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Published Aug. 8, 2022, 8:04 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and i'm with brandebourg news network and wonderful start to the day i am still trying to wake up to day reiterate i am running for governor of the state of michigan he had a very very busy week end and honestly glad to be back home with my cup of coffee in hand and ready to start researching and moved forward with the day boviander ful day after day we went we started out at the grace dream cruise in the morning and we we left there in the afternoon and then ended up in fruit porch bade general disemble last night lotion wonderful group of patriots had had not arisen train to get back on my feet here a little bit because it was a very busy day after day lots and lots of action and i wanted to say something that is extraordinary missus so very good of you but there i but what a wonderful day we had so much fun upandown the i was really surprised that how many people were were so so excited to they were so excited to see us there and i can't even tell you how many people were yelling go get em down i go get em i'm like yetta's gonna happen here because i think i think we we have to we have to move forward and let these people have it because the political the political landscape it is such that the aniething we all know and i think we're all awaking to the point of saying that this is truly a unitary again so i found another video cliff this morning to i'm getting better at the so i'm getting more and getting more complex and i'm getting more complex in in my abilities to do as if not there perfectly yet but you know what that's the way we're just going to do it it's from my kitchen table here and on this issue of inflation i propose out yesterday or the day before on an inflation and the problems that yeah i mean right now and i think it oh i think this is not worthy to that one of the lemonian order here there's there's a post that i found a position report and there is her other report which i found was very interesting he order met her in number one is raised in gas prices number two in flaubert three economy number four undergoes number five violent crime number for election seven school is the abortion right nine election chain and ten illegal immigration it's kind of shocking me that election then was at number nine but i am very glad that it's in the top the second part of it was about the top meteorites from the media number one with climate change to ukraine or number three capital right investing a number five a whatever i am i'm i'm sick of the sexual orientation stuff because i don't want to hear it from either side a bunch of one and sealers but at any rate it is interesting to me that the top stories the top side issues was from actual real voters who are interested in real issues and these are all issues that affect families how we live on a daily basis whether with our families and but in this costamagna ions to it was very intent the bottom he had whoever was grim when in my opinion is poligonum ber one media narrative cultural marks pushers propaganda i was thinking about how to how to put this into a very quick blur on it people always want to know well how are you going to fix this hoary then there's there's so many issues out there in an i could spend if you listen to me talk you know that i can talk for a long time and go down many many different rabbit trails in my experience essares archer so i thought i would kind of a camp the lad this but we can address the issues which affect them as bank couraging competition in the market place to bring down prices cut regulation unnecessary financial administrative cost to company go back to energy independence and cheap one in which equals more good man job stop the human trafficking immigration disaster through the board the word protection and state rights and that means for protection of the state of michigan contrive local control of school abolished the mia annie p think of life natural death for those who sell it uses babies as a stable as crop or the killing of our elder population to get the assouit and and and in short vote donna brandenburg or governor or the governor of michigan come we can can drill generated of those and in the number with the number one issue passed it those are procedural issues is that we need to bring this nation bad as a nation under god god never left us we left him with integrity and in honestly with with our eyes on the tanabata ard as well as the bible as the standard of income of conduct for putting peep burlier and as yourself do undther as you would have done on to to my rules them always with it was i i would i would pray in our asked or told you know i really don't care how i'm treated in life so much because i'm kind of unkind though gallant affect me like it like it probably should just because my eyes are on i think i have a different one but i really wanted to treat other people in a way that hopefully god would honor and treating my children well and people round me so as to go you know i really don't care what i have to go through the path that i need to go down and such but i would ask that you are children my children and your children and the people that we love that you would bless them in abundantly not in the physical world spiritually that they would be happy and love and that's my that's my for all of you and the goal of sending the hearts and minds of american to on the greater purpose of serving others and i think that that's going to solve everything bringing his nation back to god one of the issues with the infant that we are going on in the nation and how dormant this has been it were you know i was at the meeting that i was at last night one of the questions i was asked by a gentleman there was as he asked me who is controlling the prices of gas where is this and there is that there's a wonderful answer and we're going to oregon to look at this all created leisure those who print the money those who have their finger on the economic policies to manipulate the markets and they're the ones that are creating us that if we a free market economy were every time we purchased we are literally boating with our dollar if there is a bad company out there and we decide that we don't want to participate in them we just sat by in products we we stop we just stop her to i found this vere and i want to play this wrong i footnote to once he i for my i must i pray i think that he has got some ortenter so when we were talking about inflation and what's going on look at money has been printed mornin'll how much money they have been printing the manipulation of the money going i just i heard this morning some crazy numbers i went olongapo make sure that their treachery to do it how much money they are moving out of this on and we is not just your crane is going in many different directions i do think that we need to explore this a little bit more so that we know where our tax dollars are going i believe that we need to have less but i believe that we need to publish the accounting for the state of michigan topped bottom no he hadn't nothing had including departments so that that the people of michigan can they through all of this information i see what they've done i think this is really important the man ahead but miles usually joins us i peen goin moonaibaraban alison again and i had so many wonderful comments about torches time i thought we would check in and this and he and debate elisabeth to seethings are going on one more thing of it no i oh book took me off and remove pose for ten days i think a lot of people know that and i'd like to encourage every one to get on there and try to likelihood we've got different people who have set up face accounts that are like you know donna brandenburg for for governor and pages but a new thing is is that believe me off again the second time that belied his removed from these sources of inventory to to try to make it look like i am not running for governor when i vanamee big tack organizations that are all tied in are manipulating people's perception and a just an absolute horrific way and we're going to have to keep fighting them one of so to day the day of trying to get me back on baldhead times ten days and we called them and he had no answer for it a sort of apologized the person that we he sertorius was above her parade in what happened but we're going to keep fighting and i'm going to rely on everybody out there you help with the situation because the republican party does not want to mention the name john arenenberg to ericson never mentioned my name in her acceptance speech but she did all the other candidates that were removed for the other candidates that were removed which were rubber tacenda and so this censorship is one is going to have me addressed but the man of god something right now that we're working on that might be a big surprise bowels how much later get going on some of this but but it is in the work anyhow i mistake morning to jarge more interceding ay the yahooing wonderful wonderful it was nice i was really glad to see the he and general dissemble last night yet as if it helpful as and trust ye precedenters yesterday i was on the road to in the morning over to the detroit area and then it beat a back home because it was so hot on that day we had an absolute wonderful day and the grasses it was so much fun and melissa was there her son was the little guy with a with the full horn that was yelling up the down i i'm telling you but this kitchie had that kind of patriotism from people of all ages this would be a really easy stage to take back that is un motivate guy no he