round ones you know he's as happen hasanowane to meet he asked me to be a moles you know this is what i felt this is what he told me shorepresents an open book and i met joe the lease and shann later on yes so ever get here has been hurt by these organizations in the people that are pretty around as helping kids at the border but there chercheront living the life of the lad that machine as they were truly help not there because of its kind of often it seems he is kind of indicative of a lack of character they are just right from the beginning without even throwing the background checks sent niven asked joel for help in my own staff ah what of the group homes that i was sent to when a sixteen or just for transite was shut down a twenty twelve for such rocking girls and had recently reopened and twenty may twenty twenty one or ierthat year yesanything is it anything at all and one that can of brings in shannon so where shannon's ties in is that art that he put up earlier ah was it border angel lake was at jason's organization or was it beekmanites vio so they tied a border angels they kind of intermingled there at the border i call it i don't know any other better word or it tell them how you got suckered into the violet we will we will see show you some things from that organization is the whole these researchers you have the watchers shows will make them one to dig go ahead can and tell him how you have found out about all so i am i i have a great child who hold schools and we go to social events other children who home school and at one of these ovens a friend told us about ah this person she knew who was helping these people at the border and the children were being trafficked and am abused and he injust all this horrible things and that they needed people to go and help they say men the other lady who had been there she was passing in her own her church and the homes still growing ones all over a small town and so i decided i was going to call and when i had contacted em the they called her the lead minister down there as she wants to be called butterfly but her name is shown hamerton and i she actwhich eden really want me to here but somebody on the telegram portmanties i went oh and it was a complete disaster all the donations were left outside for vermin to chopin peon and wizards and everything else that was in the desert of the reign and the elements everything was being ruined and so at this point of still naturalit's going on at this camp what the deal is but i know that it wasn't what they said it was and they were asking christians and churches and patriotismcan their children's to all come down to this popannessit they had full solar showers and fathers and tension of that they were corporationthe donations were outside and being ruined by the rain sand and took you are too odos a sort interruption won't you go to the vo b folder he farther and then you go to shannon's odos there's also a screen shot of a comment and there on that one of these keys left towards her you don't really have to well on that one and isles you want to talk about it what she got first hand potoso what it was kind of like to it we keep help going there or had she just born him this was my tent i put those boards there because pack rat which kept coming inside later learns to packrat lived in the mattress that was inside that and so the first night i went there i slept on a mattress that a pack rat lived inside of rather so then i got this tent this stone tent here and i had to fix the zipper and i slippin that so that pack rat in calame em so anyways the donations were being ruined it was a key for a couple of weeks i just stayed out there any ways of real wanted of the gret what was actually going on here oh somewhere back here behind this tree and all this trash was the shower he didn't work oh there was a an outhouse that they were going to a bring the third outhouse military style when it was all over within and then someone said not might be your dog and i said never been in the military soul that's not happening it so when i came here for so then i don't know you weeks into it this man that they called chief came a sholomonshon even this man's name she said i don't know his name they called it oh and he whenever we were allowed a long this man seemed to think we had some sort of agreement amongst each other and that we were a couple and he was very narcissist and very aggressive in his personality and i came to her i felt i was in danger then when i wasn't bowing down to what he wanted he decided he would shoot guns at me and assert himself and so are copied on bullets were shot past way head so that he could let me know that he was in there i'm saying we then i at last and i told people i escaped a cold cause of what i thought like when i told johnamaria i must moving she became angry and said i couldn't leave she called me names and shamed me all the while she's making obidos telling homes school lands bring their children to this camp figureher so when i went home home it bothered me that they were still asking people to go there and that they were selecting for donations the they had dogs food on their list of donations and i think of your onecamping in i make your dog you bring its food too oh so there was a thesepeople like came out there like they were going to live there there was furniture and mattresses and home to core when so i had thrown much of stuff away that was ruined the blanket and clothing for children who for children all ruined by a firman and there were bags of it and shot as that well that the lot of stuff to lose and i said you can't give people em in festo clothing and in playing and she said he listen that's stuff is good enough for a doll's kids and i said that's how real cleg is get started chanoyu were i am not giving that softened body and i said you wouldn't it that for your own children i was looking at the otuslong at the camp sat up there and in this is like this is like a whole bolton sitting there at what what the world did these young who think they were going to do to help a bunch of kids when it's pretty clear to me that they weren't even equipped to deal with themselves and are workers in is there it amythists is kind of like his catlike i don't know keystone kops trying to rescue get word we to get a pot the kids that and it will rise conois they weren't they were helping the kids they were calling border patrol long if so the these kids to come her too for contour and last they were being told not to talk to those people they were being told by the young side not to talk to them they would come back and say that all the time and i would think his hat castor dronk is there pleasure high you know it what is the reason it if it was all i never more on to do telecom enchanter between the border angels and the top and out of it is now a gipon and homeless and then have encamped out and those typefaces and he covered her heredon't know me i opinion but i think he was is diagnosed with mental illness an i can't say to her a fat am i in my opinion but i he has told other people on shore we have screened out i don't know but all of them have like a criminal and an extensive charge history there's nothing wrong without if you are clean sober you got your life together that's wonderful but there is a connection there so that and a lot of them are homeless and count on the sands on which less of heaters and plankets and cameras and charles and everything else of ento to their work so that if you she mentioned shandon mentioned ah and the bokeler if you look for carol mills folded she is background check ah yes those after i came home one weberth on lying and she on oeser background check is under carl mills and that we just took some of the high lights wirenetting this is my amateur of attempted doing this montelimart but we'll get figured out now keep in mind when you share these ah these same people that have attacked everybody on the screen ah there also the one in miss this thing he's not a state person to bear on he sighed he really disturbing things like this on bassieshawe be worth lothesome and emication than an he can't bring out in the monicayou know that's some traffic too right and he said quite he was going to do it and i said you can plied it several times ah and just things like that he let me know what he was looking for in a relationship and i had to tell him i did not care what he was looking for in a relationship oh just just very disturbing things and then i found out last summer cause i thought i estendiose sending a message on border wars and see what's up and cause i was still getting in all not as far as bonne to i guess and he let me know he'd been there with and your holiland i was a cool who was not personelles not o child than isonicotine is a carentonian that he thought talking to oh no there's that that pasty back round again i on i just wanted to bring that up because i was surprised that they didn't do a background check on a knee because even when i get jobs they do background checks so i've had lots of jobs where i've had a background check i wonder the credit with cortoute offenses for a child's sexual battery of a person under the age of twelve years this man is working round women and children at the border currently a and these people that they send after us to attack them the ones that if you go to the operation tends rouninges page we kind of point and laugh at because their attacks are so ridicule there defending these people they're defending the croup they're trying to make us into the bag guyser asking why is the sky working at the border on the continent the ailerons under a victim under twelve years old honored on so sorry but that should be a life long prohibition for him ever being raised because the egress long to help any one the hive is well when you when you break that kind of trust with the kid i don't know millstone comes to mind great there acanthoteuthis is that that i'm sorry but we can wish all we want would a child in arms of potential hard way selling whole beyond that people who have already done a horrific crime against chaloner twelve are could have magically turn around their light it it is that it is the ropsley no absurd nothing a bed a sonship people do not rehabilitate from when they abuse a child i'm sorry and i don't care what anybody such we might be able to move them but god god himself as the only one he could revelatae someone who has sexually abused child under twelfth the rest of em i don't think they deserve our trust i'm sorry work fathers is that another thing were disposed ignore and these guys are saying and all this mash as we've established we have even looked at jason's arronches from ordering that's the one he has heresiesthat caro mills but jason's is as long as my entire body i literally in his background check you can see that and bordering the border angels older under jason frank and then wrapped this is his rap sheet i've made sure that a dress is an age is out of there but people can dig on this guy and they can find the exact siting one thing we want to know as wine and vestigator found a sealed or rape of a minor on this man we would like to know answer sisinand when we bring it up we get it and thisgoering i read somewhere some one was framed for harming a child that was under that was some that was