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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/29/2022 - Live - Eddie Kabacinski, Joe Welsh, and Mellissa Carone

Published Aug. 29, 2022, 8 a.m.

Eddie Kabacinski a Warren City Councilman talks about his life threatening car accident and Michigan politics. Joe Welsh, business man from Traverse City, talks about a local race of concern. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg with brandenburg news network it is monday august twenty nine at o'clock in the morning sharp were doing the everyday from eight till ten sometimes some thereafter day with the last few times i've actually hit a closer to eleven because there was a lot of noise out there which was kind of amazing to me so there it seems like the new cycle is picking up substantially there's there's a lot going on we got the nonsense going on and mackay but it's not just come condit's all over the state there is things that are going out on a travesty area and to day to day we have adamless last name for you on fine minutes and then we're going to go to joe well from travers city and also melacanan to be on the ground at the sixteenth district court over there and clemens to day there's a trial going on their hearing on what's happening in the calm and i believe there will be quite a few people there to really give us a good on the ground and in person account of what's going on so we're going to try mobile we're going to try a mobile report today as we continue to broaden brandenburg news network something that really has been has been on my mind here that that is a concern others could things are concerned yesterday i had some communication with mother researchers out there and they were quite honestly they were kiowas kind of crazy how how the watuta were digging into the nonsense with conic in the state of michigan as well as some other connections and with already gone through some of them with with people that are attached to the universities who are moving money around and also some locations when you when you look at the proximity of location or the locations of different businesses as are filed by laura and laura or names or misspelling you find a lot of crazy and i mean crazy coincidences that are in no possible way coincidence is not not even not even close let me pull some something else there's all so there was also an amazing amount of information or connections around cruel the president of the united states obaa and i am prey interested are extremely interested in what's going on there with with olama and people that are gone to it appears that we've got some some huge concerns in that area let me i find it now of course and in a proletariat now that that kind of highlights what i'm talking about and then will go will go to will go to die and then i would bring some of these facts and in a little bit other new that she found and nine executive for side by then president barack obama's stripped pieces stanistreet privilege whitehouse devotional confession has notified former composite bannon ordered general plan that the executive privileges have been waged in choral theramenes cosette hours the mariscotti cuillius order and finally acquaint the fight openly in conjunction with my enacted companies to meteoric tion vatefer any affection of turvyland connivance to find the only convenient possession of morning that immediate proclamation is closed certainly not allington and not tracheotomy sleeps and bring that one on because i thought it was pretty interesting the connections with once again obaa i am completely and utterly shocked at what were finding with with the connections with obaa and some of the people that he's been standing with but will will get into that a little bit later so forrit now i want to bring on a guest this morning we were emanating difficulties here with getting computers remote computers connected that okay sometimes that happens when you live on line and where were doing a citizen journalism which means that that not another thing works so that the first time on but that's a gay so i'm going to bring on eddie we're going to do a phone call or phone conference with him and i'd like adding to tell you what's going on the things that were of interest to me is that any was an he's a councilman for i believe it's worn and okay i began what i think the internet froze up honest again for some reason we have really good internet here and for some reason whenever i start talking about certain subjects that just seems to be a one don't know why so anyhow at esher and we're going to talk about as difficulties and hopefully hopefully to the powers that be or whatever it is on the internet will not mess with brogues again but we so in many a like to you that talk about your story what happened with us with us accident that happened with you and fred and where you were and what a let up to that and then all so the nonsense going on in calm and what you see on the ground to introduce some place the manager for a hoarseness for the fourteen campaign on and i went out to the god arsenicated to do the position on a wild pointers a madrepore enchaining for the democratic party to more of which friend of a friendly created in hand which mister romer loathesome emasculate meeting room we see differences in the past obviously being a republican king congratulating agenda included the forest arises to certify anastasius twenty twenty two primary laurels directions termineation of primary reconnoissances tree and then the nation was to formally approved way which the voters would see on the peloponnesian on her words her last and swinging the machinery to voting policies constitution moitoret twenty twenty two orders were with this is the institution imitation illegal aliens and pretty much anybody would itineraries to be able to the other item is the constitutional amendment on the rio reproductive freedom in the city or reproductive freedom for all constitutional moment which is the cabby's go and ride had been very outspoken about both etesian after the agent item a friend in left meeting he must leave a warington supported ready hand concerning the voting upon the agent basically the board was all for the about proposals we left there had a branch and looked at esther from one hearty and soon had a she worries committee meeting scheduled for four hamlets we had to get back to work the most direct route to go from mainwaring lay in tiniest ninety six an interstate ianito we were travelling in the number to the foundling in a sitting fred tried very contritely he dried i call between sixty six she boisrondet and the ambulatores acting she found lacerated by steering the vehicle and the number free way struck again by another vehicle in the same before now my experience is enforcement military so i am very familiar with but the pianner is and these were done in a very similar fashion as he pities intervention adeimantus by law enforcement that would be assuming to disable a vehicle or one of the quantity upon the second vehicle striking respirators into the center medium no shotgun on the driver's side keeping the vehicle into a span and wondering the vehicle and to over we find a vehicle the strutting before fine spun vehicle agonising another roll over commanding us to rest upon the roof edge and on the passenger side on the inside of the men cried was attacked from the front seat of a bideford employment and the twain on the rear from passengers crushing me i had my hands on my arms race and for my face in the glass eagerly a arm was in on the dormitory the deeper the great real quayhead was on the roof exposed and as well as my uncle rataria was pinned under the heterogeneous or i had broken glass and abandoned the vehicle came as i did see the daylight for smoke and called out to find who had not nicholas were to me so i thought he had perished in the traffic as he then came to neither had barred addition i rescue affording corresponds the remaining vehicle cassandra drivers the fire department instituted for being and the jaws of life for us in the resavation from the vehicle in noplace on the bad word and astral color was applied to my new aconite eminence i got into the montdidiers penitently ninety minutes together from interstate excision so the oligocene room which was located at the southwest corner ordained the perennially then i would be a hospital for amorous when nationality i was there until about fourteen thirty hours munson twenty one august twenty twenty two on my arrival at the repast i was haled into timmermann of hospital sammy red colter was cut off and all my conwiction underwear were moved by the tramontana done i was giving a good gennleman i was that wheeled into mergency room where a wagonette was completed my vital friends were taken and my boy was drawn i was so contagious fireshine and a sailing trip i was given another dose of the geoponica was completed it was wheeled mastication are roomdroom was men available to me during the time it was suggested by a member of the hospital staff after question me about count this was a targeted attack on fred myself as in a road region i was given a final position after my objections to after the senecas completed was wheeled in the another room and waited for the standard room and my former campaign manager and this franklinian a retired federal law enforcement agent atropin fred and to myself recantation that of fred and i were reconsecrated target pay those associated with the manoeuvre ocra party and here in the fact that my conclusion is based upon no one there have been at least five other similar institutions that have recently occurred to troupers conservative or republican candidates containing for palikare juliet one is indian aconite were killed for the traffic gramarian economiser candid for disrepair adams enfolds black pamplona indoors house representative or district cypresses was a passing antipater were carpeted and a private cash mister rob cornerwise body knows or operate trumpeter has been a victim a sterilising tappert damages and arrest and of course yourself man with pantagruelian miss converted in my several personal attacks and in more pacific mister niederstetter a worker and a duly littering delegate was arrested and forcemeat that absence affection from teasing the where a man at the coal which is a public building during a public being proposition and the trailing counterside over bad training by city detours when great and concluded and in my case of there's been some other instances including the one were county on incomes of district mister john became as threatened wise of countenances of missus maria a family as well as a county away for of amaterasu all important and his family for that certifying the tree twenty general action ballots the infamous jose bidin as presently it states of america he was also responsible for coordinating the targeted acumen and miontonimo doing the mission independent distracting pitied called a cooeperation was at twenty a contorted the same restrained my freedom of movement for the seminole in violation of miscounting back satirical edwards struck me twice with brusqueness and then said in a derelict awesome in because i refused to wear a mask there was also a scapegoat and captain present as will allow this as she had a more are democratic party sherman president of the toymaker prosecutor jury fisher as also probably said he was going sesuto rite and a prosperous after to go after me and at the stateroom during audience petition and then finally i have been personally in fact as it consorted as a city or houseman to disrobe and asseverate to distort being for my work and i doing the city on considerest attire by present jerry was secretary montemor siserary contortion townswoman and reminiscences and the legal sense with the removal of my mediation as i said gratian very outspoken about polonaises the democrat party has been attempting to accomplish overtones for others vision of a constitutional republic and our countries republican form of government with erroneous notion that we are a socialist democracy or that democrat mobilis roland boredom ocra policy to exist in a constitutional republic which it does not giuletta toreador vehicles that did not get on or drivers on a poetry only fred be able as that so this was an accident in the two vehicle malfunction how do you occurreth cles that only get us the area in which the traffic escaping was in the men are the words so on oratorically badly congested as not allow for swift transportation to the hospital which was only three miles away if our injuries had been more like retiring when no longer be alive as a result of the way in transports as i was comin relocated to room of patisserie a hospital i was given to another for the pain and then i deposit and august when he creature from the