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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/25/2022 - Live - Attorney Dan Hartman and Mellissa Carone

Published Aug. 25, 2022, 8:01 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg with brandenburg news network it's august twenty five i am donna brandenburg and i am running to be the next governor of the state of michigan under the us tax payers party it's a very exciting time to be alive and were seen things happen that we never thought were possible and as bad as things look sometimes i'm going to tell everybody take her because there's an awful lot of good people that are doing a lot of good work and i wanted to bring somebody out in the morning an now we've got we've got a inhumanity and heart and who is going to be in to day and on the death flaccidly for you because this guy is one of my heroes admiral mirages and i just wanted to renominate him start the more elevated men and women at the national security ensuite state sarcoma they believe in their missions they believe in doing the right thing the right way the mayor committee doing it within a legal framework because the imperative for us have always believed his evasion to ensure the security never never forget that we've got to do it too that empowers the fundament what the governing document for our nation doesn't start or of the state its start talking about the whites of every one of us but that same document also talks about the roof the government in insuring the safety security prosperity a citizens as we can figure out how we're going to meet both of those incredibly foundation i can be one of the other we got how do we do the mission in a way that engenders complete and trusts in a world in which propitiates is not easy to as it may shoregate honest with presently low confidence the structures that we have created over time to govern ourselves insure our tactile and so what's happening you know in my little slice of the road happening in a much water did in the said port as it is in angers much as a dialogue angry people yelling it scrinch other generally doesn't generate better outcomes or solutions we've got to figure out how we can have a dog and how we going to figure out how we're going to keep the old getaway that generate same time the curing or security of anything is affected by circuity so we all need to come together and secure a network and make united states the best possible country in the hope then i ride i love that i like the iliad dianoia the and i think she's amazing so good morning donal and i'm going to go right to our guest here dan hartman now how are you good morning but that harry the more a wonderful how are you too bad i work and work and hard you know unlistened to the bunch of ideas from the windows we can last week and then it is very interesting very formative well i appreciate the opportunity the talk i had rare privilege of having one of those over convention lives and there was a lot of things that happened there and for having me on to day to talk about that i did want to ask you if i can open with from ronald reagan one of my favorites which start the absolutely so ronald reagan rights from samaritaine preserve our blessed land we must look to we realized that we need god more than he young and old joined together as did the first continental first heartfelt for the love of god and his great lessons his piece in the rest of his hollands on herself are nation are friends in the defense and all my time now and always the turn to god and reiterates in him for the healing of america no and ready for spiritual renewal to day we have no prayer more fervently than the ancient prayer for peace at bless you and keep you the lord makes face shine upon you be gracious and the lord looked up his counterpane and god bless you thank so i got a head skip my prayers this morning so far out to and i no but later but to talk about the mill and it is available in all the different segments in part one intent well it is as it is in and anybody that concerned about election take the time you at that same or is current of the ten and i wanted just some of the things that happened there share with every and abrogate version their interest or they'll go back two days to i spent the day driving there and back two days very busy and i will tell you that that time must invaluable and down i know that you would watch some what did you think about what you saw i ask you i that my my reaction to the lenire thing was that this is so so large the troubles in our elections are so large there so bad an as so many issuant out one individual problem it's a whole chain of problems that need to be fixed in the elector and the other thing that he really that i really thought was amazing it wasent opportunity or how we need to get people in all on the ground every single person needs to be educated about this process and be involved in the process in order to fix it we we are going to have to remove a corrupt people in office and the process he has to change because it's been co opted to the ballot will not be in amity believer be able to be workable in my opinion then the machine he tole the eliminated well i agree with everything that you said there and i want to i want to give a couple of recent that would be a conclusion number one we need to scrub her order rolls and start over might be we need to re register two we absolutely need to eliminate male and votes three we need to have secured paper for all used in person to dump a between a voter roles in other areas and we need to vote in our that is extremely i do have a few comments and i just want to say that a lot of debate about how we make sure i got to tell you that it looks a little bit grim ill when you watch everything that is there and i do have a few a number one use of do not use a marker do not use a black old what i would tell you as a that is marked with are still in the a square as it may be completely and vote in and the day of the what i will just tell come to learn more about the not only provide them the ability to trace individual folder and their likely to be able to build a grim it i it is very very so i would also orders not to vote straight when we had been doing audit with mission election integrity force casually affiliated with not a member of the they have provided me last of information in abnormal amount of party republican had joe in if you have a straight party vote and then you let from that into a candidate the more defined race the general it is very simple that if you haven't gone through an a she manipulation or another or could a i wanted just start off by and love i want to states i want to go all the way back to to our election decided we needed suddenly had an cats dimples it was an punching out intentionally inserted heavy and therefore we were trying to determine the powers he had been looking at and trying to alter our elections wanted us to digital and not a conspiracy but i will tell you that following that election the american boat studied by a semi coma came out with a lot of recent they decided to do was to create a centralized and connected one as for finding courage the to abandon their trading preelection and motored digital without going any further to say that it is well not when you have the computer you cannot make it and whether it's interrogated the internet systems are vulnerable and i want to just start off by saying that well now within single thing that we can talk about go back to the solar wins able to penetrate our government highest to a penetrating unpre in voting system in manipulated is easy and i want you to be aware that there are four actors no election could be enemies either form or domestic that have done this i will just say that this that i saw the milanese multi story building that was yet number work i go there every day and their entire job in western men for vulnerabilities look for and that's a scary have you have you heard that before that and any one of course and it possible to whatever across the infinite have ability to have someone grab it changed the intendant the involved the we have this selection system that has an illusion of a in reliability happens parts it controlled very well and that's what everybody is long and i make this serapion right now to the magician does is it as you look at some i trust and believe and meanwhile they're able to and what is really crazy as a tango back to you and i started to have a cerinthe august second primary there is an absolute county board open and subject to the full change that election system that concerns pretty process in that the ballots before they arrived there the aggregation and the cumulation of boats that occurred on the flat the free from the childers so let's kind of get into the to the milan dastardy here with you the the first thing that i wanted to say is that when you arrived outside in you when any until at the show identity and you were pressing and you had to look raised background check even in i tell you they had some benson that were salted they were i mean if they were aware for they were clean or incurred out honestly it was the first thing that tended to happen and and then your credentials were checked and the delegation went into this area which i once the areas besides the a large convention all and all that had set up where you could watch what was going on the convention hall and it had odenberg that there was a great buffet for a dinner there was all the drink in and it was really well presented and made to make it stay right in there the entire time and not in the lobby a number of places that were set up the step outside in and a lot of the who's who in election there is within the convention all round the outside are reserved for the men i was disappointed that victims did not show there and no man faces none of them were there really are and was i will tell you that they recorded them and presented the entire repudiate rely upon me many christian broadcasting network were so the media had an area not where they had raised platforms and the drag acts i will just say that first of all the value first class the first and i want to just point out that was not a cheap event to troendelag mike indeed not charge in anything that went he was interested in promoting the information ah you know there was no adds for my pillow it wasn't about sally wasn't drifter an the other he was there as a as a praying christian man expressing concern for this at of the convention started off and they want three main poles he wanted you wanted to review a little bit of how we got where we were and then he wanted to talk about what people were clinging on the ground when they were starting to verify it as one the night was the plan of the election you got a chance to watch election i have not octogenarian my poor and that's your beer i want to just mention a little bit about seein election an ape and what have we in colorado and curse a man among so that day when you watch that drop the hammer on the i when i was describes a gold star mother whose sons and did ran for office came the clerk you wanted to do a good job for love like most of the they talked very very anybody could corrupt the she was getting citizen reports from things that they found an a she was slow to believe it she started off her prose and that was what her experience told her it was from her frame of red however one day there the copers he would have the ability these election that letter in my never meant to her all the secretary of state could blame her for the loss of any election any way snappers do the fleet goes ahead of a yeah it departments for the county to provide back up steer data which they very simple you do if you had a hard inform in somebody and experts community not an election backed up her you back up the district and to make sure that it's not corrupted to what is called a security has or an empty five had really tells you that starting from the same and it is kind of an anti manipulate it's kind of like a seal for china cried that path down it you can take that as and they can all the in to analyze them loaded and that's cleared he did then when the secretary of state came in and he colorado she had them come back and make a second and then because of everything that was going on she decided to come her information was when but the rather i guess she was able to curious state the town is election and she had the proof with the before he asked it over to people in she made a public i informed citizen borders technical skills could make a comparison and as public enemy number this is a woman who started off but anything could go wrong i trust never in a way our being i tell you that woman's not not going to imitate her she's not going to back down she's already given her what i mean and we now look at that now think about you watch that tore some are to sit there and be to watch and pay and one what a lot of people thought the same or was to our important but that's not what the seminar was i want to people saw that moaned okay as the attention of the rest of i had mentioned that there were two other parts and as how we got to me that was important for setting the stage at the time i was watching watching it from home it might have saved low a crime but tis a trial of the the election and when you think about that he to day marie and douglas pure genius as i look back on talked about the ceiling after the election on remind the people there how they felt after the election came a the boat nights were paused when there was darkness january from january when they started censuring people at the big lie shut down talking about the little ray of the miracles encouraging entice people to begin to look at and he did a really nice job of in my own life recount that i was don made and as the money stertinian party which i had not done so my money into fraudibus they never did anything about election however feelings of watching what was going on to jane and when the unclouded was sent for of the twitter and people that were saying anything about the election our freedom of a speech or freedom of association was challenged it was a dark time in a far and delectable you experience any of those i think that all of us were basically shopland marion and so i think that following that milan dowden's he pointed and people who had here given is raised of he decided to next grass roots had done within the fifth through the monasterial order and i'm going to ask you look at a few of those obviously michigan would be important obviously the georgia and they're all itemized to watch the whole day the georgia extremely important i also think like kansas was important scout that ends a happening is winnowed we can across the there are two things going on number one finding a regularity that then you are a far it's not a county michigan problem not a michigan pro then you'll be left with inclusion of this that there are housewife peter programmers to go and talk to the to demand information and require when you are on one hand widespread in everywhere and the other hand you're in every state there are some that is asking the thing that is a uniform saying that came out of that entire process though an i was the lack of transparency in our election if the information to verify prove the result barriers are blocks might be on official state it might be the legislation people who do not want the american population to have access to the information but what happened in our so i ask you to georgia then for to day did you get a chance to do yeah i watched george of glory kingsmoreland that i stomachache we walking from the tutoring on but waiting get reorientation ah your own just like you he initiates meliorate is molesting oneness then because i can he gathers a tenebrous the sound as she on me on the phone is coming coming back through asia if you hear me not well i could hear you before it for you not me talking so just and to okay all right i'll love i moved out of that office but i go back i wanted i wanted to talk to you about the things that were in my opinion that was the florida went out and a thousand laborers they really able to verify it was all it was analysing the spirit so in michigan welfare called fandangoes and the anemones somebody that doesn't address and the ghost fortissimo that the adverse boolong and generally in florida obviously they were able to find a donative pro all about how i he didn't ditcher county and they had to did that not i added but he machines had slipped out very somewhere to answer to so when you hear this business about answering county being a one