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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/6/2023 - Chuck Ritchard

Published March 6, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is the sixth day of march twenty twenty three and happy birthday to a couple of friends ah denise and laurie ah that i know it's their birthday today oh and this is he not work where we're not afraid to no matter no matter what don't care if we if we annoyeth you people were going to speak the and a minister is right off because i've got the amazing it chardon the line right now i'm going to go had and throw my mellag up here ah chuck that we can see her and talk for a little bit o you doing is more body oh you know me every day a beautiful day in the neighbourhood cocomers butted thelesino know that were letting the light shine like yesterday sunshine now you go and i every day what's it what's arter man go over dateline for god right that we we can let cruise through anything that's around us and we just sec ionson on a genesis one which is like the girl when a duck i do an de win he created light right and be getting to exactly so and anyhow that came home and will get into the other came on last week when a friend of mine i passwater they played the hat is all sing the sole light of mine now if that doesn't bring it back home i don't know what does both as the child and if you are a child you also have a father right sore it brought it all round us that's nice i remember singing that sunday school when i was that with estelle i went to a friend's church on wednesday night and we used to sing that the beginning of the winds in night program are week i lowse so does the ashes so we had a big week end here and a loss to talk about and a bunch of nonsense were there like exposing themselves for what they really are which is on so isadore in to take over the nation oh what what say you i i have that that lawfully picture that you saw i can and infect within upon the scene that is not what i want to do i dare well would you like to put it up do i i don't know whether it was taken is interesting it could have been taken last we if there's a word that they were out no out in iowa really who were to be on diphilou knows was i to amperes running for president well there altering some of laying the ground work if one and if you look as on that plain you kind of wonder i know some people thought they were going out to see pack probably did probably could have it now it could be deception for them to try to throw us off as well well as on they were collecting birds of the father of that foul i got to say his birds and father are at hang out mendoudari to i have to get these i am failing here so what is going to keep talking until i can get this off he up and run esoteric wouldn't get out we'll talk about the picture if you're lookin that contristanten other who cure jobs chief james grey well that's kind of interest then in chuck contain an got greenly and i don't know who is in the back as i can see how the most interesting one would be wishtonwishes westonsuper was if here jonson feadearon for as i did then excuse me what is she doing in that campaign if she's in trunk as you troncist while in and i got it was greater there there is there's a lot of questions there as i got you've got on the people that are sitting in that and that pitcher as you want to go round from from left to right in the front you got perry jonson and and then in the back you've got mat mat michon those to the right in so jack the chochohcocho think so it's hard take it out that's not that's that's fine well i i oneideres i look at patterns in things right doon i've got a clown up now and i don't know that's rot manichee i don't either in that the problem is that i am too goes it maddens collinot definition doesn't matter the idea here is of the other people there we don't know what the pitcher is prompt but it just tell us something because the most crucesignati at one on the plan others two on her that ice chief can his presence being near that at a real flag and personnow this this pier bacon when they all went down to meryl centron i have been brontothere as bait for so taken on with as shakspere is plain i mentioned is in my maternal yesterday on saturday shakespere is play oh the compassman o speakin about i'll take pains strange bed fellows you can't get more strange petcosan this well i have a look at his tomb the top address there is sea path then you know i'd like to get a day on this poppy head because he is and you know what i'm going to agents so when when when all the antipo and a burn let and murder was out there i was doing crowd in le and i would look at how he actually colored coronated most of their efforts and i looked at the first thing that hit me with his picture is like man that they by their suit at the same place herein and crags they get out of me got like a discount on or what but i see color exactness and i toxicated stresses i pilomotor in presented who is there pitcher was as you notice she i i questions he back i don't you know this be i don't think highly of see packing more haven't pile and i'll tell you why when we look at sea endorse john and macoute me how they do that knowing what we know he said well they didn't know anything that's right they didn't know anything but when you done this solonian you and and come and you know we can i said donica you give me a recommendation can you i want to get this job can you how could a behind me i want to be a sedition do you couldn't win see what my resumed you'd want to know that i'm califor you are pointing your name out there will these kids with their name it there like libations not the it is because we know they what do they flew its colloppe it's a page out of greek o shanters page you know grief anders i know debebit entanders that guy i tell you what he would say he indorsed on but they would have to use his wife's organization ranks or she made money off an he a pony of e words it's paid a play if you won't padorset you've got a go through this and peter's wieser and his book on proposicion i'm not i'm not getting money of his book but it's a great bolt if you want to read when very sandershis god was closed beyond the seas not these guys are not oneneither leave me there not honest so that's my you sense she practised has saved the you you could tell there offered a pet is one whatever was two hundred fifty parts three undecorative and they sent him an endorsement the indoors john tom step what are a crock i mean that is so get a soissones it maclaine can't come at all he was at maclagan's is right he's no better than in those giessener there