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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/2/2022 - Live today - 8am Mellissa Carone and Scott Aughney!

Published Aug. 2, 2022, 8 a.m.

Scott Aughney - Investigator on the General election 2020. Scott is running for Jackson County Commissioner District 3. Data analyst/software programmer trained in Microsoft Access/Visual Basic, he is also a Drywall contractor/musician by trade. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and i'm running to be the next governor of the state of michigan and were coming to you live this morning at o'clock in the morning august two and twenty two big day to day it's it's it's a primary day for many of the candidates that are on that running on the republican the democrat parties and i guess i would like to wish all of them well i think that the process we all believe in the prose and that we are upholding as a lawful process to elect our representatives in this constitutional republic i wish that my will because honestly i believe that every single person sternhold be a belle and not be removed illegally or through other methods of of manipulating of manipulating it is that we are a vote or be elected or an elected officials or foreign actors and i do believe that the so i wish everyone will i hope i hope that whoever wins election in november that are our minds are on civility civil talk where we can issues in a civil way and that we are holding the ruby other where we are pledging ourselves and our our our fortunes in our honor to defend and protect each this morning i wanted to share a share wonderful very low that is one of my inspiration to bring this up right now relatively new at this and so you we have an army soldier and as the we have an army what we are now we call i called this was an insurgency folks this was run like an iron regular warfare at its that story will to be told here but we have what we call it journalist because the the journalist that we have in our media the more than i did it themselves because they displayed an organ american to take the idea of so i think this is she was a significant change in a shift in our men right now mainstream media is public enemy number one to the they're drafting the narrative they are telling us a propaganda rather than realities so if they can't if they can't get the job done then it's up to us we the people just like the politicians can't get things done in office as what it's up to us we the people so on the day of our primary that being that being conducted for the two party system i'm already on the ballet november but the two party the two party system which i will again call the unitary i looked i believe we need to get away from it but i also believe in in the pre whatever her wherever you feel god leading you to do to day i encourage you to make up your own mind don't let anybody else tell you how to vote or how to be involved but i i do wish everyone will well i wot that we are able to carry this out in a lawful manner and that we the or in fact heard in our votes matter in our voices so without that said i'm going to bring out a very special guest today i'm going to read a little bit of description about him i'm bringing on a most acromion an a little bit here i know she's given your kids rudy so she comes in a little bit later i believe got one from jackson michigan he's an investigator in the general election for twenty twenty i've had the pleasure of taking him several times and i find him to be very very informative and i think we're going to like what he has to he's a day an analyst softer programmer train in microsoft ex there's no base as well as he's a dry wall contractor musician by trade i love that we need more dry waller anybody that has the trade we we need many more of them that goes back to find in trade printing trades school he's also running for jackson county commissioner some one and all and scott here and welcome good morning scott how are you a right down an how are you this wonderful wonderful welcome welcome so it's a pleasure to have you here and i know that there are so many people working behind the sea to write the election and insure the integrity of a lawful election going forward and you you one of those people i love to hear what you have going on and what was going on behind the scenes with yeah i missed part of it done i'm having technical issues on the translation but if i can i think what you understand trying to get a little background of what i'm doing with regard to the election and i want to make it i'd like to make it early emphasize i use my solaces of visual basic use that both applications for conyers but my background is actually i worked for a environmental compliance software company on radar that's where i got introduced into data analysis i had actually been hired with the company because my chemistry background but i had the strong attitude the software and to our analyzing data and my experience there has come in as come into the great assets in analyzing data from the general action and i like using access because the platform it has its own reporting software built in which i think is advantage there are other software reporting systems but access handbill right in and that's a real nice advantage you don't have to all with licensing for separate separate reporting africa getting down to the data the thing i like about access is i'm able to analyze i able to see what he called the so real important to understanding the data query is basically it's kind of like a question and your kind of asking i want to see this data how do i get from point at a point me to see the particular day and access i found as far as something that individuals can use i found access to be very a very efficient to being able to take a look i analyzed the wonderful i have a little bit of experience in programming and visual basic but not enough to be great at it so some of those abilities to query and in multiple ways is very helpful in order to dig down and and get to the bottom of things going on in michigan right now with you what information i know that you're involved in several criminal cases as an investigator in the twenty twenty election so what can you tell us that's going on right now that people should know about that is i know a lot of people feel very helpless they feel like nothing's going to change and i keep saying no try made there's a goiloor that are fighting to write that election because the crime was committed and it has to be right it so what what is your part what can you my real part i had discovered one piece of data that it stood out to me from the very i got my original fedosaitch would and it was at one piece data that got me going to help get me connected to other people and got me to where i am today in terms of understanding the crimes and it's not just one crime that the there's a lot of crime that has occurred i've had two basically a many of us he actually had to become unpaid police detective to this process we had to be able to identify which crimes have been omitted and there have been several again and we have we have eventually had to take out the role as certainly in my case experts with regard to working with law enforcement i had originally reached out the jackson county clerk and the director of elections the jericourt as a mandarin the director of elections and both of them were very resistant we have run into that same resistance poorhouse it almost across more with county court throughout the state of sin and important to understand history to understand the attitudes that we've gotten from the county court office i want to i want to make this the local clerks many of them had been very cooperative and have been direct very receptive to what myself and other people to their the county clerk i believe were basically being epulae reader the director of the michigan burleson and for lincoln botanically the michigan secretary state and it is important to understand history at all hitler came to power through the manipulation not a new trick this has been used before and they are utilizing the county clerks in a similar way to manipulate an investigation and that is not only going on with county creasing on with law enforcement and so i have describe how that's going on in law enforcement agencies to i tell you why in my case here in jackson county we do have an open criminal investigation it is with black monopolise and there's the local the first line of law enforcement in this lionship which is a suburb of jackson where the east suburb of jackson the metro and we have a community called michigan center a primary community over here but black mantle on had been great had been very patient with me putting together the technical jackson county she i around to public meetings for them i went to and called him out because he refused to return my phone calls to refuse a scaffold and finally i got a call from him one morning and we proceeded to call each other expletives for ten minutes and then finally he starts talking about it okay what do you go you set up a meeting and yet the adeline up setting up a meeting and jackson invited law enforcement invited public i came from around the state invited other individuals that were so cited would be investigated county she not attend so he sent his under share of man named his he came to the meeting proceeded to play with his cellphone the whole time surface in the mails and it has been made quite clear to me the jackson kelly sheriff does not want to participate in any kind of investigation whether or not he is getting instruction from somebody else that to investigate or whether he's doing it on his own it does not matter he is a law enforcement officer and the law says to investigate if somebody about criminal activity and we've had this problem in living in county in chiawassee and i tell you what it is very disturbing we have some excellent law enforcement people that have taken taking their roles and the responsibilities according to the law and an worked with us to help put together case we do have a case in the prosecutor's office still working on other cases but i am following up with the prosecutor and the particular county and we're waiting for a final decision on the prosecutor in what will proceed at that moment we are hoping a politician gets opened in that particular county and we believe we made the case for an individual to be indicted that's where we've had some challenges with law enforcement but there is some excellent law enforcement officers that have taking the roles certainly servile and very county but here a black man leon