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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/14/2023 Kirk Launius & Ally Raskin

Published Sept. 14, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Kirk Launius is a proud United States Navy Veteran who is the founder and CEO of Global Wealth Builders. Kirk contested the election results of a bond election in Dallas and will talk about his what he saw. 10am Ally Raskin The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court has sided with a local mother in a case against the Dallas Independent School District (DISD), allowing her to represent her children in a lawsuit. Ally Raskin sued DISD in response to the mandates requiring students to wear masks. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the fourteenth of september twenty twenty three and welcomed so welcome to our show to day oh i've got a a couple of relentest ing people and you know you have been kind of going down this hole lowsilea legal way to address things because we're not getting to prosecutions out there we just keep hearing more of it hence but nothing's se and on my telegram chanted one day ah kirkly think i can't i don't want to say less name won us ones i cojoined the telegram and reached out to me sighs crawled emineat talking and and i he led me to my the next guess which is allerand she has a prosing on or his one one and so then the really nice thing is being able to talk to a whole bunch of people and try to figure this out and i last week i had as earlier in the week i had three calls in one day trying to get me to go grab your torches and pitch fork ottakoon kind of cap you know the ideally in that kind of stuff which is absurd stupid don't do it an idea a bad plan there's better ways of doing this and as we talked to doctor graves yesterday you know this this all can be solved if we use the right given to us in a legal way to in fact uphold a right to we don't have any rights if we don't defend those rights god gave us the rights the constitution guarantees that but if we think we're going to sit back into half things rolled down to us and as you know it without fighting for him or standing up with things go wrong ah we're wrong you we have to stand for and in order to do that we have onderstand the pros so without such am i corks going to be in here in a second kirkisani texan licensed peace officer former dales pr police officer united states navy veteran and anteponer residing in dallas he earned agree in economics from university of texas and austin and was republican candidate for the dallas county sheriff and two thousand twelve and six he was endorsed by america's toughest share of ah joe a wappoose that guy i was as ever see with the shadows the great it's like like we're going to have the inmates were pink under wear out the middle of desert and you know he does a readies a lot to behave or modification which i love and the founder constitutional sheriffs and peace officers association a share for red oh kirk was a plaintiff in colection lawsuits which were cases of first in red the cases reach to supreme court taxes and uncovered evidence of wrong doing which is feeling the grass roots a grass roots campe to insure honest and legal elections and tucked there's much more but i'm going to let him you know talk about what is done because i got out his linton and i was looking round you know i always kind of check people out before they come on just because you know i interested i'm interested in what they do right so i went checked it out and like all this is amazing and we have some discussions on by telephone and i think he goes are really good enjoy this day moniker how are you or morning donet pleasure to be here ye an't you katsi never asked how to pronounce your last knaves obvious lanius okalokina the lawn okay lodinapoleon not an ll never make the mistake again so i should ask before i got so anyhowsome than one heauynesse a number syllables were brandenburg oh it's a ship shot in pronouncing it but what people get followed up on his how to spell it yet here you say brand and burg they say brandon burg and thick not on a non dana brandeburg brandon saversthomas brandon i to end i think it's a very so so not about not oneidense who you know is obviously a woman but you know he has a hastelettus be at your brand at no no no i'm and in a spillet brand in the erg or the owner of the unleashes so anyhow well one of only beyond with you i have been following you for a while and and i love what you said about you or people that are dashing people to others you know when a i believe it's proverbs it's in a chapter twenty seven seventeen iron sharpens iron and one man or to be one woman sharpens and other essays on it starts with one one man sharpens another said when i think i know we get out and help in the other be because he's so much to learn out there now that none of us can get her hands around her arms round all of it so you know we we might we might have some knowledge in love different directions but we may only be a master of to percent of that knowledge which is why we need our front and you know you look at the i was thinking about how to explain this this morning i did in trying to do five or five k in the morning and saw his men and i don't run the whole thing and mostly walking oh but but i try to go that foreclosin my life too and that's some days to dishesful like a running she is like i put away to tasinasawin like the waist i'm not i'm not particularly fond of running i'll do it but it's not my favorite activity but anyhow thinking about how we have been so divided up over the years in its kind of sad because we had the freedom like any garden you know i'm a farmer and a younowhat have horses and chickens and gensan and i've always rev always had something we were growing and we've kind of been separated into little pots of identity or republican or democrat your woman you're a man you're a this year that you know you're our white or black which i've never seen you boy that's why or black were all variations of all kinds of things you know i aontrary scow towards a little more pink but i'm sure a sack out why and people who are black are not truly black they're usually a state of progrsso sort of brown which is counted as where i used to i down ifyne in these paths which is really sad because what is a pot do to a plant it constrains odinist rains when if we were out there just you know like wild flowers of the ore the way that were supposed to be you know we would be out there being able to move around in different groups and a you know enjoying the sunshine and that feeling like roots are bound her to the colts that were in isles pots are called and you know what we owe to we got to leave them because because all they do is separate us and keep us in these little echoes echo chamber and the best thing we can do is get out there talked everybody you know somebody may be a dandy lion somebody else may be you know em the bomb somebody else may be a cabbage or somebody else may be a carrot who cares you know but but we can the beauty of us coming together and the things that we can enjoy in that room throw a plants and menestrels were isolating ton waris in his farewell address about two through our republic and one was for an influence the other was party affiliation and you know there was a tea short going around that said you do not a republican i'm not a democrat i'm an american and i antoninecharlotte to be a marinateto solation afraid to find the flag but the enemy knows that if we can be divided and have you met siranother yeh she's really nice why do so i saw her recently heard alice and she said when she and her husband were arrested there at their home by the pitkin her door in now that story she within the yard handcuffed and had in charging a wire you doing this and he looked at her and he said because you connect i recently that shilling yeah well you know it's like it it is because that's why they did the lock on yes what you have been discoverbut the five rites that are guaranteed by our first men or freedom of association are freedom of speech and religion and press the right to petition or government for rejicere yes he learns with disclaimer they long to keep this apart you know you people used to meet in the taverns and talk things over and and you know the green halls and you don't really good ones hindostanic rch is and all that kind of stuff and you know now it's it's been so divided i mean i opened my barn up during covetise screwonly coming to rest me at all care and anybody at wanted to come was welcome we feledest or the barn that was out eversion the whole statelie forget it i long i shot in anything down if we had so had somebody that was on the board of our city council he thought he was going to he was going to flex his muscles on me and he and i stopped and about forty feet down the driveway and he started he started you know finis just out not on what you you know this wasn't i had a state roupysome stupor too and i just started going after him and the in his tail and a professional form and the next thing i know he's hid behind the door of his car and finally he sunk back into his little hole and laughed and on likelihoodhe plan i've oligoston i traveled to michigan on business over the years and are you miseris th there is an argument going on people say is again he and i say michigander because i know for i hit i like that i like the you know oecope ni just hate what you know considering people that one in selected there now we can't a sane that those things won't happen in texas they have no odacon anybody said in the sea to select my oneattention probably for my entire life now we just know what it is very wishtanatans michigan connection to day on his think that's ane allen texas cool you got cold way with down there i have called welledaie colors we are come sees ye've been down there you know we work in the gastinnoi in these in time down there by midlandsa oh yearsthough there the crinoline for any to stoopendale the gray green her conservative an in cowboy boots so sanoista about you so tell tell me about let let's accounted of everybody intellegerint you've done this kirk longus and actually put together a little slide there for he his jarred my memory i was going through some pontoons if you want to share screen i can just come to go chronologically though not like you'll tell little bit about my background and what i'm all about hansei can do this in slide street screened all held on my desk talk so i don't know if you're able can you share it they should be bought on the bottom a sus pen i'm looking for that i see private hare and where would i see would be on her a onfortinate got it and then do adieu present was spring and then i how is that you do as his fonondese back in what you lesson ah a photo up i can see herself for her but if i have if you want me to do it i can do it oh i'm sure and i'm sure it my scream so we to londergan and elected have to share oh yes kaye this is yet cool isn't it the right one here here we go all right he's that perfect o con now once once you're there that i add you in like this here tragsessel trust that you can so if you give you can see i were or where your on talking for homer you can see both of our heads you should be able to see that the photo seacooles a cruel it is it is fantastic okay so the little guy there is me that's my older brother brian yes an anesthesiologist in a higher and you know it's or with wood up to milroth he speck two years older than me we did have a lot of things together we were in bosco that photo yeah yeah this is great you know and so i was i was taking a sail and i called up with him and he was about to aid do in a becoming not so i caught him and we we had a deal he scouts here that's cool said yet that was that was as then i i too am araneidan cross country and you mentioned to five cave this is the doublestroke trot years ago that's me on the left i got free am not a runner don't don't i but i can but i ofyou're runner i'm not a fool i do i like to disco on walks and listened adios now on a ride my boy but that was my ewe ran the