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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/2/2022 - Live - Attorey, Dan Hartman

Published Nov. 2, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is four to twenty twenty two and it's so good of you a wonderful day ahead of her god is unthroned worse so fighting for america so it's a i want to bring my first guess one immediately becomes i believe that he's got a short and time to be a little bit we want to get right at it so good morning dan how you doing good gray is did i say november second one if i say it your fourteenth is my promised lack of coffee so november second twenty twenty two galabeahs right a lot going on and that's i wanted your radio he litigation as good so sore you i'm doing good but clearly clearly i'm getting that i've got a lot going on right now so i mean we are we really have been trailin the state a lot i've been interviewing a lot of people have been making videos like a beast and that lets men on i will not tell you make in an impact because i ah i been in a lot of my mother i see even rendering and marie now my sins a oh god was thank you yea were it to me to night what i got to think what day and has since my head is my head is clearly on my hard driving my habitual but we have to morrow night i believe we are over in a grand haven at donnegan and that really is become a really favourite place to meet quite honestly because there's so many people that that show up there and it's kind o become a good meeting place for us so that's to martha's tomorrow night going to be gone a oh well that's since seeing my signs that keeps stealing my signs all over the stage we actually had somebody steal a forby a which is only wood with a post included they told the so clearly i'm over the target and they want nothing to do with me so that that's a gay we're just going to keep finicane you how my time has been offered jobs asked to stop down like that even a possibility you know i refuse to stand with these criminals and and dilatation without yet you know without stain in a fight that's a kind of cowardice to be a coward a man so as to have the subornation stubbornness refused me to fail ah sousoulito november day caterina about what's going on in file of her or one of the name have i talked to replied the there the attack i rough we last what so clara i and obviously a one of that would have a particular rise and at everybody on that last and so that standing had present and i'm very hopeful that the merits so in all of our about that whether or not while and for or a i for more trying to attack a that case since lidwell he federal stand in unless all and well for an alice i put likelihood out tharfore yea i will my you are correctly again my other i soak her regard by an so dan leaving and dan will come right back on again this is what you get when its life lie video and and our life stream while there's an awful lot going on and while dan as rejoining i want to talk about some specifically that i posted last night because the secretary of state decided to be stupider than what they have done so the new the new thing is as miscreants up her stand he he had i was i was jumping to michigan beaterio states lay a stupid pole which is missionaries to fight natans afore promising ration and so mistrust our elections if you encounter faults inaccurate information please report it to misinformation door at miandasht know what i done i was out there a look mission secretary stayed i would like to report you for misinformation i question the twenty twenty election and all solar calling or out our form of government is a democracy its blatant destination which republic argomento like to report the michigan secretary state or misinformation in categorical is a democracy which is institutional discrimination and democracy is the most unstable form of government further you work for wenteline we in our responses public functionaries under the highest land the land the constitution to carry out pelisson like you to investigate the emilian our election process which are troubling to me down a brandolini residenters your salaries shovels that something is whenever you hear the word essendorf oh i see formation is directed at the regulation of that is protected by our first right a regular speech by its contents it is very dangerous a government tries to stifle a political a political debate and bateman i been called who was called a race of a the day by attorney in detroit a no on my back wieland cassidy black indian children was that's about the trilobita ways the now the idea of misinformation of these tribes try and stop from having for about his you know they call people election tony and or into whatever we want to look at the a trail streeter election see wooded and was timorous and about ah the moonrise o o are secretaries state has engaged in letter i abide later to a guitar oh all for from the san perhaps take animate a call for help right now so here's my call for help to the american to the united states military please step in and defend us because we are we have a criminal organization running the state which can at which can assure a free interaction and we need some help here yeah i ablazing sonarscope of the compromise or election all for an almost to the art i mean try to election a kind o bring god's i mean i just can't that the pay and the role of laws under right oh they went to the supreme court and i don't know if you i don't know if you follow coronata all sunario and me in review is here less norwhal happened no heretical from this time as more society myself and an organization called fine for i oh a memorandum of law with can in without a three on the balance one of them oh obviously deals we to participation other how they are the public an advertisement i havent i did comply with the law of apician language or in a portague of the case were going to remove as a result laws not art of camps are these my at but not beyond our ballad no tomasite right to do that proportion organ i filed my name is a but you reginald a oh the art of cameras her hands are we as you re in up there a little bit dan i do i can hear me now yet a full better try try that again what would any of happening in a legal as m you have to add no question of law in a san you know promote the one should out on the ballot and then i say the organiser says it should not i owe a turn general nonchalance in art of champoton was a footman yes turned general sides taste says yes rita an undecided oh so i ran back of standing on as i desire a very should be on the ball ramar then five repression that are going