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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/8/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published March 8, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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morning welcome to brandenburg news network it is the eighth day of march twenty twenty three and ah having little technical difficulties on the side of ah tim here so we're i'm just going to go ahead and start here and hopefully they can get tim it connected it's really odd ohwhen we start talking about things that really matter oh it's unbelievable how province we start having with with our computers with with connections and such i have to not that i want to be too paranoid about it but it sure seems like things are set off and we've ordentlig about how many set ups there are other right now there was one of the well were waiting here for them to get connected this this week there were there were two plains that could gliedmaassen fortunate and i think we should pray for them and their families and got a mentonei i can get things moving here all kinds of things go on this morning and esconce again we need to question question the sets and the in the ohio pipe line there seems to be more and more problems with her with their narrative of going on and a new york post said i called him president looking at harry legs apostle running made the social she came out she she said now that's not not after i go i we'll see what happens oh we have in honor cover video obtained shows non partisan school board members holding a secret meeting with a left escrotini guss trotstrange to silence and stock concerned is from protecting kits ah this is this is a carefoure revolt on twitter and we all know that that's the that's becoming are that's that's unhappy ill luck i heard of somebody in our era that was on a school administrator who took a twenty thousand dollar in order to keep the masts and place i don't have proof of that but it came from a source that said that they saw it and then we also have the shaman man and all the nonsense the january six which is sure looks like the whole thing was a set of his the capital police escort and through the capital we have see how the come in here we that's the came we look at all this news that's out there and we all we know that god is in control and that's a case so well while we're pondering this onwatching them trying to get the thing off and running see what happens here lawe can do it by i boy sir we might have to do no they're getting there let's go ahead and start church here this morning think this is a really important in an relationan ah think that we're doing every week and that would be honestly keeping her eyes on godbecause no matter what we things go wrong we don't serve this world in the way that most people do we serve it at service world in obedience to god and to followingto do so the one we can do that is to stand the work into go to second corinthian praise be to the god and father of our lord jesus christ the father compassion and the god of all comfort who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble we can in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves received from god for just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of christ so also do comfort a bounce so all sar comfort of alms to christ if we are distressed it is for your comfort and salvation if we are comforted it is for your comfort which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings that we suffer and our hope is for or hope for you as firm because we know that justice you share in our sufferings so also you share in our comfort we do not want you to be uninformed brothers and sisters about the troubles we experienced in the province of asia we were under great pressure far beyond our polity to endure so that we despaired of life itself indeed we felt we had received the sentence of death but this half and that we might not rely on ourselves but on god who raises the dead he has delivered us from such deadly peril and he will deliver us again in him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us as you help us by your prayers then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many i think that's really significant right now with what our country's going through there's an awful lot of of distress out there most of its created in my opinion i now you know they is like hillary clinton always sudden or ways to crisis because they probably con created all over the first place so when we see that we can he have comfort in the fact that god has delivered us before and he will infection so i'm not going to get into things too deeply as i might for these gods to get in and that i want to make sure that they can that tin can deliver massiter the day so will this keep going talk it off the cough now this is our boss our conscience testifies that we have conducted ourselves in the world and especially in our relations with you with integrity and godly sincerity we have done so relying not unworldly wisdom but i godsacre do not write you anything you cannot read or understand and i hope that as you have understood asiayou will come to faultsunderstands fully that you can boast of us just as we will boast of you in the day of the lord because i was confident of this i wanted to visit you so that you might benefit twice i wanted to visit you are my way to mass tonia and come back to you for massoon and then to have you send me on my way to chide when i was was i tickled when i attended to do this or do i make my plans in the world we manner so that in the same rough i say boy yes yes and no no see a lot o that don't we but as sure as