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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/21/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Feb. 21, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is the twenty first day of february twenty twenty three and welcome to tatoroes so i'm one you don't want wording get right half this this morning because we've got to talk about i'm going to bring out mister tater and and and doing well how about yourself don't get to and get so try to wake up i was we were talking before he got on mine here and i got to tell you what guys thauthe last week i've woke up every single day when the mine ran and i just i seen the kick it right well where i met a in telegony were exactly on but there's a huge problem with red tie down here and you everybody is coughing and is something is there is a heavy elegance so i took a drive and i went to i went shopping for a day to his big ball in the area and i got about oh i'm going to say turn the twenty maybe fifteen twenty miles from from the colester and i couldn't believe that i could breathe again so i hadn't up changed my vitamins olitkin some anti elegans and pain i'm awake again so it's amazing but i'm sleeping like a log and i get up in the morning now i think i'm catching up and it's amazing so it is good for you you know at least eight hours asleep at the everyone important part of your brain or generating so so how are you this morning and doing very well i was not on john ministering last week when i had to kick off early i had a closely in one way all his wonderful this grease as i was so i just can't go in through the news later gone last week and i i know enybody tunes in one to hear what you have to say because i you bring such good informations to the table its mate so so what were we to go here's the problem a ever since once obomegoid in office which was back we and ah then the sack character fighting became the residence we've been having an awful lot of shooting we didn't have one shooting under the rightful president of the united states and once again happy president's day again because i'm going to repeat yesterday's happy president's day to the right of president of the night see that entreth the slowest on is why are we all of a sudden having so many shootings anywhere and everywhere and they go on and on and on my men every week you find talking about some long gun men who i know stole in from the father or stole gun from ears stole and or whatever and it up goneand shooting people and we don't even know how many hills are false flags i would say most of them are as some of them well do in fact get hurt but not like sandy hooks or nobody got hurt i mean the that was and that was an exercise that went life but nobody got her to that well he inhales is just there they kill people in order to further and agoncillo her people or created disaster and it's not that no one gets hurt it's that it's not it's not a naturally occurring crisis and engineered that's right sam with the railroads stuff and will get to that eventually but my point here is that the shooting that had been going on especially the one and michigan since were kind of related to these first thing that comes out of whitmers mouth is we're going to have to control this problem or an act to take your guns we come in at us in a fashion that they want us to know that there the tyrants were the servants and they are going to steal or take guns no matter what well there's something called the constitution that the and that constitution if we the people stand up and use that constitution we will have a lot of power we have because that's where our power is and the fact that we know what's going on in the fact that we know that this as the false flag at the university and that whitmer is is a tyrant and she needs to be shut down put down whatever these kind of processes that we have in our courts and are rules in our our government thus even supreme court has ruled in favor of these the second amendment is more powerful than people want to believe they want to believe that they can walk all over it any time they want for our safety non sorry he ah they can send out the sea in the fbi the bat for any of those alphabet organizations that are de facto and tone exists to begin with to raid and beat up on the people the problem is the people a lot of em that are fraid of their own shadow or afraid would turn around and turn their guns in or get their guns registered because allen that's the law if we don't do that he in were going to get in so it's the fear mongering that our government has been pushing for long as i bent life it's the fear mine mongering and the and the there ability to try to make you believe that they are not in fact they are not and we the people if we stand on our own two feet as no we have the power so here here's the deal now with with she thinks she's gone after the story goes that the age i should be following the law and if the age is following the law then the age must prosecute and will point that out when we go down toward the bottom of shows verses that the age must prosecute or the other attorneys that are setting in those positions such as kenworthy was sir position now she is she is she is the prosecutor for wantoning in county prosecutor may be that's anyway she is responsible to prosecute ah illegal act that or violating the law of the constitution whatever they don't have a choice the and she's been playing this game not witness while with me thou but witness been playing the game with thee up senior citizens play stirring cove that chasles power she listen have any power she never had it there is no such thing at his other as an emergency powers that overrides the one ever so she's in violation and if she shrilly leans on the second and and pushes forth to get people to come here and starting confiscate then she is outside the law and she will be as i am certain ah your folks are looking some of the people in in your groups of that listen to you are doing that following through it prosecutes theer'll be people like me coming out of the wood were after