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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/2/2024 Legal Defense - John Tatar & Real History -Courtenay Turner

Published July 2, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Studying the Constitution. Know the law and use the law - using the law to defend yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg. And it's the second day of July 2024. And I hope everybody in West Michigan is enjoying this little bit of a break we have from the very hot weather that we've had. It's actually was lovely this morning. this morning. I actually loaded a horse up in a horse trailer to go to the vet because she's got a problem with her foot. And we're going to have some further looking into that today. So today I've got John Tater on Lawful Defense. First in the first hour, second hour, I think Courtney Turner is going to be on. So at any rate, that's where we're going to go today. And let's just do this thing. Good morning, Mr. Tater. Good morning. You got your accordion out? You're ready to start the party? Hey, Courtney Blainer is here. That's so cool. Are you there? Can you hear me? I am. I can hear you. Okay. So do we have a song this morning? No, today we won't. Okay. I just didn't have a chance. Okay, no worries. No worries. So we decided we're going to talk about the decision that was handed down on the first here on the court case and Two decisions. What? Two decisions. Two decisions. I'm going to go ahead and put this up right now so we can talk about it. And I'd like to hear your opinion on this because I've heard a lot of opinions on this. I've heard that it's a good thing. However, I'm not sure they got the process quite right. And so let's talk this thing out today. What's going on? I believe this is the one where they say that the president does have immunity, only he's working within his job description when he's doing things that the president should be doing. And when they step outside their delegated authority, then they lose their immunity and uh example sending millions of dollars on pallets to uh iran which uh which biden did is totally not biden obama did the canyon yeah which is totally outside of his delegated authority and therefore he can be stripped of his uh duties in his office and be held responsible for his actions. And that's a wonderful thing. Obama has done a lot of things, using private servers along with Hillary Clinton, using private servers. The Uranium One deal, trying to make deals with the Russians to sell uranium from America outside her delegated authority. uh biden uh with his 22 shell companies outside his delegated authority doing business with the chinese and trying to and and collecting money from the chinese pay to play kind of thing both hillary was involved in that so was uh oh so was biden uh these those are those are criminal activities outside their delegated authority So they're going to hang for it, which is a wonderful thing. And so the president does have immunity as long as he's working within his judicial scope of his judicial duties. So does so does the judges. So do all the other public functionaries. They step outside their delegated authority. They lose their immunity. And they can be sued personally for their actions. So this is, you know, we wonder who's winning this battle. We're winning this battle. The republic is winning this battle. We are stomping all over the abilities or the programs that had been set up by the deep state. They're losing their shirt on this one. And I hope a lawsuit will start. I've got a question. By the way, I do have a lawsuit before you go on. I do have a lawsuit going against a couple of judges right now who will probably try to claim immunity, but they just lost it. Supreme Court decision. Go ahead. So explain how that works. Well, I have a case against... two public functionaries called judges who are sitting in one is Nugent out of Cleveland, Ohio, Sixth Circuit. And the other one is Yonkers out of Grand Rapids in your neck of the woods. Both of those guys are going to be sued very shortly. The paperwork is getting together right now. And it's basically I'm suing them because I filed and paid fees to go to court and they didn't let me go to court. They didn't give me my due process. So they're getting sued for their negligence and not giving me my day in court. They whitewashed it. Nugent said I was a prisoner, incarcerated, which I obviously never was incarcerated, never was a prisoner. He also said that I never paid my filing fees. Well, I do have a check that shows that I paid, and I do have a canceled check from the bank that says I paid. So he lied on the record. That's a judge. Are they liars, or are they just stupid, you know? Yeah. You have to leave this or incompetent. Well, he's incompetent, but I think he felt that he could get away with it because I wouldn't pursue it. So then I filed a lawsuit against him with Yonkers and Yonkers says I did not state a federal question. And what is a federal question? The federal question that I filed was that this judge who is a federal judge violated every possible, lied on oath, lied in court, and made false accusations against me. So what was the federal question? What do you consider a federal question? Isn't that a federal question? So he's getting sued. So I'm basically suing the two of those judges right at the moment. for not paying back my filing fees, which I requested it. I asked for a writ of replevin, which means you give me back my money because you didn't do your job. And neither one of them agreed to give me back my money. So I'm suing them for fraud, the two judges. When I get done with them, and I suspect I'm gonna win, eventually it might take, you know, I might have to sue them and I might have to sue the next judge and the next judge in line that that doesn't do what they're supposed to be doing. All I do is I add the judges to the list and they they get sued. They get added to the list and they're they're part of a new lawsuit. So these two judges are going to be sued and probably within, I don't know, within a week or so on a file that the Court case is already finished, put together. My complaint is already done. It's a matter of just doing the final steps and getting it in process. But they're not going to be able to say, hey, wait, we're immune. No, you're not. You stepped outside your judicial authority by lying on oath, by making stuff up, by not giving me my due process. And you didn't give me back my refund or didn't give me back my filing fee. So that's coming up. I'll let you know how that goes when it's in and how it goes forward. I got to tell you, when I grow up someday, I want to be John Tater. That's my goal is to be as good as you are at this kind of stuff. This is amazing. How did you get started really with starting to learn? What was your first step in learning to file? And how did you get this all figured out? Actually, the IRS helped me do this. This is the first time that I can say the IRS was actually doing something good. They taught me how to get involved and dig deep and come up with the laws and do the reading and do the adjusting. It was all because of the eternal revenue. So, you know, I got to give them a little credit, very little, but a little credit. They came after me for a fake tax burden that they put on me based on a group home that I built. I built a group home back in 96. And based on that group home, they said that the money that I got as a mortgage from Mishnah to build that group home was income to me. So they said, all of a sudden I have, you know, a $200,000 income because that's what the, it wasn't quite 200,000, but that's how much income I got from the state of Michigan to build a group home that, you know, I ended up having, that money was used to pay off the people that were building the house, the carpenters and the concrete people and those people. That's what that money was for. it was to pay for the construction I actually had to put up 10 percent of that money to build that group home and mr paid the balance but the irs said that was no no that was income to you so based on that they uh came after me for uh uh exorbitant amount of money to uh to as a as an income tax and I've been fighting that for you know in 12 in 2012 I filed this was going on since 96 by the way 2012 I filed a lawsuit with against the fed are against the internal revenue with botany judge botany he's she's on my uh to-do list too she was sued a couple of times from me but because they took botany and they gave put it in another judge which was linda parker who filed who I filed the next lawsuit with linda parker pulled another fast one it then went to nugent and then went to yonkers so all these judges are in line they're they're all going to get it eventually including the internal revenue agents That internal revenue agent, when I told him that I'm going to file in federal court because what you're doing is not legal and not lawful and all that, that internal revenue agent, his name was Myers, says to me, William Myers, he says to me, the courts will never rule against us. And to have that kind of an attitude that we can do whatever we want, because the courts are never going to rule against us. That went in my lawsuit. And I think they didn't like that. So this whole nonsense was because of the eternal revenue. They taught me how to how to fight the battle. And so I got to give them. There you go. Well, you know, what's really disturbing is that how many people that are in office think that they are and it was really funny, I had I had Gene Zott on yesterday, and we put on a video of Stan Grott saying that clerks are gods. And it was kind of an interesting turn, especially since said individual was required. to not participate in elections because of some questions that need to be answered, I would expect. And it was kind of interesting. But there's some truth to how the people that are sitting in these seats feel about themselves and feel about us. They look at us as their subjects and that they can do anything they want without anyone questioning them and without anyone actually standing up to them as they bully everybody. The problem that we have is we don't have enough people that have taken the time to get educated to actually fight these battles. And I'm going to tell you, it's not easy. I mean, we've been sitting here talking for how long now? A long time. And that and how many shows we've done and how many times we talked outside of this. And it's still it's still one of those things that I still have questions about how this works. Exactly. You know, I would I would have a hard time jumping in. And just doing what you do and suing everybody everywhere and knowing exactly the steps to take and such, even though I've got you to consult and such. But it takes a while to learn this. And I mean, I've put in a lot of hours into this. So the steps to take to learn all of these court cases, it takes a while. And they really have kind of an advantage because they've got this big club called the Michigan Bar. They got all their buddies that they're protecting. They're under the civil action jurisdiction. They don't give a crap about the Republic, neither do the judges. They do not care about how this was set up. So you've got the... it's stacked the cards are stacked against you doing this and starting out at the beginning because you're going to claw your way if you really want to do this it's possible but this is a battle that's going to be hard won just just in our own lack of knowledge it's not that it can't be won that way it can be but you got to be able to do the training and the work And get in there and slug this thing out or you're never, ever going to make any headway with it. And then we'll just sit back and go, yeah, sounds like a great idea. Don't really know what to do, though. You know, it would really be amazing if there was a manual out there to, you know, to actually to be able to sue and do it pro se, pro per, whatever you want to call it. I mean, there's multiple names for it. But to actually do this or have a group of people, I know that there's a few people. David Jose has a group of people that they do that. They put things together and they go after people. Peter Berninger, he's doing it all over the place where he's filing cases. And there's a gal over in Ann Arbor that she's doing it. There's people in New Hampshire that are doing it. There's people in Missouri that I know that are in Texas that are actually doing this and they're winning. But it is a little bit of an overwhelming task, I think, for most people to put this together. All the people that I've talked to said it's a lot easier than what you think it is, and don't let the intimidation of the court stall you out or stop you. Is that accurate? Yeah, that's pretty accurate. It is easier than you think it is. It does require some effort to learn. However, we are coming to a conclusion in our group that our biggest case, our biggest baseball bet or two by four or two by 10 is Norton versus Shelby County. Because and now since Chevron, which brings us to the next court case that we need to talk about, Chevron has taken the teeth away from these bureau rats that live in offices that think that they have the power to make law. It's taken all of that power away from them. They do not have the power. BATF does not have the power to regulate law. bump stocks or whatever they think they can regulate. And the Department of Energy, what is the other one that was out there just recently in Virginia? That department doesn't have the power to regulate regulate