might just for the director of public safety and a couple of the other counties we have open investigations were trying to get other investigations open by its its menace there's a true to the point that you said is that in all organizations from top to bottom there is criminality that i think all of us have complice it's it's a comin a conspiracy it's not conspiracy theory it's criminal conspiracy to defraud the nation from honest and and lawful election the end in the thing that we struggle with i think right now the fact that is so prevalent and through the whole you can have one person that sitting there who is a good person in the person next to them is subverting all of the actions we want to make sure that we don't implicate people who are honestly trying to do to the best of their ability a good job to carry out their duties sane thing of a law enforced there's a lot of people that they're in law enforcement that are wonderful officers that are doing the right thing and then there's those who are walking away from their duty the same thing with you know the same thing throughout the the one instant that i would throw out there he said that they are all guilty is or michigan log they never the michigan legislature is the one that not one of them stood up while at one end to keep myself out of legal stand up to do the right thing and carry out their oaths of office she how are the highest law in the land when it comes to the constitution the right in their oldest the they have the duty to to you know i mean it is law enforcement agency to put that out there is law enforcement more so you know superior should be superior to the state police state police started out was for an investigation and a crime lampton all the sudden they have gotten all the money and the funding and it's all backwards start with a local county sheriff who is it who is responsible for investigating when he issues are but the now i've taught to about half of the sheriffs in the state at this point in time and he several stoller sheriff out there that really care and and our interest in doing you know with upholding the law but we've got some real problems when we have shared that don't even understand the constitution or their duty and and here and what that duty is so going back to that i mean the fact that they took civics and the constitution out of our schools there is that there is a a a trickle down effect from it were where it into every area of our culture and our governor in the he now i have a little bit of technical is the habitation you make a very valid point was reached the office because number one i have reached out to several state robes the primary culture in this that everybody needs to know her name is and bowing she is the chair of the election committee in the state house i have i met with her at one of her men in green a township in eastern livingston and she sam very response at least she was in the town and hear what i had to say but that's the extent of it and my state robe have to state raps covering the metro jackson are caroline and juliette alexander and both of them had been very unresponsive to the issue at hand you used the key word as of office and that unfortunately is a thing of the past with many of the public officials and it has become nothing more than lip service to the especially with regard to say how i tell you what be the culprit to a lot of this i after the two twenty election lives less than ten miles from that the michigan said it might hurt it is hard i have to restrain myself to all back from what i really think of the guy has priority is is not constitutional i'd states inattention constitution his priorities are his financial interest in his business or reformer and jackson and he you know why if the whole issue was investigating the election everything else why did he let lanforre do it instead of at that was one of the the domes these public officials really lack cerebral function if i can call it that that's why i'm running for county for mister we have the same problem the jackson county board commissioners and these public officials like to get elected to that takes the extent of anything else with regardless of her own of office or the duty doesn't mean i dare think the law enforcement angle as many critical thing because we've had to fight it we have had to fight i've been in a battle of this rotten therefore jackson county and that's what he is and i'm not going to go into story behind that because there is another sharf pride priority him some of em was a very nice but you know what he was born order sure and he was a constitution and i think had he still been in office he would have been the first share of jumping on this but they can tell him and make sure they got up you know got rid of him his name was stern and by all accounts he was a low order sir and that's what are battling is low and order the burleson this is what i've been looking at is this data it evident of criminal mode criminal motive criminal activity and you know what we have had a miserable time trying to get law enforced on a broader scale to investigate it but misstate the i believe that if anything needed to be be founded its michigan state police the michigan state police our basically a pan of the of the governor's office they ran to the governor's office they are not that were richly intended to be tools for the local sheriff and through time it has been deviate where the michigan state pole many of these officers set them as being superior to a local county sheriff to local law enforcement and that is a huge huge problem i was in the michigan state police orders yes to pick up for a for and they actually counted how many they gave me and wrote it down and i was dumb founded there trying to keep track of how many boys sheets i procured and i am going to work to get you information because they need to be invested ah i think this whole thing tapoonee you bring up the board of elections and such an angora one of the first statements come out of your mouth as you know you were set up don't you you do realize that you you were so ah that was it was pretty easy to see i mean when you saw the the bumble of it was either absolute gross negligence or criminal come and when you read the affidavits that were written it's pretty easy to determine which way that was going to go and the predictions that were knowingly no no knowingly what they did there is far out in evidence that then there was some national misdoing there that was entered it was the time that old thing with you and the rest of those candidates republican candidates for governor that was a set up to them the then the field down or too and that you know i'm not a fool by my much and to be honest with you i believe the doses are behind that that's my personal opinion it was designed to send the field gave her a better chance to garner the nomination i believe it is a set up because i think that the ass would much rather see greenlet for for more years that opinion of mine and i don't wrong about yes and the way the michigan prelections handled that i tell you what they will fight to the mail on behalf of democratic selected candidates why they are lothe same thing or republicans both sides there installing in the rather than letting it let the people to such siring liseron on right now an she's goin to join us and then we'll have a street person panther i'm good how are you good really good and bring on the morning got a mean miser and were tied out fraud were talking about miss deedes and were talking about integrity how to fix it so a good morning to you we were just talking about the board of candour and the board of elections and jahangir and all of us have this siller a similar batch of questions going forward and to what happened in the past meeting go back and fix what was wrong and then then move into a break future where these types of crimes cannot be committed at yeah i was listening and from this is interesting because the italy believed that something to do with the divinity as well and i agree with that statement that they would rather see greater and there an allegation michigan there's a michigan oligarchy of families who basically it's a number of families and and there's a wonderful way to look that up and find out how much money that there contributing to candidates as well as to foundations and such how they move that around and when you have that much money where you can put millions or billions in election to rig them in one way or the other to grab to have the bath zuurberg jest gave three hundred million dollars of zuccaro wisconsin and they're doing it there you know they're doing it here and michigan we we seem to be just behind the new cycle just a little bit and i've done i have you know an idea of why that is it's because i think in michigan were actually exposing though the get it to the book moved do you agree with that or or a moliere with that and i've done you a yeah i'm done extensive research meenister involved it's literally discussing their stealing the voice from the people as they are also stealing the voice from the people and the need to go we need to get rid of it's not right you can't can't compete with the candidate that is founded by a family that putting millions into their campaign it's not okay and seems like there are never conservative there are always leaning at oh well look at but look at ranworth put a million into you of them which turned out larry think and larry think is the sea of black rock and they have unlimited money because basically the chinese the chintamani party used used our one america through mutual funds find the artemise to do with real estate collapse and china and when you look at money going into those kind of resource in those connections between matronizing turning out of a people in industry business we have a real problem huge problem because they have unlimited money where we have you know we have our donations that we make with our with our singular effort it's really frustrating its you actually start to look into it and see what's really going on here and what happened with these candidates with the republican party and how they to them at all then even artemision not one of them did i nestling that a couple of those candidates were their own and therefore the reason kind of obvious they hadn't bought for they haven't been in port in the end right in right after a half and they were fighting for it but they didn't stay in i don't see why they want to have sainport we need this to happen if it if they were upset about it and he did everything right by one may say in court you know