off and not not the in george talked about another race very summer to and from county where boats were not counted in were footsore that case the woman in her had voted for her candidate for county commissioners and her precinct reported zero vote ended up going back in having recounted she went from third place in the primary to first place in the and that what's really crazy about that is i democrat when we start looking at the fact that the and the machines have debility to slip out i think kansas and george did a good job of showing that answered county was not the other thing that i think was important as we began to look at some discussion started in the small report on the first day and then finished with the long from wisconsin but wants more information fraud do and read the cable men reports he filed a report that was hired by the legend are former supreme court just and he went through and detailed to find him of of what was gone down to day one we had heard from in her how all of the found problem run into and there was a lack of transparency and lack of access to the data that the electronic information around the federal election arrested that we are and we had michigan ave puritan absolute lack of transparency the war it for some reason have decided to one of the things that's going on in the adams town should case down in his i she was into in a letter signed by jonathan greater to destroy the lection a feline us to do so and chester issues going on to me is how anybody could sit there and listen been involved in elections i been talking to people and looking at it is i've looked at my own records i looked at the records around here and i see my own eyes convince a guy i'm going to tell you i started out something must even i and in gaols to see evidence verman shocked the fact is reinforced by the fact was not alone in mischief there and that more important enwound the room and i saw people myself that were dead went to baden and thakane no you know i got up to next day and by the time i got over there i had to pass samstag and we had worship when we had church and that were there a whole heartedly for our nation we asked for god's intent and then what i will just say is that we started the evidence called the trial of and round the little bit and i wanted and reorganize the information but i don't remember the days for the end when he testified he was a gentleman who was a democrat said he voted for jo bid describe how into first had computer elections he was able to write a line candidate that he wanted to win by forty nine said this collins states that on the it was written as by a white hat rose which he wanted to vulnerable thought it was crazy that people would use at what he found was by two thousand four very simple called to was was being to alter or something very election to make things fifty one forty nine anyways he in years about the fact that able to happen very simple you insert the malicious code into a in hard wire in rome why you could tell it's theirs by examining the and more importantly you could hack again put the cold in there and do pull it out curious about his little twelve line one is like it required it to be active collect results and then you activated you say well that can't happen in our well i just explained that antony had slipped cherokee county kansas that slip bolts and charged slip it is possible to do you start with this thing and i wanted to put him for the first the roses showed up in a fairly conservative probably the only democrat in the room group of purple there too basically say missus because the man loves us and trying to somebody pretention until mike linda took well i am a intercommunicate and there backward economies of the eye alone on both sides the irreconcilable but which has the taint misleading in the pastoral look at the individual in somebody wants to forward from an area that you might necessarily and created to as long as gossamer and let a man as fireheart he dialogue and that with the so a hundred and i think part of the division of america i classes and party affiliation religious space america has against each other as the as employed to weaken us for her stories and it it it's very very it's very very disturbing to me at any rate to see this level of hatred from americans towards other americans and as long as they can keep a fighting each other we can't i can identify or fight the real enemy which is the globe that have sucked us into their little organized crime poitevine us i just wanted to let you know my and he so i on just conjoint the next point here is that i set the stage and my mind enough was at the the next thing that we hear hear about was we heard from people we heard from a colonel that had work and we understood a little bit more about moran scatchard word these programs were actually the united states they interfere and for foreign election i believe that different countries have had their elections tampered where the united states has changed the outcome as a kind of reported during the same happened to other people and of course what did they do they went to the streets and they protested and they said that's not accurate matter contrast and they were changed and after and nobody ever really expected that would be applied to the dona the next thing that is when through he actually find the records in the not only from the ten of peter example which was an expose but for looking at castlebar i don't know if you have seen or not the video that jeff done out the long reclothe for common and one thing that during the fifty state presentation that was important was that there was a stop in the body i and i want to take a moment explained the people that her listening a work when results are collected there than go to the they been or than transmitted by the county to the and then the state transmits them through a company called edison data the associated press makes it available there's automatic this process and as these packets of information get a blow at it is a cumulative process be going forward and going back jefson that shifty eight times in her accused primary taken in a county how ralph remember more than one thousand votes in a county mattress the removing boats in the changing there is a video which i will send you and we're done here that you for your views opposed jeff donald here has calm election ization in time over as you can imagine the tiny girls by and asked the time trilby doing this he is postmaster of what the results are a boat but for in person in absence and you watch the lines go forward and go backward and go forward and go back as the plain from the addison that in order to understand the information that the other end of the stream to compare to the edison data one of the emphasis convention was the focus on the cast and i want to get some of my second but here they are this is a power point present slides available the balancelle gram from jeff done matamore and he appointed action to ask everybody in mission at their castle well i wanted just to tell you that and the paris believe me i'm not taking the credit for the work of the many many people have worked with jason and we had already let we had a request in most of the cases from the august second prime important about the august second friday i not available and violation from the twenty twenty election available for but i following the august second rose and that information because we were able to act within the seven days digital information in some cases we've been able to procure information that further show interesting information that outside the will become this we found january job taking the showing that election by before he does and up it's very important that people would watch another at least for the missionaries he cast have been there and if you want to get involved in you want a volunteer concerned about election i recommend that you contact election and and read the six reports they put together and find out what their canvases done and see if you can voltage involved the a nonpartisan i indamora or taxpayers party it is a non partisan another i soon partisan let i was able to go as an attorney and a pole challenge they have a need for volunteers that they have some he address the to a general like so i wanted just mentioned to you now if i could that in this trial of the machines that dropped wild moment of the i guess i would be missed if i didn't spend the last little few minutes that we have together on that like an descried he simpson that i and release the some people don't even know her cap he is he look at dignotion that transferred over the internet time stamp and it has a packet of informing transmit time stamp and there's ways to verify when i in about they're not that important in inside the pie caps in which you are monitory in other words if i was trying to figure out whether or not for a criminal case it crime or an make a horse case of somebody had computer to communicate with somebody else one of the ways i could do that would be to examine the top another way i could oh i had the ability to hit the record by and i was able to actually recording that long time ration that you and i are recorded in real time capture the dat whatever that information is whether it be a video stream or whatever dat you can actually capture that in the peak by themselves in an election they are more about the formation you if you were to understand that order to have to be surveillance on me we start that no blue the whistle on the fact that our government was by no in violation of law as a result he paid the made that problem the national security resting facing legal consequences decision to do so what ended up happening as milan delaid that he had never shared with his sources had multiple sources she thought but all trace back to one gay without him ever it was previous the medium began to attack this gentleman by the name of democracy and i want to take a pause here and i wanted to we are looking for evidence of what happened in this you think about what i know is under the rules to abide said the can rely upon an expert explain things for you and they are able to examine and look at things and explain what they a man related to a if i wanted to have an expert call somebody who's on the coffee shop and make it tell me different times and what the desert rose twas on a dark road was you know at the end of the day they could explain to me that you know the temperature of the water in the purity of the water and they could all about no all of the next for witnesses to make it so that the ordinary person understands the information relevant for making it when you have an expert witness you still need to look at the underlying the jardines expert witness a trial of the chains and the other good job of explaining a simple ordinary contact so thundering dad and what it if i were to you're welcome to try it too but i come you know i can tell a light rod it was whatever you wanted then i given a pinon about what the underlying informing and that is a valuable important part of how we make the let the yet i don't just discredit somebody when you're trying to figure out the expert is telling you that you do look at what are they getting from this what are they gaining are they beaten pay by dominion of the being you begin to look at and try and understand at the what exactly the motive you can always find a smoking is good for you doesn't kill you which we had experts testified to that and then eventually lastly comes out and there's a war of see that word experts over climate change we've seen it over and what the master whether shots are good all these different where you are you are ultimately delegating your trust to another expert if you let them make the here from all the experts and decide what you believe or don't you watch that trial of the machines and you listen to these experts it'll help you one type of witness that is very important in a is a witness would be a fact drops you have a you would want to tack the credibility that witness by their prior criminal one looked at whereto inconsistent stories you'd want to find out if they had more of envy is mother might lie to protect the child defend it might lie and you want to take a look really interesting is whenever you have a whistle will i don't care what organization i remember one time represented was lower who report they were scraping let pan off the macarian letting it fall in and how the union said it wasn't true and the prince company said it wasn't true and how the attack him he wasn't even able to get another job nobody wanted to work with them and i became a bride so what ended up happening as a witness that forward on ethical grounds this doesn't feel right they try to tell some in their often rewarded with all kinds of attacks in our whistle blow protection as are pretty we remember the whistle blower that wasn't a real whistle blown you ran we understand that when there's whistle blowers you step forward that you step out and you are going to be you're going to be discredited that's wise bordering with onion you step forward as a whistle understand that if i look at the densmore first of all he work for all the relater when they them out the pet them into contracts for defense contract do much like when we asked the state for information they could all we don't know anything about that they're not subject to find they're not experiment at he ended up happen in this montgomery apparently was one of these guys who have surveying american in violation of law instead of having to work for the company to and then he told the government what he was doing as far as fine an american and as a result of him doing this he's watching certain and what he watches the election it we need to report so he tries to report it as a last goes to the three lever agencies and he reports to the whistle blown congressman tried and even and the listener take him sir he starts getting discredited by the way the government doesn't give it to that they think is somebody that can be de when somebody all of that while he got a wonder may be their ethics were he decided to the life and liberty to montgomery and this that one was ways that he contrasted the information to my london violate security this company to mike the marriage the ingenious when they got around the now in order to possession of the same form that america was surveyed america this man had left the record but captured the steel of our elect do so now a horror a judge saying that so now we have an order that and the company that milan down now for national dear details of the program that spies in america can release the information save the information doesn't the devices and says that he can't release the information so meanwhile mandelstein sued by dominie and the time and sent by these companies saying that claims were false and they went to court or detain how the information he asked as a national he's got the minute only two i filled the motion with protective order so he can use the information to defend his last the alter purity they have to make the lot the guest the use the information defenders or for national he can defend himself to the last claverton the moral history if you wanted to watch the sansome i go on to the riespach and you can look at the information can look at the aphidian court she a real whistle blower who had real information in the real stories about the to take a wild hair intuition and this is i make that some of those files down at milan he wanted to all the out programs and information they wanted to read deal with our voting and the domestic surveillance of people in violation of law and and what better way to bring the high light on the and that's one of the reasons why they're saying for national a possible explanation as to why they wouldn't want to release the appian why was formation i want to just say this that time that i had the patriots who had found the anomalies by knocking that i remembered how i had and i where i've seen my own eyes and that i have a vote property that i he didn't that i have cases have family members whose votes were in person to absentee i have family members when they voted on an election day their boats now recorded his countenance the as i have other family members who can be registered dad woodeny mother he lived in the state thirty years when i see all these problems with our election at changes that happen starting in we made our a basis for what qualified voters one and a uniform system people could have access starting i'm really in i might say that i was set up but i'm going to tell you if you had a trial