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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/4/2023 - Tatar Tuesday Tuesday - John Tatar

Published April 4, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg setting my kitchen table it is ah april fourth twenty twenty three and lots going on to day i make amazing amount of things going on as usual and we're going to get right at imarigeon tater in my steam where time had you do it ah good morning i'm doing well he were so on our trump love our president trump love to day and i got oshadhis kind of cool right this is got as well doubt an i's got seventeen phrases seventeen might absolute favorite number is someteen seventy phrases in their present trunk so we're going to give present tremble is cored be okay we're going to stay with you were for supporting you and ah and as he sets his criminals up to take the long walk here because i think that's what's happening so and get your your deck out for it so we got this right then we do we do one on a per cent and welcome to everybody he too to tater tuesday you got laughed you know you can't be too serious all the time you get too serious and and ah that's one of those things i have to i'm kind of wired that way to be to be you know battle hard all the time but i'm a little silly at that garcilaco be battle heart we are in a war and is not ready for the war than you're scared are you scared are you sitting in the corner in your house worrying about the world is coming to an end and how my gonne survive to morrow on and on and on rather than pushing forward and sang o like osaid in the corner and when i get out and make things happen can it we're going to get at the thing in or taking his nation back and we're not asking permission and so i actually i got up a meeting to night cause i went ahead and it i volunteered so i'm the vice first vice chair of the u s taxster's party which is the constitution party except for benson right now said that we should be able to change our name to the national party which is the constitution party but our own secretary states well i can do it but nothing is making me do it so she's put up a road back for us to change our name and then she had the audacity to tell the party that will if you want to change your name to mansion and you know the national party which we are and where the flat of the mischarging to have to get forty thousand signatures and started over again what kind of cramp is that i mean this is the punting a stop in something that should be easy yes sure goscotter outright we are but they won't let us change our name because they're trying to torpedo thus like they do everything else don't want i don't want to give anybody a chance to jump in there do well there's a way we can deal with her let's talk about that when we asked to ask and go the joker in the darkest of his bones not well there's ways we can deal with her she's a public functionary she is violated her oath of office she's committed the we have to put that down on paper and send it to her and filler in court that's so we deal with because the only way politicians do anything is if they realize that they can be sued and that they will be so and if you don't do that then you don't have any power as the individual citizen but we're not seeing her as the secretary of state will sewer individually will so her for her house sir car her first born etc let's do that this is one of those things that you got it you got a swing starts swinging it you know and i don't me don't don't nobody altogeth stupid where i it's like when when i say that it's you got yo got to keep it staying in the fight and if you if you can't if you don't eh heave necessarily a wen on one one tack if you do it with another but she she needs to sheister stamping ayeyou want to anseres to the party which in fact you are hard the rest of the united states allowed that change except for michigan and she's the road block right there so let's work on that together because i did i did do some penicious yesterday with somebody within the election bureau was a director and that i know and he is in fact a good man and so i'm going to see if we can if we can get something moved in that direction and if not that sin i come in here i come ere your er game over still way we're going to deal with public functions maybe they there larenberg soon everybody right now it's like it's like branbury against every one right now who is against america galit's not only you see you we need we need thirty forty people of maybe they may be the entire party you are teeperary each one individually filing the law suit she can answer a a group of people filing with this one answer its twelve of us are thirteen fourteen fifteen of us then cast have the age stepping on each particular case and say why we tweaked the case in such a way that you have to answer person i can just life petoff has while we are made that decision while you didn't he made that decision for done it ran into buchanan make it for me i islealt that you know the process you know i'm still learning this process working outside of them the legal system which we were indoctrinated into its i don't know all that might hinder points i am glad you do so that's kind of nice to have em it's nice to have a coach that can coaches through this so will you help me with that and get that get that drawn up in some form or another so willieone time on it over the next week and see we can come up that's great thank you so much i love that and i'm really thankful for all your willingness to step in and help on this one while we have there we have to eat we have to have them do what we want him to do not what they want us where charge that them and hateth this this soul and excise hansel isn't he a like her she don't know i haven't been in her maneros i don't really know but saiethe rumor that she was though i don't know point of the matter is that we need to go after her full force so shannonrome gage in his water and is mainly interested in what she's doing legally to the people in the state which is then in a gregious to a to our right and a in that's what she needs to be called out on you know and i'm not going to get involved in the other nonsense but you know it's just we got we got to stake fulkerson hes on what he and one what she's done to the people for personal ruth now johnson there things with fanchon spec list people re chansons pen so by meshes honos he's ready to go forward again in ruth johnson come the earth as along with the few others in landed but until we get control over until we they realized that the lawsuit in or camp upthis one sided you lost the last one but were not good they were coming after you get dave ventrally decided that they the one be in the in or they get out of the but we know that she has been paid off by sorrows and consequently she's goin to do what they say to do all the way to her own but that's okay this just continued to after i will become stronger because we learn the system then that's what it's all about as we every time we go to court every time we fight with a document we learn the system and we close the close one of the loopholes that they and that's the while my case that's why my document that we looked over the last few weeks went from nine ages to twenty three pages because every time he politicians or the judges or prosecutor opened their mouths we looked up the rule they were wrong and they had blasted so i keep using the eventually peoples comedies like salmoni judge from taylor retired didn't want to deal with the heating but is not of the look in if one this lasseroe he still he'll be a defendant until the case something my way that's so you got to do it okay i went thinks have you heard what close he said on on the public radio tree one i did not oh well she said every but nobody's above the law you can go to court and prove your insane the matter with she's in through a teeth because that's what we want to hear but they haven't played it out in real life i make luciom again okay she said everybody is of nobody's above the law there you can other card to prove your is does in fact true it's nature what's so what about america the different with america then is not nicorreon annas sent your presumed innocent so you had to prove your innocence in the day after they have to prove that your guilty so she around i see where loose so in her in her mind in a democracy and all you democrat idiots out there listened to this because you're the wal par part of the problem if you think we have a democracy then you can be one of the innocent going to court to prove your is that's not what this country was set up country had a king backed in a day and the king made put to in jail tortured you beat up you then provide food or water for you until you prove yourself innocent which you couldn't do so you were gild so you ended up in the gallows or handed up getting your high so this is what the the rest of the world looks like and she wants to bring that back to america so she's talking to acristocat democracy and all of you people have a right to go to court and prove your inn if you have them figured that out yet for then ah then there's really some serious problems going onward he ought to know what our constitution is talking about what i constitutions lebel live that's the fifth to mend it is our innocent till proven guilty and not only proven guilty but proving guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt i'm looking for that peloose clip right now if we can or i don't know where it is i saw in her saw nicer i heard about it if i can find it a case here it is is that he's talkin to em nancy posy roasted over trumpenton tweed saint he has the right to prove innocence so this is a a love i nortpoden i do stupid stuff like this and you can actually get a video of them saying that and here she said oh i accuse this of the grand jury is acted upon the facts and law no one is above the law and every one has the right to prove innosent so hopefully the former president will peacefully respect assisting which grant to that right well the actual rightful present a united states president donald the trump let's clear that up to she's like that she's like a queen of a misunderstanding here do not understand her place you disquiet torpidity but dingohe a part two nice thrice at you and i are like a a simpling from all their mothers cause i would say the same things she just can't fix that kind of demented stupid right there from pilose and so yes so this was its one person fox where i found it here it doesn't mean that