fighting so that's kind a sign that obviously they don't they don't really care they were put there to do it oh we have to carry them all to the undone so what's your thoughts your and i'm having some technical difficulties here in you and uighar me okay i can said what are your thoughts on this legal process that we all have to go through in order to fight because i think we're going to have to fight this out with lawsuits and you know even if you look at the big black rock in some of these some of these multinational corporations a wan into our process we're going to have to go through antitrust suits we are going to have to fight the and fight it to the end it's going to be a long battle and it's going to be an expensive battle but it is one we can win go in you hear me i'm having some major technical issues that i the signal is just really struggling yeah i can hear you yeah i tell you why what you can to talking about is actually i'm running in the same exact problem on the smaller and what needs to be understood this is not just a federal or state level problems were having these political it is actually down on the local level as well the county the outboard commissioners here jackson county are nothing but about to rise there was one county commission named tony bear took any interest in looking at the data and evidence i uncovered in my best and the party the jackson county republican party opposite opposed any criminal investigation whatsoever they sit there and use words like botafogo for a vote fraud but when count when it comes down to actually supporting a criminal investigation they opposed it when hundreds the only name my hawkins the treasurer of the jackson county republican she runs a group called the jackson patriot she wrote the patriot and she screams people when you come into the group whether or not you want a criminal investing she doesn't want anybody pushing for criminal investigation that like living in a hitler hiller's period in wirepulling when he was coming to power this is nothing more than the fasces and i tell you what the republican party they don't want an investigation either because the divorce the miami the what romney's are still left in michigan they all believe they're entitled our leaders like the democrats are that's why you don't see that the loss in any station because they believe they are entitled select our leaders and and everybody wants a piece of the pie look at a run around daniel she has financial interests in the dominion software and nobody calls her out on to me that i might parsimony i just want a lot you know she is deeply invested in that she is deeply abased in the domain and that is a huge huge and i tell you what these two big political parties you know i was once part of the taxpayer's party michigan and but even if you look at them the green party the liberty party michigan how many of them have a seat on the state board a canvas one of them because he is an it is a political party aligarh at the other entitled to decide who are leaders no outward college which i would use supporter of this is about these political action committee it is about people with money who feel they are entitled to determine who are leaders i'm running into the same problem and local level in with the jackson caribou they it is a voice called it is a social and how it is not about you are not so civic it is israelitic an ornate in the fact in washington there the ones that need to learn because they are understand appreciate and they don't the worst part they have erred and they have to us is well they have no respect for the public come around every two years for every four years and come around and and kiss to the alleged public by talented a more because system that is in places these tabulator i can tell you this right now you vote does not matter it is so corrupt there is fraudulent data going in and coming out i tell you what most people are unaware of it including the county rare of where the fraudulent is going into the and how it's coming out and i can tell you this the boat that we were i do not believe this produced by the michigan morabec i believe it's produced by contract tell and i tell you what my west might be peste there's actually a video called election integrity jackson county critical issue number one if you go to that at the bottom of the page i have a line to two pet these actually actually show if you go to a scot for jackson to be that come and you go to new select jackson county critical issue election integrity bominate is a link to toledo and those beds so my voter history they shall my mother history one of them was produced by my local concert and one of em was was put together with data provided by the michigan prelection to voyages what one of the coronet in there and i'm trying to i don't know if you go on platform the thing about that shows balloting jurisdictions which is correct i had voted from two thousand nine two thousand twelve in the city of jack however the misdirection state shows i voted lyone township all the way back to two thousand languages not co and one of the critical pieces of data that we have discover that we have discovered in this process is a critical piece of it as we ran we have one of the squall guys run a lengthy query find out whether anybody had a voting history the bitter at least what they call to beat us whether not anyone had a voting history with multiple jurist we could not find one and that deeply disturbing his people all the not one thing and the data they have distributed through to me is evidence they are day are in violation of toil that isn't come back out of the minute want'll be it usually takes a nap for the wife might and intonation thing that i have rejoined why is that enoch point too i saw i saw something as its candidate a candidate who voted in person and you know how they voted you know whether they voted in person and the data on several candidates what was changed as of april i believe it was april of i got to think if it was last year this you're not been a while since i've but then there was a change in the status of heaths was just candidate that were running and how candidates voted while they voted in person or whether the vote than how they voted status and how could they do that with someone in all men them i mean this is incredible house that not sure cottenham the comments and not sure what he's running for this tree commissioner into a counting he again on that's interesting so now i turned it on about five minutes into you saw when i got on so is this he and investigator semistarvation were working with election integrity has been investigating the general election of twenty twenty there's a whole bunch people that are doing that those investigations right now so it's not like one person or one of the actual quite a few people that are doing investigations and getting to the bottom of what really happened i find is pivotal well you know we hear the republican party we hear we hear so many politicians that oh just go along to get along we're not going to look at this any more we need to just get past the and move forward you in identity will that's unity with that unity which is not necessarily people i want the unified where i'd like to be free direction but i'm not going to unify with people who are committing crime no no no a cannon his really freezing up so you know that looking so scott can you can you hear us at all i think we're going some technical difficulties here i tell you what we're going to get scott back on again when he can when he can respond i'm not him i inducements in a hand i wonder if i could call him on the phone and you know we had were every one that i know who has those desperation who has shows her pokin are actually had been a very hard time the last few days so yesterday the day before had general plan and yet i know no they they could not they couldn't if we could not get him and so we did by my foretold fashion actually we actually i was holding my phone as we talked he got it in the little different because every one i know who has either processes was having problems with condivi in the last few so i mean i am going to assume that the messing with slitted across the board so i'm going to would look at tutissimus going to do you know callinan i did the general line other day on another prod cast that was coming out of icelandic that was in what i was saying is that i saw the state of superannuates change in april whether they voted in person or whether they voted an and there he stands was changed a whole bunch of one specific and i saved that all off of course you know what we do is as people who read and it to me it was very telling that even that type of data is being hacked in manipulated to achieve the outcome that they want are you talking to me does i am a military too so we're all your your on mine right now this echoing pergola i tell you why there is a lot i have to be careful of what i would i say i now as faces because in going into fiction i can come there is a dedication going on i guess you got my elsie and me talkin my voters one shows we have incorrectly outside two thousand calanthe city of jack and then the other one shows me having voted and leonato i don't believe that specific data is that is going to inoculation have understand how queries aretino queries all data however i will say this why i said to her violation of oil because i believe the calling from two different when you do a reinforcing act you are supposed to be getting the exact blathwayte laws beginning the exact date that the armenians in case i don't believe the mister glendon voyage to being done by a contractor and they are not in the same data that we and i said don't believe missinaibe lieve it because the the difference one don't the where in only republicans in the state house and might so be to be is going republican the state of michigan there located because they allowed this lineations that made the to conceal a actually doing which is what one is the host to reveal it beale to see what is actually going on and i tell you what i i feel deeply i lack of conviction in terms of office in turns of lowenthal i am sorry these people any more weissenborn the number one priority is one and santoris he does but i did not press i guess the mutineers to the state he is beatifically what were i believe it's being emulated is not through i think it is being manipulated in the and i don't i can't do all the beattie but there is actually contained in the system most people are aware and unless you read between the lines unless you read everything that inclusion race dominant for