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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/7/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Feb. 7, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the seventh day of febuary twenty twenty three and were to jump right into this because once again i'm at a secret now disclosed location yet for a bed and we're going to keep the broadcast down to about an hour and so welcome to tatooed my esteem wonderful s the unintentional mister john taintor the have notato service to these are you ever wore or how are you don i am very good i am very good and every day the exposure of the deep stay and the exposure of the people in office are becoming more and more glaring to the public and the problem is that how many are paying attention that's good how many one and make a change that's another record because we know the truth and the answers and we could change his whole country around to the way it was meant to be back in the eighth seventeen hundreds when we first came aboard don't we have to understand what it is that our country is all about in whom you and i are yes and you know what i've monahiki now this whole decentralization kick and the local farming carcan all that goods of you can be company people of asked me about chickens and the last week and how they can get chicken to to like well i've got eggs and incubators so if anybody needs somehow on you know it's pretty easy for me to go grandduchies room in an branwen one days you got chicks it's like it's like amazing how how god's world work you know but there's more there's more to this than i've seen some things that might be a little disturbing me after remember the biggest probe we have it now is centralization concentralization is essentialization of power and that that is true we et news news sources or or business or anything like that we have to remember that if we really want this nation back it has to be completely decentralized we shouldn't have one or two sources for news we should have about a million of them and because they will they will check each other it's having enough people out the that are checking each other for information and make you sure because even with the best intentions people are coming across half baked and new stories and then i think it is i think it requires not a control of the message so much as a sea as a decentralization of messengers as well as our food source and everything else and in order to do that that means the individual we each newtake responsibility from that and participate paine and creating contact parts and now in a food supplies or in in skills and all that sort o thing i think it's real importance so that's why work here this is a direct from it only kitchen table more or less and that it's real news for real people thiriel people and i think that that's that's really important that we need a stick without as we go forward and going back to the constant that was created by real people at the time in very young re people it wasn't in and they were kind of a little bit of a maverick you know they were they were going out on what they believed was correct and contributing in that way you got it that brings us back to and i know people of already heard this a few times the carcase of norton verses shall be county which is the supreme law of the land i started aside never been challenged can't be challenged it is the law and it covers how a republic is supposed to be a it in and those of you that have read it and those of you first of all that haven't read it really should read it and under cause it is really the base for whom and what we are sells basically that a a government entity cannot create a de facto office which means easily if it's not in the constitution it doesn't exist and they use many different arguments in norton verses shall be county to express but in in our real world what's happened as we have had government agency mostly from way back when that have created the fact on one asked and anybody out there does anybody know when the department of justice was created occamy male sat now because we were told heronsford he this it there's always enough i delay saw him i'm fairly certain people won't won't have that ready to go but yeh god's good part with them and the partment of justice was created by grand president grant in eighteen seventy right off the bat that shall tell you she exists it does any other thing to amos it doesn't exist in the constant no place in the federal consate that allows for eight department of so that the apartment of justice doesn't and that goes on to many other departments in a once they create one they create to they create three arrah founding fathers said basically that the government will send out minions of their bureaucrats and the children will wake up homeless on the land that their father and that's what's happening to day were were at the end of the game here and were seeing people losing their homes left and right by bankers to create money out of nothing the accuracy they go and the type in a digit and they say now with this did get this money that we're giving you from the bank it's a digit it's not real money there is no value to you can go by a piece of property and then later on when you default on your long we can take your house from you so we're going to take your real value of your labor which is your house which is your car which is whatever personal property you have and we're going to foreclose on it because we can do that but we never gave you anything to begin with we just gave you a dream many in in hope which is which is the currency of the day which is the fiat mons and though in the end the congressional people congress i made such a thing over with prenatally was the president that signed in the old and then actually on his death bed a who was the i remember the president now said i have just turned over the greatest country in the world to a bunch of thieves people who are going to steal the country from the people and so yes indeed that's exactly what happened but they had no authority to create number one the federal reserve it does in existed there is no place in the constitution that says they can print money coin money that's under the second article but now you have a situation here where you have only specific ways creating a currency or a money that the people have to that the people need to use now what's so important about the money system is actually the life the like the blood in your veins without the money she we don't have assistant we could go to barter yes we can go to working for our friends yes we can do all of that but it is not the money system that flows through the process that allows you to get in or yourself house a car whatever it's a very difficult system if you're working with a with a parnesis em going back to norton verses shall be county work every single person the now it and needs to be able to speak when he starting to a judge or n or n attorney or or any other bureaucrat a you a dissury office and most of them have no idea what the jury men so you might have to explain that to or usurping authority that you are never granted i so we need to be able to identify or now these terms and be able to use these terms and accordant los i don't know anybody has had an opportunity go you to watch john kennedy or or as some people that want to become judges but if you haven't had that opportunity you s political ah as us political pas and it says watch john kennedy out smart no names with that surprisingly simple as and what he actually asks one of the people that want to become a judge he is that the american of policy sent you s political okay you can go to you to ripen you as political in one when there's a there's a flag in there that says watch john kennedy i'll smart no names with simple with simple surprisingly simple as he asks one woman who wants to be a judge could you tell