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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/2/2022 - Live - Tami Brandenburg and Jason Jones

Published Sept. 2, 2022, 8 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg a beautiful day to day friday september to eight o'clock and always glad to see every one here i have a special guest as morning in her name my bedtime brandenburg she is a financial person elevated herself in it and then we were going to have janoon but i wanted to add a clip here in a day and what's happening we got a lot of nonsense going on with the bi which is truly an unconstitutional overreach like we've never and but let's listen to a day and say this morning if you to get in here cooperate there i broadcast it's going to go to watson so her heavily admiral are actually yes they want to get him out remember the they're trying to push right on they are trying to the had classified do national security to now i remember going back her certain individuals are getting de that there are two play right now and i do the i knew what he had in more they wanted certain inform the to make but they were trying to re classify certain documentation but that an agenda see actually very hard they're not just going to everything of my hat i don't know why we went a reason why they it might backfire but they're going to through that you know this is a really good point so this is i believe that were seen some things out there for objects that it's it's incredible that i loved a mental day starts morning the day is always a good it's always a good moment for me just something to think about encouraging you know i'm of the opinion that president trump is a very smart man he doesn't do just kind of randomly and that there's a reason behind things as in seething with the general he these guys are really smart guys and we have a lot of really good people working behind the so we can start the day happy knowing that first of all gods and control and he appoints people for certain times to do good works and to a here and i think that's what we are going on so in the meantime let's go back to i'm goin to bring the brandenburg on here and we're going to talk about the lavinia the financial world as well as the how to hoist we have one anyhow you good wonderful so i wanted you to introduce yourself not only are you a friend of mine but you my sister in law so and one of the one of the smartest people that i've iver known in the world of finance and extraordinarily honest and trustworthy so i am really happy that you're able to thank you i either in excited about all of the things that you have going on in michigan super crowd of everything so i have here have you no talitaua world amiability years now athanasian years and meenister right now working alfonsina a lot of experiences working with cloaks and in helping them finally away from each lathro the world and appeared all different places and experiencing all the counties with their money it had figured to meet them where they are it and i get the the onlikely love and find a place we have some money is the one thing that keeps you wickednesse over their money so you know how do we make that use for the i love that i love the fact that you always approach things with a service minds you really do care and you know i see that an action you know seen in her of lots of store step in to help people in to defend people and i have a tremendous amount of love and respect so what's going on out there in the world where the inflation which i think is an engineer an engineer cries and due to either management or come you know complicity we can we can probably make what's really going on and what would be helpful for whatever dicta in whitecastle right now is that in places in a continued to tea at least to be endowed at which point i instauratio again and what their thomas is behind this is a low inventory control supply in the man in hanamenu the sin so aoyama lot of goods that are going to start coming out as the ships arrived and as some of the entry back into the economy and they want to make sure that how that is purchased at home of that work together it is in a controlled environment no industries are gone up which is going to drive crisis because people can only afford so much of the man in pammerrammer for the money that i forefathers i so you're going to see that kind of corruption state made their calling us the third is going to meet every the remainder of this year and were probably looking at at least with if you're depositing money right now to your greate you know you're a great place to areotha before firing money that's where it's going to get a little tough what you want to because tis the best in to continue at least through beginning to twenty twenty three and then in a lonesome so i think for a while we're going to see some one hires rates and we have an entire generation of apostles and thirty there ever seen in class he will let it to young boys and a girl raised from hoodendin the class in that i would not pay more than three per cent to the bar all far ybarra or carry the weather a sense of the tentative so that's going they think they have control of some of this but at the purchaser level you really don't it's the powers that be above you that that are setting those rates are manipulating prices bein that energy and you know when you have parts when you have industry cartels because it's really what it is and there the policies the a criminal politicians you really have a recipe for i remember back in you know and as you know we've had so many deflation ary periods interferin here remember i think you probably remember this too i remember the gas bag are the oil embargo in the sound it was in there is in mid seventies and i remember that the gas for you know we had one gestation that was like people were lined up for miles trying to get gas and that the the interest rates were crazy you know we had crazy interest and you when they control the money supply the way they do you end up either playing ball with them or you just don't participate and and ah what is what have you been here in is the actual inflation rate because i've heard i've heard lots of numbers and i'm not believing any of i think it's much higher than what there there expecting a meritorious as the number tattooed off then when they and i don't my chartrain me i'll have to grab the but when i went to corinth grannonia and they show a yellow one and they set to tigerish always be and that's at that to and were kind of reawakening like this and so every time it goes out you know we have to crack inventories and it's really about inventory fractions is what they're trying to win one we have that is if bedewed into the economy he also in a coma and enclose around that to her not one and then all the sudden this carousal you know irregular has left him around and so we got a ring that back down by its they like to be right around that to and donnegan my tom but yet they wanted to be red around that to we were running what what i'm seeing too in the gas is they're doing a little bit of a psychological manipulation there too which is to instill fear and people and so you watch like gas prices go up significantly and then all the sudden it come back down every thank you god is finally back to normal well you know what if they would raise him in the first place we would have we would have saved yourself a lot of nonsense you know and but it's all control at all manipulate and that as to the housing discussion and that a didn't realize and he made of a crisis it was until recently and there is a shortage of housing their armholes for people that need to don't have no when you don't have a house in the prices go up and we've all mahometans out we watch style you know we're looking at people lying houses for half lodoletta three thousand for you now to three years i want improper around me here where i live you know satrapial because there isn't enough of it there i woon't have couple that with the rising interest rates now typically when interest rates were i have stated ability right and this is to be one of the first times in history where were waiters go up but the house prices are still going and that's unpressagented generation of people that are trying to buy a house it is the nearly impassible amianthus in being when they do they can't afford it and the rent at their command it is prothero the people that have mercenaries have to borrow money to vittoria property and they have to charge higher rental rates to so i don't know any alright now armenian in our coat are you know coming out of college coupled with copious amounts of student long dead or not able to where the american dream the weather we have a lot of work to do to create fordable housing in the way to make so that they can he to trinitarians nowhere i i'm a fan of the trade schools and such you know and because the university seemed to be doing it in extraordinary amount of misrepresentation of the opportunities so there's toenails job to get people and to the university but they can't deliver on what they are what they're saying that there the price isn't surrogation when you have education you should have a measure of all a measurable gain or return on your vestment just not there and in so many cases unless you go into specific specific professions you know it's just it just doesn't appear to be here to me to the degree that the retainer a trade colonel come out of trade school and there making the you make six dices with zero zero dat and and you know everyone knows we need we really need more pale that are in in the trades and or that have a skill because we don't have enough workers to the labor pool is just not there to hire an electricity now you we waited we waited much i'm talkin we have a lot of people traitors that reservation and you know i know i was selling gloomily aagot and there is a generation i hooked up in a stall not because we couldn't buy generator but because we could get the collar here now in a there is a huge shortage of that and you know yes i tottontail car one of the things that i don't have the data right from me that they talked a lot about but when i was at the cape was it works and there's a lot of giordano and there predicting that forty per cent of our labor force to be in words by the earthen twenty five i think was the number of her and i don't know what it is work was right in animation look to get these so i looked out with these in your people driving to obendorf and their parting with iron with these online companies and meditate report be the generation of coming up they really want that work like balance you know they want to do they experience of life is more valuable and it has a lot of merit more so then than the hand down work on my money that you in our generation and were learning how to have me bring these generations together and still have excalibur you know and as there cannot inward so it is labour up you know we need to wear it works he a lowering it creates the gig worker called her though does create a lot of challenges stable companies you can do that in a service capacity to a certain degree but when you how do i say this tactfully if if you're running a company like a manufacturing company i was listening to the i was listening to this statistics yesterday and we have per cent not show up for work rate in michigan it's one of the highest and you know i put it a real simple terms you know peasant show up for work is twenty two per cent and after a sporting event it's thirty seven how in the world can you run a manufacturing company with dad lines if people just want to you know not how they're not taking work seriously and realize it when you're when you're on a team when you're on a team and you really want to want to a career for you know it's a little difficult to do that when you're playing wild west out there and that so dot tormento the companies into the labor force if we don't get people in those in the stable jobs to support the companies as workers also you know the companies are going to go under and go away and there's going to be no more work for gatherers because there's not going to be anything there so i mean the focus in the balance is completely completely completely gone you know it's like our generation we expected to work and then you know and i think it was become a time is valuable not just we had that responsibility for the people around us you know you go to go to work for me and you realise that people within the company that you're working for the penny to show up because if you don't and you go take off and go golf during the day you know you leave everybody around you to lurch and it actually has a much more community feel where in a community responsibility where i think we've kind of been the soul of of a lie here to say that you know go do your thing and that's really community it's not at all you know when you're in when you're in a community whether it be you know a charter or our school system or just your neighbors our family you make a lot of sacrifices in the things that you might just but yet it is canonisation sometimes it does that they things are going to go in over the wire stays like you wouldn't ah but it does create a lot of challenge and you know hopefully hopefully we can merged something here and make it work a little better than the current now we have it were have one work to do i know that they were saying in the intestate of ilaria now to have to in the care let a happenin there are two jobs for every worker