to invent a new law language was right we'll let the petition writers emigration the art of cancer or from after have no and the whole put no well artistic requires that appetition language alberdin um at the time a balance available and read about language on the part a delivery that it day after the absentees are already ooman people i've talked to who have already voted absentee and penumbrae thousands of a while in a pause to let while do you know there's a lot of people have been telling me there they see messages i voted for you i'm so proud to vote for you that sort of thing it's kind of interesting and i'll summerites other you know their absentee ballot to show me it's kind of it's kind of fun so so that this almagest change the game mid stream regular basis are they just the long sad you whenever they want me lawless it had sold no restorative time i go on so i followed passed i applaud allan jackson outwore charettes i good dog as anyway i follow him and every time i going to lug and i will see and and to one of those proofs and one of those proposals to misrepresent what sins at mister forman starting putting out accordin got a change so process goodness in the event aerosol where prefaces we are ravenous a castellan as we're going to be trying to address that though more some that you know is the thing it is as we just got to keep punching you know in every direction we can because because quite honestly they they are they they've done nothing right in the whole thing is rigged from the bottom to top and not misinformation that fact why i wanted you to you that i had no i our morning was to work two years i had no idea of the importance of a cadet or who the raconteur election i had no idea how important it have a county clerk that not a tower i had no idea partisanship no idea how amorous he usually what i'm matalista an oratorio his pipe and all it's very nice you have a teller calling out there and i want to thank you for your role always nobody else wants to i thank you i know i made a lot of people a little bit angry cause they don't like the truth that so be it you know i'm not i care what god thinks a lot more than somebody who to get her feelings her because they won't they won't step up and get you know and get in the game well a man in so i wanted to go over with you and the less arsenate detroit lost that we filed who can ah do we want to move on past ours because ours were just waiting for were waiting for that he seriatim of the twenty twenty election were waiting for that one to move forward right now well he plainmartin for there and you know that a big misconception of the natal denied our question already to judge disedified an ex parte a important ah about matter and that for the twenty four months dead line had oh um that better stone limestones prestonpans or has not been a ruling and now the folio a stand in rows and eager we so that case we are just waiting for the judge to on the one matter catharine other matter clarence not going to happen before the ex course that's one of the tactics is to stall out they stop things out you can't get anything done you have not there the right to a speedy or timely trial is not there at all and the stallion to get past them to get past the time frames based on other events we've seen this over and over and over again well i'm not busy member now beau but the miracles that were asking for require several others ah joy a having a pass at moore with any practical at carthage was not going to run antoine and that's unfortunate we revived that i am campaign that were doing talipat ah that's something when you talk about as well generation yes essentially a man attorney opinion love the layout the law no m seven nine no right where use machine to commodore all or part of the balloon practice let out a memorandum of law to all of the clerks and forming them of the law what circumstances inquired a practical lacour a lot of compliance with meal the eight seven ninety five and a lack of a ontil which is required as resterons and practicable and am cow and we have some parts and arrowhead that and then we all sat out a memory some advisors that if you had your lodgings test he achaemenes up to touch that that that's no no and to that or if you find out your tabulator is connected the internet another reason declaring practical no no the reality as is that we we know had some erections are going to have to and the starter doesn't know which course and malamalama oh there wonderful so at was the campaign that it was undertaken with i did the attorney letter but it was done with a and we were able to directly mail to the he laid all the addresses to try and count secretary all that she sent out of them or seven days after the artist second primary ride the security adelig he is the only way you can detect the wall instantly tennessee a dominion here that occurred in wilmcote incarnated the twenty charity a cocoyage were actually flips and if you can't acestes security logs prove it and so harder to them to destroy election information that required to be preserved under federal and state law and that's a fallen falander sense so we had already gathered the information advice the partner that and by the way we've received some of those tarenyowagon twenty twenty two primary and we've been able to detect the air and that's the some so i entreat no we find the lost but now in front of timothy can the certitude should the third circuit or and there is a law suit filed detroit clark or her processing of absentee ballots should be absent other counting for is this then that brannan at one o so i had the privilege of argument bradamante hollerin in and many other ah my a misconception for election integrity the primary in detroit so that last constans out of that and and also if you recall christina crampas a falconer immolated in the twenty twenty election there so this raised violations of statute the detroit curtis is doing and with itemized the violations of statues and we have asked the judge to declare that the statue and in his mind in upon detroit a mistflower the passed her and jumped up in madamoselle so after all week of going back and forth would that with the judge and by the way my coon an amazing woman by the name of alexandria taylor cried lawyer and she has substantiation and forth detroit city attorney and the judge made some from americans and a help to you every all actually kicks off on the merits or even election trial on the merits academie rehearing of the prominent but it's like to try a trial were going to witness this calm start mediatory tomorrow morning we rolled before the moments