beholder or yeah it really so how are you this i'd like you to find ah there you go i haven't i the had one cup of coffee all ready to candle in a day over the week so have you have you been doing how do i say sincere run as you're not running any more correct no so now you have more to em to research i want to thank you for running for office i think everybody should run for office their life and to get their hands around what the the climb that runners looks like and which are up against it how much help good candidates really need i think it's an admirable so when we were we were at the girl some last night what were your thoughts about the topics that were talked i thought they were on the right track a mine is whenever he evacuation with i don't think i ever got agree with any one come a man with the idea of a green with somebody i agree with the of course yet it was me all those me last night at the gentleman simply agree with the end result the way they got away well i like listening to all different people i get i get done a lot for listening to different sort people will say why do you listen to these people why do you do this or that i'm like i'll listen all people i think you know every one of us outside in different directions and you can always learn something from every one even if you don't eat even if i don't even agree with even the major premise sometimes i listened to them to help me ask better question and start digging down into it i very much like what the general the general are grossly is doing a very much like it and i do i do think that that it merits are so impondering some consideration as well as education in that direction because our judicial system is completely matopo we need it we need to be looking at all actions and i think going back to common law no more of a common law for is a great way to unable terrific that we have that we have created that is we haven't created it but has infiltrated our nation we got to back out of this come and go back to a simpler time make it easier for to be involved is very difficult to be involved in the if you make the wrong move you know so i uttered to nacional the time and i know that's my opinion no definitely as an we had moved out from the common law system to one model it definitely beat pressing actual i would say that well i mean comparatively easy to understand every one starts out with infinite lights and only when the frank orde who in a the last used to build a body of and i think that definitely far more appropriate way doing a versus deciding law should best of in the moment we derive whose rights are superior when there is it not yea i think it's got so so masticating you know i've been a carter weaving a cord a lot of times over and will fight things based on the fact that we believe that it's a right thing or for the righteous cause i think that i think that needs to be done more often but the way to do that is if we can simplify the right now our legal system we we that the bars the the attorney is there are so many problems in that and to realize that that we need to get back to what where and what that's goin to look at is the very scary to a lot of really scary to the things that we have become accustomed to have around us or the systems that we have trusted even if the systems are corrupt unlawful and or pete wrong so you look at most of the bureaus that we have out their bureaus that we have out did the one and to the unelected bureaus the they are absolutely there are there are they don't really exist awfully but we believe that they exist the thing with their just the powers that we've given them really truly complete departure from what we were supposed to have up looks like malicious pope so i'm in a brain heronry hello and morning good morning how you do it radiogram great we were just knocking about la jericho came last night to the to the derailing the skin and we had a wonderful meeting so i were just talking about common law and how how far away from what the founding fathers that intended that we actually are the and now how complicated you know the legal system right now is at a point where an i think that i heard an attorney citizen time not this was really funny she i said that i went to los school so i could learn to steal legally she was as it were strong and cheek but i thought it was the aetas now especially to day now that we know how our we learned more about how how our attorneys actually and what they do and how they are they don't even understand the constitution at all correct drank water you want but that soothes the last of the they had these a profession one upon which our society emerged do quite a great extent that people who understand blow you never have be able to have a system of however i bear i think the an excessive keeping the rest of the girls went away in a yes that is the problem now we have now have cartels basically cartels that replaced the guilt it's very similar you know it when you look at it any of the professional association a lot of them exist in order to create a barrier for entry they do not encourage there are barriers for it the noteworthy will stop the immense in it where they will other businesses starting businesses in their areas in order to look down the block down the cup and the work with city councils the work with with words as such especially local board in order to garner favor so that they do keep out come the price the price rigging is the same way and in its panorama i don't know people really have a grasp on how how that works for instance when when you have all of the regulation that in place what they really doing as are destroying small business and and a lot of times you can only compete when you get it to a certain level because that way you can the cross out over over a large anti small business can't necessarily absorb all of that class to comply with their unlawful and it is unlawful regulation so they can't even get into that that worthy topic to explore how to the nose copyright in our laws they are putting people place in the government and the whole system is absolutely contributing destruction of the united states i agree i agree and i find it very hot so when you get involved too with the plain where we were involved you know after the election it was almost empty was nearly impossible to find the attorney to help whether anything in them after the name recognition a gust the news in the media when it came to other issues the ballot issues and you know just several issues that we have you know in the last year alone after the election it made it literally impossible for any attorney to take up the case any case that certain names on the bed they refused to do it there i don't know if they're scared that they're going to lose their license or have i know that i know there being threatened i don't know but it's it should never be like that that should never happen to an american i never have but i saw that article this morning that you had sent over to elisabeth the one about nassaline now her position in usher what in a weaponed way against man to turn and i i really i don't like any of these processes whether i agree or disagree with a person or candidate or anything process that needs to be helped we should never put any one on a pedestal that is kind of like idolatress or turn people into heroes or demons which his people were out now but it's a process that we have to there on yes so i haven't upright now done and so there are focusing and i think it is people and most of em attorneys and there even one of them a state a state rotterdam their claiming tendered requested a tabulator to look into a tabular he called a clerk and in the clerk then reported and not only did she say no she then called dan nestles office and reported a ronderosity requesting to look into this habit and and there random not sure if you know this but she is retiring and she's one of the best state raps that we actually have in lancashire are and she never did anything illegal she just wanted transparency she wanted to see what these machines are doing in our elections i don't see what the problem is simply requesting that transparency you know and now the another train had made her out to be a criminal it's it's terrifying if it's awful what the disrate doing to these people she just wanted to live a normal life and retire but now requested the tabulating machine to be looked into by a third party i'm not even sure she requested for it be looked into by a third party i think she simply asked the clerk if it could be looked into and that's it that's how protected they are of these you had formed said he come up and should we you know this is really really frightening because they have many of us question anything they can come they their proving that they can come back at us at any point time and accuse any one of mistrust or disagree with them and orestes were not even there their trying to shut down absolutely that little job like status that they set set up where you know it's like question not you know this what we're dealing with right now which is here in and the skin unmanly for them honestly i believe that because how many of us are going to put up with us for their little their little here on out their little that they've set up not long i think that we're all getting sick yeah i absolutely this is ridiculous i mean how obvious is it be right before a general election when they come out and say oh look oh you know all of the people running in this election are facing charges it's ridiculous these people are times there their tyrants and they are coming they sure are they want to shut everything down and in rain supreme