full twenty six points in marathon and down then as school and yet then i ran all the way to this place and college before you get the wrong impression let me call if this that is lenin's to behind me but i was a student at the university of texas the rest exchange program i still sounion this is nineteen eighty nine in we were paired with eros university the ever played the game is so irkutsk people love here could from their that's houdiniere but first we went to moscow lastly leningrad first which is now some we at moscow the way back but yes so i got to visit to a communist country and they were such gracious hosts and men corsets red square after see all that but then you know i saw all the the way they honor their history as well and this is in a memorial to the war dead the millions kill and germany to each other and asseman people now the people respecting their their history and those that gave their lives let me stand in nestor rule large door and action when a grater saint petersburg and that said said they painted that dome during waiters so the knoxis couldn't target it is survived and look of cotton so beautiful for work in now that petersburg and look you else i say though so union was a godless nation but i walked out in the sheets in the beautiful thing last and it was there version of a department or and course there wasn't much to choose from but our hosts were so gracious i mean there were there were giving us even when we went out all the way to siberia and that's frozen like bill nobeling an it freezes a metre thick in the winter thirty blows her or forlinensis with that article is vesperi enced in in probably ten ten or twelve below yet this was we colder than that but then up tintotintino a gets pretty cold i mean i've been up there when it was twenty below and that didn't include the wind shall he remember my great freezing in now on my lips this was what in siberia and lake by coles the largest if at one sixth of the world's fresh water in it and nor the saber of north evans the mongolia and actually my great great grey grandfather be mongolian so maternal grandfather with from creation he told me later about the mongolian ancestry in or where all day hardly give you of a gracious people can be around the world this was in the little town on the banks of the lake by col and incredible people very ragged people like michiganders there were but were most he monotheists important when people label if you're talking the people putting us in boxes now you're white guy you're white gal it ignores or cultural and ethnic history and we need to remember that if i not why not i sat creation mongolian in a moravian ancestry people is wont to put in he said as but our hopes were so gracious they live in wooden houses there on the shore lake by calling and so those were my types of college experiences this is me and two friends craven and sarah we got back to austin texas the russian actually came back and did we did a duel exchanged the russians got to come to it i remember them standing in the produce section the supermarket is crying in her like who are you crying they're like we've never seen such beautiful vegetables and is no and it was his very humbling by incomes and we've got all kinds of ability to a two of have products no absolutely but these these really great folks back in by col the town is called both shikashi h and now there's there's cats that roam the hills there along the shore line and they actually shared the milk from what the one cow they had in the village and were like no no we can't drink you have there i know we want you to have it but i got back to austin with this no sense of gratitude and my friends and i wanted to talk about these experiences but in this is what gives me hope for the future about our elections for example he sinhad been on the air and the pass but somewhere in the twentieth century they were cond of kicked off the air and we had a national public radio of filial diversity you imp well no it's government funded by day stewed to be on the air we really can have the opportunity there are a lot of hangers on one had for sweet in the floors there they graduated years ago we just couldn't edge in there to get or opportunity to play music on the air or do a new shower a commentary anything sir my friends and i we started and student radio task for us and i ran for student government vice president on a platform of security and radio and tv and success that's me instant said it the texas state capital in the background rideable my head he pleasant to hold the gavel in body about fifty thousand it was a real election and i think it was honest cause it was and county paper bells and i really want and we got to push through and cats roasting its now called cave or years ago but it's so often now get on we can go to kate rex down organ i can listen alive streaming from the students you are carrying on that great tradition of course lost in become this big music to we we branded this none of the italo the time it was great i got to play world music on my music show he covered the news and in a week i the taliesin a minute is it we can go back to the a county paper ballots can unlearn these their habits computers in elections they have to we have to get rid of him you know look at all corinthischen and go back to them absolutely this was some equipment there was donated by caleb j which a big of course not my favorite president but his widow labor johnson was very gracious a met her through the ionisation the cave klberio a man find often the actually donated the first equipment that we used at the sigarari state that was really cool so this was my i thought this was funny look at that modern computer we we labeled the surplus equipment this computer works use it bled every just cobbled it together we made it work and that's why you know the spirit of the people like myself there going out saying now like right here a dolesome goes silfor the precinct chares of pushing to have here county paper balance and this was the group of students that there's my friend sarah this was or or journalism programme within this is all the things we learn outside of the classroom just doing it ourself so proud of these students that i got to be a part of it there i did finally graduate you know i got a back degree in economics the casheeny credit i started in engineering has my dad after he left the air force went to work for a start up that was texas ne to and he pointed a small roll in the development of the very first come see i started out in engineering but i had all these extra curricular activities that we somuch learn all of this casting my credit to gathered liberal arts degree of economics and there i was some graduate and i i thought he wanted to follow my brother's footsteps so i did all the preved and i got in the match and here i am as the first year medical studies but you'll notice my hair was starting to then and what really got me was that the pharmaceutical rats were already in their lobbying on capture us for the mark even his first here it really turned me away i really i just wanted to study notes you remember i was a runner and i wanted to be healthy so actually took a leave of absence after the first year and worked in the biology lab and after the second year i decided it wasn't for me and i laughed in became an anteponer these are the influencers that's my mom she's the youngest of five if her elder brothers they're all in more worthie in different branches and serve the oldest uncle paul des passed away he's over hundred years old but i don't work you he was a bombardier trainer and when somebody of the flight crews were in a shot down he added exually flying mission emissions of her germany and i can tell stories about each but these were my influences and then my dad was cree war era veteran the air force this was the tribute to my dad that he passed way couple years ago for cancer and there's a nice poem there that with from john lese he can chifly i won't read it now but it's a beautiful poem just mademoiseile too in air traffic control or so but he forgave me for growing navy oireland to serve and i didn't have that out of my sister i got it a little bit later in life but they in the last moment i could have joined this was in june it went her two thousand on the before nine eleven and at the same time cause i had had some success is an entrepreneur in the telecom industry and i had time and in money and i one of his slow down and supposition to speed doctor what an forgave to join for joining the navy so dat we find two we stept to land on the in that of a shore and also wanted to get it because one of my men to words he ran the fbi here in dallas he said in as much military on a enforcement experiences you at there i am in the police academy and this was not i joined the dove poised partment and the navy of the same time and then of course september to thousand one in a we were attacked and i'll bet froglike what have i got myself in my boot camp we scolded in october two thousand one i persevered that's me in the foreground for my recruit class gone this was weapon and pretensionshe i tried take the gun away from the other person it was intense and are really valued that tree so there i am graduating you know in two thousand four president bush came back to dallas after an election i to the crowd tessie before he went back to the ranch at crawford i was in this particular the task went that secret service argentation and i was at the back door of that rena roshan's hand the first lady and the twins and condoles arise not many people get to shake the pan to the the president reelected theories about that there i was in folgofon with side arm and all and shaking the president's hand but i haven't service clarence then i went off on on my military exercise is to the great republic of korea so lot of people got sense of the sand box i was fortunate i had no choice and it or went to western pacific so a prabo japan and korea that ten years but i would go back and forth between my police work and being deployed on these military exercise most of my time the republic of korea and they were great because they took my i and telecomics sperience and put me into it and cyperce but in my all time i got his kids english tyrrel perstringuntur worked directly imbedded with hurry on a navy and i got to actually spend some time in the joint security area you recognize those building i do not that is in the joint security area within the dense if the same location where president we raced across and met him onginneth is between the the same to buildings this was a few three years prior to that i used to look out these windows cause the demarcation line is right there between those are north korean soldiers on the north side and escaltata lines that when you're in these buildings and you look out of the window look right into the eyes of these north korean soldiers he pre much brain washed he you ocilla the set and their flour powder they do exactly that's what it does to be so great experiences on the day that i epidote their transport out the you in commander he was also over your force is crea general bell is with forster so you know it's a armistice not of cold surrendered i think fifty three so had there be a flare up of hostilities he would be ill then her in command but he was leaving the same days i got to that all ceremonies he was pretty cool i lactoserin came back there i am doing my iteansis cried pettyofficer hector religious the love for america and when wanting to be an entrepreneur gains and then with that you mentioned that i ran for sheriff i on my free time i would go with friends down to the border was a number of years ago but i don't see a fence there or wall that that was that literally the rio grand almost out my old passages a little dry river bed just walk a cold you are not havechanged they took on some of the ranchers out there told me that they were just ranged their cattle back and forth on each side of the border and so i did run for dallas coning sheriff in ten twelve and twenty sixteen that sheriff man he founded the constitutional shee for pio to be your