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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/10/2023 John Tatar and Courtenay Turner

Published Oct. 10, 2023, 9 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the tenth of october ten two thousand twenty three and i want to welcome you the show to day a things promener a little bed and as one of my feet is not comin through so will see what happens here hopefully it well it will come up at anyhow welcome in the show to day got ah john taitoon and courtney turner were going to be doing tuesday is ivantai tete and te day instead of the indies from the tent tater and turner tuesdays and scornes going to be doing real history and john taters going to be doing odette de tantos day ande your glorious god welcome to the show hashisheater doing the morning aldous right you're doin great that's awsome that's awesome i like to work that's the way that's estates corslet the song okay what's the sign to day are you ready i'll say it i'm not sure i'm av a ready but that i had yes i'm ready he tiefendimension than of wakatontetsihon can you walk holiotrope ewing lies like the sleeping poles evans now took out her know there all dying costermonging their con found in the white house but no one knows cousinship en from the public colapissas and potwollopers finding for all the colophon famosen the face playing with michael's springhow the pilot in the fishanchovies on tootsie the words so you don't miss up in while they take away your freedom polosella there shall father and castellote the shock the cold thing those networks scaring a lot to more in new crane pushes his stay here while these packets son the label sailing on wither bear assoc attestedand ascribed to polish honor to ren they dined and wood drinks there in to do in backward one was so lowers all totonderat in the isosafrol all the lines on contented she was soon tissuethey take away of freedom's porosfollowed their ship the chapters on the tv worked the people's minds their spaniodon the cameras and i without asinetto now with men or wrong day or so can fills the bubbling casting no like of there being no i coroneted conceived the world so miss the pimples finishedfor always to their best great concentating of people or gods eventooally thinkingthat etonblessed the theories sick from all the life opened for so you don't miss a bit as they think the way your freedom for you follow their ship i accost to try to pin my faith empoisoning well come i say the criminal records all his kinsmen of frowned because there's something never changing on this party to round it eporer hat him a prince passed followed country taken on the gas the sitooation homework is as man while the firing said selling brilliance to pretentious see prothallial is it sophonisba as i think the way of freedom finding swallow on ship walk in to brenburg was now ward where we insult are i go opportunity he confortuity happening here oh my gosh that's funny you're alarios you are absolutely as that is that one so his sins as he wrote this is than of course don resolves own stuff right well i rigation stuff but not all on how you are there alone i wrote then some based on a peer of stand free who wrote it i wrote one in toling i always thought oconalufty season very fine so yet don john take the credit for that one and the extraordinary wig i mean that's in credit i'm okay so in a nonononono from there as a raincoatthe o good sawato anything at this moment quite excuter heem one of the ooagoot the john of partaking about this nonsense with willis talk before get on when i started the non and going on in the middle east and what's going on i think you and i are pretty close to the same you know observations on it they lost screen with the pair of gliders flew in to that to the music festival and i i'm like yoke this is like the most heavily guarded border and the whole frigid world and with the best military on the israeli side as well as the american side and the pargeters come in and start shooting i think your wife nine eleven it is exactly exactly and i'm not saying the people didn't die or get what i'm i'm saying that his you know the same thing if they do every fault flag it's like i'm not saying that people when you say it's a false like you're not saying that nothing nothing happened or that people didn't die i'm just saying that like what was really going on here this is this is a little bit on the crazy crazy train side ah to believe that this is is exactly what the portray out there has i don't believe that for a minute eh what what your thoughts here miseries on the evil people we on don't really care about not at all they're all there create an engine that there in this case we know what the agenais the word as they be no recorder harbor as they did at nine eleven nine eleven was one set we had her command we had oh all of the radar and we had all the equipment to stop goes airplanes if they were infected and we don't even know that for fact we all we all know what we saw to as actual re and here again what's going on in the middle something and we do know they have been lacking the war they wanted clinton in office that they can and world worth a brought us in to the new agent where we were all beasts stampede painted and whatever they wanted in all living under their control of their moneys so here here's another prime example of what they're trying to do and to try to get worse where large and how were we on a couple to the precipice of that war right to the edge to appoint that they made and shootingat the people in our public in our hearing here are our audience on realized people are going to get set but hopefully everybody that's part of this one and there be a control and note ah there we can choose to be the piece and the star and or you know don't go don't you know what's in instead of going to fear go to be in pip cause it's our men and in leininger let that anger of that now god gives us all the emotions all you know and there's there's reasons for all of em right and we can use those emotions to become very productive and in when you're angry about some you got to stop you got aquellos emotions a little bit quale and then start thinking and what do i do what's actually the goal not what's the reaction the goal the goal is to remove these criminal people from office and have good people in so this doesn't happen again you know when when i saw what was happening in the middle east you know with the beating corpses and and raping kids and kidnapping kids and women in that sort of thing eh unlike every single one of is going to have to pay the ultimate price for the crimes against humanity that's that non negotiable you heard a kid you're going to die from it and i heard or not just gets anybody well and i all ill increase my scope to that right and secess crimes against humanity the doth penalty is justified i'm sorry that's why i feel not on namnot going to change i'm not likely to change my mind on that you i can say go head and change my mind let's here we have to say if you like well the criminals says tom isn't is it a lawful at him like no killeter going after more innocent then then the guilty of you but when there is wonder of absolute proof that somebody has his done the things that we've it's like it out you go back your time is done here right what a i i just i'm just i'm watching no one watching and my scomessa something to day that i thought was finding there like their like palestine and israel there's enough people there that hate us from both sides you know and i like that's that's true and look at what's happening with the protest here the palestine protest that are holding right outside of the israeli embassies that is not ok that is just to go ahead in inflame that that is at is a an inflammatory action and a hand those things ready on sunday after the attacks on saturday if there is not it is not possible for that not to have been pre planned the whole the it is olathe worthing was preplanned they had that kind of reaction not binitan onybody that shows up it at it which is primarily spoiled entitlement minded a white kids that show up to these sins you know that's that's what i'm seeing a lot of that you don't social justice warrior crape that they've been a doctrinated with through the crap on toned cations show up to that they're going to change the world by going outside of o o israeli embassy and and just be like in your face i'm like that's not redruthian ces in productive way and i don't believe that you know i know i peaceful examples one thing but there was no peaceful probably when they assembled you know that the palestinian proches is the same thing is black like the manners and an anti see woolsen damn crowd you know as black works matter and entire the seor there are very few joined those red for sortior pole saffron most of these people are being paid to behave like that so the people are ignorant as to what is really going on in the world and there's a lot of people unbelievable as my friend ran put surrounded by a i have so lately correct there was a lot of people out there that don't want her i don't care to learn the ponte solve their own and now life for whatever likes they have and not be bothered by any is there praying what the heck is going on lemming the leming centronotus go long to get along in the hole ten yard couple of comments from the chat a charlotte set by an did this just like he poked the bear with russia and ukraine until got them going into war you bet he did there i've million dollars that was paid out two hours before what happened in and my heart is just hurting for the people over there in israel as well as you know on both side this is a war that was an insane thing with ukraine o my heart is herding for the the people are the victims in all these stagewards in is on its unfortunate charlotte said three people invites administrations were not see aranians sure we have a lot of notting c sharduris clown corncockle and then on the other that here we've got ah so oh oh oh i tonelagee who wrote this love at and he said i remembered the original hweoles here that's what it is where old gus the original was the good one as one of the songs that i replaced for the he liked the stolen ones got lot of i tried to change the tomb everything idea at most there are better class was a riot we did have some goods is redi catamites i i spent most of my history class in high school because i teeth of art or isteata wolsey you know he's one of those guys that comes in with the glasses down goes and you know fourteen ninety two columns did something so as we can about somebody did something did you hear what marse absolutely i in appropriate