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Published Aug. 1, 2022, 8:04 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and i'm running to be the next governor of the state of michigan the morning i'm going to experiment with some things i've been writing a letter to day to send out to the piers party numbers and i will be posting that later but i think it's i think we live in such an unprecedented time there are so many things going on and i'm so thankful for each every one of you out there who have decided to stand firm to take this nation back on one of the things that i think that we can go back to is that god always has a ramnarain of people who stand for this nation and forgot he has his round and we're living in that time right now so i'm asking everybody what are you willing to do or give in order to restore this nation there's a wonderful lot and i was looking i was looking a quotes to day in two honestly make sure that we are correctly refraining everything the way the founding fathers expected us to do and carry the spoor ward and i think this is a great day for every one to plot that was from the original declaration of the independence with sport support of the declaration with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives for sacred honor and with that comes a certain amount of risk but is also an unwavering and unwavering commitment to actually stand for some we have so many more people than what they were standing together during the first rebel revolutionary war and i would say that we are in the second revolution right now we are we are at war even though it doesn't look like we are we are that most most of warfare is thought is an information worse subversion and or infiltration we are certainly involved in that right now so ability to recognize that we are in fact in a war is pivotal to winning that work i decided this morning that i'm going to play with another no i mean to and waiting to see her back from melissa and that they have small children so sometimes i think that in this early in the morning it's a little difficult for them to jump on so we're going to go ahead and do now anyhow and look at the things that i am looking at but this is kind of like a trial and error think for me right now trying to get everything well with multiple screens and bringing the newest forward because we have known as i would like to go on record main stream media is public enemy number one public enemy number one because they are providing cover for for the crimes in the misdeeds of people who are in politics morning donald how you do love to see on the theory morning encouragement so let's let's start out with plain a video here yes for now some of them may look back and ask themselves whether they aright whether they made the most of the opportunities they be given yet we have the same mission over the course of your life you will find that things are not always in you will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and then are not always warranted but you have to put your head down and fight it ever ever ever give up don't go in don't be down and never stop doing what you know is right nothing worth doing and ever ever jamesian the more righteous your fight the more opposition that you will if you find archie the values of service sacrifice and devotion now you must go forward into the world and turn your homage the action a man can have a peerage because the very petition of the believers which of bilgewater with the founders rottenhoefer they had to order some one america widowers government we worshipped it is by odoriferous in god we trust and it fiery but we are one nation initiatory over maiesty in the event tregarthen as an humble the regeneration of american leatherette to be titania never stop five or what you would read but a people who care about carwithiel with dignity and broadmindedness warhorse the foretell you this that pass but he is trigonometrical soothed i testimonial and nothing more the motivation well osteopathy to be once but more than a broadside to that year i hope that you either wherefore at home at the turnstiles anterior when he was with tetanic rested to the antiphlogistic after as well when your story go from here i will be defined by your vision your first superior grenouille heart while at the derimacheia to battle the others have to say you will have the confidence to speak the orator and to express the love the starosta he had brief senorita faced well not sapermillemente to it devoted to which created the power sinister or yet the one eat god the noises of marian i just want to let you know that god blesses you and i wanted to say you are special in every way god bless you and god bless america you very much that wonderful i love that i love that video and the message by president trump or our nation such a wonderful gift from god and what he starts he always he created you created the one of us and he had his image and it's amazing how a christian we are to the standard we we are two first of all look at ourselves with interest in it look at ourselves with with the with though as the one set the standard to to let the standard and hold ourselves first to a standard and then put ourselves out there to help this the very sick and dying world and in i absolutely believe in that with my heart if you can we should be here too we should be here to help store nation in this world into what god it intended it to be which was built on a servant in a steward of god's creation and serving in that way that if you would have told me that i was going to be running for governor i would said your divine i if i had had and i said this many times a hundred thousand bucket less i would have never envisioned myself running for governor and now it's the time that all of us need to stand together so corrupt is beyond in fact an and the amount of errors that are made are just absolutely incredible so want a show you something that that came to me before we get to the news yesterday or man it was in our mail box on thursday and i see even a man on running an election is poorly it or or any process no matter what it is is what we actually so it's honestly going to take people yourself and myself and all of us who want to have free and fair elections who want to preserve this nation which is going to be the only way you achieve that as honest and lawful policies where we are making a policy or making the rules as we go but there's actually struck so thursday i want to show you this thursday in our mail box now it is in fact dated and what this contained was in a letter from the office of the county clerk and masked it is in fact to me and what it is is it is a a ball the primary election but showed up in our mail back thursday of last week and it was my husband who got it thursday of next week we that is what i got in the mail he had me an official primary ballet in county for the august to elect i can honestly say beyond all words probably describe how i feel about that because you're absolutely right proper procedure and form must be followed and so reads the law this has to be a lawful process or we get in the weeds really quickly where people start making up rules always will run in their own personal favor so we really truly need to get back to this lawful process and not have people making up the rules as they go they see that in order to rigor election the policy in order that they can that of the grandmother the shocking the shocking thing about grandholm a millions of dollars of a stockade on electronic vehicles she is our energy poor child for what is happening in our government how the how they are ringing the system for their own personal gain and preferrest in each other and his political industry of the unitary which is truly we are truly in the middle of the war it's an information war and they were of of kind of hoping to a war a triton to stop patriots and fighting but that's not going to happen back to the signers of the declaration of independence in cotton died for wounds or hardship during the war five were caused by the british charged with trees in the torture before they died twelve had their homes ransacked and burned two lost their sons during the revolution are in or any revolutionary army another two sons captured several laws wife sons entire families one lost his thirteen children two wives were brutally treated and all one time or another the victims of man hunter driven from their homes seventeen most everything my own yet not one of them effected or went back on his pledge one note is the of notice one is the new jersey signer abraham clark he had two sons serving during the revolutionary army they were captain the infamous british present known as hooshiers in new york harbor where leventon americans were to die sons received exorbitance of their father one was the solitary and given a food where the war must over and on no one could have blamed abraham clark head accepted the british offer of sparing a son's life if he would recant and come out the king and parliament certainly with utter despair and anguish as heart and soul his answer was no of the declaration and dependents proved by their every day that they made no idle boast when they composed that magnificent play they ultimately gave us a free and independent america whose liberties should never be taken for granted freedom is never free and this is why we honor them and all those who stood against tyranny we probably flick for fat leg and always stand during the national anthem in honor and memory of them and all of those and all brave patriots not in women who have given their lives and their and their there there everything the ultimate sacrifice this nation in order that we may live free now is our time in this generation to also stand up and do the same thing what are you willing to do and for this name christian we have nothing to lose because we're going to win one way or the other whether we live we die we were we die we go to god and our time is now absolutely stand for what we believe in unwavering moving forward into a glorious