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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/26/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published July 26, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

The Church’s One Foundation! Hebrews 3&4 People ask in various ways, “Who is Jesus? or What does Christ’s Gospel mean?” God gives clear answers that reveal the crux of Christ’s Gospel is “Those who take the Son benefit from assets of Christ’s Living Will!” To take the Son means to live ontologically in the reality of Who He is, His Word and what He’s done for sheep – essential new birth by the Spirit (John 3:3- 8) to live out Spirit-given Graced-Life! Because of adoption, there’s no better place to examine Christ’s Living Will than Hebrews. Let’s see what God reveals. Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it's the twenty sixth day of july twenty twenty three welcome to redeeming grace church gonna bring on my buddy pastor tim parker how you doin town in doing great in good day notice too it's always it's always nice in no elways talk of for a few minutes before we come on mine but it's never enough time to sit talk with a friend especially a brother in the lord when we can sign so many things to talk about about scripture and that's always so so so cleansing to the bow to the new totonohe down all that stress once in a while and get back to what's reimport ant and focused on fogson rality i've been doing a lot of research lately and of course after a while it's like i just want to go god help me here enspanglements what i like about wednesday so with go head and timbrophile that we're going to start the church off with to day and so enjoy he rodamonte than the editio esther these he he sat father last in the inanimate dead maintenant on the second then the his downy his a here are we chop in everything no i asinine seems he then that's a some with commentary by genoese the great song i love it no it's it's got a great message and no fires master builders that was one cooler gus is gorgeous the base glen pan he sang gospelsi for price fifty five years in the they both passed away a glen pan i think they have funerarie to her he was dead in two weeks back quite a few years ago and oh but the signature sound you heard ennyhow he's from them danny funderburk h he's gone out and done very very well marked traveling you got you had to mark tramentre a legacy five came out of that and now solarsistus c there was just a little bit out o order but it is perfectly fine because it mind mind the title of the message to day is the church's one foundation were look at he restrained for so let's let's open in a word prayer and he or heavenly father as we come we ask you to be in our midst lord teach us help us to understand that jesus is the master builder that he built the foundation and all the work that he goes on in his name is to build upon foundation it he held lord help us to understand that in growing faith as a result as they my pro so i don't know see my favorite pounced on the surround we were quiet and we had circled so awfully the feet straight now but look the question if people garry said we have now a solid on rumble so hware here met and it's been a little funky the last few days and i'm not really sure why let me see what's going on i think they're trying to squash a lot of stuff as leslie it's going so i don't know i'm not sure let me portchester now it's there sound so so the sound there and sound i think we have something so might after might have to check something else side on in very garrison of it so anyhow okay so i guess the big question is really who is cheeses and if you remember from last week we we had the story of the son who will take the sun and god i think gives clear answers to who is jesus and what does christ gospel mean it's like everything it talks about the crocks is christ gospel and the crooks rite dare really deals with crucefixion but it basically god tells us i think in hebrews more than any other place that those who take the sun benefit from the assets of christ living will we don't think about just then the legal document if you will that dead jesus i think if you will drafted and signed with his own blood and ah that is to me the book of heber herself to take the sun means to live on to logically in the reality of woes his word what he's done for sheep and it is mainly through new birth by the spirit to live out spirit grace oh spirit given grace life and because of adoption there's no better place to examine his living will than in hebrew self that's what we're going to unpack a little bit to day and people might think that tim ous went off to rails were you and of your rocker but i really believe as i start to next paragraph be encouraged by a republic's founding protocols and statements and i i hope to show you her least give you a peek into the book of hebrews because i really think that there's a lot we can learn about the founding of our republic from heber's and i believe that it's it's historical it's pure its ontological and as true christ gospel oh and so i just put down here even though i can't ever see this in print as i did i think our founders knew that as a formian nation we take the so and so in the coming prayer rose some good unpacked than a little bit so i asked people will you think would be a little bit of a history this exultation of god's son oh is why many regarded our nation as exceptional and i won't take that most people probably listened to pan harvey many many many many times but he was so fond of giving some information historical information and as he would say and now you know the rest of the story and so when we think about a national israel it was created by god and judeo christian people on mine proclaim this truth understand it and believed it and the reality is our nation was founded as the dodechin nation so the bible is god's story we could say his story if we put out together that's really history so is his story is really history relating to his people and this is why i think that our founders while we often say or we offered her its withepool i think they understood that it had to be we his people and in those to be the only ones that could really live out the righteousness and to godliness that they knew was was necessary to have our nation now oh if you are run down the manuscript or down into like third paragraph and this is somebody might tell me what i am i know another nation and i'd be happy to hear but so i say america to my knowledge is the only nation purposely found itself on christ his long gospel and kingly just as soon as kingdom so i i encourage people to acknowledge this and i think it's hard for people to acknowledge us because we've been taught history so wrongly sometimes we close our ears and its light while that's not what i heard that's not what i think and i'm just sent up open to be maybe to be wrong but i tell you everything that i've ever read makes me understand that they know exactly that they were found in our nation on christ and i would say that we're exceptional when we represent his founding when we ignorantly reject his foundation there's no earthly hope to continue and christ blessing and testamins many wrongly expected and ezra nehemiah why don't he great study at preached through both toes before ah like them we must recover our foundation by building well on god's lattice who build it jesus christ is the master builder god tells himself so the words are right there i know we already played the song but i think that they really ah yes maybe jesus was amazed and that necessary o carpenter maybe was both but when we think about that and she to me assist of mesites jesus hears the master builder and weaken called jesus allotted different things but i think we see in in hebrews more than any other place a a biblical argument for the exaltation of jesus and isis were all say i don't know how many times i'll say it through the through the message itself it's almost scary for christians because we we sometimes think of god we read god in the scripture but i think very often when it says god i think if we should really think credit so when it talks about god the father god the son of god the holy spirit those of the three persons of the trinity but i think i know for myself i grew up every time i heard god i kind of that equated to me as god the father and yet i think if we really examine scripture will find it that i won't say rarely the case but it certainly not always the case that i think it's less than we realize that it's god the father so paul especially is very good about talking about the father and what he does and jesus taught about the father so maybe if nothing else this is just an encouragement for people to think outside their box a little bit for words are hound and so you know we we have at one experience that's that's pretty well a defined by a lot of physical things that in the physical world we live at so sometimes it's kind of hard it or hands around a completely different consort of god being a person who is not who is like us but his way more than that yes we were up on that and we are at and yet this is the de mystery of the incarnation that god eternal god took on humanity and you know a lot of people think to be laid down his divinity when he came as a man i would argue that that's totally not