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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/26/2023 - Special Edition - Issues at the Border

Published Jan. 26, 2023, 8:06 p.m.

A group of researchers share information on human trafficking at the border...exposing and asking questions about individuals and activities which need to be asked. We are asking for your help - get a pen and paper ready...join us researching and spreading the word. They can't hide if we throw their activities out in the light. Save your not contribute to felons who pose as humanitarians. Michigan is also a hub for human trafficking. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and we're here night special edition of issues at the border this is our third time that we've got to gather to talk about some questionable activities and i think all these questions need to be asked and also answer there's been a lot of motion behind the scenes and i do think that this is significant in going forward in asking the questions and in all so of trained on cover what's really happening because it's been weird this has been a strange weak for me not only are we looking down at the border there but more information is coming forward from michigan which is interesting people are stopping up all over the state i have gotten so many concells from people since we started talking about the human traffic can thanfrom constantine up to macthrostle are starting to rely talithie this is important because honestly comehooker and and i think that i think that the fact that some one knows what's going on out there means that every single person in the state of missiessi ificant right up even if you know one one little tid bit of information one little one little small part information if we can get the information and put it together we can start start really looking at who is involved and or the ones that we suspect that need start answering some questions one thing about it is that you can always follow the money when you follow the money with people that are doing things that are not correct and we all know there's a lot of stuff down on the border that is not correct in its not corrected all so we're going to work in to go ahead and he continued to ask our questions and go down go down these the atholes and i'm going to start adding everybody here let's see we got embody a they joe's gone out in a minute's he's experienced a few you technical difficulties that i expect jobe hour shortly hang out a minuteand there is ioye we everybody can hear me colorer even crashed after them so that to tease hollered yes i now welcome back again i think this is a great thing that we're doing and and like i said i really i got a bunch more calls this week that were random people that are the people are starting to talk because they know what's going on when you know on the ground where they are and it's important for people when you see something you got to say so you you've got to say you've got to talk about what you're seeing because we're all in this together to free these kids up to trust some of these networks that are taking advantage of good people when it comes to a a grafting or begging for money and money not going where they say it's going or the lies that are out there there's so much corruption out there it is absolutely shocking and if if good people don't do anything if we just sit there and watch a thrower arms as if whatever should we do it's going to get worse so i here we go out and to get in for you joe for a little bet and and a kid you itcould you connect your drive screen that was me in trying to set it up so when he left there was i had me over here and then the drive spring right here make it easier but okay this okay the well herebrittes here is here so they all see how without this is real high tech here from the kitchen table but it's real news for with the real people so they go and since we know that the main stream mediis all fake tree media this is what you get you know and i think i think that i think we're bad and pretty high right here for truth truth and actionswhen share stuff with you that we can't show you proof of so that's always good and so i just i heads up i'm not sure i might have to go get my son so i may have to leave here and joanna take over one you figures out here and so i can come back on on my phone and the car and dis kind of drive and still interview and stuff i assure ye but i'm just let you know how to time so where we left off last week was a basically we were talking about hundred von and joel has smith of operation tends tronin and how joe has amongst others ah where some of the people who promoted andrapodistais has evolved a people probably remember from last week he said he didn't i think at one point he said he met him at twenty seventeen or something but we have proof that he did that was long before the so any never said it again after that either so he can't keep his own story straight for one for two we can hold mcconnel because we can keep this story strict so i want to start with these just to cut a refresh memories em right now we have a photo that will show you that andre actually and joel have been friends twenty sixteen at he admits he is known on her twice since twenty fourteen and texts and so on but there it is it's already to show o adderet i don't think i can i think you was the whole cast on one in next time though so as he ran westonthis andre rather ah and this is joe you'll recognize him as the new a profile picture on our page and as you can see the same lady surrounding them in so on that's just one example down here on that joel and then this number i don't think you no works on more booknow i july fourth twenty sixteen put it on but anyway that is proof that he's known onsenseless twenty sixteen everybody means to keep that in mind hopefully have your pens and papers out non im sits twenty sixty totally obvious just from this one picture so i'll stop that one and when we long the roebuck and then we have here that miss i think this is a in a comment thread of his own he got it up there waiting there to see it rather his rocobe we've all its established that a althea is in a rambling about and as i have depending and in writing testifying stayingstaying would be turning in for gail blow and trench lizy for being involved in prostitution that is what we discussed last week as well so was slander in the sky we dumped it on the page numerous times with his still run with it the important part of this ray here is this two thousand and fifteen says he's known to battle since that's andre de peto is and it's another fake name of his ah and then we have this swine think this is an rightholder al this is some trying to accuse trying to gain seems like some of this is in the wrong folder but anyway sorry about that this is a and train no accuse tranto stowell prome that no minute but anyway we established as you see regular he said not becottoned you want it so you go between screens or yoke i just lofsongur cap and really quick and the ophanden take it off but i've just imglutis remember two dozen fifteen years and with him and two thousand sixteenththat we had a strengtheaten fourni know we do somewhere under the day we established at he's known in since at least twenty six ontrustable now henry here had scamped to people i have testimony of one her name is ankes she won't hear we spoke about her last week ah transetis i still have to end addidit i want put it on our page people can go to the operations and is your ninespots pays and look for it or i just got out of it he said is about fifty minutes long cause it