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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/19/2023 Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Dec. 19, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar Twitter/X: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 19th day of December 2023. Welcome to our show, and Merry Christmas to everybody out there. It is the season to be joyful, and we have a lot to be thankful for, even though we're going to talk about a few things today, and some of that is people getting along over Christmas. How are you doing, John? I'm doing great. Yeah, we had a wonderful discussion before we came on this morning about, I won't say the words that I use, but people that perhaps don't act well during the holidays and such. So we're going to have a good time with this. So what's the song for today, John, on Tater Tuesday? Well, I can admit that they are Christmas tunes, but the words may not necessarily be Christmas. But they might be applicable. They could be. People could look at it that way and say, yeah, they are applicable. Or at least funny. They want to do two songs. They're not real long. Yeah, or at least funny. Yeah, let's do this. All right. Here we go. Okay. Do you know Ronnie and Chaney and Crime Stop and Waters? Shifty and Schumann and many others. What do you recall? Joey, the county resident, puppet of the CCP. If you ever saw him, you'd swear he was on THC. All of the other Democrats wondered how he got his blow. Hunter's laptop computer was all you ever needed to know. Then one foggy With your nose so red, won't you help me guide my slave? That's how the police found him, hanging there in effigy. Joey, you can't be a resident, you're a minus S.O.B. That's awesome. Love it. Okay, what's song number two? And you wrote these, right? I did. The genius of Mr. Tater, John Tater on Tater Tuesday comes shining through again. That's hilarious. Yeah, I don't know if I can get through this one. Yeah. I don't know if all of us are going to get through this one. You better not shout. You better not cry. Grab your summer robe. I'm telling you why. President Trump is coming to town. He has a list already made. Those that are on it, best be afraid. President Trump is coming to town. He knows that you've been cheating. Traitors, everyone. He knows you're friends with the CCP. He has the magic wand. You better turn state and swallow your pride. The white hats are coming and are after your hide. President Trump is coming to town. The bankers now internment. They'll have a jubilee. We're gonna hang all you usurpers on the Capitol Christmas tree. Ah, the election was rigged. Your future is cast. The law is coming in. I love it. That's awesome. That's so great. You need to send me the lyrics to that one. Those two, I like those. They're fun. I was thinking about the Mad Magazine did some Christmas carols back in, I think it was like the late 70s or so. And we used to sing these just because they were absolutely hilarious just to drive my mom and dad nuts. And I think it's really funny because it would drive them absolutely crazy. But, you know, it brings some lightheartedness into the holidays when we're all dealing. when we're all dealing with things that, that especially people, you know, I was having a wonderful discussion this morning on the dynamics of, of communications and how people really suck at communicating terribly. And it's like that. No, no. It's like, it's worse than that. That's why I like being with my horses because, because horses don't sit there and consistently insult you and you're, you know, And then not even not even be bright enough to know that they're insulting you or trying to insult you, that sort of thing. It's really it's really a kind of a crazy, crazy time we live in. So anyhow, maybe I'll sing the other one. It's Sam and Roz are coming to town. And have you ever heard those Christmas? Oh, it's hilarious. Quite a few of those. You better give up on Christmas this year. You're having a chance with relatives here. Sam and Roz are coming to town. They're bringing their kids to add to your fun. Staying 10 days, you thought it was one. Sam and Roz are coming to town. It goes on further than that, but it's funny. So what are we talking today about today? Well, I still think that people have really the wrong mindset. Clearly. Everybody says, yeah, we already know what's going on. Why don't we arrest these people and put them in jail? No, they don't know what's going on. And as it's been said before by X-22 and a few others, that until we understand what's happening and understand what's going on and understand the republic, We will never keep the republic. We'll turn it over for four years and then they'll put some other idiot back in office and they'll switch it on us again. Most people don't want it to change. You know, it's like there's not enough pain there to change things for most people yet because they're willing to tolerate the nonsense and not get out of their comfort zone. That's what I see overwhelmingly. not getting out of their comfort zone i agree with you i don't know how many people are agreeing that it's a good idea of what's going on and they're happy with the system i don't think that's true uh because inflation is not doing well people but you know it's the it's the nickel and dime it's the one percent of reality of what's going on it's the it's the inflation it's the uh laws that are being projected upon us. It's the corruption. It's the fact that these people that are in office are stealing us blind. It's the fact that they wanna go to a one world government and we're allowing it. We're just- Well, it's like we're allowing these small incremental steps, just like a frog in boiling water. And there's not enough pain for people to actually get off their behinds and do something. And, you know, and then also going after those who are willing to do something to demonize them to try to tear them down. This sounds like Marxist ideology, doesn't it? We got that going on right now with, you know, it's kind of funny. This group came up, Unshackle the Mitten. And they've been they've been tearing into me and everybody else out there. And they actually made a list. I made the top. I made their top tier in the list, which was like that was like, man, that's like free advertising. That's like a badge of honor. It's like it's like keep punching away, you idiots, because, you know, I think it I think it's amazing. Right. What? No ink is bad ink. Yeah, there you go. Keep going. I'm living free in their brains. So I think it's hilarious. But it's really sad where we are because people will tolerate so much and they don't realize that each step of tolerance leads to another one. They're just pushing you just a little bit, little bit, little bit, little bit, little bit until you're off the playing field. And then you're not even in the game anymore. And that's really what's happening right now. And so So I think that people have to realize that this is – see, somebody just posted that I read last week that groceries are up 248% higher than last year. I agree with that. If you look at the prices overall, they keep saying, oh, this is the inflation rate. No, it's not. No, it's not. Look at electronics. The price of electronics have come down. So they're not looking at the – the everyday indicators. Good statistician can manipulate any number to prove anything that they want to put out there in front of the public. You got to use your brain a little bit and go, well, wait a minute, they're factoring this in or that in. So it's not representational. But when you look at the key indicators, we have way, way more inflation than what they're even acknowledging. All of her gas did come down, which I didn't think that that was going to be possible. Well, in Michigan, she wants to run for election again, or at least everybody can look at her as being a good person. All of a sudden, she's got every single road blocked off because she's doing road repair. It took her three years to get cranked up to do this. And now she's doing everything in one year. And then look at what she had on the roads because I was driving around and I was campaigning. And all I saw were like 20 miles of solid four lanes of orange barrels. And I was like, what the heck's going on? There's no construction going on. But I want to know who's got the barrel contract because they're making money hand over fist. And there was no construction equipment out there. There wasn't even so much as two guys on a shovel. You know, it was it was like nothing going on. But they would park them at strategic locations. And for a while there, they were shutting down the interchanges just before the election. They would shut down the interchanges just to make people believe that they're because of the inconvenience. It would stick in their minds. That's a psyop. Because if you if you really looked at what was going on, there was nothing going on. And, you know, and it's like failure, failure. Whitmer is a complete failure. And it's all political. It's all political posturing that's going on to make us believe they're actually doing a job when they're not. It's they're they're they're not doing their jobs. They're finding out ways just to pacify us a little bit so that we don't kick them out and say, well, I guess she's not so bad. Yes, she is. The whole administration's bad. So is everybody else sitting in the legislature. They all suck. They do. And the problem that we have is that the people are still asleep. And that's the problem that we have. They still are following some of the nonsense that's on the computers. And I'm going to bring back to the contracts. It's all about contracts. You know, you get into a contract with a public functionary. You can't do that. You can't get into a contract with them because they have no right to contract with us. just like corporations cannot contract with us. We have the right to contract with each other, but that's about it. Also birth certificates, that nonsense that, you know, you have this billion dollar birth certificate that all you have to do is cash it in and have all that money. Who's done that? Give me one person that's done that. And what have they done with the money that they've cashed in on? You know, this is all, all crap and the fringe flag, you know, this, several court cases the man on the land that's