what goes on in businesses like they have been doing over the past, saying you can't have so much. You've got to bring our emissions down. So they can't do that. That's not their job. It never was their job. But Congress kind of gave it to them because Congress is, how would I put it, a bunch of lemmings. that do not do their job they've never done their job not for a long long time of those that pay them to hit to to uh go in the direction that they want to go this the entire nation right now is built on pay to play in my opinion and that's right that's the problem the federal agencies that they're that that are out there right now the uh they call this the administrative state back when the nonsense started that we don't have to go through law because we can administer these laws with these organizations. We put an organization in power and they administer the laws for us as Congress because we don't want to do the job that we're supposed to do. So Congress really should be dissolved all the way and start from the beginning. Because they're a useless entity that gets paid a lot of money that shouldn't be in power. Don't the elites call us useless feeders? I think that that kind of goes for the parasite class and those seated in seats who do nothing. They're the useless feeders. That's right. Parasites. That's right. Now, so what does this mean? What does Chevron do? Chevron basically says to the Internal Revenue that you can't make a law what is income. You can't decide that all the money going into somebody's pocket is income. You can't decide that. That's not your responsibility. That's not your authority. That's what Congress needs to decide. And Congress has already decided it by the 26th Amendment, or Title 26. by stating that income is a profit and a gain. And so did the Supreme Court say that. And they said it in, and I can't think of a case off the top of my head, several different cases. Tracy Mining Company was one of them. Bruce Schaber, and by the way, Judge Batani. uh did can't read and doesn't understand how to read supreme court cases because she said that bruce shaver gave congress all these taxing new taxing powers which in fact it said the opposite congress has no new taxing power based on the 16th amendment so she's a liar in she's a liar on the record she's a liar in court and furthermore she can't read and doesn't understand the Supreme Court decisions. She's just one of the judges. There are a lot of them out there, but she's one of them. And these judges are the ones that are going to be held personally responsible by me as soon as I get the Yonkers and Nugent on that lawsuit filed. I'll be going after the rest of them. But this is the nonsense that goes on. And the problem with the people and the problem with the court system is the court system believes that if they rule against you in the district court level, in the trial court level, that you're going to pack up and go home and that you're not going to pursue it anymore. And so 99% of the time, that's what happens. People lose in the district court level. They end up paying the fine or the fee or they're on the hook for whatever. And they never take it to the appeal. They never take it to the Supreme Court. And furthermore, they never know what the judge did against them. Well, they run out of time and they run out of money. And that's the problem. You know, it's like the problem that we're supposed to have a speedy, the right to a speedy trial, these, these frigging trials and everything, they, they can get drawn out for years and, and, the amount of posturing that people are doing instead of getting to the facts and getting this over. The whole system is an absolute dumpster fire because I don't think that you can have a speedy trial anymore. I don't think that they can accomplish that. They drag it out so long that what they're fighting for becomes quite often irrelevant in any material way and or for any material reason. payback for the crimes that were committed. It's their philosophy of deny, deny, and hope you die. That's exactly what it is. I saw that with the case of the Attorney General's office right now that I'm part of as an injured party. And they keep delaying and delaying and delaying and delaying. And instead of saying, look, I mean, somebody's got to make a decision. But to the point that the fact that they're actually taking the time to do a good job, I'm really hoping that we're going to catch more in this net of complicity that in the rigging of the elections. I mean, they launched this group of people that is in charge right now, launched a coup against the United States of America. It was an intentional coup to take over the nation. They did it by many, many players, complicit players from top to bottom. And we can go back to this whole nonsense with the clerks. You know, General Flynn says it all the time, local action equals national impact. Well, the other way around is that, not in an active way, but in the fact that that's how they tore us down, too. They've got so many people that are complicit from developers and realtors at the local level, which is enabling... the developers to eat up all of our farmland and make us more dependent on the system. And I mean, these people are working together. It is actually, I've got a theory on this whole clerk thing. I think it was about 30% of the clerks resigned after the 2022 election. And I cannot get these people to talk to me. It's like, if you know something was going on, unless you step up to help us write it, then you are in fact complicit. You don't get to run away from this. We need people to step forward and be whistleblowers like Stephanie Scott and say, this is wrong. This is what happened and blow the lid off of this thing. But my thought here is, is I think that the people that actually were giving these orders down Um, they, they kinda hung the clerks out there to be their scapegoat. If things went awry, they were going to hang this on the clerks. And I think there's a lot of clerks that didn't even really realize what was happening. And like everything else in the news, it comes so hard and so fast from different areas that they get people kind of confused. And so I believe that there's some of them that were complicit in this. Absolutely, there were some that were complicit. And when I looked at how the FOIA and the laws were broken in Byron Township, They absolutely were breaking election laws here. But that can be said across the entire state. But there's more that were in on it that knew exactly what was going on. And then there were some that were either coerced, threatened. There's a lot of that going on right now. But they've got the ability to step forward and make this right. If they don't, then ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Then they're complicit. Yep. The problem that we have is anybody that works for government should realize, and I'm speaking of this kind of being a clerk and or some sort of lackey for the government, when they're done with you, they're done with you. They get rid of you. There's no favoritism. They use people and people think that they're going to gain favor with those above them. Same thing happens in the political parties. They think that there's going to be someone that they're going to gain favor and then they'll be protected or they'll be taken care of or this. That's a lie. It's alive. These people are parasites. They're predators. And if you think that they're going to play ball with you because you're so special, they're going to eat you alive and never look back. That's right. That's right. So you've got to, if you're doing, especially if you're doing something shady or incorrect, or how would we put, if you have no scruples about what you're doing, for the government because you think you're going to collect $50,000 or $100,000 or a quarter of a million that you're going to get away with it. Eventually, it's going to come back to haunt you one way or the other. And those people that don't understand that, they're victims just like they're making us victims. They're not following through with the republic. They're doing what they think they can do to get away with it. And you don't get away with it. Eventually, you don't get away with it. Well, and they think this is never going to reach them. And the problem is that elections matter. What we're dealing with is the fallout of a rigged, engineered coup. that absolutely went after our elections to totally disable us and then write the rules so that we had a harder time fighting them in the court system, which is absolutely off the rails. And the whole thing kind of worked together. But I posted a video, you know, the gangs that have infiltrated the United States are in all 50 states. And I posted a video a while back and I warned everybody. I said, this is a warning to you. This is this is brutal. But this is what these people are capable of. They are capable of these crimes. And if you don't think if you think it's going to stop at, you know, coming into our communities, you're kidding yourself. It's in every committed community. I ran into a gal named Ruth Ronan yesterday and I know her. she was trafficked as a kid. And in her story, she's going to be on, I think, next week, Thursday. Her story is, and I'll post some videos of her interviews and what actually happened to her. And it's horrifying. These young women that are trafficked at a young age, it's horrifying what happens with it. And then they end up getting charged for things that that they didn't commit. But the reality is, is that the cops are passing them around. The cops were pimping these gals out and all the safe houses that we have in and around the state. You want to know something? Because all these girls are afraid to come forward. They're being pimped out. Most of the time, the ones that say we're here to help are the ones that are taking these people who've already been abused and and they're pimping them out right under our noses, and our own tax money is funding the whole damn thing. That's absolutely right. Yeah. But getting back to Chevron, the importance of Chevron is it takes all of the power away from the administrative state, which is magnificent. that we should have never, that those administrative unvoted for bureau rats that sit in office, that sit there and make rules have lost all of their power. And that's the way it should have been. Remember when we said when a de facto office is organized or set up, that de facto office can be used by the government for information gathering only. It can never be used against the public. And Chevron definitely states that basically not in those words, but basically says that the Bureau, the Bureau The bureaucratic state has lost its power, and it's about time. That's why we have Congress. That's why we elect public functionaries to go to Congress to make laws, not to turn it over to a bureaucratic organization to do that for them. And they've done that because they can reflect or say, you know, we didn't do that. The BATF did that. The BATF. And then they wipe their hands of the whole thing. So you don't go after the bureau rats or don't go after the elected public functionaries because they kind of wipe their hands of the whole thing. So this was their protection. to try to bring us into a socialist Nazi government by having these organizations do that. Hitler did that. That's how Hitler came to power. It was the clerks that have really engineered or moved the elections around. So if you've got compromised clerks that don't follow the law, you've got a compromised election. And you know what? Every single clerk in the state of Michigan has basically committed treason because they allowed those machines in their precincts. And it's like there's ways that their name is on this. And by the Constitution, they broke the law by allowing these machines in the townships and the counties and such. They all committed treason. I don't know if they've actually got their arms around the crimes that they've committed, even the ones that stepped down and are trying to get away from this thing. It doesn't matter. You've got a choice. You either step up and write it and become a whistleblower and help us fight these people, or you are going to be thrown in the complicit bin of traitors who committed treason to this nation. There's no middle ground on this. I think George Bush put it well. You're either with us or you're against us. Yeah, he was a traitor. You know, he was dead on the traitor side right there. Even though he was talking about the traitors being you're either a traitor with us or you're against us. We are the Republic. You are either with us in the Republic or you're against us. So there's no gray matter in the process. It's either or. You're either for the Republic or you're, you know, call them whatever you want. Nazi, communist, socialist, traitor, whatever you want to call them. So, yes, that's coming. See, it's... that's how we know we're winning this war of information against the deep state because we are beating them every time we every time they turn around every try we are closing the windows on them so they cannot get away and they're going to be done they're going to be done it's just taking time we still have a few people out there that are still brain dead that need to be waken and uh brought to reality of what the world is supposed to be like we still have those problems that's why this war is still on but uh but we're winning we're beating the heck out of them chevron is is got a magnificent uh ruling against chevron this time around and of course now we've taken all of