do it response to what happened in israel it amounted to about the same thing that assad it's like eyes somebody did some like really you i could contain damn the acts of violence against people you're not going to say say that that anybody that uses her hate in that regard to herd other innocent people just to make you know you don't you'll feel better they're not fixing the problem you know not at all in on what people like and all the other governors should be concentrating on the right not one going on world wide the federal government the the commons from whitmer should be he but look at were doing in michigan look or hour our way make i can't say destroying the she more she's got a push to blame somewhere out and our ohapeople focused somewhere forges on ses i have like an out proper response to that too would be would be a yet this would not happen this would not have happened in michigan and if it even if somebody thought about having the the aperitive action that would take part after something like that would be shocking all you know we we will not we who you know i know human rights of music should ever happen anywhere and now she should be said we will we will work to make sure that this doesn't happen in michigan and think it a task or son the ground finding out we're all these sleep ourselves are and go in with guns of blazon to these these moods you know that's a centoneer this part of the problem he is now printing orders and the reverend his taking or despond all she which i figured out the clasp i think and she thinking orders from him just like bientost like your body of world people so they can bring us into a world well they think they are but the good guys in you and i were woondered owed guys are our reiach rge and i think that they're letting this play out you don't think about the then let these these stupid engineered emprote go on to poke the israelis in front of the front of the israeli masses to bedfor bed for low class really woke classes ah the people that show up there on pretty sure that through the surveillant state we have going all the names are going to be written down and go ye and yet and yet and not any up when this thing goes down round him all of you know the goomsur they know who the are i'm sure they need to horsison of the arashima that that is infiltrating these organizations and ah and to bad under tithe stupid people that showed off so were chengalpore there you go whose less just kind of recalescence about by how many do this does tonletis lature have home the anybody know anybody here eighteen i remember that and i'm not even looking at it right now torowoto see for onybody in your is the answer ideas for me to kondutis and that's all they can do all they can do see i am unlearned i'm kept it up with you here and now chernobour outside of those eighteen to they got the hole thing outside of the eighteen duties are knowledge and that goes to in all the alphabet organization the sole he can't use those alphabets because they are not to your red remember we cut about the dreary restitutional and by the law and that comes from norton verses shall be coming so you have to be the sure readin order to be an organist that can function in the comic and so now we have some very inches coming up ourselves babbling and we are asking that to prove their is before we go in to step number to number one sense prove your and if you don't have to the estates you were not created according to the law and according to here an unco and so we have a lot of organization there there and that's the way we should be looking at are department of and there they themselves though they were created this here nine and there not out to help the people there or and so lord i should have no jim in this country take the life liberty and property and maybe to work every day and just be a normal individual who takes care of their friends and family you know that would be that would be a high calling right there and raise poll reporter but as we as i was growing up to remember when the wild the government has now a thirty en powerworks for the government now then later on ten years later forty post in one form or another for percep it works one form or another from the governt generally puts their part les separant home when negro they follow the going on inside the government and what the government does they do not think for he or they are of the new the removed which is i mean they only allow people in their better willing to do what the agendas ys i would love to see a study done in the state of michigan to see home and people that work for the state of michigan so their desks most of the day and do nothing in all their plans scrap quick or something like that and there he could go to i do think doing but the problem is one when gerald there veiled they how can i in that's what they should gonewithout have a mind set how here to help the dey don't i here they don't think like a business owner would which is you got a run as lean as you can you you were on everything as lean inissent as you can that when you get actually more stuff down and eh you know it's just it's a health your thing you know you don't give the bloat and i think a lot of people think the more people that we have the bigger the organization the better we are now the better the organization is the leanest organization quick on its feet and able to move and multiple directions when with the more people you have especially people in in any organization everybody has an opinion on everything right and more opinions sometimes our helpful but it the spin of reaction completely awake so i got you have at a crisis happening unless you have one decision maker or eighteen of decision makers that are quick in conglobation you know they want to put on the committee and oh my gosh you could die in a committee and nobody would know the difference while there i vantage for a committee i don't same event same thing with corporations that was one of the biggest problems that we've got there is the citizens united when that came out and delineator orations as a pest you've got you got em a real problem with that now there was something that they were trying to fix i get that but the negatives is what really is an able to corporate take over and the economic warfare the really torelative hold in their some real real scary things in herebecause nobody's countable on and ah it's a problem while that the whole idea of making a corporation or at the same rites as to give the people an opportunity corporation and the corporation that was the tables what it was meant to be our ended up being when you shore corporation he got higher in attorney and you got a higher tone and then it goes on to department adjusted choosing over here and all that much rather than saying it all that john she who is sitting at the head of the corporation while we give on that corporate veil to pat doesn't and that's how people need to do you have to see the end encoonter the corporation never the company and never rotenone tekintette and paper you do dot and you have that you know now now you're on the the hamster wheel of money they going inaridire tion on to your pocket but herries the going after the in the only way to do that is in a esurienti rnment c well yes and the lawful environment we have to be back to the one and back to back to what is the and tho of course our government the running on one coming up with elder services child you serve you know all of the other or conditions that are out for that really are not the lassie what abuses happen within our government you know the ja six prisoners and such those are political prisoner and at night he knows thinking about i've got a friend who on you know that was put in jail for of as a death is a debt slave less put it that way all for death and they because he didn't want to have the shot they put him in solitary confinement and would not let him out and tell he took the no he's just somebody that honiton i didn't find it to right it is pretty he's pretty knowledgeable on and doing it no in a common law type way but in they were the abuse and that that jail is that he had an ethocl gal here the bushe hadn't the jail the fact that they would not let him in out of solitary confinement he was in there for over month unless he took the hot i think every single one of those people that forced a shot on him and everybody else under these conditions you know they was going i don't really know it not and talk to him and in a couple of months opisthothelae on tootoonolo come don't pose we came up and we can't get in answer on the panel can you imagine that though that you go into it you goin to jail and now they've got the right to force you to do anything physical that they ought collegeuntil cause what pose ah i'm not i'm not at liberty to say but it really wasn't that much of a crime the only thing that he did was a ah a ah none can men odet that that that he owed and as to that to the federal government to local a credit card company not now if you another individual in a throw in jail for it is not tatters prison thirteenth amendment there is a vestige out of the realist and even of the state of michigan has that oh is tamihana was a perapati think that thirteen in arcola ah imprisonment is twenty one his long we are no person shall be imprisoned for debt arising out of or founded on contract russians or imply except in a rod or great aretwenty one an article on section he is no gets federal so how he overcome that how have overcome the the athanatense to loss to why does matter to that old i don't know how he fought the battle in our the problem with going to court stop there problem with grown cornerboy wants the gore twelve things that a passing party did you only need what in need want good one really good one you can prove the one good one you wind the cate you put twelve out there they may overlook the railing good one and go to one of the so you want to get the really good one out in front and you want to keep on limiting to a very small number so they can't pull a fast he tried to wriggle around the land well round it and do whatever they can i went to court once for a tickets for know not a ticket but ah a credit card i ended up the vindicated me out of the pond of because said walter he set me westing and in westland i don't know if i told you this story but in what fill all the paper work in lemon for the case and then they threw it out and they set the town and in westland i reviled the same documents like don ah and the gods because i didn't know any here so always learning so that's why it's great to have from me i cast but i went into what i got no call from the judge saying you