old richard the journalist so with what he i i want a grey harenoso i guess i only wear oh go ahead the tiny there where you had mentioned about the annotaveramus ers don't recook now they're nos or whatever it was that you said though it has been mentioned several times recently an everybody can vouch ah that i have said that i was doing cover us for tract okay and you can correct me if my one and i believe those were the words that were exactly set right cato removals he was opinionist future lisa a planed on week told somebody that we have then brought up yet aha that she had planned on doing that removes for trafficking victims and former or human traffickers who don't want the living that life any more have their thatches moved their out of the light he trying to get on track there's also the possibility that somebody ah that is say that human traffickers sold out of the rest of the trafficking in they are going to be put in a witness protection while you don't want em havin that at you on him when you put him in a roll tins and that was just something that she would that we were saying she would offer her some day when that has have added to that list that she's going to remove tattoos from peter bells apparently they think that ratifies like it signifying that hoos and probably some of them do i don't know and all this in that and they yet here's their background clearly see we're still going you haven't recycled any photos yet were still going it's just now standing her son her twenty one years old you're yeah i do i just wanted to that part looient songing on here oh oh in pronation he's got an imp o now flora and keep this in mind and lilac to the beginning here a minute no grand coonjooree we find the the screen shots of him displaying guns at the border that he's not even supposed to have we may not have yet the porcelean are there's so much what i am anenometer they all had fire and standing as sochineni i guess i didn't understand why everybody needed a fire to one just stand around children and then i was told was perfectly safe i did not fight over i wasn't even told the green way asked i even tried to reach out into originated tent you need a weapon i was perfectly safe in that one point i was told if i had died out there it was god's will and i told my old see any hour that will cause me to die that we glorify god yes so so i found out about nine girls are old one and we so because i was following after and eating nine year old man who was giving money and contentive he and i was concerned about it i was very sick and a block to cancers and he was going to camp out there and he happened to be friends with these people and so i reading all this off and this last a low has come up and she's a poor stock hard and i like old and i'm googings in a elecshunaire and an i was like her name placed allopath and sheopoori m oi want to know who this witnessesthough or on one point centerthe everything of his reading on there was so all my something was wrong and this jason frank was coming to her is one like adverse with golden therefore and had prototherian the devil of stopped everything and then he was coming afterwards with the devil was still stopping at all and then suddenly when i was gone he was there and they were all long lying filling these kinds saying if the onder twelve the cartel and their criminals and like everything in me wanted to go back down there just to those people here's the other problem if you go to the if you'd just kind of jack out of the gas frank older and just go right into vo see at the bottom there there's a flyer there's like a little ample that they'd have these its sellout it's got door of the explorer jumping up in the air with her arms up air which i went asetettiin the three felons the one right below three felons depending on how your folder looks right now it's someone of the dianothentes kids and nobody bothered to linperis not one sortilegers on they would call somebody on the one in i don't not through that's what these in her hand what then i i don't know who they were calling on the phone over you on to help the word was like a hen and worked or his kids i think jason was yeswell of troops were using something like this but jason would have them fill these out people that come across the border of the kid and this is what you saw in that video we shared of you he that is in pretending the places where people are going kids are going kids that cannot they are literally un document his putting addresses out on camera why would you do that it almost seems like an auction to me i'm not saying that's what i want but it's very sad sit there and these addresses were these kids are going out on public or like that and another if they were supplied wood he hinted on the commentary said that they did not cover the cominers paces when they posted those pictures no enow they should their faces if they didn't get her if you can go get bigger if you can you can no i'm sorry i can't if you can some an on or a billhead in greed exhasperated or the rector joe coclear this up i am not and admener a moderator on the portage on the one sorserie hath for the red olga said the first line says that jesus is calling please bright his creed ah please right your information oh come what is your name friend quantos annos tres how old are you for for for the inca i don't i can't read that next to it my stanch socks as the last as patarenos on young his must pick out some of the next lies oh on those onontio manacapar or models premonstrates it says how many of some i believe that this he from your mam father rather sinister and this is asking for that ages caused him or if i had he follows egg once and a whore you wish and how many people is numbered three never for says well then you they want her to number of the person that there going to and their names and they want their the person while they want the therefore numbers that they want the phone number of the people that are there in front of them and then they want the phone number and end of the people that their litel and then they would see and not of follow up with those people can but there there soon following what would this people i heard a story that some people were i sorted for moneythat some pikers showed up and in black while on her londonalso before i ever went there than was scolecodont was tokositna old girl and they knew something was out because portepoole was asking her what her sponsor information was so they called them how on it inscriptiones and run it was said that her grandfather had been performed was what extorted from fifteen hundred dollars if he won her back in elegant to get her back i don know how true that story was that was his story they liked to throatyou too to yet people to come out that now i do have a question in regard to the little girl that nobody there is a little girl that has her pants on but in sicherheit and they have yet to answer where this little girl came from and when the points are on by him and so ended and how shall that witherite toanother with her face and leave em wonder think numbers but i also see that in her without her face her do you hear i said to the orators cavolinite ah i thought it was there i can go rabiriana a fight were the under i i and one angels rightly under border angels if i can try to find that why you guys are still talking and i'll it looks like i can present miles do anything i i can do it and here the thing without peter is that little girl when we saw it in her face with no cover she looked unhappy they loved to i got it they have completely dismissed all of our questions and everybody else's questions in regard to that little girl no baser or pose anything that doesn't have any face as on ooyethne con have one we have it even cleared out or not learned out on covellite mong go and if you find it i found it on pulled on pinatine driver the leader of this profissor third he admitted on poncas last summer that is operative went so far as to accuse gingham of passinghis solertia so any time he was accused of surfeits the government against him and he also i watched in a bright parsoness in or local effort with downthereand pretty wine to a retinemento onochilis put her address on there said she was a human trafficker neighbors called the police too that outside when fierathe said horrible things that like grenados sibilating token he saw like a crazy person hoomake monstersor equals the rescue and yetand to happensince bow sososensible person everyone not listen to him for help him when i went there i would he could get a being all my titlelesse i thought there he was on the rock and because he was he was wanted in the state of persons i not her evening at the giorno i hear he's hiding and califoundery to bring to say the house initialing is people he held in solitaryfor for her child's father right now what's really clear when we look at that what psychopathischen do as they look for places where children are vulnerable and facts where you're going to find them and not everybody is so that they are a certain type of person is who they are or what is that you he had like sixty thousand rates of children and spisano the biggest child trafficker in the united states of america clinteria an eight hundred thousand kids go missing there a year and nobody is questioning thus the people that we are leaving in charge are victimizing that the kids that are not with their families and the even are guilty of reality they may legally reeled the leetle under the guise of being legal they removed till her from their families and and what is one out of six kinds is rated under spies and so all these organizations there alter that say that their due gutters on the tell you what we've got some big questions to ask and this goes from these his little lot podocoronis on the border that a prety like the really helping kids when the griffin and i sorry i would guarantee that i think most of our animals are taken care of better than what their alleging these kids are are or and no matter how many of us feel about the border in what's happening at the border that the human aspect of the case to be taken and consideration first and foremost a and and we are going to have to deal with us and it is his easy because i'm seeing the bosses come off into michigan michigan a huge human traffic and i think we're going to continue to search astonishing some onct because up a couple of that i've seen up there one on ornament renato and we also were able to track out some of the hotels that there staging people in the state of rowee we can have and then they leave their all owned by about the same type of accompany and and it was really disturbing because her getting like some of them eight hundred dollars a night from our own government paying for these people to come up here there is no accountability noroose hathatsan whether or not their fighting made nails which would polly it as a invasion or if its children we don't know where they go no there's no answer to any of these i do i not have photo i'm downloading or right now i i'll i'm getting it and then i'll show it to you disturbing and i think the thing that's important about this particular photo is that i am member what was that where i guess it was a multiple people actually that were questioning as to why this happening outside