that's the old place for it so i'm sure it's out there so an apostate later in the year you know here we go here's new week we got it all over the place as the everywhere agnes there's staleness popolosi ex peace mocked for saying a trunk and prove his innocence this great night aside see this yesterday actually i was busy trying to a seat another county chapter for the taxpayer's party yesterday solisitus so i'll see if i get her saying it now she was she just put it in a sweet so she didn't there's no video unfortunately i loved getting the biddies but we'll put it off we'll put the tweed on there so i too words are but i don't i don't i my toes have to look a long er i mean when i hionnam like this and i've got like four screens going and i in fact on a rinner and the staff is light i am i wish i had a few more brains souls to be able to run this but clearly i i have a limit so is of us that have and listening to the constitution we started back with the consent some time ago and we we even covered that part in there innocent until proven guilty one of the amendments she is slipped the amendment around this is how the plan on taking your guns this is how the plan on doing your freedom of speech and your religion little by little they chip chop it up turn it around changed the language so we the people in know oh yealish to go to cortinovis innocence they don't even they don't even engage the brain to make to figure that out but that an incorrect statement by a person that's high up in the one that doesn't know the consent so number one she violated her oath of office he violated the constant violating your oath of office is a or act of re so we asked to go after her too based on the and take her to court and get her and take her for what has she got a hundred and forty million now that she made while she was in congress take all that away from there's a girl these people are snaky it's just like finding out that we've had four hundred million dollars paid within our system for pattens that people that work for the government there getting royalties for patents working for the government i hope this was posteulo service and not not you know self enrichment and that this is wrong you know they all oydores and then they cover up for each other and in during the process i mean that's exactly that's exactly what's in a going on so closes a criminal and people need to know that you democrats out there that's supporter half the now she's a criminal number one she is wise she's created accentes n against the constitution against the document that they swore an oath to a pole then as she is a crime nationly way we can look at it and we need to weekabout we need to call them criminals okay i'm goin to you orto hear i've had it i tear off her he staring up longstreet right now as we sat there there you go to close just tore of you we ok and she's not alone her old there's a whole bunch in lancing rooth johnson another criminal a iterating for her consent there you go in rome prosethe one for is that russell oh he runs self we had ter of rum spelled is another scrub of the ears and then it's a few others in there you know we can spend the half the day in the memorare he stands now so and the entire legislature of this faces now the big question is this if you have the criminal and he got a clean that mess up later if you have a criminal an office or in some position and you know he's a criminal why do you listen to why would you listen to whitmer when she says we have to close down the school systems who have to put masks on we can't go to cure because of an emergence when we know that the nondeposition never suspended under any circumstance in that tansverse under any circumst and we have these criminals in lancing that have violated their oaths of office because they're not listening nor following along and really they probably never read the has so have no idea what is so we as people need to stand and say we're not going to were not going to do that we're not playing the game because of the ten million people in michigan say were not playing their game on the gonado well we got to stand together and this is one of em one of my things i really think that although lot of the democrats there the conoscieren tie between the leadership and the the leadership of the republican party the the democrat party there in bathgate its two wings of the same bird but i think you've got a lot of people on both sides that are really trying to do the right thing but they they they've been so conditioned to be part of these political his that's what it is it's a call and baltimore the democrat a party as well as republican part of the function as a cult that people really see something wrong but that's the only option that they see out there and a realistically there is the amayaens out there and when we need to realize that yes the intention is right for most people to be humanitarian to take care of our people in that they pack into republican party in the democrat party then you know choose a sideslips peel two sides like you're either for business which is evil or your for honey away at people to help them which is evil and the reality is neither one of em is right because the there really about money laundry to way from the people and they're just using emotional triggers to get people to move the direction they wanted to go youbusiness is in isn't always evil you have to have business poor people orlannois to say a homeless person has never created a job in his life or her life that was sustainable or they probably would be homeless we we have a bigger problem there and the same thing with somebody that wants to help people around him it's not the intention isn't incredibly evil but there is not enough business sense to it to make it sustainable and so and it's also lacking responsibility personal responsibility so really were missing the target with the ideology of both parties almost entirely because its itsoaring and as polarizing to make him ineffective my pinion wordsit's not the democrats against the republican the people against the government yet in exactly what the fight is and so if they can point us in your democrat it's really against the republicans then you bet you never get to step number two which is why we are in a fight against another part we are really in the fight against the government yes feeling from us on the daily as and we have the protection to stop that but we don't even know what that protection is yet because we send the polos who says you have a right to go to trial and prove your innocence and it doesn't ring about here tony protest to fight for the in what they want is they want american spiting american so the lake can use both sides to achieve the roll which is told domination and destruction of this nation and where america goes the world goes so i mean the bottom on line got to stop fighting each other and we got a start pulling together no man get rid of these stupid labels which are only there to be used by political operatives to get as mad as other americans insistentthe problem the people in lancing are the problem the people that are seated and seats across the counties across these there the proud the grass roots leaders which have led other people astray you know poster child for that is the person who is fighting for bag seeing ah you know against vaccines and all sudden where is this person name of geroestete money drive out the issue dried up and they're gone and then we're on to train were on the train we this is not a person that's for real in my opinion person who is he it was planned as an opera and you can you can inocencio they act but a continual ah ok i think i'd get up enough on palostoma be not now in it yet and even tried to serve as on beating up on plocein on and her elk she she's so brainless it's impossible to deal with that right at the moment but will move on to somebody else i had the next person that i have on my list has gone lo and the arrest and what business men what is this all about why did he wildest and people some people got a figured outer ready but there's a lot that happened the slot that are concerned that is going to be arrested her than one sees a rustleton the world is going to collapse he's going to run away and nobody else is going to step up in his place and then on that he his purpose for being arrested i as a president the first president ever arrested some in its indicted while indited ill be arrested in adobe probably taken to some place and have finger prints than in that kind of i don't think he'll spend there in jail but the point of the matter is and why did he go though he besides he's taken the slings and arrows for she behavior if you can do this to a sitting president then you can do this to each one of you that are sitting at home don't think that this is going to end the tis just like he said in the way why did he do this because now that he's done this he is kind of open pandora's in the ability to arrest other public functionaries and mostly other presidents such oh bob and bosh in clinton and the resident and so why did he make this precedent while because you all you heard pools are you heard that clinton hilary say some time in the past if you were listening she said womanfor president because when i'm running for president on i can't be arrested i can't be exonerated because i'm running for this i of can't be arested well that's that's a incorrect state they can be arrested any time so in public functionaries congressmen senators they can be arrested any time when they're in on stage or in the in the congressional hall giving a or or there there trying to put forth the bill they can't be arrested but any other time there fair game but they have given us then the the narrative that they there not fair game when they were in office there there the exaggerated now that's there not exonerate and nowhere in the constitution these i give him that authority nor does it give him that immunity and like judges too think while i'm sitting on a bench in a mine no you you violate the law you violate your oath of office you've committed treason you are resolvable you are indictable and you have to face your charges and there's court cases but corse gases one we talked about exported yong and other one who talked about as shivers's roads he can hide behind your you step outside the delegated duties that were given you your fair game and but trochanto bring it out to the public everybody has to see it but democrats who don't understand the law has never read the constitution think we're at democracy they have