encouraging and now talk about the illegalities that we have identified and raised there we start first and formal what is called the the high speed can so the high speed skinner so michigan passed a roll that said all of our election it i had no the uniformly continue no other words that would make certain easier cause it required each election clerk follow the same three there well the tried has had a nonconforming system and based upon claims made by connect on their website and by boom these organizations were involved in programme of how do they be stan here into a case the sale so as you well know connect his under i have heard men for their connections to china and one is a success or corporation you was also part you know this old thing is so connected it it's just incredible how many people are connected in this this you know the first go rodionovna he first got ardiente twenty because i don't know how long this has been going on this has been going on for a very very long time let us talk about detroit for there had and story using the try to laboratory and a favoring pro you have to understand the detroit ran an absentee county bordenton for even if the law in permitted until twenty eight is that convenient yet what would happen is this the decision came and the ice beat scatter have sanin a feature that a law you deeper the ballingers or not they are generating the bold any badinage to adjudication there marlow in under i mean election of fish to alter the vote judication is just it sounds like you're making a call like if we talk about adjudicate in a juvenile that is the process where he determined gilder innocence like at a trot this word to juan well it assisted it is involved in is not our anywhere in our state anywhere under world propagated by the secretary of state and there's no guidance but yet the absent donors are now adjudicating ballads anna and what the really doing is is they are adjusting the ballad instead of what is required by the help american boat act in michigan law that a boat is a boat there's requirements and a clear set of instructions and how to mark your ballot you do not mark your ballot properly then your boat doesn't own but they allowed these people to go in and animate go well i know they mean this or i mean this and their batiste for all their just there there are determining what the vote intention is which could be their intention rather than the voter well as to our law requires that a ballad that is file out in violation instructions that where there has an over bones to be reject and not counted from an absentee voter so during the twenty twenty two primary it also requires and the programming that if you vote for people on to different parties in the primary that your ballot is to be rejected so what they were doing in detroit was you had a lot of people vote democrat although i own the tick but then a rodin a the republican gooral candidate roland or would vote on different republican races as well that ball is supposed to be boddington eleanor the other right they were racing the boat from one side to allow that ballad to be a boudoir one party or the other and they used to choose it to be a democratic ballot said well then i really mean the boat on the other side and violate the rules the statute requires that that babe rejected but we got to preserve the bone even if you don't both instruction and that bold states supreme court law it violates the hobo if it would have as one of the things he wanted to do after bush first his door and they didn't want any dispute about what was a valid vote what is the mark so it requires to think her instructions to the voter right in quite gently if you don't have the ability to follow the instructions all right and you go to the polling place in the machine rejected your ballot you have the right to don't for the instruction and you voted absent then you do not get a chance to correct your ballot that's one of the hazards of all these people who wanted not disfranchise voters we have the body down to de the tenability for convenience of not going to the polls to vote to be able to make sure the ballot were you shall correct your voters in to make sure you cast a ballot ball to boast and your loaded run and you didn't fill the instructions your bows to be rejected by missoula don't allow the election people to go in and correct your ballot but that's right oratoric so down i guess how many bald surtout i have no idea but it's got to be a lot more than half more than that so during the twenty twenty election i have a statement from the doccia in the gating what was taking so long was he had scanned the ballad but they had still educate them my gosh what a failure his whole this whole thing is a failure from top to bottom for woodwork countable well i be altascar's states supposed to and there's no oversight so we find this last were asking judge canneto prohibit adjudication a ball candelabres re the ball image not he used the standers if they have connected we boucaniers or other process has been doing in detroit legally as they are do picketings there also ignoring a mismatch balladist in the legislate when the dark about that let's say that you are sent ballynafail clerk in our return baldry seven they are to reject that ballot it is not challenged it's not a provisional is to reject the ballot it is doing it they are covering with a number reading the number you were supposed to return in allowing that to be cared downed and noted it as a challenge i counted in less there's a contested election o my god the duplication so duplications of huge issue because what that is is that's where you are allowed to fix a defective and a damage so you balauris at the top standing ground up in the detroit henry that they used to be process the bolted it won't stand the supposed to make an exact duplicate of the ballot with paul rogers watching and then they stand the new to the replication in the machine damaged ballot in order morality licensor who's got a near monopoly on the voting system of america they printed ballads a bender for okamoto in the ballot would not be read at the accuracy in logic gone so the reprinting ballad the last the that ballad it out as an absent return in the machine went rejected because it is in the way it was designed do agatha i do legitimate bolt to so that's what that what the fact if he had damage ballads are for duplicates detroit do he is the clerk made a mistake and they say the ballad for brichanteau and you live in present and he returned the bold voted for people you're not allowed to vote for and you have the run ballooned the run bowed they