red top the right to light they do the same call going the yea every everythinganything out there is a panoply right now and and likely son iad the organizations that were looking at that we were taught to believe there there not to be trusted in all of them are even in late i do think that like see i think that there is there it's like it's like everywhere you've got good and bad everywhere by dorothy talks about it that you know there's going to be two you know ah too in the fields and in that exactly what it's going to what's happening a sifting i think assisting press in a kind o watch or general flintthe will get he will hang out with people we know our good e and i and i think it's the dram out i think all of us had had a little bit of that going on around us is that there's just some really bad people out in quinoctii don't think you can get away from them in the organization so we rely not on yet you have to have to dig for the information yourself and come up with your own cold for of his one going in drink in here with the polytimetus another cow or or or billeting a lot of things i see some the some things that bonded price there people i talked to all the time to get ideathat that our or questionable i don't hang around with the idol ascocate with outtalk too the spetsen professional alister you must however that said you don't go in on them over to your house and have a party and there there is just not gone what i see happiness some of these people like saved the preston commatic i was going call them shans but the mattocks what i see the parties they don't care as people are all given or that in a lake with rock scars or what a crepitabat this is again i don't know i'm just a paled by ii what i see in enshewe got to bring it home to go to say you know what we've seen enough while we're say that i go back to ronald regan's nineteen miss quoted iced eighty four axes six each about very good water in then he said in an easy enough is it a basically haven't you had enough the interest yes we have we've had enough so we've got to talk on and on it we need to talk about going like cause there's some people that want to talk to his life or really eh well i'm i'm i would do that any time and a allimentary call in you don't or him call in eventually done that before were it were onhanhas people call land and so that we can we can talk to them i done it a few oh and i really i would absolutely take any calls for anybody but get right at hand to but hand into ye you think that the contortion and and you know we're we're here for taken as the ocean back and in he had people say some of the most ridiculous things that i do like really good quest and i think i think that's i think that's this week i didn't get chance so this grand new party generationsmy per i got installed in one of their case a tower i don't know who put me in there but every one saw that the republican party great my hand start now as is very much trying to get me to to talk to them and if it came to it on send then body his god person but i'm not standing with the establishment traders i don't get to me one at a the antelope belon in but the greater party i'm glad you meneie there what am i favor you know that i wish one of my talkers to talk about so there you go in it not a thousand again you can't that top therfore of the park again islinois in it howsure in what i but i do and all others i don't i don't think of people that are there anyway and he come at me and let us in of whatever ah but will to to look at more though to something happened the other night till the talk about if you won't go on the grinning party i'll i'll talk but that now that the changes i usthough it was funny because it popped up the morning and all a sudden i was looking at the sun i do find out for that and her scoinsons got one in one hundred and eighty three members on it right now there five on line raised the small so i and am messire's run armstrong commerdate as to you like tell me tell me your lying other truth toleration is so as kitty all your funny you are not girlanyone i i think give im morson around get it i i am orofino or the road right heah i granodiorite at that high it was so funny he's like i was still trying to figure things out right and he comes up to me yet it thrive time that and he's late ah said he said i'm i'm thinking about running for governor and that time i was i think i either just before just after and filled the papers i don't remember i had to look at the date right now but any one was like i don't know what you're going to do you're going to run as a dmocrat because we need to have somebody that runs a grant against gretchen went for that's how you're going to walk with and that's the only way you're going to win in like bethat's a lie and like why would i run as democrat of that hole and you know and so i was kindled like all that was my that was my first blush with him and his his organization of like well then he started digging into a little bit more find out that this whole that the the beginning of this was a communist organization that came up from a and i coningesboro less sortnothing desroches sowethe guide has been actually uses the chinese reher oas his avatar on his face woe now you tell me what kind of guide would there is as the best weave on his respicere eves is esthete on his holothecal pre near well what kind of a god goes while be i know that would his has never struck or thomas regard or told lost record or commas richard he used his soul any names that is hard to say you know we talk about this option in dishonesty this is one of the guys he spectreas he of the county geo and is also one of the members of that grand new party this is a guide and told to get a look at the is it all in coileain of a kind is this gas to quite different i've been around him yet at each patriot reposes i i one defender is caius never sick or as we called nuns or many other days now because she is his sole names we can even we've got to keep a list of all the deertame his he and that that woman city holland then they used so great names is like they invented the practice you conciseness controlor whatever these pithole are nor is it at irene i mean i'm sorry i'm in a just call for what it is it's he it's a free in albi trickled what call me corny whatever he is that he he did i mean that that came out quite a while ago right where they were that's the way that they hide from a from foes and an hydra and then he of machian me shin mershon whatever you know come under that's on noble how i think you will even know it the way they work the man as they have collected in the period of their operating the field their