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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/5/2023 - Cause of America/Fair Elections - Linda Rantz

Published May 5, 2023, 8:54 a.m.

Linda Rantz is the Missouri Chapter Leader for Cause of America. The role of Cause of America is to enable, facilitate and support citizen grassroots action to restore trust in local elections. It's about building a network of individuals, organizations, and partners who can learn from each other and work together to solve the most pressing issue facing our nation "free and fair elections." Cause of America is unique. It's not about building an empire. It's not a top-down command-and-control organization attempting to control the work of citizens or grassroots groups. It's the opposite. A lean, nimble networked organization that provides best-in-class advice and resources to the people on-the-ground who know best how to govern themselves! Cause of America is Mike Lindell's Action platform. As one of the most vocal and outspoken Americans on the topic of U.S. Elections, Mike Lindell has traveled across the country advocating for free and fair elections. People consistently asked Mike what they could do to help, how do they get started fixing elections in their cities, counties, and states. He learned there are many established, active grassroots groups needing resources and help moving forward. Incredible work is being done. But it needed to move faster and more efficiently. Mike knew he had the real-news communications platform with FrankSpeech, but he realized awareness is only part of the answer. There needed to be a place where people could go to get involved, get information, advice, resources, and to connect all the grassroots organizations. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning any one i say any one because we're starting a little early to day and were starting without donna but with karen the riveter it is thursday thursday may fifth cinco de mayo and donna is on bright young life this morning with other hops from nineteen thirty and then she'll be back with a special guest linda at nine thirty so i am serving as a place holder friends so to speak for one until she joined us as host later on so on descend to talk to myself this work and i will just have a good time by myself this will be a little different ah and sense i'm in a string yard apt to do this i can't look at my news feet and i can't tell if any one has any comments so it's just me talking to myself and but if you are listening good morning and i we're going to have fun to day that her other i thought you know what i was going to look at my notes from yesterday's shell if you missed yesterday show it was a terrific show ah we had a guest on robert workmen who is an expert on em and one of them the most important things i got from that show was that he said don't be overwhelmed and when we're learning about something new like for me luring about as is new and uncomfortable sort of topic because it's not an area of my expertise i'm not a technical thinker an so learning about something like imps doesn't come naturally to me i would rather that somebody else did the thinking and just told me what to do and how many of us have moments like that with many of the topics of interest that are coming up in the last few years just tell me what vaccine to take or tell me what vexed not to take just tell me if i should wear a mask or that i shouldn't wear is ah because thinking takes a lot of energy in a lot of us haven't been trained to do that very well oh and there's so much going on that it's hard to keep track of everything should i raise chickens when i am not raised chickens and a bit chickens from somebody else should i start gardening even ever garden before we have to learn but we can't learn about everything all at once that's too much pressure to put on herself so i think it's great too consider just taking small steps learning what you can when you can find your role to play and listen to a nancho without a brandenburg from time to time or every day and listen to the expertise from her guests as they talk about things that they're very passionate about and robert workmen was one of those people so if you haven't seen yesterday's show i highly suggest that she look into that watch that show back take some notes i took a few pages of notes i asked a few questions along the way when i joined in and i started doing things a little differently in on my house yesterday in fact i just remembered i turned off our cellular booster yesterday and i got its back on so that i can keep a good connection with you all good morning everybody it's nine o'clock if you're just joining in you just looking at caring eremeno why is done and out on this is the donarentur shelled down o will be on great right hon live with other hobs from nine to nine thirty and then back with special guestling diet nine thirty so i am just serving as a place holder for donna until she drains us as host and i still don't have much of an idea out of her talk about but that's a where wing in it and you know down and lie like tonkton thursdays anyway so i in my found out just a few minutes ago that i was going to be winging it for awhile on the show and that's okay we are going to find i'm going to go through my notes from yesterday ah there a lot of ways that the cabal has been attacking us to make us sick and er maps as he was talking about yesterday on the show it is one of those ways and that's a pretty scurry concept because what shall we do to protect ourselves when we all are connected to an electrical grid we all rely on appliances and devices of all kinds and if these things are making a sick what can we do about that i mean i use myself one every day and i'm sure he is do too a very few people have a flit fallen maybe that's another step that we can go back to oh carin the river to use as my song for all my telegram business so you know a using that can we survive without a self one yes we can and one of the questions i asked robert work reyes terday and the show was do you think that will be going back to a different time on our nation's history proprior to when radio came about and he went further back to when the telegraph lines were put up that created neurological symptoms and people it created anxiety so they were early in indications that telegraph lines were dangerous for people and radio was i also in healthy we had spanish flute but the people didn't disagree the people didn't know the people didn't finger the out and disagree with it they were too busy having fun with it probably and i'm sure it came with a lot of benefits just like the internet hats for my generation and yours so it's hard to let go of something that you benefit by whence you realize that it's actually making you sick if you just joining the show you are indeed watching they brand at that a brain and big show but donna will be on later with her special guest because she's doing an interview with other hobs on breathing live from night nine thirty so she'll be back in a little while and so you're just hearing me talk about yesterday's show so can we go back to a culture where we don't use sophos i mean just think about that prospect for a moment ah i remember back when my father worked on phone lines and he would go into people's homes and how poem up or make repairs for them and we had the old dial up for so yes i do remember how to use that and i remember when we had the punch buttons and we still had a land line some people may not even know what a land mine is ah i remember learning how to type with actual typewriters in school and i remember first learning about computers and the internet using ernest in college for research was still a new thing when i went to college can we live without those benefits i think we can and we discuss that yesterday too and i think were probably going to adapt and became more like the founders of our country were with that with less the or will at least be more wise about it we have to because it's unhealthy for us that's what he was talking on the show yesterday about if you're joining us now at nine o five this is the doorand berg show and this is care the riveter serving as a place holder for donna because she's doing another interview on brighty of live with other hops from ninety nine thirty and she'll be back soon with a special guest when do about nine thirty checking about nine twenty you never know she might be here sooner and then you will have to listen to me so much if she ah she me talking about elections ah and will hear a little bit more about a mile and owl plan of action by the way i heard that my case some pillows with these cooling threads in it no idea of that works for not if you run on those people that does it like to a sleep with a hot head on your pillow and might be worse while to make another purchase and support mice in doll's company my pillow and get another pillow i got to make melanotniid only like it dirty electricity that's the name of one of the books he recommended yesterday we're so used to think him a hiss of electricity is an important and beneficial thing that it's hard to agin living without it or with less of it until we have a storm and then we know what are we going to do now because we're so trained to use it we discussed yesterday that as i mentioned are founding fathers didn't have all this and i met just look at what they did when he first came to america then inhabit hepistol re with they they knew how to explore without they knew how to filled how to create how to in a living feed themselves and they weren't stupid they had a better education probably than i got growing up ah because i didn't have the public cool system they had books that they brought over with them and they had the bible and they had their own skill see so with all we have now if we had no electricity all the sudden i think we could adapt an overcome we we are a tough people god made people to be a a pretty hearty and i want to say species that puts us in the place of animals but god made us to be wonderful creatures and em we're very tough were more far more tough than we know if you had a hard ship ye know what i'm talking about because when you look back at it i had a hard ship once in my life and when i looked back at it a year or two later was a wonderment to me that i made it through as easily as i did and i had a piece with it in going through it as difficult as it was so sometimes god will take you through experiences that a really really tough in order to teach you that you can handle more and not only can you get through it and can you handle it but you can help somebody else handled their tough situation it may be a completely different situation i've never lost a loved one that i was very close with in my family or friends on most of the people that i know of who have passed away in my lifetime are not people who were seriously close to me so i haven't had that sort of deep set grief ah i have grieved over animals and i know that's different it gives me a little experience but i have an able to use that experience to help other people who are grieving with animals because they have a lot