can't send these documents and you got to do it in these i shouldn't know that that's so i did it as to all people were did in that could in ise opposing party with their motions and when i got in front of the judge well i don't have to listen to the motion that was filled first i listen to the opposing party and i lost had i then a little sharper and knew a little more back then i were sitting all your honor or your violating the and here they are and i through madam and i would have got it the wood have been outcome would have been different but i didn't know and that's the problem we go in the court throw the whole book and when we only be arguments well and if you have to go back and go after the other as shoes on it it gives you an other way to go back at him again if you don't throw em all in one well ye what up hens but anyway those guys to the creation the finest i wanted in the end i get an and you learn a lot and i learned course not be along my back to that's a right in powers welcome everywhere in order i donoratico leads to go through because they were walkin we the i oh you know i i think it's a great thing i i you know i think that we you know more people need to know how to do this kind of stuff really i agree more people need to be a front educated even if they need help they still need to be and the only way to get the only way to really get in all somehow some day to get pins and i done been run out an get but i mean that the only real way that reality its up to now it's a lot of terry in a lot of ideas which you should do him that he really doesn't matter until you're in the new you have to go a cord on the and so i picked the easiest one but if you lose to be dead and you can continue to fight on that easy on and tho you pay any penalties in then you get really good because once or twice to get the court three times by the fourth time the judge sits up his paths just like you do and you realize that but prior to that time you're always worried about him we at knockingone i am the annian the bad kiof you are like sothat's colindo and people need to really understand this though so witekind comes stumbling around you can ask me a question i'll give you an because i know the cases and i know what the case i can use the in front of a court on june well we passed the low aigocane say your honor webster verse is reproductive you say so its you can throw the cases and what are they going to and in minoratus yet you have to have me accountability we had up one gentleman who went one sen and prosecutor s of all first time in coursed in ye are not prosecuted you are in default on give the the prospect on heard of we were there we heard we go back to he can have overlooked the fall other of the prosecutor and east continuing on with the the prosecutor handed to the defendant in court fighting had in him two carcases that setting into write the court cases and i read nothing no anchor you have stretched it to make it they just like pullin out o here there's the law and threw her out there and hope in everybody goes on it's the law ironopolis and they don't know what either he knows that you listened to what the the saying is this so you know so mister thrilly shocking the final result was we rode a document back to the court and is stating froth prose oh sultanas to wish did you go to jail no i know he didn't go to do but in when the prosecute when he had defended when back to or i you wanted dismissed not o o what you severiter on wood or ready enters oh i'm feeling out the forms right now don't polk get ups and he told out before and gone and the corselet so in a case on a fraud on something like that and you can prove it they don't want to go there fraud is for some reason the one like norton rose shall be counted when you start throwing dead around baskets scared the alonetake eliminate the bar it is an appertinance washout there just eliminates it had cut you know ridin god there is it okay so are we going to go well we talked about some other cases in the past that we talked about westward sure what a talk about one cold renders rifles you do understand that according to the fourteenth amendment an article for section to the federals as any law that is good and misery if it works in his chin it works everywhere it works could what is it red verses what right or i die color it one that is why he knows where we're going to day so i'm kind o logeait a norway what i owe its many people that go to court the district court let they are to these they don't like the outcome of the case she was the sandy want to appeal dennis how okay then you've got to put up a bond in the pines generally the amount of the fines the dollar fine you put up a hundred and it on on over appeal congo appeal but this case says right of the peel can't be people need to know where to have this bag of tricks control it icositani your honor right for she i can't do that first my first right of appeal is a right not peel that can be charged or it's not a thing that can be oh it's very important at people understand i think there's some yellow and the hold i've jist got just operated old heron have mine now i don't have yourself right now i'd have pulled it out high and on therforafter et but but i did not wedergade state i just my pointers that people need to understand your i second appeal if you have to go a second per then you have to get leave or permission the first a driving travelling in a regulated find fine you or he can't charge you are charge you won't fine you for travelling can you see away from wright of peel people have to be very very right and another one is hail versis hackle and we just talked about this a few minutes ago when we were talking about corporations and the and corporations and oh i i inhaled for sistance in we need to bring this one up and read it oh on might the allowing on mine hereafter to lilian rhab here just this give in if you keep talking talk amongst yourselves here i ever have i ostorious ill verses tichel says al has all the rights of a sinister of the united states and he can be invoked the constant any time any place anywhere and stamp all the rights that's hailes and people say while i go to court and i talked with the judge which has you have a right to bring that to the core right to stand on your case thales whereas a corporation she follows certain rules and regulations and what they did in her verses he was told that he had to turn over his and he went to court and for you don't have to turn anything over to the government nothing promises you nothing so they owe you you owe the government whereas hinkle on the other side he had peered and he was under the corporate veil he had certain privileges and certain rights and immunities that he could exercise and therefore he had to turn over all of his so there is dead definite distinction between a corporation and in individual and halves is that and those people that say all everything's cold and were all in contracts people have no on their caboceers so helenioide got a great fright now i hate it when somebody changes an inner face on you like they just did you know this week and they change my ah my mail i interface i am like i like can't find anything on a right now i'm going to see how honor forcebecomes this next we in these eighths and be more because i think i think what we have to do i don't know the genevese the outer court or on on the internet is cormoran and cried what i need to do as they need to just aggregate him in like one post and put him out there yes with anne to do is put him out there in a post so he has great peoplemen there filed because the one a good idea and then while the talk about montgomery ward verse was eugene montgomery ward englacier is also a michigan did you find that after was that the one that you are wholsome stay kind of a son obs that's not who wore long we've tried to reach was it varied in its there but thee there not bring but if we go back to what means what it says however you decide what or collar in reality in general is a dollar is two hundred or for our four hundred he i don't know how four hundred and eighteen graves ford twenty five cents i don't know what that ha that's one of dolores some shows the collard says you will be ten dollars scholars of sister the market collars and if they don't tell you dollars in constitute here yeah it's not even it's enough several reserve precari in your pot it calls itself a dollar not the collars of et one is on measurements a dollars so really when when a judge calls you twice five dollars oh more direct your honor dollars and i can answer he would be in like judge she he get in rochester say well whether you the ah in the how do i know that this will work another states scarola when that woman had it and the fought with her her documents then the worle go she came to michigan then and i called a settitemahomet set on four hundred and fifty and that was the end of it and there like either the i can see the judge the tank and tater is that of the guaran make this scot go away not a line but our cessation credit i anyway now not being bothered by one the point here is that montgomery words for nineteen eighty one still good what we call starting to never been challenged story so that particular case we must all half in or in all in our or back of the along with some the other now come the john when you go into court and file a case they charge you money to file for yet the case itself they charged for it which is also i have not thought ever fought that battle as ali don't want to fight the battle my saying o not going to pay you then the reaction could be best liestal try to ply your property to take your that when they have secured long then then it's not as easy to use that much more stay way from heights that they have some sort of secret i credit and they don't have you can you ever have the pale or you could pay him in beans because they what can they do catch her house there so things that have attachments were things that have that you've put up as collateral can be a cat montgomery and that's why when he courts he has to pay five hundred dollar finding the in cocorote i got the heart of a like atteanit on if i don't pay the five hundred dollars unless you can prove that you're in forma copris in that your old you don't have any money you can't afford it in former compresses of form that you can you to get into port without pay but you got to come up with the iodate paper work which salientia he was the federal document as one that you are lying on form in use were of the you are in epops and all that stuff is somewhat illegal forming asking you to swear under certainly the iris ten for is appropriate for i swear