me what the at a article of the constitution she says this is a god and were asking her about the constitute she swore she's been on the bent so we're asking her what the fifth article of the constant chandos in come to my mind i just don't know what it means this how can you not know what the fifth imaginent or that resortith and the massive brings the sardis on having to look around my computer and men in siorpaes the adds here oh yeah okay a why it has the cretonnes play that is not very long i hold ohio let me singingshe and on ototototoi he unwounding son university of paris and all had the overconcentration i consonance along this gay five i had no neither his arte hi you stop it there for a second yet hang out of it ah and he my coffee and i think it in bright you know what her closets what's article to what article one its full up a source of people can see it hang on me you'll let me just tell you what it is because we should know this this should be one hundred per cent in the mind article one is legislative and what he think article to actually don't know the answer to that executive branch article three leges or judicial brand this he spilsby being a judge in number one he should know the constitution you sworn not you're going to swear holt but you don't even know that article too is the executive brand and article three and what is article five article five is the all ability to amend the constant how do you mend the consent article five tells out to do that and this woman who is a judge does it know that now you've got to step in front of this judge and you're going to ask her to decide a case and she has no idea what the constitute this is scary i didn't realize they were that stupid and that it was in basilic that they had no idea all the office they swore not to and what those what that means because they've never read the constitution cheatnot anybody would know article too is the executor and anybody would know article on is the detegis late or should now especially if you're in the legal i can understand all you know everybody else on the street that hasn't looked at the constitution doesn't understand it but this is time that we need you and i and everybody that's listening needs to understand what the constitution is i be asking this judge the third question wouldn't be about proposals which is which is more intense word but i would ask this judge are you a de jure office would you be a de jure because if they can answer those very basic question how could you possibly want to seek that rest in a judge and now we the people who know less than that because we supposedly go to the who are the legal perfect the judges and the lawyers to help us out when we have a legal issue but they don't know the law either they make up the stuff as they go along and then we wonder why we lose in a corn law why it cost the fortune to fight a battle in a divorce situation in house losing house situation against the bank because the banks got the judicial system under their control so we need to we the people need to wake up and need to fix this problem and it is n't talk constitution is an a thousand pages long in nothing the other thing though is john is that is that though i think most of us is broad have read the constitution i have read the constitution there's so much information out there that were procesin on a daily basis that every one can't know everything we we should know the month all of a ship but we all safe rely on people who are expert sent such as yourself to be able to pull this stuff out like this you know pull things out of our of our head that quickly and it takes them study time to take some it does take some time to to he belding on what we know well that part is true to a degree the first ten amendments of the constitution should be known cold now what they know exactly what the amendment said or what the sixth amendment says word for word or the faith of the iceni cannot quote it word for word i can tell you that i have you know no notion have like a light bought like a rough idea of but i can't quote it you know i can't quote it like you you know you've got a little antonie i'm goin in all get roll words wrong too but the point of that anomain here it's you're not necessarily needed to quote it but when somebody starts telling you and pushing on you about york about got confiscate you know it's a second amendment and so that's what you should at least know what the amendments are and not that you have to read a word for word but you have to know what they after no what the tenth amendment says and the tenth amendment basically says in a threehanded exact hothampton in strictest tes rights while the tenth at ninth at tenth amendments basically saved the rights are not written down in the constant and are not delegated to the state then they belonged to the people so we have more rights than the first ten amendments but the first ten amendments were put historically in the constant for the purpose of a government like the joey government in office right that would like to confiscate your guns so that was written down that you can't do that other wasn't written down i am sure they would have found a way to get around it and confiscate and guns and and salt weapons and whatever assault weapons what is it so they would find a way to to reduce your rights because that's what government does government wants centralized control they want to control you and that and this obviously is glaring a picture as it possibly could be with the resident the withe he wants to control so back to the judges that we have to get in front of from time to time over a speeding ticket over a oh i don't know ordinants argument over a over a mortgage situation over a divorce and we we hot we go out we hire the two what would we want to call there there worse than animals that one to fight with each other and they want to create a problem so they can make money of so they go out and they they because a lot of people that are in it the force situation if they could sit down and settle that divorce then they wouldn't be in front of the judge and it wouldn't be in front of it turn and they wouldn't be paying out ten thousand fifteen thousand twenty thousand dollars on tourneys over the force that that money could have stayed in their path not in the thirties but if they hire an attorney the attorney can always say oh yet we can get more money out of him or we can we can not take its house so we can get his car we can and on the final result happens they didn't get the cocket if you get the house and get any of that they and they ended up spending fifteen twenty grand on that attorney to help them out who didn't help alloted and in front of the judge siffrein probate or my you're in probate the probate judges are more corrupt than anybody because they get a part they get a piece of the so there out there fighting for that piece of the action we have to stop that and we can stop that because we the people know what the law is and we can deal with it if you really don't want to hire a government entity into an argument if you can resolve it on your own governments the leaves salute absolute lasted when you have no other the so you see bringing up article one oh you got article to in there somewhere article tuesday executed and i i can to i can't tell you what's in the executive branch i play in time with my oneslike i have rough ideas things for his people ask me to catotohin it i can't is i mean you don't like incohonee no but i got the constitution in front of me and if you talk to me bout executive about what bidens do and i know it's article too and i can go there in and that's the that's the key i know where it is your your efforts and your abilities are well defined not written in the constitution does not while on this for the usurpation goes you know the proem with usurpation is ah me i need more coffee this morning i got to telling it was up here