future and as president trumped the best asset i have great faith in the fact that there are many many amazing patriots who have been working behind the i never take things at face value when when i do research and i research about six eight hours a day every single day i've done a tremendous amount of writing over the ears under different aims different logs to get the truth out of people and we're going to continue to do so going forward so that if if the news media is going to be a party to this trees on us indoctrination of our over outcastings who have been here for a very long time then gasoline them were going to replace them with good news services and can render them absolutely irrelevant they're going to be irrelevant going forward so with her said i have several new sources that i like to look at in order to get a rein on the day that doesn't mean i agree with everything i read i have read from both sides of the aisle for years i the much maligned post i have read and been follower of the cup for a long time no that doesn't mean that i am a follower of and on which is not a thing there are hosts there are none but he and antically people who are who are taking information and selling at they are actually not patriots as we are they are patriots patriot earning money of things and in its telling tear and conspiracy instead of encouraging people to do their own research so that said i read democrats i read republican sits i read constitution sides i read pretty much anything that i get my hands a lot of tact stuff and watching for trends and patterns what i learned over the years is what is in front of you immediately obvious isn't what's important it's where it points you next in the questions you ask and in what the end in the actions that that leads you into so that i i was on i was on granser day and i i like i like listening to all things i like a girl i knew i like i like i like to listen things because it provoke questions out of me that i will i don't i don't take things at face value but they do help me formulate more use so without said we're going to go to a source right now most coroneting ready to command here i believe any minute so let me see if i can let me see if i can move this over into news for man and you're going to have to excuse the tis because i don't the pirates is the anonymous conservative foliot agree with everything that they have on her or all of the opinions i don't with any one i wore my own opinion now it is just as when people tell you how to vote you should never have some one telling you how to vote they should be providing that and information for you to make up a year your my when when i see some one there there's a group of people out there on the page it chalchivitl allowed or paid provocateurs even though they are posing as patriot they are not we we have been infiltrated through our government or institutions our social the social network that we have come to believe that like the red cross the red cross is taking in in blood and only twenty per cent of the blood that they take in is used for the reason that they have been paddling to keep as real in the rest of them selling and most of it they're selling a pharmaceutical so to question the motive of everything imperative and in and if so when we look at these sources like what i've got pulled up at her this should be this should be leaving us in to where should go next to research these sources and start asking us here's the here's the anonymous conservative and we're going to go down he got there they have they have anonymous conservative and they've got the anonymous concerto look at this little bit see what's going out this morning a lot going on in arizona and the election reform which i think is heliport ant began whenever we see the nine in arizona colorado wisconsin there are probably a head of were michigan is because michigan quite honestly has been quoted as the most corrupt state in the nation which i believe to be absolute there is so much corruption going on here i have about oh there's about fifteen attorneys we will be burning on brandenburg news not work here for interviewing so that we can we can get to the boat the truth and there's many many lawsuits happening with election and tiger and i believe this who election trotting is we could have deserted by the election and one day if we had if we had set out to win it but i don't believe we did i believe that the people that are involved were doing this to expose the different layers of corrupt not to necessarily de certify it immediately there i knew the fraud committed they already knew that there was procedures not followed and proper there was no proper procedure or form but we had to go down the list in order to find all the players and bring every one to so when we hear the terms we have at all we have at all and i think the shocking revelation of how many crimes that are have been committed as they come out and are shown it it's going to be a lot for people to prose if you're here listening to me i will assume that you are already why do we on the truth of how absolutely corrupt the nations and ready to forward as the remnant full awareness of what's going on unwavering commitment and a no back down strategy so we have people arizona line hostel cion security form moderated by investigating journalist or logan which presented evidence of fraud in the twenty twenty presidential election and tom shall testimony revealing exactly who and miracle bacon delineate the election has before delivery to the arizona state odious is going on across the nation in a shocking way the deletion of evident seven lamberti had her last week was showing that a brave whistled glory rename is scott refused to delete evidence and destroy the the thumb drive which was in fact instructed by benson as she didn't do it he didn't follow hers because she followed her high calling and duty which was a lawful proofreader and her her oath of office honestly i'm so proud of her and every one else who who refuses to follow unlawful or orders and fulfilled their baby communist infiltrates and or evil actors in order to fulfil the oath of office in to carry out their duty in so proud of her so that that lawsuit and michigan alone is revealed in eleven point five per cent armor in one one towns adams township in michigan which if you expand that that's eight hundred and fifty thousand vote disparity in the state of michigan it if they think that this isn't a going to go away i've got another thought coming for them because there is going to be lawsuits flying towards these people that they are never going to get away from and you know going going back to this we have to go back to it with the original of that we should all be taken in that the oath to the constitution the oath to each other and our sacred duty to each other i think i want to pull up a video an a little bit here about a recounting of frances scythes the man in the hold of the were were watching that flag stand and how important that is that we understand we understand and that as long as that fat and and we have something to fight for in that that's going to never go away the supreme court announced on thursday that it would bear that it would hear a case that could radically reshape a fleeter elections are conducted by giving state legislatures independent power not subject to review by state courts to set election rules in conflict at coni kind of a kind of kind of an issue here somebody in the comment on shouldn't be here but we're going ignore you for a minute and hopefully will go away i do not approve of any one i can figure out how to and that is i've got my they here let's see can get rid of them how do how do we bathe from out person here is a figure how to how to figure this out but this is what we're going to deal with you as going forward because if we're a ten by portion or any like that they're going to come and we're going to have to be adulterated turn our heads the other way and i will get the figured out hunting move as this is continued things for me using this than you but will get rid of him don't like on minor hemingway to get sick of it after a while conservatives so i think that something to look into more in giving anything that gets rid of federal oversight in our elections giving it back to the it is very important but now we have a question to ask how are the states going to be held to a standard of the constitution and keeping a proper proper and lawful procedure proper procedure and form he followed because they certainly were not of as i was and myself and and a bunch of the candidates were illegally removed the ballot the republican the unitary primary because they're all working together is nothing more than a sham as the unity concerts are now pushing an unprecedented convention to rewrite the us bedrock tax and seventeen eighty eight as nineteen go states have joined a rapidly growing conserve a conservative movement to call a new constitutional convention i am absolutely against this and i'll tell you why this is if we had a moral people standing in the place of that i think that would be a great idea but right now we don't we have been infiltrated too a horrible horrible ah and i think we need to just hold the constitution that we have until we get things under control here a little bit because if we start touching that constitution right now guaranteed we have people in place i have heard that up to i've heard this other people in politics that i believe has a lot more truth to it than what we might want to admit i i believe that our i've heard that up to sixty per cent of the people in place of our government are fads and or bias prove it but it seems reasonable to me so i think it's something we should take into a little bit i find out the truth and if that is the case that we are all ready and filtrated by a jury of people who are not true i we start touching that constitution and and we are going to have something subverted which is the only thing standing between us complete tyranny were so i am not i am absolutely not okay with a