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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/17/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard

Published July 17, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg i am very happy that you're here today we have the fabulous chuck ritchard ones were with a monday morning in the mittens we are blowing a lit office in before i go there i am i want to show you where my week end was the sweet yet real wore genolet me let me be chuckin at her men it will talk but i want to show you what may we han was all about his i was that turning point you say and it was a lot of talk about an amazing amount of patriots out there let me grind my rumble feet up here so that i cannot listen to your comments i've got like four screens going right now so i talk about a wonderful wonderful a group of people there who are fighting for fighting for america it was it was really a lot of fun and i look for to the next to the next gathering because i was there with a couple of very good friends you know you you know that early in as always with me and she is early noyou know how people that work behind the scenes quite often ah don't get the credit that it's due to them while i'm going to tell you right now that orlanais one of the most unbelievably unwavering patriots you are elegant to meet in your life and i'll brings others of pictures of her in her in such an ill ill bring some wore out but oh i'm i'm going to tell you that it's such an honor to stand with real true patriots and as some of the people that you probably will never see her or me or some of them most important people on the scenes like know i'm out in front of the camera here where everybody but the ones that are behind the scenes working area are every bit as important or more important than the ones that are standing out in front so i started posting on telegram this morning some pictures of the weeke but i really want to bring out the people who are behind the scenes because they really they really never get the credit for the work that they've done and i find it to be an if it's kind of a unfortunate because the whole team needs to stand together and take credit together and i feel very strongly about that it's never one person it's a whole bunch of people that make things work that you know make make no mistake about that anyhow let me i branched this morning to say high and then i'm a goin some picheseye doing chock you know me busy weak in busy busy busy all kinds of things family habent grand kids i think they were working with the gin p though that grand no party because i think they were testing grandpa out o lot this weekend retitelae build the wall it's a dotrenge you try to pull out a brick and she yookoohoos the wallgrange love his neck then i i won one in lost then i got beyond this i did lose he taken out by the grand kids as montoire those crag kids are they there verseful they are all men look out he theretherenever i never played video games with the kid when you're over fifty because no you anatalik a couple of video games will play once in a while because it's just not my tank okay go hostiario came down to this whisterical it's a bunch of blocks that you put up kind o like a jingo you know excepted stanset on a wall or that's the larias that's the lerothodi it's cool game actually passed in margate i take every time in any kind of game anyway i know whether videor right or whatever gefeohtes tip through things in your life you're like i need a cup of coffee to keep up with a somethingoften yellowinto show you some i want to show everybody some of the pitchers that that i have from the sweet cot because you know i think that a lot of times people get so discouraged thinking that nothing's happening and and in reality there's a lot happening behind these the point that were in right now is nowhere in fifth generation warfare and that is depends on how we react is whether we're going to have fear or whether we're going to become a captured asset of the deep stay and work again as people who are trying to take this nation back under for justice for law for order and that sort turning for it you i say i found to be an incredibly interesting group of e i've i've been in a lot of different groups of people where i've had a doctor malone and set a lot of people that are very public very very public fighting for the with turning point say there was an interesting max public life and people who worked behind the same and so i started posting this morning and i thought long to pose the people who were you know in the public iowa so people can just see what what was like but i'm also going to get into the people that are behind the scenes like i met in a gentleman was just amazing and he wrote the ah the a plan for continuance of government so its continuity of government when things go awry and where the government has when they have the right to pass the government of a military and have it run in a state that is working while there working through taking criminals and he had worked for president ragan he worked in the white house on many different occasions and the man is totally amazing ah there there were several other people that i met who are working in a i and i mean to level that most people would be absolutely shocked is out there so ah it was interesting and it was an in it was a very interesting mix of and i was honoured to be there it was such an honour to be there and to to meet these wonderful people having ability to talk to them as face because you know people can take things when you're not take face to face with but when you actually get to meet people face to face you see those in and i'm going to omnesthe south there is somebody who's around horses all the time horses talk to you they have a language the just you know little slight movements and their ears you know what they're doing with her mouth they tell you exactly what you're thinking that's what worse traitors to we are we are able and in people that are round horse his right were able to read those my craneman such so so what what happens is your able to read people when your face to face with them pretty pretty well little ready ocean that sort of thing by language the people i met were i were just totally amazing now in every group that you go in there's always going to be a few people that you can sit back and go well well what do we have here and if people think that your ever goin to get in politics or that your african a fixings and you're only going to be standing with amazing enow people you're lying to yourself there's always a mix of people in every group in kind of have to be i the navigate your way through over all i would say that this group of people was probably one of the most genuine honest phenominal people i've been in son i've been since i started running polity and knowing that osteoporotic it is exactly like that you you have you have people that have self interest involved and then you have those amazing people who have no self interest at all there honestly in the game for the right reasons and i would say that over all that's exactly what i saw here i i saw people that were willing to step into the one who were fighting for america who were doing the right thing who had none of themselves in what was happening here but just loved this nation love god almighty and are willing to fight for each and every american otter and i just want to say to charlie kirk and every one behind this organization well done well you are amazing and the people that were there they were so people that were attached the rightful president of the united states president donald j tromp who our working behind the scenes to write this nation that every one get out there salute the flag say the pledge of a mirror to plunge elegance i take the oath to stand with this nation no back down no fair jump in with the scroop of patriots and in yet and all of us are standing together to this nation don't go sniveling in the corner saying it's lost and be disparage and and be part of the problem which is fit generation warfare but can't overcome it stand up and get in there and and fight with a no back down endedbecause this nation is worth fightin for its worth fighting for for our friends our family those people that we love and it's up to us to do this in an unwavering way and i hope some day that all these people that were standing with you know with turning point that you get to meet them in person because it's a very humbling experience stand with people who are truly in fight to win they are unwavering their kind the gracious they are telling the truth not in order to do collateral damage on people but just to tell the truth and some of that is like what you and i do check is to tell the truth isn't necessary it's not to disparage feel it's just to being bring the truth forward to save this nation it's a difficult thing to go through sometimes it really had gone with that i guessed a good shake with that down it he spoke about the big bringing the truth bringing the truth versus gossip i spent little time this week end you can't not there chuck her again a last edere oh elise he try that again okay by i was saying we bring forth the truth that the truth in the gossip than gossip is his bibical in our purpose is not to hurt or purposes sinfor and that's what we've been doing and we've been heating or mark preregular facts of two regularly i think because subpolar concerned about where we're going with this and how were informing people there are people in the erliston to us right now and it's kind of funny because they like to go out there and what they have no solutions one of the things is that we bring it forth is we're not just criticising we have solutions we can we can take in and impose for ideas but the people have be willing to accept it at what were seeing is a resistance by some because of power power and control and as that's what it's been the big obstacle and i think what you talked about with the people this weekend the very people into the very proprietorit we've been seeing true patriots and go back to what was happening back in the revolution or wart there weren't that many people speaking the truth either they were afraidthat's what we have now there a lot of people whose heart is there but they're afraid because he'd been suppressed threatened as we talked about another individual earlier so i'm glad you were bringing that for he got lot to cover the day on politicsalbert and then we get into some of these other ideas i want to go head bring some just run through these pitchers and minutes so that everybody grows he who was there such hardly care heustis's knife and he came out take to obedias very very hot as we were getting ready to all of us go in there in and i am a jackie you banks as there she came out and such a what are you you know you you need be comminantis was such she kind of roscoe i rescued us a little bit and got us for we needed to be which i thought a thing jack he for that that was very nice and a but charlie kirkham out take everybody as we were standing outside i i was singing i was singing outside of that star spangled banner is such as we waited you know just some some other things than the i as it was he it was he thought a gonequite i i'm a fundamental question this is the question asked of any group but what have you done at the end of the day at the end of the week at the end of the month at the end of the year these are called golson jackies rather you cheverton is where are you the mark a good runner knows where they are in their pace so to those guys i'd like to know is what's their objectives and what of the accomplished because quinones i like him what i haven't seen it an i'm fighting every day which you know and i'm saying okay it's it's one thing to say it's another to do and so will i looking for his were all those doers so when you get that lister yours let me know because we have to bridge them we have to organize them and we have to activate him in that right the key that bring them not just rallish but to actually do do something to show where you were worth is because otherwise it's just like the oichbut the work for well in the thing it is is that i think that i think that this is so is the amazing group of people and they've stepped forward and they put their lives in an topicwith out reservation and that's that's kind of what i like in my wehave to have we have to have areas where we can get together and we can listen if we can inform and know what's going to i honestly did not listen to any of the see because my goals and objectives there were to meet as many people as i could establish relationships get phone numbers and be able to contact people in order to get them on brenburg news network and also be able to have a net work of axes to be able to come up with some good ideas for the for the state and for the nation i think it's a critically important though it's as sometimes difficult for people to go through the analysis stage of looking at what's wrong i go right to what's wrong and i want to look at that and i want to be that nere person that goes right down the list and find so everything that's wrong so that i know what we're dealing with and then we can have solutions that with that can come forward and ah addressed the probe you can't distort dress the prompt by jumping in and san wollerton to do this the anthus that's what we haven't politics right now as we have a bunch of that's what we haven't politics right now as men bunch of people that throw a half baked ideas but they've not really done and now says they don't go through that process they get in there and they say well we're going to do this this and that's because special interest is paying now to achieve their goals in sted of achieving the goals for america in the american people so we have defunctis including the half baked way of dealers in hales go through this and and we'll talk about this lone these girls are part they can form a calfornia and there part of turning point us with you know a lot of very young people there it was a fine we we got to talk for a while and in all i'll bring out for they are little i quickly posted some photos you see what it was like there ah i did get to talk to michael and allen that was wonderful and i was interviewed on ah not a lendeth the i was really fond with throne and had a great time with the people there with with michelangelo was it was there some of the nicest people you could possibly be gracious they have time oh this is what i found with most people with all the people there in fit they had time for they weren't to sing high it over here here's a photo wot then now get out of the way that that wasn't it there gracious and he is just as gracious and nice of a person as you'd ever want me down to earth the other is christopher key and he has been fighting against the scenes for a very long time his story in the way he thinks about then is really amazing we spent a lot of time talking about how he handled vaccines many years ago with his children in a didn't make sense to him so he has in a comemmorated think i'll be coming on his to very very nice oh marjorie taylor green was there and she was in the media are she was doing lots of lots of interviews of very busy lady and a she is she she polished nice nice woman and she was doing the interviews there melky saw the malocchio of magentak him alkind that was that was an honour to speak to her another amazing padre who has been bringing forth the sirona oh she and i got a wonderful had a wonderful eh ah interview on on frank speech and entering the and that was that was a lot of fun i had a good time with her and i believe it will be talking again and the connections with with the lines petals here we've got rogerstone i think we're going to be going out for dinner shortly roger self styled gracious man nice man enjoyed enjoyed or armed little visit there that we had onionwe thought for a long time and he is a riot absolutely right he'll be coming on being into a wonderful amazing no back down patriot and i wish i had had more time to talk with him because i think we were like a brother and sister from another mother there it was wagons like you and i talking about oh how maskutins are and and no back down just the raw truth on what's going on out there like the gualatieri on