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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/9/2023 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Jan. 9, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is january nine twenty three and welcome back i had a really nice break kind of for two weeks and if you once men telegram you'll know that we hadn't up having we lost her so past and so it's kind of a mixed bag which you know what the great thing is his god is always on throne and we have wonderful future going out of us no matter what changes around us eh we can always we can truly always go to god for all the and and to get a true so i wanted to one to start this out with it with a scripture verse and in wild talk about a few things and then are good good body and guess i shuckers on this morning a love the sky and i know that there's so many of you that love our mondays together when were really talking truth that we are talking to ruth without backing down for it whether people like what we have to say are not we are in continued atch the four fronting and set i can't get the truth and news out there which i don't think any of its true any more i'm i'm literally watching all this going i turned into my grandpa well well well let's see how this see where this land but you know the one thing we can't count on his god so at any rate psalms on seven nineteen or twenty then they cried to the lord in their trouble and he saved them sent out his word and healed he rescued them from the great let them give thanks to the lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind the sacrifice thank offerings and tell of his songs of some one one of seven nineteen and and i i think it's report i this this week i been starting a lotos as economic value of crops and weird stuff select the it seems to me like there's a lot going on out there about as referring to a melt down and or in a crisis and economic downturn of big one i actually had one of our a couple of people that are in lancing that sent a survival teteo on what you do to survive an and he said that it was actually talked about in a comin which makes me think why are they watching a video on an intempeste or a shut down well and what are we need to know because if there is any truth about it quite honestly whenever i see things like that if there is small and yesterday we saw shut down of the internet over by lost nego there was a quite quite a bit o a i shut down there so i think we just inkeeper eyes open a little bit watch everything ask a lot of questions or a lot of questions to be asked right now the nonsense with concrete the whole tenor and so i think i think we're going to jump into it some bring shock on right now see morning afore he noted my headquarters by a blow becorse the glow behind me so i'm tired o with rendered the fire and you had your globe head quarters on your head on my head it rather behind me there you go you got it that was kind o plain sorry guy that with the set up in your you care the dale he had done it i in all this talk on the impensole people set all know no no no he's go back to the seventies and in russia when russia was bombarding our compasse with microwaves using microwaves he causes the lot of people lot a lot of cancers and stuff and they pulled everything they i mean it was really people as had all the seventies now we take that forward to the advancement were not documong vernet for sale though that's a concern the words talk about our own government doing stuff that really does get to the heart and soul of it i know some people didn't walk there they go again there's so confers but less an i'm not a conspiracies but i am a reality a realist and i'm also a scientist when i see what's going on you bet i'm going to say something about it you'd better men to speak the truth and you got him got to get on people's pot and you know that i'm in sore you in so that's really what we're talking about so some people might not see it because in their realm and there they're renoticed so the speak they don't see it but those of us who monople think about how many people are actually following me and i found or what i'm saying is i'm not talking about every day citizens i'm talking about even our government how do i know that you know that i when i talked to my wife sometimes her phone is routed through balsomes daughters is routed through brazil a friend of mine is routed through pakistan o my two sisters and maskigan there cause have been rotted through we tore not russia and netherlands that's happened over a period of six month every time it occurs i take his pitcher of it because this isn't this is real folks pockets some one on the other side of the state who is menconed with a scorn up against a the infamous mister grot they have had the same thing not as frequent as mine so who's doing it we don't know the other day in de saturday coming back i'm being followed to our different times when i see some one following her watching me i take picturesome and it's to be going on so what we're talking about as we don't know who they are but we know people open the eyes keep your ears though the ground look what's going to because it is it is real but to day the marks you benton truth don de seven hundred day seven hundred that we been fighting these people am and particularly in the argiope but it goes beyond that is not just the magpie who would ever think that you and i and some others involved said going back to day seven hundred unreal do you think it's very unreal and in you know i've been really kicking this whole thing around that you've got a question everything every single level is ah everything has been infiltrated at this point just because somebody has a label whether the republican or democrat matters not to me it is infiltrated our schools have been infiltrated by communists that are there to orangeit was terrible it's funny you said it because goes back to ronald regulated ronald reagan tell us trust but verify a real key principle why look at our school boards told you hit it deer minigo to great great nailed it or school boards sweep what people on that we think are part of our community we put him on in the change why do they change we need to start looking in whom we hire a superintendence they shivered cries people and make them believe number one they make complete their the expert they're not but their inclusion and we've got to stop that if you don't think so just the ten your local school board sometime and asked our quionso like the white house school board which i ended i could not believe how compliantthe people are they fall in minola's like going back to denote germany i mean true you see it you say why would you do that i would never do that i was elected by the people to do a job therefore i would carry it out and in the best of my ability these people they capitulate they fall in line he don't do contestor mind i don't know i think the profile on before they that there somebody out there that's really profile in these people that are running because i don't think they change when they get an office i think they just repeteret their cold you have the bail of the head again darling or always well thank you miss the duties of isogeneous and dana and shock in the morning i'm beginning to offishiate in its ones his people are already corrupt before they get it off i know who they are and whatever organizations are back in the bit and i was going to say and i don't really care if anybody agrees or disagrees with me most of the grass roots organizations that are out there are run by come their political operas their soiled looking bill here and we get on their old wont because a lot of people want me to warilythen olipile i clarified that shore can be other came from whom they stand with so republican down correct grass root schools business it's all of and of and look at look at look at the organizations look at where they start from look at where they put their money how many of these things are the right hand of the honestly most dangerous party right now which is republican party because republican party other publicans a true republicans you train you and i both know when you run a business the structure is wrong i don't care who's sitting in in seoint know him to corrupt well let's go back at your head and so many nails on the head osterpoole yesto think about that tholarkon your fighter up man man i don't have to get your part up to your already there in and with you the we there find there okay i didn't know to you see you not one of the things you had on was oh these people are not corrupt when they get there there already are tini repute democrat who wrote a book all politics is local is the democrat but he was a diplomat he he and gerald ford on top oosterend but bodmin he said look it all starts at the local level these people don't discit their spots they have all long but they don't have a chance to really exercise him at a local level they get away from andastogues what a start doing stuff we never thought they did they do it and they do it in greater numbers and so so when we talk about pilatethe other point you made the pithos people particularly it's just look at elections and michigan there's just take a look at the evil atticissat they did that leadership that man ics were put together and if they were trying to salt the the race were speaker or mat with money it's always about money in power they were doing it and these people they supported were some of them were as dominis rocks montesa that and i know some people get mad but they were as dumb as rocks because they got sucked into it they thought they knew they thought that they always not them i can tell you i look at this american first endorsed with the laughing the soberest people are as evil she can get or they don't know what they're doing and there putting out there like the endorsement will cover that man in doorthensen tion but i got to tell you it's all about money and power so you hit the nail and they had retaken about these people changed in the spot about pearl filing the legislator they go get barber's wife not the farmers are bad people they're not when they start a boy do they change and we can look locally we can see we can see sheerenesse raps and we see what a minute we then we see the undersigned besegio because they get corrupted along in the way is that it really is but i like i said it's day seven hundred and we've been fighting and we're goin kitchenthought because ye because that's what we do i want to make a comment in toseowon that on human behavior cause this is something that i also studied he was my back protohistoric tions and in such marketing actually and that's you you have to understand human behavior really well in order to em it's just part of its and i think i think i when you look at people's congonorthern their to either be good or evil you i have always told you that i come to work with me and that there in a position of i said almost every one will lie it's a matter of what's the threshold of what they're willing to live for and this is where you really find out holes some people will live for five dollars some people live or a hundred eight a thousand dollars it is some people takes to author hundred thousand dollars for them to live lie about you know you get up in the corporate world some some people it will take much much much more than that to get them to lie but it almost everybody has that threshold and i and i think that this is where we make dese people to are you know or a character we should never no matter what the consequences are ever do the wrong thing it should you should make that that to always do the right thing to have that integrity no matter what no matter what the consent no me how things go and that weakness of a character that we see for people that are in public office is shocking it's not not only are they there promoting probably some of the weakest minded people that we've ever so deep so there influence on i mean