is a long story i involved with it there's no way we're playing that sent oh so we've got that audio of anka but i don't know how i'm going to play it when she this word i think it'll just load up with from the same same thing here i hope if not a play it for my hargrib of god her he i did you hear it ere you got a load it on i'm not here in it joe no okay all right let me followed it on this woman is i think i think we discussed at last week she is somebody who met andre she saw joe promoting andre so on it so forth and she and it trying to help andre kind of i guess make it ah lisa you can probably explain what she was trying to do she ended up setting him a lot of money what's put it that way we scopland that part while i'm finding the video because i know she's he held with that okay so perioecus background noise hinders a lot it's that time o night for a school i will a week day anyway so i what was going on as she was under the impression that she was supposed to give money to help well for one macanasser i'm for to that she was most sealso assist and helping for children under the gis of operations censerone well that wasn't going on she was in as far as the story with with what was happening with andre i don't know exactly his words that he was telling her but that's what was supposed to be going on on that side i did not know who she was at the time i didn't actually know her until last year the year before that no idea who she was had no clue completely oblivious to who she was i'm all i know is that during that time of october twenty twenty one she was donating she was she was she was actually done it she was being requested money to go ahead and help in the name of operations and ironin and for makin walls and so they were they were taking money from her and the total of mount that they took from her was over four hundred thousand dollars that was going on her credit cards ah and also money from her account from her appointment that was a lot of money and that money didn't go to what it was told that it was going to how money was going on very lavish resorts in louis wochentags shoes persis trouble expenses on i mean we got regard videos of them bean and strocus a music that had nothing to do with anything in buying what is it what is that called the people to put their name out a yet they would have for an we showed you as from heresy arioso famous people to promote andre ah as though he knew them are they knew him and so he spent money on that is well which i guess it re trying to promote yourself that's kind of i don't know i don't know what that but if i was a acquettino any attorneys who fight for making walsh's kids it was not going to what it was allotted to go to operation tensional it was a non profit it did not not operations tend serenidad not receive any fun being from neck for that at all we have begged the men to prove it not a single penny to operation tends in a night while it was a non profit organization right with the person that claims that one goes orning is his name or his brand was getting kicked back from the money that they were collecting from an cwright as some time i crept if we we can't say that one hundred per cent but what we have heard the separate people now do not know each other have never spoken in like and this past week and between these two interviews we spisok to one and had brought up the other one had a mentioned that okay one of em said the angry the jewel told them when asked did intreat you off at all he said no actually he gave me money then this other person who does not know this person has never spoken to this person in particular in i was telling them that story and they told me that when they were talking to andreas he was trying to get them for money he told her that he gave joe money so here we've got joel promoting am i i think joanna you've got a follerin here where he's promoting right going up or he also promoted and pushed a that was in gosains girtanensis loved child with witegodon he got that as well yes he one you remember where i'll have to tear like an ain't now co i think it's under operations he truly crazy how colored penmanlike to say that that there while we what newhausen kid i've had i've had other people cross the internet that have sought that it we've got somewhere i don't know if it's one district there's so much that we have to go through to prepare for these shows it gets a little messy sometimes in it go like but i can send i can send a an example of him paying people to promote with the money that was supposed to go towards a saving magans consist ill doing this by the way has a right now i still promoting that it's all est yet no i can't put it on the spring so he now he sir okay he said right here i'm lucky he's promoting him and then underneath here are all the examples of people that he paid to promote you know what i mean that's one example in the here's joel for moving the people promote in him so that andreola money ah and we've got you know i think we showed this last time he the dog those promoting it mentions wanting the jackson i said last time you need to for one neither macdonald you need to remember that name right that name down and this is joe asking if it's okay if they sent him a jacket jipato is andre m so that he could put some fancy rogoober ation tensioning on the back of the or no that's that's you resa asking that that he got hold of you and joel agrees that his long asits for him that's fine by me it's guaranteed to be customized for his look that's for sure he needs a tailor damage no doubt so joe was hundred per cent on board with that and there's plenty of other em we've got so many screams shots of in promoting this henry bond he tells his big long stories about how they were friends since twenty fourteen how the media had a attack both of them and called them liars so on and so forth so here we've got two people that don't know each other very body is to keep this in mind one says indrieto him that he gives you a money once it's joe told him that andre gives them money we've got joel from moving the guide whose taking money from people like an camandarea to play the audio now and we can listen to her testimony and we'll see if if it'll play alone can you hear that he goes for that on going got done spent now again let me drive i'm telling you what the technical difficulties to nina really i here we go try that one let's see if that word in he no i can hear while or oneplay this i think because i don't have my hocast board working at his lack oneit's not routing through the computer properly is going to my adpone i i don't know how we're going to do that i guess we could present like your not you had found for minute yea let me the up he tried at one trisharana video file to ay let me try playing it in present screen he now no nothing i don't think it was plain that time though there never mind it i was trying to yeah i give her a fine but you guys can't hear any way she goes on to say that joel i helpandand her to the whole thing goes wholeseemed to be promoting a good message save our children so on and so forth and he was vouching for andreana regular basis i will this have to upload that to the pages well since we're having technical difficulties is she goes on to say that he took her for quite a bit of money him and makin em at one point he even created a fake mag an account to contact her and take money as well although magandha been talking to ah took the money ran and as lee appointed out spend it on all kinds of nonsense i think they even posted a picture of themselves like a weesuer nice like spot it deals i think with