another good one i love to hear i'm a man on the land so what does that mean we're all men on the land and women on the land so what does that mean how does that have anything to do with the legal system in this court in this in this country nothing or how about admiralty and maritime you know we are cargo on a ship and all this crap that's going on this stuff essence of what this country was all about. And that's the republic. And anybody that falls into the trap of any of these is being distracted and taken away from what he really should be thinking and working on. And that's the republic. Because if you understand what's going on, then you'll understand that the republic is our only salvation, because that is what this country is all about. The public functionaries out there all swear an oath to the Constitution. They all swear that they're going to uphold the Constitution. And when they violate that, they need to be eliminated. They need to be kicked out of office and or charges of treason brought up against them. And we need to be pushing back. And take our gloves off and stop being nice to them because they are nasty to us. We need to return fire the same way. We need to be nasty back to them. We need to go after them in every which way we possibly can. I think we need to go after them a lawful way and hold them. The rule of law is on our side. Yeah, we can just remove them and say, you're done. You're just done. And then I really think that anybody right now that's holding office should be removed, forfeit any unjust gain, and then never be allowed to hold public office ever, ever again. There's a there's a thing that came in the chat for Charlotte says lawmakers don't care. They're making money off of stocks like Debbie Dingle. Her committee gave twenty seven million to Medtronics and made two times or more her investment. Insider trading legal for public functionaries and stamina FTX public functionaries making millions. Clown and insider trading scam. There's so much insider trading going on. It's not even funny. Charlotte's getting it. She's calling on public function. Yes, we're all learning, aren't we? This is the day. This is like the best Christmas present John could ever receive. Everyone out there, all in public functionary, public functionary there. Now there's our Christmas present to you, John. So I got a couple of questions for you. Are we consumers? That's what they call us. Well, yes, we are consumers because we consume things, correct? No, we're citizens. Okay. I'm not a consumer. Okay. I'm a citizen of this country, but they call us consumers. See, it puts us in a different light when we're just a consumer. You just consume stuff. You're nobody important. Oh, like the worthless eaters. Exactly, worthless eaters. Exactly a point. So when you hear a public functionary call us consumer, then he's just saying that, you know, you're nobody. You just consume stuff. And that's not what we are. We are the citizens. They're public functionaries. So we got to get that straight. Okay. How about pleading the fifth so you don't incriminate yourself? Is that appropriate? I'm going to say no, because I feel like this is a trick question. Well, it's not a trick question. It's just what they always said on the television when you've watched it. Right. Perry Mason. Remember Perry Mason? He's incriminating himself. No, no, no, no. Bear witness against yourself. That's different. You're not incriminating yourself because you're not part of the criminal, but you see the terminology, the way they use the words. The word criminal and incriminate all of, you know, makes a connection. He doesn't want to incriminate himself because he's probably got some criminal background. No, no, no. You don't want to bear witness against yourself. That's a big difference. And so we have to be very much aware of the terminology that's being used on us on a daily basis. Another one is separation of church and state. Is there a separation of church and state? No. Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion. That's true, but there is no separation of church and state. How about calling for a person? I got a call from a person yesterday who You go into McDonald's and you have to use a kiosk now to buy your stuff and use credit cards and so on and so forth. We're already digital. Well, the point of the matter is that cash is not going to go away. No matter what the CBDC or the banks would love it to happen, but it isn't going to happen. because there'll be black markets and all kinds of other things out there if it if they ever tried to pull it off on us but they're not doing it besides people are now investing in bitcoin people are buying gold at costco can you believe that people are buying gold at costco i think costco sold a million dollars of gold in a few hours didn't know they're selling gold yeah they just started i guess and and they're they're making all kinds of money on buying gold that you could go to costco and buy gold can you believe it that's That's incredible. Well, and I want everybody to think about this. Look at the people around you. Trying to get a group of people on the same page for anything is like cat herding. Do we really think? Yeah, seriously, right? It's like, because everybody knows everything and their way is best. And so it's like to get behind something in a unified effort until people decide that they are going to commit to working together instead of just fighting amongst themselves. We're going to be on the same little hamster wheel for a long time. It starts with us. And we have to be willing to set ourselves aside for the greater good and to work with people and be here to be a help, not to have to be in charge of anything. I actually don't really like being in charge. I'll do it if I see something that needs to be done. But I'm happy shoveling horse manure, right? Right. It's like it's like there's so many headaches that come with being in charge. And I've been in charge of so many things that it's like I don't need any practice. And so, you know, but that that's to be a good leader. You have to be a good follower. You have to understand that that our first order of business is to replace ourselves with someone else and move on to something else, not to get entrenched into a power play. And that's a real human failing that people want to get themselves entrenched into power and then they're going to hang on to that power forever. No, the thing is, is that if you do come to any power, you need to raise up other leaders and replace yourself and then go and fix another problem. You don't get stuck. And that's a real flawed mindset. That's a death blow to somebody who owns a business because you got to have a sustainability plan in place. And that's get yourself out of the way. Absolutely. I'll tell you what. See what I got? What is that? That is a office of the clerk of the court of the court clerk. election division and what it basically says here is that i have not paid my filing i have not well let's see it says the last day of filing was reported on october 25th on five o'clock in accordance with the campaign finance law mcl 169.233 we are assessing you an amount of 500 a copy of governing provision of the law is attached which it wasn't reporting a period of 10 20 20 23 quarterly And then he goes out to say in dark black print at the very bottom, you must be made, payment must be made by certified check, money order, credit card, committee check, no personal checks will be accepted. So you can't even pay it because it's got to be paid in legal tender, which is gold or silver, right? That's right. So they didn't give you an option to follow the law. So now they're asking you to break the law with paying the fine. That's exactly right. See, there's your second Christmas present for the day, John. I am going to give you a rough idea of what I'm sending back to them, Bob. It's not complete. What kind of beans are you sending them? I don't know yet. I'm working on that. I've got a couple of different packs of beans, so I've got to figure out which ones I want to send. Split peas. Send them split peas. Anyway, I wanted to read you what I wrote so far. And this is a rough copy of the letter. When I got this, I said, oh, I'm going to get going on this thing. But I haven't really... finished it. So basically says this. It basically says your attempt to collect a fee fine for the election that was an unsuccessful, uncertified forensic audit has demonstrated that you are usurping authority you were never granted. The election held in 2022 was not only but a usurpation of many laws that govern our republics. First of all, I direct your attention to the United States Constitution, of which you frequently violated Article 4, Section 4, of which you swore an oath to. Also, Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3, which I'm not telling him what these are. He needs to look them up. If you want If you want to quote laws to me, then you must be aware of MCL 21.153 and 21.154. The fiat currency you are demanding is as fraudulent as the election that was held by the usurpers in Lansing. Truth will soon be known to all. Since it is your name that is attached to this letter and you are demanding fraud, I violate the above laws and constitutional articles I cited. I must inform you that you will be part of any lawsuit I will pursue over these issues. Then I quote Norton versus Shelby County, where I underline, an unconstitutional act affords no protection and creates no office. Those are in bright yellow. I hope you understand that your office of campaign finance manager will not protect you from the personal lawsuit for your violation of the United States Constitution and Michigan compiled laws. It is clear that your office is a inanimate object office in parentheses. that it cannot make decisions. Only the officer in that office makes decisions. So therefore, I cannot sue the office, but rather the individual that occupies that office. You are not a de jure officer, but rather a usurper and therefore liable to want quote from the court case, an attempt from a state officer to enforce an unconstitutional statute is an illegal act. The officer is stripped of his office character and is subject in his person to the consequences of this individual conduct. I'm going to go on further. This is very short now. They don't want this out there. They don't want this