crop is only take information in one end into a location and misenensem each prince let her doing this you will even know who they are that will never alter you to what they actually do they do who think that there were in her and they're not there were guns something till the differentiated so a member the mad magazine sieversia but not in the way that most people think i think you know that i was going out to be seen group every i was going on flintheaded out there and i would be out the oh people it now with the areawas in was re waswas visited by my i i'm on it in the bar and this of god agent she was appealed agent or she was coming at fieldside and promote him and what not have to be in the park and she sokemean her her friend whatever and i got well that's odd she'd been drinking that's odd bethpage drinking so you do get sometimes you can countered these people but it is as five verses five and then we only still looking of it here because we're less michigan i'll theirs every day care yet you know and does its canfinny as light one of the guys that came to trioour me the sweet deal to take the party right the paid to play nonsuch on one on there ashley had meted he was sent by such an one of the one of the nonsense stories he sought as he was in these he was gone round the corner i'm not kidding you and i had i've got a witness that he heard at the same time it he was going around the coronet all a sudden hint this swimming with his cold and in his hat was horrified got out walked around the car and it was another congressman in direct and they looked in other onset i won't tell if you won't tell he got his herand drove away i got up and i don't even know what pronoto us in that one exception liar you know i think that's that's the best pron offer that one god from walked away but i don't play ball with these people are you kidding me i'm like i there's there's nothing there is nothing in me in me that it with these people like what a what a horrible group he and an leave laughed them in shares the the inmates or in charge of the asylum right now in so back he realized i was living in these she back on some three sonfor in poplin jasione guy named high i centrewas an interesting day collected fact on everybody all the time even after they changed the laws supposedly that he if i was able to do that they still assembled the profiles got over to interrogate erythis was as posadas in her fortress or going on others going to set fool then and so sepultos o word now close hottorrid at coming in on and after they knocked the towers down there wasn't that wasn't the two meistern guys that had an unfolded to fight flies is he not to be able to do a complete corps through turn into the into a building with a metal exile skeleton on it that were they the cut ere you know the ways of the airplane and exact cartoon shape and the side of the beldings these piles people this the gorgon and then they had the patriotic ready in three days sign for advance serveilance on our own peace but that didn't want on a long time when five eyes nonsense that went on and that expanded or that was a bush that i believe that was on i ah a ganda somewhere along line there go and i started out with the fidenatian ones and now it's not to how many like all the this interesting we talk lateabout conspires eries and this thisoctober use some people believe and some people in one of those that are on the side lane i'm an annalist so i look at the and understand a lot more as well and i'm saying that after not districthis miss holmestrete have to be able to put it up here and i would woo corrected that people start pete on a lookingstead back to things in their own life and all was sunscorched in the pieces or clear inconcinnity ninety or i think was in the lake and some armed men a nineties is called dark rivers of the hare and in it he cocoricocou the clandestine organisation within the government other words a seeker cover within the coverdale as a possible distress you can have money put in the cant get money days sighed their so much graft can for out there and what happens the thecontrast his money gone from this account to this account of this account you won't you or i would never be able to trace it tis what they run a claim as to no olakos operation so you think alas no possible really look what we know to day that we didn't know twenty years of thirty years ago look what's going on we thought oh no way we should not dismiss some of these elders until we can prove or disprove proregis as pokeweed trust a girl we know our government does things we always thought they could it nor vestige only the last few years of we learned that no there not sprot really and ethical yes ere much so i went to a easthave you ever seen that for a nine eleven in five minutes by james or o heaven sorry you ever played this man it because it onworthiness if you don't mind to mind if i girlsomething i your concise i really i think that this is a smerdis pertinent because because right now i've been going through all this nonsense of the train be rail meant nothing absolutely not being told one shrouded truth on any of the and what really what really was that the kicker for me was the couplers and his being in all the bois no carfinny thing to say where they want to say that i think we're dominate believe em and i descried the hour we all are tesoriere he asked going got a look so here gone he played this sgurnimnt if we around the old sherifhoton the lapp over covering the passengers in the military combat tree pilots on four commercial aircraft before flying does plains iently off course for over an hour without being blessed by a single fighter inters nikonides devote religious fundamentalists who liked to drink out hallstock and lived with picard strippers managed on old own three while in washington a pilot he couldn't handle the single engine sestinas able to fly at seven fifty seven in any thousand foot descending two hundred seventy degree corkscrew turned to coming xactly level with the ground hidden the pentagon in the budget annalist office were detesters were working on the mystery etioles the defense secretary donald unfeline the missing from the pentagon's cofres on the press conference the day before on september a new shankershet it within minutes the charlotte been long dependents he within hours cosolations ministration know within the day terrors to committed his short and the evidence literally fell into the fbi's lack of the hijackers passport was found blacks from the world trade sonderclass side of the can believe he for some reason of bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists demanded an investigation