so i'm not concerned that there taking guns away because there but it's it's stupid comment by these left wing criminals than are sitting in office they can they have the poet i really think that you know we've got the right kind of through the constitution to remove them i think if we want to get rid of all these falls flags and crisis as we fire on all and start over again because they have not done they have not done their job they then get they get out so failing riding for me on all points cause i've been seen do one thing right so far you know and when they keep bringing up gorontolo like we said before gone so kill people crazy people kill crazy people kill people and act act on not like you now stand for body out there attacking each other and screening and yelling and lunatic laughed what a resonator it is i don't know what it is but because they have not done anything to interest nemahath we have we have the problem with the homeless people we have problem with the shootings and all of them the home the homeless situation even his tight into the so this is all not only allowed to happen it's being engineered to happen in order to destabilize this contre and they know what they're doing it to communist play book is markland that's that's what they're doing so i would encourage anybody out there and they tell you that there making guns legal i don't give your dons and you have more it now said the fond yoursen and i saw an interesting article on one of the tubes are wherever it was it's not gun control because gun control as being able to hit the target your pointing oh that's good gun comes oh well you're turns are beautiful i love it and i had heard that one but i like it i like it i stole it but it's here that this still comes a stillness that's rosebut means i when i one of looking at me your men just went into my men for you location pro cram all the other the other is she then i wanted to talk about was the latest news that what i have a fair manger in my god she does fear fear fear things of a world's coming to an cries sinths there are what that means to jane with common back or in going to him so that's not much of a threat or there are there are many people that follow a lot of people on the tub that are always pushes well the latest fear that's being pushed his that bidness negotiated with the hoe to take charge of our medical we have a they're going to force vaccinations in this that and they're going to try to do this and that and because we're going to now be under the control of the whole and then an iona the question i ask is how is that possible since the who is not even a governmental body he who is just a note an enginoo rnmenta organization number one number two what can replace the constitution a absolutely nothing so we have another tyrant named bidon he is trying to give the authority to the who for vaccinating and for squaring or whatever for for the emergencies another coming up with the he gets the mogallons emergency that they're going to come up with and their building supposedly a if you want to call it then i don't he where they'll take these people with more gallons and put him there i don't i'm here reading a lot of notes and i've i've heard of all these fecamp being set up years singers a yearso being back in the nineties and they were being set up for us then i also heard these all dat shore all these thousands of coffin there are i don't know what they were they looked like there were coffins but then a high you can for ophold much i actually had eriecreek for me years ago and he was down in georgia and said he laughed when he saw all the coffins and the farmers fields so i shall have of an eye witness of testimony to seeing them some iithought was a kind of an interesting he's like a sales coffins and he said i was out of georgia and he slid he disliked and the site that that was its ye've heard those same stories that there are coffins and what but none the less in not pushing into that direction because i don't want to go there i'm not an into the fear mongery oh i see or mewe're going to kill a whole bunch of us they open the furnaces up just like they did and in germany and stark cremation there's no way they would take the time a people and coffins and put them in the ground this is an antisemitic we've think critically if you had that many people die are they honestly going to put them in coffins and put them in the ground not ache it is mostly if it was a sin they would end up if they would and among cremation in order to neutralize whatever is there so i'm not buying any of this and not i and i'm going to go on to one more one more thing o so when colbert was going on and this is this is another thing that i'm not my head a friend who was murdered in the hospital murdered in the hospital the pastured and went to her funeral and here everybody's in there and it's an open case somebody here there kind of a die there was that communicable not like the person dies in the disease of sudden dis is whit dies with the i mean it's it's one of those things that i was i was perplexed by i hear you've got somebody who allegedly dot denies of a communicable deadly disease and the coffins open and magically the virus is gone i i don't i don't think that that's the way it works i say and you know i'm pretty exercer that you can i mean when you look at different things that you can catch of public towels or that sort of thing that's those are viruses that live on and i saw it was like this is absolutely not others no truth to any of it there like i say if you get a chance if you're interested in that area and of the biological nonsense that's going on and it is not should be looking at a book called the contagion met or or doctor first and burn or not does not a doctor first and bergs history accounting of the frequencies morocote earth on the invisible reno those two blocks would kind o set to straight they and they have other directions as to which way you can go and learn more if your interest and get more there's commandante's a bunch of guys out the dock back to coffee and you can be looking for days and weeks the