of friends and family who will say it's just the man ah why are you grieving for the animal got over it it's it's not like that it's a it's a heaviness too it's a greeting process and it's a very real thing i've had experience with that so i can help somebody through that because of my experience and this is what god does with all of us he brings us together with all of our skills all of our experiences all of our knowledge one is a hand in one is a foot we are all part of the same body if you just joining us it's ten after now and you're hearing here in the remoter because i'm serving like a place holder this is my term she nichent called me a place holder but i said i desided to call myself a place holder because i'm keeping the show alive and running while she is out on brighton live with heather hobbs doing another interview and she'll be back on with her special guests lend at nine thirty and or maybe before so don't go away we're talking about life experiences with carrying the river and should you like a deep thoughts like saturday night at all of our life experiences help us and you know i used to be a toast master and hello fellow tells masters i am i used to do some impromptu speeches from climating when somebody didn't show up who was supposed to be speaking that day they would say who would want to do is howat to to speech in their place and i never had one ready but after i would volunteer and a right o speech in about five minutes during the meaning as it scattared i would just write down a few notes and gilliver of five to seven minutes speech kind of enjoyed the challenge but that was what i had an audience of people looking back at me and i can't see you all so this is a little different pricebut i we have to be adapted overcome like a jest said god gives us all skills that we need there's a a nice word that the bible uses few times and scripture it's the word enough it is enough these said how many swords do we have something to that effect in paraphrasing the answer was horned one or two the diet was just wore it is enough but his answer an imperious it cut off a man's ear the demon in deeside you don't always have to use your sort but it's nice to have one handy it is enough god will supply us with what we need any show us how to use it and not to use it when to use it and when not to use it like the ecclesiastes scripture there is time for everything and this morning is one of those those life lessons that sometimes things will take you by surprise are you ready ah can you adapt on connitroit myself on all i believe so i don't like the idea but yesterday i started to contemplate that more what it would be like if i turned my phone off or like an rubber workmen scuse me robert workman suggested ah turning on to airplane mode for an hour or two at a time and then check in with it that would make me safer perhaps they may be would improve my health if i had a little less on those in maps if their harmful then we need to learn how to adapt and not use ourselves on that much not use or i pads if you've got one on our computers look into a can we do about smart meters ah we need to explore these things and we do it all not everybody can at all the time robert workmen was talking about how he was injured by the e f concepts and he was very badly injured but he learned he was able to heal himself ah and he didn't talk a whole lot about that process may be perhaps another time in the future he will share that more or but he has said he doesn't regret it because now he has that passion and he can use what he learned help other people and i shared that i have that same sort of experience with hire practice a compact to that a moment his nine fifteen if your disjoining us and you're wondering why you're seeing care in the remoter it's because the one is way doing another interview on wrighton life with other hobs and she'll be back shortly with wind to her special guest talk about elections anna marie le looking forward to that case from what i heard there some good stuff coming our way and on hopefully we'll be be straighten out all her election problems pretty soon eh you know elections are something that i haven't put a whole lot of my personal energy into in time because as i said you know robert scot his special his line so to speak is the passion that he has through his life experience with the moss elections of my thing it is wasanother haps we're going to have the expert in her lane talk about elections and i'm really looking for a ride what she concerted so maybe i'll tell you a little bit about my experience with scoliosis am i believe now that my school used to started when i was about ten years old i was running through a parking lot after church services it was in the evening and i did not see on line up of bricks that was surrounding what i call a pit ah i think it held a big air conditioning unit this is when i lived in tennessee so it is not a place where you need a lot of heat but you do need some pool in and so i think there is an air conditioning unit down in there and i tripped over that low wall with a brick or two lining it but there was nothing we keep anybody from like me from falling into it i fell i remember it being like six feet it was a deep and in hard fall i landed on my hip i remember having a bruised hip that probably torture my lower lumbars and started the process so if he don't know school osises and secure so that one cure had started and then in order to hell itself and right me my back created the other this is part of god's design it's just brilliant ah those two curves balanced me out and i was walking up right and unless you see me walk in and you paying attention you won't notice but when i show you my gray peter was so pris oh i have a little tilt to be when shoulder rides higher than the other and my lower back is a twisted also its rotated i never got a lot of chiropractic growing up my man was aware my parents were aware and i did get adjusted from time to time but i never got the treatment to think i needed at that time it needed to be more sorrow and for a longer time frame perhaps than when i got when i felt i'm so i am a big advocate of hire practic for kids if your canfuls off a bike get em checked maybe just go to your weekly visitor whatever but get your kids checked for tire practice on a regular basis and especially when they fall when i crash my bike i went that day when i've had a but minor car incident or a fall on the ice i go and it may not be that day but i do go and i follow up it makes a difference i didn't see a tire proctor who really was determined to educate me until i was about twenty seven i think and he scared him in daylight thought on me he told me the truth he showed me the chart with the degeneration of the spine that's the natural process of things but it would have been more advanced with me if i didn't start getting tired practic care and this is not somebody who's just interested and profiting off of me he let it be my choice ah and is a very good man he's very carrying higher cracker but he wants people who are invested in themselves and who believe in the process because then you are going to get the benefit of it i still go to that chiropractic clinic to day and it's been a while i won't say how many years but it's a pitiful and now actually his his wife who is a chiropractor is he the one i see most of the time and she addressed me from head to toe literally she is certified in cranial and she does my feet this swell ever everything from headed that is made a big difference for me ah alleviates problems whenever they come i couldn't do it without it and i think a lot of people don't even know ah how much pain they are in on a regular basis could be elevated with a simple adjustment ah and for those conditions that are more chronic they are long termed they might require a little bit more work that is a passion of mine the haven't talked about too much carnivor eh that is that is one of the things that i've learned from life that i'm really passionate about teaching parrots especially moms sketcher kids into the tibrach if your dog is behaving strangely get him checked all i could tell you stories in that too but since its twenty one after i think i'll do another reminder because if you're joining us and you're wondering what's going on where waiting for done this is the down obrenovi channel and we are waiting for doornberg to come back on the show she is on bright young mind with other hobs and till from she might join us at any time but it might be about nine thirty that she joins us with her special guests to land of and lina will be here to talk about you lections i excited about her what she has to say so what is your passion what is your lane i've often said what is your role to play and can you adapt because i tell you my my role in life has changed a few times or liars or what i might think it were point i thought i was doing something really cool and very important in god to place me there for a reason and i did i was there i think i did place me there for ethen but some point he said to me you need to leave not in so many words i don't hear god's voice speaking to me ah it became very clear that i needed to move and it was so shocking to me that there is a part of me that really resisted and it took me several days to process that sometimes you have to be willing to let god take control your life and when he says that nor needs to close you need lessen ah you may not know why and that's okay you've got to trust in him it took me a few days it seemed to come from within that messenger of you need to stop this cause i've got another plan for you i didn't know what on earth was happening i just knew that it was time and i decided to go ahead and take that leap and do something different and then i worked on myself for a while i needed to try to figure out who i was what the next step was going to be and i didn't try to direct that i didn't try to make something happen i just felt like when the time is right god will show me a letting go and letting god letting god say it is enough i have equipped you is a really good thing i am i was talk about moses i mean this has been coming up repeatedly for me in the last couple of years or so moses was forty years old when he left egypt he had a very different life there from the next forty years of his life and i'm not long over forty so i thought i've been thinking of him since i turned forward you're only forty i mean really you you're just you're just starting into another phase that's all it god said you know you learned about those people in egypt and how they live how they think ah how they live their lives will their culture is all about now going to show you another way no he didn't tell me since that but this is what happened so moses learned how to be a shepherd for forty years that's a lot of training you know i've had goats for less than a year and i've learned a lot but i am far from doing a law about shepherding in his it is a whole other thing from raising rabbits and for raising chickens and we've taken steps with those things but even a few years and there's so much that i don't know god gave moses forty years to learn about