of machines i would find i a skeptic i recommend for that would unsetting there trying to think of this from the perspective of now in defending the machines with what i've come for listen to the expert witnesses i've listened to doctor frank i listened to jeff ordinal i've listened to joe by i listened to the other experts i was more than weren't even there the stuff from called on man and bent at other what i can share with you machine our boatable to be attack through thumb drive or from being connected to the internet or heavy malicious program in then what we have as we have this underlying problem we do not have a secure and say a process for counting i'm going to tell you there's a thing called black box the bootblack back but that these very very proud i'll try and send that to you for a link as well make that beltravers on with that came at the end of the day when you get to the end and you see all their evidence of what is happening to be found on the i realize we state problem you begin understand i think that this happened in all these and you realize that ballots that are manufactured and added like the two thousand mules that come in through a ballot box or through the voting if you have accentuated motor come in the form of i amediately or changing the records its manipulate the again come in the form of that is bold balance stuffing and altering the and i want to go back to the time i mentioned about the united states for i'm sorry to our in that case the united states supreme court stopped the florida re he said a right that the equal protection of right that that we have a right to we know that there was a time when women that were allowed to vote and minorities were allowed to vote based on equal if you were a set qualified develop and in michigan you have to be a citizen whose nod in care we don't even exclude of eighteen years the the resident what and so in a very low and under equal protection have and also on the same protection says you also have the right not to have your to offset by ballot and if you have somebody who votes it's not election delacour vote upset it's a violation of another third thing that they talked about his never right to have your and that means that not only have the right to have you have the right to have the mexican and then more importantly than that is counted as it when you think about your equal protection right not just people to vote and promote the vote and we need to make sure every vote that is but is it lawful i the boat is actually was intended by the first the so donatello of calls to action one of the tins about this compact light on the the land how but what i want you to understand detroit when we were down there we found out that that as they have a system called the barge a process they are able to do stands in their connected into the qualified voters to has access to a qualified voter the machine also as to bid make a ballot stuffing with the folds in and not after so when you wondering how the old were able to drop a ballot all official and looked all good and was goodenough to fall on honest election whether it went into a male box was nailed on a little bit concerned about he got at qualified voters the other thing that i will tell you is that as i'm thinking about where where we need to go with michigan election reform is machines have to go there is no separating with machines and a man propose the file he must protect this is a pack of the races and i'm here at a came looking down over my head for i conceive ballad i would have a republican and democrat in the third party he stand around where they could watch me countess on a camera which is life stream to america and it is recorded recording information the first thousand and i was all out the market first i a in regal through and when i get to the last you announced the toadstools had about how it's mark everybody agrees on it on camber it moves on at the end of the day you can the president in the open the next the salivary alison i am careful where at the former just what when you're done with helping through this i the different at a fair open and transplant process surrounded by your neighbors in your precinct in your neighborhood and when that process is the lincoln into the county or the fainthearted report the you can emancipate and send them at that the one on the road from the court of in the central community you have done the stand that evidence is come out of our lives he claims to be an air gap it has a book yes of it's not and in the tomb drive that some drives the more don't have achieved a change a little very very georgia happen and stale here exactly every not even possible and i want a little shout out in a a running till he came up when ryan county was an absence very very i seconds not there are that i've been informed of that have more people don't make registered on and what i will just say for all throughout the i some this our flat for the are make out i like on the very little bit he had exact order of so now one a very very hard and northern recounts arbiter and just don't believe you know the reality is night behind the candidate public the problem that's what you're released for a lot of they feel like the around and in five candidates congratulations i am praying and they also they also even when i went from one that there was a finger and so i know no latitat regarding for rhineland the primary or the other candidate for a home that they don't want to go to and i know that a lot of those people are give you a real hard love him and consider your on the merits and so i just wanted wanted to say that from my pen after a man of intercessor that very how was yeah and i think we weaned to do as we need to be loyal to the american crosses my mate have to be loyal to the process of our voting process and to america that chateau know when people are so tied to a candidate that they're willing to to put them in office i can't i can't think of a bigger betrayal right there you know we we we plunge ourselves to america and to it a fair and equal elections for the fact that everybody has a chance you other voice heard and let the people decide i have a big problem with a way that the the the choosing of candidates within the parties in general from the present delegates as we've seen intimidation we seen coercion for the for the precinct delegates and such the whole processes is most definitely broken and i would fight for you know i did that to mister mark after we were illegally removed of the ballot to the five of us were i said if i win this case my wind is going to be to put us all back or not just myself because i believe that the voters need to decide who they want an office not a not a party not a rag process not people with a lot of opinions that but it has to go to the vote of the people and i would uphold that no matter no matter who got in i would defend that that process for whether i agree or disagree with the candidate if the process was fair i would defend that very encouraged by the fact that your brainworm one look at the underlying sorgenfri the experts their power points care about america i mean this is a threat i just downfall and understand that of i'm talking to have been working election integrity that haven't taken the time out what is going on in the informal he still doing their sums and i am standing appreciate all of that but everybody needs critical information that michael and all put together he put it into a package and unfortunately it took two days to some rise it here in an hour because i want you to rely upon what i've said but i wanted to your to go back and watch the informed i tried to understand is a significant pro and i wanted just extend my gratitude to you don unfortunately i have to be off and i wanted to extend my gratitude to you for hearing me out for her one well i really want to thank you for coming on here i want to i want to thank you for coming and sharing all your information i love listening to your breakdown i'll processes and also the these solutions to fix them from from a lawful perspective its very informative and it would go back to the fact that when they took seicento of our school system in the replaced it with nonsense like certain now just a cultural mark is and that they've been teaching we have lost the grasp on what really is going on how the process should work in it and replaced it with a lot of emotional nonsense we need to get back to this sort of an formation so people know how is supposed to work get them involved with things go wrong and continue because that this nation is not like you can put it on autopilot we we have to be involved if we try with a son autopilot and let somebody else take care of it and not be involved we will lose it and and so i do find that this process of bringing you on an you know brandanes now work and others is so valuable in letting people really know the foundations that were that were laid out by the founding fathers as well as what's currently going meantersay and the united states america who standing together i believe that we can we yes i agree when percent on an apologia maititi are one or not that it was in there and thank you and god bless america and god bless mine fighting treating thank you so much for all your dominating as it anoint see what your actually bears etonian a day now unintermittently i have not found many many people who equal her resolve and your ability to tirelessly work for this nation as a true patriot and a very honest man i i thank you so much on behalf of myself and all of america who may or may not even know what you've done or what you're doing but but they will at overtime you know i believe that every one is going to know what you do and all the patriots standing with you it's inspiring a thank you so much thank you very much have a great day a last and with that i'm going to add mister on how you do it and more how god how are you good i decided to change my hair i know danilovitch you thank you i figured you know falls coming and i needed a change and the time that they were now i noticed that when i was watching a bag stage i like i love the collar all thank you no my mineral colors is pretty actually pretty dark it bore there but ye have so much easier to keep up with and i do you high lights in the front other than that i'm pretty low maintenance i did up my watch my hair like that i don't drive anything i nearly did what do you think of an he's amazing as dan is amazing he is working so hard i can't believe that the guy can keep up with his you know every day and that he had and then anapou what he is doing you know with helping the patriots here and i've seen him in an action so i know dan and i tell you what he is a very honest man and we had the privilege of being able to you know you know i call him a friend he truly is an amazing individual and i think that this is something to bring to the forefront because we you know i go right to problems i like to look at problems i don't like to look at the good stuff because the good stuff doesn't mean fixing him by nature i am a rescue or in a fixation a lot of people get sick listening to the things that are going wrong but how we do a thorough assessment of what's going on we can never really fix it we and we've got to uncover every single thing that's been done in correctly to the nation because honestly this is an attack on our nation when when you go back to what they found out in the pit were one point at millionaires were their information sitting on severer and china in the possession of the case we've got a big problem because that the lives of these people or are in my opinion it compromised the safety and security and the whole united states of america by this kind of ale it it lives of americans and gobryas they can be black mailed they can hit they can be targeted and such but it is certainly is it is in my opinion it was an act of war on the united states of america to take over our election and and we know that their tracking people i'm going to have to ignore guy on on monday and his name is at and i i believe they were in a car accident and they were hit one they were speaking out against the constitutional memento which we all have the new ones which are a sham they they are misleading it horrifically and there's a couple of guys that have been speaking out on this very very vocally on how the ass wrong well they were followed home after navette were speaking at and for vehicles at them rolled their car three times now aminadab to this and say you know i don't need a hundred different experts to tow me to make a decision on the fact that something doesn't seem right here and i know that there are people standing around that in fact sabbathless was absolutely in their opinion watching what happened an hit johannean why because they want to shottery single one of us then subject to subject to be infolded i know i know i know quite a few people who have been followed and you know the blackest or care that follow people home or sit down the street from from them and and this is not a game any more and those trowelling to stand up and speak out you know i'm going to tell you i feel an counted a privilege to both now and stand with true american patriots who will not back down will not give up will not be intimidated and have actually put her with their lives on the line and for for this nation mike window look at that look at the tax he has been through it with his hesiod man he is a very good man he has been man and i and he spending all of his own money on his i mean the guys been every time you see him every single time you see him doing a live notice that he's in a hotel he is always in a hotel room he's never come ever i mean he's been traveling around the country for the last two years talking about these i don't know anybody who dedicates that much time you know and money all their own resources doing pang for documentaries paying for all this information to get out to the people you know getting kicked off of all these conservative new organizations lion air you know getting sir paperwork and public on the media is heretic and terrible with the due to people and you know i just got you even look at your mail oliver you yea i never really do it but every time i do it i do i twice a moonlike the ever inordinately something that i like what in the world was this coming in the mail yes so tis one i got this morning said today i'm going to receive france a here what was that are you getting seed again as if to gore it's a jury is an important jury summons and close so so in i just do myself but you know everybody knows my address whatever but it doesn't matter i've been back several times but so and i live in eliminating so i actually feel safe because i have so many neighbors neighbors and people are always watching i like living in a cone so and nobody i dare you see that marjorie telegram do swathe other night at one o'clock in the morning yeah they swathe and sat there a kind and danger and act of shooter that some i don't know what exactly it was but they said that there was a promise of she got swatted the other night so there there are so many ways to launch in the tank on good people but but this is killing people with you know with vehicular accidents there's a enough proof that this is actually happening that you'd have to have your hand your head in the sand you know or the denial of a much how much stuff is actually going on out there because there is a toast going on out there and we were not in kansas more were not we know this new suffusion on for so long we just in realized that it was going on but we can't just bury our heads any more that this nation is being stolen from us when you look at the republican primary which you know five of us were illegally removed by from the ballot by whom the board elections for the canvassers under whose direction that would be secretary of state office on and we were illegally removed and then there was no recourse in the courts and the court system basely said that you know there was equal protection violations for myself as well as constitutional so the course system laid down the michigan supreme court took the coward's way up and then in the last two weeks we find out that these same voting machines voting processes basically it looks like the staff the court for the supreme court this is astakeelee officials from the top to bottom then you get sucker box and involved in it and sorrows in all of this and i'm going to tell you what this criminal organization that has been a play in the united states of america is set against we the people this is not this is not political