in a you know nagree they're going to they're going to no not only is it it wasn't even just the lock down in the fore vaccination so much bigger it's incredible it is now he now in history as jericho's kind of history expert when does this make you think of any other times in history and procedures that that you are familiar with because i think studying history history when and to dress the news history have to go away back to ewell the same salted in benderson benjamin harrison winning of the taking that time the time that time i was in such a state of destroying of the super war that left up to committee to decide who the president was going to be in order to avert a pretender to avert country have just reconvened and they and much like the situation we had candid not line up with the did not line up with the the electoral come the same situation happened in that and southern dem the democrat a northern and it was ultimately decided committee in congress that benjamin had the benjamin harrison taking that would be the less impact i have been the less in this terrible excitement this that were to him as is my cabin i see that i say and look at something similar that thought would be that election came out and heatherstone the and as who if you want to go practically in fact election basically at that time the democratic party has far more old words and in that ay and that there was a mister price the time it was only about five that had a primary system at all and so if you want me costive just turns out that the democrat that candy managed to kennedy and i they were right they were running basically came down to a race against drive the and it just so happened that kennedy's opponent miss the brother and at the fun to the wrong be canoemates their first so he the kentucky democratic primary well the erasing because i enervating about this for quite a while how much money is involved in this whole how how many traits are being paid not only to step down out of the race as i mean it it is rampant how much money affects the entire system a people are not being chosen there being installed in it as a huge huge pay to play than i am is to its ashock let us and is that the first time i was i told donated the first time that i heard anything about actually paying for an endorsement was about two months after the election when i had decided to run for office i was asked to run by one of our legislators and i decided that that was something that i would be willing to do and the endorsements i just started thinking like you know maybe i should get endorsements from cripple that i you know been involved with for the last couple of months while the first thing that was brought up to me by this individual was asked he said as certain people how much they charged for endorsement and i said i would never ask anybody how much they charged for an endorsement said that's personal you don't ask anybody how much and there a personal endorsement cause i said what does that mean what after you paid for it that's where diculous i had never one of thought you that's but i sat down straight from i mean there was having no experience in politics and i don't very you know people that claim that they don't you know they did know or no you know you you know the difference between right and wrong a natural most people do know and you know that when you start paying for endorsement like i said it takes away back there is no value to it at any more you know it's not how he personally feel about you you know bought that endorsement and you know your buying their support it means nothing he would i would never i would never persistent because that even even if they want to be involved in future or negotiate to it if it is a hatamoto on the candidate melisande submission forms are that the valingford they have made up you get staithes when you're running for office yeah there of the and i refuse to absolute take those out because when i looked at them i like this this is not then they want to one can as not that this is only some one in order to get special favor their all special interest he wants or that endorsement now a personal level if i know somebody personally or somebody just wants to endorse because they do believe that i'm going to do the job that's the case with general flint i knew general ingenerate in prayer group together that how i met him personally wistar mary was in that there was only a few people in that prayer grow that's how i met him and i was so up uneath wanted to endure so it's a very personal endorse but other than that i have no interest that came to me and wanted the machine and it was required it was the republican the michigan republican he had somebody come retired congress that came to me these men at twenty thousand dollar trump and and i was like this felicitators no possible way i had somebody else to be i said you know you put a hundred million dollars in your account and i will promise you i will get you the flinders en and the trump endorsement as yours i was on the phone and i was like like an have a hundred million dollars lying around in a planetary gateway conducted the illinoisans manured and is there absurd as so absurd but no hundred million dollars to corinth the flintiest i came over to me but a hundred million dollars in her count and he will make sure are the heathen forty five as well as general in so that they give you in first penetrating point did really sound like general lee to me because i know i know him i would i would think and the first keep back with that candor he categorically a lie and we had a justify know i was i was pretty extra sure that that was the to make a new was the case a new the man was a liar now rages one his son wholesomer thing within the state of michigan he has some one that allowed to listen to you have an idea presence that was the thousand dollars i the other guy from the twenty thousand dollar trump adores retired cones but the reliance and flattening it out i mean look at where do they come where these people come from with a stop at a know it incredible it really is it really is because i know who she nowhere people are and it is really and and i got it militate the debates are not actual debate hereabout creating a seconder rage her celery celebrity status yet how aquazilia they want to control the message that's all there so they invite people to their debates craft all the questions to their debates they know who the winners in the losers are going to be and it is entirely to control the candidates so once i say okay all this candidate one or debate so not only did they set it up set up the question but now they're declaring the winners of these debates and that tells me that that and they do or a candidate using them to further their massed the candidate step out of line they're going to cut they're going to undercut themself and assent even funny but another national reasoned at teniet but at last he was most creative and avoiding answering a string of that is good an that's very true i mean it it's interesting how how when sir in canada jumped to bates to come the question become a lot easier and they become one sided questions and there's a lot of these republican candidates that refused speak about anything besides black down our schools being shot the surface is the very surface issue as they were used to get into anything beyond man and and they were fused you can literally ask them a question and they will dodge their question in any way they can on the walk away they won't answer was different when i was running progative to so i decided i was not going to answer the question but i didn't have an actions and even then even when my sight was at an running my i always had a always have to every single problematical as i think that after an actual stating a madcap that everything was going in bed that i at least structure how we oh i think i think it's necessary to give an air but and i think it to the general population the relying on you and you just give them an answer of the top of your head i do that on occasion but i always tell somebody that i haven't thought this at one of no no promises that it's going to make sense i am making it making a just as i have seen i live in and your opinions and what you have in your experience and tawhitinui point me in this direction and i think it's necessary and i don't have anything to back it up so i'm not convinced that i am right when i'm saying this i think i have a duty to inform people that when italian i don't reverence to support my claims for in these these issues though are our issues that we've been facing in the state and country the past two years and in their like i said these republican candidates they refused to touch on a topic at all what was that i refused to man ye will or they are but padrono allowed to be taken orders yea or or or there not these aren't there true views and they were thrown in there to run as a republican when they are actually not many of these people are after says that's what i want to you know now i mean let us go there now we're going to go into the atrocities mode and looks start looking things up on i am bidentata up as background adoration that she actually she actually it is reported interviewed she was a bartender that we and then she interviewed for for plain a role as a person in a i really and now and so so you look at you look at that you look at people who are who are professional audience but look at their backgrounds a lot of them are that they have no actual experience even the experience they claim there's no real experience there sometimes you learn even who they claim they are inimical degenerating out what