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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/3/2024 Liberty Essentials & Angela Faulkner - Leadership Institute

Published Jan. 3, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Angela Faulkner - Leadership Institute After years of working in the campaign field, Angela Faulkner founded Gridiron Communications in 2003, a nationwide targeted direct mail firm that worked with businesses, candidates and organizations to best position them in the mind of their targeted recipients. In 2005, Angela was joined by her husband, Chris, after serving on President Bush’s re-elect campaign. Pollie and Reed Award winner Gridiron Communications was nationally renowned for its targeted and creative direct mail, interactive training sessions, and their innovative issue-based advocacy coordination campaigns. The company was acquired by Majority Strategies in 2017 where Chris is now a partner and national strategist. In 2013, the Faulkner family moved from Indiana to Los Angeles. It was at this time Angela temporarily stepped away from politics to assist her high school aged boys in their acting and sports pursuits. Angela has developed over 20 popular seminars, authored several articles on grassroots campaign strategies and has been called on by groups like the Republican National Committee, American Majority, The Leadership Institute, the Tennessee Economic Council, the Washington State Homebuilders Association, corporations, non-partisan grassroots advocacy organizations and several state organizations to share her expertise with business leaders, state parties, candidates and non-profit organizations. Gridiron Communications developed the Field School, an intensive 4-day grassroots training, for the Republican National Committee. Gridiron Communications has trained thousands of “students” in over 40 states. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it is the third day of January 2024. Thank you so much for joining us today, and welcome to our show. It's Liberty Essentials today, and I'm going to bring on Bill Moore right away. Hey, Bill, how you doing? Good, Donna. Good. Another Wednesday morning. Another Wednesday morning, and we made it through the holiday season. Did you guys enjoy yourselves? Yeah, we did. We did. We got to meet up with a lot of family, a couple of different events that we had put together. It was a lot of fun. We're kind of like homebodies here. Because we have horses and such, it's pretty much the same for us every day. What do we do? We go to the barn and we shovel horse manure and we feed horses and such, which I find a lot of fun. I actually got to ride yesterday for the first time in a little while, which was a lot of fun. And today is going to be tree cutting day. So that's what our day today is, which is kind of good. What we've been doing is we've been moving around the big mass crop trees and replanting like the oaks and that sort of thing. And we're cleaning out all the crappy stuff. the choke cherry trees and the junk trees and the autumn olive and all that kind of crap that's out there. So that's today. Today is a make sure we have good trees growing day. So what's happening today and what are we talking about on Liberty Essentials? Well, you know, we did a show a while back to show the basis of government, where it came from, how we got to where we're at. And one thing that I had skipped over. is the Magna Carta back from England's time. Most people are familiar with that as a document, but there's a bigger push nowadays to say we need to go back to such things. And it's just real quick, but I don't think everybody understands where or why the Magna Carta was put in place. So first we have the King of England, right? And under the King of England, besides the administration that happened within government there, but you had the barons. And the barons were like the mediators between the people or the peasants at that time and the government institution, the king. And everything goes fine. The barons are able to regulate what happens with the people and the king just regulates what happens with the barons. And everybody's happy and go lucky as long as the barons are happy, right? Whether or not the people are. But at the time, the king, just like we saw in our Declaration of Independence, the king had started to usurp his power and act outside of the authority that was ever granted to him, whether by law or by God, and started opposing or proposing measures that... were against his barons, right? So now you end up with a hierarchy and the barons are no longer happy because now they are being put under the king's authority in such a way that it infringes upon their rights to do what they want. And so the barons all get together And they write up a Magna Carta, which is similar to the Declaration of Independence. It states many, many grievances, but it mainly lays out the rules. It lays out the conditions of government authority to say that we're not going to take this any longer. And they force the king's hand into agreeing to all these terms. And there are 62 points on the Magna Carta that are listed there. And being that the barons had had enough, they had to restrain their government back to for the lower class or the peasants to come up and try to instruct the king was just not a valid rule of law. So once they had this signed by the king, which is basically stating that the king is under the authority of God, and when he usurps that authority, the barons will rise up against it and reestablish the rules. But that's just a brief synopsis of what was going on. And the whole point is that everything was fine as long as the king was playing by the baron's rules. As long as everything was going good for the barons, they were happy with it. They were willing to suffer the little thing. But the moment the government stepped out of bounds with the barons, they put a stop to it. It's because they would not submit themselves to the governing authority, the supreme governing authority of God, and instead were submitted directly to a king. That's where the problem lied, because when you submit to a man, the man will eventually usurp authority, and end up as a dictatorship or a totalitarianism form of government. And then the people have to put a stop to it. You can see that all throughout history. Thousands of years of history we have, and it's the same thing over and over and over. Humans are just those kind of creatures that we do the same things, right? And we get the same results, and they have to be stopped using the same measures. There's nothing new that we can propose that will create the same restoration as what we have seen done in the past, whether that be through the Magna Carta or the Bolshevik resolution in Russia. I'm sorry, the revolution in Russia where they use the Bolsheviks there. And a lot of that you can see clearly today if you go back and read the history of how that all happened. But it's always the same thing. And we cannot create new measures to resolve the same problems we've seen in the past. It's so much easier to learn what was done and how to prevent it than to have to go through it again. But saying all that, here we are. We're in the same position that they were in and so many before us have been in, right? So if Again, if we want the results we used to get, we have to be willing to do the things we used to do. And as we come up into 2024 here, I see the same nonsense happening with every election. It becomes the most important election in history. And I'm here to tell you, every election is going to be the most important election in history. It is how the government is formed, is established. It's how it is promoted by the people. But no matter who is in office, we cannot trust the person in office to do our job for us. We spoke on this when we touched on the militia, the body of the people. It is our duty to maintain this republic. And we cannot put our faith in a politician or even if we have a proper elected servant, we cannot put our faith solely in that servant because man will always fail. At some point or another, there will be a grievance against a man, right? So we need to actually put our faith in the supreme being, that is of God, and then we try to navigate the waters of government as best as we can under his authority if we want to get this result now regarding regarding election integrity there's there's clearly no way we can vote ourselves out of the mess that we see right agreed yep there is nothing we can do at the federal level that that is going to gain any ground i am dead certain of that now And there's not much we can do at the state level, save for having enough people willing to make sure that it's done properly. And we got 10 million people in this state, right? I could say at least- And we can't even get 7% of them out to vote half the time. Yep, yep. I would say at least half of the people are all saying the same things that we hear all the time, right? The same kind of principle things that we say, well, Where are we? How come we cannot assemble 1,000 people to go handle something? Occasionally, we can assemble several hundred people and meet at the Capitol and publicly address grievances. And we're not talking big riot types or just doing it to create a show, but legitimately now. And do they? No, not really. Those things that are just looking out the window laughing at all of us. Nonetheless, we do establish our First Amendment and we do still have to make our grievances known. That doesn't have to be a private thing between you and the government. In some cases it is and maybe should be. But for the most part, a grievance against one person's right will be a So we need to all come together on some terms to make this work, right? And nobody is going to agree 100% on everything. I mean, Donna, you know that. You and I don't agree on some things. But the majority, the common ground we fight, we agree on 100%. And that is that the government has usurped power. It has bloated beyond its authority. It has gone outside of its delegated authority, and it's time that people put a stop to it. Those are the basic principles. And you can break that down into a thousand different usurpations of power that they claim right now. And whether that be the executive branch, legislative, or judicial, they all do it. They all work together. The problem is we have so much division among the people, whether it be by religion, race, creed, political affiliation, for Pete's sakes, what color is your hair? The division is so strong, and that was a pretty loose example, but the division is so strong and has been so propped up by those in power and the media that's controlled that the people are just reiterating the same garbage that they hear through the TV. And it continues this political division that we have to the point where we can't even come together and face common terms. There are very few people willing to do that. And that is the sole reason why I ever got involved in a Constitution Party. And it was not because I want the Constitution Party to rise and take over. That's not it. It's not because I want another political party on the front lines to add to what we currently have. That's not it. Which is a total disaster and a dumpster fire, the parties. Yep, yep, John Adams clearly said that. Remember, the greatest political evil under the Constitution is the nation being divided between parties. But the sole purpose is to give an avenue of correction to the government. As long as the Constitution Party or the U.S. Taxpayers Party in Michigan maintains ballot access and stands on the foundational principles that we share together, then it's an avenue that we can put out to not only help promote uh not only help uh uh run run uh or help with initiatives and and education but it is also an avenue to actually put people on the ballot right and whether or not that's going to go anywhere uh with election integrity i don't know that's something we We had to constantly fight against. But I'm telling you, everybody listening, you can control elections at a local level. That is the only place we can start, to try to go to the state level and pass some nonsensical legislation that is already common sense and law, that's lawful practices for the counties, isn't going to work. We have to get in our local governments and start there and get rid of everything that stands in our way, whether it be electronic machines or the process that happens there, who it goes through. If they're in the way, they have to be replaced, right? And that's where we can make the change at the local level. So as long as everybody is continually fighting over who's president or who the next governor is, nothing is going to change. We should be so indignant about what happens in our own backyard that we are willing to get out there and do something about it. In Michigan, townships are maximum 36 square miles, right? That's 36 square miles of ground you've got to cover. And that's it. If you can correct the townships, and this is what I've been doing for the past several years, we've replaced several people in our townships because of violations of the law. And it only takes a handful of people to do this. 4,700 people in my township. When I saw a... an illegal practice, an unlawful violation, or a lawful violation, double negative there. But when I saw a lawful violation of the law, I went after them. And out of 4,700 people, we had two people fighting. But we made it happen because we were dedicated to it. We weren't going to let it fall to the ground, right? We're either lawful or lawless. We're not Republican or Democrat. We're not red or blue, left or right. Those are all division terms. We're not white or black. It's all divisive, set up by those who mean to control you. We're either law, lawful or lawless. Those are the only two categories we have in America. We are not a democracy. We're a republic governed by law, not legislation, not political parties. We're governed by law. That is what has been failed to be taught to the past several generations, including mine. And that is what we should be out there promoting. Anything beyond that is going to be a grievance against the people and will result in a violation of our rights. That's my little rant this morning. Keep going, Bill. That's great. Well, and I and I agree with you. It's like, you know, the the amount of people that I talk to and, you know, wide variety of people. What's really shocking to me is how many people are constantly posturing to try to find these loopholes to get around what the law is. And they'll they'll craft things. And it's like a