right out on you know so we need more they really will intimate leaves into the hard work really hard to you know reflect if the desert repeatedly want to go in there and after a some have to for our tradesmen we weened like i said i believe in and finding trade schools so it all teosinte financially missouris arlotte good news for people coming out or is there some were often no wentworth conference yet i think that there were once imagination know things are mineral i guess it overtaketh now one of the things we talked a lot about right now his savings and right now the average you know mabel they don't have oneasiness call to help them even abergany so we're doing a lot of hard work right now when our volition really i get to get an emergency you as one of the corporation if you know you have to get a watch perceive something happens and you need and and founded dollars is kind of dog that for six hundred dollars is really a place that just nasty and mean they see that you shall have three months a promenade for you know in his youth about just those boolees refining of the people don't have that same and so how can we continue importuning that money aside and having that nest day pretty coate average deposit it they together interesting nonsectarian had eventually on the pottawattamie no word upon some have less but the average of customer was elevators or that he that now that because their souls us money that people were saying you know there was one there's all kinds of coverlet was out there so people were able to but where an antic you know as poitiers a layer so that he wimbledon but what were transgressing out there and to the close really mindful of savagery having but as we did a lot of araound dollar gold you know and i know that sounds crazy to some people like or under dollars what before most of our families that strato get there and to have that later your expenses are high housing is high and placidity by gastritis or fontanares in ganlook i intend that so that something you know as we were with our own commented to that each why especially with the savings were going up i'd rather be on the side of balance the border just look in labor supply they say that's coming they say it's coming back to liverpool in at my notes here and soopernatural there was during colette was a lot of people in that said you know what we lived on one income during coatapantli die so we want to continue to live that life were not going to reinterpret we have a lot of working man and folks that didn't come back to work after cotehouse they really liked that is lonely style that they the less the we can live on there lowestoffe comes back in the way before the balance some of that london is a mate after some of our mental income elise here and and you know the forteresses are in prices ronaninhohonti right now until that some but we may cross the as we as we had to their bits again you know we continue it hasn't meant to be because of as money but now that that's an that had again as his tennesseeans go from here in a strange time in a timeline in one one of the ah it is an unprecedented time and we're going to have to go through this like step by step i think as we go into the future it's not as simple as i think one would their hands around these when you when you move one piece on the chessboard of life your affecting your you could affect the next twenty move of all the other all of the other so the game and like when you when you affect energy you affect industry in fact people when you you know when the cost clean there's so much manipulation that's going out a lot of it just for iconoclastic when they shut it down on the eastern astrardente the pipe or the product was as they didn't stop the product what happened as they had an issue in the billing software and all the sudden pop up rose the price ay atergatis had really nothing to do with supply or demand it was just they they shut it down because and i have a question on how they got at number one and was the who did it you know there there's different ways to a and i believe that a lot of the hand in coming from within these organisation saw that with unemployment in unemployment fraud in michigan i know somebody who works and his proud investing and the information that i got out of that was very very one a lot of the fraud committed was with an unemployment and it was because water took off in the numbers don't even add up the numbers that are imported are sometimes just see three billions of times bill but the person that told me that they were just laughing said that's not even there was at least forty billion that went out and honestly probably close to there are people that were that knew how to gain the system from the inside good security is a huge topic right now in the finance in fact we're going examiners were hiring hexameters and many so that understand as safe you know but we're looking this you know over the last couple of years by antichrist and an elder elder abuses and other making that we see in the finance world where all the romance and things like that and i were you know and i think we could have a whole program about fraud and i think there was a good thing to do i mean but yet we see that if we have to work really hard to help our members of you know and i know that my daughter grammatical in innishowen it happens in it they said if we have your granddaughter in jeannette out lackadaydee at the money maltreated intercepted and stop it better you coleuses media to get the information in a haidemak you believe that they really caldigate on the really calling about you know and and i pineapple with these romans people was you know the way thousands of dollars thinking that they're going to find the love of their life you know when they're talking to somebody in imbibation that's something else in the finance rothwell hard as to continue to educate our customers and he being unsatisfied you know no noise call you one just rediscovered that dozen happen you know permission they have that an there's lettings that you know we have to do educators to protect their financial data and i am from a lot of these fields that are out there it praising deal we don't have physical robberies anymore than finance world they don't roundaboutness a that doesn't happen before so just to deal with that and there's a lot more of em there was somebody that actually showed up at my mom's door a few years ago and she is now she she's a little on the night side all tell you that if you like with it to nice young man she called me and later on an ant i think i did see the really bad and i might what happened and she sat telling me and when he got wine got to security number she finally she finally kind of figured it out and it didn't in said don't think i want to do this you know but you know they pray ample good and ten and we think you know it's like whenever you have somebody that has criminal intent they look like they look like a so they think that they are like us but they're not they don't and they have no remorse over hurting other people there is no soul there they don't care they would theater people without without hope take every last they have and you know right off and the sun set laughing and the person that they gained it's really it's really sad and there's a lot of them out there it's not like it's not like his and you know what i'm going to go back to to the social the marks is engineering to get got out of our nation and why that is so important because you if you don't have god in your life and you know your serious that you're gone they're going to be lost and they're going to do the wrong thing because it comes all about them he neither chose garoche the religion of self and that what it comes down and if it's really unfortunate because they they then i was reading you know when i was working on a hospice as well as great a loss to i was working with a gal that i hired who his master's a social work and she was also a volunteer coordinator perhaps as for thirty years and and really really a great person as we were putting the salt together and i found this really interesting that psychologists and categorized nor orators and so pass psychopath psychological carnegy they do not care what how their actions hurt another so we say with the old justice they're so talented a writing in the systems there very talented people are the very just use it for good you know to darwin think that the people that are like that it's all about you know what they can grab for themselves and we see that in a very large way with our politics the fact that they don't really serve they don't really care but there's just a lot of people out there that have committed frater the years and there's no consequence there's no there's no actual insignificant consequence get a slap on the wrist they get out and i would actually save that you know quite often but often what you'll see if you'll see may be some pay off involved in this too when you know i think i think we can underestimate the fact that our public officials are stepping in to help people the trespass that are happening here we know that and we just need to chase them down and keep on them you know when you look at when you look at the amount of money that people have in their bank in when they leave office compared to when they got into office and i'm not talking about somebody who continuing to do business you know maybe they came into office with with you know a thousand dollars or five thousand dollars and set but we're talking leaving with like twenty seven twenty nine million dollars fifty million dollars a hundred million dollars the overseas account you know that these people are praying on the that you know i treat you smart figure that out you know and so many lives in the eremitess where a place everybody all you know just you know it you know he i think so too what lies out there did you have anything else that was talked about at your come you know i have a lot about leadership in taxation studies on the believe this new generation and understand how they think it won't make the the and yet that an experience is going you know continued to keep you know that that flowers going to we had some conversations around a just you know mostly you know something that type of conversation just continuing to learn how ahead of long to keep the labour flowing you pandemonium in or in the proceedure was penthesilea you know how do we make finally and again make it we were a lotion really trying to that promotion and that nothing a easter's a million topic we could go in to talk about some regulator in things that are going on you know the overrating i don't know where that tension in that nationally i think regularly like i don't know alternatheras had that but you only did your something we did talk about this relenting in his are that's something i entreat remy on rainey know the big point black i am becoming more nobly related as i continue and when at all about it and in a lot of people are flying bit pinion know yet as too much about that because i have a rehearsal in a lot of what that one look like in the we talk a lot about digital wallets and you know tidings this lot of cold coming out you know i'm just living for paterson topics there is that you know we can probably i didn't quite time just learning about all of the cool that are out there i even go down that hall technology past a lot to and just how people may and is technology to manage their money i was at a restaurant this week and the bill came out ahead of baroness about it that the lad mysticetae get done eating and to pay the bill and i with your fellow and may be and behind the scenes and refitting see it before you and the maliebaan part from your foundation hovering up alone nothing as the star was right on then that you are potato could use from their attendants it's really fun for tantalisation they that were come out with me alone and you know how i not as we make it easier to technology we make all this stuff really we get more signorina right so it's a cat plantation have balance you goin to get on in maintained but protect and so that kind of work is going on too but these that's wot opened with that that i don't be going to a conference at the end of september really technology it's got a lot of technology as well as operation i really excited to see what we're going to eat there that is neither but yet this year it's been really unto see how apology in his i have governance i can make it the cost for my solace i can move money from my fontanelles things i mean this is ever really any more this is a rest the man we don't even they don't even come into the waldemar eaten a county open the cotton their condeetion their foemen the success was all over the town so that a lot different when i started in to inhale so it i am curious to something that you said about teaching people about money and men and i know you've been involved in doing a demon of financial plan in an educating people on money man i would love to see this in the school so that where were waiting too long to critical so when they do get out of high school and the move on the they have miss and i honestly had a bunch of people who were about eighteen nineteen year olds come to me and say i don't know how to adult i don't know how to be adult in like ideally think about that for a while and i'm like what does that mean well first of all they said i don't know how to hold a conversation you know like you do my mom my mom does i don't know how to do this they know that the they feel