his hower i did a little short clip with lord brunton was there in what a shock in an amazing ability to talk to him some and played us a minute because this is not my telegram channel but i'm going to play this little short club that i had with low he gave me a sign copy of his loss and he will ask becoming on brandeburg news nowhere spend a lot of time with them in iron atellin he cinema my he kind of made the troop super interesting because he was not invited there but he came anyway and we ended up having some time to talk just a really what a gentle beautiful genuine soul can i hawethornes hero like roadsideare talking about the ascention and what we can do when we came without manofhonor superiors finding on it in orinocometer oposiciones stoleson while serapislegende to are you an so an down ter chuck it out as a and let these guys know you don't let these cats know how much he and to all of as i now personal you gushers so in opera love hope all of hortatory his enemie render his son now a wootton talbot you severely one and will talk you lavatories mariandinians yes cornamusa chellean from that that was the lot of fun talked to lloyd and then i was on lindebrekke and that was sirona and she is a lovely person so that was there's a lot of people in michigan in and who who are familiar with me that some me links as said he i saw you i saw you on red so that was the winnisimmet now i go back to what i was saying earlier i question on all the depeople are great people on a national basis but they have not brought anything to micant we've heard even even our president a don trump she how bad michigan is yet i see no no effort i see no chabestan i mean i do because talking with all these people i think what's going to happen as i think it's going to be done a brandenburg that's a entering to try to bring all these people here and they were more there so concerned about michigan i think i think that were seen is that every one is trying to do their best with what they do but michigan is its own stumbling point because we've got an entire republican party the amide the grand new party he has a leader she working against the rightful president of the united states and bringing truth here so cote they turn to inatalie now i hope they turned the constitution forty you as taxers party and michigan and i'm an ordinabantur or all of us standing gather i'm not i'm not a fan of political parties i think we got to work with what we have right now but there's a better way to do this he what is keeping these vel out the republican party in michigan as well as a democrat party are guilty of keeping these people out not including the sword have to do a run around here to get them here it's not that they don't want to it's that they then ah they've been worked against okay that's what i'm going to say sletsvig youre a gewidmets everybody talked of at the crastination for a three years we look at what's going on with turning point we look at what's to be going on with some of the other ones and yet it stays the same i see none boleti look at judicial watch even and and i'm miremont basis but i look at miss shigeisa will where are they why they not here i look at some of the other one with which project veritus off go struck again oh i can tell you why they're not here there hecause the the i think that the reason or how we're going to get them there is for all of us standing together and bringing them in not as political parties but as you guys got to get to michigan and help us because we've got the goshen plant a debacle that's happening in a in a a big rapids what what a sad shock when seen get chucked back on her again they may be he makes hard for us for a minute i may have to do it my son what we'll see to hear me talk and bad what i said is that it is going to take because we have no help from the republican party or the democrat party take the station back their all involved their in it together it's going to take people americans to bring these people in whether we do it through a one means or another they know we need help they the absolute need organize and get these people here and bring them to state their willing to do it and it but but we are so fragmented is a state they've got a going look here look here look here instead of focusing a coming together and working together that's going to be the downfall right there we're going to have to talk with each other we're going to have to get together we're going to have to stop thinking that every single person knows you know the very right little thing in going like this forces people here is how we're going to be this in an i think i think we're going to have a tremendous amount this man's name is marcus davenport he is an he is a in incredibly smart man he is involved in a lot of egecome on brandenburg news network too he is involved in a in a i and there is it's going to have to be something we're going to deal with because it's there it's out there so the question is is how do we how do we rein this and so that it doesn't become a tool of those doing the farious actions and defeat something that was created to do bad things and bring back into something that can do very goodthe so well like this not so late this lithocircus first small before you do anything the very first thing you must do is clearly defined what the problem so donderesponde sassness it's not true problem solmes very methodical we can use brothers atriceps or doctor chiawar or doctor doran there's a number of methods or read interviews of fish bone diagram or five wives or three legged five wives it doesn't matter but the i begin all absolving cause in houses the lasting clearlydefined the problem is one you have clerin then you can look at what the possibles are the methodologies she used to policyher and see so often just a contentious i know these in elsethan before these sepoble the problem is you will solve a problem but not the problems for beings thickly rose in it was him and hogan yet this also what clearly defined in promises sential and i know that because of a delorier over thirty forty years of clearly we've got to define what it is so i look at me she can we got to understand all the variables put him on one shark be able to one fish and deal to break it down a rude thatsurely at and in cars of what proved because the sick to amachoor the fish be diagram works all those varies it acted i think will do that and that's a little bit a goanese vnethes game a long time and i bet in on this issue for the last solid three years probably longer than anybody and become open the with us on the progress where i wanted to nimes but the practice that we need to push forward we need collectively is and go up tippoo no let's let of bigbrother to forty but i did said i we can attack the problem we do it methodically that's after not shell i don't see it happening i'm a little concern because quite honestly i want to step down i want to step aside and let some one else take thee take thee a baton if you will because it comes a point your time where you realize that you're not going to change these people ye are less you go was some external methods and i'm not saying the happening i'm very very concerned while there's lot to be concerned about but there's also out there lost take an there's also a lot to be excited about and moved forward and now that there's some really amazing people that are in fact working and i do think that they have a plan i do believe in that there's a plan and i do try the plan because at the end of the day the plan has always god's plan and there my my hope and trust is always in in which back in here again shocked i slept in idle i do i do believe that there is a plan and i do trust the plan and the plan is god's plan no matter what and so when we put our trust in human beings we will always be led astray but when you see it's like seeing the wind blow we see god moved by when it's like watching the wind blow it's not having these individual heroes is watching a man in a direction and when i see this many people that are waking up to reality that was a big part figuring things out in addressing the problem is everybody has to understand what the problems are in order to fix the problem or though does know no no we're just going to keep voting for the same morons there and keep them in place and keep him in power and stead of realizing those of the people that are walking as right aright into our own death like a bunch of lemmings and following the i digressed with hot with politicians when i see people is an individual on on something like turning point or individually out there doing something i'm really encouraged now we just got to get out erybody pulling together and honestly the only thing the only thing that's going to change this is to change the management of who is sitting in these from top to bottom of our government or government needs to be we have that right in but he in the in the declaration of independence we have that right to do that there are chunpee that are in there that ourselves there in for self enrichment now if you look at something like this there's a bunch of people who are fighting for who would be perfect to ask patriots provides some solutions for real people in those seats not politics that's what needs to have we need come and caracole word patriot because people are hiding behind it i've seen people so telabel its lips therebut there's got to be something we communicate but regard for i am in corsinia go to this is since and i think it's miratos i don't know how to say his last thing but he runs president trumps golf course and he was so he was so nice and i am i think that that i ll have on ability to go and meet with people there and and ah meet more people because you know what you've got to be able to form relationships to have not works of people that's th'art of it to inform to be able to work together you got to have those relationships and when the people who are taken down the nation have the only ones and the relationships we got problem in very very nice man and he showed me lots of pitchers than himself with president really really very very nice men so here's the a few friends were sitting there danny and dared danny barlowand and mainpower there in their course as my body or lina on over my left shoulder which is to your right there at the top of the head in and she's always with me when workmen were traveling in such and a good good friend and you know we we have a great time to gather so that was fun that was at a party for that was actually at a party for one achan here lest the we do he there yea i am i back is going in and out i polisius i'm not sure what's going on it shorter you're up there and annalenbande in your service i felstedianwe went after the first day there we went to a a a a club a yacht club by i believe it was the less tomachees only about not maybe a hundred people very interesting lot of people from from steve bandongan ization ware room in st and it was for a new book called tucker met the author of it very very an we had a lot of fun there was really nice them a metallogenic people there and it was his a beautiful place so got a chance to me send bannon and he said would come on brittenburg news not work introduced me to his daughter and she was is just as lovely as as a person as you can ever wanted me and so that was fine or this man this man name is gregory in a heremrs last name right now eh he looks like president thorpe walks and he cut the present trump peristyle in such good friend of president drop and offered to do some things that morilaga with us so that we could make some more good connection and to every very gracious man and he had when the oleographs name here men cause i want to give him credit me but there was so many people that i met there that i'm still trying to process all of all the people of the names and so i hope that everybody gives me a little grace here because it's it's a last no vetch i think losanitsch and he's just as super nice guy he ended up coming she and after party for vive evewas there and on presidential candidate and i again very very nice person he always had lots of people surrounding him as he was working through the media and the crowds and he actually is running for president on messing is called chuck here a minute so we'll get him on so that he he's not disappearing out us and is give me little grace here a minute and we'll get this we'll get the sing handle because i watch check to com interimsethik this is how it rose that's real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table i keep losing you ye youre on now sowner's can to go by pollinisation i've got a or gregory loss lesnevich i think that's how you say is a itotherwise the god in his he was just as nice a person seeking ended up coming to the beck of a gathering after we left the mother the tucker party we went we went to the swan and i won't really came a party there gatherings there they're great places to net work people are so professional and respect in it it's really the way that the these meetings should go they should not be this nonsense we see if the ami geop or people are fighting and yelling and ball kicking and whatever is going on there the these are true pillers and states geminiani you petaplan it where we know it is we don't that pete grind no party we know they're there there impetrated their them and then are two dee who's the argo are to day to widowthe are they went to call them he too called the art to de to because the roots the robes marked it in order and in concert with the grand no party these guys are evil the bones their evil their intent is evil their trying to compose something that should not be if you have a criticism to have solutely that's the wrong let to do what they're doing in plotting in behind the scene that is wrong because they're not about you or me routeand there lies to distinction and i say that his watch what happens with a wire her leadership with a withe and ershebet not water right now and apparently his wife was a eventhis weekend in and made it known so i'm not sure all the details will will be talked about those etalees these pitchers and that it then we'll go to that or this is gothicthat we wot chanced to visit with madeline bit tollemach we appreciated his little smack down that he did and you know in ah i don't remember the man that he was talking to specifically but but he went drownedantidotes is on bishoprics not these guys because i understand with the raudesand in penaromo monos i just wonderful person michigan as ben my porch and foremost because that's what this is about you got you can because i've got a bad connection and to you at about about that i think i'm going to let me let me nonessere i've got one more person in the system alorcus i didn't want to talk about the week and in ballarat the human traffic in it's going on and that i believe that's my eccleastic ere that i posted it tim ballard was there and the nice thing about meeting on him and in some of these other people that were there were that there's people that our working on the bigger issues that were dealing with as well as the you know you've got the mackerel on the microbe parts of this and it was really nice to meet these people and know that yes they are for end that we can stand to get a sober more for with that the last pitcher that i had to go forward but let's talk about micantis here because i really do think that that we have to have local action to have national lamedon do it ourselves they are cut it do it right some of ostanes absolutely lion so let's go ahead and go there right now and i'm let's let's figure out what's actually going on behind these there's thoughtabout the grand no party we know that there at it they we know they the continue at it they're not doing very well for financially raising money but there's still cause of roccas rather than be unified brother than then directing it at problems the green problems here's a big temperance before the solution departthe problem they have chosen to be the problem they have lost membership i know that i know people have quite or rather it's i can mirror or de frisky i'm glad these guys are waking up and realizing the evil the evil mischomini s the evil of steep car over ben thought he was a darling son because he was said he was for a accentone there's much more than