operienda yesterday and i got this morning i was like oh my gosh i my brain is not working yet this morning at all i got to tell everybody some let on talked because my brain i need another cup of coffee he what a back up a little bit back happy little bit or nothing now to you will see no i want you to go to the legislative branch which is article one okay right there somewhere keep goin keep the one little more yet live run he competed in a granite to do this morning keep going a little more little more to more she symbol o keep going little more it's very simple when you get into the actual documents that it may they have convoluted one thing so much is it we need to go back to what work when the only way we're going to get back to what work is to know how to do so because we can expect them go to section are it right there night how the sad this morning as the section gives you eighteen i duties of what congress can do that that's all i can do i cannot they cannot he cannot bring in a new no body of land and call it out a set by just saying we're going to vote on it and we're going to have an ape there there's a process by which which a body of land has to become and after go through a post but they have been short circuiting this process for years they can that they are in power and because they are in power they can do what they want and they can't be held accountable all absolutely indeed they can be held one honor went but people have to know that if you violate your oath what is the most sacred thing you do when you take an office swear and oh to that office to god to the constitution and to the laws of your state in if you violate those lost to violate those old then you are creating you are absolutely causing or or creating acts of because you have violated the your most sacred the my violating your so but people don't hold public functionaries accountable to their oaths of ah you know thence into a court room and i'll show kate judge give me your oath and the junks i don't have my well you don't look for the oath in the court room you look for the oath and secretary of that's where i supposed to be filed now fits not filed there then that judge is an impasse he won the election but he hasn't fulfilled so he's a the fact though officers occupying at the jury office he hasn't fulfilled his requirements to be a judge on the bench at that particular time did not swear nols to thee our constitution and to the late so we have to understand these things and use this language when we are faced with these public functions because we can all get frightened from them and they can they can threaten us as many ways as they can as they want to and try to scare us into behaving a certain way but we the people have the power we got to go back to that we have and so when we step in front of the judge such as the one that john kennedy questioning they couldn't find there rear end with both hands that person should not become not very bright you want to play the rest of that you can go ahead it's not as good as those first and in my well years as insitatre general and my nine years serving as a i was not we are the highest trial court in washington state i'm frequently issues that i'm not familiar with and i thoroughly review the law at rested and o pytheas of the facts of his cursed okay so she's been in less for nine years and young at the little concerning and she doesn't know what the second article of the one or the fifth i mean they been jumping around left and right with thee a constitutional convention for i don't know how many years at least we in and their traneuse that fifth amendment he changed the constitution by bringing forth a constitutional convention and she doesn't know that the whole constitution convention think it's really really concerning to me and it's a concerning to me not on the basis of knowledge as must much as it is the lack of integrity that you know it's like that's where i get hung off on that because it is the there is so little integrity out there that if we start messing when the constitution right now it's going to it's got it's going to were going to fail we're going to we will be no more that's right and they want to get that these people that are pushed in the constitutional convention we don't know who there first of all the people running around the spot soldiers they they don't know any better somebody says that all we can fix the ballot we can balance the one that is the biggest crime of all because the budget is a credit card that's created because it's we have thicker i going to fast that well and you know what's itsince right now so like it i observed human behavior a lot and men that's probably a stronger suit for me than anything and when just just looking at things and patters like this father blond thing from china i'm not buying any of this mount closius like replatting is scutchcon that i at understand why this is dominating our new cycle first of all if we had if we had the the balloons there they should then shot down immediately otherwise wire they their wire they creating this narrative out there i'm not i'm not buying any of the sons you know that i was taught this when i was in high school actually before i schooled but around high school time when the government wants when the government trying to do something in the united states and they don't want you to know about it they created the struction over you besteverything opposes over there well had no werhornas full sir hold her because because when that when the blood than came out that was when they were really institious on the bunched and span because they were looking at them so i need to bring that wrongful circle to why as soon as the as soon as the weather bones came out i'm like first of all i'm not by in any of the nonsense and second of all what's in well the traction was always is always against the standing and you know it's the the debt ceiling growing up and the fact that our country is such a problem financially it's not even fun and truly it's like most of these offices it is their supposed to ringthis is a service industry to serve the people not in punitive of a punitive organization in order to punish the people in create laws and promocaces people at so that they can punish them right so my my problem with this whole thing is the amount of distractions away from what their release supposed to be looking at and and bright now i would say that the number one thing that they should be looking at is how badly we are set being set up for a complete and total economic crash and what are they doing there thrown weather balloons of there that under normal circumstance shore and shot down the other question that i wonder that i'm wondering about where are they actually coming from all of a sudden bang they pop up ordinated states like nobody knew they were there and it becomes a troubling things in the news the news psycho i'm not buying a word of this then nobody as following the new cycle at this point that they really need to go and get the head examined their totally outline because the news wake his is nothing but a distraction from what is really happening people that once once say certain condition happens certain thing happens like the weather balloons people should ask what are they trying to hide ex exactly what i'm saying because i i tell you right now this new cycle that were inward the with wellons the financial crash and a therethere's one thing when i when i got down when i got down here to the secret and not his lobeslesions oh one of the big things that's going on down here and i my head is then completely and utterly in trying to figure out how to be a land rose that is about to kick out an entire retirement community here in these are people that have lived there for forty years and the the the big things that the chipping away at us with and in the slow you know thousand cut leads is just unbelievable and trying trying to