hospital and fortune thirty hours i had more i found additional damages to my body including surgical satinalia in my net at least two additional slip an earnest and damage to my final come and i am to continue to wear the cortical callerfoot and leave in next week and so follow a visit to complete the damage of evaluation and i was issued a camposanto assist me so that i do not fall down a walk round and pain then this is just incredible i don't think that you know it's like we've talked about this we talked about this before but i think that a lot of people miss the fact that this is a war a war right now and it's a real war and people are being targeted there being killed and there being taken out and it is intentional whether as you would have to disregard almost all of this testimony or of your testimony or your recount happened in order to believe that this was not a targeted account sir sounds like an i know rob has been hit several times on the road i know that a lot of us have been threatened in several different ways and there's a few people that have stopped down from running for office because of the throat as well as the removal jackie jackie ryan and heard her story i have her on her she was a deputy and she was threatened with being thrown in in jail and rate if she did not step down from her we we are talking about it when when we talk about what's happening with the politics and michigan it is so invasive and pervasive and it goes it to so many different levels its unbelievable the there is no possible way that any one could convince me that four cars hitting your car and rolling it three times and we're used to stain those type of injuries with nothing else hit whatever was was innocent accessible believe that now in that he actually correct i mean they got all the circumstantial evidence there not to prove this year and the like i said the location it was done in you have to look at the totality of the circumstances and you have to understand to the republicans and conservatives the republicans particularly have gone to a man in a happen in amanani the cob and around the state the democrats are very very smart they dancers take the pictures of the document laplanders vehicles that those lafayette written citations inanimate parting enforcement which though that i should be tied and the democrat party the radicals will get that information and imitate base and they now took for and they will ardeuil go after you they will they will get you by yourself and they won't try to get at you and take you out and is exactly what happens he will let me tell you half an osier at the convention the tea pot are the extraction we were inside and we had a couple of our trucks were there when we came out of that convention he was really really were because we knew it we know that the trunks were locked were really were really cautious about them we came out and honestly the window was in our trucks were open explain that to me because we had three or four people watching you know when we took materials out of the trucks they were watching the trucks and when we came out yet in fact are windows were were open so i really think you know when you've got when you've got things like no i don't know a star on those but when you look at their ability to get into vehicles and have had the computers computers access by companies there if if if some is just like our voting a voting machine this goes across the web or or you have conductivity across the web or in different areas pretty extra sure that they can they can acceptance tain functions of vehicles at it would it make sense to me and i have somebody that i know whose whose all who is a pilot a very very good pilot military in his background in such an he is also said that they can they can fly plans and such and you don't really need a pilot any more because they can they can remotely fly down you know and it's interesting and the amount of the amount of mechanics and what can happen as it is for real so for us you know it i'm sure that some of that was intimidation but there was no explanation why two of our vehicles would have windows that were opened after they had been locked and secured at a endearment the only one that was that was targeted i believe and i have heard that there are a lot more people that have been killed in the state of michigan that never makes mainstream media because they're trying to cover this stuff up including some law enforce and they don't want this out there because then it becomes an open war that that we have to deal with and in its too bad but you know what some of us some of us there's there's some of us are willing to die for our belief and and the intimidation factor is not going to work on some of us and i know it doesn't work on you either because because we believe in what we're fighting for and it's a go is godly purposes including the the protection and saving the children which are being brutalized in this state and numbers that are hard to get people get their arms around they can't even get their arms around so close you know what they did as they started this conspiracy theory non son while there is such a thing as criminal conspiracy theory just makes people question is it for real and may people shut up and stop questioning things in sitting down but criminal conspiracy is a real thing and i think when you see the amount of connected people and where the connected to you your dinner going to start seeing a lalage picture emerged on what is happening from ah from what happiness systems we can go to the world economic form in the land that's benedetto the universities and the cot in the context through finding funny mechanisms to universities and foundations and such and it's going to be very shocking to some people how close to home this actually is and how brought about how broad the so so you're you're also actively involved in what's happening in the calm and i know that you're going to go over to the sixteenth the sixteenth district court and not climates to day melissa crown is going to be on the on the ground there ah she's going to s'nore as well as being able to interview some people that are on the ground there and molested and talk about what's really going on with the with the mop that this this organization is so run a muck it's not even funny with them oncet elected delegates and that they only let people in or they unseated people that didn't agree with what the party wanted this is a top down organization as has nothing to do with we the people this is these are these are marching orders from the top on who gets in who gets kicked out voted off the island and and who gets to say stay and have a voice when when i look at two what happened within mcclellan's being told whoever is that happened they were intimidated course and in some cases threatened also the canon the candidates were at work in contacting the precinct delegates to say their votes that this should be there should be an absolute separation there because the delegates should be represented or constituents and only their constituents and not be able to be coerced intimidated or influence by candidates parties et cetera this needs to be from from you know if you were going to have a bell you know if you're going to have like a bell it needs to be coming from like like this from the people down to the elected officials and tell them what to do not not from the elected officials who are who are basically cut we the people out and then just giving an illusion of choice at the bonington is as really what's happening there is no choice here none whatsoever i am to what happened in the actually got started waterspring when a occurred is evidently an idiot on terminates in wieringen to one sixtieth theistic unpicturable masters i know god does tabachetti was in the thirty cooeperation he got appointed by the governor to points there was invaded by a comeliness winning for comorine and lester clear out as which governor appointed him a point him letters sure so anyway what would happen is a dusarian where no establishment winthrope and maconochie to do the food of arendal entente two charlestonian over i laid a board which he corporeal or a donkey came linger and god encarnadined bordering now and tried to throw them and likewise he was being instituted by retaliatory grow miss and on mercedes these were the individuals that were involved in this and they took over the convention and at that convention anytus gasped in an even one for preaching delicate were selected to be a present delicate instead of those of july wonder elaine delicate this is what donatism did so they just kicked him right out they take the elected delegates out and they reappointed the delegates that agreed with the establishment it is not happened and now they were to take over even the county office ah which imitator has the least for and they went to court to get the case and to get all the property inside everything hanover one of so they went to court godfried against the and marmorean the board were old our peculiar official colored and so the new artistic is commander november or february so that they were the more they were the legion relating intuited in asolando as emotional comment rose so they did that on the same incantation encinas being done by marforio shall be gardens morgan the board established one forty two positions and also the trastevere going to go into convention these were the july elected present delegates not people that law or people who were destitute elected precisely and so on apple that were meriwether allowed and put on that list because they on their seat as a prison goat and as the way it should be done if you on your feet you should be on the list of breaking delegates going to antinous not just not people didn't even bother on so what happened is they will sport and the for them aristocracy says and michel met when running to wine winterkeller's say private organization and outwitted so there was a mail that was put out armouries that he was doing to follow a coroner and that he was acknowledging the serious group the royalist and solicit it was not going to see be wise sometimes which is the legendary we all arrived on friday night there in landing the ancient five pantheon no the people there were pomeroon which is the real selection and to be the informer even any passes bayou could be a gas well if you mean i guess you're eating your responsibilities that you took a nose a affetto be a present delegate you are an elected official representing for fremont tree tousand primal apres and if you do not represent them in your averting your responsibilities you are not doing what you said you were going to do as i elected official i not doing what you're supposed to do as eloisa crime you didn't take it aloof and if you don't do what you're supposed to do as an elected official economical for not i took a position i arbaces when i will do as first thing very morning when we get over there tokamahamon allowed in i will call for the police and i will ask for a police report to be written and the main afore judge savorelli thought you standstill please report was written i thought to the officers and they said because we are an innocent they are allowed as landing police officers to enforce a tomato i judge save officiating in the colony and in the state of michigan bay said there unable to enforce she is no reciprocity there saw they had to do as jumpiness to another colony and any orders or an or anything in the county all the sudden doesn't stand and they can do whatever they wanted to that was a agitation that they were giving that we got stories about this coming a pace report i said well i didn't call it was no no i don't want a piece and i would like system but i did go to the police department and shall i also finances the city of wasperton closes at fourteen on a daily basis what you are believers you have to go through the empty cotherstone dispatch and they will dispatch a police officer location well even have a point for seven police department escritoires ing for landing you would think that there would be something there but i'm kind of a fan of the sheriff said like i think the sheriff should be the ones that that are pretty well running the law enforcement show in the state of michigan because they're the ones to take it all to the constitution and have the ability to rest the governor and in that i find that to be really realising nificent but what's really really disturbing is that he don't really fun but the sheriffs and the set the to fail spectacularly for reinforcing the state of michigan to finding so that i not i'm not tilly surprised on that and that all sertoriuses having constitutional chersiphron er stand the constitution and the roll and the other obligations and duty i told you about half of the sheriffs in the state and there's some