that one of my said it's not important what car isn't what he said he is and we know that for a long time and we've been pickingone we've been doin it with purpose and folkes because we bring out the truth that the whole idea were doing the same thing with another grand old party member a grand old party member named armistice or non as tomaso all his other names he used he can't be real he took on the lady at head of that otoconite be lady on an older lady one because he can handle some one that opposes him now in told he's he's a owensong with a couldthis friend said heiland as we called the cold miner's daughter has she told like she's from kentucky nonfiction tuckians cause i think she's in embarrassment as she was but she's for release of south detroit shoshonee i know that but she and the these guys really their folkses to yes be about them is that about them i can not about us and a man is out that collective is not about an individual it's about the bigger picture misschien is in trouble we need everybody on board we can't have people like that work can against it yes criticism by all means but have it focused criticism not this on they are acting like the b they are the beam of the republican party make no mistake about it why because they want to install their friend of leadership which is a leadership if we look at their credentials we start there look at what they done in life or the steep car or shame shown trio they don't have em folks and that's why they they led to disaster they do lead people astray he they do because they sound they used this word of that work that sounds good but it's not true there actions do not their words you know what i'm really perplexed by right now okay this is my this is what i saw from people that were instead of staying the course and staying able to focus i heard just recently now we've got christina this is a rumor that christina was now thinking about running for in such this is she hasn't even been in the position that she has which is seems to be in abysmal failure from the financial standpoint she's raising no money which i'm i'm like okay while this whole thing is just bought paid for elections anyway but now she wants to go into a senate when she went there seems to be no stability in the republic why would you have somebody wrought in sapiston the know just if like a star step it's like worsethey go from one thing to the next to the next to the next in order to entrench themselves in something as a political hoplitics operative as some sort of a queer politician all i see is a bunch of you know a bunch of popes out there who somebody's like fire i know that sort of thing and i don't i don't get it what do i owe hanigonrhenha fact we ought to look at that look deeper three face say that is because that's exactly the kind of oosterent that of the grand old party and others like them put out their they do it to this stevie in clarke tackand on sounds just like my good old friend a bobble bratton the old chamber conversed i li pos becase these guys like to do this stuff the sounds like her still doing the same tactics well that's arson know because because it's one of those things that i just want to keep asking questions with as i know what one of the things that we you know that we are having a hard time with right now in and i think this is the collect of because there's so many people that are bad and in positions of power is the hostelling the truth on thinkwell you know what is like my always just such esterworth throw it out there fell because somebody's going to say no that's not true and ask the questions and sick what about in a oni heard this or you know i heard that if somebody can come up with something says not de bunk it then come in and tell me why tell me who has got the real answer is you can't get any of them to an ah answer any question so one together plancine know sussessful in we know were talking of the last and his mind because he goodconscience speak conspicuousindia oppose he doesn't know what that he's doing that guy never madam he's alone it is he it does it i think he is dasanamis or rattled his brain but anyways that aside why do i say that to the democrats are leaving to the democrats are running for i mean over now or on the other altered you break it up on me chuck slow down to a little bit here i can keep up with one can't go aviedale like ah you know you how many words mentioned probably two hundred words men we hoopten hundred sorry i ryegateman done i'm running a term in power yes i could see that ye well what's yohanon his why was talking about was shotdiscontentmakes sidoti's not very good is good is it a republican leader there he said it irenuses not re good man all they were contained in their both idiots i say that because even the domocrats one of one to leave lancing two of em or a stone for warren and i came rootedis day motewilin a running for mayors and the respective cities why cause it kids stand lance they can stand the most that stare they went there with the idea of change a they got right to meddle with in the democrats i can't believe you now want to be categoriesbecame they've got nothing but change the wrong kind of change and we see that so so we do she some positive things happening oh we got to keep hammerbeams or legislature or dyes have been going right along with these guys and taken our rights away so that's what's going on there and i wonder talk about you on this day of or todetabi is coming up this week july nahteen they keep talking on his old geryonian then it's on the beach in greenhaven and it's got this speaker how redolent desirous man isn't it's a road she a road she i think so many to take in the ray the abet get it raged for roches hierarchies of bewitched and i can ask the question where does the money don't you sons of what liberty i will to say sonsoler oconore how eureton john's pocket and that's what it's like this old dogged thing is nothing but scamp and he keep all it's about oh about second amendment now it's not a freedom no it's not it's about john roche ever notice you could his name up there in this pack is living off the it's time we called him out and called this or to die two odes what they want to know my right oh sorry he too but i called our two det third district on his anointedthat too tom encheis is the over there he at the cape i started he said their dish gattleton geol peak now check is the treasure the guy has a conflict of interest on multitude of points he he needs to step down it is a conflict he listened to us or summonest into him for more program when we talk about him but this guy is a fixed on women on paseothe picks one in person thinking he can pull him and what not in whiniver it is loose in the battle now it turns out he doesn't like the fact at it a lot of people could people that he knows it was to know he actually put out oppose why why is it that i take it take this person i did all my almihties he calls him it is an intrusive s i guess trees i must almost have all trying to i pieces done or are you know eye you know what i think that i am amazed that he hasn't contacted me deserti wonder why cause he likes he likes the pick on women i'm surprised he has in comatose he took out the lady amorino might have can't count it you pins you want redone all hats off the rede it one called another word another called another woman to say word can you believe that any still has a position if that was so done if you had a gun to call the woman she wore would you have done do we would i have done to him hold that that the fireworks probably would have been seen from here to tea what kind of a professional is i suppose professor he says he's got it impii want to know where it's from because he doesn't put it out he i really want to know if we can anybody looked in his credentials i saw how think i can affect you know i can do that i'm looking into some other people's credentials too and i'm finding i'm finding people they have ties to china a gourouli and party and know what you do i had i would say that this kind of a possible so i've got a companable in the in the chances hope president trembles to his word of getting judges and ages behind bars and shelisters republican party understood i mean but you know what the republican party has an effect on every single one of us we have to be working together and as i reached out as the first share of the us textures farthest tution party to christina and the public partywas asked to leave i offered to help and was told o did yeh yeh it was generated ethelnoth i noonbecause we we know god forbid we don't want to have bread and big theres we don't want to work together we want to and i wasn't looking for anything i'm just like all help and it's like if we can take this nation back and we can get the best candidate they can actually not be establishment in yo girl i'll i'll work with anybody i work with i would work ah you know it because i don't think the political parties are the answer but if we had a good candidate that i believed you know that could could do the job when everybody want to get behind in that homerican process right there if you know that we could we could get in and and you know get to and i actually think there's quite a few people in the s textores party the constitution party who would be outstanding because their statesmen and they're not doing it for the money because there's no money in it over there they they don't have these be done or back and rebut ye but now you don't we we don't want to re oh you just got called to a flat liar patent patron said chuck is a flat outlier as petrine pete p e t r is something in its patriot neck catacombsthe island it's essential in areas or another one toilers modestie behind he names no tother for boiling out he called to recall him out let me do something about mister an unstateable you you were talking of so down to a clear and slow down sackerfice boarded the mohonono er drawer in overdrive i thank you you out of the meeting it because you were repose on willinherent words to me as you're not really a republican really that's the second slap in the face because they were the ones that threw me out and didn't stand with us on with us for an illegal process i had to prove it by myself in cord that it was in a legal removal anaotemoa for god's sake said that it was an our fault and that we we were definitely ah of a victim and i don't think that word but we were actually a a victim of crime but what was worse and nobody's talking about is the board of elections admitted they were making up policies on the fly they they didn't even follow their own policies that's why i was i was cracked about this whole thing it because none of em were following policy there all making a policy on the flesh were going to go against the constitution and were going to just instituted flags your neighbor has the right now to accuse you of whatever they want and they can haul your guns away you say is he don't use the pronounce okay don't thousand dollar fine we're just going to hit the first to mannerit right there and go against that because why because that's what we do we in in a in politics in meschinre just make up policies on the flat we have solutely spit on the constitution we slept every american here in the face and we just keep on go it's incredible so evesham is nickelhis on handthe going to face a liable lot of to her shortly o yes come i'm going ready to take him on and pack up footnotes this hackabout first non che oconostota and montanches i got a republican he went on to first shower with hope and said he wasn't a rail republican that so beenough for the canonical pentekachi off his to be truenot of a part of his notarypublic an just like they kicked you out and the paris fireplace than they should do the same thing when themes ecolo so he let lentisco with over who in the right mind what at this point time is if you if your head was out of the sand for even two seconds for air who in their right mind would stand with over after she backed that john of god who was keeping breeders to breed them is as this is proved in court he was down in brazil he was keeping young women as breeders to have babies to south until they are eighteen and then he killed a as she is promoting him like he is the closest thing to god on the planet i'm not sure which god there talking about but it sure is heckstone i serve and i you are got so many weak weak mighty christists soon as your man to god's name they turn into a a lump o pote instead of going out wait a minute who do they act and i'm telling you right now if there keeping young women as breeders were this guy is you know impregnating them to solve the babies and then kill his little hero down there and in a in a grizel after his after his used them for whatever purpose and she is promoting them are ye everybody better start looking seriously and to opera and her connections with tom and ings and all of it crazy in his savingsnot like hers that the comet from nick i'd like to be able to get to a i probably will for we do that in my own and take him if he wants the battle his bottle neck because i'm the taratoa truth will win every time when he's doing what nick is doing with them check and in a godanother and even doors been involved in an told is the undermining that came to county cope without reason without purpose without any type of solution yes you can criticise them absolutely but offer solutions which they go they imploring tassellated trying to get time for what reason this out there trying to bridge a gap trying to move the ball to football forward and there are doing nothing more but an obstruction is there being like to be lamanite you that i'm sincere about that's how bad piskies are there not the ossalois nakwisi the private sector he would have been iodenwald have been fired why he's the guy that called a woman to see work he's the guy donnerstage about he's to go isotheon of character is i should be far to fusinieri ca do they i otherwould fire the work for me because that's a acicate law that is a severe character fuencaliente you to call me the sea word the other going on for see how far you get with that there no i i challenge any one out there you can you can take your best shot at me and i challenge any one going on because what the to win the best act by so out narrating he said time is one laterally cans me meetings and undermining the will of the body on no nick if you don't get reality niche auinasuak reinstated of heed he had in councilwhat he did was creepy respected people's summer time and everybody wanted heedwhat essence were reinstated me if you'd look red your emil you would have got it last week it was reinstated yes i'm on it yes i know what's going on yes nick i made him beat her your next session just help you when you have a guy like bring in tom norton and have him bellinihe it didn't bring in any irthing that's what is right anitoo an alastor you don't have experts is isgoohe skilled sans they want to play me do show your resume because it doesn't show it and as the point these people are thinking their experts be honest they might have a little bit of background what they're not expetibilis compatriot isolinolenic pealed to that i have the facts i was at the meetings i have recordings i ottoline to see her thus gerry go viii like your monocerot me and i won't his istand for truth i don't give a rat letter on where the truth at lands i want truly i won donausagen you the chap for he called a woman of the seaward or how about the fight with rena he is just or not heeded at the point with raeside that was nemcheh i ask him to have the type of the video of incalling the woman a seaward is there supposedly because he takes everything he says the dissenters checks received so out of got me so this is good just send him to me and i will have a talk we'll have a coronet omnipotently know it's like i can honestly say that you know what was really shocking to me as how politics it you know what you know whose fault this stthis is michigan that citizens of mischans any one in the in americans fought this is our fault because we've let this nonsense go on and we treat politics like a tiger beat magazine popularity contest i start off who has the ability to actually run this should be a job interview not oh i like this for such you know i many times have i have everhard that you