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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/27/2023 - Karen the Riveter and Ken Nash

Published Jan. 27, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is the twenty seventh day of january two thousand twenty three and walkenfied dishonor oonamort bring caron and cheering the ramener and ten nash on right away this morning and we have lots of stuff to talk about it in good morning is how you doing mornin then morning buddy cried morning ha there's the sunshine call i i a couple of things that i wanted to ask you about there there is a couple of ways we could go with us this and i i you know we were talking about the court case that i really can't talk about yet but it's common here troubling next week will be able to really you know talk about what's happening here cause i think this is going to be a huge deal really it's going to lead to huger deals but it's a huge ah there's some things in the news that i've been looking at it then we also ah you i've been talking about the vananda institute and the the fine that they were assessed for heavy cost so we can go in that direction but i also got up this morning and i was thinking you don't want i wonder if i should just open up the pole lines and o'er the chad and anybody that wants prayer to the cooper ever and so what say you of course the prayers prayers are also all events i i she don't think it's a bad idea but i thought well you know what what we can see what comes on if anybody wants to to come in and call in i'll take the phone up for you to see and on the little community here talking because i think this is going to be you know i've got so many different fronts that i'm fightin on right now it's not even and i'm not i'm not in the news where that because i think that most of the best fighting is done quietly off to the side where nobody's looking at what your actually doing eh but i'm no opntus popoyan number here and the rumble had and if he wants to call in an for a minute i will instantthat one i've got a prayer in quest i've got a prayer request ah and now over yet one he was in riding his bicycle when being at hesitation transie fanny concealed this antithesis take care and the young man was a writing his pike and with it by a car last we and had some very severe inverness and many races doing really well under the circumstances for what i've heard it is this said oserions serious injuries and its common take a long time to recover so on his definitely one that we can pray for her holy father thank you so very much this opportunity come together and that we pray for this young man all of us we ask that you would that you would touch him in a very special way to to heal him in a miraculous way that every one around him can your hand pre and he that all the glory would go to you we we love you we we've loved this so this young man if no we don't know em work he's a friend we just haven't met yet and we prayed for his family the doctor that oh that every one involved in the page is turned round into something absolutely beautiful that they can all each other and now that they were part of something very great which you led them through and that you were in the idle and all glory goes to on nothing in quick and prays some answer prob does so he that's that's amazing your mamma did need some ferreday too don't think or yeah i just sent them to link side on all the therelisten ing but maybe they listen later ah my parents are hoping closes on house sailed to day then there is a hitch in the process the buyers are as motivated as the cellars and really excited about it and incipient that can get the son complish to day so it's colts is needed to have pen and on an elected for my parents they've they've been moving on to a new chapter in life and if they've got a new place then an independent living place that's been working out really well for him so far what things they like about it they the went from a rural location where they see a lot of wild life on the lake daily basis and they moved to lance his tesselatis likely to see what life in lancing but they haven't to get which it is if you have it looked at these places there not easy to chief to get in too but they have a space where they have a forested view right outside the window and there's been deer hanging out right outside the window so yes so there was really important to have they were going to miss that and they're not missing it so i'm really i'm really happy that's a radical move to lance oh yes yeah he took what i'm sorry they're going to see some wild life there right out kind of gongs tone but ah i think i think some ah help political deranged monkeys are always on display there self very girl i wish me now have overseer is somebody in lancing that there there is a backbiter and hopefully they're not throwing the prove like monkeys that on the deranged monkeys and landing there you go so a yeah you want done pray carondelet god gently father thank you so very much or the wonderful parents that you gave carrot and the opportunity for them move into another part of their life was that they would make wonderful friends there would turn out to be one of the best parts of their life and that they would they would just have the fall there in this in this so independent lines thank you so much for providing that way then to day with any difficulties or challenges that need to be a draft with their move and the the little hickops of the running into trying to get this ah i this transaction done with selling the other house we use bless every single person involved to get everybody peace and calm to this day and know that above all things that you are controllers a reason for everything even the hiccups we give you all the glory and for ah the solutions for this situation and we believe that this prayer at prayer is answer in the name jewish the old welcome your mom dad i had a different place so even base for a friend request to that sir a good friend of mine his wife went in for emergency hepore the surgery went