out there. Huh? So they don't want this out there. Your video keeps freezing up. Oh, really? Yeah. I didn't even notice. In order to close this matter once and for all, please be informed that I am not conceding the position I ran for. position has not been filled by a fraudulent election still remaining in question. Further, I will file a complaint in the court of competent jurisdiction and seek demands for $135 million in damages against all the usurpers involved in the shameful process you usurpers called an election. It's not finished yet, but that's the start. Well done. I love it. So I was telling my friend Ron this. He says, good, I'll use it in my campaign also. Oh, that's funny. Such nonsense. But anyway, bringing us back to the CBDC, which is the central bank digital currency. First of all, in order for this to happen in the United States, what has to happen? that has to happen in order for the central bank digital currency to actually take effect in america well it would have to we'd have to crash i believe no more than that okay that crashing probably would exacerbate the situation and get people real excited about it but what would have to happen in order for the cbdc bank to take effect it has to be voted for by congress The House of Representatives. And do you think for a minute that they're going to accept this? They've already wrote laws against it. So the CBDC and anybody that thinks this is going to happen is out to lunch. They don't understand what our country is all about. That's what irritates me more than anything. We've been talking about this for how many years already? I mean, my group has been talking about this, and we have people out there that still believe that this is going to happen. It can't happen because Congress has to vote it in, and Congress isn't going to. First of all, Congress is not on the side of the banks anymore. And so that's why they've been losing at every single turn. They want money for Ukraine. The House of Representatives turns them down. Yes, we have a few criminals, Lindsey Graham and who's that other moron over there? Oh, like all of them? Well, there's like a few of them. A few of them are good, but most of them not so much. These people need to be named, tarred and feathered, and kicked out of Washington. That's all. And they will be. That's coming. That's because, you know, my two Christmas carols where everybody says, it's coming, it's coming. But we, as the American people, have to wake up. We have to understand what is going on. That brings me back to Norton versus Shelby County, which is the supreme law of the land. An unconstitutional act is not a law. How many unconstitutional acts do we have? Who was the Department of Child Protective Services? Who is that? Where do they exist? Where is it in the Constitution that gives them authority? It isn't there. They do not exist. According to Norton, they do not exist. And people that are playing into that, well, that's a problem. But that needs to be brought out. Every time we're pushed by people like the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Energy, Department of Education, Department of whoever you want, If they're not in the Constitution, they have no legal authority to be even in office. That office does not exist. Norton v. Shelby County makes it very clear. If it's not in the Constitution, they do not exist. And that's how we need to be pushing back at these people. Not by saying, ah, it's about contracts. It's about birth certificates. I'm a man on the land. None of that baloney. Norton v. Shelby County spells it out. completely if it's an unconstitutional act if you're not in the constitution you do not exist and when we start filing and when i file court cases that's number one in the in the heading of my court case and in in the body of my court case that first of all prove your de jure authority prove that you have that you exist according to the law and they can't So there's a big problem there. There is a big problem. You cannot be fined or tried or put into jail or have to pay any kind of restitution to the government if the government has no authority. Well, and this whole jurisdiction thing is it goes this. How do I say this? Socially, this has been manipulated into us to say that, well, we we can go across all jurisdictions and you can see it in personal lives as well as in the government. It's a symptomatic thing of people not staying in the rails on the rails and trying to be everything to everyone at all the time. And the attorney general, she's off the rails because they're in personal lives rather than into commerce, which is what they should be working on where the sheriff's has jurisdiction over people, right? So it's overall. And so this goes back to the fact that they have no jurisdiction, these organizations. I've got a question for you then, which brings us to another thing. So this week, somebody decided to go on the attack to somebody else for calling CPS on them and alleging that they were child abusers because they said the F word. And I'm sitting there going, there's so many things wrong with this that I can't even begin to start talking about why there's so many things wrong with that whole scenario. It is fundamentally wrong. And what are they really trying to achieve? That's the question that I have. First of all, we're calling on an agency to attack another human being and attack their family and attack their children, a God-given institution, which is marriage and raising children and calling in an unconstitutional agency to be the attack dog and the threat. This is so wrong. I can't even believe it. And then, you know, we look at all of these agencies. None of them have the authority, as you said, to your point, to actually exist. But let's talk about people who actually use them to tackle on other people and weaponize them. Does that not remind you of exactly what the Nazis did in World War II? No. It's exactly what they did. They weaponized the population against themselves. That's right. That's what they've been doing all this time. When you see somebody that is calling an unconstitutional government agency an attack dog for the Marxists on another citizen to violate their rights or their family, for that matter, and say, oh, I didn't like the word they said, so I'm going to call them a child abuser. And then we're going to call CPS on him. I think somebody should call CPS on him. That person right there has struck themselves from anything legitimate. In my opinion, if they want to apologize for being stupid, that's one thing, but, but, you know, and say, I made a mistake. I get that. But to weaponize something against another human being, which is proven is a, our government is, is infiltrated from within us. by the enemy. I'm not worried about China. China is a train wreck right now, honestly. If you look at the problems that China has, China is in a rapid, rapid depopulation cycle. You know, that one child policy that they had on? Well, yeah, they were killing all the females. And so now they're important women from North Korea into China. This is like, do you think there's going to be much Chinese people actually left? Not when you get the producers out of the way and they have to go to other countries to have someone to marry or have a mate to produce children. And there's so much going on out there. That we've been fed so many lies that I think that everybody needs to take a step back and not be so pragmatic about knowing what the heck's going on. Because we don't know what the hell's going on around the globe. The only information we're getting is... by six news outlets. It's gotten better with our decentralization of the independent media, which hats off to anyone who's a citizen journalist out there, because that's the only place you're going to get anything that even looks like the truth or is trying to find the truth. But we have a huge problem with the jurisdiction. And I know I got off on a little bit of a rabbit trail there, but going back to your point that none of these offices exist. So when a citizen, when a person weaponizes it against another person, what have they done? They've become a captured asset of the deep state right there. Yeah, jurisdiction can be pled or questioned at any time in any court proceeding, all the way up to the Supreme Court. Anytime you have a issue that's going on in the courts, you can always question jurisdiction. They must prove their jurisdiction. They cannot just say, I have a jurisdiction. I have jurisdiction over you. You must prove it. Well, I was talking to a sheriff, a sheriff friend of mine, and we were talking about the fact that there was a person out there who wrote up an arrest warrant for Gretchen Whitmer. took it to the state police and said, does this look correct and such? And they said, yes, but if you file it, we will shoot you because we are here to protect the governor. Well, that's true. That's true. And so her little secret police guard at this point in time. That's what the state police are. The police are for the state. That's not what we go to. No. And so they're not they're not serving we the people, which is what the sheriff's office should be doing. And it's like this thing is so out of whack. We can't even believe because we do not know the law. I mean, when you have somebody from the state police say, if you file an arrest warrant or file this arrest warrant for the governor, we will shoot you. Who do they serve? Are you serving governor who, you know, was part of stealing the election? It's like, I'm sorry, but people in all different walks of life, if you're a nurse or a doctor and say, you know, you have to push this shot on people. and they know that it's killing people, they're liable for the deaths. I'm sorry. And the same thing with some other things in society. We as people have to start making decisions based on what God's telling us in our own heart, what's right or wrong. Instead of listening to or saying, well, they told me to do it. This is the way it's supposed to work. I call these on other people. Well, you know what? Those people are just as guilty as the people sitting in the seats. exactly what's that nuremberg proved that to be the case yes and i i agree it's like the the nuremberg um my sheriff buddy brought up the nuremberg syndrome well i was just following orders well guess what you're still guilty if you're following orders