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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/20/2023 - Surprise Trip to Lansing

Published Jan. 20, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Donna starting the day out with Karen the Riveter, Ken Nash, Dr. Tim Parker, and Gary Smith! Surprise trip to Lansing today! Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and clearly i'm on the road it's the twentieth day of january twenty twenty three and i have a surprised hirslanden today so i wanted to do a quick broad cast here and then i'll probably do a telegram live later added alec we're going to have our guest to the show right now and so the monotony here as this is usual for as i wanted to make sure of body got on this morning we've got carin the riveter condescender comparer and perry somewhere around there i'm sure but to swanescombe the switch and namethough and you know what he tried to in live here i thought if i do try to live here and the word word about vi six miles out and i thought about it i could excel the stream if you guys want to carry on it i ithacaport mind then we can just do a little quick to our talk about what receive and there i sounds great you cast on and i think i think has there well well dear to be old carrion with all me for a while so when this morning you first carenias thinking talk amongst the fellside that i'm i'm good i've just done it this is all very curious and i i can't raittiita we've got in store for us to day oh well i'm not exactly sorry then a lot of the time so that's kind o that's kind of fun but but i think i there's a lot of people that think there's nothing happening out there and there is a lot happening out and so i guessed at this point time we need what can up wicked going i don't know the pitris morning of katy hobbs down arizona clearly weary and oh i think that i think that our powers observed for us are the actually noticing our changing they are changing the have and you know sodome god is in control we just menacing it is then and don't know that things are having they are and ah and we agamenticus with rightkeep her attitudes and a very positive in order to love to hold the line in a way that it warrior would and a warrior forgotten on the never failed a man some get conmercii you do but what we all fall directed that we all father at times is now to us about gustation one this pre i notes and we better with each other carrying and always careerserves some solishible relates say this is my second trip and it landed in the last her sole and dot i've noticed now that i have all kinds of alledge i've sawed but but there's some curious things and lansing when you go to lance first of all it's a gaston ah to because i i theresa because some ovens and so but i find his be really curious to be there scold to be interesting to see how things unfold because yes we we understand in some sense that things are changed yet we have no idea how much or to what degree so it's going to be interesting just as well don't you find a curious too that sometimes i get cameralists back were some in driving by the wag i have from and my my beautiful wise wonderful actually driving to day which is thrilling nice and i find it i find that living and that sterile the people are what one really going now on it if you really want my honest were being sifted he says this is a lot more to do resifting the pantries and fighting out conscre and whose end and whose soften redsmith what is for anything and i think by the polly away or what orsino matter one on i find out a lot about when there flying blind dark i fought worn the going to stand without some and over them giving up absolute directions i did with without shake streets when they have to know what's going on all the time had their ability however i know what's going on one early indicative of of a bad old they think they well they want to tell bodythe she can't stand or when the standing a so i think i think and if there was a roll of apt johnson and you won't these i am nothing in case i put you ah the of in with the frogs on the roller colester i made a no mean where year on the worldease upside down along with the frogs you are here i just did that in morning but and you are not backwards to us you are looking just fine i also o kirks said something in his ready a earlier this sheet which is i had experienced with too it's the concept of hurry up and wait it's it's not just limited to military but that is something that we have a i think we also have to deal with those who have experience with the hurry up and wait on some kind of mission haven't easier right now because we're used to that idea sometimes you have to rush in all prepared all adrenalin sometimes and then you have to just sit and wait you are not going to know everything that's going on around you you're not going to know what's going on above you you're not in control of all the decision making you are not the most informed sometimes you're job is to sit and wait and be your part to do your roll and that's that agirasas role to play in sometimes we have to jump in and sometimes we have to wait and an when you have an operation bacon so many players at all in the incas as six or tape using her death in a day i am ah there is almost no one that i would ever stay would that's an office right now and i won't compromise i will not if we have to do this from you know for a position of influence on the outside or the inside is as make any difference of and if it atsometimes torections right now or argentan were gone we're going to start on it's i might not even have to get off so eringo i tell joe high for us and it's just going to be exciting cause patriots have to get so involved and i've said for long time we've never been here before and everybody's going to be doing different things in order to make this happen ailbe exciting right i think so and no matter what i mean we're walking forward in two like like we sat you know on charter territory to a certain degree that doesn't matter that's where god always leiocampa any is in it god will always captivity and to another to sowie put ourselves out of the way cats while lady en vegen ger there was i i go up and to a and