what there what their background really is and if there's no truth in it while you know you've got somebody who's either compromised by the fans or who is an actor or an actress and they probably have dirtying them and that's why they are somebody's the boy jail time so interesting so i molestation kick right now i started out with very well thought out grass video that has a grasp on where the inflations coming from and it is definitely coming from fairfield policy but also look at this as a recession takes hold noons americans are accumulating credit card debt to get back no this is a problem that then the government also i think a lot of times we need to learn how to cut spending in our own personal lives in order to to get a handle on her own personal economic when they took economics and all at shop but over it is a shocking decline in the ability of most people to understand that we're going to have to pay the piper some day when you ran up dat of any type those deaths are going to be do so if we can cut our spending a pendeen on a personal level we can gain freedom from this horrible being a horrible debt slave we've got we've got enough things stacked against us and i understand there are times that we can't do that being a very very poor kid i learned to live on almost nothing and if it really it really doesn't by other mandingo habitations craycroft he done that duncan dance in my carriage and do you know sometimes you make a pot but there was to really cut down spending in some of the running around that we do is so unnecessary gonging back to looking at this running a campaign i'm really thankful that i was an extraordinarily to the true resourceful and i can give my way through almost i think in our thinking my way through it you know no i think that we need to go back to thinking about putting economics back in the school so that he will understand how to get themselves personally out of debt and how to stay out of this rat race which kind of enslaves them for a long period of time we have for thirty three we've got the inflation reduction act in you guys see this yes what i can not i can not believe that we are interesting politicians in in managing you know they they could manage a war far let alone manage a budget that is as seriously they couldn't manage worm farm or aware how this is so oeconomie just don't understand what this is actually doing to the people to the american people this biancone throughout this campaign throughout being president so far his administration he he has promised the people that he will never raise the taxes and any american households that are making under four hundred thousand dollars a year i may under under thousand dollars a year my family does i and what they are passing here that fifty democrats just signed on to that will raise everybody's taxes tremendously it is going and rations going to skyrocket it is going to be an absolute nightmare and when there does get their hands on every single penny that the american people may they want to know where it came from there had there their taxing all these accounts these capacities then lookouts have hell now they're looking into avoiding that were bringing this is so in what they are doing now how did they think they've got any right to look at but they own us to taking orders from us it's like the one visible not while one doesn't it interesting i was watching lest documentary the other face to about the federal reserve right the federal reserve nobody agreeable but the american people is not a part of it not a part of miss and we can not all be never had anybody been able to add it them but they have their hands and we have to record every time we the go to prison actually but no we don't have any kind of addicts going on within the federal reserve what do they do with our money the question why pepeeta i like their hiding everything living on look at they were suggesting a and and it of the date great before nine eleven and ben you know the next day or two days after that cause of course i've got to tell us trying to what they're doing before they do it delineation and all the documents are destroyed this is not this is not the note on accident not inflation reduction at i don't even know how they can do this with a straight face four hundred and thirty three billion dollars in government spending so we're going to spend ourselves added as away on a dead i i don't even i don't even know what kind of sense i make an estimated even hundred an thirty nine billion dollars and no tax in new texas this is this is new minimum there now mentation and hans is in force including eighty seven eighty seven thousand employees now let's let's go ahead look at that we know how they walked all over all of our dear during the during the unconstitutional coburntown and the the horseback nations as such and how the weapons all of them the weapons the at to go in an shut down businesses they wept anice the health partisan individuals and schools who are being administration bonesetter out their markomann we've got another way seven thousand employees on theirs were the seven hundred thirty nine guendolen of new taxes and four hundred thirty three billion dollars in government spare kinney are you kitty and you know what the most sad but for satisfaction the isis that people do not understand that because they make these bills so long and they name them the exact opposite of what they do to the people and that literally it in and they will be caterer there are there are people that a lot of people the democrat party support that not knowing what it's doing not just the democrat party authority i don't even look at people i don't look at these parties any more as being you know people being democrats are republicans there is no such thing the best that a fascination as but this is it so unconstitutional what what the fiendliest ration has done in the last year on looked what he did on day one you know shut down your the seraidar with wingrave and are for a day and men you know bianist i start lovisa neemuch warfare that's gone on oenone and then go ahead to look at the country to do that had been taken over look at the countries that the leadership and those countries in misreading about this the leadership is is gone the countries have been taken over literally taken over we've never had this happened this has never happened i mean were word work spending more with you crane amin this country and give you know our representatives our giving more money to you crane then then they are doing helping the american people there helping another country all because fidenas all of these business dealings in ukraine he is literally a were in the brig in this country of going to war two big countries two huge countries that the american people have no idea what if they they don't even know what's going on right now well i look at them look at ye you're right with the word there but look at how they sold this nation out by buying a eatin china with our money knowing that that was going to bankrupt and it was kind of like a round robin we we bought bad dat in china were the real estate china was worth nothing because their currency was worth nothing so what did we do we we we unomone through china for them to come back and by our farm land because we do the new china was going to go bankrupt and they were that there they were going to crash down so what did they do they came back in the use antonio america by fine or motives a mass it is a total mass and i i really i can't believe that we allow these absolute a half wit there has to be running our monetary policy inflation is a task we are all as they can for money they can they can they can mitigate their own death they done by i am platonian the whole thing it is manipulated from timberland you think about what's going on in this country to day as relates to place incantations ration into this country with all of these other countries and in you know sending sending polozov to timon and you know that's a matthis is a secure national security threat to agreement an i'm there putting our lives in jeopardy daily and we don't even most americans don't even know it's going on what leagues a the fact that we decided to boast one is an indicated is an indication of absolute probably both oh if closely went and we also said and we still went through with that with missile then it would then it would move in a show of strength but how taichin on that a tolerance but if she didn't want to provoke them in the first place you wouldn't have sent the usual and then we would have had this conflict or we should have gone through at which point it would have been a show of strength either would have both the same time we protect that that is the worst of all the worst of the three option a half its inhale it's a half made effort appear and i think this country is strong i think it's being managed weak mind ye i do in regards to and in regard to child in regards to china a large as a tones if china had there an there in a heap of her there no no question about it but i ethereal thing it is that americans are not and we're a little bit more fighting we've got a more fighting background and you know they tried to take us down gestating like malays and you know we pulled through because the strength is always in repeople it always has been and always will be i just don't know how much to trust us if administration you know how help well prepared areyou know we don't we really don't know much about this administration and what they're doing to his administration doesn't know much about it i got a war going on within our nation between the good guys and the bad guys right now and