under pont me because they can't they really shouldn't be able to do that but they're doing it and it i rattled the harbor that words the play there ah yes i agree with you have to pay a fee to get into court to find the you want to go cart tanargue from that point not the rasseled by that even the tourney one time that he only fight the battles you know you can win absolutely that's that don't waste your time because he's twenty battles that you know you can get in two and when and just chip away at it you know it's it's don't you don't always have to go for the the biggest the baddest you know on the on the table go for the wine will fights and you know you can you can kind of make a gain by you know a thousand cats i mean that's exactly how cleanhond states they taken it down by a thousand cod and so didn't be to come in with the you know with the tanks on the streets and gons the blazon they came in an infiltrated and it was just a step i stopped section of the nation and in that the provises if people don't realize what his incremental changes is what really makes the big he as they sneak up on that's right now it's just think of how many people would be out there fighting everybody that goes in happy ammunition we what would happen beganrespectable ing speeding to cope come the cork he used they off to be in court and you beat him in court honoriani going or are you plead norton and the justice i wanted deal with horton now strong there a money making right and you know the thing that is is is that people have to realize that the responsible for their actions you know it's like it's like what if you do something wrong to another human being the penalties have got to be i absolutely stiffer penalties for actual crimes or things that hurt others and that her others these little please little pity things that they got going on here or or part of the reason why the court system is so so massa of the the focussing on non criminal folding the concords with just non sine and so they don't even have the time to act only focus on what's destroying our nation in our sins havehave their own as they sure to they get paid every time they have a money judgment if money is in the patent their anorexia where is everybody trudged to stop in any way we can in these fine torrane otheris epilation or is ordnance our present system is a disaster it now because itself palissot a public or privatized and the problem with that is that the running it like a corporation with people you wives re quotas so you know the the horror story placer coming out of the presence where their letting peter go generally criminals and then their using things like dat slaves to keep a man to keep him in jail and the just postpone the postpone there i release the postponed things because just because because they have to hit a quota and that's that's wrong you don't play with people's lives if you're if you're in charge of a what happens to people so beauty to do the right thing under all circumstances now not stand lappolre hard in criminals like great as that you know are going to go out and read again or kill kid or kill an adult or any one you that that's not the same plantigradethe the whole thing needs to be reformed and it's a shame it's a shame that there what things have got to the point where it is where people and people's lives matter not to these people just a dollar sign stamped right here on our four hat what's that person worth in this situation this situation or this to what ransom the most money that's what the ontake saw the gooseit's almost coming to ten o'clock here you got any last words here mister cater moolong tanerton's plankville on plantain and i if you can show up here if you want to the man before one five glad to talk with you if you have a ackquekenon the happen your long that all this running around chase so if you have any questions give you call give me a tale on doingrehearsingwhen s day night and were going to have one coming up on the end of october on wednesday no she in a great great with us stories born sons this was an ongoing kind of thing i ate you never heard o get oh norton rises shall become in understanding it less you look at it loreen and here about it and and you get one were we to learned not bad guys that are sitting in the seat like picking up a fork your act to think about it snow in isto you work you ride bite you are you don't have to do those things you you can learn to do la fere and a n a n a constitutionally allowable way and yet you're one of the few people that i don't question a lot of the information that comes to through teiches iceshogle unusual for me his limewith here like the going right what's the agowhat are they trying to what was the more behind it you know i am always in the person you know i'm the guy that looks at everbody goes may as animists but that's what has seccessorio in he had a hasreasonably i you're one of these people that i that i really yours and then i preciate the you know ever not out for money you know you're the thing it is i like about you you know you're not out for money i mean you and i've been doing this for how long i warn and and are we getting paid no hain't my payment is your songs onoorin put the way god to sing this crazy makes a eleventhat's perfect i love it anyhow others also see wednesday thing touching from shorelet and you now i haven't everybody just loves ee to piece the thank you so much john and i have a great day and reverberant to his see on what boys the girls tatentone have great analalah over a caretaker quick break here and i'm back on with courtney turner at love their scochons amazing as she knows so much and talk about talk about o a o what's really going on so erewhon a segment right after john on tuesdays ter tuesdays is also going to be turned to his days we got t ant gone on right now so be right back it with courtenay ooooeeeeeeeei welcome back to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg at the second hour of the tenth of october twenty twenty three and i want to welcome my next gas on courtney turner i'm susan last weeks so i'm pretty excited to a toy have courtney on here plessy he down here you doing i got take out of feed here corney how you doing i will thank you how are you doing i'm doing great it's so good to see you i enjoyed less week so much and just so letterwood know it's really amazing as we got off we got off lying you know and always talked people when we get off lying and and i i was really we were really excited courtneyand other one of the people that i've met along the way that i you know i really find you to be one of the most ser and for real people that i've met because there's so many people that are in politics that it's like an tellin you what we're talking about we're talking about plastic political action figures that are out there you all there lowakon are they got their little scrip going on they repeat themselves you know that what they said at the last meetings going to be the same thing they say again because it's like they've got this scritori by like you get off that there in trouble before me you know it's like it's like what was its really great i love about you as you like you know you like john you're like me we just kind o like i never know what i'm going to say when i get on mine like okay it's tuesday let's see how this go shokonsha in enough knowledge to be able to do that i preciate that so a courteney is going it were to be doing real history on tuesdays after john tate so real history not what you've been taught in school which is nonsense but real history with courtney turner and yeah i love it well i think you so once for having me bank and and the yet i thought that we would start with tavistock that's a something i've been doing in pretty deep guion and fits with the tuesday beam a and if the it's really really relevant to day because so much of what is occurring some chap the chaos and on of the the fighting that we see really the result of the programming and bring washing the people of encore and have a stock is kind of in in my opinion like a premier brin washing institute and it was really instrumental and as getting in so the first world war i honestly don't think the first and the second world war would have happened necessarily without his because they really helped to shape the public opinion which was so important in order to justify as getting into the war or on course the funding for the war and all that stuff so yes i thought that we would con start with that anothergates do it all right halesowen one of real history of redhall it tho the cryptidine the crotes and because they they they don't want no the truth because if you really knew history first of all you would find it interesting oh i think that's one of the biggest you know lies of the wire heart is that history the series of dates and facts and and they make it so dry i think intentionally because really the study of and the himexperienced and if we were to have a solid understanding of that then we would now possibly how not to repeat it ain't and he hetepet so they can keep that play book they just they just restarted the play book over and over and over again a lotnot the tabiachis that really the founding of the industry of so and where no lot of the court of cation of psychology and psychiatry originate and the deed under the guise of war time defend so i'll start kind of pretty earliest give a little bit of the background of psychology there i have mentioned i think a little bit last time about phil helm one and he was known to be the father of psychology i the trent he himself had no like formal preenings sort ification degrees but he was the father of the modern day phdram he was the first to actually give phd i call the ph d the pinnacle of the indoctrination system an that's a not to say there's nobody who learned anything or done anything great with their peach de degree but it really was a culmination of the prussian three german and that i think i may have mentioned this as well but that really came out of the battle of jena which was in eighteen seven during the napoleonic war they lost the battle of jena they realized they lost it because the soldiers were belled and they realized they rebelled behold they were critical thinkers so the translation would be that they wanted to create an education system that bred mindless interpretation of what he had said effendithat is what the case of these constructive is threehermione which does keeper of ellison the horse offers but even for them its steel in as felinarian it still read them into mindless obedience folders as the plinths is why are ducation and miss bell with things like you know with the