you are complicit that's right And so we got to stop taking that coward way out. Well, I just told what to do. You know, I'm going to put my kids in school and not not I hate to say it, but I'm going to say it because that's what we do. Even if they're even if they're doing things that, you know, are harming your children. Sorry. You try to put that in front of God and God's not going to give anybody pass on that one. You still have to do the right thing. Parents are are responsible for the children. Nobody's going to get a pass on the excuses that somebody told me to do it. And I don't care what sector of society you're in. We know we really have a lot of control. If we would exercise our power and our power is number one, the sheriff should be working strictly for us. They shouldn't be giving parking tickets and speeding tickets and go and doing all that kind of crap. That's their constitutional duty. And any sheriff that doesn't do that, is a usurping authority he was never granted. And that's what we have. The sad thing is that the sheriff I was talking to said that the problem is that if the sheriff stopped off, there's so much power aggregated in that the governor's office with the state police behind him, he said they will start lobbying lawsuits and break us and or throw us in jail. And he said with the threats that are out there, to have a sheriff say that, that should be sobering for everyone out there to say that the whole system is screwed up big time. If I was elected sheriff in Wayne County, first thing I would have did was gone after those three or four people that were involved in putting that other sheriff up for election. would have been the first three in jail. That would have been the clerk, that would have been the probate judge, and that would have been the prosecuting attorney. Those three would have been in jail immediately because they played a game on the public. Let the courts at that point in time handle it. see if they are guilty or not of playing the game of getting that guy in their office to getting that puppet in office. But the problem is that they until they until we break the election and I think it's coming, I think we're going to have a new this next election. We're going to be doing paper ballots and I don't believe that they're going to be able to pull this crap on us anymore. because of the paper ballot system. I think the people in general, and I'm making a very generalized statement here, want good for what's going on in this country. They're not people and criminal. They want a good country. So they're going to listen, hopefully, and they're going to pick and not go by the parties necessarily, but go by the individual. And I think we have come full circle around where people have realized that we can't vote Democrat, we can't vote Republican because they're not serving the people. Well, the labels are lying. They're lying labels. They're manipulative labels. They've already been infiltrated and there's no coming back for this because they've got themselves so entrenched. in the system that the only people that are able to progress within the political parties right now are their approved puppets on who they're giving us the ability to have. Oh, you have a choice on who we say you can choose. And they're all part of the system. That's right. That's right. So we, as the American people need to go through this awakening process because there's still too many people that still don't get it. That still don't understand what the Republic is all about. and how the Republic functions. And as my friend Ron has always put it, Norton versus Shelby County, that is the key. That exactly spells out what the Republic is, who these, the terminology we should be using. The terminology we should be using in our everyday lexicon when we talk to not only public functionaries, But when we talk to individuals, so we learn the proper terminology and we get away from the distracting terminology that the deep state has been pushing on us. A good example, overreach. How many times have you heard that? They were overreaching their authority. No, no, no. They were usurping their authority, which makes it, again, overreaching is not criminal, usurping is. And so... We have to go into the appropriate language. And of course, the deep state has changed the language of our political system to make it, how would I say, nicer for them, easier for them, not as criminal for them. But the fact of the matter is that it's cut and dry. it's basically set up as to what our rights are and who we are and who they are they are as once when i was growing up they were called public servants remember back then still an incorrect name because they're not public servants they're you they're public functionaries that have a function in government and we need to get back to the proper lexicon to to turn this country around And that brings us to the point where people have to start paying attention. Because as you're saying, we're the frogs in the boiling water, and it's just getting hotter and hotter. We've got to change this. And we're the only ones that can change this. Trump can't change this. Trump will do the dirty work for us, but we have to be behind him 100% supporting him. President Trump, the rightful president of the United States. Yes. We need to get away from the nonsense of, you know, there are a lot of people out there that don't like him for one reason or another, and I don't even understand why. They come up with all these television slogans that the televisions have said about him, but they don't really know who he is. It's a childish way to address a problem. It's a popularity contest. This is like a high school clique. instead of listening for information and stop trying to create a pariah. Like I keep talking about the fact that he's the rightful president of the United States. I don't really care at this point in time. What we're defending is the American process of choosing our leaders and And that's what the right. None of them are my leaders. OK, but OK, I'll take it. OK, I just got tatered right there. You're wrong. And so. But yeah, but you're right. It's like we get to talk. We get to choose who fills those positions. for us to do that work. And this is a job interview. This isn't, well, I like the clothes they wear. I like their hair. I don't like their hair. I don't like their mean tweets. That is such a low IQ metric. I can't even believe it. It's like if we had somebody in there, I don't care if it's the biggest bastard on the planet. If they got in there and they could run this country, and I couldn't stand up, but they got in there and they started putting things on the chopping block that needed to go, hey, that's going to be our guy. And it could be the guy being guy and girl, which is a Michigan term, right? It's like that's our person in there who's getting the job done. We don't have to like them. We don't have to invite them for Christmas dinner. They're there to get a job done. And that doesn't come with it necessarily. I think the best person we could have would be somebody that's not necessarily popular but gets in there and makes those cuts across the board that need to happen because that's the only way this is going to survive. You know, years ago when he was running, when he was talking on the television about, they asked him, would you ever run for president? I didn't like the guy. I really thought he was, you know, personally, I didn't like him. But when he got on the platform and he started talking, I said, I like him. This guy really knows. This guy doesn't talk like a politician. This guy says it like it is. This guy is great. So I went from a I didn't really like him to a I really I'll support him in any possible way I can because he really knows what he's talking about. I like The Apprentice. I thought that was a fun show. And you're fired. I love that. You're fired. And that's one of the reasons he's in office now, to fire these creeps that are in there and get rid of them. So I do like him based on what and how he behaved himself on the platform, that he wasn't a politician. Well, he was a great boss. He didn't sit there and say, well, I know that the pedophiles didn't really mean to abuse a three-year-old. He doesn't come out and say that. He's like, you deserve the death penalty. And it's like, I kind of like that. That's like clear and to the point. You know, when people break the law, they know they're breaking the law. You don't sit there and give them a pass and say, say, you know, yeah, we're going to just turn you loose. You serial rapist, because we know that you didn't really mean it and you're not going to do it again. No, it's time. You're done. You're done. It's over with. You know, they know what they're doing. They're going to go out and do it again. Jeffrey Dahmer said the same thing. If you let me lose today, I'll go out and cannibalize more people. Because they were sick. They're sick. And it's like, I feel sorry for them because there's something wrong with them. But you don't put them out in society and let them run loose to run amok to go and hurt more people. That's insane. And that's what I like about President Trump. It's like drug dealers, death penalty. They know they're killing people. You know, how can you justify the amount of fentanyl coming in this country? You know, we talked about yesterday. Nobody uses it for fun. Fentanyl is not a fun joyride. It's to kill people. That's it. What I like about him more than anything is that he talks the rule of law. This is the rule of law. In a country that has a republic, we have to have a rule of law. And that rule of law cuts both ways on everybody. It's there to protect us, and it's there to harm us if we're violating the law. The rule of law is what the republic is all about. If we don't have the rule of law and we have the rule of man, which is what we have right at this moment or what they're trying to press upon us, We have nothing. We have a dictatorship. We have a ruling class above the public. And that's what they've been proving by this two-tiered rule justice system, that what's going on with Biden is okay. I mean, we're going after Biden. Therefore, we can go after President Trump. It's equal. No, it's not equal. When you go after Biden and then President Trump, now you can consider that being equal. But you can't go after. Why don't they go after Biden