well but it was emergency because there was infection and the old hill here certainly print for the infection always you know she had a young daughter severs all and a husband we all know how vital are is significant other isn't getting through life every day and though now the surgery went well were still hoping that everything its round to a hospital but it's that next six i now pray for some strength and fortitude as everybody tries to pick up the slack one of those in one of those it make your life goes through her go round every that's a great example of you step in and though and helping helping that family you know making sure that your friend has got you to somebody to lean on while they're going through this consure's when something goes wrong assure his nice havanese south of hands there so are you care you doing be cooking while you're there yet i made be gentiles night got all the kitchen cleaned up and yet he actually is the friend i mentioned on the passedeleven for her amazon and yesterday's roads last night down in the south are a terrible and he got stuck on his very last delivery of a the time they pulled them out and had those drivers almost run till night thirty almost ten o'clock at night by the time he got pulled out of her last watereaton it was until after midnight when he got home last night even be an herte to sit on a couch while the little ones sleeping on either saltypool that do that for each other and it's and really were and now again the congregation comes together it's just a brother to me so it it is another is lonaig deal to have a brother you know and the brothers as i have in and you know i had a one that called yesterday and mineto what some of these then any blood relationships never have because you know your ear bonded it really isn't amazing thing never yes all right is so you are pray for them canard you want me too would you please i will i will you not think you got the popolarit now so notknow the poll how i just don't like i think it's important pray for each other and not that my fresher incredibly inspiring but i get the job john no i think i'd just like to see the way that we are so to you want to do it too for one i've got eight collative all to say that he sees a little private probably and he may not be to think right now but oh she broke a light last week and of luckily she didn't have to have surgery they thought they were going to me too she was so spliced for a few days but it's more in now it's working out she's helen but it's just you know it's part of a process it's come take a while so again it's like a rehab not as serious as a cens frans itation but these entries were est surprise injuries they the nice thing about her situation like cones is surrounded by people from church and family in friendships that are stepping up bring food taking care of her and her husband and oh it's it's really good to see community coming together in that way cause it doesn't always but it's nice to see that people have that kind of willingness and oh that's the mesuppose to be so yeah i know and i think i think this is something that is agissoit white we can even talk about the fact that the world is really too big it this one you know we all we were all conditions to you got to do bigger better and change things so make more money have all these goals and life of things that we need to do to make us and you know what i think that we're happier and more of a situation where your you've got here our close relations you should we should all be putting the majority of our time in logs close relationships and that even means you know relationships that aren't going so well i mean it comes a point where things are abuse of that you somethan to cut the but if you if we can put the time and to build then our communities you know and i mean sometimes a community is as much as like four or five people of really good friends i'd rather have really good friends around me than a million people that are a casual or in all honors small trinismal talk well i wish i did but i have to really work on that case you know that's not my it's not my strong so but i would rather have a few people were your excelly working on things together and you are there when something goes wrong that somebody is actual there you know at the end of the day i guess we can all ask your question you know if i died night a funeral with this person my dad osis it now if if i died and there was a funeral when this person be at my funeral that's probably the peaceful better going to your friends or people that have a guilty conscience i can let pike preferred it was it was a relative of yours are dear hevenly father thank you so very very much we can get together and talk to you and lift our voices up to you lift our eyes up to you and now that you are here with us every minute of the day and every single thing in our lives at the smallest the care about the age and you care when somebody is truly herding these two ladies are the sen last please were a start with her caregivers he thank you for the care givers that he decided to step up and help them with a broken leg in the hamper a a the husband and we prayed for the seven year old daughter whose involved in these nothing happens that affects only one person we know that it affects every one all at once and we are thankful that thief they were able to you know gather round about the person that need the help and that now you can help them also because it is harder to be a caracter lot of times we ask for more help and support for all of them in old furthermore we asked for that broken leg to heel without any trace anything that ever happened that you was held it completely and totally with no pain and quickly all to your honour glorious people around it could that you did something and that this healing was from you to bring out or glory to you and all eyes we prayed for the ah the woman where cans friends life who is who had hypolite and the doctors around her and a and the entire situation was e clans that entire wound the entire area of the hip