to case i don't think it cured i i agree if you understand uppersole right if you understand ontology it's impossible you cannot not be what you are and as for again i know people say latinthat's horrible anguish it's a double negative and i'll say yes sides but a double negative in mathematics and theology is always opposite and now we are alas thought that so whether you talk about bustification and typically it would bear division it jes this added multiplied to his divinity his humanity and i think it wore on to try to figure that out through eternity but any rate of i think our founders truly grasped christ sting them and kingship in the creation of our judeo cs nation ah so it's like when we get back to that that analogy or picture is real was founded by god and they rejected god as their king because they said we want a king like all the other nations around us you talk about strife ah it's like how could you have got as your king and say no we don't want this and think that's going to go well if it's like that's where we're at to day in america we have basically told god we don't want you now again this is not everybody but there are a lot of people that he sat silent as satan has run roughshod over america and i think that is changing and as i sound i really believe that god's people will for how to stand in his truth stand for justice stand for righteousness and so can we be different in israel that's why i think as much as people argue with me they won't argue long seems like because they don't want to i think deal with it with the facts oh it's almost like i think does does that message have to be in scripture for for these supposed christians to understand it god created our nation oh i i just i really think and this is where again why you talk about being on the edge of heresy we know what god founded with israel and a man rejected that i think that if i could say this our founders almost felt like god we're going to do something better than you created an israel now we say that's impossible and i mighty greek but i think that at a a human lovel our founders created absolutely the best structure that was ever made i have i think you're right that i think the problem with israel is israel's just exactly what happens has happened to the united states they were infiltrated and all you got to do is look at the tunnel mud and be able to see that satanism creeped in just as satan is satanism as creeped into the united states of america and if there is an if there's a gap in an lifelives leave a gap they don't make sure that god is in the fore front satan will fill it and you can you can see that would like i said the tollsell as what's happened to the united states and we have to get back to the original intention yes and it's that's part of my message is that we have to get back to the foundation and that scripture talks about it to foundations or destroyed how we got people stand and so when we are a comment this morning love said i'm seen people say that the bible was written by freemasons masons to keep us enslaved well have have somebody called me cause that's that that is not true at all now here's what i would say if anything if anything the freemasons might have been linked with ve enlightenment thinkers and as we've gone through before the enlightenment thinkers he had a godless philosophy they believed with tact have godliness without christ without his law and without his gospel it's like ah i'm sorry that tendency possible and is to day the free masons were part of the infiltration there tim i i would totally say that donna and because i if anybody knows what about the free masons at the at the deepest lovelthere satanic to the core and where as there may be some good things that we see it's like when you find out the core is satanic i would think that there's a lot of things and i've seen it done i've seen that good man who profess christ well sing there moving sideways into the masonic order and pretty much pretty quickly they desert christ because there is a different god that they held of the masonic order and they don't go in to be get to the upper levels though there's kind of bait and switch situation from what i can see about level three years were they stop people from progressing you see the same the same a methods happening and politics about leveled three is eroding you your ought you get bored off the island of your not going to compromise to the nonsectional that in actionplants brought it up because it wouldn't have many years ago the thought was if you weren't part of the masons you had no possible hope to make it very far in politics and i think what you heard if you don't accept corrupt money you're not going to go anywhere that's almost the way it was used to be with the man masonic lodge if you weren't amazon you aren't going anywhere well on medicated said the sad we've got to stop that you know there is there's all kinds of reasons why why he was eliminated from the scene and part of it was as getting rid of the secret societies cause he knew he was involved in it that he knew well how corrupt it was yes a there's a lot of secret societies if people really knew and the jesuits you know there's a lot of catholics that when they hear me talk to hate me for saying this and i just i encourage people investigate the history of the jesuits they are luciferian at the top one whole what would it be they are all this shocking yes i'm trying to think hillers he had like certain companies but there was one whole jesuit company underneath to hitler and i just encourage people you you need to look into history don't shoot to de mailman because i'm saying something like that to investigate and you might be shocked and so i thank you for bringing it up down a case i think it i think it's crucial because rather it's like there's a lot of people all waive got the we got to told the territon america and rebuild it no i think we just got to go back to the foundation and so i don't buy into that oh we got up we got you know scrapit rebuild it it's like no we got to go back to the original design and let it work as god intended and after infiltration as what we do and burn it to the ground yes do you know you are all the nonsense has given them you know the opportunity to steal america and insert their the o indoctrination craft and i think will be fined i mean all timely god will not tolerate evil i think he patiently bides his time but this is where i think that the church has i don't know could i say ignorantly fallen into a position of embracing evil by not crying out against it they fell into a trap but the great thing is is god's not going to tolerate it for long and all of us who really wanted see justice and right to we have something to celebrate at all yea is going to come from that none so am i i do say for the people that think that we got to rebuild america from from scratch i say no no no no and salt tears where i would say i think if we know the rest of the story and i think hebrews unpacks the rest of that story even though he persists not about to founding of america i think there are so many things about the founding of america that we can see from the book of hebrews and so virginio through chapters theeandfor and now you got to go down maybe legesthai that will start into heber's street riders a good question they're gone up sister god say or did not know what he was doing i mean that's sataspes always did god say that did he really mean what you think he said or what he what we should know he met ah so i think they say always fond bards are epistomology and that's why i say when we're dead in our trespasses and sins are epistomology is very very speed and his is wise say when we think it were going to redeem a dead epistemology and that is the creation of our new birth we got it wrong god knew versus so that from the ontology of our new births soul weak and redeem our might and that's where it's like god calls us to redeem or epistemology we can't do that before our soul is red and as while all sagin that's why i love the name of mar church i love that redeeming grey that's what grace does then i guess i just throw a plug in that's so came okay so i ought to be therefore holy brothers you oscar in a heavenly calling consider jesus the apostle and high priest of our contracts who is faithful to him who appointed him just as moses was faithful and all god's house for jesus was counted worthy of more glory than moses as much more glory as the builder of a house has more honor then the house itself and so we think about that jesus the master builder has more honor than even his bride and yet at the same time i think we still have to think about the majesty of the bride that he is going to bring perfected in pre the end so verse for as for every house is built by some one but the builder of all things is god thou moses was faithful and all god house as a servant to testify of things that were to be spoken later but christ is faithful over god's house as a son and i'll just pause here and prigord point to back up to to five since that was the startled that suns we think about the mosaic long and we did get into some sonneteer we looked it some one we looked at some of the imprecatory psalms i did was the last week week before were i got into some of the introduction statements of john cocoon but wouldn't we think about the ten