we topolino and we start relying on god and listening to him and in their so many things that i've done from him any the people are like going why rioponces that does not make any such this is wrong and i'm like i i think there's a bigger pitcher at work here and you know sometimes we have to do things that are counter and two not in order to i mean look at what happened with all look what happened with every other person that's ever walked out of any captivity or house cleaning operation of any time oh things don't always make some hence in so we know the the things that don't make or probably the direction that we needn't to a lot of times and no petterel herthat come to terms we oological out here in michigan so soon or to mago to lancing always leseter incontinent were conelike moses would go from plague to plague we don't know what the next one's going to be sometimes don't godtell is in about that is that out as we go and where we've already got parted and the one those things those things are fairly and then will you go be able to talk a little that at the word fell out come two he walked however she had one of those brocans now is talking though i met were in lands and the capitol here man my to approach here's a question i wire at on rumbles so it is she i'm not seeing the this soutane cannot and can hearken yes okay in her the have you guys bent to the capital i was there for a like a church service on the steps maybe a year ago some people from the west side of michigan i decided to kind of habsense preachers come out and some pastors since some time of prayer on the capitol steps but i've never been inside the building it's really impressed and then we'll start out to day and the new vidisisset actor and so that visitors is really impressive they built it in the last two years which i find is really interesting to open it up in andover and in the great place me he all really person wanted would be a great place like the branches or the other you know this this really still this city in the state he turned back into the people into the peoples house are now everybody stay out except from people you know that those that dinton the top protecting their beries or rock oh hang animates i got another body all that we lie so got it got a body here and who are the speedevery we cast miseryafoot pour oster by don the hitter with that he thinks saltamartn nash and the secerneret side to side the doolie from the elder by doing we're done great looking at looking at where we're not doing the long tacking the kitchen table where have the low tehonpong onlythat it legendsthat were deportees besides i scatheless i am so i yes so anyhow things happened and is that col he is the thought plains aptotic there's another piece another piece of the puzzle is revealed itself after no i didn't expect to meet him on the street here i consedisse eral significant people on the inside but i've got asshole all at some point time and i like that he the two light pulls up their junior one of the police coles is empty and he interested the should be a simple piece way on it or loupart there's one of the flag poles up there on the one capital here silsola gets up with errigal that is a state slight state in michigan flag and and this side over here we could see it above me here all about point to there's a the say i thought it was empty which i find is its don't have any answer for it just can't weird so he re gogos here it is careful of the state of michigan the sea at hobbs once get the pitcher do you and now lenient make that call darbyshere is your husband the camera sands to gorgeous with the camera here we have enough connection problems as it is we can't have him breaking it too he and break that to make it bitter that's what i mean he would be too good his good i'm trying to be complimented when you have a blessed day in a hole that apishas something here we'll just get a gonasin the base of the poteen and what did just got servis manet and walterwalter on if people had not seen this place in it somewhere that though he is come in and the door here and we got a welcome that's her riches nice everybody here is actually am asexually very nice rent whenever have been here you know it's one of those malice and mechanics getting her tarakee carryin her son at any rate ever hear is very nice and that's the ixperience so i good morning well we'll go head take elevator apointier my then and do and you all can see it the beautiful capital of the state of michigan because the truly as it really is a work of art only that they did this was so so interesting that the thing that i find interesting and i was in heryears ago when they had brought in a tin of painters for scotland and everything every surface and clothe capful itself is cambronne here and every every surface said here is full pained so the things that look like marvel or mood it is actually the effects repeated it's not a real material and you notice something else coming in here that was really fun as i came in here and that would be the fact that that it worked erweist kind of walk right in and they now it was welcome so set his pillars here this is not that not more the head that is such and the same thing old erecti think that in all of these surfaces are actually paid though it looks like wood and when i get up and upstairs i'd like to show you that the hinges the things up upstairs are really amazing all this is real interesting this is super interesting the last time i was here the glass o this is really interested look at the glass of all that is ye want to that i might be looking at the wrong place well i got it i got to walk around just no that's corrupted or all of one color and not something different i lettou know i like to point it out so this is interesting to the first floor is we've got all the flags these beautiful so flags of that over the years and you look at how they conserve them it's really amazing and you can walk all the way round you don't all the halls ah and it is a very very stately capital and i'm a look up here point out to the top and the other floors above this and now you can see how many floors there are but i think we've got we got several scores of of this and i go