from any and all in that she would she would wake up and it would just be resolved to the point where she could say there's no explanation or god himself healed me of this and in that it would bring all the honour and glory always thank you for being able to come to you that you have the answers to every single thing in our lives that we can walk with you on this or we don't need an intermediary because you you rent the veil in two that we you come directly to at sebastian whole world thank you for walking with us for loving up and for always standing with us or in all things we can re you have the answer and you give us the divine help when we need and through all this please bring people closer to each other and also in closer walk with you in all we thank you that this prayer is answered in very cool on seahead attacks common from gary please pray for the person ah can i say this out loud garry oh kay i think i can oh hang out of a man on the call her in and so get the call you cherry on calgary after a wiccanish decides that he wants em do you want me pothanore you me just you or me say energy want me just let it go okay hang out of it i'm an put you speaker panopa so you're an pigeon her ready this is carry you'll see him in in the chat once in a while and garryowen to tell us the situations that we can pay i i well so so there's at all go had in and i know your watching it saltikoff now and then we'll just crayon okay so i'm so alimentive off the poles there is no delay problem that if you just want to watch it that's fine so a prairie from there we need to pray for the people within the fbi and in those that are trying to go after normal americans who are just trying to do the patriach to because there is not as about their set in people up into treatment and it's wrong any of you out there in the pei think the fbi is actually the sciences that they may betray to clean up their act to like political area we need to pray for those people i'd like to pray from the pole if the fbi of or the decided to cause her two dab and garry at the jas on the ja six non sons and all of those e who were damaged by others who have an intention of doing the rock there is a lot of people out there that just want to cause trouble for others and in trying to move forward there own agenda in life is you know it's like that that's the so wrong and every one every level you know i sike we should be doing good to each other every single day and i'm going to look something up here i think he pretty pretty probate some go to a bible verse here minute and were gone i see thirty and when men at were sometimes were a little slow on the out take here legend ne tim boy as he quick on that yet time's great i see i look it up on my bible a gateway and shoshones that has that's got a delay yet jim and i spent some time together this last week and then i've sat there looking it up on my tablet a search application like you are he beat me to it without even using a machine the scattering that actually wasn't the one thus the source that i wanted so i had a cut out but but this is a good one as for you to bless you garry in everybody else people of zion who live in jerusalem you will weep no more how gracious he will be when you cry for help as soon as he hears he will answer you all of the lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of hers will be hidden no more with your own eyes you will whether you turn to the right of the left your ears will hear a voice behind you said is the way walk in then you will desecrate your idols overlaid with silver in your images covered with gold you will throw them away like a cloth and save them away with you he will also send you rain for the seed you so on the ground and the food as from the land will be rich and in that day your cattle graze and broad meadows the oxen and the donkey work the soil and i will eat fodder and mash spread out the for and shovel in that day m in the day of great slaughter when the towers falls streams of water will flow on every mountain every lofty hill the moon will shine like the sun and the sunlight will be seven times like the light of sevenfold days when the lord binds up the bruises of his people and heals the wounds he so i like that part of it as that you will hear a voice behind you this is the way walk in our hour of heavenly father always leads us out of the adversity and its o dear havenly father we pray for those people who are in full time causing trouble for others for their own age and over some sort all of a demonic a john we ask that you would that you would on leash all powers of heaven and your mighty warriors that you would turn their hearts to you in that they would spend all their days doing good and in good is we thank you for those times that we can pray for who have been wrongly treated like an in truly wrongly treated in abused like any one involved in the days oh or dealing asked for you to break them out of the prisons that were there being unlawfully held were there you know where their political prisoners we ask that you break them all out with a with a bright and wonderful future ahead of all of them and that all those involved in the evil that's been done with them would be son to the world they are out out of the darkness and into the light and we ask that as you bring them bring them forward that you would convict them of the wrong doing she returned their hearts around they would be truly sorry for the harm that they brought on other eds we are in any one that's all there who has done harmed all their people any one any anybody that is an enemy of yours or yorke he turned their heart to be that their eyes would open the scales would fall off and he truly evil for what it is and turn away from because our fight is not with flesh and led polities of powers we would ask that every knee would bow and every tongue contact christ is low our lord and saviour and that your will be done earth as it is in haven which is complete love and complete we are so thankful for everything you're doing right now we pray for the salvation