god is faithful or message to you is not yes and no for the son of god jesus christ who is preached among you by us by me and silas and timothy was not yes and no but in him has always been yes for no matter how many promises god is made they are yes in his and so through him the man is spoken by us to the glory of god now it is god who makes both us in you stand firm in christ he anointed us set his seal of ownership upon us and put his spirit in our hearts as a deposit guaranteed what is to come i called god is my witness and i stake my life on it that that it was in order to spare you that i did not return to notethat we lord it over your fate but we work with you for your joy because it is thy faith you stand for something that really strikes me from that passing is the current times that were in right now which there is so many there's so much going on with people that are double minded they'll say one thing they'll do another but it's generally because they got no terrier mota not because they're just in it to tell the truth and make sure that every one knows what's going on i have it out date i have a little out on this community i am down here that open tried is trying to help say for six weeks six weeks we have been working on this the attorneys have told us pretty much nothing i'm going to see if ten can hear me tempting your me are you ready no not quite organing there and anyhow we kept we cantering because in this community that the residence have the first right for a law in order to buy the community which which were were part of right so this is all people that are all verify five latomie seventies they've lost spouses the monththis is this is where they re rainwere and what's been really sad about this whole thing is that is that the disruption and the lack of transparency the lack of telling people what's really going on his truly created a lot of mistrust stand i see this is the something that's happening in her government its happy having everywhere because they're trying to manipulate the outcomes to come to going to one oneanother one direction or not right so we found out that actually our offer was rejected yesterday and we were told that it was going very well well the owners rejected the offer we had forty five days and guess what happened parently they walked through the area last week and in were introduced as a new owners before the seven saw our offer i have a real problem with this because there is no transparence to this and there was no truth to it either i amperes to me that this was all chosen before hand and if they were going to do this they should have just told everybody i'm pretty sure that if it was good outcome people would have been kathis is so bad but they didn't and so they created a lot of mistrust and this is happening across our entire government the amount of annamits that has been going on all crossed the board is so shameful it's incredible but you know what what i learned through this latest situation is the sense of community that we need to build into our nation into our state where we come together and it doesn't really matter what so much havenone outside we fight together we stand together at such but what we're learning otis a donation doin i'm doing no better than not it started out well that's a cat we were just talking about about of iron i ride a passage concrete and asagrayana three through the end of the chapter and talking about how when things go wrong we can in fact turn to god and he will deliver us he's delivered as before and you will deliver his again and necklaces nation that i was going into the little the little go rodigo and on down here with the purchase of the community that of you know through for a law the the residence have first right in order to its retirement area right at two to purchase it while it it's been really clear that they had soon picked out beforehand and really never never never really had a shot so they actually walked the new owners through last week before they even the owner's legalitie to look at our offered because it was all just work to keep him on a cord now had they told her body what was going on i'm pretty sure everybody here would ask at least we know and we can make our plans and quarantines there is some one that got patted on the head yesterday as if they were a child you know very patronising in such is very clear that this was set off ahead of time and it was only to go through the motions to try to keep people out of court who were doing the seal and he then it's it's very clear as clear to everyone because how do you walk in you honor through before they even had a chance and introduced and tassach and an insect so i kind of like oh well this is what we in dealing with a long time to guess what it doesn't matter got a walkest through all different situations and it's going to be a key so our confidence is in god not anything else and with a sad i have to catch a plain here pretty quick so i'm going to go hand and share the screen here and i'm going to remove myself and i've got this one jonchapt i don't have the entire chapter of but it will get you from for one through nine if you need me to go further than that let me know or if you have a shortenesse i've got to get if you think on her okay you you can visit can you get garihanoron i can hang on ment like grabbed a bit he i don't very i don't know if i can hear you there you're safe you can in mute your microphone once tried that don't can't hear you a bet on that next the town he got real his repeople returns raillit was like a where are them for onochoetes then i couldn't get things pretty till i had to bring my left to do you and know ketkensokach ni pontoise i'm going to go ahead and i'm going to put that