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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/28/2024 Liberty Essentials - Bill Mohr

Published Feb. 28, 2024, 9:03 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it is the 20th day of February 2024. And I'm kind of shocked at how fast this year is going. It's kind of amazing. But I want to jump right in here to Liberty Essentials with Bill Moore and Karen Riveter. How are you guys doing this morning? Great. Good. Awesome. Did you guys you guys survive the storm last night? Oh, yeah. No, I didn't even know there was a storm until I got up this morning. I saw all the ice built up on my truck. Yeah, you know what? They want to panic all of us, but I hate to say it. All of us that live in Michigan, at least most of the year, you know, we're a little on the tougher side than the average person. So when they give us weather warnings, we're like, okay, situation normal. If you don't like it, it'll change in 10 minutes anyway. So what are we talking about this morning, guys? Well, we are in an election year. This is 2024, right? And we haven't corrected the issues from 2022 or 2020 or 2018 or 2016. I mean, name it all the way back. And we're going to go into another election year. And what's funny is I hear people continue to... to say that we need to cast votes for such and such or this person or that person. And they're focused on, uh, I see you smiling over there and they're focused on, on high level offices, right? High level servants that we put in place all the while. We know that these people are being propped up and we know that, uh, that the elections haven't been taken care of from past times, and we're going to reap the same results that we got throughout the last several decades that we've seen, right? Every single time, these people have done nothing. This is like voting Biden back in after 50 years of failure and expecting one thing to change other than he's drooling more on himself. That's right, that's right. So we're gonna get the same results once again because we haven't fully addressed the issue that's been happening in the election cycle. But nonetheless, it is our duty, our right to vote. They can't take that away from us. And like we talked about on previous shows, we need to be focused at our local levels here where it can matter, where the ballots are actually cast we need to make sure that we can prove the results that way. If we can prove the results in our townships and our city wards, then if the numbers ever change, whether it be at the county or state level or even the federal level, we can go back and verify them at our local levels, right? I just brought a resolution up to our township board to that effect. The U.S. Taxpayers Party passed a resolution opposing the use of a Dominion voting machine, and even more so, any electronic software for tallying votes that could be compromised, whether by internet infrastructure being able to hack into it, or or a programming, I wouldn't call it a glitch, but a pre-programmed set of algorithms that would change the voting results, right? We oppose that 100% of the U.S. Taxpayers Party. And I took that resolution, slightly modified it to fit my local township. And I said it before all of them at our last meeting this month. And I said, hey, you guys know this is going on and you guys haven't addressed this issue. And it's darn well time that the people stand up and we do something about this. And I told them, if you're not willing to fight the county to get rid of these machines, then so be it. Use the machines if you have to, right? Because... I believe none of the people on my board want to use the machine. They are just being dictated by a higher level via the county and refuse to actually stand up and put a stop to it. But I said, if you want to use it, go ahead and use it. But you have access to the paper ballots. So it is your duty to assign a team and I'll be the first to volunteer and so would my supervisor to assign a team to physically hand count, right? Put your eyes on these ballots and physically tally the results of them and compare them to the results of the machine, the tabulators, and then compare them when they get to the county level, make sure they haven't changed and compare them when they get to the next level and do the same. It is only by that manner that we're gonna be able to verify the results of any election, right? So everybody, each one of their townships should be doing the same thing. And if you need a basis or a resolution to go by or a statement to go by, if you have any amount of physical fortitude or constitution within yourself to be able to correct the issues we see, then I will gladly supply a template that you can use and modify for your counties and be able to go in and tell them the exact same thing. Immediately, you will know who are the players, who are the global players in your local areas, because they will adamantly oppose everything that we stand on. Or they will have a gutless response. And, you know, it's like the response that I got from Byron Township, the clerk there, was that they got the letter from Jonathan Brader, the director of Board of Elections and also the chairman of the board of Eric, who we know has screwed our elections totally. Right. And also the one that was responsible for losing 10,000 of my signatures. I mean, these people are just a piece of work. And they sent out a letter to the clerks that said that they were to send their materials up to the state and not talk to the voters about it. They destroyed materials before the time that they could lawfully get rid of them. on the direction of somebody above them. Now, to my knowledge, the precincts have the right to run that election any way they want. A clerk can say, we're going to paper ballots. They just got to have the guts to do it. Yep. Yeah, that's exactly right. They need to disobey unlawful orders, which are sabotaging our election. It comes down to the clerks. And the clerks are the ones that screwed up Germany That allowed the Nazis to get in. This is not new. This has been a strategy used before. Yeah, it's a repeat of history. And the funny thing is, each one of these people have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, right? And the laws found with it. Now, what I find interesting, and I've been thinking about this the past few months, our Constitution here in Michigan has unlawfully changed, right? Prop 2, well, Prop 1, 2, and 3 have been added in there. But Prop 2, especially regarding this, elections, we know that the layout of Prop 2 and the regulations found within it are unlawful. They diminish the protections