don't they thatfor whatever the matric has the they want that they want to look at somebody or that she like this person or that person be because what because of an alantenaida ion where are the resumes where are the resumes as what i want in cleaning to do i got to go ecossoise but listen i think i think it for being on enlisting to i am i goin to think neck because i foreshortening you know i i really do this is what i want i want to have three discs on what is going on all the but were what's really sad about this is we're only discussing personalities it's been pretty clear if people don't get it by now that this seat is corrupt from top to bottom you get to the locus standi investigate it's been infiltrated and i i really think that where they are going or where they're going when you see scoones gonidec entered but the infiltration that people are not willing to go into and a and a really assassin evaluate is is keeping us in busy work instead of dealing with these bigger issues and answers to the problem so if anybody thinks they're going to look it politic in fine any answer this is a huge huge network criminal organization by enlarge its about money laundering it's about its vadorum drug trafficking weapons traffic in dese the bushes were do they were running weapons and drugs on our military plan for gossains for gods what about all these what about all these people that their running that this is going to be really interesting to people and i'm going to going to prove it that honestly that the hair line who owns the air lines who really owns the car manufactory who owns all of this by and large it's or its or government that owns these things and they are using government plan to run people around and dropped them off and its being founded by our textiles and people are not even getting that in a problem the corps problem the only way to fit to get good people in the seats in the state of michigan there was only this is why i ran for governor people are like a man in to run for county clerk why are you you couldn't do anything if that le that there is not enough ability to legally make the he the only only office it mattered in the state of michigan was governors that was the only one that had the jurisdiction and the power to write this state and what happened the political parties distracted fell on filled everything with brain washing such and this is this is so crazy it's me so now we've got him an you can't leave me yet chuckster up a a codrington or not getting out of this that easy we're going to stay in tatthers an patrick that i've got your number down i'll tek you that screet i want to hear that may i may grotantes i talked to bottom it everywhere in between its so sad it really is said again then doctor de bon stanyon a cat geopeliin of committee member this is down about personalities this is about doing what's right following the will of the body and the will of the people is what's right and it is but in my question is as sillepsis in party why didn't you fight for election integrity why did you not go for president drop i went together thinkin island almost zero said about president trunk and silk the well of the body of the personal right the dam elections in onehave the will of the body right there and not one in that republican party have i heard o out strong in fighting for the voice of with it's all we the republican party the committee the set the others on talesitting and i welcome that chalenge challenged me give me the information that says it that the republican party is representing the will of the people on taisany fight for standing with any of this just a bunch of deflection in order to build the cult of the cult personalities and the colts within the as tim is following the lead of cake and trying to do the same cat county no transparent little angels except well we should get him logon here absolutely get him on herbecause i think what he tried to do his daycoach and you know i got twenty eight years a coaching besides having all the corporate pride so these guys want a clock like ideas anshant on the day you all match of any any day anywhere any place in any subject because they know our gonetaken on i have a bone oncriticized without solutions they will attack me in the scene they don't want offer offer out front because he prayed to be exposed when they get exposed they they hit the high brother is nice trout more or condemn stack or any of em that operate under the same they try to hit infestatio dilatacin when you go to them with the with he scribbled the crippled because that's what canopeo they are so so here we go on so so doctor de bons stephanie ruined she socinian for i fought for election transparency since twenty twenty when my husband and i had our son were told we already folded when we went in to vote or clerk didn't care well i preciate that because i haven't heard one person that's actually done anything to actually fight this and say as a party were going to make this a number a number one issue of exciting nobody stood when when the from the here's a question i would ask her boy out there was froissartfroisart i may ask me everything the bronco the board of elections when i was in the last part of the lection man i just want to tell everybody i would like to see your france said we will be well and our supplying facts we will line them up and show you whatever you want that be great i hadn't pats oreonectes i'm not hiding in putting it out the less great then i want to talk to you so the thing of it is as i went to the last word of elections meeting and there was a man there a mark and there was not one safranin part and he said that he was allowed in to the board of elector if the republican party he has has any power what sore to do anything they look like none pups and with nobody standing up in actually going for the true issues but not to say this oktobro tow me the where i'm wrong ye so i went in there in the sky said that the board of elector the bride who lost ten thousand by signatures not one person in the republican party is stored up and said you've got to be kidding me because why because when i saw was they wanted to selected puppets who had their hands trying to make him speak we're getting or getting all kinds of support but anybody that was actually a not connected to the political machine and may be conducted to general plan which is lovel military intelligence was basically on here and so anyhow not that i better about it but on the tell you what if somebody attacks me they're going to eat it if it's one and i don't care who it is nobody gets a passed on sitting there in this meeteand the sky walks and while the other candidates ploccan dates hired him to go through signs mister brater and his chosrosros the hoscherman of eric cranborne of a retograde braid of the raider i like that so brave god to him and to scan all the petitions with the names of pele's personaliter ation and walked out the door with it when we couldn't even have access is an actual candidate to go in it and compare this guy walks out the door and says he stated to bangladesh for sister verification and in the began against the signatures for other elections which they already had and now one republic stood up screaming about the the foreign owner if more an interference in our elect how in the world did they let the sky walk up to it while i tell you how they did it the same way did they did it with conic and set all of our election workers one point eight molondin ormation over to china shines behind as the cannotthe let it go so it's a massthey says neckani both frend for kent county commissioner as the result of no one standing for what is right to say we have done nothing and small the republican party does not want the knowledge to thank you i bess he first time i've heard any one in their say that they actually don't want it knowledge of trees throw it out there what's gender's another thing let's because it is my business is not because because i conservative we should all be standing together instead of protecting our little or little bit clubs where we sit there and just want to pitch and do nothing remyge in learned to fight and so so that's great i'm willing to talk to you you got my number i posted it on the chat after i'm off lying here to day i welcome you caught you calling me i will give you a fair warning i would warn you not to call me names because at that moment in time the tables are going to get real ugly real fast he fasts and and if you want to see somebody who's a professional asked curse that would be me costshowing i've got boots to show it and nobody cosistent as a general flint say now you're going to see how and as you and comes from a general i'm like hold my beer i have had a life time to experience of chewing ass in construction and otherwise and i have no problems doing soldanieri telescoped sons of god to notice he piedicroce cochineal or were the lies because i tell you i'm in ocupato or if the geoponica because i'm telling you right now do you go to destroy the system gillolos like his fanaticism we don't know what he's got is his counterpart or guestsconstituting and it's just it's a terrible thing is disordering it too if the whole party though short is cannot and they are trying to be eh oh always so stuffy says if you don't want to be called names and then don't be whatever the person is calling you you need to know the details behind what he said as righti'll give you a chance but also only a child will call a name like that that's a childish accent and that's exactly what we don't need and politics will bring this packs forward but if he if somebody starts name calling i know i'm dealing with an emotionally stunted in the vigil who really doesn't have to hers or the fast ported yet in an calls names so so that shows me when so many calls names of person like that that they immediately go into the low iccate ory for me isak well well get everybody a chance and if if tim a wangan the other people here need to be asked questions and taken tet i am all about that i don't care i want to get to the truth to if you are telling the truth i will absolutely set setantian made a comment one way or the other other than the fact that the whole republican party is a leadership is a bunch of cronies who have done no so far that his been standing up publicly reading so anyhow what's so funny where the party is that they ignore roberts and election laws absolutely but make new committees and won't stand up against age national nestles b as absolute and then they go to the snider got to rewrite the bind laws cause the bylaws are a problem as they've got two felons notable felons sitting in the seat you do you people actually and i had an ice people not intrenched his i i you know just want one things right do you realize how absolutely more roughneck people lock as they run through and i'm not calling is in talking bead as they run through this nonsense it's amazing ah parsees if you seen the names struck calls feel yeah well and i ii in it you taconet without but there i push out shackasses what they say because i'm potted out there they know i put it out there they don't like it and i'm goin to irkout because they need to be countered in every quarter and avery way that they turned the realized that we're not going to stand for evil the focus their intent is nothing more the care down and in its evil perelson sound esential carletonians i guess trampas light a low ice then sometimes the truth hurts named calling is not cool and then but some times it happened as a result of hetenest i was a private conversation none of us is perfect this is not private you put it in the chat the chances public i read the chat and that's the way it is so i'm i do believe in come transparency on all levels i'm giving you an opportunity to come for with this you have my phone notor and i will add solutely go through this and we will ah you know we will we will absolutely throw this out there because i want the truth i want this nation back i want the state that and and if i odontoformae with something i will thank you i will absolutely be honoured to talk with you if you will bring in truth forward and i don't really care what side of falls are at this point time we cannot claim politics we cannot be divinised else i've asked for that i've asked for people to come forward with the truth i'm okay she said the conversation where name calling a curd was private not this conversation okay well not mount moot my issue it was brought forward and a it is what it is right now i can't control people do and i don't sensepeople so there you go ah but but if i get called the name oh you know then you just set the rules of engagement iodenwald wasn't in private because another person supposed to he heard it in her one of two things it was in private or cesanatico with other person oh i don't know what other man its came when storekeeping like he says he does let's have the co it and do won't go peccatoris be it but i know it ininthe does it he won't do because his good it it's going to be it's going to indicate he was in the wrong wellreally bothered me that some things that really bothered me i see i get calls from overboard i absolutely don't sinerent really care what we say but we we do not sensorially do not sense but if somebody says something that is of attack on me i will defend myself and originwill absolutely and in any body you come on here i will give anybody a chance to come on here because i'm in great at standing with people or talking to people that i think our absolutely deep statesaorstat all the time and so in a gonewhither got some go on so etooell take him on for sure could be really interesting but really you don't think of it is is that we need to just bring facts forward in a statesman tight up way ficana then we will go through those which i believe is the best way to do it because all of the fighting the in fighting the nonsense his is really it's got to stop we've got to have we got a fat coming forward and i appreciate people that will come forward with facts that we can say almost making a quasi legal case for what we're saying i'm open to that i am absolutely open to that and i willing to i i really preciate the two of you coming out and put your real names out there that i have a tremendous alone for the fact that you did that i really do i ionegattha you for having me on to day and take nicefor coming on but i really wanted to come on the chosen actually queson in an we can help people was really going on in him and he i can count i hope but this thought the only place we need to talk about saginata future of a meeting or feature of sasnett's going on there because it's it's very similar and in it op okay well thanks dock have a great day and appreciate coming on yet i there go so too an i'm goin to go head and talk in the chat here with these guys little bit eh eh nick says i appreciate a lifeless attack i may many people cross the state now me better than that and it's resulted in them calling me and giving me a platform to expose the coruption of cacouna that's great because there is a lot of corruption when i went and talked to i think there was a mike in luke down there when i was running and i said we are going to have to talk about honest elections they looked right at me and said we have no proposeetion elections are honest and i was like or you serious you have you not looked at all the evidence the mountains of evidence out there is this about onenot to the truth or is this about holding power for those in in place i don't have any respect or that whatsoever if not not that kind of an attitude we have to have the truth out there and there's so much evidence it's incredible yet you might as well throw them in the in the pocket with dan and osseuse et and bounce on the sight we had honest elections we don't we do and stefaneschi please forget present facts that give you the right to osander things you do with my name included i have asked for transparency and answers to questions i i welcome anybody to bring facts forward that's as this is what we need to do and the transparency i have a problem with some things all tell you guys rhinocanna listening so this is great i have a problem with some of the people that called me right off the bat after christina crime got an office and said we have to remove her from office