or Trump's son and Biden's son? And now that's equal. But the nonsense that they try to portray to the public and the public buys this stuff. Well, the public is like lulled to sleep by all of the brainwashing, the media, the things, the electronic media, the spending time with, we'll go back to what we were talking about at the beginning, biting on clickbait when there's no truth to it whatsoever and they don't look past the headline. And so it's like, let's just keep biting on the clickbait. And, you know, it's... I have heard so many times over and over, okay, this is going to happen this weekend. It's going to happen this weekend. There's going to be a big happening this weekend. I mean, you know, it's like, oh, dear God, please stop with this date manipulation. I won't say the word, but all the anons out there know what I'm saying. It's like, please, just please stop it. It's like, you know, we can sit there and focus in on the new person that's got the new truth, and we still are not learning to study the law so we have the real power. It's all this distraction. It's storytelling. It's fortune telling. It's all this other stuff other than just getting in there and just doing the hard work that it takes to be successful and be armed with actual knowledge that you can do something. we're still sitting back and watching a movie instead of getting in the game to, to actually change things on a very base level. Okay. And, uh, I think that that's a point is that, that we go to meetings, we sit there and we bitch and we bitch some more and then we leave and we bitch some more. Okay. And that's all we do. And then we listen to the next person who's got the next wisdom on it and we still don't do anything. So, and with that said, we've got our, our, uh, our meeting on January 27th for the state, for the U.S. Taxpayers Party, which is in fact the Constitution Party affiliate in the state of Michigan, the true Constitution Party. And so we're going to be at Center Shot and Door on January 27th. And I'd like to invite everybody there. We have resolutions that are going forward as well as some work meetings that to actually call people to account and communicate with our public functionaries and instruct them on what they're doing. I mean, that's what you do. That's why we're part of the U.S. Taxpayers Party because we're trying to get work done, and also listening for information, not listening to debate or argue. Debate and argue, it goes nowhere. We're listening for information. And having civil conversations to find the truth, not just trying to destroy each other. It's ridiculous what's happening out there. I agree with you 100%. We have to get solutions. Yes. We have to go after the learning process and stop it. listening to soundbites that have been pulled up. And by the way, the CIA and the FBI and all of these alphabet organizations that have been out there, they've been out there for a long time. They really know how to manipulate the public. Oh, yeah. Not only will they manipulate them through speaking through their through their propaganda, but they know other methods. We're talking about electronics. We're talking about TI people. We're talking about people that are being abused by the system. And when you all of a sudden start getting somebody picking on you, somebody abusing you, and you really don't understand the law, then you kind of, what do you do? I don't know what I'm doing here. I got to hire an attorney or I got to do this or I got to do that. You get frightened and you become very weak in your stance and you don't know which way to go. You got to learn that stuff now while it's easy to learn, while you have your mind clear, while you're available. emotionally and physically to understand the laws of our country and how the country operates. Now you should be learning, not waiting until the crisis hits. And that's the problem with a lot of people. They wait until they have a crisis. Well, let's talk about how we sometimes get pushed because coming into the holiday season, we all have people around us that drive us nuts, okay? That will get under your skin on occasion. That's part of being human beings, right? And a lot of times I think those people are there, you know, getting ready for a crisis. I'm going to, you know, jump off of that one a little bit because we are coming up to the Christmas season. Yeah. The things that we learn from people who are imperfect are just as important as those things that we learn from perfect situations or more so because they teach us. So like if somebody is being abusive or nasty to you, you can go to God and say, all right, I'm first of all, I'm putting boundaries down here because I'm not going to sit here just getting punched in the face. Right. But also, is it something that can help you deal with a situation if it comes up again? it's equipping you for more difficult situations. And I think that that's true in a legal sense too. If you get knocked in the face with our illegal legal system, which is not legal at all, it should push you into action to say, wait a minute, this isn't working too good. I'm going to go ahead and get educated so that next time this comes around, I'll be able to counter it, which is why we are on Tuesdays. you know, this is a broad application of this to our interpersonal communications, to our legal knowledge, to our knowledge and lawful knowledge, legal knowledge, to the way that the system works. If something's going wrong, it's an opportunity to learn A, better coping skills, B, getting in and getting educated, listening for information and being equipped, because it's going to happen again, things repeat. And so in a way, it does us a huge favor, you know, get in a bad situation and turn it around. I have, through my studies, have learned something kind of important that We are living in a world that is the 1% of this world is controlled by the evil. In fact, the organizations or the understanding that I've had, they call it Satan. You can call it Satan or spell the same way, but Satan is the correct pronunciation. And that our whole purpose here on this planet is to learn, is to improve ourselves. but and so in this process we get these hurdles that we have to overcome and and there's hurdles all the time all the time all the time so if you overcome the the the easier hurdle the first time when it's when it's easy to overcome then you don't face the the the music the second time around but if you kind of push it aside and don't pay attention to it The next time it comes around, it's going to be a little more, it's going to kind of kick you in the rear end a little bit. It may have a tougher... It may be tougher, like doing a marathon. You're going to get tougher trials as we walk forward in life because we are learning. And so it's like God will never give you more than what you can handle. But it is going to get tougher. I mean, you can look back at what you went through in your 20s and go, wow, you know, I wish I had the knowledge then that I have now. Because, you know, the way you... approach things typically is a little bit more difficult. It's based on experience rather than a knee-jerk reaction. And so you can sit back and look at something and ponder it a little bit rather than being activated by your emotions. That's what I love about being older is that, of course, all of us will get pushed to a point once in a while. I mean, I certainly do. You know, I can tell you that right now when something becomes super stupid, I'm just like, I'm just like, this is past my ability to cope with this. And the door will slam until I can actually be sane about it instead of going for the juggler, you know, on somebody that was stupid. And, you know, so you just you learn better coping skills that you can come back and smile and say, you know, and approach it in an adult way. Right. But that doesn't mean that any of us are totally immune to it. But every time we do that, we gain a skill. And that's a good spiritual exercise to not only fail, but to face failure. to face things that are difficult or even things that just piss you off okay because i mean everybody everybody out there oh no now guess what um somebody's gonna say say brandenburg we better call somebody on her because she said a word we didn't like you know screw you how's that screw screw you for saying that not you personally but You know, somebody that has an issue with it. First Amendment rights. You don't have to like it, you know, but but that's the way it is. Yeah. So I think it's a good thing. Spiritual exercises are good. And the tougher the exercise that you're on, the stronger you're going to become as long as you decide to fall in with their with their evilness. You know, I don't like lies and I don't like manipulation. I feel liars and manipulators are about the lowest caliber of of scum suckers that walk the planet. How would you ever learn anything if you just sat in front of the television and watched a TV program or you've never been challenged? If your life goes on and nothing is challenging to you, it just happens and life goes on. You become a vegetable, basically. You never gain anything from that. It's the challenges that make us who we are. And the harder the challenge and the more the challenges, the greater the strength that you have as an individual in this process. And that's why we're here. That's why we're here. Yeah. So once again, I'll say it again, liars and manipulators are bottom sucking lowlifes. Yeah, but they got to be there because we have to know that they're there. If they weren't there, we wouldn't have a challenge. And I have to address it. We wouldn't have a challenge if Bill Flowers, campaign manager of the clerk of Wayne County, wasn't writing me a letter. I mean, I wouldn't write back to him. I love your letter. I'd have no reason to call him a user. Wait till it's finished. I love your letter. Your letter's amazing. It's going to get very powerful before it's done, but that was my immediate impression that I had to do. If I don't put it down on paper tomorrow, I forget it. Let's see. We've got to see what we have here. We've got people saying, thank you, John. Thank you, Donna. Public functionaries do not have sovereignty once in office. We have the right to sue them when they're at usurpation of one's duty of one de jure office. Their ID, no immunity. There is no immunity for public functionaries