of true Americans and give them to those who would seek to overthrow us, our enemy. So every clerk in this state, if they are following Prop 2 guidelines, which they will because they think they have to be dictated by the state, right? They are aiding and abetting a foreign enemy. Anybody who cannot prove that they are an elector of their township, if they allow them to vote, they are aiding and abetting a foreign enemy. OK, that's the definition of treason right there. If we think that this only applies to to state officials or federal officials, we got another thing coming because this goes all the way down from the top to the bottom. And it's been said on this show over and over and over. It's time we start listening, people. It's time we get active and put a stop to it. Well, absolutely. With the introduction of these machines, they are foreign interference in our elections. And and it it is it does it goes top to bottom in all of us. And they are they are responsible for their own actions to stand. And so are we to go and address this with our local officials and say no more. You guys are you guys are the ones that are killing this nation. Yeah. So they swore an oath to his constitution, right? But you have to ask yourself the question and ask them the question, which constitution did they swear an oath to? There you go. Because the constitution has changed since a lot of these people have been in office. If I were to swear an oath to uphold a constitution and then it was changed later on, if I do not renew that oath based on new regulations or new lawful standards, right? then that Constitution I am not following. I am following the one that I swore an oath to. And such can be used in discussion with these clerks. Anyone that wants to correct this and wants to fix it, They have to be reminded they do not serve the state. They serve the people, or should, right? They've all been indoctrinated to think that they serve the state, and they are just doing the bidding of the tyrants at the state level, which is what we see them doing for the most part. They have to be reminded that they serve the people, not the state. Once they can get that into their heads... then we can start addressing the other issues, right? So again- We can go one step further than that though too, Bill, because the 1963 constitution for the state of Michigan was unlawfully installed. So now you got another bigger problem that we have laws and that all the proposals were done incorrectly. That's not the way they're supposed to be done. And the constitution for 1963 was also installed unlawfully. Yep. Yeah, I mean, you can talk about that all the time. But the clerks do not understand this. They're not willing to understand this, right? They're willing to take orders and follow orders. So it's who has the stronger orders being given, right? We know that our Constitution in Michigan specifically, throughout Michigan, the last four changes at least, it starts out with all political power is inherent in the people, okay? So who's giving them the orders? Are the people giving them the orders? I don't see it. In my township, we've had a couple larger meetings when people actually get riled up and wanna correct something. But for the most part in our township, we get one, maybe two people show up in a meeting. So who's giving them the stronger orders? The state's in constant contact with them all the time. They get emails, they reply, they get calls, they reply. But are the people actually instructed? That is where we, the people, have lost our ability to do so. We have given that up. And it's time we take that back and exercise that right that's been given to us. Because we established them. They did not establish us. They are our children, our servants. We are the parents, the masters. right? We got to get that back in our minds as well. They do nothing without our authority. And if they try to do something without our authority and do it unlawfully, then it's our duty to remove them via whatever means possible, okay? All of these clerks, all the supervisors, all of the village presidents, all of the all of the councilmen that sit on any board in the counties, they are all subject to impeachment. And not only that, but they are subject to removal by the governor as well. Now, that isn't going to happen. We see that with the installed governor we have here in the state of Michigan, our felonious governor, Whitmer. She's not going to go after anybody because they're all doing her bidding. And it's that kind of language that we need to re-engage in. We need to be letting them know that they, in fact, are serving Their enemy. Because the majority, I believe the majority, especially in the rural districts, they see all this. They're in the circles. They hear it constantly. But they do not have the mindset to get out of it. That is our duty as people, as electors, to go in and instruct them. How do we accomplish this? And that is our first step. So this is an election year. We need to get on the ball. Anybody, anybody who sees it should be in the game. I say game, but should be exercising their duty and going in there and taking care of it. So if you were going to lay out steps for someone to go and address their township or their voting precinct, what would you tell them to do? How would they do that? What would that look like? Well, first and foremost, I like to ask the questions. You've been in a lot of the same meetings that I have. And when I asked the people, I was like, everybody can name who's running for president, right? Most people can name who's running for governor. A lot of people can name their representatives or their congressmen. But I asked the question, how many of you people can name everybody on your local township board or ward board? And very rarely do I get more than a couple of hands that show up, right? Well, they make it hard to find. They have not made information transfer easy. They purposely obfuscate it. I'll get it out, you know, of the information. They make it cloudy. And that's really what's going on, you know. So the first thing to do is to actually go to a board meeting, right? And get used to how things are done. And you should be- We need to be knowledgeable on how things ought to be done. But for starters, we need to get in there and see how things are done and see who the players are. Who your servants are. Because if you don't know who your servants are, how are you supposed to instruct them? That's step number one. Number two is actually get to talk to these people. just ask them questions. Get to know who they are, right? You don't have to come out like a bat out of hell and