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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/14/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published March 14, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the fourteenth day of march twenty twenty three i got to tell to day is what is it what they is it boys and girls it is tatesay in and for the ministration allreplace and i could hear john laughing in the background some going to go right ahead and bring john and morning down iodin but morning doing very well very well we have found one oh yeah yes said workerthat the goof balls and lancing and washing oh my dashes people are you know for while there i was sitting this was me for older i'm getting sick of the on sons you know i can't do this any more i mean i wasn't it couldn't do any more but it's like it's like give me a misreported had to play with her something because it was sorediate balloons of the derailments and all this nonsense is just there is and and i just just all a sudden when the bank crashes coming up on like for right there this is what we needed to see was the banks in the banks crashedand going down and on like all you had come on what do this spring and he notlike to time to time to adjust some expectations and watched some billionaires turn into tenth most impoverished our society idings going to be great i really do i i that the bank of iden watching the s the sap are the escras singing in her with all the other banks involved in it oh this is so interesting that's a billionaire's an and i i i'm in to read my post and i did on this because you know before everybody is scared about whatever shall we do the banks are crashing these whose took the money out for before they they they crashed and now they want to bail up well they took their money out in order prnestin order to screw up the assurance for everybody else so that we be who bent bootand then they they there's no nothing laughter when the rest of em go down and it's been like cut it's like a dominateth were watching so i think it's kind of funny i kind o time to break out the champion and celebrate my opinion asked phoebe is a billionaire span in its escanteler pulled out their mindfor the crash and wanted the sellers the sob story of their misfortunes so we bailed him out the gold was to break insurance the epic insurance that's really what the what was there is they know i had no time and he took the rani this is this is not something that was not set then and then if they pull the money out of insurance i think what was it a hundred and sixty or they relanded sixty a billion for bolt for a balooing like that oh and in there for all deposits i think that's what i heard i need the need to pull some notes outside could say on notorit down the last you know and betoatled well any of the actual little guy is going to have no money to insure their positive he's billy in her bankers and it's so convallis nap of valley it's all his duncecap nonsense going on and i'm kind o excited about this cold like let's watch these thieves squirm a little that they should not get one dollar or bail out the administration of them the marks this which the marks or supported are at fault for this economic crash give em what they want from billionaire to poverty they go let's lots on go down guessing this lady effect on big multonis corporations which are holding the world hostage economically shoshones when stupid prices and i think that that's exactly what's happening to the billing in or so all of us should be real excited about this is fun and then furthermore anasco i've got this kind of cut it mean technical deficulties please stand by well we figure out how to blame tromp an that's all the main stream mediator out there to try to beat betty to blame president trump when you know he's the only president that in the rightful president of the united states i might add he is the only president in my lifetime and i'll be sixty this year that i believe was a good present the rest of her i believe they were all planted groomed and installed pope of the deeps all of them there's there's too many pitchers other even ragon you know they the ah you know they wanted to eatthe had a good faade going on but they were all involved in and as the republicans a down a crest the un apart nobody gets in a seat at the table on tell the standing of general michael plan and the good guys white hands out there as well as president trump unless they were so corrupt in that that they could hold them hostage and make them no jump like the little puppets they are and so right now this is exciting there were in to watch these people goin t be off something the oh i'll give that little exception to regan because he was forced to have the rat bush in his god as vice president who actually ran the show had never seen hitherto have you ever had seen the pitcher of him having a sitting down with em you know there's elthe pitchers like it bohehemian girl and all this i i do not believe that there was one that made it through that were sitting at the table with a globe less and they just kind of folly the ball back and forth republican down acrapolis who is going to take it this time okay you're goover there sentenced to thornton's don't give any of them a pass and you know it's like you know you watch you watch some of you watch some what they were doing like i like candy and you know it's like with with all of the you know you can point out faults that people do but i think he was a good man who honestly was in a position that they thought he was going to play ball without any due and that that's why once he saw the actual damage that was being done to the american people he put a stop to it and that's why they had to take him on any one that will actually fight for the american people they were going to take out and in and i think it was a good man and ah you know quite itevery to take out the regoising so he he had and he made some good points he wanted to go back to cold and silvery wanted to do some goods but like i say he was under the control of george rat but the sands and i think to santos has so how is all a sucked in there for a while you know because we like his policies and i like the policies you know i look it i like to look at the polesan what people the patterns are there of what people will do it and its policies were really sound but there is i don't i don't like the way things are being run in sori cannot tell you right now so i'm christianbecame i know her and and i i don't care what anybody has to say i base my casements of people if i don't know them i look at the patterns and i look at what they do and aunt cother whether connected with right oh i've heard i've heard some things that the different people are connected with but that i'm pretty sure it's because i know this pest their smart and the real eteocretan is really smart she is the kind of person that could pull off an infiltration in order to get things done now there's not many people that i think are smart and politics most people are absolute idiots i mean over even they would have to you know it's like there were talking really at low i coppets proceed as smart and and she she is very very principle and i really believe i think we're going to watch her and we're going to see her as a very good person stopped up in his able the two he pulled this off in order to ah return this to godly governance ok and i'm going to and i know i know some people around her too good people i somesome of the most o some of the most committed people to godly governance i've ever met and in this lot going on behind the scenes but i let her all at her caboose with others than that i looked for patterns right so i've never met round the santos and so i don't know my got some questions has quite honestly i it seems to me like a what i've seen by you and facial compare son everybody sit better start asking some rotulos as what we see is not reality any more were were watching a movie okan so but when you look at his policies as policies were so good i have to wonder if you know if you was kind of control and then i watched the division and attacks from within the corruptest as corro's hell republican party which is in bed with the globeless entirely and i really do believe that they're just throwing little in one throw little kills okay to the people that are precinct delegates and in doubt to make them feel good but when you watch some of the things there happening behind the scenes ah i'm going to tell you what the ones that are holding the purse strings to the republican party these people are even and in any one in any one that gets to position of power either they jump monkey jump or third in to start savage hogging them financial and so i'm going to give you i'm going to give you guys eh eh a little nugget there watch what happens watch how many people are attacking christina a lot and where that's coming and i'm going to guarantee you watch what happens with the pattern of how there going to masson with things and you're going to have your answer right there on whether she's a good woman or not because the the attacks are the attacks on her have been brutal and it's like figure out their herstan big love to you i think you've got your one of the most gutzmar's women that i've met in a long time and i know your prince so their young so anyhow that the back to the ah the issue out measure that video you brought off the more pole yetlook how he is a video tostado with and so oreaster out watching the video before we get into things and getting down on the truth and as i wanted to as the disclaimer in their two i i know that everybody out there see me being up on bad guys all the time realize that there is a clear definition between true patriots and americans for me americans yaller my pet were standing together and i'm willing to fight like a badger jack you and and you know like you know he think mamma bears are bad get grandma bar into it and you're really going to see a fight right ah grand eras are arisen a lot to have a little bit even more life experiences behind us and in fact i've got it a hearing day for my lost suit that's april nineteen o course you have to hear about that i mainstream media the fake news but we were were going forward with some more legal action and i still am on two active law suits right now with more to come ah and and i just want to ready to know that we're going to stand together and we're going to become such an amazing community of patriots who are willing to pledge ever we have our lives or fortunes are sacred honor to see that each other do well in the bible talks about the oracion speak louder than words if you are willing other people before you at in whatever does your time your effort whatever and put away everything that we think that we need or our schedules or what's important to us i have time for you i have solutely have time for you and bringing the things that are a concerned to you in order to make this this country what i supposed to be make it a family and in not a disjunction al family a real on em and so so with that say it realize that when when i talk about some of these tough issues you're not included in the the fight that i'm fighting against i'm standing in front of you fighting for you not fighting you so with that settle me bring a video on a minute the christine i love christ and he i fight for christine so here we got to this is eh this is so okerton thesis funny i don't you love it came so keefe i do what a gutsey he's he's such a gottigen love him he's great a songhow let's go ahead let's go head play these he of me i the other shows alexandria ocasion and you deciding to frame there the video pain say troubling picture of the political power brokers in the narrative to protect their homes not just about the pole to mihovich noosehow there on will have shallots what fiveyour we are that the meshes why don't you let me go rationalisers i almost killed