unsure and unprepared so it's hard to go through go forward with boldness into different careers or different steps forward if you being held back by the fear that you don't know enough or that you don't feel like your equipped enough to do these money man man is a big one and i think that it would be really it would be a really great thing people not to rely on the government because no matter what the government touches it screws up there there's not one thing to the government that much that does get screwed up if it's not now it's come and just way you know the other shoes about to drop right and and if we take that responsibility and control back of her own life you know that goes that goes through self government that goes through our careers that goes you know getting the government out of the way that the biggest thing is dinnimite way getting a regulation on the age them out of the way and put everything back in the hand and that includes say like our retirement and are our ability to when when i talk to people about how i manage thank i like to have different if i had would say i take one business and i mean say one business what i do is i will have different for the expenses that i know are coming up for example real estate i will have certain money going into insurance account so i know that those sticks cost will always be i'll have one i have one found that i'll have like for caperet or if we need to put a rough on or something like that they'll be major expense that that would be another fine and i designate page so this is where michigan really get screwed up with the road finds is a dump everything into a general fund and everybody had their hands in them and i never really had controlled the money and then all of a sudden the money's gone we had no money for roads when you have lamented the way to fix that as you have to have separate funds and separate people in charge of those super callonby and he had that money there so when people in the personal finances my opinion on it and it works really well is to even in your in your home you know people will have like vacation or or vacation account in these shipton in there and the key is don't touch the money in the individual to for an only for what that fun is intended to be used should be a retirement and you know that you put money into a retirement plan where every single pack shipping money into that or if you have deathlike a don arouse you know mortgage at something like that there should be there should be extra money put into that every single one even if it's five dollars even if it's time do it if it's fifty dollars a hundred dollars that great but if there's antimonium that's put in their every single man the amount of interest save is over time is shocking how much you can actually make your money go further if you if you if you're working on money manage i teach a class we have a program called on that we want to go distinction and then lower your mother comes that you can match some of the statistics that can tell you is that the average person retire because all the money most of our entire if they have between tight thousand dollars saved whitetail spirit on out there a thousand dollars is but they have in their savings account when they in their anything onofrio their nacelles that's what you see allers that i won't work in his lomaptera you know wherever they can get a job morison senior citizens in the work as a notification to have in their retirement if they don't start saving now and there's a lot of city one of the type of the money and start saving but you know there is a whole lot that goes into that and and your absolutely right they have to have they have to save for a purpose they have to know this and we have to teach them that and in your right operation lucy that it assistant is something that is so missing in our society it aforehand we had almost to hothouse buttermere of do look at the way they macaroons they go to the teaching he looks how much is in there they take mildewy they go you know and the way you know you have to you have to cut understand where your money's not an inaudible these people are also probably something as you know when the thistle to day that they get their side up for noticing an they get this apple subscription in that apples the human know their pain for subscriptions because they don't even use it any more but in turn not because they're not noticeable there all the money gone out of their company don't even realize going out that if they can stop that and say no to watch who when more by myself and for in a sense now that money they had do people really need to stop and centre all the ways and noother spending their money in their retreat but that financial literacy starts it should start in the hall it realestate homestead is that most of our families are they were it is a legacy thing and so it we do need to get it into our high school i remember in his schooling had written to shepherdesses that we had to do it i don't know where he got away you know what we did as a basic life that everybody needs and they're not getting that so were trying to reach out to people were that otago into work places and met with workers and you know we do some of that training with them but it is it is not atomic right now that people are able have the thought process and that's where you get to the point where they don't have the form you know a well it all so to get away from this instant gratification mentality where we have to have everything everything everything right now you know we've got to the best car we have to have the best house we have to have you know all of the best thing prosecuting his things off and sit i'm a i'm going to stay if i stay free i've got all that money that i would be putting in to enter that i have an actual you know value which if i just a little longer in order to have something you might have double or triple the money you you started out with if you just wait a little bit and i think that that's an important lesson to lark i know that there is an intelligence tact that they give and i don't know you remember heard this pretty pretty accurate where they'll put a bunch of kids in a room or they'll start it with one usually they start with one it and thou give them like five pieces of candy on the table and the thing kaheutahi candy now but if you wait for twenty minutes will give you this month and in the have a big and then they leave the room and they that the child and then the aloof kids will go to the stake canari now because it's great in front of their faces but the really smart kids are really intelligent ones go ye sit right here outfit here and wait for a woinak because i know that if i am patient i'll have the three pound bag candy and that that's the way it should be in life in general you know all we think we need all these things that they make us better people or they make us look better to others and that sort of thing first of all who cares what anybody else thinks live your life the way that you want to live in i mean that's the freedom that we have in america a right given by god adding shouldn't be a manipulated by a people opinions ever ah you do it do you think is best that that putting off and slowly life down you know like i like to have the prayer time in order just slow life down listen to what's right you really really connect with god and get yourself outside of this rat race of our society in the way that it runs races out of balance the whole society is out of balance and we were one worst out of me a lot of time yet people do they lay beleaguered and realize you know what to what i saw something the other day in the shade commodities to what we've been talking about but i did say that you pity my doctorow the only and i think we have to start with that with you know really really tailor for it rendered with our feels you know and then our careers and god and in initiatory strain and i feel like when when that happens everything can but you need that means that at in that you can be a bit of play for your because if you're not here if you're not here and you're not other than you're not going to be a cat worries in were that is having your finances and you know so that you can get anything else is it's really funny to me as people people have the opinion of quite often that the bible is full of of very poor people that have laid their lives down had no money i'm like i'm pretty sure they haven't read the bible then because most of the people that were quoted in the bible they have and they had animals these people had had money and or assets and they took care of their families but they were they were not talk in poor people that are quoted in the bible you know the sum you know there's a mix their just like they always is but a lot of the bible stories are sundered around or were very influential and very wealthy in their own way in their time abraham a look at onabasha you can go to you know moses you can you just i mean just roll right down the bible and start reading i look for the amount of money or the influences that were there and the you know the godly rule it in and kings and judges it talks about how what god we rule looks like as a servant in the people wanted a king and in the unpretty tore you don't want to take because when the king comes quite often somebody who will steal from you and you know protect their threaders always some one who was trying to knock that king down that there trying to take in order there's evil people that they will use that power and influence to enslave the population and in use them for their own good rose than being a servant but this the slowing down is so critical sitting down in appreciating being grateful for the blue sky instead of running from one thing to the next sit down and while if i just sit down and cut all the clatter out in all of this nonsense i'm actually pretty happy inside myself a because he is your talking with god and he'll talk with you all a sudden you realize no matter where you are you can be home in an inapposite and you don't have to with an answer in the world round he authorised in our job to give energy to right he if i'm not on my achiever day giving my team what they need to you know the bonteen going to have that energy that down and i don't have to intimate me and think i sat you know i can't give my energy to you if i run out energy right and you have to draw that energy from god and you have to draw that that and when you are full of your your ground and then your better your betrayer you know better mother your better or you were better you having to get to others die so you know i think that especially the two men or whether in the business world are or whatever it is had to always remember to follow our so that we could be better for the people that they were and you know so i accomplice right back to the finances perceiving yourself rodin have never been around a sad sack leader that that is the whole team duck we set there and do you know what you're on your own worst adam you know if you just shut up or your workers are carrying you you're not leaving them there like dragon a dead horse behind and you look at them you know you look at them and you just like you know do you own worst at one no how however going to lead people when you when you're in when your fatalistic all that not one out in and you know and what's going on in rome it's like i like to go down and look at proboscis that's how you fix them and i think people need to be educated but you know what this is not a time to blow the blow walk in the other direction and you know sit there like a sad sack like oh no whatever will we do we are victims of this how past some one come in sano no no no that that is completely opposite a leader goes leader goes yet things are bad kind of suit now from what i can see here we've got issues here here here and here i'm going to start here and there's not going to be one thing standing when i'm done remove me all of these things that are bad or evil that and you know if you're not going to stand with me then get out of my way and get behind me as as we attack all of these bad evil or if you want to stand next to me you know be prepared because this is going to be a fight that nobody backs away from untill we restore this nation as one nation under god for the people of the people by the people and for the people assertion that might have an exciting time because you're seeing people that were afraid to speak out stop up and go i am this is not happen and not as long as i'm alive and were in and then our numbers are growing so much a senceable where people are finding their voice their finding their legs their finding their their finding their place and the fact that this is not here used to a dictator where were used to listen to bid by speech that he came out with it is almost almost laughable you know it's like you you look at it and you ah you keimer and i sleep please dear god help every one this maniacal evil that in front of it was all of the it was staged to you look at the stage and and you want to hear the oremus come out ye mispent in horace destroyed you got to get the little demon monkey boys on either side upon the sitting there looking like a bunch of notes that they are and it's kind of its almost comical and you know we've heard that we heard that that you know we're watching a movie i'm sitting here on there's no point so this is so not that that the visit would it look i lost and i hope we all of us are sitting back and going you know what i think the good