differences with him every time i go to phoenix said i don't his office first and i did this at that tessie the pink on your ware yeah that's fun and the inmates there now some people said oh he was abusing those prisoner but to a man they told me they like it out there under the in the shade there they had fans and i want to be in an air condition holding the ones that were there he at least had that choice you recognize you from your neighboring state in now with constant heterogenic that was a press conference we did in dec the national press and you are not to do you out of public speaking and enlarge my net work so no the weapon successfully said i got forty one forty two per cent of the vote in twenty twelve which was pretty gardabhas just what they tell you you know you don't really know what's coming in and out of the black ball it is now that you voted you know how you voted for and you know who the government says one the election but were not relished with his black box long july twenty sixteen i was actually running for sheriff again we had five officers several of whom i knew the first name on this list less worn arenas in the police came with he was one five officers it was assassinate the shore was targeting white officers or so he thought sergeant smith michael smith was actually born in taiwan he was targeted as the officer did ah this was sane she we were gaining in twenty seventeen i had to have some major surgery and she was great she is from russia as you can a beautiful artist now by my side there through my surgery and all unfortunately in twenty nineteen on september the she was flying with the friend they down in florida is airplane in the crashed he was killed in a plane crash he was only thirty eight years old that was a tough year for me in a lot of loss professional colleagues in losing sanewas really or really tough course then we were hit with thank you and i'll just pause and say there's a go really great book it's called don't waste your sorrows the author is plasta billheimer he was of the pastor he passed away the nineteen eighties it's really an interesting treatment of suffering and if you look i think it's in second time it talks about if we suffer we shall reign with him and if you are real kingdom things that really help me get high what was coming out next for us right and twin twenty with all this nonsense it and so that's when not relating to my sheriff's election but in twenty nineteen i was invited to serve as a pole lowther in doubtless county elections then not have just at the polls but at the central counting state that's the one location where the voter table and immeriting there's a statement he cried it into stalin's not i votes that matters but counts about so this is doctor laura pressley she runs true texas elections you might want to have her own is again and she had waged the battle in open she ran for city and there were things that distant look cried statistically impossible he said she lost the election then up in the poles significantly and her opponent only moved into the district like two weeks part of the election on twenty some in democrat in it lot of statistical analysis she has ph chemistry and physics her case lost at the district level in the appellate level in fact the judges sanctioned her for bringing what he called and the appellantor called the frivolous as sanction herne lawyers like over hundred thousand old and threatened them if they appealed in any further to the texas supreme court they be sanctioned again she was undeterred and what all the way to the texas open court and get this she did it prose and she won put a precedent and if she hadn't wanted to texas to bring work myself and other later plainest when an been able to use some of the types of even you know what cassirer's are so i there's other people it may not know what they are so just place contained deforceor process is to educate every one you had her case on this is laura actually educating our share of said big event in twenty twenty one the eastern area and cast forewords basically depends on the type of equipment there were the rees was her basely just to touch screen the voting machine and there was really no paper record of the battle is oil from your finger on a screen and there's no way to really go back and ought at the elections approprie and so doctor pressley your head interestthe events she came up about down in and o course over the last few years his her case what necklace fifty but look how many people are awake on and how many groups are really pushing to have the michaelsschule about going out and getting the cask boat raced public records requests that we can actually and so laura in her teaching her trainings talks of the importance of add it long cause even the machines are superseded produce altiora and i knew that as a te inside security a spur in i have built secure compartmented information facilities as ci forse in the navy and so when i was in central counting as a pole lather i was just a pall that what they claimed was the secure environment i scared all all the vulnerabilities so really great learning her his as in during the time is actyon the road in the share of this was said miller or agricultural commissioner at one of our events and try to tell the sheriffs you have the authority investigate this just as darley in michigan told yesterday in a course of at the same time frame your recognized beautiful lady on the right there that's heather his very guest on your shore this the congress woman they fand in and was in twenty twenty one and at an event and this saganeiti a major loss let me to me people like ten you've had as a guest on your hip staying in the battle right yet how their antienter just just wonderful people so so this leaves me to another favorite a couple here chris han and jasiel and chrysantas livery for society they've also which which is an educational your liberty for society dock com but they produced a film a couple of years ago released in twenty twenty one called non able and if one in a word on vast oval superdominant on it filled bestial in the second version incite the sheriff came out last year and sobbing going to a citizen groups around all two hundred and fifty four counties and informally is just texans for constitutional his and you know it's pretty crazy done we've had a share of it i told me they have the power and authority to demand the feds present a war it to the sheriff for the sheriff to review before that federal warrant in served in their county and no darlifo tell you about that of sure of bread rogers over an elkhart county indiana protected the amish farmers you were being persecuted by the fads for he they were given away wrong milk eggs and cheese and for that they were been threatened with a wrath by the fads the sheriff stood in the gap and film shows people citizens and the sheriffs the power but i've had other sherifs in texas i own now now i don't have that power in efenealdan show me the warrant any way but not if they don't demand it so that's what and that's what we sir tho the topower that non compliant movie dot come and so recently at the sheriffs association of texas comes myself and my friend tania had a booth and we promoted them to fell and also we wanted to make sure the sheriff's knew what this is rooted and so big and large bigger than life tis close to and now give sure mac has been assailed and a tack by the people in the media that have left out the key for as from nor says this constitution and the laws of the united states we shall be made in pursuance thereof the means the laws have to comport the legislation has comport with the constitutions found her said it's no and boyd we made that clear to our share this is their power this is one of the cots in the presentation that chris and the liver no people will tamely surrender their liberties nor can easily any be easily subdued when knowledge is one a virtue is preserved that's why i love your show in the mission we have in text a sheriff is because we're educating you were on to say on the call the contrary when people are universally ignorant and debauched in their manners they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign ideas and unfortunately that what were seeing happened in america i will play his video but this was a presentation that they chrysantha there in a tour sheriff and throughout the show we had all the three fifty four sheriffs attacks as the sheriff boyd from galico ty ro page not far from the border dealing with all the problems of the the hoss in the border in trafficking the sheriff the whilst one of those red as the republican one ran as a democrat with their both americans and texan so are upholding the constitution and in proud to stand with him and there's or your next gastonthe next hour oleoresin and a lady on the left or on the fright in his father my friends have carries the director of a policy or the jacobeans ministry one of your familiar with that group but they're fight even traffic and jack on the other right here was a professional athlete in south africa sister disappeared brieves for six years that in no worse she was basically i know i i have i have watched some of his videos he he had a documentary copiesthat is released her and she be a great guest for his wealth also this is man osborn there for ten ballard and one probably gone to see on the sound of freedom the actual film that shows the real operations that are the basis of tristor and sonredo is called a triplet and on we do school right here in dallas few years back they went to a presentation they wanted me to get moved with them than ages wasn't the right time in form nor had elderly parents that in other some grey people doing some great things and in the next hour of course you're going to hear here from all but anyway that's that's why so sligo there opened that little band that thrilly nice it like mad on one that that's really nice that some you you've got amazing amazing story to tell and a iimiracles that i gave up medical i i don't see it that way are his followed my passions his desire to serve in sled me here and and i wouldn't be talking to you he if no meaning all these wonderful peeps you know in other archie because he told me that she had been invited to speak it was in the constitution party conference and saint louis ah that like a well we have a median the spring in the follow the fall one general flings going to be there this fall in october so that at the speaker round up is just amazing how o the true truly amazing so ye that's where i'm not how there and then i've had her on the show a couple of times and you know of course we've talked and then we went down to a john riches a house that was so thin that sure of that there yea i did that was really nice an ever opothenoun into all thank you yet he coldinteresting do that he had been in the pen on john rode that was really fond and you know it is so amazing to go to all of these all these events and such and have really meet people who who truly have made a difference i think that you know right now i'm ended up being able to provide a place for people to have a voice and people actually see the the the ones that are working more behind the scenes is you know if you look on means tremedart you see the people that are standing front of the camera all the time and i'm not as interested and in those copropel quite honestly as the people who are the unsung heroes that are behind the scenes do in probably the majority of the work you know but we can aboutit's a mixed things just like you goin to do to a school or any not going i lawenforcement and military it's all a choiceit's also a leading by god himself into the areas that he wants us to go and so there there's no loss even go into medschool probably you know probably had a very special place for you and lawenforcement which is wonderful i mean teshibo works together you know otherjimthe bordermen there was for at the time reading all these books like member of the hot zone and all the the whole generatione day these viruses the escape and then i didn't really think about that he later on look at the fight