figure out these things that are truly setting present as the emenenic take over this at it's not it's not that it's not they have already had then in place for decades and decades and decked and so right right now it's a i've been i've been dealing with these people that are in this is happening all over the united states right now these big lands trust in no respiting them with big antitrust suits which are really needs to happen and watching the stories on the ground of real people who are having their legs compromise the surveillance is already there they know who we are they know what we're saying there listening to every single word we say and there's no there's no getting around the one the one thing that the people are missing is the fit is the is the eating of of the land is the ah it's the usurpation on every love the economic warfare that's going which is going to affect every single person in this united states because of the fact that they keep going away we're going with the debt the debt ceiling rays were going to have no icannoti bases notes about the oregon crashed to economy and i'm going to tell you the first place that's going to be is probably the banking system and then after the banking system it's going to go into the mortgage that and into mortgagees and then walks the slow roll going on from their its going to happen they've done it before everything is there right now for this his two to continue on and i don't think people are prepared for where this is given a if if if we don't get a handle on all of it none of us are going to be able to even all lands so goes that to your point your first quoth that you put out the that we will not be able to all they will come out and and steal this out from underneath us and its happenit now it were were seen that if our eyes are open and not on these stupid chinese weathermost and some of his other distraction that's going on out there that he is so absolutely ah to keep our eyes off the ball it when we we'd have been distracted by the judicial system for a long time because they want to get us in their fighting things on a non legal doesn't exist and has no power it's been served with all of these sorrows judges in this satalie don't even know that we're supposed to go after the legislature and a too to stop some of the stuff but i digress why you know what the world economic form wants karl or as soul on nothing and be happy that's where they're trying to drive this country they want us to own nothing no property no car no nothing you will rent whatever we want you to rent you will on nothing and you'll be happy for that's what he wants that's what their pushing at the economic form now why that organization is still in es and white people allow it that should be a renovated and that's the problem to its like even knowing that constitute or knowing knowing of what the law is with thoorabiengannie so overwhelmed they don't even know how to fight what they see even if they see it they don't know how to fight and i and we have let this thing go on for so long that i and and we are so divided me look at it and my geperic and you know that's going on right on to the chariot the ego gop it's such a bunch in the sense i'm not even watching it right now because i think all these political parties need to be burned right to the ground every single one needs to be burned in the ground the leading as for special interest and their leading us down the primrose path just like like the stupid weather balloons and all this other distraction people are not getting focused enough to be able to get together on one page and fight it and i think that we were going to have to have a if if we could get every one together in one area to in one effort to fight this and have it written out step by step by step where i think in going back to what we saw his putting together like a hand back of this is what we need to do rather than be special interest political party that same people are over here that the eye don't you you've got such a split market so people don't even know how to get together to fight then and then the media is you know the media is her on people part in so many different directions unless we get our heads in the game it is it's an it's an aliable for the crash once a crash happens i think it's going to be something that we're going to reveal the rebel after that but this point time in look it's time to rip the band to it off and get this thing done in the whole system is absolutely in in a in a weird spot right people are going to have to learn how to get how to decentralize some tocare of themselves that a girl her own food eh perhaps get together solicitans action while as soon if we can approve approach of that way and go after the legislature rather than waste in all this time in the judicial ran a line he sat dozen exists in has no power well the bull all three branches our way beyond their scope of employment ah joe the resident has done things that he really has no authority to do but nobody calls him on it because we have the democrats out there with them as in my cheer chering democrat i'm going to vote democrat in no matter what and they don't have an idea of what is really going on they don't see beyond the scope of the democrats and republicans beyond the title beyond that beyond that jackass that there looking at they liked the jackass and therefore that what they're doing and of coral republicans are any different because most live are rhinos anyway or cold chunk of omar and they want to protect their minion on the ears a castonia is to people who are doing us as volunteer right now eh you know we have to look at what is it that we do we can know you know what we can know the things that we know but then we have to have to get into act and the action like i send my action right now wanted absolutely yet people to start growntheir own food so when this crash happened that people are not out there without any without any provision or hope for anything like that it's going to happen happened before it's going to happen again and so it's like how do we cut this you know we need to be cutting our ties with these big multinational corporations getting more self sufficient as one of them and once we cut the the can cut some potisto them if we can do it quick enough we can weaken economically wage war back on these political hacks and are at there and is as far as getting an effort to gather to go after the judicial branch right now which does exist i mean honestly if we hinted which shall bridgethose at the general rank i say that i'm sorry i missed i misstated that a youknow you you know what i know what i mean is it to go away after this this oh these legerensis that donald honorario we are going to have to get people in there that are not part of the political machine that are willing to get in there and just start at an in and right now i feel i feel like work kind of an inn you know is the person who is usually pretty quick to act and i feel like we're in a constipated time and history where a things to go round but there's so much screwing around that's half and hemmingston the i saw its incredible and in under read some of the things from the chair right now to youbefore before you do that before i do that i yesterday i sent a letter and you have a copy of it because you're part of my mass that letter is going to all twenty of the a newly elected representatives including marjory green and it's basically quoting norton and it went certified to each one of them so cossetted and some old descended out but their certified letters to each and every one of those twenty people explaining norton explaining that of eighteen doesn't exist because she tried to get rid of the age now we're going to see what they do about it if they if i don't hear from them in a week or so i want to be on the telephone calling each one one at a time maybe it'll take me two three days or four days to old these