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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/8/2022 - Live Election Day & Tatar Tuesday-John Tatar

Published Nov. 8, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is november eight twenty twenty two election day and excited that to day is here it's going to be a fine and interesting day today i am sure and i've got my body here no adam right now he dominate but we'll get started anyway and i am myself there as he's back good morning john how you doing and god and good in the great he is good yesterday one it is this day we have our wonderful michigan rosettes a tip to the farmers in the state we love her farmers and it all abiding all good things that for so you are a for to day well as ready as i never going to be i'm glad that is happening and i actually ready for to morrow i could take a dead now i don't know an election process and quite a campaign yeah it it really is its interesting and i don't know you know i know i was all over the state and talking to people and on came i think i've got on now so many videos out there amazing and i just want to throw something out there thank you so much to eric white and jason jones and an all the people that did the realities around the state for me of early and april my my titihuti couldn't have done it without them and all the people in the comtat have been working so hard on the rallies and the careless and denise rice and i honestly could sit here all day long and an just named people that that work so hard on the campaign and to get word out the word out there and honestly this is how it's supposed to work not thought the way that it has been working where you buy votes and you do it with money but you do it with her heart and effort and i just i just want to think so many people there's there's no way i could name every one every one out there might think a more names as i go cerinthe riveter can dash the mikania i mean just just decollete people that i know across the state how just lovely lovely lovely people the friends and you know there's i could i could never get to the bottom of all the names of people that that have been working and sharing information and i know i can marry and you know it just there's no end to it because there really was a ton auton o people paul orban that just distance across the state who have been wholly been very very active and in working going forward and and and in my family my my kids might my kids and my husband it's kind of it would probably be really shocking to every one to know how much my family was actually working you know my my kids were my kids are all adults you know oratories but they they were printing printing ainanan doing the shirts running around driving thus building billboards it's just amazing i mean we're going to have to dissemble a little shop in the basement here because i don't know if anybody under you know knows us but the t shirts the red there were giving out we were literally hand making those t shirts in our basement and so you know printing ease it is about that big printer for to support president trump in the in the going to support him in his running before twenty twenty and so i had this big printer that prince at a thousand different materials we started making banners and magnets putting magnet on the car of joe alexander of north there is this guy was amazing hanging to tell you what he started to renine honorine even before even hammond even before i started really really hit it hard he helped out of social median sue and i just i just can't i know as i as i think going forward there's going to be more and more names than that i think about danari of course and all the people that were grace enough to come on be and it's just really totally amazing and there's other people working behind the scenes who shall not be named general john general flanso and the entire family what an inspiring group of people and then pass that all the people that i'm not traveling around the state how how honored and a camarada your microphone here on and all the people that i met a going across the state like dunnan the perm the us taxpayers party michigan ah just it's just incredible see how many wonderful truly good and amazing patriots that are out there who love this country and i'm going to tell you what it's a little sometimes there's a little bit of a rough go in you're running drops if you want your heart truly to be restored go and talk to me the people get out there with me the people now we the politicians as here is no we impolitical then the politician but we the people are absolutely amazing and i just want express a heartfelt thank thank you to every single one of you out there i am i'm really i really have some amazing fond memories that i'll carry you with me the rest of my life and i've got a really good memory i've got a little bit of a photographic memory so or ormer each and every one of you satan you so much we're going to go forward into this day with with joy and an and purpose unwavering purpose going forward to take this nation back and now no matter what thank you to god first and foremost in god's every time and we can go forward into the future no matter what the future looks like with our eyes we know that god wins every single time he is in control and it's all it's going to be a good day were that said what's happened in john's front here well this was a little low surprise run the shouted i had things set up for the elections after shift gears little bit which is okay navy life why we fall because he asked me yesterday and i was on an broadcast typing and ostini said yes to day and then i forgot to his son so i realized that this morning for coming away i that was a phone call for one of the people that is going to pass literature out one in a nowhere to get doing a little dancing around there so i get interrupted by the telephone please understand that to day is election day and everybody turned in to me i have not in command that's the way it is when we can make this summer that you can get out of the bay but i did think it was important for you to get on as i want to give you a shot out now everybody out there you go to brandenburg news network john has there's a ton of videos of there for john to john and this is an example of somebody who was a true leader right now in your scene at inaction we to have somebody who can switch dears when things when things change and still the old to function in multiple directions is the mark of a really good leader and get it done no matter what happens or interruptions or anything like that that is what would just yet another reason to vote for this man and i i'm going to tell you there there is there are there are only a few people that i feel really strongly about this election john is one of them and it's not just his knowledge but it is knowledge in his ability to in fact produce there's a big difference between people that just run their mouths like you know like a bunch of talking had he having to have things scrip and somebody who can actually it if you watched him over the week okay i'm going to do an assessment of somebody who's hiring you right now i think it is as cheronaea share of in the state of michigan i i'm going to tell you as somebody who has a valuation the core things we look at is not the thing that they say it's her action jones not afraid to call out craft when he sees it if there's bullshit out there john will come aglauron and he doesn't back away from that because he's more interested in the truth then he is in coddling somewhat and that's what we need right now we need somebody who is going to stand up against the powers that be the prevailing thought and actually have the guts to do what's right even if he shenly one i can see it well you can see it all over his actions and then to day in order to accommodate a glut in the system and clearly i was the glad because i forgot to his son yesterday to be able to quickly changed her show up and handle multiple situations at the same time with grace and with that a great deal of elegant and that that right there tells me all i need to know about some one who can act juggle multiple balls you know i got all balls in the air and be able to step out if one goes a little bit off of the side still pick up that ball and stay in the game so i think you have more you have you provided more than enough evidence in a job that a view for representing this state she and you you are an excellent candidate and one that i whole heartedly then my support behind have tried to try to be as helpful as i can you know over her and get the world word out certainly but i think right now you are they you are you are the choice charitate my opinion you are you are outstanding and everybody that's over there if you if you get john and i'm going to tell you what we get john and and we have images a blood a brandenburg vernor candidate who can actually get in there and work together and with a way the sheriffs office is supposed to work we can in fact write the state fairly quickly with the right people in place get out there and support the man the talking about him there's a lot of people that don't make up their mind and who their voting for until walk into the voting booth so our job is not done to day talk tax passes information on get behind him you need him in that position then i don't care if you're in and wanton or if you're cross the state of michigan you're going to know somebody or you're going to be able to broad cast this out to get to somebody who's going to be another vote for him so this is where you show up in you do something positive git behind a man so there you go and down thank you appreciate it i been such an honor to get to know you and and truly to an unexpected that next tuesday what's going to happen said were on to keep on on tuscan i really think that this is significant and an abdicating people you know he doesn't stop to day we keep going and we continue to educate people because there are the sources for true education out there are kind of and frewen and i intend my intention is is to expand brandenburg news network something that is more like you know more like maybe the place that or or or you know something like that that has greater reach so that we can in fact people have good sources of news actual news actual people talking instead of these talking puppet actors actresses anchor people we need more people out there that are talking from their table you know their kitchen table people who actually understand how this nation supposed to work i think that people in the us extraditing when you talk to gilmore or jerry venice derivatives another one for a candidate i i think jerry is an awfully is an awfully good guy he's just said honest guy who knows so much about the constitution that about the way this nation supposed to work he's just he's good guy you know but i'm just sore so there you go the those are great books not couldn't pay for that totantora at either in the i don't i don't it don't give out i don't give out any any i praise to people unless they earn it i don't you know that's another thing i can't stand i don't like flattery it like if somebody's got a real good reason to have an assessment i like that but you know nobody could ever pay me to say something good about somebody that i didn't believe it there's not enough money in the world i just so the hats go down a few news articles and will get to the next day we have blood on which i think is interest no coincidences the next time this moon peers we will have the right presents boom president the lawful and rightful president of the united states not macedon on the no clinton last of his relationship with jeffrey abstain as he refuses to answer questions about it at a democrat rally in texas he but what could he say i began his plain twenty eight tiennette same thing i did not have six where that woman right sure he did you had section that was there too so well we all know now that he's a he wasn't he's not the banner of virtue that he not buying that not one of not at all laura bully i i like the gale and she she has quite a quite a great perspective i usually find things that are interesting that she she wrote this it's not about the money people always think it's about the money but it isn't the devil doesn't