who do not act de jure. Charlotte's got this. Charlotte's on track. Hey, another Christmas present for John. She comes to our Wednesday night meetings too. So she's getting two barrels a week from this group and then from that group. So she's getting it. And we need more people like her coming on board and listening and getting more and more knowledge about what the world is all about. So you're going to come to our January 27 meeting? I'll put it on the calendar. I don't know at this moment. I'll take that as a yes. I'm going to volunteer you. You have to be in the meeting. Hey, we're doing it at gun range. It'll be great. We can probably get some range time in. Oh, that might be good. I'll bring one or two or three of my pistols or whatever. We're raffling off a firearm. And I'm not sure if raffle is the thing to call it. We're not raffling enough. We're going to have a firearm that somehow is going to be gifted to an individual, you know. But that's – I don't know if it's going to be a door prize or something like that. And so – We're going to try doing some fun things. So that will come out more. And we've got one, potentially two speakers that are going to be talking about what's happened in the attack on our Second Amendment rights. And I think this is going to be a really good – I think it's going to be really good. Yeah. As a woman who has a CPL, I would like to tell all the girls out there, go get your CPL. That is the great equalizer out there, you know? I'm sorry. Did you know there's – women used to have – and I can't think of the name of it right now, but women in the house, they have so – changed our society due to masculizing women and defeminizing women and feminizing men. And I don't even know. There's no real rules that are being followed. You know, my grandma was a force to be reckoned with. I'm going to tell you what. She was a tough woman. She was about 5'10". She did some modeling when she was younger. But she went to college in the early 2000s and you just didn't didn't argue with grandma. OK, my grandma was a tough woman and she she ruled the house and her sisters were the same way. They get together and you would talk about a hilarious situation. It was funny. And you're just like hoping not to get a slipper. Right. You know, stepping out of line is great. But I think they're called pole arms. And women used to have pole arms in their house to defend their home where the men were out gathering. Men were out gathering and doing things out, you know, that require more strength than women. And I do believe that, and I'm going to tell you, we can do, we have the rights to do different things that we want to. That doesn't mean like for me, you know, I'm a horse woman. I'm kind of a tough gal, really. And I mean, I can take a kick from a horse or a bite or a stomp or whatever. I've been, you know, thrown not very much. You know, the only time that I was actually, I've had a couple of times in my life, but the last time was my horse hit ice and the legs went underneath her and I thought she was going to fall right on me. It was, I sat there and it was the weirdest thing. I see the horse coming down on me and she was twisting and I'm like, oh, she's going to come right down on top of me. And I was expecting a broken pelvis the way she was falling. And at the last minute, it was really cool. All of a sudden, she went that way and I went that way. And all I can say is it had to be an angel that pushed me out of the way. And I'm telling you what you want to see. You want to see a plus 50 year old woman move fast. I started watching the feet scramble to get back up. And my daughter and another horse trainer were watching me from a distance away. And I got up, you know, I hit the ground and. got up, got ahold of my horse to make sure she was okay. I had a little bit of bruising, but it wasn't too bad. But I'm going to tell you, God pushed, pushed me right out of the way. And it was crazy. It just went just like that. Had to be an angel that pushed me out of the way. Otherwise I would have been in serious trouble. So I'm kind of a, I'm kind of a tough woman, but we have, we have changed our society to the point of saying women are weak. I'm Women are incredibly strong. My husband is, and I'm going to say this, he'll think this is funny. My husband is a man's man's man. I'm going to tell you that he's a fricking cave man. And if I would have, if I said that in front of him, he would be laughing his head off and agreeing with me. But I can tell you, he is so incredibly loving to our family and, and takes care of things that what we've been taught is masculinity is, it's a lie. A strong man gets up in the morning, make sure his family is okay. And is so loving and caring for his family goes out and will address all threats to his family. And, uh, and, uh, just wants his wife and his kids to be okay, right? And strong women, it doesn't mean that if you're a woman, it doesn't mean that you're a wimp by any means whatsoever. There used to be more of a division, and I saw it in my family with my grandma, who absolutely, my grandpa was not going to cross her in the home. That was her place. And their house was always, the food was amazing. It was always clean. And my grandma had a college degree. She also worked. But there was somewhat of a division of work. And there was so much pride in raising children, which is the most important job on the whole planet. I have worked. I've had a wonderful career. But the most important thing I've ever done was be a mom. That's hands down was to be a mother. It's the greatest calling any of us can have is to be a mother and a father to our families. That's the smallest form of government. And I'm going to tell you what, I respect my husband, crazy respect for him. He's such a good man. He's a freaking caveman. I'm going to tell you that. And I love that about him, honestly, because people have said to me, you know, I have a CPL. They're like, you know, they'll tell me about a CPL and I'm like going, I got this guy here. He loves this kind of stuff, you know, and And it's crazy how they have put us into roles, establishing roles of saying, men, you need to be quiet. No, men need to speak up. I bring on the toxic masculinity. I've said that I am married to one, okay? And it's a beautiful thing. It doesn't make him necessarily a bully, though sometimes he goes into that, you know, gets his brain ahead of, you know, his actions ahead of his brain sometimes. But we do that too as women. It's not a male or female characteristic. And it's about bringing together women. men and women who are fundamentally wired differently. If you don't believe me, watch animals in the wild. You know, you look at, you look at horses, stallions are amazing. They have two functions and that's it. The mares run the herd and make sure that the food is there. They establish a social structure. And the men, they protect and defend. That's what the stallion does. And anything that comes to threaten their herd, they are beastly not going to negotiate and are going to put down any threat domestic or foreign. I mean, it's an amazing thing. And I think going into holiday season, we can really appreciate each other No matter what. And women, don't stop feeling vulnerable. We're stronger than men when it comes to emotional things. You know, there's no two ways about it. We all know it. So just go there. And men, you guys be the cavemen that you are. We love you. We love our toxic men, our sons and our husbands and our dads and such. We love the men in our lives exactly as God made you. And I just want to thank everybody out there, men, women. Be your bad selves the way God created you. We love both of you. You don't have to prove anything. So there you go. Charlotte says, my grandma Charlotte would put government in jail. She raised six kids by herself and she knew a lot of things. The world has changed. She would be very upset to see what's going on. She passed in 1972. So, yep. I think a lot of Our predecessors would be upset with what they see going on now. Yep. That doesn't excuse us for allowing it to happen. We are now the backstop and we need to change it. People need to step up and make the difference. What would be your top 10 things you would change right now? Oh, that's a tough question. First of all, anybody not paying attention to the rule of law, they'd be done. They'd violate their oath of office, they'd be in jail. And I'm getting sunlight coming in on my window now. Didn't have sun this morning. No. Well, it's still cloudy over here. West side of Michigan doesn't see sun for like weeks. What's that? It's blasting me in the eyeballs now. It's coming in right into the window. Which I love, but it makes looking at the video screen or at the TV screen very difficult because there's, you know, where the light is coming from. I see more of my shirt in the screen than I actually see the screen. It's dark, John. So anyway, yes, rule of law, oath of office, critical, two most critical things. I would get rid of all alphabet organizations. constitutional authority they do not exist get rid of them anybody that's still in those positions after that information is out is a traitor those people need to be removed also uh so those are three main things that would happen almost immediately What would you tell the citizenry to change? Because you can't just point, not you being you, but we can't just point at our public functionaries. We have to change fundamentally as a nation, starting with an individual. I would tell moms and dads, take this role of raising your children seriously. You are the greatest, you are the greatest, highest ranking person when you're raising your children. And you should be very proud of that. Take it seriously and raise your kids. The problem with that, and I'm not saying that that's not critically important. It is critically important. We have government stepping in in every possible way to force that, to change that issue. We have the Child Protective Services. We have Adult Protective Services. Kidnappers. We have kidnappers. We have... trafficking going on. We have drugs in the system. There's a lot of stuff, a lot of negative stuff out there that we as parents need to get a handle on. We just need to control. Why do some parents have great kids that never get into trouble and other parents have kids that are always in trouble? What's the deal? And