in the bible talks about our battle is with principalities and powers well if people think that we're not being now bombarded with satanic the demonic mass as well we second it is a every single time to do the right thing and these people are not cape i think i get your hit me again do you this the de thou not he hardly yea your phone won't wear alemore round that last time lessee feel come back on copyimitation meets dinitrotoluenes peithousin the asonante whole ecouen you believe in out there you go let trick that again i think we are from calmest of you look it up in back or the passed here the voetspoelen doing it little critical can you leave and rejoin emanates see if they get help okay typical of what's happening and er er communications area is that remove shakement and then we'll see if we can back on her and i think this is a were seen this a lot it's really it's really kind of crazy i was on the phone with somebody not too long ago we ended up having a meeting house he saw documentary creator and wanted me to he wanted me to be interviewed on his documentary and i thought it was kind of interest it was very interesting ah there is that okay on talking about the fact that i must talk to some one who does documentaries and they wanted me to do an interview on it and i cotelette honourable we got to the end and i said you don't less praecis i like to pray for you guys and and so we started the prayer and all be sodden all of our phones went was zachariah so the therecruisers and but i think this time it was the internet it switched to the internet as opposed to ariston looked at it and all fairness we kiss when i look at it were or looking at switching both because we're not happy with a service ever since my phone went to by gee i bought their bought that may i've had nothing but problems and i can't see the genito to understand that but that's okay when i leave i guess they understand it but owertaken about as we were talking about the bible we are talking about and that's very bad what the what i've been after is the truth and what did we have his standards when were republicans we basodino things there's two things in the preamble to the republican platform the bible on the constitution the most important documents that's how we met people are should be betide all these other people said well we'd better than this we'd better in that they should have you do you really know them you ought to understand they have no clue of of these people they want to say i'm a patriot i owe bethethe heart is there but the mind is not they don't have they don't understand this game they don't understand that some of us peoplenothing more than judas they will take in and stab you in the back the passion turn around so that's the game the blood sport james wrote a book not the james shoes running at an i do privateerin brought a book on blood sport and i had to do with care deal and blood sport is no different michigan it back to michigan is gotten worse than that pleas ever written about so we have to be out of topinambous for the truth and the truth comes from the bible the constitution as long as we know that and we push for that ourselves what are we also do we test back to the to the bible we can't meet it we know that what we are going to do to our best to uphold that it's not a lie it is do we live up to the bible like for insane i don't all those years the corporate world i push for me in this sense climbed the ladder but it's only when you look at the latter later he looked back and go it's a lonely place it's a lonely place you don't want to be there you want to be able to share with people what's going on which is what we're doing right now and i know you know that because that's really what this is about so i but anyways so let's get into of the next forty if you lest you get some more things you want to talk about it less hassonderaha got on to the likewere going to plow the lid off michigan eh well that's going to get in let's get right there tis get rathoth beat of it over the week end are i sopiras and mark for dinner nourished absolutely beyond the shadow of a doubt was it bridges every county in this state it is the fact if we want to be a team we have to be a king we cannot be a team with shamelike christian nice person don't say that but but a running mate has some hisses ah we talked about the pardon he has big time with both of them we don't want that we the people don't we say we were collectively talking about how do we know that we look at what happened to the convention but let's get back the character sorgeva sanyassi right intent but still not qualified or in a there going here wiloma's more be it's all don't erythematosa hot i think for thrown by acted no white by again a gang introjuice let me look i can see it without if you give me one second i can tell no it did not as it's a once again it's a i think we try that she that any better is any better or not yet its great now i got three bars well so we see anyways the delegates voted for mark because it was based on what injuste and what was going on there the motel grouped the real mccandlas were not being seated and so win the stake smoke they spoke loud and clear everybody thought it was shady glasser his mamma was too long it was too complex what happened was god would if you were there like i was a friday night you understand clearly what was told to mark and less and then what happened on saturday was a miracle and it happened as a miracle because of something very simple some one when they introduced wise the boots when the boys started there it stumbled and made wiser stumble and stepped back when he did that he lost hope that's when the point of order came if it came earlier or later it would have mattered because wiser had already determined he was going to call on some one the boat was set up how do we know that because they weren't even going to give a credentials report they had already rolled that in so all this came about because it was dividing her mention if some one doesn't take that please tell me if they want to call me an tell me how the back at his must because a guidethe around his long as i have knew what that mechanism would be and it didn't happen i even warned mark wiser do because i presidioliving i did the ecatepec ed to do he's been able thirty three to police something like the noplatonisme and i'm an old guy right the bottom line as we walked to mark marked being there i i think it's going to show what a team can do now that means every one of us have a role to play in support of this because we're bringing the truth like it or not we'll bring it through but these down as it is said and in her do some stupid video out that some one put out there half half cock half baked mark needs his son for that videocassettes like it's been alter i would bet and i would suggest some one looked at that video because i think horeberded it they doctored it and if that's doctorthat's not true it seentoo because i'm in the videotronics me i have some it was i circulationor and myself i beg it eye here's why because because we we we talked to people we have to talk to people but we have people on all over that we like that we loved loving some one in liking some doesn't make you a bad person it does it and all these people like to say that you be not candescat with my enemy how do i abangoui if i don't take my message to them so i asked people that question because they tell this to that and not sometimes i i'll try him about it and i would use their photos purposely but in reality one polo does it do it folks or one statement doesn't do it we look at a series of events we see the character of the then the bell over time if we look at how many use michonis it example we look at her over time she started out well i but she give it overtime again because power and money and in visited on more actively beabout corrupted my power money got to look at the frenchman the monkman montesce the one look at him because he actually writes more in depth than but that his side the whole focus is still remains untruth and if we set her there as you and i have done it then i think we bring a message to people they understand they understand that mosses loud and clear because they can see they can validate and we offer that the rejoice o that that vigilat was put out are you can i haven't genocus i've been tied up or hockey and in other things a weekend when things that they that is stupid it's not well done in itself averters amateurish and its it so i'm here i'm going to go out and i'm going to put oreodontids that in being my dark streets as we set we are at here it alstribution trotted and real mark for and by it a real mark so once scriber losers and if this whole thing is dishabbilly wooeth sir at marialarch donna detestari mark i now so what was that as enemark did this in the drink it's in that it's in the it's in the at an ant real marking we already there there's slim shady that slim shady there be shady there read barnthats can then the thing is the isitsoornot was shown in somebody's face but pages we can too which is kind of a a chicken move wolverene know who done easy the name i don't think they need more rest clothes waterholes his horse at that ah but quite so that was the little hit to i you're riding on me again shackle okay i'm not even moving i'm just setting her down i would not even up we last had is up here guns he there yet when there forcewould i would in no way and that video that's a joke i laugh what conoscerete person did that one i think it if you're going to do in him he's doing it pee that's not itamarity decided to do in over it the and then his ikeega ping for straws it's like you kidding me at the and like whereas republican party when the people in their party were kicked off the ballots that was not a fair race cause why he in the republican party parties and i'm talking all of them achaintre doesn't matter which one they are we need and all political parties the poison the structure is something i cannot overcome we gorgerette will this gate interemor because it's really interest in you that the mail again you're an your botimeve a thousand down i don't know how you're doing it but you're right in point but look at the so you're talking about this party and now about how they bend you but less and how they left you but what they're doing now to treat earnestest up eatestwhat did he do poor nounce brave on it i did here colbert and scheme of keeper has them and whole cast the characters indorsing are is absurd it is coldly absurd right because it is oh there goes a car goes by the clerk i got to catch that on my that house the peking germock i got i got it i think it's not i pologise he there an there can you see me here coworking of come in on it tractasti you none does best you don't move round so much cause i see don't move rotatory i petite consther that i wanted to consedono because if i did do that i'm that that was a car going by real slow checking on me this car has beheading manhatoes it happened to be a gloss weak edward i was headed out and i walked outside and all of a sudden this car pulled up in front of my house in the rain and two people got out of their cover and took their dogs right to some bushes and there walking in the rain so so i descended i watched and on watching what they were doing rakshasas de and they went singing no other will hackendown the street a little bit and i like you and i could do this some one had tokitaro plate their car and a kit to a couple of a detective friends of mine and i like this gino go charthouse your veronanod inconstance that you would drive up in front of a house and take your dogs out and in it two cocks which ones going to come we're trying see where you're at him trying to get genere he sone how is she i sighed out the same kind of odd to you and like you look a little out of place here that you would try to part there to act your dogs in the rain as they were all bundled up ch yet they go third other cessent the strange that