i think the good guys are all ready and their like their cleaning up the bad guys letting them kind of self to a certain degree so coming from that perspective i have very positive that we're going to get things back in order again but it's going to be a little bonyon the way on the way down to the which see belonging to be a little bunk before roland letter that he don't have bothered or delivered to his delight the detroit starlight voting sonora twenty twenty we talked with dan hartman about the fact that they have a new staging sinner for wherefore from for sniveller they get to the hunnebetten i would like you explanation from somebody that in and our government who is entered under benson i want like emanation why this would okay so this staging center dona as has always been there and in surprises me that they actually used those in the primary election because the we we really shine a lot of light on to it and the twenty twenty election it's the detroit department of election and that's the third floor on the detroit attainment of election center that they will not allow anybody on but legally if you have you know adjudication machines tabulating machines at balasore being counted at anywhere legally you are supposed to have while the public to know and have the challengers and watchers there to oversee this process but that has not been the case they have not allowed anybody in that building to oversee the process we don't know what's going on in that building we have pictures of people carrying ballooning we have pictures of people rockpoint that garage with license plates covered up from the twenty twenty election that's where i was initially scheduled to work with dominating was that building they wanted me to park and remember i sat up they wanted me to get solanum daughter was three months old i didn't molleycarane parking lot and half to depend on ultimate was an emergency and i'm so happy i didn't go to the building but i do know i have a list of people that went to that building that worked with domineering in that building with no changes no watchers and they yet again used it in the primary election and lighthearted winded yester as those were where i believe you said the spoil or what an atelier was a battle some kind of our light at that location and antipathic rather is what our teaparties are responsible for as issues like this in an scheduling election workers challengers of watchers to these locations they should know stuff like this and they should have known from the twenty twenty election when it happened there but they won't listen anybody they think everybody's lying and they just ignore it so that's the happened again you know it happened again and will never know what it election should be the exact opposite demo allandale to be on public if the whole of the point of a democracy or democratic establish the groom in the electoral process and he that rode potatoes even if he was even less assume for the sake of argument that there was no cheated right you still on the mind the entire of the and so even if there wasn't any nobody these not no no nobody with any amount of and so and so in innocence regardless of her in any election by the fall at being an elector the individuals that diantha had doubts of our election process from twenty twenty or before when they do this kind of stuff right here it just shows more do and i believe that that is the gold here to get people to the point where they don't even motive i mean odeon and then they want it home because the point is is he pulsating like what can i do there's nothing we can do it to mintaro attack well there's no private too big to attentive in there and banteer and do it and now i must together our strong yet leomont let him do you moralize you think there's a tree dentate go after which as you know depression par and that bad we base any one at that point are we to have to get past it and beside that were never going to give up he never going to stop fighting because his country's worth it and so are families in our friends i mean we're fighting were fighting for not the corporation of america or the corporation that lie within it were fighting for our families are friends and other american that and i forgot good purposes that's why we're at which there isn't no point time should we ever give up once we get our proper perspective no and oh martie the shocking mumble came with miss and crime and in many in minneapolis well the city is entirely run by the communists so what is the ex going back to an actress there you know they're pretty well all involved in the temperament people are who they say they are at all everie earther terrorist benevidio i see i've never seen her territories i do know that she is made on that she's made several comments about a loud or her hatred for but i or an that is unacceptable for any politician an you know some if anybody that is working for the american people to ever make a comment like rideable and unacceptable secesher one on us see what it is it's american greatness now left us are horrible people in light userhat would become one oweneen say left as though though anybody that has his right is demented benares the betting down to deny free lunches so that won't come to alabama date five years the christian school has received finding to provide nutritious meals to dozens of low income children in them said a leucosia similar from commissioner fried the bianist ration are trying to rewrite the law and ignore the exemption in the attempt to force the school to choose between violating its religious beliefs or providing she well that that whole thing goes back to the five one force and retake money from system is going on right now you are going to be cold into it i don't i don't care what any one but until we can fight them with their own insanity this is truly a truly horrible and goes back to question the during i goes back and money the money every time while taking federal funds we all know every so when i was looking for a school to put the cat in two years ago that was the first thing i looked into did that school take federal funds if they took federal funds you better believe that that school is teaching critical race theory you better believe that that squall is as doing stuff the same thing that a public schools in so wirreebeeun to pay your kids in there and pay for it too you know for them to give the subduction when these private schools are also taking these profonds no when they take the federal funds they have to till what the government tells them to do otherwise than not getting the federal in the promenade back to follow the money at this pulled up the argonaut on well as the other candidates here and waiting for this to come up this weapon station of people's position in government is though i'm not really a fan of the gateway ponto of course what they do as they take things from like say a hundred per cent that up or box or some of the other ones and they republish it underneath their names that they do you know that they will all day so a hundred per cent that of ospakar and patty maker's also writer for the gateway on them so i believe they have some kind of agreement there in that they can take each other were i yeah i think so too but i want a west say what we're doing here rather than to the green totally idea then i've seen things from under covered ecstacy beans and she's had her stuff stored in the midi ferent directions of people will not credit her for what is written or the investigative journalism that is on the you know how media a botanist so what will happen if somebody will somebody publish an article as an opinion then somebody over washington well then look with an opata according to them according to the rear times and then another genius at the new york at the new york times with them say according to the washington and i that point the pinion its well that's how the whole rush aishoush began began it was that impatient was an opinion do you want to get background for for every one on that decoction the background on that not one besotted know how it process the problem is that all these journalists and follow each other and they really enjoy what you look at it you ate and so you end up with this community of jonas who are convinced that every toilet so a for the rest the american population that they can't fathom that the res any one outside of outside bells otway that the going the same recycled you end up with a medium version of reality i from reality from reaction the reality that everyone else e that others abasement he has real world and at chanloong i think when you finally do real only talked that that you definitely why they would end up going at cycles no new same recycled he in their own minds that well that they built for themselves i there are only around other people i suppose he and yet i think i think that's a serious boomed that nobody fontanone outside not i think that's the biggest problem with me is that it is that it tends such world i do it as completely isolated from the real world and so the report and stories that thinking that with the reporting on it something that's coming to the natural one person half way glances at come to conclusion without looking into it at all and then i cycles through a all the a whimsical not an acre catataphinaria every reasonable unbelievable so as the one eighty the at this a great video out there on how they the men get a talking point that like forelock in there i see that one economy in marriage a man money that you say that with a mania to jervoyce an then they have they literally can claim that will be no that's why nobody can pinpoint who actually set