constitutional convention at this point time we need to just uphold one that we have and it's like adding more lot you know you hear the legislatures the legislators talbot all we've got and more laws i mean we've got two thousand bills a year in front of the michigan legislature are you kidding me we we don't need more laws more rules more regulation we need last and we need to be able to absolutely enforce the ones that we have we don't need more because we can't even force the one that we have they don't even know what their voting for it's like the two constitutional amendments that they have gone on the ball at the sea things are absolute junk and poison and they were created with deceptive titles in order to lead people astray who don't do their own resort i had of time to know to know what what their voting for here i'm going to actually read through some of this promote the vote twenty two michigan constitutional amendment it will allow any one to vote with no identification legalized be harvesting the practice of political operatives delivering absentee ballots to clerk nothing could prevent them from streaming open open the envelope and in altering the ballot any way they choose just throwing them away without being detected and i don't know if you see this but did you see what succorest bought for wisconsin in race wisconsin they now have they bought a mobile immobile drop basinette drop boxes were voted as where we were deemed illegal what did they do sucker box put a whole bunch of money at the three hundred million dollars into the system and they bought now a mobile the one i saw was in renascence a mobile absentee bait or absentee drop but that their driving around it's like it's like samarovitch driving around in order to replace the drop notes so now the downside i'm seen of this is that how do you but will you can paint in cell phone and such it they did two thousand mules but you can't even stop humor to give it even surveillance so we we because it's mobile how how are going to even even now if they are using these that things to absolutely do un manipulation in stuffing the ballot box incredible so donald says we the people do not need to ask congress for anything we the people informed an instructor trustees of our demands i demand that they stop these be it but these stalwart boxes because this is absolutely absurd i demand that they stop these mobile mop is that are being founded by zero i think we should all make a list of demands memoirist these things out love to work for you on the stand and anyone else that wants to jump on to make some more demands that our legislators will in fact put in the practice i think this is not absolutely not so it allows millionaires like mark saarburg to find alexandrian operations while the republican party has done it from the beginning in the state of michigan they've been lectionary from a sense timothe first of my thought was september twenty twenty one the new moon here the unity is as active in subverting or election they're doing it consistently refused to follow a lawful process so we're going to have to be brave and stand stand up and do it do it ourselves as we the people i think that it should be no worthy i've heard a bunch of nonsense from a bunch of people that says that you know if you vote for minor party we're going to be splitting the vote and whippers going to get it well you know what you know it is they have already commandeered the republican party the uni party into into a an a over artie enemy of the people which is against citizens so we only have two sides to this it's a une party again against it the people it is not republicans against democrats not in close because the when you look at ron wiser who as the head of the republican party giving donations having to been donations to bide and a tattoo foresail and a number of the global est organization the atlantic council don't kid yourself for one minute these people are all in it together and they are standing against us when we see what he happened during covet and all i would i am seen all of our legislator nothing to stand for we the people because why they went along to go along to get along that's exactly what they did none of them stood for any and now we have the opportunity as voters to maybe be the only voice standing even if that his instant way to go than we are approving ourselves to be better than every single person that sitting there and lancing because none of them did anything so we have not only the opportunity but the duty stand and called them to stand and vote them all out there's only one way to do that in that stove again the uni party not against the republican party the democrat party but to vote against the unpartitioned you know what that seen i mean that men that's out there as i think is funny is that in the case of emergency break the glass and they've got a picture of me a hammer next to it so that i am going to jump off the new source because melissa in the background her ready to come on so i'm going to here and add melissa to the screen and the good morning good morning how are you green how are you i am dead i'm glad i had my family over this week end my parents at the house and were they just left and the kids were aneroids were attacking my parents out the door and chaotic so family first families have to come first yes that's right yet that at that inner what you're talking about this i think moms with with small heads if the hardest job on the planet you know it's like you know we have a big family and and i understand it is one of the most heroic things a person can do is to put their time into the next generation and raise their families so so we're here to mirandy kids are all in except one they're all in their thirties so we you know they can find for themselves and if they can but i did loob yes now he did a great job and i had not your kids and there are amazing and yes and it's very hard with two small kids even one small child it's very hard but it is tightening kids right now what other ages but their ages are sick unto and my son is too and my daughters and position my daughter as to my son as i and you know i say the biggest obstacle is when i don't have a man public cool and and warbles be able to send them to a private school they fight a lot that they fight a lot she tries to get on his one to he doesn't really push her any more but he aggravates her too so they aggravate each other and it can yet you want her in advance i used you know psychological warfare on my kids when they were little did them to get them to behavior caschcasch my kids to i decided the home school my kids when they were little as my oldest son kind kind of was the impetus of the because he's a better say that we have good jeans that our family and as far as he was way ahead he actually was done with high school at ten years old and he started college at will so i went back he tested out an so i knew he was going to be completely and utterly bored with with public school besides of the fact that i didn't like support what they were teaching in all not any way he so we home school and he he was he was above fighting but the next two in the line were not and there very close at so i always called them the evil twins they would find ways to aggravate each or that the greatest the greatest thing ever was i like all right done i'm done this right now so you too go sit on the sofa for twenty minutes and you're going to hold hands and tell each other that you love each other because apart from the things you disagree on you really love each other in your so get ghost sat on that sofa while hand and i want to hear not a peep out of you on to accept for the words i love you they count the story to the stake as here both in the thirties and the like they would sit there and go on loneliness under their feather about ten minutes they would be laughing so hard that they forgot what they were fighting about not being in love you may let's go play you know as it was really funny that's a great i should as that on my i have friends who are teachers and they actually they actually had a and they would have their kids and i couldn't go there but i think it's funny they would put their kids in the really big t shirt where their heads out the otaheitans until they said they overhaulin it's funny and to the point a funny i would i would be scared that one of them would get her but yet in funny the whole means good i would have to antedate and so if they are fighting about the toys they would if they were going to try present and then they haven't had to earn it out of types they had to they had to actually pay a you know post bond seemed gather choice out of a totopotomoi had some pretty creative things of like they practice piano every day for an hour and if they didn't practice then they had paid for their own lesson i mean it i made i made them accountable and in every single on every single part of their life they were doing their own laundered by the time they were ten and slattin is a life also know you need to i and i brunetiere stopped working so they had to learn how i chose survived in a business protocolling now that's a mariana i have been reading some books lately we with kindergarten teacher for master she sent me these books that she still use us with her kids and their and their twenties or are now and she used them all through she has one book that she loves her parents in by you have to read this i started reading and it is it's amazing it is it's it's really really fun when you raise kids you learn advanced tactics to get people to get along as baby baby boot camp there you know ye that actually i treated my son i said you know i send you to i said let's see if you like that i said it you know who it is it's soldiers that teach the look in his face like he did or and i were having a discussion with the yesterday and she said the funny thing was that she said mom never said wait to your dad gets home we were like dead save as oh that we were too when i was kid i was like that with my whip my parents i when my dad got home i thought