is the greatest attack on american soil in his castigation was delayed underfunded set up the pail a conflict of interest and the cover of from started houston extracted through torture the records of which were destroyed elementin the existence of a double t c seven planger so go edmonson the tea and the dials of projector craft being ponentibus that were being cingulate that the precise time that those events were actually had like to the control push administration as for bush and change no one knows what they told him because they testified in secret of the record not in garth and behind closed mother to look at her funded the attacks because that question is ultimately of little practical minnieeleven omission did brilliantly answering all the questions the public had contemners questions and painfully on all the people responsible although no one so much as lost their job determining the attacks were failure of age we are come the last hathebergh condition flying or platinising and gone for nora and the inner but the undestroyed to point i carabesett an able danger but that's okay because it probably wasn't it he destroyed the records of the investigation of them side trading before he tacks but that to cape because destroying the records of the largest investigation and c history is just part of repine classified the depot that they used for their model of w t se sevens collapse but that's okay because knowhow they make their model that the collapse which jeopardize sorcery of related to their investigation of nine eleven should become from the public that katebecause they have probably has nothing to hide never nor is anything he had to say worthy of your attention otherwise you are a paranoid conspire and here to be shot by all human twice him and some of his london life in the same fortress in the hells of afghanistan but somehow got away he was hiding out in torpor it somehow got away he lived in a pot of outfor ears taunting the most comprehensive intelligence dragnet employing the most sofisticated technology in the history of the world for a decade releasing the after video with complete impunity in getting younger and younger indeed before find liking found in the daringst rage which wasn't recorded on video in which she didn't resist or uses the wife of a one scealfor ces offered his panic so the son and men supposedly to this source of intelligence about those dastardly terrorists on the entire plant gonobody in the ocean before telling any one of then a couple of dozen of that team members student helicopter crash et story of nine eleven brought you by the media which should you the hard truth he soon emotion nothing to oh proconsolo of cusco if you have any questions of you are a bachpartitano on the music may be heater and will be reviled by everyone you love your country and our freedom happiness preposterous apple pie and your grandson you will never ever express doubts and on any part of his service in answer by the friends of the coca and as disc and the san wholes in the nine eleven comiston on i think it's an awesome you know i think that's an absolute and awesome betty and slatestones ii nowany of it you know to take it comes out in a lot of things and one of the things that you we got a hit is and justified the the way that their government anything tocaotican look at a thing i'll go see and just like me we look at an gascoing for five people verses whatever what getting this covered what they were doing running running harrisonthe sikes i mean and the wagontrain ing wapins to syria and had to be rosimon they they rode a shot or our guys down with her own singer missiles and then oh my goodness everybody would have known that hillary c the the the serial murderer trafficking weapons in the states really why we say the end just by the mean losing four verses in now whatever though they they don't take twice about it we think the christopfre eilwy didn't he get rid of him or james cole when to get rid o hal because they don't want to get rid of em i know we cupmocking promised while you wait til this way to that of this a good it doesn't halonesus at they're all in it together and that's been the a good real problem for me because i do starts back in and algeroba and stuff like that to win that was going on on deck i cposed that was probably an accident that probably you know that's been going on in and somehow he got caught when they was lecanto that we can expose that so they had a whipping boy he will as nothing really happened to him pity was right right so he took the fall for a lotteries and i don't know what it is a word that word is then verses now but i've got tethyodea dollar is go what is the thing so in the video i heard must i missed unsistered it by this understood a people dine in afghanistan a the plain shot ofofthe sky in the one with eleven with the navy held it was in fact true that actually happened it was one of the guys that plead for me on this socer guys he was a friend of my my son's and contingent wood he died he got going up to his felowes gave a twenty avowers and i think was fortyseven years old went to hester oconscious i say the restoran was classified but they were blown rosciathe eye witness the counts you know and that's odontornithes resta but you know what ocasionales with this right now on worthyou know are our government has killed so many and silence so many people it is shocking we have a serial murderers in place such as gretchen whether killer clinton and their holy appeals with that flesheither old band of of a mere dovers so that you know that that are stealing from all of us in the killing the rest to dispowdered who dared to speak out and of its really it's just really a shame what we have been and had which we kind of allowed because we didn't do her on home work and such but but i'm on to go back to another thing that i believe is really having i do believe the good guys are in control you don't just like back out of an organization that is his corrupt as our government in a day or two days or a year or even may be even ten years is this was con take a very very long time but did you know tis lately how many people are wearing boots hereaboots like like a like a boot to hide a broken ankle or something like that i'm not buying and i think they're hand i think they're a hideous and there so many people that that they looked like they have been removed or replied like the duke to send the pitcher with machanidas brought up too i thought it looked a little different than then mat mat onto but i didn't know it was the stand on or what but there's so many people because every one of these people have got a double i years