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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/7/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published March 7, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is march seventh twenty twenty three this years just fling past its itit's really going fast in the seesomersaults of things happen i'm going to bring johnstone to tie or tuesday more i done how you doingher as i know if i if done little quiet somebody else there troubles because i hear that the son coming through here for some reason is a little quiet coming through the computer here and i'm not sure why we've we've a mess with a micromelissa will keep going and tell and i hopefully that the sitones itself i have a video of that we've worked talking about earlier showed that we were the for godlike the united states canada in what's going on i believe is a world wide it's a world wide got it's not just see nited states which has taken paceor nation it is the entire world and we have a problem with these these ridiculous treaties ease usurping organizations usurping a adonne everything is out of control i did post and yes follow miss locantur mikoko they're going to turn her bolimshuhur you john and i don't know i'm no whit quiet but it just as i oteique posisoning this morning i'm going to bring it up and i think i can i think it can probably send its opening up when we move around here a little bit this morning the the reality of what is going honestation and such i'm more concerned with the economic conquering of the united states right now then i am aleanything because i think that that's really what the distraction is all about the try to distract his away from from the the bonetas and also the real numbers of how much they have stolen from the american people through inflation which is just another engineer a right so it also we need to get back to this his lawful governments which we don't have going on in the rights given by god which i know are guaranteed by the constitution or as seen says for valentime that the government is a service organization from the people not a punitive dictator she so i want to bring this hessianism in glen cry and a oroscena as it will go with it and go ahead and play this video on little it because i do think that i think he's kind o over the torgot on what he's talking about on most of his ischocolate lashed like that was very powerful information on the truth the doctor gave a part and has it's our suitable he's exposing through the various many years of enormous corruption and the preparation for this mass of genocide e ocurring rate now or world and this is what the people even though every one who knows he may not know what i do i operate in the lawful world to what david is doing rednose is in the legal good how people tounderstand the separation of tototunes man credible moment in time because what does actually going to happen in candidate appear and in our world is that man is finding for the first time shone the first time we are going to enter these lo on the world stage of corks and we are actually going to establish correct court for lost for a man or woman and we are going to move clans of trespass you see what doctor dee in martin's doing he's going after a long the corporations how though he talks about the pot man perpetrators the main perpetrated with all the scoriac of the vatican the pulpitand queen andersonto bankers there the one on her ultimately control of all what has been going on our world for a very long time it's not closes is very exciting great component want to stop there right there because the clause swab i issue i really believe that all these people are in bad together and trying to find an individual to take this too so we got our supervising up there and that's some a running the show i think he only supervene have satan himself and then there's an organization which is dependent his dependence upon each other so in their all part of it that's what this night because it works it works like a different different arms of an organized crime since what happened to my in shownon the last number month people don't give in working towards restoring the conoloathe or public porthoustoc blocked from icity to caloocan the for with his coppinols sockermans nowise or finally waking up or unstanding song of fife an awful or for the understanding the belight that we all ovenlike the first conversation we talked about last time the only thing that supportwas doctor david mark thrills down on we don't have as this whole horology you know mortisebevel jos ofbroad poltesco porter to the world and how it is actually found in isolated purified its old fraud or what we don't need to discuss franois that aspect of virus in fires is whether they exist or not toledo the cold innitens purified it was never isolating the lad anywhere in the world we have over hundred eighty forliest now through his i came or prototherians shot it is not you know opinions that were bringing forth her theseshe it is got or ran through this people that as existing in this world great now i very este not military i've got police and we thought well over a few hundred thousand people out here in canada that are going to join us on the day which was coming in the following weeks at the public order stratotic if the workes the doctor david park escaping the specific names and describing laying out the connection between these names which are bound to read in canada it so is interesting you king a candid at evening in the states and half conversations like might ask why is this so important guys nobody's going to jail ever i dispute that and the reason is the wordiness now the world held organization is going to try to go sir national sovereignty of your country and mine through pokes treaty and i play clianthus hall in abitensis very excited too the people are waking now he gave no our rights look to the constant show me the constant where i signing a treaty means i no longer have my rights as an american it's total re my fiat it's curiall not stand or eight so doctor david martin names the names people announced the cry of two thousand fifteen peter dashing anthony fouche and rope bearing and as a result a coma cuidos in the university of british columbia along with micturate now a felony ielation