of that now and there is some constitutional series of that there is there is a bunch of that are not so that that right there is is a large problem but i know we talked when you were you know you were giving me a head up you were going to be talking to the police about not being allowed in nouther a cask was also denied entrance what was the point the office for the agitated people that have to duly elected positions meaning they are sanatory member of the county party which money should automatically be let in as a present allegation as a present delegate position so even if you can aeneas the present go get that delineated them in as a panetone of the party as the present delegate that is completely illegal as well well well dearie me cassy is is you know he's he's a seated house member in landing and they were not going aleck him in the soil men i mean this this whole thing it was it was it was not just pretenderette this is a member of the michigan house elected in that day that they were not going to allow it they found another way to get em in but how how can this even at this is literally then lining people up and say and i pick you and i think you and i pick you and not your off the island and it doesn't make you different they were making up the just like jonathan braided and the board of elections i just call a bunch of flying monkeys now that's my new term for them you know a bunch of flying monkeys they just kind of like pick and choose who they're going to pick up and drop into a seat and the rest about or standing there just going what what just happened there there is no lawful process in this from top to bottom the whole thing is he was for the other county ringlets that mercanson when the people to be there there was all the long boat if we had not had that you are not an opera was the other rising delegate he goes in there and goddess in the well and that that goes back to manhattan the capewell and i think that goes back to the fact that we that there are so many really good people that are in the republican party but the leadership is is what is absolutely subverting the entire process now it's not it's it's not that everyone is i mean but but but we need to remember that the title of republican or democrat is nothing more than a misleading is misleading for the unitary i mean that's exactly what's going on and then thank god that at that there were enough people that stood was i heard adipocere with mark mark forton to to accept them as the leadership of macalpine and basically set said you know why seances in your flying monkeys you otoyo just you just you know you you are not going to not only all the party but make a rule that affect laugh not there but i had i was getting a blow by blow report from a budget three different people and what was happening and it it was i'm glad i'm glad that i'm glad not it not to be a part of any of it because it's absolutely so disgusting that you know them there they illegally removing me from the ballot was like a gift from god to get me out of this this go rodeo they got going on there that with no no structure not nothing and look look at the candidates that there choose in the candidates that have been elevated by the party it is a there's no there's no word to describe the pathetic character of their candidates well ingenuity know we had i produced it officers or is it the mail we showed them the coroner we showed him the instructions from the attorney mister damaratus about what action to take their activation and there is the problem how follow that and in the implication all your doctrinarian that soul problem so they rode in said the best thing you can do is to day go to dunstanwolde everybody else the waterwheel be conspirators for count you know that's what's going to happen to me hopefully judge sabe so enraged that is our order was not wide with and i hold a imitation responsible and fully contemporaine filed and he will be held accountable for these ungenerous beheld a terrible civil to you and a lot of present delegates that went up there and were disfranchised when they were told the woorali pass and they went on to almayer they got rooms a family after i think they should be franchised because mister wiser was atone and power around the best way you can affect mister wiser as may impenitents people that were not allowed to do their job as president of water away on friday night when they went to register the arable go in there at present delegate and i think that will teach a lesson a loss of his finances contagious obey a judge's order in future well but it's got to be more than a slap on the other the hand though because it's just like white the whole thing will stand drawer sanitas given i believe it the hundred thousand dollar fine for them for taking a payment from raniero's was what was run wise that was slepington from him and the judge determined that that was not proper slappit two hundred thousand dollar fine for them you know for a actaeon with it just by the fact that he find two hundred thousand dollars so now you know i don't think that kind of money matters to these people they are tied in with the global unwise on the board of the atlantic council as well as found some ties with parisian donation to bide we we have been the republican party has been so heavily infiltrated that you can't tell the difference between a republican and the parties and a democrat and tellio and an or a economist i think we should just call it what it is this is these have become infiltrated global est organizations which do not represent the people and they have so much money because of the ties behind with dark many accounts that are that are older all the ideas just snap their fingers and they're going to have as much money as they need to get it done and so a two hundred thousand dollar fine means nothing to these measly nothing that like a cooee to to an average person if you want to put it in perspective there is always more making keep coming back to the well whenever they needed thing that's why our politics and our elections have turned into nothing more than the huge and i mean huge paid to play samattar bottom it from top to bottom well well well this is this is this crazy so to mark forton on with ehnamane one with a tight per cent to day they're going to court to uphold the canals to perhaps have some action on unwise and company which needs to happen this absolutely needs to happen and we need to continue exposing the sort of thing but there's godesses that come out of actions which are against you know the united states america any thing that works and against our friend thereupon is absolutely not not only as it is have we got foreign interference in our election we've got domestic interference in our election we have sedition and treason protest that this is this is the way that outside and it can all united states america and then they they craft laws in their in their favor an order for them to get done anything they want or hide anything they want it is crazy this is not and so pointing there was a percent in favour of montfort the point is the commercial colorature it was here and not the actual need and actually found the law of the pistareen and did exactly what he said it was going to do and he didn't yet aneurin alone and it took the other conventions to break the long great mare and then the art plaisance this commission took a lot longer than it should we should have been done may be about two or three hours earlier than what we actually got done and it was simply because unwhitewashed still seated as a slave and it took a long time to get everybody properly credentialed there credential for the legitimate present delegates which was a very disorganized situation as well and in attempted and then doesn't justify the means wherewith isn't convened a court and the other people of the cellarius and a slit michael equally coppers and this because they knew exactly what he judges arwacan we've got to prove it my wise very himself ironical he had the motive he had the opportunity and he had the ability to do it and those of three elements gratian he did the common of contours action and agonies to commit this concentration and they should all equally be held accountable attendant justify the means here of even though any and we were seated he gookin i heard throughout the convention that people were trying to call into order and they were completely being ignored over and over again so so this is little once again go radio that the republican party with board elections board of cancers in the democrat party to to make it to make it look like they care about us or they listen to me the people is just absolute nonsense and it's a big it's a big huge monster lie it's a lie the whole thing is there we were not the only country that an issue to it was free other counties in and issues the walls on italian asolando about late friday night facilitating the tories would senesino antitheses got resolved prioritization despite convention but the comission that was outstanding and like a bait was the other nomadic of the president and the other tonelessly fire indicated everything that happened and that went out pretty much all the present delegates and they read it and they understood it and they rode in favor of merciless and the work well i tell you this whole the whole michigan political moffatt's going on because that curloos like what it is to me you know you've got the medical maffeo there that's working for big farm you've got you know it's organized crime when you can't look at something that this this big without being able to call it what it is and when somebody you know go back to your accident that he happened there's no way to misconstrue this unless you want to have your head in the sand not you personally at your anybody out there but at but a rhetorically that there there is no way to misconstrue what is going on in the state of mich there is if you know if you somebody digs into it looks at em a few facts you don't even delianoff just look at some of the facts and it's absurd the whole thing or is this at the table you as your sectional or ratafia report that's what the industries going to write up the traffic restoration at the back story they're not going to look at okay really how it is the same place how is this really happen roisterous of the impenitent going to do that they don't want to get into a political situation and there her not going to do that now i will tell you i did retorted then threw a marmoutiere asking him to please connotation antonio not know what those reasons ostentatiousness profession by litigation house i was in hospital to make sure the ranee palaeotheria roberta and goes from inseparably and incoherencies well now that you know your animatedly alike to political men my name is out here i am mother but to attack for a timanthes every religious person and he was a million going after a civilian and you know soporifically weighing so maresciallo vehicle foretelleth i mean that that which which had no one else you know there's no there's no way of getting around the coincidence and i believe that there are no coincidences not like that that's that that's not i would want to i would want to see those vehicles inspected to to see if they were waited that that to see if they were waited for for craft as because with a crash as that are that are killing people specially know politicians are leaders around the nation behoove hic are involved in i would like to see something where the vehicles are inspected for being waited in the front and because you've got to wonder what was the damage to those vehicles and he have a thorough investigation on that you see something like that happening you know you pretty extra sure that there's shenanigans going on there that may be is not what we would hope for and i really believe though that you know this attack of of our public officials is should be absolutely not allowed you know you can have a civil civil discussion but targeting somebody who's in office wintertime okay you know where somebody got up to talk and like chief gracie crag you know i heard a little bit about what happened to him when he went to speak one time and he was basically surrounded by people that one that drown him out and then they started throwing things at and people that are jumping around like a bunch of deranged idiots on top cars and that are that our attack and cars in the sort of who is allowing this to be okay you have the right to defend yourself your property your life liberty and happiness and why did this become all the sudden okay we're goin to work on just like we're just got to push us under the rug amante are just so crazy kids they are all there you know ramon ramon to you know stop and vehicles and jumping on woods and breaking out windows and and that sort of the aru turning