ernestine most parts have never read beatrice and if you read the contract you will understand the better contented than and myself and we the person were able to piece together a lot of what is going on by understanding and understanding of the contract and you know what i'm not sure and been the fomentation from western opened and intestines contracts no alarm that we have in gore not officials to elect to go asleep i don't like the notorieties they don't take the time to educate themselves intent no one allfired and i disturbing i am almost queenston by times i went to bed night and tears over it and i like the next morning peacetime deterministic with it instigates of all the people i jealous and passes on to resist the least i can do is quite at her anyhow the the cattegat evidence is very powerful and i everything they can now to suetonius most importantly mastication suppressing or voice or suppressing the vote they are suppressing everything and going back to those who are in office i believe they like a said that there installed this is not a lawful prose and they know who they're going to allow to the on the ballot there they know who they're going to allow or or fund to win because it is it is all about me when when i you know running running for governor for how many months now the first question people ask is how much money do you have how much if you were as and if you do not have the amount that they think that cost there calculating their piece of the pie the other calculating how much their doing to make by standing with his candidate so when i see people who the political parties the totersten the unitary will not even mention stand with it for fighter what every first my first assumption is is that they've already got the candidate's picked out second of all they will do anything anyone who is a real to remove them or get them out of the way because they're only allowing people and there are long people in who will help with their little little conflict of interests self enrichment and their paid to play and the conflict of interest you know look at look at grandholm without with the tonic vehicles and then the ownership and dominion as such i mean this is just uncontent and i tell you what it's not excluded to the democracy you and i when we first caught earthling human the oil was antisthenes they want retire elaborately worked gratuitously he was honoring mary valiantly a tarnation long time from country and you call plainstanes wherever you want but they wanted somebody valuable a father so oo is a threat to them they do not want tinkers they want they want people they can hold and acestes major political party panormitano parties balance inertia and i was running his independent and had got signatures i had to get twice a signature again a argument as well you don't have to go through a a primary or convention and as a matter i don't depart this can it letitia that i think you the gradations isolation of it would be to do as i wish in a monarchy is an soorenard it i said no i recolonization and the line teeters will be and they will set about to install that is wide the republican party the ejection fighting the democrats yes he attended in the roots coptic the morning about contributions to the party himself control the endeavor any kind of contestation caesarian we money this coastland in alleviating confidentially mister fenwick he nonentities it is a communication and installation of who they being the later should be it be said i went to day even with all the care all of my own enticement for i will be sure if if i went i didn't have money i did at one side i had declined except we did a lot of ideas the other but i didn't and ingenuity of with what i he i want people love everything in hand costantino so they want somebody indisposition support on the sidelines all the old well whatever you want to call them do not like that man who to maintain or an that is that is the whole the toinon why the republican party that i lost was discrimination to ostable and votaries on base of orators like the dog it's one party it's a unitary and they're all working together to the i mean they're all working together against and he and they really don't care you know it's like when when you even look at how they use the non profit in order to carry out some of their schemes you can see it two thousand mules you can see it in human trafficking i'm going to be beating up this human traffic in subject like there's no to morrow because i don't think the people realize how bad of a situation we have specially in michigan and how their using their using agencies and this is government sanction were paying for this we are antiperistasis a is one of the largest huge train organization the kids do they lose it were losing a million kids a year over million kids a year i've seen men asiaticus the numbers of season have that directly in front of me but it's horrification just in front of me as a million children vanisher edythe thousand each man two thousand seven hundred a day one hundred and fifteen per hour one every thirty and it's like it not only of the disappearing but i want answers on where the going the other appears to be quite a few you know when you got when you got under the under the clinton administration the adoption of that they signed there was a couple of them that were so but it was basically insane sing the legal the legal kidnapping of children under away from their families under span it was that the laforce men is in on it because they all i pay back from that one they heard one estimate that each child is worth a million dollars if they kidnapped them from their family it's illegal but they've made a legal and their using our ages all of our agencies that are five one three are or in my opinion are absolutely in need of being investigated not only for election sagrestano but this i know you know what i do individual augustus agree as because i want the nonintervention here in all they have they have gone opportunity you want to go mad or opportune of the allies yes they do he controlled the united way the accountant in a i tell you the united wantoning by not a show of realization or the allies of jackson calling as the undulatory in allowing hardy into engagements and the same thing can be sent apricots oh yeah they like i am bringing freebooters on and it because when i found out they were selling my blood was you precaution across the now was sent they were imitations itinerates is their selling the parasitical companies it's just like the the the aborted thesis that there selling their selling baby parts i mean that's the nightmare you know i you know i look at the churches i've got some real questions about her churches are involved the day they should never have shot down during coetlogon unconstitutional coetlogon which makes him start wondering how far in is this it did it is saranoff and i think i have the answer to this for brain washing archie that for whatever reason so criminal naval empire is after our children are after a children's mind their after their after you know not only are we selling feetmarks you know immediately we are corrupting them through indoctrination in our school we we have these non profits which we were taught to believe that and when you start really digging into the man whether doing you know the the election you uster looking at the criminal complicity with this and the beautiful thing in an i got to give him credit there beautiful criminal minds put them under a different standard of of oversight investigation to so they can do whatever they want and no one is really good investigate into the because it's a non profit and they're doing great things in the even the way there was a a nonprofit doesn't mean it's not for profit most no profit on the balance the cotton it is somebody three and thousand dollar or and i have not retaining not that areas one who set up the fine old one see three white was hambantotte oenothera and everything else by the church because it started artificially attacking it was indirectly an attack on the bible taking a any in a way it astute of i do and i do want on mestigoit i hear a consumer energy i ordered the one most possible outline country one large and they're cutting in the coal plants oories in threes akayongh in fact most of his patent at the energy isis panathenaea another not he the placing of the demand and some as yes you going to antithesis the solicitation that it is about it a hainaulter they don't want and they have got the big inessential painted the plot alice state you have maintained your money and one man the same argument attention he reined our pocket olinthus atlantis was hardenow consolidating the city and i tell of companies leaving bare community has been loyal and well and on soongoora and gontrand those fools about treasonably daityasena i can't because i believe in three marcasite in competition isis boeleleng government to be officious to be joined in the hall yet they would people do understand of the streets of austin a different question to day i shot my christian rights are protected or by erosion government on my own adornment the compass the lamentations peloponnesians hewitt government going out with the fire on the trees greeting i tell you mollenhauer as you and delia all these apostates the organized churches you know going on their website you can see what the gods when they are creating social justice to alcohol isentrude and that is what is going on or to machination it was preceding mention green and i'm a folly i am one concession in this country a i pairtridge yes to italianissimo aristonicus unraveled while delightsomeness compare on turning towards mark and i tell you what i just it is melanesian this country while it is that it's all so it's a form of subversion of there's a lot of people who believe in how things started like the democrat party the republican party all of these non profit and they liked what they said they stood for and also may be what they did stand for at one point in time but it is been an insidious process of tearing down or are companies are business and you know not even not even not even laziness sometimes it's you know we're letter by some very evil cunning pee who know how to manipulate and there there there organizes an army of people of peace individuals and of entities behind the who have unlimited resources on limited abilities to net work there just really super super organized and they knew how to go after like the economic warfare in the state the right now look at how many businesses have left i have gone down to say like because of the trevally authority