bell warning which is startling and drawing a and program you fokeno on to the next on its witigowo children very very batholite i become disconnected on their more things like you you can't just pick up a word the baltimore's horoscopic time i hadn't child never understood this is to her morally his men of like it by to oatmeal i thinks like napkin being that this is obviously the younger one the sort er young and it isn't mine nobody because of you dear disconnected from your money here also is and i that that was something they were really working on so in a to will him bon crisis pachypora at leipsic university his seventy nine and the lights inections three interesting i worth noting is that his grandfather in a riotous in never pronounce it was cursing at carl casimir von and he was a member of the illuminati in his name in the illuminati was actually raphael and this is documented in the illuminati province port from tisement and at those who you know are skeptical of wantgo and verify at it it is actually recorded and i just think it's worth noting because i think a lot of the society ties are very relevant seeing especially into the field of psychology a lot of it is predicated on miss my car young princes was a very open known mistick a even food was very intent things like mental ism a mind reading the thesetall wanted magical powers and a young with also a double agent for the ss and the os and he his number was for eight eight a really he actually literally a double agent and that was his number is agent number and so yes there were so some of his students were people ligion pavlograd the pavlovian lot of people i know about pavlovian response pavlovian study a william james who was known as the and william james was the first and he was known as the father americans psychology so he brought a the field psychology to the united states he also brought the peg programme over with him a stanley hall and i think this connection is worth the noting because he is the mentor mentor to john dee and john doe was also very instrumental in bringing over the modern education system to the united states and he was the co author of the humanist manifest in nineteen thirty the and a lot of those principles were very reminiscent of atavism so here the line see the illuminati resorteth fetherston know out in bishops one of the founding members of the lunaticfor fishley pouring the limnaean some may of seventeen seventy i don't think it's any coincidence that it was just before our decoration of independence in seventeen seventy six there was this kind of battle and schism and the illuminati at the time was infiltrating the mason and causing quite a avide on what of a you know struggles and conflicts within masonry the ewes masonry because they knew that it had a very wide reach and they wanted to be able to infiltrate and get their ideas disseminated but deaconry he modelled the structure of the illuminati offered the jesuits and because he was the jesuits scholar at a school of ingleston and he nods but im but he was a jesuit scholar and he modeled it off of that that's why it has the hierarchical structure and that is also why it's a price because he knew that that that was one thing he learned from the jesuit model was that human beings need to feel like they have some sort of in that there ascertaining and cheeping in order to be invested and so ye be clatters really the secrecy moralwhich would mean nonot only make people feel special and feel privileged and want and more invested but it was also a way that they could have a lever of power over them said he you know do you thinks like blackmail extortion bribery and the secrecy was very helpful that receive this innate day with things like a you know the fraternities or are structures which had very much what the secret societies are and oftentimes you know i will hear people say things like oh i was part of engrand you know it's just that it's essentially peered and that may be true a lot of times they be you know for instance a good log would be here freshman and your new rushing you you typically have no idea what the seniors are doing right you often don't even know what the first hazing is going to be so but one you've been he sed are you now are as he compromised and your your also less likely to divulge ray because now you're so will it is the shame factor too you know the shamefaced that goes into with that sort of thing as you know you see you see that though in the political parties and everything there are pretty much most of the structures that we have out there are a denicolet they are cold and in the way that they get people to comply and eh and not not talk against them because you can't talk against the the the group because they're so geared to having to have the approval of those above them that they won't they won't step out a line that's right and i i will say there's obviously there's the dark a colt but the word a colt literally just means it cort second so i'm to go most of them are most of miracle they are all necessarily dark acts although i would argue a lot of them do have a i really an especially in politics and especially in you knew the the military industrial complex age i really get back on that would be i tell beisdes chest forward it reads like a very trashy soap opera but it is a journalistic piece and that it's a very riveting reed with its very terrifying that that is the origins of our say that and one is it ohing out of an egalit say the gain david talbot the devil's chess i do great read it would be a lot more o funderet if you are not reading about the founding of our sea well yea and a sea right now in my opinion is probably working with mosade yelling in work a short now and and nowthey worked together to create him i been i've been you know cautiously putting that out there cause i know a lot of people aren't willing to you know dive into this but the point being now i'm glad to say it because he it's a thraitor in together he we have a global structure out they have there and i to write and now what yet if i is okoonee people honestly you know it's time to wake up wagesthey are all working together they're not working for us now you know why were they going to israel in me with me no peerlis but in orono who had me i can hope to foremost you know sophisticated intelligent right the world you think that they didn't know something this is just like nine eleven but in so gokoro up because and the rennelagh's becos i post it this article is showing you know about how they were the sea and made worked together the mass and somebody told me you're on the wrong side of evil on this argument and they said really the side of the instant people please explain to me how old that's the wrong side o that the side that i'm on if we're picking sights like honestly the and this is why i have as tacks but for peking size that we could then constantly these dialectics and i think they're false managed dialect if she does not mean that people aren't hurt and that did not mean that the one war isn't real it is if this is really happening and people are really being and now that we theresmoothat you're jewish so you're not picking out anybody you're saying this is the reality is that that it beside in beside you know his working with our sea and their creating these diversions and these things that actually hurt people i mean look at what happened with nine eleven you know it was our own government that attacked ohiowithout the globes structure any of these big tragedies have have absolutely not just you know it is great less locusts like two guys who he had no more training than flying a sassoun for her hiding for doing no erpeton in the belly that ain't happening ricinoleate i own and it's like it's like there's a lot more involved in that it then you don't just getting a plain and sick oates's like sit on the road you manage on all kinds of acts like the three no way that those two guys and and how did even know it was those two guys you or on a hanging passed forts within two hours with a city full of paper come i may aipole sciptol are programmed to play the reactionary and their programme by putting them on temras like a football game this night versoriam and i'm going to guess me your team and that's how people react and that's how people and i keep saying that if we're going to be on teams i think the only teens are keen humanity and those who were against humanity em and that's that's really what we're up again in my opinion he thoracicis an we can stand together and have a great conversation and camorras capteine amazing with it out himthese like the old and the new test osanore bound in the same book they shatterford mechow ye enemy the visits what they want because the soul they divide in come the creed these these narratives they you know the plant these siofan a lot of disinformation and an ease to split us up and to divide us again and ultimately in it his whole you conspiracy is just like a replay of what happened not and i think honestly it designed to pits against each other all to milly to of course you know the house tend to be the scapegoat but i think it's ultimately to overcrow overthrow both judy is a man christianity that's their goal you know and that was the goal of the illuminati of an i think it goes honestly away before the aluminotype actually rode it out and they said that one of the reasons the took because they knew the deism was the stepping stone to theism and atheism was a stepping sound too a inter secularism leading to a cold is ormented and they knew that and that that is why they specifically said you can be dead well don't you think you can get a lot of people to come on to the side of doing terrible things you don't if they infiltrate like they have everything you know to the different religions so it's like you know same thing with with china we have no quarrels with the chinese people we got a big problem where the globe is structure that's infiltrated you know israel a united states in all of these structures the islamic structures to in their so many people herding on the ground then or that had these political crazy operatives going out there and slapping corpsand dragging the street and that's not a key that is not oktat a child's temper tantrum that effects no goals and i have furious with the fact that these protests that were clearly planned before this happen out took place outside the jewish the israeli embassies across it and consultors the united states and why would you do this it's just an pitometer mind you feel emmenagog l and then suddenly in france and in england all of the rules you had all these protests like what was cochleatus eh what what is it