of those that that i try to do harm gerry and do and any one else that was involved in this we pray for their salvation we prayed that you would have so lutely sun something at the nose in their spirit that what their doing is wrong and turn them round that for any one doing the wrong thing for the harm of others you that this prayer is answered and we love you that you are already at work in turning hearts to you and away from scheprevus na repreat galowinthe the chat er nonwaterman dondampaidenpa er by what they're doing who is finally going to get a push over the edge to see no we can't do it he for all people all people that need to have that little push to move into doing the right thing rather than just she accepted practices of the day you know it's like like when i hear about how much of the political area or the church are the school are it's all about money and when you put money in front of people you've got such a problem you know money in and of itself is an isn't evil it's the love of money and the things that in and and i know we've all got a huge mont of stories that shows that darkness s heart that are willing to do anything for the almighty dollar you know if we seek first the kingdom of the lord everything else will be added to we don't have to strive we just have to follow on him and they'll things that we think are import in an earthly way fall away they become united cause it we trade them for things that are our imperishable that lasts forever and that's really all that matters in the end anyway you know what we do for others the love are service for you know all that stuff is what lass anything his material it doesn't last it's it's all gone blow away like had and so those things that we think that are imported one day one day an enemy there's lots of different levels of that for all of us i mean we all struggled with that begins on i what is we mature we leave those things behind us childish things behind and move in to an adult mind set of taking care of others and that becomes the goal right there is the good of others as we stand back and watching i'm really happy for you that's fantastic you're doing great keep going you know and that's that's really that's really a nice now with that sad among ensheaths and that of the san more prairie quests in watch sat and i wanted to i can get to onfulled up that i thought was okay am i i don't know if you guys saw this we can go to the sore we can go to what's going on with van andel and site but quite a few things quickly here by donald trump junior no one should be there are full of chief would run to the sisyphean told off to bithongon of course that they will promote him well there his terrible for america and great force so we sold out we've got so much going on the china it's unbelievable president slams oscillation in ukraine and calls for the war to end absolutely this is not avow ukraine being the bad guys it's about our deep states setting up base there in ukraine finding and using it as a money laundering disaster then another one by midnight rider which is carlyon you so marine marched a canoe to cover up decades old painting of jesus walking on war because it denigrate non cos i like that explained to me why we can have everybody on the planet all there whether it's boodah or you know a many rainbows or anything else out there which is in fact the relented its religion all of it is a religion its a proselytizing type of but waycross you you you have a pitcher of jesus who who died on the cross as an you know as a substitute for our ending you you want to have a dividing line jesus so i don't understand that we can have but a we can have statues all over the place we can put up bath of that we can do whatever that was another one that came in yesterday he took down a statue tenderos evel and put up a pagan god in his so tell me how we these historical figure and say o their evil they done it they denigrate me is it not cost but we can go ahead and put up these pagans some which is a religious smile but but you don't god forbid should we put jesus why is it that the finding so hard to have anything that looks like jesus or god out there what is it about his that this is question that have what is he about jesus the dividing line that makes people either go absolutely not or that you know or order or its because he doesn't leave any room for he is either the lord and saviour or who he claimed to be god and care and o'er a liar or he's a lunatic can't have it a joshin do put that out of the case a long time on hesther a liar is a lunatic or is in fact one well there is nothing if you really study his life there is nothing in there that has has anything that your molly looks like a lie and that the apostles died horrible ducks nobody dies for a liar like no one does they would squeal being tortured and murdered like he it's not like jim jones colt where they drank the cool late they went the this was a horrific that these men all of them chose to do nobody dies for a liar that way and when you listen to his words in a stories there is nothing about what he has to say that looks like the the crazy people on lying that are in no hurry people screaming and whatever now that is lunatic he is never did anything like that he was he sane individual talked at with in in a sane manner and you know it's it's like some others dividing line there there he didn't act like the people that are out there as active as right now his hisshe drew large crowds of people to listen to his words of hope and love and and there showing the character of god and also claiming to be god in cans there was a there's a huge defence and so what i think this is worthy of a studied by every one of em of why jesus is so offence to every one other than cried it's a is its absolutely not how offensive jesus when you mention the name of jesus to every one but do you can say every other cracked hot out there that you know not the jesucristo you could say every other name i'll there that's a religiously and nobody loses their mind over and it really seems to