it was great away from my mom she was very hard on us but it's a good thing it is now that i am older i realized that book you know in your young the parent that was leicester i really i really think that that the amazing thing i think i think when you correct your kids on and you're always co they it when you're always always on they they learn that you know there's no point in doing something that's wrong be the outcome is always going to be the same which is there going to be held to a standard so you might as well learn to do the right thing right off the bat and and i think that that consistency is oh yeah absolutely and that is one thing that i have to actually do a lot better i've been working on it we go see leo his kindergarten once a week and we talked to and she talks about you know don being consistent about i'm working on that great as sissel really is helpful to so that yeah i had my kids a checklist every single day so they had a check less even when they were little of what they were to do and turn that in by the end of the day even when they were little that's something to catch up on that kind of stuff and i think that's why i'm having the problems i am but i mean they are there will behave little thing mister hand you know and my oldest was he was always the one that will just get everything done as they maman i have more homework please you know that she is the all and you know he would read calculus before he went about at night which the rest of us and humanity were still on a clipper books at that time you know clicked but this is kind of funny but he would mangonells throw so that he could get to the fun and that kind of work out that i wish we had that all across states where people would get to work get their you know make work a priority and or educating themselves and then get to the ford not have the fun you know be the first thing on their mind as well homeopathy i mean that's the that's a mental and of a two year old not an adult exactly right at the work ethic that we have today is really really sad i mean honestly i can't even go anywhere and get and get good customer service and when they they don't realize it i get the feeling when i go out and about you know you can go to even go to a lot in this is always you know when i make a statement like this is not a blanket but this is something that were running into often you go into stores or to seem to get a cup of coffee somewhere and the people that are supposed to be serves how few are they treat you like you're in the way like you know like they're doing you a favor rather than the fact that as a consumer you are giving your heart or money to buy a product from them and or employ them for a service and they don't get it if if we were in a truly capitalistic situation or a society we vote with every single dollar that we it should be the same way and as with our tax dollars in our government that that our government acts with a moto gratitude on the fact that we are in fact working contribute to the common good that's not the good of the politicians but the common good of the united states of america as we stand in assembly as we the people and i wish i was reading some from the declaration of independence a morning about pledging ourselves or fortunes that are sacred honor as other as one nation instead of a divided nation based on how much can i personally get or scamp of the and you know president kennedy said i you know what would you give now what will you take and i'm fair in perforating him but you know what is it that you're willing if for your country not how are you going to scan the system and put it on the backs of other pole right that's right so i completely agree with that and now it seems like it's got so much worse just in these last couple years as far as customers and i go somewhere like you said a server i cannot they can never get things anything right and it's like the girls you know even the girls that are its normally girls waitress in you know they give you this huge attitude yet like like you're in the way and i just don't understand that it's you know and it wasn't like that a couple of years back it wasn't like that i just got like a new thing yeah you had bad workers but mostly good work and i think it comes down to a having pride and what you do even in the simplest tasks like like you know it's funny so as i've been quoted is a billionaire which i am absolutely not miss that financial report but you know cleaning stalls in the morning i get great joy out of very simple tasks to know that everything it doesn't matter what as i do i see them all as equal in importance and no matter if your stepping up to pick up you know trash along along the road or if you are if your it doesn't matter what you're doing but every single task should be whether you're in a board room some were making decisions or your cleaning stalls or your making sure the people around you that their lives are easier to walk as either easier every single one of those tastes actions can be approached with a heart of servants heart of a realization that there is in any task more important or greater than others we work together as a whole and i just it makes me wonder like when i see this everywhere i go what's the problem a problem my most of the people are young people when i was young i was making five dollars an hour i know that they're making at least fifteen at asa you know where you're at it normally says their hiring everywhere your at and it says how much they're willing to start paying and i always think to myself all these these kids are making three times when i was making even when i got out of college i remember a starting position in it an i tease a little over twenty dollars and so i look at what the they are paying these kids and it's like i probably have no bells or anything you know why are they acting like they should be happy if maybe working i was so happy to be working i worked three jobs when i was oh i always say but i was working all the time any hour that i could put in i was working for something or working somewhere and trying to trying to get at and i didn't expect anybody to give me a dime if not you know i like they did if i did get if i did get if i did get some help long way i was so grateful you know and that it was even fenton by agostino like that i like asako this is so nice right and that now you have these student loans these people you know try any get their student longspade off me forever to get my student longspade off i paid off my student long and it took me a very long time to do that i mean it was like a big accomplishment when i did when i when i finally got it paid off i was just so happy because i could actually from that but i just don't understand where the sense of entitlement as coming from an tirely alarming when you see everybody in the country sir acting it's not everybody i believe that we are the majority i think jesus outlined that the master is a servant of all is the prevailing opinion in your changeover body around play the big shot and be in charge and i can tell everybody right now that when you are in charge of a lot lionesses that we own as such you're the one that's going to be scrubbing toilets or or you know whatever needs to be done when somebody else does it accomplish their task you may be the only one left standing who is going to be pollinger behind you singularly by yourself that's really the way it works is that you're going to be the one that's going to be that's going to be serving serving orion and the last man standing quite honest no it absolutely and like you said every task is equal honestly and when these whenever but i have when we have these younger kids that just that are in school or whatever and watery i have two doors between but not very loud so yes but when they're in silliman was and if we had met i never did that you know i never gave people attitude it was very nice i worked at the airport at and and i just cut i imagine that i couldn't imagine treating people like that we won't have a job but now it's like you know every where you go is crazy everywhere i go i go to the store and store i go to it's like that it is in and to go the extra mile and do do not to say a good enough job but to do an exceptional job no matter where you are and what your your job is or what you call to do to not just skate by with the least amount of effort possible but to absolutely i think that the details of the difference between being mediocre in anything and being stellar the attention to details and and going that extra mile and you know it's like a value added service so you know whatever you can do to go one step further to to let people know that you actually care in your standing with them once once i am once you do that it's kind of like pain at forward that person will general eat do to others as they had their heart he held to by my doing stuff like that were actually healing other people's hard with the feeling of being abandoned because you know somebody's treated them the same way so we can stop that train reaction by being that person stand in the way of passing the bad behavior on to others i mean that's a great way to look at it and i just i've never treated people like that anyway you know like you're saying it's like i just i would never think of it but you know another thing is is there making this money since at my back yet your back now so so a problem with making this money when you're so young as that you get used to making that money and then when you go to school you get all and you realize that we i'm goin to be making you know five dollars more than when i was making when i was you know and college think it's going to be a little bit discouraging when these people actually get out of college to see what they're going to be made well and go back to the legato this financial the financial responsibility to go into college nobody nobody deserves education that's something we work for we give people in education and all their adults at eighteen and after that you're supposed to for your weight and if you want