how does the government affect all of that that's going on? First of all, government has no authority in the child, in the upbringing of children and the family unit. But all of these times, you know, Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child. No, it takes the mother to raise a child. But she is one of the deep state world people that want the world government, international government. She is an evil, evil person. And just by her saying that, making that statement, takes people's minds off of what reality is reality is that you as a mother and father need to raise your child not the village well she's a child trafficker they're all of them child traffickers they went down to haiti and they were picking kids off and there's you look at the case of laura silsby and you can see that they are child traffickers it's institutionalized in our government and have you seen what's going on in haiti um right now No, not recently. No. Oh, my goodness. It's like when we see all the Haitians come into the United States. If you look at what's happening in the instability in Haiti being run by the gangs right now. Now, I'm not for this, but what we just pledged, I believe, a million dollars to go in there with Kenya. Kenya is putting boots on the ground and a couple of other places are putting boots on the ground. The United States just pledged to fund Haiti to a million dollars. I think we've got still a serious problem there because these people are without help. They're being run over by drug lords. And the Dominican Republic is building a wall between Haiti and the Dominican Republic because there is nothing in the Western Hemisphere that is as an abysmal failure as Haiti right now. It's like Sudan and some of the other countries. So they asked the United States to jump into it. I'm going to tell you what, with the UN, the UN troops are on the ground down there. I'm going to, I will make a guess that they're picking kids up out of there. Like there's like, like there's no tomorrow. And, uh, they just, they just turned a bad situation into a war into getting to be a worse one because they want access to those kids. So of course they're going to make sure that it's, it's DSA stabilized so that they can continue with their, with their slave markets and, uh, the human trafficking trade down there. And it hasn't stopped people. This isn't stopped. It's going on. I'll post something today that'll show you what they're doing down there. You're going to be shocked at how much human abuse is going on in Haiti. And the reason why the dynamics, even in the narrative coming from the ones that we think as reliable, they're all playing games and lying. There's so much human trafficking going around this globe, it's not even funny. I know. And the sad part about it is there's still a lot of American people that don't even get it. They don't. And it's like, okay, so we're going to virtue signal on knowing what's going on because we're Republican or we're this or we're that. You know what? We've got good and evil and that's all we have. I'm going to see if I can pull this up just a minute. Let's see if I can pull something up. I'll show you just a quick flash of this. Very, very interesting. Because I think this is critical right now. We've got the border jumpers and that sort of thing going on. Yeah, it's a problem. But they're distracting us. Hang on a minute. Let's see if I can pull it up here. Okay, here we go. I'll pull this up just a minute. You know, it's going to start out with an advertisement for... Hang on a minute. I'm just going to put, I'll put this up here a minute and just take a look at this because I think this is a worthy dynamic to explore. There's a lot of good people that have insight into other things. Nobody knows it all. So we listen to good people and try to... This is a 54-minute video. I'm just going to do just a little bit of it. Completely overpower what little is left in the country of the former Haitian government. Some of the larger and more heavily armed ones have even managed to establish roadblocks and checkpoints between Port-au-Prince and the country's largest airport, and between Port-au-Prince and the country's primary maritime ports and oil terminals. By doing so, they have, in effect, become capable of holding the entire... country as a hostage by dominating Haiti's access to the outside world and access to imports of crucial supplies and oil. There's hardly even a Haitian government left in the country to speak of that's actually capable of fighting back against them because there aren't even any elected government officials remaining in the country at all now. The most recently elected president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated two and a half years ago now, back in July of 2021, by still unidentified gunmen who raided his own private residence. In fact, no elections of any kind have been held in Haiti since 2016, nearly eight years ago now. As before Moise was assassinated, he chose to continually delay the Haitian elections that were supposed to take place in 2019. His choice to delay those elections, along with corruption allegations and a worsening economy in the island nation, led to mass protests against him that ultimately culminated in his assassination in July of 2021, under deeply suspicious circumstances. The gunmen who murdered him are assumed to continue remaining at large, while Haiti's own governmental investigation into the matter has been extremely slow going. A fact that appears very suspicious when you consider that merely two days before Moise was assassinated, Moise had appointed a man named Ariel Henry to become the country's next Prime Minister. Then, two days later, Moise was killed in his home, and Ariel Henry rose to power as Haiti's new acting Prime Minister, without ever being ratified by the country's Senate. After taking over, Henry has also continually delayed elections in the country for the past two and a half years. Meaning that since no new president has ever been elected, and every single member in the Senate's terms have all been allowed to expire, Henry has been acting as Haiti's de facto leader this whole entire time, without ever being elected or approved by the Senate to do so. There have been multiple accusations ever since that Henry was directly involved in the plot to assassinate Moise, so that he could seize power in the country for himself. including accusations that have come from Haiti's chief prosecutor. And then, merely two months after Moise's suspicious assassination rocked Haiti politically, a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti's Piberon Peninsula in August of 2021 that would rock Haiti even further. That disaster would kill around 2,250 people in the country and injure more than 12,000 others. and would also cause up to $1.7 billion in economic destruction for Haiti, representing about 8% of the entire Haitian nominal GDP at the time. So, if you're following, in the span of just two months across the summer of 2021, Haiti witnessed their elected president get assassinated, then a catastrophic earthquake that caused significant financial and human human destruction, and on top of those, a new, unelected, and unratified leader who rose to power under these circumstances, and who became immediately viewed by the majority of Haitians as completely illegitimate. It was the perfect opportunity for many of Haiti's heavily armed gangs, many of which consisted of former members of the Haitian police, to begin seizing advantage of the power vacuum and the chaos to carve out their own areas of influence through force. Violence of all kinds within Haiti has therefore skyrocketed ever since 2021, largely as a result of the gang war that has been raging across the country's capital city. With the United Nations reporting that more than 3,000 people in Haiti have been killed by gang violence in 2020. Oh, yeah. And we believe the United Nations who had, you know, who are guilty of like 60,000 rapes. It's like these people are so evil. And it's like Charlotte said, they want the Haitian kids' DNA. These people are, if we think that this stopped, it hasn't. And the disparity between Haiti, which the average person lives on about $3 a day, and the Dominican Republic, which shares a border on the island, it's just incredible the disparity there and the dynamics that led up to it. And I believe in my heart of hearts that they want to see the United States taken down and all they want is control. And these people are still trafficking kids out of Haiti. Let me ask you a question. All of these people that seem to be poor, right? You're talking about $3 a day, barely making enough. Which is what they're reporting. We don't know that for a fact. Well, then let me ask you the next question. Where did they get the guns and the bullets? Yeah, there you go. It's probably from the people that are snatching the kids out of there, you know, and it's hard. Yes, from the United States. United States. I'll say the United States is providing weapons to the CIA. Where are the weapons coming from? I mean, bullets cost money. It's just like Ukraine. We were providing the weapons and the weapons for Ukraine and Afghanistan. It's our nation that is guilty of these human rights abuses, in my opinion, by funding them and providing the drugs and the weapons and the human trafficking. And I don't want to say our nation. I want to say our criminals that are running the nation. Thank you for the correction. I stand corrected. It's our deep state pieces of crap that are sitting in the positions of power. And the three-letter agencies and our Defense Department and all of these high-ranking officials, all of this has got to stop. And it's going to take a Herculean effort. to route out these cockroaches that are sitting in the seats that they want war. They want human destruction. They want these drugs to be continued to be trafficked. They want all of this. That's right. They are the reason that we have the problems we have. We have a CIA. We could stop the CIA overnight. We could stop the FBI overnight. How? Defund it. Cut the money. Yep. Defund it all. Defund it. No more money for the FBI. What would happen to them? Couldn't pay for their heat even in their building. They're done. Throw them into a little bit of a state of disarray now, wouldn't it? It seems to be that that would fix the problem