statistician. A statistician can make numbers say anything they want. Well, right now, the terms are changing. They're skirting around the issue and nobody's challenging them. So they're getting away with this. And if we go back to what is on the books, you could go back to just like I'm just going to throw one law out there, you know, Norton versus Shelby County. about 90% could be nullified based on A, the Constitution, but backed up by a standing law. And it's really unbelievable, but nobody's challenging it. The courts are completely rigged. But if you started at a local level and you started peeling off the layer, starting with the township boards and the planning, the zoning boards, How many people are in those township boards and zoning boards who are realtors and are developers? I'm going to tell you right now, the huge conflict of interest of eating up our land, selling the land in these big land trusts and conglomerations is going to be one of the biggest downfalls of this nation. And they are in bed with the philosophy of the World Economic Forum of you will own nothing and be happy. Because they're going to own it all. And they're making the rules for land usage and everything else to take away the rights of people. I was at one of our meetings here and this guy wanted to have a, he wanted to start a business in his garage. He was going there for permission. And I sat there and I'm like going, why is he having to ask permission on what to do in his own land? It is so right at the base level. And he got up there pleading with them to be able to start a business was there's going to be no impact on on the area whatsoever of what he was doing. It was a small business in his garage and such to get some sort of permission. Like this is not this is this shouldn't should even go without saying. you know and they're trying to lock it down so you've got to be one of the cogs in their machine somewhere that they're making money off of because every person that doesn't work for themselves is making money for this machine i am so so all about entrepreneurialism into starting your own business it's really not that difficult and what shocks me is the amount of of college-age people that i've known over the years because it used to be that you know in our the properties we run out and such And I just started buying them one at a time, right? Years and years ago. It used to be mostly college students that lived it. Now the average age is over 40. It's really, really incredibly changed. The demographics have changed. And some of them would say, well, you know, I don't know what I'm going to do this summer. I don't have a job. And I'm like, well, make one. And they'd look at me like I was, you know, some sort of Martian that dropped in on the planet. And I'm like, why wouldn't you make a job? Do you realize how much more money you can make working for yourself instead of working for a union? You know how much money we pay for union dues and for health care? We can provide the same amount of health care to workers for 20% of what you have to pay going through the unions. I am not kidding you. This whole thing is so backwards. And the prices are so off. If we I was listening to somebody that does like geopolitical assessments, I really like this guy a lot. Now, I'm not going to throw his name out there because people are going to go, Dad is a communist. Look, she listens to this guy. You know what? I hate to say it, but screw all of you. I listen to everybody out there. You have to listen to everybody. You're not listening to have the next savior that's going to step in and absolve you of all responsibility of the government. Oh, great. Now we got the new Christina Caramo or this new savior. That new savior out here is going to save the state. That is a moron's mindset. Okay. It just is. You got to talk to everybody. Because everybody has ideas that you're not going to think of and I'm not going to think of. And we're going to pull it from here and here and here and here and here and piece this thing together into something that can actually work. So anyhow, this guy is amazing and he goes all over the globe and he's pretty knowledgeable. Do I agree with everything he says? No. But if I throw it out there, somebody's going to say, look, he's agreeing with a communist. She's agreeing with this. No, he's smart. And he does a lot of breaking down on what's happened with China and the non-threat that China really is right now, which I think is really interesting. If you really look at the facts, they're broke. They're as broke as our nation is. And when this thing goes down, it's going to be every single nation across the planet. It's not just going to be America. Try to save your own behinds. It ain't going to work because the whole thing is going to go down. But anyhow, you know, we listen to all these people to pull out information to arm ourselves, not going into a cult like the Republican Party, the Democrat Party. They're cults. You know, we have to have it here so that when something shifts or changes. But he brought up this really, really something that I've been kind of working on because you your family and my family is very similar. We just kind of do our own thing. Right. Want to build something? We just build it and we just make it happen. I don't go out to buy it. We don't go buy it. We just build it. Right. But he was talking about, too, that because we've lost our textile industries, all of our textiles have gone to China. And I talked to a guy a few years ago. I was in Las Vegas at a conference and he was talking about if you want to prototype a line of clothing, he said, I can have a prototype here within 24 hours from China. I can, you know, we can, we can have it. You can pick up, everything's been built in China. Nothing's here. And I remember that because my uncle used to be part of Horsellini's and he put up factories all over. He worked primarily in the Carolinas and in Maryland and such. And I was at those factories when he was, he was a chemical engineer. And I was, he was very, very high up in the, in the corporation. And I ended up building one down in Brazil and such. But watching the textile industry from years and years ago when I was a little girl, it's all gone. And we're allowing all of that textile, that old textile equipment to be sold to India right now. This is just what I know personally. I know this is what's going on. Well, anyhow, this guy that was talking about it, he said, we have machines right now. You put cotton into one end of that machine and you're going to have a finished garment come out the other end. Why do we not have this all over the United States of America? We don't need the big mills anymore. We don't need the big, big operations. We need every single person out there deciding what God put into them that they like, they're interested in. and then help them set up these cottage industries without going to these special interest boards and the township boards and the zoning boards that say, no, because we can't get a piece of this because that's what they all want. Either they want the land or they want to have permission to choke you down so that they can find a bigger player that can get in and they can own stock in it. This is going on. You know, when I explain to people how Barnes and Nobles, I got a real big beef against Barnes and Nobles have for years because this is like all the corporations. You know what they do? They've always their business model was find the local bookseller. build right next to them and then drop their prices to nothing, put them out of the business and raise their prices again. It's happening over and over and over again. But the good news is that there are some of us out there who honestly have enough knowledge and experience to basically tell them to stuff it and figure out how to do this on a level that is decentralized and and actually gives not only the power of the government back to the people, but industry, our incomes, and flush all these politicians. They couldn't even make a parfait out of Oreos if you gave them the ingredients and said, hey, we got a gathering here. I need about 10 of these. Could they do it? No, they can't do anything. They can't run a business. They can't sign checks. All they do is go to Lansing and drink all day. One of the big reasons why so many people are opposed to starting their own business is because they see the overburden of regulations that the state's put on it, right? Not only the state, but the federal government's got a piece of that, right? Because to open a bank account, you've got to have an EIN number. Yep, and you got to have the insurance, which now they're saying they're not paying out because it's in a reward declared or undeclared. Well, now they're saying a declared war was the bioweapon of COVID and the vax of COVID. So anybody who's got a vaccine injury, you're screwed. Yep. We've already got this figured out. Yeah, and that's a big principle because everybody knows if you want to start a business and you want to actually make money and help your community, it's very beneficial to bring in people from the community to help, right? There's plenty of people in every community that's looking for a job and is not willing to go out and do their own thing. And there are some of those in that mindset where they would rather work for somebody else. It is easier. I'll give you that. I own and manage three companies, or three businesses, not companies, not corporations, but three actual businesses, and they all work out of my home. And that's the way it's always been. I never ask for permission. I don't care what they have to say. It is my right, and I'm not going to ask permission from a government entity to exercise my right. That's one of the biggest problems we have as Americans is we think it's necessary to go ask for a permit to do that which is normally lawful. If you look at the definition, actually, let me pull that up a bit. Let's just say with farming, Bill, the right to farming in every single state supersedes local and state law. And anybody that goes and asks for permission, you just go ahead and do it. And then if they say anything or sue you, sue the crap out of them. You'll own everything they own. Yep. That's what you have to do. So a license, I love going back to Webster's Dictionary back in 1828, right? There's a lot of good things you can learn that you can't get out of a modern-day dictionary. But a license is leave or permission or the authority or liberty given to do or forbear any act, right? Or as an excess of liberty, exorbitant freedom, freedom of views, or used in contempt of law or decorum. So license is the permission or the authority to do that which is normally not legal. Which means it is not within your freedom to do. And we all know freedom is to do what the law permits. And if we are under God... We are the caretakers of law in this nation, right? God is the ultimate lawgiver, and we, through our representatives, are the caretakers of that law, as in how to apply it to different circumstances that come into date. So a license or a permit is nothing more than permission from the government to tell you that you are allowed to do this because it's illegal, right? Now, I want to ask everybody, is it illegal to drive? It is not illegal to drive, but that's commerce. And it is not illegal to travel. The word is traveling. So if we're traveling, you have to understand the distinction between commerce and private citizen. Yep, it is not illegal for a person to travel using whatever means that they have available to them, right? As long as you're not damaging somebody else's property or infringing upon their liberty, you have the right to travel by God. We've never been restrained of that. So why is it that we, the mass majority, go down and we apply for a driver's license when all we do is travel to and from our destination, right? We have the liberty to do that, yet we continually go and ask permission. I have a driver's license only because the vehicle I use, I use commerce, right? It's commerce. Yes. Yes. Well, it's the same thing with taxes. We should be paying no personal income tax. It's an unconstitutional tax. Yep. Yep, that's absolutely correct. Our tax laws are complete coercion, intimidation, and theft. And understand, if you look at the IRS code, I forget which publication number it is, but if you look at the IRS code, remember, that's a voluntary system. Nowhere in the IRS code does it state that an individual has to pay tax. Oh, do I have a good video on that one? Hang on a minute. I'm going to pull this one up because this is a gutter. So there are so many things we've been brainwashed into doing just because we've done them for so long. The previous generations have allowed it to get this far, and here we are now still fighting the same battles. And at some point, our backs are going to be up against the wall, and we will have no choice but to hit everything head on all at once. I personally would rather prevent some of this from continuing as we try to correct it to get it back to where it was. I was just talking to my daughter about that yesterday down here in the office. One of those heart-to-heart, hour-long talks. I love those. I'm so glad they're of the age now where we can do this. That's fun too. You know, when kids get to be your age, then it's really fun. Yeah. We were talking about that. It's like, you understand a lot of the time I spend, the sacrifices that we have to make as adults is so that my children will not have to sacrifice them. Right. John Adams, when he was in France, um, He had made that statement to say that he has to, and this paraphrase, but he has to learn politics and law and governments so that his children could have the freedom to be able to work and to farm and to make a living. so that their children, his grandchildren, will have the freedom to be able to study the finer things, arts, music, and such like that. And that's the way it works. There's a common saying that, what is it, easy, how does that time go? I think I'm going to miss one, but I'm not even going to try because I'm going to screw it up. But basically, the easy times create weak men, right? Yeah. And that's what we saw happen in this last several generations. We as Americans have had it so easy. I mean, so incredibly easy, it's ridiculous. A lot of things have just been given to us now. And it's what we do with what's been given to us. And I'm not just talking about the unconstitutional welfare system. I'm not talking about government stealing your money and giving it somewhere else. That's not free, guys. I'm one of those guys that has to work