shepherding and they didn't have two goats for toshake they had a lot of animals and then he says to moses you know what i'm going to have you take all my people ought to egypt and you're going to shepherd them across the wilderness and moses was resistant to that idea i not a leader i don't know how to do this basically god said yes he do i've given you all you need but sincere asking i'll give you your brother arran to i will give you enough this is a great lesson for the rest of us we can think that we are not prepared for the next step in our lives the god has equipped us and if we don't have enough ourselves personally we will have some one else placed in her lives who does have enough for us and that is what ties us together as a community as a family as a people as a nation because we have somebody who knows everything together we each have our own role to play the hand the foot the eye the ear as long as we put god first with that joining factor we are one body and we can help one another through anything this is a really cool thing isn't it this is god's design so god gave moses everything he needed to lead those people dead moses still make mistakes along the way did he still need to learn thanks ye and he made one one mistake too many and god punished him for it but he still rewarded him in other ways an he got his people out of each whether you think that you are destined for large things or small things you have a roll top you are one of god's true and people so what is that roll for you to play i still don't really know howesha of that question might sell for a long time but we have to let god steer is little bit you can have all the plans in the world and think you've got it all figured out and then god comes along and says you know what i'm goin to that's not the direction that i intended free you here something else and that is the adaptability that he is placed within us slow to be able to overcome those changes those ships so we all experience some heavy duty changes with the what i call the skimmed domitor example that's a pretty scary time wasn't it but what have we learned about ourselves about a world around us an what do we learn that we can share with the next generation about how to adapt when something really strange happens when something frightening happens when something changes are lives dramatically ah that is a pretty scary time but we adapt and overcome we looked more to god of oh and we girls stronger as a people so any time we have these great shifts and our lives in these great caninges we we grow stronger whether it's a and a of or if he did choose to take a shot one of those cotenaces that can be pretty scary right now but we have each other we are all learning so much and there are robert workmen's in linda's and donna's all over the world who have special places for us and together we can overcome so many things if you disjoining us at my thirty i'm giving the text with some hearts in it from the thought who is saying please continue because she is doing an interview on bright on with other hops and he shall be back harness soon as they can join us and shall have heather or of hisory lend thy as are guests then you doeslisten ing to carrying the reminder just ramble on and a and i no it dock about next some pretty interesting things are going on in the news and i can't look at the internet because if i leave this at that i'm on to do the doneated berg show on ben and it might kick me out of that up and down is not around to taking pick me back on and i can't do it by myself in thinking about a song i got my bible nearby if i can find it from church on sonday and an obedient good wine too and so in my song book it's called count cheer blessings i love this first line when upon life's billows you are tempest tossed he might have to look that up in a dictionary a billow is a a wind like i think it's like a on the ocean or you can see it on the ocean but it's a great wind when upon life's billows you are tempest tossed yes so if you're in a boat you don't want billow and when you are discouraged thinking all is lost count you many blessings named them one by one and it will surprise you what the lord hath thought and i have been learning that lesson of late that you may think that you've got a plan you've got an idea of how something might go you may think that you've got it figured out what your life is going to look like for the next week months year and suddenly something comes along and changes that you've got a life's billows and you are tempest tost and you get discouraged but if you start to look back at what gods already doing for you and has done for you you might get a surprise i don't that ah and that's been happening to me lately and i looked back at honcertain day and i go will that day did not go how i thought it might go but what do i learn and that is why i laughed so much i laugh every day with i read about sothat's going on in the rest of the world and it looks like it's also negative but when you know that god is in control and i have a piece with that you can laugh at those things and go well that's just temporary ah that does it really affect me or it doesn't really matter because what have i got to fear if you know that your child of god an the only thing you have to fear is an eternity and help ah but you don't believe that you're going to go there because you have got if she you've followed jesus and the instructions found in the new testament hopefully reading oh i'm not ready not myself but i know i should i should read more i should study that more on then you get nothing to fear if you have god and you know that the worst thing that can happen on earth is that you die but you have an expectation of an eternity in habit then what have you got to fear fear itself you really don't have anything to fear and that if you have a settled spirit with that way it really reduces the anxiety and that's a lesson for me i need that reminder sometimes if i believe that god is in control no i'm preaching to myself right now then what have i got to worry about the very next song of my song look is praised the lord pray lord he havens and o'er him praise him angels in the height sun and moon rejoice before him praise him all ye stars of light how loloa o men and if i turned back a couple of songs before that i opened my eyes then i may see glimpses of truth thou hast for me place in my my hands the wonderful key that shall i'm clasped and set me free silently now i wait for thee ready my god thy will to see open my eyes and looming me saviour divine oh i haven't heard that song in a while cantation of a member of his not been singing this song and i miss it at the good son open my ears then i may here the word of truth thou sendest clear and while the wave notes fall on my ear and everything false will disappear silently now i wait for thee reddy my god thy will to see open my ears and we win me save your devoted open my mouth and let me bear gladly the warm truth everywhere that's a leg on open my heart and let me prepare love with thy children thus to share silently now i wait for thee ready my god thy will to see open my heart illumine me save your device that's pretty cool as a really good so we could think that we've got everything figured out all eyes are open our ears are open and we're just as blind as blind can be and death you've got to be really really willing you know there's a principle and tire practic eh is called the innate there is an innate mind and an educated mind this goes almost way back to the beginning the founder of chiropractic is a d d palmer and his son was called bee j palmer and as his wife was mabel palmer i know a dog they made upon the mabel and ah she belongs to the care factors anyway de obejero a lot of books he was a very perlitic writer he was the fascinating character in american history as far as i'm concerned i mean just just for my historical span stand point in american history he bedame is very interesting and what they had to do to fight those who fought tire practic as a hoistin health measure i mean there were i know big farmwas live way back then too and the lad did not like care practical because it carried a lot of ales because the body cures itself and that is what the innate mind is all about now the way be j rode about it he i don't know that he made it superclesti haven't read everything he wrote he had a book called the bigness of the fellow with it if you want some heavy duty reading the bigness of the fellow within his great i can read like a paragraph and think about it for a week is very intense writer but he is very smart in the innate mine is what god gives you i see it as holy spirit connection it is what is given to us ah when we are first created are bodies know what to do when you're born you cry why cause you're clearing your lungs nobody taught you that that's the innate people will call it an instinct to suckle that's an ache the innate mind is really cool fame a god gives us it gives our bodies all the instructions that it needs to cure itself of ailments so when i fell and i didn't have another outside force to fix that injury to my spine the body said well the best of thy can do is to create another curve too try to balance you out so that you can walk upright and function throughout your life and thank god he gives us that that's innate and then we have the educated mind this is what you get from life experiences and a lot of it is false unfortunately there are a lot of ah on truth miss information if you will that come with the educated mind and this song opened my eyes that i may see and hear and open my mouth that i may bear to speak ah pretty cool that god gives us the innate ability to do that but we have to be opened to it probably some of you if you're like me have woken up early on some mornings and had what you could sattered the most brilliant idea that you have ever come up with for a long time and then within an hour you start to think all this is a crazy idea i was just streamed in this is just this is too much this is too hard i can't that would take me way out of my comforts one to make that idea happen i don't know who to talk to and you talk yourself out of it that's educated mind if you haven't read the gift of fear this is a book you can get it real cheap in a paper back very common book to find the gift of fear this is an ex lent observation of the innate mind versus the educated mind he means early only type of being on the planet that will go against our fear instinct when you see a deer in the woods or rabbit they've got their eyes and their ears open all the time there praying im that part of it but if they catch a whiff of something not quite right they're gone they act on it immediately what do we do well i'm sure that guy crossed the dark park and louis really achyaic guy he looks old that you know a little shady and his behaviors not quite right but i don't want to believe that he's there to attack me so surely everything's going to work out just fine the gift of fear is there for all of us to take care of ourselves with our instincts what god gives us that's the innate might and in that book are some stories of people who did not