at masonic the honour as i do the a young and an if we don't naturethose prosper i don't hear my nether bilenot the clock allow protesters to get away with on the sources familiar with the matter not we shall thank you to project bartos we love the love you guys and o ye that the january sick the case as the th they weren't they were like shut like going into ten then a thin it out on the source of if you have even heard me talk about that the ah the archange of i can show that verigin that i died or that that i found and this is a axopodia it changed music just a little bit and you realize these people are just like you know shopping and a soothing on a man let me see if i can share that video a minute cause i don't know if you saw this john case the schools along with us i think we need to give credit and we're credits do and a whole people to see what these you had talk about maggots will it show you what these politic on maggots have done call us maggots there maggots there worse than parasites on so here honington where in that findings that funny yes i did see them before it in that with the music well you know the thing it is is that that you know when when they're crafting and narrative which is what this whole thing was from the beginning we toyokiyo changed the perspective just a little bit and then you change the music war you've got an entirely different situation that you do so and you look it i saw that there is a rateshould a little girls and he got eighteen mons and the sky is getting it itit's a hundred eighty days he had a hundred and eighty days in the skagafiord years it's like yet why because they're only pro they're only prosecuting people which are a danger to them which leads us into second amendment that they want to get rid of anything that is that is a something that we can actually fight against simisso anyhow you want you want to go ahead and start with it yet will i want us die one of back up a little bit what was the most important point that i thought regarding that video that we saw with al see on it the most important point was comment as the people do not fear us any more if government fears the people there's liberty if the people fear government there is tyranny so we are in a tyrannical government right now because they believe and in it when i believe the awakening that tromp is brought on his changed there but people have feared government and that is the biggest problem that we have had over the ears as when the government says something i yes sir yes or three bags full and we jumped at when in in fact they are the servants of the people and they don't have the authority to do that and i think people are waking up to that philosophy that government has no power which they really don't have any one so then it brings me to what rights were trampled upon by as in her you want to try stabat that just for the heck of it i must now lesson and i i really want to i really want to learn what you learn your point of view and an honestly you've got such a unique an unique point of view and so much information and an actual real documentation on things i just love sitting here listening to you really holt the rest of your adios feels the same but a glad anyway let's go back to ail see again first the low she's a babbling idiot as most people in congress are babbling it is they have no idea what the constitution says they've never read it if they read it they don't understand it they're like that woman that went to florida in the elementary school and will said and they said were going to do the pledge of the legiance a public of functions who is supposed to know the pledge leese and she didn't know the pledge of allegiance as how scarey for that it's so sad and in a like it like at one point time i saw how am as rother's there realise some accentation that she answered a casting call will she was though she was his he bareheaded there the and don't remember the late hinders i had loved bartenders because i in hoppin's like you know it's it's not against simpleton being is that it doesn't matter what somebody does if they want to run i would back any one in any any profession that they choose to go into it doesn't matter to me but the point being is it she literally answered a casting all to run for that office as she did and then after was disturbing to me so it corall these actors and after so sitting in the seat and who there are there nothing more than spokes people and we have no idea who were really bony for because it's the people behind them they are telling him what to think what the policies are finding ewerything and on and on there only their puppets their actors and after says and whenever i see somebody who is a television personality and after it in telling you right now i sit there and am like one aout right so to the right to assemble remember she said they shouldn't be here when they shouldn't have that right and we shall make an example so she is violating the first amendment right to assemble then freedom of speech the right of freedom of speech you wouldn't allow or doesn't want to all people that were there to speak nobody allowed the in fact when he finally got into cord on january six there was no ability for the people that were being accused to bring forth their witnesses to bring forth there there rob the videos to bring forth what was really going on so the ability to speak the right to speak that was the second part of the first amendment that was being violated the right to travel she didn't want people to come to will never have him colello protests in the capitol building again the right to travel she doesn't have that authority and the most important one is the what right to redress a grievance the people had a grievance about the election but nobody wanted to hear about grievance the grievances of so she destroyed the first amendment all almost every single one of them except for religion and then we could probably make a point for that and then we had joe biden showing up a couple of days ago here yesterday and trying to put forth an executive order and what's that executive order first of all does the president of the country whoever he may be including tromp have the authority to write an executive order that becomes a law of the and the answer to that is not who writes the law the legislature only legislature could make law the executive branch cannot and how many times as joe biden executive orders calling up again ports in the courts of shadow down because he is stupid as he is he can't figure that out or even told dot anyway and we'll see what happened so this second so his executive order is for what against the second amendment is against the red flag he so he wants to bring forth the red flag laws and he wants the control the first of all wanted to get a ro rid of what they called ghost guns whoso we may follow these scary we call them i think they got the gold scooter once that are produced locally and there really not there not from a manufacturer there not traceable the ghost gone real spooky ghost he is something that you can make yourself ah it's as something like make yourself he can machine yourself and can make it yourself or even the printable ones of like three deepens ah you know that that sort of thing so now we're going to now we're going to stop i just like when they stop the manufacture of cars and and you know people if people should be able to make a car and put it on the road without going through manufacture i did i made a car the car back and when i was out of his but can't sublet and so i did i don't i bifolie is a man in facture you can't manufacture a car which is stopped i stopped on or put all in ovation in the hands of the multinational corporations i think that an individual she could be able should be able to start up building and selling cars and they thereplease at arcenier at one talking about all of them because what they've done it's just like with with that i i'm goin to get off base here but what they did was they require you to have all the safety inspections and pass all of the regulation in order to get insurance and then if you can't get insurance you can't get a plate and you can't be on the road unless you just go ahead and say you you can't regulate me and i'm not a member of this and i know people that have cars that don't put license plates on em and i got it i understand it but they've really savage industry and an opportunity by the regulations of any will go back to it with coco homini want i wanted to tell you that i did build a cock ah i had it for well over ten years fifteen years that i drove and i did get a license the funny part about it was when i drove up to the police it looked like a forget oh grace nay looking card and it was built with four with three but wrecked folks wagons we went to the junk garden grabbed three wrecked boks and built a car on a bit and put the chat put the body on it that was back when they were making these fiberglass bodies put if i prize my but before part was when you draw it up to the police department is okay here's the car's got lights got front lights back lights doors windows whatever and there they're going to say well what are we called is no name for so they ended up calling it in the symbol he oh ye for as he ran around us in assembled vehicle for years in her but anyway that's all just well just when the side a back to the ghost guns and the ars or which are armor like rifles or in this case any any gun that is used against her is it a salon at first so if you're going to call in an assault weapon and you want a band it that's all he or define what you mean by a set and they don't do that because they want to keep it white opens a ghost got what is lost well and here we got im in ofensa everybody out here stop using the word rapins for fire arms time out they're firearms they are not weapons and less at it a crime is there go better yet say assault rifles i oni mean all of it the even changed the definition of terms to make it be inflammatory their fire or was there there not a weapon they are a firearm and in you know even the terminology is to the people's thought past while we remember when i started off early if you control the language you control the narrative and so we have to bring him to our language brings us to norton versus shall become sewell and all of the other cord where we are the sovereign at seven citizen if you want to call that that's not a negative a so is somebody that a king without chosen versus george george versus chosen richard on the way we remember which way it is the point of the matter that a making her is that we are the sovereign not the goverment and there are several court cases out there that say that don yet wolves remember ever so somebody and chisel verses these go away away away back they've never been chase and never be red so that's what we have to look at so back to into throw him in you call it stockholder tories they are story decisive never been holed they are the laws and so we go back to george to joe's executor order ah and he wants to fight gun violence with these executive orders that his parting but the question here is during trumps administration how many mass shootings did we have answer for none not one not one mass shooting under senso firesince clinton is an old bowman joey i got involved and became sitting in that homini shootings that we had according to one of the things i saw forty thousand mass shootings and i think that numbers greatly skewed but none is none the less in in the case of there in the case of what's going on with these turkeys that are in often is that they want to confiscate the guns they want us to be just like australia if there's anybody out there that ever thinks that we should give up our guns or get or left government get control of the guns or let the government know where those guns are then they need to go to australia they need to go to canada they need to go some of the other countries