you would drive to somewhere to get out of your car in the oh rectificar where he could only see the little bit of their eyes and suche walk in the rain but in an you dogs very often the guy had it like a new york assent he got smart with me a little bit and i like and as he just look kind about a place to me i shutsoand i made sure a lot of couple the art so so he's like ruberhohle cynara i want to get a bad about me but mark the exact prostrate is epicemar will the and remember on her way but i didn't wear no i think it was octoberfor a last year there were putting pressure on him they were putting pressure two different ways and mark said now they wanted it to stop his i assert really were all the ascended on to say there was no election integrity i may know election ah he wanted the frenchsecond they want him to stop he said no way and so what did he do he went to trump to got trunks a pro tract gave him give the white house right up a ceremonial key but the whole idea was that that he wasn't quitting undemanding if frentico in to this day he has i batthered christie and her iiwhat about or torgot a person our commentand out again i'm not hoping it is in here i don't know what's happened this haketon and good every one to look the colocolo lead his care in a mental meet your microphone and fit em what's she let's undertooke to something else just call it okay what's the okay let's try that she got no him not when you greenie constant the guy of connotre les byesto be prince in ancestors were by should know or not were bringing the truth if they can't handle us forehorse the game i pecopin and mosher to be tone that truth become abodethat it he takes a rest and so we shorthorn spot against calicoists against them my dope i begin deserves a shot at it till it o years another car come on i sat another one we don't have that petty cars have to break your probably grove pitcher i it is here that and the one thing we already know as we can rally behind him some in the pecan and come he can't do because when they try to get people to rally what they do with their cold lies he is what we're bringing the truth oaks what is this here tell me about what happened and sagonof there he told me that he showed up to a protest and they can only get like thirty people there on something that should have been big protest the governor was going to be at the go said or there did and they're only thirty people that got there so well they were in they were informed to the last minute she was already in for guneshwa i wish to speak at the of saginaga knight and so of the konstantino because they did the casein is when the de find out that the cooroowes going to be there while they knew it we know the doing the people i know it all the calling on at least grow people they would have got many of forthethe person then people grout of the air like glasseshow up i was one of the thirty i got a call it peter came twenty and said equal shoot his tactics retinosporas again there i don't know that i'm going to make it by five o'clock i read it with five minutes but i did toappease i wanted to be the eve to personis there she never said a word to be the old time i shall tell her people some people that i did like like to portal because the girls a liar i call him a litter because he does you know it's gone to do that and he knows why i can do if he was to contree's covert take me i want to know what you have you stolen eventthe in for housekeeper or who at i online caperwhich felonessement chaplin gery often anyways because i don't to anybody's that decide i think honeratta we marked for titanotheres is he consorted are and he's only some one listens i got some ideas to how i i plan to do that we were on a over oniscidea of the one you fear takeovers talk about what they're doing i had the contention are you realized gone that they want to institute a pole now in old taxes right explained in solferino he goes back to the old days poor people and blacks out of the bog the other that trying to hesse are in one keep back and or people theresas pacific target givantake out called a concert instead by the nature under my foolishly dispended money wisely minster one nowhere dollars or going and all there being used shoanan enter ten and there piprisoma completes their finance chair cried i charge you fifty dollars and you don't get it by the seventeenth of gregory the the door be sorefooted i'm not elected by the republican party i elected by in my district i in my priest after me replied one cried independent accept all the different periods should how do i know it so cooper they voted for me as a village they cannot deny me from going to exercise my boss because why because my bold is also controlled under ensile once six eight is the danger there doing there controlling polite by doing what ter do i trollolop scopus for going there as not the only the didone one way is to do i don't think the pagodas raised his commentary he gave his collagist he tethered all the ten color which i don't know what it was all about he widowthat it wasn't very nice as as other races his comments and it she's also leveled commons against others that she does it apianus this is the type of overtalking about this attigerint you pet present which means we need some he is like the rest of tears are boys and doesn't alsoff and calls low nastoides the biggest thing is the other thing to do decide the old tack is there are also the salted the race the entered all these people there on you know horses got a wisteria horse trace if you want to be stored to winter you can alokul this one goes down and horaces pedro the same thing so they have hominy candidates in this race topicwith money and behind the scenes required to stand at another guide that i have to go just cutted the race his work and doing it to try to stop me kiss the colleges are the one that not the record people in these delegates are the ones we got a reach and make sure they came back for the port these guys are once again trying to screw over the enemy jupe my bottegone and you don't think there nosing as i even mediating county politics a three ontonagon the credit they don't do it to day three but the bed doing it retaining which his wife we've been there for seven hundred days our age that dark politics are completely bought and paid for it's a money game it is from top to bottom there choosing who sits it is not a hare election there there bolstering people by money and and there literally in selecting and stalling them the jumps old her it's scoticum over the people and it's not just it's not just the amidei all of them it is every last one of them it's a money game and is begin dudishness in any but the thirty go to endow you hit you hit the nail on the head that they won't come out because they'll lose their business i'm sorry but the structure is soon loveshould be illegal it should colossally beyond sluices ingres i agree with you grace i ran against potestati did really run one fine towns of dollars from and i think it was tell me all the impact we here why are they given this kid twenty five peterson anson and and that guy asserato cape the expectation i tell you so and then i believe it's a pay off it with the water line it intimater like these are the political favors that are done these guys like you and i can get twenty thousand you cain i wouldn't anyways i would not i wouldn't i would never paid her for political favournay in any formal sandars at a national rate somebody's see and he goes in his use like a maximus this year i tell you what i've seen i send contributions cold through the rope you would think better given it as he in a case if you can look at the manacled ship on you take a look at who is contributed if you get your constant to make like a writer misterton where there is takegive i think is swolhs all caused eight hundred dollars for white called ostade under don see could be looked to mers report we starts seeing some sidereos people that don't have the money all sentoient thousand or ascolto thousand as itself as his the whole idea in dese every first and doesn't look at in these geyser it was they are buying then we don't always know what that's some it is you're placing employees as what they're doing there there placing these people are working for these special ne there there little early an employ of of them to push our political and i'm not i'm no tell me about the out what's that with and when i looked as his i don't believe it transparency you say his accurate because they made some at they made some stake son on my camp and solder it wasn't it was not acted this is mad acetosi on committee for kate met madoc on he put the secure i can see it no but that's a the one the swift so we've got a hundred eighty nine thousand two hundred twenty six dollars one hundred and twenty one thousand seven ententive and we've got contributors richard runs sad it is had no idea he rose in i don't know that's his real name or gets a relative as the other way people give money to give it to a relative and get it no one would see what else he see why where can the pay yes i've seen too i like seven thousand dollars to man a parnesis thousand five hundred dollars to angel regis three thousand hours the neckers what's that angela since people are connected to the metics leadership people i was told ipnot honorable the money where the counter money you realized doctor there often more nothing more than puppets in a pass through in slender a passer pass triple andreas the game has been going on the sad game but i think it's something real ticos even decollatlon on going down here you've got and seblon there you've got a one petty gorunning yes a pas on the panes he got on site andrew cibolo state rope two thousand dollars oh bring now when i said that in go go i got to know people got to know he asked between or you've got to that for a state rossanese his tinagon jean and johnson i don't know her i know her but i mean i know others the lad of mine he ever shall smed dianthine back or your real hanson go rosa where elanitik her somewhere there can he was i when i got her down in the and before she really didn't know the office at all and after the problem these people they go in you talk about profile oh ye no doubt as i think she collected it did she get elected is sent as she genle'm not sure she does or not sorely i kind o i kind o like a he said well i can i disregarded that the legitimacy of the entire con and soft like an he oneness entitles should because i honestly i probably should be cause i should go back and look at it eh you know the the players involved boybecause yours one begone from manometers and i dear was they were going to go owenthe when we get here's met medichiel as the other when besides the leadership like about the this change has i know i am in other on i caseinate under good he sixhundredth this i say i do as he could sink the kekeenowin is looking at these money the money where it comes from it who had gone going to said of gotischen tary relies i were on to him for they think that we don't see the shell game their plan in haste now how the contributions to her he got control the kegon gather ye i'm just let him just look you down a contribution four thousand five hundred and fifty dollars from john chalky well why is the having money to this when he got sixty eight hundred back why are they dekenhoven money around it doesn't make it it's like a two way it's like it's everything is going in two different ways leete per i came out on me because i was harassing yours giving political commentary what alton was i happened to be over in and the premier on the cold on i sheltered issue some one had learned me that there was the chickasas scenebecause ever showing no rapidity yet the cave night or eight thousand dollars to the newel county cannot wait a bit out o you give entedido don't have is this the given or disaster not well then we go to war the people work and whose name did we see besides shellback chas i can quickly sets to what were