will just duplicated on the right ballad for whatever raises that they had in common and compare of your vote and that a great a process but it's it's not legal yeah well it just seems like the turn they just like change things in the move things around it well all i can say is as it that it takes the vote away from we the people and puts it in the intuitive hands or of the putt into the hands of the people that are running the elections and there is no there's a complete and one distinct yes so during the twenty twenty two primary we made a big issue ah the challengers there about the fact that the ballad i didn't have a signature to paris on at the station on them on the envelopes for the absent balls the remedy that they did was they pushed their some legislation which the republicans were too happy to sign on as that notary in your process to be allowed to be pre process to day process beforehand come and in what the real issue is is talk about at ostable okay when we talk about access tone if you have access to your house you want to be able to enter your door if you have a key in your entitled to go in that door but ashanti the locket pointed no act nassesalars controlled it is controlled to allow people who are citizens people who are eighteen eight except eighteen years of age people who are resident and resident in a mission requires you live in the state for six month and in the ordination for thirty days and there is an exception if you move i look back where you can vote in either your new jurisdiction your old with you only but want okay have to be resident her not be under sentence incarcerate so those are the minimum requirements along with united states it so if you're not one of those things you're not allowed to it's important that you identify who was that the fainthearted to make sure that when you have access to the pool only real people who are real citizens and meet those requirements cast about and they only cast one bout right now what happened we have requirement that if you show it to paul to pick up your absentee ballot or you shopland person you have to show an idea or fill out an affidavit page that you are you say you are in order to get a ball you request it online or by a the only way that they can be by your identity is troparion of your signature do your votarist ration part so how do they compare the vestiture while the last says the three parts of this city very critic the last is to verify the entity must be a direct comparison qualified voter file sound familiar editions right on and the second as to be a standard the secretary of state was towed in twenty twenty and she said i don't have time to pass the standard decided the case and those which is the allegany county republican court peter they decided in twenty twenty one in the court plans she supposed to propagate a room arolas resumed thou and any regenerate istic to and she proposed that roll public comment and then had to be ratified by our congress and they rejected she did antagonistical brass no standard for how you compare as even though the statue requires that she probably did a so now your left would clerk trying to make a decision our people are trying to make a decision out to compare the standards what the process one eight seven six six and seven six seven that you are supposed to check the genuine signature yes the cube but who was supposed to the board of a laconic and the supposed to do it with a pool challenger so that they can say i objected that signature any certitude not a challenge any signature that doesn't meet the genuineness standard of reading a comparison is that written that bolt is re and the ghost of the board of canoes where they can okay in the board of gamesters to be represented by the two maids or parties and they are supposed to make a determination as to whether or not they properly rejected that signature to parson but they have special power that the ability to call the voter in and asked when is that your sins right there the billet invest to get that signature after the fact but it is segregated from our election now using the process they don't even have they have they made that they don't even use the board of election can the board of election inspectors do the signature are they used a machine a machine called reliable but does artificial intelligence and as the savior and automatically do it or i can pull them up for the car so cast machine is connected torquati voters we ought to ride seven hundred fifty thousand dollars i got there from side infatuating organization that i acted this system and they have access to a qualified voter and then it back to banaotovich you can make a ball that would fool by the way i send a shot out to the world they found where they caught whether fiction the ballot observation the fiction about in detroit the name of the organization and everything some of the stuff as you come to light on no thank god you know thank god that god is with us because honestly there is so much corruption in the system it is hard to get your tickets or into arms around the sick because it's so wide spread you know when present trumpeted about the swamp he wasn't kinnison also how many people are involved in this there's so many people involved in this it's unbelievable another is in ceiling the cry while in the interest it's an unit entire united states that's what you know it's not it's not a geographic location if it is it's like the communists that communism and the the infiltrates that have been trained take this nation allworthy said they would do it without without firing a shot and they've done it through mark's indoctrination they've done it through through commandeering processes they've done it through infiltration and basically of the tufted that level and is on all levels its business its like ascolti even even when you look at the onions and the city or the the commission boards and such it there it is everywhere this is a venial subversion of this nation in its in our certainly its inner election so writes my little pocket retaliated and if you look in at timothy it will talk about the increase in loneliness in the entire so i will tell you were definitely seen were definitely seeing the manifestations of this time so i only have a few more minutes to have to step into a cornering but i wanted to finish upon the detroit thing roily so we are fighting the battle what's interesting is we are trying to curb these practices try it attack is not on the merits that does boat lot of these problems are wrong throughout the states why are you picking on detroit you must be a race in reloading a black detroit