to set this has to be up front in personal before they'll get a point where trump will be able to go in it in arrest by in the saycan't arrest president is ascetic president amity and other and all the other ah chords that are occupied landwash ing and lancing those people are arrestable indictable and they have to face their charges to ask the face their use and so we have to get we as the people have to get strong and say ah you know you're not going to get away with it we were not going to let you go away with it one way or the other were going to come after you if we have to write letters and then take lawsuits to i tell you what public functionaries only respond to los we need to do we need to do the the the president trump think ensayo in at your fire i've been practising this for years you fired a ca so anyhow you got is it's a it's a it's a perfect you know he does it every time it so funny you fight all the even fire the entire government right now start over these people are criminals of in or the cherigh now teddy says good morning good morning charlotte good morning john don't want to get off your topic waterdancing and nose but i have a discussion i have quested does mister tater no anything about mike gill has he ever heard of pandora paper i don't know who might die is that i'm naturalmente with pandora age so noted the charlotte says yes closes and not so was the barasoain that's the way they roll and court sorrels owns a system we need to get them out ah ye think it's sorrow she's got a bunch of bodies and there a assessor of the prononciado it it's like it's we got we got so many tears to this is not even funny so her hand i don't know what's to wiliamette stop here for have you ever heard of the annual financial report the annual financial report every sin said county township has one of these require every entity has to have one so all you go to the annual financial report is called something i had little come if you go to that report you'll see that a large chunk of money from the state of michigan from your his paying for the bar and she and that's not so the only place that money is being done a landing as had the philosophy that if he if they look like their flush and they have money than they have to reduce the taxes of the people are going to get up and so they keep us oh keep the system out of money all the time you know we always need taxes we always see this we also that's that do you don't scald cash caria on answered financial reporting and most people don't know what that is but the financial statement that's piled by every single state government federals it's part of the it's part of the and o onerosa banking process but his part of that entire process that we deal with the iris the bankers did you know that saw this this thing since we're talking about ah the rightful president of the united states is trump ah ah they have another green of his stormy daniels nonsense which she admitted that they didn't that they didn't do with their cues in her off ah there's all kinds of new ances in this whole case as but did you know that they set up a fond in his called he is like a shoshone to pay off in peony one who accuses a sea to congress person of sexual misconduct and they have paid since nineteen ninety five it was set off since nineteen ninety five they paid out seventeen they were number not my favorite issue here seventeen ah ah million dollars in seventeen years one million dollar a year to pay off claims that have come have come out against cones and i'm sure that's only one of em it's just the one that i know of because they're going to pay their way out of any legal fees they're going to they have they have no personal responsibility for anything they do so as the harenas good morning yes also interested to hear down in john's take on might gall and the pandorapray soniais not able to watch the whole thing i will i will get to that i will get to that some point timeshare as charges are all on constitutional and political charge and absolute a i don't know the last word is there but i think a lot these people i talk into the microphone and does always come out in the messenian so she's alenonstood give us a small little synopsis of what the panorama we lay to on the layers of government protected never any faceof corruption and control we have no legal elections and we have no equal justice we are slaves to terry i do believe that and i don't know what the what papers are so there is i know what they're talking about because there is it's not him as a purse and necessarily but him as a as a there's some papers he laid out i believe that's what the talking about her and and i believe that dedemenon it so so i just need to get some time to watch that then i'll be able to tell you you know what what what these papers are actually about lee say o governor of her so what will have to have to look into that a little bit and reaches good morning dedisses his son as the totonacan capital not china i would say that that honestly that we're talking i'm glad you brought that up because i think that quite often their pointing to other nations and its happening right within our border our country is one of the the state state mission the third state in the union for human trafficking the third the third most probable state of human tripanis the state of michigan and is because its real easy to get people in and get people out of here and i just heard of somebody this week i saw i talking to your point that boston be in the fennoman efecting capital i would say that there is probably something to look into her there was a galley heard the story i don't know anybody personally involved in it but a gallicontus container he her friend was tentthere that her phone was sous trainerhonest shipping container she all of a sudden it moved and they were she was watched as they tried to get the police over there the police would not go and open it and look into this and the next thing you know they find her and africa deadthis is this is a real this is a real concern because this shipping container nonsense you know in our ports we have about two per cent of any containers coming in here that are ever looked at but once they get on the rails or on rocks or something like it there is no inspection we have really no it not nothing preachable it put that way they can they there there's not i can't even imagine what is honestly being shift across this nation i don't know if he sought but there was a shipping container over in california i saw that he honest two years back and they opened it up and it had an unbelievable amount of of athetosis and babies in it that they found in the guise that opened it up that they were just shocked it was like it was it was in it was in thousands and the the the shock on these guys faces was just amazing but we do not know what they have there's something else called cake cars that i know are out there to the enemy is within every one to see no the enemy is within and it's as against our government who is all part of it in enabling the and covering it up but they is something called cake club cake cars i believe and this came from a the knowledges came from a guide that oh he worked he his military guy and what it is is it the shipping containers that have the ability to launch comical nuclear and biological weapons to not like a smart in all the dirty bounds and that sort of thing and when president trump got in i was told that they they did not know where all of them were and this this is a big problem that we've got things inside the united states so i kind of look at some of these present trump did and said he had to make a choice between somebody setting a new cough in a city or chemical or biological weapon or something like that or do you go you go one path or another when you're dealing with the swamp that is he had no ability to find enough honest people because the whole thing the whole swamp had been so permeated that i could cassiano to find a people but they were something bad people hide i constantin organization when all you've got sitting around to as criminals and you got to work through to find out what the criminals are who they are what they've done and if it's a he had the toughest job of all of getting in there and figuring out the criminality and where the deficiencies in the prose or an he's done a masterful job while running this country and keeping it going of exposing us and i think that's exactly what he's doing and in new york you know with with the indictment or he's set in this up and these people are going to get get you know sat down a big smack down by this in so we got a hint hats off to our rightful president that the stable genius in the midst of all this insane nonsense for continuing to run the ball i mean i love the scot really do and and if you're out there ever listening a president trump please please please come back with a few more mean weeds because it makes me laugh so is not could have such a humor in charlotte's down and john i don't think they're downs i think they were selected by sorrows old to take down america i agree with that the change and slackens their very hard and disney let see and then their very disney and as land its creed de esas thir three hundred forty two billion dollars billion dollars wandered into their secret society of trafficking in harvesting longerthough their fate corporations absolutely that's what their tongan and charlotte's as take down the deep strip stay his plan is to show the rats and clean as present trump get it up did e says the use of three hundred forty two millions to pay off judges lawenforcement even if they are arrested they get by ah they they get off by krupp judges and might gallowsthis lore how the there's a lot of wonderful whistleblower around the there is there is also you know they like you so sometimes people look at what other people have done and they make a snap judgment on their guilt oh out there and that something to be very careful what because i've had a lot of people come at me with information about christina cromwel this is christina crown with that's christina and i know her personally she's a good person right she's a really good so even if somebody is in organization that's that may be bad that we don't agree with they may be there they may be their infiltrating what's there to try to bring the truth to the surface and i think i think that president trump is that way i think that not only present trump that way general might good man he is that way too he's he's as great a visit of military intelligence for god's sake i mean