of us god one seventy five what is that on the in creating a biological weapon they are also guilty of violations of subsection to three three times inspiring to commit acts of crowe have these people that derides just a matter of time remember rome wasn't built a day people must it the long bottle this is just actually getting started because the truth is actually coming for shown as you and i have been talking of to per few years now if that this goes back thousands of here truly finally understanding how this world has been set up and though the lie of convenient that is providing the point of our spirit given to our public cordials properly on man under outsped coming military lot forced men they are going bear witness to a very simple conversation that we've never had before this world and through that conversation this track of the covenant he like is going to come out and a lot more and thus why this time renews biblical prose as a man to go back and you another strange share here i just want people to understand that this website the david barton could together prosecute now do come serving everything up her patriot people could task in your own state you live in michigan if you live in colorado if you live in all let say minisotah was quick on it here are the letters the letters that you need the send your state representatives are all right here so we can all get in this fight cause we are in the fight for our lives as it relates to the world how organization meeting may twenty second through the twenty eighth the sinestatai essentially which women in the event of another engineer planctologists what happens to you in your state it can't be allowed to stand in hears what the crisan all has to say about it as if it's not in the constitution it's just simply not knowing the president can't sign a document to undo the checkemate of the two thirds of the senate my goodness do you know what that does finkenbeins we don't have a president not men footguards cussed hole acquitingly my friend now fresh guess i think he's king sits on his just and turn people touslie this is white solport the people understand shot these compliments the report on this world they are nothing more conservatorios like mcdonald's a compardons that's what just interdoose a head of a service corporation supposed to be provided to take into the service they're running brook shot over but he therefor cing all these mandates and alles further theatres going on the cocal stage for the world be canonicorum and the world held fordington toohave all these to treaties and are now then be put in place its on the inner shown that white people made to understand i really tighten up those three who claims in property who clings them a contract with me on a property on the private side is a man or woman who has a contract with me in property on working her acting on behalf of the service or that seitsemstoista conversation on world leads to have and we are having break now this is what is breaking up the police and military because with all the respect works on a piece of game productive to sarras i love the american people i realize the power of that constitution the blood and the patrons that at their lives to bring that document for it of protecting the eletto the stern but everybody's got a recognized that those words on those peace don't give you your rights you don't need to point to them to look at some other man or woman any one in this world and you naitanos the so white in a comforter and teacher her off strongest controlled with massive paroophoron corporations of the habit in your country if they can claim that john arises property now to have a contract with them on the private side the whether property no you have a contract with any of the service corporations be enough municipal sovereynsto meniality in a federal provincial government any corporation no it's that simple so no man or woman can put into paper and dictate any manner women were we are slaves and that's why all of this is going to come down very very quickly got the truth it's coming for our fliant thank you enough for everything that you been doing songthe last several years because without your truth is been foundational prostheinai get to this place on the work that doctor gave it markostrasse some to stop that rich there and i you can you can watch more of this pit by going to say so page and such and i think i think though that there's some really good points you know i like to entertain all points of view and i don't endorse any any one i look at the information it for what it is for the process rightwhat are you have to say about this town because i think that this is it's it's getting to the core issue of what is the role of government well our particular government it on the the scrutiny of them reasons that have gotten away with what they've got away number way back when for whatever people were not paying attention they allowed things to happen such a sense amendment that eighteen through the constant because they were not aware of the an atension to their represented him she was fastelection there their best in and now yes this gentleman is right about the avalokitevara he was starting is going on and that we can like to ever so i've been like river sorores probably body else in my thought father has lived to all the states then they were small in number not as foul overtime and we allowed it to grow jackson did get rid of the bank and we had a kept them out of here what we allow them back as we the people love franklin problem that we have as everybody is chasing after their tails to no find opposite the family wild growing crops they don't understand the connection of the policy and like politics really tries i only understand that in order and shall what's going on in our society they have to control he said the public servant but you don't give him that he the castle and soheil follow your o forth you are my servant step on one you got to get so there are several things that he pointed out number one we can only the constitution only allows treaties with he sees no is the whole constant the uncut no no and none of them were ever brought on by the united state as so we had to know you can't do something totally outside the wall and make a treaty with the group with the engine unconstitutional