the uh Immunity, except if you're working, except if it has to do with your particular job, away from all of the George Bush, Billy Boy Clinton, Barack Obama, and Biden. They've all got their neck in the noose right now. We just haven't pulled the rope tight yet. But it's coming. It's coming. Here's the case. I think I've got it all up here. Here's the opinion. And this is interesting case text. I'll go ahead and send that. I'll stick this in my Telegram channel too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got to really call up and read it and I will do that eventually. And maybe. You know what, I'll put it, I'll put it in the private, the private chat for you. Maybe we'll do a deep dive into that case too. And so that's the opinion. We'll see if we can. There you go. Case text for Chevron USA versus natural Resources Defense Council. So what does this mean with all of the agencies that are out there? Those agencies have lost all of their power. And now it's up to the public to really understand this and really understand that Chevron was defeated and that when the BATF or the Department of Education or Department of Homeland Security or any of these organizations that come after you, Chevron has taken their teeth away. They don't have that power anymore. And so this is a wonderful thing. Well, and I think that to your point there is that, you know, there's certain things that I think people should have printed off so that they have with them if they need to pull these things out of their back pocket. I mean, I know you carry a card around, but like, deprivation of rights under color of law. That's another one that people should understand that. There's all these things. I'm going to see if I can pull this up here. See, the color of law doesn't affect us. Never should have affected us. Never should have any power against the public. Under the color of law is something totally different and it's of the If you look at Downs versus Bidwell, we've talked about that case before. Downs versus Bidwell basically says that the laws, rules, and regulations are to control governments. not the public, because we are the sovereign. All rules and regulations that are written do not apply to the sovereign because we are the authors of that sovereignty. And we've been preaching that in our group for a long, long time. We're the sovereign, and the government is the subservient, and they're the ones that the laws, rules, and regulations apply to. Not us. Not us. Never was. However, when you use that in court, if you don't know how to use it, then the courts use it against you. And of course, people like Judge Patani used it against me several different ways, trying to make me believe that she was the judge and therefore she has the right to do whatever she wants to do. And this is her courtroom and she decides what the law is. she doesn't decide what the law is the law is already there she's supposed to enforce the law but she doesn't know that because she was appointed I think she was appointed by billy boy I'm not sure that I won't I won't swear to that one but I think she was her name b-a-t-t-a-n-i miriam old botany Let's see. Here we go. Let's just throw her right out there and let's see what we can find out. Since we've got a problem with her. Yeah. Say who appointed her? President Bill Clinton was nominated by Billy Boy. She's a Billy Boy judge. Yeah. She's a Billy Boy judge. And we all know about Billy Boy and his, I don't know what is, is. Or do you know what is, is? Yeah. First incarnation of Biden, I'd say. They're all the same. Birds of a feather, flax gather. What was the other judge? That's a Billy Boy. Linda Parker was another one. And I'm not sure who appointed her. I think it was Georgie Bushy, but I'm not sure. It is either Billy Boy or Bushy. Okay. These guys are criminals. This is funny. Look at the look on her face here. Kind of a look at that. Let's see. U of M. Well, that's a bad start right off the bat for me. Yeah, me too. Liberal. She worked as a staff attorney at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. And this is the whole problem that I see on all of it, is that they trade their assets back and forth. So she worked there from 85 to 89. And then she gets in as a judge. This is funny. Yep. Then they put her in as a judge. That's funny. President Barack Obama. Of course he did. The Kenyan put her in. There you go. The Kenyan who should never have been President of the United States. When the Kenyan is found out to be a Kenyan and not an American citizen, she's going to be kicked out of office. That'll be one of those things where you just start you just start removing them through nullification and such and disqualification. You know, that's the thing. I think that it's going to be a real tough thing for people to realize that I really believe that the battle was already won before we started this battle of writing the United States. I believe that we already won. And I'm going to tell you, everybody's been so sad and there's been a lot of sadness out there. I'll acknowledge that. But I think we already won and we're in like, crash in the cleanup, okay? I would even go far as to say that there's probably already been a change of the old guard out. I believe that that's highly probable, okay? And that there's been a lot of people that have probably already been, I don't know, let's see, replaced. All you had to do is look at them when they took out DeSantis and Pompeo, you know, all of a sudden, you know, the Basset hound DeSantis is like, 60 pounds lighter and so is so was Pompeo and in the same day all of a sudden I'm looking who the heck is that that they're putting out there for Pompeo and DeSantis so these two guys lose like 50 60 pounds overnight uh it was it was kind of crazy to see that happen and so you know and I think that right now the the the people we the people are being woken up to the fact that There's a lot going on that we don't know. And there's been a lot going on for a long time. And I kind of think that we already won before most of us woke up. And now they're still cleaning things up a little bit. But that's okay. You know, things are going to change. And we don't have to be afraid of that change. And it's always amazing to me how afraid of change generally people are. Change is great, especially when you're living in a dumpster fire of the United States of America or the remnants of what used to be. This isn't even the same country that it started out as because they have torn this thing down, sold it off. piece by piece by piece. And I don't know about you, but I'm seeing an awful lot of people that look like they're controlled. They're not speaking on their own. When I was at that hearing or the press conference that Nestle gave, she started asking a question and I was the only one that was not really the regular media. I was there as an injured party, a victim of what happened. And she had a hard time looking me in the eyes. And when she went past, she turned her back on me and made sure that, that I couldn't, cause I was going to grab her hand and shake her hand. I was, that's my, that's my thing. You know, I'll, I'll face you. Hey, how you doing? You know, whether I think that they're, whether I think that they're a good guy or a bad guy, I'll make them look me in the eyes. And she turned around and she got away as quick as she could. But she went to answer one of the questions and, And all of a sudden, somebody walked in front of her, and she was like, oh, oh, oh, I'm going to let them answer the question. And I'm like, how kind of an answer is that? You know, it's like, so it's like, what are you? You know, they're on the dog on the leash for these people. And I have to say, yeah, the reaction told me all I needed to know. She wasn't answering on her own power. And when she got off track, somebody walked in front of her to remind her to – that her time in the sun was over. It was really interesting, I got to tell you. And I was sitting right there and I saw it. So kind of an interesting thing. So what other comments do you have about... I can keep Flash and Parker and Batani out if we want to look at their faces. Well, there's the other one. There's the big liar, Nugent. He is... For him to say on the record that I was incarcerated by using Title 28 on me by his ruling, and to use another one on me that said that I filed a Title 18 US 1983, which was civil rights. This is funny. Had to post a post a picture from he's born in 1948. Pretty extra sure that that's not a guy that was born in 1948. What does he look like now? Appointed by who? Bill Clinton, Billy Bob, the traitor. He lies on the record. He can get away with that. He can make up any kind of story he wants. And he did. He made up a story about me. And consequently, I filed a lawsuit against him and ended up with Yonker, who is a Grand Rapids judge. Now I'm going to go after both Nugent and Yonker in my new lawsuit. Okay, here you go. This is what he actually looks like, right? Not what he put in his wiki, in the wiki thing. This is so funny to see. Obviously, he lies on WikiLeaks, on Facebook. It wasn't WikiLeaks. What is it? Wikipedia. Wikipedia. He lies on Wikipedia or somebody's lying for him. But obviously he lies on the bench. He can make up any kind of story he wants. And he made up a story on me. There, that's his picture right there. That's kind of funny. Who put him in office? Billy Boy. Billy Boy? That's another one. See? Billy Boy put him in office. Billy Boy put him in office. Liars of a feather. How do you spell Yonkers? Is it a J or U? J. J-O-U-N-K-E-R. That's the only way we're going to go after these people is to go after them, one after another. And I'm filing them a lawsuit against them individually, not against their department or against their seat. Yeah, Robert Young. George W. Bush. There you go. There you go. Another liar. Mr. iPad Goat Man who read the, I like the, you ever see the video iPad Goat? No. It's kind of. Is that the one? What? I said I stare at goats or I pet goats. It's a it's a old time researcher classic. Any of us have been researching for a while. Watch the video. It's a little freaky, but it's it's kind of interesting because it's all symbolism. Let me see if I can find Mr. Mr. Plain Kite, whatever he said there. Here you go, Classroom Ritual by George W., Mr. George W. Bush. This is on 9-11. Oh, that's when he was sitting in there. Yeah. He was such a, oh, I don't know anything about it. Yeah, sure you don't. So yeah, I loved it though when they passed him at the funeral of his dad. get ready to read all these words on this page without making a mistake you get the letter at the end and remember the sound it makes get ready yes get ready to read this word the fast way get ready yes sound it out get ready sound it out get ready what word yes boys and girls sound this word out get ready Steal. What words? Steal. Yes, steal. Read these words the fast way. Get ready. Play. Yes, play. Get ready. Must. Yes, must. Let's read these words the fast way without making a mistake. Get ready. Hide. Yes, hide. Get ready. Hit. Yes, hit. Get ready. Steal. Yes, steal. Get ready. Play. Yes, play. Get ready. Must. Yes, must. You gotta tell us what we're gonna do ahead of time. And that's when they come in and tell him that the planes hit the towers, America's under attack. Oh, yeah, that wasn't organized. How many times when America was in a situation that they were under attack that the Secret Service would usher the president out immediately? Yeah, and he sits there. And he sits there. Yeah, America's under attack. So I think I'm just going to sit here a minute and, you know, we're, he didn't even like get up and excuse himself. You know, he could have gotten up and excused himself very elegantly. And said, you know, I've got some business to attend to. I'll be right back. Without creating a panic, right? No, he sits there after he does this. And let me see if I can bring iPad Goat up. This is kind of an interesting symbolic thing. There's a lot of people that have been trying to interpret this for a long time. There's two of them. There's iPad Goat 1 and 2. And I'll bring up iPad Goat. There's two. I got it written down. I'm going to go look for it. Yeah, I want to get it off of YouTube because it's one of those things that will get me, because long enough that I'll get a community strike or something like that. There's iPad Goat. See if I can find one that we can actually watch it without. It's got to be on YouTube. But it's on BitChute. Let me see. Well, you should put that out as a homework assignment. Yeah, read or go watch iPad Goat and just see. It's like a little weird, okay? I'll give you that. Oh, let's see. We got to go back to one. This is two. I think there's three of them. Let's see. iPad Goat came out in 2000. Five. Making me accept all the stuff on this. Oh, wow. We've already got my name on the list. I might as well give more ammo. The all thing I. Yeah. One world government. so so Okay. We all live through the sixties and seventies. We can handle this. Okay. So, uh, yeah, then there's iPad goat too. Let me see if I can find, I'm going to back out of that one. And then this is more of a, um, Let me see if I can get that one up. Hang on a minute here. And this symbolism is what's going to kill them in the end. It is. It's absolutely. OK, here's I peck out here, which I think is really It's kind of an interesting video to watch. But look at all of the, you know, you've got the white and black floor. But there's so much to this. And there's little things like, you know, this little symbol here. There's all kinds of things. If