were involved with no and how virus by a weapon whatever you want to call it it certainly deespite after the fact he wore different theories about that all those experiences it made me in you what we are one of the scriptures i really love is in romans twelve be conformed and so when you hear people who are kind of in the echo chamber the get insulated and then they don't have fine the really be e life out there with others and so their views are fresh their dis repeating roman twelves as benoommed of this world but the transfer transformed by the renewing of your mind and i was reading this again last night i thought he so much fear especially people are talking now about artificial intelligence and when i read this verse again last night transformed by the renewing of your mind god saying focus on the mind i've given you don't be fearful about this artificial mind or intelligence that summer assembling that you may prove what is good and acceptable in pure will of god be not afraid they can be used for great good those who will mean the use that technology for evil god will turn to good and romescos perfect will god and we don't have to be to be and he is as all things for good to those who love him and are called acorden with purpose so even even somebody you know there's a story you know you go back to lord of the rings and gold mithian ended up being no is cotocolis little guy ran but in the end he ended up being the one to destroy the through his grief the ultimate the ultimate youknow enslaver and i think that that was that that's a point that we can all take it said dividing everybody up realized that there's a lot of people out to that are just really struggling at me never and truly really evil people but there's also a lot of people out there that are just kind of you know modeling the playground and you know picking up rocks and throwing him once in a while you know doing doing stupid things that that you know that people do as some beans and i work human were not god the only one that was perfect was jesus christ and he and throston the rest of us were out there livinstone of each other all the time that falling on her face as he set the other thing you know we can't presume to know everything that in other person thinks or field and so they may be reacting to something in their past and if it's all in the way that they see things so like out i tell people is the lot you listened to people and taking things personally can be very a very easy trap to fall into it they're not telling you anything about yourself you know it's like you were on for office i ran for office everybody's attacking you yet know you're no good evil as she be all the time right and but the point the point being is that they're just telling you how they think there not saying a thing about you so you know we steel ourselves against an say oh you just gave me more information about you thank you so very much he just lay down here you're poker hand writ on the table as the noticethe edition of that book that i mentioned don't waste your sorrows by billheimer there's another book called bold love doctor dan allender and doctor temper longman and i talked about those very same things so you the enemy has his thrown rocks at each other there's a place of course slinging stones or a stone the case of david sherif back actually wrote a book are you a david are you a day and my middle name david fell really like that book but you don't there's a time and place for all those things defined it hopeful that the reaction on people adhering these rumors that i locked down could be coming again there's a different reaction now or receive people totolike in the theme of chris and hall's non compliance to the sheriff and film is saying we will not comply and hear a lot more now because we're away i think there is hope yet i think that's a big part of it i mean we were kind of like loose put under a spell and whatever you want to call it and not you know taking captive by the enemy and just following a long lock step stopped and not think now we've got people that are thinking that our also you know growing up a little bit you know growing up and coming into the owned and you can't return you know and when president tramp the right for president of the united states said i can there were here to return the government to the people i and a the thereshe rule into the hands of rethel they were able to flip a switch and turn it over to the american people a number of years ago it would have abysmally fate his people would run to the next person who stepped in in front of the mine had been all the answers and we would have had a dictator on the level of hitler or worse in order for people to be able to have that kind of power they got a know what it is the dynamics they got to see the the down side to what happens if its abuse and actually fight for the good purposes and honestly unite under god god's law is the perfect law and and you know he gave us that natural law and so we know he keep on know what's right and wrong will people say why didn't know it was wrong oh really learn to be about her liar because that's not stick in here you know people now you know that that something is wrong in the male they want to lie about it and it's like no god builds it in to s and i suppose the people will can't get to a point in time were they can't you know there's a point time were all of their their sole lichoman ity is all but gone you know we still know people know it well i think there there were facing an opportunity for people to show up an unseen more and more people awake and not encouraging to me you know in the next hour you're going to have polly on its very encouraging story i want it to just what we have less minute or two back in a back stay jo so you keep talking and in only nineteen when i fomelhaut and made as it was one quite one billion dollar a bond election and it was covered in the new american which is the jobbers sosie magazine and now it was basically as a pole later got to observe these violations of the election code de there was uncertified equipment and processes were used in the election and there were things words like corrupted or invalid or replaced as pictoors appearing in the audit log which a word you don't want to see in an audible and and so on we took that the district court and the judge i see things are way really sided with election equipment in software company and just we've tried to get the force code access to the source code for expert witnesses examine in judge wouldn't low that if that black box that they wanted to if different approaches some people are focusing on the technology some people are focusing on the human aspect doctor pressley our absoluting at the tabulation of the boss some people focus on the on the motor rolls but she focuses on the actual tabulation at the time you remember the circular and it was better for technology and civic life finding that was sprinkled about the cost dallas county i believe have the largest influx of that money with the hand with a two grants i get ended up being bought twenty five million dollars and you now i'd like for people i really look in to see where that money went i've heard that that whole organization and then maybe we named will be again in twenty twenty four but there was a project it is called the amistad project are you familiar with it i asked some probly osmondwall oskenonton with that they bathed in michigan you know i don't i don't remember this is one of those things that i had looked into quite a while ago and but i haven't you know i'm all over the place right now so you something i was focused on a year ago or something like that i don't always remember all the factors though as they followed the challenge of the youth of the sacred millions they claim you know with youth influence election outcome in the battle ground at and so there's there's lots of people losing lots of different approaches by election integrity and the prospect of renewed locked downs as there again he history always repeats itself the question they crossed huayca me to ask is do we learn from what what do you think are the biggest things besides non compliance that we should or record learn or we did learn from blackdown well then spirit of americans for example we had shelley luther who is the salon owner i remembered what her business was shut down in dateless and she stood because she was thinking of others it had your earning a living in now from her work and her salon and i think that is it others for to we talked about we don't always know what other people are suffering under how they can be or neglected or the thames that they've been through and what can appear to be in often is destructive behavior we still have to love and not there be like we should be like jesus show that love i know if you read much these there is a i think it his case the treatment of different types of love i think his book was the four loves you going to start in bullhammer's book talks about that to to be the law of the land sataspes in the kingdom to come in chicopee so through our sufferings were able to it developed that now in this one for preparation for or if you call it a ring but in the kingdom to and that's not really something this taught much in many churches i haven't really for a few pastors treated the way that i think the lesson there eve king to mind said and really use the opportunity here to develop the appetite of love with people who sometimes her very close to us i know what wee people really knew my whole story i presented to you mike by version my pictures i didn't pick out the picture put me in a in a bad light and here there is a painful pictures for the opposed we have to really of people in the christ like fashion i looked past i know not because i cause i've heard it make because you know the way the god would want us to have love each people are typically very complex and you know where we're a mixture of both good behaviour and bad behavior eh you know and in jesus normal everyday people i'm not talking about people who are practicing satan ness and at the you know that have steaks and discernment to really and in we can all have the discerned right into his skodgie me the discernment to know the difference and please help me watch through this and me we can go and ask him for all of those things and he gives it to us it's its amazing cos he wants us to codeine those spiritual gifts so that we can truly you know we can truly walk and be effective here cause we're in the middle of the spiritual battle it's an it were it were to war or also but were in the middle of a spiritual battle and that's the only way that we're going to win this is to win it as a spiritual you know in the spiritual way because honestly repent within living in the satanic system for so long and you know how how how do you walk away from that for or you know most people were were conditioned to fight or condition to be divided were conditioned do not think and his follow it were told so we go along to get along and we've got the cult to personalities out there were dividing up over whom we like what we don't like god says don't be a respecter of madrigalian to look at to look at all people with great you know and you know where the respect you know we can we can respect somebody is the creation of god but yet not let them you know do damage not in pretty much of the mind do we forgive people we forgive them for ourselves not for them forgiveness is for our hearts has nothing to do with them it is our ability to not have the bitterness or anything else but do we continue let them go on to you know at murdersand that now there's got to be some boundaries there you know what i'm still going to say that you in somebody crosses the boundary of treason for this nation we all know what the consequences of that are short drops sudden stop and then is pride he caused angels to fall and if we check our pride and through humility we can regain footing that we need to be in to think of others i'm a fallen being thinly by god's grace that i'm saved in time act another quote then a light from james madison he said what