that do not have gun rights and find out what's going on in those countries and how the how what how many camps were set up in australia and how many people were vaccinated against their will and a lot i am the rantowles up in a hotel for three weeks and i was listening to the reports that she was putting out there what was happening to her and as it was it was pretty horrific the it was they were totally it was very very substandard conditions and they were absolutely at it prisoners they were they were absolutely prisoners in this of the first the madmen in the second amendment are number one and number two for reasons number one to keep and to keep the government in line through freedom of speech freedom of write to redress the grievance they destroyed right to redress are they have worked on the religious part of it many different ways with the fore ones set three program who under a nero johnson with the nonsense that they did over the nine eleven on ores scamped the that they put forth he tried to destroy the right the religion they didn't get away with it but they tried they did their best to make it work out the they also destroyed the freedom of speech and the freedom of right to travel and the right to assemble with the skim demic and got away with it because people bought into that none people did not do their home work i think people are becoming a lot more educated or since that time period but none the less people need to know what the government is trying to do it it's not a the democrats and the rovers the republicans the government it's always been that way that's never the still that way to day it the american people against the so called installed government that we had peace this oratorio the second moment i've got some real questions about this because the second moment is so the government is a responsible for a well regulated militia right okay why isn't our government arming the population instead of you crane to be contingent rotoroos they want to there's the real queston why are they sending billions of dollars to all these nations all over the world to earn them and they keep the population of america absolutely laid bare without any defence and it's like it's like because they just want to control us and i i'm i'm a pan of wall it why don't we start or mine why don't we start training and arming our own population you know what i mean it's like it's the i think i think that we should have like gun safety classes in the high schools again just like they did when i was cadmean you could take you couldn't you could i mean that everybody that were i you know where i go up i go about in the country right and man have redy had a gone back then ever was like we were we were shooting by guns and pelagones and shot gonemant you what it was one of those things on sundays that quite often we went out behind her house mindesten we target practice or we're shooting clippinges and that sort of thing which was a lot of fun is actually kind of a fund sportit's like why isn't that why aren't we focussing really arming our population with a knowledge is schools of domed everybody down to the point of not being able to critically think or even have any information on civic life style anything in dole or have a skill it a noways just like it's indoctrination and i think that we the same thing with the guns you know it and the firearms we need have firearms training and the you don't certify why don't we just start dart deputizing our own population and in skipper all of this institutional nonsense and ah you know it's like this she this can be done way better this regenwetter makes no sense in the right to you bet mentioned the righteous speedy trial no such thing i just got a cord date for the the financial crimes that were committed against me and it sits april nineteenth saw looking forward to that it's the first hearing and but there's there's actually i don't think he's enough of oocorys department of justice department of shaitn while not to get off when the weeds the battle were doing you know the entire justice department the entire corts the entire judges and attorneys are all part of the same clock oh yeah and you're not a member of that but so when you're not a member of the bar number one if you remember the bar then the judges can control your behavior in the cord if you're not a member of the bar if you're going in as prose or injury proprio standing on your own rights then you have the power and the court system can't do anything they can try and in a lot of cases they bully you and scare you into a braid behaviour that you're going to follow a long yes the court systems are corrupt from the tape from the bottom of i mean not if you're going into cords then then you have to be prepared to fight the battle a number one on their turf but with their laws with our laws that fight and are that's what i love martin now i love it because you actually have the knowledge and done this repeatedly you've got people out of on lawful a charges and of in an it's its amazing i love talking with you what what is it he's going back to the what is it that you say and we were just talking onstore got on when when some tries to shut you down at a mean what what are the grounds was the process were no you can't tell me i've got two minutes i'm going to talk in time don and in effect it's kind of like it's it's it's a local filibuster as what it really is oh that the problem in a meeting is that the meetings the people then are sitting opposite of you on the the on the committee they have close and i do mean this quasi thority to set the parameters of their meeting and give people only the and get away with it because we have number one allowed it as people remember they were they were supposed to work for we don't work for that they work for us but we have not we have not organized ourselves enough to make that how would we do that if i was to get into a committee group and or a council and i wanted to speak a period of time i line four or five people up behind and with the same question or continue the use such as in no what authority do you have certain school down and when they give me three minutes and i sit down then the number two gets up and yeah what a thoro do you have and this continues sinnett the last at the last time i refugee resettlement basically thing that we fought as that we had i had people stacked and gave him talking point but i've also been in a meeting too where people i've been up a speaking you really chew and tail on all he and it were somebody has startled the audience some of has been pretty brutal and i then a hand like that and an audience were people one after another they tried to shut me down and the whole audience stood up and says i give her my time i give her my time i give anderthen that's another real act of you know effective strategy is and if they say you can't give her your time samsadhya not you know why not more asked the thin questioned in other words make that make that question instead of three points make a twenty point so the answer the first three then you go on to for five somebody else told seven eight and everybody has an opportunity in this still stuck on the same quest whatever not thanehood like what authority do you have eh then at then it doesn't look like you stack that but rather everybody comes up with her then on this is my own idea or mo you're trying to shut me down i got three minutes at most speak my he we love the retreat and we always do it where everybody is is understands all the talking points and so that so that if somebody forgets somebody else will jump in on it and what i what i usually do as all go up to the front and it's like a menandand sick you have i'm going to tell you your responsibility in front of this a group you have the only job is to represent the people that are that are in this community your constituents if you fail to do so and side with an outside interest you are violating every duty of the position that you have agreed to accept and that amounts and i'll send the local level and you'll see in that the fort in first time you say that from the like like this and you know and then if you end it up with i'm not screwing with you on this you know it's like you here put something down and say you know what i mean something like this i put a put in entire board on and notice eh you don't where i walked in there and said you are ficially on notice right now you either do what we ask you to do or you will be removed and we removed and we removed every civil want of em for violating there their duties to represent the all right am i going to to jump i'm sorry all good i wanted to jump back to the state of michigan because we have a bone head idiot swamp creature in lansing name caven artel who is trying to pat his democrat of course and a nose you know who is now i don't you oh doesn't matter he's trying to pass three different amendments two or laws to try to control the guns a red flag and so on it so forth and in background checks and so on it so far so my question is article on sections of the michigan constitution says every person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defence of himself at last on i can and come back on here mile he'll jump back honest so i'm looking for calvin hardshell here acheson behind the three i did see the three the three bells that were proposed and let me see ye there the back rod checks concealed carry and what's the other on i'mnot i've got you now recall this i'm i'm so all over the place that ah that lots of times i have to prepare a little bit and i don't do that when i get on here i'd get on i just of the so let me see what's happening with john oh you're on right now so it was what happened you were there in the new art i was chosen so unclean back him okay i'll i'll amare you there otter just get tattooing the second all right pee or it will so have i john come so this is great this is like real news real people advokaten table this is not like there's not like a big staff going on here that's you know preparing all the kindsomething like that we just talk of the coffin when things go wrong so not not a prop simon looked the supplement and well see it we can have on the gun control a loss of the trying to pass here and see if i can pull this up so that we can see exactly what's going on all right said otis you did judiciattie passes eleven bill passes eleven bill gone violence prevented five days ago as what's going on here i mangohat show the screen words conclin around a minute and tell john gets back here and in scretan one freezes his all right there's to i do i must love said his name and that didn't like it papa that's i can not get close to the truth and your long you yes it is womenhad that's what happened scantest son at her as inman the illegal unlawful in eleven bill gun violence prevention package this sister five days ago i believe so i selinaand so march nine and here we go let's take a look at the non sons and the demon rats are put out there it requiring you have had one practicals private sale loophole and then the other one that i saw with this om is also selected you you'd have to write ister at believe it is as if you if you're dead or somebody ah well you their fire arms when they pass on you would have to go through the process of having bells re registered at you know i've seen this here were people have had fire arms were passed down to them and all the sodden they make em illegal and want of seas handthis is this is crazy and this can be like a hodovali air lowers one like that that they've taken i've heard stories to us that these people are horrible are i am so they got testimony they've got here the here's the cast and crew of rats that ere that are afraid of you they're afraid of you i try to saleabout fear it toledothe they're afraid of you and fragmentierter member how wild the compliance worked with the mass and the job and you know the alleged vaccination and stand