down there they have cheatery and such and all i'm seen in the state of michigan is a concerted effort to hold the state has through lousy energy policy which are ultimately going to put a toehold on the stage until and less we at the thing figured out if these marks is to the cure so that you know we the people want again all the rains not only government but to come over and i'd like to see this matthiette treated like a like on a and i you know really enforced in force the borders in such a i do want to say i made a point too a as the amateurish in some acounts in ancestry understand was going on now of these is as the people to maintain the positive as all ritardando and others are maintained in officering and everything i don't care the government gennaro you and i know is in i undrooping out insensibility and every time i enter when turan after gresson to drive me in pain what we can and you know it and being in a pensive when you drive off through a death scoffing the concentrated energy nannichette years for one another this is what they want is to be explained in accentuation adores i am organizations in terms of surface of wineglasses were actually under now were they minion the limitation which is all washington is because of the rechristened the surface of the party and you know you cannot sit there and put these interesting of the winnie and some point these concentric about and many of their sins and the administrators literate asinaria they can carelessly as the booming to maintain and that includes we have no choice in terms of a margin canoemen and be destroy the free market system petition mariette and me for considering and contained what bellanger that i agree it is really set up in it against we opepe so i think that's why all of us need to get in the game here and be willing to honestly stand with each other where it's going to take all of us to do this and tear this one caught the best system downcast really is a beast the thing is got so many canals in different directions set up against we the people to take away or voice or vote take away even our lives i mean look at what happened that this killing people in the hospital think has been repeated all of these the have been done before in history as history does we're going to have to stand together and and fighting is cast is it is an incredible is an incredible time but it's a great time to be alive because we can actually have an ability to have huge impact so local action equal mac and we've got to every single one of us he has to get involved so you know like for me i rode up i wrote an article this morning i do a lot of research and a lot of writing and in my article i gave people ideas of how to actually get in and how i will i will post that i will post that on the dana number for am i not calm sit for people to and be able to read that to day so that the he means just mentioned at home and and something i don't want to put you off to go ahead on no into don for i do come i'll put that up and a lot of ideas on how to actually get involved but my biggest thing is get off these political parties and again because they are only there is especial interest for the south perpetuation of them and their members to make money off of us and further divide this their taking away their part of the problem and their enabling some of these other and to test institutions to it's enabled them in the stuffer as they selinuntians i sold this nation of peace by in in in concert with large multinational corporate what's been going on it's going to continue to go on and tell me the people unite and come against them and in an assembly and so and in annapolis i think i think it is point time because of the crimes of the committed and sees and some of these other organizations the bible that one for a while too they need to go away and not be allowed to even cross to exist within the state or cross the border into the state they need to go away they need to be no more they are just like the main stream media it is number one enemy of the yes absolutely and you know one were on the subject really quicker boucaniers energy i'm not sure if i now that's tidn't know her my friend john has seasoner energy and then they up to their prices fifty person the summer between the times of two and so if you're using you know your anything in your house and an electric whatever he has the consumers which i think he has bowed and they up their prices potteen two and seven in the summer time he told me that a couple weeks ago i couldn't believe it cause i don't i have consumed as we don't use we have it now i have a quick question first that really pick as well masked at aisle amendment paying attention to what you're saying i just want to know do you believe that there's going to be a mass amount of discrepancies with today insignificant today the reason because it is a primary i i can tell you we will be going after date starting to morrow i will be going after dat i am interested me i do know the mehetable forecastable where the gate is stored in these applications i'm looking for a working structure by looking for relationships between the particular field disrupted i'm sure you both have heard what happened to channel three helmetless weeping result it was not a mistake and as we pass i wasn't a cast with the story they put out their dental about it but i think one point what we waiting to find out before we go revealing a lot of the data it out whether or not we can get composition and intent because of the honest with you we had no overseer on side esitation wemember when do nothings in place we hear indicator elections of such early state office are we just this aesthetic forget it be what they're going to do is get themselves elected believe will start putting in the calabashes she already said she said this is the weeks back waiting colonies in place allasame is we don't want anybody to lose don't want inclined we want to do without any position anticipate because you you just mentioned it to discover undesignedly i don't want to be challenging the rhineland as the ascetic mode are the cotton entitle and installed and when he got to the gate to day i myself i already know how one of i cannot i regret i can't reveal trinitrotoluene we threaded i had it would require a changes another doing things even on the surface in order to change how historian and for me and the soft word to increasing my own cowardice patience to be in i was in the relationships with the data uninteresting once report an extract and i can tell you the way being often most resistant hepatitis the bearer day there still finding no issue regards to vote registration and these are not iteration were changed to the bone and in all got i began this is because the state of michigan with passion for the cubans from abo and the rest of republicans in the election to be his no opposition inaction constantine the gordieston rolls and other things to another company which i believe is the not you don't want uncoloured shootin to allenstein entered a jobber or not opposition is controlled opposition to assist and now i think of goldusan they control the agent of the republican party as predicted in the macedonians the control of the onomatopoetic major political artibonite states texas what it is he controlled apart and includes an election and i too when i got to know the full extent of what it changes a working the until we enter expanded i constitutes i do annotation out i am heterogeneity should i should sunlight page because my two moderation a goodly it's a very simple case to put together the militia they are pulling in a fortunate to such which is a gentle when you boys something expect to see the same exact tenor the same examination the governmental or looking at their deliberately on fomentation and getting away with it because the politeness i i working with other jurisdictions he if we could polecats the other on this particular issue the boise by god in one until the republican party opposed as a shutdown it doesn't really matter well then they're not going to and so we're going to this is why this is why i think that everybody needs to be byroad away that think a little back you know what men basically ruinate us tax payers party we actually have a choice of different than the two party and to move away from what we know and it's not always comfortable because we like to stay in the areas that we think are comfortable but an act of bravery is to go against prevailing thought even in her the only astandin up doing it we have a venturist duty to stand and and defend this nation and i think it's going to be a time where we're really going to be able to see that bravery come forward and hit people popular moving around and realizing how bad the system is and they they don't want to pass this on ter so it's a revolutionary act a brave act to move away from a organizations which have been infiltrated and are manipulating the vote and i think we're going to see that more and more i agree with you in person if it does take it takes god to look beyond the existence and but i will say this when i talk in terms of republicans i not imogen even voting for them i have run as a republican iii understand what the worker publicans come encouraging the policeman control the house and all this had a minister a portmanteau once and she was a committee gethings of the report alleged opposition in a house to the need to be shut down he had now an not even called a consolation concreter he turned i am not in because they were another and one you have to reconcile wendenstein was introduced but he segregates i tell you what it is easy to come up things with apology and that is what has happened to our election process yarinareth i go to the ritual i don't onward the idea you in the city how do you mind morally you do artois because you are the donations being and man in the republican party it was a the signatures of day in about to get rid of half the we got about we do not want to welcome in the candidate as it is what republican personalities we knew that a while ago to be honest with you i teotihuacan of the doraine hermetically in all and this tree a compelling to see what has happened to the democrat party and the influence of the councillors rose the influence of the kennedys i've got to admission you have possest the unrepublican party and you are younger to many people i don't myself to a people depended they go on in odoriferous of matter getting his income i don't care whether they are of the republican party the dumarsais oliver are green at it is a part the people myelitis easy to the street to get votes it is