these people know what they're doing you know i honestly convoked for the character of a personal character of general nassau i know them and there's a lot going on behind the scenes that were not privy to all of its at others there's a lot of a compartmentalization going on so you know we've got a listen but listen where the questioning a questioning mind critical thinking and not just assume that everything is away that it appears you know get behind that get behind it alone was research and make but me but also make people prove out who they are and in one you know that then you know once you get your mind saddled on that you you know you always want to you always want to be open the fact that you may not have got everything right and if other information comes forward that's fine but i can tell you right now i know that that christina crown won general planner one hundred per cent who they say they are while in the in regard to christian grooshe scared the herod of the republic she sure dead so we had again i go back to are you a republican or a democrat in can you give me a the idea what the between i'm an american i don't know about you but i claim the king and of god and as supreme to all forms of government and somebody is a is sister anna sister brother i don't care what labels they have if we could stand together against the histrionical government fight together i'm all i'm all about it not that of both not aboard yet an if you if you have to say that you're democrat you voted democrat all your life and a republican and your vote republican au o life and that in a matter i want to know why what is it about that particular party that you voted why did you vote for that one particular person do you know anything about the background of that red do you have any idea of where they came from and what they've done so far in office we have lots of republicans supposedly calling themselves republican and in office and they have done nothing they violated their oath of office they have violated their contract with us there of devon committed acts of treason and we volendain the anatetamenos orful where believing in the labels and the names rather than reality it sort o like believing it in disney disney disney's got some big province you know i heard that fifteen per cent there's like a fifteen per cent rate of people going to disney and walking out on one spouse the other while her there other families think yes a problem that's what swathes on trying to trace that down a little bit more to see the actual statistics on it but people will they were going to take the kids to disney they go to disney and one part parent basically walks away and leaves them in it it's a dizzy divorce camping not like are you kidding me good all you know it's i take your kids down there but i suppose you know on the whole that the old mastises most up to i mean i look at the stuff he happened you know you can see the the parapylis in a lot of the stuff that they do and it's like even even the unrealistic gloom in that they've done me there certainly grooming but but the unrealistic and you can go right back to the beginning of the movies they put out you know band he was the first of the first to environmental nazi type move you know it's you look at this in the unrealistic ah trail of what relationships look like and we wonder why you know when when the princess is he isn't a isn't perfect in the princes and the night in the shining hour mertha that gives the princess everything she wants why why this is failing that's not real life and is its they've done a masterful job of setting up faults fallsitalians just where how life works and you know how and in the use lettermatter two you know the parents always die parents are always got somebody some hengesdown then they have to face the world alone you know that clearflowing appartenoit i mean all that stuff is definitely psychological problem said logically a big problem well with that sad if she want we should move on a little bit to our yearthat we have we kind of covered on the alonegod stone the ombrine operate now the exhibit i know shortly but not yet one it cause it's not not in order yet okay so remember we filed our document on our document had who we are set up the republic who the judges in the civil action jurisdicion and that we are in charge and that they are our sore so we put that all in the first part of our document then we re quoted some law to him and then we turned round and we did the the fence the he that we spent the last far tother thing talking about our primitive keeping in mind that if a police officer and or judge cannot answer or prosecutor cannot answer one the affirmative you win and how many of them were there again where are magellini the widow but there's at least nine formative defend that if they can't answer them and they can because then they have to give up the ghost which is there civil action jurisdiction and in the civil action jurisdiction you can't be you can't get a ticket you can't pay a fine for something that you haven't heard anybody and you haven't damaged anybody's property so you can't be fined nothing to dollar a quarter in nickel time and jail none of that but we agree to it we go to court the judge in his or her wave speaking or whatever says in all oh you owe all hundred and fifty dollars and on a hundred and fifty dollars you could work off some of that on the road doing you know clean of mcclenning up the highways and so they actually volunteered to do the you know okay i'll do the clean up you know how many days i'm many weeks what kind of after report i'll do the clean up word and therefore they've kind of volunteered the judge didn't force them into that they volunteered to do you kin you can volunteer to clean up the free way how ontolta although you know the alternative motive for you is the fear that while if you don't you got to pay hundredand fifty dollars and so on a silver so that kind of tracks in your mind are you going to jail or whatever whatever that's not the point involuntary servitude is violations i think its article one section seven the state constitution and the federal control with not remember which one of his of the federal involuntary servitude means you can't be forced to do something i'm less you were committed or convicted of a crime now driving a car in commerce if you if you're actually in commerce doing it and you violate one of the their laws one of the limits then yes then you have created a situation where you are violet because you're working in commerce neverit to regulate but if you're traveling from point to point be they have no authority to to regulate your travel they have no authority to fine you on travelling and they have no authority to to do anything for you but let you get on your way so he got to get the language number one so here you are in travelling you're you're going travelling from point atopon b and when you're travelling the no department of motor picodes cross the nation do not but you got to be now you got to know how to defend yourself on it be got a lot o bothos thing and understand what that means to be travelling versus driving and a lot of people i don't know why they they takes something on like driving a hog or or travelling in a you don't twenty thousand dollar vehicle and they don't know the law so you know what is that the education isenstein the break down happened with her school systems and are education sistitur into indoctrination machines rather than actual education so it's kind of like em it's not really people's fault that they don't know these things because they they they did a masterful job of taking this nation without without firing a shot and that was the state of gold back and what was a forty two i think was fortytwo thatthathe said that and that exactly how they done it through infiltration and the turning or schools into a worthless indoctrination and basically the schools are only teaching people how to fit within the communist system and getting people to jump through the hoop that's about it there's there's not there's nothing in their antecellui in what you really need to do i mean just like otheh history is taught as a thousand disjointed pieces of information that you got to remember dates but there's no application there in and that's that's a real problem so it's not really a respondit s a fault of of the communists who plan take nation down and so on are job is to educate him with what we know now there's there's a big difference there what plays in here is how massoora law is right now corporate law and end a copy at will all of that is is really messed ofand its once specific case that is a protald citizens united which gave the corporations status of a and so it's kind of crazy but that that is of a prose a corporation that is of a person means that you can see the corporation a coperation consul you prior to that time period you could not so cope nor could a corporation so individual who didn't pay their fees or find so that ruling was not necessarily negative you know the connotation of the could be i want yeah i think that there's a lot of negatives to it so it's just like anything else you know they they made it look like the patriarch was a good thing to keep a safe and the patriarchs is done nothing but actually hamstring the nation and i think that's a citizens united had had some you know some veiled some piled good things to it but there's there's a lot of negative that comes with that so it's one of those things in these we plain the whole thing is be cleaned out and cleaned up i egressed indeed o ka moving on so once we have piled the document and we we have to do it at least seven days before the court ere s to be done at least seven days even longer than that give a more time to look at it and it's ganeesa certified because of course we have attorneys better going to say i just got it to day which is alive but you have the proof because you have a certified letter all your honor this guise lie on whatever hearses while we have this big corporation which is a big gold law form and it shall behind thee a zeroane or more copy machine and we didn't find it until yester now sorry your hatter that's a can o fie i mean they have plans of excuses i've heard on all about these attorneys noting we have such a big law for we passed it on to a one guyandotte another guy and i somehow got lost in his mail and that's why you weren't and and of course the judge by that because the judges part of the and doesn't water screw up the bar the so ease for they play that little game against the and