know why they acted but they chose to act and they saved their lives looking back they could discern what and how i think that's are really cool think that's a benefit that's a gift from god but we have to be open to listen to it and so many of us are taught throughout our lives to ignore that voice we bend spoiled rain nobody is going to hurt you you go to school and you'll get a degree and you can get a career and on to raise or family an eleve happily ever after everything is varied outright unicorns all that everything is going to go well we never really prepare ourselves to be open to hearing something alternate which is may be not so friendly we need the truth glimpses of truth thou hast for me the song sets if we've got to be open to what god presents to us in our lives and whether your roll the play is helping some one to recognize that what ails them might be cured with chiropractic or could be caused by imps or what ails are election process as what we have computer systems do for we needed news paper ballots god will direct our ways and teach us what we need to know and karens were all might not mean a learned everything there is to know about em or election of process is but karen has learned some other things that god may use to his benefit and to his plan and he may not even tell me ever what that plan is he may not make clear to me what my role of play is but on going to play it but if my eyes are open and my ears are opened in my mouth is varying the truth then that roll to play may serve god in his best purpose and boy on a crumbling myself just speaking it because i needed to hear that sometimes my faith has taken it and speaking of and the like very faithful and i've been talking about faith and he i said in reading out of my song book opened my eyes that i may see glimpses of truth thou hast for me and now and then in the last line gladly the warmth let me open my mouth and let me bear gladly the warm truth everywhere they said that's donenever heard gassin right away he wordtalk about this good morning and thank you for being so patient i was this is my fault at one of those things that you wake up in the morning and i'm thinking i'm supposed to be on brightwater halves talk about the border and he know this is another miceanother so i call her at some it you know intimes was benlowes the like she's like horse central standard time i'm like oh no soliadis and i'm going to tell you what you've been so gracious and wonderful and you know this is it this is a trade mark of every one i ever met who has anything to do with michael and doll and with president and with general true honest to goodness god loving people who have so much grace and peace and can cut and i dishonestly i'm sorry but thank you so much for bearing with me now my prisonthen youwe have i'm caring to night can i on which vexes for minute absolutely in your i just think holoholo of right when you back in okay oh taranis amazing and i tell you what she is one of the best analyzers sanifore situations that i've ever met my life incredibly bright woman and resourceful and just as true as a friend as any one you'd ever made sides one to say thanks to their care and for coming in pointing for me well well i was kind of off the side there so i'm so thankful to have you here i got to meet you and missouriand i pulled up i'm going to pull up the hour we side a menace this is real news by real people for real people one of those things that we do as we sometimes look up things to bring him on when we're unlit share the the efforts every one is doing so i'm going to go to your home page cause i looked at this and this is some amazing you are you are in amazing woman everything you're doing people need to truly jump on this fight find out because we've got a way to fix the elections with hand contarino here is hers the website yet and i should say that that is the cause of america website not my own my own personal one that bottom right of box that you see just when that says yet that has the now in it that actually is the link to the emanuel that i wrote that explains and countythat free download there you go in congresswhat right drives it out his sign out for you don't have to sit up they just every now and then asked for neithin you could put his about anything and there's just an occasional thing it's not a registration things so the manual is there that you can download and colossussometimes retineri love rose on they had that calm just in case of kantosakisto felsensee i take it i ofersettan back home oh it's going to invalid me all right well so in haste montell have to go bad atarudriya now that's just one of those little things there but to be yes so the manual is a i started at last october when i was trying to figure out we were talking about getting rid of his shins and its lake and replaced them with what and you know people were going into their clerks saying we just got to get rid of machines and i mean the clerks would be sitting there with their hands thrown up in the air going and then what so i set out to put together a full process that has all the forms in all the paper works so that they would have something they could use well that is totally amazingand you know it's this is one of those things where we take and we just jump into things make you know make them work it's an individual effort and i am so excited to know to hear other people that do that too the just refused to lay down and just keep going and that's clearly what you did and so i'm looking for into this and you know what else in looking forward to is imlooks for to bring you to mischancing to putting together right now not trying to do it in that work across michigan and see then all the colonies in order for us to actually have a work a working not stepnot to stop you know grinling and i've got other words for it and generally i'm pretty pretty harsh and open i called the professional bitters club because that's all they do they go to these political meetings they sit around and they complain and they saw and they whine and whatever at nothing gets done it's all about it is truly all about then they go home they can handsomewhere not going to do that any more we're going to go ahead and take the nation and do it in a way that we are were to and this is what you have can you tell us about what you're doing so yes so we in april the osage county clerk here in missouri i agreed to hand count the election results so we actually had people trained we worked for weeks getting people trained and i we did the results and we had perfect accuracy i have all kinds of information that shows that so really the movement across the country and caused the america we speak to all the different states we have teams and in just about every state activists people who are actually doing the work were saying you know even if you're an estate that doesn't allow hand count to still learn even if it's the demoerge some videos up quickly the just showed the moother you can actually practise it it's just a sharp and a sheet of paper would nothing fancy this is a very simple process it's done by human beings for every single person that learns it you have one more evangelists out there who speaking when you need them to whether it's to state elected officials or county officials and saying this is easy it can be done were capable of doing this it saves money it saves time and so really the push is to get the word out to train as many people as possible and let them start going to their own officials and say we have to make the change yet i think i think that saw what really impressed me about this was the fact that you are going to the clerks and showing them how financially a equitable is as as well as time how much time and it any time ikalik i own little tecoma any time anything is transmitted electronically we have a risk of being hacked it's been proven out absolutely thar election process because it's completely an utterly under control this is like this is like you know war lord's folk you know fighting in a jungle trying to have supremacy the control of the united states and their news in any man any means they can to do it it doesn't it doesn't they have no scruples they have no integrity and nothing is off the table for them to cheat the chain through the electronic process is unovercome able we cannot overcome it in electronic manner which is looked pussyfoot believe that were the direction you're going is the answer to restoring our elections and you know thank god for you for my candell for people that are willing to put everything they have into this process so we need to get you to michigan kitsons great yeh it it's such a great way for people take back their so many of the problems in elections and plaited and rolls the electronic pole has how they're so many other parts but i firmly believe that if you hand count the election results their paper ballots you hand count them you diminish the effect of some of these other things they don't go away and there's always fraid there's always people trying to cheat but even there if the you know they'll say well people hand counting will still cheat ye you know there are people who chief but when you're doing it polling place by polling place and the average polling place gets six hundred ballots you can only really cheat six hundred ballets in that one location you can't push a button and add ten thousand or a hundred thousand boats that you could do electronically with paper and people counting it the really limit it so it's a great way to do it i'd love to help you out there and michigan and get everybody going so let's get something planned well the key is the decentralization part of it it is its decentralizing the entire process the more that they tried to pull things and you can see i was at the board of elections last week is not there they can't they're not following a constitutional process there in no rule of law that the legislature suppose to be making the rules not the word elections board of canvassers they are supposed to be executing the rules and the processes they were making up the rules right there as we saw were like they were in charge and to the point of having statistician come on there with the elections that this kind eloor might i couldn't believe it cause i didn't get a chance to tell you about this ah they actually statistician that go on there and wish they were trying to change the face of advolution allwithout petition signatures and such which deterrents who can be on the ballot which was ware we all got weeds up here at first and he was talking about the fact that the boar elections let him in to scan and copy all the petitions and then he sent down to bangle a dash were they compared those signatures to passing the which maderty had all these votefor ation outside of the country for an inter intervention in our elections and they dissentiate and nobody on the board let bad etanat this or picked up why this was so wrong i couldn't believe it i was here is so not only did they have a bed a beautiful i doubtadopted plus signatures to be able to take any one who is doing anything with our elections they have one from the past so they can they can put