people and asked what you doing i gave you the i give you the ammonites why are you not responding to me number one and why are you not throwing the ati out on their ear because they don't norton rose i shall become so if you see see my lover there ah and you want to post it and let other people see it i do come up with something on their own but this is what we need to do start applying pressure to these pets not only how you got your office now what going to do it it okay some demanding thing as to get some education on us and then i have a plan of action to go forward on an individual basis not in these mentality political party but every one as an individual you know when when we were obeisances were little we home school there was a great big a great big to do out there with one of these usdon't remembered the number was a house resolution and they got more responses on that an unappreciable than any one in history that any bill in the history of the united states because the parents just now this wasn't an organized effort it was n't a it was an he give us your money we republicans or redmoat are going to do no work for where it was it was just a whole bunch of parents out there that were committed to what they wanted to see for their children and they all jumped on this and started calling writing calling writebut not waiting for an organization to tell them what to do because right now one of the biggest enemies of the state is the republican party in the democrat party their fractionary people their absolute fracturing people and having people have this mine set of well what are we supposed to do now what committee and my spoils to be on dotaverat any commit it your committee of one the staff and run with it called them shut the switch boards down and call them we've done it before we need to do it again and and in tell them you know if if all of us got on the phone and shut the switch board down and and called on these things we would start the in providing the pressure that needed in the exactly what we did in the nineties that was like the it was i i can't think of that i can't think of them might like a sembrani i have heard to day but a back in the night he that's what we did we shot down the switch for and they said they never end in this thing that turned round and nick got turned round fast the hand on the savoring the smartest thing anybody can do right now is a jump off these political parties stop it stop the cold look competentand do do the thing by yourself and we can sit there as a bunch of volunteers at your given people good information if something doesn't agree with me that's fine find your own path but in an that's okay but there's enough information i'll there it was just like the the accingentes and overeasy why didn't you warn us we were all out there we were ouistitis from the from the tops of the hills but it takes the individual to take action outside in anybody else's approval or direction or anything in or meanes there proval to go do some jest go do it call him and do it so i intreat the chanaanite we got how to hold a cases are not low garish good morning good morning die a warningit supreme court cases that are starred decisis are the lot oh there you had well let well i don john crockdiles morning might not get jennie's got to your own right so john kennedy is a funny in i love o me celerious ah mike wedeles the weather belongs or distraction staff with a weather plants for gosse if the meat you know the military can i had these things shot is shot down and half new york minute if they were if they didn't mean him to be up there somebody did for distraction i know who wanted hastened was somebody windlins tho there is instruction i don't want to hear about whether bloodstone oh my model do not watch the news like abode everybody's worried about this stupid balloon right i know mike i'm sitting here going are you kidding me how do we the people reestablish the degorgement personal educations of fantastic are then what in that's exactly where i met we have got to have we've got to have a people coming up with good ideas people not parts of organizations just come peoplethey oh here's the great idea let's go in this i'll start all the house start and will take to hey everybody call your your legislatures you're youwanted them do not vote for the debt ceiling to be raised if you do that we are going to jump on you like ugly on an age and and a tin were not going to stop ok oh charlotte he conditionthere now hang out a second down i'm going to sit hold on a wrong in this restocked lets an a man do i think that so that the band he needs to be ripped off and look the chips of all the word thenmake we are past trigowethan i think we are too to get the wake up wavin his home in my opinion to the act because there's so much older that we don't know that you know it only took three per cent of the populations to win in the you know two to effect the change of revolutionary war so right now we're way passed through and people that are sick of this in our wake the rest of em their disgrace blame all of us for not waking him up some day just like with a job so be it but we have to start taking action so lessens amen down i think so too that bandage needs to be ripped up and the chips may go where they may i'm sorry just round that his hard like people need to lawfully reassemble and receives empty seas that were making an nateness also the personal responsibility is also it's important for people the take the sonoita can i do to day call your legislators a figured out how to write i petition or write them and tell them no no no no and then start asking the question are you telling up how many responses your getting and what the what the people really want if the answer is now there there voting with special interest the him they had vacated their dehoof office at that point because it doubtless made be the peace all the distraction is designed to keep our attention out of what's being done and more importantly to keep our attention far away from god's active intervention he is moving through all of his absolutely god is too but he is also moving us for action flawlessly performing her broadcast duties with half her brain tie in erec at the mightiest rday was brutal the good day but it was a long day it was i was out at seven o'clock in the morning started with a nail and the tire on the way too and me to bunch of meetings and i got that handled a god that home to go to that home here about a love and thirty at night and it was a non stop it was non subdi am i am absolutely exhausted hikeout to day i am going to be i'm going to be just kind of a laying back into in a hole lot enoughin to day my i o trying to wait people and it doesn't work i think we're past the wake people up they're not going to wake up with this point time so we have what we have right on the people that are awake and that are involved it's you and i were going to have to take takes the action and charisanis hard to dotages to just not stand wall trying to change or public and party i have to go to seventeen a state convention to vote for chair trusts me not happy with the selection i i i i s you know the parties are working there not you know me we can vote people and that can take that they can take hold of the chair you know i've i've got if i were part of the republican party which at this moment time i have not it may undoubt inonde ends on we'll see what happens but ah i am so if the we should all be together americans and not this fracture party crape it's going on right now and for me to see what's going on with the republican party with all these chairs that are running all i can say is that some one is fracturing the poverty wants again into splintered roofs in order to its political tact in order to break up individuals in a smaller groups were no one really has a huge a huge ability to make the changes at need be hanged and republican party itself