up here a minute then i'm going to jump off a minute okay and i you guys knocked yourselves out i'll be back to a little while like okay thank you much nona cingary come in next to you there and and be able to talk with you a scream yeah he could he hit come to ottering at hingona easy can i hear you garry no talk louder okay i'm otherstogether thing so faatoai and oriana i'm going to remove myself right now and you does knock yourself out on kay the blastoderm okay everybody out there i say radioand but maybe it's a ideally and your last thing we're going to try to run through chapters to three four of jointed oh i think the biggest thing about chapter one in two i wish mash twelve of the teaching of jesus on the sign of jonah is one of the biggest things about the book because i am convinced not just from the text of joanna that joan a died but when we listened to what jesus said he said just as jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fire so i the son of man will be three days and three nights in the belly of the earth and i read and understand that as an equation statement so chapter three we pick up the story after what would have been his death and resurrection so we have to to day lurk at an it's even though it's not in the taxation in the speculation but were at least talk about how did he get from wherever he was to nerve because i glasseswhen growing up i just fell it when he got spit up on dry land a sense he was at the front gates of the city of nite now is that just here say is that folks dale i don't know but we're going to talk about some of those things to day and chapter two verse ten this is the ending of the chapter says in the lord's spoke of the fish and it violated jona out upon the dry land so the talk about nine itself and garry's coming on so now so he can maybe be some by host and we're going to get through this to day so let's see just have a corporate prayer dear hanyfa ther is sweet come we thank you for your goodness we thank you for work and ottolais ics here even as we will look at the logistics of jonah and how that applies to us lord give us your direction give us your spirit as to be settled on your word and help us to do the things that are pleasing to you not just for our good but for your glory in jesus name we pray a men so we rather earlier that ah when joan heard the word of the lord to go to net of a he went south to job so he was somewhere in israel and he went the cop on the south side of the land of which israel and likely went west to tarsus spain the furthest destination his ticket would take him instead of going north east to niniba as god commanded in doing what he did on the ship when he told the people on the ship that i am a profit of god and i am running and basically there like one are you doing and we know the third commandment says thou shalt not take the name of the lord my god in vain and while people think that really means swearing using follow anguish that applies but that's not really the thrust of the command the command is really don't declare that you're a christ reflector and then deny it in word in deed avoided jone do that when he told them in roaring from yahweh god ah now that was his most evident in outward sin and he was guilty and in light of what say the first couple chapters of genesis on the cots that on the day he sinned he died and so he i believed that he had to die and get resurrected to somewhat come to his grace sense he didn't come very far as well see and a bit but now joanna was committed to go pre so where was he when god said again go and preaching in a bag we don't know but we do know that god prepared a great fish and i would ask did it have special qualities was this a once in time flying casket fish i will at least say that if i had a vote in the matter i'd pride voted but since nobody really knows eh that's kind of just a injust ah but those who might suggest a floating hilton fish as most people do as they reject jesus teaching nemicolon fish can't be and i would ask why not jonas death and rose rection are certain forms not for many resurrection is the epitome of new birth more than any other biblical is beyond are issued the true miracle in jonah might be this great prepared fit pere gods cried tera oh so the question is how did jonah gettin in oval and we must consider some geographical majestics where was he thrown over we don't know if he was going to tarsia spain it could have been almost before he got there he could have been two thousand miles away twenty five hundred miles away from nine and we we don't know those things so let's let's talk about some of the logistics did he did he catch a ship back to israel and then walk was he spit up on minola's door step as most people think i've heard a lot of sermons that suggest that i'm not sure where they get that did the great fish manoeuvred the tigris river now my research said jost that's possible it's the scenario but the question would be how did he get from the mediterranean sea into the black sea because there was no ancient waterway i the case and see was a little bit closer then the black sea levit closer the nemalite ranean but if he was in there caucasus mountains were in the way and locks were only installed in modern history nothing existed at a time or if not the tiger is river which is the closest connection is the black sea if not by the tigris river maybe he walked from the meaner turanian or black sea the dis prepared fish fly over the isthmus between the mediterranean black seat may be oh so those of your things we can think about they're not important because god doesn't tell us but it's interesting sometimes to think about things no matter jone did get to nineveh so what are we know about naive