citizen resident and a black attorney was opposite detroit who have raised an or the heart of this case right your calling because they want to have their legs for the people of detroit that crazy not buying any of this is like you know what i hate to say it but i am so sick of this whole races discussion you know both you and i have mixed racial families and if the only the only place that i ever see this it is people that want to his special favors is somewhere in other or chin one direction or the other i am so done with it most people that i know don't care they just don't care i mean in it just seems like it's constantly regurgitated you know going back in time and they keep on in a poke that bear and keep us divided and such and you know it is absolutely it part of their subversion and you know it's just like even even the diversity training diversity training does nothing but but separate people and i had medicus on with the chinese professor years ago i said you employed diversity training you are actually dividing the people all it is as high lenience instead of bringing people together in this is a godless evil doctrine rather than rather than breaking down the barriers it is making them so much worse and you know i don't i don't know but you would talk about the pity points yesterday for for being a minority group and i was turned down by by a bank for a business long life first got in business because in the illtreatment said i give it as laurier guy and i you know and i'm i'm almost years old so that was quite a while ago right and and i basically just look at them and it was just like all are you going to eat are you going to eat crow on this some day because all my tellin need pity points from you or anybody else to go forward and be successful and honestly i think this nonsense to divide a generous man and women and in any of this any of this racial craft have a amarillis just absolutely evil and its non a man and you know as interesting as the guy who was callimachus he is not a minority course look at balooka that nonsense would be all that we who are the majority of protesters spoil little white kids that are in their their late late tens or twenties the majority of them were spoiled little white tents that got mixed in with communist matabel is a corporation it is not an organic it is nothing organic and unisono i was going to say it is just not and i'm an give it em in a rename it it's bad foot loose for a model give it that title settlements on the godless is a godless organization barometer and maliciously done i would talk you all day you and i have conversations at night quite frequently to jump off cause i have to run into cooking cottontail i just run everybody out there to know that dan hartman is a true american hero this guy works so many hours and he brought so many people to gather it's incredible if you knew him and his family and his commitment to the united states and america it would it would truly bring a territories that work any harder than the sky and as anyone i don't know about that i think that i think we could probably we could probably do a lot of good both separate in together because we both are workers but i'm just so so honored to know you and thank you so much and i look forward to having you back on again let's chocklate in the day okayondonghsera thank you you are on my okay so i am dis really grateful for dan i wish i wish every one out there could see the amount of people who are working behind the scenes because yet you what you would not believe the direction of this nation is going on it's going in a very very very good direction with us said i i found a video and i can tell you that this this is all so some one who i absolutely and i think i'm going to do the different way less treat this way made me small and here i'm going to play this video a minute because i think that every one i've got the sun brandenburg news network and i believe that every one should listen to this because it is a wake up all we have a very short time to change things and write this nation in a way that's not going to be very disruptive and it's going to require all of us to get into the fight actually care and take this nation back patriots did like you to listen to this because this is true true and we settle this is colonel waldron he is also an american hero he's working with a group of patriots like dan and many people behind the scenes and no matter what happens realize that we need to stay calm no matter no matter what happens and realized that this fight is we were in the pit to win we are in the state back the united states america and there is no backing down so i'm going to go to the city now poetesses the lodgment in treasonable tion or some election itself and the team saw many anomalies in areas entrance the november twenty twenty ballooner americans came together because they all observed something incredible and the twenty twenty general elections the russian to launch a forestalling tion led by former members of us intelligent community the department of defense massa the u s national lavatories private investigations and sabreur doubtless in legal form for around the country the discoveries jane through a tent peransures arch but everyone involved deeply concerned about the future of our nation and our world while you mediately discredit his information as far right conspiracy theory the fact is the people involved in this investigation represent all colors all creeds and all political parties nor this message this is a retort have government take over that will brigliador man woman and child of every nation if there ever was an often non partisan issue this is it the nineteen seventy energiser said controls the food supply controls of the toney and control all contents controls money and control the world this concept is critical to understanding of thinking of those who seek to cripple and control america to achieve their goal they got to disrupt families the vivaces destroys all businesses he mailed the middle class and distorted the american dream of money land a home and everything necessary for the pursuit of happiness and i closed with our foreign adversaries these trees and a few are working hard to tear down the last standing wall between them and their agenda of local domination that wall is so generically boneset pacific election system bonbons are investigation and parthe entire action system is under the total control of private equity firms and foreign money you securities all new york and you be securities company limited then injected hundreds of millions of dollars and to state capital the current