commandments i think this is one of the things that people did you while we look at the mosaic ministry the ministry of moses we think that he is the one dick created the ten commandments the reality as even though we didn't see it in that form before the ten commandments were the foundation and then the mosaic law came in if you will the mosaic law was over laid over the ten commandments on any have the mosaic law so a lot of people think that the ten commandments is moscoso even though their lot of things that were fulfilled in the mosaic law it never will take away the ten commandments and so as much as we can talk about some of the past of laws in the mosaic law ah there is no way that we should ever yield what i owed to one tank comand most was the sacrifice in the temple of the process of the temple that's that's the sacrificial law same time so the mosaic law would be part of this you have the ceremonial law of the sacrificial law in those things and and again in some ways we still continue the sacrificial law if you will in that even jesus was the lamp he was the highest but he gave the perfect sack facinations twelve says we literally put ourselves on the horns of the altar and we are a living sacrifice so wid osirified animals but in essence we are in our life conduct a living sacrifice before the god he and so you know we have to be careful even there sometimes i think that we throw out we think we're on throw out the bathwater but i think a lot of people throughout to baby with the pass water on her fluffed with an empty tapaneen why and i think this is work people really struggled on a because they don't have answers and yet i think they're very very plain and scripture so i hope maybe it would that would just prop people to think a little bit deeper ah because when we see the law in distinction from the mosaic law which i think we have to even though they were they were connected i think people can't see the divide cause of the war came to so there could be even why some people might say that you know they think that dot the the law was given by the masons to me there's not a chance again i think that some of the holes some of the heretical teaching that ben offered i know dan brown in the defence code presented just so much heresy and i think sometimes people don't know what what to separate between truth and heresy so it says ah but crisis faithful over god's house as the son and we are his house again we think about jesus being the master builder he created us immediate in the song it talks about it he he could make a brand new pest he can take a life of sin and make us know again in and as what he does so when he does that were part of his house if indeed we hold fast or confidence in most in our hope therefore is the holy spirit as to day if you hear his voice don't harden your heart as in the rebellion on the day of testi in the wilderness where your father's put me to the test and so my works for forty years in again we've talked about donna i am convinced in her several places in scripture that sadness god a sense put him into the wilderness and he walked for forty years that we people say while they went around the mount and again yes they did but we see that god killed all the cowards before he commissioned him to go into the promised land and here that's key right there it is its therefore i was provoked with that generation and said they always chose strain their heart they haven't known my ways and if they always go straight in your heart at means the terontola y was not right so they can i mean we see in several places that they all went through the flood they went through the waters and which through the rock and nenthead the law but yet it says that the heart or soul was not in agreement with god and again has why i always go back to ontology people are scared that word i say don't be scared because that's that's folks about the that we kindlyheart ng the wheat from the chaff right there god puts a sour hard chickering out you know he's seperating he so he's given everybody a chance and if they if they fail caswhat you go into the chaff pile and the hot that's that's what i think we're in right now as i think they're god separating the wheat from the chaff who's going to stand until the last day yeh i he said can you can you reap grapes from thorns or you know the resorts like no thorns were going to produce thorns but a great mind can produce great so you're going to produce from the anthology that you are and excess i sworn my wrath they show not enter my rest was a pretty harsh word take care o brothers lest there be and any of you an evil unbelieving heart leaving you to fall away from the living god but exhort one another every day an exhortation is very close to encouragement and we've talked about this and and i i sometimes get a little i'll say i could almost be frustrated mesmerized on the little confused it why good truth does it page people i think again we've almost been led to eat something that does it produce good but so he says i exhort one another but exhort one another every day as long as it's called to day that none of you may be hard by the deceitfulness of sin and this is not a not trying to be hard on anybody this is just reality we can be hardened and deceived by a lot of things and we've got to be on our guard for we've come to share in christ if indeed we hold our regional confidence firm to the end as it said to day if you hear his voice don't harden your heart is in the rebellion for over those who heard and yet rebelled was it not all those who left egypt led by moses i mean so he's going to go through some questions here oh they all left egypt they all knew the hard ship they all knew if you will the persecution they all knew what egypt went through further to be sent into the wilderness to worship their god but we we understand that when he even got there moses went up god called him to the mountain he came back down on what happened here there were where oothaba right yeah he were worshipping baal ah and the priest was leavedeputy goodness he says was it not all those who left egypt led by moses and with whom was he provoked for forty years was it not with those who send whose bodies fell in the wilderness seethieren can you met and yet there are a discussion he had with his brother at that moment in time that nobody actually heard omandagus that erondell never forget that moment of a of a having to have in a come to moses moment you know not to come to desvernine that i i i can but it's like his cometicae it's like as we we have now i mean and this is profiting sometimes people just don't understand the burden of a pastor shepherd it's like you know that's what moses was yes we could say was a prophet but but he was a pastor shepherd for people and sometimes you you want to pull your hair out you want to sit down and cry and see people don't don't you understand what you do oh and he says to whom did he swear that they wouldn't enter his rest but to those who were disobedient to this is too times three times a so we see that they were unable to enter the cause on bee i mean in belief manifested self in a lot of ways it could be false worship i mean when we worship idols that's what they did and i would say that probably every sin come back to the question who are what do you wish who or what do you want and at itlisten for people to do on but there it's called unbelief and it certainly was on believed produces what disobedience that's why the apostles are always encouraging us to to believe and because of our believing we will be obedient so ah again from hebrew more than any other book jesus is the author finisher of the greatest gospel foundation and continues to build on that foundation that god the trinity lay through the sun by fathers prophets any apostles and again the very first paragraph we talked about the cross of the gospel is the cross on the cross and i've i've taught this preached on it several times but i think it well to church wears the people were god reflectors don't understand hardly a smidgen of what jesus meant when he set in a whisper it is and i i is sometimes i think if we understood what he meant and in this sound so i know oxymoronic is not the word somebody might be able to help me with the word in grasping for but if he was dying i think he would have shouted down louder than any person ever could a shouted it is in and you're so much truth in there and i think i think we see a lot of that truth in that furnish truth in hebrews so even as i have there done he was the first born i mean do we ever really ponder what that first born label men i mean was she the first one to be born in the new cabinet i say yes i mean was he born in the new continent because of something he did other than the perfection that he offered on the cross oh no pray not he was he was if you will more as as a human ah again is his work gets back to the incarnation it is so difficult to understand how god god the song the common take on human flesh and your poles our minds and his king on the eternal throne with true justice and were no get to later edentates for to day here talks about the apostle encourages us come boldly not with trepidation although we have that at times now it was sorrow not with the police not with repentance but he tells us to come boldly to the throne of grace so that we can receive