rememberance we will back the norton versus shelby county norton verse shall become says it is not in the cost it does right in a the note follow that post right in our constitution is the protection for the egregious rag groth and and of of government and so i i believe they know we have to go back to that because that is our protection and this whole nonsense with the convention of states needs to be needs to be thrown in the trash can until we fight we we get more people to have integrity and an end in a position of power because otherwise they'll take that away and it would be game over my opinion we never ever we follow the law that was already established through the one then we will have to solve all the problems that we have number one yet i once one section ten posts as no state can make in the old inself so if you are a person that has the pay attracted pictete ordinance violation or any other the government you pronounce the better sang queste are you violating article on such and in michigan we have to land costerton point one five three one for that do not allow anything but collinson we demand that by gone so here we already have the laws and place but people don't know that people think peters we're in your in the cartoon tracheoscopy with a credit so that mecca nor does it say can pay him federsee nod nor that you papa or the check the pay in gold imself the poet knows that can make so if we would have known these laws back wonder and our parents were a ondispooted then nineteen thirty three when wasil said he we're going to take the gold away from everybody as the minute you do that you take a fundamental power of the or on the other of the moneys out of the arecircular tion and now what he got i have thought several reservists not part of the cone the alowance seltenheit croconic and be brought into it and behold someting i even the oftener as it was i legally can make or you can't make her cold consents that on the constitutional lecanino in and i got a big promote can see now they want to everybody's wants to go too like the digital currency and such but that work is all k is long as the technology is up we have to have a physical ah of physical a trade item at in in my opinion young by i think that casesone king and we really we really need to have something that we can trade gold silver we you and i as i have a really big proud i don't like to the currency and sell the heir has to be something that we can trade in the physical nature and that's another issue i have with worth things are going right opposing we were talking about the the the the new currency or the cartthat sort of thing before we got on my stipator one because i know where things are added for but i think that there is a more to this than then what may be people are talking about so i'm a little sceptical i always epilynalaiset out with well well well what's that down side of this we are a going to experience as to my knowledge and i don't and i'm not to the what's really going on i'm not sitting at the table the from nor my sitting at the favor with general werner any of the other planters call him white answered i'm not sitting at the red so i just hear the information on navaday the sound some one tumbles some one even so he i listened to all once different things and put it on together and come what i believe is his and oh they're talking about then they sent before we can have a rest and i'm not talking about the great re set and taught in about the hoisted the one that's coming the one that's being or spider by the trump people that recent has to have some sort of scared on or so excellent i understand and believe that trumpet white hath or follow my head for better like a boy that one and patriots or only that we are going to o some sort of scare an then they made me pushing in her to the water think for american troops so stonor as the brink american boys the panetelos but the fact of the matter was that they are something like the brought it on to the plain to the public some people out there will say at otaheite side up on goethe but that's a minority of marcos as you know is never wanted to get the war ever under any she and the nine eleven he asked that was alone was just all of it was planned for foreign what americans don't want to go there who don't and they will do everything to say you mean so that brings me back to scar care of men is going to be an event scare the cobbler and that's the handful of people he onecommunicated i don't know what the wolf people get some of the old people do say wait a minute we really want to go in this and hoping that will wake up some of the and so that's what the scary manitoulines cubby brought on by a the no no want of brennus these got the answer if people are not aware of it he never would happen during the love more the world people when running on down the street thinking we were being attacked by alien from another planet in one pocecetes we don't want to no one the people in and so far this whole process of world the aspect whiting and the battle that had been let it pretty cold about nobody's picked up guns and born after their neighbor and nobody's got anything only stupid people i do said her shooting for the those are these but the general public the i think now the learning process yeah it's he it's interesting time to be alive isn't it oh ye no i want when now go on go ahead i wanted a point out that there is no law in the book that can go against the not avertible unless it and so they have tried abonotiche oh hilary to get the one why is trying to get the guns slide and they tried this going to the un and carry tried to doct document called cat iron clad document no matter how many times they tried come up with trees first of all he and is not cut before this he sees not the treaties can only be done whether another forest for out there on a tour up the flank homeantecedents of gorgons so follow along but when the final analysis well well i keep looking at all the sister action come cut going on out there and what are they really distracting us for all and that's the the things that are really going to work as far as to take the nation back in other distracting us with a political parties which are by enlarged part of the problem i sat here this morning i've been a bunch of texts throws with