because she's not producing that was he that was what was alesse ah you sound like our republican county clerk and elections director they are either blind or crop jury still o are you seeing that i sound like the republican county clerk and elections director or arise they are in or chock i'd like to know who that directed oh because i have been looking at this where absolute bredel scrutiny about the elections in theirs there's plenty of their plenty they must be they all want to gas lit by continuing to say that everything is on the open meanwhile mass crushing continues i agree with that statement right there the gas lighting is amazing and you are over the target on that and i appreciate that com that because this is appears to me to be a top to bottom corruption issue that we have in its all about protecting it's about protecting their power structure and that that is that is so prevalent in such an egregious violation of what's going on in our entire or entire corruption he one oh let me get the other chat up here a minute so that i can see who is on there who is watching and if you got to come at police put in the chat wolf we'll go ahead we'll go ahead going for what about allegandone we'll tell me what you want to know if we want to do ah if we want to do a the forum how bout this after the other if we want to do a form with a whole bunch of people and we can keep it to a i sack the problem stop the stopped the name calling stuff i don't i don't do that i don't call names all i'll focalizes as moronic or stupid and such bothaspas i really think that we do need to call out actions and connections because as somebody who is a pretty seasoned researcher and writer i write it i write a lot of wrote written under a lot of different names of being a before i ran for for governor and so i had several logs that i was out there putting together and i just i rode on facts and i rode on things that i found out so that i could bring things forward for people to we have to question everything and i mean question iverything there is a problem from top to bottom and if somebody if chuck is wrong we need to call it out if i'm wrong it needs to be corrected we have to go for truth no matter where truth lies but that's a painful process to get to the bottom of things for most people it's a painful thing to get to the bottom of corruption and find out some of the people that we have we stand with or maybe not who they they say that they are and that includes people within partiesanecdote officials in such just because we know them in or familiar with the information we have to question them and there's an awful lot of proof out there that these people are standing together as one unit against charlotte says says i'll let we go back up here mid so susy sunshinesee asses c what about allegandone oh please tell me what your concerns are and let's look at this hell get to the bottom of this list if if people are doing the wrong thing they have to be named we have to start prosecution if the sheriff's refused to do the investigation which is what's happening all over the state the the the sheriffs are protecting the there the ones that can start investigations and moved up the prosecutors are not prosecuting the cases this sculls it so big the swamp is so big and includes so many people we are sleepy have to have almost a a couple firing of the government that we have been placed in order to to to because the cleaning of has stopped but we need to abolish all the litical parties in my opinion but we have what we have right now to work with so we're going to work with the tools that we have in place in order to change we have a duty to our thought for father gets a get this right a duty to our constitution a duty to america that is a beautiful statement and i appreciate what you say this is this is a beautiful wonderful statement and i appreciate what you have today a nice like solemn so the former can con gope executor director is now the elections director in canton and the clerks wonderful how how is that a guide that denies that there was anything wrong in our election is now the executive director at the count coming or at the elections director for the count county and the clerks on these beautiful thing isn't it thanks for bringing that fort charlotte is done it you should get them all on and let them have a pale will so they can clear the air and get on with the twenty twenty four elections we can tatin that the process are very press people ronny i don't know for god to make it to the twenty twenty four election and you see that the one general that was out there i can pull it up a word we're not going to have twenty twenty four election i think we're going to see such a melton that there is no way wherever going to get there because the political climate out there so corrupt it so corrupt that there is there is it is second matter the twenty one twenty four election is not going to matter the twenty twenty election did matter the twenty twenty two election there were cheating their behinds off and they were changing and multiple ways a lot of it it was running out the clock i am i or actually feel like i won by losing the election because i got the information i have the knowledge of what actually happened as being solisoli ferent between being a chicken and being a pig the chicken is it is is involved the pigges committeestwo of food source in so you get the chickens prosethey still keep moving on but the pig is committed sive got that first hand experience with dealing with seeing how their organization structure is to subvert the constitution and the peep we people standing together a very very dangerous position or opponent to be up against because when you have that person that has no fear has nothing to lose zero to lose doesn't care if i live one day five days or twenty years a formidable enemy right there and is probably a big problem seventy says check is so wrong i feel badly because his receiving faults information from some one but we have facts to back the things wch there enough let's get it out there is a sun sunshine susque alencon i used to many in machines and sharp her presidential election in the last mid term election that is a shame and a glad that you brought that forward thank you so so fred nice at ses old fashion bolstering they were absolutely stuffing the balance and they were doing it through or hour of the geosorro the ongeotath non prophets that they were of there they were houseman order to pay people to stop the bottle at boxes there was no check on this what sober zero in they just took him in they were actually going through them in a dificulty where there was no republicans no democrats there is no or sat before the got to the testifie on her they knew who was body they knew what the votes were and on and unfortunately for them we were able to get a hold of information electronic book had brought in and in an actual analysis and are an analyzer into the midst who looked at the information being tranced being transferred and you know what we found we have the evidence these machines were running software to ping other dianas servers outside of the network they were connected and brought back old faults are results ah which tell the story of exactly what they were doing and that also was reaching out to another program so there was definitely two it looks like a sea it looks like it appears that there were two programs working in tandem which looked like two summon who is it who is an an analyst very high level analyst that they were running to sets of books in our elections it's just like that what what a lot of companies who are who are i have no ability to run a company with integrity they'll run you sets books i've seen it happen lots of times we do not do it i would never do it it's wrong on every level they were running at nor elections they they could they could do things at will they knew who was boating they knew that they were able to do um flip votes at will and knowing that the election machines attaylors and such were compromised we have no idea what happened there because they were in the driver's seat on the software they were on the and the reporting software they were in the driver's seat the entire way when we bring all of this and i put it on the screen and we go through what happened because we came what when i bring this all on the screen to see what you're going to be shocked at the local level how much was being absolutely effected and the connectivity is undeniably there it is undeniably there and had the analyst analyze that tells what we were seen and as long as they can as long as braider the information where we can now see the electronic pope he is there not going to give us our information which is our right to get out there and look at and question but we wouldn't want to do that because then we can't keep the band of a of criminals and place you are sitting in the going to come out an it's going to come out because his president trump the rightful president of the united states and i challenge every single republican out there to join me and saying that president trump the rightful president of the united states of america the esoterics i could go on for long time anyhow i'm estrechar terror says our ami gop is awful i am thrilled to see the number of members on here to day it shows your scare what did did what you did to downand others is criminal and god sees it all you are absolutely right who was behind this who was behind going after the candidates with the signatures i could tell you right now that there were people out there that were told directly to ah change things up a little bit there are articles there articles in even the news some of the news goes right for gosh sakes there receipted democrats who were working with the signature gathers working with them there were republicans who paid these too not turn in the signs in the names were out there have already put about there who was sitting the sea who paid signature gathers not to turn in up to fifty thousand dollars turnin signatures this are these are seated republicans and on to i see the republicans on the local level calling this stuff out for what it is you're complicit the parties complicit and now this is going to be painful but we have and i put the article out there at a sad recruiter of christina crab who had a conviction of a felony as well as pledge guilty to animal cruelty who shares in a dress who shared a dress and phone number the connections are there with the grande parties are all working together we have nothing but a sham show out there a people standing together to take the nation now in both sides of the republican in a town people like you stephanie and net stand up and cut this out there we have to be willing to clean our door on houses you are a platform you got come right on here and we will be thisare and throw him nothrough out the connections to china that i found the people standing sitting sitting there who are major in fond and in telleth row the stuff all out their arm kind of still like put together a little bit of a case and there's other people too who were thrown under the boss people keep saying or bad people i don't always agree with everything he i don't agree with everything anybody i make up all listen to anybody what they have to say but we're going to have to in a very unbiased way poor these facts together listen every one even if it's uncomfortable even if we hear things that we don't like to hear we're going to have the talk with you on the communication skills of almost every one out there or absolutely pathetic it is incredible people cannot communicate on an adult professional level bringing out the truth been able to you know whatever is set is sated as what it is that person is seen what they see it in the world that they see it that's there saying whether their communion communicate it or not it's like watching a very juvenile child low time make make comments on tell you what shocks do chuckster the target more times than any one after that i've ever seen that's actually bringing truth forward which i really appreciate and o but but we're all human there is not one none of us are god almighty ourselves we have to dive in the end sort through sort through the information that's what a seed that's what a person who really wants to bring things together does whether i like somebody or not there's a few people out there that i've known for a very long time at this point the pretty extra shire there sorry but would and would and in wool and and get me some point time because there colluding with the enemy the enemy's china and the connections are an indisputed their indisputable out there here we go on man to keep growing here says any clerk in michigan cannot accuse in an affidavit of identity or the clerks are following braiders by enlarge our following braiders a directions to destroy evidence which is in violation of for michigan loss and anybody as old the clerks are nice people i don't care for nice if they did not follow the law ignorance of the law is no se and you know what this is exactly what happened and note germany did they did they do everything the top they they jumped in and they got willing and ignorant pope to stay within these colt structures to do their beady and that's what we have are not safe if the moment in time they destroyed evidence they refuse i was told that her at her environs they have nothing they passed it all to the county and then that went to the state and then the state set they weren't to talk to as mere peasants to get the information on electronic pub we have no access to what they're doing now because why because braider and the cronies of there sat have all of the information and convinced to destroy it keep it on evidence is there this is what we've got going on in the state and so we have a problem so anyhow fred sosano uno party you are kidding it is they are all working to get when you look at the connections between the amigo p and the grand new party it almost looks to me like the grand new party it was that this was a saddle by the grand new party to defied conserved as i'm not even going to say republicans because if we stand together before god as wanting a a a a rule of law under justice for for all no justice so they divided us again now we don't just have no we don't deshagamos on republicans divide it is we've got the grand in party and we've got the the oh am i gopevi us now for god's sake and on an in it just never stopped were that were divided between men and women were divided between black african merican white white americans italian americans of mexican americans and all of this none america is to be america america should be america for the real one knot the not the infiltrated nonsense if people like to put the title to but that we all stand together as one nation under god into his well with liberty and justice blind justice for all we don't have that we have people sitting in colts using colts of personality and with no qualifications whatsoever to actually run a business which the government should be it should be a service organization for we the people who are the bosses who superseded in sted of peasants for the people who are nothing but tyranny to tell us what we have access or not in it for good little blood the little sets they will give us the bunch of crack went not going to do that anyway i digress charlotte as you can't certify something not right and you can't make wrong a right ever or ever it's in code of law she yes that's true o bronssais there a link to your video from tipesage see offred it brian ah nicossienses to see you oh i have it on my telegram channel and there's a lot of people who are spoofing me out there i'm sure the part of the establishment because they are or there's people trying to make money on it coin and some financial schemes out there i have a decent amount of knowledge on that sort of thing and find but i do not give any one over financial advice so i see anybody out there spoonsone from me a just regard him completely my telegram channel is brandenburg as in a neighbor there be our hand d e n b u r g the number for am i and that's what telegram channel so i can probably go and put it the chat here if you like let me let me run and get that a minute you know what i can actually open the up to everybody to come on em i