they worried about the very thing you're talking about his going money around replied that this is a crinolette state that these guys bind off with money why do we say that there's another a thing now badeslade p you take a look at and coming in out going when we were falling in and make and ever shutting money in and out is what they were going to soapiest the given candidates now if not it's i shouldn't be natural to when you're when you're putting money in one direction that anstey doesn't just give money back to you why are they doing at this the honest counter intuitive to every single proper business for your hiding on record they they are highly something you cannot come up with any other reason than what are they high read assha something else that i know of has compiled to do this just keep talking and one and looking something up on laura right now as i find this three relocated things trying to wake the lord and wake him up his consolation really what's going on roll in two money and how they moved around oh if this ecrasit thing it crazy it's absolutely crazy it is an wellandand because there so many moving power you you can't hardly follow goethe as like you frenchfollowers there caraboides with these endorsements the very people that are given the doors but ere can i dissolve one on kinding parker chance whose running or the youth chair of the my cup his residence he was in there to go in i don't forty dollars is a calcris core to the high school very it is to into thousand forty dollars i don't think so down this had he his picture and indorsing this is the kind epirot lady is to get the fourteen district chair kate's not eny more and like excisemen he's not a more because it no longer they don't wonder helen sporting deschars gone is the criminal he went the prison for that mary i drink my two hundred and thirty five million dollars i do i think four years are we giving polis police to criminals and making them making them chairs how i surprised at an isoseist otherssome body like that i lisleaden sits on his a cone and the glockensagen i took his was breaking in entering and childs chantre shine three on the is is it amskowas say what he is peculiar i know cos pack honors fire out of one organisation he was thought he was so seeing how penances and on the island of up there there was a questionable practice he connected anastatischer up we'd like to get him a mind ask about that he so in inwhat did he do dis ofweeks ago he and secures also atelicor or newport a new party wife i can deportes to bed i thought if you live republican party you were bad well they did really lead to republican party inaminute gone it is his republican as you or i i did you guise don't know as the deer plan games i said so don't give me that that miss is so neighborhoodwhere you came from she began the leader stood matildeshe nose there is berselius con tell god to be good guide of escapehad we know he's katawenthos oneone to that you killaraght greenwith we got olesens tute i give your listening i hope you are in that because you saw those house rules and i've got to die on the dollar you get in again scoparin my really good friends bear odors arkensawat an the menace i thought you didn't like the attics sureties of the he also signed those sousoos and i even confronted him on the steps of the capitol one day you will you together fifty so people a republican sinensis i said see my ease them i ask you i did it three times and he became a gobecame a tones and he knew that so he's not a god to be tried and we connect with angelericus oh man i'm telling you what if evegoras a problem with anguteris techenie one yes no back rounded a ohshe's a patriot should politemore really means she got her at the cole regive done more in my life indissolable dear i did more in one year than you'll have done her life to the factors de people one i behind his terms the cold patron or not a patriot it's opportunist that's all this says cause she really has the as her bill i carried she find the house roofs that they want and she came the dollars he she's given away every one of our rights and we move up to the next ladder we pocketlike how can you go out and endorse hamamat is like that woodcote fears to go and you ran for congress i know what to get you now your your salanders old to them because they give you money for your leader out of the leadership livable unbelievable you know it this is what we're up at here that these are kthis is contribution we've got several of them from different people couple he attribution i would have finished the thought conachar for oneslightly what will he say is that these indorsed pits are scamps is nothing more than a pet of play the thing got common before now there together the chick called in because the withered the matacawando se their son in law and wait a minute on the word qualified and got these achamore danger because he paused in line with what the mattocks were doing all we theretherethere not for opportunist every one and on indoors miss king gets is there the gostino about neal forstonen the north all he kneels before himself because the peopled for those rules needle or sorry but you may have a good heart i lovenotes you right now if you go close rolls you screw every one of us because you did after back on to stand up we are going to find that out in these will come at you because we call out everybody that's dishonest and if you are wootingpoo ize to you we were not too proud so far we've been dead on an everybody fears that when we do i don't like hurting people no not at all we will bring the truth i like commendarit he have sometimes you got antlike monanday at it and truly like so truly you know bring bring the truth out to where it needs good you have to get things out in the light you get things out in the light and then you can do you can deal in calling he or grenatitefound and only see golcongo thematics tell you what kind of a character he is i've been preaching that is to his campaign made it well everybody else failed even my wife wanted me to pale on o i did it her because i had made a commitment to try to help him take on a committer he's a sly as the rest of him and doesn't drink the truth other rosshaaren put in this indorsement thing echwith a grande copy was running or whoaccording i was told there was brandy and roche don't it but there's another player's too that i haven't proved yet i let me say this the thereindoors he tells you that those people are bad because we know about rosewe know him really well i also know and these people sell there there their souls and they get away of if they could get elected of they want soilan ing he was the white for the respectpowers the money the same thing a lot of these wild bolengo the job yet that's right because polite you and i done it are all there preaching there one last thing any simple was so good why is it a senator posted even picked him up and put him in his office cause he calestano he was one and he gave it a sagamite someone else his character is n't what i eveners formsthe although it is posted characters being called in the course i ain't chlorcodeine age county now that's because something apenamaito so leaving it there and go i'm going with that portion torry and say i just said something that came in that said the bronsons was denied i'm not on christ i know i was i'm not surprised at that i was reading as the quality could make it stick that's fine but you know what they went in approached that they approached it in the wrong method i actually working with another person whose there another state two in order to bring forward and when i'm learning his eye knotsone died and i just turned figure things out right well they kind o taught us how to go through good judicials which is the wrong way to it it is not the right way to approach a sin working with somebody right now and were working up pete i am not herwhether with that door redooced i was being a aetherischen here meaning the darkies nothing more than long oniton that means it's there i got a cursory look again does it mean that the jurist are going to pick it up in us what when i thought when i first when i first saw it i was like a man this little second scot a lot of hope and i you know you really want to see something sticking working i was like this is great with his kind of watch how it how it turned out you know what i and i talked about her my shout a bet i like this looks like this esiccato world on well then i started studying more of the constitutional process and present and i've got somebody else in working with its that's helping me to understand this little bit better because if we don't understand the way that our norator son and the proper process worse down on a brighter stand and what they did what they done over the years is to try to get his tied up into the judicial system which are judges are wrought paid for there is no threatened i mean even donald trumps said that said that recently that the judges that the judges are being that and quite this criminal inaction should you know i spose clear and in our force ben played in yo yes he's a court in general yes oregon decide which case is to going to take or not the plan if we don't see or did his well then he's come there something that we have to look up it's called the downingston project in the state of michigan which is had disaster or consequences for and in her decides on the supprose cute or deciding what gets really what's getting prosecuted was getting her as well as the judges to a turning a cold they are none they are literally there not acting as judge she there stepping outside of their horse is no renews what the jurisdiction of any offices and more you knows a turn general has no jurisdiction over over individuals its the sheriffs had doris tiction over over individuals the the son and the lines lord on opprest and so eccecatine done one way they find another way and there they're all none of them are following the proper process stand on an that's it that's oh that's laid out in or in a lawful way and some of the progenitorsthat through the apsley right on the olisin that in that prosecuted torywere they would have as in the prosecution we should call a prosecuting tornato got all the more turned they could be county prosecutor but not a turning to join me by that will ye but i'm not in to go one step further and that the proper process is to put pressure on the legislation which in turn were skipping that process and letting these people just run a muck and their laughing at us could he has were going strike to the judicial branch rather than getting on the case of the legislatures to get him to move man then called him accountable i guess that's the best way says god make them accountable to change it because they are accountable to therefore they all failed and every last one of these to be removed cause they've all fail origin and as replied three of them being on deerskin one of those whose as young another's mark of in the canteen the red they become as much a problem is that covered she was the republican she turned into endedbecause she couldn't disguises were doing the online is a play politics cases they take up wid when i told people but the cottage and they all were i to go on this is could be replaced very it will ever gets take taken up they go on go it's got ocotober as other docket i said stone taken up wine because our cost or supreme court justice have no cool just like the legislator they will not take a case that has as real distracts the cockaded with rome i quietecito ropeway and they took and the tifully thesethese why he couldn't because they wanted to take the states have to deal with it they could deal with it which is the right process really i do is right is the right process but it seemed i used the tense he agree with that earth montoire then when there there they should rule that way the first place over a number in that they also stood as desiders you need to define what where do i should have forward that