need the money he owns the world he always has all the dollars for to defile bastards and control god's master humanity denticulations dana amount of gain traumatism these are always defile god's creation it's the only way the devil can completely control us by detaching us for our from our divine sore i am we know as moves we have been forward we are waking to the trickery the deception in the continuous maculation this time were writing to his advances his deceiving solutions and his fear to even a lure we are stronger now we're wiser were determined were united we are increasing in numbers and we will prevail it's not about the money it's about the control but this time where we claim in our freedom like never before is the great awake in the mirror they go into too attacking about a urged to examine universe universal basic income digital slavery i am recovered about some of the digital currencies you and i have talked about this i want to have something in my hands because if it's in your hand you have control will have to see what happens with us but i'm i'm fairly concerned about anything that's digital banking or or even bit coiner or i'd have to see it work before i throw behind anything like a like a know any of the digital currencies i'm highly suspicious of my sentence in the i have got that all of the few that are out there that are concerned about the money situation money is the life blood of the that is that the blood itself get the body work in that keeps the country the financial system is broken it's like your body is drained the blood is nothing to get fremont get the energy for boy nation by we have the same problem with the money so those of you that are out there that are thinking about the money system need to consider diversification in many ways gold and silver those are kind of those are god's money so have them in your possession not only one one silver coin the one eucoline you can have smaller bits of gold and the certainly you can have the old well constitutional silver and many others call junk silver it's not junk solicitations because it was provided by the constitution to have such quaint so anything pre sixty four at least ninety per cent back to its silver in it so that a constitutional silver that you could and of course the third one would be some sort of a big coin situation not i don't mean invest all of your money you don't know to morrow what's goin to happen is paris the bank on the close down on you not going to be able to get to the money and you are going to maybe only have it quite had to disposal to buy something or you're goin to have because you can't take an ounce of sober tread take a constitutional silver and before may but then you have to have the nomination of those types of currency which are discarded and half dollars in silver dollars we call them silver dollars because all to or if they wait measurement so when you go to the son some political official and were complicities remember the terminology we need on a public functionary says you all as you should be asking of dollars i told you to go to the store and buy a gallon of then you would see a gallon of what or induce coffee to so this the same with a dollar a dollar is a measurement the dollar is not a thing a measurement of a thing is so many grains of silver or gold that make up the dollar and then of course it delineated to quarters half hours and i so you're looking to get a little diversification those are kind of tonmore side we can diversify with other things but money you want to have some on a disposal that you could call on whenever you need to and not say well you light one i don't have the right sovereignty what i need to survive or you have to the whole outer cover for something that probably is only worth a tenth of an ounce so the versify there's a opportunities for you to do the silver premium is outrageous right now doesn't mean that if you don't have any i shouldn't have there are the speculators people that are selling the silver that had the silver a charging high premiums for so because because the capital think it's going to go up and see some there carelessly in a man and you know i mean and honestly that that encourages hebert thinking a little bit rather than just waiting to be fed like a bunch of baby birds in the nest on how it's like i'm sorry this will baby birds in the nest nonsense to stop you know and it's time we get out there and we actually were and and i like i like trade type things too and i think that it's honestly as long as as long as we have it while central banking system is crape are insurance in the street needs to be retold in in a mass of way because they are dictating policies there's way too much of how there's the way when you have centralized power structure no matter what it is power crops absolute power absolutely corrupts it so with the more decentralized every system as the better off we all are from our money from insurance from you know pretty much everything in the way the way that you know that we do that is break it into much smaller pieces and it completely believe that you should always have some money that you yourself control not that necessarily a digital currency because you're still epanow is providing that service who was providing the electricity to get that into your hands you know if the power gringos down were your scrutiny hugonet to you know so the diversification is really good so this is quite honestly that's kind of one of the things that we that you know that we have in our business in a business the diverse and honestly if one goes up the other one the if one goes down the other one will go up they may stay equal they make up together but they ought they never go down together they always do they always go either up when i go out if this goes down but they never both go down together and that diversity kind help assure that you take the high and low out of things i mean that's just good money management you know it's going to assistant and sun and were i think i think it's good advice the last time probably i'll give any financial advice unshaven about policy and procedure but i think it's i do think it's important because i don't see very much of very much good advice though there be people give advice in order to get something in return and so just you know this is good advice there's always a way back and but but that is a very good advice that they received to day for both you and myself on diverse vocation ah here's the nattiness proportions lit up the night sky with drones and philadelphia november sixth abortion freedom you know what that kind of reminds me of it reminds me of like a slot machine flashy things trying to get her attention oh how you know bad massages badmashes general carl like the sky up and musician just about abortion it's about sterilizing our children and leaving them out there without anybody to defend them germany of those messages people that are proportion really understand what that is in other words i think a lot of those people are followers and their democrats or left the and they believe that it's okay to do and because they are following the edicts of let be and order they believe that it's a good thing past those proposals and to he in favor of abortion but do they really understand what it is and the one the deep dim and in most cases they have not at a lot of people ask about the three proposals one in particular was the first proposal which talked about terms they're not limiting the term anything coming from government is not for the benefit of the people for the benefit of a very and if the people go down the amendments of the constitution they're going to find out in prose of the added amendments to or not for the favor of the he was a bit and now they action by making it part of the cost and it becomes extremely difficult to remove that men the state government is doing the same thing the new proposals coming on one of the proposals that they brought up front of us was gambling i have no care about getting you go to your money ahead gambling was supposed to be a set up a certain way and no electronic gambling was to be owned and certainly not by under age people under a students or or kids and yet gamble on the telephone you can gamble electronically on your computer so they violated that part of the amendment calling gambling is legal soul in old people don't even understand that the surprise with the the way the it was worded and the way that is now being applied same thing with sixteenth amendment to the federal constitution supposedly removed the idea of a tale in a direct tax they said the rector and they were removing direct tax from the people from the pockets of the people they were moving direct tax from the corporation say anything that garrofat be taxed for income so now they turned around and said how the people have a zeriba so that means anything that you earn is income to you a profit or gain but there are court cases upon court cases that say if it's a limited amount of fine night a mound of something such as you because you have a certain period of time he can only work a certain period you're just like a you can take the analogy of the gold mine at the end of the when the gold is all dug out there that mine is no longer of any value just the whole into as he so you can that gold you can the profit of that so in the profit and gain of that coldness what you get after you to remove the gold and removed the shovel he dug and out and removed the bodies and told that if the work and removed all that out and that you had just had that cuckold and you so let go for a profit profit was the gain profit in gain that could be in our situation they twisted the sixteenth amendment and said that we have a series where nothing so when we go to work and we gain a dollar that's a profit or gain to nobody lives forever and you have a fine night amount of time that you can produce so if you follow the logic of the court system a supreme court they said he they can't your personal income the terminology of what income is and what the legal terminology of income when did it to make it the same well changing definition cramp that going on so that they really throw confusion and everything and like a a you and can always say that words matter in the definitions matter and how how he standardize it that's why it's so important or language is so important because that that eliminates in a infuses sense or interrelationship sense with other people when we get rid of all those things that create confusion we stop a lot of the arguing in the lot of the lot of the discord that we have out there and in every area of our lives no and it's important we have to we have to we have to stand on one common language honestly for the purpose of of in the united states it you know in a legal and illegal respect i mean everybody talks differently when you're on the street street language is much different than a legal legal definition of i think that it's good to know what the legal language is an of course i took all that out of school so nobody knows most of what legal language he is something else came up that interesting ah evelyn derail has died at the age of ninety one tacitean i will not set the can i have he oh i can't i can't i think i will remain silent and then how many glaces are going to see in the next few days hold on your tickets drawing for the record breaking one point diminution dollar power boatfield due to one slow state of many their data with new drugs at some time to day that that came out so were so goguelat wonder traitor to cut and run with that information i suppose in a had a situation in the local federal district where i was so in the internal revenue and one of the arguments as that same argument that i brought income definition of what is the definition of and i brought out a court case called bruce's union pacific railroad which says that the federal government has now no taxing power in its clear bell and but judge judge titanian old batanea call these judges out who they are and that they don't understand or don't read the law or they twist the law she said that union pacific verses or that rochebaron put did in fact changed the taxing power of the she said whoever heard of government employees are the only ones that have to pay an income we would never survive a