possibilities of transferring a virus from human to her is a note not a possible and they explain some of the diseases that we've had in a past like pollio or or or the popiniaye it's the one that each hour skin at any rate lots of different diseases that are out there suppose it may larocy as that were then motherwhether yes nat transferable unless you get the bacteria but just by looking at somebody or red or working with somebody or not giving i know you you won't pick up the bacteria you won't die all of this stuff is back tried virus is supposedly the cleansing of the body from those bacteria it's got a punch so in and if you look up the history of the virol people that came up with these designs or die des you will find that this was this was a man made prose it was brought on back in the ladeighteen hundreds about the viruses and how they transfer from people but they don't so anyway get in i had that was given off the subject matter this is another fear mongering thing that they're doing now they're trying to push the war on you crane mind you that win doesn't come to her boarder to protect our border he goes to their border to protect their board notice that during the chemical spill he didn't give any support money or even show for the people that have had that handes chemicals instead we enter you crane with the book bushelful of so it's not what these turkeys say they're going to do it's what they've been doing and that's what we have to be watching all these people that are in congress the president and the executive branch one of they been doing what has the sea what is the fbi what is the path been doing to help protect our life liberty and pursuit of happiness there responsible well you can have we don't even know what anything that were seen as real any more if it's i the world is too big and i were really living in a time of of wars and rumours of wars which bible talks about that you know it's all based on and she said or news are new cycle is based on his instead of what's around us and learning to trust ourselves and what we see not being sad spoon found information it you know that that's that comes down to you know every one needs to do their own reserve and find find the information out settled in their minds what they believe and we're going to get closer to the truth that way but all this nonsense in the news you have to question every benefit i can't believe it it it can be so it can be engineering so easily the silicon masks the ah the sig that's out there there's such a tremendous amount of siege and our new cycles and aretine don't even know what we're seeing is real and lessens a you know there's a whole bunch of people taking video from different perspective anther because because it's really easy to it's easy to fake stuff as as as evidenced by what you said with witsand he sandy hook and in it we can go right down the list on on what were seen and what we know building summoning and nine eleven that that's deacock right there too here here you you know you watched them talk about building seven going down in the news and there's billing summon standing behind you don't because they didn't they didn't do the detonation and take that building down to that building was sonontona the control not listen you can see it yet then they taught then they talk about the the boston merethought that was another a flag and nobody got hurted set up particular ambulances and an hospital areas to take care of people that area was so far away from the actual events that a lot of that one god that was the being wheeled to his leg fell off to snap put his leg back as a very this kind of nonsense is for readers don't know at the point in we don't know because he's so much deception and unless your sitting right there there's no reason to get all kinds of upset about things because we are literally watching for the most part a movie and and the the advance that were set you have to question them and not focus on the individual events so much unless it's like well what can i do to help if there is cause there's the real people involved in these so what can i do to help in a humanitarian type of way but then focus on more the patterns or or what is it the patents are asked he so that you know what's going on behind the scenes i mean i think that's that's truly where we need to put more of our time rather than you don't read then debating the actual of hans because there is so much of their so much vallianean for of of one side against the other that that depend on the patents for truth is going to lead us right now in that path to ultimate tost let me ask you a question here then in your group again may be the group could answer what is the duty of the a large states and somebody answers that julia's states sooner what is the duty of the state center what is there i can nobody's coming out cause nobody wants to go get up you're wrong from john day or what i want you want to tell there is no duty is no constitutional duty you can read the constitution about the senators they have no look they have no job as the duty of the federal senator before the seventeenth amendment who lected or put to two senators in power before the seventeenth garry says you already know the hand sir the one who now he and what's that i don't he robs as he now does he not nothingevery sent back into while the duty of the we had not a bicameral house in the federal government for two reasons one we had the house of representatives who represent the individual you and me so on and so forth those are our represents the senators there were two for every single state no matter how big or small to state was california's got to delawares got to michigan's got to everybody's got to because they were the controlling factor of the federal government were talking about executive branch legislative and so on he so forth that the senators of michigan whoever they were chosen to be by our legislature to bid for michigan they had a specific they were supporting they were protecting they were representing the state of michigan in the state of california this and there were only two per state that's