go and just tear them apart in every chance you get. Now, that's kind of my nature, right? When I see somebody that's purposely doing something unlawful, I like to go at them, right? Because they should know better, and I will instruct them in that regard. I don't care if it's a public servant or if it's just an individual, right? But I have to tone that down a little bit myself. That's kind of a downfall. In some cases, it's also an attribute to be able to be used. But get to know who they are. Make sure they know who you are. And then the next step is to actually present the information. See how many people on your board know what's going on. And that can be done real simply just to, even if you don't know fully what's going on, just ask them the question, why do we do things this way, right? And the common response is you're going to say because that's the legal way of doing it, right? That's the way it's laid out in the law. That's the way that Benson has dictated to all of her little minions that we need to use the machines, right? Or anything in that regard. And then once you actually get a commonality between them and are able to talk with them in that manner, then let them know what you're there for. Don't just go in and sit there and listen every time. They'll get to see your face, but they won't get to know who you are. Go in there and actually speak your mind. That's why township boards are lawfully held in an open public meeting, right? And anybody who hasn't read through the Open Public Meeting Act, get familiarized with that because that's very important. That is for us, not for them. And then once you get to that point, then take something with you, right? Whether you write it yourself, your own material, or utilize something that other people have done already, right? There's no sense in reinventing the wheel every time we do this. There's plenty of material out there, whether you go to the election integrity force or you go over to like the US taxpayers party, we can provide a lot of materials in that regard. And I dare say there's even some of the county Republican parties have written a lot of information on this, though I fail to see a lot of action. So utilize that material and then go in there and make that change. You have to instruct them on what needs to be done because otherwise they're not gonna do it. They're gonna continue to just take their dictates from a higher level. Well, and something you said there too, that I think we need to jump on here a little bit because people are like, well, why has nothing been done? Why has nothing been done? And I've got the answer for that. When you look at all the election integrity stuff that's out there, there's only a few people out there that I believe are really doing what needs to be done. There's a lot of grifters in that area. And watch what they do. They have people chasing their tails and how they did it, how they did it, how they did it. But none of them quote the law. And or very few of them quote the law. So they they people feel like they're empowered by knowing what happened. Well, that changes nothing. You know, we have to know and call out the laws they're breaking and what they've done wrong in order to write what's gone on. And in order to do that, you've got to know the law. You've got to know the policy. You've got to know the law. You've got to be able to go back to the beginning and say, not just, well, we've got this law for this and this law for that. Well, those laws may be illegal also. So we have to go back to the basics, which is, in fact, a review, a Constitution-type review, not a convention. Bad plan, okay? It needs we need that. That's the dumbest idea anybody could bring up to me right now, because we don't have anyone in the seat that has the integrity to maintain the integrity of the original intention of the Constitution. The original intent will be lost if we go to something like that until we get people in there that are honest. They will destroy the country by using the Constitution and changing it against us. You have to go back to the original. That's what they've been doing anyway. But if you go back to the original and you do a review based on the original and then peel out from there and then look at the laws and which ones are actually lawful or which ones are shams, this has to happen. But we have to know the policies, the procedures and the law. Yeah, so there's a lot of people, and you mentioned the CONCON, right, the Constitutional Convention. There's a lot of people. These are the wackiest people I've ever met in my life. First time I listened to somebody from that organization, this woman comes in, is so dramatic. She's jumping up in the air and landing on her knees and jumping up in the air and landing on her knees and making all these kinds of foolish, And I at first I'm like, OK, so they got lunatics pushing this stuff, first of all. And second of all, when you look at it, it's just standing on its own legs. It is it is a dumb idea for right now. So what a lot of people don't understand about a convention is a convention is a sovereign body. At the start of any convention, and this applies for party politics as well, and that's why a lot of things don't get done within the parties is because a lot of people don't understand it. So a convention is a sovereign body. When the start of the convention happens, we may have put the people in place, delegates, just as our founding fathers did at the original Constitutional Convention. We have put the delegates in place. However, when a convention starts, they have to approve their own rules, They can throw out any rules that are put in place. They have to approve their own rules, and once the delegates are seated, the convention can move in any regards that it wants within its own rules. So if we're talking a constitutional convention again, The question is, who do we put up, okay? And if you look at it, there's nobody there that I want in a constitutional convention. I mean, I might be able to find one, but I am going to be like eagle eye on that person, right? And then after you figure out the who, you have to figure out the what. In Article 5, the state legislatures can propose amendments for a constitutional convention. However, as good as those amendments may be, there are two problems with that. Number one, we just talked about the conventions of sovereign body. They can add, remove, change, or modify any amendments that are brought up to suit the convention's needs to be able to vote on. So anything we propose, assume that that can also be thrown out. Number two, I just lost that. Let me think. That's what happens when