are you kidding me you know i'm i'm shocked at the muttering that has happened to our justice system in our police forces through you know through they did the same thing with mannersley to attack man to to make it make it not okay to be you know too that taxi masculine that you lament bring it on bring on the toxic masculine because all are those are the art protectors and defenders and the same thing with the lanforre you know what when somebody steps out a line or does something to disrespect the police i would the problem but i also have a big problem with with the police abusing their powers or or not not falling through a find in a coward's way out like they did with you that's a coward's way out not to not to bring justice but to to catch it on technicality i actually know an officer that was in wheeland murder was in granitelands for the leaders and and a two billion dollars worth of damage by this corporation that people just look at the title just like they do in republicans and democrats they look at the title healths is a good organization you know black lies matters you know it's great organization republicans and democrats we believe in ashantee not their front for criminal activity and this officer was told with his with the other officers around he stand down is a city of grand rapids was basically being a male coaster burnings of of cars and all this destruction he was told to stand out my next question is who gave that order i want to know who gave the order to the officers number one number two if you took it all to offset protect state and what in the world would make somebody stand down and in that manner and with the people that they were sworn to protect now in order that this is exactly what happened in germany with the murder how many jews and how many christians and how many people that didn't follow the communists the communist playbook there's a lot and so and what's happening it happening in the united states of america right under our noses and people are not questioning this in alabastine everything if something doesn't feel right you got to get off and you got to do something different something with the republican party the democrat party they have not followed one lawful process they have been out there in it it has nothing to do with me my cane and they and has everything to do with we the people president trump said it bacchus they're not after me there after you were just standing in the way exactly exactly it's happening exactly about in force in other instances that is not rangihaeta preponderate or what happened with the tropic rattatattoo in curious having to an exactly that as i officer that did not holding to that was sent out by the mayor and the police separator you and exact a political attack on courts and unostentation and contributions for the tramp and that that eleanor issue madame officer afterwards and pretty other or i think so i'm not going to eat up his name here i don't know and at the back of sebastiano del with the mayor and the police shepstone otherwise we'll have a job even though he took no we have to do it or told to you at the metamorphosis bunch of crape right there i'm an tell you why to somebody tells you to do the wrong thing you have to stand up before god and do the right thing no matter what you're told that that's been a problem you know and i'll go back to faith you know when something goes wrong like that god will provide a way every single time you stand up for something that's right that you know just because we're afraid that something is going to change and this going get along now since we saw it in lancing with covenant the forecited goin get along steffanone but a coward's way out and into we start standing it just like that we know now that the supreme court was stacked the supreme court was stagers evidence from the pit that shows how the software has not only staked all elections across the globe but our own michigan supreme court is going to be pusterthal and for the activity just wait and see that one's going to come out at have your eyes on that one because i think if that one is going to end up being a big surprise to every one as that and it will it will explain a lot by why they never made a real rullion my case and just kick the tick the ball down the road so the federal court because they took the coward's way out why because it was it because i was illegally removed and the republican party never stood for anything that the communist unpartial got going on out there cause that's exactly what it is so and i am so grateful that you and if you want to if you want to take off i'd like to have you back round again your wonderful guest hopefully we'll be able to get you connected with some video because i like people to see because i know that you've got some injuries going on right now from this the accident which there still kind of worried about some of your head injuries i know that and that you've got some some things going on i would ask everybody out there i would like every one prayer attend fred and all those other people who have been threatened by this this criminal organization that's running the state so please please keep at an frettin your prayers because this is really serious there's so many people i heard another person that stepped out of politics last week i'm not going to say her name but decided to stay home with her family because she was in fact threatened to her life was threatened and she was threatened and she stepped down so this is not one of this going on all over the place so i'm in it to go and and hopefully that you can find late at the court to day she will be doing interviews there and then bring it back on nonetheless i'm just glad to live i mean that listenest truth in esplandian i'm thankful for your holgrave you are because you're you're kind o put on the honeybee category with melissa i who have been who has been kicked in the face so many times in infamy and we do not quit it's like honey badegast ad so tacking he had worse so away injuries cause i have a loodiana the whole measure my odelette intermittent so now this is a dinosaur from the one i had some illimitable i who had a seat this point thank you so much for the sir your service for this country we didn't even get into your service in somali and what happened there but i'm in a destiny of all of america and the patriots that are out there thank you so much for your for your service of the country tell me we've got some one asked where is the court case sixteenth district for the one here for wiser and so i know establishment isis in sixteen judicial circuit on as before but after salpetriere in cologne be wherewith a trump on asian contributions and caution than the other one i have to appeal to entertain respecting her sorority all right well god bless you andy and i will see you shortly hopefully on screen okay all right thank you isn't that interesting is incredibly interesting what's really going on your side sixteenth judicial circuit court montcalm i know there's going to be a bunch of people there and i've got my next guest is joe well and i can bring goodnight now he johnnie as some anecdote you again it yes i like you do a wrong to move to this next segment and there's some nonsense sinang's going on up and travers city and we talked about it a little but i'd like you to introduce yourself to every one and then we can get into talking about what was happening up and traversed because this is this is part of the nonsense is going on in our elections here and i think every one needs to have a voice on this well i'm you know in the ice cream business i father of an adopted and you know it was a long time ago that after my first business crashed and burned i sat working in cream camelfor seven bucks an hour at her and my oldest daughter and i were having a nice cream one sunday after church like the like the nicest experience i've ever had and here i am seventeen years later and i own the business that i started in for seven dollars an hour a work expanding and we're going to be statewide it's really exciting time but it's also careless based on a lot of the situations on the ground that are finer and you know her in charity we've got a lot of issues we had some serious problems in our elections people in power will not acknowledge it will brush off for example brought to the tent recently i'm running for county commission district three here and it's very interesting study to look at these things historically he used to be director the records and it was a district that was so registerin ally there were many times when democrats wouldn't challenge the race i knew they didn't have a chance to and most of our district are like twenty eight sixteen we had about a fifty eight percent in the dis and then fast forward two years after we got the news in machines and suddenly at a seventh in a fifteen point slip in the opposite just like that and you look at the demographic you at hamals builds there's no way in no people moved in and out and then so you hate so your face with with the question in how to that happen well was because all these people want a smoke pot you know like because marijuana was at a ball and in others just so many questions the the really big one is taken deep dive into what exactly are the components yes an estate hundred which is machine that tabulates the ballots in cincinnati i brought the attention to the county commission about a month and a half the james penrose thomas james one of the all expert reports that not cenopolis on as we and penrose actually got hold of one of these machines and pulled it apart and as many of your listeners probably know he found a forge monimia by a indian which he tested and he can do all kinds tis onlie with that and it's not that hard to access that server anywhere you have access to the that's a really big problem and when i brought that to the count come the clerk responded a day later to me personally with an email really it is hard for me to imagine her writing as email and it was all about it had nothing to do with the and very technical and you know and then there was a commentary about how it was irresponsible of seeing these things to find out a few weeks later that she had also sent the same mail to all of the commissioners to the sheriff to the prosecuting attorney's office who had one of their people she didn't you know make it known to me that she was saying the same thing to all of those people you know she's trying to bury me and my point of view and where we're coming from without even you know letting me know that she's doing and you know we have this nice little a glass on the county commission webs on the clerk's website talk about how great yes and so when you really do a deep dive into you know as with dominion as with hard there are some really significant with them as in the various actor international manipulating elections determined so you're absolutely right as it is a large it is a large proud now you have another situation going on up there with with some one who perhaps didn't have the correct paperwork ah yes well we're working on that you know this is a legal challenge you know we're getting through to the state board of canvassers in the one of four district which again you know the moment voting machines are so because in that race in the one of warehouse was winning all day long and then all the at eleven twenty three one county one little area in a natty red where people are really egregiously upset about the lack of that john ross who was our standing state repine on behalf of when our election was stolen in michigan this is the big issue he now and apparently john you know because they reach john all the address was in the new one of he had to move in the effort to run in the one of four and he didn't get his paperwork filed in time file in time so were you know making complaints and attorney damn hartman has looked at it and he said very complaints of his candidacy as pertains to the actual rules and the date of filing for after david if identity to run for that house so yeah we're working on that as well yet the whole system is broken from top to bottom and the more you look into it though and uncover what's really going on especially when you want to about the information transmitted across the internet it it is never ever ever going to be secure it's going to be it's hackle and there's no way that we can make it so that it is with the technology we have right now there is no way to make it an honest an honest effort with that in place correct and you know one of the things that i begun to understand become a huge barrier for well there's several we have a lot of issues people who are conservative go about their business go about their jobs race their family the amount of information that they really bad and you find that you a day before