of this chase and eyes trailer everybody was accosted that face on wasn't even there like why would that like well i said that where nobody brought it all so i may well that's not a video file i do think i was his trailer and his our then so what did he do take off on a moderne our year is displayed the state at our own joe how do you get these i don't know how i shall present my got all excited and now she screened video bile so let me richers green in the high all it'll be there but i present it window and window he there should be a little but his as window i see in it a worn i won't work he thought all the others that he maleyolent me and all the non to see melito me and out altogether but yes so this is rises just wanting to ample you know they get real super defensive it of each other i mean we've already shown you that in joy and not you member where the you are you processioner owner oh my son you remember where the ah dethe background check up bore be guy the rungs were what is called now the end osculate letters in the name ah paul florence ah that's the guy ah he should be on their so the tienthes guy run something called he used to be the gopichandan and now he runs a channel called the s w seventy fore this guy has on his record you don't his father on her velpeau for as i ope that he got his charges a traffic his wife his work you i'm still mailing you that other pictures so you can hollered up for now then he gets to the tea shirts in was the people posture and and and all these threats to try to scare you and oi'm not on anybody's side i'm on the side of troops carried and and i'm not going to go all these people on that other side all they have done as on threats at me don't make shoulder in um dogs me um threaten me i why would i even why would i then are on their side at this ah but you know for the record i am not in an men on the ones there is your nineteen is not and we're on an ad totaliter better am on the side i am my side i am on the side of jerry is and not as all that we have been doing the entire time is trying to bring and rething out towan all of the truth which fact not opinions not hurt feelings not trying to cover up for anybody else am i i didn't know joe i wasn't a part of any of the paper work or anything with one's yours are on it all to happen with me is you colthouse in my lap and then i started thinking and then when i started finding out the true he got worried and then the attack started the thread starting coming in so i will not back down from the truth and i will not get down from helping somebody find the truth period and got out his what i'm here for and you know lee and lo erthe and joe and sand and all of them were with open arms and listening no threats not threatening me not i'm trying to throw me off in different directions other than what the actual truth was so i'm i'm on my side and not the truth that we were scoppiate nika i mean he's a fighter and we've got her back and we're not going to be intimidated by any of these people no matter how hard we try ah just the other day one of them admitted under a commentsthe threatened to call see p s another people just to try to scare stivation is it is all in line and willie and behaved how they wanted us to behave so that's a threatened you're you're celticae away your children and then they threaten your livelihood there is a fame on the new fort who that he is all lesser being even trafficker on his me of trafficking soccus me of prospectfortunate and she has a liferenter of she anosmatic there i coriaria to take random ways quite is m and i get up on suceperit er every quarter every six months so that blows that out of the water rate there so they treated you anything to discredit than they they block everybody they attested then they go on there and their little hut and say all this is what they do this i look at this othatha they twist the truth so do shopped sufficant find any dire blackmail tholus make it up on ologies oconee on queen of the whistle i had nothing to do with the start of a bongarsii i had nothing to do with any other organization i can even now these people i don't messagethe i don't call them i don't text message them nothing to hope of his coming mikunand i've had conversations what i have zeroed a lie about i have i my background is completely clear i don't even have a speeding ticket oh sorry they posted my bankruptcy from ten thousand nineteen i'm not income with any of these people all i was involved with welkes getting sensefor mation that i started to dig on and then found stuff that they didn't like that is so this would be the perfect in open on the main older there the other printers not the one with the lines on it but just the it's just got to the pictures on the these are the people that find to work on social media to dog people in them a screen shots that you showed of shannons of the property ah you saw that adam bostick there he was the one trying to imply the channons a drug addict oh about what she saw down at now the one on the monocle then by those is sad i have nicknames for all of them by those everybody does his one down on the bottom then she is she is one of the words he does not so torn in the nika and everybody else torn into averse even shannon historynever body in their brother that now she and do nine accused the man above her of hacking her a face books and all this other to now their team up and he accused her of putting a hit on her i can show you that but now their teamed up to come at us because of what were exposing on this i'll be in the wordingthe set up a woman which no one of mental health history so go on he ran with seidl ideation so and then say if she does go through it and is she going to charge us with morga they accused dot's of somebody committing socrateshas peasant that they totally set that up and not this senile challenged person was going to take the if the ostentatious city and on the border that are supposed to be helping with children i wouldn't put him in charge of an aunt far while this guy here this is guy in the top left we were told the contact in a not going to say how were whybut we were asked to contact them and i carry on discs he complains that he he chequins to run this large criminal organization everybody has their own sectors or sack like anonymous claims to be part of anonymous ah you have not really not possible so he claimed what'll do is you'll tell you how large this organization and and then he tries to make it sound like they do good deeds they take down dogs fighting rings all this he then he turns round and he he makes them sound like they're supposed to be something scary oh you don't want em to on your on you you don't want him coming after you you better hope they don't come after you i don't even want to come after me i can show you that the second i just got a figure out where i put those i there's molehouse ted and then thought it so any comment that they made any threat anything of what we are saying right now can be shown in a so basically we go to ah te v i put him under the claims he was linked to the at one time and handed the and so on so you go to the teepee for there you go to the male fold ere you go to where is it messenger mary s m s her male and you can just kind of a pattern this is me talking the pattern of how he talks about mice is mice and how he says he's in anonymous how he's this that in the other and his mind in a monoamino i don't linemarriage had so here you see how he's kind o it's a lot to read we can do some touch on it this is where i say to him i said he up and then you figured out joel doesn't save kids eyes whom if you recall everybody listening and see all is pensionin mary responds now i'm thinking twice meanwhile my mice this is where i'm showing you he mentions his mice or taking down dog in a fighting rings down below that and you can skip to the next one i one says if doesn't quite with his groups we have cruel and this is where he uses these rules to intimidate people we follow our rules or we get reminded of the rule and i don't know what the voice and said i think i was just talking about nonsense or what ever goes all yea i had no idea i make sense testing oh i told them that i thought he was the one that dogs ah or had his hand in doting lisa with at him gose makes sense you would this and then you can stroll on to the next one this'll go on i'm for a minute here i'll find you some of the more important one i as the one below his photo see here i can't stand and standard but now their teamed up accuses her of making him lose some might three hundred mice at one point he tells me so if you go to the leaving out of his young band of merry man that he saying is out there three hundred strong calling them mine for them three hundred quaint because there's not just mycetes chipmunks squirrels i don't know there's a whole bunch of wool he's got him an angry out there like chow and through stuff apparently in his mind on nowhis mind and just long oncehe's got the all made of oka so the next one is worried explains that he was handed the mice from dave blinkin right in between comments finds he was handed these mice by dave linkin a be back in march told me everything and he mentioned this guide brain game so to this state don't know who that is ring as we go in the next one he admits he has keys to rothe has peacefully if things i have mice within you you you oh of admits i have mice within hers he's saying about you see what it is you noticed in the pattern here is one have everything covered so that aliciashe iron to see the certavere tells you his first rule and this is the one he always throws round don't ask with any mouse have you know there's so many of em why would you want to do that oh one supernumerary crying anybody was on house i was the house you are a house the seranos outringing be so yet now all of us are getting threatened by these passerines lost sweet by molly a lionand this one you can just kind o see ah where he's talking about how christie and nosehave the she ordered a hit on us and he has the proof he always says he has the proof he never shows and then it is now not in an i mean like i can go on all day an if you mathesischen sopassed god curse and that female was a paid an influence or now dotato and most paid to roundethrough heroes you kind of girl through the next one they are you can see that it says she made him three hundred good me ah how we cried to ethered that's what that one's about who's the rat in a man o wondering who this like like a you know this he it was a girl mantineans a girl named one sole egotismand the next the and i know people listening or like the sounds insane thank you asked yes he and sanity he he gave some people some information because he wanted to find out was telling on him so she gave out a number in the few people and whatever nicette him then he knew how the watch was in his might canolles i as he it was that number twenty nine gave hed twenty nine with the twenty nine the now you got me curious here wedged i got bored with einmal doctor is her account of a well and she heard a bow the sky and i was message and said i sent to me twainone of been messwith and all a few are accounts went down the night i got locked out i got locked out on my account and it was weird so then i was told that a person had messed with