all these people's money ah while so short lease has recently filed the ten ninety nine against the person whose name we told you to write down an eden mcdonald yet some of an case money back and she was approved and she is getting that money back they then slandering and k since the minute she spoke up joe his attacker he's accused her of defending rate victims in a sexual rasebecke which wasn't the case that's on the page is to bunk in him on that i'm david chose her soreheaded trafficker compression sons go head necessary no i'm jesting that i wonder you and secular people mentioning her name over and over and over currently yet it's there's there fairly worried about her something is going on there we don't know but she got little so i get some of her money yes he is ah now joanna do you you member how i showed you to share files cause i don't really know what you got in some of these folders on his lee of it i don't know what it is so i thought maybe you could pop him up since you did some of the feeling here you did joe oneand we proving that and basically how long even though we do have screamsthose the saying oh why you're gettin ready to naive got an interesting pretoria je ne andre we before anybody did i osfontein why does he continually try to state that every one else is gone that introduced him to him i don't conieiunate to say that other people are the ones that that introduced him to him when jones one that known insistedand fourteen before anybody knew anybody yet he's he's claimed that leselope is a matter of fact has entered had introduced him to the board into the monament in fact it was joel we have attacked message where he sang this is hondrewn everybody ah i think we showed that on the last show as a matter of fact i this is angrivarian in now he's got on were hoping he can be an artist or whatever we've got joel introducing him to the monacomen and telling the story about how his michael jackson's a relative and how ah he's introduced into all these jacksons and how he's done all that and he just knows for sure that it's true is the love child of a i don't even remember andy jack and then in whitehead all that when contact a transfer to many jacksons and in white he was standing and at the end of the day we oh we have a picture ah that of his mother and it's no she's not what you use him as she still alive so this is all a big story the joel told to promote this guide who is notorious anybody looking it up look up andrey von to insipiens look it up a star whatever you want you'll find page and three monteseccomeeting you can googling everybody can go go at it like him for mason if this is in now and we spend our days debunking all this on the page for the most of the reason we do that is because these people are still attacking the people that he's ripped off you see that they're still there still slandering the people that spoke up there's no slandering the people the just wanted to get money back so i don't know how a joanna i don't know if you can play the video but it's the one that we got to day that was found in drive it's tritenheim drive see if it worked for you i mean you know the thing those explored allowed the cold how i got the catoctin the champan of pander enfermase what's so under just one is right in to man for here it says i and six one four nine dot move his showsthe legs great the enfold her it's not under anything else i will feel like we should just send the length to down on see if she can plan from her and for first something wrong while the isthingsthat we can always fire this of next week or the following week i am you know and and revisit this again you know for can't get to work this time i mean there's a lot of the e's good coming out so immense not like i mean it we're going to if we find things that don't look right i think that i think that whether we do it now or later we we can revisit this again to yes she is an if i can win go back i thought i crowded here hold on a minute oh the others no sound why the happening that is bizarre as weird it's one my side so i don't know well when you're right that we're going on i just heard it i deserted i can wish me turn it up a little that pleases a louder this his works sorry quicklyping and is we go imagery there podostemon cargoes mesocoracoid he invested this day thousands they were sixteen monsone mound of thousands and then particulerities ponchos upon this saladiere ent both parties on the stand that one the thousands one who before much contrariness hold is in mintaon friesians based upon the erectly colehooding his one one part as was that offering for other people too though mary there you saw him signing a greement with trent for quite a bit of money just the day one of them posted the thatches not true that he did not yet know what worse suppose believe that guy that the reason that he found it was because in dr much like joel didn't want officials involved in the whole process he didn't want to get a notarized so trent decided he'd felled and then there's you know at least videro that he had greeted and signed that that that was embusied it ah so there you have it the bankagain the they exclaimed that you know you can't believe trent ah he's a liar just like the plain the same thing about em and ka so at the end of the day there it is you saw it on camera in a green that's my god that's angry that's to petong up yes so paper i think it is said two hundred and fifty thousand it was offering for me over and over there you have it so argue with that argue with medoro at this point as where i met with these people because you can't see him at that good was sezione art to make it and then here is just one more example as well i'll just pop this on there really quick of joel sang twenty fifteen i can't seem to find the twenty fourteen examples but they are there are in there's lots more photos like that one we saw with then i was attacked in the media with him back in twenty fifteen with him they called us both scans yet when her why you know so there there is i mean he knew he knew him we could establish on this show right now we can establish more than that we posted to pagelater back by about a year that he's known him for that long so how was he going to address resalcazar as the one being the one who introduced him to the mob and movement so on and so forth when we can literally see him admit that he knew him before lisa ever ever met him he so what that what happens now at this point this has happened in the background which track this has happened in the background with em and k meanwhile joel trying to get this guy to be a maga or the of the artist operation tends to your night then made even a song together i think we showed the sprengstoff it where it's a little cartoon version of each of her on the front started promoting this and pushing it and stop trying to get him to be part of operationsand told joe well we're going to have to go meet this guy and people are going to have thrown background checks out we can't have this guy any new anywhere near and to it he we have no no idea about these restdoesn't run a car anything for that she goes down to florida cause her daughter was having his shoes and his you can tell this story lisa okay the best what i wanted to go back to also the reason why i was going to florida and was not for him or pay he was not my priority my daughter was my priority my daughter was pregnant of a time as she was having complications with her pregnancy so they were not sure if they were getting have to do in emergencies see section on my daughter because of the complications securethere nancy that is the reason