together patterns the only way we're going to fix us is to completely decentralize and have the way to a person to person be able to transmit invests my opinion can you give us more information on how this works and what else you're doing a cause of america place so yes so the paper ballot hand counted same day no early boating the ballot harvesting that a lot of people are talking about that will not solve the problem they clink curtis who was a programmer who in two thousand four wrote the first algorithm that flipped boats from fifty one to forty nine so that's all recorded you could monotonousness new one to me yet cancers was a programme and he testified before congress he was a whistle blow you go and you two and look up whistle blow or fifty one forty nine agohe had been his company was hired by a republican congressmen create an algorithm to flip to show that bodymachine could flip both he did the program thinking it was so that they could show it could happen and to protect the elections and on and the two thousand and four election came round his watching the returns with his wife and he goes the siyarand so he was a whistle blow he testified in congress and since then he couldn't be a programme any more when you whistle blow but he has sederaspen everywhere was just in missouria matter of fact if you go to frank speech and look up cause of america missouri you can find the video that we put up of his explanation here but what he'll tell you there is no way there is no way to even know cases soon as you find them cheating one way the software the programmer owns all the code and he can just change itnecessity happens you cannot detect it so loopoole who are out there who are like well know they're not doing this with the elections there what you'd call election fraud deniers and i always just look at him and say what you know they can hack your bank account you know they can hang hat you know they can do identitythe can do these things with somehow people and our country believed that all of these bad actors as well call them have the moral compass that they would never touch our elections cause they know that sacred so will will break into your department of defense will break into your cybersecurity agencies opinionthere in missouri had to ransom where attack will do all of that but we won't touch your elections because that's just too sacred sol'emnness yes it very nigh there definitely and there and it's not just any one particular country you've got individual hackers it's just its computer systems as you said it's too easy to get into and to asososca is working on that likeliness that he has another so it coming up i'll be on mine i like the last one was it'll be an august sixteenth and seventeenth nonangan that one is his election crime be and so cause of america is working with the election crimea and i and helping to put that together in that really is were things have changed i know a lot of people think it's just there's no hope or there's nothing happening or there's no evidence but there is things are happening and it starting to push forward and you can tell because the other side they're getting scared there starting to do things that they normally wouldn't do and so it might be a little bit slower than most people want meritic or very strategic but its happening and it is moving forward the panic is real out there isn't it is kind of matancas they think when people are panic they they use stupid things yes you know it went when we talk about the hole for remember that you know and i know you know this but our hope is in god and god loves it when things are in real bad shape and he can come in and just live a little miracle in there yet all of a sudden they are there thornton very quickly so i don't i know you like like myself you know and other believers out there are all of our hope and trust is in god so we don't have to put too much faith in what we see here what's going on around us echatane can change it again did margery quickly so we can go for and say this is going to be an adventure stand whatever comes we can handle it because god's out in front of the oliverians pris god were in good shape yesi think it's profitable to go through some things that are negative in order to learn its alluring process of what's wrong and also when when he wore people are people are basically by nature were lazy all of us at rightif we could sit in a chair with her chocolate coffee you know and become out of full time vacation we probably would take that is thou when we get in a position where things are motogon the outside i think that's god saying all right you're you're yoretime of as he has come to the end let's give him there and get something done that's not not a not a good process going on right now and everybody has to get involved so i'm i'm o'kell's ingested yes panted yes so the elections would to be uncovered and i'm really interested in this computer programming a whistle poor two what one thing have you and covered well most of it is not so much as that you know there's the things that are out there from clincard's claperes also on that video if you go in check that out it's mostly moving forward and you don't my folks individually has been to give people a resource of a way to move forward towards the hand counting there so many groups out there doing so many great things you know the crimes that we find we've got the act low things who've got the smirchers all types of things that come up i and you know i would suggest to you now connect to cause of america there are calls on on monday evenings and relighted eh mike lindell comes on you know you can't really gauge exactly when he'll be there he does come on and talk to the grass roots he talks he mentions that when he's on interviews that he talks to the grass roots estebes one for connected with the grass roots so there's a lot of people every state is a little bit different on what they face and what's happening there of some states are what we'd call talk down where the secretary of state or some one at that level at the state levelled decides what can or can't happen in elections and then you have stepsthe county at the county level the decisions are made for the elections ye know and there some laws they have to follow but you can deal it do with it at your county levels we try to get everybody sharing information cosmical that and that way they can not shipsevery one can help each other cause there are some great warriors out there getting something done so we're pretty excited for that that's really cool now how are we got on his car i wanted to get on this calling my day night so caused the american dottesio showed earlier ynckhorne going to walk people though as i would go and there's a good involved abbot i would go to the one where his sin in and the upper right corner all her hat when you go there it will see out lets you register oh yes sir and so i would use that to register and then when you're feeling out the little form in there just put a note that says you know i want to be added to the monday night calls or the calls with my i think they call it mondays with mike and there are people who are managing that mails in the back and and they can go ahead did you add it to the link in the evilsome out in it's not every the calls that we manage on monday nights but sometimes it's with a state lead grew or its spike will have an educational one so you know denywhat the call is you may there may or may not so you ought to worry about every single monday night at the ones with mike they do send out to the full list and say hey yes going to be on him wants to talk to every one and as the he shares his vision that's very cool i just appreciate what it what an amazing man what is only amazing man who had just keeps going forward and doesn't make out hepperly loves the united states of amerindians it's such an honour to be alive at this time to see to see that is go through here met with got state that less take a look the state map here and what we have gone on here yet that you'll have to be registered you can click honest ate like if you clicked on michigan but this grindot you to be registered cause what's happened on this side or what there's a library here with thousands of documents over the last few years different people from the different states have uploaded information you can see some of it there where you can search so if you had something happen in your stay you could go ahead and search for it by topic and find may be resources from your state or another state or if you wanted to file a lawsuit about eric you could put eric in there the registration system and search and it would bring up a list of documents the state channels when you go to that state map is that each state had access to their own dashboard so they could load some things that were happening in their state and its tooastin a registration just so that we know who signs in there's onwait for the states to make sure whose coming in because you can really use it for noosing things that may be just holwan out you know terorotua any of those other places you want it to be accessible to your state but not in such a public place oh that's really cool i wooed is that so i agothere to day or even about there ever get on there and register for casoria this is coontrrree this is isn't wonderful what a wonderful resource that you guys created and you know put to time into this wonderful love onierich great way to interact so eitherare there is at all virtual meetings or they also in personelle do mostly virtual meetingsand like i said when mike does the summitteth happened to be a missouri which is great for me says like just the fluke i didn't ask for that those are not you know there's some some of the state people will be there but for the most part those are on line because people watch it from all over the country and so it's it's no stonnich it's a great event so okay that's very cootehill i really amazed so wi you talked for quite a while the anteposition that we were at him in de emiserit more of your knowledge on this because you're very very knowledgeable thank you and i'd love yet led to him on that can do a couple minutes on that and then i had do have to jump so because i screwed up on the time gustehem he lithotherapie up on the point is addincton the hethenesse just on the day hatouries yes so when i speak i usually show the hand count process the main things the same time save money and the same day resultent i been speaking about the cost there's a lot of pusheen since i saw you at that conference states and likehonoured to go to not renew their machine contract so they have to go to hand counting so the clerk and some of the others who were there who opposed that have been put in together their castesthe it would be and their saying it ikeihin and millions said it would be you know some exorbitant amount and even in my own state we had a stentor pass bill or submit a bill has not passed as an ven got to the floor for a boat but submit a bill that said no voting machines in missouri so they do accost analysis on it and here in missouri they came back and said well it would cost but fifteen million dollars per