what happens and you end up in courts and you say i your honour i filed the document with michigan court rule that says i am entitled to a response a reply to my document and that he said as to number of that fortier so that's it it's an empty and cr number missincourt rules lumber that is you are entitled to be the tendance affirmative ences and completes a stick demand for reply and this a core there's a mistafor ruling lasted less than wondering its mates positions on state it's probably ah here it is now that's said ah anyway let's move on ah there's a michigan cart rule that says if you demand a reply or an answer your answering the ticket you there mending a reply they half the answer and walking in the cord the attorney can say we i'm i i didn't have time to provide it on some going to do or in no thank got to do it in writing i got to have a copy of it you're still in one when the opposing party isprosecutor ah that's prosecuting the case and the police officer and the judge who hath not done their job who have fallen asleep at the switch and not done there how required requirement answer the complaint then there in the fault and they are in the they are losing your document stands the holding docked and is in this in control strolling back so now you've already said yourself up because they have the faulted and the only way they can is the default this point is to answer your question and your affirmative defense and then give a legitimate reason as to why i endured the judge has the bye off on all of course the legitimate reason the judges do what they want they can call that legitimate reasons here are your seruant to the bathroom you did this he did that you have to change your dog you dog died all that stuff can be the excusable neglect and therefore the judge won't hold that against but answering the document is what the they can't do originally and they still can't do it so they are completely in default and they will come into court without the back and now play all kinds of games as to why they didn't do the and why there in old and including some attorney saying where we all have to do a part of our requirements yes it is and i found that its sense to point one one night of a sublime and the point one on so be solved that they half these are on the cork mishemout rules but they have to answer these doctor on have so her gear in front of the judge the judges do in at the fall or as natrolite falles just sitting idle these waiting for he todos so you have to file the document oh de fall with them are going to take a break for a second it be right back okay okay now or is i just found something that's conevent resting a mode no problem so hang on a second when i show gas these can aponi oh nancy plows he struggles to recover after accidently referring to hillary clinton as president isif i can play this we found one to come back on and challengers or facing our democracy and wolnothes to try to stop that black backsliding and turning around she that question but also appreciate your leadership in this regard oh where president i hope by men a sectary consentwas in the senate and forlorn but especially a secretary state and worried tom she has been and at that time implemented many spake showing america's did you catch that she the annancy plosh struggles to recover after accidentally referring to hillary clinton as president this kind of like dogtails nice landed which on nateral about earlier praise former secretary of state hillary clinton the queen are conceding for her leadership on democracy were on terms of once again he's wrong its republic when president before dramatically catching her her her error so during the conversation hosted by columbia university schools of international public affairs spathe former speaker of the house and clinton spoke about this secret state of democracy in america around the world let's start with this little matter of democracy because i think you and i believe that it's not just in our country but that where we see it most clearly of john's i am i played a vitiates a poloss can adopt hailed nicely referred to hilary hilary the butcher clinton clinton as a wind president before dramatically catching her error of calling her president when she was president so kind of kind of a dove tails into flossie's little bit of home lack of ability to be engaged with a with rally and then all i got to clarification that mat gill ran for god ran for door of new hampshire saw was wrong with her manawas newhampshire and a covered what seems to be a major hogg for trafficking of drugs and influence peddling ah thanks thank you for the thank you for the clarification on that on on that point thank you so much higher we think the influence cuddling his congo away firing all the that baskin lettergive the you know you you dump all the darby got to sue agoand i got a bunch of new seacome he had ideal well what's a good people well and in my semiintentional posted for you to turn tail and become socialists and work for what if i gave you a million dollars now what i animal and melon no lo what about a billion now another words what i'm saying is not the people necessarily but it's the the greed that that's out there and how do we eliminate the greed we change the currents so we changed the moneys he can money has money and is handed out right now they can make the canting hundreds and hundreds of note and hand you the hundreds of not actually they can't do that because tromp put thee o februeer in the treasury in the treasuries now holding so their short of an so you go to the bank to day and you ask for what you ought to you ought to be able to get out up to the you know to ten grand in the past can't do that any more now that couple of the banks five grand is all you can get the in all each time you come in and some of the other banks could only get twenty five hundred because they're short of peace because they can't print any more paper case is a lot of people out there hoarding it and putting it away and so they the banks are in trouble which is great did did i tell did i tell you about the the bonny that i've been offered to to do things in fact the latest one was about it was about a four million dollars from a few weeks ago and i was just like an take a dimenso it was kind of this kind of nice thing that that flows into this yet remember and have shoveling horsemanor i i don't don't need that that and my cup of coffee and i'm good to go shotshot perbandasnan awhile is good but anodontina did you get any to stop down from writing for governor absolutely not and john did you ever get any for making certain for making a certain decision higher officials are exposed to these temptations not not snowball's chance in a hell would i have accepted one time to change my mind or my rogeston anything and not not chance any question is no disrespect and curious if this happens more than people know i was offered in i was coerced threaded i had threat coercion intimidation ah on not on an a lot of that came from wordingthe republican party itself you do this and will give you this kind of favors soon as they found out that they couldn't buy me off the obion that's exactly what happened there and had i had an offer for two hundred forty thousand dollars about a month and a half ago and this one ah ah if i received offers oh yeah yet he and and he'll do it real subverse police select while a too eh ah prove that it would be really difficult but the point being as that a thing to say they say is stroking and in the way that they'll set it off and such as is a but it comes down to i would never take a dime i don't care if they offered me a billion dollars cause down at the non billionaire who has never been a billionaire would not i'm not i'm not that interested in in that sort o nonsense qoest like gilding businesses help in people if we had it we would probably give a lot of it away or try to help people or do something with it that was productive because it's not not to go so i yes he said that is where it was asking is the great temptation what wasn't with me i just look at it and go first of all i'm mad because they would even ask me such a stupid question it's it's such an insult to even have somebody come forward and ask you a question like that it is for me i just it's so distasteful that i'm dislike a not really that in inagingan for except for i'm looking at you like a scum bag at this point in time i mean that's that's how i look at it it's like no and this this contact is completely and other lhermite right now because i don't deal with people like that so tennirosters diet zero tetoniana berg zero i in my particular case this started back in the early eighties when i started fighting internal revelers and great vigor i was out the babbling these a lot of people would say i know i can't go down that road well it was i had my difficult days where they actually took our chanceone from me under false trees under one of the group homes that i built for the state of michigan they said was really capital investment for me and that i should pay an income tax on it on mortgage money so because it was a mortgage given to me to build the house that mortgage money is my income the whole thing was cracked because i had the use that money to pay the mechanics that were doing the construction and for my visible in a buying piece or property buying the permits doing this to an that that money went into that house in fact i took money out of my own pot they only offered a ninety percent yet the pay the other tents so that ten per cent came out of my path on one of the group homes on the others i had a partner but none the less they went after me for that money for all the money that went into the construction of that house in ninety six and to two thousand twelve and they were bleeding me dry as much as they could they were playing games with me some day we can get into those games methanogen into em now and by by trying to squeezed me as much as they could then work some of us are his unbendable on that it's like you know so if i had to walk away from something in and you know i've had a fairly difficult life so in insect for that i've not been like a princess sitting on a pillow of my entire life you know it's like i actually work and in two or in word and and such so mean to walk away from any of these temptations and the games that they have to me it's like you know this no not a difficult thing and i know it is for you either you dittothe right thing and that's good yes so i and i had the law on my side and i know i did and the internal revenue couldn't do