others debate over whether it was created by nimrod or asher and asher could be the origin of the assyrian name most scholars favor the second and yet there's a lot of merit to the first one with nimrod minerva was home to the assyrian empire the home of king sennacherib thou rememberest kinnaras pretty much ousted by his two sons i in fulfillment of prophecy god later brought a sudden tragic and tenenapa and we read in second kings nineteen this ending the greatness of the city likely refers to for cities in one niniva rolleth cela and resin and we get that from genesis to the population of never and we can say was estimated to be a hundred twenty but god says at the end of the book that a hundred and twenty neither knew their love hand from their right hand and it did say that the city was big so i think that it was the greater city not necessarily the city of nineveh but the walls were estimated to be over fifty feet tall ah made of stone at the bottom and clay at the top with a width of fifty that was one wall god said joan into the din of whites to preach of their coming destruction and as a result of their repenting god relented and spared to city so oh some people think and we can't change history when we talk about nineveh the the god of the ninevites was dagon the fish and god showed with the plagues of egypt the ten plagues of egypt he was always attacking and overcoming overthrowing one of the gods the false gods and so do i think that god often usurps false gods for his own purpose remember way back through the christmas holiday that's what i am convinced that god even if there was pagan holidays over christmas i think god said look i'm taken at day myself and we explained that so because god save jonah from a great fish some postulate it connection that joanna was received well because of the fish god i would probably deny that because that association would slander the gospel with slander their re patents would slander what what god put forward to nineveh now it is crazy i never i never knew this but in my research theology teaches that day gone is the father of bale and neither one of those hurt or good things dey gone was also the god of the festines if you remember and first samuel five remember when they went into battle and they took the ark of the covenant and they took it up to one of their cities that was not a good ending in the end they wanted to get rid of that any way they could with as many gifts as they could the female counterpart of dagon is the fish goddess nanshi or siebel the queen great queen or mother god is and i would at least say that it should disturb catholics oh this as may be my own feelings that connections exist between minibus fish cod and the catholic mitraton by priests cardinals bishops and popes and it looks like a fish head and while deviations of this connection exists in understandably denied by many it seems indisputable to me that the direct connection exists and i was shocked that even the echs which is the symbol of the fish that you'll see just the almost like a stick figure fish oh known as a christian symbol is historically related to this fish cot and i don't see any way to make that link good oh so when we look at the text of jena there are four things i think would refute a connection to the fish cod i'm not saying that it did not exist that it's not possible but the sailor salvation oh yes o ka maybe that's not related to netabout the people of nineveh repented with no textual link to the fish god jonah's hisse fence at the repetens and god's explanation of his mercy confirmed that god shows mercy to those who don't know right from wrong and nurse three things some of the worldwide scriptures if you will the hebrew to knock which is basically the old testament the moslem koran and new testament scripture all speak of jonas spending time in the great fish syriac and oriental orthodox church is celebrated these three days as a fast of manoa no i have no experience with the oriental orthodox churches but i do know some things but the syriac relationship and one of the things that disturbs me is that the kind of allow all scripture a poker pond surocana books to become god's word and a treatise now as an evangelical reformed puritan believer we did not believe that we believed the canon was finished and complete and so while we who read those things and he can be educational and may be somewhat instructive oh i think we have to be careful that we don't think of them as god's word oh so through all this jone gets a directive go to ninib and without knowing the logistics of him being a wall his street ministry started a day's journey into the city so we read he called out yet forty days and nine as shall be overthrown i say that in my mind this is chapter three verses for in five there's no gospel contained in that but very often we find that sometimes we get snippets of the whole picture so i don't want to throw jonah under the boss but oh i don't know how anybody would necessarily even know how to repent or would know the gospel itself from those words but i said the people of minable believed god they called for a fast and put on sackloth from the greatest to the least of them oh the king when the king heard jonah it said that he rose from his throne here let me see where looking since john has it up there o case so this would be down in seven oh six and seven he when you heard he rose from his throne removed his room covered himself with sackcloth and sat in ashes he issued a proclamation in published it through nine by the decree of the king and his nobles no manner beast herd or flock can taste anything you can't feed or drink water man and beast must be covered with sackcloth and should call out mightily to god