for that. Donna has to work for that. If you're getting it for free. Yeah, last time I checked, you're not a billionaire, just so everybody knows. Yeah, I missed that entirely, just so everybody knows. Yep, yep. Social Security, that's another one. I mean, all that's got to go. The government has no business taking money and giving it to somebody else. Zero business. Any money that's given to the government through taxation is only to fund the necessary. Oh, here's a good one. The necessary functions of government. What did we see in 2020 when the government shut down all across the nation one at a time? They, they actually, the majority of them came out and said that only necessary functions of government will remain open, right? A lot of the extra, uh, the extra things, um, were closed down because they were deemed unnecessary. I got to ask the question, why are they there if they're unnecessary? If they're not essential to the government, that was a perfect time. Somewhere I've got a list, it's buried in my files, but I've got a list of things that Michigan shut down because they deemed they were not essential parts of government. And I've got that list to say, well, those are the things that have to go. If they're not essential, get rid of them, right? I'll have to dig that file up somewhere. You know what really bit me about how they funded this, too? The problem is that the government could be, if they ran it like a business, actually helping to fund the people of Michigan if they did this correctly. That's one thing that President Trump had figured out with the tariffing. You want to play ball with America. We're not going to give it to every single person that crosses that border who is an invading army. No, no, no, no. We're going to give this back to the people. And I mean, that's all the people, all the money that they've stolen from the people of Michigan, the people of the United States, that money should go back. And instead of where it's going now, I mean, and somebody who understood how to do that could turn this around so quickly. And we could have, you know, if we'd have health care, we could do that. If you actually had the way the taxing went. If you actually had it going back to the people, any of the royalties and that sort of thing, going back to the people of the state instead of the corporations, case in point. Nestle filed $250 to have a permit to pull millions and millions and millions of gallons of water out of the state of Michigan for Ice Mountain. Two hundred and fifty dollars and they have stolen everything else away from we the people went into the hands of anybody that has has stock into Nestle. So it's become a stock heavy economy is what it is. Instead of going back to the people actually own it. Well, Alaska is smarter than we are. Anybody that's in Alaska, any of the oil companies that pull any petroleum out of the ground, there's a royalty. And that goes back to the people of Alaska. Why are we not doing this for the natural resources of Michigan? Why are we making corporations rich? That's how they work the game, and government's in on it. You wonder how a congressman with a salary of $200,000 a year gets into office with a net worth of half a million dollars and comes out of office with a net worth of $21 million. The math doesn't add up, and that's because we have inside jobs and inside trading happening. and they manipulate the economic growth of individual corporations because they can. They're not allowed to manipulate the growth of individuals, but they can with corporations because they're a dead entity, right? And they do that. They funnel money in and pull money out as necessary to create that. Okay, check this out. This is going along exactly with what you say. At 32 years old, Richard Blumenthal started dating a 16-year-old girl. Pedophile, pedophile alert. He got five deferred rents to stay out of Vietnam, then claimed he was a combat veteran. Net worth, 2016, is $62 million. 2017, $70 million. Up $8 million in one year on a $174,000 salary. 2015, he received a $31,500. $475 tax refund. And he demands to see President Trump's taxes. We demand to see his taxes. And you know what? This whole thing, I've been watching people. You want to talk about a bad evaluation. They want to see people's individual tax returns or what people have going in and out. You know what? That ain't going to stop it because they know how to hide it. And so now what they're doing with that kind of an evaluation, which is really ignorant, it sounds great on the outside. It's a great headline. Nobody's pushing this headline. We want to see all their tax returns. Who out there shows their tax returns when they go for a job? That's the problem. Instead of having rules to keep them on the rails with absolutes of what they're allowed to do inside and outside with ethics, they're going to look at something that's a distraction. Let's look at their tax return. Are you people stupid? It's like they're going to hide this. They will hide this in a million different ways. And I'm going to tell you what, look at the guy that's sitting on top of the Republican Party with Christina Cromwell, Robert Owens that's up there, who got convicted of felonies in September. And he had things under different people's names. And this is what they do. You aren't going to find it that way. You can't manage it that way. That is a big fail. Huge fail. But it's a great headline. Let's say, oh, yeah, let's beat up on the politicians. Well, great. Keep doing it. You're never going to get anybody honest that's going to take the job because they're going to be like, are you kidding me? It's just giving them another reason to target me. You don't do that in a job. This is a job, and so they should be looking at other things. Write down exact job specifications. Keep them on the rails. They do insider trading, they go to jail for a long, long, long, long time. Same thing should be happening within our township boards. zoning boards, and the township boards. These people are so deep into making themselves money off of that position, they, all of them, need to go to jail for a very, very long time. Yeah, and I think you mentioned that as a job description to write down individual and specific details to what your job duty is. Because we all know when we go to get a job, we have certain things that are expected of us, right? Yeah. And I think I saw something for that, for congressmen and such, haven't I? One would think, right? What is that called? I think it's called a constitution, right? Perhaps. Article 1, Section 8 lays it out clearly what they can do, and they cannot go beyond that, and they have to do that, right? Clear job description. I think there's 18 or 19 points in there. Yes. And not only that, but now look what these guys have done because the 1963 Constitution was illegally put in place, just like all the amendments. So the problem that we have right now that we're facing is we have got to get people into those positions of power. If we had had one honest governor candidate that was not establishment, pick me. we would have gone in there and nullified all of this stuff back to what actually worked instead of jumping in and telling all these establishment people who are, who are Jimmy and the rules. And that's in both the, both the major parties, the unit party for their own gain. They're all doing it. You have to have an outsider that's going to get in there and just say, just say, you know what? I'm going to be the hatchet man right now. You know, the hatchet guy. I'll be the hatchet guy and go in there and cut it back. That Constitution needs to be abolished because that Constitution is even it was on unlawfully put in place. They didn't they didn't have the amount of voters to put that in place. And the amendments that they're adding, all of these all of these proposals, they can't do that. They don't put, you're not supposed to put that in front of the voter. I mean, why are they allowing this to happen? It's unlawful. Struck down. If people got their heads out of their behinds and stop, instead of arguing on these stupid facts within these parties, the, which are getting nothing done and finding an actual candidate, that's going to go in there and say, hold my beer while I pull my swords out here, because we're going to cut this thing down to size. And that's what I like about the Constitution Party. That's what we're all fighting for, is to get the bloat gone and put it back into the hands of we the people. Yep, yep. And the governor, I mean, even if you take the 1963 Constitution or the 1908 Constitution or any of them, one of the main governor's jobs in each state, is to, just as the President of the U.S. is supposed to do, they are supposed to make sure that the laws are faithfully executed. Correct. They are not law enforcement. That's the people. They are not law creators. Yep. They are to make sure that they are faithfully executed, which means where we leave off, the governor should be saying, hey, no, no, no, guys, you have to take care of this. This needs to be addressed. They're not supposed to just casually browse over unlawful activity. And that's one of the huge points. It doesn't matter which Constitution we have. The 1963 Constitution is null and void. And I've been saying that ever since Prop 3. Whether or not it was rightfully elected or not, which we can clearly see, It wasn't. But ever since Prop 3, they want to try to establish a new right granted by the government within the Constitution. That right there should have just blown everybody's mind. Because if anybody understands the Declaration of Rights, our rights don't come from government. They cannot grant any new rights that have never existed. And to say that they did to allow for the killing of an innocent person Without due process, without being convicted of a capital crime, which is the only way to do that, but to say that they have the authority to grant you that right when it's a clear violation of not only law, but common sense and the preamble to our Constitution to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity? Come on, there has to be something wrong legitimately with the minds of anybody who can accept that. Right. So here's something, too. And it's like talk about the worthless Republicans. They're doing nothing here, guys. And it's like the I would love to see him do something. And it's like it's like somebody where there's been this huge Christina Caramo debate going on. What is happening? She's been in office for how long? You remove failure. You have to remove it because they're going to take this thing down. And the conservative voice, the voice of the Constitution is going to be dead and it's going to be the Republican Party. So James O'Keefe put this, or not James O'Keefe, Benzi put this out. James O'Keefe just released a bombshell claiming that 60% of the ActBlue donations they are investigating are coming from China. This means that Chinese Communist Party is literally funding the Democrat Party and influencing American elections. Where are the arrests and where are the congressional hearings? Where are the worthless Republicans? They aren't there. And then I got it. I don't know if I want to share this with you so that you can see what something else I posted the other day, because this should be absolutely bone chilling news. For every single person who is out there on what is actually happening, because you can't make this stuff up. Well, I wish you could, but it's crazy. Let me see if I can move this up just a little bit. Yeah, if there was ever grounds for impeachment, I mean, everybody has a grounds for impeachment right now. If you hold an office and you can watch this going on and don't do anything about it, you are violating law. Let me tell you why. Because under the U.S. Code, it is a felony to not report a felony. You know that? So everything we see going on, the felonies happening within government, the unlawful practices, and the majority of them do fall under felonious activity. For an elected official to stand by and say, well, you know, they're doing this, and it's unlawful, and it has to be dealt with, so send me a bunch of money. Nope, nope. You just made yourself a felon, guy, because you refused to deal with it. Hey, I want to show you this in a minute. I've got Ivan Raiklin on Friday, and he and some other patriots just signed this. It's an open letter to the American people from signatories of the Declaration of Military Accountability. And it's really interesting. It's like what Paul Urban is doing is that they're actually moving on stuff. And that's kind of significant. But I wanted to show you something. Let's see if I can. That was outside of what I was looking for, but... Hang on a minute. Just a minute. I'm going to see if I can get some backup here. It looks a lot like the Declaration of Independence there. I saw the list grievance. Can you get the door, please? Didn't have a chance to read the whole thing there. All right. Hang on just one second, Bill. I got somebody at the door. Hold on. Oh, sure. Keep talking. Talk amongst yourself. So, and a lot of people, from what I hear, say that we ought to abolish what we currently have. And it was made known. that government should not be altered for transient purposes, for light or transient purposes. And that is little things that we can correct along the way. That's the purpose of our legislative branch of government is to be able to correct the little things that happen along the way. It is when they usurp the power to the point where the government becomes against the people, which is where we're at right now, that we have to alter or abolish it. And if we could all get on common ground here and quit this political division, we may be able to put people forward starting in local levels of government who are willing to make the alteration necessary to restore what we used to have. If you wanna abolish government, there's gonna be bloodshed, right? So I would much rather alter what we currently have and get back to our bases than to abolish it altogether. Because I don't think Americans are in the right mindset, let alone Michiganians. I don't think we're in the right mindset to understand how to reestablish government. I mean, very few people that I see are speaking the ways that our founding fathers used to speak. Well, I'm going to tell you, we talked about this this morning before I got on. And you know what? With running for governor, I was the only one that kept my word. I didn't take dark money. I didn't take PAC money. I tried to do it the right way, the clean way. We don't have enough people with enough commitment to take the nation back right now. And that means you're going to have to give everything and your time and such. You know, I listen to people and they're like, well, I don't have enough time to do this. I saw my husband 55 days in 14 months. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. You know, and it's like, you know, it's like cry me a freaking river. You know, either you want this country back or you don't. If you don't want it back, then don't talk to Bill or I because not interested in the Saab story. You know, we're losing the country and it's from that kind of apathy and, and halfway Patriot. It's like, they love saying they're Patriots, but when it comes to doing Patriot stuff, it's like, what are you doing to jump in and make it work? You know, crazy. So I'm still trying to find this, this, my feet are freezing. I literally went outside to grab the mailman, mail carrier, whatever you call them. It's actually a male woman and pull something. And there's a, there's a video I wanted to show you a minute and we got a few more minutes here. I see my next guest coming on. Hi, Angela. Bring it on in just a minute. It's just like Thomas Paine said. I mean, you quoted in a roundabout way something that Thomas Paine had said when he said that these are the times that tries men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country. But he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. That was written during the revolution because he saw that a lot of people were throwing up their hands saying there's nothing we can do. I'm here to tell you, if we're endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights and we understand the liberty that comes through the bloodshed of our previous patriots, of our... of our own brothers and sisters that died before us. We understand the liberty that comes through the bloodshed of Christ, right? That renews us into a new man through power and might of his Holy Spirit. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish. We are going to be in a great place. We just got to step forward and say, this is worth fighting for. I'm going to do this for my kids, my family. And if it, you know, and if it's, if there's only three of us doing it, so be it. That's right. That's right. And I can attest to that. I kept a lot of things going when it was two or three people. And that's not because, you know, I know there's not going to be a whole lot of progress there, but at least I can stand before my creator and when he asks, or when I have to attest to why why I did things the way I did. I can say I did everything to the best of my ability and I kept things going when no one else would, right? Right. You know, it's like we get a lot of criticisms because you and I will get on here and we'll rant and rave on things. Well, at least we're saying something. We're not sitting there going, well, I don't like what they said. I'm going to sit home here. I'm going to complain. I'm going to whine. I'm going to find fault with everything. I'm going to be a naysayer. Seems to me like God talked about that a little bit in the Bible. And it's like, you know, either get in the fight and fight and do something. But you're spending all the time picking people apart instead of doing something. Just get out of the way and let the adults handle the problem. You know, that's how I feel. They're letting their fear of man and fear of consequences of their actions control them. I'm telling you, you look in Revelation, it was either 20, 21 or 22. Who is the first that is destined to not inherit the kingdom of God? It's listed as the fearful, right? Yeah. The cowardice. Yeah, goodbye, get out of the way. I thought this was hilarious. I did post this. Dear globalist, global elitist Satan worshiping pedophiles, we all know you're going to hide in your underground city bunkers when you nuke the planet. You just better hope none of the survivors up on top know how to make concrete. I do. Do you? That's right. That's right. Go in your bunkers and hide, you cowards. I kind of welcome that right now. That would kind of be an epically beautiful situation because I think that would be a great thing. Let me tell you, when the creator, when the almighty judge comes to judge this nation for the wickedness that the people are allowing, These people will and have bunkers that they will go to hide in, right? We know about a lot of those out in Colorado. We know about a lot of them in the Grand Canyon, the underground areas in D.C. They have them set up, and they will try to hide from that judgment. However, they will find themselves, if anyone's listening, they'll find themselves in a much worse position off and be judged much harsher for what they did than what we will have to endure as those saved by faith and put forth the effort to make the change. Yeah, I want to play this for you a minute because I think this is kind of important to tell what's going on in these political parties, guys. This is exactly where this is going. Listen to what this man has to say. The Democratic Party in Florida decided 10 days ago that Joe Biden won the primary. to some people on their executive committee said, we don't need a primary. Joe Biden will be the nominee and therefore we will hand 250 delegates to Joe Biden. North Carolina the next week said, you know what? Despite the fact that I qualified by simply being a presidential candidate who is in the national news, that's their only predicate. They decided they don't need a primary either, that Joe Biden has won and they will hand their delegates to him. And these are, this is happening right in front of our faces. And the president has not said a word about it. So I'm concerned that part of debate and prevent voters from even opining. And that is the truth. And I've got to shine light on it. And I intend to do it every single day. I love that. I think that's something that we have to be realistically. Well, in the Republican Party, when I saw what I saw running in the Republican Party, because I had no political affiliations, I hated everybody. I'm an equal opportunity political hater, right from the bottom to almost the top. I like President Trump. So... So there you go. But at any rate, what I saw with the rightful president of the United States, by the way, because I love American, I love the Constitution, I love the American process. And it was not followed. And, you know, we have to defend somebody whose rights were trampled. And his were. His were as a candidate. His were as president of the United States. And so were all the down-ballot candidates. It wasn't just President Trump. It was the whole thing, top to bottom, was rigged. And that's what my main beef is with this whole thing. It's like all of our rights, the voters rights were trampled. President Trump's rights were trampled. The Senate, the Congress, all of the down ballot candidates, the judges, all of them were rigged. They rigged them all. You don't just rig part of them. You rig the whole thing. And that's what they did. And we're talking all the way back in President Roosevelt's time. He was the one that said presidents are selected, not elected, right? Yeah. This is nothing new. Everybody that's just starting to understand this, understand it's not last election. It's not 2020. It's not 2016. This is going back decades upon decades where this has been allowed to happen. Our fight is with evil. Deception. Our fight is with evil. It's with deception. It's with the lawlessness. It's with people that are trying to make money off of others, the opportunist, the parasite class in our society. And I got a funny story. I actually had a developer that came into town. And they were giving everybody this great story. I've gotten rid of a couple of the developers that came here because they were lying to everyone. And I stood up in front of a group and I said, you are a parasite. And this woman looks at me and she's like, did you just call me? You just called me a parasite. I said, yeah, because you are. I said, you're a parasite. You're going to come here and eat up the ground. turn it into a mess for this area to have to pay for your infrastructure as you go on down the road and you do it again to the next group of people if you're a developer you are a parasite that is a parasite class of individual. Because they always leave the mess for the area to pick up. The areas always have to pick up and beef up the infrastructure. You're going to have to have more infrastructure to support what the parasite developers put in. This doesn't come for free. It does not benefit the community. Now what do you got to do? You got to increase the grid. You've got to increase the sewer and the water to the area. You've got to build more schools. You've got to accommodate the traffic. Now you've got to have more cops on the ground that we're paying for. The developers are gone. They took their money and they left. So it's a community that picks it up. And they're not getting enough tax money from these developments that they put in to cover it. And I hate to say it, but this is why this is another part of the problem that we have with people that are in the seats. These people are stupid. They couldn't run a business if they had to. Because all they know how to do is say, I see they're parasites. I see a dead carcass over here. like a parasite will i'm going to go eat off of that carcass until i strip it clean now i'm going to grab this this thing over here because they're opportunists until i strip this clean they don't build anything they don't make anything they don't do anything except for live off of other people they're parasites yep yep that's right and this once again that all happens locally There's nothing that happens federally in that regard. The federal government is the parasite. It's parasitic to the states. It was a necessary evil at the time, and in my opinion, it's time we do away with that. I'm a states' rights guy. The states have endowed rights that the federal government does not. That was listed in the 10th Amendment. It's clear as day. If the federal government doesn't have the power to do it, the power lies with the states. If it doesn't have power in the states to do it, the power lies in the people. And that's why us people, we are the authority here. Under God as our only king and sovereign, we are the authority here. to this government. They answer to us, not us to them. When we realize that the 1.7% or give or take whatever it is of elected officials that run things in government across the nation compared to the other 98.3% of the people- When they understand that, the game's over, guys. It just takes enough people to stand up and do something about it. That's all it is. We are not given the spirit of fear here. We're given the spirit of a power and of a sound mind. Let's get our minds back to a sound, stable environment where we're feeding on correct information and not just the parasitic, the acidity that we get from the television or from politicians. Let's go back to the basis, our true rock, which we find in the Word. And if we will stand on that, the rest of it doesn't matter. All the division is gone at that point. But that's where we have to be if we want to make change. Okay, so I'm going to give everybody a job being a CEO and a delegation expert here. I'm going to delegate a project for everybody out there that's listening. Go to your township and your planning board. Find out how many are realtors and developers that sit on those boards and kick their parasite butts off. Give them notice. Make them go up the road because they are literally using their power to self-enrich. Every single one of them. That's number one. And number two, all of our elections, they're completely illegal because the state is not supposed to be handling the elections. And what happened in Byron Township here, I was denied my FOIA by our clerk in the township. And she told me flat out, this is going to leave a mark when I'm done with this because we're going to go into a legal process here to make them accountable to the law because there are four election laws that were being broken right here in my township. They don't have anything. They kept nothing there. And it's supposed to be the counties are supposed to be handling the elections. Genius sitting up there in Lansing, Jonathan Brader, chairman of Eric up there, who is also the director of elections. Mr. Genius up there. Mr. Let's make up policies on the fly and not follow the law. That Jonathan Brader, who sits in Lansing. Making a lot of friends here, I'm sure. I really don't care. You know, our country's going to hell and nobody seems to care. So anyhow, anyhow, you know, they need to have the state, the government, it is illegal for them to have a place in running our elections. Well, Mr. Run-His-Mouth Jonathan Brader, who told everybody in a memo, the clerks, to send all of this stuff up to the state and don't talk to the voters. They have to come to us by another violation. Mr. Chairman of Eric, Mr. Making up policies on the fly. Mr. I don't know. Mr. Head parasite of the election board there. Do I have a problem? Big problem. State is merely the reporting agency, right? They are the data collection center, if you will. Everything that happens in lawful... practices when it comes to elections and such does happen at the local level. That's the only spot we can attack them. Mr. Brader, Mr. sat there and watched foreign interference in our elections, Brader, because I sat in the room and listened to that guy, Mark, tell everybody there on public record that he was able to go in, take copies of all the signature petitions, Who is this guy? Have we checked any of it? No, we haven't. Because what did he do? He sent it all to Bangladesh to have signature verification of our elections in Bangladesh. And the kicker, they compared it to signatures they already had. They've been doing this for many, many elections. It's all foreign intervention. So there you go, Mr. Brader. Chew on that for a little while because some of us aren't going to shut up, you know. Way it is. I would just love to have a lawsuit against that. Just go ahead. I've had people say, you're going to have a lawsuit. That's great. You just go ahead and sue me. Because when we get into discovery, it's going to be painful for somebody out there. So with that said, I got my next guest coming on. But I love talking with you because you and I both have the same, we pretty much agree on about, I'm going to say 99.9% of the stuff out there. And And, you know, we're both knowledgeable about the topics to be able to talk about it ad nauseum and call people parasites and hope they