down to go to helena always here it's just it's just a beautiful building took up the shade alerter this is really really amazing saidindeed it dear when i when i get up by the governor on the governor's office cause will go up by the two what's really interesting it's even the hinges i hear are truly a work of art and this this house this building is the building of the people it is not the politician it's not to globes it is our building and when i say or i mean every single resident of the state of missinissi of notalas for here and it feels like you're walking on light and walk it's absolutely beautiful that colinton something also i think it's really interesting we're going to go down the stairs here mellingetes de grasse i i can't carry the link thereas i was going to say garrylous be trying to get in i see him now were going to jump back in the elevator real quick here minute and i want a goin to go down stairs because the ant the entry way and in the theodomir super interesting and yet it's kind of funny but one on the wall there is a eachanother and i find that hillaryfor telling or aged in what we wanted to be that's left god out as most here an interesting that there is in fact god which pressed on the wall why wouldn't they have been painted over if there he got more angry how you doing a morning they all right before night the morning in a gongorine right now even here comes one and a checked he desisted and davison he got and i can see yes he soon in sarsinas we trust it may i can go for her house and went here an owl everbody do and a house i thought i like you i see that now we're going to go into the visitors counterthat i can that's forehanded for terry and other places had ottossee see or miss billy entices a tour on the area for two or the visitors sonners really really amazing and bob do coldfoot he scatted largest and christian rousation sismondi every time i've been near there's been state policeman all over where are they to day at the said this is like a gillstown right now there's like nobody out there i've seen that place here a couple of times or from the heathoram ers but really i really haven't seen a whole lot of police crossing no i can't hooshomin the trellis is this quiet here really quiet and like i said i don't think it's too the recesses just there's it's just something as off you know and i can't say exactly what it is you know because we might not really know but what you answer sisters call here and this is the new visitors enter that they bought or the belt is tolpeden to night but i think this is a really neat lace to be and there's all these display placed us and i would encourage every one to come here and check this out you know to see that history and also they've got good examples they how call things have changed over the years and you know like like the pick the painting is like this peril right here it goes from to lock the different run of athens that have happened in the campe and this was our building so it's something we should all be very proud of there's there's so much going on and others a class room up here and she check the south even put a big the in order to do oneonce sow back up herman hard run of the camera groutside case the actually free big belt pretty big group and the stars like over there you can probably get some scale from looking at the spare case and that's a substantial staircase i've gone up it honi so the suspicion there saw that the desk and showing tell what you know the old how it used to of you in the camp and this moremight here is neat because this is how owing the conservation of the old flag as they weren't keeping the way that they had him currently display so there redoing the flags in order to keep them youfor for thee that he the coming of coming in the near how interest itself there's a class in this sosocon this is amazing i this is a nice because it tells the offense your capitolian a and a camel with it all there's benches in here they creamcheese and it's just a nice airy beautiful place so with that sad i think that we should go and say persons nation and he may be just let her be know that we're standing here to ah you know that we have a lot of really good people around us that we can care for and bring other and that what we stand for we stand for the united sates america this is so amazing a chitonuth to many we sources here and thanks be proud of we just have to have the right people that are willing to stand on wavering then he found this contre you it's me it's acheson people we are this we are the nation and no matter what nothing ever till that american spirit nothing will ever be able to hire it and annoys brings somebody to the table and in order to restore it if we turn to him and yet then you want wantes i could do that a devonianthe had feels like even his down as standing in lancing an it's a new day abe there's a new sheriff in town if you will order so much that we don't know i know as a pastor as a christian i long to see a government that is godly representative of the people and we can say constitutional but i would say further just according to our founders i know that they believed in god they believed in god's law and i just i want to see that day and i think there are a lot of people that are so confused about what's happened and i just asked that everybody would be patient as we moved forward and we do it for the glory of your son in whose name we pray a mean a mating our hands some holding the camera here but it i know god bless all of you oh there are hands somebody didn't unless you god bless all those him of and god bereckon on monday i'm probably going to break or a couple weeks coming out here in a week or so and but i'll keep everybody posted what's happening where things are going and what's really going on here no mistake our future is a shirred and undo we have o fearg a man having gone metatropic s it might do a telegram lives so you want to get my telegram channel that's at brandenburg for a mi dotcadach some eh this is hissing to be a great day that's more head of yet to come where we go on we go an unwavering and not backing down in all to god's glory so there you go though i and were out i thank you thanks be