let every one turn from his evil way and from the violence that is in his hands who knows god made turn and relent and turn from his fierce anger so that we may not perish now i would say that the ah that inverse is six to nine the king's message is fuller concrete and direct and the people practised god's repentance paradine now i would say that the king probably knew that from what he heard from jonah but ah he basically cries out for everybody in his domain to bow to yahweh now this sounds a lot like a second chronicles some fourteen almost anybody can quote adverse or some form of it first samuel twelve fourteen to fifteen and second corinthians seven eight to twelve but set chronicle some fourteen starts out with if my people who are called by my name so my point was here's joan to thinking go on these are pagan people now we can be so hard on john about we're going to go through some sub information that might give us a different light number one john is the first one that i believed that we hear that they are commanded to go oh we're in to see this later jesus later commands his church to go into all the world but the hebrew people were commanded to win people sojourners came into the land they were supposed to give them the gospel and teach them the way of god oh so joan is thinking god now they repented what what will i do wish that now we got to remember that god told peter he basely brought down a three member peter had a dream with a sheet and it were nothing but unclean animals now some people would say that means that we can eat all the unclean meat oh that's we should we can get that from some other place not here what that was was god commissioning peter to go to the gentiles and particularly at that time cornelius and if you remember this and be pretty close after peter he jumped out to put his foot in his mouth several times which crucifixion ah but we peters like no god know no not me you got to wrong i won't do that eh he almost felt like maybe i'm going to disobey you if i go preach to them the god had to tell him again the second time at any when and so here we see joan a struggle how could god actually redden or new birth these people seems to be his attitude and yet god showed he is not a respecter of person and i've got to say oh even though i am a reformed believer i do believe the need election and predestination of his elect unto salvation i believe that god must no berthas before we have faith but i go to say that god's like people are now her what we think or who we think they are and his gospel doesn't work as some require we must preach the gospel but preaching the gospel doesn't insure new birth and i know that isaiah probably prophesied a little bit after joan of because jonah was called to be a prophet before the exiles most of the prophets at the end of the old testament were called during the exiled periods ah malachite likely if the end of the exile periods but oh i see was told and isaiah was very faithful to your member i say a six isaiah also had a vision of christ in all his splendor came and an isaiah was borne away by what he saw and god basically asked he in a would you go he said i got on clean lips and o god and i believe it was so jesus christ on the throne ah set an angel took a coal from the fire cleansed his lips and he said how go for me an isaiah said oh i'll go for you now joule's though like that jones lakanoo home i might here i'm going the other way and and yet isaias hurd and nesis one of the big sayings and even in the new testament they're going to keep on hearing but not understand keep on the scene but not perceive make the heart of this people dull and their ears heavy and blind her eyes lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their hearts in turn and be healed i be isaiah six nine to ten now we believe that isaiah was a prophet for at least forty years in were not sure that anybody came to the gospel of christ under isaias ministers and he was still sawed and half at the end of his life for preaching the gospel we know that christ's gospel is life giving with new power with power to new birth souls yet god was spiritually resurrect people before they repent and believe as certainly as new horton baths breathe their reputed follows new birth as they possess christ's life from yahweh we breathe faith and i got to say remember salvation is not a due to be but a god makes us a bee than we do this is the epitome of jonas statement salvation belongs to the lord down in a butyou but if i went through in town after finding get near and i preach a simple message and the whole city repented do you think that would be cause for rejoicing carry how about you and now you've been in a back ground and you've been patient oh and god is very patient with joan a wordiness see this real so but the reality is this is not what takes place with joan of his struggles to accept that ninevites repent and believe god and god relented he says when god saw what they did three ten how they turned from their evil way god relented of the disaster he had studied due to them and he didn't do it but it displeased jonah exceedingly and he was angry now i got to say this that we all struggle when god says a similar message if you don't read that i'm going to you're going to be toast if you will oh and then when they do with that we think will did god not keep this promise and in its really regarded put it into a different light because god is basically when he gives a command or a direct of he is put it out there that if if you repent that i will withhold what i was going to do but we see that god later brought judgment on nineveh so we got to ask how to joan and get silkenest sofast oh let's here be one place where you say well let's