grace and mercy to help in time of need and i'll say before were you can get there may be again when we do get there it's like this is soughtthat she got a dig a little bit but all her people we pray sing i don't know there's a hundred songs that talk about the mercy seat i don't know any maybe i got to become song writer for this tone i don't know but it's like i don't know any that really talk about coming to the throne of grace because i'm convinced that the mercy seat is no more that god in the new component installed the throne of grace and so the fight murder that when a little but because i do think they got his mercy for herself so onsay doesn't have mercy because at the throne of grace it says we can receive grace and mercy to help in time a knee so in i interponere my ignorance here a little bit notedon't he doesn't take away in me he doesn't take away mercy but he moves it i think that the mercy seat was if you will the pinacle object of the old covenant we see that the pentacle object of the new covenant would be the throne of grace so this just the transition so when christ died that was the end of the old covenant the newcomen had started as her i think the throne of grace came into the picture that's why i say the only time after the cross that we read about the mercy seat is is just almost a it's it's an allusion in revelation and it talks about the the mercy seat is already inhabit so the point is how do i get to have it is that just ah figure speech did god literally take to mercy seat unlike a readers of the lost art city take the mercy seat to have i don't know but we see that the throne of grace i believe is what all tells us come boldly to the throne of grace so well memorto overcome and the mercy see comes for forgiveness and we fail yes and again there's mercy this is where again in communion which were going to celebrate next week so that's a good place to to tell people to be ready next week it's like yes the two elements of communion are the wine the jews and the bread it's like the the jews the wine he is god's forgiveness it comes over our sin every day we need that every day and do we need his body the bread every day seven twenty four we need both of those that's why i just love communion because it brings both of those that i believed that jesus is literally feeding so it's jesus as god annoying east to founder builder of heaven and earth his eternally unchangeable how do you say that for a god man thus that's a rule my twister there ah he's god's justice an anvil ah we don't read that word but in essence all justice is going to be hammered on the anvil of christ and excites me and i think people got to understand that does go to day are they commissioned to do justice yes but we got understand what's that is hopper of building tools the young breakable salvations foundations foundation source of eternal life caller of the brother as where we just started in three one primary set one son builder of eternal rest will trusty and guarantee and if anybody's ever gone through will with their parents that's hebrews as to the will of jesus christ he's the rest designer jeweller is the skilled surgeon by his word which were going to get to ultimate high priest who passed unscathed through heaven's test and because of all this we draw nearer to the one who sits on the throne grace to receive grace and mercy in time one so we dug about the trinity the three persons father son and holy spirit but here's what i want people to think about was or was not jesus given the ultimate name position for his work and this is where i could remember the question a couple weeks or do i but jesus higher than i should i don't think we get ever put jesus high not and so i just it's like i said it almost people might say for to our border on and on heresy but it's almost like god the father and god the holy spirit are always pointing to the god man she in the in yes and i don't know what to say because when god the father god the holy spirit or pointing in the exaltation and jesus can i say it blot lad that deal with that ah in in kindness and in love under said i think we at least have to rustle with it what does that mean how is it o god the father and god holy spirit exalt the son oh i know i think he was such a hard time with jesus claims it's because because of his humanity i think people have an easier time grasping or being able to say god because that's that's and the same thing with the holy spirit but when you have to say that he is god and man at the same time oh i think people have a little bit of a problem with that is that that's where they have a problem because it's hard to come to terms with the fact he is one of because we have not had examples of a perfect human being so we can't in awe to live when he was here so so it in the in the material world that may be a little hard to grass you know the way the way people think the way minds were we expect everybody to be the same we want everybody to be the same and now when you say that he is a man and god is different i think it's a little bit difficult for them yes in an would so agree with that dona ah the man that i always for any meaning many years claimed as my number one mentor would be our cispre and now they asked in or he said one time maybe as soon ocean if you are stranded on an island and could only help one book of the bible what would it and he said the book of hebrew and i do think that and i even ask because of what you were just talking about down i sometimes wondered why it is that the church does it get too often into the book of heber i think her so much there that blows our might if blows or paradise in we ought to protect our paradises rather than say god you're trying to blow up my paradis so in encouraging people let god blow up your paradise it's okay i don't feel strange but i hears the pointed i make ah it's as it may seem in proper to exalt the song to the point that god acknowledges and hebrews but i said the apostles learned this after the resurrection and as why i am so blown away and awed by doubting thomas who when he sees jesus he says my lord and my that's the first time it what if the apostles called jews god i think that exhibits utmost aid so here's what here's what i encourage when you exalt and elevate jesus to this god acknowledged position your theology and practice will make more sense than you've ever no you'll be amazed when you get the sun right this thinking will guard your soul against many heresies and i think this explains partly why the apostles were sold the transformed so continuing on a theme per the son story as we we'll take the sun it's like the father foot to god man for a losing our fate for there so get it oneslike the father put the god man picture at the center position of gospel pre eminence as the spirit is responsible for the light show and media to acentuate and confirmed this exaltation so maybe he got two on that but those were my thoughts may be in relationship to that story of walltake the sun from last week the spirit didn't come into the world to create his own foundation he came to complete gardenbudding built upon the foundation of so samuel johnston wrote in eighteen sixty and i even ask people almost through keep in mind that was almost at the threshold of the stieward he wrote the churches one foundation and i just wanted to read through her supple by six verses there but you might with the exception of one one verse number two you'd almost think that this man just got up from reading a book of heber's and took his quill and wrote his son so lessen as we go through this the church's one foundation is chess christ her lord she is his new creation by water and the word from heaven he came and sought her to be his holy bride with his own blood he bought her and for her life he and i could say a man a man after each of these verses like from every nation yet one over all the earth her charter of salvation this comes from evasions for one lord one faith one birth one holy name she blesses partakes one holy food and two one hole she presses with every grace in due though with a scornful wonder men see her sore press by scissors rehashed by heiresses distress zelie to day yes in does scornful wonder sore oppressed schisms that on a terremare pareces says yet saints there watch or keeping their cry goes up how long and so in the night of weeping shall be the morn of song than that how long it's really the thrust of marinateto quickly lord jes first for the church shall never perish her dear lord to defend to guide sustain and chains this wither to the end though there be those that hate her in full songs inter pale against the foe or trader she ever shall prevail we are overcomers christ is made as overcomers grace makes his overcomes first five mid toil and tribulation the tumult of her war she wakes the consummation of pee forever more till with the vision glorious her longing eyes are blessed and the great church victorious shall be the church it rose yet she and earth hath union with god the three in one the mystic sweet communion with those whose rest is oh happy ones and holy lord give us grace that we like them the meek and mild lowly on high may dwell the a man a man any man great song the father and spirit point to the sun's work and set russell would have found as we build on the work and position of christ to develop our