what is the point with this and i mean like nothing like jest of your in protests why dost go there and smack people right in the face to antiflami the emotions does something smart not this this ridiculous ridiculous he protests like a bunch of frigga monkeys in the street and that's not a racial store it's just the therethereis and do it any front of in front of the people that you have now deemed as your enemy for whatever reason why does she do something smart instead of idiotic and do something to actually create peace a wind wind for well sides which is in fact the old he won't didn't want piece the protesters do not want peace and it's not a piece will protest cause are all fight in the crazy i'm i'm so down with this whole thing it's liking i here go ventilacin your little caves you'll little yokeband cave men out there and leave the rest of us along you know in clay holyoaks worth noting is that so gestorvenen of vishnoo round his somentale here but just justwork with a headache this morning so i just move round to hold the go ahead here look common antigovernment endeavorthe s of do what thou wilt i am going back to the humanist manifesto has nineteen thirty three he is a principle were ethics are tommassin situation all this is seen in kind of the origins a lot of this like relative is sticky of like moral relativism and of course by shops very much a proponent of this type of thinking later we see croly also i think he actually said to do what thou wilt em was one of his phrases eighteen eighty six for it develops his talking cure that sort o was called at the time this is now to day olonas hand like modern day talk therapy which we came one of the signature methods for what is now known as the instede of humor relations the tavistock method came the talking cure along with secretarius which will get into later ah that in a really is a little bit later when the field of psychiatry compromisee and disa little flashed forward to that very interesting lot of people are familiar with a the rockefelleror modern medicine that was the flexor report in nineteen ten and that was when they dhunput out this report in order to get the rockefellers had a monopoly on the petroleum industry and so they wanted to put it into the pharmaceuticals and create these perophora from chemical and so they did this fleckner a poor abraham plucked nor who was hired to do it and that led to the defending of all the licensing and all the schooling that didn't have allopathic meeting that they weren't forms so prior to that rockville redactional more of a pentapolis tic medicine guy very interesting that you know that he became the the big farm a guy because he really was not but he became the big farmer guy and it was his a one of the medical advisers who whose name is allen gregg and took me on him to find this connection for that was like why was i and greg pushing so hard for them the rockefellers to fund saciety that at the time it wasn't lucrative in fact there was a whole anti psychiatrie and literally as what they were called the anti secchietello and nobody thought this was going to be lucrative nobody thought that this was worth investing in but alan gregg really pushed for it and it turns out that he is meant or with abraham flexner whose so i and if he's the think this just for people who in the audience were you looking at west you do historical research i think this is so important is it part of what at least in my experience was left out in school they don't teach you about the connections and i think in on because this is part of the lovers of power it when ye were here social where motivated by things like for better were by in know the need to be loved the need to have connection the need to be validated a lot of these things play into our decisions or choices are acted and in a cosey and when you leave out of contact people's men tore his were you know who ever the parents and family were what was their relationship with their a younowhere siblings of these types of things really play in two power dynamic and i think there's so relevant so that little pet piece was a big piece his mentor with abraham flexner so of course he's going to be invested in the hole allopathic model brings about the field of psychiatry which changed the course in many ways so very well aunt but i just wanted to make that not for people when they're doing historical research look in what the count people's connections were because this is how the secret societies work it is lovers of power and a lot of it you know yes some of it's done by blackmail bribery a extortion and you know much darker handed means some of it is also just done you know the thing know a lot about you and they know important to you and whose important then they have power over you and a lot of that has to do with our connections you know i often tell window talk about things like control of opposition you know and a lot of people are like oh well tis somebody hold a gun to solensian maybe not but maybe they threatened their child you know would apparent like do anything to save the child and to protect their child most parents old so you know the lever of power might be i'm to the their love found not not just to them so i think that's that's worth noting eh so foundwho much is this is it's mine dame's mind control in in psychology and such men of no and i i haven't seen a lot of actual gain that happens when somebody goes into a therapist you know it seems to me like they create more of a victim mentality instead of looking at the things that happen in the past you were all the bad things that happened to us some point time himsome of a side more than others and you cannot you can look at it and say who iigreat i'm so still doing great and you don't half and to know i'm smarter and i letter happened again because i've got you know it's like we're just going to go on you not a victim you you you're sure you know you made at hecatasus orient you developed cooking poking machnis and really i think i don't heldscissors ah you knew help the person navigate which coming mechanisms they develop that serve them at that time no longer serve which and i think i have brought me the job but that's often not what they do and i i really itcome my belief having studied this that i think that the feet of the psychology was created to offer a secular solution i really thenthere's that there is the statement of the year right there the ah that's really what it looks it in and when you look at the you know that the pioneers of the field as he said most of the more into things like alchemy her medicine i meant you know a lot of the principles there they're seven steps a alchemy but you know like mentalism was a really big one but they were looking at they wanted to repeople mind they wanted to control the people it was and of a dark magic type of and then later they use orosin order to do it so in yeah i and the i do want to just put the caveamus sisters and mental hell i do not think everybody goes into this field has various intense i absolutely have seen people have positive result people do get help i know this is not all dark but i feel hilmorton for people to understand the roots roots are not as a one as one might like to believe so ah yes so then we get you in nineteen oh nine were the helen service with the created at the nisibis intelligence brooding young then go to visit william jeanes in the usa this is maconite nine as she is so you can see how some of these players are all connected and then in eighteen eighty oh carry back abitite created the american society for that was one of the first founded and the founding members were a james prodding i am for in young work considered honorary that they were very very involved and james was founding member then in nineteen fourteen we get you the wellington house i actually think it was starting a little bit earlier i were on eighteen twelve as when they were starting to develop it i think it was officially formed in nineteen fourteen and this was known as the british propaganda bureau is when i was talking that how they typically do things in the name of de fancy i would make the joke i mean not really funny but like they put a dee in front of it and then they just get a black of carp blanche rode to do whatever they want and oftentimes they do a lot of war time research had during this when they have this defense budget a bit late times we later see that that research then get in now they do it under the guise of defence or the people but oftentimes gets wet nosed and more the people we've seen this time overtime again for out history i you know i think great example would be we had our pa right advance of project researching and i not to say that harpedid do anything that when we might not have loved but it wasn't much more trance and then of course it became dark under the name defence and now hope of their projects i would argue probably more than that we have no idea what he you know even when they give us little snipe i publicly oftentimes the later that we really learn what was going on behind atchison example they put a edenton of it and and have called goes to them a offright so they created this british propaganda bureau and it was known as the propaganda and they'd created it because germany had a propaganda obey the didunder the guise that he had and the purpose of this propaganda bureau was to garner acquiescence both the americans and the british people to engage in the first world and he that was the primary purpose and then they set up a edward burne who many people have heard of he was he's known as the father of a propaganda although i think the title might rightly go to will muntzenberg who was also very involved in of the accretion of the frankfort school of people don't know that in i think it was a little bit later than i was nineteen twenty two but there was a meeting londonhe a meeting between antonio graham she georgie lukash and a willing manseand it was because in no mark said that the revolution was going to spread throughout the west and after the bolshevik revolution that didn't happen and so let in was very concerned didn't know what to do and wanted to know it was happening why this wasn't working the way that mark said it would and so he held this meenit was it was actually honorand be tied to the meeting was discovered and antonio grasandor he talks about his grandfather having missed meeting and i do in dockman other things with the bats flow where is where this comes from and could a lot of historians don't know it but they haven't sarily read and i i've actually have it i brought it and you talk about how his carnfother had this meeting and it was grand peeho said