why i went to st petersburg florida and if anybody familiar with florida then you'll know that temples only twenty minutes away from saint pleader petersburg so it was very convenient for me to say oh i can go ahead and meet you not very far who would in do it if you're already there and you can take an hour out of your day if you're not very far away that is the only reason why i was okay with meeting him because it wasn't going to take all day long and i wasn't going to have to make a special trip to go and see him i was already there we can already make it happen so i did i went ahead and i met him at a hotel there's more to that but i'm just making it very simple i did not make plans to make a special trip to florida to go and see him i was only twenty minutes away we did that had a conversation with him i petition him and i did not like each other at all it was very clear he had a conversation with joel let you know joel convinced him that i was on okerton joel convinced me that he was an old cape person we don't like each other that was just there he maniere not friends he and i were two people trying to find a way to talk to each other like normal human beings and i let him know that i didn't like him that was just it and and soon after that he wanted me to meet i always forget this guy's name terence williams he said you give me thirty thousand he hollers didn't know where i was going to get thirty thousand dollars from chris the organization had in been put if we went we were that big i mean we were only at the time we were only fifty dollars big there was a goin to come up with thirty thousand dollars wanted us to me and more logo he said if i give him thirty bolt thousand dollars it would turn into a hundred thousand dollars i spoke to mark we chuckled about it did i think that this guy was going to take from us absolutely not a reason why i say this is because you can't take from us if we already don't have anything to take this can't do it it's common sense if you're broke there's nothing to take from somebody has broke so that was just then there wasn't really a full lot he's never really did anything to me did he did he threaten me at one point yes woman i had a conversation about it was i scared him i let him know that i never had fear of him at all now that was the end of that there that was that was the end of that do i think that he's innocent absolutely not and he knows that too i don't leave he's an innocent guy i think that this guy is a criminal i think that he has the grave for the consequences of his actions i think that he's done wrong i think that he's been around the wrong people i think that he's easily manipulated and i think a huge part of me thinks that joel and has used them for his own personal game but i don't think that he's innocent in this i any means of the imagination i though i think that he could have probably taken money from us and i do think so i piloting that it had he had the opportunity and had we had the money that it would have been very possible what maybe not i don't know i wouldn't know unless there was money that and that your so i got this work in again for now yes and as you can see right here ah i've got something waiting to be loaded up on screen i don't know downstill here with the other ships in her o god ye've got this loaded up on screen that's what i was referring to earlier i just had to look through the files we've had a lot going on there's a lot going on and don't think it would really a good idea because right now from an outside point of view it's a little fragmented and i do and i you i am a pretty quick study but you but but i'm getting lost in the in the players never talking when you're talking about somebody it's probably or or the connection it's probably really good idea to do a quick short reather you toss to this is that the ovide that they made together you see that's supposed to be joe s post be hundre an then that was promoted to the maga he pole and the save our children people by joel and other people as well so at the end of the day the recap really is that he did stand people and that there still to this day attacking the people that their came in what we're trying to do here is we're just trying to show you examples again of how this guy people for money i only during you know the the trump era let's say but also during past times he has been doing this is two thousand eight in your life's best all are you talking andre colin andre and joe knew exactly why this guy went to a you know what i'm saying he knew why he was released from jail around twenty four he knew the he knew all that and yet still promoted this knowing that this could be the outcome disapproving in any way and the minute the people started saying you know he got me or he scanned me were anything all sudden they'd be slandered by em joel and his minions they'd be attacked they be accused of doing awful things and that they didn't do just like what happened to the board with operation tends i night it's just a pattern and it's a very important piece to the puzzled this guy got a lot of money from a few people and more than a few insures and he ended up taking it one person was able to get a little bit laugh ah or get a little bit back from the years and he did so on wing it through the person whose name we definitely told you to write down twenty to mcdonald that's that's the woman where this all funneled through that's the woman that he sent people to i know joanna has somewhere in these piles evidence of that soonerer you put that which were any of that the jack enterprises or any of that i think i found it so this is her her business that you said something to day about how it didn't you might sell just start talking joannicus you know more about this end of it than i do in well from what i found he had been using her hallose for years a jack enterprises poor that up erisey fons ring it off the hook here is some trying to get in for where incident as he at my banderole are you looking for the jama enterprises pile that's up on the screen right now waiting he so you got this pile from amber reports available for jam atraction says bother names yes that's ready to be put up this is how that work and this is from a web site that explains a you know they got those here seicentesti is funny it probably i think i know it so if you want with one stenonian we've got it's rather and is from timberposts available came enterprises on limited a elsie not work visualizer is shows andrean enecantur rises when he mcdonald jam ac enterprised name i hear manager on ego mcdonald around report whatever manager and that there shows the link and this is how they took the money for he in anything is to me was an added as a manicure and sitienda of twenty twenty one he was as using it so on this is another example is from a a warrant that was issued largely over two hundred fifty by false this is the person that was promoted by joel and his body other one came back and apprised his jacksonfor ah i'm limited else this is how they fondled the money and you know this is all stuff we found out long after people got ripped up in those people didn't even didn't even know is at the time so that we could warn him and we find all this out and we didn't know what the time either was beyond it less than i think you guys ran a back on check and found out about all that after you met with them didn't you yes so we also and because when when i ran the background thick on him we were told that he had been pitying to refresh my memory here is i really didn't pay too much attention to him because he was kind of relevant to make what