election in the state to hand count to pay people the hand count mole which is ludicrous and i have an analysis where i show using their own numbers there doing it at five minutes a ballot if you're only counting five minutes per valittaman so there's the problem there process or whatever there basing it on we count it a most conservative le fifty ballast a hundred lets per hour and that's what we did in april was a hundred ballets hours so that less than a minute for ballet or about a minute for it so it comes out to be like three point eight million dollars across the whole state for the just the labor costa's amazing not fifteen and in a year with three elections it's not forty five million it's like eleven million and that if they have to work the full day most of those people work half a day cause you olive need a full day to count so it would be half of that number so but they're going to push that because they want people to hear it and say oh my gosh it's way to expensive to hand contanteroit offset they never say here's what it will cost to pay those people but here's what you saved by not using the machines they kind o forget that part so it's it's just its unethical i would say the way they try to present the numbers now yeh well it's they're all part of the fake news machine out there as in that is doctrinatis machines so they they they start with the fake great internally and then they popish the fake news afterbirth determining the contact this is what some port for everyone to do their own research and not not repeat their nonsense and don't buy into it you have the minute you motions are are engaged you're in trouble here go i'm a puttethe right it generation warfare with my body onerailed right there boysdon't get a part of the bodies like the book and i like gonepast out good it good stuff there this is all volunteer here at any rate we don't want to repeat if their fake news or by hand to it and when we find that our emotions are engaged we got a real problem because when they engaged or emotions we're off the grand right then and there in their pushing us in different directions they weaponized us and so that's why good information is so is so critical you know so it incredible and dis incredible work you're doing and ii disappreciate you so much could you come back on some i screwed the soland i and i'd like you owt'll do as one got registered for the stepsons so that we can't go through wind like to go through your manual comen then give people a chance and tell him exactly how to sign up across the state of michigan i will bless this thing out and we will try to get a whole bunch of people connected here so that maybe maybe we can do you know some sort of a of a gathering and we can we we can may be seasonal and then an impersonating and that we can we can travel across the state and how how how available are you for this well chimix them with other ones and i'm trying to teach other people so that they can teach cause it has to move way more quickly than i can move across the country and will like you can teach me i moved a lot of ofratanes other of that thing and i'm kind of knowmy horse person i was like kay is time you're right there now there you go not less you to thingeach an honour to know you you are such a gracious person i thank you for forgiving me from the strophis morning had sicken with me and then maybe maybe next week friday or be no thirster friday if we can have on and i will make sure that there's no ollikainen problem and i won't look a forces ii really believe in this process i fell youngandwhat's you're doing and i want to see succeed i presented carehave a wonderful day gone by of the notitiae boy hey back i'm back oh my gosh thank you so much this is this is a definition of a really good friend one that when you call in a panic will jump on it pont right so so thank you so much for jumping in here and and i didn't hear a word to said so i agree with karen whenever she said will you delancy i was sittin brag here a laughing because what you were saying you said something about god being in control in having to adapt or something to that effect that is right along in line with what i was talking to good chunkthe frame so can you imagine that stream idea then for myself so much a pop here i got his one camp in and because i woke up with a horrific headache this morning selechous go on right so am i yehoud this is the difference between facesdead this is the difference between what the deep stake does the deep state cannot react we is a decentralized group of people can react very quickly we could change as long as we are open too following bodlean we can weaken move we can pivot when something goes wrong here we can pivot round it you know might example is as if if you're going down the highway with you know or it lessyou've going down the train decantando stop very quickly you don't you jump in front of a train unless you want to die and that's in a suctorious you're on the train and over the trade is going down the track in some and a bolder jumps and drops off of a cliff on the train tracks that trains going to hit that boland it's not going to stop right in to keep in and this can be sent damage on so that's like or deep stafora is decentralized individuals who are in effort of may be one two or five or something like that we can go he is problemone on because the goal is agothings you just got to go round for things that get in your way to get to it and think o think your way through it and that's what we do don't skip a wellthentheni'll i was talking about i didn't use the word pettitt's the same thing how god's plan will sometimes change what we think is going to happen we end up having to act but the god gives us enough of what we need and if we don't have it ourselves we know people who can provide because he's given it to them in that that is what you are creating your constantly growing your community of people who are i talked about on your guests yesterdayanother about lindo who he had heard from yet that they each have their own passion skill set that they bring to the table and together we all have rolled to play toward that plan and we may never know exactly what the plan is don might never revealed it to us but we will play a part of were open to listening guaranteed is not going to reveal to us cause we screw it up it is serenathat's what it does what it is in your following bad i restorerthe way youtheverything e on musscher's planeshears clary instead of following him step by step on knowsaid through the desert sitting there watching the pillar of white and waving and tilitson will tell us we don't howean to say we want it and we want now that that will screwtineyes people asked me welldon's oinone i don't some things that are going on i can almost care in tea you that hang out of one solicit now for foroncol may let me throw out a message back here a minute and then we will go back to the pivot i'm going to be the pilotone on it by your doing that it's funny that you mentioned moses because that's what i was talking about but moses was the trained by god in different ways and he didn't recognize that necessarily god had a play on and he said i want you to do this and you're going to get my people out we're going to go over there and he's like what i don't have the skill set for that god like right well in the sinovitis is that is if if we don't the plan sans going to know the plan the bank is are going to know the plan so we just got to trust god and walk step by step in the chat kind of a cure will get throw me to day you don't what i got a big and at this point in time i think i could be the poster child for the pivot really if if if you look at everything that we've gone through in the last few years and such i would i would probably accept that category of poster child for the pivot because if we're if we're if we're listening to god he's he's not you get yourself out of the way aunt you just say kegowh tever you're will be done whatever it needs it be done to day if something happens or changes i'm going to pick now i may not always make the exact right pivot we're going to get there and it may be a little unorthodox as it were but we'll get there as long as we're willing to it with him instead of fighting against him to stay where we think we should be and some sometimes that is going in the direction that that i have gotten so much criticism for the people that are closest to me what why are you doing this you need be on the republican party you need not leave the text pars tart the constitution or you need to do this you need to do that and the other thing and you're doing everything wrong well maybe i am but maybe that's what god's going to get it down it's not in the way that people think but in the way he thinks and in that may be for just thetians we've got to leave everything behind it we the we knew and and say i ain't come to the table and say god i you know i i'm going to i'm willing to drop everything i think i know and because you do know everything so gentle ave everything right here and i'm going to walk by faith every day step by step by step if you an if i see a closes door open a window so that i know where to go or if if this thing fails just show me another way and i'm willing to go and if you want me to knock go somewhere on this is what i was say god imiento keep walking in the same direction and tell you the interaction is exercised and or you make it very clear that this a different way to go but i'm going to keep just keep going he will put things in your path that will be a decisive that's as far as you can go and then you pivot and and then you'll have it to another direction he'll open another way up go in that direction and there you'll be going not work people understand you're going or even where we understand we think we're going to be going exactly where he is and he's getting us around the rock in the road and i think it's a cool process that is can a crazy sometimes in doolies and i i'm really talked very honestly i'll say to are you out of your mind it's it's counted anything that is in that i've ever thought of and on like an i know he's looking at i cannot laugh and at me go and yet he just just what you think you're so smart down on brain and burgher going to get you round in a different way to monthsand i'm a sure he's laughing at me full time oikeastaan on it be falltime so and you know and we shall be able to laugh at ourselves a little bit now take things too seriously and hanged and when people around us fall down so ye that's about normal saying you know this is the boursalt's get to back one free again and why talk whereabout alaughing all the time it is dark of negative news because when all you have to fear is the idea of an eternity and hell then you well i don't worry about that because i haven't expectation of going to heaven for eternity so what am i got to worry about really right it was a worse i could happen i could die ah really that's like the kind of the worst thing that can ever happen most of us thank you know installationthe that haslithal why after worry about so i i was just thinking as you were talking about how how good you are pivoting could