people and i can tell you that probably at least half of the people in these texts roods himwatching or political operatives and then the people in there are not even questioning it because they came under the monte ofgrass roots of grass roots and this is nonsense i mean you'd have to watch who you follow me or how many times are we going to believe the narrate you know in an i've been really pondering this you know we we believe the narrative of co i didn't i nor mask and such a night in ingenand and probably was to my probably both of the people that are listening out there i monthis on this not you know net work or are all kind of like we're kind of like birds of the father molestous where we're like you don't work got where the mass ongete is what to do and go ahead and try to arrest me type of mentality you know then then what we have we've got we go back over the years and how many distractions and lies all olierie have been fat over the ear you know in fleet's goes through all the fleeces that have been out there i think they created and now watch yourawlins younowhere not believing us at all the dedeserve their baknotan as much money as they can away from the united states and through the corporation of the people the two now that's this is testatoris thisthisthis is the save your bacon operation of for all the crimes that are on deep state which really is in our deep state from our country it's a globalisation all the countries deep stake working together in worsemost believe this they sold us this they sold us this mansonioides were going to run out of hostilities allinere been ronalois a renewable resource and its carbon based so it is actually natural you know we can break it down into substances and then such a command with other substces that make you or not but it's natural now let's look at the electric and the wide we thought the electric there the solensian times are we going to stop in the narrative and becoming their mouthpiece of lies now this is the only way it works is if we by an to their crisises that they create and we parrot the the information or by into it that's the only way this work and so we have become on winning puppets oh there scheme to sever us and were due at to ourselves because we're talking about were not questioning it we're buying into this nonsense so i had somebody sent me somebody something this morning that was on a hangingsand that here had i think were potted cause i kind of cannot because it was like it's it's all about protecting in michigan not from the populous bolton some i okay walls look at this and i went down the list to see it was involved in not like there it is right there you know we've got some deep stake players involved in even this type of a situation we have to question us the these people are in every part of our society and and i i honestly think it's her economic ah economics subversion of the united states were power money selenopeltis up here a minute checking herself oh what what their telling us or hollis started and what they're not telling us i think it's a great little graphic because it's really showing and i honestly i think that their numbers are are significantly off here i really do so you you look at you look at things like while the over all inflation rate is eight point three i don't believe that in a million years i think that there is so far that's so far short of where we are but it is so were really was i think we'd really have because of so much higher than that we lost how can you say we've got eight point three per cent inflation rate when you look at all the other indicators you're talking that the average american his lost thirty per cent of their value hoagie with that you know i mean you can have to go you're going to have to go through many many more indicators and what they're looking at him that eight point three i think they're low in he entered doing it in order to take take this nation down through economic means through these corporations which have usurped and have in a nowgot in through corporate law and such a in order to find politicians to dark money actually puts there employees in place on our government and i i mean i mean this thing needs to be leveled and send the the entire government needs to be fire and start over again because because this is this is what they've done to this nation and how they done it i've always liked the idea within a gallows of one capital yet in the terrible wasn't all all wrong on this you know there's got to be some actual you know if you're in your going to start killing americans in such guess what smite and badly for you and in a very extreme way yet ever ever here about when they took i think it was a filippini thought it was an actual that was really great idea i don't believe in negotiating with terriss not at all there is like it somebody i am all more black and white than that but there was there was a bunch of a there was a bunch of terrorists and what they did was then they captured bunch of them and they executed they executed a ninety nine of them and let one go and they they executed on with stiff and pig blood now like a man tell you what you come after my nation our families and our inter friends we have to stop things dead in their tracks in steining here and putting off with his non that's why they're not coming after us because we in because what for all or the the said that's exactly it and here usanother thing done that i think is important you don't read the second mountain men and it talks about the government being as you know responsible for a well regulated militia why are we not arming our own people in all your sisenna give it to you crane why don't we want we up the program for getting arms on that hands of our own people cause there scared get wogavoda any any way to defend them a mabilais themselves you know all to some the tax money to distribute some fire arms and firearms training to anybody who's been in the military and has some actual training you know why we just deputize our entire population i mean there you go come from my guns i'll sign of while they won't there's going to be a great big and badge of some sort rathwell not come for constant think so either he asaswell but the idea does see not pont harding the norton person shall be counted whenever you ran wherever you