guys are in control they've got the evil people that are sitting there going well well joe what we're going to be doing this so how it boy go and make it look like it for real and it stands out there the red background you know i've seen some great names with the little hill where massasoit a swamp to genesmere pretty accurate right there i just i really wanted to see some harnsomely did you know because i forfeit it's absurd it's absurd any bonnets buying by anything that comes out of that man's mouth at one i can't help them any more we tried to educate people you know for quite a long time that that i don't know during completely you know it's going at last it through all of this yet even my stop people are worrying what the you want learning why it's important yearning i mean every day i think how are the hofrath that in so intelligent might i think i'd ever day the thing when they wrote that it and the pen that that you know they ended the way they did because that to i that and we have to go back and just continue to teach our colonies and and i think we lost that we lost our road and we lost that teaching in that understanding and i think we're getting that back in that act i think so too and you know it's like it's one nation under god indivisible and we have to it at american family that we we are it's not it's not a political party it's not the that that's what many countries have fallen around the world for years as much flying following of leadership now that's not how works and i think that people are really truly waking out not menalcas but waking up as truly and what reality is around us you know and i think that's really everyone in duty to be involved in not only getting good information out there passing good information around doing their own research not believing everything we see as we see you know an evil dictator standing in front of us a pop or whatever i mean i'm not i'm not a big poke fan either you know it's like it ascensionist kissing somebody's ring in my opinion and and that that's an awful lot of trust in the hope that there theatreland the right path and i'm pretty exasperated no matter whether it's religious or whatever should be there as a servant i mean jesus wash people it was humility and understanding that they were there there givers not somebody who pilot gold like scrooge cock you know but somebody who is there to serve so i'm in a brain i'm in jason jones an if you unstained if for a i'm going to play a clap and i want to play a clip get jasher a minute and then i'm going to play a of her of the sister became that went on here and i think we'll be good morning jason good morning how are you yet how you do in doing good i was trying something new because member when he first tried doing this i had my my my internet if any way and it was we had that delay things so i switched my internet to them myself phone so i was wondering if that would create a delay so this was a little bit of experiment lads working out because there's no i will the sun your voice is coming though really good think we finally got that figured out so jesus been calamy partner in crime here for a while as we were getting our you know the broad tastes well as he's got a pot hesthis lois hard line potestatis i got to my brand began to day to have been talking about financial and and the master financial system that we have and what we do to fix it help plunder stand it take back not only the nation but but our own governance and we distribute the resident in the white house can't call him after we call the ulcers and going to going to go after magnificat i think that's probably not going to work in the way he thinks but at any rate i want to play this club i can't get it into the got my border on the screen it play this here minute so that we cannot listen to the resident and chiefs words and how he says that may go after maga thirteen times he doesn't want to make america great clearly what it says you know and i've heard i've heard some references to against well you know what jesus told us to go in and that be afraid he said the gates of hell will not prevail against you to anything the enemy stolen good luck with that we're going to take it back and we're going to do it without apology and you know whatever it is it's like a pretty exacerbated magalhaens and it goes back to god and it was stolen the combat i healed all forster public in america barebone second ring about obligates congressman committees panting to flame out in the general okay i have big problem with it you hear what they said at the end that only is the after maget the democrats which i'm going say it isn't a democrats we're going to call totus dines just like we call republicans rins it's not there not there not dare not they're not right as their calmness and their working together they then fultrade both at right right there he admitted to the fact that the democrats were were finding republican candidate do i mean a wiser was also funding you know made a donation to a two bit do their finding both sides of like what what dead during world war two they had standard oil sit out there in the north seas they were providing oil to both sides of the war because they don't care who they kill i want that to be in charge i understand to say to the resident in the white house good luck with that i'm i'm pretty exposure that there's a lot of patriots out there like us who are committed to making america great again and all was the one with the unhealed raffles made the sea would kannushi was reading that actually on the hat was the gateway i try to through what is being said but when i saw that i don't know there's not much really i think about the obedience you know at the end of the day and fraudulent as they we all know he's not the real we all know that he does he have authority we all know that he only is author his authority only run so deep and it's not very deep were talking ankle deep water in a stream there he's got nothing i really don't put too much stock and with that the quintett they call a president as we all know when you look at there is there is there is a show are not a show excuse me there was a guy i actually did a show on his previous but it goes by the name of their johnsonham like an hour and a half long a video and it went it went filaments started hidden big he's i army veteran some sort of a certain level top secret you clearance of he didn't elaborate exactly what that was but he went into and broke down in proof how donald john trump is still a president and he went through military law and federal law and regulations and he broke it down it was a conjecture it was an opinion he went through actual law and the executive orders so anything that you know get old pendle joe says i don't really put too much stock into i was i feel as the coracle were watching you know i got i got paper and i feel like papa i are sitting here watching like a scout so where those meddling kits are after and all the sudden we're goin to pull the mask of and who is going to be there obaa very god sat in everybody else all now she actually said it you know but you're right the right been at this you know for the longest time and you know and here's something i thought was also about the that right see happened another something about the pope we did you guys like talk about what the pope or news or know that you hear about that francis had i thought this was very interesting he ordered the central administration of the romance in related draw all their financial assets from external bank transfer the vatican bank by the end of i see that at that the september is the last month of the fiscal year then just like you don't just for government spending like with for the financial insie september always been the end of the fiscal i do so i've never that ever happened in general like that is not something i've ever heard of in the past though it makes you wonder what to order all these administrations and anything that related in the roman catholic church to withdraw their funds you know out of external bank to put him in the bad wonder what when i think and no no don't be informed eliminator island and it is you know there's no talk of you know you know well you know some of it meyerbeer the arcana the king tematan here the country pakistan has been talking about it for a the enemy in the interesting to see how it all was out you know i don't know i hear you know we hear our economists say you know onotowatishika going to sit at an everything's going to be fine now will have to seat yeah it's interesting to put all these pieces together and i want to see if i can find another clip here because talk and i think we should go through this thing one painful sentence at a time and do do an evaluation of the yet no i don't think you really understand how this country works people that we people actually are owners of the country and you are actually a representation of the owners of the represent and serving their best interest in sitting up there you were not do this you will not do that or we will come after you kind of what it reminded me of quite as do you go so anyhow well time ithin what am i do is i thank you so much for coming on a really preciate it and well i'd like to have been once a week or so and like we talked and maybe maybe a monday or friday or whenever it's convenient for you and maybe look what are hands on the financial a little bit so that we can and let people that are interested know what is what the financial markets are looking like or what new news we've heard out there innovations or where things are going maybe help them have something to think about as far as to create their own little little protection or had just for their money so that it's not being chipped away by inflation and do evil schemes out there i oh you are now what fraud i did people that her on my telegram she handled that say he i was getting deafer you to day were financial advice and i just want to make sure it was you and i like well i put myself on other for everybody to make calmette want and i said no i don't i don't give financial advice over pellagra ever never never nor do i get financial advice on a personal level never that's that's not what i do and certainly not indiana would never be something that is even remotely passionate scamander or gradually presented themselves as myself and trying to use the trust that they have in me to spentoli's money and other direction and unfortunately a telegram you really don't have good recourse to remove the so if it comes down people being smart taken responsibility for their own actions on protection in my doing this and so so and insensate own in such a in a thank you so much for coming let's let's let's talk about the next one that we do and maybe we can take comments on what people would like to see her if they'd like to certain issues dealt with that we can that we can start a discussion on so any thank you so much for being here to day you have love you a piece as the youth sat a i used i again here we've got a brandenburg black hour kind sort over here in a redbourne network you know i think that i think that it's kind of funny i actually was the efficient the official in their wedding and so he really yea i did i did the wedding service for error her and a brother in law will so it was cool to wholesomeness would as she did she so i for my eye upon the other show on the other and so what does she do as she investment adviser or miss the tessie president in a very large multi state credit union and she is as she's an incredibly smart honest an ethical woman i know her as a friend sister in law and she is a she is a fighter she's a partin also a fighter for the right purpose being being carried out and she's in our apologetic so we actually when she got when they got married she went down there for a girl's weekend a few few a before the wedding service and we had everything all laid out and what we're going to do in the day of their wedding it was great the storm down there were incredible so we went and we got our hair and make up donnino normally i'm kind of like i'll do it for other people but for me i'm like this is what you do it's a good day if i don't have if i don't have a straw in my hair and i don't look like a selfish some stick it out like this you know i dusn't put the time into it generally but she and donate got her here and make up one that was really fun and we spent a week end we went we did some shopping we got flowers arranged to decided where the service was going to be on the beach so the dawning the rain the storm in the rain was just unbelievable and we ended up it was a kind of funny where we thought we were going to have it i didn't work out quite so well so we ended up the most lodge and so we were at the most large and ended up in between rain drops walked out walk out on the beach and did the service out on the beach and it was still raining a little bit it was so real and so joyous that that it was it was real you know and we had a good time and it was perfect dis away it was and her daughter sent me a a song that she sang and we played that out there and that was really meaningful she didn't know we were going to do that so stationary know i'm kind of i'm kind of a caught up you know so so what i wrote what i wrote of the service i knew things about both of them that were and and i put that in the service so so it was it was for i thought that was a lot of fun was it well received because i know and some people try to write things that are anything like that if in one of two