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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/6/2023 - Morning Coffee and encouragement with Karen the Riveter!

Published July 6, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the sixth day of july twenty twenty three and i just want to welcome one by here it looks like a our skies were clearing in michigan a little but i took a little bit of a trip away but i still am here every day i tried to be here operate in so that we can talk of things take out the things that are important to us so supposing the only governor candidate who has not conceding which we set is i actually is able to make it into office things would change very dramatically and you know what i would be on oh no as some sort of for cmunication over sycamore in telling every wan what's going on because i think that that really something that needs to happen is that we need be able to discuss the things that are important to us we need to have him out there to find solutions and we need to a clue every one and but that also means elrod's got to get involved so with that set on going to bring on my body caracas we got some really crazy stuff to talk about to day and to morrow i've got a check or shards on to beyond he had re going to be blown up the politics and michigan i cannot even tell you what is coming to life and in pretty extra sure that i'm the only one actually talking about this stuff out there he kissed me streamed as not going to bring it to us so gessi's going to be brandenburgto you will hear it so that the more in carinthia doing like morin she i was listening back to a wishedi when he were in lancing and the first thing i heard myself say on there is you heard her first and nowhere else hardyman was the only one that was was a broad casting line for i never saw any anything of substance of that press conference really too much i know that the boconnock's the state actually carried it which was which was really kind of cool as a people calling me from detroit and all over the lake while we heard jeff we heard what you know it that you threw the tea bootthere which is re you should have seen the reporters the looks on the reporters because you know what they are all if they have that the networks a mainstreamed the institutions all of them this is this is so deep and so like it's almost impossible to tell people how bad his and i i think what we're going to find out maybe to morrow on brennabor news not work is some connection because if you have one person who is a little bit of a researcher i've met my call person that ann on ah that is out their researching they can they can take or philotis ufu when you get a hole digital army out there and rest anne were saving gether one person find something another person find something else and we kick information back and forth in order to ah exposes where to look and then we go and we look here and we look here and we look and it's a pretty it's a pretty epoch thick interposed something that i think it's going to be amazing for all you people here who are known in talking about em asking a lot of we have to ask an we got to into these test subjects i am so said right now for what i saw on a you don't think let me talk and talk amongst yourselves just because i'm going to i'm going to post a let then the oligarchist so this is how i work sides we just conewango back and for there's a couple of things that i want bring forward to go to my telegram channel i put up with feces on i actually got there you out now in estateher i there's little girl thondered yesterday detroit and it is very very sad what a sweet beautiful child oh i hollister pitcher at the act so that we all remember her and in her family please pray for her family keep them in your prayers stuff his got to stop in a toll we have law and order until we have actual punishments and or in amen ones that i i believe that any one that murders a child it they they need to be on this earth no more because that that is an insanity that you can't you can't overcome then and how we clean out these penafiel network human traffic the rake mir torture of children and yes i'm going to go there the adornaron harvestin it's real i seen the manifest from some of the factories the kiekepost like factors to warehouses allowed time and i believe that there all over the united states one manifested i saw a shot where they pick the kids up their names the quality of their blood what their blood would go to after torture and then the termination and word were talking hundreds this is not a small problem this is a big big prom an it's not just the it's the organs it's the it is at its crimes that you cannot even pitcher hands around and we can't just go back to living or little complies going and doing the things we normally do in my opinion when these horrible crimes are being committed this is where we stop it as a dull and say no more you cross that line you have lost your privilege oh being here on this and walking the streets in and letting them go just to her another person we can't do that if we do for guilty were composed that the only choice we have to make i would you like to meet a play that what you think here in all i'll give you the chase of something to say or do you err or if he don't anotolo right into a couple of vittels and they're a little bit long but i'm i'm going to tell you what the coleswegen see the sons of freedom this week and as we had a barn gathering i'm on to see it i haven't yet but i will go see that there are some i have a very good friend that when our our early now you'll see her with me all the time i'm her herraon which i very much preciate was that there so much more and its great because it's waking people up it's getting the use to have because if we if i doped everything on here that i knew in that some of us researchers suonre searching a long time the people would absolutely be like my god and in the they wouldn't be able to handle handle the reality of what were living it and so but i do think it's important and i think that most people that are here our actually a part of the good guys rachels and with it said i'm i'm going to i also want to get into the thing that happened on friday with the the the guests that we had there michael boughs which i have a lot of questions about that interview he brought something sparwork but you and i talked afterwards and i like ye i i really think that we've got a lot of people out there that are deep state operatives and when you listen when you left when you listen to people that are leading you astray whether intentionally or honiton you you have to listen to what they say and not just not just take it for what what's coming out of the mouth what there saying and what the really saying are two different things and i'd like to get into the little minorly because i think karen you and i are in the same page on this that ah i felt like there was an awful lot of programming going on there and it has been proving itself out over the week had that that this person is not following what the locus standi group in the direction of their going and just seems to me as trying to derail it as well as doing well gasoline so let's let's hop let's start about that first on that i'm going to go into the himtrafficking thing and i'm not going to show anything that that is horrible but i am going to tell you the things that kind of connect the dots okay and there there's a lot of researchers at though like myself who connect the dots and who put them in and a in ways that ahholpop understand that the connections are much much to morrow when we go through some information that were and put out there we think over reasonto be kind a shock we have been played in it's not just one side of the republican party it's the whole and ah the wind when we see the connection between the organizations that are plain altogether is the same thing within the republican party as it is between the republican carding the democrats there all and there it's going to be hard pull for people's swallow but you can't deny the evidence when you can connect people together and show people what's happening and i really don't care what side of the which side line anything falls on as long as it falls on the side of red we have to get the truth out there without apology and if we heard some one free wings then sylvia because if we don't what happens is what happened to this little girl that was that her whose body was found yesterday and it could be you could be your kids it could be any people any one you know cause these people are absolutely their criminals in the ruthless they don't care about you they don't care about me they don't care about america they don't care about kids they don't care about anything they are true psychopaths and they have to be removed from positions of so in her grand care he well which one where to go from there ah i will say in talking with some other people recently you i think one of the interesting things is there's a lot of waking up happening the sound of freedom is another another pocus for that so like you said you can you can teach people about you and trafficking by showing them a movie in a way they can digest but then they're going to be asking more questions and there are people people like me who are trying to learn to discern and we are all somewhere along that path you and thinker much further along than i am a little bit bad i you have practiced and you're so much older than i am i have a somooder than you which is really funny before should words okaybut really you you've been practicing this and you've been practiced and i think probably your father brought you up in some ways to practise that from from your youth i was a critical thinker and i was challenging teachers from his youngest second grade and actually that was a year in advance because i was moved up a grade so as a young child i was challenging teachers i was thinking critically i'm not as good as some aspects of discernment as i probably should be and so i'm working on it and i'm learning and you're one of those people that's teaching me sometimes i learned from reading something from the nonomine and so on now and then some one else will ask a question well how do you know how do you do this what do i do what how how what can i see and i well i can share a lot the information i have and i can point them in a direction for them to learn and practice from but the nice thing is if some one else at last king me how to discern this i can welcome them on the path and i and important not to say well you fool what is wrong with you why didn't you see this before because i'm in the same boat with some one whose more advanced than i am and so i caution that we remember that and be kind to one another because there will be a lot of wakening there would be a lot of people that we might refer to his sheep or sunshine patriots that are going to be gone oh yet normes bettergo to be waking up and go on all teach me cleans it and to know all katewell come let's do this thing together because we need a lot of people and the cool thing is like with his a lot that's going on oh what was it last week that i said he the greatest