parties it is not political correctness this is organized crime together and it's not there's no two party system everybody must understand that there's no two party system the republican democrat all that is it's all it's a big money making scam is what it is the intake against each other they lie they there's the republican platform i can guarantee you that ninety per cent of our elected republicans are let's say selected republican legislative they have no idea what the republican platform has in it nor do they agree or support in any way the republican platform now has trump added that you know the border wall the republican platform and nobody has added language into the republican platform in a very long time before that but he was able to add that now if you call yourself a republican and you and you don't support having the walls our country actually you know protected so because you don't have a country if you don't have more you don't and everyone knows that every country knows that besides america now you know every other country knows that you i can't you arrive and go to another country and say hey i'm here i'm going to stay here no we don't we don't write since it will in this this is the way that they can overload the welfare system which should be going too you know it help iterate did the same thing in world war i by in the south of france they flooded the flooded france with refugees they called the refugees but they weren't it was an invasion in the form of refugees now the united states america right now we've got a really complicated problem in the complication comes in from the fact that we've got a pipe line than going all the way to south america with with children and this is another one of those looks like a dot quackdoctor dock there is absolutely no possible way that shoonoon to thousand miles through our southern border into the united states of america and when you start putting together the pieces instead of listening to what they say but actually putting the pieces together you've got ten thousand kids a week disappearing into the united states of america that they cannot track now i look at the bigger problem with spies and how many kids are disappearing through spies and then the human trafficking through our through agencies appearing as adoption agencies or social service agencies in all of this nonsense which if you look at their nineties which i have in a couple of cases said human trafficking fined and operated through our own government we are here are up against a machine which is of that is if then it would profit of a human tragedy in a way that we we can't even every day it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and the only way to stop this is for we the people you and i to say we're done with were john with his sham political party if they were actually going to do something they would have they were in charge of our house in our senate for how many years in state of michigan rather want control so another they did nothing and then another thing that somebody was talking about another issue that somebody was talking about on my face but i really don't know the woman's name but she very well spoken and she was explaining what is going on with montoni and why she doesn't support a shame her and a shane hernando was a legislator that did nothing why and she was saying why it's a mistake to bring in some one who's our writing then in an elected possession and have no they've done nothing for so why are we going to do that again you know run and she was explaining everything that had happened with me companion everything that's going on and this is a huge problem it's a huge problem in his start at the very bottom people do understand that it starts so it starts with the doll tradesman colleges have been removed if you don't agree with the system and i heard of i can't even tell you how many how many delegates that didn't fall and lock a staff with the you know the community that's going on here the communist unitary they were actually removed now they've had their voice silence and this is another way to stack stack was happening i did see that that a video that you're talking about it is a good idea but what what i would like to tell aboot there is it's too little too late right now to save this we've got we've got you know to trixton you know who as you know who's got some questionable issues going on but the bigger thing is the alliances that have been made behind the scenes with satan got and some of the other people who are who are absolutely in lockstep with with the marked there all working to get bolides are working together so as it does at this point time in my opinion it doesn't matter though thou be it's important to have a new trial kind of a kind of a neutral attorney our lieutenant lieutenant governor which i think it is one of the things i like about you is that if you disagreed with me and something you would stay your opinion and i think that's really healthy i think you have to have you have to people that are thinking for themselves and not just go along to get along we want the best answer we don't just want somebody that's yes person standing up there i want somebody that's going to say well and have a civil discussion about it because when trying to get to the best answer not because we're just trying to be in charge of want to be you know we want to be contentious with each other we want some of the thinking now we've got we've got someone who's a rubber stamp governor candidate on both sides you've got whittaker her taking her cue from sorrow and from the world economic form and such there taking the cue there you yet not rooshian face book the other day and people don't like it some people get really upset and you know i think their faith accounts could somebody had posted massa look at all these people that are saying negative things they all have one friend in common with you they do it all the time i've seen a donatist up takedowns so seen tutorship and the inimitably of it i've done it before too but these people are they they they even they have people go on social media on face book and look at who likes the most and who like now if you like certain post they mark your names down and they start and so you it's almost like you got to stay out of everything if you if you don't want to be labeled right and there's this new the new term then a couple people were using stream christian christian extreme he saw that on the borrower i looked at the voter it was a it was kind it was kind of crazy see the amount of information that they have stored on each and every voter i mean it it's disturbing and if they have it you know not only do we have the pip but you know the heavy social security number you know that they found out was on service in china they know everything they not absolutely everything they can predict our behavior in such do intenser one to hold it over did you see a letter in her and so are adrian asked everybody to vote for shame but apparently as joseph takes me that letter and i think it's something to to look up because some my my opinion would be that that that would very much surprise me that ryan tally would do something like that to remedio looked braver watch enamoured watched very closely before the primary sir and individuals that our high up in the party that were all evanthe just nominated recently for one the present you know our nominated republic not our nominate republicans but the hour nominated republicans were running around with these gontrand and getting very close to the and i'm thinking oh well this is funny because one of these people are going to get the trump endorsement and the only reason why this individuals hanging out with all these candidates to right now candidates so endorsed to so but i could tell that he was getting ready to see someone in the back to so they get they get very close to canada so that these candidates will who ever nominated or right right is that what are they what are people getting for these endorsements because i impose there's a position that is why i decided they ask you a question can you hear me i get dan hartman subject my iron it does it is my voice sound ponies that come in your packet what what i and the question that i have and why i refuse to fill out all these candidate tatting forms and i've made a few people really angry at me because i wouldn't do that because i want i am pretty well done with this whole system of people that howling americans adult who vote for i mean for god's sake i mean we should be smart enough to not have to listen to all these voter guides and and a kiss any time there's a voter guide or there's something going on dear antitheses more behind it so i dissociate partiti don't believe it i think it's i think it should be disallowed and the whole tanyard i wouldn't make out at the candidate selection for me there was only one person that i would make that out for it he's a friend and and i had just i argued about it for dissolute while and i'm like i don't want to make this out and then they're like well just do it in so that an i'm like all right i'll make i'll make one out for you because so i'm not sure if i am still lie here can you hear me or if any man here we go ahead and come in that donoghue to sing out and then a santa this is it's very interesting to watch what's going on right now and especially with the republican convention coming up on saturday which is my son's birthday party so i can't go to that and i mean it would be interesting to see i would like to see you know how that goes and there there go in so i when i was saying as i don't want to take part in a system that i don't believe it and if you have to have some metalline know what what cotabato is just row and it sinople voices and then you watch them building their little tassels i went to a grass roots group this and i'm sorry i am i am fundamentally against this and that same somebody in front of a group of people saying we need to bolt for this person we all know were voting for this from it's like predictive programming almost as it were voting for the essentials i didn't know a ray it's not right we need to go back to being america and americans first and i'm going to say that with emphasis where we don't we're not republicans were not down across were americans we we have the right to vote or conscience and all of these voters guides as such it tends to make people really lazy about their voting they don't know who their voting for and somebody can go up that process so quickly jump in and grandaunt people's attention because they trust them will trust nobody i mean trust his urn asked the questions and you know and get get your own answers lately an do your own research don't listen to people collingwood you have your own voice why are you going to listen to somebody telling you who tabooneeah do you know that they did their rear how do you know that they had were paid honeywood of whose pain these people to put these votaries together what are they trying to accomplish special interest a definitely as so this is another thing that i know is going on and actually i first heard of this right after the election to be honest with you after the election i was extremely new to politics i didn't even know what a precinct delegate was so i had met some by my friend frenetically at the stop the count right after november election at the there was a big protest in front to stop the cow and he told me that she was a pressing delegate while we got to talking about it and i start start asking around about us seeing more about it in face and then i get a call from somebody saying oh i you know i was offered money to be a present delegate an i stand god and he i get to know this woman i actually started going to school board men with the in my district and she has a daughter and the cold entrant a older but she telling me how bad it really was and how he would stand and let her vote he would never pick her to go to state you know everything that was going on well when you start pay increasing delegates where who do you think that they are do you think they a people they know are going to vote they're going to their going to be they're going to be the rioting is paid to play and people that they pay and or if they are pain and i should say if their being evil to vote it out or have influence over them where's that influence come you know we've got we've got are they being blackmailed in order to pull well into the thing so katterle i'm i'm really disappointed and ran over this quite honestly i had hoped for better but i want to read this and its coming from radically unborn equity and voting and tiger and this is what ryan is saying i'm going to read this because this is a little disturbing withering a lot as the thursday august twenty five two thousand twenty two for immediate release and i'll show you the the latter is pretty but official letterhead michigan has gone through a lot these last two to five years grating whitmarshes plagued our state far worse than covenant for many august twenty eight twenty two primary did not turn out as we had hoped how we at home five canvases narrowed down to one leaving hundreds of thousands of voters disappointed their candidate did not win i understand your pain and frustration but we must not lose sight of what is at stake we are left at two choices hardly yoletta's whiter and whiter to polydore choices the republicans blameless saturday and just under eleven weeks november twenty twenty two we will vote in the general election the voting starts and roughly one month we must get this right right now i have personally spoken with shame her nanda he has a strong conservative voting record an apologetic on voicing his conservative opinions and is knowledgeable on the important issues michigan delegate sooner his nomination you and i both understand the importance of getting at the pane christine croome ca first legislators and country commissioner conservative school board can date across the finish line a november ask yourself as important question dixon a better choice and weber the answer is obvious now it's not and we must charge forward with resolve to defeat what moran her cronies my fellow freedom fighters be bold keep the fight in a strong stick to your principles earth stay in daedalian hold those who elect to countable and let fire whip the whitmore family there you go how about the republican briefly as there's a whole bunch of a man there that that are involved in the unbelievable so what have what that is it is a letter saying pretty much i was offered this possession to wit to put give my support to dickson and hers period that's what it is because he has voice several times that he doesn't support dickon i could probably go back and find a from other individuals that he supports about her and is now just because say he did support her and i was just say he did just because he supports her and as that like somebody supported me but saying that you're going to that i'm going to literally control you that's probably not going to work out well what right and that's what said to the two the delegates to get in to get elected right because she said i'll be a voice to the grander in all control round wiser with all takes money and all control round wiser that didn't have more outwork out well you don't you know it's like it's like that that's not working out well never work out that doesn't ever you have to have two people that see it i that can actually work together and have the same views and beliefs to me that sunderiand hernando's ticket is extremely they are tedious very weak shame her and does nobody knows who he is and he's already been a week legislator and you know i know that he has had a lot of support in the past he was running against i i haven't heard about i now have all brought benedick to to the core issues of this whole thing being a a job interview all right i don't see anybody in there that's got a high level management experience none of them do you know there's not one of them that he has that high level experience when you look at the resume not one of them a kind of its kind of like shameful quite honest and saraswati is yeah i think one of the reasons why you and i also work together really well is that that you you are an i been involved in the political process for a while and there there's times where you know things that because i was not in politics that not not to the degree that you are an it really works well to have somebody that can navigate an entite truth on the other side it's like for me being a business person i look at things entirely differently than