you have a lot of kids. I've been there. Yeah, yeah. I think they're all awake now, all four of them here. Oh, come on now. Oh, yes. So even if you manage to get a proper proposal through the legislature from the people, all the way through to the federal level into a constitutional convention, and it happens to be approved in the correct manner, and it's a good proposal, we bring that into our constitution, great. Yay, we have a constitutional amendment. What are they gonna follow? Are they following what's already there? No. So anything we're going to put in place, you just assume that they're going to follow it? I mean, come on, you've got to be out of your mind. That's the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Changing the Constitution will accomplish nothing. Let me repeat, nothing, because they can't follow it the way it is. So anything we can change or modify in it, we can assume they can't follow it there either. It's just a quick motion. It's another illusion of actually changing something unless we clean house of these rats. And I don't mean Democrats. I mean, rats, rats. Okay. I mean, all of them, they've got to be cleaned out. And if anybody tells me that any of them want this change, I'm going to call them a liar because you can look at, look at if they wanted anything changed, the Republicans could have done stuff. They said nothing. They sat right back and watch this country go to hell, just like the Democrats. And so it's an illusion that any of them want this changed. Yeah, yep, and I think we need to, you know, the conservative movement, there's, I could talk for a long time on that, but they use a term called RINO. Everybody listening probably knows what that means, right? Republican in name only, right? Throw the party politics out. I think we ought to change that and call them CINOs, C-I-N-O, right? Constitutional in name only, right? Because you're either for or against the Constitution. John Adams rightly said, our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. Supreme Court or Federal Supreme Court, what does it say? That justice guards our liberty. As long as we fail in that manner, there will be no change. And both of the parties went in office and they start representing the people or supposed to. Both of the parties and everybody there has failed to bring justice. The state legislature does not understand their power, their authority, right? They are a check and balance. They don't do the bidding of the governor and they certainly do not do the bidding of the courts. The courts have such a fine, a finite authority. I can't believe we still have conservatives referencing case law, right? There is no such thing in the history of America, right? The judges are not the final arbiters of the law. They only sit in good behavior, our Constitution says, and they can be removed in the exact same manner as any other elected servant. So that begs to ask the question, when's the last time we saw a judge removed? It's been quite some time ago. Right. Well, and you know what? What what really is kind of sobering is the fact the legislature are the ones that are supposed to approve the certification of the election. They abdicated their their role and they gave to the Board of Elections with Jonathan Brader, who told all the clerks to destroy materials and send them to the state and not keep them on hand. and centralized the power on this, and the legislature did nothing. Everybody wants to look at the executive branch as the boogeyman because you've got three people you can point to, and it makes it real easy for people to be a little bit – slow on the move there right you know you can just look at three of them and then start you know complaining bitching whining about it but the problem is is that it's the legislature that really has the power they're the only ones that can make laws they can then and they were the ones that were supposed to say hey wait a minute we have a problem so when somebody says no this person is a good person a bad person unless they stood up and said we have a problem with certifying this election and I will not allow this to pass they're the guard you know the guard This has got to be nullified. The elections for 2022 and 2020 have got to be nullified. And the ones that were responsible for that, it wasn't Whitmer. It wasn't Benson. It wasn't Nessel. It was the legislature. And we've taken our eye off the ball of where we need to have it be, and that's the legislature. Those are the first ones that should be removed in this whole criminal nonsense that went on with our fraudulent election, which is a threat to national security, which goes way beyond felony. This is treason. And every one of them committed it, every single one of them, because they did not make an absolute statement crazy issue out of this. They didn't call the people to get together and say, look, this is a stolen election. They were silent. They were silenced. And they passed it on. You know, Whitmer can't make laws. She can't make policies. She can't do anything. All she can do is carry out what the legislature says. And the same thing with Secretary of State. She can't make those policies. She carries them out. And because our legislature is a bunch of lazy idiots, they don't know the law. They don't even know their position. They don't know the rules or the rails that they need to be on. It just goes, oh, well, it's the Secretary of State. And they're going to go back to the Capitol and go drink all night. Yep. And they are all, you know, for lack of a better term, they are all in bed together. How many times do we see our representatives in the legislature refer to the other people in the legislature as colleagues? They are forming an alliance, a pact between themselves where their only alliance should be to their electors. That is it. So when you hear the legislatures talk about colleagues, and they all, every one of them do it, right? They have internal pacts within the legislature that... that they promote or dismiss legislation based on, right? And we know legislation all comes from private organizations and lobbyists and such like that. They're all written by somebody else. Then they pass them on to them. There's 2,000 bills that go through the Michigan legislature a year. No one is reading all those bills. Somebody else writes them, and then they just are told to rubber stamp this one. And if you don't, you get removed from your committees. And I was actually in contact with one of the representatives. I won't mention her name. But I was in contact with one of the representatives who threw a fairly large fuss at the beginning of the legislative term