the time all these rambling for peace about have we don't have a kind of and then an even bigger problem that a i've come to terms really a deep level these the really big problem that we have as many people and they are afraid of reprisal the fringe a concert fred to sign his name on a bale on secure the boat an i which is he saw so many people are living in fear but we really have to remind people all to me reminded that were only to fear the one who has power the only person that we legitimately have right should fear and good and right to fear the lord fear of man is a really really hard issue we have a lot of people need to get over that no because not there when you when you fear the retribution or when you fear the disapproval of the people round you you you more likely to be pushed into a direction of something you really know is wrong or that you you know that it it really takes all the wind out of your sails and he takes the soul out of your life quite honestly because you just become a sallow and seats solitaires to any one because this is what happened with the cold bed shut down the lock down in the fore vaccination there was not one he in landing that stood up to defend that constitute which we need to you know we got to take this right back to the protecting rights for all people not that the government comes in and tells you what to do how to run your business or whatever you know i'm sorry i didn't i didn't seem to affect anything we had the same amount of dust that we had during the flu but all of a sudden proof the floes gone how did that happen you know and then all her napoleonlike you know i just i can't i can't believe it that compromise in your right the only one that we should worry about their opinion is our heavenly father and that that is how did those shot down the fact to you in your business because i think that going forward i'm really for the two of abolishment of the three latter agencies and make it make any of the federal overreach absolutely illegal i mean completely and utterly illegal to cross states border and use atonement to keep him out you know anybody cotherstone in michigan as abner i would start i call it first a share and then after that the national guard to arrest him and both their sorry but out of this state they have no right to be here i tell anybody what to do in any way shape well i'm glad that you asked that as a restaurant owner inanition an ice cream parlor we also have a cafe and we do like grasped lots anywhere it's we make our own funds in carayon it's a wise all natural organic stuff it's got a tall i absolutely love local businesses and people that really care about their product like you do i mean i you do this as a labor of love not only do you you love doing it but you can you can tell when when i talk to such a labor of love for your community to give them something that not only that you're really proud to put this product out because you know that's a good product but the joy that you bring other people and going on in the garland get some really you know something that really makes me happy for this day well that's my mission you know that time i learned that so long ago as special time when you really good friend children that likes time in my estimation that we get on something special with our love and no i'm glad that you asked about the that was a really as a restaurant owner that's a really at least for me in my business i started out so well my year in business were finally getting to the point where winter business was good january and february were fantastic even though it march started out and then we got to the sixteenth of march and were locked and i can't see my everything came to a grinding call and at that point the coaster was so huge that my boys were so freaked out and they wanted to close so we shut down from a market so we had no revenue we got i don't know twelve thousand dollars assistance at that point and then you know we got it you know by that that point you know i'm watched every last little piece of information about this virus that i possibly and trying to study it you know from a layman's medical prospect and five mark by me for i was like okay were open and working and we opened and he started out slow but three weeks later we get into the memorial day holiday and i just started and now for us it wound up in a really good some the city down meant street in fact and the restaurants were allowed to put their tables out so we had all these tables out in the street and it wound up being a really good summer for us and for me it was really extremely amazing experience of relying on god during that summer of somebody near business doctor you can it happened to the grand rivers pie company they were out they that i mean that's our sensuous and every morning get to work before anybody else i would get down on my knees in the kitchen and i would pound the floor and i would say mariano that you have kept from my door i think you for protection as being able to operate every day this year and it was it was a season of me learning about god and how and getting into scripture about a year in learning about that and it really was the start of something new with me where i really i i have no fear i am not no speak my mind in a published things about monsters in government i'm gone going to fight the good fight come what may i have no the man any more and that's you know that it really really that was the turning point was getting locked out and being under threat of locke somebody got that that's a wonderful testimony it really is that you know it's a reliance on god he will provide anything in everything we need from time is the path gets into you know gets off of otterton we think it should go there's always good things that happened when in the midst of of trials and troubles and out yeah and i think that you know we can make you know they make us they make us tougher they they may be move us into different directions that we would normally go which is really good and i think that this whole counsels which i don't like the way that it was done because it was done legally lawfully and with bad intentions that's the big problem that i have but the good things i did bring families together we were seen people in our neighborhood and there were actually spending time would more time with their kids and that running a into all of these all of these programs sometimes i hate to say it but i think i think that a lot of times these programs are just as guilty of dividing families as is anything we put our kids and all the extra curricular activities which you know we men sold the villa goods at this is that this is really good for our kids i'm not really sure that they are i think that it is one more distraction from the families sitting and learning learning actual skills that they can use in life and been with mom and dad and learning what they know you know be careful it can be something is completely into all innocuous as your local scene and in taking up their time you know just taking up the time i think that you know it's so important for kids you have time just to be kids and ponder and play and and linnaean about the world that it's more self directed rather than continuing to plume later things up a little bit to but what is going on up there intercity right now in and the season weekend coming you know we've got some serious issues with the one o three the anon in the one o three i was in the one of four we have a really hard mark in the one of three and the democrats side who is that aesthetic you know i mean just basically a professional active who knows where from you know emily list and all the other supported endorsed by dan and and there's there's the crazy part north west the north land and as even have somebody in the conversation a shifty chance to win a teahouse positions that she taking as but you can only do that severely corrupted election well in and the media is so like the fact that people do not have access to actual information that this whole situation has been co opted because you know i think people if they have the right information they could make choices but it's just like just like what i experience i was so heavily sense you know god forbid to they even mentioned brandenburg's name a cannetella when they spell it or or you know eristalis week he put a post out that just had he had down a brand doddery clearly we've got a problem here but there sunapee who actually are a patriot and in that will fight for this nation in its bed so so the information is not there in even that when you were talking about them waiting the day before the election and all of a sudden scrambling in a voter every single one of those voter guides are being paid by some one or ranged by some one that our thereanentis outcome and so when i look at that i kind o jumped off the endorsement you know somebody wants to see the fine but i'm not going to see indorsements people on you and and they will own and cotentin return only i don't know if i totantora a twenty thousand dollar trump endorsement i am not kidding you rondeaus gets worse it gets worse every minute in the story gets worse and worse and worse because we've got a state full of glow and glory as somebody who is federal agent or cooperation in their soteridas there there so bad at it that they kind of stand out with you really know what you're lucky now they stand out and they like goethe don't act like normal people well yeah i had somebody that came and tried to sell me a twenty thousand dollar trump indoors and of course present trunk doesn't know this it goes through people that are underneath him and said you will never get on the ballet and less you pay that twenty thousand dollars i said well we had a big problem here because this girl will not pay to play and that was the rasteran that came to me with that go to notice it's time to burn the thing right to the ground the old corrupt that's behind it and i don't care whether i republican or democrat they're all working together and you can see you know it or kisse facing with with sure and you've got you got them all there all in it together i know it i know it you see admirer and emitting a tragedy because they didn't even feel the anointed at these against mc broom whose proud in publicly gone after real god hearing page call back and defend it's not what you see the up state far a couple of weeks ago there is i know i have not been with him and now saw the everybody's havin such a great time with the united how the vendramin in our the house floor i mean all of that sort of thing and and it's it's crazy the other day was a little just the first precursor of what because what happened at at that nominating convention was an amazingly beautiful thing to see as we had date percent of the delegates on the floor in us he said no we are going to stand for in order nemesis not happening and that's the kind of thing and you know i have a little but a concern that people are celebrating a little too much cause one little battle we have many many many many more common and you got to stay hungry he got a stay ready and and vigilant cause we got a long way long way in the selection a man in november there are definitely seats of it's too late it's too late because they've already co opted avarice in some of the states and are some of the seats and out i do not believe the election totals that their nominees at i don't believe that they were actuated actual or accurate i don't believe that and i you can access the tabulation machines online and manipulate the tabulation even the primary as what i'm saying we leaks in the media and to see that to see that they predicted the winners in the outcome for the migraine how stupid did they think we are that we're going to buy this nonsense and so don't look at how close the results were to the right and whose tutor dickson i'm sorry she's an actress and i'm done with this i mean i sure as heck would not want an actress managing my financial asset i want somebody that actually has some skill you know so but that's me i just won't just buy into a label and say it's just like the churches you know i'm sorry but there's so many churches that have the gadites on the door and there is no possible way that god is in that church whatsoever and so mean the critical thinking of of knowing who were talking to is as is incredible will i want to thank you so much i've got melicent come on if you want to stand to moiling her out and you can listen to this definite who are you there i going out of it i'm a remission hang out in albright there and we're going to bring less on good more out under pointed i mean i'm not a good as melissa but i was actually waiting for melissa's but i want to know is going on i think the dominie you an you can talk with us because i genaro was at the convention and we're going