acteth provision the sail they can go yes he can they can make it for the recommendation actorthe court back to the states they didn't do that go in and so that's why i get there by the bronze case back to that and a lot of people i said i don't want your gas to be discouraged when this happens because i can tell you right now what my own personal case they got to say things they chose in our case as to call the legislature did do anything an see a problem of the thithters so we don't either and i well and i think i think like i like you said i was i was pretty excited when i first read it on like an old man may be felt stick not being not being either an attorney or or you know it's not not like i'm a lifelong career politician or a political figure i'm not i hated everybody before i started running and you know just because i knew they are all liars cheats and so i really didn't spend much time said studying politics is like is like you have you've got like how many years so you know you look at things you go man this less that could be really promising and then you get in and the digentian find out more and more and and thank you god almighty put people in your past to help you and your path to help yet it figured out in the fighting up this whole process concerning had i as concatenare what happened in stores fortunately the twenty people stood up now there was a little bit of a danger i know some people were concerned but there was a little bit of a danger because if they voted present a taste away with the numbers require got it worked out and i think that to realize a condescention of one thing i did i found fascinating it made them have to order first time in their life and have to stand up as and they got enraged because they got called on the carpet i can call out on the carpet and say it because an up all the people that are locked up still in dec the good and do something with a porter the use of this reckless riding of under ocean everywhere else outside of our order let's say the stopped his ideal of toothache canisterthe less than a year if they give it illegals cavesthey to that ravenous discreet house so rose the giniselli oh actorto a constitution convention and then with the dew that were screwed because then they got two constitutions already go i gorsoon it will live in a the micocoules and all big cities will control this secrethave once a rule all become like san francis a beautiful picture don't you think he is lovely this forsooth then ruled by you know it's like it is the the strike of the trouble we've always had is that the fight between those who are on the tones from the system and as who are working cries so you know that was the revolutionary war it was the oilless and the patriots and the loyalists were not loyal to the united states they were loyal to being on the dole and honestly continuing the system of theft of not only elections but rights but money but time but property hole ten yards i think is the test of the united state on with his the i actually recognised i look at it is a picture i do think i got little out of one hoof i got to understand that i can't and and corn over i see to the right thing he stood up for and they should be heralded as metres because if it wasn't for them the rustic people caves they gave in and they gave in for gesnge this table back to him it notionthey been fighting for us or so on they say that all that complain about fifty ten little he had pushed upon i could pay him one to do that for lolos a cost over one on portoit what i got to do there they would sure he went back to their backs in their despisers and as they say we we don't talk on well they don't how many people get the either congress and there we can now they don't they come hold i don't go anything quoting the a lot of em and take one money or any hat relinquens or up by bay harbor up their hanging out exactly how acted the well again crying their get the crop i should screamingthe to see what their next their night his ashen oswego contre trust then they were going to watch her copacavana comparable because we know what he did before transalpine do good gem i think he i think you did see what a lot of things were just getting on the table that he didn't be taken i i got to save about this cabin of cards you going i was kind of the joy i felt like a lot of the stuff of continent with all about humiliation of cabin goodness what is renumeration you know to night my guess is that was like ok body will call call with you a little bit but you're going to gottoso humiliation because they got they got der lohim there's no two ways about it for him to go to what he did they were like jump monkey and that's exactly what he did and then there liveriessteptoe you got to go and were in a few to crop and you're going to go through humiliation and we're in a sit there and laugh at you to get a job you know so might my question is is what do they got on the sky there's no possible way it is whoosis sort of like with the judges the judges you look you look at the whole gamut of the you know can i machines not the i i menomi now this can drew regarded everever that kid for everybody is prisoner miles at the anwerthedig control these i seen erected daynever body endopodite the the congress being the end so they say you think the sky detailed the graveses chirt they toussir party sources and that's how to get around to like that just like the five eyes a lions which is turned into twenty seven countries now it started out with five thanked and in such you know sistare out with with canada you can now zealand estrelia the united states now there's a twenty seven or so nations and alleges there let me ever be spied on reels and their say well read in spy on him it was those guys but we're train information o sir dead it's the cave it's just like his trade money back and forth in their old guilty and and it's it's there all of the gelosi think that somebody can be in their right now that's honest i think there's a lot of people in there that are black mail net and nimestu in that's why our laws are long sonatathe books some of them have the radically you you need go after not the use to set any one of less to say that somebody's innocent and they they throw a bag of controlled substance in their cold they could get easily or they pull over to stop and someone decides to point at some odd you know how it's like this is so easy to it but it's the it's the dealers and it's thought it's the dealers we go after for the supply whether it's human trafficking drug trafficking whatever we have to go after supplied chain that other downother forts supply right now that i spared the how is it holicrosse hundred and fifty houses ven hundred and fifty food plants that they burnt down and what was that how many millions chickens that they put that they put under for bird flew we had no idea what they wheatbird flew or not we the one they can say whatever they want and now re checks up on because there's no way to check up on him and you know it all so an inside a real thing i mean i don't know i mean it's like i've got chickens and i suppose there's some of it this rulers have just another way to sell their their vaccinations he offers us are foods of it i do not know but what i do know is all the fires with yet his supply and knocking down on these supplied chains i they everybody better get to handscrew down pretty fast here if they knock this the supply line down that's what michigan's betraying do for years when er is the fosterchild for ruining supply lines it's like the battery the battery of factories to such nine hundred million dollars i think is the toll in order to go to china and employ our college kids at risk and then you look at line five non that who now they are trying to cut the supply chain into michigan but guess what on pretty exeter that nestle whose ciphonis much waters at gether hands on for two hundred fifty dollar per met they should be removed and i mean now and or you're going to pay the price to the people of michigan for tamping or our natural resources which you do not own their herthier roll into town and are taken they're not the only one that it's become an institutional aft of this state tessie you know what you know what i ask it doesn't i think i think it's a somethin that's a great idea it's been done before i be you don't have to be cognito figure this out but there should be there should be a pain that made that each and every person in the state of minchin for any one as corporations that come in here and live off or rise a resources and i'm not talked at two hundred prior yes we water we got into of they got we got nothing out of this literally led last why yet two hundred fifty i think a two hundred fifty dollars for the largest rencorporation in the nation to walk their sorry butts right into these graber rest and we get nothing and i do not and look at what we do hand what it was eight hundred twenty million dollar corporate welfare going to government motors over there are you kidding its words from the were in of politicians pocket i am kind o people were all getting you better in gloomy the legal age doing it there he uses so anderson as oustaleti regarded in this yes no in talking to her speak of the poet universities i'm shootalong ttin grants it was like a church as the church is or too the fibron seated i shall gain and a pliant based on lies that we're going to have to shine the light in over simple corner and any one that has been involved in this is going to have to get prosy i want to go back to the i want to go back to the other university and how many of the universities were shipping people in on bossession of until midnight the night of odorthe is a crock of in brerebuttes great blue counties eating how many of these were rector university in a howe cotoner not i did it i got to tell every mind in it i'm sorry interestbut the horroroso that significant because i was looking at the money to coliton in others let there's the persons that watches of north and women hackenback an for and they grow forth all of the ocstele help me researches things together it's too much on pestcan't do at all and i'm pretty much at i do not have an merit so irrision have a staff this is the iowa this is my staff right there papa is mysie tenacity in that set well i've got a got i've got that too but this is my staff that sits at the table when you write there help three think get things right now search everything and get to the truth i get you on i know how to yet this this whole thing though is not an seonoth we keep here it controls are in detroit the biggest we've got all this money going to the trip when you look at the amount of money that went into detroit proper i'm not to making the suburbs in talking to we have a population drop i hope every case we have a population drop over detroit to all five hundred thousand it's a drop then they have they have rosecadwell you know what the jest think about this they keep saying to tritas the biggest city no it's not the smaller than grain rapid during rapids that wooing two million people and in detroit lesson five hundred thousand granites got more people why is it that they had in excidental monotonoose end to detroit in its it's so out of port to hasten santiago us on snookered here they trot oussoor to think that he tries like this is a train wreck black hole of despair his like this is like a black hole out in space suckin our thing to it and there is nobody there where can not draw see likedyou and are usually in the saying you and i had workusually said casnonia de lo it he tried then where did he go they would we countesses the way if we look at out of a county is why i don't get indisposition the reason is if i played well in onecount a play anywhere so they had to go to county and they will get some things and became like an agenda only a ottocento twenty you know and the arenowhere caught twenty thirty or something you know well they're turning out o county into exactly what's happened and i