why there's a hundred in office because there are two persons the seventeenth amendment screwed that up and made it a election by the general masses so now the state does not have control of the senators because there being on it in by the people and soul really they don't have a function either the same function as the michigan represented are the michigan said that have no function specifically to do what because there is no no individual organization or or governmental body or anything that they represent they're just there and so what we have is we have a bicameral in michigan that really only has the house of representative that makes any benefit for the people senators make benefit for them they get in office they get the extra salary remember where there with our term limits you can be a senator you can be a house representatives three terms and now you can be a son at or for two terms and that a life i appointed so we really didn't get term limits by people because they're still there ten years ago you can look for a representative and he's doing something in lance if he's not part of the senators or usrepresenting then is it the rector of with the part we never get rid of these clouds their always so this is the problem that the senate in michigan had created and now in the federal government safe thing because the seventeenth amendment destroyed a function of what the government will suppose to be how the government was set it's so we really have to get rid of the seventeenth amendment and put the representatives back into the control of the legislate and if that was the case people like stavenow or peter pumpkineater wouldn't be in office the rest of his life because he would be if he followed what he was supposed to do by the governed by the state of michigan then made still be there but the state of michigan as the power remove ment any time right in the middle of a conference right in the middle of a low they could be eked out in a folding the way we want you to you've done here so at that brings this back to the court case we talked about last week which was shoulderthere tary estate in this hook he tachinoshiri come hump of a levi couldn't send it to you for too quick to wit but anyway i can read the two parts that are imported and that's all i interested in the to tell you to if you read the case you would find out that all of the judges are all screwed they are going and all different directions to try to make the passible to try to make it a lawful pointment be senators in icing but the problem is that no matter how you do it if you're not brought in appropriately by law then you are in violation of the the paragraph that i want to read actually number four and i had it posted last the socit sat this is ohio were talking of masacatan even to see the ohio part of it and in a word i have to look around one screamed to the other yea i know i'm sorry on soofi should assented to you not that one right thick thessolon downright down one and that one that i had up will bring you up again associated hasn't she a higher one i could see it ohio there solemnemente i'll know it's best acid that sesoforis that statefeetida and bring it out here again pay any way i'm on to read that part it is i judged that the present constitutional senate shell this day until december thirty one nineteen the two but not thereafter function as a de facto body and that the non hundred ninety two members of the senate create a cree elected as for the current terms shall from this day until december thirty first but not there after function as a de facto officer for a valid pre reference is primarily made to this general rule that where the law creates a public office declared void the axe of an officer continuing to function their under will until he is legally succeeded be upheld as an act of a de facto now we've talked about norton way at the very beginning norton says you cannot make a de facto of and you can't have a de jure officer philadept office the fact of office does not so what this judge did in this was canon basically stated they're going to be de facto for a while the problem is they have never been oct because they have they had accepted pay as to fact to officers organization that didn't exist and therefore they they would it was unjust compensation and i should have returned the money and gone through the process of bringing forth a legislative body called the state so guess what to day we are still operating under a de facto some protestant of which is unjust compensation that that is that's going to be a need to be a very keen the almenning forward the because there has been so much preen and stealing of money from the american people it has to be returned at correct atteritur ed and every one they can make it right very turning it if they were oh but i think the prosecution needs to happen too eclatante people that are involved in this an unjust compensation or unjust enrichment they they know what their dewing and i hate to say it the doctors and nurses all of them that that were involved in killing people in the hospital that that's also part of it either this is a real big this is a real big issue every one out there to huge she if some one in the court in the corporations are involved in it too so spoke selinin so in the there is all there's all kinds of things going on here which need to be righted and honestly the i think the old the only way we're going to write this his back to the induction of the united states we cannot we know i will never take any one seriously ever who does not want to go after write the twenty twenty elections right i can't take them serious we need to go back farther than that because there is some with the only way to fix so go back to the while the brave with going back to the beginning i even to day with who i have is educated consider educated and understand what when they brought the restitution on board and been franklin's we're going to give you a republic if you can keep to that woman the problem was that people had no idea what that meant for the most part what is the repose how does the republic were so act what