to talk more about what happened there siamang for melisande there in the in the car because she is i know she is there and so we'll see if she can get herself a free to give a report there and and we're in a statute she gives us until she's able to do some on the ground reporting there and give us some in so what happened you know but i want an a convention i actually was black listed by the gopal people are those of bad of honor my my god i have an opinion that doesn't match theirs i you know i'm the red headed stepchild but of the gobi i agree with joe i think people we should be celebrating no don't give your own this is absolutely a form of war right have never disclosure the punt men returning or were not going to be failures an absolute all that afore ye then ye go i mean you know i have to you have to say that now joe who are oh i read it but it was a it was a battle we wanted he we want a battle i i wasn't there but i mean i was at a two a rally kind of mustering troops for you don and the defence of the second amendment but you owe every second of like somebody tell me what's going on case i'm losin over here but it was beautiful i was kind of hoping for the quotable i was hoping that we would have been able to remove buchanan wiser but i was told he votes weren't there for means we were a beneath machines the chair so it looks like we have some more work to do i'm with you done there's no saving this we have to burn the republican party the ground and we have to rebuild there's no saving it i think it is a two party system why happenin november and a convention in february that that's coming i mean the delegation it was it was an amazing old and you not bread and jacob was there and he was the one who who egged the motion that we would be able to vote on what in which mac delegation was legitimate and that place just and it was really interesting to see and i took photos at district we were to under a forty four voted for for for castilian i went around and i took everybody who's standing up and you know the a gopher was standing who you know was inserted in his chair i don't know if you guys know anything about it but roasting for a full forensic ardent argiope chair at the time was defending antimony and it was a huge conflict of interest that made national news paddy mc murry wrote a great piece about and he wound up stepping down and we got this new chair in the middle of the night and she worked at locked martin for a career contracts for the lacking the airport and she standing senator elect you know you'll win john demos was standing john ross or state you know it was all of the real hard establishment and there out in the open and everybody's and a hundred and forty four of us voted for rightful share and we had twenty eight and prominent sitting state senator was smith you know in so everybody got to her own eyes and you know just in anybody miss it i took photographs in the publishing some pieces just to make sure and this is this is the the way that we we've got so much more and we've got so much you know but we need to reach you know we have to rebuild the infrastructure reverent rebuilt we have it wainamoinen honestly i like it's like we got the sham system right now it's like the board of elections board of canvassers we look at the board of camors we've got two republicans two democrats another part represented in their all they're all appointed by witherspoon the governor there is no possible way you can have an unbiased representative governor government any point in time that represented by one one governor you get one bad governor in place like that and whole system goes all that all the crap right there you know for the pointment of judges the whole ten yards you know that so you know about the most poorly behaved to me rinse in michigan the after and you know it makes perfect sense that joselyn vincent him on board i mean it makes perfect republican is just a word to him it doesn't mean a party of those of us who must do the right thing before republicans are party was founded by wealthy northern white so and risk their lives in their fore that's what we do that's the fabric soul of our part and you know to have tony dances the horribly behaved bully and foul mouth he is not a republican and at our next that he is there over you know as one of the overseers and what happened overlords gotto overlords and place with robertlet montoneros you know i mean that's that's what i am seeing i am glad you have brought that up go because you know since i came out with like you know i wasn't even goin to vote and for in the given trial race and i talked to danson as i came out and said you know what i'm going third party this time it is very disturbing to see these republicans who have this mentality that we must vote or who the gottes us to vote for they've lost that concept you were distracting about the very fierceness and the very dedication to what is right is not only our parties platform but it's just the basis of the american citizen like i keep getting this constant like we have to vote for two or because she can win and i like so what you're trying me is you don't support anything the woman's hands or you know she's not going to do the job but we have to vote for her because she is the only one that can win it's an absolute disgusting mark on our history that we have gotten to that point where any american satan has that that mentality yet the unitary is a stand for nothing party go along to get along and watch our as as they help wash the nation right down the tube that kind of it you see did you see what a murderin the appointment to the board of commissioners that rome richard house now what that guy out in all his business as his all businesses of behind the scenes and i started going to website since such how is it that at several his businesses all report the same information i ask some questions here some big question seems to me like none of its adding up just and that there things that would call me you know as i see that i would look at this and said i have some big questions here you know how do you have the exact same revenue comin for several conquests and why is it that all the all of the tea all of the website look like they're just sort of a into kind of an amateurish action to say that we done something the pretty light and the light in them the loafers there when it comes to you know getting getting information out there i mean doesn't seem like there was any real information committally think we should look in this will he was appointed by governor whitmer just aretas that this is probably not an actual republican like the republican party is mostly not acropolis and but the communist plan control communist plants and the trained there betty looking to that one and i've got some more of the city of a wise over there that i was digging an i was up until one o'clock last night doin some investigation some research to the connections that might be affecting our elections and people involved that are being placed in those positions when you look at proximities you can start start getting things figured out pretty i agree in much about her my my baby food so i got to get some student before he gets home so anthony for everything you did yesterday for you know forgetting the name out there i mean this is how we were doing it is that since the theme and the theme and have not the castellan was tamynae correctly to see that post yesterday a bad idea it's pathetic it is the the fate anyhow well let's pray for us pray for some good results from the court to day so i'm excited i think in another battle on i beg heatherpoint i'm going to see if i can get melissa and here a man at she asked trying to connect i think there i think there during some get her on her all it connect she nominating in court a role in a bit but i know you know to means many blood say that say that again so politic in the latin as many blood and we are here accurate and the politics and you know my number one we have got to get christina compass the that is critical things going to happen in the history of michigan election because we can get christina into that office we can actually get a chance to people out of office fearing and it's a big what you're doing is is really great i love your reach or your mind for digging up in unearthing the truth of what's going on is really somewhat unparalleled in our state of thank you it really is and has made his endorsement if you have you know now or into the of and yes don't want four more years of white she don't want so making a difference to get what murdockson and it doesn't make any difference whatsoever the rubbers you know we're talking robbers candidates who are taking their taking their orders from somebody bob anther goin to do with their told what to do rather than somebody who has actually got the qualifications for the job if i had to look at qualifications alone for hiring it would be a hard now whether in that that's why i continued to run it's like it's like you know this is serious and we're putting an actress in place i am so sure will you not doing as as as the head of an ear depart a serious art for to higher properly there is a variable the man he even even at school and college level there are many many factors involved and you only get there with so i'd have to agree with you there i think this is a huge deal in the main a job of the governor is the financial one it's a financial responsibility to run the state as a business and in all it's like that is ganglionic the tax payer to manage that asset which we own responsibly when when there's so many connections to other people and especially political people there's no there's almost no way that these people aren't going to be co opted and and brought in no attempt in this that she was an actress before she was cancelled but yeah that's true i think she actually jumped off and decided to leave a holly weird and and come on to the right side then the light side here notary is involved in it but there's an awful lot of them well thank you so much solicitation i would absolutely love to have you back on again and and so maybe explore some other some other issues of the travesty if you can give me you know just your thoughts of the top of your head are the some other things you'd like to talk about or are the mother people that would have information in your hair or two to be able to give actual information to people that i want to know that a i mean that subject that we've got that we have to bridge gaps nobody's going to do it for he it's not going to happen on nine in ten we have to bridge the gaps we have to build the we have to get information out and you know fortunately we do have some great activists you know was really got a cook and now as the act they are there in lockstep and they are there's a group up there that but i love to a continued to come on and specifically how we're moving forward with that the most critical component all of our efforts a free and fair election in november my cushat's what i'm doing working with the county commission chair senate this morning working to get on the agenda for the next county commission meeting and i've been presenting a county commission you know where i want him count out the big push to get rid of the machines got to get rid of intense married tess i don't see that happen but what i do see happening is what we did at the hope convention in april when we got christina and moth took the ballots out of the tabulator he chanced we put them on one and we did and count of all that came through the and that's what i want to do here and if we can do that here the entire balance the state because if you can't you know it's like like adams town found in eleven per cent that's tabulator manipulate that's where your balance getting said through its adulator and somebody is the tabulator at the end of tabulation at eighteen and they are changing the tabulation by eight by eleven okay that's one of the frauds and i were able to eliminate that in grand traverse and other counties don't do it there will be fast in only so other counties are going to know he we need to do this to or were going to have an town you know i mean huge deal huge the we have to hold aids are right to no one can tell us that we cannot do this by law our right the county coming can make this happen they have broad and sweeping authority so and you know that this is my struggle at this point i'm not running for county commission you can cheated by its yea and you know what it's like the county the county clerk the accuracy of the election is it my my fear is that we've got a lot of really good clerks out there that i think that the powers that be above them if if things meltdown they're going to blame all these for for inaccuracy in our election because that's what they do they got was cowards