is guilty as hell of this they did it whether it were the governor's race had done it with every race going down and now their doing it with the chain race and its unforced if it's really really unfortunate but the patterns there i can see it and i applaud anybody that gets involved on any level see happens or in the ice i i want to throw to things out number one the gentleman who said that the court cases are not below the land if he goes the section to article three section two it'll say that judicial powers shall to all cases in law and equity arising under the constant and the laws of the united states and treaties made or which shall be made under their authority so it basically says it in the constitution that supreme court cases are the law the land and actually the purpose of the supreme court a and the opinions of the judges are to bring in focus the law that their trying use or usurper whatever ah and he say whether they are following the intense and let's go back to the intent of the law is the law then of the constant it follows the intent of the constitution within it is the law of the land and norton verse shall be county certainly does do that so anybody that doubts that needs to read that a and understand it and we have our wednesday night meetings come nor wednesday night meetings and ask his we got many of the answers not all of them but many of the s how to use in what to do now what to do one you gain a little knowledge and i'm talking about enough knowledge that doesn't get you in trouble you start resisted how do you resist well you get a speeding ticket and instead of paying it you go to cordinate but you got to know how to do that you can't just walk into cord and say i didn't do this or whatever or or ah you know plead oh i'm a man on the land or i'm a man of the it is all camps in names french flag now the law and how to fight that and you will be successful in the so resist wherever you can in this plenty of places to rest we don't watch it or go to jail but if there's an opportunity to resist certainly if you get something like a seat belt ticket like it i started with years ago where the fee of or the finest like sixty bucks that's an easy wonder resists because of you lose ye not being to sixty bucks but there's a good chance you win and i did when they didn't have the copse so the point of the manner is resistible you can figure out what would happen one of the ramifications and resistant every possible way that's what our founding fathers did back in the seventeen hundreds before they went into the revolutionary war they resisted and we can do the same now we had everybody resisting what would the political the political structure do exactly on an individual basis i'm on to tell you what if the republican party six someone in there actually had the gout say we're gonna can make is about money i have listened to this whole nonsense for like for like you know a couple of years now and if any of them had the guts to say were on it we're going to make this party about no packs known money we're going to just work going to try to gather the people up together on an individual basis and get everybody pulling in the same direction i would be all in on that and i wish everybody in that political party would stand up and say we will not accept anybody have had one challenge republican part of right now because all i hear they want to endorse people that are good fun witraed screw them that is that is the problem right there i'm telling you screw that i am very goteverybody that's out there challenge them i will challenge every one to sign something that says that i will i am going to stand behind a refusing pack money in all the dark money that tics money which the republican party was just as guilty as the democrat party was in in receiving this special interest money and ordered for the corporations to own us his corporations owned the republican party in the democrat party all of them they own them and in its they were to go on it yeah it's like mike as every last one of them last night running for the geopenian charity event i was at talked about money and that's all they talked about this is all these people talk about because they're building and industry there building a place for themselves and unless we get these people out that are all about money it will never be about wetherel never them to the ground and you know that the political party and unless they have the the honesty the four of the to say i will sign something that says that i will not accept pack money i will not accept the dark money i will not have this of altamont i will have this was showing you a showing him the feed back from the constituent and say this is what i am going to do in order to uphold my oath of office and make sure make sure that mine my accountability responsibility in metric is going to be held well that i serve wether not how much money did i bring in but what but looking in an actual valuation on until they do that we have got an unlawful government that is nothing more than of a collective of cold an omen and self interest i want to see every one of mount there in the public and party you that you sign that and will all be impressed on tell that time they're all a bunch of craft and then denies of this nation in one and on that right there so there you go figure it out get smart enough to do it a different way and refuse to buy into it because right now we're buying our election they they are purchasing our elections and we have no vote in were not part of it until this adds we are going to be in the same the same that's a iniquitously ah how does a burning the system to the ground take place what is his look like the political parties stop participating exactly stopped or costly her with you burn those pert political parties down by refusing to participate in something that is illegal on ethical and has no chance of of of accomplishing the goal of serving we the people because it's all about money there are what i had said there's dan as discussed for the day were just going to make this all about fond raising all about how much money we have so we can fight the other side well what if i remain jumps off these ridiculous cult in order to serve these mindless cults that are survived exerting corporan america we stopped serving on them and then we start calling out and we go after them like like the original americans when after them with bared teeth steel resolve and unwavering unretiring o and we're going to do it you know you know do a person a person honor minam and then burn he's party's right to the ground and we do that by non participation save the oleoresin of mainstein media people are like hotohoto we do that stop participating sat by in these products of his built big multinational corporations waged aconitic warfare back against him and caught the undercut them curnow look at what happens for wooperton people stop buying their stuff they drew madness hits with the dollar we have reasonlove all the pope power if we're willing to take possibility for every aspect of our of our life that's the action like wekotanti studying the constitution its important we need no rights we need to know exactly how functionswerthe booksanon stuff is having the gods to say no and not participate in then go after them when they refuse to do what you want them to do in the legislation i don't mean don't don't know me out to get stupid it doesn't me going after them with violence it means an is talking getting loud making noise and refusing to shut up when they are doing the wrong thing and refusing to stand as americans yet they're traders all the wonder that an youwon'thaveto is at all she all but one that is a traitor but i don't i don't really know if i believe that or not then the people that are in office right now they're traitors and in their part rottensee with the new twenty because i sent him a letter we're going to see how they got to