it you know first because it wasn't opinion to begin with and then another like you said to quote an opinion and then all of a sudden this toinon is a fact now and nobody knows where the initial opinion came from but terrifying things is that it doesn't necessarily need to be directed or these things do happen on stories organically it isn't sails requiring editor and that's the terrifying thing doesn't eat to be somebody in cathullin every strings have had in themselves sometimes i think that's even more terrifying looking at looking at the being something you had to bind him it was the goethean he had i care heliotropes so i would otherwise quality to the journalist that timorous untroubled i like aeneas of all the common ones i for poor a young girl and when we daily for like one i only as for the most a for the most i merely go but man attention my gun the he had this is extraordinary which is not in fact a democracy of the constitutional polity not even in that red there is no democracy here democracy is not its foremost unstable form of government out there more with that faction in its heartsease those we want a mantilla fortunately democracy doesn't work in the long antedating it that out the swedes who finally figured that out most nations in europe of abandoned the project of macrae work i went up with competing fact roland that's now prevalent right in the minority opinion is not respected or protected at all it just goes with the it goes with a majority so then there is no protection or no equal voice for the minority and its taint always a democracy always fails and so i'll see if i trainante video on that one but yet it is there are much the narrative is cramped it onbelievin public ominum er one right there michael made to say i'm right he said that would have somebody would have voted winsome would to vote the second amendment in response to that was my rights and not cannot one way by rights no matter how much you want because i'll write come from beyond it he got on my they are they are placed beyond the reach of but himself has the place beyond the reach manteno man as bottle your rights can be built correct that the tesoretto we do with this administration that is that as actively stamping an aright and taking daily and what do we do when an administration become tyrannical and actually does you know violate our constitution or its with well that their ringing for a word with you know no assault weapons i don't own any assault weapons i don't refer to you know firearms as a salt laugh at but anastasie womanhood terminology of weapon a weapon as something that was used to commit a crime than that it is but their firearms in the terminology is even the terminology of scrutoire arm not a weapon is a firearm everbright to bear on back during back to the origin but we have private now privately on one and i think we can onesta we have the strongest navy on earth he was still a strongest he a face i think that i have a fellow there are almost no even the right going to do that it would require a he and so the ability to defend oneself from the sea and so only at diminished that the argument that perhaps the personal and we of nobleness see that i sympathized with it however as i do think for the time being the almost no weapons of not and even as now but what about this tax like okay what about this tax at their instilling annibal that have irritat about they're going to attack thousands of dollars a year for even it could be monthly for these firearms that we what are we going to do when going to be able for we're going to have to ensure on what are we going to do so they did the motorcycle the more cyclists their using insurance and taking chances in assurance as a weapon to shut down to shut down keep the right of pouting economic warfare in order to i mean you can use weapons or you can distance warfare and they seem to be masters of that the answer is as that we assemble as a people we assemble we vote now people in we run for office we get involved and we kick them out soon he get people in that are willing to prosecute them for there dereliction them out of the way so they can't have many but any more because you can weather so big that his insurance is eight hundred dollars a month are saying her owner firearm for every flaeirmum they want to put you they want the american people to pay insurance one my fire water under you know i buy them for about what seven eight hundred dollars then you got to quit this eight hundred dollars and i ate hundred dollar insurance monthly in turns on each one how are the american people going to afford this how did it ever even get into play and it is going to i believe and she that is a way of taking away our rights whosoever rights but we are going to have to pay with inflation you tell me how many people you know are going to be able to afford this on the fire warfare that takeaway our right to do the same thing during the coalition is economic warfare tongues sit down you know in the alani don't think this is going to say stand to waller's too many of us patriots who are going to be like i absolutely not well then be careful on posey slip a stuff in and these bills and then you know you know because you want done has made a very clear that these bills have to be cut down so people can actually read them but you know we got to be careful because everything is being not in there the backdoor and you know nobody or ligislatur or even reading these bills taint extremists and a howl of what firearms are and how they were in other classified and i think it's i think that captain they generally come intent definitely the that they don't engage with firearms so they don't know the and they have no interest in allowing the american not to allow the american people take the wrong defense in the room and the biggest i think a massive four represents our representatives can afford a private securities of the nenae with that world and so they don't really feel as though in something that people need to them is a specialist accept but most he lived in places like roederer there are bears that whether are bears and for something that is a i think that to a large extent there are i think that when it comes t yes no i will say this that a law is only effective as now there has been a tremendous work on and firearms and i think that that is make that is a technological to solve the problem to solve a problem and i think the green that angele there watching these three printers as well they have chips than them a and i believe they are watching these three printers and you have to be careful with that because at that point you are also violating the law and then they're going to come to your house and god knows what they are going to duty you know i mean with the rats that are going on to day i am i totally agree with what you're saying and the american people have to absolutely do anything that they have to do to protect their families and and as all unsaying it as i don't i don't i don't trust our government do not come into some one's house that has a three day printer and that they stacatto being some kind of extremes is what they call us and in reading your house and may be taking your heads you know these people are sick people their twisted and the he just i was just pointing it's like pullin on the media number two as her ever met who decides to step on the one and and used their position to her as he will as well as to profit off of the young trustful in the article on it a democratic law maker introduced a bill in a curve the sails of some and one not automatic weapons like air fit the sister and then it's like that like memorial to insinooate and and does not stand for assault rifle so every democrat can stop saying that what was that cecala yes thank you thank you heroes so all these people and i hate to say i keep saying democrats and republicans at something i read apart upon there you go there you go that's great that's a great one thinking madame what you think about that one i would work no no they easily the assault weapons at its tap the proposal would add attelage capacity in munition feeding devices some automatic salt weapons weapon the according to the the senorita allegedly used by the bolster would cost eighteen thousand seven hundred instead of its current retail price one thousand eight hundred so ah yet what is goin to economic warfare on our honor right instead of at letting the market dictate the these people have to if you have me removed all i ever get out there in volaterrae in there who's goin to buck the system i can't say i know a many people but we need more people and we need the ones to give in there to stop drinking the cool lapommeraye because that's exactly what put once again wonderment ran then in an inn you know i hate to bring the abbut what who would we have in michigan running as the canada for statewide office for the governor sat that is speaking about this stuff because i don't see the unitary candidates talking about this well whitmanian we all know she is a communist how she is not going to talk about it that's true she is an an you know then we have to do next and who claims to be a republican but she won't talk about this stuff she will not she will not what did you see it see packhouse as you saw me something in space the sea pachons that now she had an she got a speech as he had not a lot of people knew who she was she was introduced as a republican commentator on and when she got on staunton that she is then she has been corinto and program into exactly what to say he even paused it is very interesting to watch she after she makes us dat man she pauses for applause from the audience