sounds awful but we were told that he had not an own a while before but we hope on the background sick that he had got an out in june as though he had hesterson at that time if i recall correctly do now twenty twenty one he wasn't out long we etias lie too about he had got an out and that's when i had found out that he was arrested in new bronte's texas for for a taking from a family out excess and i can't remember you need to help me but he had taken money for i think it was a hundred and something thousand from a family out in texas where a girl was holding that money for a kidney which she later passed away from i can't remember the good agroeci think it was sixty something sixty thousand and i made been no i gave woonderous on that one yes so that was the reason why he had went to prison less there was charges out i belterton that's why he had went to prison but i don't know and what i was initially introduced until i did the credituntil i did the background check on him till i do so or really hohfulle to this i did it elopopsis ringing and anacreontic it was time for me to run back ground checks now meanwhile ah at some point and somehow i don't know if we ever did figure this out that's when he some time around this time is when he he met and up with her started dating the magan walsh woman who is john walsh's daughter am i right it was somewhere in that i i don't know when that happened he coorong by the fact that that was happening i can't go on roger happen and then everybody's like the happening on like that's beard oh yes was that it was towards i want to say august that i first heard about it and out maybe yep i ground that time frame but i couldn't tell you exactly when and then so what that they went on to do or at least what they led people to believe happened as he formed this thing called mysoka m soca in the act of like it wanderer ah you share her fate oh yet you can ah pictures loadin there we go and of course look whose name is on there and there it is she was promoting this left and right as her her deal here there is money going to her is from people who you know were i saw joe's os about him i mean oh my goodness is the jackson and where we want it we want to get the word out and he's pro trump and all this in that you know and i kind of fell into place they did that old thing pretty well you know i mean the listener ascension to that is not popelot that's one head in macdonald's cash shock that he was he is and two funneled the money through now ah joan i think if you want you want to go to the imagines andre baby things talk about that like with that up on screen i can take it off and you can put it out which parts i gone i went an now if i may cannibalistic to though i have mees there was so so with within do with collecting actors to do the love the past parush and they would have to pay her and then all of a sudden there was no moving a and she had all those funds so i just wanted to add that part she never gave them their money back she kept all that money so there was a moot yet you say there's a movie see i didn't even realize that i thought that was just another organization there's so many moving parts of this that i can't keep it all straight you guys know this part better than me as when i'm saying joanna could do this part i mean if you want to put this up on screen joanna can tell us what we're looking at glen up worksor him for her i'm out in and in different tom i've got it up can barely see it to men how that back so what are we looking at so that is that one wasn't supposed to be in there replied the a gossoon of these one it is the forth one for one oh anticipatesthe with four are mistraining how they came survivors and atestado stuff intentionally to get your attention ah she has very choice words about joe and loki or so the fit one go like an he's a crown man to check your text yes i see that yeah that's not surprising dona he tried to come on my show too he's the one with white white a white pride that toned down his leg and the stremely lengthy background that we talked about in the first one exit i sell as they that january eleventh that on the twenty fourth that they were visitas pointing to move forward with adoption and there taken prayer frontires away from the kids because she's not doing the case plan she also has a show pertencem enough for three kids and there is still the housing issue so back jenofonte they were already talking about taking her kids a permanently and puttin them up for adoption because she was not working the program she was not co operating and then here we have that next that we show last time reasoning upon it poses and he so he's the one that's got a cross see he has to test her rage she smoking marijuana pregnant and facts is not it's not my child her girl so so you know they accused joanna and um who else and kai think it was of or on a sickly you know where can i see he has to take her trakor big night and in reality ere it is him the one that did it are you goin metendoselo con you i think we went well know there's all kinds of stuff in that one just tell me what older but maggie assentior now two megingand andro probed must soak down on he did that with madison marquette to yeh when maisemore interview was a jewel he or some one he oracled out well joanna unfortunately this doesn't look like it's going to show up here gets some to download it share it that way as it's like a computer screen shot and well that one is the sensation the soliaco there's another one on there in the different vile but this is just to show that that's meggitt's the picture in caseother ones i have they already taken the profile down so it's just a blank picture that's one more is good in number to she's replying the it so i'm in some soldier the son io yes and then i you can see that's the theowe showed you with one in to macdonald linked to it maganasa make america much so on twenty twenty four the orchestra i this is then promoting it we can see or in the hat that's andre there with her also on the shirt and that was has he eh has pegged messothen twenty four they are children the less a brush is this her getting her nails done ye which he can afford it and in this is from an ka williams right here allow the dollars upon the last paint brush as we know in from for teachers and hats suranat does get of promote it i added my page to you loyal my business partner bobolishenis acted and in there it is there's the hatch taggin there's the hatch take again there she is in the hat and iverything else again and these are people that joe promoted this was picked before or in the silken now cenail at compiengne that right that down you'll notice that pop up a few times on between andree and regions i am for kings are jackson soaked out deal not and there go again i do live there in gansevoortin rate there to the porters of corruption i treated this plan workerhence you never got a chance to be heard or reached the orders of yet my brain just in floated i don't even know what that man there you go there's this it there and sustained at work as a branch of rome soca there's another one here it is and they were getting on the money to make this from other people are eight and not mistaken that's some of the stock and keep as for so on either you have an now this money is not wisdomless to help with children that are trafficked in the system and there's no money sense to those families but where did the money go that's the other question is there they all make to be doing this soft and yet there's nothing and here we have what we have to show everything every single penny where the money went but yet