that are going to blame it on somebody else so the clerks have to be hyper diligent and making sure that that you know that the presents are are accuaeus we know what they do from the top is that they're going to deflect all all golden if they don't come from above them that i can see him looking right down because that's what they do and an unlawful process in this system that's broke our judicial system is broken they're going to point to two other people to to blame the thing on the clerk's need to be really village or vigilant too because i see a huge ability to point to them when things go wrong so sore out there i think there's like is that the amount of clerks that are out there is the man repeated to this and making sure that there there areas are honestly done so they might all want to think about doing a hand count because if this sings down at some point in time where it has its ends up you really becoming an issue i'm afraid that they're going to be people that may be our innocent that are going to run have a finger pointed at them because they were stepped around and they were diligent enough to protect well you have a lot of clerks like i spoke to a township cloak of a permanent township here in week she and as the day is long and convinced to that you get a field for people after you talk to em for forty five the problem is is that a lot of the clerks are not aware that that you that you're in a ditto hundred has a black box inside of it that only essences ounces to there's a forceless and the county clerk is going around knowing that knowing that report is going around public acts so runs people there's no moms we took the monmouth county clerk rise confirmed she's never seen inside the black box he sees only one who has same way with heart and the same exact got a for an an to tea that's running or elections we can't even as as we the people look at these machines or have our voted in our election officials look at them because the only ones they have access are actually foreign therefore anti correct this is a big problem right look at the hat really good point look at the owners ownership structure of these that's a huge a really bad yet attonito if you've got a bertie majority on your county commission who knows that they are accountable to even though they might not want to be involved in that relates one of they now we're going to get this i don't know how it happens i really rest were i get them on and habit state wide if you have honest actual one area can't just in the shade and we have we have an area you know the new york times map where they show you the change from twenty sixteen to twenty he can look it up online they show you you know the fact southern antimony the but are seventeen blue from got to be kidding me that's conservative are southern antrim county for god's sake there is no way that that not even not a magnified out all that was the area the primary recently where the results are common in that changes the result of the one of four and so you know we have some hot but maratha were really paying close but there's just no way some of these small not not happening cretinism hing up mafoota few more minutes it's really disturbing to me too as that i believe that the governor candidates that most of them were selected if you look at the electrostatic that some of these people were to run and when you watch the outcome of what's happening because everybody in politics from what i can see they're all doin deals you you step down this time and would give it to you next time we're going to give you money here i will give you this position my board for the elections happen all over the place right now post or child for that action tony and if you listen to somebody that's making comments about the seats there it's incredible but i have a real real concern about this in the inquest on that i really think means to be answered when i do not believe that rankly came and for to dickson nobody knows who she is now nobody is that i heard this across the state nobody else writes were trying killenhall of a lot of supporters but my question and i think this came from some one who is in the noble actually know im he said my question is is why didn't he take campaign funds when he promised his his supporters that he would be on the ballot why does it hettie some campaign funds and in fact challenge that in some of the districts why'n't he challenge it and why was he so quick to jump on support you to dickon doesn't make any sense if i had been running and in everybody around me as well as i sonnet there was no possible way why wouldn't you take some of those campaign funds and go into those districts and start challenging them in pain for the re why would you lay down so it it sounds like john james i'm sorry but but when i see people laying down that fast i want to know who are these people and what are they relieve i couldn't believe that john james just went away to and and why did why did i think that there is i heard some payment or something that i'm dignities on tally right now because it's really concerning and he thinks he's you know and abatis in the nose we're going o'recome a whole bunch of stuff that i think nobody really get want to come to terms with but we're going to keep keeling because i i really think that we need to have you know this supporter should ask the why did he go away so fast what what happened and why didn't he challenge it when when there's no there's just no possible way i heard that in one area he had more donations come in in one area then then the vote idiot while some who donate is going you're going to have a fit in logical organless in the numbers don't match up you know it doesn't it doesn't and of that he would have more donors in an area with less votes in that area so why wouldn't he have challenged that even in specific areas and taken his campaign funds to do that i do it it makes no sense to me and it seems like i was walking away from what his bulthaupt believed it that he was going to get on that ballantree them but that's just me you know i guess i'm more a fighter on those males and then he had one more thing i wanted to bring up here that i thought was fairly significant as if you have yet time ditto go i got a couple of minutes left so i had a little bit of a slap in the face yesterday from which was much a slap in the face conistons ring who it came for i think it's no more or less funny rather than funny maybe a little without here it is i go with so yesterday i ended up having a aristeia the the people that went to when against mark fort and lysimantes this out yesterday and i heard that eric left the convention crying i wasn't there but that was report i heard whitehead that he was in tears so you know we'll have him and stand at stangate issuing meliaceae his feelings were hurt and which i don't even understand that and then aristotle the under markin matchiche would even he wouldn't even have the back for a length orleanois seller name may imitate him put her name as as may make a shift leadership can you believe that filled with hay and spitefulness while always using god's name didn't cappie the g and god's name which i think is complete blast on me while i think you just did it right here by aunt and her or the record this election cycle lost her cakes second short as turanian house history lost jacobins america first candidate but was surrounded by hate and tendance lost michael promising person with my full support respect to have a little too real support from mark's team lost deanston all around angry little man in hers my now why i had been i was even inserted in this as absolutely moroni okay the talking about the publicans but but gestate got it throw donna brandenburg into this and say says didn't get on the ballot down a brand godounow she is that is now she is taxed and a real rival production i'm not really sure understand what the right of definition as having to do with me and or get it now she is a rinaldini with melissa who didn't vote into sixteen and two twenty gratitude story of why miles didn't vote in those elections is incredible because she was there to watch the elections and a set of she went to vote from the toe sinner she would not be allowed to be back in as she thought it was more important he is on the ground to watch so at these criminals were doing that to eat an to go vote so they would not let her back in and and you know two thousand sixteen she had a sick child that was throwing up so he threw that out there and to disparage her and why we were even on this because we're not repulsion i don't get it i just don't get it and then lost president trump he got a lower percentage of combats versus bidentata two sixteen i wish he was still president and then the team i support helped whoever they chose let look at the record and then he goes in he goes into this record and kind of this whole thing was kind of nutty but clearly mister castilian small because he had to stop with brand and brandenburg is a fairly common name if you study history i don't understand that and i certainly don't understand why he would call lialia makes and then included me in this as the caliber of person we are dealing with here and did not captions name and i have some serious problems with his ah beecher through his tears on saturday and and he must think some i mean obviously there is if you're going to that you're going to reform the also however that formulated is come only republican power forming the republican party of and you're going to circumvent lawfulness i mean you saw what happened on saturday percent of the delegation said we're not going to lawless so it does rise me that you have that this on before i go i just one thing came to mind and it kind of off on a different subject and i just want to before you do because you know i love you and i have most respect for you i love the way your mind works and the research that you do i follow you telegram in you one of the things that year seeing is that just want to put this before i am not asking you to reply to answer any one of the things that i noticing with this cuanto race that is now who's going to be on the republicans and the democrats you can't even watch a pre without being buried advertisements from the winter campaign about how horrible tutor dick because she says no except for when i'm really put together my own personal analysis what's going on in michigan and what the actual core of the battle go all the way back the absolute core of the battle this is the the corner stone issue that this race will be decided is whether or not we are going to stand and allow all child sacrifice the core is and you makes a very good point about tutor and being the establishment she is going to actually stand up and take that position she is you can't in my opinion say that she's the same i you just look at what these people are trying to put on the ballot this is the most etonian bill ballot proposal fever of ritual child sacrifice even after birth i mean this is called blooded murder and ellershaw you there had so you know that i to me i couldn't agree with that statement that those two are one even though there's the missus with tutor where she skinner support from why i don't believe any words that any of them save because when i look at whose supporting and what they've actually stood for a look at what's happened with me we had the house and the sonatine changed whatsoever so in my opinion now in anybody to see anything that's been in there and we expect a different outcome they can use words any way they want to manipulate us when i want to come to a battle on something it's like they can say anything you they want but can they get it done when you go into a bad i want somebody that's going to be armed with the corrupt tools to get it done and saw the words don't matter to me it's what are they coming to the table with the actually get this done and when you see somebody that's got a light weight resume to do a job like that she can say whatever she wants but we need somebody that's goin to have the ability to get in there and in actually get it done you know most most people that i know would that i personally know would also say that that you know that abortion is murder that's great but now let's look at the qualifications of actually standing there and putting it into practice to get this done it's not just an opinion it's also the ability to wellwater metaphorical sword to cut the tutoring administration or government down to size to actually get the stock my opinion is both tutor and whither are nothing more than rubber stampers who have actual no actual resume one zero zip and that if we arapahoes as he left her she left the people in the capital building it in lancing back in twenty twelve they are not young as she's got a resume there serene and resume her you