i have never seen anybody do that except for people that then a man i may be a come ray so i don't know son but it's interesting to see that happen but she literally has three talking and her three talking points are like i said the surface as shoes a the lack downs are kids not being able to go to school because of profanity and the blackdowns the creoles and it was business is shutting down businesses it was surface issues and it did not go any deeper than that now when they introduced carry lay of arizona one of the best probably one of the best a governor that we will ever see in this that the republican party has came okay here like as an exception she should never have run as a republican but she did and that woman is dana and carry lake to the alike to because they look just alike and her plombieres are like rats not on and for some i don't understand why we can't get our state parties here in michigan to actually support good candidates it is mind blowing now arizona is there they have the southern border right there the border wall and so they have a lot of immemorial legal coming into their car states into this country through their state now it is amazing to me that arizona as actually more conservative than and that there the voters of grierson to the issues and the state but the people here in michigan are having extremely hard time seeing past this napery and what they're doing to the state but carrie lakes but on with her views than god she got locked in an arizona could she will help she will help with future candidates to get to these candidates elected and she will i believe that carleill be another rondeau and we will follow her both of them and we will be in with that bauble to help this country yet the contrary know and i'm very interested to see who her attorney general is going to be hunters going to be sorry because i believe that the lieutenant governor for the republican party is voted in by the delegates i've been hearing the trees now and so this will be decided this is something that will be decided at state convention which is what the twenty seven seven twenty six twenty frightened of pesetas twenty seven so this will be decided a state convention so i entrusted to see who that will be but you always have to remember it's not the lieutenant governor who's running the governor's office it is the governor whose running that possession who when do we ever see withersteen dover we don't that that antonio which is good as gilcrest as part of the world economic form young leaders so there you go like back to action an economic failed economic policy to girl tied in it's kind of a convoluted mass with their all in they're all in it together all of them i think that we have to look at good policies coming from everyone not just the ones that are ottilie i like what rodocanachi done but i would love to see it go further i wore these palaces go much further much much more is decidedly tougher on on things that i do little for and but and i think really realistic which we need to be listening to he and what the people want done and you can use things like that as a model i mean i love you understand as i think he does a great job i think you know he he goes a really good job carried lake is a great word never going to find something that's going to be one hundred per cent in all categories all the way around and focussing too i'm going to go go to a different direction focusing on people's failures that are in office is a fool can we cannot focus on and not culture willing to run we can guide them with a hope from the get more of more of the policies and place that we want the only relevant that is getting into so you know it's pete and but i believe we do listen to the people of a michigan as every good governor would would i i how can i help you instead of how can i how can i point the finger at catch you fred do it something wrong honour as that in your english how can i help you how can i have people live in in part i agree to obey now with his last election to be honest i after i i saw our legislators and what they did and how they completely ignored their constituents and not only did they another yes they actually wrote a report saying that every witness from the tepee was crazy was lying that somebody was claiming that there was some marines under the under the arm you know great lakes that were dropping off ballads at the tocandeiras totally that's a fabricated line right there in attention madonnino he did because i know a lot most of the witnesses personally nobody satan credited their constituents but yet they got reelected and you know so i would never come at somebody with attacks but after the twenty twenty election i contain any more i have to menacingly when i lie dead try to tell the people what i saw and i never thought it would ever blow up the way i did it there was i had no idea yet and they cut you are that's what they like to do is to get you in court i'll try to cut they'll try to cut you off an if you stand up for yourself and actually actually tried to get your message out there they to come at you and then they atone back but when the reality is is that you had the right to make your case and not allow them to shut you up the same thing with us when we were in that the hearing with bordenton word of cant they tried to shut up my attorney and then decided to kick the ball to me hoping that it was going to fail a busily and it didn't work out well for but that they want to cut down our time they want they want a silence as before we can even make a which is why going back to come while we're going to go ahead and make the full circle there is a great way great way to go we're going to have to do i think what i like to do it is is there any close in remarks you guys want to make here let's let's go ahead and and i wanted to see america have you ever heard of the assembly the national assembly i think there's one in vetturino about it a tumbleweed actually in all okay good okay so a lot of the common law you know common people don't talk about common anymore but the assembly does and in commandos the highest form of law in this country and i don't believe a lot of people even understand it yeah it's i've been kind of involved in learning more and in that process for quite a while and somebody made them wonderful woman named christie and she made these i actually their call labor to gather for our make as and they are yet an especial intrenching a sun down i wednesday so i desisted they actually hand so that on there or of the one many the it's amazing and this is politeness but there was for the people and nathalie and some anita of tamatama on the amount of time i like to get one distant but we now there was a book the dan we're having a hard time hearing you right now as you're a little bit of bare so as there is the better so there was there is a book in a video when we were when we were kids called paddle to the and it was about some one from michigan who made the little wood a carmelite wooden canoe and you followed the one all the way through from from lake michigan which is like a economy all the way through the saint lawrence the way out to the ocean and some which found this i knew that they that hate he care so that was all about teaching kids about the flow of the great lakes so some one actually did i hand the allies hand down art work and somebody took a illustration from that book and made the cover of the book which the story is really near and dear to my heart and he now so we were told that when out and i'm going to send that in to general fled because i into you would like her in their all numbered they put a tremendous amount of work in in the case back to the point that every single person can do something as into things and get it out one of the things that i'm going to be doing here this if i'm going to be producing materials which go to the website of and distribute themselves they can do it all by themselves instead of memento come and pick materials up we're also going to be starting the big rallies across the state and on the week ends and night made some one who be small we're going to have reliever where in the anthony one cotteret getting contact with us on the throw number out there go ahead and continued the one and will get you plugged and where you can get involved in a local area with a local group and do we can rallies and or every night rallies bretelles whenever you want show up on a one ordered intersection i eat them have sent from the states party which which we are running on as mapped out the interest state and regain a showing up the house so all these things that we can do with an individual effort in order to get the word out there and we're going to continue to educate an i know i donald put it put a post or in the comments with people are learning the administrative law and co life huge and then you know the common law of crosses is it it is kind of one of those things that i think every one should be educated on the guy i get on every friday when a jason jones he was a wonderful job with and his hard line potation to explain the process and what happened and how we got here so i would encourage any one to go there and the journalist only yes and on you can also banter god the michigan did deserve it or and the national assembly not not what we put it in the as i do think it's important to to be pro active an educator self because beaton to do it and he says i this is very good to teach our children as well this is history this is the the united states history this is the history of our country and our children are learning and fulda and is it so intent that they do learn that so could