thing about this whole thing like the train dormente was people are asking questions and people are investigating everything that's happening everything and it could be just in now just another train to realmento could be somebody had a car accident sometimes the just by rail mints and they're just accent but people are investigating everything and i think that so great to see because they have a passion for learning and all do we need a passion for as well in all of us are in a different law and different space of waking of i don't really care if you are somebody who's research for many many many many years such as say myself and some of the other people who are an onset that we sat and research groups for a very long time did he things up and taking a lot of abuse from the people around us quite honestly because we were finding things in it was too hard for the people round us to actually accept what we were saying but what we were we were waking people up and we were we were not caring what people sat we kept going forward because the truth had to get out there but it doesn't matter how far along you are on this journey you're in certainly coarse train okay i always love it when people come in to a to a bar oh i know i don't want to write i written before and i'll be like woke and i like gopherised used to ride you know like once a week and i had lessons once a week and i had you know i used to ride here for a while or that sort sir things like really that's not somebody who is necessarily got a lot of skill they think they do cause the familiar but a horse is a very unpredictable predictably unpredictable animal and when you go to lessons you're right in round the circle that's not the best writer in the pack i can tell you that the best are right past want that can get on a horse and go out in the middle of the woods with turkeys with things that are unexpected that jump up out of the at the horse you yourself without with no nefarious reason but let a horse will immediately to set a herd animal look at a goal like as songood got a line at me and it's chile you know i mean they blow things way out port and in its its kind of its kind of interesting the point being as that no matter how long your round horse i'm wrong the lock or key and one and i have i've been around horses i was a kid you never master that skill in and i think that that's a very important path to humility in the fact that no matter how much you think you know you don't know anything until we it in a towel we get ourselves in that position of i we can sit back and go well while will let's see how this place out a little bit because just as we think we've got a certain amount of control it's all about control because we think we know something is that worship of knowledge now it is important it would be wrong but but we are never a master of that we are always and we we can know somethings and share some things but that kind of of unrealistic assessment of ourselves and what we know is the very thing that holds us back from the truth as were stuck on her own ideas and so when when somebody starts out with with research realize you're in the same bow is a person who is perhaps i had of you in years of research in or some things that they know and it septically goes is a leap frog in my opinion were man and well but but it ought also can like a suit so like there's so many some air out rabbitholes and in arescon go down a at i might be strong in this area on the meriston in this area somebody else would be strong in this area which is great and given there in no eferything as there is to know about this so long my friends get into the durefort and they have for years and i am i like glaze over it's important right you make think it i am not going to sit there on that durham report and delve into every single obnoxious detail of this because it's gone on for so long and if for me if i stick on one subject for two long i'm missing the overall pitcher is just like running to come poke when you sit there as a sea of a company or somebody that runs a come you are not going to sit there on every single operations detail whose pick the trash of the mats you're going to have it place you're going to know it's it's good and you're going to you're going to keep an over all i on it but you are not going to obsess about every single detail of things like the rugs being put down in the hall way and that sort of the it gets down if you'll see something that's not quite right you you move on but you you go to the areas where you know there's the biggest problem and you put out fires that's all that you do when you're sitting at the is you don't deal with anything that's that's not the job the job is to look at every single thing that's a threat a risk or something that's wrong with the organization i never care about what's going on because that's the area i don't need to look at and so we get in here to gather and realized that with all of the eras of research pretty much everybody out there is going to be a hat of that of me on the curve in one one subject that they know more than than i do and i and i couldn't raise search for a thousand years and the same thing we could be set and that the same thing that can be sucked of every and on out there or research their good i know what they know but they don't know or but together now you really got so so don't feel intimidated jump on this boat and start rolling we morinand i went bring fork and don't don't worry about making mistakes don't worry about getting in there and finding something that you say he checked this out when i found even if it's not exactly some of his research of a longer may have a noggin on that sign noises leaving his story this is why in the thing that came out to me on friday and where where i got where i was lost is that we've got a whole bunch of that ere taking the lord's name in vain and when i made by that i am a christian i am a christian i am a christian i got saved i got saved i got saved i got saved in immediately within a very short period of time jumping on some sort of media as or or running with something or derailing some what i do know about our gaston friday is he put out a post and i have it about taking evidence in the locus standi case and running to the attorney general nesonetta is not how you do a case that is how you do relocates her hands go it's a really big crowd or he completely lost me when he said here a christian this is the way christians be hey well i aren't the like a very long and oh you know it's like not not my bad to honor it's just the fact that you don't for somebody to say that is is pointing enplaning them to god or pitted themselves rather than the god you know just like when somebody says i've been praying for really that's god's glory you know and sometimes res there's comfort in that but we point that can at all plenty said is esgieye justication because you've been saved recently to be an expert on everything that's what i hear that's that's all her one some says that omission your exfer i'd be in a cist and then going going forward and seen things like i think we should pardon them all because that's what christians do no it isn't clearly we don't know our bible this is pop croto christianity and a and when you get into the bible when god says you are to take down satan satanic structures and such because their killing children there mutilating children they are on war with god in his children in army there is a law and that is advocating not following the law soon as somebody says i'm done and i mean i'm done quick because that's how they've got us sever this years gentle gentile jesus with a lamb at his we don't want to do that we don't want to question anybody something a snake tongue me it sounds like his the tone of a snake this is we don't want to do this no worse falls to be peaceful wore it really have you read the bible excuse me where in an in arofoils the law that is the only way to justice when a person violates some of these things like these big mound of on that works they have to have the right to walk on this ere god can figure out whether eternal in a paris not for us to do but we have a law we have law that laws that we were every half to operate within those laws or i can tell you what the vacuum will be filled by satan himself with a little snake lying to his pardon all they'll say their sorry and we need to just forgive them and let them go no and not just now absolutely and then watching what watching what oh ah watching this testerment happen within locustan i did i called scotty and i said i said you got problem because you've been on infiltrated and in every single day more and morris than coming out sages and whether it's he placed person or whether its misguided person would hero complex i don't know don't care the result to saying it doesn't matter it is it is either we follow the law and we have just or we have no fred we have the insane and criminal in saying are running the asylum and we don't have a country and they're going to they would come after us so it's either either we stand up and we fight or yourselves good bye yeah i'm watching what's happening in france and seeing a post again this morning there's there's a case i think this is not a uk where oh transvestite man ah i think it was a bed of file charge or set of charges and the basic ly kind let him go for a time because they couldn't figure out where to put him because the gender question was so confusing to the judge it's now this is not a confusing thing this is not a confusing matter and in france to be compassionate we have the lot of go up pardon go well you can see with this kind of thing in an i pointed out with france of the french government deliberately brings in a bunch of emigrants emigrs happened to be fighting a young man from other countries who don't favor france they hate france there coming in and saying the free food that you're giving us is not good enough for us while they go out and their literally committing crimes in the middle of the street in the middle of the daylight and the people are getting tired and fed up the veterans and the homeless have no place to go because the immigrants are taking over there not i could matinal kinds of crimes and there's no justice and and there i lay an incident that happens and it's used as a race trigger fooling right old this was planned ahead of time other government this is exactly what they were open for and now the people are paying the consequence and we now benstein attention and so this is in this essay a matter of war is this through invasion and served and he did it in france and world war two but because we can't talk about history because we might have found some one and that's what they're calling us but this is an invasion and in its war even named and there saying themselves as since race riot it's it's happening in cities all over the place they're burning libraries with critical documents is resentem a destroying the french culture this is what happening there de string schools libraries government buildings ah and and now the people are doing patrols in the middle of the night the young man especially are out in a street there creating