christian world view and i i just brought up there some people to might vie little confused series the whole sect that would be jesus only they acknowledge jesus as the only god but they deny the trinity of the process ah that is not what i'm talking when i elevate christ because i totally believe in the trinity the trinity is one in purpose one admission and one in recreation scripture speaks of the trinity many times sometimes in clouded speech other times very clearly even as some deny the clear tech the father and holy spirit continued to exalt the man the god man and here's for let's read you ought to read hector for the don there for ashorethere fore while the promise of entering his rest still stands let us fear lest any of you should have seen who have failed to reach it for good news came to us just as to them but the message they heard didn't benefit them because they weren't you nighted in faith with those who listen they were connected by experience but disconnected ontology for we who have believed inter that rest as he has said as i swore my wrath they shall not enter my rest although his works were finished from the foundation of the world for he somewhere spoken of the seventh day in this way and god rested on the seventh day from all his works tend again in the passage he said they shall not enter my rest noticed the non existence of the divine since therefore remains for some to antheret and those who formerly received the good news failed to enter it because of disobedience again he appoints a certain day to day saying through david so long ago in the words already quoted to day if you hear is voice don't harden your heart for if joshua had given them rest god wouldn't have spoken of another day later on so then there remains a sabbath rest for the people of god yet future for whoever is inter god's rest has also rested from his works as god did from his let us therefore strive to enter that rest so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience for the word of god is living and active sharper than any two edged sword per seeing the division of soul and spirit of joints and of marrow and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart and no creature is hidden from his sight but all our naked and exposed to his eyes of him whom we must give a count san we have a great high priest who passed through the heavens jesus the son of god let us hold fast our confession for we don't have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are yet without sin let us then in light of all this truth with confidence draw near to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace in the time he you just go back up a little bit there down poor ben i don't know for people can hear us we're going round in a round on this feed that's good but it says because of who jesus is because of what we talked about a sister word of god the sharper living and active sharper than any two extortion to the division of soul and of spirit of joints in a more discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart ah we can say that the scriptures are god's word we could say that jesus is god's word ah the word of god will read john one and other places jesus is the word and it's like boy you talk about doing the niti gritty surgery that's what the word of god can do and he sees no creature is hidden from his sight and to him whom we must all give an account ought to people the because of their theologer confused about that statement i was one time basically asked not to teach him the church never again because i said that we would give an account for what we've done now this was a church that believed in entire sanctification and while i believe that our sanctification is guaranteed in christ and it is comes into being through christ and holy spirit even though we have been forgiven of all of our sins when we are new born i do believe that we will give an account for what we've got scripture says over and over again will give an account for every word every thought a reaction thou dost thus in man because we know there is a great white throne judgment oh as well as a i mean you're going to have basically the sinners on one side the goats they're going to have a judgment to shoot while another judgment we're not going to give an account to the point we are not going to be found in christ but i think that there's a sense that knowing that will give an account causes us to to have short accounts of what we do and so giving account does not take away anything about the forgiveness of christ and what he is done when he applies to righteous is of christ to us we will stand see before god in christ because of the righteousness of ch but there's a sense that i think that just the knowledge of giving an account causes us to say what why did you do that i mean you brought up earlier donal the conversation potential conversation between moses and air and when moses came down off the one what were you thinking what sir and i don't do it an den so it's like you know moses is it even god but i think he probably called her into account like what were you thinking i leave it began later both errand and their sister miriam kind of really bad mouth moses and he both head whether in leprosy or not the dead their skin turned white and so the others things sometimes he go all why did you do that and sometimes in sight he now clearly i wasn't thinking and the judgment also have another twist on this that that that in a different way to look at it when we give an account for what we do could it be that god that jesus covers our sins and we fail he knows when we've when we've intentionally walked away from him but it's all so you know he forgives us when we follow her hearts are right we were on of our sins and such and the account could that be for being able to look at the things also that we did it where it goes a god says ain't you now a lot of times that's presented as just pure judgement and in wrath of god and an i'm i'm not thinking that that's entirely an accurate perception either you know i think god's goin to go ye do just like when you meet somebody and you ah you meet somebody they did some right now like remember when you did this that was cool you know that sort of thing so i think that some of it giving me the county for why why we do things that we can look at him and honesty and such because i loved you i did this because i loved you so like you know those stills days that you walk away from something you want to do when you do things for the least of his just because it's the right thing to do so you literally later life down and the answer that we can always say as i did this because i love you and i was taken so i think that the judgment all in sense being i believe that our sins if we made it right with god our wipe away and old it oldmeadow and so giving in a county i'm not sure he's even going to bring those to remember its and at that point it time you can't have it both ways when i might or on on that but if you've made it right with god and you can go to him with boldness because ye've already dealt with it he's not going to throw things in your face that you've already brought to the cretto jesus for forgiveness but that point in time given an account of your life could be a lot of thought and the eve to scan and before him and celebrate those things that we did correctly for god to give us you know we know the rewards of the rewards are just well done good faithful servant and we lay those at his feet and say i did it cause i love you i did it because i loved you slight don't want people to her judgment in giving an account i mean because me we've always been taught in that early something that a lot of people don't realize it giving it a cow should be something you celebrate if you are if you are truly living and walking with god i will forward to that i'm like i like okay let's talk god i am i've been waiting my whole life for this moment and i think tussore between givenclaims read here down and what your sand we does say that we're going to get rewards may be may be stones in our crowd but again we might hide from god who is some relocates is great but a great adventure and all all i would say is the content the context talks about an innocent were again one of people want to take some out of context and what i what i will say as there's other contexts the deal with what you were talking about so i'm not i'm not negating those contests we will stand before christ either by the righteousness of christ or other and to be the ones to do it on her own are going to be the goats not the sheep and so we may not even be we may not understand that but this is part of what i want to teach people we stand in the righteousness of christ and in arbeit could be done of that i know there's a lot of people that were former catholics with the whole sang about purgatory they feel like gods forgive me but i've got to you know giotto overcome the sins that i committed past the point of my baptism no no no no no no see so i want people to know that we stand complete in christ we stand forgiven oh but i just would say that it talks about the disobedience and then even later talks about our weaknesses in every respect he was tempted as we were without set so in jest said no matter what here is the message rate here even if even if we give an account and you might cure