sue us so we can prove it, you know. Well, yeah, our meeting's going to be January 27th. We'll end with that. And it's looking like we're going to have a pretty good turnout there. There will be a gun raffle on site, by the way, everybody. Second Amendment. By North Kent Arms, which I own. However, I take no profit, no proceeds. Yeah, see, we're not the parasite class. We give. That's right. I just use what I have to supply. There will also be some other prizes there as well. There's going to be a silent auction. There's going to be some really, really interesting stuff going on. So pay attention to your boxes, your inboxes. That notice will go out here at the end of this week. And if you are not signed up, go to the down at the bottom right of the page. Sign up for that newsletter because that's the only way I'm going to be able to contact most of you. I don't have everybody's phone number, and I'm not making a million phone calls in January. Yeah, I think Donna has our phone numbers. Get signed up with that and you'll be able to get more information as the weeks progress. January 27th, mark your calendars. Yeah, and just so you guys all know, so Bill Vollen told me as vice chair, Bill's the chair and I'm the vice chair. So in the meeting, Bill's like, I'm Vollen telling you to get the speakers and the place to go. All right. Boom. Donna came through. OK, so we've got Darlie and Paul Urban are going to be there. And I was talking to Ivan Raiklin and Ivan's available. So I'm talking to him today to see what's going on there, if we can get Ivan to come up here. And if we do, we may have to get a bigger place for this to go to, because I'm expecting quite a few people. I'm getting a lot of a lot of people that are saying, man, I'm going to be there. I'm like, yeah, join us. The ornery, the sick of the government people there that are ready to replace these parasites there. So it's going to be fun. We're going to have dinner and and hopefully we can get some range time there. I love center shot. I got my CPL there years ago and good people, great classes. That was the best firearms class I ever took was it was at center shot and door. They're very knowledgeable down there. There's a lot of good guys that work down there and it's a pretty big place. So while you're there, you know, you can support them. It's a local, it's not a big business corporation. They're just a little body of people willing to supply their community. The same thing that I did to start up here. So with that being said, In your background, do you have like a dog or a cat or a chicken or something in the back? What am I saying? Hamster? There's a story going on here I'm missing. Yeah, so what's going on right behind my camera? And I can't stop it because it's just what it is. But it's actually the squeaking of a filament reel on a 3D printer in my gun shop there. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Okay, I got you there. I was like, what is this? You got a pat back there? Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do because it's like, I get it. We've got 3D printers going here too all the time. But I was like, he's got a chicken in his office or something. I'm not really sure. But okay, I feel better about this. So... Yep. Yep. No chickens in my offices here. I don't do chickens. I don't do livestock. Oh, that's good. I was going to call your wife and commiserate with her on it. But that's okay. So thanks so much for being on, Bill. I'm going to do some more work today on the 27th conference. I'm going to be down at Mar-a-Lago on the 25th. And so as soon as I'm down there, I'm going to be... shooting right back up here for our meeting on the 27th. And I don't know, I'm just going to throw this out there. I didn't talk to you about it. That's okay. This is real news. I'm kind of thinking that I might want to do one of these like once every month or once every other month to just get a gathering of really good speakers out there. And they just might be a Constitution Party thing. They may just be a Donna Brandenburg thing. We'll see. But I think that would be a cool thing to get to get a bunch of people together and actually have work groups. You know, we're going to be working with Paul Urban and I love Paul on some of this stuff. So this isn't going to be just go sit there and do nothing. We're going to we're going to say, here's a pen. Here's a this. Here's a that. We need you to help us. And we're taking this back because we've got an abysmal failure out of the Republican and Democrat Party. And between the both of them, they're going to hand this right over to the communists. So we're going to be done. Plan on getting a ticket for the boxcar with your kids because that's what's going to happen here. So anyhow. All right, buddy. We'll talk to you later. Tell the family hi. And we'll talk to you. I'll probably call you later today. All right. We will see you then. I'm off to work. All right. Go do the thing. We'll talk to you later. Bye. All right, guys, I'm going to go to the next hour. My next guest is here, Angela Faulkner, and very excited to talk to her. She's got a resume and a bio that's crazy, crazy good. So I'll be right back. Good morning. It is January, December. Listen to me. I'm still asleep, half asleep. January 3rd, 2024. And welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I'm going to welcome my next guest, Angela Faulkner. Angela, how are you doing today? Good, Donna, how are you doing? Doing great, just great. I want to share your website here, the Leadership Institute. This is really impressive what you're doing. I met you through Marina, and I really appreciate you coming on today. That's awesome. So anyhow, tell everybody a little bit about yourself, and we'll talk about what you're doing right now. Well, I am... I'm not really from anywhere. I am a military brat. And so traveled this country, traveled this world and got a lot of experiences that way. And my husband and I both joke, we became conservatives at the age of when Reagan gave the military pay raises. And our dads came home and gave us bikes and all these toys. And we were like, what did we do? And they're like, Ronald Reagan's the best man ever, you know, celebrate him. And so, yeah, I was raised a conservative and my husband was in the Marines and we did that for a Um, when we were younger, we decided to get involved in politics and it started, we were frustrated and we went down, we were 21 years old. We went down to our local Republican party headquarters and we knocked on the door and, Hey, we're excited. Can we, can we volunteer? At that time, as a 21-year-old, I didn't know that people don't go to Republican parties and volunteer. I just didn't know that. I thought everybody would be so excited. And so they looked at us like we were just kind of weird animals, like who's coming wanting to work? And so, you know, they sent us along our way to different campaigns where back in the days we licked the glue on the stamps. I'm sure I have some disease from that. You know, we put up the yard signs. So started doing that and Eventually we became experienced and somebody wanted to pay me for my advice one day and my husband and we were like, what in the world is this? And it became a career. We became political consultants and I turned 50 this year. So it's nearly 30 years that I've been doing this. Gosh, are you supposed to out yourself, Donna, on a podcast? I don't know. I don't know. I'm 60. I turned 60 this year. So it's like I wouldn't go back for five minutes of my life. It's like I've gotten to the age of just just being done with all the crap. And, you know, it's like it's like, you know, being you're right on that verge of being that. I think I passed it. I really am. I got to be honest with you. You know, it's like being that grumpy old lady that comes in and going, going, yeah, that's a bunch of bull crap. Now tell me the real story. The best place to get into your life is when you don't care. that people don't agree with anymore, you know? And you're like, oh, I've got an opinion and I don't have to kowtow to everybody else. This is great. Yeah, I know. I would never go back. You know, I have friends that long for their years in college and high school. And I'm like, why would you want to go back? Why? Why would you do this? Yeah, we are such full humans. Yeah. Yeah. So I work at Leadership Institute. And to give you background, I started there last year. I had gotten so burned out on politics. I had to step away. My husband and I, we lived for 10 years in Los Angeles. Right now, I live in Tennessee. We moved here last year. I got to tell you, going through the pandemic in L.A., it was draconian. And living in L.A. and watching just the changes and everything that happened, it was a lot. And so I needed to just step away and catch my breath. And so when the opportunity came back up at Leadership Institute, my passion has always been training activists, training people to become passionate and get involved. And so I thought, you know, I'm going to get back in because we need people. We need people to do this. And I went in with a way of how to avoid people from reaching mass burnout like I hit early on. So we, you know, we're we're trucking along like Leadership Institute. We were established in 1979 by Morton Blackwell. He's a longtime leader in the conservative movement. And so the fact that we've been around nearly over 40 years and we're. fairly respected and known throughout the country. And for those who have worked with us, they love us. And I think that's just because Morton is committed to conservative values. And he's willing to put his money where his mouth is and promote the advancement of conservative principles. So we go out and we train young people. We train old people. I got a villages training coming up. So yeah, we're a little bit of everywhere. And I think we are making a difference out there. Well, you know what? It's all of us that love our country that are making the difference. And truly, it has to be, everyone needs to do something. There's a role out there for everyone. I don't care what it is. We should consider our civic duty, but of course, they took that out of schools and our government schools that we have going on right now. So nobody knows how to balance a checkbook, create a job, or put their hearts into their communities in any appreciable way. You know, all of us should be treating this as a part-time job. What are you doing today? And you know what? All the technology we have out there, you know, I do all this for free, right? You and I didn't get to talk much before you got on, but I ran for governor of the state of Michigan, and I got kicked off the ballot twice illegally. I mean, I got, I've just been like... I'm like, I'm going to hit that wall down. It's sort of like, you ever see the video games where there's a wall there and the player just keeps knocking the blocks out? That's Donna Brandenburg right there. But everyone, if everyone just did a little, it doesn't have to be do crazy stuff like you know like run for governor and not see your family for you know although 55 days and 14 months you know it is actually going out there and doing anything you can you can commit to texting you know like general flynn always said become a digital warrior take the text of someone you believe and i know as well as everybody else knows out there there's a million groups out there you can text information to And help get the, you know, help be the advertising arm of something rather than having to put it into these signs and commercials. You're finding like fake stream media when we do this. We've got to find better ways of doing this, but everybody needs to help. Absolutely. And that is so in 2022, we trained 15,000 activists in 2020. In 2023, we doubled that number. We're still calculating final results, but over 30,000. And the reason I say that is the appetite is there. People are. waking up and they're starting to say, you know what, something doesn't smell right. And I need to get involved. And what I'm seeing more, from Florida to Hawaii, I've been there all last year, every state in between. And I see more and more that people are doing it for their children and their family. And it's definitely people that are saying, I can't turn over what we've got to the current generation. And so I'm excited by the level of enthusiasm to be trained. But we also need to make sure that folks that want to join the movement are willing to work and not just talk and be the focus group with their friend. And they sit there and they chatter at each other and they become an echo chamber. That doesn't accomplish anything. We've got to get out of our comfort zone. We've got to get out and talk to real folks. Yeah. Those are the ones that show up at the meetings, need all your cookies. That's another parasite class that we could talk about right there. What are you doing to help? Absolutely. Pick something up and carry it, do something, do anything. One of the biggest things we have in Michigan going on here And I call it a professional bitching class. That's all they do. It's a class of people that all they do is they bitch. They go from one meeting to the next to the next. And they think just showing up there drinking coffee, you know, complaining about everything. Then going home and complaining about everything else is getting something done. And it's nothing. That is not that is not working. Just showing up. You got to actually do something. My favorite training that I did this year was actually in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We don't have anywhere there. So I'm like like really out of the loop here on this. It's like you told me that you're in Grand Rapids. I'm like seven miles away from it right now. I mean, this is where I'm at is is Grand Rapids. I had no idea you were here. I wish you were. I wish I would have known that. Yeah, we had a group of 30 people and they were all brand new precinct committee people. I want to say 95% of the people in that room. And the woman who contacted me said, we're not getting really any training on what we're supposed to be doing as precinct committee people. Can LI come in and train us on the roles and responsibilities of activists and how to become involved? And so we did. And the reason I loved that group is because They were hungry, very hungry. They came in with what they felt was the best way to approach influencing elections. We tweaked it. We modified it a little bit based on experience and what we think works well. And by the time they left, they were really excited and engaged and ready to get out. And that's what we have to