or houses in destroying families and the schools shut down on remember how well the compliance worked in the past don't comply absolutely do not comply do not recall remember who was the constitution set up what's the purpose of the consente constrain the powers of government it's right it's the bond of it's the railroad track upon which the government operates the spring in front of them where they have a stop they can't it's a no trespassing document a good way to look at it too so article one section six of the constitution state constant says everythin i read it already once but i want to read it again because it's important every person every person it doesn't say certain people it doesn't say a certain people with certain duties or jobs or whatever says every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defence of himself and the state what part of that does that idiot artel not understand what part well i know that ain't nothin that and any if they haven't done one right thing yet and it's like they just make up laws and things it is as they go this is like having its is truly like we have already been invaded by a bunch of and i mean real nekhan ah nazis you know that i am itthese people are criminals then then it brings me back to article eleven section one is there all of louis and there also offers basically states an i'm not reading it but you can pull it up and read it is there that they must uphold the constitution of the united states and the laws of the land not make new laws not try to adjust them not try to change him the second article one section six i made some sorry article eleven section on the oath of office is that every one take and when they violate that old lowice when they do not uphold the constitution do not uphold article once sections there committing treason acts of trees and acts of treason has a one result as the death so here's the way we need to we need to follow we need not the run from these people when they come up with these ideas that we're going to come up with banning the gun business first of all they can't do it they can't fly in the face of the constant it's an unconstitutional law and unconstitutional laws do not lie in number two their violating girls of office so there committing treason in lansing and the people in michigan lee to wake up to them on first of all how in the heck that he ever get into a we know how he did but the fact of the matter is that he's there and now we just have to ignore him because when you make an unconstitutional law it is not a law and that brings us back to norton verses shall become and unconstitutional act is not alone as no right creates no office it creates no poet says if it never had been and that's norton verse shall be candidates not ever changed so here you go here hopedoomed okay that's scroll down to sections to feel me out here a minute it's the first page it should be pretty close to and in the and the in the state government back then thought it was an important law ah you too for you an lithification in my second cup of coffee here he has what it is i got a right see and it is not even two sentences so can't really confuse that idiot so as the problem it's very straight forward very straight for or why should we go into the constitution we have a constitutional crisis don't you think that we should go ahead and in re jew the constitution because it's just not working for saying more and then the a fake stream media and the convention of states and all of this that one screw with the constitution that federal one or any of the eight you know it's like inescate constitutions we can even we cannot even in force the laws that are lawful laws i and in stick to what we have that you did you know that in the in the bible a you know god gave ten commandments resemble right the jews added another six hundred and forty eight more legalistic rules that they had to follow because god's law wasn't good enough and so they had not they had to you know they had to complicate things to the point that you're always in violation you can't you can't be in compliance with anything because they're so it's so convoluted that when your compliance with one ere you're in non compliance with another area that's exactly what these more ons have done and yet when a people go to lansing and people stuck trying to talk to these more ons and here sitting up and thinking my half the power and there being shut down then their missing section iv freedom of speech and of there in their stepping all over that right they don't have that authority and then there's a right to redress a grievance at and they don't the federal are the state government has no authority to stop another and yet they do because the people in general do not understand that this is the law right here this is what we're looking at this is the law of the land and if you ever step in front of one of these a so called public functionary imbeciles then you can point this out to that this is the law what i don't know what you're were your comment from i don't know where you think you have the authority that stopped me from peak this every person may freely speak right express and publishers view on all subjects being responsible for the abuse of such rights and no law shall be enacted to restrain or abridge the liberty of or of the poet he is again it's a very clear law i mean that not too sentence there are three sentences put together where somebody could be confused although these people in lancing are altos well there it was better there at her a coordinated almost a organizations the croisenois crime in order to subvert in destroy the united states of america they they do not follow any of the lawful processes they sew things to work in their favor and it has nothing to do with serving we the people it has something to do with serving their pocket books how much have gotten the bank how much power and the pretty they have and the control the control part of it instead of you know the th there completely failed so when you go to lansing or when you go to one of these public functionaries you take this constitution with you and you may have to have these earmarks or marked in yellow or something so when some public functionary says ah were or were not following that a philosophy right now we're not talking about that specific thing right now we'll talk about a later no freedom of speech and press doesn't say you have the right to tell me what i can talk about it what same with the right to bear arms mister hartel you don't have the authority it's not in your laws this is your loss this is the law you must not what i must and so that's how we have to handle these turkeys and we can do that but we have to have enough people that understand the law understand the constant both state and federal and then we can have some power if we don't do that if we don't understand those two documents and what they mean and the ramifications we have no because we were given it to well i'm not for giving you the or so you ask me earlier to day what do i need to do or what would i need to if i was going to court the reading or an ordinance doctor or normanvilla ion or whatever whatever whatever he can whatever they can come up with that's that they want money from you that's all they want i want to tell you about a little story that happened to me in a lady that called me got a ticket going through south carolina and this was a one not even one traffic light on is the strip of houses on one side of the street and strip aouses on the other side he and if you blanked you pass the so she's driving along minding her own business since she sees a car back it was a charge it had tended windows couldn't see who was in it and this black car would tended windows jumped in front of her started slowing down so she got a little alarmed she's witherel so she decides that i'm going to pass this car and she does and eventually that car finally pulls her over and she it is a police officer chief of police one for the town is the only one that there thou show tooktoocher if sometimesdeath t would be really really threatening and really disturbed to have some one stock you you don't know who that as now if it's an unmarked car that is stocking i agree i agree one hundred percent so she ends of getting a ticket and the ticket reads six pins and four hundred dollars for heating for speeding in a thirty five mile an hour so she trying to get away from us certain what person in the cars a male pulling her over to a door bodily i'm she had no idea there but anyway so she calls me up and we do the document for her now if anybody in this he grouped that in earshot of the red goes to court on a speeding ticket or any kind of ticket in front of the judge or of even with that child connect of services or any of that you have to go into corner you have to go into court with documentation you can't and the documentation has to be in court seven days prior to the court to the hearing of the court if you don't do the documentation and you just walk in to try to verge argue your case you will love oliver sent of the time it will lose sometimes you can make a deal with these guys but you will lose because they can twist the cord around that can ignore you they can do whatever mine in her that and there's nothing you can do also if you go in an informal hearing that is what they generally set up originally and the informal hearing is generally in front of a or in front of a a magistrate and the magistrates going to try to make a deal with you so if you go in front of a magistrate or in front of a judge iron front of a police officer they're going to try to make a deal and it's not about the point they want the money that's what this whole idea of traffic violations so forth to appoint that as i do these documents i look a little bit on the internet to find out what the what the local authority does or believes in ah regarding their their speeding in their and their ticket giving and i find that put my finger on it here these this is on the internet remember who is supposed to pay for these functions of government i can where it can have heard of the bloody como can it is on the internet do something i can look up put on a screen a omits only a sentence i it's not going to be worth the goonight i ask and who provides the money for these depart who to provide the money for the politic for the police departments and so on is aprs well ye where does that money how do they get that where is that money who who holds the purse strings may be that's a better way to point of all the particular subdivision of government i'm gooseanser this cause i'm not sure we were going with us exact legislate can the ten the judicial branch the man money from you no can the executive branch the man money no no let's not legislature handles there that's the way the government was originally set off so the legislatures so our representatives so my representative goes the land saying or washington and i tell him what i wanted he doesn't turn it over to the executive brand or he doesn't turn it over to the judicial brant to collect the money or make the money they provide the money for that way if that particular branch of government is on a line we can go to the legislature or representatives and we can yell out on and get em to change there float or their attitude when they're in in their office at that particular time making a ruling of what former otherwise if you say all three branches can collect my then there's no control work and that's where we're at right now we have no control over these depart i wouldn't on the intended and i'm looking because i always do this to find out what the police department of that particular branch of government ah for what what the police department believes that there duties so on this one particular a website or sight which is about the government it says police chief james mitchell brice a sizable portion of gifford's revenue by writing he had