putting the annis in the final analysis that she wrote so then took her to court along with a few other judges and has a long start behind all of the other judges that i've been working on sowing and i'm still so were not got the fact of the matter is that i wanted to point out that judges twist the law to fit their own desires what they want the outcome to look like she is she is one that a very dishonest i have no integrity she just only one of the others a few undone will they twist the they twist their the outcome in order to get reelected and back in office again i mean it's not about it's not about justice it's about how much there are career path and how long they stay in an office based on the fact that that they're not you know whether what you know because it's too easy to politics issues that go through a court system and then of course immediate jump on board and as long as they don't fall in line with the with the markisses itself there the media will take up a case and do a political hit piece ooman boom there out of a job and that's unfortunate because the inhumanities as we see people tried in the media a lot not political people people that are in the system no not the political oppose people are those we get a pass every single time and as far as the judges go the federal district court judges there on for life long as they don't flatter the office they don't have a they fell and then there then he removed the union cause every tired then they put a new judge so they have eternal life just like the supreme court and therefore not really a great excuse for them to violate the law but we know that they're all compromise that if they step out of line the truth will come out and there will be one that's the problem that we have is the compromising of people either paying a or having something over their head they can do they have integrity or do they not i mean to done that's a simple as it so something i wanted to talk about today is the difference between i think we made it through the constitution billets and so i think you all are because we do need to go through the three government but we can do that any time go ahead right so but what one thing i thought would be very important to day is i like to talk about the difference between maritime law come and to common law on law and marshal locino those all of those things that that i know there are the important people in and they may become more important people in the coming days or weeks you know in front of us it because i guess i've got some concern about the election how it being run and in what the next few weeks or months are going to look like i really do can you can you give a short definition or maybe a long definition and what the difference is with with a martial maria came in a contusion law and tells us how what i know is common law comes from england and in america we do not have common because we have a constitutional law that is written now i know that's going to upset a few people offer a sorry i got a company got to take it so he came in for he now massagetan then you go handle in a business i go back to the new speed here ilissus crazy a rush up to day said that it may test a fourteen story high satan to entertainer connetable mess before the end of the year all right well guess he came right out they shouted this kind of weird are you need let he's more he saw in found selina that's odd nonsense is already began the gun in my admiral bacon this is the jobson hold of antenora in from the field and occurring this morning some one in mind me when hand counted ballots have malfunctions miss castle it initiating the also with him two tables one of the amiable islander cent success twenty five per cent of the portiere and weariness i have written itself so when its miscreative angered whether he goes down anaesthetised it into ducardanoy a sanatorium so concessionaires otterstone the way he oh yeah while that's amazing so basically there saying put it it up put it in a third box in the take it somewhere to be common it seems like a man accused might be a little bit of a problem there just saying it might be me but i don't know you know maybe we should question this just a little bit that was the call for layfield people and he said when you take when you go to god if i were fortunate to get a ball before you got into the voting are take a man take a copy over make a copy of if you don't at least make a copy or right down the number of your paper to have that number in now i know that the word suppose be able to take copies of our ballots and you know but then there was a there was a piece that i saw that said that bacon said he to clarification that if you are if you're in a voting booth with a child or you know this is to share it to the pitcher there seems to me once again the ability to change to change the accepted rules but the hepaticas is that if you are in the voting booth itself that in this is not like lead here anything but i did see something something that that documented that as her clarification point so we'll see i want to look that went off but we will see well there's a whole lot of stuff we could talk about on the michigan constitution about the book well let that go for now he so some to think some encouragement for the day you should be proud of yourself we have all had moments where we lacked faith and hope there is no shame you have endured in an intensive psychological battle field as you fought for freedom and justice to arise the cabal flagged every area of society and we fought back we dealt with adversity for all side not only strangers and close loons but coal agents were such confused and muzzle of believing something so at odds with the world is inspiring where we go on we go on and i'd say that the absolutely true because it is in fact i believe we're going to find out that many of the people in our an hour government positions as public functionaries were definitely placed they weren't part of me that we the people they have no they have no love for the united states and so we really have to get away from these labels because labels when they when they try to categorized people and label people or put them into manageable little boxes so that they can manage that box with one messenger another wherever dangerous position at that point in time in order to because and subject to manipulation because that is that is honestly dependent on the fact that those people in those areas are infecteth say they are and i think what we've learned to this whole great awakening thing is that people are there's a lot of people out there they are liars cheats and thieves you know when i got into bed that internecine and to be in public office because i figured they are all a bunch of liars cheats and thieves and i'm right but but we have to get in there and clean it it's not it's not clean up the soap drain the swamp it is absolutely drained every last mud soaked all incrusted dinosaur lying piece of craft that has prayed themselves out as someone who actually cared for us so everybody else out there laveuse people are not in that category and we stand we fight together against its will creatures because there's a lot of so in outlets talk so somebody said connie was loved the land no division is the controlling mechanism for the elite patently true so so more more clarification on that job like i said i was getting started side team members the come in law comes from england and it's an unwritten law basic from and yet our constitution is based on common and if you go through some of the supreme court decisions way way way way way back in herds and late seventeen hundred you will find that they will mention come and law but that we don't have commonly a constitution or laws are all written come on later hand is not written down it comes from so that's the difference between the two does it mean that our laws are not based on common while because it is a lot of the law that we have but it's all roaring the one should go back to more of a common law situation so that we can we can strip some of the powers out of the court as tom where are you can actually have a grand jury and that you know in paneramy and and come to some sort of a a a agreement in any less centralized way while he is the problem with theories those ideas we have not been able to get our public functionaries to follow the written law that because most of us were not paying attention face it my father that came all from poland wasn't paying attention the government i mean he lived here this was the greatest place in world living contrast america with pullin there is no cold and as the dog and america was a freedom so he didn't pay much attention to it and even threw his older years when i was running tarante other democrats and republicans i didn't have a whole lot of faith the and at that took me here to figure out all he was still kind of hanging on to that in all the republicans those guys of the greatest people in the world over a time eventually ten fifteen years later i reformed i got him to say the light but it took a long time to do that because you are brought up a certain way we have a lot of people in our country that we brought up a certain way and believe that america's great no matter what i am relative sister i believe america's great no matter what and that it would never happen in america the government would never do anything to hurt the american people how now we had there there always out for our best that's the logic that goes on that's the thinking process that goes on by lot of people unless they actually been the government if i say you know i i talking about the court system and how rotten the court system through and through if you've not been in front of a judge and not been in a court system you wouldn't know that you've never been there never fought the battle so you have a different look at what's going on in our country you've been fine of you you got to take it you pay the ticket all this will you go back to the life everything is cold and you love life in a normal way the system is corrupt through and through in your just buying into the corrupt so getting back to common law if we had a constitutional law and the government followed the then we wouldn't have these issues either but as long as the government can and when i speak of government i speak mostly the bureau rats that are in and like the bureau at and some of them and some of the elected public functionaries that are in office those people have a another there to protect their job number one and so whatever it takes to protect their job they're going to do and they don't care about you know the big picture because the only one have only got to be here for twenty years what damage can i do in twenty years which is a lot of damage their attitude it is your nailmaker my money my petillante next to will pick up the glen and so over time our constitutional laws have been ruined they don't follow as we went through the basic amendments how many times has our government in the last two years violated the first amendment tremorel how many have violated freedom of speech freedom of press and it's written there you can't do that not lawful that's not allowed they do it anyway so what happened if we go back to common law and we say well we don't really need the first amendment were not going we're going to be in common and as on tomato not we have ever people so i think i think kind of like a hybrid or transition time because we've got to get away from from certainly with what we have right now and i kind of like the impaling of grand juries and using the grand jury to do some of the lifting or do the lifting and i think that's another very long that's a very lion o yes but the great did it out of the court a town and do it do things a little differently who picks the grand jury a system people don't take how many times has somebody been said he go to jury duty and they say i want to go too i get out i don't want i don't want to take two days out of my life three days or weak or whatever to sit on the jury and listen to but you see that that jury powerful tyrolian there's a law that's on the books is in violation of the first amendment second amendment the jury cannot fly that law right then in their uneventful judge now what that law no longer exist the blow it away the