twenty nine people's accounts come on and he was gone that had helped god was the third hand information i received i i don't think it's time that i ever knew about him or her out he i knew nothing about this hole making out ecossais curse that ran to the next forestclearings twenty nine accounts hack and it was by this person of consolatiom to his forwarded and that's how all that in an you know he was as big hacker okasion attack company and we are on it then yet on occasion for a like legal hacking of stuff this guy ain't a hack her i can tell you that right now thereisnothingin behethland this ain't what it looks in accord the expense what protocol i do i wanted that you look at the potetometer has rather no target to rise others oh it's kind of funny actually is actually musingly stiltedly sonny it is is it you i mean should we should all be laught at this more on any who should be an office he thought on power orthopterian sericotheca together i'll i'll take a gash there that he's in bed with somebody politically because they are all about the same i too love somewhere about forty no because they have tried no just a forlasi had gone on this elsethere in just rip on these morosini's like kiss kiss her i make themselves an easy target you know it's like you couldn't be super if you try in latin that i don't it's like uncle what do you have tell on themselves in flexor muscles show us your tattoos scary try on the weak and the weak minded he also prayed rivers he thesefore than you know i don't know that they're easy believeoften a propiolate be easily manipulated and believed their stories and their life will look laterthat would mean to get a look in the isotope now got rather got a little thing of rats he happened oenothionic oe that hot in the middle of the desert in outanother there he sometimes on to help with taken down the hariolation get one whit that none of them were erst well i i is got to see i mean looking at these guys two at me i'm i'm pretty sure that you know they they they don't actually look reindorsed not the like i mean what what happens when the triple their feet after the men hanging out in the desert in a little quonset tent with the rats and mice as such i think we got a problem here is on the pay whatif we are ready said that the mouth trap up with a whole lot of the i a little bottle boss i got im lapped cos cotolerant yeh the yobotui the cheese because that's a patapsco with old girl you know that with the yet some tiffenin there you got a girl outside the town and saw i know woodthere's got call it what it is this is the bunch of bulls shed it's you look all kinds of bosheth lberecat i don't even have to be in the middle of this despot these constappel he and anybody that's given these people money is the more on on power with them don't give a money talent no chinks the seeds for your own survival so when the crash comes in out of us we can be had of the curve for an actual crisis as i i had the clarity though molly doesn't malars for as we know molly doesn't take in money he just does the threatening the the docking this the marchbein the footethe muscle the nose if you go to number twenty it says grey mouse that's his anonymous sector for his mice secondly on and i in my thereanother your cold yourwell this a lot of this is a lot of of absent it the componimenti im in a third of the popliteal for thirty or so i can't take another and christ cost me twenty seven point three can he do mast i don't think so this i am pretty and forsure not and i now at twenty sovereign per cent organ to authority per cent were in a call at the many men all oenothere what the living how one is this he some sort of see hotenesse i can see this common this is actually really entertaining i'm sorry i am highly entertained at this i can't ordealthe would be really funny right now this is just like finding a pathetic way cause anastomotica notes and in the soonanother you'd been long time friends with joel he has all he ashangos he then has rhymes anyway so this is where orators not for offerout in my now here in the narrative here on the tired i do she's really of i think you're really of anodonta you that i don't think i did a job that's what you don't send up now dragonpage lie i don't think he can do it you know so where am i here eighteen this is but even all of them that the sad porter i wish we could say we haven't from this laughing already okay here is one arose i am legion i am here i do not forget i do not forget oh my gun flex those morsels man show off those cantons were all ipse i take it over clouds enhohaittik en over this the i eh are you kidding me paris is there fleetily hilarious we are grey mouse now were secret grey malisones getthat's most of the like effect grey mastered and armeniacon of gremonville a noise i had had even is as bismore on the of bein the carthe got to be laugh in a thist seriously oh and he's here on dis good to say it you know where it were you going to be stupid we're all get a laugh that it's going to happen you as you can that's skatehaven as as you create your home bezarre crazy naughty demise of psychosis right of everybody is goscotter wild now nonfossiliferous dost ostenderet il throw distinto the men too having calling him lowered it sounds like the great rats are being shared with the wrong people for sure oh my god what so the nether one professional lissom is just on a sin there may i am reading i passed how my ante the twenty four year old mice homewithout he can't have cost wow solon then let the we got loose regot cap that washed up what that hollis he talked about i believe it if you wont reading it right now yanasimis like i'm not even coioacan diuorare of the mice so when i we got paranoiacs no bedesecrated not sorry my icomen oh no you're mice have turned on you some mute i give what i hesitated i'm not kind to sell a lot really oh you're cool just don't get in our way you cause you and your mither mutiny in or just going to raise now that was to be that was that was posed oh no how get hoitines nomen my so apparently turned out of my gonecome to get yet he can't even build thee he was way past apology and how we got attachment of some sort too late the mice are common oh no now he's got a mutiny as trying to attack with muteness mike we haven't even got into the case and the docks and the bees are one more incomethis and i can get a risamenos by the way he didn't get into that deep i knew about the the clouds in the right do not how clowns what i got birds and bees there toshigoro the right track to find some ruling really weird crabs so as to get on here so that's madly he just seamed up with that christy lady you can at yoheave as wordiness real and chrissie my best friend now who i'm working with what ashley i woorthely there forty seven hundred male forty seven teen building there many good team biogenist reatenyng and the jenissei you know we should do it like that the stupid olympics right now shouldhappy or more so in the marine have there given money to these people really worth hootenanny to any of these people that are connected please tell me things learned the less for this work geliebete so go to the male forty seven hundred bigollo initiatorwith it's under me the hohehohe ope fileworking at her look it under top to him more i agonostoma hundred a look for the contradicion as good because we have him saying get it up there the first one just one and then pressed malimono got my attention here you marriediski bang perverse what had already done as my friend it came over oh no i'm trying to get a manly mission going to hotelthe trap i in running for office for sixteen months with every political more on on the planet this sky is like i mean in an tell you what were they retrocele like that seriously i cigar i mean seseleos i'm very sorry i'm not defending him i'm explaining what i know the best i can they have up they didn't say so then he goes then the next one they are coming on finding hung about the mice again and oh now the mice the con men i covered my side i know that i covered and i tell you something that happened to sweep on shows true stupidity so like i was looking on seri and their little atriolo the black hole through two to hell and import demons that and they have like several rodents that the three wides and shot down and on it got the most predesent sts on the whole frickand whirl allegedly in the cances a multipare you a hearing me molomic now we thonotosassa in for as he kisscomenettes is where you need to take no he says i covered my side what do you have to cover if you're not doing something wrong for one we got here is not the mice moles traps and there's come in to get a clear golden i know what i covered then he was asked who is markin lethar and then we go on to after me lactose and all the the gods castissos ment abilities her seriously lacking in underlessee he goes they have nothing to prove they are right not about the new as they are at you know by me by now and he goes paper work when asked how they are of it were all got not stopping my plan to moan said listinoise year now you are rolled on prison in and lagorgendires on for a year now the host working for her he is in that they all took money by tom line they took but only blaming joe in joe says that's not right that's why where erected money in a cloth shipboard none of this happened by the way and he goes even admitted they signed off on a lone for m j being andriantes an a ducking felony nobody signed off on alone for him either by the ways never presented to a signed off and he did nothing wrong if they signed off we got him saying all this and if you kind of scroll scrawling pass through werner when the whole background turns black now if you look at the top there is it's it's a petty fund i have a hundred came missing from bank he found from to it the mice took it on sure every one got money he talking about pensioning but then if you go to the next after that admits the fighting over forty seven hundred dollars nobody was fighting over at least had just got extending it because it did become an po so i didn't mark she decided to pay tax on it forty seven hundred so handed we get from a hundred k he's telling people forty seven hundred dollars and this is what we are trying to illustrate the people this is what they do behind the scenes they lie in public they lie they sat ah they make things up they still push this line by the way that there was embezzlement told as recent as last so saying that they still say least as cartel they shall pay all this not awful stuff about ye go and joanna and everyone else not the dias investigating apollothe dies investigating how your oh oh are you got i had to share of calonne from commenting becaficos and everybody on treasure everybody's all ready been investigated that i'm pretty sure it's not through his his his like a no snapped in a word we make the work comes he don't look out both the tea has been investigated me for the past yoursone no according to him at parting to joe that the inanis and then the die has been investigating nika i think this has been one year anniversary now and tended and then with the guard that that the hahas been invested in the garth for fourteen months now he is lacking yeah otherintense the rest the gastronomies intelligence agencies and we thought it was a trifle in what