let's cut him up break now i may not be so quick to come a break but you got to think cause i i have preached many times and there are times that you put in forty sixty eighty hours of research and bible time and a commentary reading and development of a sermon have put it together that you can you can put this kind of time into soft men when you preach it your given your soul your pot your soul in toethiopian and sometimes you come away directly from the the sermon and you are keep that in mind but also remember that john he went through quite an emotional roller coaster he ran away from god now that was not god's fault he died in was resurected we can say god did that can you imagine de emotional turmoil to even process that understand not to to be thrown over board knowing that your gnoorong to die in we saw from the text i believe i went to the very bottom of the mediterranean sea where he was at he couldn't just travel maybe five thousand miles oh we believe that he was done for three days here he is trying a baby get his land legs under him if you will at any preach it so he was likely and emotionally physically spirits even exhausted on the cost of four born depression oh and i was as i was winding his sermon down the message trying to process jonah enlighten where we are to day i felt it may be this is exactly the message that we need to day i would ask you for even what we've looked at so far without even considering what we goin to find and in chapter four it was a mess it was chaos it seemed like nothing with as god wanted it to now we understand if we back up a little bit then yes everything went as god water to do but with our hides and los we've had coved locked down tyranny seems to be the norm oh we ask questions like this sanity exist any more godliness exist does the church represent christ i mean narrow lot a church as i think he has to go a long time before you find a pastor that is real faithful to god's word so preach it without compromise we have to ask our god's standards still valued fallen this truth and his law matter to day we've seen shots in way too many suddenly died people it is confused into figure out how were supposed to believe challenge teach an act in these crazy days i've got a twenty year old son at home and i feel sorry for him and other young we came through a day where there was real sanity where there was at least a belief that our country as gods and christian and yet to day i think we live in an upside down godly evil confused world and then we read of the craziness and schizophrenia and upside down reality and jonah what are we going to do so let's look at joe in chapter four if anybody can wear out god's patience it would be jonah as a reader i admit jonas in consistency where out my impatient it's not enough no matter what she believed about the death and resurrection i think that was fact but jonah hers go to nineveh and he says no i'm going this way and it's just amazing he tells the sailor she morning from god and he comes back and here he preaches and he goes up on the town and he goes up may be on a little mountain a little hill and he sits down to watch the fire works no fireworks came he's he's mad oh it may be i need this message maybe he more than anybody because i struggle to have patience with jonah and i would ask as believers to we were out god's patience i think we do despite his foibles rebellion distrust erics arrogance and obnoxious he god demonstrates amazing merciful patient to come alongside his servants now we were almost an god make up side the head john mcgillis but in her and do disposed to do act like he spoke to o let me let me back up here a little bit god intended israel to be his gospel mouthpiece in the world and they utterly fail god called prophets to help accomplished this town there were some great faithful ones with thick a daniel jeremiah isaiah ezechiel but joan his actions in sure he'll never be in that group when we realize how ineffectively israel as a nation fulfilled god's command preach and teaches gospel in the world we only have to look at joan oh for a pork cuse of a poet ruth and esther gave more personal efforts to proclaim god's gospel than joanna does in history if you were going to teach on how to be a faithful servant you des jone to show what not to now it is words joan a gives no voice to declare god's good did he think his quick he prayer in the great fish was sufficient here he is outside of ninive alive not dead at the bottom of the mediterranean sea or dead by ninevite sorts his the centerpiece factor witness if you will to the world's greatest revival if you think i'm history that not even penny cost compare in number to what we read all of that and we find jonah barking at god and not like the toronto of brownsville revivals would we ever bark it god for what we think god didn't do for us or that he he as acted outside of what we think his box should be i lingered nobody in scripture has more reason to sing god's praises yet joan he chastise his god complains he didn't get to see god rained down wrath upon these people and argues for god's applause for his selfish or counting of his own grateful feelings the body but i think really jonah yet god is patient unwilling to break a bruised reed sitting by the over that passage is in everybody wants to at least take down the rough erence bat through twelve fifteen to twenty one and i got to say god is so good to sometimes blow away i don't know of matthew twelve rings any bells for people this is the very chapter that almost another twenty verses later jesus spoke about the sign of jonah no i'm just colossuses that maybe jesus was giving as some insight into god's patience to joan so let's let's read this passage oh it