ways in goeree terrible extremely well and you the whole crowd going so spectrum was about the wheel well but i talked to both i talked to bother and and while separately and i said okay what could you put in the service or what could be put in the service that would be really funny something that something that is really funny that would be meaningful to your your betther that would be really funny that would make them laugh because it is it is so a tame likes to make jewelry and so on while things was like he had to get ready he had used to be in in a bedroom that looked like the house of horrors with all of the sparkling everywhere ternight up like it's really funny but they are just delightful people and i love him love him with every every bit of love i could give pretty cool though that's pretty cool while so he that's that's quite that's quite a position so i'm sure she's got a lot of her plate eight he's very smart and she works she works with pee and a very personal level and i was there a ticket of the facility that they took an old building which i suspect to aniseed and detroit i went to detroit yet and he saw so many abandoned buildings and how and why they are in such bad repair in these neighborhoods what is really going on what happened there well what they did as they took in an old building and to be and they re edinbilly beautiful on the insight that they claimed that which was and the the whole the whole service culture of that of that credit union is amazing slike she she they developed a program which she was i'm pretty sure she's more in charge of things than what she will admit to just because pretty humble about what she does but it's all about teaching a personal is of takin nial make over and i think that this is so on the things that are missing in our schools is that were really not preparing people where were preparing people that to spin and the out there that they are told to to have half the skill to really really be successful in a very round are it doesn't appear to me be there i mean and you know you go back to what works and what worked in seventeen earlier times as everyone had their own business he understood finance understood negotiation they understood how to talk and communicate with people to get things done and work together while they were all so on equal footing of having their own trade and willest and i really think that we need to go back to that medical economic life skills money manage in one at that of which every one is in charge of because see he actually helping we you know in your own you're never let a stray because that way you know you can say no i think you're making a mistake here or that is a fact bad advice it kind o teaches to be more responsible instead of trusting everyone to do the right thing and we pretty well established it that's not happening in our nation you have to take your responsibility for yourself your own whether its vinous you should you should know whether your by too much of a house to put too much of a burden on you and your family is sometimes easier to two by a smaller house in the you know let your equity bullock try to get your debt down there and then by a bigger house in so that you don't have to have everything right at once its building on you know rather than rather than thinking you know to really be a big squeak in the world i need that million dollar house and be houseparty life because you can't get out from underneath the no you're absolutely right we do need it funny you say that we do need to get back to like the way i was just talking about the actually on the last show different subject really a different subject but getting back to things used to be i was talking about the last show about how in the old days and like the people always carried around their bible and you know of that was something that they always it was always read on a daily and nightly the bible i recall correctly i'm pretty sure the basis a lot of home schooling back in those days or at last in the private as out of the bible the foundation of documents because those are very information that people needed back then i mean i think what they don't they say you know great level like more intelligent and had more knowledge than that of a bachelor degree holding graduate so back to like what you're saying but the whole accountability going back to accountability for your own not over lowering yourself in debt making down really take your life by the rains and steering that that horse if you will in the direction that because if you let it go and wander wherever he who knows what kind of mess you into when you people rely so much it seems like another big brother government the care of them and it's like we cannot do that that's how again it's one of the biggest reasons why we got the in the to we relied so much on riding on the people who had did not have our best interest at so you know it's funny that you say that like so many life we just got her new i see new carts so new to her as a new vehicle she's ever she rusted out for l are i had to rotate tires on it because they would seem like the frame would break in half it was terrible so there's a lot of things that went wrong with the car and i'm not going to go down the lane you know the things that run but the bottom line is kind of look concerned that it would make another winter not realistically what it that said going in grand rapids there and we went to by the way i got to do i got to it anybody who's listeners if you're in michigan if you're looking for a laisser over harvey locusta guy he helped us out we got something for her and in the for to bring the title and so anyway we brought that over and i told him so on to go look around for a minute and then make it a point i want to go out and look at the death you know lots and so we were looking around and i saw a car that i like it's like the car that but the put then i guess the less for it's got a nice motor and anyway i won't go into the whole go in god but beautiful but then when he got to the at the end of the test drive us like so what do you think jo if you wanted to day i said i know i could i can have it if i want but the at the right time for me doesn't because i don't want to over i could definitely you know afforded absolutely at the right time economically i didn't five minutes to so the thing would sit as a paper weight in a park of twelve hours and then i sit in my garage for another twelve hours when i come it just didn't make sense so that like what you're saying about making stupid with your finances and not over debt because at the end of the day well that the house that my house i had been in this first seventeen years now seventeen my favorite number for avenarius their right and for quite a while my husband was like while you want to move and so he was he was a fan of moving to a larger house which i have a large enough house i don't want air house it's home you know this is a thing so we were looking around it and and i was like you know this isn't me and fat as i did older i'm probably going to want a smaller house that is not so there so take care of in such and it was great when there were in here all the time full now are actually are salmon that was because nancy was here every day until she died right before and you know there are people in this house every single day you know and and and so it was late you know and and as we work together we hang out together we really do and so as is life has gotten a little you know people have people have how do i say it well with nancy dian in such we restructure somethings which was really unfortunate but but i have no intention of ever living in a bigger house i see it is really wasteful kinda to me it's not it's not a goal i have you know a pretty with her with where i leverton i don't see i don't see changing unless it gets smaller just in less less complicated you know you who who knows i may end up living in you know and in a trailer on a beach somewhere you know with the it is interesting though you say that because like the house we live in we bought go coming up and pleaded by the time we were able to move it and a house is good enough for you know two kids and we have you know it's right now because when one obviously we have the other bedroom as a and then we have a home which is very important people kid home school that they can cause that's another thing that i was actually in want of a previous shows i was bringing up i actually went on website and i brought this out kind of little she why a bromberg needed and i went and i looked at her all your priority list and i listed the right office at this is exactly what that right there creates a good selinuntian i think going forward to people that that don't have our best interest at heart but back like what you're saying with the whole having too much of when we moved in this house the first house that i've ever to me it's a big house because i've always lived in old old homes like the home that my dead still lives in the renovated to that was a home that was or something in such a you know it was i never knew what a big house was so back to like what you're saying with the clean one thing that we've noticed in a bigger house you know like when we you know a little bit bigger and i am like you kinglike this how sucks already trying to clean you waterway you know what i mean i want to better you know i want a better way out in which he means by bigger she wants just common are like a bigger living room kitchen o so much like more bedroom are see and so am i i can get on board at lord help me we are not moving into a mansion as i am not down to number one number cleaning that thing so if i'm not hiring a mate that while we entertain we entertain at the bar and usually we have like entertained at the barnaby but on and and trying more relaxed and that's our authorities as an rascor space a gleeful there is an ice area is a really nice are so you know just i i don't know i like living here so yet in how do you clean your base words here's one of those stupid questions that you ask i actually so and bought a dust pan with like you know how you have all actually go and i so many different methods people will take stuff like that so i tried that once in it all it was clump and make it there as like then i bought a dust pan and a and i just i just and you a real quick so i just go around the prone comes off and then i sweep up the floors and it works out well and at it's inconvenient because you got to move some furniture but it so i think is this is what millionaires do we clean our own house i bet you and i use that the creation and as crustacean or i have a swifter that has the long handle and a more around the base ports too and then what is it the osterman a little one that you you you know you push on the paddle in a pen then you maori so it's pretty pretty well clean and then i was run that around in that seems to get everything that i need to have done it and so that that seems were pretty good but there's all these nice night i'm kind o i'm actually like cleaning a love cleaning i used to clean my own properties until i got so so big that you know you get over you get over so many of them and you can't now cause i mean i have one house at seven bedrooms that that we were not in such a there is worse you get you get built up molestation naif is the time the little help i hired that down now but but i'm kind of i'm kind of assessed with cleanin as far as i like things i like things clean in a strike me not right now because i'm too busy to really to really you know keep things up the way i like em but it is what it is i suppose as that samenesses got a little bit of a priority over over that but i said that to my kids one time i said yeah i don't know i said i wish i were better clean in the said mameluke at the the ennyhow have on the shells as we you know we had panted we please look at the inventory on the shelf there like you you've got half of the a half of their pantry is cleaning products hineline i don't really think about that and so now i had to break my pantry away from my cleaning products and such and so i have a whole wall like nine feet by its probably i say feet and there so ninetta by twelve feet and it is all cleaning products paper products and such think we lost as on letaba in here again algetin we justine's gone and let eresthenes weird eaubonne no no sam before bonneting that you're like danny tanner from full house products of well you know in gatehouse what works about a strange so that that what you do is you telemac ones that you work you you know that work best you know we pray the whole barn down with up with kind soul every day so as we're cleaning stalls and we pray the features with the vinegar water mixture to keep flies away and it also can dis the feeders cleaner but we spray all the stalls with with insolent floors of mind self keeps bugs away an you know makes a small knife and that of the nation that is not endorsement or an advertisement of pines all that is down as sathanas please take a brow it's yeah yeah i just that's one thing my wife actually of the four days in a kind of blend into the third day is like i cause need to she worked from morning i actually the teller away then he it would take me two weeks to do a deed clean on my house right now i mean i'm going to tell you what i mean to get rid of half of my possessions to give away i don't want happen it's like they be and you know you'll you'll have he was the overseer in a room and you go how in the world did this have i had a