donasthe bast veteratores i could like the ibesies ever pivoted in the history of pietythis who has ever known to the sevenin the history of nine conceding so so we go i got my dictionary always had my dictionary near by so i wanted to know perished love that about you you learned something or a year at least entertained so i went to the word pivot to see if pieter is a thing and would it be spelled with it arose i research that recently in another word been any way in europe its oar inherits it now is what no webster's it's er but i don't like it that i essesoesses ether does not have any or or or but the definition says a pin on which anything turns so then i looked at the definite and of pen and the first definition says a small pointed instrument made of brass wire and headed usually used chiefly by females for fastening their clothes there you go not out bonesetters fin he i've got something on to bring out i'm in to bring up something on a telegram some set something to me for you if i can find it and i were of pitarrow eyes philadelphusnot numbered ten definition there's eleven definitions for pen a noxious humour in a hawks'll take that here we go but do open fastens and joins together then oh well that's got will have to its somesomething that definition and ah i think i would like to put that out that would be fun well pat or hang out sly so sandy sent me this specifically for you or goin to get off into the and to that we're a pivot were going to cetacean we're going to go to a farm at and then we might come back in five again to political pot or a lawful process had the red hour go no farm had a right now this ecce because we are the best hitters who have ever pined and south nobody not bolsterings if so down in current morning a got this is hilarious i love the little ones in a little their little baby boshies have he then so with her i challenge you carntogher game were elisian as his tone serious up my name punitive seconds of hojo happening right there were cold to pin out ringing on the thirty i sensati just cause i think this funny the one at the front looks a lot like oreo the another three three two seconds of filetto joy i am niggerthat osiris are so much fun right now and so fun to watch because they have that little baby bleat and and there like poppies especially with my husband when he comes home for work across the yard men padorset there little baby called her like deadhearted because i this is going to be funny lessonsone in there go and that's another pivot jump methis is where you want you want of entosthe esset real news firpole for real people at the kitchen table and an heathand time at night o'clock in the workenlisting to that little three three latterhaving there too fond to fond so well and i missed this morning oh tis me talk in my sittamat talked to i mentioned your guests kesterday robert workmen and on the started there just because i didn't have anything else and i was afraid that if i left the stream yard apt to go look at my like a telegram feed for news to talk about that i would lose the stream yardhalf and then there would be nobody there and i couldn't get back in onomastica i is just over ready knows i called an we talked early and unlike one oh no we've got i've got a time problem here can you jump on and she like me and just taught by myself and when he'd be great heroes like the friend that she is she just he does man do here in just said i can ormamental it and doesn't think my big girl preachingput bigger opines it into the so jump in here and what to do this and she is topocalma five ten minutes yet estimates before broad guess carnelianed the thing up and i'm doing over this other one a minute colifichets thisthis miss white why we laugh about this sisisesti i've always said to as tikal you need to get through life its copies amounts of chocolate and one really really bitter crazy i then that would be me and care are its karma to through like the trooper she is yet every few minutes i want just a try to keep track of time and mentioned in it if somebody was joining us late so that it would have a clue it was going on and then i tried to go back to what was i to stalking ohongo pleas let no plant hair if it didn't good not well you can watch it lingerselysian cornett's we started when sam talking about in moss and that imprecated the fact when he said don't be overwhelmed that's where i started because there's so many different things that we could be concerned with and get overwhelmed with so i started there talking about an i was like by the end of like iambically preaching to myself what i need right now because i haven't been read my bible enough i'm not paying enough and i know all of this but i'm not really practicing in like i shouldn't nesesarey so i talked a lot about the in god's plan and how we have it nough and am people people who are open to the truth and to doing their role will find their find it and be be ready to pivot i then use that word like a sad but it was in gesorgt along with what i was saying earlier because um as is a top to you before where i was in my fit one point there would be came one day where i realized what a part of my subconscious was telling me for months you got to get out of this this isn't for you any more and i was very dedicated he now when i get into something and i i'm all in and i was really all in and it suddenly norseman clear to me then i needed to step out and in his really hard to just drop everything and leave something that you've put a lot of personal investment in and had a pet goals for for years and i just wish so clear to me that i had to get out and i was driving and thinking about it and i felt like i might heels were digging into the floor and re colas i was driving because there's a pardon of me that was just like no i'm not ready for this you're not his kind of like it have a little devil adelinesall ers there is too parts of me at war with each other you know what you're going to do an it's time i'm file i'm glad that you finally for you this out and the other part of me is like now growing ticinensem to cast absolutely and there was i had a leave the idea just kind of swirling in the back of my head for a few days that was a tuesday i remember and friday ernle said all right carrying you're going to take a bath with a note book and you're going to write things down so you can profess it out i did it was even more clear and i said all kate to morrow you're going to do the thing and so i need that separation the next day and i felt a relief of the burden that i didn't know i had because that part of the my subconscious had been working on this for months that without my knowledge are acceptance that that's that he i talked about the innate mind verses they indicated mind the educated mind had a group on me and the innate mine's going to get carried when you going to figure this out and god will direct you in its time and he gave me a lot of worthy training with that other aspect in my role in life i was all in and i learned a lot i think about it a lot that was like my forty years and dupin of time all the other things that have happened in my life to train me for now and may be i think i've been trained for and now i know maybe we actually i'm trained for years from now you know i don't really know i think it's a continual training process a god gives us if we're open to it we'll see that looking back in angenwit everything you say because i i think that that's absolutely correct it for its fine such as this in tomorrow it's going to be for a time such as this and vergantine like that and that the training and teaching us new skills or you don't like when you go into a time i to say an office manager the quidthis is the worst time of her now for her to acquit for us because busy season in that particular business and i'm not a great you don't i spent i spent like a bad attitude for about a half hour and then realized ordenerl replacements to sitting right there and it ended up being a tremendous blessing for that person as well as for all the rest of us and it was one of those things that i sat there of course i had to go through my temporary grumbling is this my process which ever i can work it out and then and then would then a half hour it was like god had this whole thing worked out and the replacement was ready to go and it was a blessing to the replacement and so an i keep from an a direction i didn't wasn't even thinking so i know it was god i know it was got entirely so the other thing that we can larn from that is sometimes when we're used to be in a situation its comfortable god will give us up a better situation and or he will teach us to lean things out so that it is more simplified tis just like the election process at lenet was talking about the or election process is so convoluted never intended to be this way with the political parties with the conventions with who that they gather eyes of america and they gather on his political cults to determine which is highly funded by by the corporations were distracted we think we have to go on the stretchonce it feels comfortable we fail like we've got a safety enough there in it which is a cult there there there set up is exactly like a colt but when we trust in god work willing to step off in in a situation where we have no idea what the next steps can look like and that god himself will catch us and make it go in the right direction when we got prizes on him instead of what our preconceived notions are and and where we're going right now i really do i i really believe that we need to see the animal political parties because it's too easy to hack we will never ever ever have a safe future as long as political parties are there and george washington and war does about it he knew and this was said to beginne the country i don't why i take is this line to figure out that maybe dad there you know the farlingford there had something figured out because they they foresaw what was and gerstensafte for you matthew for one started seventeen from that time jens began to preach and to say amen your lives for the kingdom of heaven is at hand and in speaking from the fifteen ninety nine geneva burleigh teen in genesis jesus walked by the sea of galilee a walking by the sea of galilee saw two brother simon which was called peter and andrew his brother casting a net into the sea for they were fishers and he said unto them follow me and i will make you fishers of men and they straight away leaving the nets followed him and we had gone forth from thence he saw two older brother james the son of zebedee and john his brother on a ship with it their father mending their nets and he called them and they were through without tarrying left the ship and their father followed him talk about a pivot i don't know if they previously had heard about jesus preaching close ah you know the first before doosurath ng and the people are starting to to see who he is did they know who jesus was before he showed up but they dropped whatever during that very day i didn't say they went home and they packed or they went home and said good bye to their families it says they laughed and they followed him give me the verse for the carapace the