jury location has been taken away from logic of the of course we when henriette a court and you listened to the judge and north to prosecutors the jury they picked the jury based on escaping to understand what blows this rule in her favor what i saw this whole thing is a big it's a big circus clothing meant to be there to begin with a weak and all agree that it broke oh absolutely the jury that judicial system has been broken in michigan legally since sixty three when after the men while masterson rabbits money grammatophore just like when we talked about the prison system the prison systems are trained here the judicial system is a train where is based on money and a power grab and filling quotas and then putting people's lives really ruining people's lives through people plan you know playing games of people's lives rather than actually functioning in order to have a fair and a fear fair justice that with blind scales a justice that out with the doing their using i am and there's there's another system out there and i want to bring this up to unearth now where under a defect out of government that and going back to the deserted attained everything are says the common love changes with times in the culture at the time it is not stable and consistent as a constitution is designed to be go back and hand on a constitution we need to acknowledge the defacto is a defect a corporate contract service administrator sensate seventy one and very grand jury as out of a lawful assembly not a defect a corps we need to go through eric says that was from parent reuter arises we need to go through every law that congress he has established and if it's not in the line but with a constitution then we must demand that they be removed i been sayin that for a long time that we need to go through the that's that's one of the donderberg things that were going to do as we're going to go through all the laws and if they heriades not stand up to the constitution it is gone started when they changed the united states america to the united states of what for the united states america to obliterates america down shackle the government that one that i told you about that doesn't exist so i explained that earlier on the organic act of his note to do with corporations and making us part of the corporation you need to read the organic in one interne and read it before you start peering in formation that the organic act changed the world it did not i think there is a good discussion they have because everybody everybody needs to state what you know i threw something out there yesterday and as people said all that was not that you threw that out there and i said he we have to throw everything out there and every one's opinion needs to be heard so he can have an actual discussion and come to the truth because there are so many different view points out there and and i welcome i welcome this kind of discussion i think this is really healthy in order to listen to different points of usetah other you know it even even if we don't even if we don't agree on things and i'm still trying to get everything figured out out there you know in which way goes but i can tell you what assessment is it's broken bring everything forward so we can talk about it and i appreciate i appreciate your wisdom let me talk briefly about because article article six section if you haven't looked at article in this is the state constitution and i had a lot of the other states have done the same thing and this was brought on from nineteen thirty three we could talk about that in a moment i'm going to read part two of this it says to be qualified to serve as a judge a trial court a judge of a court of appeals or a justice of the supreme court a person shall have been admitted to the practice of law at for at least five years subsections sale not applied to any judge or judges appointed or elected judges officers prior to that no person can be a judge in the michigan courts unless you are a better in the practising law as a baritone for five years or problem with that here a problem they are all part of the same club now so judges support the bar turns and you get barters that support the baritones and you ain't one o you are a you go in prose or injury for pre that means you're automatically fighting against the system stacked the deck against and this was brought on by one tenth of one per cent remember we talked about that when we brought on the constitute so people want and now why we shouldn't be voting for these proposals that's exactly why we shouldn't be going for the the amendments we know that the amendments are not for the benefit of the people for the benefit of the just like the sixty three constant didn't need it we did it and we gave an alias class called the bar position in our government that they should have never in other words according to the federal court as you have a right to a consul you are in our her seventh amendment i'm not right sure which one it is but it doesn't say barton nor does it say a turn as counsel so my one a counsel you do in a court room i should have the authority and the right and you should have the right selected for your but in the courts of michigan do that because i don't have a barrel so a bar license meaning and by the way the bar is not a license the law it's a membership member that definitely one that i think all of us agree on is that we have a big problem we have a big problem with that system there how we get to the end and really put this together is going to take a lot of discussion because we certainly have a lot of people who are who have made a very good case for a transition out of their current defect of system and what that will look like in a disaster in its cottage a lot of discussion in a lot of a lot of grace were each other to to put this together in a very elegant way that serves we the people in one you get on when you get into the governor position is eleonora the sixty three constitute and put a new constitution and for the benefit of because if you read this constitution the state of sin it is not for the benefit of the people for the benefit of a gent or it's equally balanced and that's not what the purpose of the constitution was it is the framework by which the federal government operates and again you say that we have problems in our government in the congress on the has eighteen things that they can they can regulate that they can do all the stuff that they've been doing but we have turned it over to the banking also the main body of corruption in our over given the international banking cartel all of the power the prince the money she turns and by people off and that's how we ended up in the we did not have that process and the government would have to go back to the people and say look gold is a known dollars an ounce said and we really need to get more money to run the government so we have to go back to the people for a vote rather than just say he fevered crack reconnoiter bill billions that's the problem that we have we got to get rid of the banking things will start cleaning themselves up when you can bribe the people bribe situation and turned people around because of the money and that my person of our battle well and and that is that the bad in all things as people have their god is money and possessions rather than having a right spiritual focus in life and when you screw that up first the rest of it falls down from there and goes right down into the black hole desnoiresterres no no focus so eric says most cases are lost in the beginning because rules and procedure of the court are either not known is followed by the claimant or complaint says an was never repealed none of them were and acicula i electrical men is everyone had to identity five was then i believe that that would be a constitution of eighteen thirty five carrying on a clarify that i think that's what you're talking about the latter letter come back with that manna so thank you thank you everybody who sending me messages to that they voted for for me you know i think to one of the one of the things that i have an easy time with is bringing people with different opinions together and i you know trying to get everybody on a samanide of the table in that only comes through through education and having a discussion on base on ethesian nomination was kakamadare in it comes down to having a discussion and based on the mirrors and other some people just don't know all of their trying to do the right thing and we all come to the table with certain amounts of knowledge and it takes a lot of grace and sometimes a little bit a time to it's just like you know to to get everybody on the same page but as long as we keep talking and everybody has the ability to say and share their information we can easily in a very non hostile way we can usually find a fine the true answer and it always otto the top so that rules procedures regulation all made the control and mode agenda so karen says the form is incantations in nineteen he is the last now then that's where that is this is great i like those i am not down this word just started reading the comments economy when i do as i read them and i'll answer them on the chance that sectionalism over here like this or over here it's because i'm typing something in response to some one but i think this is working out really well so he commenting everyone out there because that really does in large the discussion and that's what we're going to have to do are going to have to enlarge the discussion and and be willing to listen to what other peavey as days that's why and i am a common loss fit in in the constitution oh avowedly that's a long discussion that's not going to get solved in a two hour to our program here sit in the kitchen table you know i love i love everybody's wisdom in missus exactly how we're goin to put the state back together as every one's wisdom out there and every one being heard because i can guarantee you no one is always right oh more more messages that votes are come in for downgrade friends and supporters he is so so arethusa tiful thank you guys and you know to to listen what everybody says that you know no one always has all of the information we have nuggets you know it's like a big puzzle piece that were putting together and some people may have a larger piece of the puzzle disease they may have more knowledge in that area but other pet everyone has pieces of the puzzle and have something to contribute to that and and i love this process this is going to be a wonderful process truly bringing over on together so that we're all pulling in the same direction and in truly pledging our lives are fortunes and our sacred honor to each other like a family one one people united that's what we need and and so i love this i love this process as a go every one keep talking as asonante to bring something else that is i think this is a great thing we live in a world where your kid cannot pretend to be and to be in india but a grown man can pretend to be a woman bright not caricatura that out there you know i thought it is like goes back to some derision of about that i had now i can do that but you can't do that about thirty seven per cent a small businesses which between the employment almost half of all americans working in the private sector were unable to pay their rent in full in october per bloomberg wait ago bideawhile the republican and sanitation people because they're all family so the clean house is very important clean it out all right let's go on to something else here a minute and we're all doing and to go with his were you brought up a common law you brought up constitutional and we kin hit those and military or merit melas another one there you eutelidas with thee with the water ships on the we are not a maritime law we have never been in maritime law and if at any you that they're a maritime law that judges and idiot needs to be of the we are not part we are not cargo on a ship or cargo on the soil or we want to be man on the land that stuff we are protected by the federal cost but we have to enforce the federal on the last i did not go away when they changed the title of the constitution from i don't know what a constitution of america took the constitution of america whatever that is he had never changed it the united states there is a as you become a public functionary