harder aeons educate your skull on the candidates who are the candidates i would much rather have a finger i would much rather have lain on the lithopolis so it must be the image over nice i could care less whether your nice and not are you going that the case of running into inaccessibility nice in doing i do resent oldchester man but you know what it was all order and that is that is what we have to get at more in many ways disguise is good will he is the challenge that we have to be able to see through reparation they are using the same practice a nice candidate to the gate be the hearty wicked controller she's nice we can in a lord and trying out do you think i don't want you you nice here tintorettos thing is they are a goat she too away with many of the people that were in that protestation transformed and and it's in a wife a tatouage in a god together of discontent to anoatok enemies i need a representative i don't need a low mecsey to occupy the position of the jackson coming board mister i need to look at crianlarich one going to ermine to do it they being and which we are going to be the citizens of laon the oncomers and benefiting cross that which emanate have to do seeking of questions to adoration and came themselves on why tell you what i'm going to mysteries the phone up i would very much like you in an hour in a regular manner her scott so that we can she and you how things are going and check back in on you because i think there's definitely a group of people who are actively involved in every level of figuring out the twenty twenty election and then also how that applies to the twenty twenty two election to a twenty four election so very much like you to be back on against so we're going to do that so right now what i'd like to do i give you see a chance to talk i'll call you when we're off line okay scott aesculapian and humiliated amortisation urge was not isolated to generals and i feel glad to be able to be associated people with good think people possess originative felinarian together and we need to others much possible to intuition precautionary website name garote can get in contest that is my campaign website will find out that nicolete not i received there's no determining in the general election here in districts reentering a generality and i wouldn't have a constituted i got some kind mastication by members they made a fire early and that's why i started running by loaning bycause again because i didn't have money for signed i don't think a lot of people know who i am but well teachableness going to maintain it will actually become a different lafitte and post eventually evidence for an only but i would people go to scattergood with you can take a look at the two by two for history files and you can see the evidence of two different atlases some thank you so much scandinavian then we're going to continue but thank you so much he so i think that i think that was all a wonderful bit of information than that he has and i appreciate and will support anybody's right to no no no matter what whether whether we agree with each other or not we have to be thoughtful and approaching our ability to live in and i love that when somebody comes forward with information that they have because that's how you get that's how you get to the truth and all this by absolutely listening not to respond but to listen for information scott had a a an amazing amount of information that he shared with us to day and i am very very grateful for him and people like him forward in this do you have any other day other comments on this yeah yeah i well you know i would like to send a latent just get his information for me or of sense some information to you to send on to him because if he is doing this investigation there some things that i would like him to in case you know just because the data you know the dominion voting binder that i have and and just so much i have about that company even have employees their addresses their phone numbers done i have hundreds of these these employees that dominion voting they were either i know the list of abolition and i had the list of parma if you think about the wassailing there's close to probably eight hundred if you think about this list of people the thought that not one of these people have stopped after the election they all work the election some of them by whom that man as well were actually at the chicago warehouse that a tratement of election center and rivers who as there are something at different odoacer rather data recover but but they had these names for the area and that's where i was initially scheduled to work it on my paper work but i didn't want to park my car and a shot in an a parking lot and get shuttle in my daughter was only a couple of months old at the time and then i wanted to have access to right when i said i wanted access to my car is when i got moved to the very important because i was trained in the tabulation an adjudication cross so why was i trained on that if there wasn't tabulator at the detriment of election center i have people that have sent me votes believe these photos one carrying balance outside of the detroit department of elections in their hands and with the license plates covered up paul then there there's something about the third floor on attitude partment of election nobody's ever been up to the star floor where are they believe that he's going on where they have so whenever you have tabulating machines and ballads in an area being counted you must have challenges you must have watchers the public must know about that but they the night that that any of this was going on we didn't have any challengers there we don't have people they weren't even allowing people in so this is also where this white man we don't know if it's where it initially came from because for hearing it at him that came from even i'm hearing a state right now but not had i made a stop there and if i did i would be very by that happened in the twenty twenty elections the judges that have come out and against me for no reason without even talking to me one of them was i believe kennedy something kennedy he said you know that i ever that my that what i'm my plan did not match anybody else's therefore what i am saying well my claims to night one great nature is a green on a corner and i don't think that election should be like like our run my green on a curve you know well it's so crazy too because why what they match up with anybody else as because i was working with dominion voting i was standing right next to the employees that even one of my my manager is a part owner so nobody else would have heard these conversations so what is staying isn't going to isn't going to match up with anybody you know then here the stuff i did you know so that doesn't mean that it's not true i mean how is a judge come to that conclusion without even speaking to some one or seeing their evidence you know but this is the stuff that you know what these but this was of employees with dominion and then i have their there are training which is on petroleuses been there over a year and a half now an hour long training section and it talks about the internet connection and it talks of all of us is talked about you know it's just my blowing people after they hear the stuff at even this investigator he sang we need to stop using the machines we have to stop using these run around madame anon for a very long time she is deeply invested in the dominator and it's not just so many and it is in as its heart in every voting at all the voting not just so many and they they all use the same software so always keep that in mind you know when some one says well we don't use dominion on one of your we don't use dominion body it doesn't matter it's the same soft were the same soft ware when i got soon for when i got up opinantem smart man i never said it made and in any medea i never talked about smart manner i said diana but i got so by a smart man so or i'm currently being sued by a but you know this is the problem and we are these we don't have a laced in people that we have an office right now i don't agree i don't believe that they were elected a lot of them most and were what you caught out there oh i said he elected officials that are currently in a i personally do not believe that they were legally elected i do not why is it why are they i just don't there's no way i don't know anybody that support so and then you look at look at the ballot right in november you look at who's running we have so many candidates running on a post for the state house is the pray why are they running on a most well inmate you down i'll tell you why two of them in my area are running on a post because i got disqualified so that they could run on and that's what it is it's like both of both my state so josephine and in districts friends anthony farley previous former a house decorator leaning his parley was a representative stay or you know a house he had housed before he was that was his staffer whenever you see somebody that's staffer for a politician that you know that that staffer is also they want me working for that individual you know and i are they really want and why would you work for you know what i mean trinitarians cries impolitic and and its rampant across the united states in general you know and follow the money you can you can see where they is even see that that ties them together as the money and the and the connections and also organizations that their involved in which were set up to look to look like good efforts which in fact like the bills that will be on the ballot november to the title of the bills are highly misleading yakonwita the caesars they allow it these four people are the people that allow that language to go he atheling legal language to there they are all involved in it it's like it's like not just it's not just a elected officials of the unelected it's our unelected officials to our bureaus are bureaucrat and their all working in conjunction with each other and you know and now you know you throw money out at these from dark my sources corporations and cartaret it really is and it really is a political cartel from top to bottom and the players that are allowed in are allowed and because they're willing to do sacrifices to show their loyalty and or that they will they will they will follow suit and that brings us around the circle again to the human trafficking issue i really believe that that the amount of human trafficking that's seen island was all about and people think there's one island there are hundreds of these things out this was one you know may be thousands i don't know i've heard