overnight. Yeah, except for they've already got all the guns and the ammunition, so... And that eventually wears out. So if they stopped the funding, if they were to stop the funding five years ago, six years ago, we wouldn't be talking about this stuff right now. Well, and you know what? It's like it's funny because I talk to a lot of people on here. And what's really shocking is to hear the lack of integrity, even with some of the people that I have on the show. You know, we're going to have to change our mindset and go to God and have him weigh our actions out. And we are the ones that have to be above reproach. The government is reflective of us, we the people in a lot of cases. Our nation needs a complete spiritual revival. We are in a spiritual war until we get it figured out. No lying, no cheating, no stealing, no bribing public officials. no putting money over people, we're going to stay in the same position. And so this Christmas, I'm going to ask everybody, you know, really look within your heart. Jesus came to die for our sins and gave his life. And, you know, it's in, and I think all of us really need to realize that the example is there to, you know, be humble and, or, but fight without backing down for the things that are righteous causes. And, uh, But we need to know where God's called each one of us to stand and really seek his wisdom for our lives. We have the government that we have chosen to have. We got what we chose. And now we are saying, oh, maybe we didn't really want it this bad. But how bad do you want it? Where's the end? Where do we stop and say this is not good or we should allow this much corruption or that much corruption? Where do we stop? As one of my friends put it, once you start dancing with the devil, you don't know when to stop dancing. And that's where we are at at the moment. Now we have to reverse it. Now it's a big job to reverse it. And we are. We're going to be successful. I think so, too. This is going to be the greatest battle that we have ever fought in this country. And this will go down in history as the greatest war that was ever fought. And we're going to be successful. No guts, no glory. Run to the fire. Let's get this thing done. And I agree with you on that 100%. It's going to be a wonderful, glorious, you know, and it's not going to come without troubles. You know, we talked about those trials and troubles earlier. It's not going to come without that. But we are going to win. And I believe we're going to win because it's God's battle and God is on our side. I do believe that. But we got to get a little smarter. So he's letting us he's like he's like a good parent that lets us make our mistakes and says, how's that working for you to come back and do it the right way? I think that's where we are. So you have any anything else you want to talk about right now? Actually, I'm kind of out of stuff. We've kind of covered what I really wanted to say today. I want people to get on a better mindset. Stop focusing on the Internet and the nonsense that's being. Remember, CIA. Yeah, that's right. CIA is probably writing that stuff you're following. They're probably telling you that it's all about contracts and you have no power. We have the power. We are the power. Without us, where would the government be? Yeah, people have to stop chasing rainbows and the little mythical unicorns that are out there and get into some serious stuff. Here's Biden running around saying we've got to stop guns or New York or California or wherever. We're going to didn't work. That's the beautiful thing about human beings. Tell them not to do something and watch them get just totally fried, and then they'll turn around and they'll do it. They can't win this battle. They can only do it if they win. The only way to win it is to put us to sleep, but take the rights away and watch the temperature start to flare. They're going to create the thing that will, in fact, take them down, which is kind of a beautiful thing. As Trump says, why destroy an enemy or why stop the enemy when they're trying to destroy themselves? It's a great motivator. It's like pouring gasoline on the fire when you start taking the rights away from Americans. Not going to work too well. It may for a little bit while everybody's going, whatever has happened to us. And then it gets to the point where you're so furious about it. You're like, uh-uh, not on my watch. We're done with this. And I think we're about there. I think we're there. Well, there's a lot of us that have already been there, crossed that line, and we're there. You and I have had a lot of years to be ornery. That's a good thing. Hey, I want you to send me those songs. I think that's cool. I will send you those songs. I promise. I think I might record some of those. I think that's awesome. Have Christmas carols, according to, you know. Sing along with the new Christmas carols this year. We'll do sing along. Have a little bouncing ball on the type. I'll send you Whitmer roasting on an open fire, too. Oh, that's good. Send them all to me and I'll go ahead and record them out there and we'll see what happens. If you want to do it with me, that'd be great. We just get a whole course of us doing it. Anyhow, well, let's say a prayer and end today. Thank you, dear Heavenly Father, so much for John and all the wisdom he's willing to share with us and that we have this time to become more educated every day. And I'm just thankful every day for every single thing that people bring forward to help us learn what it is that we're supposed to know that we should know to maintain this great nation that you gave us. We We are thankful for this holiday season that we are coming into to celebrate the birth of your precious, precious gift, your son, Jesus Christ. And we're very thankful for that. I ask that you bless everyone out there with peace during the holiday season with people that people are imperfect and give us patience and peace and long suffering to To stay with people, even if they're offensive and that they don't like what we have to say and give them grace. We're all trying to get through this life in a very imperfect way. Help us turn our attention towards you, our thoughts, our words and our deeds. Excuse me. and that we can help forgive each other when we fall down or do things that are just thoughtless or hostile or whatever. I ask that you would forgive each and every one of us and help guide us into a peaceful demeanor, into one full of joy, and that our highest goal through the season is to honor you and to be the peacemakers in a very non-peaceful world in no matter what, even if we have to take a step back for a little bit to gain our own sanity in an insane situation. Thank you so very much for everything you've done for us. You are so amazing and we have so much to be thankful for. the food that we have, the ability to enjoy this holiday season, enjoy Christmas and giving gifts to each other and spending time with each other. Help us to have a servant's mind to serve the people around us, their emotional needs, their physical needs, and that we put that above the materialism that's been sold to us for so long. It's not about what we get. It's about what we give. And we're thankful to be in a position to really look at other people as very hurting individuals. The whole nation is hurting. The whole world is hurting right now. And help us to look through your lens and see what needs to be done and jump in and do the hard work, the thankless work, the work that just needs to be done for the healing of others in this nation. We ask that you bless those that are in authority over us. that their eyes would be firmly fixed on you, on what it is that you want done. We're willing to follow you and to obey. And we ask for this nation to be brought back into one nation under you, where we all can live in a peaceful situation with each other, where the law of the land is there to protect the individual rights that you've given us. And we're just thankful for everything. We are a great friend to us. We want to be an awesome friend to you. And we want to let you know that we love you very much. And happy birthday to Jesus. In Jesus Christ's precious name we pray. Amen. So there you go. Well, any last words here? Well, we're on Wednesday night and the following week, which is the day after the couple of days after Christmas, we'll be at Nicholas. Oh, look at this. It's not a stop for a holiday. John Tater, beast John Tater right there. You know, he just keeps he just keeps going, you know, just just like Ever Ready Bunny. We're going to blow through this. We're just going to keep going. That's right. Keep going. Well, you know, the group doesn't want to stop either. group says yeah we we want to go through christmas we want to have our we want to continue our march on so that's what we're doing there you go well merry christmas john thank you so much i love i love uh our our times that we get on and talk so merry christmas so thank you so much i have so much respect for you i i really do and thank thank you for all you do by the way um If you can show up on Wednesday, there's a good possibility that one of the Brunson's will show up. Oh, that's cool. He was there last week and he said he'd come back this week. Was it Loy or Darren? Wow, you're asking me a question I don't know. Oh, okay. Well, was that on the Zoom? Was he on the Zoom? Yeah, he was on our Zoom. Okay. He was on our Zoom last week, and he'll be on our Zoom. He says he'll be back this week. Oh, that's cool. I know Loy and Darren. They're really amazing. So that's very cool. I don't know if I'm going to be able to be here because I'm going to be down in Florida. I got an invite to go back down there again to Mar-a-Lago. So I'm going to be here, there, and everywhere. So at any rate, here we go, guys. I'm going to take Martin with you. Yeah, there you go. You know what? I will. go to because I am the best non-conceder who's ever not conceded. And John is right there with me. He is still not conceding. So we have beast not conceders until they fix the 2022 election and the 2020 stolen rigged election by public functionaries who are traitors and who are guilty of treason. So there you go. So anyhow, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day and Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, John. Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a great day. Bye-bye.