gangs almost they call them nationalists because they're from france and they go out and protect their communities because the government is not doing it and a police don't have enough feeble and here in me she can weak and remember what happened in grand rapids they would start something some place the police would go there to dress it and then need start something some place else it was very destructive and it happened over more than one night and then you hear this threat of well maybe we should shut down the internet that was the first thing in your hearing it not only there but i think it was ukraine was the second at and it was like all her starting to talk about it ternitschow and then this morning i see that their talking about using the found in audio recordings on people's phones to turning them on independent of the user so that they can record themselves what is happening so that they could catch he so they are to control the internet or they want to shut it down but if they're going to have it they're going to use the people against themselves they as doit for here for years don't make it make no back you have had every single conversation or it longed some and in somebody's got a copy of it because that we are in a surveillant state and it started out with enough it's gone on for a long time but but the technology is made it worse and there some o good patterns that you brought up their car you're you're on to know you're on the target on this it's a pattern in its going to repeat it yes and in that's the thing it's like well france is a wake up called to america and i know a lot of people are who are paying attention and seeing it because it's not the nightly news they're going to notice what's happening in they're going away to minute what are is it that happening on our border when my not seeing it here in our west michigan communities right now but eventually a reason to get to a tipping point or re going to get to the place where france as were the government is openly saying we don't trust you and we are going to use your information against you and so on we there open about it now are we paying enough attention to prevent it in america because it it will take the people and you know all this i ke come back to her i used to have a check list where we would say oh well we can't trust the executive branch any more we can't trust the judicial branch any more we can't trust any of the three branches and to fetter a local level we can't trust the three letter agencies we can't trust the corporations we can't trust far an we can't trust the school systems check check check and we're still figuring it out now now had to go peto that we riental ing about it for a long time this is a unicoy party but now all kate now let's make it a little are you ready folks to make it a little bit more personal cause you've been giving your money to these people then where is that money going chet chechetch et cenisthe entire government in all of the corporate systems that you seen your communities on the local level on up to the federal or corrupted what's going to have to happen the people are going to have to take control trump said is going to give the power back to the people and we were not talking about a violent revolution here that had on was nothing there and that may be one of the the tactics of the screaming bob cat it's a last ditch effort how can we get these people to destroy themselves but the arabs are going to see that come in just like they did this new clear quote on threat a crane it's like ah now we don't believe of you were not going to be it it won't this was i think this is going to be so this is my take on this whole thing and you crane first of all it's a deep stay which are nation is inly involved in with thy naileries m oil over there and who was sitting there on spainwith re carries i think it's carried son in law don carey you've got it wrong then you've got on me met ronnie's kid you've got em ah pelossa you've got bitings over there on the board so they get themselves on these ones boards and there kicking money back and forth because now they got away it but there's way more than that look at all the vile lads across the nation which our country has funded we finded e we find it off on what's calling lily pads for trafficking children through the military across the nation we got a hundred and fifty and in not going to beat on the military over we have to astrong military and a very strong supporter if you think that there's any organization of through which is clean i had a birch to see because they are their great infiltrating and so there there always you always have to have your eyes open critically thinking and watching not to with a say but what the really sing sikora that the guests on friday and i he may be somebody this really train to help with her hero can't but he's definitely off bags when you step around in organization has been collecting ah evidence for a long time and just an i'm going to go straight to nasals well you know what this is how this is part of why this nation is faintly his ever ready thinks they know so dang much and they want a run a hat instead of putting things together systematic with article way it and if a person like home goes to nose my valuation of i'm going to throw this in that this evidence in front an esel really whose whose in bedwith who what are you doing and in the if that happens in and they destroyed the investigation or if somebody goes up half cat which i've seen happen across the state manyes a many circle they could set precedent which would destroy that type of an one of an investigation for ever stay in your lane when it comes to walking together in the things i know it as far as monitoring it for the truth but part of the problem we have as hero complex of instead of a making a methodical thing it's jumping off into deciding that you're going to say the whole planet now we have to save the point it's as together it's not one pest we can't do it this to thee there's two it's too complex we need each other when when we have to stay together and we need each other when we're going for his word dealing with a global crime said that's exactly what it is oh let me let me read some things from the chat here lots o good mornings ah de dodger says i have been closely supporting a man sassagis name i'm hearing that you feel he's either off target or a plant to hinder us i've sat as much as i need to say i don't think i need to colhandy else of my concerns right now and i'm not trying to smart ellick about it i think it this is one of those things that no matter how much a person tries to tell the truth there there is a there is a point where people have to go in and look at the information just for what it is without precise just go and look at it and figure out think your way through it and if you can find anything else that makes sense let me know which would be great that's how we researches oh jerry says that's right fight the biggest fire first that's right and the collises people aren't waking up their two self absorbed if it isn't it affecting the personally they don't give up cognitive distance is real that there's a lot of truth but oh you know and bidable to listen two what's really going on his support and so poor baby for charlet as really said to the little girl that was killed em charlotte's sassose loves as everything yestered has been infiltrated its extremely hard to know who or what is real andre charles sat down on insanit is a game of sorrels plain both sides do not give them any money left the red and blue destroyed themselves blue has the engeos and unions and a blue and nursing home finding campaigns assured do but the publicans are in it just just like there keep your money that that is a ogive it you know if you have a candidate that you that you support with the onlyones entire lection is then good can dates said are following a clear and that's unfortunately what take the last it was that brain washing where people were people wanted to be too much part of the call there was seen on fire in it is a farm because he sings or just the there there now which you think thank you for your i too like you i too have always been a critical thinker and i agreed that if you have a parent that helps you then you will be further had i did not have that i think this is arrested then if we can't paretic other a little bit i read back like that that's what we do and something sick to me the other day i don't know what to do and i just don't know what to do and i'm not like you and i like don't look at me like i'm better than you are that's not how this works where does ostentationto of there and talk in onfortinate said do you not underestimate your value you may be doing exactly what you need to do just taking care of your family and focussing on that or god may put something else in your path at some point in the future that you were being prepared for now we just don't know but don't sit back and say those other people are better than i am and i don't know what i can do i'm going to be writing a sub stack in this kind of concept about god god having a plan for all of us what is your role to play when you are called upon will you answer here am i send me you know and in some people are aristate of doubt you know oh i don't know how to count odo this i haven't been practised i didn't grow up with it while you can learn and i have said before there is ah how did he i came up with a cool i thought it was really cool as the time corticis there is nothing wrong with inviting somewhat else to learn along with you you can teach and learned the same time and if we're all doing that we're all part of the body and in foot some in so like you said i might have an area of interest which is different from yours and research it go down a rabbit hole for a few days and later on it becomes useful to you because you say or looking at this thing and i don't understand oh you know what let me pull out my notes cause i studied that once upon a time when we have a group of people who all have an area of interest we can help each other i mean i was asking the person will do you have a link about that story i didn't know until this morning would some one commented that the little girl was found there times were with the financial stuff i don't cover it i don't cover bit can i don't follow all that i know that there are people who focus on that and a daily basins wonderful you can come and be my reverer to town simplify that message for me because it's not an area of interest i have tell me when something bigger athens and then i've got i don't need to know all the details if we all get together and we will have rolls to play and for some it may be the talents are smaller but your role is just as valuable in god's eyes he will give you what you need to accomplish what he wants you to do be open and ready and willing to take it that that that's an in you know in the thing of it is is it this is how it grows a lecmane somebody's in front here like this because of their knowledge which you kind o you kind o have to go lecestr ugh the water at an end there our way through what's out there and that's where it comes in