swear not to the cat so that said before the magic date of eighteen seventy one which didn't do anything but let's say it before that in the back that you swore on oath to the constitution to uphold that constant and then you turn round and tried to change it that's like a police officer driving down the street say get all the speed limit is posted at thirty five and he said you know what i'm going to change it to twenty five because i'm the police officer and i no you can't that law is on the book that law is already sworn to by you to protect and you can't turn around and now can you usurpatory never granted a year and then do they do that constantly they look in congress as an awe can have i and i and all of these on their alphabet organization because we are the federal governor and the people by into it or ratify it by following that process it's the ratification of the law unless it's been challenged in court to change that otherwise if you if i say okay to morrow you don't you can't want to your grass to morrow because in this even numbers and your houses on what are your grass to morrow and you buy into it and you follow that process than you gratify there's no law that says you have to do it you've agreed to well we have to an american people be aware of what their pulling on us and what they're trying to get away with and believe me like you say the devil is everywhere and is doing everything he can try to control the world and to try to control you so he comes up with this new idea that we're going to have passports these of in these passports that we are going to be passing around that you got back in and if people bought into it then it would have been awful and legal because we ran i'm not a well i think he is brought something of that was really significant it's what we agreed to do because we have to get back to we the people making the rules rather than politicians and you know politicians the people that are in office of public functionaries all use words so so we make sure we stand the same same groundship word the public functionaries need to follow how how we the people want to have the united states the michigan run rather than have it come from top down it needs to go from bottom up and i think i think that fairly fairly significant distinction that we also need to talk about well johnson dealing with business because he was gracious enough to pointer i didn't hit on that yes we were on this morning so when we go back to notes ah the dauntless he don't trump at the relics now democrats one amenity not just for illegal but everything they do over the last two years i am sorry it's not just the democrats the democrats and republicans cause are all trying to duck responsibility that just working together so love president trump very much but when expand the word the yuletide around on that one because it's not just one side the bolides they are all there all animals as of a of anything that looks like it's serving america because i'm sorry we need to go back to being americans one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all not republicans or democrats i didn't start out that way and at some sanitation game absolutely manipulation a give me one more second i'll try to take care of this person in this itinerant something else here so it catherine anglian and great villacastin those who thought that the imprisoning of dragon i would weaken a resolve or were gray have gravely miscalculated it is stronger than ever i like that idea that our like that result is like me yet meet me once or twice or three times i'll just going to get mad over it yet that may be made misterton resolve the right to free derelictions of the interference is more important than our own discomforts and even this detention now reversed by a higher court we are profoundly grateful for that we will continue to protect in defect those who do viewer of election integrity and we will make sure that their fines become a matter of public record also i love i love what you really i think i think that's wonderful i wanted to throw something at you one of the people in our group husband went to the polls to vote and he was using his old is only an they had a felt they said if you use your own pen they're going to throw you out of the foot election are you kidding me where was this therefore shoemaker body out there go to what we that's none it whiteearth all the boats out exactly all right so here we go the closed your business as they closed her school had closed her churches her beach as they vampires they band funerals they band graduation cheremis they bend nursing home visitors they bane hospital visits they bane dad in the delivery room they batavian state they even dolignan what constitutes a meal they allowed protests they allowed rioted and anarchist to cooties they allowed storming of police precinct they allowed the assault a peace keepers they allowed multilateral or people that fit the agenda they allowed businesses to be destroyed the allowed guns stores the close they allowed statues to be vandalized they allowed churches to be set on fire they allowed infringements of our liberty they allowed the constitution to be ignored and that all of em every single one of them did it it's not just it's not just whithersoever it was both sides they all went along to get along much of cowards they did nothing they absolutely stood for nothing they did nothing vote them all out both sides absolutely percent refondre old though i can jump back in her yes you can and the last one i think we wanted to talk about was martial law that such a poem title to it everybody's worried about soldiers in the streets and so on and so forth understand right at the moment we are under devotion means when the president is not in office when we don't have when we don't have a public office then the military takes over under devolution and evolution is in control right now behind the scenes there there and they're doing what they're supposed to be doing to protect because they've all worn and old like i did when into the military to protect the castle military law or martial law generally means in long harken down can't go to the local courts you can't go here you can't go there the civilian part is broken down and partialities so in a sense we have that but its quiet it's not were not were not to add a point where were shooting at each other or raising you know i am protesting as neffer under a form of martial law right now but generally martial law is only in specific area the city of detroit turns into a riot or first city with with antipathies we need it to gain control of it than we would have martial law in detroit doesn't mean what martial law cross the state of michigan or across the united states where we were to have troops in the in the we would be specifically for pacific point in our country right now since we really don't have a civilian government in power none of them they are all corrupt there all the pother all in violation of their all they falcated acts of treason because they violated the postoffice at your great acts of when you swear not to office to get in what he has sworn i john tate were that i will uphold it of the united not that i will uphold the government or that i will uphold the system but that i will uphold the constitution of the united states so i am swearing an oath to the constant and if i violate that otto that can then i am treated as of trees against the united so all of the public functionaries that are in office right now not all but good number of them have violated their oath of we can stop with water and go all the way down and estein all of the other people up and landing as well as a lot of this local people in the local governments that have violated their oath of office because they have violated the cost they have come created a and the result of creating an act of treason is of course they can make a light light of sentences and put you in prison the rest of your life or they can find a nice clean new bran new hemp rope and try that the point of the matter is if you violate your old office you created a treason and you should follow the one a saltimbanque decisions out there that that the chance going crazy here this is also a caretakin career in arrest any one who interferes we open of the big can worms here monday fears with the right to vote correct rios included ned says put on that there's a legion or who has an area why questions answers what significance of the gold fringes and what we see some united states flags terence says we were under martial law in eighteen sixty one and tell the michigan general gorleston that sintimint has a congressional meeting in the desert dr david can jonathan doesn't the military have an obligation to tell us what's going on and how come we have not seen any evidence of military romischen papa were in evolution you know let me answer that the military a little bit i believe they're here but nowhere in bulungan prophet we have well first of all we have one man but method of communicate and that is by the internet by i don't have a private telephone to the military to washington or anything like that i have the same information the everybody else that's the computer the internet if we didn't have the internet we have some serious problems but that information about what's going on is out there yes some of it in cold do you want to tell the enemy what you do you got to keep you've got to keep it under wraps so to speak but you want to let the people know yeah we are taking control of the action the problems are being we are not at a point yet where the military will start arresting all though maybe they have behind the scenes we don't know what's going on in washington you know i'm not there i don't live there we do know that the tunnels have been cleaned out and flooded so we do know that action has been going on but we don't know exactly what action it is considered me a general in a field on a unincumbered i know the final big picture i know what that looks like we got to take that particular town or in whatever and i know how that looks so then i go to my under latent general found two stars the one star and i explained to them we have to do it you've got to do it from the last you got to do it from the right to godfather and then they went down to the captain and to the majors and colonels and they say oberseer going to do and each part plays a military person plays a part in that battle but nobody at the lower level certainly the privates that are not doing anything they don't know what to do except that they have to plant the rifle in the right direction and ulterior that's all that their given that information to nother doing it or how they're doing yet or for what purpose same thing with us we are the lower end of the spectrum here because we are the people we are the infantry who are the we are the soldiers that are going to do what the upper commands is telling us to and the upper command and you goes up the latter to however all the way to operates the military who because he is in control of the military and is in control of the lunar weapons and is in control of one he's not alone now there he's got any person of a military force behind him so we are in a devolution process right now and if you don't believe that then you have then you haven't been paying attention to what he in other words you haven't seen the supreme court rule against the work people in the gun controls one court case after another corsair another courtesying at candicans stand against the second amendment can't write laws against supreme court bating a up pretty hard in new york and that would have not happened five years ago for years but it is happening now and same thing with the west coast all the areas that have been considered left the or losing their power but let these are marching out of order the people are marching on california marching out in new york and new york is losing population california's losing population this is the process that were going through an i'm going to read some comments here again because this is awful the chance go another john think there's a bunch of people going there tattering you you on you know you just entered by the chastisement is good discuss let's see to go back a little bit john if we are in dentistry and an obligation