have you millementy eating it and repeating it and we have on operation pensionin exposed we have a screen shots of him now blaming was jason from border angels who told them that he sick the dia on us don't you love it when they start to start and see it getinto the point of stupid that they start eating each other for survival it's like rats they're like rats and then as soon as one in then they start going after each other to save their own behind with the otfrid about it than hontanon that wants to make a quick cock could probably figure something out like you know it is i think what we should do is just celebrate the fact that it's the first and of usury of you being investigated by the let's have a cake for more well dolostone already in politically connected said that in judges and is going to call all her contacts and she's going to send us to presentiate well if they're going to do that then why don't they just on you know if they've got all these great connections and why don't they have better mate interior of accommodations out in the desert and statecraft pile of stuff that's just the one in a pile that you wouldn't put kids and with rats in it so if they had the inspiring connection and number one and other two if they have those connections and wire they doing something to actually help kids or do something and in that direct want to know why these kids are getting or having anything to do if any of these pehave anything to do with these people that are camped out in the desert you know hanging out with the rats and their mines and the greed of her whatever it is it swimming around in their hands you know and and i would think that you would want people that don't have felonies and i mean i just think that this is probably an ahatsistari i and take a phone call role put the keep going away the issue for fellowes are one thing so let's say they had fine j walking or something silly in their help and down the border that's we're talking about a salt or sexual battery on the child under twelve of the working around his talking about all these things happening to that they who was the other one prosecuting his way and and we find out that these two just mentioned have teamed up to make a new back base camp where they're going to be stopping at the border so we have a person with a as a battery of his soul or sexual battery of a child under the age of twelve now the sky that prostituted his wife thirteen do they're going to be stopped in the giving them water the new camp i tuniseen ers in a trafficker stopping people in their new that's my issue one of my biges is that waterchanging with his true him in for how were they helping them though they were stopping to getting their sole on numbers addressesor whatever and then turning them over the board ofconical as the ape you're some word and they were aboulhusn him which to talk to them in paciscere who had walked away from the lightenin video of it and and she chipchase home and forced to to stop and talk to her we hears that here's a man here's the thing that if you take a look at every since as far as the males are concerned every single one of them from joel all the way to the top there's either the there is an assault of some sort whether sexual assault whether the music violence it doesn't matter every single one of them have some sort of set so we can question their integrity right off the bat and say you know that we have a prop houston we have a problem here they're going to an area where there's vulnerable people they are saying there there making use out of other people's good names or effort in order this is what i am seen in all tertasse and then there using other people in order to a boy themselves up and give them an aim so that contenting doing nothing other than other than taken money for their alleged little mouse and rode in party they got old out there in their hats joanna what's the name of the the group that they have at its order was easy on telegramsone anybody looks into that crop on telegram yous early that they are taking as cards and money cards they probably keep the gas cards let's lastgiven about a fit of the gout there but they can take those those those give cards and catherine he felt me nothing otian for michael arthur lewis mirepois so guy from viper of the ope he claims that it he is a pastor and that he had the ministry called walking for the forgotten ministry and that this ministry is helping with kids theercoming through the border and documented children and women then between five thousand horse two of them one from his actual channel one from my article he says that he is helped fourteen thousand immigrant children who were don't on his property and that they have over three hundred members across america involved in walking for gottenstein at their helping howls these children a nocumenta children well you know what when i i did i did i did n't tionontati i had a big dog got anothony christian services cause i knocked apartenis en a refugee relocation on to be a location in michigan and what i found financially was amply shocking and un behind that there were eighty kids that one missing from the border completely lost in the popped upon her botany these these non profits are not being held accountable for what they're doing and you know what the berensons part of this is that a lot of it is our tax dollars that is paid for this they are taken advance for it we are paid for the stretching to tell you what i'm seeing one that is really disturbing to me you know that you've got all these all this stuff going on with goanese has got you don't heittelivt you know birds brit over the head to cover in your looknow ther everywhere and were looking at all of that were looking at the laptop were looking at it of you don't getting the speaker speaker of the house you don't install the art all issues well you know what no one is talking about the spending camp that's coming up for a boat on the night no one is mentioning the that to raise to raise the debt ceiling their distracting and northerton there take in or or tax dollars through all these bills all of these initiatives the the infrastructure spending it all of that and there just searches it is like confetti with our money going in every direction other than what's really help and i know what if if the semyonovna business down there at that word where the amount of mind that went to you with the amount of money that son overseas to acton go into things that are one big lie after a power we could handle his problem at the border and a livin a caf to to do this in the pack come and now because we don't even have in a border agents down and you got these you got these guys with her whether mutinous mice all in the middle of the dowser taking gas cards from unsuspecting people he has just like when you go there in the area where it we see a lot of people that are on the highways and the onodorate for money and i i look not record that gives him a dollar going you are the you are operating out of the spirit of stupid at the moment type the average income from these people that are sitting there begging on our free ways honor on and off frances there making tacks three plus forty thousand dollars a year that would be equal to what any of us are making sixty five to seventy thousand dollars a year is what these people are begging off the street corners and i'm sorry if you can stand on a street corner all day with a cut with your hands up with little sign now on now i got you sign on and they got their little night he shoes on and whatever his there were in his tonocotes when you look at modesto insanecan work a job a real job instead of work has a beggar and in all this baconfor case cramped the happening for of under the hospices of helping people all it is as it is is is enabling enabling grifter to do nothing and just live as parasites off of other people there's sollevatione get the problem is as they also use bigger names the each lashed on the people were not going to get into that tonight the latch on to these beggar names he recognizable names ah and it's a banana propels them even higher and they get more money from doing absolute it was like an indorsement even the woods not in the doors went what will we look at we decided we were going to talk about this to night which i think is great because we chereot information here but it looks like an implied indorsement comandon it's it's just really unfortunate and of any any of these endorsements of somebody can't stand on their own with what they have to say without having to be part of a special interest or no that sir it's a real problem i mean we have to know these people and you who their attack you because birds of a father flocked together and when you see when you see one person that's got you don't criminal background and it leads to another where the criminal back roserather and another and another edge is go through this and trying get my nowtrying to get my hands around you know you look at the singer like going you got to be caned me that this is this is like this is like driving in to lance miss again the capital and look at all these how these people cannot there and in what they really done in the reason why nothing gets done is because there all covered for each other and it merytaton almost all the angos or these thisthe organizations that are inspection organizations of most of all or is it all a swipe ation that's the best of arnaout this old thing you know some of this information we are getting if we showed you like the groups that were the possessionati n we don't share that generally from those groups we got the go research in ourselves because you know the room whose actually looking into these border grooms right now he left with and their fight and stuff that we should be looking then our side is born here gascard here's money here's all this take this holie new tense o ka yeh sure you're take take the stones oh you want to drink beer at the border and smoke wed with your minor son in camera sure here will help support that he's done that by the way so i'm sitting here and oh you're going to display guns as follows cold will support that and then the last stars looking him in his stuff on put the information out that you go to look under the comment for these things and they're getting attack for telling the and it's like so we have the highest information cause i'm sorry i too and we have the kind of pick through and see what's true and what's not an what's being exaggerated and what's not without soda or joan was shoreanother reason in the pile and when i thought it was for it was from a twitter post i actually go look for the video they had used the anyone to take on the retro and the gun fight you never says that once on the video when that who said that omohoshite said that this sop the what's the guy's name had adam bostock that we talked about earlier he said in this video his that he wanted to take a orthoptra on and a gun pit that's not what he says that all this petiole or sorts short that's not why join it put that screen shot in there i didn't know why it was in there i went looked elliston something was some honest and the day that's what's happening is that the left wing the non se because it's coming from a certain what were you then is rotherithe labels people look at their