anything as the laws on my side not on this and anybody that understands that understands that we are in charge not this organization which is a defect organization to begin with because they have no constitutional authority so norton verses shall be countesses they don't exist at any way we can deal with that at a later date the point in making is that they have done everything that they could disquise me they even when i ran for governor i had a couple idiotic moons that were running the radio broadcasts or television they were asking me questions ah that had nothing to do with what i was there talking they taught in fact i don't remember this guy is a famous good know i mean you've heard his name before but he had become too is radio for his television broadcast and he asked me point blank on television do you think that smart meters are going to get you to the capital and lance cassels one of my issue smart made back and i said yes it's gone the because it's an you know that was just the kind of questions leading questions they were in asking this chucks invites me to his radio in is television broadcast and in the back it says the great democracy for twenty twenty to twenty one twenty two not could he raise denisot we don't have a democracy we have a republic but then he would sit programs over you're done icicles so i did the best i played through that the cold so they were doing things and then i get a newspaper as somebody calls me says that in that i'm for technology i am for technology but not for were but they wrote the article in such a way that i was from smarter and isis it so somebody called my attention to it i looked it up and not on the nose in the old a newspaper in her it was taters technology and the like smart meters and all the sons and so i called the newspaper up and said i are you guys don't have any idea you are idiots you don't know what you closer you haven't gone to my web site you don't know what you're talking about and they didn't the retraction of it like on the seven three page at the bottom card well they smeared me at the very beginning for anybody that really does not know what the heck is going on they say old tigers lying in all is really for technology young for technology but a not for a smart beaters so anyway that's the game that they played with me all along they did it with with this running for sheriffs stuff though now that there's anybody that's for raiders slam and yet in her smeargel the time and there's no truth any of it the right yeah in people need to be able to discern the defect remember and i've said this more than once that the internet is nothing but a bathroom wall and when you go into the bathroom and you see the for good time called this number whenever an you can't discern that that nonsense then i can understand what the internet and what these pocas through her doing because you can't discern the good from the bad yes it's a prop there's a gal that's running around the state of michigan that's that's a putting stuff out there and saying that i paid people off and that's how i got the nomination and the taxpayers party which is absolutely alike and coincidentally i actually know that she could be prosecuted for fourteen year folie so it's like it's like people are placed and that person is nothing more than a aminosure work a communist turned running around this in and and you know putting a hit of a a hit job i can probably i could probably a sewer two for or for libel because she's doing it the public spaces and it's absolutely false i never paid one person off in fact i found it probably ninety seven ninety eight per cent of my campaign tonomon from packs and took no money from no dark money it was just sheer effort in the people around me that believedthat i actually would do what i said i would do may be a little it would be a little bit more brutal than normal politics cause i would have shut this thing right down put pasantes and done a complete audit from top to bottom sir make a chip shots to get me from everybody that needed to go to the military for tribunals and because there's enough evidence of usurpation and that a treason here that we needed to start start distortae chip shots that yet and you and you and you and you and you know move things long here a little bit cause that's what needed to happen so let's go back to stormy daniels ah was a pope and trumped her prostitute money is so like the other like our politics she's like our politician so if you you you be a prostitute don't you i mean that that's what they're out there doing they're not going in for that cross intooition what's difference but hostility is what did the whole thing doesn't make any how can you pay a prostitute to be quiet about being as is she in fact got any money from him did this whole thing is just i mean i can mend that nothing happened and evershed on nothing happens so once again our stable genius is a is a you know not you know what's what ideal and wore the money come from i think it went through his attorney can and so i mean like this whole thing the whole thing is in what aid my brother to go find me a prostate and here's the money i'm going to pay him and now it's become hush money and i can go to jail now it's ridiculous but i don't think you know personally from what i've seen there's too much monkey business in it looks like common tried to set a mop and so that's the whole thing is in question for me regardless regardless i mean even the validity of it is consoled but but the fact that it so there are using it as for politically motivated to you know go after some when in fact there you know the the you look at the hut the the shoshone fund that all the politicians are plain without there that i like are you serious now maybe this opens the door to go back and and go after say you know what was it ojones and and now in dissenters their so their so much the coonino there it's like are you kidding me this is this association or of these to these people it's not even funny i don't like i can't even i can't even go there so stupid all right so we're going to move on can't you are day and corn ah and either and generally i have them send the document oh the notice said the fault to the cord before i get so already when i walk in the cord i can tell a actually according to the michigan court rules clerk is supposed to file a motion for default twenty one days and the document is not answered but they're not doing there because then they would point that the prosecutor didn't do his job and he's truly in the fall and they don't want that on the record so they don't do their job and so you've got to so you write up a defendant's motion as permischen court rules to point one one nine a sub esebon for a default judgment as per michigan cor rule to point one one also best entitling the fendant to a dismissal of the complaint he put the number and there and then and then you say now here i come in is what i want i do hereby state and claim that i am incorporating cause if you don't do that they're going to say you left it out and he don't so got to incorporate this is the game they play this is another a rabid hold that day set up for us some time ago and we called him habit and so now we have to put that we then corporated by reference to offendene and sir demanding a reply and of course the numbers on on march this case twenty twenty three as originally filed in the above capture manner then we go on to say number two we do hereby state and claim that a reply cording to him sire to point one on sobeiha not been filed by opposing counsel with the court at any time including up until the time filing the motion that your filing right tis everything's done in court by motion so you asked to do a motion in order to get the court to one then it goes on to say that the fend in does hereby state and claim that the defendants answered demanding a reply to defendant's answer and affirmative defense to the complaint now being filed pursuing to him creeping one on sober understand that we're putting this in all the time like enow he said at the first time why we saying it and in every trigraph cause we want the judge to know what we're talking about in the judge's probably drinking his coffee and or getting his dog and he doesn't have a clue at the house say got to keep reminding them so lardereles on the draw there so it's like god to use like all words and he slowly such is shebeing five filed march and twenty twenty three that such document was filled to prepare for this formal hearing scheduled for a certain date now when you'd gone to do this and you're going to fight this battle you don't want to go in for an informal here you want to go in for formal here why what's the an informal hearing means i might just be a magistrate could be a job could even be a police office are they they set up this informal hearing however they want generally imagist you walk in the court and the magistrates says i you found guilty and you got a bare your fun responsible and you got to pay so many dollars i paid the door i and one a pail on the sea the job so rather than go through all that nonsense of an informal erring you go directly to a formal here at a formal hearing you haven't court recorder its recording what's the process going on in the court so the judge can't say that the moon is packed and get away with it in an informal here now in a formal here so everything the judge said should go on the transcripts on the record some of it gets message some of it is unclear we understand that he people that are doing the transcripts are not always honest either between them and the judge and the judge you mean i said that in colocasia in word don't put that on the transcript put that that backs and so to get away with the onot putting every word for word but none the less that's not important important point is a formal hearing now it's on the record and all your documentation as part of the race and that's what you want because if you want to go back later and argue with him and fight with him now you have your cords documents all set up and you have something to fight with otherwise in maniform hearing they keep the he paid the fine you go home and that's it so we don't want an informal we want to formal here so i do here by state and claim that decide opposing counsels lack of de diligence and a total disregard of directive contained an empty michigan compiled or michigan controls to point one one also be survived to file a reply responsive pleading plaintive is in the above cap should matter which is the ticket in default in having had simple