in 2021. And she was removed from every committee assignment, right? And we got to talking about that. And I told her, you are in a perfect position now, right? Committees serve no purpose except for workhouses. they are given bills, and they look at them and determine if they fit within the lawful regulations currently based on the committee. There's several committees out there, and they just look at bills and make sure that they fit lawfully. They should be making sure they fit constitutionally as well. However, they don't know the Constitution, so therefore they can't. Once it's done in committee, it goes to the floor or should, or it dies there in committee. But once it's on the floor, you can still modify or change anything, right? It is a representative's job to do this. And I told her, now that you do not have to burden yourself and waste your time in the committee, all of your action can be done right from the floor. It's like you have all the time in the world now to read, process and understand each one of these bills and tear them apart constitutionally. Right. Rightly dividing them based on the law and then bring it up right on the floor level where everybody can see it instead of hitting in all these committees. Right. And I loved it. And. It didn't really process, unfortunately. They're so worried about what somebody thinks. And this is a problem we have in the political parties as well as in the elected officials. They're so worried about what people think and being part of this little club they got going on. And they don't want to make somebody mad. They don't want to do this because they have to see them every day. And I've heard that said before. I'm like, those are exactly the people you should be talking to. But what you see every day are the people that voted you in office. Welcome to the war room. Each one of you representatives and senators, you have been elected to war in that building. Yes. And if you don't understand that, then get out because I don't want you there. And it's a tough, it's going to be a tough goal. If you're going to get an office with people that you're going up against the machine, that's completely criminal, be prepared. They're probably not going to like you every time they see you, but that's the case. Smiling wave boys. Cause you're winning, you know? So I want to go back to the concept of, of the township level where the people should start. um I've got some some photo images of can you hear me when I change to my gallery because I've got um images that I took of a couple of books that are township level michigan township association authorities and responsibilities of michigan townships your guide to serving your community And policy matters using board and administrative policies to manage your township. So a attorney's group is the one that is educating, is the word that they would use, the public body rather than the people. That's the first problem right there. I don't think anybody even knows that this exists anymore. So here is section on board. A board meeting is for board business. Outside of a public comment period or public hearing, the board addresses the business on its agenda. And the public is the audience watching the board do its business. Yeah, that little book you're referring to is the little red book. Every township supervisor and clerk will understand that when you say the little red book. That comes directly from the MTA. And it is absolutely inane how they believe that they have that kind of authority. In my township, we're just a little rural town, right? 4,700 people live in this little 36 square miles. And the state seems that they claim authority over 10 miles of their own state land. So we're even more restricted on that. But in my little township at our board meetings, we do not have police there, very, very rarely. If they're there, they're there to give a special, not proposal, a special insight onto something that has gone on or something that is going to go on. So we really only have our board and our fire chief and deputy chief and whoever else shows up, right? That's as clean as it gets at our board. The one nice thing that I continue to applaud my supervisor for We have public comment, right? And it's established there towards the beginning of the agenda and towards the end of the agenda. And for the most part, anything can be said in public comment, right? They don't refer to agenda items only like a lot of boards do to try to limit your ability to instruct your representatives. And not only that, but We are able to discuss anything at any time, right? Anything that comes up. If you raise your hand in my township board, you'll be called up. And that's the one thing that I applaud my supervisor for, that stands out above any other boards that I've ever gone to and listened to. And that's the way it should be. You cannot restrain your constituent's voice, and this goes for any elected official, you cannot restrain your constituent's voice based on an allotted time or an allotted spot. They have the right, we have the right to instruct you at any given point, okay? And borderline interrupt you at any given point, right? As long as we're not creating a malicious disturbance The people have the right to instruct the representatives. It's as simple as that, and we need to get that into our heads and actually utilize it. So, yeah, the two books that you've read, I'm not sure about the second one. I have not seen that one, Policy Matters. Is that what you said it was? You there, Karen? Yeah, so I was still looking at my gallery. Can you hear me? Yes. Yep. Okay, I'm going to read you one more line. Township board meetings are not, quote, town hall meetings where everyone has a say in the decisions, and they are not meant to be extended complaint sessions or arguments. This is something that many people, including township boards themselves, lose sight of. So that is the instruction that brought forward the clerk of my township saying, we are the bosses, right? You are the audience is what they actually said to us. And that's exactly where it comes from. They're not getting their instruction from the people. They're getting it from attorneys. And the people have accepted that because number one, they don't know it. Bill knows it and I know it and Donna knows it. But most people don't know that. How do they know how to do their job? Where is the manual for how to do their job? It's not coming from just, you know, the one before saying, hey, this is how I do things, and the people giving them instruction. It's coming from attorneys. And whenever there's a decision to be made in my township, well, we'll have to