is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature if men were angels no government would be necessary and if angels were to govern men either external or internal controls on government would here you go allhelp hove in this fight with you think yes that's essary realm in the incan be it can be fun i mean i having fun meeting people that is cesarius s loving people and yet knowing also where through the government established by god ultimately that what brings order to city that we sold sustain and restore and maintain beautiful republic that we think i will elect to dig deep into things and find out what's really wrong so we can get to the rock cause of e of the problems that we have because we have to do analysis and i know you i'm sure people are like man i just want to hear some good stuff out of brenburg there and they will yet you know there's there's time for great for for that with there's also a time to really really go down into the problem we have to face the problems in order to and instead of running away from the fire we should be running right straight at it had you know when when there's a problem the only way you saw it is you run into the fire you don't you don't run into things to mass get you don't in a run away from it you don't try to replace it with something else to divert our attention you run straight into it and the more asesinato riding to the sale of the gun fire that's what my colleagues and gave him the lady openedannie dead they were literally running into to the fire and our lives are not ours any way it's all other gods and you know what's like like i had a plenty of threatening conversations you know i like i'm not scared nobody can my life only god almighty so you know it's like he he created me a mooresboro than brains and sell you know it's like that's what it is i've got more guts and brains and it's like you know we just you just have to do it to you are the one that can take body and the body that's right that's right and on the clothing solver too like you i love a good problem of good pose yet that's why do you currently through my my business proceeds is your help people solve for all the right now it's in the financial serve in helping people get out of debt that's one of my big when dr holmes people get out a dead i hit you know dutch the foundation to have any future financial in what time we we gave have that god's given as we need to be good stewards of ores a dove in her better time in what we focus on and you know our times are money and and all that sort of thing in the simple fine are lives this is ten year simplification for me actually oh i eviteray things he happened this sir and all of a sudden my wife has got simpler and simpler and simpler you know and that's that's always a good that he so can you leoline as for those consentespecially now where's well and did you want me to you introduced her to every one i want you watonesse i could see all sighed and rose and then i bergeron okay so alle rashkin is a mother and entrepreneur en hi tech industry is herbeck ground here in dallas and i first heard her talking about protecting her kids he was giving a presentation about a vaccines and our personal experience for self and other parents protecting their kids and then that evolved into battle in the very same school district from which i graduated the dallas independent school district here in dallas it had all came from that man bear sorotchinski so ere she went up again the goliath now the bangletops had the multi million million dollar bond elections here and dallas the all that was arrayed against her on the field of battle she went at it prose and i want one really excited about you know i go on i got selenitidae just or let him have it you know i can't wait to hear my friend your guest elegraphs in other free or right on right now on to keep you on the silent i halicore you i'm not going on so thank you so much sorry without you crowned everybody here and we can sit here and actually have a talk for a minute come on back here detached on the thinking muttered they go so good morning then how are you i hit a way into it her conversation the other day is so fond and you are not the lady i love that as i was not born with fear and as part of my soul so i will let in grateful for that and and i work for myself said now i can hire fire me i figured i was and to you its right and not every one has that that abilities thorough ecelice if you are in that he has an our boss softely he said i ain't one to win convies to looks do this and may not all of us are on torners doing you ever wake up some day and look at yourself and stan i should fire myself not to now now i want to hire more of me hope but that's got osoittanut what what's going on down there in texas with you and your prose i explained what you know introduce yourself to every one in telebodes what you've done too because it both of you are really inspiring people from don there tick yet reborn strong haste yes so you you are a little bit about my case the case was around all the mandates on the children and that what i see daisies too over in federal court a prose ah the background is that i had joined a class action last suit with an attorney that was supposed representing or wishes and i saw that he wasn't doing anything that we asked for a soi said forget this and during her on my own where i have control of exactly how this is written and how we fight this what your fighting is not home this is not my own it for in case he was arguing over whether or not greg abbot had or governor had etelevto dictate what was going on in my point of view was no no no he's sore just our constitutional rights or penomenal hostess cannot be creating emergence it and as the case at the time progressed after it filled the case which by the way let me just set back into a community we have just such a beautiful community i did not write these o my own it was other he treats you re not attorneys who help me figure out haste flow it was a joint of her to put this together or so i had these i had the consentand as i guess i want to do this and but i'm not in its forty i played one in high school on mackeril who peoplenativesand alive perience with the law pretty much he was just a very very angry mother i'm a natural health now for it so i knew before the locked down the who hath it was very clear to me before anything happened of like fires don't work that way no mass don't work like this step was super obvious to me and there was no way i was going to have my childe harmed by their stupidity or worse there there is protocols a sinnerit word there evil agenda is really what it is it's an evil agent people not so and we fell followed twenty one i find with my name with the help of these abating other people i dismissed without severin is at twenty one amid that they dismissed the there's currently no standing for a parent to by the last suit on the half of their children as the cracks of the any one can by late our childrens in right and no one has the ending to represent your children and less you hire in eterne and if any good luck finding an attorney to represent them in the middle of a pandemic against mass and he that was also possible as well son wasn't just the money it is impossible to find some one to support your immediately i to the fifth are that is like again tis i was with in de sortisement or twenty go this time twenty twenty two it was literally descend of your twenty twenty two i got a call and on my throne pope pits circuit quarter of appeal and i was out a lunch with my cold family and i jumped up and i was like ran out as eyes and like my taking your case and in open you be here on november age which was elected and my very one of my best friends was running for county judge and dallas and i was like i can't be there on the lection day hunted be one i like to dearlygot you the day before how to i was able go and give oral argument and front of the three panels and which was so in power and for me to be let look at the dallas iested talk to him about me stole our rights and how it was wrong and watelet who can represent my children better than me no one loves my children more than myself and my husband how maybe the grandparents stare but do so anyway they are the cohort with amazing that as were just so kind they were just i can't even tell you how kind as they were to me encouraging leaning forward and second do it your mother colerico that's the ring that's a great story to tell they had so yes they were just the kindest most lovely people they were not that way to the dolls county attorney they pretty much tore him apart because he really had no case at all ah very excited to tell them that he was bene and so they basely set so that ye know about this this standing and that you know this precedent like you you should know these things and he was kind of back into a coronalthese really don't he was just humbling and bumbling around he didn't have himself together and i had a very you know well thought astatement that i had worked really hard of what did i want to hire so that is no vember of twenty one of twenty three i got out my thoughts started ringing i was out and it was of reporters asking the about the wind and i was like and so i had to go to my computer and look at my email that we had on the case to come the cookery musings that was really i'm actually this is the wind right here sir it might come it onpoliteness an now on how a camera no sorry working on the camera here but it's a right thirty five pages and there's one anent in the gives a little bit o wiggle room to the lower courts i like well the one half to see as on behalf of northern and so there's a twenty five from an from judge oldham who is amazing a trumpeter appointed and he wrote twenty five paces on my there should be zero regroomed i to represent your child and in in fact i am judge higginbotham who was regina point santepore quite sometime ah he was so sweet to the end of of i was able to give ah rascally red battle so the downs county a in a the threatenedbut cause he said you know well now shigeno le of the basically they call them out there on the judges said we seem to take every week from jet from eternise and you've made mistakes and you were to try and to judge so let's not go there reissfeder thing with the clerk had told inadvertently wrong and it it was obvious what i intend anyway i'm setenta bottomside he said and i would argue miss the pan er children are actually parthey are not separate they are part of ah and i said i agree i turned on the one of the insensitiveness the one and it's been really really exciting because about one entowelboum and because judge aldo was so amusing to have laid out twenty five pages of argument of wither should have not been any riggleton we have in the final for what calling on i mean that i'm asking all fifth his in the reeling itbecause we don't want there to ever be with room and in this is what's called a circuit split his others no other circuit court in federal courts that allows for parent or represent their child pose so that means he's really good chance this cold end up in higher court only one higher court and as a circuit split they want you then one of they wanted make it the same for all for the entire state we'll see what happens it segontians for a share of it i believe that god his children to shattak care of their own children there i feel like weren't cold hands nothing rainthen and a great story what a what a wonderful thing you don't think about this if there are people in every single state i have i've entered the quite a few people across the united states who are working and if it's really in inspiring path to and you know as you preterits it should not be infringed in any way shape reformed that's our duty but that given by god to raise our children and god help anybody that steps in between that relationship you know that's that's not a not a goodly we'll talk about what i'm i'm really curious about how is it that you got the croup together what did you do to take the group to together to do the research and the to put this case to go that and was actually when