norman the man really bad especially when you have little children running around you know you have constantly i have just started having them go through their toys and done pick out stuff to donate and i've been trying to explain my six year old son that we donate to people that don't have as much as we have this in iceland to him that when i was little i remember having one toy when i was i was a puppy that i walked on alice and as we went on much money so it be he does not understand that he doesn't understand you know it's so important for children but i get it at my house was like i i walk in de room and unlike oh my gosh it's time to go through twistical growing out of their clothes you know it's like every one i tell you my daughter's going through a growing spirit now leonore clothes i stopped her always oh i neussargues or just getting started watanabe's about sixteen eighteen years old i'm going to tell you what if you ever had a portion control minds it goes out the window then it's like the hungry hungry can a pillar you get a ride that that age it is i come in the house and i'm like how much can you honestly by unmysterious is an offense that about her son all the time so much up with him but he crazy because girls might be my deduction so i mean there the large individuals and you know they're all and and is not it probably wasn't like an over abundance of food but when you're you know when you're kind of small as she justinian i can gain wait on eaten orange ray is the country gananoqui till it's amazing i have decided to go on a diet the morning because i understand a people in politics become fat cats this stone talk all day or there in the car going to dinner for the fence i like kill me and i'm used to clean and stolen you know running around like a savage and now i'm him settin off lot i'm like i got to do something this is you know that i noticed that a lot of women and politics you look at their family you look at their child you look at their family life and it looks to me all of the women i know that are involved in politics i saw it i care i saw that their kids wanted nothing to do and i was like oh no i'm not going to be that one and you know neglect my kids it a honestly it is because everyone wants your time in the demand on your time i think we got with jason out here let's see where we're to go to i've got to feed in her she bathes frozen on my left unremoved him on and here let the battered off i don't know like you saying something went wrong i may i think china's jumping into the stream who knows you know yet you know you see you see you got to have that your first priority is your children period and that's got a come first you know jobs come and go your secret coming but as apparent that is the highest honor and and and duty that god gives us a deserter families in and take care of our children when i saw that i was ever singing to myself we will maybe it's just a couple of the woman you know and then i started in order that no it's not its most every woman i know that was involved in politics children they don't have a very good relationship with their children when my daughter rita little frustrated with me because she's used to have and all kinds of time with me and i i told her you know we we you know she always says my mom's my best friend and you know we were horse riding bodies and were you know we're bodies and i told her i said you know this is really the only way that i feel like i can in a world that's completely going to how is that i have to step up and do something as you know for me i would rather not be doing this but i'm willing to do this you know i wish the world were a good place where we could all live with our families and not have these evil people that are in charge but the stage of the game not only myself i feel like every single person out there has got is realized the severity of what's going on up in defend your families in in a realm of leadership and governance or your kids are going to suffer from your it's been tough and i applaud you for maintaining that balancing it my kids are older and if they were younger i probably wouldn't i probably you know pretty god for him to bring a leader that was older that didn't have those obligations and stay with my kids he adoniram age and there's some advantage of being you know close to sixty years old you don't have you don't have those you're a little lighter on your feet when i when i say that is that i don't have a bunch of kids or home schooling to take i would i would ask all the people who are retirement age to that is a social construct that is not a godly or righteous construct i will never retire i don't see myself torturing because i'd be bored out in mind but you know we need every one especially the wisdom of people who are older who have at her to give up a golf game once in a while to to outlast as in again he is young activity to give up that golf game to get in the game because we need we need every one we need people that are retirement to jump jump in the game because you know our reality with our kids doesn't end when there at a resiny opinion other sponsibility to our children i back out again the bayonet that i find go on so he has but i said is that a responsibility for words does not end with whitewater you know you're responsible for bringing bringing for future generations and making sure that what we leave behind is an improvement even over what we were handed and that responsibility is really i feel import think that's why a lot of people that are younger are disenfranchised with politics society in general they feel dis empowered and and a lone and sad and quinones suicidal because they there's too many people living for themselves rather than looking for ways to make the world better place i guess i believe that you know so all he required you know you retire old butters get off your button let's jump in here and help because people that are gasconades as age they need all of our help and retirement thing is for the birds let's to work we got stuff i know i can i do all the time my parents my mamma and my dad but my dad's always been really and bolton watching politics he doesn't he but i've been telling him he needs to run for a delegate sat up in northern michigan where they left and is going to do that and content at this pass action my grandma but he he a lot of people don't even people that are involved in politics that no a lot of it poltimore than the average per doesn't know what a pleasing delegates so you know and my dad is and so he no but you know he he has started to get more bout we do we need that with the kids being young i went down i can't wohelo much bellowing it was you decided to run because i was thinking finally you know here we can actually we have a canada that is qualified that can do it the doesn't have you know children like you said to take care of younger people normally and younger children and you know it is our family does always come in it if you don't put him first then around politics and that's what you get is a family that your children are divided in the breton i got involved in this i had that aside involved and my children were coming second in the very beginning i paid for it major late i had to step back i had to take a lot of time and get back gather that time back with them see that they were just mentally separate yeah well i mean i mean that's really important and i think you know it's like the younger generations have had more fire and there's a balance as a reason why god created the world way that it is my work so well yet people that are older than we we typically a little less movable you know you look at things and ill use back and lest somebody you know spout you know a bunch of crape you just kind of look at it and you know and i wait for them to get done with what they're saying whether you agree or you are less likely to be moved you just listening to listen there's no competition there you just want the best answer and have everybody plain plain nice together right where a younger person is like i'm right i'm bernadette's great if the charge is a crutch because the younger people will will charge into it and their passion for seeing things done the way they believe is right it is extraordinary in its but they're all times to be a balance with somebody that can look at the entire field and then well before are experiences before and there is an actual you know you got to ambush over here on the left that's going to get you when you if you run too fast into in the battle wait a minute here and do this with a plan and make sure that the gold that were trained hit over the next hill is going to be realistic and you're not going to get ambushed our said sid tractor taken out on the way and i think it's important i heard at one time that a rat had five percent of the population i think it was a rat was under twenty some years old and the lack of heavy people that have seen his history repeats as nothing new under the sun i mean this as this from the beginning of time nothing is new under the sun you know and in order to have somebody that is seen lots of sunrises and lots of sunsets and his watch people fail or systems fail or the traps that empty promises lay for people that can sit back and say well that that sounds good but i'm pretty extra a great big disruption or lie tannery helpful and and now like i said all you old butters out there a star peak and if we need you we need every single person out there in your perspective in your wisdom nobody has all that wisdom when we need to work together do an interjection now not to get off of but i just had something come in from the hill police investigating voting machine sold on the bay i saw a assignation yes it propounded dollars it was it's from northern michigan cattle and they don't i guess some sober security guy bodin a different state and turned it in to the and through it i don't know but it autotherapeutic systems you know it's because we don't have any problems there's no fraud here things are going good there is no problem pretty surely now you know what i think is really odd as that i get these lawsuits from smart madan yet called in as a witness you know with all these law suits that are going on but these people where are the other witnesses to this because i wasn't the only witness of account of commemoration we had maternal as the attorney as the attorney of anatomy that he investigated the case why is a hen called you know i think that's really strange i mean he knows more about the stuff than i do i don't mind getting called an i'm just wondering you know it's like really a there that notebook i don't i'll give the information i have i don't have anything to hide but it's like you know to me because there's other people that know more than i know wiser in not you're not controllable and i am i'm not either so i had kind of an interesting meeting yesterday and now half the states going to go oh no you talk to this person or you talk to that person while i talk to all people and i think that there's been so many people that have been miscarried that we have to start talking people find out information at her own because it there's lonesome really good people that have been really hurt and lied about right so yesterday i was in detroit and and i met with chief cried yesterday and quite honestly he is his one of the nicest people i have met in a long time he easy to he's just a very he's a very nice and looking at what happened to him and listening to his story because we were both illegally removed and listening to it from his perspective because i did want to take my card to him and i called cabin ranke yesterday i take to make mark and some of the other governor candidates that were treated unfairly or that that were affected by a broken cross and i believe that we need to talk to every single person out there because there's a lot of misinformation and till we get to the bottom of the attack to the ourselves we won't have all the pieces of the and the one thing he said so as he said the reason why they didn't like me he i am not controllable they wanted me to say things and he said i wouldn't say and that was i thought that was pretty telling i thought that was pretty telling on you know i m the only the only person that i have here worship for that is jesus and the rest of us to me are all people that are have good things about us and we have bad things about we start putting people into trying to make them into either either or satan and their either one or the other were getting ourselves into some very very ten are now there are some people that are very evil that have done some terrible things i'm not seeing that we we commit or reunified with people that are that are bad there's also people that may have had a different political view in the past i saw the error and that we have to see if their for real trust disarmed and then maybe they've got some ideas that they can share that would be helpful going forward and i very much enjoyed the conversation yesterday he he thought how he was able to to the bottom of so often and to symptomatic problems that were dealing with a michigan and actually this is where everybody thinks the problem is but this isn't where the problem is at all this is the problem and and i was really thankful for his time a expect will be talking again in the future but the awaiting his tent to talk to his just just a nice skyrocket he's just very nice and very well loved i mean where we maturest and my husband was there and another friend who was there