are for he had a governor that actually what a certain states or its i'm telling you that would be that would be amazing you know and i'm wot i'm watching this i'm watchesone of the stuff going on and i think there's so much often going on all there for both the good guys in the bad guys that's not even funny i have you know you well you watch how old this cast and crew of people have marched through the state of michigan they're no right to be here you know i just wish they would just get out mind your own business in their own territories because they don't know what's going on here and there pickin bad people it's like watching a carriageand toestand with with terdenos aglow lest those dad was a isolate it's like you you can't you can't get me to bestow to to bandon that into one actually you know by what they have to say after i seen im pull something like that i'm usually out of somebody like that if i see somebody that is intendent have that it even though they have the pretty words to say i'm generally out on that in a person when i am i i poachers i don't like astracan actresses in positions because they're there to deliver the message for somebody else we all agreed to show for us to watch we all we both know about foreshow that when you better as you went through that frock process and in did for years fire to that i ran for what it what was the game playing was an atecomate yet the republican party through that entire election and they threw it by putting out the worse candidate which was which was too dickson and then having like carry lake and telessigamma in anybody else flying in here to sit gainsome knowing knowing full while she was going to lose she was not lectable that the play no experience no real experience while her mother family was was was a a reported to me from somebody in the foundry industry was responsible for a destroying the foundry industry in skin and there she lay left companies with with a debt one guy said that he set a stock ham with thirty five thousand dollars on and never never made right on what they did and there's more more stories like that around so why isn't the republican party didn't didn't that he is a candidate and lay her outsetdidn't pass the test not because her all hid him stop there they're hiding the real information when pecos are all playing games with us the real part of his they sure are you got a unitary that's plain to gather and none of em none of em are at the top the love that to cookie to the people with the bottom and try to make up in october to see if they're going to fall in line with the little they're little log estoppel out work up on the top which is in bed with a globe they'll throw if you cook see who is going to bite in her i think fisherman's waken i do too well what i saw there was people are very educated in their smart and so there they're getting a figured out on how how corrupt these people are there you know the people michigan i mean i i remember believing that that things you know worked the way that they were supposed to work i remembered that many years ago but i remember that but i think everybody's getting it figured out now that this entire this entire he is as you know and and i mean i can i can go to the the worse that were sent to me from stevensonthree getting me at first thing you are know as how much money i raised and and and that that's in if you don't have if you don't have to the money behind you they're done to me i've got a problem with that huge drove and i don't care what words that their putting out there you can see the actions the actions speak louder than words so ho what what you at a task that you want to throw out there to day while i wanted though said from the i'm not taken it because i'll be wrong i'm sure her all those socors sonaske but the one thing i get on a point out very strongly and that's about our constant for fate sport case out of cortes so that again you soft on that one there is a court case out he called hail al hertes hele ha a like hair on to new ale to the pittoriche hallerstein and his sect in on the pole we are of the opinion that there is a clear distinction in this particular between an individual and corporate and that thought later has no right she submitted and papers or examination at the sweet at the son of the individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a is entitled to carry on his private in his own way his power to contract to unlimited feels no duty to test or conies neighbors also business or to open his doors to an investigation so far as it may and you be he incriminated he also no sah the holds no such leaves sancreed nothing there from beyond the protection of the slight pas his rights are such as existed by law of the long and long and season to the organization of the and can only be taken from him by to process of law and in accordance with the consent among his rights are the refusal to incriminate himself and the music and immunities of himself and his property from a rest or s except under a warrant of the law is the st john okay by ephrath leaving are all of anointing the fairly long paragraphs oldheathenish to talk about corporation that's a long case oh they're all long well keep bollinghope did you jump to the summary or word you go to his hold for second awfully case i have it end oxactly word that i have to pull up my about these here now while this is real news by real people for real people be kitchen tables so monitis whatitis they want poles they can hire an actor and actress this is just as having caught in here are of the opinion the four faces too old one you ask seventy four can and that's some my documents a number that's the number of these gore i am almost there to write there and that looks is that and how i canovastatues of to lay down the old nothing to the public for long as he does not trust pass upon their white for the people upon other hand upon the other hand the corporation is a creature of the state it is assumed to be imported for the benicotton unlock now that that's a very important point that he constitution and on you walk in the court and the charge i'm going to talk about the constitution or we don't talk about that he can't do that judge elmes sence and he can't do that is the nineteen oss furthermore before you ever go to court anybody in your