were in canonic the nickname we all know is rent wood because if you look at a map or how they packed that in just as tight as they could and the devotees and their play it they told whether they do that with the refugees at eight hundred dollars a night that the pen some of the hotels the ever to and in the income housing this is a bunch of crab that is cock he is going to hit to adore a county three the method well not to call oplane and they caught in any bill any disciple i grow i got to give a credit et note don't like always what i do it they will criticize me but i'll curse are we impact they made a state of was were not constant for states quelles they can do with the one i'm curious to see if they have on the stand and do the right thing god doris all that is doing i don't want to criticize him tricing the years is that the wainhahage the rule they all thought it would be ruled on projects nobleton how could i help at the church i don't remitted his in these resources in his seat he if there's any altobroke en in her hostess escalone back concolor to lawrencedraws cuddled this coin in your old graecas there's nothing i can do for right right with your dowiyogo that i i believe we'll know if there to day or to one selby i did well so that's to be a monumental think it give them to time i see what he can do you know when that i know the media criticised the plancine then i would have was if the pole for seizure i in a gives i don't know i don't know if you i make you over all my as we wise and coronet the job and we'll see what he does so i don't let your thoughts are on that it i'm gooin to him in a lot that one leg just a little bit because i have iihave so many questions on all these organizations that there's a lot of people have good in chuncheon but there's a lot of people that are setting themselves up as quasiheir and another problem you know in a can tell you i've got a few things that are just really biting it i really bite and it's like it's like i will i will chew tai on any one that i believe is not doing the right thing and i really don't care who it is i chew your tail if i thought you didn't wrong thing and you know it letterand in on anatomie and and make me think about it and i would preciate that because i want to do to write things it it's like i'm looking at all these people that want to claim this great wonderful stage knowledge glad o labolabo blade and they're trying to set themselves up as celebrities but they're not really willing to do anything they just want to talk and they want to lesseach and they want to put all this information and build these audiences and then oh then it's like it's a go listen to people and in when you when you when you drilled down on it you drilled down on it what is this rule about our time and weather we are gaining what are we get what is that person got to get i see a lot of people that are out there that that are supposed to be you know it's like i've had a lot of friends out there in the annonce there's a lot of really good and on out the somerly bad ones to like just like women the political part and you know if people want this blind blind and allegiance will you never going to get it out of me because it's like because it just to get somebody says that it's one thing em things aren't always what they appear and people's actions always prove themselves so when i was leonore in for an opposition your yet now i would have i not have first lilienhorn onloosened rose i would even though you know i've been really don't like indoors i i think i could it i i know i had one indorsement that i went after in the rest of that i would human pilot the paper and i i don't want the indoors sons especial interest and it goes against what i believe and so but these these people that are out there there like you know i did all this research is in hand honor and i'm like going not really a very good hand on if you got a really build it audience i kind of got was castor boiling it under another name but you want everybody to give you credit for it in something that yes would put work into it we all have done it i've written under many names and i didn't i blow it out everywhere i stepped in the running for governor to somebody asked me to run for governor and you know it's like not like i needed the job you know i like i can all find a million things to do it doesn't doesn't matter to me but any rate and then they get bootshaped when somebody else doesn't source their stuff i thought you were in and on if you're an ant on arches supposed to be god family country plus nothing he had it in any information on older i'm sorry but any information we have any way it it only comes from god anyway so how how dear she credit for that which just laid his feet walk away from it i hope a hundred million people pick up anything that i've ever written i don't care pick it up do something where the hopefully you won't be a slimy little worm masterson it for money but that you're actually wanting to do it for the right reason i could care less and as like the pot is one of those things that you look at this greed for money and fame and notoriety and this that yet and i oh what is wrong with the you know i mean this is absolutely you know this amply not i mean i can't it i'm i'm happy when someone brighton to brings a baggishket cookies anything and shows that they care or i don't see more more than the person said in a top the i usually am curious as what what are they want we got up where a night or on an off i went and tressanton herod my time going in a oprechte in entreaties people know what's gone on across alike to confine it and don't want to be out there that's one of the things that rischis i groped n't want information shared because i keep the quiet and only limited to as it what the control so as introtraction every time anyway so i tried to get out torgod and we've been successful we are closing in on mediate them right now one of the last ones so over another side mister god has done sonny things he's been named in an academic in a pure case of the prosecutor we don't know a piece of and inform it with the pie think he is we don't go where we're pursuing that but he filed three can he's filed eight loss whishaw three towers organsthese women while two of those were distressed last week from much they're not the as women are settling for one iota they're goin to go after him like he has used this the crop only some pine he has noted that is people working together against them did not against them their thybring on this truth he has caught the way with it almost like a hose mariotti person every talk about him at out happy to kiss the ring and pack in a hill recourse poster wearing a rider contriteness ache rode and rode a very like dissertation on mister groanhis dorcas pace i come to that is why didn't the satorne outimaganii the witness gave when parslowes got you depend enough to pursue and put him away subsequent to that other things that the curd thank you to the season action in a coming weeks some think he's gone a doot but he's not and so i think that's encouraging because these are the kind of people we have got to get out of here there's questions on luctuca better going to get right out or people that have it and in this point is roared because i haven't seen it haven't seen the details i know of it i got to see i have been seen it yet but it will be stressing because one things that comes out on the cork his coppery or what what ever is to have it itcome out now they were supposed to go to court on this sixteen by pink hobos of this member they postponed it grace to the two ladies finessethe postponed because he plantagie posonthere still one on an with the galling his coiston and she has quite as siderail as this plain a card game for this time we searched pickenick at him let him know that look mister do widow or grow which henry it is we don't care we want the truth that's what we're after we do want stay and down and stopped this came the skippack the fighting the rule enemy and yet he is are the enemy show i leave that i that he's been part of this thing and i think he's about ready to be even though he'll be done his chair elsetherefore old yes poinnofac in the montowere pools i you trust any of the elections when we know that there's not been one thing done right so i mean it the crap sho right now went till we get a handle on this election and it's going to have to go back to before twenty twenty at least even and i because because if they if they kill our voice and kill our volt john is a cone that is lisangle most important issue that any organ john bon and make sure that they know because because if you if you don't have a bow and you can't move them when they have bad behavior stock with whoever they select in his stall and that kind of wherever he he and had gone on in you may or may not know but radiophones letter why journal i fell to one is going after secondary slaves but some acromion know but in a way i think the wrong eithercare strong as though that idea for some day because in the covers papers and in the constitution allows that there can as been cases of a secondary slaves being submitted becomes a comfort upon those representatives through tears which bondagethese right grace to i didn't let him in he shabatak it the nascopis should have been in the cords and to let them decide no that's so as she's got to come back she osorkon or for some one reason of nother and eventooally crocheter day and i think it was pride urge her friday of this trickhowever it that will leave this sea so we can ikinparon she's doing the right thing i find is to donewithin i won't come out saviourthe republicthere enedor tacere to the reed do the right thing too that's really a poet as oregon the last thing elewondasik to elate gie the wood ii redentore was reet through that about in district you there let a candidates which totem or god or the one eventwhether interest in her or anthropops desend that if being esocidoe for backs on the houses a lot about his care we in our canon rose took as well i now his i want people to understand how these people operate they operate behind the scene and in the one way i mean how on one way but to reality the really not the clean person that we think on and i would tell you that whoever onontagoes to any how that's shoeblossom being the same like a washhouse for the truth and who brings that well in its ishereif somebody is accepting pack money or dark money or any of this other trade things back and for if you're seen that sort of thing i should be a red flag i mean well to learn me wed to be learned to be auditors of ourselves and of the things around us we need to know how things really were and take the responsibility for actually you know being involved in this and said well i'm going to look at this if somebody says that this is something to look at his problem to to see whether his plitty or not probably should look into that little bit and and see wait a minute i'm going to bring the truth for you know everybody out there could be doing what i am doing and what you're doing right now that we're not i'm not anybody's and it's you know i've sitting at my i'm sitting at my kitchen table with no staff of what's the labor right now and you know st getting in and justine you know just being as relashins person of the state of isis and in america notes that's what it is and that's what we should be doing it i hope that i hope that every one altered decides you know what i've got an opinion i've got a voice and i'm going to do this i'm going to get an ovenrake my own channel i'm going to get the information i'm going to tell what i know and that we what we can we can form our own because if the the news media is not going to tell the truth we are the news we have to get this information out there we have to teach each other how to go back to some base we need to teach each other how to look for things that don't make and that groceryou know and that if something doesn't make one it probably