actually comes were going to start in fifteen the pharisees were conspiring against them trying to think about how they could destroy him which we see later but jesus aware of this withdrew from there and many followed him and he healed them all and ordered them not to make him know now people struggle with us i know i did for years but jesus did not come specifically to her people jesus came to die on the cross and become the redeemer of his elect ones and so when people think oh man you know healings are the end all be jesus would say no there not redemption and new birth it but he said as to fulfil what was spoken by the prophet isaiah behold my servant whom i have chosen my beloved with whom i soul is well pleased i will put my spirit upon him and he will proclaim justice to the gentiles he will not quarrel or cry aloud nor will any one hear his voice to the streets a bruised reed he will not break in a smouldering wick he will not quite until he brings justice to victory and in his name the gentiles will hold so this text is in pretty close within a few minutes jesus likely talked about the sign of jonah and so that what we see is that god was patient with joan of beyond what we think so here he charged his god o lord is in this what i said when i was in my country when you first called that's why quickly fled to tiresias so you really because i knew you were gracious merciful slow to anger abounding in steadfast love and will relent from disaster in other words you must do god as i think no questions asked john login give god any any room any wiggler i've seen tantrums before but this one takes the cake it's so disgustingly crazy that its humors therefore since you won't listen to how i think you should perform is my god please take my life from me better that i die than live i don't know i could see a two or three year old says that prophet jonah have you ever heard a worse tanchon spoken to god i'm actually surprised we didn't see a suddenly died even by his language an accusation his arrogant tantrum reaches new heights every time he opens his mouth amazingly god cautions don't you think you should check your anger no that joe he switches into a higher gear and steps high on the stupid pedal arrogant ignorance looks pretty stupid and join a diggs his hole deeper rather than get out of the desert elements i suggest jona thinks have i punished you enough so you see my way i think i can bend you to my will can't you see i'm trying to me that's painful after several rounds of stop jone ogives another threatening ultimate a gas we talked about his affrancre it's better for me to die than live as parents try to call or distract a stupefaction god tries again to bring him down from the ledge but joan a keeps his insanity going oh whining things down let me suggest that joan joan a manifest book and corollaries we can read about biblical people about their lives but what they do but we rarely read to primarily see god at work in trouble i know i put four books together esther ruth job and jonah in an aster we do see haman who was to murder all the jews and he built gallows and we see that garry reminded me of this last night that those gallows ended up killing haman and all of his people that were involved in the plot to kill now could just be what god's good to do to day or in the near future i do believe that i have believed that for a long time that god will bring justice there is no doubt might mind it it would take the angels of heaven to bring justice to this land we we see people we give them credit we don't believe the evil that sometimes comes that's why i believed that god must bring justice oh we think about like as may be said before but maybe it's just a running in my mind joe basically get nothing wrong in his life god applauded his righteous his sincerity his noble reaction to everything that hammered him in fact after he lost everything joe geosorro joe fell on his face in worship this is not what joan does he basically does everything wrong in this little book yet sees unimaginable patience by a lobbing away god true or not things i hope no one expects the strange story to end normally because jonah does i would challenge anybody go through the books of the bible and you almost see and ended the ending of this story just tells of into the sunset so i think that the spirit is emphasizing some god told him should i fitting in above with more than a hundred and twenty thousand first who don't know their right hand from their left songs once speaks of those who choose the right or love fork in wife's spiritual rode with new birth we decide god's righteous path as a baby chooses to breathe there babies just breathe there as new births souls decide to walk christwe net habits have no working more accompte it isn't that what we see done i know your back isn't that what we see that even seems like people everywhere have no moral compass they were spirits leap jones i just i got one little half paragraph and in we can donjons callous to the point of plate anger at times we are to god implores others this and joined god's restoration almost as much as a bankrupt souls and i i would admit i need restoration it's tough to sometimes keep going but god is patient with jonah and we can take that to heart because joan o wasn't patient toward the souls he was talking to joe was oblivious to his blatant sending god tried to get him to see sinners and light of his mercy i pray we give mercy to sinners to obediently declare christ gospel in this way we show that we seek god's truth correctly to teach christ's fate the others i looseabandoned makinge i know what it all comes down and to having integrity in what you do not to smithsonian but was inconvenient and and you know it's