do. We have to find folks and explain the job to them. Small example, you know, when we do door to door clinics, a lot of people teach about how to go door to door. I'll go door to door with you because what you learn in the classroom isn't always applicable. But when you go out and actually practice it and do it. And so a lot of our trainings are hands on. How are we doing this? You know, how do I adjust my my strategy? So, yeah, it's that was a great group. And I I feel like Michigan is one of those states that just needs a lot of love. yeah it's a dumpster fire right now i'm going to tell you what because everybody here has been lied to so horrifically you know when you look at what what the state has been through it is it is really tragic and you know people will will say well why aren't they doing this and why would they the whole state's been lied to over and over again by both the democrat and the republican party we're lied to and we're we're we're the people that are telling the truth they're standing for anything They're pretty well non-existent at this point in time. And so now, because the leadership isn't there in the state, people are just like going, what difference does it make? They're going to throw Hillary Clinton out there. At this point, what difference does it make? So that's kind of where, I hate to say it, but as individuals, we have to go out there and do something totally different. And I think we're at the point in time right now where we're going to see something extraordinary happen. in Michigan. So like, you know, I'm on the, I'm the vice president or vice chair of the constitution party here in Michigan. And Bill is the chairman of it. And we just had a shakeup. So he, he became chairman and I stayed as vice chair and was, was there was a personal matter that somebody had to step down for. Okay. And so we shook it up, but we're still going. But, you know, we are continuing to fight and to try to build things together and bring people into the nest a little bit in order to be able to work together. It's not that we want everybody necessarily to join us. You know, it would be great, but we need workers. We don't need people that come and eat the cookies, you know. I like the word parasite. I'm going to start calling the cookie eaters parasites. That's what they are. They're parasites. And it's like, they waste your time. They want to, they want to tell, it's like a lot of times people will come and I get it. Everybody is so frustrated. They want to talk to you and you become their like de facto therapist. Yes. And, and so, you know, that, that's the other thing is that people will call and, you know, I try to put some time limits on some of them because there there's times where people will call me and it'll be an hour long. an hour of my time, and I'm not even paid for this. This is something I'm just doing for our country. And they're so frustrated that they're talking to get that frustration off. It's like, take that energy and do something. Grab anything. I mean, there's a million things that are out there. I mean, I know, like myself, there's a lot of other people that are like me that we post things on a daily basis. We'll say, this group is doing this. This group is doing this. This is what's in. We're trying to roll it into something that, you know, it's an easy access together. That's great. But there's always something to do. Talk to a neighbor. Not like the Republican Party in the state of Michigan is doing, which that Good Neighbor Program is nothing but a spy plan to turn you into a spy on your neighbors. I'm absolutely disgusted by what they've done with this because it's surveillance. So there's other ways to go out there and make a difference. Talk to your neighbors, become friends with them, and then find out what's their biggest issue. If they don't want to do anything, you could at least take their heart back and talk to people and say, this is what people are talking about. This is what we need to do to fix it. That is my passion personally, is I feel that the United States, this is just me, this is not L.A., we're too big to be monolithic. We don't think all the same. And so my, my thought is we need to start focusing smaller and not bigger. We focus nationally while our communities are crumbling. We talk about the president, we talk about Congress, but you know what? We're not looking at those developers on the city council. We're not looking at those school board members. We're not looking at the County commissioners and we, While people want to, because we are bombarded with the national dialogue of what Congress is doing and what the federal government is doing, we've lost local media. We don't have local media anymore. You are the local media, you know, and not a lot of people go in and tune into it. So they don't know what- Yeah, honestly, that was probably my favorite thing that Trump did was call the news fake media because I think that that opened up a good dialogue of who is legitimate, who isn't. He agrees with you. Because we needed to question that. We needed to question what we were being told. Don't get me started on AI because that's going to rewrite everything going forward. And we'll talk about that a different day. Oh, you can go off as long as you want. This is the anti-censorship channel. And I just want to tell everybody because I put it out there. We're now on tour. We just decided to throw it down here. And it's like it's like if the Internet goes down, I'm pretty extra sure that Brandenburg News Network is still going to be up because we're not just here in Michigan. Good luck, CIA, federal FBI, fedsurrection, nonsense, deep state, you know, parasites. We're going to keep coming back bigger and we're going to continue to grow this thing bigger. We're in different regions. You will never take it down or find it all. Yeah. You don't sound like you have much fight in you. No, no, I'm pretty passive about this kind of stuff. So, you know, we have in, for LI at least, we have two different tracks of folks that we see coming through. And some, there's the activists and the campaigns. And so activists are people that want to change things in their community, but they don't want to run for office. They don't want to give up their life. Like you said, you know, I ran for office and it was a smaller office. So I actually, I lived in South Bend, Indiana for many years, for 17 years. So I was your neighbor and I ran for state rep and had to drop out because 1% of my salary was coming from federal dollars and it was a Hatch Act violation. And so dropped out, but ended up running for my town council type board and did that two terms. And it is definitely so training people about how to be an activist versus a candidate. There are two different tracks and something that I would encourage your listeners to do, because like I said, I've trained thousands of people this year. What I'm finding is that there's no agreement what it means to be conservative in our country. There's no agreement. True story. So we have... My worry is that we have a fight, but our own army is battling each other. We can't go forward because we're so busy setting litmus tests to vote for somebody. And so, for example, if I were to say that somebody was... um a different different persuasion than me or whatever could they could they support me could they support my campaign so somebody that's gay and lesbian are you talking about somebody that is you you say whatever you want here are you saying it could be anything um let's let's just say let's do it over the abortion debate okay so let's talk about the abortion debate because that one is is interesting because i am i've been pro-life all my life, raised conservative Christian. I will tell you that there is not a political position for me, meaning I am not politically pro-life. I am not politically pro-choice. I am one of those people that doesn't have a title in the middle. Let me explain why. We've spent billions of dollars fighting abortion. And so if you are an activist, that is, go be an activist and try to win and influence that issue over here. BETSY FISCHER MARTIN- That social issue. It's a social issue. BETSY FISCHER MARTIN- It's a social. But if you look in Virginia in the last election with Glenn Youngkin on the head of the ballot, abortion is what ended up killing conservatives in the state because the people that were pro-life thought the bill or thought the abortion initiative did not go far enough and they weren't excited about it. So they stayed home. And so the people that were against it came out in full droves. And so we need to, as a movement, we need to say, okay, There's two lanes. There's activism and there's campaigns. Once you're in the campaign lane, you have to win 51% of the vote. 51%. That means you're going to need people that don't agree with you to pull the lever for you. And if I just said that the conservative movement can't agree with what conservative means, how are you going to get everybody on board? How are you going to get everybody to come in? And so we are the party, you know, and when I talk about the conservative movement, We are the movement of no. We say no to everything. And if you look at the definition of classical liberalism, conservatism, ours is to maintain the status quo. You know, we tradition, we honor order. That kind of goes back to the 1800s. And so when we look at us now, though, we as a conservative movement, we say no to a lot of things. And so give you an example. We say we've got to build a wall. We don't want any more migrants here. Stop, no migrants. That's not a compassionate message. I mean, if you go back to George W. Bush's compassionate conservatism, and I'm not saying that he was, but if we go back to that idea, what if we were to say that we wanna fix a broken immigration system? Now we're not against people. We're for fixing a system that we know is broken. We can be for things, but we don't have to be against people. We say no abortion. Well, let's get out there and support women visibly. Let's get out there and give them all the economic incentives they need to keep that baby. So let's be in, you know, we are against tuition forgiveness for obvious reasons. But instead of saying that, let's talk about why schools too expensive in the first place, how colleges are walking away, getting away with murder. for what they are charging. So do you understand what I'm saying? I am right there with you on this because all of these issues have completely, it comes back to money, most of it, and what people think they can make or grift off the system. So you can be a parasite without being a politician. So let's look at the abortion issue right there. What's how about if we take responsibility for ourselves and we make, and I'm going to say that the government should not be funding this. This should be, if we cut back 90% of the government, most of these problems are going to go away, including the, including the gender mutilation crap that's going on. Look at who's funding this and where the money's going and how many of these clinics have moved. Did you know that Pritzker in Illinois, they're one of the biggest, The biggest proponents of the gender mutilation clinics around big money in this. And it's not coming from the people that are coming in for surgeries. They're just lab rats. It's the ones I mean, they've turned they turn these kids into lab rats that they are that they are mutilating. And the money is coming from all of the all of the social social engineering within our government. That's what they're getting it from. Just like the 300 million billion that's gone to Ukraine. It's all coming from these big corporations that are trying to kill off Americans. You talk about big corporations. Let me read this tweet to you. I was absolutely shocked when I read it because sometimes you agree with your enemy. So Bernie Sanders tweeted, this is what oligarchy is about. Today, just three Wall Street firms, BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street manage 20.7 trillion in assets. These three firms are major shareholders in 95% of S&P 500. That's not that's not democratic. And the thing is, is that when people start pulling a Republican ticket, Democrat ticket, neither one of those are going to fix the problem. We have a much bigger issue. And so, yeah, we've got to get a lot more people willing to be involved, but also willing to make bridges because we are not going to keep our country intact if we continue to build bridges. border walls between each individual human, you know, turning things into an issue. I mean, everything, people are going like, I'm a one issue candidate. That's great. Who's running the country. It's just like with the debates, debates are ridiculous. All it checks is somebody's debate skill. That doesn't mean they have the actual skill to run anything. It's not a management skill. It's not a knowledge based skill. It's somebody who can argue. That's it. And that doesn't that doesn't fix anything when you're in a usually the person that you sit to with in a boardroom. The quietest one is the one that's actually in charge, the one that's talking, running their mouth. They're just they're just trying to be somebody who's not. I mean, that's that's always pretty easy to see the quietest one in the room. That's the one I want to talk to. And, you know, it's really, I don't know, it's really backwards, but you're right. We have to have those bridges. And, you know, you can look at is, you know, I'm a Christian and to talk about being a Christian, a Christian, this is how they've weaponized religion against us. Oh, I'm not Christian enough. People tell that I'm an occultist. I'm really not this. They lie about it and that sort of thing. And they'll challenge it. I know somebody who's Muslim that she's not Muslim enough for her mother-in-law because she doesn't wear a, you know, a hijab. And she just laughs. She's a doctor. And they're just like, yeah, so we're not this person isn't enough of this for this. Well, is that what this is all about is being a Christian? I thought it was about reaching out to people and being helpful. It's not sitting in our echo chambers in our little churches that have taken money for the shutdowns to shut things down because we're 501c3. We had a person in our township here that allegedly sits in the administration of the school system here too, took $20,000 for continuing personally, for continuing the mask mandates in the schools. If it's happening here, it's happening all over the place. I'll tell you my controversial hot take on churches. They need to lose their tax exempt status. I agree with you 