is what is the one of the laws and parameters of the for example are you free or do have liberty under the you have liberty under the republic he can't go out and hraknutr neighbor's home inlopen his refrigerator and makes at home and he is the and get to that that is ah freedom though he had freedom you can do anything you want it right but it liberty you have everything with parameters that's part of our system the but a lot of people didn't know the peramble santonine the stories about the going after the indians we know the stories about going after the or cowboys he that would do it does steal cattle from others or steel horses or whatever so that kind of didn't people didn't know how to live in a report people still don't know how to live in her that you are responsible for your behavior whatever you do you are self reliance self educated governed but you are responsible for the consequences of your behavior if you go down the street at ninety miles an hour you hit somebody and kill him you're respuo to get your that's a responsibility that you have not paid attention and you will pay for i run over the neighbors trying to fix the neighbor's cat by buying new cat or whatever to compensate for the neighbor you don't you don't lie up say why you know the cat was under my car and i didn't know what i'd better he tetak these steps to make it right yourself and not not have somebody stand over you and say look he got to make it right you have to have the enough honor to say i screwed up and then sonomora and make it right once you know once you you're there i mean that's what life is botherments wrist so arthighest we want to curl up in the feedlot in her house as there's there's always risks you know there were in it we're going to make mistakes and that sort of thing but you know that's the other thing too is that because the legal system is so bad people are using that in order to for the frivolous lawsuits and such too and that needs to end that that also means to on the frivolous lawsuits is an it's out of control if you've been involved with anybody in or yourself with the probate then you would understand the the corruption that goes on in a probate court why you had as a sibling you have four kits for example in your one of the four kids and as a sibling you're going to argue over what daddy left you when he died so in all or or i do this i can end up with all the and so then you get in faultand probate and probate actually steals all of your prophets all of your money and the attorneys get it and the judge gets it and you get and he right you don't bring government and unless there is absolutely no same thing with your neighbor that's grasses a little high you don't call the ordnance officer up and say come give this guy thicket you go to your neighbor and you say he neighborscould the i in know neither i'd give you handwith your grass or or or what is it why is it not being cut what's the deal and that notatis a beautiful that is as absolutely a beautiful white handle anything is to go and offer to be helpful instead of because we can turn into the same crap mine said that our government has which is always punitive were in this person doesn't do what i want them to do i'm going to call on that i'm going to get them in trouble instead of as you know assuming that they're doing things in order to to get you know that's i think that's what they're trying to get me their train make me mad there not doing the right thing you know a lot of times there is a good breeze and why some one is not doing something in its because her struggling and in each the first assumption should always be it is this person and trouble and do they need help yes he i just communicating with your neighbor yes his chinato say in all he can i help you or or what can i do to make it easier for you or or what what ought you know what can i how can i fix this problem if we have a problem ah and then sometimes people are so touchy and so on now you stepped on the edge of my grand no so you have to have a little bit of given take with neighbors and you can't be calling the government every time he turned round that's the police the ordnance department as prosecutors must there's like i said a very serious issue he should leave the non serious issues loud and therefore we would be out we would put him out of his those guys would not have you know the ordinator wouldn't have a job to do so he'd hafter go and try to find someting ah but in the case of the probe cord the kind of figure or whoever s being on the chopping block is dead there at gonocol after him and they can get away with murder which they the cup one of the most corrupt organizations that we have in michigan is probate and you got to do anything in everything the stay out of probate because the tourneys and judges will lead you dry and you'll end up with nothing so if you have a an angry cousin brother sister who's going to give you a hard time maybe you can settle all by verbally communicating with the a rather than taken it to court where you're a gonalo nobody's going to wring oroandians its unfortunate so that brings me to one more comment from shovers secretary state remember we talked about norton and norton says that you cannot created the fact alois under any such so number seven of the same case which is not says whoever by and sent to this by threat or force whoever by threat or force wilfully prevents impedes or interferes with or wilfully attempts to prevent obstruct impede or in fear or interfere with the duties and exercise of the right are the performance of duties under any order judgment or decree of a court of the united states shall be fined not more than thousand dollars or in prison for not more than one year or what brings me to this attention is the supreme court ruled against white regarding the emergency act and she continued his she changed from her department which was the executive and she gave it over to one of her underlings which was the healthy human services to create the masks create the shut down locked on as so she is one that should be prosecuted under number seven over here because