it that's what they like this police officer to do get out on the right ticket so he can bring in a sizeable amount of money into the different police i had so i wrote that in the document but anyway getting back to the document by the way the document that was filled to this department his twenty three pages long to give you some idea the laced producedone than to me well i don't want it to be publicized over the air for others the purpose of hostesses specific case but if you exponit to me i'd look at it and see if i can look at the key elements and put together like an outline one man to give you those key elements now but yet i can send the key elements just if i had rootfooted like to be able to read it and i i won't put it out there and my word is good orison the reason i do that is number one if you don't know this one if you just submitted in to courtin think that all his cool and that's the way people had behaved all these years they submit a document into the court system and they think all i did my job i can go back i got his martini got a pet get a pan here hang on just one second him on a jump up and and robin in he cardenos going to get up and work they'll get a feeding the first thing that you must do as a a prose and or let's say in jury proprio standing on your own right is right a document that he parameters or the format of the she can just do like a letter or you can't just do like dear son so judge you must do the appropriate document for men so that's number one if you don't do the foreman of the document properly it's about four then they're going to throw it out and they're going to base it on your form is so you want to be sure that the form is so here you have number one on the form in number one says basic that's ah you are a citizen of the republics and the republic of the name of the city in my case it would be township of redford the county of wayne the state of michigan you would put all that in there and in her case not only colonia or the city or the state of south carolina but the city but the state of sin you'd had that one in there too why because remember we said the fourteenth amendment and article to section to article for section two of the federal consente says that any law that applies in one stay applies in a so since i cannot find all of south carolina's laws that exactly the way that i want him to fit i'll use michigan one law is his good in michigan it's in good in all its so and that's in here too also so they don't make that cost but anyway you bring forth hail verse the tinkle would says an individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as people say that you know when you go to court ball say we don't talk about it while we're puttin it right in number one in this document to be sure that everybody understands that an individual may stand upon his constitutional right and its underlying so there's no confusion to the just that on bringing the constitution into the india corn and then the second part of this is that we number two is that we are guaranteed a republican form of government in that our republican form of government is guaranteed under article for in for federal cases which we have talked about already on our programme here very inverary important article for sexton we are guaranteed a republican form of government not a democrat and nesiotes said that when that last video yet i am not now as ansias polonypolony sodno to kill or any one who is a threat to our democracy she sat she gave the shoot colorer can the itseethed in that conethough hot oh and then a number three then the third point most important point is the privileges in the munites of one state are afforded to all the other states that article for section two as i spoke earlier so says the citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of the citizens of these so i'm setting the parameters to the judge right up front than i to be used in michigan law if i need it i would prefer to use south carolina law in this case or in we had another case out of north carolina safe thing and we've had a case sonchio sank but i want to let the judge know that i'm using not only ah there was but i use it misen and it applies to all fifths and then i talked about the de sourire publics it still exists ah and what the purpose of the government is that's number four hereby state in claim that as a citizen of the discourire ublic i am the higher power and i am greater than corporation every supreme court will tell you that we are the power over the corporations they don't have we're we're not an equal status with be such corporations as private or governmental by the purpose of or and or their charge so the stay if in my case it would be township of gretford is a corporation in more powerful than that corporation i've already told them that that's number four we are the power there not the so these are the kinds of things that we put in our document we haven't even got into the argument we're just letting the poor setting the parameters as to who we are and how we're going to fight he and then we go canonries temen to start anything when whether you're at a meeting or anything he sat down the rules of engagement of the people that our hour talking to up there and letting them know this sister job that's right remember when we talked about you months ago maybe about the civil action jurisdiction that was brought on in nineteen thirty three by the and it was brought on in nineteenth the three the state of michigan constant that they are that the they have the they are in power at this point because they try to give a reason why they they have the authority to do what they're doing ah because in a civil action jurisdiction if you get if you manage to go record and you don't plead the republic then you're in there juristic and both jurisdictions can't stand at the same where either a republic or we are a civil action and were never a civil action jurisdiction unless we followed tear why because was set up for the constitute years ago seventeen hundreds that we are a red we are not a civil action juristic that is something that they have decided to bring forth sticks in a different category so they could rule the way they want to run but we're going to stop that right up front we're going to lay out that we already know what's going on now we're not in the old were in a republic and so we lay it out then we talk about on their necks phrase it was number that was number five where we lay out the civil action just and we talk about the oolacten jurisdiction the republic and where the republic has more power than sad and in there i have submitted corks i don't tell i don't give the judges any parameters nor the attorneys any peramble ah to read a cord case or to come up with their own idea of what the i spell it out for so there's something in accord case that i want judge to know or the prosecuting attorney to know i not only put the entire court case that i need that part that paragraph or two but i underline most specific areas that i want them to be understanding for example if i was to talk about nor an an i do in number four in number four or were talking about the civil action and jurisdiction no number five there's a paragraph on norton verses shall be county that i bring it there or not i tell him what's on page for forty one you can look to desire but i underline they were declared to be without any legal foundation and the commissioners were held to be so eradicate in understand thee since there was no june there was no congression or a no a constitutional authority for that particular department to be created they were usurpers and they didn't i wanted the judge to know if you're not a decurio ficor occupying it the jury office then you are a usurper occupying a de facto office so we want to lay that out to be sure that they understand who they are and who we are and then i obviously that the best paragraph in in norton as an unconstitutional act is not a law confessional rights it imposes no duties it affords no protection it creates the office it is in legal contemplation as in operative as though he never and that was part of her so there's three pages on number five talking of a civil action jurisc talking about the disserere talking about who you are as being a dissury officer supposedly at tis and if you're defect you don't so we lay that out in that part of the number five of the document number six we bring norton back in again morton's a really great scot lotos i so we bring norton back in again and we say there can be no such court while the constitution has life and says i nordens you can't have a court you can just make up an an i use this argument for the court claims michigan corto la it was brought on it twenty thirty by an act can't do it doesn't exist has no constitutional authority the corsicans in michigan and so anybody that's going to be taken as to pertook his claims to the court to the corsicans and he lost i can tolmenicino lose before even walked in cotelaines is set up to i don't think you're horologer in it to wanton now in this case at noon in a ericas lady of the antrim county case no he was in in there to win now that he was in there to make a name splashed so he could run for a for another of then god some of their people and in our patriot movement figured that out this guise this guise phoning is nothing right about this guy so then on number seven we want to tell them who is in hard and we use that downs horses bit well and it says in downs and yonder while savern powers are delegated to agents of government sovereignty itself remains with the peep by whom and for whom all and its underlying this supreme court it is starry decisis it's never been challenged it is starry decisis we at the government and as lot of the government people will tell you that they have sovereignty now they don't have it is and that they are protected on their under a blanket of mention now there so we bring that out in the court case that's number seven number eight we are talk about chiselers georgia which i talked about earlier and chisson basically said here we see the people acting as sober on the whole country and in the language of sovereignty establishing a constitution by which it was there will the state governments shall be bound and to which the state constitution shall be made conform so here were talking about chisholm in chisimba ically says in there if you read the we are the sovereign citizens without we are the princes without so we are not i holman this is number eight we haven't even got into the argument so we're just laying the ground work as to who we are and what they are and then we go further more down to number nine and in number nine we talk about ah down first as bidwell again downs persis bidwell is also another great says the constitution because this is the this is the theory of whitmore and those idiots and lands he said under a emergency we have the power to do that i do not know but wrong olbers's bidwell says a constitution itself never yields threats or enactments it neither changes with time nor does it in theory then to the forces of circumine while it stands it is the law for rulers and people equally in war and in peace and covers with the shield of protection all classes of men at all times under all sire clear can you get the nathalie don't sell it out if you don't tell him what you're trying to do they'll sail down here's bidwell ah that has to do with taxes of taxing portorico it does there are very important caveats in their by supreme court that have made certain are areas of law very clear and this is one of em along with not only this one is the equal case as except the echo case was eighteen eighty and this is nineteen o one so they can't tell you what the loss to all which is some of the other games of we only take laws that are will he take car cases that are from nineteen nineties with coveting well they tried to they tried that one work cause i brought