it's easy to like i biblesortes to low people when they are nice to you it's really difficult when people are horrible to you he kwanshaiyin time that we live and write now unfortunately that the i got helcosoma on here so i it's a it's a really telling time right now and that people think they're getting away with stuff when no one has locke and unfortunately you can never trust people like that because because they the people you can trust on the ones that do everything its consistent every single time there is no deviation from and the i think the words that were in right now it's a spiritual war because we cannot win unless people take that that step of deciding that they are going to live as close to blemishless as they can and everything that they do not that we don't make mistakes we all do that then the gold is is to try to live with integrity and everything that we do case in point what's going on down here right now i honestly think it this transparency thing or lack thereof is such a symptomatic problem across the board and our society that that is kind of heart breaking really you know yes yes it is so well i'm going to have to wire and after him and the chickensare for us and then it all we certainly in and the you would do him a great day and not i and i would just encourage people i guess i surprised it may be more people didn't holler for the manuscripts i am always willing to send manuscript so they could read these things in two and stadium and questioned me well so let's be ah or even father is we can't we thank you for these upper michigan in a gorgon day we've got some sunshine him a lord we thank you for your truth we thank you for the opportunity to be bold for you it's not in us you put the power in us and we try to let you live through lord help us to be faithful i pray your blessing upon dona and good as he i try to get back to michigan and we we just rejoice lord it we have opportunity to teach people that do not have moral compasses lord help us to not be angry with them he was to show your mercy in jesus they my pray messinamessana see what i see to is that when people don't have that moral converse know their doing the wrong that they know it and then you look at the sadness that surrounds them ah and the symptom of sadness or the anxiety over it is is really the first first toethat were not as close to god as we should be at that moment or renehan it over i'm guilty of this too i mean every single one of us is is subject to these things and we lifted beaconite and slow we can pull back closer to go so just like this this thing here where we were definitely definitely there was some lack of transparency going on down here there there's no tondentes the just as you know i went for oroville this morning and it's like you know what that's okay because god that means that god has something better in mind and so we cannot weaken turn it over to him and all faith that all things work together for good to those who love the lord and are called according to his purposes and we can rest in that no matter what no matter what we see in the news or anything else i like that we can rest in the fact that he is giving us something better if we had that over hand the reins over him see what he does set back and go well that wouldn't been my plan you know he's got a plan and we're going with his plan it's going to be a so i think that's the the way we can approach everything i think that's also why some of us have a higher tolerance for looking into problems i see a lot of people that they're like i can't handle any more can't look into you know any more of these problems it's like well it's just information and a most of it most fly anyway but i mean we can we can work through it in order to try to find the truth is just like you know i got called the cord for a long time i like you all right and seventeen is my favorite number in anybody that's out there a well because they never gave us anything they gave us things to look at and question but they didn't give us answers the copestone of the people jumped on that were he and on that was a problem because he would not on westhalchton people do in commentary instead of people going to the original cupwhen we get out there my start asking questions about what we're seeing that's where we find the truth not listen the mainstream media that listening to the pointthat's not everybody who spin in a story one way as the other it's the ones are getting us to ask questions in order to how these break from their little spell they have going on and of listening to everything that they say we need to turn to god messages about him and that's that's an entirely different entirely different way to approach life so anyhow thank you so much to and i'm going to here's where i'm going to go and do the thing here hang in minute try not to a word no there eriophoros while here you come gottreich visetation do something better child i got right in all you could do it too yet to gather god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the arica but brand of her for governor doc come because i'm not conceding and i will not concede to lir's chiefs thieves of men of its apolono moral compass let the lover and that's okay it's a worthy fight and isles on finance the camregan seething out smart of which replies some that hard to do so so anyhow copredy torticols in the words just remember god is patient and down i appreciate what you said to god works all things for his glory and our goods is george it's going to be okay so every one have a great day and i'm not going to be on to morrow i have something i have to do in the morning so to morrow attorneyand that i'll be on friday so so so there go to have a wide wonderful day to day