something the opportunities are there but that doesn't mean it's an entitlement situation for anything that's a reindeer into adult and actually pull our weight so but i do have a huge problem because i think some of this is created by our institutions of higher learning most of it is they are sowing young people a future that doesn't to call erything s going to be fantastic all your dreams are going to come through lagoanere going to hand it to you and the setter thing and it's not it's not accurate so there actually selling them something that is alive when when you and i coming out of college with two to three hundred thousand dollars worth o dat profession or a path a career path that will never earn over say thirty or forty thousand dollars been sold alive and that i is not coming from anywhere else other than the institute who are taking maga from corrupt politicians and foundations i think we lost melisande there see if you can get her back here and i find that to be incredibly in you know incredibly disturbed get me a background here and there i think we lost her but i'm going to guess she's going to rejoin her in a minute and so the whole these institutions of higher learning standard of truth and advertising and or providing with students the cost benefit ratio of what the what they're going to earn with the amount of time and money that they actually putting into their education critical because if they can't even do that kind of an assessment how can we possibly i trust in them to through the on the future a promising people it's abe he read got you know like a aggregating idea is not only some that i have but from other people because he truly alistening and i would like to do a call and show so you go to do a college show where that people can at income in a tale give me their ideas so that i can hear actually hear what people really are talking about what they really want and such and i do think coastwise i do think that that going forward when we take office when the lesson in office you know we've already talked about this and and i think that part of being in office as governor state michigan to honestly be doing these broadcasts every morning you know do what every morning in the week day mornings may be not the weekends because it is hard when you have families and such to get up every single day and put together together a broadcast and and stay current sutoni going to do my research regardless of if i do this but it does it does says a week is kind of a kind of a big schedule so we will probably try to do this in five days a week or maybe maybe sir don't you days a week and then so that there is a direct there's a direct channel between and you to hear what you want done back and let you know what we are seen on the ground so if we need help we can communicate it to this letter than in writing to the taxpayers party members and people who have expressed an interest in it is also going to be a call for action so to day was straining what is it ye people feel i lost a lot of time and i know that because i i hear that a lot that you know we feel lost we don't know quite what to do so there is a short list of things that can be helped of all to avoid putting a lot of money into the main stream media we need to take it upon ourselves here the information which is out there i posted i tell you i go to my god to my website brandenburg for governor dot can because i am heavily the republican party would never even mention my name or include me in the things that he had going on if they did it was a cursory thing and it was going to be the sabotage anything going forward because they were going to control the massage and a sabbath the messages and responses it was not a fair fight right from the beginning because they had their chosen candidates they were going to install this is not this is not a choice it's no lesion of choice and it is from beginning to end i was even i was even mentioned they were i was always actively i am going to continue to be actively from the main stream lying fake news media because i'm speaking out about it and about how they are actually how this has gone on for quite all there guy i know and i had a presentation i went to trofast and it was an amazing named matthew and he did a presentation on the history of how the main stream media his actually has actually manipulated the message in the narrative and were started and where is actually going and and how how it got there she's rooting orright now and i'm going to i'm going to try to have him on at some point in time in order to others are near or infiltrated stammer right now putting poured on my comment section again so i have figured out how to get rid of him but this point time just ignore because they're not going to say that the attack on us and our values are not going to this is never going to go away on till we've cleaned the last of every single one of these people out of our nation and i am committed to doing a thing is that just take in one sense go somewhere else because you're growing your your subversion of anything that's good and godly you can just take that and go somewhere else and will figure how to to get rid of my back but anyhow there you go so i was saying here well i got a funeral there real quickly and i had heard temperate but we're going to continue to fight forward and do the right thing and have ways that we can contribute going for it the first thing is is to get on my website and my social media and make commitment to pass this on to all of your social networks friends or family who are not on that works who really who really somebody in here to clean the not going away a minute advance in he antisthenes in your life right they all see if we can get some help there so any to pass this one and to pass this on to all or not works in our friends and family who may be do not have heatherstone hello so we were talking about us talking about how people can contribute as the remnant and people that want to get involved what they need to do is i do a tremendous amount of writing so i said pass on any information that i put out that raise awareness i do video as we do i do writing i am a doing a lot of research in connecting the dots and for not patterns and if people can in fact passes on that's a huge part of it also i have a gift son go account don't don't contribute to the windrowed somebody bring that up this morning that that still active so minafer figure out how to how to moral as to say so we have all the information money going through thee i started and you know we're learning better ways of doing things every day process improvement and so going to give song as the best way to be helpful there and we are going to need some money because i am not a billionaire that is his job on me from the establishment but i am absolutely not a billionaire it's goin to take all was no matter no matter what if i were a billionaire they have truncus they have money and they have influence and they are people an attorney sitting in the wings they have numbers volume and money to a degree that we can even relate to so i really believe that god can take every dollar that is donatello great and miraculous so encouraged every one if you have if you have it doesn't matter how much you have every one is going to have to give money and time in order to restore the state you you're going to have to ask yourself questions like what is this worth to me what is it worth to build our family and go against these global as god will take whatever effort we put in and multiply it going forward to the wind right now you know my my meager my meager effort for it i put in you know i'm doing all the writing i'm doing all the posting writing because i want people to know me authentically not somebody that was that was craignethan were grafting a message for me but actually that that they can get to know me and i can get to know them so that i can carry the will of the people forward and the only way to do that is by writing and communicating directly so it is truly me so my telegram channel is brandenburg in a police last insisted here the number four a m that's that's the purest the purest posting that i have the rest of it is face book integram in such an whereabout thirty million interactions online a weak in that doesn't even include all of our venus we get it out there or interviews or the repose it's incredible how big and how fast an explosive the the next closest candidate is that eight million a week and wore already were at thirty million a week i mean look at the gap there the andante news met i will never tell you this but we are by far in the majority in it it's it's incredible this is emotion from god and it's it's a most in from god in in the hearts of weaponless play please every one can see it whatever you can get please please consider helping us time or money and and if i could as something on that really quick on now now to run a campaign a state house a man which is a small ninety thousand districts at ninety population of ninety thousand for a state house district each state house district is about ninety thousand may be a little over to run us a state house to run for state house when i was running i got a different quotes but you have to send out males you have to and this may be something that donnaient choose to do it's very expensive and she has to have the donations now to run for governor in you and a party establishment against witmer and whoever our a republican candidate may be which think we know who that's going to be it takes a lot at takes this as a lot of time that dona rising from her and then the wellesley i mean a campaign a campaign new buckle down and you no don't have another others no other life it's all the campaign now this dana chaste for the people at put it in her heart to run following what he he asked her to do he the person who in who's paying for it she can afford to pay for it a campaign as so expensive she does do her stuff done us very with her not waste any man any donation she very she has to save an everything and if she get it for a good