ask the attorney about that. And then they spend a lot of the taxpayer money, a lot of taxpayer money, asking the attorney for advice. Yeah, and what are attorneys referenced to? Even Christ was talking to the lawyers in the New Testament. I'm not sure there's a Scripture reference there. I'd have to look it up. But He was telling them that they hide the keys of knowledge. They purposely hide knowledge because we know that the Lord's people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge in Hosea. So they are purposely hiding that, and they all the well know what they're doing. Anybody who's involved with the bar should know exactly what they're doing because the bar is a completely illegitimate board who is self-licensed Anybody who wants more information on that, I can bring a guy on here that can talk for a long time about that. But they are an organization outside of the Constitution, outside of law, who They're like the NFL of lawyers, right? They're a self-governing body who self-license. There is no lawful practice for licensing a lawyer. I don't know how many people know that. Well, there is no licenses. It's a private membership card that they have. They have a card, but they don't have a license to practice law. It's a membership, right? Yeah, exactly. And that membership comes from the bar, right? So they're an organized group. Call them organized crime for all practical purposes. Unionized. How about that? How about union? Unionized crime. There you go. Unionized crime. That purposely hide knowledge and hide the law so that the people don't know how to fight. That's the way they do it. You get into a courtroom with a lawyer and you can see that clearly. For anybody who understands that a courtroom is an administrator for the plaintiff, they're not the arbitrary law enforcement in a court. They are only administrative. when you understand that and start seeing how these lawyers actually do that, oh, thank you, Karen, it's Luke 11.52, the reference to lawyers. When you understand that, you can see that they purposely dodge the law and hide it from a courtroom to be able to promote whatever the prosecutor is trying to do. And it's the same problem in juries. The juries are hidden from the knowledge of their powers. And they are told that they are to do what the prosecutor wants, right, what the prosecutor leads them to do. And that's not the case at all. They are the authority in the court. The real scary thing is, is that we've moved to a civil action jurisdiction. And a lot of the cases, I think we're at an 80 or a 98 percent money judgment rate. that the prosecutors will bring to court. And the reason being is that they get a cut of that, of all the money judgments that go through. I believe they get about 18% is what I heard. I have to confirm that. But that they get 18% that goes into, say, like their retirement accounts and such. So this is a shakedown. Well, that can be simply summed up as a bribe. It's a bribe from the state for all practical purposes, guaranteeing a payment based on a certain judgment, right? And that's criminal. It's as simple as that. We already pay these people to do a job, right? When we elect them, we pay them to do the job, and yet they skim off the top of everything that happens. Completely unlawful, okay? So, I mean, we just talked about all the criminal offenses and the corruption that happens in courtrooms and the executive branch and the legislative branch, even all the way down to local officials, right? So what do we do about it? Because they don't want to impeach them because they're all in bed together. They're all serving the same master, being the state. And on that note, by the way, I don't know. Do either one of you watch Twilight Zone at all? You ever seen the Twilight Zone? No. I've seen them once or twice in my lifetime, but no. There is one episode of the Twilight Zone early on. It's called the obsolete man. Take a look at that. You will see the reference I'm talking about where the state becomes the master and everybody is subservient to it. They did a fantastic job with it for as long as they had. So anyway, we've talked about all the problems, all the corruption, but we don't just talk about them. Let's give you the solution for it, right? If your representatives refuse to impeach, and let me say this, they're only going to if you push them to do so. If we stand back, they will take no action. But if they continue to refuse to impeach and prosecute and bring justice upon all this corruption and criminality that we see, then what do we do? It's 2024, it's an election year, guess what? There's tons of township boards we just talked about that need to be replaced, right? That is- Run for anything. Yep, and we can make the difference there because the townships can push back on the counties. The counties can push back on the state. The state, as we saw in the 1860s, can push back on the federal government, right? That is how it's done from the bottom up. So if you're hearing any of this and you say, well, yeah, that's what my township supervisor or my township clerk is doing and they won't listen to me. Well, guess what? What people should we be putting into office? I've said this before. Exodus 18.21 is our model. That is, those who fear God. I'm sorry. First and foremost, those that are able. And then those that fear God. Men of truth... Hating covetousness. There's four qualifications to be a proper elected official who can govern well. So you've got to be able, and I'm talking to everyone who's just listening here, you've got to be able. Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifice or even willing to learn and you have a voice and you're breathing well? if you answered yes to two out of those four, you're able. Do you fear God more than men? Because our elected servants should first and foremost fear the God that in Michigan we proclaimed in our preamble to the Constitution. In Article 1, Section... Oh, I just screwed that up in my head. I think it's section three. Doggone it. I'm going to have to look that up in a minute. Give me just a minute because I'm not willing to get that one wrong. So we go to our Michigan Constitution. Go to the current one or one of the old ones. It doesn't matter. It might be a different spot. That's all. They do order it differently between them. Yeah, that they do. Oh, yeah, Article 1, Section 4. I was one off. It's Section 4, not 3. Where it says, Every person shall be at liberty to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience. It's a longer paragraph explaining that, the infringement upon that as well. So you've got to be able to fear God more than men. What's the