in the constitution i said you mean you sworn all to an arcade law that does it is any more they had the back track so that's a good hard we met yes so he now now it now you have some ammunition that to jamoneck number ten is a fairly long case it's also about downs hers suspira and it talks about the glory of our american system of government is that it was created by written constante which protects the people against the exercise arbitrary unlimited power and the limits of the instrument may not be passed by the government in acts or by any brands of it or even by the people who are ordained it except by amendment or change of its provision so here again in order to change the constant and make that amendment work after amen because he were going to to this therefore were going to make a change i got to bring that out and then it further more says these are underlying hence the constitution enumerates the powers of congress in and the other departments may exercise leaving unimpaired to the state or the people the power not delegated to the national government nor prohibited to the then that's really quoted here and then he furthermore it will be an evil day for american liberty if the theory of our government outside of the supreme law of the land finds lodgment in our constitutional jurist no hired duty rests upon the core then to exert full authority to prevent all violations principles so here your handing this to the judge and the judges reading this we haven't even got to the argument he what were what were fighting what does is all about well that's wan man it's cause of your crop time you win because he or preparations right and it's not like you know is not reactionary what we do i think this oosahmekoo i think this is one of the reasons why people have a problem in almost any situation as they go in acting off of emotion because their angry about something of an injustice and so the end when our motions kick in and we stopped erythini and taking our time to really prepare strategis and prepare so that when you're in there you're loaded for bear to when you're not just there to rant or absolute one hundred per cent if you're prepared when you go to court you have a ninety nine point ninety nine is always that one per cent chance that they're going to twist the law and they do they they'll try to take you off track every single time both the prosecutor will try to pull you off track the copple try to pull you up track and the judge will try you have to be folks after nowhere gone that now the argument yes ter know your argument and yet the old there are as if you don't know there arguments you don't know it well just like with it with supreme court for me the supreme court made a gutless coward's decision when i was illegally removed on lawfully off the ballot and it was it was proven and federal court cause then i see a better port afterwards and we can we can look at all of our courts are coarse and start asking some real questions and we were prepared and they just went off the rails side oh you know jurisdiction to jurisdiction now the jurisdiction was correct they just are cowards it isn't absolutely i agree with your honor put too much flow who parties that's what it is because it's his way too much money in the political parties and they stand gather to subvert the united states of america i absolutely ah so then number eleven we start the argument i were a number eleven and in this argument we talk about the discouery law violating any citizen's rights or damaging any other citizens property by an alleged acts you didn't damage anybody's property i didn't damage anybody's rights it didn't scare anybody i didn't run over thee a little old lady you didn't run over the baggy at the baby in it you didn't do anything you were just speeding ah according to them you are so we lay out the fact that in a republic the only way you can be charged any fine is if you damage somebody's property or hurt somebody or cause injury or death to somebody than you can be held responsible but outside or guilty but outside of that speeding is now a violation in on one ronengh a right no entry what's bannatine there years ago when they had when they were riding horses they tried to do speed limit for as in coelicolis thatwiser i was doing some deep diving and if that was the lares that in no if you're riding a horse you're writing it too fast in town and there they gave tickets away for that or tried to it had don go very far the and so then we talk about the first the mendment and now we bring in the cheek of the county ah in only regulating vehicles in the state and the federal government can regulate vehicles in they cannot regulate your right to travel or they could regulate your right to speak and religion dress grievance and your right to bear arms and all the other constitutional they could regulate here they cannot regulate your we can only regulate what they have given the given the authority to and in the federal consate they were given the right to regulate so in the state constitutes they can only regulate so the department of motor vehicle called is a argument for regulating come that is if you're driving a truck for cash or you're driving people around as a taxi cab that's come you can be regulated under one i cannot be regulated as the individual who is travelling so again now the language though walking the car cordon there talking about dragging the that automatically poochin to a commercial mode and they have the right to regulate commerce see don't want to go that down that we and i know it's been difficult because all of our lives we've been talking about driving king about driving ear driving there but it's really travelling so you got to get used to the language and when to use that do you know ah were driving came from the ring o even that's an interesting a or an interesting is back in the day of the conestoga wagon in order kind of snow a wagon is also one that he carried the pots in the pans and covered wagon won and they used to have a die that would be up on the buckboard and he would be driving a team of horses to pull his cinestole a wagon to get from point to point bee and if you got stuck in the mud this ky with such a man he pushes wagon out and he gets to where he was going to go because he was driving his team of horses and driving his coniston the wagon to sell the goods in his console so that's where the term driving came well writing him a horse so it could we ticlarly that could we say that driving is the term for commercial commercial of i travel were travel is individual movement around with that be where there be happen i think you kind of core and said the two terms together well ye ye youre if you're driving if we're going to define terms it is driving really a commercial activity his travel is a personal one in that sadistic tion right there travelling in court and if you look up on the constitutif you look up o springcart and look on the travelling on this spring court you'll find thousands of cases say we have to write to unencumbered by and there are i don't have those cases in front of me half a page of course spring or decisions that talk about travel his driving so we as individuals need to get used to the terminology again so weak and also we can control the narrative i was travelling your honour i wasn't so you really have no authority on me you cannot i regulate my right to travel that's first amendment even though it's not mentioned in the st i do you get to a an assemblie travel i don't think the church after travel that's right you have to travel so it interferes threeall in you know a bunch of the other amendments too if you don't have the right to travel it violates the other amendments a long flight but so you got a double with the rest on the exactly so we got to spell out to the judge what we're trying to drive her or what we're trying to push her that we are travelling we are travellers have not i not intense then you at all i don't have struck at carrying goods and services for sale and i'm not driving or caring somebody as a passenger and his paying me to do now can you carry a passenger in the car not paying you money and called that travelling i don't know the answer is yes you can have a car full of people is not lordonnot in commerce nobody pay me anything to do that why didn't okay yet if all he makes sense i mean you don't when you dedion into this i'm always wondering you don't what's the canoe he out here you know is is there any or is there not there isn't now there is this is pure law i mean er lot if we got it we got a distinguished the difference of the laws and you know over years our government has tried to twist our language sit there categories or there narrative a weapon is not in itself anything in an do anything it doesn't shoot anybody doesn't hurt anybody sits there on a desk tell you pick it up in us so like a hammer if you don't take it up and wax somebody over the head with it it's not on a salt wipe it's a hammer like a gun is a is an inanimate object that does nothing if its sitting on your desk however if it's now in a salt weapon then it has a purpose to assault somebody and so that's the language that they use to try to get us fear these and a lot of people that have never shot a gun in their life or afraid of guns how can do god to be twenty thirty forty fifty sixty years old and be afraid of a gun i lirici you don't have any experience with it and you know then then you go through the indoctrination camp which they call education and what make everybody you know or believe that the world is always people always have good intentions never questioned people's intentions there good you just got to believe in them and they're going to they're going to come around well that's not true that that that's an that would be nice if it were that way but it's not working now it has never worked that way and it's because of the fallen nature human beings until we turn our hearts to god and that means every single one of one we have to be able to protect ourselves from those with not good and one and in and hold them accountable for behavior now at work the way god wanted it to work we would need guns but it unfortunately we live in a fallen world and we have the right and the obligations of duty to protect our property our families and our communities and i really do believe that i really think that if something really changed radically we need his stand round loss and in place or stand you know policies where if you are protecting your home your family from from a threat from a clear and present threat that there should be absolutely no prosecution whatsoever if you go back to the philosophers yearsyears and years and you list a cone and haggle content hegel believed that man given freedom all the money in the world whatever you on it in the world i still find something to do that evil because man is inherently as the philosophy of hitler followed conteine one i'm sure these morons and lancing and washington follow cont also content egle the other one was locked and hair aristotle who basically said if man had everything he wanted and you know without that any need or one he would do something good we create a picture he would re a building it would do something so it's the two philosophies that and in our philosophy in the united states basically following lochan and irish that man is inherently good not inherently bad we don't need laws to regulate human because humans are inherently good yet there is going to be always a bad apple in the nature of human beings they grow up wrong way they live they listen to the wrong people and they become inherently bad the were talking about the majority now we're talking about the greatest number of so under lock and aristotle and the american no consate we believe that men are inherently good and they will inherently do good things and obviously we see that in the we have here and there we have somebody robbing a bank we