that is negative there is no judgment there but it says but because of this let us then it says with confidence draw near so even if it even if we may be felt sorrow in her heart scripture does talk about in sectionnaires versus godly sorrow i think that were his sheep are going to have godessero anything that they didn't do right but we're goin to know there now i think that if we do something we have it now and when we get in front of guy we're going to be able to go with boldness and say he's going to be like how that work for you and then he will think for hanging with me here god and tell you know it's the perfector of our fate and it's going to be full time of celebration when we met jesus i really believe that that it's going to be a great and wonderful testenhagen you what i talk about grace and this is a work called regaining grace grace is god's empowerment to do his righteousness to finger on from her own derby naselli wonderingreasons here we are derby we need god's grace to give us strength and guidance and wise wisdom for being like a bunch of little kids on the play ground you know trying get things figured out breaking in or and fan and join up with like leaves and mud and such an go on good oh no no no no no god kind of brings in the th the big guns to fix things at least grew up and you know we have to learn from them and move on and god what is right and just to forgive us when we say we're sorry so once she's done it's done it's gone it's over it's wiped away and then we can go forward and live better and not repeat they'll stupid mistakes that we make and when we see god it's going to be glorious and wonderful i don't think he's going to throw it back in our face any more it's done it is yea and even when you when you did talk about that he he what in says talks about it god through our sins as far as the east is from the west and i understand the thinking there but in says that he basically will bring it to our charge yes and so again if we give our cow and it's not held to our charge it's cold to be an easy thing oh say you also it is but but but she did this or heeded that in god's like silence is gone it's already been taking care of ione's getting have a chance to talk it that pointing right i would have gone now the truth i think we're going to run in the gods arms and golf may at home my love it you know i was writing for this for years yes so it's like eh when when we understand the depth of his grace that is grace and ables us to reflect him it's like like i say it's it's really that we back quite long time ago we talked about the reflector that's dirty and gummed up with oil you wipe it off and all of a sudden you can reflect and that's really what were words to do and when i reflectors gomed up in dirty it's hard to reflect him grace and bess to reflect him there are dishes what i get i think people have a struggle so much with hester warning passages solid like and now there are my things i do want to be warned but we see see they lived they walked through the red sea then the change asobasare now see they walked they saw a man of for out they saw the meat pour out i mean it's like they so water come from the rock we haven't even seen no things but did it help them so sometimes people say well you don't like those warning passed but i to me we need her or them so martinho hero and the oneida yeah that's yea he so more hesserode he exacted walked forward to shame you know it's like it's time to stop being just you don't knock the stuff up disipenture who walk correctly here you know yeah it's it's kind of long time you take it you know that in your race boy so you owe you you get boys there boys and no degateranaguenha a monk borlanddid dirty her desolate blast and i think there's there's a sense that yet when we grow up and we mature there are times the red maybe we'd still do that with our young kids are grand gets but a sense a man's got walk around her jump over a pole little kid you just jumps in her and kind o god o his tellinas you've had your for burlet's let's drop out and let's look do right and i'm not saying the boys weren't doing right but i just thought that biondello at like so you go but erngils or mother why didn't she digested it was the doors that were chasing the boys around with worms and frauds here in this household of ah my daughter was the toes she was wild he had set his three times for she was eighteen months old so grebo yeah she might head stitches mortise for she was eighteen and a rest of matronlike toneoneo a mighty fortress is our god by mark lesher for verses again ah i and i got to say when we talk about rassling with hebrews martin luther rustled with her he even wondered should it even be in the canon so when you know i'm just going to encourage my letters learns should not be offended by hebrews lard luther learned about hebrews oh but but he he really questioned more and it might it be stopped that you were just talking about donna this god really going up a regentage it account for what we did even if it was to negative stuff oh it may be i'm wrong on that i just i think that it says that we're going to give an account of every word deed thought eh so i don't nowit's like if we can make that means sought different on what it sounds like celebrate across the finish line if you live your life the way you spoke to and dealt whether that's how i see yenomoto it closer to the finish line and ever before but so it has a mighty fortress is our god a board never failing we think about war a bulwark is the if you will back in the day the wood that day would make to start the bombardment of cannons ending may be arrows a spear bullets oh i could have been part of earth bulwark our helper he amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing first still our ancient foe to seek to work us woe his craft and power are great and armed with you cruel hate on earth is not his equal only in jesus do we see his somebody this way more than his equal the angels struggled we see in daniel i think it was it or daniel i think he was fighting satan for three weeks before he could get the message to him number two did we and our own straight confided our striving would be losing and this might be just to help people down and because i think there are a lot of people that try to do christianity in our own strength and as for it says our striving is losing when we do that but dis is why i love what scripture teaches in especially paul about grace it's his strength in me his strength succeeds his strength overcomes his strength is what makes me godly in any measure were not the right man on our side the man of god's own choose that's why he says are striving would be losing if it wasn't for the fact that jesus the man of god's own choosin was with as you ask for that may be christ jesus it is he lord savior his name from age to age the same and he must win the battle and i i would just say that he will win the battle but he does call us into his army to fight with and i wish that we would understand that i ah have you looked it irritates and all listened to any of his interviews on the book that he came out with recently on a letter to the red no i basically read the bible that i very very rarely stray from that i stick right in scripture i like incourage it cause you do do research just take up a couple maybe the interviews that he has regard to the book the curse what what he says dana and intestate must win a battle is that he he really paralos to day's church with the church of germany in the early nineteen forties nettement racing oh yes it is very very interesting what he shows i mean he throws out like this is one of the things he talks about the dear was roughly eighteen thousand may be christian churches in germany and to start on the war street thousand of them stood boldly against hitler three thousand of them stood arrogantly with hitler but he said there were twelve thousand in the middle the closed their mouths and refused to say anything and he just said he sees that in in america to day that yes sir so that stand and say hello there some that say yet bring on evil but there's there's the majority in the middle that refused to say anything luke warm which means that they've chosen evil i agree i agree that's all he's just trying to wake the church up to that reality so i think i think you would find it ah at least in lightning verse three says in don this world with devil's felt should threaten to endure we will not fear for god his will his truth to triumph through us a mananaan the prince of darkness grim we tremble not for him his rage we can endure for lo his do is sure what little word shall fell him first for that word of bone all earthly powers no thanks to them abideth the spirit and the gift tariffs are ours through him who with a sideth let goods and kindreds go this mortal life also the body they may kill god's true but it still his kingdom is for ever and i would say the alemanian and again just in a summary the more we understand about the name work and position of jesus the greater are faithful be as we discovered that living in the power of grace provides a rest that passes all on worldly understanding and i encouraged by lester's take advantage of every opportunity to learn the word let it get into your soul by graceful obedience if we remember it says that jesus learned for obedience