tells what's going on and how come we have not seen any evidence of military on the ground piperno karen we do have a deterring government interfered to go and growing in number to reset our government in michigan david and then she says to doctor cannot know to keep a safe they don't have to tell us anything to military in charge under we the people did heretofore stated ere we have met eroticine to the word to get them under treaties the defendants but mittendorf back nor in a market we have a better chance of getting these crenels under sedition because in order to get them under trees at which requires the definite met the crimes or two witnesses of the crying to testify against unless it's a military tribunal karen the upper command is us but they decide how to add cut the requisitions we gave them so now the direction comes from red to people and then the upper command does plan on how they execute be requisitions that they have to figure out how to get it done that we tell him and go eric white in other words yes that's right ned i'm talking about we topple bringing claims against his heart line the joy i asked a group of armenian drink with him and asked them who has the highest rank in the group me be not military was told by one of the army men looked at me and said technically twenty one rocket requisition orders come come orders by wahpee and then we go back to the desert it is on the part of common law we bring clayte isn't the part of common law in that we bring claims against the so we have to ninety one recognise recreation orders that were red by we the people this my understanding that it was given to the military and the requisition there they are responsible for who how those requisitions are come what say like their own board with what i was in saying alone so we really have wearily in closer together with what we believe and what we want done and it's the inwardly that we won't have to work out some fine i haven't seen anybody or heard you say anything that's in disagreement with what i did you find anything there that was in disagreement i didn't see it i agree the civilians are red where the power is we we are the we have society we the people have to be aware of the wake and live truculent do anything two years ago three years ago when half population was we had to wake up no i excuse me a mount of people so when the final thing to place and we go after these people that the public is aware of what's hand and they don't fret that's going to be the worst thing that all right well i think we're in a good operator to know moved forward all right saw this and the feedback carthainn again in your town i not stopped the world the so weird i don't know if it's us or if it's the the running as you know way above the cause these things the i never bringing on or the line so i interposal room quick a menoeceus no on all of them because therefore the government they are not for reeeee and on basically and every bit of it unconstitutional isn't i would say any of it so proposal one and then their very very misleading the way that they were written proposal one vote voters were transparency and terminates not as voting for four for hiding what they're doing it doubles a representatives termini from the massic years or twelve years allows lawmakers to serve an entire twelve years in one chamber saw the first one baby ably lie forgot promote the boat it was actually too often to state anterior to chance here my command no state idea required a moderation it dares liberal initiative that alternator to vote fraud and this the franchise voters nine days of early motion less oversight more and ballets and drop boxes causing more expensive and unfair advantages and another from with a clearly chain of custody which we had to day that came up that they can accomplish sources charities can find a lection well there already doing that potential for financial manipulation already doing that the distant in me it the overeducated felons a right to vote but denies us citizens access to election records so it's very unfair and most lady a proposal three reproductive freedom for all now let's just call it an it is it is about human trafficking selling baby parts and let lemichin without any protection so that they can have somebody else decide whether they're going to be sterilized or have generation salary what they wrote that the down a person traffickers and remove screens for those being coerced into abortions allows abortion up to birth including parcel birth the portions next up is going to be the abortion after birth for twenty eight days which two states of already jumped into that little little pitiful tool many state laws are arrest minor children could obtain abortions sterilization purity blockers and exchange surgeries without parental knowledge or consent if it passes eliminates heathens requirements of abortion facilities and makes michigan the most promotion state in the country whole bunch of non sa is absolutely in a salt on our children it leaves them without any protection leave them i am disgusted with us with this proposal not only that an amply discussed in a how how stupidly it was written if you if you look at the language in there are like forty three mistakes in the language of writing this so i don't know i don't know what lawyers wrote this or pass this but it's shameful and that this would even be on the books you know it even if you don't agree with the subject matter it makes our whole state look ridiculously stupid the spirit of stupid is incredible even from a professional standpoint it is it is shameful it's discussing it shameful and let's go back to the fact that this is not about reproductive rights this is about taking those rights away from children with no one to defend them now we already know that we've got a big problem with peneplain this nation and how the people been compromised in positions of power by by that that problem i mean they've been some of the men set up some of them and blackmail but some of them have jumped and willingly and they were promoted because their part of this disgusting grove of global people who who will victimise children at the drop of a hat just one more step to victimizing our children in every single adult out there if you're worth your salt you we need to be defending our children because this is just a beginning it never stops there it's it is the beginning and this is not all about you snowflakes and all about your right to choose i want you to think about it you right to choose a fine day but your choosing to absolutely leave children who are still trying to figure out what life is all about somebody like i said yesterday somebody can say as the sky plan with gaoler has a doll and wants to wants to be a girl and the parents can say nothing no one can say nothing so all of these big money organizations that wanted victimize children in turn turned general met mutilation and sterilization into a for profit business the pick of any child out there that they and they're going to do what the prison systems of don they're going to have quotes it's going to be based on a money a money gain for them and they will fill those quotes with unneeded children and and that's that's what's happening in it a slow burn on this one i agree with i agree with you a hundred pentagon through the whole brasses and i think that the government wants to memorialized in the constant it's not for the benefit of the people we've seen that already see that with the constant if they could change the united states constitute they would do a lot of different things in the not only concerned about the bill of rights in the federal but they were gone great power to the legislative branch and now its memorialized because it's part of the so that's the stuff that we have to stop we have to go back we have the law the law is the to go back to the constitution and enforce the law upon those public functionaries that have decided to create cause now yet i think i was eric that talked about sedition versus treason's right some people would be better facing addition some people will be better facing the reason i don't not everybody has gone dangling at the end of a rope but there will be not everybody will be a picked on for treason but they will be picked on for see it depends upon what the military tribunals are doing it by the way the military tribunals are an operation right now to and i heard that they are also an operation in the white house were we when you look at donald trump what was it twenty nine million into expansion of get i think it was that pretty indicative that there is actually motion there you know people want to say nothing happening there's a lot happening there's a ton of things happening you're not were not seen every every you know little little portion of it is there is in fact a lot happening so when i go back and look at are you yawning or what's happened in her i have i have somebody walked in on me so just give me the second not be right with it i'm sorry but that the way it is election to the no worries you know now that not a worry at all i go back to the new feed not a problem we can get the thing figured out this is what you do when you're for real your own wife and you have a true discussion i keep going on the channel or the love reading all your comments as is awesome so so very nice and it's wonderful but it's a great a good starting place we have to be able to talk with each other and in disagreement as healthy because it brings out it brings out the differing opinions and so i'm sure that i have some of the home of the other people that are from a different perspective not that not that we're going to label anyone is right a wrong right now but we're going to bring it out with the evidence darwin that's right and now i guess one of the points that i want to those that have followed some of the quote patriots on the internet regarding the french flag and not the french flag i do have a judge ruling on that case but i don't have an anything it up next while an you know we abarians really an expert on it and his name is robert cowper i think i'm a bring robert on at some point time because robert robert is a pretty inspiring guy his military services crazy extensive and he is i'm going to have the amount some day too to talk about the flag the friesian to hear you antinomian the flat it is it is she's an amazing man to listen to and credibly intelligent and i'm an tell you what that one of those people that when you met him you you will absolutely be thankful for that inaction and remember it the rustle moveable but my point is that if there is somebody that's come up with some sort of a scenario that this is why it is this way you need the back track and he to do the deep dive and you need to find out where that is in the constitution and or where the where the congressional people ruled on it where the judicial system rolled on it were somebody ruled on it to make now effective because there's a lot of scenario out there that have no back no background why i said to people that are saying the organic act of eighteen seventy one does not say what their being what what there being taught it says on the internet read the organic that is to deteriorate type in organic action read it and then there's other blurs of regarding that organic act that happened during that time period a four years later the organic act was thrown out and a new process was brought forward to get a kind of follow the chain of events your scenario legitimate basically i guess as onions there's there's tonacatlcoatl white competitors were gonfanon can you otaheitan would endorse clear deep state rides lots of people are very disturbed by a tramp speech yesterday is he not aware of these bad guys or something else so i'm going to go ahead and give my opinion on this because i think and then i'll give you a tattine to talk okay to your talk time so i really do believe that president trump is incredibly smart and he does not he does not just come right out and say say what is doing or what's on his mind i think i think he's trying to get us to think for ourselves and make her own decisions because the next step in returning the government to wed the people is honestly cheating we the people how to think ourselves how not to follow the vote guides or the parties or any