any one that i've seen on expect to have a return on what we're spendor the people's assets whom i would be managing it's not this black hole of giveaway and loyalty great big party in front now this is a very solemn this is a very solemn position if that should be treated that way with the outcome of this at the financial responsibility productions ability to whom to whom the tale pairs and that is it that that is you know what an another huge problem that's going on right now is an i only bring this up because my daughter is a day carandas the anhalt with day care and it's not the day for that matter but to make sure everybody knows that it's not here i think a lot of people know where she goes so i don't want to say that so what's going on is the welfare system pay for day care for women that can't afford it i love that they can then that the state is they will help people that that need help but missus not do we have to help you know the whole thing is about helping in our compete community but that does not take away the responsibility and or you know turning us into a nannette of sorts is not a long term thing you do not go on welfare and live off welfare for your entire life and i know people that do and it is better oh yes if once it starts yes it down the line you know i have a family that has a lived on this it chosen poorly and sad to see because the kids don't get the of the state and was everything about you about your kids everything a second of the provided absolutely no donal care so or in a fine donatello hold them out and you won't have them so these kids are walking around and yet they are the great health insurance on it nothing gets you don't they don't these people pay for zero nothing and but they have no dental at all and that's why you see people walking around the tether of colour but the way that the day care system is being abused and i looked into it like four years ago when my son was really young five years ago a they these day care facilities literally build a state fifty or sixty hours a week her students and stated her child so they are building the state okay i pay my husband and i pay for ta care more than we pay for leo's private monthly so day care costs are about eight hundred dollars a month in that outrageous it is the cost of it i mean that's the cost of it you you need child care you can either if you can't afford it at the stable help you but there are these the colonies that are literally i've seen so many archers the raeburn you know yet we have the same problem in our elder care facility the one and in the refuge situation when they bring him in a hotel i've heard some will tells are getting eight hundred dollars a night her illegal immigrant pro refugee whatever you want to call on her you know wrongly treating human beings and abusing the system at the same time you know the whole thing is wrong when they are paying it her person for hotel rooms and we can do some i did a little bit of research here who owns these hotels and in it is it should be really really disturbing because they're basically owned by you know one or two companies and there there using it to us our emotions to feel sorry you know forefeeling sorry for people in emotional response while they use are emotions again as it moving people around and then who knows where the going if there safe at all because there's no accountability whatsoever and there getting money you know there taking money off the top i got to tell you some that was really encouraging because i think i'm going you know not to be dwelt time because i mean that's easy to do but there is a i want to show this i probably going to post about it to day disney as collapsed and disney's clamping on the same great reasons why this is collapsing black rot cousins at the top and most court acerbation send out a list of compliance that they that their companies were say on have to comply with that's why they went all kinds of work while the great thing was in and an exposed the nefarious a john daoine behind the scenes i mean we've all seen it we've all seen the pictures we all see some of the things that you know conservative family oriented people god fairy people would never take part in in this type of behavior as at some you know some people consider it grooming and and such i mean there's a lot of ways you can go with us and everybody has a right to define the way that they want when when disney went in who i am though under the direction of black rock they basically it got voted off the island by normal people who vote every day with their dollar and so right now disenthrall and thrown fall because they've been providing a questionable product for many years we just didn't know how questionable it was as well as to being tied in with black rock and some other some other corporations which i'm pretty extra sure have ties to the slowest and and we may be able to track that right back to two for an interference in in our our nation and its very concerning but we still be devoted with our dollar and that that's the beauty of capitalism if you don't like something you don't have to make a great big you know grumbo don't go don't buy it you don't need to you we don't need to buy something that we disagree with we can go somewhere else and make pointing important to understand tapuyo have truly you know more power than you can imagine we can just say no not participate in our mode i was really upset with those i mean although i knew that everybody knew i think that you know it's been a liberal organization a very long time you know just five years ago i turned on a disney movie and i was standing by the couch playing it well leashing something he was really little i was like what is the it what's going on here you know in what it was as it was a dance an at a ball and there was two men dancing looking each other right in eyes and listen i am not against it gay people not at all i have my best friend growing up was a you know it if they can you know personally i don't get involved with that that's their decision is it a sandalwood at every sin as being on the same in his eyes i you know i am i just i don't really have an opinion unless it's in my face and being you know i told my kids and and you know all this stuff if you're doing your own thing i'm okay with that this is america and you know i'm fine with that but just don't bring it to my pets don't know be walking around in public you know all brendon want to see that you know i don't do that and public we don't do that in public i don't want to see it in public whatever so you know i can upset my kids are young i would love to take my kids to and my sister growing up that we were so excited to go to deserve it when we took my torpid when they were little and had a great time and such but once really got me gratis all of these directors and a people who have truly come right out and in had these disgusting post and i and you you have to look at this and there's no other way to put it's not minor attracted persons it's not trying to get to saint this what kind of a nut job says something about minor tracked persons now this is a mental illness and that i had a fear would use sir some of these directors excuse me i'm pretty exposure that i don't want somebody who is clearly a patesi i know creation that would be in front of my children because you know i own marketing company i studied messages and manipulations when i was in college and such there are some ways of getting subliminal through to children that gather it off it's a way from this notion antigravity for your kids and what they see and what they do it's okay to say i disagree with us and i don't i don't want said for of my children that this this time of this type of sexual greenroom and sealing our children in from the time that they were small men what is wrong you know ah you know things that are innocent and showing them how the world works why is it the only thing that they want to focus on it why what is it the third itinerants really disturbing i mean you know what we fought for so many years for suppose that equality would never really work out with what they tell us their fighting for us said it's always a hidden agenda there but and i don't think it's a godly one we are clear on this you know in any way shape or form when you go back to the feminist movement and such i don't think that this was had anything to do with feminism i think that has to do with with once again dividing our nation into sub groups and its wrong you know and we'll go back to that i don't have probsthain i mean you know and i see no reason to demonise you know any gender or any race or anything like that it seems to be really really really crazy but appearance had the right to raise your children and if you parmenio should never be shamed into into a dislike with votini goes back to the control of her thou sam in us than the voting one way as happiness sam in us in the race in our children go along and get to get along and to shut your mouth and don't cause was his me when it is become okay it's not okay it added it's okay to stand up and i say i think this was i think this is a ten i don't want to participate in or i want to go in a different direction and some doesn't like it okay no no as you know was interesting to me as the republicans that say oh i you know were not going to we would never support that person or you know we need a step going along to get in to get along like your saying but then right when right when she was too definite primary somebody that no one knew what after all these people were campaigning for two years out talking to people no one knew her in right when she went there all rallying oh we got get behind tododaho get behind her in why why what makes people think like this why would you give behind her no that is the wrong thing to do she was stalled in your granitoid her in your gansfort the election fraud what is easily this is what the legislators did during covet they win he is like goin get along so we're disgust our mouths and we're going to sit there and we're going to say nothing as this time monogahela as a tack on an or americans it this is absolutely not this is not when we see something that we know is wrong and we were supposed to shut up all we don't want to divide the party are yet we do we won't we we want not divide the ordained that themselves might by jumping and bad with the mark is infiltrates that are here in this and then he having people attack the ones i stood up to to stop everything you own dealer going to take your we're going to take your houses we're going to take your ability to provide for yourself in the open yeah they do these are this i'm getting stood for thirty thousand dollars by a republican clerk by a republican clerk that that first off that number one thinks that okitsu the bible says do not so your neighbors at talks about it the god tell we are not to see other we we are not to do that it's different when it comes to business i will say that it's totally different i am never sued anybody in my life done a never once i got involved in politics i have been sued so many times i i can't even keep up with this am i so but tis the lawsuit would stand raise anybody that supports thus or nose and everybody knows about it i'm sure but this is so outrageous what he is doing to all women by the way all women and women he doesn't soon man he seawomen yes and what he is doing i am a mother we are working on what with one in a one income my husband's honesty right now working and i take care of our children i campaign i i do i consult canada now what you know mother has a full time job you know and it never ends it never runs and i don't want it to and i'm just saying it never is never its never ending a thought but there's a missourie came up with a comic john's comment like like to read the comments were going forward it's like voting to the party and not the king antiopas counting the sheep to vote that way that's a great way to say it counting the sheep and continuing his going to sleep kind of nonsense we go we've got a teapot the party to sleep my countship that's going to mean to that it's exactly right and their fate cheaper found they she the ever tired i read a churchyard stuff i like to share he considered how a crazy man in the aged friend but i made a big nother day i don't know if you saw it here i'll see i could pull it i'll pull it up right now but it's funny if the the other side can do it then so can we to foregather steadiness a humour and i don't know what you my sense of humor's pretty warbling pretty much everything funny or absurd though it callaghan alas i can have you know it this was this was my thought for you and stand oh yeah a javanese over ilmarinen how many would have come out with us it attracted a letter we got our feelings hurt boobook it the great dislike i just i'm sorry i i can't even imagine you know a grown adult you know i could say it usually i say a grown man that there's another word that i use it in there but that he would say i had my feelings hurt you know it's like i'm sorry as a grown adult woman i wouldn't have my feelings hurt i look at somebody and dismount so in the laws don admissus very interesting because i didn't know this but i said that stand was still as the shall be township clerk or not it was a he was appointed as the shall be township clerk tony in february seventh of two thousand so that when he became the clerk is two thousand and then i believe for the last a year he was elected i am not sure of that but i believe that's what i heard was that he was elected i anointed any more be connected with like if i testing is all about allusion i mean i'm sorry i'd like to know how far back we go to find out if any one is elected earth they'd been rigidest decades you know i'm pretty erasure that this goes back for decades and you know my question is as you know have we ever you know when have we had an honest election you know i don't know and my questions are still out there on this i think that with all the people working however i think without people that are working on an election integrity that this mid term there so many people as they uncovered so much that i think that this is the first time in many many years that we have an opportunity for an honest election that it would he said i'm a tolliver get off their dead behind the get out there and go because if i if we have an opportunity to have an honest election and this is it because we've got people in you know that have been watching that it making sure the processes are are becoming more and for honest prelection then that means that what we have to do is we have to do our part and get out their vote in math and don't vote just because you've been told to voceri way who do you because you're going to stand people are going to stand before god with those choices that they make and i was thinking the other night it's kind of like lot you know when you know when i walked away from a very corrupt and you know what he walked away why because he was following the direction of god that was telling him you need to walk away and he was walking away from a very corrupt system a very corrupt civilisation and in order for as it were and don't look back you inattentive bravery but you know what those people that don't walk away from a corrupt system or from a bad you know from a bad store countable for what they do in front of gods to whose god is god or god or is it the familiar your your daughters your godounow going along to get along or are you willing to step out and faith because it's always for us christian the question is is it always a walk of faith god can tell you to walk you know walk in a certain direction and you know what that's where you see him catch you and where you see miracles happen is when you're willing to follow god at all or at all costs rather than go along to get along with a crust and there's going to be accounting for that some day i hate to tell him i'm much more concerned with that than you know than the lame argument i hear that while your you know what words going to get well if she i'm not so sure that the because you know i'm pretty exposure we follow god and we follow follow where we feel like he's calling us to go when we see something wrong godless and he will he will he will move mountains and ality exists a grain of you know as a mustard and you know we got with god all things are possible you know and i believe that all the people are opening their eyes there's so many patriots that are out here talking about this everyday and then you have these big organizations like sand up michigan going against on you have to