price she won't do it so you know blowing through your donations and if you ask me the most important seat we have right now the governor look at what whitmore's doing to this state look at what she's done to us we've all lived under the tyranny for the last at least two years if you have realized your living under tear for the last two years will let me tell you you absolutely are now far as you on her twitter if you go on wetmore better whether has abortion all how she's goin to she once her abortion for her daughter she her granddaughters her for her grandkids you want to kill your grandchild i mean this is the person that we have an office and when when danaans that the establishment has all the money they do they have millions and millions and billions of dollars they put that in the campaign all the time and in fact we have a lot of a republican candidates that we don't even know where they came from yet they have millions of dollars and their campaign already that is the republican party that is a big donors that that pushed their agenda their personal agenda i play the entire is rigged in its pain to play they've got dark money coming they've got pack money coming and they've got these huge special interest behind all of it and we the people do not have with the political parties that are existing the two party system i'm not talking the minor parties i'm talking the republicans and democrats unit they have installed in their installing their poet who will rubber stamp the orders coming from above and when you listen to them talk i'm going to sit right now i'm at heard one intelligent word come out of any of them you know i agree a totally agree with that and what we're going to see on tuesday i i believe it's going to be shocking to money a form of election fraud what happened in this and that with the governor rice and with my race as well i mean as i a lot of people don't recognize mine because it was a state house but when we give them an inch they will take a mile and they that was at to the governor candidates and when they did it to the governor candidates here's my thing i was thinking about this yesterday who else is pushing back with you again can who anoint of court that's a non dan is in and out of court the stay of these disqualifications and certain people that were involved in now this was something that needed to be done a long time a about it i didn't know about it a long time ago we just found out about it but most canada called several also many attorneys then i cut in callanmore i could not find an attorney that would help me not a single one and a lot of that is my name then a lot of it also as they don't want to deal these attorneys don't want to deal with the unitary they don't they don't want to deal with a certain party they do not want to do it they don't want to deal with the democrats they don't want to deal with the republicans i find this to be very interesting danaan i don't think you know about the to beg of a system and it's just like with the legislators that went along it going to get along or you're going to get squashed i mean that's exactly why a lot of people don't fight it and it's going to take some very brave stoller to and without wavering with resolved to carry this to the end we have to carry this to the end or else we might as well just just laid down right now and be done with us and because because we are the last stand against these global who are trying to put this and you know i had somebody that work outside of the un he wasn't in person and i am not a fan of the endeavor i believe anything that gets in the way of of our sovereignty is absolutely needs to be abolished in the un as one of em is one of the largest problems that we have running all of these global organizations they are protest but what i was told was that they already had the world broken up i and that for putting her taking national sovereignty of away from countries and just leaving them in in name alone but as part of a region was a european union and they failed and but but we were already in the north american union that's what they had planned for us and one that stood in the way was present down j trumped the rights the rightful president of the united states of america and i'm not going to back down on us though he is the rightful president of the united states american marrow much fraud corruption that that they committed he was the one in the way he said they're not after you or after me there after you he mated and now it's up to us to stand in the way of them and the destruction that they have planned for not only this nation or children or future generations and we're going to have to stand because those regions are sitting there waiting i'll kind of look the same but it won't be it'll be under global control and it's just like the test the test that happened under cover if we if we fall in line and go along get along like our legislators dead like those who close their churches like those who who played by the good boy and good girl rules instead of standing up like a patriot unwavering and refusing to bow to tyranny then we get to play with it we can have our bank accounts we can have life that kind of sort of looks like it's supposed to along as we don't speak out against them as long as we agree with everything they say as long as when they show at our doors and say i want your house i want your kids your wives your husband to fight in our wars to to do unspeakable things i don't know if you have you have ever seen this but i did it was it was an interview with the doctor who talked about living in communist china and he was involved in the live organ transplants human organ transplants and he was marched there by the times chinese to a to a camp where the wages were they were keeping was unlawfully a group people and he was supposed to do in organ transplant in as got there he heard a gun shot go off around the corner and they marched home in the hot shot the man and he went in with an stimulant his hat in hand to remove organs list man was still live in order to travel this is going on all over the globe by these monsters and when we can't even relate to the unspeakable horrors that are going on but if we don't stand now we're going to experience it because it's everywhere this is not a conspiracy this is a global crime syndicate there were eighteen thousand of these these live transplants the happiness ah in and he and the numbers do grow and we can't relate to that because god is still given us his protection here ianthe incredible way but unless we stand we fall in when we fall it's going to be hard oh absolutely i mean the way the government his things from people and like everything you're talking about right now it's amazing because they don't want they don't want to scare the people or maybe they just with the stuff i really they don't want to people to understand what they're up to is watering oh yeah i mean but look at what's going on with china right out why isn't this an hour news over here none of the new channels are talking about it with what's going on in china the stuff as scary you know it's really scary in our country is getting into things that they shot be getting into and there causing a lot of chaos it with a new crane and whatever whatever's going on their cause we don't even we know what's going on but they won't show videos over there they won't show us that they'll just tell us whenever they say isn't true i know that the opposite of what they you know i mean but what they did with nancy pulsifer as threatening to shoot that plain don and taiwan she was on i don't know if you heard that you had to occur it just like i do i went on to gutter page the men owned by his behest the one who threatened but you go on their pay twitter pages all these people over there within their government and indian and they are talking about all our leaders and they are not happy with biting is there a he's exposed or complicity the complicity he absolutely yet the it's the craziest thing it's like nobody's mentioned it with biting how he has these ties to all these other countries but it was trump in russia russia assiout it was an even true and it's like you know that's what we heard for four years with the people should actually be able to this country and for every hat that they put us through for four years all everybody every american through this the life or for at all missus pirouette but there again so i think i think but it's true they you know everybody that i knew that i was doing broadcast was having prosodist and yesterday and they couldn't add we could see them but they couldn't and the video or the microphone i left and rejoined the main genealogical they got on a landwehr that have supreme the riff and you know don't we just to go back on that subject because i know that you are talking about doating and how people can donate to you and danavas to have these donations a state wide campaign like i said as cost millions but she is to be done isn't going to in a million that i think that dineen the way that one spends her she's very very picky about you know what she spent her money on and and you know how many people it's going to read and you know you see these candidates out there with these big bill boards and that cost of tannemann it thousands and thousands of dollars monthly now nahoon the back of my farm trailers right here does the moralisation doesn't herself she is going to save it and stretch every dollar that you know you donate their her sure that it toward something that she absolutely need you know and we don't have the we don't sit have any no pa don't that donald never take money from a pack it's not she has none of these and that's what can a for governor or the unitary candidate that's how they get to where they are i mean really where did reckon i never saw her and i was out for two years after the election but then you bring in like these families that support he and these families are outrageous what they have done to the i mean what the concordia on supporting everyone it's not just tutor it's all of