ago o wee o resipol was then a a an airport on the small airport ah we were in we were talking about this and the the i take the backs of pilots that we were sitting and the pilots were talking of beeninto the said george bushwood and the bath room and george bush came out it was like the past in the doorway so in and we know we know that all of these people and they've always had doubles for for people that are high profile i thought so i see somebody like that like you know the guy stand there and with it michonnis likedont look the same i bite doesn't look the same to me to stand to doesn't look the same oh my victualling or pitchers the pont pitcher as upon an images images images were actually do facial comparisons where there is telltale signs that that is not the same when you look at all the boots that are out there these grow people here i think i posted it on a telegram paid tell me when we see if i can throw it up on a other solenhofer here i've got a car about that teniente a little bit more ion the one on the plain i can hang on the shots here is the ah here is one these people have got boots on and here's another one and like all of them have boots on katie have cabon god from see we've got those are all celebrities were in umbels the the the governor of ohio's warring one right now too is divine is wearing one and wine origem convents so it is that the juries out right now on pretty much everybody being real because we don't know who is real because i think we're having games played well i colocase looking though what colnehead of looted that he gewonheiten all all ticks on cocos book rode and the really did everything startles people are not real is just the big or able to spread the wings before enough esclavelles and on the latter but when of the things we know is that ninety per cent or or more mashiter cent in intervolved in politics one to do the right thing as could issatis it is true if we look at all these people just when you think you know he got the cake decaen the always that way and now get theop ortnit i think it's the latter i think we were always that way and that net what when i see as a is very much a masonic acrewhere there voted at lower levels as he passed one task yet to move on if they don't pass the test and there not willing to compromise how they go and their voted off the island very quickly disabled so they can't they have or they have no support in their theirs no that's much we we at this moment time we do not have the ability to to have any one get an office as a good person and be fed in my opinion i had calls the week by o i was telling you that the establishment republicans there as i had a couple of there already talking about removing christina coronaca se she's not doing anything i like and i was right out there i said if she fail is entirely the republican party for not getting a susanite verson is she's a good person and so they went to a wee one they've crossed her and thee menesses good now in a oneoneoneone and'll be milicio he heard no one on o no thesis told chock or create cristina's the poison costa about it this goes back to wave back i could talk about it in a way on the other house with where the handlers guide to see why was rose and on constiparte her campaign all three not the strictest campaign whose wrong crows and part of the ms dominchin conservative observed his kingconsort collision by mistake committed inspirationthou are the goods care not stomatic and they're all tied together he can this clean here okose the connection there it is about people were all the soft behind the scenes we talked with the grand new party again all the same people they are all work again to see we think there opposed each other there not the part of this i think what you could to see is there good tastesome changes but it's not going to be cresting a crescentis thereto still the question he asked is with the idol that some people can get radicle portathat he's ther darnley you're in this lad i mind undecided that i won that was for me chock cause i think christeners a good person and i got a feeling that that there's more in play there as far as to expose the bad people as in i am i think she's a good person and she's trying to do the right thing i think she does happenthe the son be wheniver queres christi conger asked the question where's christi climber i don't know whether the whole way i was real kind her christ i don't know i do oncethese questions because i see the good other people they can't say i rate now and wash onteveros i'm saying that because i have what ees so people get mad at me but you know what i stand behind it was a i don't say that lightly i know i got in oleoresina before she even to nudge with her hand or long before they thought i was cold run for sentries gate i was that i never intended to but they came to me and talked to me on the fosterite as i watched this developed i cannot chuckled about it because i could i step back from it and i thought i kydathenon just like you genuine but then i start you in what we're doing right now donaster putting the pieces together and doesn't seem right here and your god feeling is is what greater than thing else i know i do not say you that she's connected to that i that i know or very very good one and so i intend to give to give christina codes and the call the collodion the week end was i i was like you know if she fails this is going to be despicable because as i don't like the connection the pago connection to the job so i don't i don't like that at all and so and so i i'm really really super concerned about that because saint birds of father however when i also know who some very very good people around christina who i trust and i've worked with and it's not for any other reason that i know their true pater and i got a war we christina and your back a hot is the old to a test as a patron as somebody that has been round this long game along time question you asked what you go to war with that person at your backside i her sex if you will answer as i they now nellie when i know i i don't think i could the truth of that you would be different to you an i o ka it would be that no question but on christina because of others around her i can't tell you that that i would do this had i don't feel comfortable with that i would not do he so i i know some people around her that i i think i think she is the real deal and i think she was one of the on she was the only candidate that present trump endorsed that i believe is in there too perhaps infiltrate the badge is always more to the story and if it recomendacons you're wrong but i think it's more of an infiltration on her part to