of them he talked repent beginning of giving the nation back to we the people will in order to be in the hands of way the people we have to be fit to be in charge to be that assembly of we the people the way to do that is to get people thinking i believe what he did as he had done some some absolutely horrific endorsement he's endorsed people like you know you've got you've got about devastating behind the deck that that that were part of his impeach you know the piece impeachment group there you've got doctor as that also same same thing why did he endure people who went after him with bared to that him out of anything why smart he's going to endorse people in manors his person the reason what why why would you endure somebody that such a lousy candidate clearly was there to attack you why why would you possibly do that life to gadatas were asking questions where were looking at things that don't make we were learning to think is just like the votaries votaries are paid for by some one to tell you how to vote they're telling how to vote will who finds this who is behind us whose finding us who is all of these questions have to be have to be asked and answered so i guess you know to to to you david i really think i really think that this is a great is as she said it's a great quest it's a wonderful question on why he endured who he did endorse and honestly i'm goin to say to teach us to grow up that's what a good dad would do a good dad is going to not just oh honey let's go to it this way they're goin to make you think and grow you i know that's what my dad would john remain you know he would have said and he would try to catch up to see if you were being smart or being stupid and that that's exactly what you know it my dad was one of those people that would if he could if he could catch you in something and get you to think about it oh yeah you as gay minor him he was great at it too i love that you know i just i really loved that part of my dad and i honestly think that that's a president trumps doing question think questioned think even don't even listen to him think for yourself and that's what makes us fit to be we the people in charge good job president tramp we love you tattoo i agree with you keep your enemy keep your friends close kin your enemy close i think he had put a fountain front of everybody so everybody can see who fleas now most of the people won't listen to him i won't follow him some people dead and some people got heretofore i not say that that was a good thing the overall country things that fled to be take it out and remove somehow out of the system completely and gates same thing and some of the other people colonel swab people are not listening to these people any more because they've been brought into the limelight and they've been endorsed these were brought into the limelight with where they thought that they were in charge and that they had the power and that they could do whatever they want the deck is turned on him at this point there there now there being looked at as a jackal and with what going on in michigan why did he indoors he came out of nowhere as most widely bring betsy divorce people follow any dead follow or these other turkeys that are in there michaelis follow these to the heathen the global ist because they got the money they got the power and they got the boat but that will be a bad to us worshiping money you know that people were seen money rather than worse in truth you know worse being god and and you know and ah in truth rather than just looking at this you know that i don't know that that's a really big problem you know following celebrities following actors and actresses and following following the money is what if we follow the money you know we could follow the money to find truth but if we follow her worship that money but it is the root of all evil is not the money itself it's the worst shot of money they get as in trouble because they will lead us right down the primrose path mightily a tool it's a tool to his just like tiles titles are only a tool and you know we just went be aware of that you know is a who's behind tedious behind the impeachment of ocean all these other cronies that are out there that are the big i think we have like forty some families in michigan that are really oligarchies that are controlling our elections that bought pay for the elections and i went through some of the dollar mounts in and names before but ontell you why we just we have the best election money can buy and we had establishes more as you know because it's it's an oligarchy is the passenger on money it's a big money game it is a huge money game seventeen billion dollars into our election not that i have a problem with seventeen i think some as great in fact let's just go there right now since i was told that i need to denounce denounced the seventeen letter of the alphabet there are twenty eight huge drops say think for yourself when i don't know it like a reed once demanded what what are in huge drops on a pretty exposure that it's just a whole bunch of questions to try to get us to think instead of being loving his jumping off the friendly are yes future so future fruit paste is the way it is in search one or eleven at eleven in the curacoa be our elections will be decided on eleven eleven or that a time military time may come out and do what's right discussion and discussed that too all of these things that people want to call me a cute curtall the time while yet maybe maybe i anoint afraid to ask questions and or look at all sources and that be shut down it doesn't matter what it is you know the the only one that i serve as server swear to allegiance to is jesus christ and what he asks me to do period and everything else we look at we evaluate and we taking information to accomplish his good purposes so there you go so we will be talking about us we will continue to talk about you we will continue to ask questions we will continue to follow the money without say nowhere while look at them and greeted saw maneater we go on we go all nothing can stop watsonian these other things that we come to know and love and we will continue to bring frog into every people call it a salutation shot political parties they can also it to you now so there you southstack to americans and asking questions without somebody shaming us we can't do it detroit voters already been told that they voted absentee from care in the riveter a great great great question doctor kent that is a really good question that you ask and i think that i think that honestly that's probably very likely what's going on as to the test to think for self and not if you're here on my channel you probably already thinking for yourself you know and just by process of elimination those people to call me a cute to ernestine going to sit here a scream at the ceiling for a little while go into some sort of dindrane center of and walk away they won't make the first cot following two has led me from an marie falling to his led me to more proofs than all my ears of education i would agree with that any time here asking questions matter what it is that that anything gets to think for ourselves and ask questions instead of sitting there listening and being programmed by other people is incredibly valuable we have to think for self we got to tell you a couple of days ago three four days ago i had somebody call me up on the top said i you on john paternise im an says i do undelivered i said i did you have american heritage the eunomia air his construction company misguided and he says your lighter and then he proceeded to tell me that he looked up american heritage construction company and there all out of so i said you know and retired gave that number that name of bantison else picked it up in my company over that he had sent to i'll bet you a election denier kindly discuss or explain what that means give me your definition of what that is and he says i'll bet you also a the one they use all the a slip you are also you you are also a person that he believes in and now and in an entanglement of aether is there you're a conspiracy theorist araguato please explain what you're asking just give me a definition and hangs of course these my dower telephone coolie and i bewaileth and may call when he at least me some oh well that's what they now i have i have a gal back that decided to her asked me on the chap for while i just let her you know throw her her lack of intelligence out there for everybody to see us she was accusing me of everything on the planets funny she looked up one of our businesses and said look identical of lava bland in like might want to check her spoiling your spelling was wrong and she took her quite a while to actually understand that she can spell the company name right so it was another it was another company she was quoting the accusing me of an unlike so i started calling or duerer darwin because do you research darlin clearly could not research with worth craft and she certainly couldn't spell worth creeter she was just a show there to try to shout a stone and and make make accusations because she's probably part of one of the parties that wants an ottocento some is to hit jobbet really should send more intelligent i wouldn't mind getting into an honest conversation with some that was on the other side yet but i toady that could hold a conversation they have all of the talking points the precipitating point came from the sea in years ago during the kennedy the operation that the so this is just now we're having election their whatever that could possibly mean or were a deplorable there were the thatirical but he made and then we stop all conversation just because we want to we want to stop conversation because that's where they lose control so i mean i mean the carolina you so maybe i'm on election to irma beam a deplorable maybe a accurately know who knows i had i had somebody accused me of a really depicting in my family too and we detachment is this really agostino such a low in discussion from these people that want to label things instead of actually an encouraging discussion we should encourage all of this all of this discussion that out there because that's where we actually find the truth the truth and what's going on it's not to stop people doing them from jockey missus meaneth greatest chance that i seen on line yet we've got all kinds of stuff going on i jason said great discussion guys and i don't agree with some of the stuffing gone but it's a great discussion sea runs hollywood competed absolutely correct election election denies as a mark alicant confuse the people and keep us running together as a country absolutely correct any time they tried to shut us down say you need to denounce this you need do not talk about this you just shove it right back in their little eye loquaces and say you know what we have the right talk about anything we want to talk about we have the right to debate to try to get to the truth instead of stopping stopping people from talking about it they only do that in order to socially engineer to to hide the truth a separate people that's the only reason why somebody would do that so please call me as many names as you can get your outing yourself is nothing more than a low i knew you he thinks jason you hours to keep her on pahoihoi brandenburg you i've got the first to tacoma from people who are tell me that they voted for me i think there's i think this is is really it's really amazing i think for every single one of you it's so heart warming i mean we certainly have worked our tales of artery form of sundown to move mankind right now but it's all right in the winter marqueterie going what does keep going i can you both speculate a bit for us how do you see a hole i'm sure to does military reveal everything are due laid all play out for years until every one is awake and both them out you know what i'm going to weigh it on that because i think at this point time we have without a slap at a hard slap of reality we have woken up as many people as we can through talking to discuss and this is one thing that was sudden cups a long time ago that there's about six per cent of the people that will never wake up no matter what we do i mean i could i could set you right now and put some bromios up that are truly shot that would truly shot people that have to do a satanic