owner and dominating as currently holds electoral property of dominion is their equity lateral up until the cemetery twenty obscurity loser wished three senior communist chinese party members is being on the boards but both dubious security fellows new york and obscurity limited nay companies and seventy five per cent by the chinese den side the parent company of claret on located in the grimpen a database bearly election night reporting company went bankrupt and made of twenty twenty was subsequently purchased and a closed private equity deal by an irish company called pardon election sides numerous counties in the us go to a clarity election when the dress the cupidon own or control their voting data and the positions of president secretary treasurer and co for all occupied by one man controls apostle part of cider management team has run campaigns for democratic party candidates our destination also sealed the contrary to the current political narrative the election of systems and their equipment work connected to the internet making them infinitely hackle bettington in sounds are not connected to the international machine or connected to the amative are not fitted to the internet to do not come to the internet those things are not connected to the internet tarantula security says the twenty twenty election was the most secure in american history the twenty twenty election was the most secure in that's what they say now but just a short while ago the political narrative was very different and twenty eighteen electronic voting machines in georgia and texas deleted votes for certain candidates or switch boats from one candidate to another he brought in folks before yes catalectic machines workers were able to use the haitian voting machine was possible switch roseen hackers that limited prior knowledge tools and resources are able to reach points in a matter of minutes monster which would make a machine like that ominous and hackers unfortunately domitius recently been thrust into the national spotlight as part of a dangerous and reckless misinformation at a mateing doubt and confusion over the twenty twenty presidential election first there were no switched were deleted boats involving dominion she the man is not that has never been a pentecost the company also does not have any tie to china whatsoever including no times including investment more source contrast what may be clear resisters are by design men to be used as close systems that are not now worked ritter not connected to the internet calicoes received a stone calculators and in our conduct the internet all you're going to particularly where votes cast on election day those machines tender and should not be connected to the internet certainly the best practice but so amiably i've some may have a monomotopa disabled but it certainties concertedly activated to translate a transmission but who botticellian daily transmit the data to the counties and also into the unofficial recantations yes or no for in analysis of the election management system computers and anthony michigan after the informers election officials in georgia as well as the operator's manual for the minion democracy sweet five or ten of gathered in disputation that the tiresome and indeed the infected acanthinula ed and in fact it was here's what trigger this investigation back in twenty eighteen the sea is security operation is great primary finding in the primaners race where a direct slippered sixty votes was made from material thither so that was exactly five hundred sixty votes once forever i underestimated any wiser this race was decided by a river five thousand votes to this one switch represented about twenty five per cent of the margin of the book and reservatory because he is the leading candidate of a republican and competitor in a state mathevon by ten point four years ago in the state but to here's example of election a novelist took place in twenty twenty so he would take the balance if we would stand is going to fantastic through the camp so what was it derived over for what eleonore wife there is more to our people in a detached only so so your steinthal blithesomely been scandinavian notwithstanding the same benevolence just acceptation of her weary there is the fastening that season than in a tone profiles by the incomplete to aaronson where the one did not buy it it not and your the election at poitiers and the first is and does the notation a tortoise aisey foreword michigan investigation team obtained resonance to the stounded tabulated the machine accounts of votes a california as she manufactured in time escaped him bedded into the mother the voting machine takes clearly indicate odomantians mission of election down he sometimes that we noticed in twentieth five he stakes all stratonicea time in these hearts these were all were software attaches machines roused the formations of software so when the bone not counting the missus been noted in other countries as well president trump was significantly ahead when reporting in county restorative spithridates the best patronization the team meridianal transactions for private and non profit organizations that had a severe impact on the twenty twenty general election i feel that a time magazine article in february and contention individuals and organizations have been plotting to ford aside the election since at least twenty fifteen the inside story of the conspiracy to save the twenty twenty election but its nasal important for the country to understand that it didn't happen accident democracy is not self executing there was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes on that most curtailed the protest and coordinated the resistance from sea both surprises were the result of an informal lines between afflicted this in business his tegeates to change hardinesse and mass and help secure hundreds of millions and public and private funding that's why the purchase had been swallered history of the twenty twenty election till even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream a well under caballerete range in a casuistical is working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions change rules and laws permit coverage and control the flow of information they were not breaking the election they were fortifying this work get lusignan really shows the intreaties of money people and in functional between the players and the organization there robert underdone that we found in this that work that are all connected what even more troubling his in all of those two hundred organizations averse substantial funding from a single source of all the financial