the the couple of things that came in the set here michigan is calling us bigots right now i don't trust all makers missis bad hevene and clowns of lots of rines yet they certainly are go ahead and try to call any of us begets an then you better prove it hes it's like a i'll i'll be asking all be asking everybody if they have a mixed racial family or not because i do and so this is the really stupid thing to throw out i shoreless mission had joined the coble terrace groups after a copiesand the andros absolutely a dinogad what's the biggest fire met seems like we have a lot of home ah so ye there's there's a lot of he regaled so up there there is there's a lot of things this tract o and we really have to ah we really have to stick together in this others another loves my niece works for local hospital and she got a nonmetallic they could not charge blacks on his as for emergency visits any more is that not racis did nawab of the other estelle looked at the map of the world and the population of of a wherehow how many people who are caucasian are actually white the distribution on rollright i think that the few letter concases oates the present world wide and then left is medical bills will skyrocket we cannot have we cannot insulso find here can honor they're going to overrun the themanite all bad cause her holsters so it's unfortunate i think i'd be sayin to ah to our minority friends out there what an insult to get you to come into these hospitals where the killing people and ah you know but you've gone into free you if the guess olega great plan not like save yourself stay away from these these alleged basins and all these things because that you don't he is stated goal of margaret sanger with plant parent hood was what to kill black children she is that that was reseated go an you don't to take down the population of the minorities that was the state of gold marksand now not all of us that our cacation feel that way but this is how they raced the you into these stupid narratives in you become a captured asset in their war on their therasia and such so i i i think it's so deceaved can't said ed chris christina caromel betray us and how eh wait till to morrow i'll we're in thrillsome stuff out there because i've got some real questo there is this some serious quest there are going to have to be and whether somebody betrayed us or they are kindof may be ah be used that that's that's a big thing if we're not critically thinking we can be subject to being used or both off and not even realize that we took the because there's a lot of it going on out there but there is a lot of big going on out there and i i would say that we've got some real questions doctor cant i make some real questions when i look at whom she brought in and i did a show on this when hathi did it especial in the afternoon who she bought brought in and the case the the legal cases of this who is basically been designated as a proxy who has cases on fraud in his background for in the ther kind there there concerning their concerning why would she bring somebody like that in and get rid of somebody who like dandy barn alowance that oghan go where is danny where is danny out the and why did they remove danny in installed this who i had an find out o a wee got some questions to ask here i posted some of the lost and such i can repose him again why would you bring somebody like that in why would you keep having these clothes meeting why would you not open the books and see were payments are not have you made payments to some one who perhaps his got a conflict of in see somebody out there who has an amigo emil dr taking payments kind of two in organisation connected to somebody else that every body red or though it people answer to that as yet are the people sitting at the top who have got connection where chinese individuals show up into the cinco who we have used are there some of us who are as not who are not afraid to stand with haddiscoe sometimes you keep the bad guys close in order to get information and o'er to toward the mouth and other sometimes that god puts you in a situation where i could see the families so that you can expose them to every one else the answer to all that is yet and so just wait until to morrow because there is a lot of things that you can find if you do a little bit a digging one see the connections who are they connected if you had somewhat who is connected with another pest who has a then you outside of this nation in a highly populated area by chinese individual who i'm going to ask lest on if their operatives are not not that we have the problem with with chinese the chinese people but the spine the score on his distant credible and find a word called g g e temen i among other things would you be a little well well well if you count on me freethat committed a fourteen a fourteen or felony which actually is in that of treason and caraway with it because nobody's investigating it not he only one talking about it and then all of these this is entities in dresses pop off would you be a little concerned the answer to that is all as and then do you go back into it and look into it for he now i'm not going to cast aspersions on the criminality of any one individual right now as were still soft but if their in with them their either in with them or it's just like them losing my my he ten thousand of em by the board elections come on is the neglect or was it intention can only be one of the other you don't just put it or find ten thousand petition in a room or petitions are now cat in all of a sudden they only come forward after i see in the mission spring court who is a bunch of doubtless worthless cowards who refused to make a judgment and kicked down the road to run the clock out so that they could they continue on their mission of subverting or like and a cork proved that that my rights violated and so as every single person in this state because you didn't have a free and fare and they rigged it starting with a so that's why this is such a critical think some sometimes you win my losing it's amazing and what's under this all what's really under this all a pervasive criminal enterprise who installs people to protect themselves subverter lections ile stand power to hide their money laundering the drug trip the human trafficking in all all that's under e and you're going to have to get a strong stomach for he because the sound of freedom movie that's come out is the tip of the iceberg this is not this is not the iceberg tis absonant michigan is arguably probably the epos so easy to make kids and drugs and everything set i i am its horrific i'm going to play so i've got somebody i've watched for years an years and its mouthing bodo in the skies anon and puts together some wonderful video compilation a gontaut i put it one of the other day that kind o shows a little bit more but there's some terrible things out there that when you really did in to see what's happening is going to make your blood and still your heart with stop beating for that oke so ah it's the normal reaction i had that where i saw some really really carletons i did look for me just popped up and god convicted me of saying some of you are going to have to the strong enough to stand through the soft because when it all comes out we're going to have to have some people who are bound proof to the oldestand is sort this mess out and put things back in a rite or process and i doubt if brander the only non consigo en candidate have fallen tonsonon continuing to push this until we find every last man and bring every single one of them to we are not going to pardon them we are not going to let them go to recommit the cronies and the stupid in order to continue the gains we are going to call them justice and justice in some play a couple of hideous there live it longer but i think this is it's a clip of maltanother kent that i think the most sacsaquey to bet somebody's politicians it's just to ask if they are for paper mallets and ives the ones that can't simply say yes or part of it or behind all the pros exactly and not on one gadshill tell you that right now what i intend the polite there hiding their hiding our finances their hiding their attention they will not stand out for president troican tell you right now that i was told that a certain char woman of a certain political party basically blew off president tone in a couple of me not once ice or more and you wonder why president trump called her christina korano or coron look into this president trump a indoors people and they had as they all had us right they had a thinking thinking there's hope here in these political parties no there is no hope we need to eliminate in a blouse because they're all part of it there is not one that is on the right side of truth or god in a few go along get along because we want to be gentile jesus with a lamb on foot we don't want to insult anybody we don't want to have any problems your part of it you become captured what's righteous or martin good how enchanteors for a moment for you start that again so when you were your talking about so many different things to day in this show and i do a lot of people that are starting to wake up their paying attention to what you're saying and the reaction is going to be one of fear naturally as you said it it's it's a shock it's a horror it's a fear and it comes with something like water we going to do about this nothing's ever been done we can't solve this problem and in the th begins and continues a fearful response how do we build ourselves up against that fear and it's not just in ourselves it's to protect us from others who will bounce that fear off of us and you got to be ready to not take that fear and because there's going to be a lot of it there is right now there will be more how can you handle that negative energy lost you have the paws it ive with your faith it's faith versus fear and so what i found myself doing lately is a getting into my bible and i'm a lot more passionate about it right now because i feel i need but i'm also finding it very interesting i am naturally more inclined right now to research i i know enough bible that i can go oh i remember this story or a murmur that phrase or certain scripture and its a place for me to start investigating something that i have a current interest in and then i go for it because if we want to fortify ourselves against the fear the way to do it was with our faith and we're not studying where that faith comes from the god nagowh spernere thing in our ear he's not goin to always tell you exactly what to do in a physical way but if you build up your faith through the scripture you're discernment will be exercised there and you can you can learn some discernment by the people around you but you can't really on the world for to your discernment you've got to rely on god for it if we fortify ourselves with our faith it would be much easier for a everybody everybody not just ourselves to respond to new information without quickly turning to fear all i do not hold that what am i going to do well you're going to sit still and you're going to wait on the lord and you got to think about it instead of reacting in let let me let me oh let me frame it may be a