you take some time and look at it. Welcome to Uncovering the Truth. It's pretty interesting. This episode is entitled. Let's see. That guy spends too much time talking. I just want to watch it. All right, that's not the one I want. All right, well, let's just cut to the chase here, dude. Let me see if I can find it without the comments on it. That's it. But you would probably think this is really interesting. Let's see what that's doing here, too. Oh, they got it on YouTube, but they're going to give me strikes if I do this. Let me see if I can find one that's got the correct timing on it so we can just watch it instead of being told what it says. Oh, yeah, here we go. Ready? Got like a barcode on his forehead. I mean, there's a lot. If you watch it, you'll see a lot of things. George W. What we want. What we want. What we want. J-Mo. J-Mo. J-Mo, are you here? Thank you. It's the Twin Towers burning. Falling, I should say. So anyhow, I'll go ahead and post this. Yeah, people need to watch it. I think it's not a bad thing to watch. If you're awake, it's probably going to make some sense to you. If you're not awake, I can't help you any more than what we've tried to help people. I hate to say it, but But sometimes you just got to take a look at things and be objective and not try to defend your position, but be open-minded enough to try to be open to other possibilities that we may not understand. It's like the whole thing with the Palestinian and the Jewish conflict. It's really interesting to me because you have people taking sides on this, and it's probably a little short-sighted to do that because it's the people that are being harmed on both sides, and the governments are creating this conflict. Always. Governments create all conflicts. They don't care who they kill. They kill their own people. And so that's the thing we've got to get away from is thinking that the governments who are lobbying these weapons and these instruments of death, like they actually care for their people. They don't care about their own people. They could care less. They're there to victimize and kill them. But I digress. So is there anything else you want to talk about with Chevron? I'm still waiting for Courtney to come on. She's coming on, but just wait a minute. The only thing that people need to understand, and I think most of your audience does, that the Chevron is a major court hearing company. or court decision based on the fact that they have taken the power away from the administrative state. We've been always arguing. Remember when we would say that the Department of Health and Human Services does not have the power to tell you to wear masks or to get vaccinated. They don't have the power. Chevron says they don't have the power. They can't do that. It's got to be legislative. Remember part of our argument when I used to give out papers to the public that didn't want to get vaccinated to go to school or to go to work. And I used to provide some of the paperwork for them. That was the whole argument. They didn't have the power. They never had the power. Homeland Security or Department of Health and Human Services had no authority to tell you that you had to wear a mask or that you couldn't or that you had to stay in six feet apart or that you had to or that you couldn't go to a certain restaurant or you couldn't go to a certain place or couldn't go to church. They had no authority to do that. And Chevron basically says, yeah, you don't have they never had that authority that had to come from in our case in the state of michigan from the legislature and from the federal government from congress not from the president president couldn't issue a uh presidential edict or a presidential um I can't think of a name uh you can't issue or order yeah orders for people to do things or even in his own uh department couldn't tell the department itself of the executive branch that you had to be vaccinated in order to work at the department had no authority to do that that had to be a law and the law had to come from congress and chevron really makes that distinction now that no laws can be written by these bureau bureaucratic administrative agencies First of all, Martin says most of those agencies, all of those agencies don't exist. So the law has always been on our side. Problem is that we listen to these public functionaries thinking that they have some magic power or that they're that they're because the president, we got to listen to the president. No, you don't have to listen to the president. President has no authority to do anything like that. So now Chevron is basically, this case is basically stated that they don't have that authority. And that's monumental at this point. Right. And so I think the good news for today that everybody can take away is that we are gaining ground. But we need to remember that though they took the power away from these organizations and such, we got to remember, If they come after our rights, we have to stand. Where were all the pastors that just said to them, screw you, I'm keeping my church open? There were some, but it should have been all of them. And they should have been, you know, writing out religious exemptions like, you know, Tic Tacs coming out of the case there, you know, to give people the protection that they needed. And they didn't do it, a lot of them. just because they've, you know, you've got that 501c3 thing. You don't want to screw up that. You don't want to screw up that, you know, the money part of it. And they took the money rather than standing for what they should have stood for. I feel fairly disgusted with the ones that shut their churches down because it was all about that 501c3 and protecting it. Because once you declare that, you're taking orders from the government. They determine your actions. You become an arm of the government. What is 501 ? Where did 501 come from? Congress? How? Straight from how? It came from Johnson. It came from Johnson's administration, the 501 . The 501 is not law. Never was. Because Chevron says these administrative agencies cannot issue those kinds of laws. That has to be a law from Congress. And Congress is stuck by the First Amendment saying that no law shall interfere with the establishment of religion. So Congress can't do it. So Congress pushed it off to an organization to do that for them and internal revenue and President Johnson and that whole nonsense. But that is not law. And so those churches should at this point in time say, hey, Chevron, I'm no longer a 501c3 and you can't do anything about it. But we'll see if they have the guts to do that. When you're in the system for so long and you've been following a certain behavior for so long, it's kind of hard to wake up and change. And like you said, change is difficult for people to accept. And a lot of times it's not the way we did things in the past. No, it's not. Yeah, that's a fact. Well, Mr. Tater, do you have anything that you want to say as far as to direct people to your events and festivities this week? Well, we're going to hold our meeting on Wednesday. And we're covering, at this point in time, we're covering Pacific states because it's a very, very important case. And it basically talks about our republics and the ignorance of the people that think we're a democracy. And there's a lot of them out there that think we're a democracy still. A lot of public functionaries. In fact, I'm getting a bunch of these flyers for people running for office that's saying they're going to protect our democracy. Guess what? They're not getting my vote. Well, they fail the IQ test right then and there. That's right. So I think it's the Pacific States one. You want me to post that? I'll post that in the Telegram channel, too, if everyone's... Yeah, you should post that in the Telegram channel. I can do that. And that very, very important part that says the republic or that the democracy needs to be annihilated, not said that we do not have a... uh democracy but that it has to be annihilated that's page four top of page four that says the power of the majority of the people to impose upon the state a democracy democratic form of government or to adopt institutions violating the republican form is one of the powers which was not intended to be exercised by anyone but to be wholly annihilated There you go. All right, so this week's festivities, and we've got – tell them how to get a hold of you, and then – You can either call me by my cell phone, 734-968-4715, or text me or write me by jtater2 at And if you're looking for court cases, I'll be more than happy to send you our court cases and also an invitation to come to our group. There you go. So one last question. Are you coming to the, in fact, are you coming to the meeting on July 27th for the U.S. Taxpayers Party, the Constitution Party in the state of Michigan? Yeah. Probably not on this one. Oh, that was the wrong answer, John. I know, but I got other things going on on that date. Actually, I have a family reunion I'll be going to. Well, bring them all to the party. I've got apple crisp there. They can eat apple crisp. It'll be great. Unfortunately, we'll be in Kentucky, and that's a little bit of a drive. Okay, well, I'll give you a pass this one time, but just don't let it happen again, okay? All right. All right. Thank you so much for being on today. And we will see you next week on Tater Tuesday at Lawful Defense. Absolutely. Awesome. Have a great day. Bye, everyone. Bye. Thank you. Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I'm Donna Brandenburg and this is Courtney Turner. How are you, Courtney? I'm doing well, thank you. How are you? Good, great. This is a great way to start the second hour and I missed you. It's been a few weeks since you've been on. It has, it has. We are crazy, crazy busy. What's going on? Give us an update. I like your, I love your shirt. That's cute. Thank you. Nice to meet you. beautiful pink it's beautiful thank you um so yeah so I'm putting together a conference um in middle of august I'm calling it the cognitive liberty conference and it's going to be a two-day event so uh the first part uh day one is going to be a kind of a roundtable discussion on education the history of the dumbing down of america and possible solutions and we'll go into things like uh the social emotional learning and the tech ed and where the purpose of all of that, you know, of their own admission, their own worth, and hopefully, you know, brainstorm on ways that we can combat what they're doing. That one is going to be taking place in, it'll be just film, live stream. And it's in a school that's an incredible concept. So it's a homeschool, but it's very reminiscent of like a, you know, one room schoolhouse, like old school, one room schoolhouse. Kind of like that concept meets Montessori, meets self-directed learning. So it's kind of this hybridized, really awesome kind of concept. Where is it? It's in Nashville. Nashville. Nashville. So that's going to be day one, and that will be a live stream event. We're in the process of putting together the website right now. It's the Cognitive Liberty Conference. And then day two will be a very small in-person audience. The space only holds about 40 people, so we can't have too many in person because we've got a film crew and us. But it will be a small in-person audience and definitely a live stream. And The theme of that day is going to be on defense against political and psychological dialectical warfare tactics. So we'll go through what is dialectical warfare, how do they use psychological warfare, how do they use it in political warfare, and go through some of the philosophical history as well as the sociocultural and sociological studies involved. uh, that have been done in order to then weaponize against the masses and, uh, then talk about hopefully how people can, uh, build some cognitive liberty to defend against that. So those are the dialectical, uh, warfare that's going on here so that people know exactly what you're talking about. So the best kind of like way I could simplify it is a weaponization of the Hegelian dialectic. So for Hegel, for those who are not familiar with Hegel, the philosopher, the most important thing to know about Hegel is he believed that the state equal God. He actually believed that there could be no freedom without complete subservience to the state. And he used kind of a diagram that looks like a spiral. And the spiral is going up toward the omega point. For him, the omega point is God equals the state. And the spiral is, it consists of these dialectical poles. So you have these dialectical tension that are running opposite each other. And then they synthesize. And as they synthesize, this new idea or concept presents itself and you move up the spiral. And the term, you know, people often think of like thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Hegel actually never used those terms. Those terms were . Johann Gottlieb Ficke's interpretation of Kant's dialectic. But Hegel rejected both Kant and Plato's notion of the dialectic because he said they were too abstract, they were too intellectual. He wanted something that could be used as a methodology to advance the historicity of man. And he said that... So his terms were the concrete, sorry, the abstract negative concrete. And concrete could be thought of as concretizations. You're taking the synthetic, you know, synthesis isn't quite, the way we think of synthesis is more just like a combination, but it really is the synthetic. It's like you know, simulation simulacra type of a concept. And the word negative in German, so he wrote in German, he was German, and the word negative that he used was aufheben. Aufheben is this interesting oxymoronic kind of a term that means to lift up and preserve while simultaneously canceling and tearing down. So it kind of translates in English to something like sublation, but it does preserve kind of the shell. And I think the best way we can think of it is like Alfebendi culture, which is what the Frankfurt School codified. And that translates to cancel culture, which I don't think needs any explanation. But so that for Hegel, you have this, you know, synthetic synthesis, this simulacra that occurs. You have the idea that presents itself, and then you have this hybridization, and then you have this concretization. And so this is how historicity advances the historicity of man. He talked about world historical figures. He believed that those were the figures that would advance the historicity of man, and they were people like Napoleon. He very much worshipped Napoleon. He was very influenced by people like Jacob Boheme. You know, you get the term Bohemian. Boheme was a mystic. In more present-day times, we might call him a Christian theosophist. Madame Blavatsky herself was very enamored and enchanted with Boheme. She said that he was a just one of the most fantastic mystics to have ever lived. And he was a cobbler, a shoe cobbler who had these mystical experiences and then realized that he could channel ascended masters. Yeah, so, but in terms of the dialectical warfare, so they use these dialectical poles. So they take these, what look like oppositions, but oftentimes those oppositions are just really target audiences for marketing. to be able to entice people to work towards the same goal and to get to. Like the uniparty comes to mind. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. But there's so many. There's so many. There's so many examples. Yeah, you really could spend all day just like listing them. And I don't think you'd ever come to the end of it, quite honestly. You wouldn't. I'm looking for, I know I've held it up before, my book, Anthony Sutton's The Order of Skull and Bones. The America's Secret Establishment, The Order of Skull and Bones is the name of the book. I don't know if I have it in front of me. But yeah, I do. It's right here. But he, so the whole middle chapter, but really throughout the whole thing, the whole middle section is actually on how the order controls education. It's kind of like a compilation of several pamphlets. And the middle section is on education. But through that, he actually very clearly delineates how they use the Hegelian dialectic in order to advance this takeover of education and export it to the United States. So essentially the dumbing down of America. And he talks about like the left Hegelians and the right Hegelians. You know, I think some people might be familiar with the term like the old Hegelians, the young Hegelians. But the right Hegelians, this is the deliberate dumbing down of America, Charlotte Iserbyt, But the righty Gillians, I think people don't think of them as often, but they were very militaristic. So they were instrumental in exporting the Prussian model of education to the United States. You think of things like, you know, the bell rings, you know, you have this very structure and it was all about. creating obedience. And they said that this is actually, it was born out of the Battle of Jena in 1807. They lost the Battle of Jena and they lost the battle because the soldiers rebelled and they realized that they rebelled because they were critical thinkers. And they said, we can't have that. So they, you know, obviously this was in Jena. So the translation is that they wanted to breed mindless, obedient soldiers. And that's what this three-tier pressure model system was designed to do. So they, but the left Hegelians or the young Hegelians would be You know, some of the most famous ones are like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. And they were more of the progressives and the scientistic, you know, not scientific, but not, you know, subscribing to the scientific method, but scientistic, you know, using a methodology that worships the experts to advance progress. It's a whole structure because they get vetted at the lower levels. And if they fall in line, then they get a position of power or, you know, affluence. And that's, that's how this whole thing works. Yeah. Yeah. That's exactly right. Yeah. So is there any specific direction you want to go to today? Cause you know, I don't know why, but Mason's jumps to my mind. Oh, yeah. You know, I don't have that book in front of me. I have been doing a little bit of reading. So I'm reading this. I just started it, though. This is phenomenal. And there is a chapter on masons in this. It's Western mysticism and esotericism. It's edited by Glenn Alexander McGee. He is a philosophy professor in Long Island University. And he wrote the book Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition. which is also a phenomenal read, but not a light read for those who might be interested. I just bought it. Did you? Yeah. Okay. Oh, I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts on it. 18% off on the Amazons. Yeah, I know. I buy things from Amazon. Well, you know, I buy most of my books from Amazon because that's really where everything is. And I started out with an affiliate because we have to make some money. I mean, we're working like crazy hours and everything. You know, there's not time for me to go out and like get another job. So I was hoping because it's the one thing like I recommend. I don't know. In some episodes, I literally recommend 20 books. So I thought this would be a great way. But Amazon booted me. They were not fans of mine. And so I'm kicked off the affiliate list. So that was very unfortunate. But yeah, I do buy it. My favorite, though, is actually half price books. Half price books? Yeah, I've been to the one in, the biggest one is in Dallas. It's like, you know, tens of thousands of square feet. It's huge. And yeah, we stumbled upon it. And then we found out they have one in Nashville. It's much smaller. It's like a third of the size, but it's really, really great. They have a lot of really old, rare books. You know, some of them are behind, you know, shelves and they're super, super expensive. But a lot of the other books that I got the whole Edgar Cayce series, like his entire, you know, kind of volume series for like 20 something dollars. So why Edgar Cayce things? Why did I buy it? Yeah. Because I've been studying the history of theosophy and how the theosophical cults are influencing really just like their major backbone behind the UN, behind these new thought leaders who are very much behind our education system, people like the Fetzer Institute. John Fetzer was very much a new age, you know, they call him new thought leader, which is just, it's theosophy rebranded, but it's with more of a focus on mentalism. So, you know, the idea of the mind is everything. There's a lot of the medical freedom movement has been very much swept up in a lot of these theosophical cults. I think that they're preparing for some sort of UFO-type disclosure, mostly to create fear and unify people so they can usher in their one world government, like a Project Blue Beam type of thing. And that is very much reminiscent of both Scientology as well as the Edgar Cayce cult. A lot of this, like the channeling, the... Like the, you know, remote viewing type concepts come out of specifically Edgar Cayce. So, yeah. So that's why I was curious because it's a lot of the research I've been diving into. That's it's really, really interesting. This whole thing is really super interesting to me. because for for a number of reasons you know a lot of people are like uh some people on the chat said something about um uh oh this is this stuff is creepy I'm like going well yeah but if you find something that's creepy sometimes you just got to run right towards the fire I just did something that was muhammad mq posted something and I don't know what it is but uh uh I want to just see what see what this is. I'm going to, I'm going to see what, see what he posted here. I just gained a skill. I'm so excited right now and how to, sometimes I can't get things off the chat that people post. Oh yeah. Right. And because you can't click on it in the chat and bring something up. Right. Right. So I just figured out how to grab things out of the chat and be able to put them, you know, put them in an actual, format that I can read so I feel really proud of myself today that was acquired that's exciting I actually I had a friend that died in the last two weeks that that uh really really loved this individual tremendously but but a little concerned with um how lost this person was and they were into uh Theosophy and Edgar Cayce and all of that sort of thing. Oh, wow. Kind of a mixed feeling going on right now. You know what I mean? I'm sorry. I didn't know. I didn't mean to bring that up. No, it's a good thing because I will run to the fire in anything. You have what you have. And that's all you have. And so it doesn't do us any good to run away from things. We honestly have to run towards the fire and find out. what we're talking youth in circles this is wow I want to see what it is just because somebody just posted this could be anybody who's familiar uh with my work knows I talk about a lot of really dark things and it's not I do too because I want to study it you know I mean yeah well it's not to blackmail people it's because you can't defeat an enemy you don't know this you can't combat a threat or protect yourself from a threat if you don't know it's there. So, you know, my intention is really just to shine light. You know, conspiracies can only survive in the dark. And so therefore it's incumbent upon light to shine upon it and expose it. Exactly. And a lot of people are afraid of that, but you need to jump right in. So I have no idea what this is, but I'm going to play just a little bit of it. Okay. Do you remember when you walked away? When all of my embers became ashes of gray But I've been going time again and time again I hope that you will see my heart too Copyright free music. So very cool. Thank you for sharing that. Yeah. yeah so fun yeah um so yeah so that's uh I've been working on that conference uh we're going to be doing a true crime series uh oh that'd be cool tell me about true crimes yeah so we're investigating a uh like a murder mystery uh but a real case and uh We have some of the evidence, like we have some pictures that like the, you know, law officials don't have. So we're going to be, it's tied to like some pretty big figures here in Nashville. So it should be fun. Yeah. Is it tied to child trafficking? Yeah. I mean, there's connections. We don't have like concrete evidence, but there are some connections that do look very suspicious. I worked with a private investigator for a little while and Tennessee actually was focused. And I thought that was really pretty interesting. Well, I'm going to tell you, come to Michigan. You want to focus in Michigan. That's a good spot to clean the nest of them out. You know, like Fox Island and You know, I was showing people the other day. Mackinac Island, Michigan too? What's that? Mackinac Island. Is that Michigan? Mackinac Island is Michigan. Yeah. That's a big area also. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, because they go to where people don't expect. Well, it's not just that. I think Michigan, because of the ports, it's a very good conduit for that type of activity. Well, and actually there are other places when I was traveling around that I saw things that were that were even more, more disturbing that, that were, that were absolutely more disturbing than where people are normally looking. And I'd like see something like, why, why do you have these, these huge yachts in Michigan that are, that are doing cruising on the great lakes for sometimes they were $8,000 a day. I'm like, dudes, you could buy a boat for that. Why would you do that? I mean, it just didn't make any sense to me. And it was actually, um, the, uh, uh, I'm gonna see if I can, you know, pull something up here a minute and tell you one of the places that I was really concerned with. And one of the contacts I had up there was very, very concerning actually. Um, And that was in the area of Sheboygan because it's like, if you look off center of, if you look off center of where they are having everybody look, it's usually where you find where things are actually hidden. And so they, they, they want to stay tucked around these places, but they don't necessarily want to be part of it. But I had a guy out there that was part of the, uh, part of, uh, one of the unions that showed up and he was fairly hostile. He actually was telling stories of breaking his own son's leg. And that's the thing. Yeah. It was like all of these things. And I'm like, huh, well, isn't that, it's just special, you know, send, send thug, like send thug life over here to talk to me, you know? And it was just one of those things that, that I thought it was, I've got his name. I passed his name on too, because I'm like, I think you're gonna find some problems with this gentleman. And we talked about, you know, taking boats and planes around the island and such. It was immediately, it was red flags to me. And I just talk to people, you know, sometimes it's helpful just to play stupid. But there's a whole lot of problems up there around Mackinac City. And that there was a bunch of problems with the elections where people were registering, say, 30 people to a house. And there's a