100%. You're one of the few people I've ever talked to that doesn't right away be like, how can you hate the church? The church can't take a stand if it's in bed with the government. It just can't. Want me to give you another one that I believe? I believe that the government should not have any part in marriage whatsoever. I agree with you too. And that's, and you know what? Yes. I went back and I researched why we came up with marriage licenses in the first place. It's just like anything else. They want to regulate it. And then they pass the money to the judicial system when they fail. Well, and it was also a way to prevent people from different races intermingling. And here's the thing. We've just got to let people be humans and keep our eyes as a government on the 30,000 foot. How can I give you all the tools you need in your life to have the happiest, most successful life you can? And I don't need a study on the mating ritual of the tsetse fly. I don't need the government funding that. There's a lot of things I think we could do without. I think, you know, I think people can kind of get it figured out. You know, it's like, I am in fact a woman. My husband is in fact a man. We've been married for a while here. And any study that any college could teach me is nothing like living with a guy. You've got to figure out what men are all about living with him. And he'll and he's right up in front telling me exactly what we've had these incredible discussions about, you know, why men are the most picked on part of society right now. And what you know, he's he's great. I mean, he's great. We talk about it. And it's like it's like, yeah, I'm constantly saying bring on the toxic masculinity. I'm sorry. I'm tough enough to listen to things that, you know, just to listen to what what people have to say. You're talking my love language right now. You found that one thing that I really love because I have three boys. They are 21, 22, and 24. My 24 actually works for Leadership Institute as a trainer also. But I, oh, you just, you hit on a soft spot. So we could talk about this forever because it's like so messed up. Our society is messed up because we confuse gender roles. And I know that people are going to say, well, what are gender roles? I'm not saying that the woman stays at home and works in the kitchen. That is not a gender role. But men have different skills than women. And if I see some one more T-shirt on a little girl that says the future is female, I will rip it off. No, I won't rip it off a little girl. But I just feel like we can't say the future is female because how does that make us any better than the men who have kept us down? Yeah, it's completely abusive. It is completely abusive. And that's why we have so many men. We have an increase in violence among men because they don't know their place in society. They've been told to shut up. They're not allowed to have an opinion. They are not as important right now as women. So we've basically taken A segment of society and said, sit down. It's not your time. Well, your second class citizen is what they're being said to when it's like, I'm going to tell you what, when, you know, it's like my husband opens the door for me wherever we go. And I'm thankful for that. That is a nice gift he gives me. Right. Yeah. And people always say, cause I have a CPL, they're like, you know, you should be carrying all the time. I'm like, I got this guy and he's just waiting to pull the trigger with somebody doing something stupid. Okay. It's like, it's like, he will defend his, he will, he's, he's a guy, you know, and, and guys, you know, and it's like, I'll pick up some of the pieces, but it's like, let them, you know, let them do. And, and I, and I hate to say it. It's like, I'm a horse gal, you know, I'm, I'm in pretty, pretty athletic shape, quite honestly, but there's no way I can pick up as much weight as my husband can even on my best day. That's why we've been excited to have Riley Gaines at LI join us because she's taken the fight out there. Um, and I, she's in a very impressive young woman about how women and men can't compete in the same sport. and um maybe that we should redraw things and that's where right now donna we're in a part in society where i feel like we're questioning everything we've ever done and we're doing it all so fast that people feel like they're standing on quicksand and so i feel like it's been part of my job as a trainer to try and go in i and build a foundation that people can start building up on. I work a lot, do a lot of training in Florida. Florida is my main concentration state. Is that where you are right now? No, I live in Tennessee. I'm sorry. I come back and forth through Florida all the time. And great horseback riding trails there in Tennessee, by the way. I just moved here last year, so you'll have to tell me where they are because I love that. But yeah, we... We need to make sure that we are out there telling folks that after 2024, the primary election for conservatives, there's going to be a candidate that will emerge. It may not be the one that you wanted. Let me ask you. Are you here for the movement or are you here for a personality? Because if you're here for a personality, that personality will move away and then your structure crumbles. We've got to build permanent foundations so that in 20 years, we aren't scratching our heads saying, where did it all fall apart? Right. Right. Because you can't get two people together that are going to agree with each other. And to just like you said, you put it absolutely beautifully. This is not a qualification thing. It's a disqualification over minor stuff that doesn't matter. And this and it's like I've been I call it the tiger beat mentality because that's what happened in Michigan is that was this this flirty tiger beat mentality for a governor candidate. And it's like, this got to stop. It's a job interview. And do you have someone qualified to do the job? The qualifications right now are a person that understands and goes back to the constitution and cuts this thing down to size and prosecutes or make sure that there's prosecution of all of those who committed sedition and treason. Because if we don't clean the parasites out, they're coming back and they'll come back with friends. I mean, we have that, when you do anti-parasitic on a horse, you gotta clean the parasites out once in a while or they'll kill the horse, you know? And we're kind of right there with our government. Well, and we've got some of those parasites in our own family. quite a few parasites in our own family that we need to deal with. Absolutely. And this is it. I go into every training I start off. I started off last year and unfortunately I'm probably going to have to do it again this year. And this is where you're going to be like, Angela, you're no longer ever allowed to talk to me again. I start off every training and I have everybody look around the room and I say, okay, everybody look, somebody in this room thinks that a 12 week abortion law is should be approved. And they all start looking around the room. Who is that sinner? Who's going to help? And then I say, and somebody in this room thinks we should legalize marijuana. What? Where are they? We've got to hang them. And I go to Michigan because it's already legal here. And then, you know, we go down and I go, I usually try to find five local, five issues that are partisan in that area. And I say, okay, so And after they're all looking around the room and they're thinking they're better than whoever else or the person that's like, I like marijuana, I'm just gonna hide over here. And I say, okay, so who in this room are you going to ask to walk out and not vote for you? And they all stop. And that's the aha moment. And I see it every time. Oh, and I'm like, you guys can't even agree and you're in the same room for the same cause. So like Ronald Reagan used to say, if we can agree on 80%, That's good. 80% is better than agreeing all the time. I'm never going to agree all the time with anybody on everything. And I'm going to go one step further. This is where you're going to get angry at me. Every training I start off, I tell people, and especially on the conservative side, stop using words like rhino, MAGA, establishment. Get those words out of your vocabulary. And the reason I say that is because I'm a communication expert. That's my job in politics. When we go out and we say those words, we are automatically setting litmus tests up. So if I'm a candidate and I am running in Florida for Congress, and I say that we've got to get rid of those rhinos, I understand what you are saying. But a rhino according to who? A rhino according to you? A rhino according to you? Because there's 20 different definitions for 20 different people on what a rhino is. Establishment is the same way. And so we use these words to slowly divide apart our base. And if I keep calling you names to your face, eventually you won't come to my party. And that's what's happening. So that's been my challenge to everybody is we've got to moderate our language. We've got to focus on the goal. I don't know if you ever watched Lord of the Rings, the Eye of Sauron, how it focuses on its intended target. We've got to focus on our intended target and be one force and say, you know what, friend, I don't agree with you on this issue, but man, you're with me in the trenches 80% of the time. So let's charge forward together and win this election. And after this election, I'm going to continue to be an advocate for the one issue that you didn't agree on, but we'll still be friends. That's how we move forward. We don't move forward by telling everybody that you're all the enemy. There's only so many enemies that we can get rid of. And the Democrat Party has done this really well. They keep going after marginalized groups to get more voters. There's only so many marginalized groups you can reach out to until you run out of marginalized groups. I mean, you see it right now, in my opinion, with the gender mutilation issue. They've had to go so far to find an issue to get more voters because they keep marginalizing it. We are in the process of doing the same thing on the conservative side. And so a good example of that is the term woke. Ron DeSantis uses woke a lot when he describes the philosophy. It's not that woke is, I understand what he's saying. And a lot of it is quote unquote woke ideology. But did you know that polling shows that people support goes down for him when he uses woke? And you know why? People don't understand what woke means. There's the 20% over here that know what woke means. There's a 20 over here that know what woke means. And when I say no, it's in their opinion they know what woke means. But for the 80%, you are not an average voter, Donna. You will never be average. You will never be an average person again. As soon as you put your name on the ballot, you removed yourself from being normal. You will never understand the mind of the normal voter again. I don't. And so we need to make sure that we are giving open avenues for people to join the movement. Woke may mean something bad to somebody, but to somebody sitting in the middle, the independent, woke may mean, you know what, that means I can go to my gay brother's wedding. I guess I'm woke. Good Lord. Are we going to tell them we don't want their vote because they went to their gay brother's wedding because they're woke? Do you understand what I'm saying? We're using to cut people out. Well, and let's talk about this as a Christian. As a Christian, first and foremost, this is, you know, we're both faith-based people. It's like, do we cut people out just because we disagree with their lives or their choices? And where do you start and stop with disagreeing with people? You can be out there with what you believe and say what you want. I mean, that's part of free speech is that we speak our minds and such. But I'm going to tell you what, I got called so many names during this because, you know, I talk to everybody and people don't understand why I talk to them. I'm like, well, the bad guys, you give them enough rope, they're going to admit that they like work for the FBI in Chicago or something like that, which... Half my audience right now is laughing because somebody did that. And, you know, but but you get you give people the chance to talk. And hopefully it's just like my support of different people. You give them a chance. And then when they fail, you bring the hammer down on their failure. Not them as a person. It's like it's like with Christina in Michigan heading up the MIGOP. We've got a real problem here. And the problem is, is that she's hiring felons. You do not replace the whole staff. I mean, who in their right mind would would hire an organization or be affiliated with them? I wouldn't. You know that that replaces good people with felons to handle the money. You know, the decision making process broke down there, whether I like her or not. I don't care if I like her. We have a job that we need to get done. And this is this is the point is that you have to look at it as not necessarily you got to look at performance. And that is completely separate from the popularity contest. We don't have to like anybody. Can they do the job? If I hate everybody and they do the job, that's great. They're doing the job. I can't stand this person. That's great. They're doing the job. I'm going to sit back over here and have myself mocha and shovel horse manure. You know, and perfect. Hate this guy doing a great job. Fantastic. I don't have to do it. Good example of that was a lot of folks during the Biden border crisis who actually supported the wall, but they couldn't support the wall because they didn't like Trump. You can support a wall even if you don't like a person. There are certain things you're going to have to find where you can agree for the greater good. And we've lost the ability to be gracious in debate. We are not, in going back to our faith, that is not what Jesus called me to do. He's going to go in and he did not do his ministry that way. And so I feel- You hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. Yeah, he was kind of a bad boy. I mean, according to some of the guys. And so you talked about negative campaigning and what happened to you. And I'm sure you have firsthand experience with some really nasty attacks. Negative campaigning, like I said, I've been a consultant for 30 years. It works. But I will tell you it's only short term. And here's the problem. And this is where I think we are as a country. Negative campaigning, we decided, works. Now, we didn't just start it. We've been doing, I mean, if