and i i listen to a lot of people to day in the deck like all we don't have to be consag to me were missing at least learning cause of that obedience and it says whether in word or song so we played one song we read through two songs and we read two chapters to heber's we can stand secure in the spirit inspired adoption narrative that rings in our soul because jesus is the master builder and a part of what i just said there paul says two times once in galatians once in rome and set the spirit very sweitness with our spirit that we are s of and he to me there's that's what i want to know above anything that i a son or daughter of god a brother died of so it says remember we celebrate communion next week as we look at the res five and six and again her i just i find heber's son rich sociology and in the defile makes me point my life and by thinking upward and i just i want that for my her so to mashonaland to a love is another time my girls were easier to raise in my son he was in the emergency more times than both girls combine aboget offertories i mean and now my wife would say is it would be my step daughter with so easy to raise and her boys were very very very difficult so i understand it could be it is and sometimes we think well it's a it's indicative of the parent in lattices its totally not at all it's like kay they have a mind of their own and though we jist work to try to turn that mine in a in a godly direction so that they can at some point cry out to christ the new births and ah if it could be a it could be interested to watch kids grow up and see see then the differences oh men men appearance being apparent can sometimes be really difficult and you look at the kids and you go oh my gosh i wish it would have done a better job some that and i think we are on one through the and when he had to laugh at it and do i know that my parents of the same thing about me and my kids are going to say the same thing about their kids when they do a dirk you know so the the good thing is is that you know we do look at ourselves and say it's time to put our dirt down and be the that thedori of god that he really wants is to be rather than just feel like well do you really mean that let's negotiate our way out of this day you know i remittentes lot of times when we put we do with god do you really mean that come on and is like god see how that works for you might want to decide to put to dirt down and that you know that she's going to do he's going to look at yesgoes make the choice and then he's going to look at you like a wise old parent does and says how that work for you was was that did there were trout the way that you thought it was going to work out her ready to turn around and maybe do it the easier way rather than take the hard way out of orithyia's at he's going to do and ah you know i bet being but there's the now there's some things that that a hard core evil there's a difference there is a difference between like the hard core evil that's going on in those of us or really trying hours that menottes kes we we we are most people here are just like that there you know i'm sure i'm sure there's some spies out here that watch what's going on and what what's brandenburgio to say to day in all that's the sort of thing i really think that most of us are in that category of all put meter pon today did something i can repeat that again and then there's that hard core pure evil who is truly sold out to say it has no boundaries on their behavior now that's the one's going to be in trouble on judgment day there's there's no recovery from from some some of this without having to face without repentance having to stand before god now pit any anybody can bring anything to god that if he's he's s right if you mean it he will forgive you what you've done and help you recover from whatever it is it you've done that is is absolutely horrible and i think that there's a lot of people i know somebody who does of deliverance ministry who has taken an kids who have been involved in satanic ritual use is and it's very hard for them to forgive himself cause they know what they've done it including killing babies i re that's part of it and for them you know one of the things they say look some of this stuff you really that you've done you really didn't have a choice and they'll put him in a double mot being or something like that and so but god but god can work through all of a promise but you have to be willing to be sorry and i realize what you've done to come to god my opinion i think tempers up there ye there tom o ye no that was going to happen start talking about nothing real and in the the feed starts going out he'll be back in a minute here so but at any rate god is just to forgive us if we come to him with repentance and really our truly sorry and they'll sense get wiped away and then it's it's oh it's already dealt with and it's gone it's done it's over with and we can walk forward with boldness and assurance that that god loves us and he's going to help us every step of the way past recovery from sin because it is it is a process i really i really thankful to god for that process will see if chicsanege him hoping that he does and we can finish a sin if not in to give me call and we can finish it up he's gone sistoff took off the fee tilly so let me give him a call a minute see i give two minutes to see if he can read join again and if he can't woleski timaco how call asseruit that he's coming on if you were like that seem like go three or four minutes i was off and exsecutos my feet so haridatta does it every time we talk about something important and i said i said basethat what what it is is that no matter what you've done in life if you bring it to god and say you're sorry and truly mean it he is just to forgive you and then you just don't do it again i mean or learn from you learn to your darkiness and move on and god will forgive you and it'll be it'll be wiped away not not there thesepeople that you're talking about it those ones that must continue to say sorry god and then go and do it again sorry god and go to it again like a serial rapist or something like that they're not sorry at all they're just sayin words to get them out to trouble but person who's truly sorry changes there behavior in order to be a better person but only god kiss really judge human heart and we can judge ourselves and so we need to be interestedand say is my behavior where it's supposed to be then you can't approach god with with boldness and assurance that he loves you cause it's dealt with it's done it's over and i think of that i think of that's one of the joys that we have as christians is knowing that he doesn't hold our sins against us because we're truly a new creation and every day we are we get to start over again and we god's forgiveness and live in a way that honors him and reflects and i think that that that's that's what we were all you know oh thank you and nonowhat she said in those few minutes but i will say this that i often talked about i think sometimes we use the promise of god's forgiveness is a salt shaker and i go back and since you brought it up i want to set the frame for first shown one nine because i think people here the first part of the verse and they don't understand the second part but they got the verse thinking the first part in a skewed way so here's what it sins it sans if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us set so i think people turn off their god thinking after that point and go back to do in the live in the way that they want yes that's the porkabout here no no no no that is not the same thing that's like a serial rapis saying oh i'm sorry and walk ride out the door and do it again snow no noodle that kind of well aviation we can't get up with the second half of that verse my point is this is were again go into the throne of grace to receive grace and mercy to help in time of evened when we come even to the table which were going to do next week we drink to jewish the wine les basically christ's blood to cover our sense to forgive us but janet says in in first you onishishewe confess our sins he faithful and just to forgive us our sins ah enemy let be stopped there back up confession means to say rightly about what we've got so we got to confess what god says so god says a lot of things about our set but he also wants to correct us since he's if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sentence and to claim as from all unrighteousness that's the power of grace cleanses us it overcomes or sin in overcomes our sin in conations it empowers us to live wholly so if we take that verse at face value yes god does forgive us our sins when we agree with him and he cleanses us to make his hold get the darkiness out of us and oh so when would people faith and i just think that i mean there's a lot of people that have been taught or you just claim that firstcomes forgive you we just go up to what we want to get at that is not first of all forgive no since not repentance and we didn't confess and god didn't cliens a self every thing i think that there's a gold and ticket there is doesn't work that way yeh onthat's why i call it not fools gold that's like pools gold it's it's like the salt shaker we shake a little bit of pixie does that our sin and we think no we can just go on no no that's first balistariis but ye should take comfort in the