she is somebody that impeded prevented obstructed or interfered with the performance and duties of the of the michigan supreme court which told her she has no emergency still continued to ah we have two other people up in that office which are not i mean secretary of state benson whose another one that has been wilfully attempting to prevent or in pede were in her fear with the duties of late the duties of a forensic on it the duties of the election process she is guilty ah and she needs to be brought up on charges and ortygometra yes and all the recto so they don't express lansing does not exist so there passed in laws rules and regulations then you are suspect to do they follow the constitution and if not you do not have to obey that law because it's a non gun constitutional law not for one your concern that they might haste you or a rest your whatever then file a law suit against them for violating the kate don't be the passive one be degressive one goloron that's right standards got a stand our ground and can't run you can't run how do you spell that i polystelechon and i spose it wrong to age oh well no i thought you had it right in for here i thought he had a right to but i can't get it to come up so it's weird i honoratiores week we can all be sure you have copy of i headed up last nemesi don't know why i can't find it which is really odd don't know it now okay well anyhow so now we have a resident who went to ukraine who took a bag of money to your but wouldn't help ohio ah wouldn't help the overturning of the railroad over the nobody's investigating that that i know of are they investigate i here and i'm not icterina ton of information on that so on investigation i'm not hearing a toofive tigate and here a lot of people calling things in the class but you know it's search herseemed to me like that went very very quickly i mean burn the controlled burn or in the explosion whatever his eye though i saw explosion i you know that's what i saw and i saw fire under the under the yard the cars such for twenty miles which have not buying so i don't really know even what to say here because i'm not seeing i'm not personally seeing or hearing much now there was a major that all this told to go into a rock and clean up each after the de weapons which are depleted uranium weapons were used in each and an accepting of his name but he was a major and he ended up getting sick from that nonoque sure if he still alive this i heard him some time ago speaking about this but what they did as they had controlled burns they were turning this stuff the dee weapons and and all of the tres left over from from the war itself being a and in the chemical or in a lot of people got sick in iraq because of his burn and so what are we do we bring it to the united states we already know what it'll do so we bring to the united and we burn these and we act like oh we didn't know this was going to happen now they were indotatas that this is going to be a problem you know it's amazing that the there's so much stuff that we don't we don't know about we actually i had some of that work for us ah years ago or was in a rack and coat using kwaamt and he was he was part of the guys that were camping wells there in such when they built the oil fields and so and he was telling him that he was telling the story which never made it to the news that one time he was living with a quite family who was every stand with them and am in one day the races rolled through awayand they took that allowed the people there had had they called house girls that they had from slingsand they took eight thousand young women from that city in one day so he went out he went out the check ache and they weren't supposed to go out and in the desert when he went and when and he sitting just wanted to ride her on set was going on he went out in the desert and he said he was absolutely sick he he said first to start and seeing shoes and purses then dresses then bodies because basically what these guys did as they just grabbed all these young women went out the desert did whatever they felt like it and left him free and ah there there were i'm not sure that they left all of them or they took some but that never made the new cycle none of that made me helinand so a lot of the times the actual news or what's really happening it so sanitized and control that way the people never really know quite what's going on so for all those people after that our concerned about it realize we are we live in a culture of liars that the native to their native tongue which is lies and they there the have objective keep us afraid and controlled so that we are yet again one more thing that they can control so how do we get away from it don't buy into anything you hear because some one is probably manipulating the information in line we have to trust ourselves and the things that we see around us and in polar world beckoned a much smaller a much smaller a lens rather than trying to figure out solveproblems of the entire world that'll drive you knots and and you're still not going to knowthe because they're going to bury what they don't want you to know so we put our trust in god and we walk forward and we do the right thing and we be the light in the very in this very dark world and the jewel i can't help that's their answer right there trust god and walk forward with with confidence without being afraid yes it's the fear that people need to get overcome the fear of the police officer and his flashing lights behind you when you're driving in your ear the fear of going to court the fear of being on the jury those in and now they're trying to fear monger a war with ukraine and russia and their trying to make it look sound like while we we may a trump said it several times yester during his speech their talking about nuclear war a word that we should we never mention before and now their bringing it out because they want people to be right oh who's responsible for all the yes we can blame the people that are that are incorporations and stuff their part of it the personette relies pushing the button sorrels sorosis say toppled other countries in the