rituals that had to do with with the states the whole thing play out not in college i understand what you mean in the you know all of these things that are actually going on behind the scenes and once some one sees exactly what happens in these rituals or what these people are sworn allegiance to either your blood's got to run cold your heart's goin to stop a skip a beat a few times and you're going to have to take a long sidewise or sit down on the chair to try to process with these monsters are involved in i can tell you i mean i do i do down to the bottom of the rabble about as far as a person can go because i wanted to know everything i really believe that people who are in charge need to have the fortitude the baton and the ability to look at all things in order to make a good discussion and decision i seen people that have been dismembered alive i've seen librarians seen blood orgies as in the city of grand rapids online seen at rituals that where they literally disabled people live in peel them peeled the skin off of the and once you actually see what these monsters are involved in you will not be the same you will never back down you have to run in the fetal position in the corner for safety i don't blame anybody for doing that because it is brutal it is absolutely brutal but there are some of us who will stand without faltering because we know what the alternative is seen it not take we've a and in there's no no way and how that i will ever back away from fighting this type of evil not a chance and i think when you when you realize what's behind it that that's what's going to wake everybody up i believe that we're going to have to have military tribunals where we have a confession of what these people have actually done i think that a i did too and i think that some i have really really gone through how much i really want a post on line because it's so shocking some of the stuff is so shaky that it will absolutely a lot of people won't be able to deal with it and i get that i get that the end is not for every one it isn't and that's okay because there's a lot of us who are willing to stop in front of this take the brunt of what has to be done what we're going to have to come to terms with prosecuting these monsters and in dealing with business as adults will for the purpose of saving saving humanity for saving the children but not just the children this is also the adult is a somewhat happening with the human traffic in across the border not just the vote roles he goes much much deeper than that and when you can go to a catalog and buy a child we've got a big problem when you when you can when he and i garakouaiti after years but you know what if it did it all ever and mantri now this gallican down we are going to have to go with political criminals who have fallen in with the people who are backed by these people who have all the money who basically owned the world give us crumbs this girl was not macedon with my last breath i will not bet down away from this cause because it is so horrific it could be you that were fighting for it could be one of your children it could be some manhole and every single one of us in the name of jesus christ ianito save this nation and save humanity they prove that they will inject us gen modifiers to kill us they approved in that they will kill people in nursing aspremont at they will kill people in in hospitals you think it's going to stop there it's not an that's not even the worst of what they're doing it's worse but the torch or part of it for four their power is i went mortar and that's where we will never ever ever that down and tell every single one of these people is mill stone round their neck comes to comes to mine with people involved with petaille victimizing children and torturing human beings crimes against humanity that's where the river meets the one and that's where you really see where the adults who the adults are who are wont to step into this and see it and now great at thank you leather on that one so we had said i'm going to stay in modulating i was up in the middle of the night lontaine not bad stuff i mean really good if i'm like you costumer i'm sitting here just like demeanor day another day now the crisis now the thing to go through sergeant were always going beer if you're you're fighting to that a fight as long as we stay or standing upright we're always going be fight in the battle for for goodness right justness and in god's good purpose to the fond those without a voice and to stand when nobody else does even if we're the last last man standing we will still fighting for god's good purposes to the end for the defence of each other stand in the gap that their goal no money money is only a tool it's a great tooth have if you use it correctly but it's not something to worship or to give your allegiance to it is honestly a tool to help others that's a we have were given things in order to help others not to only help ourselves but to to help others so i wrote this praestitit three thirty i was up for about two o'clock and tell maybe four o'clock this morning now alienation onsweep a lot i get up and i research and i and i look into things and i cannot you know i want to be informed i want to know i want to have somebody feed me a bunch of crab so anyhow let's let's say this prayer and added on this now and i'm going to go to say the last word everybody get out there but for john the message out call your friends tax on what our debt people behind him and i'd love to say the same thing about me i'm going to tell you what you want to fight her you've got to fight her osterode right here who will never back down i won't i won't swear lydian of these criminal criminal intentions in our government and it's going to be painful for these people because as what didn't you get somebody who has strength of god behind them who will not back down because god is carrying us forward they got a real problem and and we the people are standing together it would be my honor to represent each every one of you to defend to protect to move into a very much a humanitarian effort to restore what the enemy is stolen and we will stand gather all of us as one nation united and so going forward so i'm going to go and and i'm going to read off his prayers we pray so please please valour had an enjoyin me with us because this is this is as my middle and of the night heartfelt prayer for the nation dear heavenly father we come before you as a hearty nation meeting you to step in and help restore this nation this is so much bigger than winnie it's about the people lost souls had been abused neglected preyed upon taking advantage of by those who were not to protect him to protect america we pray that you open hearts of all that every new boy and a retinue confess that jesus christ is lord that you are the ultimate pure agamalov who stops in front of all throats to protect provide and defend your children in your blessed name we go forward with bravery and resolve fighting for those without a voice defending all who need the strength of your warriors who will not back down or bow tyranny we give all the glory to you as you lay bare this present darkness shine your life for all the exposing their acts which are done in the shadows so that your people can stand with eyes wide open facing and defeating those who destroy murder lie cheat and steal in jesus name dear heavenly father talk of the cover what i usually do dear heavenly father we want to be a blessing to you we want we want to stand with you in your good purposes we want to maintain great nation that you'd given us which requires maintenance which we haven't been do in such a great job with we have abandoned not only the nation and a procedural in a lawful way we have forgotten the people round us and meaningful way in the pursuit of material things and not used every gift you given us to help humanity in each other we ask that you bring to our mind people who need us a friendly word a smile the strength of knowing who you are our lord saviour or godefroid or banner are savior save your saviour in all things in times of trouble you are saviour it's not just in death as in life in every single day that we walk forward that we are alive it's in her action the actions of our hands the words coming out of our mouths our ability to stand in the face of adversity and to bring your children together as one body the body of christ member having their own gifts in wisdom a number having their own uniqueness that you built and to us in order to share with this world that you created as you created a perfect it was created her and we failed at the beginning and continue to fail none of us are perfect the only one that was perfect was your precious son as christ our lord and saviour and going forward into a time where we want to be right as we think we've got it all figured out and none of us have a figured out all the way the only one that does as you and your leavings every step of the way as we go forward into a very unknown future things may get a little star for a while then they seem out of control doesn't matter we follow you and we put our faith in you the faith in you above what we see here an experience knowing that in all situations you can and will provide protect in the fact without falter you were the only one who was perfect and yet you were the only one who refused to pick up a stone throw it at some one else who is in perfect we ask for you to give us a spenserian favor to day the election day that your king don come on artists and haven't fairness and justice liberty and justice for all your rules rain supreme which protect us from exactly what we've been fighting about or fighting against from the beginning that time the wiles and the plans and the schemes of destruction satan himself we ask that you can use every plan that say has at the enemy has in all those who follow them throw them into a great confusion to day use every plan that they have and give clarity of mine strength go in peace day as we go forward fighting for you for your good purposes and your family that you put on earth here fighting for your creation to protect what is yours we come forward with a servant's heart to do whatever it is that you call us to do our legions in our trust in our faith is in it what we see it's in you and you alone your character and we are willing to go forward and do whatever it is without regard to the outcome whatever it is that you ask us to we will follow your lead by your strength are your mercy by your peace and joy we go forward with this day with strength the strength of the warrior that your will may be done we love you so much thank you for including us and putting us on earth putting us here this time every single person who was here was put here for a time such as this let them know their significant let them know that they are loved bondage that all the concerns that they have melt in the presence of your precious son and saviour as we go forward this day the days ahead the years ahead without wavering with resolve because we know you and we love you jesus christ precious name for i you met their din you want on mute i am mute bravo so with that said we're going to say it again here is the point of the show digging me in please go to that or a brandenburg forgot her not to we also have brandenburg news at work in their protopopov a cow we're going to continue to build brandenburg news network turned it into an ever increasing at a force for good and truth people voice to protect and defend their first amendment rights and to absolutely move forward in all things so i am honored to be here to day and let her be know that we love you we love all those whom you love fighting for you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america on this very important election day now go to your jobs were all going to go to our jobs were onerstand up and do the right thing no matter what anybody says with with bravery and honor so thank you for being here to day john you know i'm in a pullin for you this is going to be a great day it's always a great data matter how things shake out gods and control we got this i agree what a sad i'll say good bye it had to the pope all right we'll take you guys later love you all have and confidence moving forward in all things we we have that assurance have a great day