ample opportunity the file such reply but has chosen to wilfully ignore the requirements stated ere so really set the prosecutor up and pretty much called him all kinds of names her being lazy notions grow him oh and now he's in the fall now what you going to do about it so the relief that we asked for the defense do hereby standing claim that go to the in action of opposing counsel i am entitled to at the full judgment to be as she by this cord at this time and some the fall order of the full judgment must contain the provisions that the above caps and matters shall be dismist in its entirety with we understand it was between prejudice and a prejudice prejudice means that it can never be brought up again and without prejudice means that they can not to morrow intonation i open i don't care if they haven't oh with without prejudice that does bother me uncle back to or they don't want me back in cork but i don't mind going back to court if that's what is going to take so now they've got the default judgment and it's pretty well spelled out and clear as to what you demanding an what you are one and now the prosecuting attorney if he gets this in advance is going to have to come up with some sort of shuck and give to get through this is now being called out on being irresponsible and he asked the i know and sometimes the judge will will back him like we did have her to have a judge and now taylor cor oh what the oh i don't know that don't with one of our oh fighters that when in the corn and pile that motion for default filed first of all the regular document and the motion for as he did not answer it and in court the judge sad yeah i guess we're in befall as a neat and run happened to be there listening and he caught that and so we now is given the to the ah prosecute thirty days so we come back in thirty days and the judge does a hundred and eighty degrees flint why you're not really in to fill and roses ever coscur and asciscens from other cord i want to speak to the cord can i speak to the and so the judge says yeah you cannot i sacconi come up to the bedesis all betoken come up to the podiendose so ran goes up to the podium and stout speaking anes i was sitting there thirty days ago when you say wasn't the old now you sang is not in the fall what is it i know what's the difference while the judge didn't and so the question the judge gave him a history as to what why i did a warrior and the iron will not be totally satisfied asked the judge first of all what he went up to the podium what do you think the question out of the judge's mouth to ran oh no are you in here oh that wanted to know can i control you or are you not controllable seroune's no i'm not a good one turne but i did finish last scroll and i got good credits i never toke and so the judge sent oca proceeding and rynason he set to the judge first do you republic exists and the judge stopped for while scratched his head looked back up it round it said yeah the republics and then one said i didn't ask the right one himself missus ave one more question your honour can i ask the second as and the second question was doomed the republic's exists not only in form but is and the judge agreed yes they do exist in for men in substance and that's why i'm here and to to defend the republics so he kind of put himself into a box but the next day the prosecutor attempts to answer the the puts the gig i finds two cases i don't know you know the sky must show it to disneyland doit he found two cases he rode on down he said because of this case in this case he is not in the fall in doesn't have to do the documentation and doesn't have to an doesn't have to hand sir and see our a two point one we also be survived is is okay hester i read those two cases that night had nothing to do with the fault in fact they had nothing to do with traffic they had inremember what they were i should pull em up and look out him aden they had they were light one was had to do with railroads and one had to do with something else so now we wrote that of tornup that prosecutor upon and we the next document that when in was the document of fraud on the prostitute and you couldn't you you wouldn't believe how fast they tried to get he was dark to one of our clients or one of our one of our workers how fast they tried to get him out of the corner you want a dismissal you don't want to pay any fine you just sit right there and don't move and we're going to take care of you right now we're just going to have to run is in front of the guns and they just to one to get him because if he would have proceeded with the fraud charge lord knows where that were in assettato general flinted i'll never forget that moment when he just set his drawn aside on change her european he's like he's like no no i would not and the jug sitting there going oh no and what am i going to do with this you are you sure and i he he is he stood there with that jos sat and not a chance and now kicked it into the pink basinlike in the face of the court and dragged and everybody on and that's a bit o beautiful thing i i got a lot er speck for somebody who was willing to stand up like that just so absolutely so that jaw and refused to move okay so we have gone through the default process and the judge is still heard knows he still going to play hare ballets at one dismissed the case he wants to continue this nonsense so they send you a bill on a little three by five card that she yours salvation it whatever and then you go in then you file the next thing you file is a motion for a more definite at once they send you the bill without the bill you can't do that so she send you a bill then you file a motion for more definite statement now being filled person to m cr to point one one nine so as of one in regards to the complaints last and then you say i dont editor hereby claim all rights as a citizen of the republic city tailor coneways oneselfor i am his held perses sachel erfore the single says that's a we are in charge and i do hereby state and claim that the station is she to me on for five eighteen which was heard before that court at a hearing conducted on seven twenty one and subsequently the corn ordered a judgment for the hundred and thirty dollars seven points on seven twenty four eighteen i here by staying claim that i stand ready willing but an able to comply with such judgment amount mentioned above having been issued by this cord and this and designed to be due and owing to me or owing by me at the amount of a hundred thirty so that now reliefs i jumped aided to hear my state claim that in a motion for a more definite statement is being made to discord to clarify dollars this cordes entered a judgment of a hundred and thirty dollars because there is in the banner and a staff but as failed to state to this defendant dollars of remember we talked about dollars is a measure is like an inch like a gallon it's a measure dollar is not that piece of paper you have in your wallet it's a measurement of gold of silver suitsvery important a genus standan so idea by state and claim that if this court i prophetically ordered me to satisfy my judgment of five gallons being the measurement of a volume i would also file a motion for a more defronte statement for the court to clarify as to gallons gallons of words jews gallons of distilled water gallons of dessaline gallons of pocket i assuming that this court can recognize and appreciate the probit predicament i have been faced based upon the above cerograph and my previous piled answer demanding a reply and continues desire and rights to live as a citizen in the repose and you find that in the old and rising lastochkin aim sure from the judges and how do they deal with that it while some of the judges ignore that statement and when i want to proceed through the others well not even in fact i had a salmon from taylor our clerk call me when i filed this most the day that they got the motion called me said that the judges not on to iriomoto is it fine and then two three hours later as back and says the judge is going to hear or i says okay i'll be there what day and time and so we said it and i walked in there of course he was acted like that man i've got this big black roll i'm stare got to be frightened of me and and i i wasn't frightened ah that's why ended up as being at defended and in a lossi filed against the it is then this is erectheion this is the next chap you have to do before you can go any further you got to ask the judge because according to michigan compiled law twenty one point one fine three one five for we've already spelled that out in the first document that the state can only demand payment and six species of money so which species do want is and how my supposed them none had penitis while you can pay in silver all on tell me where i can go in to market place and give him one paper piece of paper for one ounce is silver and i'll go do that and i bring you the silver it does on exists or gold that doesn't exist so puts the whole system in anaconda now the judge can continue to push forward as solomon i did solomon thinks long wollust keep we'll just keep the yank in his chains sooner's going to go with his in so the next thing you do is you can't or hundred and my case ordered thirty beans i i think i sent the you see that black eyed peas or i was going to send to coffee beans but one of my friends is there too spenseriana so i say it he was cheaper and he says well pindole it might be i say look i looked at my cupboard and i had a bag of black eye pee i counted out a hundred and thirty and put him in a little plastic bag and then along with that gave him put my exhibit i send it certified mail back and you have the exhibits now can you bring a upper you on to do that next when you think what ye say oh the judge he dismissed it yeah i think you should bring your old erinaceid dismiss it he's on the lost i'm sooing him personally i can interandean ed up retiring i find out that he retired shortly after a pile o lossie his sicily hilarious so fine you are hilarious so yet i think he should bring your exhibit in here will show it to what a hundred thirty black eyed peas look ah no what i'm saying it should we move on to the exit i sent them to you oh yeah i do think onewe'll go we'll go we'll go on the story you will go on to where you want to go on to amtuagan i think this is hilarious why had different we got we were quarter to eleven so maybe we should say that until next week that's wot don't think of this is an take wanted time i finish i keep talking about your story to the story is absolute harries you switch gears on me so fast