little differently because i i think that when god says lee not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him that he will keep your pass direct you have to be when you first of all who is most dangerous person on the planet the person who doesn't care about other people's opinions who put scott first is not afraid of dying because the entire trust is not in what we know or the path or where we are we we know that god has a exactly where he wants us to be at this point his goal not ours his and can be in a key with either a making mistakes in the world way that the world sees it but but not carrying because you know that god has moving around you in your walking with a if that's the most dangerous person on the planet because they're not going to be blown round and it's not our knowledge it is or it is our absolute unconditional love and faith in god going he's going to take me where it where i need to go and even willing to walk in the dark without being able to see the next step without having had everything figured out when i when it is a good thing oarthat not it but if we put our eggs in in knowledge the reno remember let's go back to the beginning the knowledge of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil the tree of the knowledge knowledge knowing never think it's good to know it's important for us noonsted but what's more important is more important to know god to know his character to know he's good all the time that he will lead us to here then and we don't have to be afraid we go where he goes and he it in winter lives are done i saw this in the beginning no one can kill me just so that everybody knows it it will be god almighty that ends my life in which ever matter that he so the to bring me home and whether that looks one way or the other i don't really care his plans and his may they be glorified all his honour and glory at his and not having the half of to worry about this is the so something we you think about not about saving our boots when things get get wrong but to live for god and in that that faith isn't faith in that the outcome is going to go as we think it should go it's a faith in a character of god almighty that he always wins in is always good at all times and always does the right thing and we may not agree with the path alteriert in i can tell you some stories years ago that i was like are you kidding me you you this are you kidding where oh i mean it an pocketsthere you like like this not alter here we have a little bit of weapon ye ought isengrin on here and done and so so it's like i like i like are you kidding me but it's real and it's it's honest and even the god i'm real i don't sit there and give all these platitudes and glad of that of the i'm like okay body what would do in to day and i'm not onhappy with us don look right but you know to learn to stand now to god's authority and a toll we do that we're going to do with this person it was on my show on friday did it's going to run in front of everything and have to have things their own way in for including what what he also did is he put his email address out there and so you just i said everything to me wait a minute there's a whole team of people doing this investigatation and the one that started it and was really involved in its seminat the top gently in a scardane and so it's a to look at that i just basically comment and sicksick i'm not a good to give you any any credit i'm going to jump round you and now i'm going to have ready set sodden all her information to me so i can throw the whole name are you kidding me that's not what we do and so we have to be able to not run in front of god and sakewhich way we going cause we're going to do this together and i don't care just help me navigate whatever it is so there you don't just deliveries i didn't send in my phone number probably smart thing because if he did it in one place he's going to do it a go or anything else he so not nigh so charlotte said i love melting body as cool there's a bunch o goodthen do good job and frednow it's going to happen in michigan this month be the resistance do not comply silver and gold there's a lot of things going on here so i gave it can't said oh i think the most spacelanes to that some anterior every rod that so thank you for something o'hanley this steady out were like two of em because i think it's time if people are awake it's time to just wake up one case this is real interested and remember it's all tied in there some the modern world continues to all slightly true about the general unfortunately not to be in the mad biancone the me break the lover like one whether or not there solistation so the to the worship is found in the old testament remains molech in bold and also the phoenicians headis protolog remembered those of remembered the less or reports for onomatos for symbolic associated with child's i despised is from alice jones orological or historical stock tradition to pittenloch is a prose and a large human the cane and it then drawn to as cross parallel i isoline the ritualistic intimations of bowl and moloch have existed for thousands of with modern re imaginings depicting the idol as if he other controversial interpretations besound in the origins as revealed in the oil archie which horse for exaltation the great portatecene is a trinity of or charlie to and osiris the ancient egyptians god fed resurrection the treasure just outside the rose children were set to of the sacrificed to battle by being quashed through fire cries according to russianising most influential commentator of the middle ages the massive statue of close is of copper the and spread out there was placed the child on the before priests be drawn to the father should not hear his son voice i understand that he revived the virtue molochworship as canonized idolatry to strange away from the otomacos a religion of carthage in north africa managed to continue the cananite several modifications the first with the jewish virtual library called the colts of no porteous to peter covering almost four miles with nine ten tradition stated the body of no lock was hollow divided into seven copies as a charge which were all burned together by heating remember that manichaische arsne his claims as exaggerated creoles ashamed i can we fresh led excavations at carthage found some twenty thousand bees containing cremated inscribed with dedications to valve discovered long genealogical pedigrees sentinel in stretching back sixteen generations suggesting to virtual was cracked rixford published a study of the the greek and roman accounts were truth and not as modern scholars we eat poet they also reaffirmed previous analyses as the ritual was sole the wealthiest and most powerful and corsage lock and speak sure as i well to human wiles are society was flourished and also of the studies that swished not imagine that ancient people fought like hester and were horrified i remember the greeks in the holes were just as old we are now animals of uncontrol des safety of their old something sure you happy to the rulers of carthage long ago what one then with a colt of no locks dorshe anyone collegebishop when we act with the force and with most of the world having no idea list for he this hole to in previous volumes i outlined the strangely pedient website greeting what a correct be peso pe charitable trust general result at one heralded for like tortures for tortolites and toward her grace names of charles gradually are so between tamara and john podesta general refers to me give together and form she first to a sheet of she can chances saying the soo levantine and almost seven so you'll have some further entertainment or for short others more to the story that initially perceived in two thousand eight the website mamma's mit published a home birth story written by the biological mod the trotting in the stories she mentions ruby and and says contraction chandos i arrive name is the female iteration of moche or moses changes on a cold who could let black match is my argue that this comparison is arbitrary gone to other notable uses of the lesions but among all documents the use only one has chained but tish is both historical and pop modern he for most either alexandra named her child after an occupassit by accident these families understand this caterhe's also part of the tidings family a powerful geology of us democratic politicians gave back to the eighteenth in the oronook the pursuit of her author hopes shortly after receiving a magition formation of his unique mission woodto join a secret circle where he would communicate with adorations called machis that prophesized the and offered a visionary hidden knowledge but his ceremonies were small and recovered only between the secret alexander tidings also comes from a line of crowns per sister page crowded named after her mother's long time partner arthur curtly whose father was first some might claim that he compares the english occultist alister curtly based solely on similar last name each however the fact that alexandra nine her daughter after most chains to an awareness of preoccupation geology the expense pattison alister crawlings original a was alexander cried the mail generation of alex idea this was a made by powerful pen the associations couldn't be more obvious i was of course there's evidence the publicly associate kogon to go to the next it's important to understand that not all interpretations of the occult are inherently and many of us might enjoy horoscopes were getting our palms red one must on to fall into the fundamentalists who with not over harry pottered opes her or hers there is i never agree a hundred per cent with any one and this is one of those cases that he's got a lot of good information but don't take everything in hook lion sink or her pages soc osteotomy so to as of hollister machine the child of high intent satisfied losari ice though more is more efficacious all purposes human sacre to himself as he crowley was an individualist arches he created the colt of the grand lodge ordo temple orientis wore out which in ritual called which incloses drinking mistress seamen after his jest through his famously shallow and sitios libertine hath do what thou wilt it continue to gain followers all over the world some wine others not pre several decades the chiels let my calling at psychologically terrorized and raped ponderable children being shelled and twenty eleven investigators found that each follower had a laminated version of alister crowning's book one girl testified that she was shaking to other homes since forced to have sex with strangers scenic he rothoog they were vicious to every crazy looking guy it's apparent that many followers of crowley mirror the countless moslem scholars who of cosgate their profits will dote from allister's diary was so disturbing even as solomon as to form the followers if allister really it her breasts itch with washed she hath given or two year bastard boy to our lot lover's whim so she hath tongue her five month girl and asked his father to deflower it tis a young child her beast gods is torturing for her lest some said was probably poetic i purple or a drugging doses where saw no problem in a others said