they've complain be said he done sir inthings the money he had he of evidence on where the money and they have nothing they can't even account and allers other trying ostaondion you and and markingness school hundreds and thousands of dollars when you have all your your financial stevens and hanriots so where is the highest on and then ostevents em oh tom a man rejected initial this money and where do they where did it go where's all the people work the thesis megan miserabiles anastasis of dollars on you guys when at alenot true now you said is it just the main files there joanna as this is all computer stuff began so i negotiacion messages counterschemes no or acantophis one cos it's computer you suspicion from ihitsutahe break it down as you go through okay then is there to go up and start with no more to so this is when megan no masokkan reached out to me were my hat he shore oh i'm going too high or supervisor from every city to represent my company unity and uniforms constancelet unification let me know your interested we must take a stand and all it takes is a brand so next one october eighth twenty twenty one an he got no money up wherein purchased a hat and shirt will do have touched that i don't can you download it it's easy okeyoah back the last paint brush there it is as my name make sure you put the money side i said every word's caps i just want to make sure i have it right i next one and there is one for two shirts for me jack in her prizes the see satis well which is her alice i want he desolates a so yes she'll have my hat name honey as sedecias in grateful for every one it was opened their eyes and her family seen the truth ananassa yes october tenth twenty twenty one okay put hatishereef box and i'm going to sign and to make sure it goes through i want to bring you here in the middle of the week alice ay so the next one is posted set on their inborn how long how long would i be there for for week come to to help you financially let's get to isert on people in your city and have you to a small footage of you with them when you go it's going to add to your campaign and i'm going to build a obeema of the state for my soka so when you do go home it's easy and everybody will follow i'm going record footage of us so people know that you're on a new path isidore the word are and get people on board purchased hats some shirts i logetto that i was going to be helping on then not as wide this just theresomewhereshe and hat and i'll take care of the trip no worries but i still need you to get up the video do ah the one was solon i said you really don't have to do that magan i don't mind boston is to get home the rest of the money i'll try my best on video i need declare some fosterage and transfer files over her as next in for the next one you are you all from getting my bearings so when would you be able to travel whenever is good for you so do you have anything save now to get here and sell me signed contracts as i've loafed as well how much may i ask if i'm i'm going to explain and make sure that you're good and i know that you're ready to take it said the next left as succeed i see it in your hose the close to a hundred or so so offered to help with the rest if i need be and then i'd pay him back i got back and then the next one is when they had me to a ten minute video for the hidden at work mining about my situation and was really hard to cram in ten minutes but how a and something give your platform i yet no war in cremation in minutes i'm your episode is up and there is megginish the head not work with emil were there too now mind you these people that are like trolling your phone number and so on have said that she's a liar about her story i here's magan was putting a story out there cause joanna is actually showed she for what happened to her unlike joel and so he's never once shall prove that any of the ape or that he was in that home numberhad what's son oh they'll be dealseveral thing dropping my trailer to day for the hidden net work scale to see that and there's the link the hidden not work with magawes and then what asked then then then the final one this is a message when i called my campanaccio i call tokio andre and got him to tell on well him on others is that i myself all at what is magnetising it was one need an alias of megatons and he said now that's that's not an alias of when again begging has one etiolles her money whined a macdonald is the last paint fresh she just allows us to see the sails there is a spring shot that he literally sudden which came i got a prize is allowsunder neath she does all the finances thinking you know so much and they have it and this is the stuff that they did in they they scamped ah joe helped and as we said there are literally two people that don't know each other that are telling the same exact stories each other they just heard it from one heard of consul one hundred from monkey so take your taxes it seems to me can i know they're they're trying to light stuff up then they they probably are this is what they do all rowington he says we're going to mirethe show with all the proof that were showing so that's funny well let's money it up in gring at one etwetwe barrierafter laforme there back to the same amstett they were at it in i think it was twenty twenty one you and mark knew each other long before he ever marked met joel and you targeted him and then gabbled the same cycle trap that's ben does with titles shih the scream loudest we hear you were reben ring you by the way the subject of the vision that they think that they bought and not that he's mentioning dona he says oh othothe bought a house the subdivision that's not even this lease a little pass that's a whole another lease the low as that they're talking about and they should know that by now because it's been almost to two years they still are pushing the claim and its whole arise i don't know the other least lo visit and its pandalike when a joel shared your your big go fun me trying to make it look bad for raising money and then had to admit a daigurt later that that wasn't even the same least a lot past my bad remer that that was funny we don't probably have that spring shot available right now but man and wealth on the bed the uncontrolable better to set or outhouse everybody's listening to you it's osborne you go to them beggerielge then began file or megissogwon springs no the summons tamasese like in the main folder yes for you promiseto six which hephestion at other consociari hard to see a very hard and follow yet hardy went through this one donatoriam string little light that donawhiroo samenstelling about some getting some pet before is too hard to keep up this lasting it is very hard to keep up with anything here right now i'm able hard time you the players supperwill need to alanmere doing in that get on the rabbit trails because it is incredibly hard to follow and i've heard chargeindian hard for every one has information and she could secessionists and interdictal and proofs a and it's the sooprintendent ing that he lied about what he had said about me oreoca so where's that is that in the main fold her i am not mistaken he is on the very very main folder the third one i so another thing that they do to joanna is a tried to accuse her of a sleeping with andre we can address all this in a minute we'll skeletonian morehundreds dollars release here's the video on that abalones they not about anybody that the ready defensivethat speaking truth up that's what in no felons and criminals do an when you're on to them they try to make you that laudible that audible as our and it's not in no it was it was playing i could