eye on you ever show off in the corner law you have shore you submit your document at you are planning to heart as your arguments are kind of clean up what you sent them in writing a written document that has all the power for if you walk in the cord and your arguing some sort of sick but you had submitted no grief or no argument or no answer then you are left at the mercy of the judgment or one always foryoudent into the court room the seven days before the court for the hearing and you are also supposed to be sure that you asked them for an ancorein to yours all the argument out there you want a replied to your aunt to your answer and if they don't in there in the fog and the like as cannot on sanchoniathon for and i had they won't and so as an example here one you get into the first thing to do i sidenote republics of the united states wancol said henri let them all in the republic as they are in and then and even though you think you're going to be ainicimine brought on by report nineteen thirty three but i tell you right now your honor venus can exist that he and almost and i live in it wherever you think you might live or behaved a word is and point out to the judge several defendaris you are in the republic he was an old and then you got him in a i've done don gotesfelles mark winced the resolute you can do that in any meeting can't you they tried if they try to stop you from chalking or presenting yourself o could i not only in that the counsel all of that tiger three minutes older what nowadays if i was goin to i was a press that point i would explain who i am or o you boys to her sitting up there the levelled fire hane that are supposed to be the counts you're my servants for those kind of things her public uses you have the function and government what ever that function is that though yet he carried out what we want them to do that sir function so yeh well okay keep going tater achan okasional law in america we don't wish to all i say minethere do not ask are the solos on common the common laws alventosa he got away from me which is what we read the whybecause a common was not necessarily always that can always be unless you are now helinandi was looked at the tree i whom then the work was going on like a loss of the and we don't know you don't know what you don't know and in the one thing about the the hesitation that our country's got in since become real clear to every one that our nation is in trouble and it's goin to take all of us standing other to put it back together and getting away from petty differences and sticking to the issues i think this is so important to stick to the issues and onneae the rest of the high school games behind he i so in going back to scare then that's right to to bring on but no less are we value of corn that are going to have there all their currencies as it back as my consoler or whatever the minerals in the heaven their soil or how the labor however that process is so now our pieces the best coming forward the quantum financial as and look as though that they should look her moonshees they are sonoranians that is our country as well as all over country i landed and i signed on the discord and there going to all have their moneys as it back then solely or also proper i've heard stories said he in a print something like or coin something a million gold coin not in all bent and hoping because you had still have them all he says the of visions on the computer i dont be backed up her ross some for omens ye my opinion on this is that i'm waiting to see how plays out because there's a lot of there's all the suspection at this point in time on you know and so i mean all the suspection you know and we've all heard lots of things that could would and could go in this way should go in this way with the way of plays out is it could be entirely different and so severely not i'm not really bank and on anything right now except for the gods and control and that no matter what happens we're going to ride this out as americans cause we're the toughest son the planet we just see to stand gather in and work through work you things we always done it we'll do it again and it's going to be fine but the people in general your urience my and be aware that something is coming down the ibelieve that to be true and you got offeredthat is coming how is prone to be exactly so you can be somewhat liable to fit in his rather than awoke person that said i am one night buying in and where your frontand he yes there's a scarabid nobody's probably going to have em a lot of choice as that point in time other than to try to put things together and such a depending on what we have patois to sort o like will you go through crisis how can you plan for you can't is just like the hurricane that is the one down here and florida right you don't and you can't plan for how bad it's going to be which directions in to go all of the mind not no details involved in this you can do some planning you know as much as you can but the most planning you can do is right here and right here it in'tonate for changes so that you have that ability to have adaptability he don't adapt and react at and you don't like you don't plan as good as you can you don't course prepare i think that prepares thus as you can you know have been looking at sustainable you know being able to feed our own people that's the big thing that i've been looking into it how do you feed her population how do you get if things crashed and nothing i'm not saying it's going to i'm to say it you know you go to worse case sero that you can factor in as many things as you can to help us make people as you can and i don't need a title i don't need a title to do that neither does any one we don't need to be in electing official his most of my corrupt in their drink they're going to be the first ones on the life were ass and the rest of us are going to they're gone you know push our heads on your train to get to the life or aftright nicolopulo and so we have to protect ourselves as thus to begin nobody needs to title to do that you know that's ours our duty under the hot and in it in its important so so right now my biggest thing is okay so celestius as don obrador sitting here ah you know best best cables i have is shoveling manure may be putting business is to gather and teams that sort of thing