have somebody beating up on somebody one or two people were talking about three hundred and fifty million in america soher talking about a small number a people that are creating havoc those of the people that need to be gathered on the street locked up and then society will be clean what we don't do that we we put him through revolving door they they raked alleged murder people and we give em a light set are we give him probation we put him back on these so they can do it again the flow of our government because our government does not want us to be a self guiding self regulating they want us to be under their control where they make the laws because we're inherently evil that's what one a seething the atticaits like it's ike they see us as a is feeders smithing rat and is not worthy of the greatness greatness and that's that and wrong now i am sowing my chrononomy people most people are in or inherently good and i do believe that but there are some people that are wired wrong and you are not going to change that that it's like when you have somebody that's a a serial ratis they're going to do it again and as much as we want to believe that every one is good i don't believe that i used to when i was younger i used to believe that every one is got and till i met somebody who has actually a true psychosophia with you know some of the some of the olorom this it's just like if you're studying true narcissism and narcissus is some one who is without a and they they lose that by not having their meat needs and that before four years old or they've got something wired wrong in the way that they think in others there's two eight there is a couple of ways to go and look at a psychopathology and they're off they're all categories psychologically under the same category this kind of a itsomething that has to be taken into into account when thinking of you know like a true psychopath or socio path is someone who quite often we start out with herding animals now i'm an animal lover and a traitor and you can see the difference between people and how they approach animals and a lot of that cannot be rehabilitated out of people when when you get into some corps she but i do think that most people are very good but there are there is a certain amount of the population that is incredibly flawed and i do believe that we're all born into sent and that we have to come to tom to terms with that at some point in time and truly start walking with god turn it over with god and that you know that's when we really become a work one were really on the right word but all of us are subject to doing the wrong thing at certain points in time i think that we all want to do the right thing but i don't i don't believe i believe that we were born and to this condition but with that sad most people are good and they wanted to write they just we just grew up once in wine and i say we we all do it but there are truths psychopaths and sociopathic that's why i do believe these people cannot be rehabilitated it's in impossible without without a great deal of pain and that pain would have to come from god himself in order to change hearts run his apostle it's possible is it likely it's not likely and a hethink we have to have the protection there for our people be in our children and in such an order to make sure that none of these psychos decide to just go out and randomly kill her rate murder or whatever it is there has to be a protection there and so with the i would really like to believe that every one can carry it out i do i think that there is in the society that we live it whether it's been you know partially exacerbated by our society we have to have that protection to be able to protect our family our children or families are children and our property and that's why i have the right to bear arms he onmoving on i'm not going to stop a henonis long as you want to go on because i'm going to tell you i think this is my fate for show that you and i have ever done i am absolutely loving this shawl and you just yet it all keep the camera rolling here as long as you are willing to talk because this is the sole informative and well done and i'm i'm really really grateful for this man while cawell keep pushing forward a and we'll see where we go some of this will go fast some of it won't do i let let me terminate question re wendeline the placecorn this nonassemblage law or do you just want to roll through cause i'm goin to give you the option we can weaken and optican give me a couple more pages here i get manlikehominid as much time as you want will just keep it in okwell kit to couple more get a couple more and then then we'll then we'll call it to day because again out of this information oh it's a lot to consume in one day senses the tremendous amount consumed in one day but that's that an important part of the process our time understand and realize that this is an important part of our life to learn the things that we need to to self governed and to take this nation back there this is on this soon all of us out there her all of us we have to become educated on these these important issues if we really want to have our government work for us rather than use subjects of a tryannical dictated exactly a right so now we're going to make a little bit of the west we're going to take it from who we are to who they are and this is the thirteenth number thirteen doesn't mean it thirteen was meant to be at it whatever the number comes anyway there's thirteen cents basically i do hear my starting claim that the philipolis department of the city is not operating to share as its function illustrates above its no longer about public safety but rather has intruded into the area of revenue that duty has been delegated to the city council of the city and hence the duty of revenue collecting according to the particular constitution of looking at article one section eight in this is south carolina is the duty of the legislative branch in its separate from the executive branch and the legislative branch of the city of a south carolina cannot be constitutionally exercised by another branch of government of the city of the cities executive police he therefore a ticket complaint is a nullity senor in versesall be county the scenario can only exist if the republics have been revolutionized which they oona go that round ah not while a constitution has life and power basically what we're saying here his and we have it in our constitution also state of so but it is also in the south carolina coast now were it defines the three branches of government and it says one branch cannot do what the other end so if the legislature collects the money then the executive branch camp do it as according to the constant article one section separation of powers south carolina constitute but we have one in michigan sane things saying words same forbiger three branches of government one branch could not exercise the authority of a so that automatically separates you police officer as a revenue enhansements for your department you don't have the authority to do that so infossatis is really amazing it is so we moved on a little bit ah to the next number fourteen in number fourteen talks about article on section three oh article fourteen of the united article one section three of the south carolina case while we also have an article one section three not article of the michigan has an article in the fourteenth amendment of the united states consist that says no person shall be denied equal protection of the we have that indented state of michigan we have that in the federal constitution and obviously the fourteenth amendments very clearly as ah the number fifteen talks about obligations the court and the prosecutor to disapprove all allegations made with specific facts and supporting authority in other words the judge can sit on the bench just say i find it guilty why do i find you guilty while the police not what marbury versus madison avery versus madison his cardcase we bring forth on the fifth a number fifteen which says it is emphatically the provision and duties of the judicial department and to say what the law so tell me your honour what is the law that gives you the authority give me a cake and what is the normal response i that never they never had answered these cock there will get to that eventually they never answered he never answered he then it goes on to say and some of the stuff that's really bold in on my doctors the dock the doctrine will support the very fundamentals of all written on if they use the doctrines of their thought post the judicial power the united states it is extended to all cases arising under the cost and could it be the intent of those who gave the power to say that in the using it the constitution should be looked into that the case arising under the constitution should be denied without examining the instrument under which rises in other words the constitution is the power and authority for any law that the government can provide can the government then say we're not going to penitence to the constant we've just made these no you made the law based on the constitution which gave the theauthority to make the an that's marbury versus men so there are lots of good caveats and that argument and actually as is the several pages a fight of arguments that i throw in the discussion here for the people for the government to look at for the for the police depart and the police officer to look at and talk about and give us as even a number sixteen then breezes too by the way when i started this argument this was on page eleven now we're on page thirteen most of that marbury verses very important points brought out under margerie then it comes in the number sixteen where it says i hereby state in claim that you your honor are the duty our duty bound to follow the united states constitution and in this case south carolina and also follow the michigan constitution in nineteen sixty three because i'm bringing in the michigan law and i have to bring that forth in her otherwise i never mentioned anything about michigan law therefore or not going to allow that and per man or had marinethat some thick you can no variance in that groweth you know when i started this argument back in six years ago and i was fighting to seek belticke that this document was nine pages and outwent three pages because each time we stand up in court and they opened their mouths they stick their foes we just remember what they did and we had that to our doctor and therefore you know we kind of shot him down we close this window close that window slammed that door ah and we don't give him any any wiggle room to go into a different direction that's all purpose of what we're doing here we go on we go on to that same argument number sixteen and we talk about further it is your duty to guarantee to every citizen living in the republics a protection from the usurpation and i could overreach in i want them to understand i know what and over reached remember usurpation is illegal is a lawful a violation of law were over reaches toscanelli young hannup isidore yeah well you can be you can be out thrown out office for you see you can be charged criminally and you can get trusted and also a treason for you sped they changed the terminology that the government over reaches pa was the lad latest argument or latest cork papers virginia where the east over in all now they're not over reaching there you serping forty never get the policy and he and the legal system or they changed the language so they can control the narrative then we go on through number seventeen which talks about her story about the black charger following her and scaring her and all that nonsense and that so you want to put all of that good stuff in there if there's anything like that that happened to you what you were being told over we had a person in no woman who was driving with her three kids in the back travelling and was a being flagged down by police of on ten