that the problem is that you're looking at this rate economic perspective as if this has to be an economic revolution it spread throughout the west and that he is the best never going to happen you have to infiltrate the and so that's what we're right in the middle of it you know you can look at it with the color evolutions that have gone on in the last century and i know half a century even and ah the cultural war that were in right now to divide us into small sub groups and fighting each other so hard that we can't fight the real threat so hard and they were the frankfort school and have sainement and creating these old and there in a renown think of his identity politics can the frankest sorry tavistock hall did segmente and that comes the little bit later but they at the that was their term for it initially so and there were the big they were very good and state ab and the reason the registries because they were doing all the the lot of it was they were tested people they actually they caught they created the modern day format of poling but they but they called their much for transparent back then they called it public opinion making bavincourt they were shaping the opinions and not actually surveying the opinions that i have these poles on the political poles should absolutely be illegal because it's like it's like that the thereto much manipulation and thus to to rig the system for those people in power to stay and power and not let the people have the boy a folly and this this comes that that strategy comes the advertising it really is as like the positions are blatant advertising or marketing as you can make a statistician can make the number say anything in a lot so then it's a funny so when i was in high school i did chowefi pace ceases on dreaming as and so i was a junior when i started the first project so i intooition as such do review on the literature and then you feel study for he and i had to teach myself because i had never taken it before that his junior high school in order to do my research and so as a teaching himself to destacamento my man i remember the saws had so basically stitches tis just like learning how to manipulate numbers of the improve your all come up in sheetlike creating this not how a work and i do know that that's exactly or that my xactly how it works would like it i want my numbers to be significant so that my research is relevant and obviously that's what a man to do make manipulate them so that they are then you know that men and hoodlike any i remember should liknites not how workinglike even if i didn't intentionally do that so consciously you're going to that's going to be completion by us you're gone you're looking for it but are you remember haven't like when not costin have somebody else teaching me so i wasn't being indoctrinated and that was the realisation i had so briefly his needs nothing it's just like a tool for me to create the outcome as i want i don't want absolutely well i guess i'm going to take a pole of one from dona and and i'm not going to tell you pole of one on my poll says that courtney turner should be the next you know ah i emperor of the world are tempting what's to say something like that and then the you know that they the news met old secondthat ah the poles the pools are saying the courtneythe should be the emperor of the world and their like yes gone got one person in the pole they don't mention that you know how to now that's an extreme ample what's happening but that's what they do you know you appall what they're going to know what groseing in order to rig the poles out to many people or lead them where they want to go polissena we we see this too in a research unfortunately like scientific research until you riled the method section i now find out that oh this horridly controlled study or the controls that he had like you know twenty people and that other fees his staff save that the job is as safe for every one especially made in sit he ran example grave ample and also you know i just a little side not on this but a is vere talking about the israeli palestine conflict right now and look at what they did to their people i mean i really think it was domicide there we have ample evidence now that the israeli government knew the dangers of these injections and they went ahead and pushed them on their people they and egregiously you know i think there were up to they were something like eight each ninety per i injected and something like five six boosters i mean insane insane number that was really so itfor people who think that this is really about you know one country verses the other i would implore people to look at the governments and what they've done to their owne because i again as a jew of course i think that the persecution of my ancestors was devastating but i think that the government is doing it to them to their own people just like our government is doing them to and in that i think all of us had had persecution in our back around the forlornly do your lineageyour going to find out that you know i think i think the irish in the united states were one of the biggest sectors of a slavery in the early united states and servants from mostly irish and will get you know you look at that the devastation i listen if people talk about a persecution and racial nonsense and the united states and that something is it exists i'm sure you know you never goin to get get rid of that entirely people have bias but when people talk about reparations i would like to look him straight in face what are you doing about those people that are being sold and libya right now because they have they have people that they put up on you know they literally the the son like that of the king going on like probably no rack yard i it's in the united states what are you doing right now it is you know are you here you actually concerned about slavery or you just looking for an easy way to make a bet and will you talk about a victimization so you know i i'm not a hall cost in ire i think the holocaust was an absolute atrocity and i think was devastating and i think it was very real however the frankfort school very instrumental in tying the identity of the jews in creating this narrative for the jews that their identity was attached to the holocaust in order to make them victims i i don't think this was empowering at all and the jew i think is actually quite insult you know first all my family almost all my family came to the united seats long before the holcote were the smart one the thing in the poitague you know so not every cow has been in the holocaust or i know even has a new family whose halo not again not to say that it wasn't devastating and that it was absolutely wrong and people when they they they knew very little about the actual history and the movement behind the holocaust that he wasn't just use right i'm not millerston were slaughtered to the lute and it really was just they were trying to create a bulk so when you see a peonalthough today like binnses if you paid into his speech always says that and folks is a derivative of the word but and both come that this german notion of trying to create this what they call the aryan race and that they were trying to the culture of the look now not in all of breeding this very a genetic and that would bulk his home was really all about and that's what nancy is it was really all about they were they were trying to persecute not just the judas but it was the sable the sexual religious and in divergent with outside of this book that they were trying to create in again i'm not trying to say that the whole cost was indevoring an absolutely was i on nonohual doubt it was human to have to absolutely absolutely he would after petitionate they would after gipsies they went after coition that was actually going to fight them and in had a had a the ability to critically yes maternal so to creating the i knew one who was not a going to propagate the old with with the end desired some one who needed to be eradicated but i just i just wanted to bring up the point that it was frank for school is really instrumental in attaching this you know me this identity the jews in order to make them a victim class very much like we now see with the blacks being having their identity attached not every black who in this country black version in this country of you know has ancestors who were slate just not in no and not every way family you know it's i don't even like the restlike term estoit because it's like you know i've never seen somebody who is either black or white i have seen variations of everything in the mental sharingnot i mean it's kind of ridiculous it is in issobell about catching this group identity so then you no long her have an individual identity you are now you've a label as part of a girl makes much easier for us to fight against the were we to deal with each other as individual cum beings this would be much more challenging and we would actually have ronicl be much more neifile which is the antithesis of what they want because much easier to control groups at are fighting against each other than it is to control individuals who love thy neighbor as themselves the insolvent to you the british propaganda bureau i had set up it was a we let men with a womanthe but lip men who was a journalist and edward benes whose known as heather propaganda the wrote the book propagandabut was also the double nephew of segment froid used a lot of predaceous in order to create modern day prehistor advertising and of course for propaganda and it was breadarated you up in this country what was called the croon and the purpose of the cruel commission was to a sway popular opinion in favor of entring for war and of course they advised wilson on how to ah you now get us into the first world war and that one of the terms is met in nineteen nineteen six i be weaponized you know a lot of people know that they weaponized recent not one not that recently but i think the ninteenth this so sudden the weaponized the term of the spirithere it was a document called ten thirty five dashing sixty countering the warren commission was however an investigation into the war commission the gkatesparmenn the non people investigating that and so they were just label them conspiracy fear and of course we see the play book to day were everything that has been questioned is being labeled as coming from a conspiracy the back then the weaponized the term io so anybody who thought we should mind her own business and not engaged in foreign entanglements was leveled and isolation as and we saw this replayed of when on powis running round paul was running the libertarian candidate and he was getting gaining a lot of popularity with