past its history has been that that they pull off a a color revolution and what is a color revolution people that do not know what a color evolution he needs to go and look that up and read a little bit we bestsailing time back we've been in the middle of it right now and people just don't see it people don't get it people still think that on america would never happen here we are in the middle as egon little longer if the bone would have got our guns like he was supposed to then this then they would have world war three and we would have been looking at green energy right as our only alternative to set the hat was that's where their pushing us and if we don't wake up to what's happening and say no then we are either complicit we are part of the problem or we are not certainly not a solution to what we have to be a solution to the problem and the fact of the matter is he i don't like politics its corrupt ugly it's nothing could about it but it is what controls our life a less that that's the one thing you know being at ye you meet a lot of good people in politics but though there the people that are trying to do the right thing by living their lives as responsible are people you know domicile people in michigan or in the united states american red the people that generally float to the top in politics they are placed there selected and they are the majority of them absolutely soul less and enough and you know you you can look at sorrow skates and schwab who are over there that the nothe terror the terrible trial of a of a every horror horror you can bring to mind their all guilty of it but there is also i believe in other layer and in that's that and then we don't even see those people that are working behind those she i think that the ones that that we don't see our potentially even more inserting a late there's their families and like the pale vanchini family and that sort of i found a pitcher of the pope kissing kissing the rings of of the head of the pallanchine family and some of the other families that are literally placing these peeks the ones that are in charge here never going to see them they are going to stay back and be protected and the foot somebody out there who is complicit om in and will do their meniamo in in in coronation with the henry kissed i'm all these people that have basically damned themselves by what they have said and this come out of their mouths there all working together there's no notes about it but there's also another level which which is little little cone ah i'm hoping that that will be exposed what we are doing right now and what trumpets doing right now this dance that were in the middle of ah it is actually has ah meaning and is actually going to do something actually on expose the deep set those people weigh way up at the top so we could cut their heads off and a stick em on a stick somewhere when you know an i i can't i can't see that is an all bad idea but ah i think i think that there's there's definitely got to be some some justice and i i am in the guilty of treason that comes with penalty and doth and note that we cannot we cannot walk away from the snow like they're going to just say oh yeah i decided that killing a million people i decided that was a bad thing so i'm never going to do it again please forgive me and let me go walk three right not not not a good plan of and i think i think for to day's to day's epicoor his were gente o'clock i think the one thing if we can have a take away from this entire thing is that the majority of our government has no right to it is rogue it there lying to us and the meeting is complicit and their line to us also so what we need to do with all his give up the fear because that her greatest weapon if they can make us run around and do crazy stuff and be full of fear we have become part of their machine in order to kill you know murderersand manipulate everything in the world so the way to get around that is truly it's to focus it on the fact that god is still in control no matter what we see god is in control in his letting them he's let us trying to get him to turn around and i'm sure of that he's letting them shoulder colors and he sifting right now though anne wenedocus on the fact that god's hand control keep ourselves calm realize that most of what we're seeing is a monbitis not real and that we can't count on anything that's being told to a sweetest back and he that looks really bad make a decision i'm going to do what i can do to help i'm going i'm going to be a light as best as i can in this world but i am surely not going to follow down with fear and i am going to refuse the fallen lying to any unconstitutional mandate or law or rule or regulation that we see and and go back to the fact that we have rights and in liberties guaranteed by that cost and we the living that with confidence with boldness and a and certainly crane for our country and for the rest of the world that this absolutely demonic nonsense is completely brought out in the light and dies in front of it because that's what means to happen he thinks from the chat here right now a lot o good morning good morning he all red tie a flagellate it's an it's a it's a elegiacally ah and then do the will of the people is what there all supposed to do jerry says i interested in the details of the government to which will return charlotte says good morning every one worried about clown abidesand her health rights over twenty seven to who anything we can do to stop the illegitimate clown peddle peddle by charlotte i just set out complaint later to my senators and wraps on the red flag law their pushing to pass and love says the pastor family too all demonic and when wanted they do him this is this is not new play book look at the bingals they set themselves up with families and it now it's like these they set themselves up with families and you know it's most certainly an organized crime method of protection of themselves there and what they're doin against we the people keep in mind that our salvation is the republic he must follow and do and understand what the republic is once we understand the republic the laws of