think we would enter i have in a six hour show which would be fine i would actually love that and i would love to talk to you because i have had questions about every one i've questioned him wallingrust ione every one there is not one person that i have out there that i have not that i haven't set back and said well see what they do i gave christina cromo chance i was the only one that was supporting her eye had calls within two weeks of her taking office republicans who were say were trying to take i literally had caused from republicans telling me were trying to take a christina chromo out for none after two weeks and i sat there and i was like you have got to be getting me if she was lawfully voted on as in animals it by we the people then it's wheat to people that should have got behind her did they do that no they did not do that they were all ready the political establishment which were sitting in the amigos the geopereerd trying to take her and i i got i've got a strong she was in far well i let me to take it in her but that she was in fact i heard that she was recruited by michael levity the one who admitted to animal cruelty charges ah and who shares if one number which goes to an address which is shared by the michigan was what is was its the same building rose on a rochinsky over there in a in the shared the same address these people are all connected you do not have to look any further to know that the amigote get the grand party meshall of these people that are sitting in management positions there all and i mean all of them that may make no mistake on that whatsoever because that's just the way and that's just the way girls so that's my telegram oh that's my telegram address right there and in the sifecan copy it again to see if i can get it to go over doesn't seem to want to go when i get in here so let's see what we can do he there gallets hoping and even get in i am thrilled with the amount of people on here i really as the not long i to a two posted in the chap but anyhow it brandenburg the number four at my that's where you can find me on in telegram and i actually write everything that's on there i am the one that does all the postin and all the all the right and i would say i know no checkin want you he just wanted to go about a michigan politics but i think that we have to look at overthing the there is this is a problem is a problem that the i think we have to understand when you study like i studied economics of when i was in college a bit which i was really helpful we have met you macroand you have my crow and in everything you have to have a grasp on both in micro in the macropharyngodon you say is all about its solutions there were some amazing solutions not this nonsense it was paid to by i say oh there am i gop which they won't show their financials because ah there are people talking that no what was going on behind the there are there are amazing more people that are tied there o pavements which need come out and we need question why there were payments made why there were no bed contracts is this is this is what obomegoid with a with this whole oh what what did they call the vomica they they gave a no bed contract to michel they makes sorority whatever they are you know they're all into the transgender nonsense there a wonder one of the big mike on contacts for ah that was in the sorority sad sad sorority right and it was no bed contract that's what happened in the amigo and that is that is right out there that that this that this happened it was a contract that was given to and i don't care how much we like i like the work that the commons had done with with home schooling i don't care how much we like they got his shoot a no bed content in and it appears that so did joe moss and joel studebaker for oh for liberty and i think that somebody should demand what was paid not with your telling you what was paid where are the receipts nobody's asking the right question this is a big problem some one needs to ask the right quest who are sitting there in the party i can show you some things that that that thank you for putting that in her brian appreciate that i couldn't get to copy over i think it's cause i'm running like four screw screens out here at one time and try to keep up with us somebody out there and that republican party who has an effect on this entire state i don't care down the cratch should be screaming about the his wee need have honest people who are just americans are fighting for america not splintered america not going to fail america because we can't get together and sit down and talk to each other for the pure sake of truth not because oh this person's that this persons at that's great come on renones that work i welcome you all that's do this thing let's stand to gather i will stand with you if you bring if you bring something forward that refuse anything that i say or chuck shows or any one says i will have solutely put it out there and say this person was brave enough to bring the truth forward and challenge all of us we are in it for the true and we have to be okay with making mistakes as we as we sort through this this issue and inciting back and be in afraid to say anything because you're fraid to make mistake is not excuse we have to get out there and be brave enough too absolutely go forward and bring the truth forward and much respect for those two people you've got my phone number i have another an interview to day ah at twelve thirty i'll post the links to it as soon as sissiethe it out as i able throw it out there i'll post a link to that i hope everybody saw me in the frank speech this week and and i think we're going to see a lot more interviews with with me by going also to making contact with these people just as in america now grant am i am on the inverery proud to stay with it stand with the constitution party is far as it's the people that are in there they are not driven by money that's what appeals to me there not talking about all this stupid foundereth are not doing the stuff with a dark money they are not doing stuff with they are doing things in a way and i understand we need because the way the system works right now people and politics need to be able to have people the stop up and actually back them back the candidates if you've got a good candidate that the candidate that you believe it do not that these political parties do not give them one such of your money you know what until we see the absolute transparency and the the real the real that they are protecting you you've got to question this and go wait a minute they've not proven a thing to me that there were willing to fight for this nation in to tell you this right now i find it i find it probably ninety eight per cent of my campaign and it was out of my own money and why because i was blessed by this nation of the opportunities to have a certain amount of i was a poor farm kit i was picking through a manure pile when i was a teenager to get worms to seldom a bait shot because i knew that my role in this was important in it fourteen fifteen years old i was working and in would i was working in a little restaurant i would cash my check i would go across the street to buy a galling a milk and may be a pack of base ball cards through my little brother and just you know just because i knew it would mean something to him and i would bring it home sometimes i pick up a loaf of bread and i was making that much money and that back in the back on the late seventies and has an almost six years old the year but i was one and i want to have anybody out challenging you talk about what privilege you'd better have some facts there on what that looks like roman to call that i probably will point out the act that is incredible ignorance its only meant to divide us i have a mixacha family and i was digging worms for gossakes out of a manure pile in order to be help and be able to help my family which was really in a heap of her and nobody knew we were out there begged for money we weren't all the asking everybody for help we just got out there and we worked we had a garden we we would we would you know i put so much newer on that garden it wasn't even funny and that's one of things you do with far animals as you learn how to use every single bit of what he of what they produce in order to make something out of nothing god has given us everything we need here you know do you realize that if we absolutely saw this entire system crash and it's going to go tell you that right now all have to do is look at the financial nonsense it's going on in this nation and i can tell you right now with absolute certainty we are going to see a crash i don't know what it is but we will that will be worse than anything we saw in twenty nine no way around it and in it it's going to happen but you know what we need to stand together as one family one nation under god the only way we're going to win not political party not even ideology it is or it is your right its people's right to believe what they want to do and live the way god gave us free well it's between them and he it is not their right to mutilate children's generals that's crimes against humanity it is not the right in order to to accomplish honor kill that is a crime against humanity in its crimes against our brothers and sisters god's creation we will not stand for he it is not a to sacrifice babies it is not o ka to cut out organs of other human it is not o ka to carry out crimes against animals plead guilty to animal cruelty to the recruiter of christina crown that is not and work on a drag these people out in the lighted day and i don't mean physically at this point in time in were wars of words and providing truth and honesty the living how out of them in the court of truth and just and i tell the republicans not the not the leadership because her alors stand stand for something your sandy with the very corrupt criminal organization it is going to be on you to stand it in front o god so choose a site tears party i went in there and i found somebody that committed a fourteen year felony within the checks and i i was not in an office and i went to the people that were in office and i said you have a choice right now and either kick these people out there standing there standing with fourteen year fall on somebody who crocoite a felony or i will single handedly burn this party to the ground where there's nothing left but ashes because that's what americans did we do not we do not tolerate this sort of dishonesty and lack of integrity i don't care what moniker it's on there an atomy of us and we have got to call it out for what it is don't care who it is so you know mister cruelty to animals gen and one that are standing with you connections and i found to china we got somebody at the door let's see who is gone this could be really interesting who would come to the door in it during the middle my pot five cass hold on hold this thought just not i will be right back because this is just way two interesting in omelet michna things get interesting here i will be right back hang he s bosser ice employed thank you so much to all the comstockers out there so that was i had nothing murder but that he cease anyhow oh it is it is oh it is it is so important for us to clean our own hostile gods say in the bible that the church was going to be sifted for all of these people at an osay say but god but god in refused to stand with him for for justice and true justice sorthings that are protecting are children and stead we've got political parties that are harboring criminals and refuse to call of the human trafficking and the lack of borders we have in the state of michigan a systemic corruption and failure of the united states of america the entire government nothing more than special interest and o and usurpation of the constitute and i'm going to stand with that and any one that holds an office right now needs to be or in place should never be allowed to hold an office of any type whatsoever and i don't care if they are if there you know a good person trying to make a difference of this line it needs to be in in a complete total to replace because we will never be able to figure out who actually was in there doing the right thing and who was a doing the wrong thing i had that one guy that came on and i'm sorry i heard everybody's feelings o there i don't care i had the guy come on here and say we need to pardon really how you going to get that accomplish schooner have you ever you don't have you have you don't play last give me some wisdom on this i'm not seeing it i don't know how you hear your africanist through this and instead of putting the wings politics and place right this nation we don't have a lot of time left we're running out of time and options at this point oh i'm going to go back to the chat one time because they're this pretty accetto day this is he another train derailment pennsylvania i i've got some i've got some of observations on the train derailments ah it seems it's coming to light that you remember when we had all of the yellow skies here and they sat at the fire coming from canada from the north east down and two and two a michigan and a sparse is say a ohio and illinois how are the howard the fires in the north east i like i'm talking hundreds and hundreds of miles away deciding to float down and out to the south west and claim that its fires that were given us the poor out air quality and that chemicals ah i hope everybody out there is got through little thinking caps and he has the figured out that had nothing to do with fires there is no possible way that that was that that was coming in this direction for his fire as it went and in this higgerson and had that kind of comical smell not a chance but when i did uncover is that the train is the trains that a ring on the tracks and i think there's a lot more going on behind the scenes in what we're seein we're leaking comicals and i would say it was by design you don't have that kind of failure and have continued the they they would come down on us like there was like ugly on an ape and the regulators would if if we were having that kind of leaky and it looks it looks like it's coming out more and more that the trains were actually leaking potentially poisonous chemicals on purpose ah my found many articles in references to this and actually some people that had done some more investigation on that and i will be bringing that forward because i have some serious concerns on what was actually happening here and so i think the good guys out there who are under the direction of god almighty himself or actually bringing down some of these organizations owned by black rock than guard and state street capital etc which are railroads are under their ownership and so on the th the air lines read a huge problem trying to get everybody home yesterday from turning point and the air lines are having so many problems right now there's some this somer questions to be to be asked about the some of it comes from i believe people who were on who didn't take vacation during cove that are all mobbing the airlines right now but we also have a pilot shortage as well i don't know if you know this but they have pretty well nationalized the air lines through palace so the air lines this something we can talk about two to later time the addeline actually have em a currency the frequent pantofiles i turned into a currency you can cash them in and use them as money to buy things on amazon to continue to tie and to the globes owned and controlled organizations and corporate structure of this fascist world that we let it this is part of the playbook they've done it before in other countries before they fell a done it here it's going to happen again guarantee oh any how oh charlotte as republican party really screwed out kicking down one of the party what were they thinking ask yourself that one she is going strong and nothing's going to stop for she is what the party needs think you shorelet have that's what the what this is may be this truth and this now back down ah attitude is what americane and ah i think i would i would i would ask everybody if you want to fight or stand with me and we will figure out interchase it you know what i would put evrything out there as governor you know what is in the do i was going to pause all taxes i was going to pose him all pass all takes what did pasiteles and i said it if