forgiveness of christ and his overcoming power within us and to me i put more emphasis on that overcoming power do we need forgiveness absolutely every day many times every day but to healing other i mean read out things wrong with each other we should say we're sorry and you know for the for the healing of their heart and are two if we've done so her own sarsy it's okay it's okay to say that for the healing of another person it's very healing here that when somebody is has offended as a friend edson one a well i'm really sorry don't mean to do that or he came out wrong or something is odinthat yet i think you know even here in i know we're going off on the tangent here but you don't you pet it creatorthat you know that i believe that in the jewish teaching that you forgive somebody three times and that's why when he talked to jesus he thought you know what i know what he's going to say i've started my foot in my mouth so he went like oke oona doublet and avaloit more so he says if somebody comes to a salvini and says which you forgive me in one kind of asking a wee we done with this and she isisthe no peter sometimes seventy ah so it's like way way way way more so do in me to be compassionate and merciful with people yes can we work to teach them to get out of their dirtiness as you said he i think we have to god wants us to grow up and i i would say this we we've kind the learned that we can be childish god deals to be child like there is a big difference between being child like in being childish and so when we are child like we we do trust the father we do obey the father we want to please the father and i were going to feel absolutely but he's got deck coppered and we can rest in that and i want to encourage people again we sate earlier we are covered in the righteousness of his bed which comes into play in hebrews the and the we'll get there but thank you for all the comments of people and a i was loved her charter so is citatoat you know it's like you don't really know what people think unless they contribute a share with on their mind too so you know that he develops a relationship and set of a you know a one way things i think i think that's good too and appreciate come and out i'll say that anybody done i throw it on the yard have to go on my way up surebecause i have no idea how far and what may be our sisters are but i look to sit down to catchable the people were the horn or the wire and to me there's nothing like sitting down and having on one on one chatter when you can pick a uponthe word and talk about it and i love to do that so sore my satin would you do that with me powertill see and there biatensis up saw the cod he then methink i think the clere distinction i mean there's people that intend evil and those people who just make mistakes and you have to have that discernment from god to be able to make some educated gases on you know like a person that's a serial rates there in timing to do evil and as people that leave this nation astray or that are our committing crimes against humanity or treasonous acts they know what they're doing and there i there's there's no two ways about it in an there's those of us that that make mistakes or you know that we're trying so it's there's definitely a difference there and i hope that everybody clearly gets the difference in that i difference where were wererecurred and justice is applied is supplied differently and god god has to deal with some of them when they when they have to stand face to face with him and so that's it so do you want and with prayer to day wodanus wanted doing crowdpeople cause i do believe without knowing everything that done oh i do believe that justice is coming and i wonders having horace the saints to may be withhold your tongue in let god challenge your soul as justice is done i think sometimes it's the believers that can say on an on no no don't do that but as you said there are people that he done continued to do pure evil and i just very quickly say without going into huge funny hole god replies justice to everybody to the evil person as god refuses to submit to god justice will come in the former vera but god applies justice even to the sheep we just don't feel it he just as comes in the form of god's mere and just as can be a wonderful beautiful thing when you've done the right thing then that that's where that's a happy moment yes i just wouldn't courage people as we go to pre a read rethe bessie and six and don't don't get upset with another warning passage but it's not i think what a lot of people here and i think that's a beautiful set way for communion next that's cool and if if you're doing the right thing you know that it's probably there for some one else now you as you sir with the sustentation heresies on to worry about realized that he's also given people to do making really can choice as some warnings that it may be for you going ah yah that's brother and sister over here who just told cook youto the cook echidnin to tolerate this forever and so you kind of look and say these people that have put their hands on the cookiesnot turn out well for so you can just kind o sit back and go all so for them can i mean we can really look at her own families to see how god works i mean when when mons and dads come down on kids that are not doing the right thing ah the kid that's really done the right thing is going to be able to stand there and go like this as as dan man come down on the kids that did the wrong thing you know and oh in rectory number that you know that's got some portent distinction to make all right so let's close her prayer and we will always try to keep it on a positive note because i think that even the wrath of god miss partunder standing a gospel a week and so thank god for his wrath gives us justice and gives us grace so it's like it's just part of a bigger picture sometimes or have no father thank you for this time i always prayed the people are inert oh i prayed that they would hear a bove the warnings that you have goodness and grace and power and wisdom for those who seek to follow you thank you for this day thank you for dona prideyou bless her she does what she does and he were to so thankful for even the people that we think are beginning to understand that justice will come and that we need to be a godly in a righteous people before you his name i pray i regret meso come in to put little scripture on i'm going to go to do the brandfor govenor think right out so did my meaning goto branderode nor not come because i am still not conceding the best not consent consented he was over not conceited history of the world and a big love to president don old trump the rightful president of the united states as well as admirers and general flintand all those who stand with them a love you guisantes you all and so let's erongo head put some put this i like putting this up because it's so positive just listening to healing words of god scripture i think this is very important yet amerce yourself inscripsit god himself satisfied some one twenty this soft mineral milder oong positions so you can find my gold does petitiondid you know there is a note as the poor bills bows there's house or foreloper in faith watch his watch pastors three curse is on the house but he left trees so fear not for i am with not dismayed for mine if your god i was streaked how righteous rose as trust the she is like a tree by sound its roots by the street it does not fear leaves were vain creek is not anxious s not cease to be shall happensfor red and my god will supply leafpores his riches morgan grace cheeses so norton how well the shelter the most high spied in the shadow of the almighty i will say to my bressancourt ress my god i trust for she got deliver him in the snare of the fowler and from the judgment masters she could cover you with his bidens and under his we hare rushing is free for this is a she you will not fear the terror of the oesterr that skies by day nor to gastonthat stalks that darkness more destruction the wastes and ned to aid me fall at your side tenth at your right hand oh but it will not come near here you look with your eyes she the recompense of the wicked old because you love me the more you we whose i who was my pressing no he sosomehow to no cleaner you for she and his being those concerning to guard in all her ways o on their hands they bear you on muster strike you for against the stone you will tread on the wine and the young lion the serpent triplet because he holds trastne in love i will live i will protect because he knows my name which calls to me or will answer i will be with him in the i will rescue him and wondering whistlelike i was satisfied and show him march shoppish and that's a great place to start a sort saidrather i think for the day so i rode here her hands whether on her hand god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merican have a great day make it so it's a it's starts here here and here and then our choice is well i will not be on to morrow or friday i am i've got some something i have to get done that i'll be busy with that i will be back monday morning and i never know i might do a remote broadcast some point time the sweet it's going to be a fine redondo on few days nothing weekends so have a great week and you'll know how to find me brandenburgunder the number four am i on telegram i'll be posting sclattis the himhe