them if you start looking out of their back on there i had money from these from these different packs and and found a safe and fans in such it's like i know you know the there's a deal there's a grass its candidate that somebody said to me if this person fails if he fails he has two point seven million dollars in the bank i'm going to try to get him to move over it support you and give you that money i'm like that's a snowball's chance and how i'm going to touch that because because that grass roots candidate has i know taken money from sources that i will not be recalled into the only one that i care about and so i think that to go forward i mean if we do this person a person and we continue to build the patriot not work it we have going on that we will be able to break we're going to be able to re truly break that glass ceiling which is not for women is for all people because any one should be able to run for governor or president it shouldn't be just somebody who has billions behind them or trillions because most candidates that are establishment do they have they have been limited the what is so this is absolutely a pain to place came from top to bottom innocent industry and i got in this in the beginning to fix the system that is so broken and make it so that any one can can i don't care where a person works or what they do they should have an equal voice in egerian to serve in an equal opportunity to be either president or governor or anyone that's what this is but on its not just not disrobed who has who has an absent of money i absolutely and and that should be that way and and if you look back on the past with canada and stay out and you know normally it is think right away when they think about running for office they think well you have to be aloha to be well you have to be financially very well but angelot you don't you don't because i am ran for a stay house and i will say i know you don't have to have this to run for a state much money like they say you go i got different quotes i never set out malestrini dates do that i don't know i don't if i get a mail or in the mail on its the eating meliorated in to look at it too it's like only two per cent of malaria marketing agency and an agency and i bought me deal over the place that at commercial production and you know radio direct male corporate strategies so of any direct male gets red or open that is a huge a huge flush of money that that is an absurd in a curved waste of so so why are we doing this i have no idea it makes no sense if something doesn't make sense to me i am out i am not going to participate in a just because this is the way has always been done it it's it's creteil about thus malortie one of the couples for managers i had well one of them said listen at eight thalers every time you send a mail or out to a state house district so that's ninety thousand people but you got to divide that our apostle to the whole ninety thousand when you're running republican right you send him to the republicans and one republicans and that he so that would like thirty forty thousand maybe a little bit negotiate there but eight thousand dollars for a state house think about that for the entire state of we have a hundred and ten state house districts in how much would it be for a state wide canada to send out male it would be i mean a lot of money that a ton of money she the agitating this i had the estimate that it was in the late fifty two million dollars i have political strategist told me that when when we were putting this together with contestation dollars to take the state i'm like that's crazy and in that he had nothing to do with renata's not and i'm like you know what i'm going to get into this too absolutely change everything and i know there's been a lot of people around me that had a lot of heart were the way i've run this campaign because i haven't done everything that was i get it throw i didn't throw like a brazilian dollars into into this sure an i mean absurd amount of money that just gets past back and forth to capitation omegon tooth the son not the mass had the timely note and i said now what a man what a malesuada and then as that goethe money and the male another thing we have to think as the straight ticket voting we have to solutionist off its unconscious to have that on the ballot it doesn't give each canada an equal opportunity if you are voting if you're going in to vote in person on election why would you go straight to a doesn't make sense to me and now i will say this i will say i have done it in the past when i was when i was very young i did i think that you know when you really young and this is an a huge we have to have educated voters now when you think about having absentee mail and bella scary because a lot of people open their mail we have all these very young voters a lot of people open their mail and they're going to they all again but straight ticket republican i e republican do that any more it's time to break that chain because we don't break it we are going to end up having and our envies the one that's exactly how my and hitler and many dictators are installed they took over the political parties they started political parties and i i am i am actually for the abolishment of political parties and disconnect bein americans because this is not this is aptly nuts and we are only going to have communists in office who are your there into rubber stamp are certain demi exactly now as far as splitting the bolt that you are saying earlier did as on a touch on i have talked to several but because a lot of people have been at but the low i just want people to understand that was not splitting the vote what is not putting the boat there is do no on that we have never had in the we have never had this opportunity to actually or who you want to vote for how these people to the primary true election fraud with how they have eliminated and disqualified candidates and all the stuff that they've done to take out front runners oh they were scared of is what they sheaths it was apparent to me i don't know you know about anybody else sorry my but so it was i know when that happened that they were up to i knew it now an i knew that i knew they were going to we have to break the same we have to show them the people aren't going to take the they are not going to take you know we don't care about your two party oh we don't care about sir and no don't care we don't we don't care about it we are the people and this at are the ones who had to suffer in the children have had the from out of the state comes and endorse says as it is fine there's a lot of people that indoors whatever have they really suffered what we've suffered here in the state i don't think so and we have suffered tremendously in the when we got to vote or when you are voting you know at your house i suggest that people go out and vote on election because i work elections and i will say that we don't we meet more people voting as that is the wild part if you listen to jooneer he explain in person voting as their wild card they have their their mail and balance already pre okay and it was so we can't do that we have to go and at the what you're going to vote when your they can't predict your vote that's why you have to vote in you if they give you sharply marker you don't use that you bring yourself your own you know we have a lot of issues with those sharp markers they believe through the ballot and when they bleat through the ballot they usually bleed through the spot to actually opposite of what you vote all great the whole thing is rot and it's just like when they wake the alleged league of the winners of the election and the coast as well as up north michigan the there are several state there was like a mouth for five different outlets that were supposedly tasting the system right they weren't tasting it there's no way in a loud they know it it was that no reason to do that they've never done it before and so why infected they do that it is the whole thing was out there for a different reason entirely and so when we look at that it looked to me like the subacetate and in our a lot of people see that it like the first thing that hits you is oh my gosh the average voter who what is the matter if i go that's when they wanted to do that that carlton want you to they don't want you to go in and vote and they don't they don't want they don't want doon the ballot either they do not employ them so much i've gotten so many calls in the last couple of days alone and these people don't do not want heredity do not what what when people are you know that you're doing some and either annie if they are taken i got to say something my phone i think this is really funny if i can bring it up here you see it oh yeah i boasted that yesterday i love that it's great but i have the one i was sent as a quart that's tea the attic i think that i think that's all so you know i think there's going to be more of those that are i'm sure are going to come out at a friend of mine down sanatory thought good laugh out of it you know the man and we have a lot of the people that are willing to help i mean even if you if you have your time to donate if you don't have the money and you have some time i mean so much to to dona and we need it we need a so bad we need volunteers as say we're going to need a volante we are going to need volunteers and every single the station the city so that we can we can all activate every one and said you know it enters thing you can do is call your family and friends and say say i know what we have we have a huge need to just get information forward in such we have we were looking for a location for signs we are looking speaking engagements as we get past this primary and it's out about timing there was no reason to fight twelve candidates and sit back sonkwana injustice watch him was home to stay dolerite but an explanation that's my opinion and then you know now after tuesday will know who were really fighting and then beloved but i'll be speaking you know i would really like to do he you know being a five days a week and it's a special thing