uncover when you have when you have a really good person sometimes you win by losing two and or you win by exposing so you can you can fire it out who is for real and who is not and i you know so i think i see her doing a lot of the same things that general flinder here she was discouraged though have you followed the other backgrounds am i i saw me some but it's like i back ground before to go back and look at the background and tell me tell me how flying tell me what you see i constantemve a place to start and have for further discussions to i think we have to do as the wit we have to look at were these people are and how they're brontolone bowers me because i some of the supperalways so we will go on re talk to them a silicification knows i like christian soperton i don't guess you don't mean i like a lot of people as people thought i also know that evil side of what how there being played right without them even shirley being aware i think i think she's a good horse and the what i am still going to stand that i'm a chrystallina and the tonino wants to do anything get in there and talk to her on and help her out so when i cornersthere down there would be better was his hear the parties can't we other know never ever ever work then started this is like going into a company and to go and yet there's not one thing here that that is working correctly were going to just love this thing and start over again don't tortionneur the cortical parties are never going to work that he the there fall of the its eccl and it's all about money money money money money man any listener talk in folly talk about is moving money round who's got money who earned the best i know this isn't representing the people pure manipulation and buying or else good sort men a couple of pegs i got to make district meeting is to night on older mccombs six thirty did nine at the mcconchie on the center on cargill three nines those are nine in car building clinton ship nonresident that because one of the questions i ask is of the districts farther to the tenth of the second lever is if you want people if you want people to participate you got to tell when the beatings are and they have it but gatinara home nelsonian or oosened one but this out so it's just got glad as his that's to night the tent destrucco'es name if you're in that district come and bacon carpetings her anointed six thirty and nine and then on the march sixteen for all those tested anywhere of in muskegon and colicon crosciare going to be talking about election integrity at the gvandan of provide three to eight thirty that time two hundred parisian derived their indiansection integrity and chemicoelectricity milcieni and his wood we won't people participate we won't have to live like un i done have then this shloka is where we got to get back to note adversaries but being come no college and be able to discuss it all only who had there's good times were i'm going as gonimon to john traitors you and don't you're wrong on your sonsonatepuerto alone and then who you know that sort in going on and i like you know no werejust word is talking and it's like will walk away we'll both go on and then we have to think about what the other one sad and honscoote i'm going to be loaded for bear to say no this is the exactly why eryonidea that we get the main thing is to get to the bombers as cables discussions get us thinking about things so that we do and to them a little more and there are there are things every single day that all see and go home well well well exactly render and you know you pet you peel the layers of as you go but the but but also like a sad there's a lot of people will just call him in the spiders sospitet of doubles double agents and that doesn't mean their own bad they're bad and good the good guys had been infiltrating and i burn luotiin murder corporation which always station two billion dollars i i'm going to hold every one to that that's an office right black legs matters a corporation it is a lie in a shape it is not about flesh as matters it is about the etibaut a terraced organization who disrupted this name and which should be ban and classified as a terrace or as a period they they do two billion dollars of damage on this nation any other corporation anyone how much they collect in the process and ears for their self intercoming holes than exactly it is a problem this this whole thing this war going is absolutely a crococalano in any any public official functionary what every one came who does not call these terrorists out for exactly what they are is in bad with them they're getting pay or we we could start going down that the domestic ter a list of de garder pering nonsense you know i go right down the listless start with with world health organization only care about our health no do that do ginestar behind poison no and the pa they care about the amerkote re not there there the ones that are the biggest polluters and in north america have out sepia child severer in north america how bout her in lewin murder their part of a domestic terrorism plot to destabilize this nation like border and these i consented bagration it's the new are at war they are poisoning they are doing you know some things is just making it look like their poisonous just to get everybody prayed and run around any you don't your think has happened in ohio i'll take your take a gas at it we'll see if i'm right so he having worked in the gas and oil industry i watched what they did and also you don't have a heaven sent knowledge in the wind on entire oh lisita started and i founded at a optimization studied where we dogged down through all the wind on her cease if there was any any way to ah to rehabilitate these failed windmills and the blades and so we looked into all the i got a pretty good information i had ended i guess or inistry i watches in the fields this is what they do they go into an area and the thing we want your mineral rights for the natural gas on your property and people in this is larapin prowling more money than most of these people have seen you like there like a man this would be great we could pay off all of our credit cards and we can do this that and the one but what they're not telling them what's underneath that there so my question is here whether land grabs they have going on through the wind out her gay as well as the the he eccentric spoil there in ohio ellis going on there because i'm wondering what's underneath that land that they want to try to get their hands on and have people run away from so they can buy it on pennies on the dollar when when i am there's one guy and i have to look at his name but i saw his ah his big yacht at one point time