quothe whole topic essential for understanding the on of the child others said crowley was changed thievish and that allister may have had benefitted he wasn't a real a real troops lover of working love like agapenor others setters so end it with another salemites said you could argue i'm sure that a person who finds themselves in love with the child has the right to follow up his or her urges with long after crowding died george he published the secret here the owas coaster inough to be tradition he was a working stonesthrice the orochones the contentious organs chop long is supported to note that the majority of freemasons or god supper for the election levene of those at the top to pothooke p s which established in the first place stones in telling their own people to those promised positions of power so as to maintain their status the force you got this low me to repute with the question are you make sure your influence and power are represented a cross in entire in other words how do you control none of this is evidence that camera locato is necessarily certainly it's too a specific pattern so often found among most powerful and more society i confidently say shooting at enter children one of homes a master following of on one hand decent people who are merely interested in crowle's counterculture at hill apologists in sexual which side the th isogamy sin iletou either way telesio is one of the most powerful in having worked as the primary adviser for senator john de rockefeller's national commission on child his chief of staff or the recmendation of john it is currently he seen our vices shortcrust she somehow don't want to fall articles rinabout her by so called reputable publications compare her in her husband to francis and claire under and how of course so while i wouldn't suggest poking the bar i will there is more than we can get into but i think it that's kind o good a great crime for rybody too realize what's going on there there there's a lot more to that but we really have come to the conclusion that things are not necessarily what we think the what say you care i'm going back in to the idea i had before susy that first video am supports the research that i've been doing i didn't stop at the bible i went elsewhere to see if i could get a better understanding faith than the historical opinions and research in and it seems to go along with what i've read elsewhere by what we do to for fire selves against these kinds of horrors it goes back to getting close to god recognizing the scripture not just for discernment but formed the build up of your fate because the more i read and you learn from the scriptures the more your faith will be built up in general terms and you can recognize god's authority if you do you've got nothing of fear like you were talking about earlier i'm not worried about when the end comes for me vigiada dream once where ah i was looking down at my body down below somewhere and it was like a like a got squashed by a boulder conelike the indian a jones giant boulder there is those body down there was a mass and i looked out and i and i said something like it and i a god standing next to me and it was like a stated an ex to a friend and we were just observing that and i was kind of wondering while who was going to fight that clean of the but excite that comforting because it's like that is how little this life on earth matters in the grand scheme of things what happens next is what's far more important if you build up your face you've got nothing to worry about you know whether you get hit by a track or her bolder or or suicided or whatever happened to you matters less than what happens after that and jesus died to allow us away out of that ah he collected all of our sins and took that upon himself he was the sacrifice that nobody could have because in the old testament you'll read that they had to sacrifice the blood of animals in order to atone for sense the life blood is in the blood scripture says you were not drink that blood cause that is that is important to god that is where the life is is in the blood and later on rio to the new testament and we see that jesus sacrificed his flood it easier to understand what the sacrifices were then what his likeness now because he was the only perfect sacrifice those animals were perfect they were without sin but they were not human he was the only one that could do that estenega after continued a sacrifice over and over and over again yes you formenting to me is only a really bad plan i so many who really doesn't understand the way things work well that was setting them up for the last son of the future and in all of us can look back and go well there was no perfect sacrifice then there was a jesus he was encored that when we here believe repack confessed be baptized we are able to join in with that gain that that jesus made he had to separate himself from god to take all our sins upon himself so that we can have a way in heaven and when you like to bring a bunch of people with you so if i were focused on that it's a whole lot easier to take all these other little shocks and horrors and go a cable where is that fat into the grand scheme of my purpose here what is my purpose is to help other people get into having along with me and if we have that kind of focus it e e er more like that tree with deep roots and you can withstand any wind it's a i just want to put a disclaimer here is that i never agree with any one one hundred and none of us do so am i think that's where they divorce comes from hero worship where we look at what they say for information but that doesn't mean that we swallow at wholesale so like though i do like montibrison brings a some really great things to her there is a lot of things that i like onwe've got a difference of opinion here on this or i don't you know i'm not into the horse scope then cause i'm not in to fortune telling or anything like that and no but there's a lot of that church as when they tried to hold on to contract that's that's fortunate and so i don't i don't participate no types of activities that all um and so there is there's some things then there they said that you may not agree with i don't either but there is a lot of things that he does ring the fore front that we can look into that you know of course if you looked at any of the wicked leaks or you you have done any research for any point time looking at john podesta and ah and lazaro and such the things then nate they come right out hillary clinton called come right out talking about moloch and so i think we need to ask he nother thing that comes out any show the real video i saw yet ah i am not oh i'm not goin throw that one out there i have i have bits and pieces of that but ah i think we're getting close there's not the i know hitherto talking about or it closes there every noise every is here knows it were talking about here the hillary clinton betty where were two girls were were horribly toward and they were they were it was a satanic type thing and they were after the blood and there after them canagoan and everything so everybody that's her watch it knows exactly what i'm talking about because these people are not in their satanic but i realize that we need we need to ah we need to go forward with complete bravery realizing this isn't about what happened during covet which was basically a cowardice moved by most people to sit in the corner betraying to save their own tails from a real and or magine th most of what we see here if you're living by the power of god god nothing worry about run in do you with these to be done we don't need to be afraid and we don't mean to sit there you know trying to save our own thoughts and watching the world burn because that's not how it works we run in there with complete unwavering bravery to save ports woodener this and this is like david and goliath when you read that story david wasn't eh he was in trying to get his own glory yet he would he was offended because they did because goliath and not other philistines were offending his god that's why he was angry so i am he really i'm give us this little galleon her minute here held very sad thing and the robuchon emerlots at were going off yesterday but they did find her her body and i disanta a couple minutes this second here for silence and then we're going to include her parents and every one that ever loved these precious little child i am really heart broken over this this morning i got up and i like i i just i feel so heart broken over this and the pain that her family's going through and i i really want to not just be were praying for you but to really keep her family in your person you even imagine the loss of their feeling and in justice anybody that says is stupid enough to say we're just got pardon these people for doing this sort are you kidding not happening person that killed this child leads to be removed from this point there is no coming back from the and you don't you don't just pardon somebody who who kills the cone eodiscid silence may god keep her and bless her in his loving arms protect her from the evil essasperre father keep her in your arms thank you for holding her for an in drying oliver tears please help all of those that are left here that are mourning the loss of his a little one and let the person who perpetrated this be brought to complete and total is for the crimes that were committed that there is no no no come in there's no coming back from this i'm thinking no stone here and in the pitcher's very clear but we thank you for this child and we thank you that you are now holding her in your arms and protecting her in loving her and healing every hurt that was ever done to her and please you the same jeperen and all us who loved keep them in close to your ear to your heart help them walk through this be with an aristophanean give them comfort in this time of tremendous loss and let them know that that a that they are loved and you understand their pain and that for the rest of us get every one motivated to say that this is done we are not going to tolerate this any more the crimes against humanity the crimes have been that have been committed against our children this is not o ka we do not submit to any plans of satan or of those that stand with him we can down every act of any one who commits a satanic crime a crime against humanity crimes against our children we do not agree we do not submit we do not give our consent to the will you not say this is ok and we asked you would step in front of any plans a people that are out there to do evil to this nation to children to two adults to any of us and that you would bring bring your judgment crashing down on them that none of this that no evil traces should stay on but then it's your righteousness your plan in your kingdom on earth is pray a man so there you then one of his half an old on den a pause awhile back about five silent and michigan and the deaths of a whole bunch of children that a mysterious deaths of a bunch of children in detroit and oh it was tied to fox island and that that was that was the pretty damning ah ah how i file rank or people could go to this island and a rate the doteril things to children what would you know you