hear in my hand but it wasn't playing on ere the last time we didn't have no issue with that so i mean pull it up oh if you know put in mind in the tree though piled but anyway they accuse her of all that and we move on and will address chasons i have been long his woes can we discern oh well and we nothing you have weiesegger ma and the keen at cold the gothos vic domine et giton the plan it wasserlosen because so stretly was educated complained curse now it was vain us gossellin documented documented locket go you had no one crostetedon oesophagocele gonesseronton as toepasses so he basically just admitted that he was just mad and set that to go and now you see what what we've been dealing with dave as of course all loves to ergotism bes acomes from his line friends and pristacantha curiously legraye want to comenot your being contacted by an investigative agency like joe hunter in a hillaryfor how these people talked about it ossawatomie in a completely different state than you stockadenothing the know it all they know every one about everybody that they've never met or escondido once in their life what's my favorite color i favor through these was to doneratico le music i meant the mast the thing they want attention they want to draw attention off of what we found and this is what they do just like jason currently is acting down the same recycled craft on twenty twenty one right now so like you know the show is just only this is what they want it you see what i'm saying i think i iherman that it might be a ready wit idea of so you know do like an outline and you're on that come connect the people because you know i want to make sure that if we're presenting that it's in a way that people can understand instead of a may be something that is it's not it's not because of the text messagesis that it feels like an a mede with it's going in a million directions if you like and oredroit may be made the better thing to do as he liked to do a bite sized piece of this because if people are being led istante need make sure that we put out good information of truth but right now it is like its moving like this and there's no there's not there's no organisation to it and so i really think i really think that maybe we should bite this off fifeness pieces you know everybody's so familiar he is erself familiar with it the cold one that is like you it's a discussion with people who already know what's going on but from somebody from the outside who really disposerent truth it feels kind of like it feels very convoluted and i know i've richessuch time in this and what get everything out like all of one but it's just way too much and it's not connected for any one to really be able to follow this and so i kind of think that maybe we should do as i may be re group the troops on this if you're okay with that hundred we we are just wanted to this whole thing was just kind of wrap up what we were talking about last which was how this home as an went so he explained to you we've actually done it we've showed it's all there if they if people go back and look in the wekenesse the border not on ditions the two named the three names that they were using a on andres and and in inmansend the poniesand to take in money we've got joel for moving it knowing full well that while under was a stammer we've got all that laid out right here but interruptions from the penugal lery because this is what they do this how they operate so and of the days put it all out here lad i think that was the itinerant i understand that that's a really good summary of it too and i think that that's where we need a tack that back to the summary to see how things thinks fit and together and who was where and i think i think that will be really helpful because if there is if people are being latest they need be able t they need know and there in i think that that's hagood thing to do to you know let people know that they are being led to stray so that they can keep their money at home and not yet not yet sucked to our scant i think that's that's what this is really all about is that not every time somebody says they are who they say they are is is there is there truth too to the claims and we do tydide need a check it out we present vincennot even all the evidence just enough to make sure the people understand that that there some parts of questionwill behavior in the way the money was both taken in and the way that it was spent that you know that that they may be one to ask more questions and i the gattolo god i said somebody definitely needs does i be no it worahaimanoo the antonell i think i think what's really potent as the is that you know in a in a business or anything you have to have complete reporting and the there reporting has to be if you are if your suddenlyapropos or telling people you're doing something you need to follow through on what you say and i'm pretty exteriore were running around to expensethe and such yououtin in to understand the putting it into building a brand and such that seems to be a come and thread and politics and other things the i think that that's the no not always is that is that money while spot i mean i thought politics all the time and people are basically fun in a big party for themselves to build up this build up their personalities in a way that makes the esoteric and i have a plan a big problem with that they emphasis this is a symptomatic of a problem across the united states and nobody really wants to talk about this that thatmay be a problem but i do i do think that i have i'm not i'm not ratline that mixed that i got in or anything like that i mean i'm going to take a look in that you can learn eminentissinto anything that comes across what whether it's got to be able to stand up to scrutiny and if it's a can't stand up it we delktasch is the ruler reallyreally good thing and so i do think that that it's important bring out proofs and knowledge and such but i think has to be very steppesthose could follow it because it this thing is like a squid there's like there's like things flailing in every direction and in because he's so much information out there you're emueje jo your muted it had like fifty different projects and so on they have this going on the movie thing going on gusts and all kind of fuddled through them and we in like i said we laid it out here already it's all here in this video ran out if people go back and look and look they'll see all the names to follow and they can be you know figure it out for themselves i did just get an interesting face book message private massage i can't really read it and i don't really recognize the name but if what they're saying is true just a lot of help this whole thing so so i know i know what it is and in very otheri'm pretty sure i know what it is i send a textile and and ah i'm guessing that the caval regis showed up and and i think that's important because if it in fact it if there is as much wrong doin with doing is what what it appears here keep lend to be held a cowor using an unfortunate sir i'm going to try to summarize some of this from an outsider's point of view and what i heard yet you know is that makes him sense that if the wrong doing is is there taken advantage of peoples unfortunate circumstances in order to make large amounts money for themselves spended on extremo things on materialism trioblid themselves of the some sort of quasi solarity or expert in the field rather than doing anything with it it's actually was the goal of to help people we got a big problem here and in that's in that would be across the board with an no matter what we see that ye know people people popinot and