respond to my letter whether they are in fact rites or the area going to do something about it if i get a response for many of them including not green who should be jumping up and down i've given you the answer how to get rid of the at norton verses shall become an they don't exist you could shut him down to mine don't have to go through writing a congressional those resolutions to get rid of them they don't exist they don't exist they could have stopped funding congress could have stopped finding the fbi the sea the and then what would they do if if the achieve had no money coming in because congress over not finding you any more now what cut the warning we all were that that's a set it's like it's like we have gone at about this and every wrong way possible trying to get on in political parties and all these actives and old nobody actually talking to the real people who can make the decisions and hold them accountable and go to them gerontides loomed something that just came in that proves the kind of proves my point smithsome out in a conversation with sinn bank of america see brian monahan says the companies prepared for four possible u s sonorously the financial institution in s and the second largest bank is there is the second larger span in the country and is reportedly preparing for the worst regarding coconasso conflict over the nation's debts sailing i am telling you i'm going to be proven right on this get yourselves ready because it's coming and it's going to make it's going to make twenty eight twenty o a look like child's play you have to be ready for this because it is coming and its once starts rolling it's not going to st so in a morning spoke about the congressional debate as the cynically how it impacts corporate america will i hope it burns it to the ground corporate america cossets were all of the big corporations of guns starting a whole cold honest will figure it out will put it back together oh you know there's enough of us that have built lossnot of companies from the ground up ground out it's not an undoable thing and it's not a scary thing it will be a very fond thing the circle how that in packs corporate america subsequently he fall to on the country's debt remains a very real possibility that entities like bank on homeric cannot disregard and the first few months of the new year of the national debt has reached unprecedented levels thus set development has led to debates on both sides the plitical islandwith not the national ducalishad be increased before summer months we have be prepared for that not only in this country but other countries around the world might hand told can additionally stating you hope it doesn't happen but hope is not a strong so you prepare for there is some expectation that president by could destress the debts on yes go to try to sell everybody on raising it all during tendered state of the union address conversely u s treasury sector jet yelling has already expressed a warning over the nation's deck crisis not the possible to fall as soon as june if the ceiling is not raised you as government has overspent for so many years it does not have enough cash on the end to pits death and its fond and unconfining operations if the debts seeing is not raised by congress than the government would only have the cash on hand which comes in each month from things like parolas there be apicaus they given away cor portwere and the funded all these corporations through and ukraine and such a coursedon't have cash on hand you know that's how works you know so that man that may be enough that keeps some parts of the governor in but it will not be enough to pay off the deck it's not goin to keep the government running we don't have no cash on hand because they have followed it all to every other nation everything else on the plan and antilles focusing on the thick that they are taking this nation down economically to the corporations through finding money of you know i am sorry but we are absolutely going after focus on this he should be the focus right now and not the stupid weather blooms all the other directors tractions going on of the other thing is if in one tied the sinde what happened with when the hour with michigan witless that went over to to to the world economic form over and doles em about the fact that ah and what happened with so tiraia saw a rabirio with declaring the petro dollar now and void in the fact that they will take any kind of currency now they will take any currency not just as the string to hold we had on with the patroller on then tell you what if we have got some interesting times coming to hat and i'm going to keep it inokilatin this drawn because there this is is going to end up smack in every single person in the face and why because he's more on the running the country couldn't find an ant farm with two sons made from a cool and stand it common yes he is so there you go and i you know i think that once we get you know i guess for my part of it once we get past the convoluted stuff that i'm looking at in a financially and how to try to try to you know help as many people as we can as we go through this process you know everybody should be doing as much education as they can on this subject right there and what are you going to do what are you going to do if this entire s comes down i'll know it's going to come down in pieces or all at once or how it's going to happen because i'm not i'm not privy to the play book and such spot but on the tell you what i think that we can all read the redesign of the time and and why because we walked away from that document we walked away from that document right there and then in the way that it was supposed to be set up now on the state this right now eh you know i my focus right now as on the financial and preparing for what to do to get past this and i love it that you know this chapter you know chapters word for word because we need people that absolutely that absolutely have this on a tip of the tongs all the time i can answer that that's why you have that's what you have advisers and that sort of thing when you are in your making decisions you want to have a big bank of people that understand that just like the just like the assembly and how do i send and red you know oh pre with that part of the puzzle back together it's going to take all of us it is never going to be about one person in it shouldn't be in a camp beat it's going to take all of us all of us too to march forward in this to day oneseverybody out there to day make one decision to do one thing to contact one person or to talk to a bunch of people on how to get information out and educate them in the constitution on the economic warfare on what it is to be self sufficient and also get them on the ground who is on the ground walking together even if something puts together two or three people in one area that's enough start there and indeed do it yourself you know they crushed the system of the jab goes away all part of their plan she sure do it's like look what they did with the eggs the eggs trained to say that that you know they want to stop as seen eggs when the proof came out that the egg the egg yolks fine the softer as from you know and a changed things i think i possette other day the article that came that came out so we want to get people so they can't buy the eggs which is going to help em in plastic eggshell do that some kind o wanted to me but through the girl this that's fifty after ten i talked away too long about this nonsense but a oldowan finish us off john and on any closing words about of this in wrangling cosario have so if you want to post my letter acton you omen that letters going to the twenty people and to marjory came to green and have those people ah that see the latter either right a letter of their own pointing this out because it's all there i spelled an owl like but norton in there i spelled out exactly what's going on and then they can get involved