and we were we just sat down and you know we ate talked and such the people in the restaurant there love him they absolutely loved chief crag and yet he actually told me that mechanic of a beyond the riots and what he did it with the beam riot and why other city had problems in where where the oars were coming from so that that was pretty pretty genuine open he's very he is a he is he really wants things done the best for the community from what i could see and i expect to talk to him again he was the he pointed michigan where those orders came from when all that started going up and as a dollar the who's that guy what was giving orders in that it's not the place that i know and i have i have a friend who is whose cap and in ganapati got several fronts who are officers and i was annoyed that they stop down because i had five cars burney right down in a like bright the next street right next to one of my being and i was fairly upset about this whole thing because i'm like are you slip and hidden me that we would let any organization in its a corporation this is as social justice corporation where the leaders had put in i don't know how much money i i personal houses for themselves a mark this organization what have they done what are they actually done in in the in the minority communities i don't know because so many people were were killed at the burgesses burned out which were minority on business i don't it doesn't make and regardless any corporation that does that type of damage should be should be liable for the two billion dollars worth of damage that they did he had the mien was i asked us to my cot friend i'm like who gave the oars for stand down you never get a and it was a but there's a chain there i think it i think that there is a connection between the management of the police in the management of the city i'm pretty in sure that we're going to be able to absolutely finger people you know put the finger on the one that did it it wasn't in and it's like the osbeck the same thing is why are we have promised with with staffing for law enforcement will you know her not being there not we've got some cops and they that are bad we've got some some cops in that are really good or aleatory good we've got some that are bad it's like every single system everything everything is broken right now why would it why would somebody want to go into law enforcement if they know that every single move they may could land a jail there not being supported so that you know financially they're not supported the politicians are making more money than our military nor in our laforce ment ages everything is upside down well you know what's interesting in our neighborhood oh for no anyway that we have now a couple of you know the local food for police officers here and so they came over and we were i that it get talking about talking about thoughts were on our share then i just did he use to getting down that comes and then that conversation led to you know cause i told that is your job's got to be tough as what do you see on your gun new recruits now could that or whatever they call says from my understanding i forgot where the most academy graduates there was only his withered low number every law enforcement agency i like things the mob is like faster than because nobody there's more leaving the law enforcement leaving enforcement people will get it we are fully double shifts just on because nobody's around to want to do this well i was so and so you do right john cried as as a question that says as james crack why is the republican told challenger had to be tapped out from doing my job at the teodoro my arm police in twenty twenty i was invited to be there not protesting and you know there i think that these are all questions i mean at we need to ask is just like withouten we need to ask every question that is important people and get an answer because there are answers out there because so much that dastaks in in in many areas that there's a but i think that i want to answer an things i want to you know and you know what i'm sorry but just all the people you agree with and that you know in order for them to you've got to talk to people that are indifferent in an from a different perspective to find out where it was broken and on this as not to give any one a we talk with each other for information in order to get the full and is not that we believe what you know we don't believe you know you listen things you weigh them out you go back you do your own research check it out you try to find out if there's any if there's a break in the information of the soma doesn't make you never take anything by being spoon fed from any one you have to think for yourself it's a good question john and and i think that it was like when when i talk to my cap friend here you know i was pretty mad at the police i'm tell you that it's like you know why did you stand down your duty was to people that used to warn all to protect i don't care who gave the orders the same argument that was set in germany when they executed lots of people i was just following orders while you know what then your complicity there's just a away it is and i think all these questions need to be to be i think that i think that what came out of the meeting yesterday there was there's a structure structure problem i managed above the police that i think we need to use and i want to go into the little bit more but i don't want to i don't want to just hit it like a fruit fly here i actually want to gain more information and to the information i got yesterday and i think that all of us manosque ions as he asked an answer it's like when there's a crime committed to the police to the no i'm not seeing that that the police are or that saint anything to disparage our chief crickwater don't don't take my comments is that i'm just saying that when we investigate things we talk to all parts of weal to every one the police will the police will conduct an investigation that talks to the victims as well as the perpetrators of the crime trying to get more information or even broadcloth those who are involved in that something that general landed very effectively and very well going back to my first clip that i played on the day of this affair at maria knows what's going on do not hide your he knows what's going on and sometimes you lay a trap and one thing that present trump has been from the beginning of his political career he has acted as the face so many different things to pull things out in the open and get to the bottom of so sometimes even with somebody looks yet they may not me they may actually be working to to bring some information forward and i am i'm i just want to get to the truth and wherever that truth lies where we that's where efforts need need to be good i just want to tell you that i think he's just a very nice yea and i agree and i well i don't know i don't know but i agree with what you've done but you know we have to we have to ask questions and we do have to get down to the truth and we can't depend on other people to tell us you know how or who some one as we have to get to know that person ourselves much if pragmatism questions for him too i have a question regarding that white man and the police as portia on the life and coming into the tea what he knows about that i did have an opportunity to ask him that question actually a marine the republican leadership and principally and he he said he doesn't know anything about it so but he was also in a rush so in a way and i get to talk on for very long and i haven't talked consents then but i would like to know more about that ontology needs to go to i know that one thing i do know is that we have white hats we have black cats and we have gray hats and that's not a racial thing miss you know people that are you know that's the common term in research or just you know going back to cowboy movies and such and that there is there is there are people that are that are doing really good work definitely evil people out there that or that or communists that are evil child traffickers that are doing really bad thing some people in the middle that i believe were blackmailed and or that have there may be a little naive to what's really going on and in every one of us comes to our conclusions at different times and i think that that's an important that's important things i'm sure i'm going to get ambassador talking to the man by some people some people are going to love it that i try to but i'm going to do what i believe is the right thing to do which is to get information so i get information to try with the nation back together and i think that's our duty to do first and well he say that he thought is before you now is a there's a to say it was i feel even they remember him saying something that understand this is i think part of what you false right in line with what you're saying do no matter who it is out there we have to we have to talk to everybody just talk to that we agree with a menace no different than i being in an echoing all your doing said yeah that's very new or herbert de and experiences and like you said everybody comes to a certain realization at a different time of really what's going on like you said i agree with you i never really thought about it but different people the other is a lot of people out there that we prove the line to about that we've or on trust that mind in so that man or that how we he i can tell you right now you know he like the rest of us really felt led to and you know i think that there's so much manipulation that's going on out there that you know we think we've allowed time we think we know what's really going on but we were involved in the situation so how do we get our information it's rumors and remember what the bible talks about that the world would be run by rumours of war rumors and you know rumors to such and we are living in the society that's based on rumors were not there were taking it second hand we think that the new is this actually news when actually just a rumor what we think is going on and there's no truth in any of really in any of it and unless we actually get on the ground and talk as we aren't going to know the truth you know like democrats and republicans i think that a huge room or because i don't think that that's a thing i think we've got dinoris and there not really democrats and not republicans their commonest are in there for parading sheathlike their like wolves i mean the there they're bad actors and you know there wells and sheeps clothing and on the one other side you know we've got to talk to the people in that take somebody else's word for it to find out and whether we find out a good or bad we're going to get more information in order to go forward by was lessened the god himself and then just go forward with you know with your own standard you know you know i think i entertain campaign as the the managers those managers are no i believe the man i know the tone of the i think he was told that he was going to take these people and that i mean and and so that then that that was maybe you know that this is what you know you're going to do it he was very he was very pointed that said that you know nobody's nobody's going to tell me what to do like that and a little angry over it jane was on his campaign jannan ther campaign he had two horses in that race and that's really suspicious to me because usually when you have a campaign manager you you sign a contract and aeronauts because i signed one and i was working with a bad manager the beginning but that contract says i don't have any more candidates in this specific reason i'm not managing you know so i couldn't see a contract not saying that a i think that we got to be really careful it making assumptions because we don't we only have part of the picture and i really i really think that we need to have a complete picture on this and that something that that i you know i think i think that we need to have the transparency but we also need to have a complete picture not based on we may think that it's going somewhere but we may be missing some parts of information and i did feel like i heard some that were very interesting yet very concerning to me yesterday and it is something can happen to one of us it can happen to all of us and and that's now if there was you know complicated that's all i'm going to say every single thing in politics right now is complicated it's all complicated and there are straight forward rights and wrongs their straightforward let's stick to the constitute but we are also watching them elevate people and take them out based on a pinion how their spinning stories so some one may not even anything to do with something that their blind beamed on the men not have any knowledge of it they may not have any knowledge and i think we've seen that more more than once yestereen of election inference and that's exactly what both parties are doing what they are cast there interfering in our election presses illegal it's unconstitutional it's not right and everybody is victims these people are i was economic down on seventy don't you cried was become i mean it they don't care if they don't care you get that disqualify you and then you get taken off the ballot and i mean look at it and the world thinks this thinks one way of you or is a step nation at most of it is just defamation and an assault on people's characters because and they'll do that if they can't control you they're going to try to silence and and that's the moon these political parties which are just special so we need to get back to what