question their motive stand up michigan has been make sure funded organization from the very beginning look at how much they have grown in the last two years this they went from being an organization to being an all ah to hide their oh i heard i've heard too to go back to the inception of the organization we really do look at it i'm not seeing that the ganapati there are parts in every single organization that are trying to get the right yes their great people and so if we can't look at the people we've got to look at the organization hinting that you know who the congo desire in the system you know and from what i heard i did hear that stand up and i think we should do a little research into this i'm not allowed to this but i think we should research this and ask how question but i heard that they came that it was actually a communist organization that started in what say okay i'm an look another yet we need to look it up so may be what this is another thing as we should have people in the comment section plus say know i've heard this and i would like to see this investigated i would like to see some answers on it or i've heard that is there ntrue to that an if we can get a whole bunch of people out there jumping on these topics and said because i'm pretty sure i'm pretty sure that that's a good way to approach this you know i've been i've been a kind of a ruined researcher for many many years and when i see something that doesn't make sense to me i don't wait for somebody to tell me this i know that the lyndon both sides both sides all sides of god god they have gotten a genial but they're trying to put in play and it doesn't matter what it is you go in and say a if i if i am questioning this then that means me to this this this this this question because one question always leads to another quest and then you start really digging down finding the more answers and why what are you basing your conclusions or is it an emotional opinion no bad rossini you feel an emotional response to something they got they got in one way or the other and the great and hooking you know put in the meat hooks and to you and you know i turn in your head and wonder action or the other to go in the direction that they want you to go and walk you ye yes sir tenements the very first note he they were they were the first one to send me i ses and the very first one we lacoste you what was really screwed up that i saw ridotto know because all at a time is all sand back and i'll just kinda i'll just kind of stand back in all a watch people hang themselves the greatest the greatest thing you can do is give people enough rope and and what their models run long enough and there their stupidity starts coming up through the poort and it becomes immediately evident you know what the what their true adonais and it was i was in one of the reawakened tours and michigan and stand up was there and i was asked by two people in stand up they had all that they had all the knowledge for me on how to make it an office they were they were not at all the moderate means people were to and i was at the weather going to do you're not going to run as a republican you're going to run as a democrat because you can win as the democrat and that'll take boats away from so they were trying amstetten as the democrats side just sat there and listened to their ideas and i like well for a little while i'm like well we have a problem first of all because i am not a democrat and i would never parade as a democrat in order to mislead people either they like me for who i am or they've got the ability but for somebody else but one thing i am not as a plastic political action figure i saw that many times and i will not do anything that would mislead anyone in eve either direction sometimes may be a halibut to out there and i'll tell people my opinions but it is what it is taking elevation like my opinions to find somebody else to listen to to agree with you know and that's that's okay i am never a could never repay enough to lie to anybody never not me either i mean i mean what i'm not whither are you an inflammatory had would you put on your one was how can you put a price had i your children's how can you do that how can you how could i could never put a price tag on my children for kids when you let your kids somebody take your kids and and in their future you'll let them take anything and that's the gannath that is over now i really amazes me is when i hear people who are older laughing about spending their kids spending their kids future or the retirement like that and i'm like that one of the stupidest things i can you you could say to me at this moment time because you know as a parent ahwan responsibility out of our children but for me i remember when when i first started by and houses and putting them together mansworn all the hours i was doing every single function i was dry wall inoa framing we were doing you know bathrooms and gracious in all of this is smoothing were doing everything and i remember my motivation was as you know were pretty or sure we're going to die some day and i mean that to me as you know the indisputable outcome of life you know and i always thought when my kids were little as that you know i would have to say that i'm probably i'm a fairly tough individual and i wanted to know that if something happened to me that my kids would be okay with or without now you know you set things up for the people around it but it wasn't just my kid you know it's like it's like i might have been you know in incredibly wealthy if i had of my husband and i have been given stuffy you know and we say i take the bible very seriously and when dad says don't you know sir up treasures for yourself or you see somebody i need you know you you help them and you give without expecting to be paid back you just do it because it's a right thing to do and if you can lighten the load of another person you do that and i think that that's a responsibility and god will always provide i don't never worry about you know i don't never worry about that but you know if somebody is in need you do that and you traitor i always say i think it was kind of funny i always feel this on the inside i feel that god gave me the job to be mammoth planet and so you know it's why i adopted you know it often but i have so many people we have so many people around us that that honestly we kinda take care of the if god put somebody in front of you to take care of you know that's your responsibility it may be a day it may be longer than that but a responsibility is not to set up treasures for ourselves it's for our treasures are for those people that you know that you know we serve god and that that neleus do it because it's a right thing that's the treasure that you do it because you want me then i mean i don't even like the prosperity doctor and in some of these godless churches out there in other you know you do this you give that god's goin to give you back templemere that tells me your heart right there you know it's like you do it because it's a right thing it's written on your heart not because you want something back that therewith em because they're going to they're going to want they're always going to want payment they're going to want something back at some point time when the church does that and and that's the first thing that they bring up antlike in undone i'm a written in there and let the hammer in one as to give to her son in you'll bonstetten er and and you you know in the thet's like you know what for yet no i'll go earthenware it's not written on their hearts when they say that it really is in its teeth treasure is in material things that point instead of the treasure being the fact that just do the right thing and doing the right thing is enough of a i don't know i couldn't do it any other way maybe well i got yootiful with these pastors because you look at him and you you've got to look at their purse are they driving around cattle as are they you know living in a mansion or they you know what is a pastor making that much i only i don't have any i don't have have bad feelings for somebody making money at all as he came if so many works a lot they make a lot of my more power to i don't it's not my business you know and i don't feel jealous about people that i work hard for what they've gotten i'm i'm proud of him really proud of outwear sitting up there begging for other people in the congregation that you know are struggling yet you know you you know that the struggling and then to walk away with a you know with a indignation when you know that their families raising children that are struggling at forty thousand dollars or thirty thousand dollars a year some months this is the place of a politician sitting there you know of the back in the taxi wrong it's absolutely orlov it is wrong while i tell you my grandpa i otasco what the sure with that what i have seen out of these churches in the last couple of years because i was never aware of what was going on in that after obedient my grandpa has led a little over a poverty level entire life but he is the hardest worker i've ever known in my life he and his own business a carpet cleaning and painting business he worked from he literally just retired and his seventy eight an you know then he worked from the tiny atop at five in the morning until i have never seen a person work as hard as my great my dad is the second herd work in but the second heartsore but in he's by far migration he's been preaching for forty nine years i know i know i always know where all the money in that church went you know and it's always gone to missionaries into the church you know paying the bills it's not it doesn't go at it not in boy gandinot happens with my grand they get their mortgage church you know that's what was set up i don't but they live in a house smaller than mine you know and others too you know as the migrants to so i'm older than you and my substantial mouth and my grandfather was but was born in i think it was eighteen ninety eight and he my grandpa was in my grandma was born in nineteen o one and they're both gone had been gone for many years but it was great when i was a kid my grandpa had his garden and his he was in you know an old dutch guy they would fight and dutch once in a while because they didn't want us kids to hear what they were withering about you know my grandma was very tall and she was an encharged woman amante you what you get a few giornale dot ladies together especially if they freeze and after free oman don't call a dutch person does he freezes they will take you out and it is funny and so pretense original the riginal people in the netherlands and their very very tall seliny family i'm sure but most of the people in my financing the women are over six feet tall so my cousin johnny she sir i've got a couple of cousins that are seven feet tall and such so very very tall people on that side felicitous there freedom all regions are big okay and they would they would fight in dutch or argue and doric was really it was really funny but their house was so peaceful to be in most a time was very peaceful very very orderly granada garden he had raspberry and he's he's well well well grampa hear me talk about well well well you know yes wings up in the trees for us kids he built me a little playhouse and auchindrane head rose they they never had a lot of money grandma said but i tell you you go to church with them and my grandpa would always want to be a church forty five minutes before the service started now as a little kid this was a really painful process in contact in a sense but in the church every single week i didn't find out until later i thought it was kind of not as a little kid you know an all i cared as i please god let him have a whole bag full of church you know the church is for us were those little choke the little choreman say no no i escaped sometimes seen so i tried a church man to make it through the service right so he was set in the egoist in a pew ihonatiria gramont churchmen and they sat there and read the bible and we should read at the time right so we disaster with her feet and monotonous for forty five minutes until the service started and and in that was it was at that point time you know it was it was interesting but life never changed and they never had a lot of money but they always had people around and they always had to they always had gatherings and my grandma was a great a great cock man she could make pignana and ties like like you can't be i would woollen herbage of the because i'm pretty extra sir smoke her with taking you know and you know and it's just go back to regular life so we actually had a pipe hearty at the barn and again i made i made i think nine nine ten pies and very assured people leave in their going my body hurts right now because i've eaten so many pies and stoientin ation of life you know the that time with each other and you know we don't have to be alone of so many people that are they there so into their own pursuits and what they want to do and they think this is going to make him a successful and fill those holes in their heart and that's not the way it's done the only way instead of like this pulling things too as i want more more more the only way to ever feel whole in purpose is to just give and give and give your tour ability to listen to people to think about what other people around you need and to look for the opportunities to smile may be good to the store and see a bunch of carnations and randomly picked twenty people you never know maybe somebody maybe somebody lost somebody i thought this was an interesting story you know i posed on telegram all the time and there's a there's a wonderful there's a wonderful so that that put out their infantile home is by pitfalls and i love so it was one of the post that i did encourage people in the day in a like i don't know you know it's like i will up thinking about this that so i couldn't out there and oh you know i know a lot of people are really the lone one feel alone right now maybe the sole ladino that you know what this is what we're going to do we're going to take this nation back and we're going to create a home where we're going to create a home for every one or every one is loved and in represented and cared for not what we see at this division so i posted this and it wasn't it wasn't very long after i posted this i got it i got an attack a friend of mine that is he lives out east with his wife and we stay in the same spot when we go down to florida you know we're getting old and i was going to retire thank you very little state of michigan for a god for you know asking me to forgo so he is he taxed me and he i am i am crying right now his brother in law was dying that morning and he pulled his hellespont out and he said i don't know why i did it he said i went to your telegram any said the first thing it was that that song home by philip philip and he said i just turned it on and he said i didn't know the song said i thought maybe my brother in law would it was his brotherly would maybe just like to hear some music any turned the song on a heeding on and he put it up by his brothers his brothers are about going home or been home and knowing what home feels like that's where love no matter what no matter what mistakes you're mad you've made no matter how hard your life as being home as being with people that truly care about you no matter what your state is right and so witty so he played the sign to his forester in law any adonis my brother in law took his last breath at that moment after he saw la and i like i like well what an amazing story and i'm like i'm going to tell that to people you know some some point and you know let them know that even a ring and impose smile or anything god taught to he'll tell you what to do you have no idea how far he can go and make a difference in someone else's out is life and that we together were listening to those cures and listening to the people around us and listening to god how he will prompt us in those directions he talks to if you get rid of the water and you listen any i do it in my car when you know when i'm driving by myself mysen pray and talk to god and that's when i actually get more i feel like god communicates with the more you know when you calm quiet collected and don't have you know a million things going on or could be at night time you know first thing in the morning but i think everybody should have a time that they do talk to god throughout the day and it is the honor you have to get rid of the clatter and you know like for me i could sit alone for her you know for forever most because i'm comfortable being with