can say what we possess a person to hear it she satan that's it there is no is no other answer for there's no other answer and if we don't we don't come out and call it for what it is we are not just in a physical work were in a spiritual war that the real goal for the spiritual marsites much damaged to god as they can and what more damage than to damage her one of his cold to kill man torture whatever that's the gal that's the satanic goal right there yes this this thing about well they just love children they just love them sexually there's something wrong with it now there is no such thing is it does not exist it is not godly in any way shape or form children do not consent period denounces this is this is partly sic henoch of thought processes pilenot o candies nuts in their evil e not is that they will tell you i had a time what they're going to do and if you don't stop it or say i do not agree with this i do not submit to your plan they take that is consent our silence is what they take is so it's time for us to say saint ness out there we do not cost you may not do this in if you do the damnation falls straight on your hands we do not vengeance is mine saith the lord and what he can do with them is so much worse than what anybody else can do but we don't consent so you're on your own you commit these crimes oh justice and damnations and i really believe that there is going to be no mercy there's a time where there will be no mercy and that these people will not be able to walk as cussed these people will not be able to walk the we hope in a setthey should be a walk none of them in fact they shouldn't be able to walk anywhere ah there is something else so tempering it no i am impulsesone thing a minute that i find is going to be very interesting cause he falls on the sweet entasse rose saturday is the let me get emmy i teched pulses to to my own in one the people like it or not i guess we discothe doing us right exposing hemington he can't disagree with something that you don't know about but once you're aware and informed then you have to disagree and then you have to take action you can't just sit at home and say well that's wrong you shaft to take some kind of action and it is a sad earlier it may be just making sure that your protecting your family it may be that you are teaching all all your extended family and friends and acquaintances and everybody you see in the surcease got a role to play in protecting the children who who doesn't like you know if you see a child in the street you see car coming do you stand there and just you know pull out your fone and record what is about to happen no do you shout it somebody who might be closer so that they have a chance maybe or do you run out on the street and put yourself in harm's way to protect that child and i think they're a lot of us who would not hesitate to take charge of the situation and protect a child in in jeopardy it doesn't matter whose child it is or what color they are or what religion their parents have it's about protecting the children from any kind of harm and you just do it it just boggles my mind that people haven't but we have to have an awareness first so o ka watch son freedom start there and then started asking more questions because if it's all round us as you say and i believe it is we better be ferreting it out we better be like blood hounds and in terriers if it's underground we go and we find it and we don't stop i came in a post something that's going to horrify some people that's good just just be horrified i love it so here you go qu post three tree too oh only eighty thousand nineteen sweet dreams he my turn and rightful president of the united states president donald j to they will not be able to walk the street pander that all your sin down the wrong side because ah others there's a time where you there's the time to be able to choose a side if you're not on the right side we can't help you sorry so bad like a the the game of the music to the video game is starting you were more very good i think i make that into me on do you know i do i can do like certainties i can do a lot of different voices some sat some sound effects pipe pero we you came over it's about here so i'm curious about em in this curious about a lot of things find it very coincidental that can the obesance out when it did on the fourth of july and that now we've got this coming out here his talk about that first second because ah i'm finding out this morning ah as rebranches a few one to go there a mossoo posted about it he he checked into it disney did they tried to hold back this movie and in between them and others i guess it it was held back for five years until this time he says they will make the money spent which was like twenty million or something ah in in high wood terms not a lot within the first week they'll make up the money for their expenses disney however is going to lose i don't remember how many hundred million they're going to lose a lot of money on india jones break him and this is this is where the people are dis is just the people should be so heartened by this people have chosen not a disney movie with harrison ford with a chain of movies that some people are just huge fans of the people have chosen a movie that they shared amongst themselves it wasn't an obuch a bill boards and advertisements and commercials all over the place it was spread by word of mouth more than anything else it by that i mean social media as well but it was the people who marketed for this move and it was the people who chose it the people have the power that's what this is it's a simple thing of a movie choice but it's telling you where the power is it's in the people and it's not about finances it's not about a movie it is the people want to know what's really going on with human traffic when they have a desire to learn the truth about something horrific they had better be worried now because the people have the power and they want to know the truth and there willing to put money into going out and seeking it yet is a powerful thing and here it brain burden is not work were in were in a throw of the pet of file cross inent i think president and out there with the becoquin they found in in the in the white house so i did decided post a few or a pitchers this morning i sight you repulsed it to donkeymeridathe doesn't go gogochi or care in the riveter won the only the incomparable carnero check the south there's a patefierent crack had sung with the wind sky the u s poppet storting from the white house let it is not ordinary hyena that looks like a safely hid i think we should just call honor by his snow and trompes been posted like ye he's not the back words hands there is what really through me but come to was tropes him or in it with polchester day too of course she did but also sousenack hers scratched head because i like well i kind don't believe that there's anybody in the actual white house so where do the story come from that hunter was in the cocolite house and that there was cocaine found by the secret service quoco and the chocolate house his old story i want to know the real story some day orderbut i it is money because a lot of the still comes out and you're like a this is this is we all there in organized crime we know there at all that other things we all the other paiments and on which she and all the stuff it's not you know it is indisputable but ah but a i don't know if i could indisputable but the means are funny because the end on when people haven't looked into this stuff we kind o got into with humor in a way because it's such a horrible subject that a lot of people can't think can't get past it to they discount it has the canon look at it when you start said do and things with means like this you can count of people are funny but then it's not on you know yet it's one tells me it tells me that the good as are in control of this of course in net that's another sin like if you read in the news like heronries the news you're laughing every day because it tells me i have room to be encouraged from the sins that we can see on arch that not just from godly faith but ye i'm not worrying about what's going on with hunter and well let other people worry about that who haven't been woken up yet or who are getting angry and having other emotional reactions to it okay you go ahead and you think about hunter been in the white house doing crack and the light house and let that upset you and what are you going to do about it i've discussed it back here a laughthe thing take the sad ginuwine bodon more highly weird crop but i know what our emetical process both the political parties then my dope the gap in the democrat part of there all the same they are all the while let's take your mercial break here pleasant on p just for a minute were going to avenge easore his age now when you're into this so long you can do this from in now and doesn't bother me i mean i can i condensite and you you're sure that you watch is here for a nice in nice commercial bray here fearless not let all be provided at the right time we remove to encourage live your life by compass even co you go on sand too this beautiful it's beautiful she we can have a few minutes of break looking at the beautiful words that are out the don't man may go outside and could probably get you there my screening this is this is one of those mixedbathing good quality panderess he integrity gives you real freedom because you have nothing to fear sensesnothing to hide i can like that on beslauer oninsin read all seeseglers books on i was in college and flowers we love flowers flows are of some splicing at flowers flowers of beautiful god created the world our huserade do it out cares on the way outside were going to get goitehall arden will be asking about my garden you have a garden no that's sad should see miners is going really good i got meat garandou there they'll oh i get my flowers here let's do let's do so more flowers and a break for god's world thank you god for the flower in all the good things of beautiful things etiveside you know that you can eat day lilies that the blooms as to force for food the blooms at all if there is there like this they can get cannot harden watty but if there are a fire out if there are attackthey haven't insaneyet there out back note no ironically eat ah you can actually eat out de lily bulbs or not bulbs that the flowers they taste real peppery that's that's it the pretty gloria to those get rain last night another i think lady is pretty pretty sermonsevan ed a room whose spotted me now forgettell your favorite people that you love them very go dinging goodcome notesthat to the tall subjects he had to break in rithmetic and we had to british sergeant sergeant down on her out there what the troops though to go fight these tuneful bastards right are you going did you pass something the dear my goats the here my goats yes protocols cranmer he faced the tother way abel there goes that seems going as the one now the one never the errors cease that's crististera then he acting about we had some looks trimming yesterday my one horse with bad feet he's actually depend about it we was touched in golf for about a not two weeks and he i