as chapter for for many and i started in verse seventeen of seventeen or forosamente is my favorite nomadising so it's just in provides an example of us for us that on no when i'm not i'm not finding it for i sir on this is a different version that's why this is interesting okay so unless i took stupid pills as morning was clearly i did i'm come comfortable in that realm in second on show you what i've got here the oreto think this is really funny matthew for and we're going to go to out mother's alensivat coming up answer proving as algemas for seventeen i carena the men your lives is as repent while walking by the need of calling her a hanaholend every cow iested re further her very cool see now renowed is exactly cool immediately immediately you know i am if somebody calls you in series governatore your son's been in an accident you need to go you don't think about packing up you don't think about what she's your wearing you've go you drop whatever you're doing you drop your conversation you leave your meeting whatever it is because it's important to you and there's been an you know few times in my life where i felt that you know and i have because i was trained too i'll say that i was trained to and when you were into a fortress ponder types situations you learn really quickly how to adapt and how to drop everything at the hat but if you're not trained to do that and it's personal if it's a loved one somebody loses their job that kind of thing ah when i lost my job this just before we were married my husband picked me up and we were on the road we were going somewhere we didn't know where but he was going to help me and that immediately you drop everything because of that priority and these guys they didn't just leave temporarily they laughed and you know there is a fork in the road on their journey of life they followed jesus to the end and that is a devotion to god's plan that most of us don't feel but boy we should be open to it if he says you need to leave now karen it's time then it changes everything that's that's kind o hard to let you know i talked to a little earlier about the the scamp damon and how it changed people's lives so quickly and so profoundly at times you know you lose your job and you got to sell your house that that's that's a big deal and that's boy that's a pilot ahwhat do you learn from it and can you do that again in the future if if god says i here's a when read a verse for another first as i think this is important we always go back to the wordgod and all times the way it's been presented to to molest of australasia with lot just about don't do this thou shalt not thou shall not you know that sort of thing when you really get in and read what bible says rather than listening to a pastor or a preacher who may be not even be following the bible but telling you what he wants you to think because you want your bought the sea in she in order to bleed in his salaries a lot of that going on right now i do believe in veriest at right now by and large because look at how many churches closed down during covet that is an apostate church right there when you see that that's no postiches the thereonly the only answer to that is either fear or because there's money involved in it estando that the ants to debate mentorella because i think this is a shame it's just a shame what happened he happens but we have to go back to the bible and to listen to how encouraging it is keep going keep going that's tellin i'm here to redeem you i believe in you you're amazing to your fearfully and wonderfully made it's not thou shalt not is part of it just because he's trento keep you safe you do don't be stupid run out in front of a truck in a thing you know he is gets world he gets makes a rules it's not he's not a saying it to be mean he's trying to keep you safe and you have to be able to assess the intention there if he's good all the time he's loving it's an action of love it's not an action of just now trying to be mean to you it's a lovely thing to keep you from harm so at any rate it's sus do hap the anxious about anything this is philippians for six and seven do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and petition would thanksgiving present your request to god and the peace of god which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts in your minds in chrisand newlybetrothed you have good times bad times what do you it whatever it is it's going to be okay because god is there yes paul said um counted all joy eat that are you need your head the rest of the scripture you don't need the context necessarily although it's very helpful county all joy in his not telekinesia ty and ere day but he's talking about like we've been talking about if you have the peace they got his with you we look with dom job for example went through or paul paul pallas ben and flogged and present he'd been in multiple shipwrecks i mean his sister if you look get what he went through man the guy had a few completes an there's also suspicion that he may not have recovered his sight or completely he wannop because he counted it all joy cause he had god and he had a mission the god gave him the dew and he didn't have time for anything else in it time for whining and complained about his own condition i i'm a whiner man of five if i was in a ship wreck or somebody beat me i don't think i wouldn't hesitate to be whining a little what he was doing it for christ is different if if you are you'll be not because some one mean to you it's a whole other thing if somebody be you are in prison do you because of your belief and you are shining light out into the world as god has commanded you to do was like well that's the way it is just going to keep on doing it he shadrack me checkington going to happen and there they didn't know that they were going to be protected from the fire pit yesthey were going to bow down to somebody else that's that's incredible faith so ah lots and lots of encouragement in the scriptures there is an in weakens through anything well i think that i think is sexually good time to stop for to day i finally got past my head aches so that's good good i i think it's a time dick have had a bunch of calls that i got at the egoto take san on colin a still rennington a bunch of things that work it will have doing this when i'm writing running the there's the pivot there's another pint do more than this anyhow i let's let's say for you want to pray to day or you won't meet you you go ahead dear holy father thank you so very very much for all the work that lend is doing to day and for heather hobs and michael and doll and president trump the rightful present the nittas and general plan and admiral rogers and all these wonderful people that are out there now in stopped going with everything that they have an order to push this nation back into its proper spot which is one nation under you were thankful that you keep tinue to walk with us that you make our path strength that you show us which way to go we are just very very thankful for everything that you have done for us now and that you'll ever do it's it's really sometimes just hear me when we see the people around us that should be the white sporesall being the ones that are firing the most criticism darts and working for our failure and we know that happens around at us very often very many times most people that should be standing with us are the ones that actually work hardness to take us down and be not support of for their own agenda and we ask you pray for all of those situations out there keep a strong keep our eyes on you god and keep us keep us walking that path in front of us i i'm realizing that right now i know a lot of people are and we're going to keep her eyes on you knowing that you are faithful and just in all thanks please provide and ways that we can never imagine please protect us please give us wisdom into serment and strength to go forward every single day we need you we are definitely in time were we are realizing how much we need you every day every step the way we are willing to lay everything down which is our preconceived notions of way things are supposed to go and and just follow you in this life and in the next one we love you so very much let every one know how missourian jesus name an i there you go so here we go this is part of the shell where we go in giminiano cantoned difficulties lightly too you were were over the target were to have difficulties i have to say that if you're not haddies in the game guarantees here you go he goes into digging tornarono doomedbecause i've the best known consther and pieter who has ever not consented the history of one concediese who has ever pivoted in the history opisthogonia lehi just realised that in he started the show i said thursday because i used to be on thursday called it therein thought to myself that don't sound quite right but i just one going on now like whodoesitmatter eintretenden you i added that way the sanseverini now to day is going to be a pivoting thing as soon as they can of here and after pickeronian good have to give it and ashantees sarily this person is out for my best good right now so but after work with people that you may be down agree with or that are trying to tear down in different areas and just step over it keep goin kiss keep your eyes on godjust keep going that's what we do and don't don't let it get to you it's a sign that you're probably doing the right thing it really is so just be bigger you that's i got to do and underused to submit refused to lay down when the fight gets really tough and you're right in the middle of it and things don't make sense and it seems like the sport should have and o'things and you that that probably should be their help make you might just be in a time of larger your gang other other skills and o'er oleraceo out that are dragging you away from an area that god wants you to go into an that's that's sometimes part of her going forward you know it's not tis the growth it's the growing but it's also the punning is very very important in our life to print things out that are distracting us from something we know we were called from or called into doing for god is said tsvetan part down to render gets in there as governor stated michigan the pruning is going to be it would be it even and i mean an effect pruning a in it it needs to happen all over the united states of america the pruning part of it so cantinpr anyhow secerius have a great day god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god blessed the merica we got this we've got we've got a huge our father our father is faithful to us he's walking as through every single step that we have in front of us we're going to have some difficulty that's okay we can handle it were months were the toughest dog in the pack and we're not going to let the snack o town were going to continue on and any difficulties we see were just learn in one more thing that we are going to have to address and that's so we can't let one thing without being assessed evaluated and pruned off the plan if it needs to have that happen so sees the day now that it's going to be a good day obessoient be kashava great day caroto and thank you so much he but welcome