titans and philanthropist of the twentieth century not a more complex or mysterious that george tore eugenie who escaped calico by pushing ashavahista and you watched what people can shift the deep and i was sad that that's what my character was made my understanding is that you went out with this protected when out in such an help them the confiscation of martyrdom with that that chance like experience that would send lots of people to the sight the approach for many many years difficult the country had not the moist at all not the old like carnegie came more generalities he amassed billions through ruthless business decisions only the turnaround and give away most of the partito advance his own wrist philosophy i am basically but there too make money i cannot and do not look at the social caste what i do to ellen this is not the first time that mister sarah's been implicated in a plot to destroy a nation discover organizations have been banned from several countries for doing exactly what their countly doing to america the philippines russia turkey holland anistan as well as sorrows own homeland hungry have learned hardway the true intentions of this repast multimillionaire as the teacher redecoration everett warmongers unfortuitous foundered my ronador's money and there is major cause i were seein they keep putting the violent criminal face i am sure we need to bring george as the lassie i was going to take it the last word father but he paid for when wacousta the millions of dollars in arabian be a part of the conversation okay thoughts from forenoon it was a two thousand six assorted the main obstacle to a stable and just world is united states related in truth that senator the main obstacle to the stabilizing the world is the united states stories often accused of unfounded conspiracies that should not be too for the heinous crime against humanity that is actually guilty of many of those crimes of each in a plain side going to a white paper called us programs twenty fifteen to twenty eighteen strategy sores open society foundation began funding radical operations arizona and georgia in twenty fifteen with the goal of subverting the twenty twenty presidential elections masama contributions and non profit funding so rose owns and controls doubtless public officials university professors teachers unions mayors just at atures judges congressmen senators secretaries of state sheriffs governors and electronic voting the ship comes around the world it twenty ten george sorrow shocked even his most about loyalists when he declared that china has a better function in government than the united states while the chinese people should be considered friends and allies the chinese gamins party is anything but bobinette the united states for a better part of the last century the unconventional warfare principles are rarely directorial to the population america tolentino visayan as this and i quite if i could communicate one tatterin people from this unique and each point it is that the people reconcile poses the greatest range to democracy and freedom world wide well but while we were sleeping their poisonous seed planted long ago and take him room and enow and full within us chinese government in their operatives buying up the united states in the morning at organizations and individuals purchasing american arms in business in mass by in addition the sespe has cooled the us entertainment industry chinese firms on several major us entertainment companies and controlled more than eight thousand american the hollywood rescripts were often renewed and censured if they closed any threat to the image of the chinese communist party and many professional sports teams and players were controlled ingrat part by the sea i extenuated that was already heard in the making and is brought about another change the chinese government growing influence over the content of these films that as people worried including members of congress if they point to a growing list of examples of hollywood similitudin to chinese nowheres in pointed your holy would act or whatever you do don't call miantowona heresiologists for doing just that united but go she don't you about it better how agitation and that's the fear now because you know makimono sixteen year olds and china the countess it loonytick on houston rackets general manager derby supporting protested on one set of a fire storm between the country and by china announcing this morning their pulling in bannum their air waves on one to feed with dire but i believe he wasn't educated on all on the situation that had just re tareful where every say why would the indian hundred million dollars plus from a country that is engaging an ethnic place they were a customer has in just what they can localities with china in one of the star treaties of this past year is a clear and present threat of china represents the united states of america in the daily lives of americans and it's not just about exporting a pandemic china has also potentially compromised joe bienfait derbyshire which fireside took billions of dollars in prizes from the chinese government in the form of payment to his son untidiness in exchange bidassoa on chinese military and economic aggression swythe view for somebody here he continued to hold the the rising chinese opposite development they're not that voteless what and not a competition for us i think that the biggest competitor is china galahad i decided to to these teriitera by twenty the far made literally have a stated goal of toppling america as the well superpower how on earth to cobden with a straight face negotiate with a government who took billions of dollars into his family businesses and villeneuve battle for the pony first century if you are a silly people and americans are a silly countries having never in elocution deciding whether mister potato and has annowre a silly i don't care the misterio type of a chinese man in the doctor's china if china's doing that letting political correctness yet the way of torturing their best and brightest even chinese colleges or roughhouse in the philosophy of star track sociology or signified and surviving the coming of the apocalypse to her real so is china and they are eating our lunch china is going to her come she might order his son thomar to straight hours where she should be and but you know they are going to do now gioventu recall the congressional were to our discussion thereon but becoming the most significant consequential nation for china's curtly making biglietto of us orvietans and already controls the banana the building five genitors southern the west which can be used to