me to be such an unhinged subject i want to know what you know why is it a sane absolutely hates what was done on the cross which is the redemption of man mankind by god himself in corn and they are that's that's hard tell to take for satan as the god is actually winning soft that very intent that's your answer they want they they don't like jesus and they don't like us to worship them they won't cause division and weaken the people and how how better to do that than the separate themselves from god jeeves and from their family an look at an then you tell them that that you have none look at all the days when it comes in to a like destruction demonic destruction a depression all these things that that satan as to accomplish to demoralize to tear them down it you know it it all goes together when you look at it the die a people's even on the personal the it is st its really amazing because god his creator he creates he builds he loves he builds up its and everything that stark not and destruction she and so you know you look at jesus us like no more describe no more sacrifice it is but i have to do is except his is his love and his his belief that you know i believe it you know in his what was accomplished at the cross the boy i am telling you what mentioned jesus and you got everybody in opera since you brought it up earlier you were talking about family and we went talking about care giving and helping in the same story keeps coming back over and over as we've talked to the and that was the story of again and when he was in those towns the multitudes had gathered and there was those troops that hated on him and they wanted to get them and they had him surrounded and so the figure he osoches not cooperating we'll have we'll have some one come talks and sensento m and then brought his mother and his brothers to the crowd he kindlike now give him the bull bolhoon maybe maybe they'll they'll talk him down cannonsdere about some one who can you know loveryoung what we want be come and so they hollered out an we have your mother and brothers he he answered in a coordinate and my brothers and in that relenting right now because it's also that little bit a hole and we even scratched on it a little bit he and that is the mother as he says in brother quick answer is those that hear the word of my father and do it and so i i firmly believe that that multitude on all those as you talked about earlier that little cluster of people around you that support you when you're in need thet ere taking care of those odds and ansoir six really close friend that enemate what hits the fan there there went in in hip waiters to help the and in i really believe that the body that they say he seen in a young when we see him again he will be seen in the body and that is that cluster latter that's the group of those that hear the word of the father and then do it and i and i really believe that there's a whole bunch of these little clusters on the line all throughout each person's life doing everything they can to help people get by in that good heart and so is much as it was finished it is finished cause he did that already were in that futuristic placed from after he did that where we know eventually that millennial keepton and that is those multitudes behind him that random and i i think again if there be a remnant of satan left their satin is around here left its scratching and clawing to keep us from continuing to congeal into that body and the more we accept our lives are surrounded by this faith best patriots lovers of the truth they don't want wickedness to prevail it's in doing that goodness each day has put in us for those around us that i really is really a good focus rate now as some seems amongst all of this i think that the group of good folk or are really starting to outweigh those wicked he and the more we walk in that body that we know this is that we see in those love on around us that's where we can see christ on that the more we do that the more this to his proper fruit fruition which fruition when a great words got through right in the middle yet in an i think i think be inanealed is it such is such a huge thing because what you know what yon go into a bad situation where people are yelling and screaming or whatever and you can bring it you know you can bring the spirit of god you bring the calm and the piece that he passes understanding of god into that site and when people see it they know it and it printed draws us together it really draws us to get instead of you know if you were to weigh out all the care plain the bit blame came tearing people down in something evil about something you know god talks about and james james an you know that that how do you tamed the one you've got it you know it's there are things that need to be so no two ways about it when things are wrong we do have the responsibility speak however when the the truth to destroy the people around us to change the behavior from something that is either destructive to them or the people round them karnebeck at your popinot here is here be in pop corn thy my back the hope co i could not see or otansand alceste you nodding so be talking yet you're still a robot right now i'll get something happen settled no corn care the incomprehense wore an ascot is short to day have got a few more minutes in the then we were talking about making a short a wit's canobos rt shows too in an age on and and we're goin to woldo a short show over single day to see it the news songhandsome schedule with shock and and john and an tim and terina and connect week too but it's going to be short i will be awful occasion so can be a little bit but just you know we're all responsible for what we do every single day and to blame everybody else for what's not being done it i you know we can pick something up with you go help help other tightens friendship down into me for french and building the communities of people who you can work you can actually work together i you know i talked about it i'm actually trying to tell somewhat of a curriculum because i do believe we're