bunch of families out there. that own a lot of property up there. And when you see what they're doing, you kind of have to ask yourself some questions on these major land owners in these areas and see the connection with why do they have 30 people registered for a house? Are there actually 30 people there? Did they register them just to jimmy the election? Because nobody's going to look up there around Mackinac City, Sheboygan, Charlevoix, all these places up there. And then I don't know if you noticed this, but I'm going to just show you this. I think this is really interesting. Let's see if I can pop a little map up here. I don't want to get off track because you've got a lot of stuff to talk about, but it's interesting. Okay, we'll bring up Satellite Map of Michigan. Let's see if I can full screen this puppy. See if I want to, I want to get a good one so I can, you know, I can get it. A lot of times you can get it on a, on a Google maps, but not always. Let's see if we can get, this is what happens people when I'm doing this, pulling things up on the fly here. I don't want Google earth on our Google maps. And let's see if we can get this in satellite mode. Let's see how to work this thing. Oh, here we go, layers. And terrain, more biking, traffic. Where's my satellite map here? I think this is kind of a, Oh, there we go. Got it. And, um, let me see if I can zoom out here a little bit. Yeah, this is what I wanted to show y'all. Okay. Um, All right. Be gone with you navigation. Well, when you when you look at this, this is really super interesting. When you look at all of these areas up here and the lakes, there's there's a lot of lakes here. They look a lot like the Finger Lakes. Yeah, they look a lot like the Finger Lakes. And you've got these these areas up here. I think I think that there's some lot of questions that need to be asked about how easy it is to move kids around and people around with these. And I know of this area up here, I'm going to tell you right now, might want to start thinking who's connected to those areas. Just even up here, we think of things like Beaver Island and such, but you know what? We've got Fox Island up here and there's a landing strip up there. Most have little landing strips to them. And this is really super interesting. But there was a case connected to the Fox Islands because there was a bunch of kids that were murdered in Detroit. And the connection was Fox Island. Wow. So they've all got little landing strips on them. Right. It's real easy. That's a real easy way to move things around that nobody wants to see. Exactly. And so got to start asking some questions, people. Big questions. Yeah. Huge questions. So, I mean, you know, when you look at Michigan, there's so many islands around us. But that's a good true crime story. is between Detroit and Fox Island. If you want to go down that little rabbit hole. I don't have the resources for that at the moment, but maybe after we do this one, maybe we've got to get this one underway. It's going to be a major undertaking. So yeah, we have this one. And then we've got the wedding in October. So I married in October. We are getting married in October. You did not even tell me yet. Well, congratulations. Thank you. Yes. And you will be invited for sure. We are just, yeah, it's just, we were so much on our plate right now. And I was gone most of June, right? We went to Geneva, then we went to the Reawaken, and then we went to Red Pill Expo. I was able to get another interview with Gilbert Griffin, which was amazing. I mean, he's just so inspirational. He's in his early 90s. He's got, And he's more of a visionary than like most people in their 20s. And he's not just a visionary, like he really takes action, which is, you know, it's really inspiring. And that was a huge honor. So that was exciting. And yeah, it was a month of whirlwind. And now we have the summer, which is really going to be a lot of work. I just did a presentation for Rising Tide Foundation. I guess we were Tuesday, so Sunday. Okay. And then, yeah, my radio show. So the episode today that's coming out is going to be on Maslow's Politics 3. And I can't find any research on it. Most people don't talk about it. So I thought I would do... you know, it's an hour, so I don't have that much time to dive into material with people. So I give kind of the overview and hope that they'll run with it. But I mean, even when you research Politics 3, like very little comes up, except maybe the document. But I think it was super influential to a lot of these, you know, like the UN, these globalists, essentially. It was, he didn't finish it. It And it was, you know, I think he was writing in like 1968, 1970, around that timeframe. And a lot of people know Maslow for like his hierarchy of needs, his transpersonal psychology. He was one of the first humanist psychologists. He really has a very, very extensive body of work. Humanist psychology, of course, spawned a lot of the humanist movement, which is very much a religion. The Supreme Court even declared it a religion. This led to the Aspen Institute changing their name They were the Institute of Humanistic Studies, and they changed it to just Aspen Institute. And it was connected to this Supreme Court ruling that determined that it was a religion. But Politics 3 was produced, it was published by the Stanford Research Institute, the Educational Policy Research Center. And I think that's very curious, like, why did they have an interest, you know, just to honor Abraham Maslow. That doesn't really make sense. The story goes that Bertha, his wife, had brought it to Willis Harmon and Robert Cantor because they had been talking to Abe about these kinds of things. And so she thought that they would be able to do justice to his unfinished works and compile them. But it's also fascinating because it was right around the same time, I have that book over here, where Stanford Research Institute published The Changing Images of Man. And they did the first iteration of that in 1972. The politics three was published in 1971. Changing images of man, the final edition was published in 1984. But the first one was 1972. So I think that's just kind of interesting the timing. And it was again, Willis Harmon, who was what? Okay, so I am seeing all of these things that converged on 1972. Oh, okay. It is a crazy thing. See if I'm right here. Keep that date in your mind and see why there was such massive change in particularly that year. There's got to be something bigger behind it because it looks like they're disjointed changes, but it's not one. It's not 10. It's like course of history changing events. Yeah. In that one year. And I'm like, what was behind all of this? Well, I think this is what was behind all of it. Honestly, I think this is what they were trying to restrain. I'm trying to look. Okay. So this wasn't published until 1980. The copyright was 1980, but, um, Willis Harmon's assistant was tasked with, uh, his secretary was tasked with writing the aquarium conspiracy. This is Marilyn Ferguson. And she was the secretary for Willis Harmon. And the book, The Aquarian Conspiracy, the purpose of it was to popularize the ideas that were in the Changing Images of Man document. And, of course, it's all about ushering in the age of Aquarius. And the age of Aquarius, I mean, people who are familiar with, like, astrology know Aquarius tend to be very concerned with ideas and curious. And so... The Age of Aquarius is all about gnosis that leads to the greater good, right? It's the idea of the collective. So it's essentially Gnosticism, but they want to move from what they keep saying in the Changing Images of Man document. They want to move away from the Enlightenment idea of individualism and move towards a cooperative era. So we need to move into a post-industrial age. And that was the whole purpose. Like collectivism. Yes, it's collectivism. Um, and so that's the whole purpose of changing images, man. And then in 2000, the Fetzer Institute produced changing images 2000. Um, and that document is actually really scary, but the Fetzer Institute is just scary in general. You know, they're the ones who are doing the, uh, the, the Cassell, which is a social known as social emotional learning, um, that they are the ones who funded the heart math Institute. The heart math is a Barbara Marks Hubbard's a brainchild where they're working on, um, Global coherence. So they're using technology in order to create a heart resonance throughout the world. And it's really pretty creepy. But yeah, so I dove into this politics. This is really creepy. Yep. This is Fester Institute. And there's a book. It's called John Fester Towards the New Age. What is it? John Fester. Let me find it. John Fester. Fester and the Quest for the New Age. I actually, so a few weeks ago, I had the great honor of spending two days at Constance Cumbie's house. And she had shared a bunch of books with me. I think she has literally 80,000 books in her library. It was insane. She wrote Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow and A Planned Deception, Staging of the New Age Messiah. Um, so she was really the first to kind of blow the whistle on the new age movement and, uh, you know, what, what they were doing. And, uh, she talks about Fetzer and Fetzer. Um, I think, yeah, Kalamazoo. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They, they had the broadcasting network, you know, they, it was Fetzer broadcasting. I remember that. So, you know, there's, they're all, they're all attached to, they all play ball together. Well, if you read, there's a document and I posted on my Twitter, but there's a document where they're talking about creating this logo. And, you know, they ended up with the upside down J and the, you know, the link J's. But the original document, I don't know if I have that in front of me. I might actually, but that one, they talk about how uh, they are trying, they were using the Archangel Michael, uh, because the Archangel Michael would help to usher in the new age. And he believes that he was like, somehow he represents the Archangel Michael. These people, their hubris never ceases to amaze me. He also says how like God has to serve man. It's, it's crazy stuff. I mean, it's very Gnostic, but yeah, like this is their original. I don't know if you can see it. Um, Hang on a minute. Let me bring you up here so you can see it. Oh, okay. Okay. What is this now? Oh, I don't think you can see it. It's too light. Not too light. Too light. Okay. So this is the, yeah, it's the original logo they were going to do. And it is the, you see like the Archangel Michael and you see the two M's and like they have a kind of like a A, it almost looks like the Masonic compass logo. Yeah, and then they have this funky diagram here. Maybe you can see that a little bit more. I can see that a little bit. Yeah, there you go. Yeah. So that's like how they got to this. Oh, there I can see it. Yeah. Looks like a bug. The Archangel Michael. Yeah, so there is pretty interesting that it's the Bruce Fetzer. This was a 2012. And it's like a transcript of the memorial trust offices, the conversations between Larry Massey and Bruce Fetzer, who was the, I think the great nephew of Jon Fetzer. But yeah, that's an interesting and you can pull it up. It's on the way back machine. Uh, not, it's, yeah, not, I guess it's been scrubbed from the regular archives, but it's on the WMAC machine. But yeah, so I was diving into Maslow, um, because this just hasn't been really talked about and I really can't even find like commentary. You know, usually you can find comments, like when I look up changing images, man, there's lots of, uh, commentary on that, uh, you know, that study that was done, but with politics three, it turns out I'm actually related to Maslow. I think the story is that my grandmother's sister daughter married his brother. Wow. Yeah. So it's actually not that far off. I mean, it's her marriage, but it's actually not that distant a relation, but, but yeah, so this document is all about Maslow created something called deep psyche and management and, And Yubpsychian, so Yubpsychian means like of having or aspiring towards a higher mind or soul. So this is, again, this very kind of new age concept of conscious evolution where the souls evolve. And he was very influential on Barbara Marks Hubbard. Barbara Marks Hubbard talked about how she had the great fortune of meeting Abraham Maslow and he taught her about youth psyche and networking and that it was just so invigorating and it made her filled with ecstasy. And she said that it was better than sex. And so he has this so this it's this idea that you have this psyche. And so a lot of people are familiar with the hierarchy of needs, which, interestingly enough, he actually never drew a pyramid. He never talked about a pyramid. And he even very specifically explicitly states that you don't have to surpass one level of needs in order to move on to the next. You know, he says you could it could be kind of lateral, like you could have a certain percentage of these needs met and a certain percentage of these. And ultimately, before you can get to self-actualization, you would have to complete, ideally, most of the lower base needs. But then, really, the whole purpose of that was to get to transcendence. And that a lot of people don't talk about. His being values and his devalue. Those were the people who... you know, had already had all of these basic needs and their safety needs and their esteem needs. And so they could move into this. They were self-actualized beings and self-actualized beings were very concerned with like