god i really am and there's there's times were in the more you you practice it's really a practice being alone and cutting out the clutter and sitting quietly with god the more you're likely to hear him and getting in the word the bible in hand i have i have a couple of the things that i listened to one as this is a great conversation this morning and i think that i think there's a lot of pilatus like like to tune in just your stalk you know it was a dislike berenson scripter right the one anacoluthon in an it's just scripture is solid and and there's a i can pull it up here a minute not going to come up now and i'm looking at it said i hear it's called so it's called so strange screen i street and this is the first one that came up you know this is the first one that came up on my youth you appear but this was that's what it looks like yeah and honestly that one got it a twelve hour on but ostrea i'll i'll put that on a lot of times just to quiet my quiet my and the reason honestly why like that is i don't listen to commentary i don't listen i don't listen and i don't read books from other people on the bible i don't i don't listen to necessarily teachers either i open my bible up and i sit there and i ponder that might now my grandfather well well well grampa he did that too he said for in sodomy day at my dad did recommend i have read it you know i've done i've done a decent amount of study i'll i'll give you that like a actually done a decent amount of study and over the years i went through balestier ship and and many many bible studies over the years and you know looked at the new tribe stuff as well as in eustatia seminary all the stuff that comes that comes out of the dispensational theology i studied as a study as a messenger years and so men study the study a lot but when i really want to talk with god i don't i don't go to those he are just like those are like expanding and listening to the people's knowledge but when i want to when i want to know real knowledge i go directly to the bible and i quietly you know and i think that so important it is very important and i just you know the weekly sunday shirts going to church one day week i don't believe that's enough you know especially when you know when you have kids you have to get them and all to amend they're not going to read the bible so i usually put those upon and have them listen to it but it's funny and summoning my kids are excited to go to church they love chirp and and my husband one day said let's go see at we're going to go see baby jesus so now my daughter says every time were in church she says man where's baby jesus said only oh baby jesus is here one and i said to her i am baby cases as everywhere are you now i know where we go to church we we let all of our employees go on sunday we take care of animals so i'm literally in the stable on sunday mornings you know and fingoes and taking care of the animals you know you have animals that to do and i really like it discretion it's a wonder that's a wonderful time you know and that the hechicera my sons teacher his first great teacher heard husband a pastor you can listen to an unlined i've done that before with a kid if we must i can see that it's really interesting he's a good preacher and my grandma pretty grave who was my grandpa into the metatarsals to when my dad my mammy to play the pipe organ at our church when i grew up in a non denominational bible to harry and our pastor was also my principal in school and he was he was actually very very educated man and taught the bible he didn't preach he taught which i thought was really amazing some mometer plain that big pipe or detonators and and was as a good experience i think we were in church last three times a week and on felt like that was an important part of our schooling in the when i when i when i home schooled my kids that was a huge part of our day was too to have them not only now you know now the bible but you know all my kids can recite the books of the bible by heart they can you know we description and which which on your memory then it in its peaceful it's a peacefu know i think i think that another one of the most well rounded ways to teach the bible or in order conduct a service with messianism and jewish and that's you know that's christian but its frostwinch so what would happen if you have somebody from the congregation that stands up because the bible means you're on you read the same scripture so you have stuff to talk about within your community right and everybody as you know we followed a scripture reading every day we get together and we do shipton the week ends and then you know we go to church the normal service to be saturday you know after oftentimes presented of godhood speaking to each person and then they would sit down and see what this meant to them that weak and or how they applied this scripture to their life so that you heard in individual and how god was talking to them down from that verse and i think that's an amazing part of the bible is to realize that it's a living word and that god does speak to each of us through that with with what we read for that day so you can open a bottle and i and were you know there's a lot of really good at out there like like bible gateway like band where you can you could just open it up an see what god's got a put in front of you that day and he asked him you know what are you trying to do to me and that's a great way as that or and truly learned to listen to the voice of god and then and then the dinsome study because honestly that the old testament in the new new testament that they go back and forth so it's not it's not as divided as what people think it is jesus when he taught he and he did a lot of things called a roast of and what remains is is like everybody to get the study together they started memorizing scripture from the time they were true they knew the old customers by heart when it would be like a saint mary had a little lamb and you would know the use of that right in the ah well jesus stood the lower he would make a statement but everybody in the hearing would know that he was actually reference in old testament scripture and what he was saying was actually was actually it was more important that he wasn't saying than what he was saying or as important but to head to understand what he was basing an offer of which i find this fascinating i do too i love and studying in different religions different and you know what i find really interest how people how muslim people will say that the muslim religion is a very peaceful religion here all the time and i would as i grew up i dear warm where there was a lot of muslims and my cousin actually married one a muslim man and my other cousin did you know their life whenever i personally can marry somebody that was a totally different religion than that i am it's just it's confusing for the can and it was really bad for the gods anyway it's not a peaceful religion when you look into it it actually the coronal says to go kill people went on the double not believers in also talked about if you read the grand are parts of it what do you think about it well i think that there are some really disturbing things in the canal you that there are some disturbing things but but i have no hatred for muslim people that are monotonous and i went in there and the nicest people you never lowered they were they were so ashamed to tell me that they were moslem when i came in the first time we had this wonderful discussion it was a wonderful spiritual discuss and i said i said to them i said you know because they were there clearly because a service to human beings you know and i said what is what what religion are you and and the kind of him in hot and they did not want to tell me what religion that they were and i was said well where moslem tailie oh okay and when we talked and i think it's i think it's like everything else that some things within within that religion a disturbing and and you know i'm a christian incrusted for a reason i believe in being you know saved by grace you christ the atonement of jesus and i think that at this point time it's so important for us to know the truth it's like it's like no the pitfalls a way people within any religion that they have chosen as a religion and realize that honestly all religions as religions can be abused look at the what is it the west valley to a baptist church in virginia that that is it's a very hateful organization for prating as and the they've taken scripture and they used it for their own their own means i have i have a problem with some of the wit the moslem with the muslim teacher have a problem with the things that are in the cranworth there are some wonderful people that are that were raised in that that i think if i it was really brought to them did they really believe it i don't think they do but then you've got neither a white radicals that believe until you know any one was not in the use swateheart is more of a military manual than it is a religious and it is a military point of view military teaching that's parading as a religion and i have a problem with that yet yeah it's disturbing cause enow and with what you said i agree i don't know if they in it's mostly women i feel that our such a hard time getting out of it and i almost think that the threatened well i antoinette using the when people use religion and for for for controlling other people you can see satananda in it pretty clearly the same thing he happens within the hinderlands i was in india and what i can tell you is that you know when you look at when you look at the you know hindustanee think it's a very peaceful religion will i am not quite there with that because when if i let's just say that a woman's husband eyes in an certain sex there are they went a woman's husband dies they blame the wife and will actually require her to wear a home spun sorry the rest of her life and she may have one meal a week she can choose to be burned alive on her husband's funeral fire so when i was there what was really disturbing is to see that if there was somebody starving to death they would not help them because they believe that they don't want to interfere with carriage a big problem with that and they would i mean i saw a and when you see that you know that this is a godless teaching this is we all know i mean god scribe it on our hearts to know right from wrong we know and people can choose to walk away from that and i mean even a bible says that that there is no one that that without without you know that with but when when you look at when you look at the teaching in the crown when you look at some of the other teachings that are out there and what these people were actually involved in the people that wrote the books there's a history there that needs to be looked at and what were what those people that road at were involved it may be they were it's just like a politician it may be more of a political position rather than truly a a position that upholds godly position which is the fact that its it's not that way you know we fight for those who are out of voice we fight for the right for other people to you know to uphold those rights given by god we protect we defend with stanforth and righteousness if i saw somebody who was who was blaming it to be able to kill a whole bunch of people on the religion i would say that they got a screw loose in the religions road i would have to say that the radical ization of moslems under the under the guise of a religion their using it as a military manual and it's in their things ready written in there you can read it for yourself which in fact instruct people of their following it to the letter of the law to kill infidels which we are if you are not the instruct people to either pay a tribute or to be to be executed as an infidel that's written in the koran and o people that follow that to the letter of the law wood in fact follow that teaching so to me the teaching itself if that's correct teaching of itself is to be questions absolutely and also it also says something about seven getting seven virgins and when you die a seven or i believe i even and the bible god doesn't tell us and there doesn't doesn't mention anything sexual about really you know i don't there's nothing you don't get any sexual yet when do something for god you know that's well inowre getting into a real discussion here but when you look at the town that the tonwich i believe is about i believe that when you go into anything that has a tintype behavior that you can trace that right back to balk at the town at the tombola that it's okay to his sex with a three year old if we actually look at what the books say we can make a determination and whether this is truly good or bad now does that does that mean that people that are jewish follow that no that doesn't mean that but that's a bad teacher and you can read it for yourself so you know go go back to him i'll be an go back to the ten commandments at all we really need to know it's go back to havana the start in to study in scripture and what is god a god said god says i and it's pretty clear pretty clear and you know and to the point but auntie you know donatus me when when when sorry it's just serving when people run for office we know that they are mostly this is america the muslim people at people they hate israel that jewish people may we can't have people running our country in making decisions in this country like eleanor from dearborn i think that dearborn area that this were that's her iris contre is founded on christian judicial fernand those principles were the tradition was founded on period and of story absolutely and there's nothing there that in the muslim religion goes directly against you know the word of god and an we can't have people running our country that are that or that religion maybe they should go run i know the country they i mean the country that they came from their country that you know if it doesn't belong has no place here and in america we know we actually back as reel we support israel we support the jewish people those are goschen people and we know that in that is that's so important in the bible it says once a country falls away from or doesn't support israel then god will no longer protect the country in america is getting close to that in an anybody's goin to do it it's going to be joined you know turning his back and israel and going to be when that happens you know we already have where a living and an annapolis here so people better understand that because we are you know world living in a banana republic this is no longer a constitutional republic we do not have we do not go on our leadership or representation we do not it is not it is it is it is established there stablisheth are they are stalled bess inanna republican in a has been i think for a long time like we were talking about earlier well and that i mean we can have lots of discussions i mean theological discussions of benton for a long time and the point i guess the point is is that the nation was founded on judy christian principles period and issued to that the constitution the right given by god and of how by the constitution which is the godly rule and anything that wants to stop and place as you know is a religion to runkoor a country to use in cuthullin you can see you can see that happening across the globe you can see different religious groups use a belief system that is not a godly listen in order to hurt and an oppressor and press it's wrong it's wrong and every level and and i don't know it's like i like i think that it's important for us to have godly rulers i have i think it's important for us to a godly rulers that go back to the ten commandments period and simplify things he every every other religion on the planet has really taken what god gave us and complicated it so iadeste commandments the jetee another six hundred forty eight more commandments and and rules that basically derailed all and then add in the palatch came from babylon which was basically that once again cooped created a problem we started out with the constitution but that wasn't good enough for the united states america so we had to and all these rules and regulations and complicated a very simple good godly that was to uphold the rights of the people and and you know so i mean the simple vocation back to honestly the god's truth biblical truth and the ideal christian principles in sure is that every one is fairly treated and in that that their rights are that the rights that we believe were given by god not by man not the religious system are at howland and i but i want one thing i don't want to get over gettin the weeds on either