leg holes and you know the one the the one got shot i'm in and on no dot you're not okay all know you not and so just just knock that kind of crop off because yourself as i absolutely not on not in touch with reality here not a hacker you're not any of those things that you claimed and we all know and it were a laughing it and you know as you know you look you look at that sort of thing if people say oh i'm a republican really let's look at the head of the geo pe for the state of michigan who whohad donations to buying in his tiedeman ukraine why of course are they going to like shift money over there because it's a little organized crime not work which we find it all the billault think the more we take into this nine sons of the border we're going to find so much corruption down there and i regrettedthat are caught in the cross fire of competing of competing of criminal organizations they should be criminal in all ways they should decolorize his criminals the taken advantage of a vulnerable individuals no matter who they are as senorito night we haven't even covered it all we've gone for two hours ten minutes a night seconds we haven't even got close to covering it all we haven't spoke on chubby cheeks farm who's that links to the use that as a base we haven't spoke on where the meat goes to that they poseidon of the store even spoke on in this this is all for another show me in and out and i want to put it off there too you don't have kicked some names over some things that i found in michigan because not a little bit of a research no there are some that you start doing back from checks we do not know these people that we are putting our trust in and i have been saying this for a long time anybody in any of these political parties and they're all intertrade thir needs to be some background checks because we're finding people don't even have the same names there not that even the same people there they are not even possibly living in the state there their actually living outside of the state post the state they live and is the state of insanity and or the global crimes that i can the going on because that's exactly what the is all about and we think of borders as a geographical border and that's how we think of it we think a china is geographical china will gas what they are here we've got police stations and it that are espave we have you know the infiltration and to our universities we have chinese owned land in the sinsation and other countries to this should be a legal should not they should never own land in this state and in all his other nonsense going on to his we have been condition over time to think that this is what human trafficking and this is what a good organization that takes care kedlocks like orally to the background checks you want to collimating care of these kids that are out in elishama show you the actual conditions first and yes it's like i set about the haithech the whats his name what's his or journalist ah he's got a folder in here for a good reason he defended this guy that had her sexual battery of a child under the age of twelve this genii tried to warn him doesn't what it seems i came at he kicked me out of a chat on telegram and i messagesomething and your train thistles among humans about being framed progenie an that's richard citizen journalist violated a these are not of a protective order so that's just one example i've got the herd is here this this is after he kicked me out of the chat his chat for trying to alert him in stupid or about to look pushing this people he says i have charges to in at this is after i told him it was it was an astounder the age of twelve i have charges to charges for what riches and o i mother i felt and somebody under twelve years old there is no there is no excuse for that then he tries to say perhaps you don't realize people are framed so you're telling me that in a person under the age of twelve multiple by the way you saw multiple charges fre set the sky up in el multiple times this is where he went with this i was blowing away i mean i didn't really all of the guy followed his channel and looked at his videos once on and the merry go there's jason from bordering angel share in this guy they all linked together it's like ok cool so and then to be the person that has to break this news to be and get attack for it you see what i'm saying we're combes for it for eli in total i'm telling you then this is this is the going on for a long time and i read it out somebody that i find is incredibly the background check on this on this person is bonds and you know it's like i think that some of this is going to go out because i really want to put a report together and throw this right on the desk in front of the board that he she is a peer represented by you got no thought face what are you going to do this is the truth you didn't check it out you know some of us will not let this rest is two important this is how they have taken this nation pretty well hostage and let the criminals run the nation they just don't ask questions there a good person there good personate that it would always they they have put in so much time in this yes sure that his heir paid out position to take you out and there you know and there they're all tied and together they are me good any final thoughts i think we seithenhin it's like a ruthless rock and just as gave me a a ling roth can you tex that to my phone because i know that this this woman his amazing she actually she said to the human the one on the chin of got a chair usually read the chaps here and i'm going to read this because this is an interesting ruth i've had as the privilege of talking to her i am she's wonderful person she was raked the first time that ten years old she was gangrened to thirteen cited out rashe was passed around by the cops and ruling the destroyed her life and she was on as she's got older she was on the mission human trickin it health advisory board i proposed forty four questions that victims can be asked from a third party while there being treated in the same houses to insure the o please non profits need oversight big to the advocates are actually the predators the outreach workers are actually recruiters and the advocates are actually predators and traffickers this is exactly what we're saying ninety per cent this is from la of so called charities are corrupt and charleses the egos need to go sidon a government controlled not profits money laundering systems charles had yet ruth said human trafficking cycle goes on and on because of the non profits i'm ruth what is he to rouman trafficking and then ruth comes back with a pose as the link is on my face but pig an article that i wrote the article is predator or advocate that the information people is out there this is what all the we we have been sounding the more there was a lot of a santesson ing the alarm on the nonsense of seliglich o the force vaccinations which are unconstituted and o'er the forced lock downs or the masks are in this is a erosion of our rights and our freedom nor guardless which your opinion is in as they can take one they containedall and so the the whole thing it comes down to constitutional issue we are sounding the alarm a human trash the connections to non profits and people that are asking for in taking your money if you are if you are giving to these organizations that you have not done back ground checks if you have not shut these organizations of thoroughly probably there's a high probability that you are in fact finding out of personal level human trafficking and the demise of children and people and if you don't know what they do to these kind we're not talking about about you know a were talking that they get younger and younger and younger down to infants they are they the traffic them they sexually abuse on then they when they use him up for that they'll sell or organs they torture them there the crimes that happen to these he poor sad children and souls are unspeakable and it is going to end in this generation so help us god because there are those of us who live before god who will not get to the end of the line and stand before god and will step in front of any one out there who is being hurt because we don't care if we die in the prose we will stand to protect and defend you are never alone we will never let you stand alone we will be here if you've never had anybody stand with you in your life you just own people that are willing to take this to their last both to defend to protect to care to set you on your feet to hurt to to give you a true hub of of or over some one who actually cares about you as a human being you you have the opportunity to never be alone again and all of you out there and any one that's out there victimizing children you just came face to face with your worst nightmare and that's a group of patriots who so help us god will never back down your throats are laughable your mice are absurd you have shown that you are about a forty i keep leto the whole world and so you know you can flexhouse all you want whatever don't care do not care the more you talk the more this is going to just go out there in the open in the stupider you're going to look and tell somebody gets your crap faguet out and it's not going to be a sinai you and i i tell you what this the crimes against humanity there happening we've got trees and happened all through our government right now it's it is absolute cancer but the crimes gets humanity ah that cancer is going to end up squarely and git all and that and then is not going to be a fond one because a treason as the death penalty associated with it so tis crimes against humanity and so help me god there's a bunch of us that are not going to stand down to this until every last one the true rats are exterminated because you cannot rehabilitate the and we can't we can't afford to have them outrun erat you cannot let a repeat a founder constantly again again again again again donald trump put it really well that the death penalty has to be for drug dealers will one about human traffickers absolutely absolute as and they know that their doing and they are not going to rehabilitate it it is not past and even now there comes a point time where helm and kids are read to put in harm's way to say well i know you're a nice purse said he didn't mean to do that at they did gather dead it all read you don't read their addresses where these kids then are undocumented go to on a live that anybody in the bother as a purifier of free will go the state to try to get the well i teneooneoo schools the going to church as the cold restaurants the watch back through then they will go to wherever there's kids you're going to have a problem and that's why perants people need to be involved in some parents are problem you don't we have be watching out and an bein smart when you see something say something if it doesn't look like it's making silence it probably does did you send that picture of that of that gold to me art on your email i can't let me see if i can call that because the face of human traffic and is so much different than what people think it is and a lot of you know eamesii i can find people think its people with just muscles and scoff but half the time had some one with a badge and a clip for esistere to help you let me see if i i am isif i can open his or as is to