next one? Men of truth, right? Or women of truth in these days. So you have to be truthful. That's not deceptive. Not willing to lie about anything or hide any action. Be truth. Be open. Be transparent about it. And that starts in the home. If we can't do it in our own home, we're not willing to do it in an elected position. So that's where we have to vouch for these people running for office. I've quit voting for a lot of the higher-ups because I do not know their character. I don't know how they operate in private because what they do in private will reveal itself in public. So you have to be able, God-fearing, and be truthful. And the last one is hating covetousness. Or in a lot of other translations, it is hating filthy lucre. Any gains that you receive based on your action. Our elected servants, you should be more focused on what you're doing rather than what you're going to get from it, right? We see a lot of the candidates, even those in office, how many emails do you get, Donna, from the conservative movement where they talk about problems and talk about what should be done? They don't do it. And then at the very bottom of the email, they say donate. Right. Or they hit your credit card unlawfully. They do that button at the top. Yeah. Yeah. Because it's a money industry. They are a bunch of grifters looking for money. Money is buying our elections. It's an illusion of choice, but we can still overwhelm them by thinking for ourselves and voting our conscience rather than voting with a party or an endorsement or any of these things. And that's what we have to do is get in front of God and pray and vote for who do you feel in your heart that you've researched, that you know who is going to be the best person for the job, that you feel like you could sit down and have coffee with them and know that either they're listening to you or that you're on the same page. I don't see one of them right now. I'm not seeing anybody out there. you know, that I feel really good about in the state of Michigan. The state of Michigan is a dumpster fire. And that is a true story right there. So whoever's out there, if you can vote for any, or if you can run, run for anything. You can contact Bill and myself because Bill is the chairman of the U.S. Taxpayers Party. I'm the vice chair of the Constitution Party. We need people to run and be there in protest to this unlawful two-party, uniparty system. This is what's taking us down right now. And make no mistake, they are set against we the people. If they weren't, you've done something. This is like another lie. It's another lie that they're going to do anything. They're just not. That is exactly where I was thinking. But that doesn't mean they're going to carry it out. If you are one of those four qualities, I'm sorry, if you are four of those four qualities and you see the problems and you don't exactly know what to do about it or have been doing things that aren't working, then it's time to replace these people. That's the first step. If we're not willing to put ourselves out there and replace them, then we are not willing to uphold the duties that our founding fathers were willing to take care of. I was just talking to somebody where I'm setting up another meeting, not a U.S. Taxpayers Party meeting, but another meeting of patriots. And this is a very, very small group, right? Highly vetted. And I was asked to be part of it. I didn't desire to be part of it, but I was asked. And we got to talking about how should we organize this thing? How should we get this thing started? And this is just an example. But the talk came up, well, we could easily just do virtual meetings, kind of like what we're doing now. But we could easily just do virtual meetings and start proposing the ideas and get everybody involved and then work towards our bigger meetings. And I told them, I was like, no, no, no, no, no. That's not the way our forefathers did this, right? Our forefathers drove their horses. Our forefathers rode on horseback or carriage, right? I don't know if anybody's ridden in a carriage. I don't want to do that for 300 miles. But they did that across the country before we had asphalt roads. Call to meet in person and discuss the issues and find the result. That's what they did. And any dedicated person to this matter should be willing to do the same. I'm willing to ride on horseback if I have to. I'm not the best at it. But as long as I have a vehicle that God's provided me, I'll use the vehicle, right? But that's how far we need to take this. We have to be willing, as our forefathers did, all 53 signers of the Declaration of Independence, to give up our life, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to do this without ever defecting, mind you. All of them upheld that oath. We have to be willing to put ourselves in this. Absolutely. If we are not willing to do that, then we need to remove the American badge from ourselves. Because that is what it is to be an American. Well said. So this is election year. We need people desperately that fit those qualifications that are willing to do it. If you're one of those people and you wanna run, if you wanna run as an independent, go for it. But by all means, contact as many people as you can to see who are willing to help get your name out there. But don't expect them to do all the work. You gotta be willing to go places that you don't wanna go, right? And talk to people you don't want to talk to. You're going to be swimming with the sharks out there. And make no mistake, they're going to try to flip you. They're going to lie. They're going to lie about you. And that's okay. Just smile at them and keep walking. And run right into the fire. They should be more afraid of us than we are of them. That's right, that's right. And if you have the same mindset that's spoken of on this show specifically, then check the U.S. Taxpayers Party out. Go to Look at it. It's all open there. We're not hiding anything from you. You can see our platform there. You can see what our purpose is to restrain government back to its constitutional limits, using the Constitution as a chain to bind our elected servants into their delegated powers. That's the only way this is going to work. You can go on there and read about what we've done, the things that we've been saying over the past several decades, right? Since 1992, you've seen us on the ballot. If you haven't, then you need to pay closer attention and quit marking those boxes at the top of your ballot. If you agree with that, or at least the majority of it even, and are willing to help out, willing to put yourself out there, willing to maybe even be more educated on something, or