of your favourite tools taught i hope are itele gram is absolutely so i was i was a twittered king that our tutor a queen there for a while and then i got kicked out of the same time that the plans got kicked off and everybody that we go we go all got the acts of the in everybody regrouped on telegram i loved telegram to you you can you can pull groups together on their so fast and in there's no can be a member of the lot of groups of hicieronse when i when i watch when i join when i follow it's like it's like spelling hands of them and and a telegram rule just a group of texans all across the he were trying to make sully after when the election was focused first on the election and then when all the mandate came out it merely quickly and so how we stop all these and in which i do have another prose as the as counties though i i feel like you know ye my not just okay i like it any one else take this is any one any one in the energon and the women i think you know if somebody's doing if it's it's working why masseday now don't fix it if it ain't broke you do if you can do it and you've got the process figure out it's great to you know heavy got there and really represent because you've already gone through it your past the jetters and be kind o leveled up and skilloots istart you start on you don't lower functions than anything get you practise rounds in and then all a sudden you're boss level right now which i think is where you're at i don't feel like an asloveless made really nice it's allegan were mere quest men it's the the so fine yet your ear a riot as a mummy on my comedy kids you have these deserted heterocentron there a young adults now as the amazing just wait wait till you get on i tell her in their thirties i'll set of most mineratin thirties then it's easier when their younger has you can put him in time out take cares away and such now they get older than do superscoff and you're just like their lives rigatoni got really good kids there i really do but you know we joked about the oldtime way in great relationship is more agogino family than anything but a well that's that's cool tellsbut that the water do in going forward from here to for in this particular is in general and the particular or whatever you want to talk about if you can help educate people on the prose process i guess where i met right now and for what reason god is bringing forward so many people that are that are involved in prose for me it seems like a pretty clear message of capernoitie forget again and balled into prose era and learned you know it's cavorter something new and many he's he's getting isotheosis let us sit around for two long he hoes like all right you done to that task you know take five minutes to grab yourself when i see you get back right back into the fight you know that i was jumping about this because you might as friends be herdlike so do all the things in doliston where like a peg let's go fix this let's go fix that and you know one of those those three when of the three of us ah is the one who ran for a county judge and so at the end of the summer we were let on lookeelike behandelte bit of breathing room let's centennis like let's drop the pistol and glistens winteceaster time records we got a new project in seven working on a new project and contynewis you know election requires sire how the election is run for the primary has the chair of right all the certeinelie is the precinct here so what a working in now is there heavily getting us paper ballots hands counted no machines for this march opening primary in and were working against the beast and we to our own head of the party is working against us she says in her glove pots in a prinipio that she saw for thisit lately threatened to see us last night and of her having a meeting to train people on how we're goin i get his then there's that why why is she trying to see you for that i michigan yes she said that he used terramare which was an elephant that i pulled off a can baiere ublic an elephant that's not even that what they use a third strict mark rate now like a doe canineness here and i like a titan republican elements well the does it matter it doesn't matter the rother is going to make up your long on not the fly you know you know it's like it's like i was the throw the skins of all i see sticks here a minute he yet my friend is actually the rhinds take over further the haemonian parties satanistic sinonimos and super loved in this town by the establishment katowes we come that has to be that should be and for that hold on a second i this is his ddangos re werun into dangerous territory here men to that i give you an applause there well that's that's pretty funny as they going disadmire ranskalaiset so all you were recently able to his hand a portion of the sheriffs where my friend's home and i had both forth sons for constitutions a curious have you ever had interaction a sheriff or sheriffs before and what was your impression about shroff in texas and possible what did you learn it at an wateredthere rushing herd because i grew up in big dallas no i have no experience in downcountry of ever seeing a sheriff and in fact before i found the law suits for my children i called the serf and for us in this mass of her children oh no we were not getting about that so that was my first that was my my first ration with the sheriffs and dolls country but i got to tell you like i have never had such a not never lets the word rough where i have usually her smile in my a picture of all the texts almost every single one of them with cow we boots and a cow wey hat on and on like love a man loioliste we i shope and i that all the and understand that there the protect our rights and i don't know where they got lost alone but we got to get back to the more potshots acanthopus servants all ereeted officials are which is why we need to have paper ballots he had counted so they are actually elected in nonessential john tatoroes on on two and tusayan she he kills in all public functionaries and i like the way the thththe definition of that too because a functionary has a princess second and it goes along with the oath of office and so they have to stay on the rails now when i ran for god you know when i was campaigning i'm still in the i'm still not conceiving the twenty twenty two election and i won't until we fix the twenty twenty twenty twenty two because i am the best non concedere wisernot conceded in historythe ah you know it is important as i went night i interview probably i'm as probably almost half of the sheriffs and state of sin in the answers that i received were disappointed and the the bathed on a one sheriff that had a really good answers what could a governor who is a constitutional governor constitution do to help you as a sheriff and the one guy says nothing stay hour of my county and on like whom you just want the price with that right there the rest of em all went to you know money money money by the pound you know and that's that's what they went to anstataante of a goth and that that's the guy that he actually grows as he has all of the inmates growing their own food putting it up freezing at and they provide the right food to the older the altercation of the community on like this guy mansisti front and center of any one talking of from the sheriff you know and that was kind of in a docent said had out his ale spoken in or worked with tory she is filed the same loss so to be able to represent a child i think she wanted some point and as that yet othacar tory hasn't won yet but my head santos her oppida as are my case and that is actually the group that was started with was schaps a hundred per cent you are bully there morris like to can't you just you just won the prize of the day and connected with thatstole to get to orion here a point time i talked to her god that she was that mike michael indolent down there and a which which was but i never i never got a chance to meet her you know you one of these ants and you've got so many people around you have been whatwas it turning point there were six thousand people there is one little me it's a little hard to get to everybody there you know you get to this many people as you can i actually don't even sit in on the speaker's most the time i'm never to not worse get one on us filiole that i ever come into contact with her brain has just and armahan franchi brain and men wesshen solvable she's really going the corriso between ally and doctor can't i need a fall numbers i can talk to toryand get herinhere slippy wilkinese i know you know she's she's done an amazing amount of of work over the years and so i'd love to talk to her the beret no i don't have me personal continuer a and sure we can somehow con hunter into that the actor cannot have i has a southeast in tells me that he was other widenot too long ago so so we'll see we'll see if i'll give you call maybe later sooner so ye well that's just orsomewhere you started at what's the process for so i heard doctor graves on this week and he was the one that wrote he is one really wrote really good course on it that the bronson brothers that's where they learned to do it right love this guy he's great he's got all kinds of knowledge and no like sit here writing not on his fast as i can and you know it is and such but i did i with one sign up for his course which is but i guess i'd like to know no process and how you got how you approach this to put your prose case together what did you do what did you have to learn in order to be successful with us you know you got allegations you've got you knowsyou got evidence you've got all this stuff what's the stuff i stepped approach and i'm right now it's right now and all i againanother and anything i'm just one not how long has to be itatiaiossu i really i did what i most attorneys to donna is that i sterne star with the case that similar and they cannot use it as a he added it to make it work or i didn't have to read and then the wheel and she had actually hired an attorney and pretty sure hers was not person that might be false but in she had an attorney help her right her initial case to be a new it was around the same subject and she had already had a lot of evidence and then i also had the billion asking for for you know affidavits from ever parents that were having so gathering affidavits to the cases and portant i had very easy ah you know this had really heard a family so it was very easy i had to pull my son out of school and find a private school for him we were driving two hours a day that's not right for hours a day it was an hour there in an hour back each way to find a school that wouldn't masked in one colonnade with a group of and my daughter ended at you know having i actually hired a life coach as he noted and if erben an so higher her life coach kind of work through shalot of the emotions or hopadon provedwith all the ins and so we had a lot of plans and then they contact trace my daughter so after i'd filed the case ay and a hopening for you the contact race my daughter her out of so for twice as long as a vaccinated child encanaped which now as a blessing the as infections like don't come here me yours you're too bad and i was in as like taking my hunderod the whole thing in my all even on patawat you ask him six times your kicking around in your kicking her out twice and lockets not tacite recorded in said i etiolation with like cocoanuts is not a ray no one more mister nice man any more iilove that principle and one youth i have to do it it lovely man anyway and so actually had to file and his men at a tender that's where i master with my my leg opice as i had to i had to add more let his after an artifical then so that may and the popping where you were such either something he or if you remember other his in later in her life it out when in time before they had in an there's also in our and your realm your public and aetas for lotteries no i did not have to do that with my particular but in that is something that we looked at doing for the electors so and that is get a little bit more complicated than estardir nt levels of discovery and you have to give a man an amount of time like a daily wont like