described problem he and now he freesay anything oh we can we get a lot of sategon an a lot of oppletae are getting the news from us because the truth is just mosesstatue the that'swhat we want more than any thing i want the treouthe the last thing i want to say was watch what weston does this postocular and her house on couple weeks i hestiotis not his coming we gentle week in after the reason is i don't you know this by whose silver contortis the today dupe with otherport ed this week that he went to work for of very johnson sects of concorbarse here johnson to get a run suppose i get a run for president i thought no way no way but i'm told that as creely they wanted do so it's going to be interesting to see to be all polygot a tell you you know it's like it's like i want i find this be very kind of sad it's really set because look it i can tell you that what's probably behind that there looking at somebody that has money and they are going they are doing nothing but installing people in there and giving him a false hope and using it a watch they will strip every set their parasite they will stir every side away from the now i don't know how far involved he he has it but but they will they will target people that they think they can get money out as i am to tell you when they try to they've had i've had extortion and you know tempted extortion i had them tried to coerce threaten intimidate i mean the whole ten yards as and going back to the was a representative from the republican side who came to me that tried to get me to buy a twenty thousand dollar trump and doors spitsilver you'll never get an office unless you paid the twenty thousand dollars and they're like does god president tramp but they said they said in their somebodyon her neath them and i finally asked the question i said you wouldn't have no son mad ackworth and that person was like kicked around low buttons well you know he said ah i live three miles away from and that is in mine answer was look she knows other candidates are so bad that she needs you to win so i guess what you know if they can't if somebody won't play ball with in a financial way which i will not you know they could shove that or in the sun don't shine and further and you know so it's like townsend and i like and so you know in it was like something on you do then he sat and that's executeddanton i feel very bad for him in and in i and i hope he ookin a bad form you don't really know if he's involved in this whole nonsenseor not or if they're just trying to use him and taking in anie i just used people that use people they have presthey try a case their parasites they are at the most of em had never had a job you know it's like the the they are parasite an now i've got my new mug here you're going to like it i bought this cause it is a show that i watched i think is real funny ces people got on you like he can spiritsentities i wanted debunk of it they're not i can't find anything in its true it's the colonades this is my new one how by their part of it their part of that is and pepe who by i don't know that one donne i must see in these peter ant really watch tv o i'll do things that in going to dockmasters or that sort of thing but but a in the same thing more and the place the series was almost white hestercombe and god albeit his lisping to be on or federal bureau as of insurrections he and you know what their doing the same thing in brazil did you see that i don't posthenen got a free and shame and down there that looks like you know man bear pigger whatever he was that was standing up there with a horn in that duelfor the horns yeh yeh they've got another guy down here to looks like his sly what we have to do this is like just what reading abogin it's it's like they use we're going to content and do it so it's the same thing over and over it i don't think it's people are real smart that that or this is all the move and we're just to anat one place are going to another you know could be that i i think shows up at the capitol is yeah all forgetafter there all after as i'm not by any of the zero and that's why i'm looking in the broad bay in and economics and planting and farming in machinery and such i tastethere in like hoopington watch it and then go back to something productive because to be obsessed about any of this stuff honestly if it's good to go through notes going on but this is the ether it is optic and anybody that really knows what's going on thanks saying note one use a busy weaken too but i i like to it monday one can you and can you do this money cause i loved you in this morning no no when i'm not at horse the way back i don't know for the more distracting back from callisto the back way through gold bowls and tones iteleven though and i know i can what i can to him doing dale and things like that i don't in know where they were to peter's along the way and the coniertas whole a hard the really good state the colors need design others are not but it's more in really brought what were about he michigan michigan is the greatest this great estate of her of a michigan a state i know im i've born and raised in michigan i love michigan mishinis great stick and to go corriemonie you a game here and this is i don't do pay for motions like us help me what i like so i was all over the state like literally everywhere in the state mistris runningand in all the knowsmany of the small towns i could be at i was there and so i went to somewhere this sweet hand or last week that was really good it's the place called and cedars a military what if the food is good home cook food and in it was a it's a it's a great place take drive off their guys and you'll oleson treat for because it's a it's a they've got grit good food nice nice so nice wonderful home cook a business and i was i was very painful just too we drove up there and then i stopped gastasteis sores she wore would you here and there a onacles like kay i'm on so the after i think that i hope i hope the audience pain for this we will compete for any of the research grating well we will were doing for the last seven hundred days was to bring people to because you had startles and wescoat we can't quit we're only beginning and we need everybody on board the consent trophedon blieve it calls out one because he and not afraid to be called out of anything we really are yes this is it you i know that one so you yes this is like a series super heroes the alliance of super hero right now as none of us are get paid for any of us and anything that we've done i've absorbed like probably ninety person of the costs on everything personally and as i would take their dirty filthy money and so is the all of this has been so fond ed you know to a large and i in were still doing a discus we want or we want our country back and peinot one minute of this friend of her news network of old have i made a dime on a lost mananaan i'm glad to do it because i want my country back eh and i i keep doing it because i want my country and and we'll see where the scowl as he now set as hans you you know it is it were not old crones were not anybody other than we want to bring the truth to goongree we would agree to grant it we will them to know that we hear about them this is a mechanical others benoist doesn't matter like a lot of these people but it does matter the toastanother sense as to to these ends and now that they have a future future is not gertiewhy these other people why because they have a the haveforce in the race so they have there looking for cleanso day you and i are not we can there come the holy been round well you're after the nothing more nothing less than this of absolutely true and thanks chackinil talk too nextwe and here are your one hundred per cent banneton two you know all the time state as what we i never know word's going to go every day when i get out i'm like one i just get up in the morning you know i'm not a person that does a whole lot with my hair anything if i can't get my hair to fall word is after i get out of the shower as he probably see les is gasegase and i don't script out what i say it's like an i did i refuse to do it it's like a people and a follower we have to say either they're going to get there going to get truth it's going to be rahtores nobody carpinata earpiece anywhere with either one of us she cannot the getatable here where the mascot and down out and shock on monday are at my have good week and telencephalon yet that's great have a great nachiktas sonia's got me so i'm going to read a few things from the comments of minute and acknowledge every sad case i'm so glad to see every one a thing good morning down and he he ronongo morning down and shocked blessings to thank you and love morning glad your buckles gold to be back i really didn't eat a little bit of a break there and we had some hard hard goes there well well we were off during the ah during the holiday there but during christmas we had a broken pipes we had two boilers that went out that we were upon you know we were up overnight during and christmas eve and then i lost i had put on my horses down which is really sad but we there was a lot i mean i could make a long list and i'm kind of glad that that i had that brake if it is a lot to set these say it say it on top of things enough to be and i am i'm not i'm not the most you know where i know what i know and whatever you guys bring to the table so much so that it is not just me do in this garry garrick hope i speak for the entire pencaer is so good heavy back on the beat is nice to be here looking ah love francecakes denied this seringat up a die die for thee summat night i noticed she has sown discinisca or i discard so good morning i ran miss he done and so let us see your smiling a as i might without the morning daysmith the fifteen rounds of voting over several days is a huge reveal its notices this is such sounbelievably when do we do this kind of process for anything its cries i followed this henbanes sight on face with ye chuchos good job with it our barns are true mischna machian yesterdays isfamre and the barns and everything it's longerhe forsooth the developer is come in and ruin or stay that is another issue we need to talk about he when you see when you see how they have truly pied et in artaceas on the circumplecte rock and encourages them in encourages it encourages the abandonment of areas to just go on like like the hungry hundred caterpillar to grab more and more and more and more and more why do you think they need they have more of you know illegal aliens to come in an look at how many people that are sitting at top are connected to development of areas and how much corporate welfare or state well welfare they get as breaks and all this when the rest of us are finding their theft of our land and then when you see that thus exactly right ah love says or firm light as being destinated likes said young senlow barns will drive a cross he yes our farm lad is be decimated because they want to shove us as a little cubicles and and i know and eat up all our formless so we cannot they can't we cannot feed ourselves the developers or in on this a huge level huge love i actually have fought several of several of the developments and and he for specially refugee reselecting money laundry is exactly what is human trafficking and money longer oh they they are the ah the eating of the firm land and abandon is this is one of the games that they do and i can give you a little bit of nugget here tax structure as is that your best ask some one who alls any income property of any your best your vassals financial advantage is to get rid of an after brought seven because that's when your depreciation runs out that's what they do and so they'll build something they have all these grand hessie is an tell the communities what a great development this is going to be it's goin to be fantastic will gossat they don't hold that property because they're not from here most of them the lot of or out of state developed and they will hold the property but their in it purely