you even just have the question, Send us some information. Send us a contact form at least. Let us know who you are, what your skill set is. Because if we can all work together, we can make this happen. The majority of people in the so-called conservative movement are all saying the same thing. We're all talking about the same issues, the same corruption, and a lot of us are talking about the same solution. But it takes workers to accomplish it, right? We need workers in the field who are willing to give of themselves to make this happen. So if you're one of those, get a hold of us. If you're willing to run as a candidate, go over on the main page. On the right-hand side, there's a blue button that says run for office, right? Fill that out. It takes maybe 15 minutes. Just real quick. And we'll get a hold of you, typically within just a day or two. We need people. It's as simple as that. But I'm not saying to bind with a party either. That's not what we're asking here. Parties are only an avenue to get people on a ballot. That's lawful, legal practice. And that's it. Parties are a good thing in the... in the mindset that they are able to have common discourse in election years. They are able to Just like a convention, you have sides and you have pros and cons, right? They are able to talk about those issues and they should be finding the lawful practice to put them into play, right? Because in office, they all swear the same oath. Yet for some reason, we see party politics and our legislators specifically that when one is in power, they can do whatever they want. When the other's in power, they can do what they want. I'm telling you, they're both unlawful. They swear the same oath. They're there to be bound by the same chains. I don't care what party you're from. And if, for instance, if we ever get a U.S. taxpayers party member that becomes an office and they violate their oath, I'm going to go after them. I'm not going to hold them to a pedestal or I'm not going to censor what they say and leave them there. No, I'm going to go after them. I'll call for Democrats and Republicans both. You impeach this guy. He is not upholding his oath. That is how strong we believe in our representative government. We have a republic for a reason. It's not a democracy, people. Anybody that says that should be removed from office because they obviously don't even understand the oath that they swore. Right? which is a lot of them, right? So let's get involved. Let's get everybody involved, right? I'm excited. It's 2024. We can do this. We just have to get all of our efforts together and make it happen. Not everybody has the same skill set. So we need all the skills to come together and make it happen. Well, if everybody just takes a few minutes and passes information on and their social media networks, that's a minimal effort right there to help educate the state because the education system is just an indoctrination system. So we can all get involved in that. Well, I really appreciate today's discussion. This was wonderful, guys. And I think that I've got to get on because I'm doing some more interviews, you know, out there. So I'm going to move on to my next interviews out out there. And and. in the world. But thank you so much. Bill, you want to pray for us today? Sure, sure. Father, we thank you for this ability that you've given us to be able to meet, yet still freely, Father. And as we see the corruption that takes place that so many Americans have allowed over numerous decades, Father, our fathers and our grandfathers, and even before some of the Father, I ask that You would give this generation the knowledge, Father. Give this generation the courage to stand up in the midst of a fire, Father, in the midst of war. I ask that You would give us the strength. to stand against the tyranny that our founding fathers would have never allowed. You stood with them, as we can see, the divine hand of providence early on in this nation's heritage, Father. And I ask that you would do the same this day, that you would gather your troops together and that you would equip them, not to call the qualified, Father, but to equip those who you call. to qualify those who are called. And bind us together that we can all speak the same, Father, that we can all promote liberty and justice and proclaim liberty throughout the land as our fathers wrote on our Liberty Bell. And Father, give us that ability and strengthen us to do that work. In Jesus' name, Amen. Amen. Thank you so much. Well, guys, thank you for being here. Thanks for being patient, Karen, and all the wisdom that comes from you, too. You guys are wonderful friends, and I really am so proud to stand with both of you. It's amazing. So here's the part of the show. Go to because I am not conceding to liars, cheats, and thieves in the state of Michigan, which have have conducted and certified an unlawful, fraudulent election on so many levels. There's no way to even condense it into a show. But we're going to keep on fighting here and shoving it in their faces a little bit because they do, in fact, work for us. So with that said, God bless you all out there. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Make it a great day. We've got wonderful opportunities every single day to serve each other, to serve God. And if we want the world to be put back, write in, see all of these things wrong, we're going to have to get involved. We're going to have to work for it. We're going to have to fight for it. Freedom isn't free. We have to be able to serve in our communities. our families, and stand for something other than the material nonsense that's going on right now. That is so temporary. There are other things that we have to put ahead of that. And when you have an eternal perspective, know that this is a temporary assignment here. This is where we all are. We are on assignment, temporary assignment in this world. So got to make sure that we put our time and efforts into those things that really matter, those things that are intangible. and the other people around us, not how many things do we have. Remember Moses. Moses was willing to speak. David was willing to pick up a stone. Gideon was willing to tear down altars. It's those kind of things. We just have to be willing to do it. God equips us for everything he calls us for. So have a great day, guys, and we'll see you tomorrow. I have Jason Ladd will be on tomorrow, which will be kind of a fun interview, and Karen will be on with me hopefully tomorrow because I love talking to Karen because Karen is fun, just like Bill. And you guys have a great day, and we'll see you tomorrow. All right. Well, take care. Bye.