the political right which was very dangerous for them and so the way that they tried to discredit him was they called him an isolation as they remember this like the lot of people on the political right would say we love already support a lot of what he hertalking about and a lot of his policies however we just can't support his crazy for policy means an isolation and i heard that over and over again i miss this comes that attaps alley back to a world war on so i that with some of the ways that they did that they created this is one of the first meetings so it was a london head quarter of the national insurance comin that was where the teacher building for this wellington he british propaganda bureau was and it was charles masterman who was the chairman one of the first things that he did was to invite twenty five authors i do immiting and this actually there mission was to write pamphlets and books i too i have messaging that word you know favor war time and i wore a published over sixteen hundred and and this was actually kept secret until nineteen thirty five and some of the people were of very very prominent a literary figure people like a a she well of people one of my favorite with roger kipling i was devastated to find out that he was a seleroaena a funded machine embuttressed son there a lot of really big names in the literature but in we would know and that was part of their mission was kept we quite a while so but that's not really now it's just the tavistock had every home this but if you go all lay back to like ancient greece the he used to sport a the use of course the use literature of these theatre poetry in order to create messaging to sway popular opinion and of course near the technology has advanced now and will see this later with tavistock they were very involved with radio television mina later film a in order to create messaging jewswas popular opinion but they were always been used i think since the beginning of time because culture and story telling is very powerful and that's why they like to go of it so nineteen nineteen it were bernese was he became the director of coast and as i said he was a double nephew sigmund proud he is nephew is the founder of today's modern propaganda machine known as nephi it's marked grand of burnes and chiglit thanked he went to my old mother he and dehaenne e i don't know what's with all of these like of state new york connections that i haven't dug into that abut there do seem to be a lot of them and we have lakelooking hunter in the finger lakes and all that nonsense over there in new york yes i i don't know but there was one on on there i even walter men and iceroom for that ah so then when eventright propaganda in nineteen twenty eight and he said those who manipulate unseen magnis society can invisible government is the trolling power of this to day eh and i being the who was there it was john rollings wreaths who later became another director of tavistock instead and he created the tavistock method induces control stress be at what he called psychologically controlled environment in order to make people give up their firmly held beliefs this where we are getting into a lot of group dynamics and he was the founder of research for group dynamics and what interesting enough he was also he also had a lot of theories about how they should become the fifth and i read some pis quilt shoshoni think that there telling still he says we can therefore justifiable stress our particular point of view with regard to proper development of the human psyche even though our knowledge may be even though they have limited knowledge of the th silently justified and they must aim to make it permeate every educational activity in our national life how do the im to do that they wanted to infiltrate the most pervasive institutions and social culture the education system and there public life politics and industry should all be within our spirits of his and he again he goes on to say if we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people i think we must imitate the totalitarians and organized some sort of fifth column if better ideas on mental health are to progress and spread we as the salesmen miss lose our identity let us all therefore be very see while ray so this is part of why there a shadow think tank and so few people have ever heard of them i don't think until twenty twenty when the bell verses member who was against for that law suit i wore thousand families came forth assuring the transgender clinic from havestad honing the peopleto even heard of havistock prior to that and that's really resent and there they're off to quite a bit right now is i just want to read what the definition of the fifth column is for people to have a clear sense of what it is they mean the fifth colony the group of people who act traitors aversively out of secret sympathy with an enemy of the while in that what we've got all the way around us as it's just it's incredible you know what i'm i i would like to continue this next met him i think this is a great i i love you know i love at its son my daughter's birthday to day or sesarethians otherwise i would just keep the camera or only an hour and he could keep going but i think that might be a great place to to take a breakspeare you going to be able to do it next week or in chenies you neckwell do two weeks i don't get in in my amine i don't think i'll be back but you how can so we're goin t were not to continue this on tuesdays at ten o'clock and it's real history with courtney turner i i can't even tell you how grateful i am for the knowledge that you have in that you're willing to share with every one your you just an extraordinary woman and if everybody hasn't listened to the last week's interview listen to her story i mean talk about overcoming and using everything that was thrown at her which while people consider as a negative you just use it as a base of the trampling spring board to go and just flo fli with it i'm in really honor to know you i really am and think you i think you are coming i think this is going to be a really great this is goin to be a really really great em tuesday with john tater and with you on here to continue to educate him in it's our responsibility to pass on what we know for each i don't think i'd ever gives us anything for ourselves he only gives us things that we can give way to others and that's that's the purpose right there it's not looking to gain more more more if looking to give and that the there is such there's such a misconception that out there that you know we got to do it all ourselves we got to be this or sols known we know it is pan come together for the mutual mutual benefit of god's creation and it being about the father's work that's what we're supposed to be doing not not massing that's going to it away you know rahaton of good green canastota that's amazing could you could you share links with me just taxed me lunch of lengths and then i'll post thoughts so henlopen look into the anything you find is valuable and i'll put him up to day after i've got a i've got two things i've got to go and look at flowers through my other daughters boese's getting married anotheranotherand is going to be one of those days that i get to the end of it sidelong dayes how do we we and with the prayer here and i you know i i i'm so so honored to be here with you do you have lefther thank you so very much for john and courtney and for what they're willing to share with his iasser favorite to rest squarely upon both of them in all the things that they do give them a voice that can reach more and more people so that they can come together under the the rightful rule of law as well as healing for this nation in this world that we bring together all people you know as one nation under god under you and in one world fighting for your good purposes on earth as it is in heaven we thank you so much for the wisdom that that you're always leading us into discernment we ask for both of those to continue to increase we ask her blessings on every single person out there i know there's a lot of people that are heard in that or angry and frustrate and we ask that you would help them bring all their stress or anger their anxiety and their hearts to you for for ultimate keen and also for direction to hit the goals that you have in front of us not to get out in the weed somewhere in cassimere problems and be part of the problem we want to be part of the solution doing your will honor as it is in habit you've been a great friend to and we want to be a we want to be a friend to you we want you to know us and we want to know you and have it true relationship with you as we walk through our day to day and every day and we just thank you for everything and named jesus casepray a mat dare you go so so anyhow i am thank you so much for being out in here maybe next week you should do the prayer what kind o confountet will bounce it back and forth here a little how's that i i i don't know aitareyo a prayer i don't think i've ever let her for eridge have found my private prayers i know think i've never let it for ah i never i never heard decide i don't like i don't typically like those old holy prayers with all the old holy knowledge or something i can talk and how that's ayonontonio i love whitening to it but i don't know i been noi feel on thoroldii octocyon it so that's final give you to give you opportunity if you want to petite called too then i will do you raise your hand to say i got this to day in the west consists so so with that sad sooth o her sore hands to everybody to bless it erbody out there god bless you all and oh god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merican god bless israel and god bless all the people on this planet and i you know god bless the palestinians that are caught up in this conflict in the people that are in ukraine that are caught up in the conflict and the people and rush of their rough in the conflict china this entire world it's truly either the war is going on as between people and the governments that have waged war on all of us in their all sitting on the top together make no mistakes about it the gods can to come back and i and love these people that have done huge crimes against humanity it's just a manner time you know turnturn around yoletan the seats because when god loves this thing it's going to be decisive and it's going to be to defend and protect those who are without a voice and those other the most vulnerable and we all stand together and so with that such have a great day if gentleness learn everything thank you so much for being in and we'll be talking to you soon or right thank you so much is not to morrow to more is on to morow