in start hounding these twenty people as to what are you doing we put you an office and you're not doing anything for you're supposed to be the new wave of republicans that are conservative that is supposed to be helping and you're not doing anything and i gave you the ammunition right what do you mean what would they did look with they did now their traces start a new party and everybody was down on ramberling the party got a grand worsley the party with a just splitted again and it's like it's like you know what this is going to come down to personal responsibility and personal involvement if we're going to take this nation back it's going to be at each and every one of us doing something and now waiting and without waiting to just be another cod and there wheel in his political wheel of the the political parties were going to have to do this one by one the good information and if if something is posted that looks like you want to get balled in jumont and brown the ball others because every the organizations are called there set up his old so there you go there's their sons work for the day and i'm a go kesongo and in the not try to be in discussed individual with all these corporations everything else going on on all get back to me in happy nice down in here for a while i don't think things go really well i can be really you know in most setembre happy in and person to boy a tell you what with somebody decides to battle and like man i'm ready he just jump on that white pony with a sword to fly in and start making some cots since you relate you bad that if we can't we can't if we had one constitutional governor and i mean that somebody who who pulls together people such as yourself as a good advisory bores who knows the constitution you know word for word and can sort help sort through thus as just we the people now we the political party with all kinds of money involved trying to find out how much money we can raise and who everybody with all these ridiculous events that are going on five hundred dollars are a thousand dollars a plate or something like that you know or fifty thousand dollars a plate where they just basically pay for paper where the goingit's all of us we could get in there and really start cutting the budget in now john you know the cat you know the constitution at night olfiant and oh you know i can i can i down financially stuff pretty dark fast and be able to say money laundering we have a problem and there in no one will not in michigan and it's not any different than it's going on in the other forty nights yes at the amusing the money system to buy off their positions and power to buy off political opponents nipiacou tries the munificent going on for a long time and the notary the political parties are part of it their part on the o that in sikerer body was like what we want to get in take over the political party so now you're the colt later so long and on yet don't overrate i was partly political party back republicans back when ron paul was running for of when ron paul was running camping for liberty iven navigatin for liberty sure i was all involved in that but it went nowhere and the fishes they so like the people all to have the power and write now their plan with the delegates they want of me the delicates feel good and i heard of you their mouths were going to make them feel good so that won't get their support because now the delegates are bodynot by their constituents but once again the cold party and it's all wrong money to keep them in so if people don't fall in line with the colt they are going to be removed and so it's just it's all an illusion so well let's pray for this country right now because i think right now the only thing i want to know is the gods involved in this and i know he's involved in the anastasis through this but most of the nonsenseyou there is st people that are passed ring for more money solidatine that's what it is and instead of bolloon try really impressed me if you throw it at you know people really pressed it they throw themselves out there without this regard to monocorde for you if you do if you doing it for the right reason but if they're only in it from the money you can a burn them to the ground with everything else because it's so it's a a ah it's an indication of a traitor and i don't think i'd like to loyal to either so there you go pretty extra dear only father thank you so much for the stay and thank you for the wonderful meeting that i had yesterday with that and with the beautiful soul jimmy who rescued us where when we had the nail in our tired and we were able to talk in bless his family bless the work of his hand shower him with provision for all the people that he's taken care of beatthis man is a is a selfless person two three jobs in order to take care of his many people because he truly cares iassic you would raise up an army of people like him that just our in it because they want to help they want to save this nation they want they love their families they love their neighbors they they love everything that's right it's good and right under you this beautiful world that you created and they despise and justice and evil and things that take advantage of of your people we thank you so much for being when us for leaving us out of this out of this i captivity to the political parties to the political system which is it is nothing nothing more than absolutely walking away from the freedom that you've given us in christ and the freedoms that you've given us to serve you the to serve you in the ways that you put on our hearts we thank you so much for john for his wisdom for his knowledge for the fact that he taught the constitution his constitution a constitution a history and that we can learn so much from this man and when we fall down you bring somebody behind us in order to propose not any one of us we know have all the answer the only one perfect is jesus christ and he was gracious enough not to throw the stone he didn't throw the stone when people were truly and honestly trying and we were so thankful that you've given us everything we need and were willing to offer give everybody something in their hearts to day and they know that you know what this is what i'm going to do to day i'm going to take his fond myself and i'm going to teach how to work directly with you father god and know how to move forward in order to carry out your well as the body of christ s part each of us apart and together mirehope thank you so much father for this day we love you we love you we love you and we want your will to be done on earth as it is in happen ricprchire men every gasoline cart do i here and thinking in the mining maithilithe please go and show branibor for connor dock come and i'm still lace and seeing she the best of the best known could see her who never however none can see it i am in fatiguing you i think i'd better than you i am a better non concedeth you john the event seen my next letter to ah flowers of the department of the election i basically told him he doesn't exist at weesenstein pensionary were gone we're going to keep track though i think we're going to have a score card i'm going to go out and pettiskirt see which one of us has sunk i do not one i do not conceive and i will that is and so formed regal some at any rate on one letter rybody know that ah here we go so our passion for restoring this nation your seeing it i resolved to not that down our resolve to stand firm and take this nation back from these these people who have you serpentising and have breakwater upon our peoples honor god heareth god hansen hannonis not out there i want a lot everybody know that god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america worse stand strong as what we had not going away and that's got to do serious thing to every single person out there who has set himself against god in this age we are going away sorry have a great day gus thanks sonata to later see but i