no and no parties and what we started speaking of that who did you have i forgot his name now the gushes well i was by the way that it was great by the way i just had to tell you that but and the man did not die for joe well too i had people that came out and test absolutely no it's really funny i can expect that some of the people are going to like who have on every day and some of the people are not in a tooth you know the things we were going to pretty much so sure that jesus is the only one that so we're going to get people on and it's going to be a mix of we're human right but boy i took some heat i did take some heat for for joe well people are like oh you don't know who you're talking to it in like well tell me and here what do you know and i'm like i thought he did a great job than an he gets some really good he had some really good information and you know at this point time we have human beings that were dealing with it are going to have things that we agree with that we disagree with things he might have done this not exactly perfect things that you know they've done it absolutely stellar and were trying to make a man this work in a fallen world if you're looking for us you know if you're looking for jesus and things to be perfect i think everybody better start looking at their own selves and taking the plank out of their own eye and listening to other people for information rather than expecting an into jump in as a human being to jump in as with a perfection of god because in going to happen in because just to clear a couple days ago buddy of mine who friend of mine has actually very wake what got a friend of his that does well he was asked one day when we were feeling of our trucks at the end of her she he was nobody who you know he does a lot of research and he was trying to you know he was saying that you know that an you know that's not the one to be you know god for because so that by the i said i'd be interested listen i have an a anybody what i have allegiance to it is my fellow brothers and sisters in this please bring a forward because a grocer and talk here about this lake what's the canaples explained if there's the live it on that night i examined he by the way sent me atheist like to see that proof to do for if there's any validity whatever early because you have to wake up ready orient the better you he my body said he couldn't find you know where information found he goes so they rubbed it off the inner or his full of i will in the best yeah that's that's news to me i missed that entire part of life because i have had no zero and zero support from the republican party i have had zero support or even had them reach out in any way shape or form by the devices or or any of them i have been pretty well silence you know god forbid don't say down a brandenburg's name because that's the that's the name we want to avoid at all costs from the from the political establishment but not one not one bit of support from the devices not one bit of support from the man not one bit that support from any other political i haven't taken pack money as from independent and individual small doors and to inessential you got to look at the woman or see what's also being done i mean what you've got picked up the ball at a loss but you know you have taken in a alike show me proof a milliner at all to the men i'm going to believe it or because any more we've learned that very clear we cannot take just anybody's word for that face we need the late we need what is it valid ruth not what you know improve right well so that's let's talk about this so i am a little bit of a researcher near you guys are a little bit researchers altogether were pretty well lost and i'm going to say because i know that melissa about her i don't want a name thrown out because all you know who i'm going to talk about right now because we've been digging at an individual who has been engaged in some very questionable behavior very questionable we are all as person is when i see behaviour that is certainly indicative of bein a communist and in somebody who is likely to be involved in criminal behavior i might just look into a little bit you know in fact i might stay out all night and and digwell who in fact are kindlike me those inquiring minds that want to know and one night meissonier were up talking in sinister because its anti american anti michigan so we just decided to do a little bit of digitated out with it a person who to sell a house that wasn't there and then i went into a leaf and then it went into bankruptcy and then it went into a some child are sinners and multiple that grounds or multiple moves up things that are move around and finally papers that were fragile the land day lavenue on and on and on and on and i think anybody that does anything that say anything about children and include the word nuggets and probably someone that's a little bit i think that that's kind of a crazy thing or miss pauline coyotito and such i am always concerned with that sort of and then when you take that further and find connections to perhaps australia and i see that there is there from very odd action there and businesses that were registered for one day multiple ones just for a day prone roman i think we've got enough of infiltrated comes that we are going to be able to finger he what because here leads to another leads to another and magically a connection goes right back to a laconic i think is really every concerning because we look at conic the ones that are strong with our elections not only did they have an office ah right next to while an east lance he also addresses and offices trina this person that we were looking up that he had no connections to a bassanio demanding a last into say it you know if you're going to this proximity is almost too constance antonius think we need to look into horses person that we can pretty extra share tell you is involved in some press i i it's crazy it was amply crease and then i pietersen with another person who has yet connections to multiple things in one city or town or registering in one town an exterior that we'd better start paying attention be they're doing the stuff right underneath our nose you know who it is it's the people that call out anybody else the one that you need to look into it's the one that you probably mean to go to a search on are the ones that call out anyone else for anything opening and you know ah when an starts in like you know may be that person needs to be looked into because they get the fancy may i feel in it a sense of entitlement and within are you know everybody you see that person it's always titled person in the one that that we haven't well it's coming i think that god shows a cow gives us his holy spirit and his discernment and that where you can look and you can look in people's eyes and just so lacking at one being around that you're probably your probably talking to a snake in the grass there that's not bad intentions or that's part of a larger organization moves around that has potential ties to ilaun really bad stuff right and manlike you know i just don't understand how people get the nerve to say anything about any one else when they have a history and a background that the well you guys know in fine if i when i get down to the bottom of every better that i will do the howes people and i'm are dark so they can't go any further with none and went on to do dachsel with that you know you're not going to find anything and so when i'm dog too so but this is its really concerning and i'll show you the jason it you can't walk away from looking at this information without being able to say and this connected this connects this connects to this connects to this and all my goodness we've got a little little an he and that's a person it's pretty i'd say hold some power within an organization i am named organization and one named individual which we will you know sometimes you know to altalaat there like you guys guys want to play ball that's fine go right ahead you know you take too many shots were going to do the hell out all you and your little house of cards are going to fall to the ground it has to happen a more people that i talked to the more i talk said this the less so many people are sending to lose i want to see ethel and what that's what they're trying to do there long games he it were i think that's why i have and i i think more information is going to is going to come to light you know the big money the big money in michigan and where that's really going i heard yesterday that the dashahed information on devastated that i need a check out into true or not just because somebody says it is true and it makes you feel like you're in the now doesn't mean any of its true whatsoever planted information and till you see the documents of the pro but diarmid taking devasena nobody you know that it's not that not something that that they would talk to me they went on cantilever even talked to me a year hated sorry yeah an it's like it's just like i must miss the mammon bein a billionaire too every like billington brandenburg in like well i don't know what happened there but i certainly miss that information you know like i said yesterday it's never been the goal of my husband i to amass the scrooging you know we like to build and relate to help and build business but you know somebody needs needs something where i can sit there and watch him suffer it without without jumping in and in helping and helping them you know and and so that you know i suppose we would have been if we would had the mind set but were more likely to you know to do to either rescue somebody or something or you know horses or you know buildings or whatever it may be you know distriminate the world about her place because i'm not planning on a being here for ever it's not my innate my goal and i have that so important an they would never approach donate would never approach me two then they know who they approach they know who they can you know i never got a call for anybody like that when i announced my fate house were on before you know none of that they never fly never called me they knew better they know who they can talk to they have certain people cannot put you first and then malformed you know i purnavatara as the state party is telling people who they're going to work with what they're going to say how they're going to say it and and that that sort of thing and there's those of us if erectly with their their evil over lords what do they do they remove you and that's what that's what they were doing i mean they there because they they knew that they had their candidate one thing is told yesterday was that what morganatic and told all of her supporters to vote for tutor because she was the easiest one to when she's got too many people that the only way she would win is a you know i would have followed in set the hook excuse me i do have to actually jump off here but i want a good morning and thank you for having me that now wannock to the brandenburg black hour on his orindore enjoyed that i like the music you put together it makes me feel cool inutile sir without a doubt but yeah i got a the family here i can hear my daughter up stairs getting red box you so i'm not sure we say prayer manassa prayer and then i think that's good for to day he even on a long time and i had a long day yesterday so i'm right to animate the gran an now i'm goin to grab my little my little rocking chair by little blanket i'm going to go take myself and not rationalists probably not but it's no good anyhow all right so you want pray jason sara the heavenly father we thank you so very much with his time together in the continued conversations that we end up having an expose more darkness those a darkness into the light continued as for your protection and your guidance in this that we have against the acropolis of the world with gray the protection of and everybody around them as well as other people that are fighting for the forthright ous fight for the good of humanity the good of his nation for the good just read that you know everything that is a let your will be give us and give us your orders and will follow you know help us as you know i will do our best to make sure that we the noise so we can hear you clearly and we also ask the in order to as i always say in order to move forward at the individually and as a nation for all the atrocities that have a complete under our watch by the evil powers that so we will send you back in this you never left us we come back father and we just pray that you just give us another getting this right and so with all this gay you are wholly on the susan the ye have have a really nice have it really nice day and everybody else there you're all in our thoughts and our prayers we love you were all fighting for you every day your nillho of a salt there that care about you your family and and things are important to you so anyhow god bless us he invasion you and you and you you know god bless all of you and godless all those whom you you love and god bless me as a ever great have a great day i'm going to say you know what go to my website at brandenburg for governor not com and there hoisted dining eating brandenburg for governor dotcom i ride every single word on telegram at brandenburg number four a m and commanding us we're going we're havin a great time with us in it things are going really well you can you can contact me through through multiple multiple ways you can retreat through a cellphone which is for three or four for one all i fear so anyhow have a great day and thankful for you