numbers that are very very hot but people think this was a one this was a honey pot operation in order to catch or put them even put them in compromising situations once they once say an i think a lot of these people were set up i don't think that it was necessarily a choice for quite a few i think i desmond if it was a choice but i do think that there is a lot of them that are set up in these and these highly pots or where the drugs are whatever i mean this is a very old technique of compromising those who are in charge but also in the petilia the problem that we have with petiolate officials that they are willingly knowingly involved in this that this is a horrific it horrific a crime you know millstones come to my mind quite honest but when i look at how the kids are being trapped and the next ananias i believe in protecting our our borders i very much do but i also believe that there is so much human trafficking going on in these border crossing that i'm wondering if there's a if there's another if there's really two side attack on this pole out of this trafficking not only are they not only are they crossing the border coming and illegally but how many of them are honestly especially kids not whither pierre across and moved into it into areas where the being traffic there is no accountability to any of the herding exactly what they want to do and and and there so many ways that this needs to be not only investigated but prosecute and you know i like for anyone that's involved in human trafficking our government is involved in the non profits are involved at their being paid exorbitant dollars in order to move people around the human trinity in it a turtle is human traits not refugees is human traffic insets happening outside that yes and definitely as the irises all assets of any company companies that are out there involved in this we need to seize absolutely their bank accounts and all all assets is there involved in crime against humanity absolutely they are and like i was telling you the other day when i was on the wire talking about this in these in this border and in you look at these kind in there and they are out of it and inverleithen all these good sleeping in my kit would never sleep then you look at these kids and they are not they are the drugs children are being dug and i think that is terrifying when i realized that that was going on i was watching this veto somebody who went down to the border to these people and they'll just can't do anything to me they line him up and they really just so much comes in here they can't really search i think can't do tendencies you know these people if they have a knife on em or something they'll see it and take but these wristbands in two that are left everywhere respite is this cartel has the cartel down there has to where they make they have the whole system at a they make thousands of dollars of these people they would have in these boats they put these rest banana and if you can't pay for it they said they were saying what will happen and they literally shot some one a woman right in the hand that can pay and she had children and in the literature and a mentorian been got only knows where those children went and evolution of the united states by very organized group of the drug cartels are part of it and you know it's the intelligent the source problem of all these actions were just going to be fumbling around it you know missing the main point but there are there many there are many points there are some very unfortunate souls that are being caught up in the actions of these very very evil people who are actively involved in sudden in case there within our own country but this is an invasion this is an invasion this is not a this is not a refuge situation and they're using the hotels and fatherhood house the latter yes you're right donald said it's the stuff of the border is the core problem it ties together drugs people weapons lack of lack of policy and procedure it is on some unserious people in law enforcement it in and there some very good people but there being told to stand a lot of moreton out some of her involved in mine that they are i mean i think i'll have to call it's a mixed but you know it's the my heart my heart goes up for these who are the mercy of these drug cartel you know i say i hate to say it but i die into when i say investigate the investigation that i do get pretty did i watched i watched a video in this woman was being dismembered by alive by the drug cartel and it's like it was it was heartbreaking and they these people are evil beyond all belief john go on said is that where the baby for an ill atoning it like i i i have no idea it a camp situation that it is going to require huge amount of investigation to find out exactly where everything goes what's true interesting to me is i think there's a company called by all by milk that's being founded by bill day so now we see the war on the baby formula and lo and behold up comes a company called i think it's villere they are in sanifying poor women to donate breast tissue i am not kidding you there paying for breath tissue and melt into this company called by bimala believe it is and their culture their culture in didden understand the depth horror that you know and we can say oh yes yes these poor women are donating their breast is how do we know that how do we know that the without generation we don't because there's no site to it but we can make some pretty good assumptions that that revisits mutuma trafficking is going on they can say whatever they want with the proof that they're doing it in a way that has any integrity they will have no integrity there are they are capable of doing in the are we when we have to stand up against them in open her eyes and that they owe the world a beautiful place and all these all these entities are doing the right thing now they're not there there in a majority of them that are absolutely doing the wrong thing and i do think as much as we see that that is a majority of them rather than a minor at this and we can't be naive and stupid about this watching watching them money laundry from our nation engaged in activities of sedition trees and from within the enemies within it then and we're going to have to get in the game because i think we're going to be able to take him down i really do but we're going to have to start a start you know carrying fighting getting involved you know local action of national national action however he tonewanta do it but there's got to be some action absolutely there was to be and it doesn't look like any of our parties are trying to fix it and other abalidot cal parties are absolutely a wall and or conflict there all come the right one has or at what has the republican party done it's not our party down and i'm just opining that right because honestly i been my parents have been republicans my whole life i was raised in a republic house it my whole family as italy considered myself to be a republican these last two and a half years the republican party has first they tried to get me to work with them and that that in i'm sorry i don't care how much money that somebody offers me when my children's future is at stake and all the stuff is going on in our country than if you can look around and so we can even keep up with what's going on in this it something new every day what's happened under this side and administration is so terrifying that and the fact that people don't see in bowing to me the other manipulating our prices economically i mean that this is a concerted attack they know what they're doing and then it's it's a plan and then there's a play book that their following and that's a mark later we can see it bein repeated in our time and you can't you can't give up your morals and in you you just can't i mean when you you know i was my grand was a baptist preacher and you know i have a sermon and i had the servant with them from the very beginning i honestly thought that i could get them to help with the frantic with something you know we we had an action to people that are in the legislator very close i they would not they refused and when you have people that are literally refusing and you lay out every action in front of them and they have no reason why i can't tell you anything because signed an idea that they won't talk about anything at that time i didn't know that one you know you know that's you know that's wrong and if you're montecatini to work with these kind of people you know your part of the problem absolutely poor not going to help us you're going to get elected and your point to continue working with corrupt individual yourself so you can advance politically and it's not okay we've had here at the point in time where number one that should never happen any way people should have never been able to do that number two we're losing our country and and we don't have time for we then nevermore the position were that's exactly it that's exactly what this great discussion to day a more coming up on ten o'clock so dancing comments right now look as if we if you want to whittington at marseille to come at an how the election went to day right agoing forward and the winterbourne winning ticket going forward state back as governor and lieutenant governor under the sacred in devoting else to say it before bothwell let's just at the first off once again he you know adductor neighbors educate your family and can you you know your friends everybody that you know i voting and these candidates do not vote straight it is the most a detrimental at this and it always has been really and you have to be an educated voter two parties as tom has failed has failed as miserably and now it is time that we on of of the candidate that is going to work the hardest for a that we know isn't part of the establishment that's not under by democrats that's not you know that doesn't refuse to talk about ceres i done wallabout her views and these as you just ask her and she won't halsewell tell you her views and she's honest her honest you know we in that opinion we can't get our candidates to do that and that's a problem if they don't tell you their best what do you think they are her yes exactly it's not their views of somebody else if the person that's finding em so you know we we have to in order to be able when an intimate back our i give the power back to the people here michigan can not vote the two party system we can not everybody has to educate their neighbors their friend their family everyone desiring to your county meetings and talk about how this is such an issue you know bring it up because there's not a lot of people that support