keep talking and we churchestighele the top part of it he i was i was going to ask me of nicerer what it was that was oh oh didn't one of these peoples team up with his stocker of years me go cononites not amazing she has a local stocksone in this person weinkauf the best cocker and started stalking her with her shocked oh my goodness messogeis stark on the sand then and then also recently dock my home address really and my minor children's names out there with their faces a similar in names of the tack except these i do conrectorate are already being posted as we see do you say nice i the breath heard ian posted as we see i conosceremo this is oh here we go one of the ones on that lower down last gorgil and how can i how ah henry on eleven and handsomelooking as king stalkers from for exposing their fallen friends at the border were hanging out with it you know people with a tavern the genomen on her clothing where her mouth would be they were quick to say jason wasn't there for this this is his trailer that he doesn't have a job by the lake the pans are unbuttoned or her answer and buttoned and and if you could see her face she does not look like she feels sake a shirt all the shoveled were not allowed to mention there asked questions about this this makes us ingstad and we've got oh this seems like a lot of georgia line and then we've got out all their bodies and comment look like a bunch of he you ask us why that's from that old errand kid that docks lesser or the one that has bottle and jenico genital exposure in public in the task saltings this is what we're talking about we showed you the evidence again what we're worried about what were concerned about and they are there already what they do oh well a man in copiosis mich to ones may i got of you got to his care should be work her own kids in corona these are also people that think direct energy weapons are attacking them and we are controlling them as i hope so when they be got some missoinaries are iterected on or do up in ireland contesting it is thel though it looks like joe is also posting as well a boy he genoesethey i'm just ionopolis on me and i it is an pentecosters survived streaming right now on the robe i sido it is in what i'm talking about this to the boy we were telling you right at the i mention all these things you mention these crimes you ask questions you a criminal they smear you they tell you your your gang stocker they tell because you collective but how did they know that we're lives streaming we have mentioned it i showed it to the i never enter short the page that the king stalked her denison anyway didn't do any premises to dose you just shared the leg and obviously age and they cooked on the wing holdingin records are out there for people to see is that terrible but half notdesire not gained the come were anything like that either i think camptender has a little crutch and made sorry girl he had no osseuses liking he could so soon change octosilbicos and changers speech the you know what her sessionthe play in a conversation with miss fabacea tly that we do we put out certain things on that page and they jump we know when we mentioned a certain name we noticed the ah when we mentioned a certain a armed they jumped the on they know what's going on down there at the border exactly i think and so these and were asking his wide as the guy that has a disgavel alone on his record this all anon why is all this stuff lie why can't we ask questions about this stuff without being one when people want to know the answers these questions shouldn't people to want to know what is really going on down there and whose down there i just now shared to post over the past two weeks since we brought up all this he me go they go on oh no we're take it with her to a background checks the person they got going the background check is one of this jason guys friends she's a pii she doesn't seem to know about jason's back round don't we you so what are we doing here xactly he got her now you got to know what you're paying for there a new but this is a carrywhat i mean they attacked the fact is acted black most of their accounts for he and of you who have a few more were keepin an eye on it beyond that like which are we ask questions at what are you why do you see it makes it seem like could have something to hit you attacked the people asking us i knew that what happened pretty much bowed to that would happen when we did this the thatshould asked awfully tales were all crazy that's like him and like extra point he had fromanywhere crazy person held to the pecan theotoras person tells you crazy or like excepit i shall when that persons actually bent in in these what that's that's what we have tonight will you have much more that we can cover if you want early dig down into it and were finding more and more every day and were mentioned these mice i think this my thing has got my address here you know it's like i got going to more withouttaking from somewhere that a view in against the lever i can think it we should like become prepared for that some some harm another it's not so people rehearses befind out here joe has rated and louis house alineation it is red i at the end of the day where we're here asking leading people les research please stopped sending money until you can verify what we're saying is two or at you find its fall you can get hold of it hold the visitin obseres what is the old one me you taxodiaceae and i forgot to i think that this can ever linger from milan soon after no syntaxes on it joe is now a i a sure of it savage toinette people had for versesentence with ah that is the merchant need didn't even see that was turned out they were trying to joel was one to try to make lestomac look bad remember and say i am sure that there are reputable organization a pot out beyond at the end of the day and young opoganda tells arthongate a moment and this is for everybody watching are all going to continue to do what we've been doing as far as helping other people what they say about us bolus will never stop us from continuing to do we are still good as were still going to help each other out we're still going to help other families out we're still going to help children out or without donations it doesn't matter whether we go broke or we get much oregon to continue to do what we do regardless of what you say about us it he had the less deterging forward no matter what not being as on was wavering right a witherweight it were not even in a replied back to their plains on the page any more after these disinterred in the one to morrow we're not even going to bother with them any longer we were putting it out there and you said you wanted to do a few more in diga little deeper into this and do i do you know i think we can bring this rush ruthenium her article isinspector or advocate it's the legal to exploit any one for financial or personal gain because of the betrayal corruption victims survivors of these advocacy work can feel i feel the same as tracking traffickers in the advocates use the same mouthed tacket to lure victims their way all predators and trappers high behind his labels and titles for my experience and she was trafficked and she was also an advocacy panel so andkeep this in mind m is respect if i listed some contradictions and oxymorons that come to mind this was written to provide provoked that i'm sure more to be added to this list what would you at i demise oke got head mice and the whole man avery was also written his show how important is the liceniate the surface of positive and negative lables and behavior take your time before you dodge or trot listen to the voice and sighed you that to lead you in the right joses and the direction that's right fore both travelers and advocates promised victims a bright future and or employment our kind and patient it main trust offered gifts or material carapace offer to the spacing offer protection is have rules victims must abide by second liberties under the guise of giving them choice show concerned for victims pope it can be a trafficker working under the gis of advocate police officer parent or any one with authority cracking under the guise of volunteer work recruiting under the guise of outreach brain washing under the guise of one secret under the guise of confidentiality exploitation under the guise of fond of raising isolation under the guise of serving on healthy relationships or severing drag of youth under the guise of medication trafficking under the guise of free on the job training oxymorons provoked tropped thought dangerous save house or shelter kind creditor a predatory a victimized criminal a record outrage worker health worker who doesn't care law enforcement officers on job opportunity with no pay or benefit and evil pass or a false great future reckless courage tipped to determine how to tell the difference traffickers are concerned about your future advocates are concerned about our let that leave your heart and that's frog rooth roden i and i was loved ever on her you guys of really like her lakessolitude so thank you oh for that so i am for any the sosiety i'm very much a person of faith and i always out ot my broadcast with praying for every one so how about it he body has no last words to say here i think this is a well say a prayer and he will come back and for a for last words and whatever is in your mind he the heavenly father thank you so very much for these very very brave wonderful beautiful souls who have decided their time their effort their thought and their heart into posing the truth for the betterment and protection of others they put themselves in harm's way in order to protect those without a voice those who are vulnerable and those who truly need protection and prevent in in the best possible way god i ask your forever in your protection for every single one of them we ask her you are a hand of healing to touch them at all those whom they look that you protection would extend to their families their homes and at your favor would be with her work of their mouths their scouts are hands at every single thing that you that you live in that to work with thank you for guiding us on this path were honoured to be able to serve in this capacity in order to bring truth to light to bring people to the realization that you love them so much love them enough to die for them because you want to be with them for eternity were thankful for that for that relationship that we can have with you thank you so much for true patriots and true propellored there mankind and are willing to step in the way of threats problems as such and we actually we actually pray for all these people that are working down on the border you say pray for our enemies or people that are doing things that are rock we ask that you would send a solemn decisive and warrior moved to turn their hearts around to get to let them know that you had you love even them you love all of us and that you want them to turn their lives round and do the right there's always home no matter what we do turned to you and you're there to help the feet to walk back the path ahead of us let every single person lest we now there now that you have a place for though a purpose for them that they are significant and that you love them more than words can can tell that you adore them thank you for this time and we just want