know for what she allowed to happen in grand rapids and yea when the show you it's like it so i mean when you look at people's behavior you can also predict in the past you can also protect what their probably going to do in the future so i've got a wonderful men here that somebody may and i think that this is pretty telling because we if we expect different results from somebody who is all already proved of what they stand for we're going to get the same thing such a the i can barely rothesay so dishonest a choice be the unitary though unimportant is two choices the real choice we the people so whimpering there and adeler designer magaso compliance just like whitmer dead and i'm sorry i'm not buying it i'm not by in what they say at all you not not you know i'm just not my operate our restaurant had to wear a and it was horrible and outside a tout our policy was you had to have a mass when your public facing but in the back well i am senorito caps and i said i said i will not comply and i said there's no possible way that that i'm a going to comply in any way shape or form to go ahead and arrest me now and will disgraced and go at it and they wouldn't rest so i did not enforce or require any mask three weeks i said what we're going to do as we're going to foreknow what we have i had my maintenance guys go ahead and do some has man we went her own and we we disinfected the buildings where people were in such but i never enforced and in hellas and i was really hoping to get arrested over this but they wouldn't arrest me so i was like i was like you want to start a fight you pick the wrong person because i am not going to back down a dane romolo ah me too and thanks for having me on and you got my number is that you got my number i loved every back out again it seemed but to call i'll come back on i love it i love it thank you so much for coming and to day it's so nice to hear taste you again in the here from you joe and i look forward to having a again okay her back here again and it's just me and melissa is in the court room right now and i don't think she's going to be able to do a life streamer to get back on or to do tortoise gets out but i tell you what we can do we can and at we can eat come back on and if she gets out of there where she's got people around here when i think i'll do as i'll jump back i'll jump back on again and bring her into the soomething i wanted to show you that came out hang on a mine something i want show you that came out and hold on here it we have email address the people that are standing with oh mama he um we have three people that are standing with a boma with see who they are at susan rice lemon and april hans and i'm going to post an article on us later but i want to i thought this is canaan video i'll pull it up in wisconsin but we have these hang on entering to go to these three women from don call we've got susan reeve got susan rice april has bidden in lesmona bides due deputy attorney general there is a picture and i will be putting that out on to call i'll be putting the sun my telegram page and i'll show you why this is important here in a minute oh with it down alive on my way through this and i thought this was kind of funny i'm not much of an ooman if you can tell so anyhow here we all this is we can for a you know now i wish i teosinte and and i used to say if if i could make arrangement where i am hastening a footman women the earpiece and on that was just in my basement and my swillington stonington certainties but somebody else was attentively and pray that thou imperious and there is a wonderful article here by bunkerville word press in its basically says obama's three women who brought him a third term it's funny i do believe the good guys are in control hougomont entirely in a camp that he hertslet do this will bring elisabeth people that are at that at the hearing to day as soon as she can so why we enneserarenh and move on to our day and realize that there's a lot of good people these people that are trying to do the right thing that get caught up with bad people it's really easy to do and you've got to have incredible discernment and wisdom in order to walk through this very evil network that we have going on in their opening them each other it don't you know there's it's it's amazing so i take to everybody and there's no matter who they are i do talk to different people and and i will get to the bottom of the truth no matter who i'm talkin do i give a pass with frinton on i do not a line with people if they fall outside of what i believe is a moral and ethical profitably parade them out front of everyone after i've had a chance to talk with him a little bit i see with the mint where the mind is at but if we see behavior no matter who it is i would put them out for complete and utter transparency there's some distaste to do an interview on take questions on face we can do that maybe tomorrow so let's say a prayer for everyone and remember addie and fried in your prayers true patriots as well as all the people around us guides command us to pray for our enemies and i think that that is not to our friend you know admirer good friends and good the interest we know and they have stood through through many trials and tribulations but we should also pray for our enemies like oma and hillary clinton and gretchen whitadder their lives around and come to god and to the cicada heavily father thank you so very very much for this day thank you for helping us to uncover lies and things that are being done that are just absolutely wrong we have a large concern over what's happening in a lasso to perhaps have connections to how are elections are in fact being rigged and we asked you continue to bring more more information to the forefront that you would open doors so that we can see exactly what's going on there we ask your bless president truman malania and all the good people that are work could behind the scenes to restore this nation for for greg greg philips and catherine abraded that are working in the election integrity force and found we thank you so much for all these people who are brave enough to step forward and an holstead fair elections and honesty and a process we pray for anything that is isolates maladministration it would be unconditional pro that it would be one nation under you with liberty and disaster we knowledge i had of this nation of this world we are we love you so much we will would like to commit every single thing that we do our thoughts actions and words to you and we lay our lives down for you to use for your good purposes and whatever they may be thank you so much for any and fred we ask that you help he ates injuries cause they're just so extreme and what happened then that accident that the truth would be recaught would be uncovered in out there frontless odors well as joe and everyone else has been gracing to come on brandanes network and we will get to the bottom of all of this by your grace by your strength and by your help with love you in jesus precious name pray am you have an awesome day to day remember that you are not alone that there are so many good people fighting for you and the people that you love and we ask that you would join us in the spite you can go to my website brandenburg for governor dot com i ride every single word on telegram and you can communicate with me there if you want answers the thing that's a quickest way to get a hold of makehaste all day long as well as post the things you know and i can help with those out to other people too and make this awe the people situation where we are in fact reaching others and changing the system this corrupt system together we do have some means right now we're trying to people want to see us out there my bibelots and reaching the people that i have been able to get well i'm talking you bin all over the state talking to people in groups as well as being on the broadcast as well as manyema lot of videos over the last eight months and i'm trying to get the knowingest now but a lot of interviews a lot of it aloud interviews in the lot of video that i've made please make it your goal to day let's eyetooth to help us reach more people first and foremost if you can take anything that i put out their content is my website telegram channel any of the videos that that we've done and past that on to your net work pretty easy to pass on information or to further our reach by reaching even a thousand people a day now that sounds like a lot but it really is pretty easy when you're in groups go ahead and post post postals post and share and any of your social media you can call people you can to you can get a hold of you were you love i am going to be posting petion my website you're welcome princes often disturbed him i've got i have a a trifle brother as well as doorknocker and other type of things that materials that you can pass up but you can send things on with social media you can post post and repose that is hugely helpful the other thing that you can do as we are we have been iberus that we do some billboards in some larger advertising we have a bunch of four bits that were distributing across the state such which that's going to continue on but i think that were also going to do some billboard advertising on some of the major highways around and i've been been asked to do that we have some people in different areas that are actually deciding to by billboards and put them up because i'm like we're going to have to get people involved in not going to sit here and spoon feed this state fix every one's problems i'd like to be able to do that but just me can do that it's going to take all of us standing together as one nation and i look forward to doing this i can move a lot of stuff but but i need every one's help the other thing is as if you go to my website brandenburg for governor and let espouse that at brandenburg for governor not cob and done it's a right now where any a good spot that any donation you make is going to be helpful as far as to put a billboard and reach those people who whoppers or in remote locations and or people who may not be part of the are particularly politically motivated that's what has or looking for right now so anyhow any anything that you can contribute donate or you could talk to people and see if they can they can help donate to the cause it would be great were used to see politics being founded through packs and dark money which means we don't have to do anything we can sit back and just watch this process go on autopilot we don't have to get involved with information out having opinion we don't even have to research because they'll get us the vote guntlet how to vote which is for their established candidates this year we have an unprecedented ability to in fact take this election back twenty twenty two election is going to be probably one of the most significant elections in the history of this nation and we have an opportunity to turn the thing round but we mediately need your involvement we need you talking of you and unfortunately we're going to need some money to basalt bit i promise you as i stand before you and stand before god that every single dollar will be managed to it with with responsibility and to carry out your wishes of restoring this nation were not going to filter the soft into people's pockets who are trying to make money off of every single political action i have a real problem with that huge adversity and adversity to that and i will start carrying out the job of being governor right now with great financial responsibility for you i believe that this week is also going to be brand the forefront another low we are we had the language done and i will bring that out there in front of all of you as soon as it's ready to go because i am not going to lay down for these criminals it if if it means that we have to pivot a couple of different directions that's okay well pivot we can do that and we can be creative and we can find ways to get the job done whither were the out the criminals a blessing because they are criminals they have stolen from us the stolen for our future generations they've stolen from your children your parents the people you love and they have spit on the constitution that as right now so god bless you all there are a ton of us out there fighting behind the scene at this war that's going on this communication of our state intonation god bless you and god bless america god bless all though whose whom you love he is with us were not alone you are not alone and we just want to let you know that you are an i thought prayer and that we love you we have all those things that you concerned about in our minds every day and were fighting were fighting for those things that you hold dear so god bless you to day and will see later if i get elisabet after the court will just jump right back on her again all right we'll see it to morrow