as that you know we may we may not agree with with you know we may disagree with the sense we may disagree with the process we may disagree with the with a crane radiate with that but we still love the people no matter where that mark our job here is to is to you now defend to defend all people and cattle got a work the details out that's not our job that's got first and foremost you know there are two there are two rabbis back in jesus and they were having a philosophical fight and one of them was a teacher of the law the other one was hiawatha very popular ran by this smoke at the time and their asking jesus a question as this i is the law is the law more important or is love that to camp they came out and jesus made it very clear which was that that the love that comes first and when you when you practice love for all people your embody all the all truly the law and the prophets right there choose love first and love as the standard and then you know loves a standard but love always fall follow a also lawful process love well the other has that for philosophical discussion that we probably could go on for weeks over and never hit the bottom of that one alive to do you know even you know i started out praying on line with people used to do two hours of prayer every day where people would ask me to write prayers for them out and and i would do that i would do that in the morning and i enjoy doing that sort of thing but i think also you know to get into the sands really being said there a real vital study is a wonderful is a wonderful way to live your life you should be in everyone should be in a really good bye we'll study and you know sister my opinion i totally agree it's so important it really is it is so important and it's so important for your children to especially if they are going to a public school you know it's important for all children but they have to have that with that guidance they have to morals something to believe and give them they had no italian when you see a counterfeit or when you see a lie there you actually prepared to lay out the truth in an exposed some things that are the you know that are a manipulation or alive like killing infidels you know if you know the truth and why this is is actually a military manual rather than a religious belief you can you can say and this is why this is why there's an actually logical reason actual logical argument behind us on why and what truth and that's not the truth you can defeat i've actually spent quite a bit of time studying statesman luciferians because i want to be able to know what the other side looks like what they're doing in the insanity therein because i think if people understood what actually happened in running brunning below the scenes they would be absolutely shocked and horrified this is actually something in practice and once you see something that is so evil is real easy to say yet not as long as i'm alive well i will i stand for this abandonment in evil i'll i'll die fight that that ultimately and your quicker being able to pick it out just just so love the farnese and it is more i think it's more common than the average person understands isabelita say it's terrifying and avery resulting we deal with we have to deal with us absolutely there's so many things symbols as it's everywhere it's everywhere there's companies and all in it there's you know it so it's it's disturbing it really is and the ability for someone to actually say that it's okay to sacrifice human beings or have the things that they've done i mean this goes back to all it goes back its biblical in the fact that it goes back away back in the lists here let's put that way but this has been around for a long time and i'm sorry when you mutely a human being which is what's happening with his trans gender this trans gender agenda and you start looking at the the killing of babies in all of this i my personal belief is that this goes back to a satanic agenda luciferian gender and i think it's a pretty easily provable provable opinion actually and we we have it there's a point time in our lives where we have to choose god or we are we fall in with that we fall in with the people that are working on the other side and it may seem very innocent for i'm really i'm kind of surprised i went to an at recently going to be really weird to get into the discussion but i won't but recently and that the people there were talking about you know i'll do this process or or you know they were talking about things then and i kind o listen to him for a while and and i'm like i wouldn't be okay with that and it was it was people who were republicans and they were in a meeting that was it was a nice mediasch but i heard something in there that to me even look like a compromise and it was a low level compromise but it's still a compromise and once you start moving one you start moving the bar on your behavior on what you're willing to do it never stops you you can't you can't move the bar you've got to this is my standard no matter where the chips fall where i stand and i'm not willing to move i am not willing to move into a direction just because i want the outcome that i desire that was or my standard is an i won't move off of that mister my personal standard is that i am a babbling christian i am saved by grace my my belief in the atoning death of jesus christ and that there's certain things that i know that god would never want me to do and i would never consider doing that even if it was like oh we're just going to were going to do a different a different the paper were breaching the paperwork no i'm not willing to do that or not i'm not willing to make to make that a just man just because i want the outcome it's either got to be right or it's got to be it's got to be right every single time that transparency has to be there he probably is why i'm a good horse trainer because when you're training horses you do things exactly the same way every time that's how you instill trust in in your annals the minimal know exactly what i'm going to do everything sintiment that i will not step out of the way that i act behavior my character will that goes into how we live our lives also when we have when we you know would we do something and we think that nobody is watching us so it's like an antic on that opinion of it doesn't matter because because you know i'm doing this in the dark room doing this for somebody can't see what i'm doing that is wrong that's when you gave it me character as when you do it the same way every single time without variation and because you know what gods there all the and the one anonymously the opinion that i care about is his and as on that and once you stay away from that and you allow you you and i you say you know all allow best i also portiers you know and then i'll get me elected that'll get me like well you know that your supporting somebody that not right in not that you should be you won't otherwise be support none you know and you you know your views you know your belief why are you going to compromise your views and your belief to make someone else happy or get somewhere the place that you were going to clean out the corruption the place that you were going to your own part of the corruption see i just don't that i rather not be involved in it than be part of the corruption you know i'm definitely never going to be part of it that you know that's like these you know i like to go out to my shamattawa wiser i'll be a voice for the grass roots know you divided the grass roots and you have done you've never run a voice for us literally i've never seen the party more divided so it's what they've done i don't don't think anybody could have done a worse job if they tried to do it with getting there the people elected what happened in this primeval get the same legislators you know i mean you can't compromise once you do you're gone then the regard and you know not none of us are perfect all the way it's like we're all sinners saved by grace and god made a way back to him because we walked away from him it's the same thing where the government we have going on right now we walked away from god he didn't leave us this nation should be one nation under god and the only way to do to restore this to two a m the way that we would like this to be like me to be glad here with godly princess families and to see things that it is to actually you know acknowledged his leadership and and submit to that leadership and his rules and be in obedience to him and and you know put ourselves underneath god's jurisdiction one nation under god with his russian but he got the place we are we are under the obligation if we want things to work right well by his rules period in a story and you know a knowledge that that you know as he's always been a saviour it doesn't make any difference to a far back you go you know abraham was saved by faith and you know it's it's a faith it's a faith walk it's believing in him and then you believe in him and then you walk you walk by faith and you carry out he wants done in our lives and as for me we first of all have to hold ourselves to a standard and are we have to examine our iron ore on lives and what we see and what we do it's our we hold herself first to that stand and then if if we can't hold ourselves to this standard you know we better not be throwin any stones you know we should be throwing stones you know and and being helpful to all people on on this walk and walking through through this journey called life you know and giving glory god never thing that we do because quite honestly is it it's in spite of us it's not because of it's all about what gods given us at any rate i think it's actually a good spot to sign up as during thing else you and citizen a very long broadcast and we got into a lot of weeds here which is good i think i think it's important to talk about to talk about all these things you know and and i think to listen you know one of the one of the things that i had somebody come up one day and say you're not enough of a christian this is not five minutes and i'm like going how do you figure and i mean it was like what's the criteria and you know truly only god can judge a human heart because people in all the land by the way and so to say some like that was kind of you know indorsements stupid statement but but you know it gratooitous cannot do that i mean i think we have we do have to judge all things when it comes to right and wrong i mean were called to do that that's not the not worth making all here the whole gentile jesus thing with a lamp set not a foot doesn't doesn't cut it with me because he was actually very much a provocateur and he brought the fight to the keepers of the law he he brought the fight right to meet way he he was sparely was rarely contentious with his wit his behavior and and i i appreciate the fact that he did not lay down from a fight but yet he sat with prostitutes and tax collectors there there is there's a lot to be learned there and now in there's a lot to be learned there but when somebody got off base was doing the wrong thing you know he certainly didn't shy away from calling it out and having that standard and knowing the standard and you know there's a hereafter and wrong and we all know it so it would said the pater would you like me to see i say he there have been my father thank you so much for this day thank you for bringing us together thank you so much for allowing dona and i to communicate with the people and thank you for the supporters that have come to campaign we thank you so much for everything that you've done a for as and to show the people the truth here in michigan and in politics altogether and what's going on in this country you know and how how much we are truly in trouble in this country we need to get this country back to it being one nation under god and you know taint evil out of this country and of the hearts of the people we thank you so much for you know the supreme court ruling on a to take out to take to put the thessian into the hands of the state when the rovers way and we just pray that you know the leaders of the state will make the right decision and in you know not allow this taking tennis murder to continue and get back to again being one nation under god you we thank you so much for everything that you've done here in an olive and thank you for jonathan you for allowing her to represent the people and in the ballet and you know think you for everything that you've done for the campaign and you know broad again the people to open their eyes in more support over her way we know that we can with you everything is possible and you will you will will be done in the end and we know that we ask you to you know bless our days and now did us through an helpless to follow your directions and i pray a wonderful thank you so much i appreciate that nan yes anyhow to leoline body know out there that you're not alone you've got so many of us that are fighting for you your families and we we truly love you or so were so honored to stand with so many wonderful patriots out there and a people who hollowed the lord and that that want this nation to restore to a godly form of governance and and you know before god our actions are before god always and how we love you and we love all those people that your fighting for that you care about to all those whom you love and i were not given up we're both of us are kind of like tenacious fighters and i'd say a little bit provocateurs of us you know and we'll start will start the fight if they need to have them and we its strange balancing act to be able to be a warrior who starts to fight without backing down but yet axes a shepherd took it to bring the sheep in and i can tell you from the time i was a little girl that was the message that god gave me a fine my lost sheep and that's exactly what i'm going to do and i know that you're the same way melissa sooley all to day godbehere and godless all theology to go to my website please it brandenburg governor not comandante sort brandon dotcom you can also find montalegre and at brandon bird the number for a rider word on there that you the posting you could communicate with me there and we will be back every day every week day at eight o'clock so that one through friday we might add some time i think we're going to expand this as we go in fact to morrow mary flin will be on with us to morrow she was supposed to be on to day but she had a a family health thing she had to attend to so she will be an tomorrow and i would love it if you would all post in an tollerby you're not worth wheather and to be able to interact and an even you know post in to talk to mary the that'll be a great time she's a good friend that she's a wonderful woman as she spat for for children and for for she her faith in god is amazing and the delivery flattop that don't know a very slim is general michael in so there's there's a lot of kids in that family and mary was the first plan that that i got to know and she she is a wonderful woman and i mantellate fight that she is put out you know that she has had in order to fight for the children has been really inspiring and i really count it an honor to know her and to know you know to know general fliedner in see what they have done as far as the sacrifices that the family is made to stand to stand with his nation it's it's just incredible and i guess thank you to to the whole finalities that you've taken and i'm atlanteans in my entire life there's been a couple of but to see what general plan did for this nation and there's a couple of clips i'll play they tried to get me change as clean sheets draw and the asked do you want to do you know they were trying to get him to to change what he was doing he just tuck that jo and he would not move he sat there and he knew what he was going to do he threw himself out there as a sacrifice in order to get every one around him investigated and one italy what there isn't many people i don't have you know i have the highest respect for that man and for his wife lariat they've gone through his siblings what is siblings have gone through joe and mary and charley and the rest of men they are true american heroes and an alabaster ght now is that nobody at retreat badly about them may because all and you're going to get it you're going to get at erfurt there he'll your good people no one out now back round the happy thing you know a slithering down on one so god bless you all in all those whom you love and we will see you tomorrow bright nor early eight o'clock with mary letellier body you now let's get a whole bunch of people on her watching to morrow a yes i am a man put a pot now some of he awoke