gather evidence because they're going to fight back him and getting you everything and legally to have the access to you because there are governments there is hormosand we pay for them a but anybody ah yah i mean that's actually what tone as they go and he added that his lot there on side look at and dealing winning this however the way i'm ready are you the soldan so ye i think i think this is to so so interest though the whole process and a is there working on curious and so on a curious people here prose they think about the barriers to doing it i was certainly think it could take a lot of time but also in terms of the still court filling yes and i think i tourtelot handstand a total aright hundred dollars total for my entire is and i don't pay for any of it because people were throwing money at me please sight giving many like tornitore its doneapply were so excited that i was on that am i not i did take lasettan travelling to new orleans and in delicious period while i was there and the nicer telling with my chest friend so there's nothing o that's rthat's really fun i know or filecases for michigan to file his five hundred and five dollars the thing had aetatis where i think mine is actually was exactly the i know for a helicoras i just in in the circuit again for this table fell and it was obviously formed a peelite like the local courts andredescester three or five hundred so medias a thousand dollars so maybe i don't even remember cause i didn't even pay it myself it was like in it it out in the knockingan to was like the stock having money his report case of a state quarters or still sperrits better on the side that on sight federal district wished coleoptic port yes what was the day of your first skin verses dallas give gonethere i got look here so you want for my own effects library and have had of you leave to because it's amazing that the historiadores autocane were you can let the herd but they don't have a video recording and i gossipwith they did because if the body language at these judges recusand male there's like an iron speak in the ah i menettelytapa it was great as great as the issueless and they actually assigned pro bono attorney to help represent and and i was i really tended this sky i mean i was like are him an idle sir asked me out of pushed the out your children and in likesall the questions are and then i figured out that he was onourside as actually like reference in all kinds of chase londonienses ages of like alisorges or fence to get oh let all her lot of oringo i know it was a group that it's okay to say that's it effort and it tacklehow well i can hear i am in jest amazed you know and what it atapproval ge to live in this time and see you and people like you know eh ah the people that are up in new hampshire we've got so now a couple of people in oregon that have done it and of course the bronson brothers and such who are really figuring out how to battle their law far because what will you know we've got to the corporations that all money in the world they got all right in the world and half the people have have he have a big buck behind that are going into the political actors that are placed too oh i've got a message here could eksprese to for some allroofs ate cases because it was federal people arguing it now to refer to testified some pretentious and and so it's otherport here as that once you start a fight like this and you win when as you have you got to just keep the pressure rate out of and go right up to the top dog so that it's not just in one area it's the end it's the entire ah the entire united states that that's that's amazing we should say here and like trionicid one other cases could rede pro say well yes he actually so this anethol you that when my daughter was contact traced school and discrete his son her baccis where inclinethat is a macinante child i have been fighting for her parents he informed consents in per stanford for sixty tenors now ah you can motion that when i don't want to give too much away as pharmaceutical companies some sure an when it come after me while you're in texas so that's that's a good thing so if that is the man in black suits and the and the big dark sun glass to show off you know i'm pretty sure that i am pretty sure you ll have a have vehicles where there's a shot gun under every back so you can not and he dovecotenamely from that i spent a lot of time and in several of those states and it's like i think it's funny i mean that you know that you know that you're the safest when you're around armed american and at the fact that we were supposed to be were supposed to be armed we we are it was part of the original intention of the militia the militia is a constitution is she and people really need to really need to look into this i've been studying eh stuff from this guy here and when vera i slid without old doctor the era oh it anderyou going to to pull it right out of your possidetis is a different book with doctor vera is really fascinating because i i can go told you i cast in my engineering credit and simple arch credits and finally got my economics degree but doctor verasper on money but he was studying what would be the outcome chaos a variety of defence evenings seeing that of the last few years by if i recall correctly in paraphrase but it really scared the know what out of him one to look for looking into what is the constitutional remedy yes what sort of this case to toshiwalla secure he says that is what were you know courtebotte noticed most people of the second amendment that is a well regulated what necessary for the security of a free if the old nothing of critinos necessary as with fusionsthe to go back to that and say you know what everybody the where or sending billions and billions who knows we can be in the trillions or the hegelians or whatever over there in your crane and across the planet who knows or money wandered like you can't be a money fatty going over where and all they got to do it's changed some numbers just like they changed the numbers on our votingman and walther they they granted themselves to more cash that there in life there are probed with inflation right every single person in this country now now we got some age boundaries there for the militia i really care i really think that i mean i was out and heard were enterit in an woman now that a woman every single person should be in my opinion armed i i really believe that in man and his inquiries were are men before the constitute came up they were helping to iron each other to make sure that everybody had a fire of and was the protection is that a bad guise it's yet the bad hiss or government and we should we should all be he should be in the forefront also besides the erection of say human trafficking these may ashes human trafficking election integrity and you know we got we had protected that second madman and i have cannonaded out i'll have you did you see him the news the last week your probably way more force to the news of happen in arizona when the governor tried to take their second moment rights and northanger oneattention you men let out what we are leeward of a psychopath would go after the guns in the united states how many guns do we have her over three million dotherington on now not through molly three hundred million what is it isslightly the millions to millions of tons the anthropoid you don't you she has proved how now in compliant the united states american population you come for orgons you come for a kids you come for a constitution and you know what this is where we played the music he weecome over well she witlesse was testing us and the sheriff and morton county stood up to her then yes crusade hold of to another plug for non compliant movie ochomoco output her oheryou don't we were promoting that there i had an institute the share chris and had done if you got to noncompliant movie dockham in the trailer for the film she was training the mexico's share of dozens of them for they already knew they were prepared such a time as this i was watching him that share of speed and i was just like yes exactly you can't you karsisinrot conviction he was in he was just parotids that he was giving like the other side does the end i met you on my oath was to support it in the constitution against all the mines both fore and hind so your people want to earlier in the show ah why for alleyton on one of the flags was being in the dallas police academy out there in the key of the texas summer we moved the pad outside on the on the parking lot and we were doing defensive tactics the where we would reach for a partner's gun the blue plastic gun you know and we were reached in their holes or try to take it away from them and we had a train that muscle and mind memory make that instinctively retaining our weapons ever now i looked in that photo and i saw several of my classmate he went on to work for the federal agency ionian i love these guys he sure my brothers and sisters it worked now for the teeth three letter three letter agents you are the ones that some there fellow agents unfortunately were ones that kicked in the doors of people like chironomis hop i tell you what the vast majority of our police officers are peace officers are federal agents want to do they hold their oath through the right hand you know when you saw people like catherine eagle brangre phillips take their evidence to the feds what happened i got sent to the regional office and then to die it things would off the rail i know that we only spent an afternoon on the bill of rights i alispecan be training so really learning you are constitution and this is actually the texas bill arises and so one thing we're doing you have we to of talk about this at the convention alle and donewere it were yoursin ropes to get together haneloke darley carefully if there are very county ischia that group you described the gensomenou give osorio the splitter there much old guys ooetheca talk about the constitution and the michigan constitution and they know their stuff i'll it's amazing you want to talk about walking in and being like thrown in the lions down an he eaten a livret there by some one knows the subject matter they have every law of narisonance and this is what was orastes guys of had he like years and years and years to get together and gained this knowledge you know you don't you don't gain that knowledge in a day or two days or watch the you to do or anything like that you don't orinocan come on and talk to people in such pachotto get in there and get retourneraient and alle does it all not so o walking up the peace officers now i want to make sure this was sure of max landmarks so pencour case that he won ninety seven you first phase of the brady bill the clinedinst ration he went all the way his supreme court and one and lived the telamonion paid summer soon make sure that the peace of torsion into contact with a check on you know where is your they only thought of the curia little note book in her pocket so we could interviewings acomplainin i know we can take no one has inferour interrogated and aversionthere constitution and not only that wherefore spiritwhere this i asked we want to prepare not only the peace the citizens i mean ally if there's a group getting together baby gregory study a texas study of federal constitution and a grand the lucky and texas because our constitution pretty much mirror as the u s cos very similar almost almost exactly the same i carried mastication in my hand bag as well as well as paratounca ring out by carrying around little posts cares i must say with the landing pace that my friend greeted with all the studies on how they are not in the little some paces all he actually sections of our texas constitution are stronger than the federal chris and did a treatment a comparison we had a liberty summit back on july th i'm all you were able to join us but then we played our your little for minute somervile about your springport case of the the hundred plus people that were there learning that day learned about your case but one thing i wanted to point out as in a prussian in her liberty first society end i went right to the home school curriculum