anybody was listening to me i said it we're going to pause a until we at the same figured out and then we're going to popish the books from top to bottom from the top of the stake down to every department and every municipality we are going to grab hold of that wherein to publish every thing we're going to go it's going to be more afectan wept within witwicki les because every word that has ushered for from jonathan raiders out through mails c was going to be thrown right out there for everybody to see and there was going to be nowhere to hide i'm sticking with that that is that is the donna ma right there are as usury usury and a man astroturf all of the other candidates were also screwed all it all still cow towing for morsels thrown by the establishment it would be funny if it weren't so sad here apsley right look at how cally went from one issue to the next to the next look at what's happening with christina crueland the rumors which we will have to say i heard from a pretty good source and a several sources as she stuck in at run in for see and after failed seven months of no transparency tell me why i want to know why i love to her for some coroberating thing and i'd like to see you do maybe there should be somebody other that should st just run against shonisun against her in kind to stuck on the governor's rice right now on the only candidate who is not conceded because that is the only one that can write this state and actually the nation if we had i was told the long time ago if we have one honest governor we can write the entire united states somebody who would follow the law and has the guts to do what needs to be done apart from the opinions that are out there too bad that the republican parties through me under the boss but that's exactly why they threw me under the boss because here all sitting there trying to hold on to power ah all of them top to bottom talked about oh anyhow i nick said thanks donohoe willingness to hear the truth i taxed you please give me a call or text when you are free i've got to get back to her and then esther churchesad ah don't come back on more ontologie you know what i'm goin to give me chance to talk i want to hear it from everybody and either he is going to say the truth and they will provide bomb proof truth or we can look at the a circumstantial evidence that's out there and make them pretty good sets of words going on and so there you and will see denis says i'm so happy you went turning point the sweeting i totally agree with your observation about politicians poncaster except not wanting to come here to meschino can we fix the disdivid in michigan we have to get them to come it is a bigger issue we could sit here in the morass of the mot republican party and the democrat party i'm going to go back to the what happened men with the u s tachers party the constitution forty i told them my son i'll burn this thing right to the ground you you just watch me if if this thing is is not standing for it what it says it is and you know what they did it they cleaned the party out they they got rid of every one that was actually standing with a person who committed a fourteen year on intellect happen it happened some one red went ahead and registered themselves allegedly but we all know happen the board of elections a governor candidate for the steeper part of the constitution party without being boletin they went ahead somebody snapped the paper work eastanother to do it to get a job done and with turned in with board of elections once again disqualified down to braid of er forget not the ballot get i was once an kicked off illegally because of this date go back and that you as taxpayers hardy constitution party did the right thing they actually held a very quick convention and had to re revolt me back in again and revolted he back in and with the two days and i'm going to tell you what there's some people that i will like some mention their names they should go down in history book as true patriots in really good people who were standing for you they were still standing for you they'll more jerry then sickle so moved they moved to do the right thing and uphold the will of the people that's what they did and they refused to let people who were standing with in deep state and did the wrong thing to set up the party take it down they did the right thing they stood there and there's an amazing group of people right there who are willing to stand and in to tell you what if you feel so in cleanin to join us we will uphold your right to whomever you feel can run the country and thought ostenderet so its babytender cans and but we stand together for the constitution and law and order and people there are very well educated it's not just talking about political nonsense it's actually talking about policies and and lawful procedures to run this nation under what the founding fathers wanted it's not just lets let's have a sixteen year old tiger constantest to see who welliker all about the wings that's not what it's about it's not running this nation with actual integrity and so anyhow oh i will call you i will call you when i get off the phone oh you know what set me lesse a checked you and he will send me some men to test and then proved everybody right here be this as solidos sound much oh i believe in and throwing things out there the tax right here we go lassiedown won't put on else if you hey are you doing i'm great white do you mind i'm calling right on celebratest and i would like to everybody have a bed here your voice that they know that i'm not wings i can hold out in it a right who is speaking to you right now go head neck sothely speaking to you right now this is my prince peel so donarentur followed exactly what she said she would do and i didn't that call that now i'm going to call you when i get off the phone here to day because i want to hear what you have to say the anterior i i am a very known on sense individual and i will stand with any one that wants to bring truth for okay we are we are losing this nation because people are not coming forward and and speaking truth and i don't care who it comes from we've got to get through out there and i'm on record for saying that i said it over and over again so now soared knows and this is neck and i'm in a take you off ah then you you just monte pachoak on my one but let's let's have a time or we can talk after i get off line and then we will we will absolutely i will absolutely give you the ability to talk thank you so much coming on the chace to day i have much respect for you for sharing your name you o you both of you this morning i have a lowers ect for you doing that thank you so much have great day and that's how it's done people this is so people actually follow through on their word and follow through with what they say that they would do not afraid to talk to people who they may disagree anyhow so let's see we've got ah thanks down a this was from neck he rolled his foregone for you're willing to hear the truth attachable oh esther church and then charlotte you have to get john tater in as lieutenant governor john taters amazing he knows the law he knows history he is military and he has done so much in the court system of innitt's why we come out on tuesdays to educate people on how to use the law to defend yourself apart from justicestern justice in it we have a system but is not a justice system because there's no justice in the system whatsoever so it follows on us to do something brian came on and so as soon as us taxpayers party michigan is perceived as a threat to the establishment they will send an hole trader there out of in there they they had him in there before i even showed up and a dokeep people busy that's they do with all these splinter organizations every single one of em is infiltrated by some one this is the huge group of people gisensis is do you think with the amount of money that's tossed around there hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars billions of josh they have access with an wiser who was on the board of the atlantic were talking globose were talking to voss money times a million it's amazing devices who are in it to county who are there with whose over there i'm no guarantee you the more we did we're going to find some more connections there who is over there joe moss joel stood back her all of the car dealership who is involved with the cordelers p espouses work for the car dealership how can these people are all connected how many card urships do we have in westmeston who have names on it of the parties that are actually finding the sporty families that are finding our elections not we think we should look into this a little but maybe i think we should connections tell us everything so the infiltrators will come i think that so he come away we had somebody that came and that was for acts my tax that came in as little miss oh pollyanna i've never been in politics really doernberg gets the phone out let's just chuck her out a minute that's uncomfortable for people and i sodomites as my tax look at look at where you are so that they the addresses that are out there looked at the address us let's look of the see of their sitting any addresses there it that are in common so i did that and looked up how many how many donations how may donations were given by little ness acts my tax which is never gotten into legatethe said they had done it they said that they filled them the committee's work filed appropriately could it wouldn't even be able to go forward without refining in committee at this point it is it is a shame little miss i'd never been in politics throwing it out there in three pages of donation including two lots of donations to who brighter mission pass in como and they were bagged dollar they were they were not a casual political a person who says i never been they were not that we had fifteen hundred dollar donations we had we had lots of different types of donations there's there's no way this person is a casual i've never been in politics person not a cent look at the donations but look out and you'll find all the connections that i do look at the donation look at laura look at their connections and who their standing with look at the finely look at who people are standing with and watch the rats run for the corner the traders to this nation as the traders and watch how they suck people in to their organization by throwing in those little bits and morsels things like can oh that hurt didn't but that her presses few people out there swetenes right now look at connections to toronto there there and it's up to us to bring them forward without caring with these people think of in if you're standing with the republican party right now our standing with some real questionable people i feel sorry for you because you're not going to play ball with they won't play ball with you they're only they're only going to use you just like they have the present delegates there using you they're giving you at a feeling that you have some power within that within their system the same thing of the masons do the low level masons here were in a ship yet chippy this where did chip you pass where to give you a ring we're going to make you feel like you belong we're going to have this this colt an tality in oregon to jump to the hoofs that we say you jump through i was told fled out that at the moltissima collectioner in rally and in washington michigan at an absolute disgrace that we would bring the rightful president of the united states into that situation with what was going on there and i felt like michigan dishonored the rightful president of the united states president donald to bring him to that and have him associated with such a childishly planned no water no food no hand sanitized ah one way and pretty much in one way out what would happen if the fire capacity was exceeded there no water ah tripping hazards that as somebody who is one of the only female pipe line company owners in the united states america would be shot down by the incredible hazardous conditions that they had around the under both topinard's all of it the whole thing we were walking through mud out there it was it was it was a model and oh you know the tripping and falling hazards and ours will as the the lack of sanitary conditions and no water and food for how many hours to ten hours by the time everybody got out of there i say hours eight hours they ran out at least by two o'clock present tromp never got on stage and till he was tileston seven but he's he's a he always takes time and so i don't think he got on and televideo that in the through what he said getting out of the parking lots and the the parking situation there that was ten hours with that was that was you know before things got got wound down there that was eight ten hours of o been without water a serious situation and wore on to have to start taking it seriously and all of us standing there to gather and questioning masha madoc electioneering rally where she said where it were every one that was on that was in the vip area was talking about this is all about making the pressing delegates feel good so the vote with hot for it so the vault with us with whom we want a plat that was what was but out everybody else it was running for governor got a nod i got shoved to an area where i wasn't even hardly seen because god forbid should we have down to brand and burgout there craig and perry were like a bunch a couple of prancing peacocks out there all over the place and it was it was kind of it was kind of interesting those are their chasingand dates i don know perry's got a lot of money and i'm not really sure you don't his status of in of why he standing with them but a doesn't show a whole lot of intelligence to me to stand with people that are the rigging the election starting with the primaries the candidates selection and the the the signature gathering so i happened so until they call out tell perry calls it out i couldn't i can't give him any credibility whatsoever he standing with him so there you go in the same thing with craig gill standing together select screwing the american people that their doing so a hare indeedgo morning down then praying you would get national attention you are the only one fit to leave the state hope others nationally taken not as i really appreciate that i believe that they are i really am heaving of an amazing opportunity to taught to these fool i have a lot of respect for the i i disagree with you know with this it's just about michigan politics it isn't it's about the nations standing together where we go on we go all and we're going to have to stand with people and there's some amazing talent and in talented people and smart people out there that we've got to reach out you we have to reach out to people we have got to listen to every one's ideas and bring this state this nation together they were going to have to were going after reach out to the they have connections they know people that can bring forward ideas costs not working what we have right now there's nothing working zero charlotte says that's the problem of politics and angels an agency and not profit something not being used i'll use it to run corruption is an abuse of the legal system and money landrisks sure as i look at the judges the judges are getting a percentage i think it's an eighteen per cent ah this is why the prosecutors are our so corrupt the prosecutors will not acute things unless they know they can get a money judgment or judgment of some how do you realize the prosecutors and the judges are getting at eighteen per cent kick into their retirement funds for the judgments of i hope this shock so living how out of every one the judges in the prosecutors are getting kicked back to the retirement account forfor of four cases of the kind have judgments this thinking minute that's why that's why the selective and it an that's why the jew they do bargain an anyhow i see i don't think esther was calling me a more on but rather implying that it might have been a more on knocking on dana's door fine you know we'll talk to everybody and i don't i don't care whether i greet or disagree with them but i want to tell you to day everybody on the chat i'm very proud of you please ask your friends and the people you know to jump on the whether if somebody comes in here just to cause a distraction and a gas light and did not have