you know the demaunded candidates but when they force seining for that a bostonian ida what are you going to do you know we have done made sure that the people have another option and that was so important he michigan because control they want me again so bad they won the resources he and michigan their number one they they're not they will take michigan there are michigan is the market this is going to be singularly most important race this is this is where we stand or fall is going to be in michigan in my opinion and and they they are put a target on us november i believe it was november nine we had a car put on us and that they were ever lose state and that they were going to take it decisively and bring it down as an example for the whole united states while you know what they just they just lost they have already lost this because we the people are awake taking back or governance and it's going to be for us not for the oligarch system which controls this and the soulless out piece by piece were done with that your own game over no more go back home go go go off in a hobbyist because you're ragnaris about come to an end and our is just beginning on the other hand you know the the amount of cutting slashing budgets and jobs that are part of the government not not as we people were going to be growing jobs in the private sector and a green down the job the job ratio and the public sector which is the best system currently occupying lands in all their little minions cronies mennonite that that coming to the end and it's going to go back to the van future of the people important so let's say a prayer and then we're going to jupillon to the dog room today and i blew the i blew the appointment yesterday because i was on a pot the podesta it's kind of funny when you have people that work for that work around you and they were their honestly you know like like my dog roomers a little bit like the soup not he is like he is like to how do you know you're not going to be out of podacatharo during this is going on and i donno's there on time which i thought was godounow is so sorry i'm just trying to save the state here and there my geppetto get to the dog irritates that a push out from i don't wilsthorpe pointed the haverly father thank you so much for each and are person who was out there to the tears in a fighting for the united states of america you've given us in an unprecedented opportunity to right the that in the history of this state to take it back from a system which has evolved over decades and decades and decades hundreds of years possibly thousands of years if we go to the core issue that were dealing with and we asked as we go forward for you to guide us give discern orson front of us that educate not only herself but those people round us that we would on the initiative and and the incentive to the initiative to go forward and draw more people in on this effort so that out of a few of us here will become many many many who will stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for the nation for our children for the children in for the legacy that we leave behind we pray for all those kids of people who are caught in human trafficking and ask that you would bless them that you would give them comfort and be their refuge and we ask you expose every single person who is committing horrific crimes against humanity and all so treasonous against this country the united states of america the state of michigan which you gave us as a gift the freedom that you gave us the freedom given by you and guaranteed by the constitution outlined by her faither's in the founding documents and we ask that you keep always true that your will would be done let everyone know how well how much you love them today that you're with them and do great things for them as they walk with you forward in the journey of life all to your honour and glory and jesus nay with pray a man a man think you done said nowell and a people i'm sorry i'm so sincere to get out and bottomry lection day and you know if the live in a district territorial tamayone to rot in a you know he worked hard for us he's had a lot of health issues in nowadays month but he is a voice for the people he is a true conservative america legislator that we have in landing and he hasn't been able to be there but he will be a voice for the people and he will not allow corruption to continue clearing the case is one of the few people that i would and i do give my full and complete and dorset am too is term he is an amazing individual and if you are in his district i would ask that you spread the word bring people to the you know to vote if they can't get a ride there and help him when his seat he is going to do great that great things to the and he has my full and total support going forward i really am and i can honestly say there aren't five people then i would give that kind of an the door mat you have my full and total support and we talk about this last fall when we were we were together i had already i adored you last fall and it's because i know your character and your your your bravery and your refusal to stop fighting in most outfall down half way through a fight and they're just like i can't take in any more and and one thing about you that i know is that you are a no back down kind of honey badger like it where the fights there and we are going to fight this thing right to the end and i know i can count on you not only that but the fact that your honest smart and you won't that down i can i could less a whole bunch of personality even personality trade that make you far and not by far the best choice to fill this and i have come i think that the more people listening to you talk and hearing your level of intelligence well as your tenacity to follow through on things is inspiring and i am so proud to be running with you you you in fact i am just so proud of you and in our state or a whole state owes you a debt of gratitude for the fighting that you've done in that you will continue to do and and it's wonderful it's one now and then that really mean so much to me to and i am so blessed be able to call you from honestly and i never i never expected for you to ask me to be lieutenant governor but when you did i was just if such a such an honor to run by you with you and be on the same side of you and dona i watched the way down as been treated since the beginning it was awful they just refused to acknowledge her as a canada and when that happens you know that something going on there because they have to acknowledge canada and they were fed to and when that was going on and i was just thinking to acknowledge or not but there was the never did they never did it's just amazing to me makes sense when she was put on the dislocation last i was thinking that there i mean that you know here we have pardoned we have chief cried these people millions of dollars in a campaign millions you know a paragons spent eleven million and she cried was the front runner and fortunately and that was a lot of involvement with one of my old managers i were pushing him and unlike what are you doing you know if the nennybody doesn't know that he was involved with the election fraud he definitely was with what happened in her but you know so we don't want somebody like that there was intitled to be read the people that choose you know the candidate and let lappel make up their mind on whom they like to who they feel best our presents and i can do the job should never be a popularity contest should never be something your toll what to vote i am completely against the voter guides i think the vote guides make a lazy voters because if you have to wonder who is behind the voter the accomplishing this is not some one that may be you know a represents you or i or any of us as a voter there is always always some somebody behind any of these organizations that are telling you how to be even people in the patriot movie movement that are telling you who took this is our candidate is as we were voting for that authors this is like a watertight school and rather than you know choosing people to run or it is all of the seed is staffer one if the voter guides out through guigue out whoever i don't repeople lest in a mottling on you have your taking the time to go and vote you should know who your whose unwise annabella you should know those individuals and i get it when i was younger like i said i didn't know who they all were you know that's my weak behavior putting out less life like delegates and all the other good person about for i have people huxtable time you know who is this person who is that person you know who should i bother for this and i tell them i tell them what i think you know but that there ten and i've been in this you know do you have to for a long time of somebody as you were tiny know a stay house see in your district you know you i'm sure you would give me your opinion but i met not a boathook to voodoo the establishment and we need not in there but all the establishment so that my mother's my god to as if i don't know votes every one it was either he was a void of their ability to carry through their oath their dereliction their thematic so therefore botolf we got em all out at one time you know we can have new people whether we like him or not good bye hit the road find something else to do were in a word try something completely different and i think that that's important of imitation and because i got to get the dog the mersina now i get it okay i bless every one think he is so much done on all set morrow on her yes gobion god bless every one else out there we love you melissa and i are standing together we we have you in our minds every single day were praying for you with tear for you we know that god created you to be just exactly the person you are and you are at this time his point in time by choice god chose to have you here now with all the gifts that he gave you you you are in an extraordinary creation from god and we we absolutely we absolutely preciate you and and i will defend you and stand up for you but we're asking you to alstadt us we need all of us we can't do it alone were going to where it's going to take all of us and if you feel like you'd like to donate goodnatured for governor do come give sun go link is a great way to donate you can get involved by passing the information repose repose rebosos email talked of information out there as best you can you can help us find locations for signs for big signs and said so anything you can do we were grateful for that so thank you so much and god bless you all will see it to morrow thank you god bless you all a great wonderful day