feed personal information and sensitive data directly to the chinese community chinese government uses for herself and as depiction that extract the private information to scipion ask them for information they don't need to but have a cup to information to sierra disconnect one american people at least identical cocotterie to the thread does nothing to diminish the i estimated that at least eighty per cent of american adults and had their private information harvested by china big farm is exported the vast majority of their production to china currently ninety seven percent of antibiotics and his comedie thirty per cent of personal protective equipment such a space as composite of us important of rarefaction which arbitrations the lighted cars the fence and other technologies and twenty seventeen the us produced so but rarefaction the other hand accounted for more than i persevered supply at last epitomes candramarte ninety seven per cent of the home or the most indicative and deadly drugs is malietoa people separation are we had esperancita attrition surveillance that an offence of sybarites of us businesses critical infrastructure and told his inamoratas and yes even the us election system to ignore this message is to surrender to a gunmaker it will greatly affect the lives of every man woman and child of every class culture and nation are gold mister reach it revived the heart of humanity while there still time this is your wake up coleopter i think the most extensive any closer voterra organization and the story of marcopoli in eighteen interdictions and investigation was launched at dellmere artie in the selection so render the truth it's true and some of us will never never never be silenced no matter what the trade take our right away our voices away we're going to find other ways to come back and hit harder to like a these down on you tube sawdusted a replacement for you to an organ to come back in another way brandenburg news network is often the susta and we're going to were going to be out there over the voice of pete of godly governance of america first in a truth above all things and i would ask all of you this coming election get in the game make your vote out none of them are fighting for us there's only traitors which are the loyalists that are making money of the systems and patriots patriots are you and i the people standing together putting an end to all this nonsense and it it needs to stop in this generation so anyhow i am very thankful for every single person out there i'm going to continue to to play that video and keep it up and post and repose in repose it we have it upon brandenburg news network as well as many many other videos in its continuing to grow and i feel really had it for the future even if things change dramatically we the people will always come together where americans were much must mean that were the toughest dogs on the planet and and we will we will stick together as christian two and defend as one nation under god so i mean with a prayer dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for all the work that dan doing to day please bless him and all those who are standing with him please bless cornwall ran admiral h h rogers general fly and all the people that are standing in a up to all of this tyranny and donald trump in his entire family and all these people who have made tremendous sacrifices for this nation oliver people and in intelligence all the people who are working to continually defend protect america the world people under first of all under god thank you so much under you gather heavenly father was so thankful for all of these people and we ask your blessing on every single one of them please give them your favour help at the best work of their hands bless every single patriot out there listening to this give us all bravery to stand in the face of her evil and do the right thing not do the same thing but go forward with boldness doing the right thing as one nation under you who has gifted us this wonderful nation we don't care about the alantois walk when you tell us to walk you bless her efforts and were thankful for that and thank you for this day thank your provision thank you for always making away when there seems to be no way thank you for your guidance thank you for giving us wisdom and dissertate going forward and we ask that you confuse every plan of the enemy that you would take down their evil plans and that we would watch destruction of these evil structures around us as as we watch the glory of your hand it's not we do it what what you do we watch the glory and the miracles of your hand as you go before us as as you always have please bless everyone out there with healing for those who need healing or support how everyone know that they're not alone that you're always with us that you surround us that you protect us that you guide us and that your good purposes are being achieved no matter what you take all the plans of evil and you turn it around to good and were thankful for that we have a faith in you your character to faith in you told faith in your character and that you have everything under control no matter what our eyes see thank you so very much we love you injustice precious name wulfrey it's so it's going to be a great day to day that's all i could say god's one throne and no matter what we see he is working things for his good purposes so here goes for so teeming please go to brandon bird for governor dot com and if things any that i post this in the event that my social media counts go down for speaking truth because of course they're going to continue to knock me out they had not met allopathy not me of you to have been of a face look i've got knocked off just about everything else you can always go to it to brandenburg news network dot com or i for my phone other college on you an it's six one six four three zero four four one zero go ahead cavelike or testing works best for me because i can count tarrytown conversations all the same time as well as doing doing some extra work so six one six four three zero four four one zero i love all of you there are so many of us out there fighting for you were proud of every effort upward and as a god bless every effort that that that you do to all the anas and people who have been working anonymously behind the scenes god bless you we love you thank you for all the effort not many hours of of unrecognized work to our two our digital soldiers that are out there were proud of you we love you we stand together and and god bless you all so anyhow god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god gossamer s going to be a great day