and simply for the money soon as they get past that seven years seven years of holding they will dump that property and they will go just like a half mile down the street so when you look at say the disaster that a lot of our strip mollshee this is like a great cake senan action i dealt with people that have dealt with us before and is really easy to see once get her arms around what their actually doing they will build it bill the strata get all the tenants in there so they'll say oh we're going to do a really great job with this we're going to be a rough friends to know roffinot care of ye ball they're not they're only in it in order to create this duet and move on in woldego is they'll have the nice development they'll sell it to some pele's look at the we've got the thing all set up your tenants are in you this is your return she the right down the street they'll build another development and all of a sudden all the tenants that are in this development here will move to where the new development and now the owners left hole in the bag and watched the downward spiral to that development that happens in their wake of greed and to eat up the resources that are round case don't really care the amount of money that goes through these developers and what their getting out of it we need to look into fools most of the hotels how this refugee resettlement egg you know i e human trafficking is that's exactly it cause we don't know where people are going michigan is one of the biggest human trafficking hogs on the planet because it's so easy to get across the legs and make them disappear is this is this is so much bigger than what we can possibly madge it's not just a steel the volt it's not just for economic advantage as for something much more evil and much much oh and a and the developers allotted developers of part of this so she questioned why is it that the developers are in all his owning boards why is it that there onct why is it swing of their scaling the rules to their favor and its not to the favor of the community there requiring the communities to pay for all the infrastructure upgrades as they walk up yet the skippy in the into the sunset to build another development as their screwed everybody on this side dropping property values requiring the cities of the communities and and the townships to pay for all the improvements and the burden on assisted being schools in whatever and and we look at the tempest if it were working properly you would not have me that gain and the swell they're going to bring this many taxes and the air i really really no and double now what are the ends who is gone who is going to have to carry the burden of that why is it that they're always raising the all the time to what we got him more schools old course because the developers came and put another thousand units into the area and they walk off with a money and leave us holding the bag from proving schools ah water sewer all of it all of it in it drops a property lie so were literally paying for our own device it's the same thing as it were the problem that were having with the borders and open borders this is not to benefit any one of us steel and any one of these people that his done done this if they are all part of it it's just like letting china or any of the other other foreign countries own any not one of them should be able to own one square of land in the united states quite honestly take it all back good bye so anyhow oh love comes back we will all have or less of a go pure grief from love carry says law have to live like a refugee while we keep going this way and we don't get smarter and a hole and hauling these guys back on and it goes down in the say it it goes down to the developers ah lips as riverton wallis start to look seedy and stores are closed in a in the mall is not that old because that's exactly what they do what you see and there love is exactly what i describednot surrounding area and i look we've got em all that's really all that with the stores that started the anchors stores are going away yonkers moved up and the the the anchor stores are are struggling if you don't have anchors stores in any of them as you've got a dying all plain as the anchor stores are what enables the smaller stores with it when you look at the dynamics and i can talk about the river town malling what happened there from the beginning because i was fighting that from and it was a blue field hills a developer that came over here to develop this in this area where they put it right next to the new his it was that the whole thing was wrong because you if they were responsible they wouldn't have put something this that that type that's that much of a of a bay orchids at a school and honestly there was a better place to put it which is an intersecting highway this thing is over a mile off of it's a mile of if any interchange or any high way and the whole design of it was absolutely to victimize this areathe did it and so we now an hour seen hid dancehouse were seen in a hot one mass of amounts of ova of apartments and stead of in the motion is the way from owner occupied in order to stuff everybody in little boxes and i make it release avertisset but we can talk about that further because the mechanism is or or public functionaries are responsible and a lot of its due to the tax starts and we get we at hollosin back in and make people responsible we honestly can feed our people right now we don't have enough processors in state of miss you most of our beef is going on state going to chicago and then we have to ship it back in why is that oh leave us sleeves bearer so that we have no no records the supply lines while gas was there the tide don't oldest the game gets gets owned by the person that knows how to step outside of it and survive and thrive regardless what they are supply lines are we could weaken we could get around this thing so easy and it would be a lot of thought is in putting a lot of time into this so help me god i refused to lay down to this type of tyranny we'll figure in other way out where it were americans were moths we get it always figured out they could try their best then i can make us they they may have made it in other countries other areas there knocking to make it in america because americans are completely different and then we stick together and were bunch of months and nobody fights harder than a moth in i lost standyou all of you myselfthere is so it's it's a beautiful thing let's go ahead and and this in prayer i think every single one of you for being here i'm back probably a little more ah the more focus i had kind of a focus shift the little bet which has been really really positive so we're going to we're going to go forward with us and and i think rebuilding and billing outside of our expected behavior his there expecting us to get a real theyvebeenpret in us and trying to give us an behavior for lontine i guess what we're going to do the one we're going to change and they're going to have to be wondering what are they doing now and that's exactly what we want because they work for they don't they don't control us they don't have the right for this if they don't perform we don't need em and you know certain like the the the movie that you know you look at the the dizzy moves to pick aerobies the canitello lobes masters in salvadorin absolutely s came outside a day every other to otho she actually said it yes it always about a trencrom it's about that the torture of kids and and it's easier to prove we can see that we got records of all of it and so that's that's not that's not and you know we can we can see the in in the in the movies they tell us what he what their doing had a time look at that look at that one the anse and ah when the one person stood up and all sudden the grasshoppers realized guess what politicians globulis we don't eat and we outnumber them millions and millions and millions and so are non compliance and our ability to think our way out of a situation of a rounded bunch of just little political punks that don't know anything never held a job and or actually pretty stupid talked a few and i would i would pit i would put any of you out there against any one of em and in your you're going to out think them you're you're smart you know what's going on the patriots i met across the state are inspiring their knowledge of all they know what's going on and you know what we don't how to do exactly what he this time around is going to be a lot dear henley foul thanks so much for every single person out there we love you we know that you're with us every step of the way and were just grateful were grateful that you care about us enough not to leave us orphan but to honestly stick with us through each and every difficulty in like we ask you reason for every parts to every verse not there whose struggling to day give them your hope your peace and your joy we can be even await we wade through some of these tough issues that's what americans do that's one at allso that's what your children and you appointed us at this time to walk the path that you lay ahead of us and were thankful because you know what i know you're giving us the feet to walk this you're giving us people out there like garry who stands and you know was a rusted and never budged and and might end and an eddy and all these people who are willing to stand and go the distance no matter what the consequence we follow you we do not allegiance this world or anything in it which promises us it fame or glory all that belongs to you and you alone anything that we do comes from you any knowledge we have come any direction we have come our ability to stand comes from you or ability to be healthy to know what to do to step for it comes from you and i have so grateful we stand grateful together total honour and praise of god almighty we asked you confuse every every scheme of evil of the devil we ask that you that you free the children that we that we are able to to eliminate this scourge of pedophilia of a human traffic satanic ritual abe of all these other things that are going on and have the going on right under our noses free fairy very long i please forgive us for not stepping up quicker and pulling out that sword of the spirit and and stopping up and this has now but we're doing it now we want we want your will try down on earth as is it isn't haven and we love you so very much were standing were willing to stand and do whatever it is that you wish thank you so much for loving us for caring for us for giving us all that we need for being our banner and for walking with us every step of the way we love you so very much precious name pray with that sad i may be back to morrow with john tateras tat or tuesday and i were going at work and continue to go through the constitution where on the mission constitution right now and were learning the post i there i think that we have a law suit that's going to be filed to day i do if you're here i believe it's to day that there's a new lawsuit that were finally nesmy it alose that i am nine and others to be another one in the discoveries going to be found and it's time to just get in there and just keep tonet don't ever quit don't let any one knock you down don't let any one tell you that you're not important you are don't let anybody tell you that there's not a whole bunch of us that are going to stand together to take you are not alone you are loved your cared for and we will never quite for what is and that would be as so anyhow an i've got i guess i'm going to go go ahead and and do my heart he ashurhani so here we go it's a god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless him he rode back on to morrow father to day wednesday its redeeming grace church with with a deference thursday is caring the riveter wokanda is going to be cured and i think jason so love you all all everything's going to be okay going we stick together we got this have a great day god bless if the said god was you god was able whom you love and compose scores against regicides