it was really curious assertedand so ah didn't look right is one who owns one quarter of all of natural resort i caused there is a pattern the what are these people after her now there after a water there also after the mineral rights and the land that is underneath them so i really think that these these disasters that they have gone on there is more to and i want to know what's underneath i want i want to know what the really after and it's not just looking people afraid others that and there using people as he spread their lies and their narrow and people are like oh no whatever will happen to i've already devoted bond the rainbow spilling the water and he's going to be things for olly probably he not you have that much ah things burning you've that much petrol and burning yet you're going to have birds dropping on the are you going to have prob still do not have any real information or evidence on any of the it's all talking points in the media and antalas that on contesting back on ah there's more to this story and i'll guarantee you that and i want to know what's underneath that area i am i is got a message from me one of the guys were talking about mister it is richard or i must known shockokon not whatever you incledon know how he has so there you gongrosira sure then hope ahorcan cools his art of this grand hopart and got a cold becomes i can't say that i guess i am but he must when he called me a line in a tin who he is a great cabulare he all bask people are right because we disagree with him and i did at this coming from a gooses a picter of a chinese leader in the devatawi i'm nivipes i am impressed to intellects got to be really really high i think i heard his fellows at the i don't know old is probably proceed stradano i don't know oh i don't know but i don't i werthester going to the cope and counted your primating so he can actually see how come my pot relies right is for to greatheart out of the hind you know come without put his prithoner he toisiinsa come on his harshest she got to do is get it get a pass on his face and and put one on one cheek and down on the other the hogohegee gonewithout to say or indercations made cohere order their as we must be the old again does gontharis gone in ithout her as of other wool there we go tote o that's a i were in this truth see how the show how much we get in to day i'm butlove it when people do that because then we can present for one i haven't got his sometimes we a mythos that we bade him because we know how bad his people are and this was one of them smethewick and for it and then they run out of the run out of or there can name he called me i'll be that because she had nothing else exhausted everything he knows and is still standing proud in his sore you on that pece we're not afraid to bring this truth for not afraid to disagree were not afraid to master people understand where we come from an any time call that dumb callistonians what's to well could you know what it endethe rowe really i looked in the lord for a lot of reasons he has cerolite we don't go livin darkness were going to live in light folks that's what it is and i i you know i want to go back to this this air this plain pitcher right there i am in fact now to bilineate called me that i'd like to statement on coatis patently untrue very yes i would go as you prolong for a cool million but i give you i'll give you manure to grow your own garden how's the hat done i do orereemohoranee from those guys all the time that grand new party and ingalik tolistoboian to tell you something so another question i have on perion the plain is the somonies made angles or but in every time i look at this sky i hate to say it in fact i'm so sorry i will try to be a better person however i have to i have to desecrates completed on my my feesif you can see the many all there i'm something of us the science it's william old pedestrine one of the modes windowes forecasts these great bad guy i can't get it out of my mind when ray look in a pot watanabe out the superhero of bolinson may be a little paddy but hey i don't i don't i don't like it i had somebody on the on the campaign trail to tell me about him you know he said he's the safety go how he said he not he somebodythe never really wrote the documents he said he did and as something to look into he said he was a train so they think they were every want you know interpreter traitor what the cocoatree ner he said he was a tengerbe he didn't write that the actual document and i'd like to have more information out of because of course they say whatever they want and there's no there's no proof no now anyhow it is tancock and i have another meeting young trainer and trying to hold him this the sole thistildermote cantos i started to i hope so now i think it is in now or somebody like that but anyways hey well let's go on adding or minutes the alljust go go go chop go ipolita his power more for resurrecting the red glass society not as the new party but it has an advocacy grew too promotius across his state and work for gnome really getting active years in the next months against archer this red glass society and in an habitat because we want to return our party to its roots we wanted to be the grand old party that a grand you party but the grand old party because we don't believe in throwing the pabiwel the bat water i want to read them to me he ain't now in mitigating see pack has been infiltrated that's by love and then lovesas david warson is my cousins ah daughter and lost cousin she was devastated stated when he was kind absolutely so his eye and i keep david played for me with even i coached them and then one nisanthe last my very mad was good morning down a grand rapids connection to chapple hill question connected to a large corporation in ada i have a lot of questions and you probably would be a good one to answer this about them the big finds at the veranda inst chinese connections there is big connections and you know what not only that this is so conicalthe won't admit to it but they were writing software and regular cent and from from a islanding in the east lansing connection there with with a gracier there who now don't otomobeeles waste they got caught cause they didn't have a fire wall and there was an eye pantagraphs information went through i want to know who's got that who's got computer grand rapids at ah that was transmitting information there because they did hit one and no kind of wondering because the connections of the band of and holiness ah we extract back will you i they kill themselves too then had done some things with computers was he aceraceaethe so much more oh ye can pretintailles guys named that killed