is things that you know we all have skill sets right but my think that i'm looking at his if heconomy if everything comes to complete flat line i reckon say it's going to but if we were what would i do next what's the first thing to do well first thing to do is secess what you're a seshat you have of your assets what's left you know what what do you what you have to deal with at that point in time and bill back in a magentabut back better but you don't hate had some hold to help create as many life boats you know life were asked as you can in different areas in order to in order to get things back on line in no without without the politicians because there are much more on they couldn't do it if they wanted to and like i said they be steppin oor heads trying to get to be the first ones on the wife or asked so you know it's going to call him too it's going to come to you and i and pepton her heads together and say no this is what we have now what and how i've been looking into just tons away to feed the feed people if we if we you know if we fly line because thou the shelter and food is got to come first sayshim inter be humanitarian ought effort first and how i should get people together in order to pull pull that pull a wagon in a unified direction so i mean that's the best thing that we can think of it but i do believe it's going to be a scare about i don't think we even in mollyetta scare of that nor if we hit the hit the bottom of where we're going to go because we still have people running around thinking that this is going to return to normal well i can't and we don't want it to return to normal returning to normal means that worse slaves underneath this thesethat crime sondeath is only about just given us as little cookies just like the delegates the people and politic were just going to give him enough cookies i shot them up instead of having them saying this is a bunch of craft and were done with it and ah you know them and that i think that's going to happen so i just watch that you do all you can do is look at them look at the you know the amount of debt the unfunded ah liabilities that we have and that sort of thing in it it should be so prim element have seen that live militis et the lively's clock no i histoire why you bringing that up i just wanted to the that we do not participate in the world show the a gentleman was speaking earlier on his hind about the world or no unconstant the whole thing asked a camino bring this up here i do not see this out this to all kinds of fun you are declared out come and watch the number of girl so we talk about the three thirty one trillion dollar national dat hatzel's nor go this is not this is what kind of management we have in place there the they're not only stealing from you but you kids and our grandkids and then let's just keep going down here in what we have you know infundibili is is one hundred and twenty three trillion dollars and that doesn't he they have all the all of the there's more to it than that because we have we have a another another study i saw hanson about a hundred fifty nine trillion dollars in on funded liabilities so i think this is pretty interesting and nobody wants to talk about these things because it's not not only as united states upside down it's upside down and road kill financially were we were upside down and were rokian so you don't let it comes to financial finances and that's what they're not talking about we got to least stupid things like bullions and on and on and on not in sensating our oroonoko or attention drawn away as there using economic warfare and disadvantages the nation you know in spending as much money as they can as they can write cause it's all an it's a written it's not none of it is is actual money they just write it you know we want to spend another in know two hundred billion dollars to crane wherever oh ye no problem write the jack where's the money coming from they don't care there is no money coming from it they just pull it from here there and everywhere you know all bengalees that's my concern with any digital currency or digital system really because in it i do think we have to have witichis cal something physical we can trade that that they really shouldn't be able to tell us that we can't barter or or traitor any of us in now that should be none of their business recent they can't but their dominant in the only way they're doing it be is why because we're buying into it becoming the mouthpiece and sitting a runner on whatever shall happen to us i know i must obey so now there is sstentcl ck as certing elsota lk about in anaemia close this depressing time clock here a little bit eveline's just here when it is esidore i it's just it's just reality it is reality but have to deal with in order to to put things back on a control so anyhow eh and that there is that there's another thing that i want to put out there something by garcons he put out that i think he's i think he's a pretty interesting guy talking about how president trump is the rightful present and united states and sets out lawless for that i thought a thingsrenounce per cent jis the rightful president of the united states the old memorial yet and did you see see bing you knowthe this is another i post on this one of the years is his ah this is crazy listen to the if i can for the supper of quick as she sought him called the the march being a funeral marked corner or evident an he ain goin on in full tissapher checked this out if i can his tewadas ios having no the i pray and that would gonothing in their deshayesii naething an they didn't find president united states either because dentatis the president of the rightful president of the united states the gallstone speck out here again in osteneck and its johnsomething must have hit something there will see so but anyhow it's a great day we're going to stand together and we always have of and and a god's people have always stood together for this nation and for each other as the true the true net which will not be gone will shall not be afraid and so we go forward with all this information and i with realizing that sorry going to be well figure this thing out and we shouldn't be putting our trust in this world anyway this world is temporary or trust goes to in god and god alone if it goes to god and god alone and we can we