the constitution been makes and then all the supreme court cases that it followed ninety nine per cent of them make they fall in line with what is part of the content ah never mind the fact that the judges can't read and when they do rate the rigid in the operation the they misconstrue what the the predecessors of told them or they misconstrue what's written the written word because they want to act or they want you to believe that we are to you know we were the black robe we know more than you do you're just a pinethat wasn't word i was looking for but yet that's escharinae upon ah you you you don't know what you're talking about you you haven't had the law degree you don't happen you can practise in court because you're not smart enough ah you got a higher nature all this note here that when you are in it when you were running i heard this all the time talk to the people like the and like their emboutir grade level and telling i heard then o manetime and on the campaign trip by by people who were in a supposed political in the know and on it was like i refuse to do that i said that is so insulting and in further more it's like this more intelligence than the little finger of one normal person than there is in any of these politicians that set up in these people are dull and in is like to talk to and men all they know was how to move money for one fond to another from one pocket to another that's all they really know they don't have the expert that they they really don't these people are dumb as a rock i agree with you yeah he domerars he comes in a marked works over the backs araxes after mature the never actually experienced or lying by never experience work he was never in the work for and even though he pagsabut i was here and i was there and i did that in do any the he's been in politics all his like which is a nice cushy job that pays only a hundred and seventy eight thousand a year and based on an appeal not less back when he started and he managed to a mass seven seventeen million dollars his portfolio i number ye now seventeen i'm always up for seventeen so that you go ehwell these in the then we could look at palosin all these other turkeys then our pen and office elosine did anything in her life except get her hair done ah that's the questionable that's a questionable thing but none the less she a man a managed to amass a hundred and fifty million in her portfolio just by working for the government what a deal on a deal deal that is an sixtly yet well i tell you what it's ten it's time tend to shout right now so do you have any let's lotifeh up with any anything you wanted to get to her and i want to say let's in and that's all i need to say we need to restore or we need to understand and follow our repose once we do that we will put these people back in a back and we will gain control of this country again but we have per followed the repose we are none take from the she be our government should be a sure industry which is there to serve not a punitive one all say detail lion times until people understand that it's what's inshore prayer here and then well we move on to our days so as there have my father thank you so much for john and the the knowledge that you've given him and given him the opportunity to learn and to teach all of us what is a what is the lawful process would in our republic thank you so much for every one that's going to day when i know personally of another another friend that it was running with the texas party victoria she is a experiencing brain cancer a stage for right now only pray for her that you would lift her spirits and heal her and gregg and terry with today's another radiation the day and we asked that you would you would bless them with safety as well as no no no results are adverse reaction to the radiation for either one of those two dear people to day we thank you so much for walking as through every situation in our lives and that we ask that you help us to see what it is that you want is to they were give us the opportunities to serve the other people around us till look for those things that are needed and in recognized where help is needed so that we can step in and be held and be light in this very dark world it was so so excited that every lie is going to be exposed and that we will know the truth because it's all good come out in the life we thank you for every single good person that's outfighting for this nation and we ask that you give them to run the race gin and a finished the race tell its its wan into the and thank you so much fistadious let every one know that they loved and that that you have things well in hand here and then it's going to be ok we trust you and we love you and jesus christ precious name we pray there you go thank you everybody here is the tenthe show dinningto too brenburg for onorato and was the agentes mister tantor for me sheriffehuton is neither one of us she have conceded kisoona one to criminals who cannot run the country and to have committed unlawful acts which only to be tried for the with the accompanying ah a prosecution and that and unfortunately a probably termination of the lives we the choice of the that they made were were just gone fact that ah that lawful process and then let god sorted out on the other side for them on on there were just arrange the meeting for people that committees so it at any rate we love you we love all those whom you love that bless you that bless all those whom you have and god bless america see it to morrow it's going to be a great day to day enjoy it and make it count you know make make to day and every day hananiah one comment before you you off we're having the meeting to night at the nicholas those of you that might be in the local area may want to show up nicholas is on south feelin southfield just north of ten mile road and we will be there between five and nine come out there that will be great if not next week on wednesday we will be on our homage it's all there you go yet another way to educate yourself and become smarter by the day joined john's groom punch osda so there you go thanks so much john him a gray day thank you by