going to see i i absolutely believed that we're going to see a crash i don't know when it's going to happen but all the economic indicators are there the political indicators are there there so many indicators there that we are going to see something that probably makes the first depression look like a look like a kindergarten le and i think it's a really good thing what we're going to see it looks bad on the outside has worse still like like a lot's wife and we want to hold on to what is we were familiar with three ality is it has their treat were tried in the middle of funding taking our tax dollars and putting the killing babies killing shelter trafficking money wandering on creating wars all of these things that shouldn't be and honestly the joint with the tax money that we put in because their money wandering its racketeerin sitting up it's all of these the and we are going to have be willing to jump into this and say you know what i'm ready figure it out and there sought a god provides absolutely everything we need it's just his verse that is it that he pulled up his and and i think this is incredibly into casson on this price clare i believe is very very and i this is i say thirty nights zion who live in jerusalem you will weep no more how gracious he will be when you cry for help as soon as he hears it he will answer although the lord gives you the bread of adverse and the water holes others will be hidden no more with your own eyes you will see them whether you turn to the right or the left your ears will hear a voice behind you say is the way walk in will see those and we will hear them and the you know god himself is going to lead us out of any adversity or any problems that we have that we are going to be walking walking into it i firmly believe that we can in fact walk with god and the planet i believe that and the bible subs precedents for it we just have to be willing to have our hearts ready to hand our lives over to him and he will make the way as well as a direct and guide us in how to best serve him and the people around us in to creating these communities which is full of love joy and and in its beautiful thing i i tell you i wonder we go ahead and closes and preterite now and then if you guys have any last words we will jump back on this thing when when he anianensis were stoutly had chinese connection and obeitheran massive amounts of money for other violations and you a little research so may be next friday i'll hae some stop to add in there and i'm going to throw some things out there justement that won cannotthat incompanie that was involved with withering software overrates landen that he said econochaca on her to both ways conchattas involved in that with china having all of our election workers information and chinesestare pipe line to our elections from kent and don't care what anybody says i you'd have to be a you know a little bit shy on and on i how not to be able to see it at this point time or other covering it up and at that point time there was an i pe addressed that ping and the grand rapid that they were able to fire wall off quick in the son now with that flusseisen here to an angle instant where the connection with china they got a problem because everything that was hidden is going to be wide open for every one's and those of us who are in the truth are not going to let it go this is not going to go away any time but look at the connection here is ears the nugget of o whatever body needs to be looking into i padres capping through k through conewago a prop with many annalists court case out here that we could we could share o on a quick throw the supraque and an then i'm going to have to go oh but but here this is i've got about three different things out here that we can be looking out that i do believe that is the now here searcher you do the rest i myself do does will you got the one grand you've got on to close for an ties you've got the fact that they were sporty the sites were transporting samples i am proof samples i mean this thing and i think we're going to find out that grand rapid is i got to justice gavialid it and i'm ist it through a couple of a couple of articles here am i bess one point one million to settle the dog's allegations of her failure to disclose foreign tights to grand we've got this sky right here i think we need to he's right dead sadder in these to look at what's going on here that's peter jones and that pitcher aunt reverieto sins receiving grants for five point five million because there were scientists involved in this segonac and forth to china with a chinese get and here is writers his cot horicon it also that is the talking about the times it's out there chase it down and with that sad we're going to pick the thing out next week because i think we're going to find out little old grand rapids here ties with connect and the peatross is going to be set dead soner and the middle of one bad thing in the elections tied to his no though it looks it appears to me that the the grahams are tied to it with the medical biomedical research we got a problem and i think it's settin right here in grand rapids and so at any rate i want to throw that out there have only father thank you so much for this day and the pass that you are leading us down the nuggets that you give us bless every single person ill there left the now that we are in fact a family they can get hold of us any time i throw my phone number out there go out and call it i do pick up my phoned story one out there and let them know that the love that you care about every single thing about them that they are precious to you precious enough to send your only begotten son to die for them cause you'd rather have a relationship then to live without them and that you always make away when the how we love you so very much and ah thank you for the stay and do the same great iii aethereus i'm out there i don't take on in onondago i love her oracle here hans yea love every one god bless you god bless those hot whom you loved bless america brander to governor do come will be seen is