to let you know that we love you father god and or thankful that we can walk on this earth with you in the name of jesus christ and prayed a a he man there you go the last words everybody went around the table here star with the cowichan seen me go hey i got it there so as am i i don't really have any estwords on now reiterate i pray for everybody's a safety and family here while hell with all this and discover it and thank you very much for having as onset your welcome we go i take you she anne in in on i also appreciate you having us on oh i'm glad that people were listening o is one belemites charmer is no more a preacher minister than he is a better head miss imself that he did not serve in the military he served in prison and he says that as he is on sing a in the ther whole thing is that they help people come to the border and pray for children and tell these children that jesus loves them and and i as wondering mind every welikan pray for each other and children right where we are every single day and every minute nonsense said you don't bring your kids down to that board that is that is the port your house is sad beyond at the then oldest would you bring more kids down to a to a dangerous neue because you know wot right pre in the kids now there and as to bring him down the fire reason don't do it would you request i tolerante are people who brought and in that concerning her theres such danger and the arsenates down there with the new sister our last holes are on and such and only got bones why won't you want anybody's children down there that is not a place for children to be in tomodachi i am not rather a mike if you are par catlinson all these newsons ashton i now an rangetheodolite and an that's the most hopart come down is that them calling her that with her it is what's here in danger ellerslie people that pretend to be carol hi there them doing that they're putting her did and they know it and that's why they're doing how you scared they were all associated with the cartel where all sold when hopewellian all the stuff to try and in sight harm toward the oh well it really wasn't looking weithion go here you had a onomaticon so i wetertoun marcheroit to look hertha thank you again for having a song here and here in essen helping to gather voice is heard and in this huge cause the seems like we then frighting jesting at the truth out he now screaming in an empty room were actually the crowded room just like hay look its rate there he has for is wenerated human track gang especially child tracking he put the politics socie it's about humanity on kitdon't care about politics for the most part lencotis sir family you know playing and just having fun when it comes down to it but humanity she runs artichock by the way that they keep master boarding or videos ah that shows he we can't look down my thick to my my personal account that i worked hard by myself to grow they attacked and took it down and i had my own story on it he wants a man to honor you know i got knocked off so many times you know what's not i got no get nocoffee plans got new donandis like boooooots is as only times can get knocked off social media that sits like a golden should have lead charred on the wall it is reincarnate yourself another way you know he that's why i had to go under the alias ligor for a little over a year because every time i'd make me any account with my actual name on it gone yet you want i don't to say this here too it's like when when they go after any one of us the great thing is is that we all share with multiple people something go after one of us guess what of like takin one of us down you just like you like spread to seat and got a hundred thousand more you're going to have to go after because that's the way it's done you go after one person and it's going to it's going to just be a a storm throngwere go on that's right where are we go on we go all you hit you is hit one of us as what we there's going to be like a mass of humanity is going to come forward like a e an amazing touch of goodness i come out there and here you're not going to have one person to fight your puthae all of and then a going to be fun you know so lesotho's thank you for having us all on the show and guys say i know i don't hardly ever say it but i am grateful for all of you men together and everything that we've got in for those that aren't able to speak with us to night i'm grateful to you and i know we've had our ups and downs and we've had our arguments but were still here and we're still sounding together and that's not going to he i love me to nenenot joe gohad all right well i'm just going to say we've watched them and we pushed them they find themselves in right now were in control of this we know we have the truth on our side and this isn't going to end dave accused us of an we're going to throw the girth under the boss bergenthe this person on the nobody's getting thrown under the bust with his een were were capers no leader in this we all just want to get to truth gets the bit o moian showed the world what's going on to tickers like when little craving us on because it's a real is it was really nice to be to do that i really hope we can show you more soon oh i think they'd be great then i think we need to go down some ran holes and i've been chased down to my men you know have kicked and names over these guys just not read almost out there you know i i i i prided myself on being a little bit observed and at least you know it once in a while i followed the stupid wagon but you know that i probably know probably doing better than average most the time i would like to think it may be i don't make me i i in denial i don't know but upsought people that i passed on to that i think is really important because these people are in ischia and the connection with the more her and human trafficking in michigan is undeniable and you got you got to have you got him an end game and i'm a tell you what when you start looking at you think i've seen island is the only one we got it's all over the place around miss we have cruises that are eight thousand dollars a person around around the great lakes are you kidding me where on her scottsford or more around the great lakes for five or seven days who in a in like i don't i don't see happening some of these big big luxury liners in saething you'll see down in the in the crimean and in that sort thing which is like really cessisset strange to woreker watch it glooloussee venerating and don't go a wall i fishing from the hastack of forty million dollar yachihokono too in a discessuros makes sense you don't hold things so make sense really need to ask those questions i think that we're going to end it up here and misanthrope really bad actors i think we've already got the the evidence of that which has been in relation for those people that are sitting out there that we know some of these things we might know about whostrange flights of we might know one some businesses that are or piled one day boss things i don't exist ah ah and that's a remained already know that oh i know we're going to just rubble and watching people and it's like you know it's like if i have one life to give to rescue one or to that that is great you know it doesn't matter you don't god is protecting all of us and i and this is this is a fight that we're not back in down from there is no fear going forward in that and i and i think this is going to be a wonderful wonderful journey too truly continued to ask our question we don't know if any of these people or totally engaged what they may be engaged in but if you don't ask the questions we won't know and if we start going down and look at things that are not making sons like people who had have had you know sexual a battery for children under twelve pretty extra sure that we got a problem there you know and i think i was goscote that's not a big deal where the bagginess of then he going to have it so so anyhow and then we're just going to laugh or please please i'm going to pray for the sick dear god please give us more screen shots of their stupidity that we can laugh at it i can give you the full conversations if you just want to laugh one night i do i do i think we should just put it out there and i will i will do like the commandsecond of this and he'll be like a running commonweales you analysis as we're going to talk about my so is preciation and you just let us know when you want us back some of us may not be able to come every time but which through the information and get it out there came how much more you know as well as i tried to explain it to you and you are like i don't too much i had i had to like take some asks for no goto bad the other night it was like two you know i'm like trinomen i then heard going okay i'm usually pretty quick on the uptake and i was like i was like oh how does this one connected this in this and in next take some time goes afiyoon what we are digital warriors we are reserved we will now forgive up and you know hats off to general plan admirers ah donald trump and all the brave actual and ons out there whom we love not to fake ones not the people that are sitting up there smoking you know in the desert and play with mice and craft i know not the real and on the donethere i'm friends with them so they all know who they are in their fabulous people in i'm sure they're going to love digging into all this with us oh i ask any kick this thing erotocritos only irinisionakhi start kicking his bouyant to talk about coming after us oh man this is going to be great because there will not be a connection within fifty jumps away of all of these people that will not be turned over to you think you're going to get one jump away from that person we can go down fifty a hundred of those and that's going to be a little scary at forty one of love on them this that andreoni he forged the presidential letter saying that trump wanted him as his music i we have that too he got all the nowell get into this common next or when you have the i fromwell i think we could do to again thursday night and then you know give me some that can laugh about because i love laughing about this stuff as i so stupid and i got some heroncourt this is like amateur or if you know of a crool amateur hour here and monitorio my show i'm going to be interviewing as some one of this joel hasteth of cennino got a hour in clad deep with a guide who trapped his wife to his orenstein english this is an anti trafficking organization that it semed up with a guy white in into the top of her some of the damage it end up with his guide to get back at somebody that held him accountable for lying about one were conposed that to morrow there's biddies and more coming to morrow if anybody wants to watch it on spotting to that page i smashed the exposed the aramaic temiscamings i don't work i onethere a lot of fondness as a lot of fun to night and you know big love to all of you and i in this is he the idea o ka i do hurt and her hands so everybody aethere a little greener at now he on this hardhearted he had boharsofomar the dmonolog has less you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america this is going to be great taking has taken his nation back and get rid the final scowls he ever won so will see a thursday night you gas up from sorseide hierotelestai hellestheaeus i love as a wineshop