cognitive needs and, you know, artistic pursuits and purpose. It's really about, so vocation, right? Avocation, essentially. And so this is people who are aspiring towards transcendence. And it's very much reminiscent of Plato's philosopher king type concept. Except I would actually argue, and I know people will dispute me on this, but I've read quite a bit of Plato. And I would say that that concept is actually much more meritocratic. because at least you go through a process, you know, an academic training in order to become a philosopher king. And it's not done through like ritual initiation or bloodline. Like there's a, you know, actual, there's some meritocracy involved in that. Whereas this is, you know, certain souls just are, they have the gnosis and they're able to evolve. And so he believes that these Upsaikian beings, the Upsaikian network needs to be concerned with politics and that they will then be able to create true democracy and holistic politics. That's what he calls it. And it's really this idea of a new world order, a one world government. And I'll just read you the table of contents because it's pretty short. It's not very long. It always kind of cracks me up when people throw that term holistic out. It's like if you ever owned property, and you have any knowledge of real estate, the buzzwords are open concept. It's so funny. Right, like agape. He talks about agape love. That's kind of like that open, just all accepting, embracing. These people have very interesting terms. The other book I've read, I think it might be in the back of this, is the Cosmoerotic Humanism. Cosmoerotic Humanism is this... It's a consortium that equals David Temple. I don't know how they came up with David Temple, but David Temple is Zach Stein, Mark Gaffney, and Kenneth Wolber. The three of them equal David Temple. And this book is called Cosmoerotic Humanism, which was a concept that Barbara Marks Hubbard talked about. And Barbara Marks Hubbard is their mentor. And it's all about how we're going to go from Homo sapiens to Homo universalis. Homo universalis is not a new concept. This harkens back to H.G. Wells. He talked about how we were going to become Homo universalis. But essentially the main tenet of this work is about how we have to rewrite a story of the universe. And this was very interesting because I recently went to CERN when I was in Switzerland. Yeah, I bet. Yeah. It was fascinating because it kind of really, to me, looks like it's a demonic temple. I mean, it's very religious. And, you know, it's all couched under the guise of science. But when you really investigate, there's actually very little science. I won't say that there's none because if there were none, then you would just... you know, blow off the whole thing as being ludicrous and it would have no credibility, but it actually does. It has a kernel of truth and science that you can really, you know, like that's tangible and concrete and there's evidence to substantiate, but most of it is actually really story. It's all narrative. And the big narrative going on there. Sorry to interrupt you. I'm like really curious now. But finish your thought and then come back to this, please. So I think they talk about it's really a lot of narrative. And they know that people are less, they have less faith in the idea of the Big Bang. So they keep saying, we got the Big Bang wrong. But they double down. They say there are four Big Bangs. And the universe is 14 billion years old. And It's the same idea that we have to rewrite the story of the universe, that we have to write a new story. And we keep hearing this theme, right? In ARC, Jordan Peterson's Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, what do they keep saying? We need a better story. We need a new story. What does Klaus Schwab say? We need a great narrative. What did Lyotard, the postmodern philosopher, what did he say? He said, we need a meta-narrative. And I think it's this idea because people are very much a mythological creature. We're storytelling, meaning making creatures. And so they know that people will anchor to a story and they'll be invested in it. And this is a way they can draw people in to sell. their narrative, true or not. And what do I think they're doing there? I honestly don't know. I think that more than anything, it's a lot of magic. And by magic, I actually mean it in the kind of like Aleister Crowley sense of manipulating perception. It's about what's being perceived and the veneer Are they doing rituals? It looks like it. I mean, that whole thing where they did that seance and they're all dressed in black with the hoods outside. That was pretty interesting. But I think they are trying to, they keep saying they're trying to recreate the Big Bang. They're trying to find the God particle. So I think they're, I don't know whether they'll have any success, but they seem to be trying to open up some sort of portal somewhere. I don't know about you, but it's like the big bang sounds like, well, we're already here. So what happens if we have a big bang? None of it sounds good to me, but the whole concept of Big Bang is just, I mean, it's like we're supposed to believe the two rocks farted and that's how the universe came into existence. I mean, it's just bizarre to me. It's bizarre that anybody ever bought that narrative. That narrative is just ludicrous. It does not make any sense. There's a lot of narratives that are out there that people want to jump on because always looking for something new, always looking for the sensational to give our lives something Well, I think it's really, yeah, I think it's, you know, people want to understand things and they, and people are by nature, we are, we're curious, but we're also religious. Like we, we want to believe in a higher power. We want to believe in something. Yeah. right there exists there's an intrinsic I i do think there is an intrinsic aspect of humanity that will you know will subscribe to that belief system but so not everybody uh has a biblical framework and so that that makes it easier to open the door to insert other frameworks but it is still a religion there's never an atheist in the foxhole right right yeah yeah when you have to face When you have to face your death, you're going to get it figured out pretty quick. that all of this denying of God thing is going to come to a real quick end. It's not even, I mean, when you really look at it, it's not a denial. It's just a, it's a replacement. It's an alternative. So when you look at like the whole new age movement, it's very religious. It's not, it's not secular. This idea, I really think secularism is a decoy. You, even when you brought up the Masons, right? The, they say that the only requirement is that you have to subscribe to a higher power. And they often, you know, they won't because they know that that's a stepping stone to bring you into the occult, to bring you into the dark. Do you know about all their rituals? Have you studied their rituals? I've studied a little bit. I am starting to get into it. What? How far did you get into it? I haven't gotten that far. I've really just started to dive into that. I've had so much other things I've been working on, but that isn't on my list. And I have a couple of books that have the rituals that I got from the Half Price bookstore. Do you have that next to you or not? No, that's in the other room. Sorry. All right. So I need the title. So if you can send them to me, that'd be great. Yeah. Yeah. I can, when I get in there, I can get a couple on it and it's, I find it to be a, cause I actually, you know, I've had, I've known a lot of people that are in the Masons and it's like, uh, it's, uh, interesting. And I think that, uh, I think any of these secrets. Yeah. You know, a lot of them have no idea. A lot of people are being used and exploited. And, you know, I think a lot of them have no idea. I don't think every person who is a Mason is like inherently an evil person. I think a lot of them have no clue what really goes on. They really think it's like a fraternity, just a brotherhood. It's like in politics. Go ahead. It's like in politics. A lot of people are a little clueless or they've been under course, you know, but when you get into it and you really see it, it's like, this is evil. Yeah, well, I have interviewed a bunch of SRA survivors and victims, and a lot of them come from Masonic families, and they were abused in Masonic lodges. So I do know, you know, a little bit from... from talking to them of things that have gone on. But I do want to make it really clear. I mean, it's just like not every person in the CIA is a bad person, even though some really evil, dark things have been done in the CIA. You know, we know because we've seen the declassified documents. But, you know, like that's just one example. And not every person who is a part of some of these organizations is a bad person. Not every new age person. I think they're pretty deceived and I think they're subscribing to a Luciferian belief system, but a lot of them don't see it that way. They don't, they're not intentionally doing evil. And I think it's really important to know that because, you know, otherwise we go around thinking like everybody that has any kind of association, you're guilt by association, they're all evil and they're all these dark people. And I think things are a lot more nuanced than that. I don't think it's quite The Bible said that our battle isn't with flesh and blood, but with principalities and power. So when you see somebody acting badly, assume that they've been influenced by some dark entities and they're having a struggle. people in and of themselves, you know, are, we're kind of like a spoils of war. Yeah. There's a really great series on YouTube. Yeah. There's a great YouTube series that breaks that down so simply. It really is just a biblical. I don't think that, I don't know if that was their intention, but it's called the fuel project. And the site, the series is an 80 part series, but it's like, it's like four minute videos. And, It's called Know Thy Enemy. And it really goes through the stories of the Bible, but in a very kind of colloquial context. And it breaks it down so that it makes it very accessible. Well, that's really cool. Yeah. So I think that's if anybody's curious about that. Well, I'm curious. I am absolutely curious on all of this stuff. Yeah. Because that's what I do. Yes, I know. I know. So while you're looking at that, I'll just read this because it's super short. There's really there's seven sections in this. So there's the intro. It's only a 24 page document. And then it says, what is politics three about? And then he says it's universalist ethos. Secular morality, self-actualization, and T-groove. And those of you who are familiar with sensitivity training, I actually did a whole radio hour on sensitivity training. Sensitivity training was a Kurt Lewin's brain project that came out of the National Training Labs. National Training Labs was started in 1947. Kurt Lewin was a, you know, he was a Frankfurt School refugee who went to become a deputy director of Tavistock. He was also funded by the ONI, the Office of Naval Intelligence, to do essentially sensitivity training workshops. He also was the founder of topological psychology. So his whole premise was that, you know, we are products of our environment and therefore our environment can shape us. And T-groups are what they call training groups for normal. So essentially sensitivity training, but of their own admission, the National Training Lab manual says I believe it was page 47, says that it is brainwashing. And the CIA actually has a document where they talked about how they wanted to see the effectiveness of sensitivity training on conflict resolution. And they said that they basically conclude at the end, they say, however, it's too reminiscent of the Chinese brainwashing. I think they were you know, making a nod to, they didn't explicitly lay this out, but I think they were referencing the Maoist struggle sessions, but they did say Chinese brainwashing. And they said, so therefore we cannot do this study because we don't want to harm our military. So, you know, they've admitted it is brainwashing. So he says T-groups is political growth towards holism. So he says the way that we're going to achieve this holistic structure of government, you know, essentially the centralized governing body for the world is through brainwashing the T-groups. And then he says, implications of politics three for our society, you psyche and values and personal freedom, methods of growth together, which you call synthesis. So doesn't this sound very reminiscent of Hegel, right? We talked about Hegel's Aufheben, which is this concept of kind of sublating through lifting up and preserving while simultaneously canceling and destroying. And then he says politics three and democracy. And of course, we know democracy is exactly what the founding fathers of the United States repudiated because they saw the effects of it on ancient Greece and the mob rule. I think it's also worth noting that, you know, people think democracy means rule of the people. But in ancient Greece, the term demos meant rule by a specific type of people. It wasn't, you know, just the it wasn't an egalitarian concept. And they know that when they're using that word. So they mean defend our revolution when they say defend our democracy. We're not a democracy. The United States is a constitutional republic. Well said. If I could put this, I'll play a little bit of this. Okay. My name is Mark Fairley for the Fuel Project. And this is the first in the video series. nor