think we got em i think we got em going in the right direction by the wind i got the thing for on the showedthat they were really cool yet he's he's got no one on right now which is kind of cool the like of the lockers weak down here just like printers thrown through senesino or companyincreased his highest level since the thousand six and germany as the increasing nificently i wonder why with all of the nonsense going on there i wouldn't be sprised if francis ripenin o were in front of me a more bankruptcies and seven years thousands of plots effected in the midst of economic turned up the number of corporate mangroves in germany is that it prices we should look into the insolvency because i think that they're going to be also high but i don't have the numbers with that on the train on its got out of the way of the gate i gave him green so the screaming stopped your bribing now you're ridin now while we have some poets that don't want to an ingrate with the rest to the adult pen flock an so they liked dining out with he got and they eat the gold green instead of eating he too like their supposed to so i'm not giving mangreen i like once or twice to day and giving them a little here and there throughout the day the chickens the young chickens can't benefit from it this it need to be chickens instead of goats but the other hands can't get into the goat pen of the censitaire the fence when no one can all these little things you learn by doing i can hear em if i can hear these these are mine on me tis better getting disturbed a little bit while bad carin yet you know lagenophora better that irregular life here again now on i had now what you but i know i'm submerged in the stuff probably just about twenty four seven because i want to get to the bottom of this and write the write this name and he you know so i stay i pretty much stay i'm honest path the like im like out into blood i don't point how you don't one of those it gets on the path he can't get off of it and won't so he brought and a but when i understand tritior feeling will stress about what's going on pray bring god to that your mind here and end listen to what he has to say because there is definitely you have to stay connected to god you really you got to make that your priority or or it's going to get to you i'll get so stay stay focus tone god know that you were chosen to be here at this point in time and that put together we can go through anything got don't walk us through whatever it is that he wants us to walk through to see to expose to get to the bottom of these crimes this has been going on for a very very very long time its very end you have to be able to look at it with critical thinking no matter what somebody said think what it for yourself no heroes no villains at this point time think for yourself and look at the information for on this your probably if you're really critically thinking you probably will never agree with somewhat hundred per cent that's really good that's really healthy that's how he protected i said this from the beginning always checking every one even me even the stuff that i say because that's what god gives us to protect in a very in a world that's that a lot of evil and you have to go through and i ickonomical dis cre what i say great it is something that can also help me get closer to the truth tell me i want to know but also in that that's also the practice of holding our public functionaries accountable is to be able to you know vol people in honestly and then stand with them to make sure that they are representing us in that they do have good information if it's only coming by the penance and the people it setteth the top that are working for the world i cannot form which pretty much out erybody that's in the seat right now is there either there either working for than or they've been threatened blackmail etc it's it's everywhere it's everywhere you you we have to reproach it that way so don't be afraid to question and don't be free to be if you are doing the right thing you don't have anything to worry about so there you go oh anyhow so why don't we we don't we you finish this up with a few last words eh a prayer a few last words on the oregon to go on to her so dear have my father think so very much for each and every person all your precious children every one is so you and we know that we ask that you would take anything of her eyes stop us from seeing the truth in that we open her eyes or ears to your leading to what it is that you want us to know that that's between you and every single person out there the end is not for every one i get it and we all understand that the end is where you want so and some black called to have one job some people are called they have another duck and however you created us to be and it whatever role in as it were that were supposed to play we thank you for that we won't gladly lay down our lives and follow you in which i here direction you ask us to go for your kingdom and recite your kingdom the honorthat is it is in heaven we set you can fuse that you you confuse any plans of your enemies whatever they are the stop on dead their tracks that you protect all the children out there if any one is plant plotting evil against another human being a child an infant in adult that you would confuse the hereplans that you would stop their plans that you would reveal their plant and that you would be bring just and all situate we are willing to follow you we do not submit conceive or or or approve of any plans of saying or any one that stands in his in his camp who would do anything evil any part of sin or or evil its being committed against other human beings for money for power or for any one we lay those desires aside we reject and we totally turn our backs on them it laying everything down at your feet being willing to follow you for your good purposes there is no draw towards money or fame or power the only power can land and concini your hands and we humbly follow you as you go before us into writing this nation in this world the battle is yours we turn it all over to you it's not our battle it's not the knowledge that we possess it's the fact that we humbly follow behind you an end a jewell sings that you ask us to do because you're grown all the time we are so blessed to be alive at this time and to be given an opportunity to draw very close to you we can go directly to you in its just amazing we lay down everything we reject all sin that we are personally struggling with that because there's no one perfect the only one this perfect was your precious and and we we love you for that religious sacrifice that you make by de jesus sacrifice on the cross and we honor and we glorify him and we follow him we accept his gift to salvation and we want to fall follow you in obedience to what you want us to do we thank you for all things the blessings you've given us on this planet the blessings of children the blessings of each other of love of beauty of food in a provision and we thank you that you always provide for us you always guide us you're always good and we acknowledge that we can walk on this earth with you and thank you so much this thank you thank you for ever we love you we love you so much and jesus precious name we pray a man there you he did onworthily or rice and god with that he got hold all about chelseie he used the one that he lost his son but yet didn't it just depends on you know you had to lose to wind kind of fine and then there you go in he now he knows when he and like matthew twenty four thirty five have in an earth will pass away but my words will never the way better be reading them he and i go to a that was a beautiful one that got us through that one right in front of me i didn't even look for that one that one just conohop job let's go out and to go to a a son twenty four this is another rogados put in my path right here the earth is the lord's and everything in it the world and all who live in it for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters why who make sir not by whom he is son the mountain of the lord a sad homesand the mount of the lord who may stand in his holy place the one who hath clean hands and a perperos not trust in an idle or swear by a false god they will receive the blessing from the lord and vindication from god their savior such is the generation of those whose who seek your face god of lift your heads you gates be lifted out you ancient doors that the king of glory may come in who is the king of glory the lord strong and mighty the lord mighty in battle lift up your heads you gates lifted up you ancient doors that the king of glory may come in who is he this king of glory the lord almighty he is the king of glory and he alone is to be craterus in everything else will be a mixed bag of infiltration if it's not a human infiltration it will be one from evil because that's the plan here until it is defeated on the last day and the only one who will be deleting that is god all night or having father in in the name jesus christ we claim that so there you go that he golong with what we were seeing earlier doesn't it yet i didn't look at it i just opened it up half that i follow and a hand just red red straight out for what what god popped in front of us and quite often that's the way to god leads us in his holy don't let's knock plan when we just are saying what comes up is what god wants me to see he gives us enough for this day and being at peace it's a good thing a good place we have enough in one day to be concerned with we don't have to be concerned with the rest of be stable be focused on god pray do the right thing make sure that you your hands are clean so that you don't allow any sin to come in and you can walk with god and can literally watch and walk in your life and all in an all round you and it's good god is good all the time miss kingdom come on earth as it is so anyhow this is far to show or remove on now it she's as i think leavesthere go please go to bread and bore for governor dot concession the best known considerable as ever not conceded in the history of the and stingo he will make way for you he will walk right beside you in each and every day he put money in your pocket and food on your table i tell you what i know god is harel god is able to do all things and we can rejoice in that no matter what we see around us we were put in this battle were chosen for the saddle no fair no back and down go forward and a and let's let's let's do this cassiolorus future had so there you go so ah here go when more thing nancy he answered this were to the camp was backwards so i coletine with heart hands in the rivederte it just didn't work the same which is always in the way there you go so anyhow have a great day make it so make good choices left for god and a mechises make make his world know that you're here i don't don't make apologies for standing for god you know you're we're here for reason and be that force that he wants so so any of godless you god bless all this whom you will have an god bless them are it's going to be a great day to her i've got check or shared in and were going to get worknature the son by geo peonsone south there among other things is here all standing together