mile i think it and the siren or not the siren but the lights were flashing in and the woman who was driving the car didn't one to pull over on ten mile too busy so she drove a little further to a parking lot she knows of police but she didn't want to put that police officer at risk lord the chartres which was smart thinking on her being what the police officer was angry at her and he said the minute you saw my flash as she should ha pulled and tho she explained that though you know he endangers for you to be out there and it would have been dangerous for my three kids and its tokens in the back and i'm not john like on to do that and so while in in her case certicket must totally she never got the never had he argued because of the document we find in fact her pile was totally clean one run and i went over there to find out what they wanted why they cleaned their file as nothing in the all empty in so ah why don't we stop at eighteen ah that page fifteen i'll make a note of it here and then we can pick it up from there and we don't have a whole lot left the but the final a part of this is the affirmative et contake a little bit she would rather stop here we haven't got to the affirmative defences but we're getting that so let's stop at page fifteen and number eight that'll make it that will make a nice action to the this was wonderfully wonderfully informative i love this sholes's my favorite showing on night over done by far by far and i just really i just really want to tell you i'm just so thankful for you being willing to share your knowledge with every one and to come on here you know it's really amazing to make you to see honestly how how faithful you are to make it command stay with it and in show of every week and be prepared and i have so much knowledge to talk about him from just really thankful for you sharing that and putting the time into this in just so retonsores no nobody's getting paid for this this is something we just show off to and and so wish you guys would have all voted john and his governor before i ran to cause i went a hand to run in he heard up on this when we should add john when before me and i couldn't just such john go down go you know say myself all a lot of time and money and a hope and estampedo your team i would love that so i honestly i really feel that way you're your may and i i i thank you for sharing this with us i think this is you know incredibly formido and and you're get your given me a lot thoughts will and ideas as were sitting here as far as why don't we wire we not having as a school for like citizen defenders that are not born attorneys to act as counsel so that there's as actually a program people how to do exactly what you've done over the years step by step so that there's a knowledge i were doing were doing it here were doing the best we can right here and you do it on wednesday nights and such to educate people on in your meetings and such but why why hasn't this ever been oh you know i proposed or fall on same thing with gods why do we not support firearms training at training and arm the population to do what we're paying everybody else to do when they don't show up for an hour and a half or two hours because here you busy lessenedin and i i am absolutely serious about it years ago one of the houses that i bought a crack house moved in next door and that there is there is a real prosators li coldinteresting you don't so i didn't declining the ranting that contracts the leelanlaw stuff that had been taught olfactible all of a right otouton point time and there's like there's people fighting out in the street about thirty of em and that were spilling out of this crack house and i like i'm not going away yallerbacks at me or whatever and i had a really big nasty too at the time which was rollonde would he would absolutely put every one in their place with no uncertain no no no negotiating you did not negotiate with the stock and which worked great when you're in a kind of a hen little little me as walking up there with my dog to handle handle issues he finally called the police and and they showed up at unlike we have cracked houses all over the place in the city now there not there ought any more there the thesis kind of like moved on and moved out into the cone here you're seeing less of it in the areas at least that i am in and a soiled you guys are run around you know passing out parking tickets and such and there's no actual police seen to end the actual threats in the neighborhoods and where where i have to come out here with my dog to try to help defend my tenants that are in the halls to the course they called me and they said we don't we were in trouble can you come and help us on like it i'll help you in olive got away more gods and brains most the time you know so course i ran right in and and would my dog you know the police not in the polisina they didn't show up for a long time so our population and an or in our state government has done a spectacular job destroying in destroying the community lie and in doing doing absolutely everything they can to abandon our people wouldn't it be amazing if the people in our government actually stood there like like absolutely they stood there like soldiers ready to protect the population any harm or any threat with the service might it with a heart full of love for this country and the nor people that they would stand there and stand in the way of any threat or any danger that was there and if somebody if somebody fell down and i think there's a lot of good cops and police now there's there's a lot of good long force on officers out there don't get me rowalt of em have their had their hands tied to help in its insittende government just like the blighted areas the spy design they they have designed this to take the nation down and were going to take this back its it's going to happen and i think we need to start a school in order to train you know citizen defenders to go into these court houses explained things to the sorrows judges and and the tea organized crime hacks he refused to uphold the law and instead used it as a tool to harass our pepe and and on all about that right nominated a few things from the chat and then we'll move on here but i just want to really say thank you of christina cranking having a meeting at green charter hall at seven p m i think on the wit mere china to everson came cacophany also sat they say the same thing calling a by a weapon of vaccine a charlotte is john i was talking to an attorney in section texan he said that that's for after they passed loss but its interposition we have written amendments to use can we use at a red flag loss you're in the republic and they can i'm not quite understanding this the best okay when i don't i don't understand it either have rephrased the question i carried his charlotte deshelando counties and china wannabees honestone eight five eh bonone morningbefore two or three or three one morning at in a and there crazy the crazy and lancing done control rally the camp and a love and a m red flag wednesday to morrow gabbier is holding it on the railly is a new day in the great lakes of of galigaio also a massei have to call a rough on the phone to day yes loved this shell and thank you john and basalt of really good feed back i'm going to break into a minute i pulled out a wonderful thing because above all were here to serve god never thing that we do in his creation because he is the sovereign he is the one in charge of everything and we have to understand that diction that god is in control it's his world and we played by his rules because that that's the way that's the way it works so i was going to read a little bit from second peter second peter three i am a second peter on three his divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life to our knowledge there is that knowledge again of him who called us by his own glory and goodness through through these he has given us his very great and precious promises so that through the may participate in the divine are having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires this is like sonuere talking about full time on this channel really is this mazing for this very reason make every effort to add to her a goodness and to goodness knowledge and knowledge self control and to self control perseverance and a perseverance godliness and the godliness mutual affection and to the mutual affection love for if you possess these qualities in increasing measure they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our lord jesus but whoever does not have them is near sighted and blind forgetting that they have been cleansed from their past sins therefore my brothers and make every effort to confirm your calling and election for if you do these things you will never stumble and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our lord and saviour christ i i i find that to be a wonderful reminder that god is in control that we stand together and that we strive for holiness goodness which means we bravely stand for those without a voice we represent those in trouble and we step up wherever we see a need laying our lives down and service to god and his creation and is such a beautiful thing when this when his works away that it supposed to work it's going to be such a glorious future and a wonderful a wonderful place to live where we stand up for each other and were there and the strength and glory of god with his help and his strength i should rephrase that in order to help each other and love and compassion and apathy the weights supposewere and and i look forward to that day with every fibre of my being and i will fight i will fight this evil with my last breath i know that john will too and there so there so many really good people out there don't never lose heart when you see things going wrong we're getting there and we've already won we just have to we just have to get through the clean dear have my father thank you so very very much for john and his wisdom these wines sheriffess for every single person other let them know how much the third love and that this world is indeed under your jurisdiction and that you're working all things for the good up for good to those all things for good to according to your will everything is moving in the direction you want to go and we just as be willing to put our faith and trust in you thank you so much for walking us through this process or delivering this great evil that were now facing and for shoushou to live the way that you intended us to live in a full of grace and compassion and mercy to our fellow man where we can sit down and we can talk together we can hash out problems if we can find the solutions together and move forward forward into such a wonderful wonderful life and world that you create it the way that you created i am thank you so much we love you in the name of jesus christ pray i think i think ah ah john or aunt john ah and up it knocked out again he was right here so hopefully he'll jump back on if he doesn't that's okay we ah we very much one to think orebody for being here to day let you know that i'll please go to dindymene for governor not come because i have not conceded will not concede to criminals seselis and he and let you know that on your very love so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america share this shawl with others so that we can help educate each other going through this process when john shares when you share when everybody else shares the knowledge that god is given you with all of us and we put all these pieces together we become up here comes heroson as begnagan and are you can do it get the squirrels in the computer working anyhow when when we all stand gather we become very very strong and were we we we cannot be defeated united we stand one nation under god have a great day to day know that your love your precious beyond all words and look forward seemed to morrow redeeming grace church have a wonderful day to day