your enemy. The purpose of this video series is... Oh, yeah. YouTube's been flaking out on me lately. Oh, no. Yeah. So if I'm online, it'll flake out on me once in a while. So at any rate, there it is. What we're going to do is I'm going to just go ahead and post this. Let's see if I can grab the link here. Okay. And then here, I'll post this number one index. This is the playlist of 77. And I'll put that in my telegram channel at Brandenburg number four MI. Always the same. I think this is doing really, really a good thing to be able to put these things up there while I'm online so that Because if I do it, I'm going through all these tabs I've got open everywhere. Yeah. So love says I'm seeing a lot of reincarnation and 5d belief there. There's a lot going on with more of that. The reincarnation. Yeah. What do you think about the Ascension and reincarnation? It's like, you know, that you hear about. Theosophical. I mean, that those roots are in theosophy. Wasn't there like the moon children? It was Ledbetter and Annie Besant. They believed that they were like children of these like moon creatures. But because they were just so good and they did so much, their soul was so evolved that that's why they became human. And this is where we're going to see a lot of that kind of concept. That's it's a very theosophical concept. So they incorporate the concept of reincarnation from Eastern religions and worldviews. But, you know, I really want to make this very clear to people is that. I think they kind of butcher a lot of the Eastern belief systems. I'm not a Buddhist, I don't believe in Hinduism. I think there's elements of Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism that I think are actually really beautiful. And some of them really do resonate. But I think that what they do is they kind of cherry pick. They take the aspects of all of these different religions and philosophical worldviews and they incorporate them in order to serve their agenda. And their agenda really is to, they call it the accept anything religion. And they say perennial, which is actually antithetical to the real definition of the term perennial, but it really is just a way of being able to create this big soup You know, so that people can be lured in, although they do say it's diametrically opposed to Christianity. That seems to be the one religion they're against. But the idea is then if you believe anything, then none of them really have any meaning. And then they're all kind of watered down and they can lure you into what they want to put you in is this one world religion. you know, if you destroy all the boundaries and they really, it's a monistic belief system. They believe all is one, uh, and the whole goal, and this is where they do draw from things like, uh, you know, Buddhism and Hinduism, uh, you know, there's the concept of the Atman, which is the idea of the natural self, uh, and then Brahman, which is, you know, the higher spirit, the soul. And they, you know, you take that and then you can evolve to become at one, uh, you know, the Atman and Brahma become one, and then you can reach Nirvana. And that, of course, is the goal. But it's a very different idea than in true Eastern religions because theirs is actually very selfless. They don't subscribe to, they're very much invested in the spiritual and letting go of the attachment to anything tangible. And the Theosophists are very much the opposite. They're really Gnostics. They really truly believe that they are gods. And, you know, it's this Gaia religion where they believe that there's a, you know, the worship of Mother Earth, Mother Nature. But they believe that, you know, it because that's in everything is panentheistic. And therefore, God is in each of us and we can co-create with God. And they talk about that. In fact, Mark Daphne says that humans are going to be the savior for God. And of course, we're going to do this through our co-creation. So. It's really upside down. That's a great statement that we're going to save God. I don't think that it's he that needs saving. I think it's us that needs saving. Have you guys looked around lately? I mean, looked at ourselves. I mean, I look at myself every day and go, all right, sorry. Get it right tomorrow. Yeah. I'm not saying I subscribe to these, but these, these are what they, these are the tenants. These are their belief system. I think it's important to know because they genuinely believe this. The way I look at it is there seems to be two camps of these, these, kind of believers of the, uh, new, they now, you know, new, they're morphed into new thought, thought leadership. They're, they're always rebranding, renaming, uh, you know, but as I said, new thought is essentially theosophy with a stronger focus on mentalism. Uh, but they, the, there seems to be two camps. One are the, the camp that are more reminiscent of Carl Jung's where they believe that we're already in a collective unconscious. You know, there already is this super brain, and we're all already connected. So we don't need anything to connect us. It already is. And then there's the other, who are more of the Ray Kurzweilian type of mentality. They're really the transhumanists. And, you know, Kurzweil has this new book. He says the singularity is near, and now he says singularity is nearer. And this is really the concept. He says it's a, when man merges with machine. This is all about AI. And I think, you know, the AI world society is really the global brain. But honestly, I think it's a dialectic. And I think both are moving us to the same goal. And I think it's just that they're, you know, these people are not stupid. I think it's a huge mistake to, you know, to chalk them up to being, you know, ignorant, naive or stupid. I think in some cases they may be a little naive, you know, because they're so idealistic in some cases. But they're not stupid. And I think they know that a lot of people are very opposed to this notion of transhumanism. Mark Gaffney and Zach Stein say that people like Yuval Noah Harari are crazy. The transhumanists are nuts. They explicitly say they're not transhumanists. However, they are disciples of Barbara Marks Hubbard. Barbara Marks Hubbard is the one who came up with this term of a you know, co-creation and the conscious evolution. She actually had a foundation funded by the Rockefeller that was called a conscious evolution foundation. And she very much was a transhumanist. In fact, I even have a picture from this book that I found at Constance Cumbie's house. And you can get it online, but she had the physical book and it's the alternative to Armageddon, but She talks about how Christ is transhuman. She very much was a transhumanist. And it's interesting that these disciples claim they're not. But I think it's just to steer people because once you have people believing that they're already in a collective conscience, then it's much easier to say, oh, well, you know, we'll have to. this technology that just helps us all to connect because we're all connected anyway. And then the other people that are actually going to, yeah. And when you look at people like Bruce Lifton, he's one of these evolutionary leaders and the evolutionary leader group is a bunch of new thought leaders, a lot of very prominent people. Like you will recognize a lot of the names in there. It would be way too long for me to go through all of it, but you can go to the website. The secret that will be the secret. That's very much a part of it. Yes. And Oprah popularized a lot of these evolutionary leaders. So Bruce Lifton is one of them. He's an evolutionary biologist, but he uses that Hegelian spiral and he talks about how we start off as like, you know, a single cell organism. We move on to amoeba and he says what makes amoeba so intelligent is the membrane that we collect information intelligence through the membrane and and that human beings are so intelligent because we are complex multicellular organisms, and therefore we have so much surface area of membrane, and that's what makes us so intelligent. He said, but now we have this opportunity to co-create And if we don't, we will go extinct. But if we choose to co-create, we will evolve, and we will evolve into a superorganism of humanity. And he said, what will be the membrane that connects the superorganism? It's going to be the internet. So this is why I really do think it's a dialectic, and both are pushing us towards the same end goal, which is the AI world society and the global brain. Wow. So it's just crazy how interconnected everything is. It's just totally crazy. Yes. Well, I appreciate you coming on today, like always. I mean, I think that we could sit here and have a discussion all day long. I love how much knowledge you have, and I'm really thankful. Oh, let's see. Now it's finally playing. This has been, like, screwing with me all day. Check this out. Yeah. Struggles. Now all of a sudden when I don't want it to come on, it comes on. It's just a short introductory video to give you an idea of the kind of topics that we're going to be looking at I also invite you to get involved on the Facebook page, which is slash The Fuel Project. Where have I landed? I don't quite remember I fell to pieces one night in December Thank you. We'll have to, I've got it in the chat. So there you go. How did they find you, Courtney? Like it's on your banner there, Pardon? Yes. I spell my name like Courtney. So C-O-U-R-T-E-N-A-Y. You gotta put the swag in there. The cool part is Courtney. It's Courtney. It's Courtney. Yeah. I say that for people who are listening and not watching. Otherwise they spell my name wrong and then you can't find my website. So yeah. Somebody with the traditional spelling of Courtney has already stolen my alternative spelling. So you have to spell my name properly in order to get to me. And I'm on really every platform. I actually did put up my fifth YouTube channel. We are just putting clips up on there now. So that has been really exhaustive because people who know my work, I put out six episodes a week. Typically, and they range from like an hour and a half to I've done four and a half hour episodes. So there, you know, it's a lot of content. We're pretty similar. Yeah. And because I do really long interviews and really want to give people the chance to talk. And that's one thing I have to work on is doing some clips because. Not everybody can or want to sit there and listen to. Well, they don't necessarily know until they know your work. They don't know what they're getting into. So you don't want to sign up for four and commit to four and a half hours if you don't know what you're getting into. So I'm putting out the clip, but that's I'm putting that on YouTube. I'm not doing my episodes because I just don't want to have. it's just too much work to put up another channel and then have it all taken down again. So it's just clips on there. We just started that yesterday. Um, and, uh, yeah, so, uh, but I'm really on every other platform, uh, mostly. So yeah, all the social medias and, uh, all the other audio and we are charting. I was at like 159 Apple, uh, America, uh, two weeks ago. So that was super, super exciting. Oh, that's very exciting. Well, congratulations. How fun. Well, let's say prayers here and then we are off to our day. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for Courtney, for Courtney Turner and for John and all these wonderful people that are willing to share the knowledge that they have been able to learn and things that they're sharing with all of us to help educate us. And we ask for your favor upon them mightily that you will bless the work of their hands. Give them your direction, your guidance, your discernment. and your strength to carry on the fight that we're in right now. We're so thankful for that. And we're thankful that you care enough about us to stay with us, and you'll never leave us nor forsake us. And we're thankful for that. We love you so very much. And we ask that all glory and honor always go to you. It's not us. It's not our strength. It's not even our worth. It's your strength. It's your leading. It's your words, your discernment. It's everything. And we lay that at your feet humbly. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. So there we go. So time to go on for the day. So is that part of the show, boys and girls? If we go, go to because I'm the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the United States. And I'd like to have a discussion with the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump about that. And he might find a better debater than what he had in the trade. Oh, yeah, that's a whole conversation. That's a whole conversation right there. So that might even be 10 conversations. We don't really know. But at any rate. Uh, we love you. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. Starts here. If you don't have a good example, be one and we'll see you tomorrow. I have, uh, the BNN citizen journalist panel will be on at 10 o'clock at nine o'clock. We have, uh, Liberty essentials with Bill Moore, Karen Riveter and Ralph, the IT guy. So we'll see you tomorrow. I am going to be taking Thursday off for independence day. Everybody gives you flags out, get ready. And, uh, then not only that, I think I'm going to be doing a couple of the interviews I did at Turning Point on Friday. So you'll still be able to tune in on Friday. I'll introduce it and then I'm out of here. So if you need some time with my family. So you guys have a wonderful, wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks, Courtney. And stay on the line. We're going to end it right now.