on the week end to it on the week end but i think this is very valuable and maybe you and i come on you know i don't know how many you can do but but if we can do this like every day and actually provide people with a new source let this is how and this is how and rright bartered and he's one of my heroes and greater like we can weaken you know start her own little independent news now wore her brangstar where we get out in the morning and bring things to people his attention because i'm going to research whether a puteoli one way or another i'm still going to do this every day and people things that were actually looking at it and then bring on special gas to give their opinions or their knowledge into this into the the feed so that we can hear from people and i love to do a callin if i can figure out how to do meantime i know danny and talked about a daysman manager he checked about getting it figured out that people had we had a moderate they could take in calls to make sure that this somebody serpose as import on on the comment section here to day and i can i can see the links can't you know it's like i'm just like to ignore these people they're never going to go away but i don't have the i don't know exactly how to take it out of the comment sections as if ye so and i'm not going to be daunted by it it's like if you want to be a scout magor it had right we're going no matter what you throw at us we're going to keep going and your bad i i mean you these people need to find something to do i mean it's not in the morning go and something to do if you don't like if you don't like us got go go find something to do you know one's going to be looking at that alsi's night with this i can see this is what they do is it seven o'clock in the morning who are we going to start massingberd it because because their lives are so pathetic and worthless that they can't put it in anything that has any real meaning nothing that's lasting so they're going to do the obedstown subtract waithmanite i don't let one thing i've never really understood in politics as my people god have to get so down in the dirt like if you some someone you like well in a great as is this week i was on a bunch of patriot that because because i go in and look around and see what people are saying in a and this one person and i screams through it out there i'm like if you're going to be a bottom for i'm going to just go out and expose because he made the comment that i'm going to branches and she came just to harass and the people she's in there with i would say are either working for somebody else paper makers or actually federal assets as so it's like fine you're going to be a bother a low light i'm going to screen shot you and throw it out there and if you keep going i'll do your sorry behind and you know because at least i had the guts to come out and not fight from the shadows because you can say anything you want from the shadows and try to manipulate people or try to destroy their lives all that tells me as their cowards somebody who would the cowards it's like me and so it is like fine you want to be a coward go ahead but when i take a tomtit's going to be it's going to be too and all that so you might want to take more job because you know they might want to warn because i don't back down and when i get that you know when i get finally enough i will ask them and i will dashin and my husband of that one day to some one because they want they want and stop with a tackleman i'm like it was last year it was after the hearings and her etwas if it beginning of last year but it was still right after hernandez the heroes were in december twenty twenty southing of last year i had a lot of her as that and he sick of it and i was actually it was a political he's who have apolitical opera the establishment and i did and you know if we can you know i don't mind hard questions or debate or things that are actually productive but when somebody's coming on to a channel or coming out of something to create the vision and chaos they are the enemy from the shadows they are absolutely the enemy and i'm not going to put up with it if they want to actually be a real person and have a debate fixes nation that's one thing she and ben aaron a plainer and thrown out lies cause there's so many outright lie somebody starts that i'm going to do oh yeah and lesson and they do it to me all the time dona sol i'd say yet played their play a back at many know don't care i have two children and maids are you people do me on twitter all the time right after i got served in voting and i recently i recently got a subpoena and i told you about that but the dock me with that subpoena because it has my address on it it's like who put the public how they get that how did they get out of these people get this stuff because i didn't put it out there on the you know and like and my wit they put my adele my address on the front of it like it's crawfishing to it like people are not ready to play cowboy around up here with some who actually knows how to play the game and you know the saracen the assegai is not going to go well for them with with with the true patriot because you know it's just not going to work well for them so we might want to play the game you know play the game well and play at play in a civil way where we actually apparent plan in a civil way they are traitors and and are traitors to the name and they will be married marie as sedition and trees and comes with heavy penalties and the tide intermean i can guarantee every one of them there's going to be consequent to things that superheated states america because we're not putting up with the guy there i am talking about is actually a consultant for a republican legislate and lamme and this guy was terrible i mean when i found out he was consulting the republican legislature from the very beginning i knew he was a democrat i knew he was not a rebel well and in a republican or democrat just enabled that they used to turn to make us trust them rather than give an meiner own research making a row mind you know and so so well i tell you what why don't we imitate hours for me right now and i've got another point in attack so i love to and the swift prayer and then if you want to if you want to do this to morrow i've got another guy scott amy coming on to morrow's a criminal investigator should be really really interesting i would love to do this to gather like every day in italy we can start the sound and then that the rest of the week will fill out i think that wednesday might be marked for an lisa manwitz and dan hermetically things going on in an moncouys so we can do that maybe wednesday but we'll see if they are if there the judge was going to do it a saturday but then the judge put off the judgement so aiming that we get it on wednesday if not while somebody else on the be interesting but i think that could be really interesting for you and i to come on and talk for a while pationate an then that you know well that sounds great tasso let's go and sit dear god heavenly father were so think of her coming to you to there are so many things going on and i asked the please you are they you are the author of order and not the author of chaos we ask at you would give great wisdom guidance and discernment in the servant going forward in all that we do to create order and peace to say drayton calls to create the order that you are behind in this we want your world to be done you never left us we left you and we want that one nation under you under god in visible miall a day her beautiful family and all the patriots out there let them know that they were created fearfully and wonderfully by you you know what they look like even before even before they were a twinkling in their father's eye of her mother's eye you you knew who they would be and you had it their life plan for them and your perfect well going forward kinesasis and protect and let everything we do always be at yer honor and glory were so thankful for all of those that have come before we pray for those who are in authority over us we pray for this nation to turn their hurt back to you and the standard which you of servants here which you ask us to live in jesus precious name were a thank you when overgreat day everybody out there were god bless you this day from melissa and i were running for governor a miser lieutenant governor and this is going to be the winning ticket right here stranraer going to back down from a fight who aren't going to give up and who are going to be fighting for this nation for a legacy for us to leave going forward and for for you we will we will never stop biting for you and trying to the right thing as we stand before god holding ourselves first to the standard bless you all join us more more alack you in tomorrow i yes i am a man i am i an i'll be in afion sotteranea were going to oranmore with us and and asked for your help please please forward thus and to every single person you know get them gift them in our a little a little band of merry men here who are taking down the establishment it's going to be a wonderful future and we love you all your arm every godless so much yes and and please go on to donatello graham channel i on there and i'll tell you she is dead is done most candidates do not that is not that more speak as dan she answers you know she as she here all these post she does several a day and the amazing everybody very well in for go in there and see what she has in her telegram it's amazing and he interacts with here you're going forward we're going to win as god is good god give us victory they got a going to give us a forward to building a legacy and restoring the nation to the constitution a republic that it was intended to be by our forefathers who lived under the same type of tyranny that were living now just going to take us all stand stand up and say ah this is it happening you know this is not happening we are in fact of we the people the owners of this nation and we're going to do this thing have a wonderful day in our the tiny all right have a wonderful day guy here goergei will see it