you go back 100 years ago, 200 years ago, those were some negative attack ads. You've just got to go back in history and look. So this isn't the first time we've gotten negative. But this is the first time we've had social media that plasters it everywhere. We are all aware of it. And so what happens, though, is this negativity is long-term impacts you. It doesn't create community. So a negative attack will work on you, Donna, and get you out of office one time. But it doesn't have long-term effects. And so it doesn't build community. In fact, negative attacks erode community. And so if we are trying to establish positive community, then we need to find ways to not make that happen. And I know I sound like a kumbaya person. I've written some of the worst negative attack ads in the world. And I'm a little bit proud of them, but they were factual. When I say when they were negative, they were fact-based. I never went after anybody's personal marriage or decisions like that. That's what I see. That's what I see out there. I won't go after people on a personal basis. I'll go on for failure of what they've done. Exactly. If you failed the job. Yeah. If they failed the job, I'll go after that. I won't go after a personal failure. But we... I do feel that I'm tired of losing elections. I'm tired of losing elections where as a conservative movement, I feel like if we could say, okay, this is where I'll get the hate mail. If we could just for a cycle, put aside the social issues, continue to be an activist on those issues, continue to do your heart's work that you feel you've been called to do. But when it comes to elections, if we can find a good honorable person that we agree with 80% of the time, Let's go there. Let's let's win that way. I agree with you on that. We have to we got to find something that we agree that we agree with and then let the rest. It's like why, you know, people want to talk about, you know, the issues, the moral issues that they find that they think the government should be involved in. Why? Why? Why? You know, even if it's from the conservative side, why do you think that the government should be involved in this? Because the church of it failed. Because, you know, because the churches have failed to deal with some of this or be there to help people through it. They backed away from families because they want to pander to people and tell them, you know, go ahead and... I don't know. We can we can pick out a whole bunch of issues and go after that. And, you know, if you want to do that kind of stuff, you should be doing it with your church or with a group of people or your community or whatever. And let the government run and manage our money, manage, manage the money, manage the things that the designated delineated jobs and not expect the government to do everything, not expect every single person to be that person that does everything. It's a it's a constraint thereof. And I wish I knew how to reach out to Gen Z right now and some millennials and show them that the bigger the government gets, it's not better for you. Because right now, if you look at the polling, that generation coming up thinks more government is the answer. So we're in a battle. When I talk about a battle, I'm talking about 40 years from now when we're no longer the main voting bloc. Because right now, Gen X on the house, baby, we're getting ready to take over the voting block of boomers. We're going to be there for a while, but 40 years from now, people that think government is the solution, we've got to tell them why it's not. We've got to show them the failures of government. I mean, dear God, I hope we're seeing it, but I don't know if that generation is seeing it as much as they should. Yeah, I'll tell you how to get to Gen X is do a video on bread baking. All skills based for Gen X, Gen Z. Just text them. That's all you got to do because we can't talk. Gen Z can't talk. You know, it's not like I'm going to the hairdresser later today to get my hair fixed because I went on to TikTok to figure out how to trim my bangs and it went wrong. So, yes, there's a whole bunch of bad things going on. That's so funny. I wish you were up here in Indiana. I wish you were a little closer. Yeah, we're up here a lot. Aria, well, the next time you come up here, you make sure you give me a call. I know, you know, I haven't been in Tennessee for a while. I kind of jump over it right now. I usually go to Florida at this point in time, you know. Well, you know, I live right by the entrance to the Smoky Mountains, and it is God's country down here. It is gorgeous. I'm enjoying it more than L.A. Tennessee is amazing. There's some really interesting things in Tennessee. First of all, they've got the Tennessee Valley Authority, which makes energy cheap, so it's encouraging all the – growth down there, which I say bravo to Tennessee because there's nobody else that's doing as good of a job. That's right. Got the energy, right? Michigan, what's happening up here? No, we're just going to focus on like electric vehicles and batteries and windmills that break and don't work and using slave labor in the Congo and everywhere else to get cobalt and lithium mine strip mining. Now that's what we do in Michigan and play ball with China. That's what our elected officials are doing up here. I think Tennessee is doing a good job. But we're trying to change it up here. So it's all good. My husband took my boys the other day over to Oak Ridge to go view the original Manhattan Project site. So they had a good time. So, yeah, I'm totally a fan of nuclear energy because my my electric bill in California during the summer. You ready for this? Twelve hundred a month. My electric bill in Tennessee during the summer, 230 a month. Yeah, there you go, guys. That's what happens when you have a good and a well-managed energy system right there. Bill and I were talking before you got on about the tax system. We're at a 70% to 80% tax structure for every single American right now when you start adding up all of the taxes that are out there. Yeah. And so, because people look at, well, you know, I'm a 29% tax rate, really? Would you like me to explain this to you? And, you know. My son, we sent him on a political canvassing job out of state and him and some of his friends did it. They were just doing door knocking. And two of his friends were from LA, but he's now a Tennessee resident like us. So he was getting his paycheck and all of the friends would get their paychecks in the mail. or deposited, all of a sudden they realized the tax difference. Why was my son making so much more than they were? Ah, you guys, I was like, you guys, LA makes lots or California makes lots of beautiful promises, but it doesn't deliver. It just doesn't. And all the local taxes. And then you've got special taxes on top of it. And we, we, we layer it's like onions and, And that's happening there. This has been a really good discussion. I really enjoyed talking to you. Anything else you want to talk about today? No, Donna, you know what? So if people in Michigan and for you guys, Leadership Institute, we can be your friend. And so we are always looking for people that want to help us drive activists to training. We come in, we've got really fabulous donors that help us fund training opportunities around the country. So all we ask is that, you know, a minimum of 30 people attend a training because, you know, you've got to justify the expenses of trainers and flight. But we'll come in and do it. So, Donna, if you guys want to put something together. I do. Let's do it. Let's do it. So let's get offline here and then we'll schedule it. I'm the yes girl. Somebody wants to do something. Yes. Well, maybe I put to it is like, you know, I was looking at your resume, hold my beer. You should look at mine. It's like crazy, right? It's like, can you do that? Oh yeah. Yeah. We'll get this. We don't know how to say no, Donna. We don't say no. That's our problem. Or, or that's the best thing about us. But yeah, we'll be there. But anybody, so online too, for your listeners that aren't near training. So you can go to backslash training and see where we are in every state and what we've got coming up. But we also have an amazing online course curriculum that you can go in and pull different schools. Marina, who you talked about, spent a lot of time in our fundraising classes trying to figure out fundraising for her organization. So there are, if you pull down where it says select state, yeah, you can go to any state. Now, Michigan is not one of our battleground states today, but that doesn't mean that we won't come here. It will be after today. Today is not going to be a battleground state. Okay, I'm waiting for the invite. The invite's there right now. Let's figure this thing out. So I just invited you. We're going to do something here in Michigan, and I want to see what you have. So I'm going to go around, and I'm going to go through the site here and see what you have online as well as doing things on the ground here. Yeah, you guys tell us what you need, and we'll be there. We're starting to work with Paul Urban. He was in Weta County, and he's doing an amazing job. He's one of the few people that I met during my governor's run that I can say has the action behind his mouth. A lot of people are talking and such. Paul Urban is one of these guys that he does not just talk about things. This guy gets out there and he does. So I called him one day and I said, hey, Paul, I said, I don't know. God put you on my mind this morning. I want to see if you want to come to our meeting. I want to talk to you because you were on my list to call next. He said, would the Constitution Party work with us on this? And I'm like, yes. Absolutely. Anybody out there wants to work with the Constitution Party on something? The answer is yes, I will. We will work with you. And, you know, it's like it's like I'm in trouble with Bill for that right now. But that's all right. You know, it's like, yes, we want we want to work with moms. Yes, we want to work with with anybody out there that's fighting for this nation and can unite under the Constitution, a constrained government to cut this thing back. and working for individual freedoms. And like you said, Colin Collier, who's he's with Turning Point. I got to think I know so many people right now. He threw that out there too that one day when we were talking about marriage. Government needs to be out of marriage. Why are we doing this? It's like when you simplify it, now it stops becoming a bird feeder for everybody to pick clean. And it becomes something that actually works for us as a professional organization that's here to serve we the people. There's no money in it. It's got to be, all the money's got to be taken off of, out of this so that nobody comes in there to make this, this big dollar. We got to, we got to put that in the way and then we'll really have something. We'll really have a government that's of the people for the people by, by the people of the people for the people. I'm sure I got that wrong, but you know what I mean? Well, I wish you had energy for this. I wish you cared. Yes. It's pathetic, isn't it? Yeah. I can just tell that you don't care at all. So no, I thank you. Thank you for what you're doing. Well, you also, this is really a pleasure to talk to you. I really, I'm very, very interested in what you're doing. Well, you've got my phone number. You've got my contact information now. So whether you like it or not, I'm a friend. That's great. I love that. So now we're real friends. I'll shake your hand. There you go. So, so here, here we go. Let's say a prayer a minute and we're end the end this day. And then, then I stay on the line because what I'll do is I'll stop the broadcast and sorry guys, you're not privy to this conversation. I wish you could be, but, but come and join us at any of our meetings. And then you'll be able to sit here and talk to us over, over, you know, coffee and cookies or whatever it is. And, and I'm sure none of the parasites are going to show up because we're going to like, so anyhow, dear heavenly father, thank you so much for, for Angela and for bill and for everyone. that's willing to work for this nation. We are so grateful that you've given us another chance to come together as one nation under you, that your kingdom would be on earth as it is in heaven. And whatever you ask us to do, our answer is yes. Whatever you want us to do, yes. Yes is the appropriate response to you. Yes is going to be our response to you when you ask us to do anything or just stop doing things that are destructive that we don't even know. Please guide us through this time. We know we're going through a time of transition. And you know as well as I've been right out there that I've been praying to you that the system comes down because, you know, whatever it takes to rebuild this, if it means the system has to come down first, may it be by your hand. And we will be standing here strong. to rebuild and to be there for each other because we are here for your creation, your beautiful creation. And it's your sandbox ready to play by your rules, all of us. And thank you so very much. Please open people's eyes and hearts. Let them know how much they're loved, that you love them, that you're with them this day throughout the holidays, throughout this entire year. You're always walking with us and that we can walk with you on the earth. All we got to do is turn to you and thank you so much for everything you've done. You've been a great friend to us, and we want to be a friend to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, our precious Savior, we pray. Amen. Praise God. Amen. Thank you. There you go. So this is where we do. I do heart hands. You have hands. Not everyone here gets hands. They do icons, right? So go to I'm the best non-conceiter who has ever not conceded in history of the United States. And I'll have a debate with President Trump about that sometime. Hopefully the rightful president of the United States. But anyhow, God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. It's a choice. You can go out there. It starts here. It starts here. And once you get your mind going in the right direction and you start pulling with God and with this nation as a servant, not to sit and be right about everything, but to be here to be a help to everyone and try to expose the things that are wrong and put the right things in and say, whatever you want us to do. We take this nation back and it's going to be great. We're going to do it and we're not asking permission. So have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow and love all to you.