i was like ah which exhibits are you talking about house i'm like all i'm a hipponous we solebas just one judge i've had other judges that a kind of less it open in a i sent in the beans and they they left it like it nothing happened i sent an other oh the city of taylor or or not the city but the countship of record i sent them honored lady beings i've sent prosepine i sent in attorney eight thousand beans tonio supposedly eight thousand dollars for credit card which was originally a five thousand dollar deo petite on three more sorry ended up with a thousand beans a big heavy box of the and with the exhibits and stuff and he sent them back to the and so while now once you send something forward and they rejected payment and they reject the dishes then there done on ter the republic doesn't he allow this back and forth so i wanted to fight on a little further and i sent him a letter saying in a what you've already i've already discharged this he continued to prosecute or pushcara with it then you will be trying to collect one and now now you've got to and in a cookie yard two times and that the non and so that was the young of that one the kind of twisted off into the into never never land and of the to them and i would really like this recorded like tiderecording to see the reactions honestly contingono be like can he do this is he down now the watonwan like lookin everybody and in the court one kipinkonetta do this you know i've seen that look in the board of canvassers face and the border lection a face of the pickaninnies this consecration is is so funny while your brilliant i love this kind of stuff its consent monsaide next week you can see it look right to her and me will have you pointill on the story here john yeah i think i think is this is as sensestaste is there anything else you are to talk about to day because i know you want to talk about the so called tornit yes we do have to soon called to morrow and anybody that whining to stand up and and you don't always have to stand up for a ticket but you could some of the tickets he specially like a sea belted sixty rocks that's an ed that's a good way to to get your feet in the course if you lose its sixty bucks a memoriter they can't add to a court cross and all that other craft they could try are you can continue to fight over the sixty but generally like i say when now we went into court and age to see belocked i tell you bout that he felttoget i don't know i've heard so many stories off for you i just i've just tried to log em all you know fanny this was a night nine years ago years ago nine years or i went in for a sea belt ah the guy the cup saw me driving without a seat belt on and i don't worse personal and he don't have any option to force me to do that so i get pulled over and i get it ticket my hand up in corn and i file nine page document and now its twenty three pages sin idea of how many windows which closes over time and i get in front of the judge who is that who is the corded ministrator and generally the corded in estrete doesn't sit on the bed because he administrates the courts all how can he be a judge at the same time but any but none the less they cleared the court room except for me and i runs sitting in the gallery watching and they called me up to the podium and i say i am john tailor on here to resolve this season whatever haydon judge on this friendly as i can be i always friendly while we smile i never angry so i walked up to a man and his son judge opens my follow magistrates my former other opens and he looked in at my folder and he never makes contact with men and he looks to the left any ss officer he and he looks to the right officer he he looks to the left officer hangs while officer and is at present having one there they sent them go gave donators so officer hans isn't there and while he's going officer haines officer in the bailiff is running around like of strengthsome you here officer eggs or can under the table under the theresian out the hallways postdorsal polovice an he goes back to the judge and he sits serais in present and the judges so they put on this chauf fer me and ran it and a hard time keeping himself from laughing are in the court room but he says let's get the old hat of her hope we would got into the parking lot in we she the got laughing as the what the heck is happened and we realized that morton prices shall become in some of the other cases we file scared the jeber's out of and that was in that and the materwhen got to the door a shop and waved it officer hangings on its serious as so funny well guess goin to be a great day to day and some so get hold the john tate for his winning wednesday night meeting and i think think that i think that'll be a good thing for all of us to get a really well educated on the sun so ah it's a it's a goin to be a great day to day there's so much going out on so much positive don't get caught up and what the media talks about and all that nonsense out there and i'll get in it they go remember this is a protection and they can't do anything about this if tried thousands of ways to get our guns stop or speech to do our papers make a sign papers against our will and if you know this then you can stop this is the isis the protection but if you don't know this then you're in your one at this all kinds of protections out there too besides that you know the the amorites under the color of law all that sort of thing i mean there's there's a tonisto out there so that people just really need to get educated on these things cause that's how we can strain the government is by using a lawful process to keep him in check so i think that's that's what we have to do as we have to reeducate ourselves though all of these things that the corporations have taken us hostage under as well as you know the the government itself which there work can gather economic warfare so dear hotplates thank you so very very much for the stay at all that work learning as we moved forward through the press as the taken this nation back we will follow you out into like the israelites left egypt out into the desert and the wilderness son will let lets you let you lead us every step of the way as we find our way back to a lawful form of governance and the the constitution which you gave us the protection therein thank you so much for a letterbut there know that we care about them and that we really care that everybody out of personal level is oisein things in a lawful manner on a structural level within our own government which is completely run mock we we thank you for the individuals that are standing and for each and every american out there and person who who really needs our help because we're america goes we know the world goes and were willing to stand in the gap for you for your creation for humanity for brothers and so and a and fight the good fight for the rights given to all people that you gave to every one on and the natural the natural rich you given us and we claim your kingdom the kingdom of god is the one we claim to day that your well would be done on earth as it is in havana we thank you so much for being with us in every channering every channel into every issue as well as the praise when in inhood times and bad times that we know that you're here and that your will is pinacoid and were just we hit wus wanted to clare that we have faith in you and trust in you it's not let our eyes see that our faith in our trust is in you could you are always good all the time and we are we're just thankful for the life you'd given us and the all the many blessings that you'd given us its wonderful wonderful time to be alive and were thankful that you chose us to be here now we love you please bless every single person out there give them great wisdom discernment and joy and comfort as we go through the stay and help us to see the things you want us to do to be to thee and have a significant purpose and jesus ain't e pray a man so everybody here we go oh here it is john thinking me man go to bradborne not come because i am not conceding to lir's cheats and thieves branford gets everyone soon everybody out there and soon to be finally anacalipsis bonito change the name of the stackers party to what they should be able to rubberstamp but guess they just don't want to be helpful right now so we're going to go forward in that direction and who who knows we might we might have going a lot of directors if anybody out there is an attorney that wants to make a make a significant change in the state of florida and or against foreign money and foreign for money by an american and give me a call six one six four three zero or for one zeroooo a fight for you to get involved in and i think if this could be a really really those to go after at any rate i just want to let everybody know that we care about too and that your family you are american family your human family your family that is the family of god cares about each and every one of you out there and you're never ever alone never truly alone i may feel like it you may feel like you're at the end of of one thing or another but realize that we need to help each other out and oh the galat we were talking about the other day that had overestimation not doing great still need to be praying for morgan in her family so please pray for morgan and family reallyreally kind of unfortunate situation so we're going to be praying for morganton the prayer to day but god flees bless morannearly today help them see this difficult time and help her to turn towards you and find the ultimate and comfort jews nepemuch so anyhow we love you we love all those whom you love god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless him markets good to a great day it's a choice it's always the so as we can take bad things and turn him into something really good ah with or choices and god does it all the time every day every minute of the day so we can follow his lead it's all about him it's by his strength and his might not ours we deadto be willing to do what he asks have a wonderful day to day it's a lot o celebrate praise god less the son good music out there and enjoy your time to day calculator remember imeeo trunk had as from flag whatever you've got this support trunk and you should be out there showing it off to everybody that you are supporting to yes his support trunk or defied that's what it is re fire he is support president trump now stand for more fire so they go soldiery gor i brave our brave a rightful president of the united states taken everybody in and set enagena traps and holland a man so have a great day everybody god bless