himself that was or and or with hers lastname got to dig into the hole it because it may be related when have you while if it you know if all of this centered in grand rapids mister as i think is partiesit okay and am i worsted away too much money there when with the big corporations grand rapids has a lot of money in it and when you look at the forty oligarch families that are running mission politics or may be the world you know as well as you got you've got when i was up in behovethe was one guy as wife to go and after devises further china connections i don't know maybe they're paying their way out of it apparently but i always have a bay harbor and there's guy up there this does yet every billion or on the planet as a place of here and be harder by the th and he was talking to me for while i just loved to talk you know i was a carolineans jean ran he has a house there member what john rams he was the god danejohn bene rallyafter has a big house there i did not know to he said he was like they were all going to go down to naples cause there was a naples connection naples florida and showed they were on now there such tonomori you know now timegood time to talk into and a watkinsonian some pictures yes they do take some pitchers i was there and i ah i was out there and i was i missed one of the men ones that came up to the which i thought was pretty funny i like a ticket and side dismissed the little bay the harbor men in that came up i see out a pitcher and a story overdefine but i was told i may not use or put out any of the pitchers though they postwith me and we were going to be great friends they wanted they wanted they didn't now decided they didn't like cures so they were going to do find raising in these we are on to get together and we wanted to a fund raiser for you and blade really want pull me into your little your little globes no exsistat antapendi and colette that ain't happen and so indeholdte he won to do though they tried well i didn't another guy that showed up one of my vansciver and westland and he had with the he had put the event on and all of a sudden we got there we drove an hour to get down to the savant and i had three security guys they kind of live in the realm of piston the good things and so we walked in there and there's no event is soon alston have come of coffee or something and we wasted the trip because the republican organization decided to cancel it while long behold about fifteen minutes after we sit down here comes the sky in and hispid and he kept going for his going is fidgeting for his gaunt constant and yet is this stuff had i i am going to write books on this stuff some day to cause this is incredible but oh you know what big leading to neck you should come to it the man cits going to the man's executeevery body is going to be there yeah i don't now have time for this to night in no order to do something and then when i got picked off the ballet in legally of course i got a texere this fine gentleman who comes and costume to different parties you know pultipartite in order to be a planted political offerte mole and and so on also picked out a notary seal on the table and another one and a legal of stamps some paper work odoi have stuff on the sky in its already gone military intelligence and if few makes one he is done and so anyhow his connection was to the man as he wanted me to go nonselective party yet that's going to happen when he going to do drugger kill me at this they already knew that i wasn't going to be paid off green now last week i had a visitor right that bit house day had i had an two o them too last werowances and because some people might say that was anything it's the groove the foe it so it's a warning a protein had the same problem before to and course in later she was at it is ah it's real if people don't think so just yes atelican say because he has done this she clearly by a plan what they do i mean there going comedian anyway keep her form go it you were the family of andocides not one of those that the cook gave into millyfor guineas well he there and the the other thing you know the other thing for me as i got nothing to hide and so is like all talk to anybody out there i don't i his will is and i'm not going to change you know it's like this is as good as a guess you know if you see wants to talk some different go hat i'm okay with that he doesn't does matter me i ministersenor must be true to myself and true to god and that's that's what i am i always be the acesines loisel watooga got on i do tell it to every gallenhofer the friend came in to portagethe and then deenethorpe last words to no i i got tons of a buchstetter fresh as you got to git goin dear henry father thank you so very much for the stay thank you for the protection that you give us as well as the guide and son and direction that you give us an all think what a crazy trying to be a lie but you know i know that you chose each and every one of us to be here right now and that you've got a purpose for every one of our lives and i just thank you for that so much thank you for this day thank you for thou the things that were learning and the the process of making a stronger more grown up maybe more responsible and just what we know that all things work together for good to those who love you and are called according your purposes and we trust that and we will carry that out through yours with your bravery and your strength and with your love shining in this in sword and once she we love you and do the same we cry not so they go well chuck have a great day and pay for gain and joined that ye know you do go garanties she everybody on olfaction nothing my friend the truth and as to what is chocolate bring this through other the two condimental things that do not after we might have a disagreement or her there very little girl or verily put on her old focusses bringing the truth and bringing the light should he light on it to watch the rats and and the roses run he gothilas on words there laconians got cockerton costing to us because of castlemaine twocovered go to branderton not come because i am not conceding the electric cause i will not i concede to liars and criminals and so anyhow just to reno's god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america have a great day it's going to be a wonderful day to day it's all in your and tod we can we can go through anything turn to god and have a good answer no matter what's coming sometimes the additus little sad the thing in another has to be accountability and then those other times were back they well well well as were sorting through shorty through over the time were living i have a great day big lovetots