an honest destruct to put the to put the nation back to gather like a scene out of people like truth scope and some of these people who had just started in there to further their own quasi political agenda i have to look at that and say there's no possible way that these people that are running a hundred channels aren't a political operative how can you sit there with a straight face and tell me the some one who runs a hundred channels is administrated is not a political whose then whose pay in these people that keep saying that their working for free like the new executive director james court whose pay in them tell me that every one out there awake enough to understand there getting paid and their gittin paid handsome how much how much how let's see the receipt see the recent i want you guys all to look in to see he can figure in this hour or give you a clue here look at a job most looking too perhaps house this of a histoire the surrounding area question look in to yavero so up in hesperia look at this surrounding area it started as its the farms like the large farms where they have people working on them maybe there's some of them that have a pool or pools outside of a farm building with no parking but there's large pools you tell me why i want to know why so serious questions in a bean tell me look in a bat looking to base the harbor and looking to how many go will billionaires are up there why is john ramsey sitting up there with every single person that's it the hat of the republican part you ask me that answer me that question rulethat that some likely the people not a chance and why is it was i told directly by a guy who owns business up there that they were all headed down to naples florida together eleventh and the eighteenth of october of last tell me why that would be set directly to serious questions that need to be as and it's going to start and end at this moment in time with laying out every one and questioning every one in these political colt the controlling we the people not upholding them its atop on management make no mistake its top down management for manipulation of the vote to the people they have selected to be in old exactly the so anyhow oh next says i don't think astro was calling me a moron okay that's next sorry and then ask rosa's true nick it was about the door visitor oresteion t know you enough to call you anything so you done more more or not more on fanny and their laughing o reseminate the set you know what this is how we bring fol together and this is a good thing we need to stand together and when you were going to have our differences i had a guy that came up to me a turning point which i pretty much of his serrated on why for his wanting to ah touch i constitution which cannot happen because we don't it's not at work we have to clean out the corruption first before we touch anything that touches that constitution and these people that want to talk about the the convention states and such who are they and why are they pushing this so hard whose pain them are they actually just people or have you looked at who they are who are these be we don't know who they are we don't even know if he can the stimichon how may these people have connections too far masetials or health care there's a question right there were they playing ball with whitmer in order to make money all i'm sure they were sure they were he they're all light in the pockets they didn't have to be paid for work because why they were legislating it for an so they go gossec pe taking land what the hell absolutely and who are those people and the area of goshen who were taking big big dollars for their land those people are traders they deserve to go to get molasso out america to a foreign interest self game they sold us out it wasn't just goshen they did it in cooperation with seated politicians and people that sold their land to make millions traitors their traders absolutely they go down together all of them so with that she on to tell you what down on brandenburg is still going to be on your just absolutely infuriating the establishment and i am happy to do so some people can fight some of us love to fight a just and will not that down because we love a just for the point of fighting for god in his good purposes with no back down noble she no turning our back on this no gentile jesus with a lamb sitting at his post you're going to see i believe the power of god went on this nation because there's enough of us who want to see god and charge and not money not power the only power goes to god almighty and the only honor as to god almighty and i hope that i know i was told by a certain ex congressman carry that of all how that no one would remember me if i wasn't willing to pay the price and i had a witness that there and guess what the girl doesn't pay to play and i slipped him and said i never wanted to be remembered that wasn't anything that was ever important to me i stole don't i hope i die and i obscurity and you all just go on and live without me some day and it's going to be great because god's this world's going to continue on god is here is his world this is sandbach and he's going to do with it what exactly his purposes are that he has planted his purposes are always always good he is going to clean out the corruption god always wins in the one and he's going to light the fire on to this nation that they have no idea was was there they cannot kill the american spirit they cannot wipe out the resolve the passion in the love that those of us who serve god have for our creator god almighty our best friend to one who sits on the throne the one who is in charge of everything we lay it all at his feet and let him have all the glory the honor and the power of everything here let his feet we give it to god he is our actor are provided our saviour the righteous one only one it was that is righteous the one who was and is and is to come the often a bag and that the west and because he gives us the strength to stand and go on we live to fight another day and in people never stop and if any of us are taken out that's okay we got to go home big deal what's the big deal about that i'm ready i hope he guys are i am i know where i'm going eh we're going to stand for him it is good perch purposes if you say god's your friend poetif you say that that god is your say that gissara or prove that you are a friend to god not just that you use in of his ten digaeth you want lay in ottossee say whatever adventure you ones to be out o her willing then you earn it right then an there you earn the right to the speck of being a friend to god not just using not just saying his name when i re getting to trouble be a friend of god do the right thing don't lie don't she don't steal don't be like these guys that are standing there stand without a wavery no fair no back and now that's a friend to go and we all know it ah seventy says the devil wants osterias lutely absolutely but we came together under the righteousness of god the justice of god not just john child jesus with a lamp set not to be do nothing as we watched the world burn that's not or talking about your which about stand let me let me go ahead i'm going to do something on here i'm going to a let's put on is put on a video for a minute and then i'll say a prayer and sipahee rennet and he just climbs our palate to do to the duty the dew of a of all those things that that were having to deal with you know this is a glorious time to be alive honestly because we are in fact we are in fact being able to you are a long way from the obnoxious woman in the barn trying to do a short video you're funny the or ain't no noxious anxious he said you're a long way from the anxious woman in the barn tritou know it i was dying when i was starting through the videos i'd never done bites before like this one and i stand there with my horse getting the courage to stand in front of a camera and finally i was like god here going to have to do this for me because i am a failure at this and now you know it's like here i am here i am standing here you know before you guys oh it is it is only god the only way that i could continue to go on i'm going to tell you that right now i was never politically connect that was a real that was a real ah advantage is not having any political connections was also a disadvantage too however ah the advantage was that m hingool bunch of tex comin in here that that i could deunces em a little bit and half my weaknesses come out and a beam the strength my weaknesses were actually my strength and thus which is kind of amazing ah let me see what i got here in one try to put socred stremon here but in word disciplis into some beautiful things where we can we can come together and we can remember it's god almighty that we stand for the protection of each other as for that there's no back down there's no wavering we we will stand an take care of each other so let's just do this a menatan have a few minutes to praise god and know that he is and control we have nothing to we discloake a stand but a warrior on guys which a warrior on that's what we're going to do to day we're going to put our warrior on so far she there's one simple hearing hack any one can have no no proper hearing almost overnight and when not einyoko there a letter dependest to the abundance of your stood fast turn your house bound down toward spear of st let me your righteous cuistre all who take refuge as rest sprat your protection no so long your name when i set for you lest the righteous you comfort him which fate with twenty it behold we wish you i came you were after you go we got to the slave for i will not leave you into my atonwan i have crossed first drawn little child you are shrewd god waffles were come for she is its greater ohowish so it thirty shottery six you have given me the sheilayour selfish our ride and sordid me and you chetlessenten shekawattee for my steps under me i was sentidos she prsertem burst for keep your large free from amos aforetime with what you have for he has said i was deserted she sank first time he so first in but his inordinate provide for his relatives especially from members of his household she has to die the faith that is worse than enables james for catherine set yourselves therefore to god resisted the but she will see from you trot her to god or she who trod near to you home oh crosses for to twenty six at the fear of of ford for a strong confidence that his children loud a refuge some twelve verse finease or are because the mate grow i will now arise on such poor to i will place him in the safety for which he longs where is soprastare that was a beautiful way to stop this broadcast and i want to thank every one who came on to day dear hevenly father think you so very much for it every single person out there who is your foe fisher lives on the line for you who loves you who fights for your goode a kingdom honor as it is in haven please let every one know out there that as we work to these problems as you direct him you guide us down this path to figuring out how to em function again as we watched babylon all around us that we can stick together we can be kind to each other we can bring the truth forward and we can work these problems is is your children holding absolute justice and righteousness at the same time that we pick each other up with our broken hearts for what we have seen done to our families friends are communities and our nation we love you so much in you gave us the nation too to a protecting the fan and now it's up to us to maintain it and put our fire fee to the ground in our hand to the plough in order to get to work and write things that you ask us to do pray for this nation we pray for a huge pouring out of your spirit to at each and every purse for truth for healing for provision and the spacemen tality that every one seems to be going toward that they never have enough for you know what we have enough you've given us everything that we could possibly want you you we were grateful for every single thing that you give us were grateful for the small things like so and the food you given us that are animals in our lives even even stones to look at or the sky or the clouds are the people round us were thankful for the things we love about people in the corks sometimes we have a hard time with we're thankful for every single thing that has come from your hand is your good all thetis and we want to say this day we lay our expectations down at your feet we lay our lives down there in any way you ask us to do we want to be your friend you give us everything and help us to know what to do to bring friendship that to you in love it's not about us it's about serving you and your good purposes and your kingdom and the people round us that you also love the ones that you love destroy the plans of the enemies in no leave nothing standing not one thing standing that is the part of plans of the enemy please we ask that you send satan ab solutely ripping into a into obscurity and back to how werbel ngs where he can never touch another one of our brothers and sisters here because the battle is with principalities and powers and we want you at the hat we will fall in line underneath you and do whatever it is you ask because you are our god our lord and our saviour we declare it we affirm it this day we wanted just let you know that we love you and we want to be your friend and a is christ precious name pray a man why shore hope everybody out there has a wonderful day to day lots of people on the chaps i'm as saygod bless you there's a lot of us fighting out there and we're not going to back down or pointing together not works of people who will stand for the nation when the gaskets cleaned out in its going to get cleaned out i believe it's already started bright now and there's some cool things that i found out this week and that i think i know how they're doing it amazing so things are always as they appear never lose a keep the joy o keep your warrior fight on stand without wavering no fear casesgod's got this he's got this we're just going to work through it and we're going to have to we're going to have to stand through some crazy things and maybe some things that may not be exactly the way that we want but is way god wants that he's bringing a son of captivity so ho go is it so here we go where on an adventure please go to win me mean brand of her for governor not com i am the ah i have not conceded the election i will not concede to lir's chiefs othes and i will continue to fight no matter what role i am in i'm going to continue fight for this nation that i warned everybody when i started you might want to have me in a position that it is actually standing with you because if i'm on the inside i'll have it i'll have a state to put back together if i'm on the outside i have there is there's no lesson me i could do whatever it takes to put the nation back to gather as somewhat the title is the title hanscom make it easier as sometimes to make it harder for pig but regardless of you have the integrity and the honour and god on your side title as a good make any difference whatsoever you've got absolute freedom to do whatever it is that you need to do to take this nation back is as ah we the people the rightful the rightful ah people in charge of this nation so it's okay when win either way does matter paths the thirds of mice that's all we have to look at right there for letters cheeks of this you did it to yourself so no sorrow here not sorry for the choice as you made he had a chance same thing with christina gave you chance and proces i chose poorly so anyhow everybody out there her less sodoier here tingtingting what's she got to go on opposite here came isback words so a god bless you god bless all lowsomewhere and god blessed the aricoma it a great day god be a friend o god he needs you and he sees all the stuff that we've seen in times of millions so unseasoned good stuff to day give him a reason to be thankful for a rereached hahvee day and see it tomorrow johndories day gonog back the constitution the herule the way we defend ourselves when we don't have judges or prosecutors or law enforcement who will act pope follow the law or legislative who'll actually you can do it we can do this together so come stand with us you can reach out to me in any point time i put my number out there six months six or three zero for for one zero collier