can live with confidence knowing that he's with us every step of the way and we don't need to be afraid he is just to stand back and look at things go well well well what's the what's the new panic of the day don't care god the control will figure it out so anyhow i now fear so alister note lefther think you so very much with this wonderful day that you've given us every day we have another chance to show others around us love and put the truth out there and hopefully turn help turn people's hearts away from darkness to your life because we know that darkness and light cannot co exist so wont to bring in your love and the light of christ you are your only begotton every single situation where we are please help us to be or to turn our lives over to you every day every man of the day the things that we say and we do the work of our hands and such so that you always may be glorified that people see only you and our actions rounder than ourselves because it's hard to shirts days that is really hard thing to be able to walk walk forward and hand present ourselves in the way that you would want us to with no fear with giving you glory and walking forward in order to be in this world but not of this i thank you for your protection thank you for all everything that you're doing for every one out there we know that you are with us every day and that we can turn to you and all situations and truly walk on this earth with you tent there how much through love and that that you are right there with the all ittooest to you and that you will be there helping them through every single situation and wore just forlethan for that all over the beauty that you built in around us and the wonderful relation shows it that you'd given us the people that we met on a daily basis and that we can enjoy and that we can edify each other and be their supporting and helping each other thank you so much shankali a showthis process of walking away from the bondage of this unlawful governess is truly veronese evil people we asked that you when when a confused all their plans and that they would they would realize that one way or the other that every new will bow and are hugeness that jesus christ is our lord and saviour we thank you so much the name of jesus we pray ain't so up here shown he's back you don't don't back out in them so any artisanswere i'm i'm getting ready to jump off here to day so we thank you very much we'll see you next to his day tetartos day and oh and ah we'll be well be talking won't through more issues there so you have a really great day to day and enjoy the day of thinkos much for all the knowledge bring for the tea to the table avrillette the lot tack round as to oratorical hear you before you can tow every time he shows something of the the cowrie yes for ship oh oh now there's there's no toes about it that whenever i show anything that is truth or brings it up there's something that messes with the computers or the transmission somewhere lessons like a badge of honor you know i'll get so he egodwelling evening please go chorafan database i have not conceded you can see the jane have not conceded to criminals sewardstone keep keep on truck in her soiree a really great day to day god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless him eriehronon had taken back his nation away from criminals lies cheats and thieves which ninety nine point and a night in nine nine nine nine per son of the people who were in politics in fact are so walter's a lot of fakes out there and it doesn't matter what title they put to their name watch what they do not what they say because he even bible talks about is satcome with the smooth and wants to tell us what we want to hear but what we want to hear and what reality is diametrically opposed truth and what we want to hear is usually separate so be be rocaful even on the chance of the people you think you can trust question everything i want you to question me that you know i was actually in it i was actually in a grass roots group and the leader after i got done talking and i was just like i always do i to talk of to my hat and he screamed he was getting roll nervous and i had a a friend of me his apresona profiler is as well as somebody who was who was a mason my team and the professional fool feller had picked figured out as a plant as the political opposition and he stood up in the room and started it through here on the unwary was like talking and were having a great time in erecting you know cause i'm pretty sally honestarent slowly and i get i can talk of you really easily so we are talking having a great timetable son he was watching his loss and control in his little political operative plant control of his patriot group but he's looking round and all of a sudden he gets up and he starts yo and in front of the groom and he and every suspect like what's what has happened we know where repentance discussion what what has happened is he why should we trust ye like a screaming at me that is the back an i looked on my son you shouldn't that's why you got into this position you need to question every one and and no one is above questioning the that's how this nation was taken over by believing people who were here to sell you a lie i will tell you that i would never do that it's not in my nature to do that and i don't give a crack if i i don't give a rap whether anybody proves to what i say or not i really don't i'm going to tell the truth and as i see it in a wrong i'll admit my mistakes on it you know this is this is something that every one should be able to stand up to that questioning and a good parent would tell their children to question people do not because the majority of people will not tell you the truth and every one john myself every one the general that the general sombreness party every single one of these entities andischdan up to questioning and and that's a good process no one should ever ever ever put up anything in your way to ask questions if you have them and that that the smart a smart way protect yourself and that's what we do standing together americans as we try to protect each other from those of noosepaper here to let as astray so that sudden once again god bless you god bless all you all those whom you love and god bless america we got this going to be thanks to by a great week thank you too