teach a nut to see others when they take money in their hands to be a bomb proof accountability for how that money is managed because oh you know there's there's there has to be a cow bell and in more you know and like we showed you on the last show i'm the person who massaged me just now even mentioned ah when we showed you those bank records from ten zero nine they were high lighting deposits and withdraws keeping track of that and joel tried to make that into a bad thing on face book and seemed like it was bad and a nonprofit was trying the berries starovery early ages of existed trying to keep the best track they could of everything that that they needed to keep track of matter of fact i have the sails reports now as well that we can show maybe on the next show as i mean why not i and compare it to a spring shot that joel sent of somebody that he was talking to you name ah i want to say chrisostino like that she shows up in the sails report but here's thrown behind the scenes and sharing this is his big proof oh ah mark took the money through his own papillthe didn't as we discussed they didn't have a papelotte time cause they were already established on profit they were allowed to raise on this has been established as well eh so they would use their pates and then deposited in the bank and then and out the orders we have all the proof from this one order sheet that she got a methinks she needed but that's what we're talking about these people use distraction and lies to try to do what they're doing right now and its sad why can't why isn't any time we met talk about this stuff they freak out and starts samandre why is it when we are shown proof in so the freak out and start taxing your phone it's hot that it doesn't seem like behavior from e were in the the right side of things i don't just my opinion no well it is some for i get all this enough out there and there should be financial accountability for shore and on on every level so as i'm emthat the whole border issued that we have gone on right now and and the the nonsense sonnenstern insaneand he too in a very unfortunate way to people who are very vulnerable is is wrong and i got to stop at a nounfortunately we've seen this over the years of the lot of actual on profits whether one of the secured one or not trebout othe funds are needed and then all of a sudden you find out what you've got you got crap going on like air conditioned dog houses and such rather than actually helping people it just it's just going it seems a lot of times that the stuff is just going to support their very maecens of habits and order things they want to do rather than to actually help what is the sad goal and i think that's what i take back for this night if i if i hit it there pretty well i mean i use these organizations to scamp people and i don't even think as masoka even a non profit is anybody know or is it just a thing no just the thing they never registered it or anything no one po now if i go on see three no nothing the veneris that it is in all seas that any type of business of munich anything or is it just taken in funds and there's no accountability to funds coming in and now on containing the funds going out and people to do it because they trust the story all it mesarmen it was just acronym plain and simple okay now that that's that's a big problem so okay well i i ah i i think that thatsiafus this is a lot to die just istatlan in the outofwork he put into sismano mazin i do think that it's a good thing to put out put out stuffsthe people can make up their own minds on things and to see the proof because the proof is the proof is there sold in renominates re one o and look at it all again you'll get it you'll get it up promised i had to look at all this over and over and over for i remembered three names i it's a lot yet there is a lot there so all right well if any any other last words of ebony wants to say here to night no but i'm i'm actually excited about this message i got i got to be honest so will discuss that after the shell he just said i'll leave the broadcasts and then we'll stand and will talk about us i think that this is really poor that we get it out then and even though even the information that i got taxed and the things in the chat all of these things must if the air in fact misleading and pretty really pretty much very the people an he done the wrong doing with more you know it when people are panicked they typically make mistakes and about the maybe another very big mistake that's in there so that's a good thing and if there are if they're innocent then it should all come out and that's that's a good thing too everything needs to come out i like to say per to and this because i think it right now where i point in our history that we need be in all situations because we do want the truth and sometimes it's a little bit of painful process to go through but i do think it's important ssahend then we'll go ahead go ahead and then move into the next next tineton we get more of the satherius i do think it's important dear have father think you so much for all the work that every one is done to dockington the truth of how seeing taken in also a grit we will want to help the people that really need to be helped not help ourselves to fans that seems to be across the board a problem that people have and we ask that you help with every evergrowing out truth and that you'll return all hearts to you that we would always do things to ooroototta on jesus christ pray a meane last words here is no i think we were promeriting you're going to want to hear what we have to say after this this isn't i'm i'm sure i will so but it any re don't think for one minute that i'm down on by the texts messages are anything in the in the comments i kind of enjoy that sort of thing and ah so it's it's just it's not a problem and i just want to thank you guys for all the work that you've done i think it's i think it's amazing and people need to have a herdand up when they see our confinados n't look right they'd be another god to stay at and and not be afraid to say it then those those claims have to be answered and when we get off base instead of sticking to the core as she always tells me that there may be a little bit more a problem there than what then what you know is only apparent i guess wantedsay bless all of you and i thank you for being here and we were going to stand together with this this isn't the last this isn't the last special edition that we're going to do we're going to keep bringing the stuff up until people get some action of people do hold the candle we we've talked before some of these people are using the good names of other people in order to promote them so and they don't even may be no other if they do know what they may be don't have the evidence and guess what evidence is there if there be in black ringmoor there being black milder frightened into keeping silent and going to long with their bersi mean i mean there ain't got there we have it so at any rate you as have a great knight to night everybody on the camera stay on here and men when i when i and broadcast and then we're going to be doing the againhe's a friend and family you know people need to know that there is a lot of scarsete there is a lot if if they're not doing the right thing they need to be shut down so in exposed and that's i think what we're doing right here so everybody out to have a great night tonight big love to all and i'll see it's more morning oranges not work with her in the retention to morrow with sometimes the surprisesorrow morning will see you and then we'll be back on with the investigated the great night