cause i figured i wanted to start not some people with pass that ride by but she gave the foundations for our government talked about it to liberty first society dockham is hell these formed the federal government as a compact cross and talked about how donna contract law is the basis for that compact a lot of people for example they don't know that it wasn't july four only six but it was july second and the state the tide declared themselves free and that was the lee resolute ere they were stayed like britain or france or germany or states they were on par of the state before the federal government was ever formed so elliot's no surprise that reading the federal constitution sound like mirrors these they treated in other words as are the creators the federal government organs the founders called it the general government is the creation and the creation cannot rule the creator and so anyway we're all learning this and applying it in your age and we shall all want to be a part of it let it enter then and had the courage to go forward you know and you know we're we're in we were chosen to be here by god at this and do we have everything we need to move forward why yes and no not in ourselves we can all look at her ourselves they how can we have or do this how could we do a prose how could we run for governor how could i run for sherif you know how because god gives us any weeds less every step of the way so that it's not about us it's about the fact that wedges have willing to move forward god said jesus take the wheel one you know the chesters is goin to be a crazy ride and watch the miracle start flowing and i think i think i'm one of the greatest i home school my kids and aconites ornery about everything years and years and years and in like anything i can't fight about a fight gets everything cause not it makes sense to me right but regionone of the stories that i always told my kids is that in israel the jordan river is not this charle hasten big beach sands going off the side man we got all kinds of schisis a deep fast moving jungle e and when the priests were asked to into the river it was six feet straight down over their hat carrying in ark laden with gold to me that sounds like a key you want me to do what and you know and this looks like certain death it was when they stepped into that jordan river it was jumping and over their head the water swirling round up and they agreed to follow that into that whether living or dying they followed god that is true faith in a minute to touch that water god stopped the water and so when we're asked to do things or when we move in a certain direction it's god himself that carries us through over overwhelming circumstances even if there are glanced up and we can say i ka this is the supolies sebastos what we're going to do here and it's kind o it's kind of like getting on one of those rollercoasters that you know is going to be like are you kidding me and you get genoit an all of a sudden you're it may be a little up and down and it may be a little bompety ure on the rails because you're on god's rod when that's where we are right now as we are we are on god's rails and so when we trust god all things our possible let him turn things around that quick i when i say something so ironic with everything that you just thought up it is that member i said i was sitting at lunch with my family inspire family by my fun rang from the fist i was sitting there because it was muchachona and we were having can and s hellgefired that out in and will not that i know now i know i selenitans so part of or sosonees that every well of course the thick god on that day based on our actions so in the phone rang on that day which was so profound it was i can the serotinus are happening these are big things they're going to happen this year you are going to win this case you are going to get these rights you know and so i'm recherchons again weatherstone soo and praying for all the same miracles to happen ye in a lower protect or write his sister s time that we have this conversation what happened in the last year her sons this last so everything is ordained a itbelieve that he and there is a piece of god and everything that were doing as we are at all on the side of empowering as to see says inviable that are our battles not with flesh and blood it with principalities and powers and so you know when ciccotto go back to that you know when you can see somebody i'm sure god you know god is our heavenly father looks at us like a little kids of and once in a while we got to be we got to have or him out or have her or butts swatted once in a while to get her the right and i know i did when i was a kid and so not that don't oogenwanneer within these two malabars and so ricesellers i must filiolis i was busy right i was a naughty as so i in anyhow you know we we go forward and realize that there's sometimes got to ask the redirects little but when he got out of an init's not always a pleasant in that were growing and were learning and and i think i think that that's something keep in mind that i don't think i'd all that interested in our comfort some he is interested in growing us up taking a knocking of knock in the rough edges off the diamonds here and helping us to shine bright for him because it's all it's all about him it always has been and he's faithful and he's good to us so i am willing that and i think i think i've got a winning an old here and i would love to have you too come back on again let's get together and make it now do it less to a topicand we'll come in and we'll talk about rose and different cases that are out there and maybe this is the stereicola least like to have up days alas you've given me some ideas will talk of line about somthing down i knew you was loved again with something inspirational i thought of a candle end of the prayer i has the prayer you have to store okay this aeroter marotiques i can go as long as i want right she can if you love that you have your own not to show but he yet we were i was so done without rethinking its like go go ahead and kick me off i keep telling her or go ahead and you know cut this peter do it over you want because i have the ability to reincarnate in the digital space in a hundred thousand little down of brandenburgh so it's like it's like makes my awhat is it the rothe star fish the leg off and throw in the ocean and posited regenerators something like crowns back with the problem is as it's like that they they laugh they had on offendian brinborion to come back not with one leg it'll be a hundred thousand legs and it's like as stated it's it's not a good idea to piss me off that's what it is it's six somebody possession in it's like jet fuel you know so my woolen dog fly here he works from w h murray the scottish himalayan expedition he may have heard this bee but it is until one is committed there is he chanced to draw back always infect sorting all acts of initiative and creation there is one elementary tree the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid that the moment one definitely commits oneself been providence all sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred a whole stream of events she's from the seas raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen the meetings and material assistance which no man could have been or dreamed what if come his way that was a h murray and the below that particular graphic is whatever you can do or dream you can begin it bold as has genius power and magic begin it now you heard wolf king well no not in farrington's exactly what you were describing about you know alley just jump it in that river that he had over her head i think about that god stopped the river for her and and the others are his theadmiral happen and now god moves when his people take those steps and start moving forward in faith and and you know realize that he's got all the time he's always got that i got the love for us might not be re happy with us just like merewether kids you know there's sometimes you like a kid to go oh that was not a good move but but he still loves and so we can always come back and return to or havenly father for healing for love for provision for protection for everything that we need so that said how between for the prayer an then i'll give his last words and then then nowinto the day we got lots of dragons to slay out there and mother happily father thank you so very very very much for my wonderful new friends here you know for cork and allie and i ask your blessing and your favor upon every single thing that they do in their lifeless protect their families and their hearts surmises and their steps give them guidance and direction and everything that they do and let them know that they are so loved and adored by you and sane thing from everybody that's listening out there please bless them we know that there's so many people who are sad and who feel dejected moralized but not to day to days and not the day the day i to days the day to put our trust in you too to walk forward knowing that you are always faithful you're always good and were so so grateful for everything you've done for us thank you thank you for everything we are thankful to our good friend to us then and we want to be a good friend to you also so gideresse us wisdom to walk forward in any situation in the couragethe the guidance to help us learn what we need to learn and to follow you every step of the way with confidence and boldness and knowing that that you're just amazing thank you for this day we love you in the name geese so the so thankful so i i love your story with i know about about rochester the thiocol and i feel really blessed by that we we we studied messignac for for many years and filled the holidays the word deceever possessed than in all the youralas beganvery precious dark nomland in such so that that was a great story on the whitworth that when to my kids his oportere be blessed by that anyhow any last words from me the one of you and this grateful that he had me on think here this is just this is not just my story this is every one's story any current story and you too or just absolutely the best and i'm so inspired by both your your courage and i know other many other people will be as well i love that thousands don is coming back that vision he portentous and had there bolti'll be yet a hundred thousand down as coming from all different digital and aineellisesta twice and you know i will disleave you with this is the day the lord has made and let's rejoice and be glad in it i love these to get em no castethis is the time the show wertingen go to brenburg for governor hotham because i am the best not consider who has ever not conceded in the history of the united states of america votaries elections because it has to happen and were not backing down until to relate have it put everything in its place proper place one nation united under god indivisible with liberty and justice for so without side o heart hands tied god bless you god bless all those whom you love a god bless the merimake it a great day starts with mental toughness and you know filling filling your heart with love for every one around you holding the color all that's not a that's not you know supper it issues there but go forward and have a wonderful wonderful day so you chickensand line of got to go hatedand on this i've got a criscoed iza young and run on this is going to be a frown interview because i see is as a one of those guys that i met in the gem in i used to be a real genera now only partial generate right but i met the gem and he is a military guy and we walk around the the track talking about black and white issues all day long and how eveley stupid they are right so you know he is an he imnachuck custine er seen boy and i'm not a white white gollingthe never seen a white gonothing he's kind of darker brown so it's morrow we're going to have that discussion and talk about all those uncomfortable topics that nobody wants to deal with and we're going to do it where fringes not work and so invite your friends or family and were to keep giving people a voice to say what nobody else will listen great day thank you thinks all