pull his trencher your head the others i think it important i could populate fed and do what you and i think it's really important to educate our children between the difference between the different forms of government of monarchy a an oligarchy a democracy a republic and such and i think would all do oposite on it as a starting you know we're always going to have some disagreements with whatever people poor or even our sources but what it does do is it an helps to instigate the curiosity that we should all have to start asking questions and question everything are they actually are they actually presenting what it rededication republic is or are their errors on what being presented i think that's a very a very worthwhile process no matter what sitrawelle king at the national semblance that people are going to have issues with they have in that the terebratulae process to ask us and start coming up with some brown answer so i loitered well i do assist a lot of bradwardine of we all yesterday and in the the idea of my son with us an he actually somebody to be honest somebody passed had and my twitter post and said that we were putting him in danger and i said are you miseriae were going fifteen miles an hour and there were police surrounding street i said i would never put my son in danger yet but it was outrageous what they did is he so they're going to take epistolary human trafficking organization on the planet that are getting who are getting in sentito a million dollars a child from funchal ren on a home you guys just crawl back in your holes all the black net allowableness out anybody that calls seethes point time on any one is colihan trafficking in my opinion shut the hohenwalds comes to my house there's going to be a huge problem and huge problem for years it doesn't matter i don't put my children and danger you know that's not indoctrination that was my son's choice done always there it was my son's choice he wanted to do that to me it was one he was so cute and and i tell you he pulled out of the park lot of first it was it was a little quick but it was a little quick on the accelerator comet of the parking lot but after that it was he one was just a wonderful ride we had a very nice time leo is a doll i wished after one would be able to be the campaign or that he has he is just an absolute doll and in a mat any grassette cruise what a great experience or this is what they want i'm they want to shut down hansom doing anything except for to sit in front of their little programming to all and sit there and not get their hands dirty because all my gosh estein the dirt we don't want it we don't want to let kids live we don't want them to climb on the monkey bars you don't want to let them go outside because you know god forbid they might get hurt going down the montoneros and all this kind of stuff yahooing your kinswoman now an drag show at the library cornering on it with there was a woman that had five kids with her at one of these protests these polite protest and she was saying she anarchiad holding up a sign that was in support of abortion what are you doing so that rather the steaming along most lines don't i don't force any woman and like pretty much saint horse any woman and to it was all for that child to have to hold the sign but they don't care about that they don't care about that they know but mental illness is just like heaven even guys come come in the girl's bathroom nice for having this is an excuse for opening the doors for allowing somebody to come in to violate violet people who are either children or women that has this is all about look at the he has taken an over women step i'm sorry i'm sorry if if people are getting their feelings hurt because it outsetting their feelings hurt or they have another age than i would i think probably probably what it gahan a woman's bathroom an im in there i think that's going to be even mildly through or which just walking in there is mildly threatening early we got some issues there i only atalanta will prove charged with a salt that i won't care no it is posting after a kid or another woman you know it's going to be cold boy round upon there's just no reason for it it's going to cause problems as anybody that i should have never ever happen to begin with there is no reason for it is bounteous its feeding a perversion where we putting up with a crab but that the destruction of our nation they want to do this kind of stuff you know then stay home i won't need the sound public i'm sorry but i just don't want to see it i mean i only probably some more extra more extreme views as far as an i can't say it's an extremist but there's a lot of things i don't like going i don't like going out at night and seeing the predatory attitude of people both women and mount it's not about men we ruminate the snow blatantly in you know all men are predators at like that said this not but i've never had a proof i i really have not had a problem like that ever an if i did i would set the tone very decided only but i see a lot of young women who are very predatory i am and i'm like i'm like so john windust's like you know you you see you see women out there that are reacting inappropriately i'm sorry but it you're going in a bad anyone who is a creditor towards any i don't care what excuse it is given that is a form of an it's an absolute form of mental illness is sure and i i know i know exactly what you're talking about donabue it happens a lot although i don't go out at night to often but i have experienced that and is extremely uncomfortable and it makes you feel almost i just want to leave when that happens right and i'm going to just say women learn how to dress or a ailie learn how to dress we do not have to dress strippers to go out at night and to pray upon whatever is the man tore and then then i say you know you got the attention you were looking for and now you don't want it i'm sorry you will provoke this and admitted in all there certainly are some unfortunate but when we do stupid behavior like that we are contributing to the problem now i'm not saying we have to dress like we have a burn or intimidated but what you see some honest all it's a common sense probably one of the biggest defenders for man because man had been so neat and over the years to a sarepta on whatever and i am one of these people that vernon the turks inosculate i love our manilov i absolutely love you know the brave man that that god has given he has created them with things different minds in a difference from women and it's beautiful i love our dads are uncles are mothers and those that are out there i rautendelein in the military hat we can all be that but so demonise them just because the man earnest not get off to alternated to be smoke about as these women a dress like this they dress like that and then they say man at reno look at them that that they have this mine sat that they should be able to walk around like that and mention not look at them while i'm sorry but that's natural it's a in our love as you know when men are a little different than man in that aspect but men do love and women now when you have a a sixteen fifteen sixteen year old girl they looks like she's twenty five and she had her short and where you can see her but in half of her ballyshannon know what besides girls dress like this all the time and i think my book where is your other reiterates comedian refers the sorcerers suspicion he now the odiferous are everywhere yet is like you know it if you were in a if you're going to dress and have a your body hang in or out and expect nobody's going to look at you it's like a set up or setting people up so that they can emancipate not i mean to say this i see this with my horses all the time and horses do this we've got we've got different personalities in our horses right and mary is a flirt and a horse i'm going to just say that a right and so she sat there and then i shall try to get all the stallion to look at her and i like you choke a shameless whore and i like i'm like it just amazing and the coalition and the chilly like decline and the place and you expect you know i like it may you know bears interesting cause yea you see a lot of animal behaviour and people you know i actually wrote about this i was taking of what was going on in the barn one day with mary in the stallions and what she was and i said i wrote it out like a case like a criminal case and not i think i can at his then wait i mean no i put that on the website but i do not want to retain mine mary guilty of in this tottering of fanny that i did not at hohenstein who was totally rejected not like okay you need go to go and have a beer some initiative a kind of warning were i would i would i was talking to my daughter one day and we were going past the motor and i send to rest and you would be so untroubled if you ever shot there she said manister and flat myself go to her but he added in a nobleman's up that intense i mean when these girls are so young like that it's like you know it makes me every time i see in its normal at these fairs and honestly as normally i see it a lot at these catholic fairs where the church is running tears and these girls they go to these schools are walking around with no cloonan what are you doing what are you doing i mean i was young one too you know i get it we were we all know those days where are we you know got a better place right might athelbras a preacher as a preacher and we used to put a certain clothes and our car and change when we laugh right but i would never want bayonne it casey know what's going to happen you know what's going to happen you must do bid you know to the age boys was once one tightened look for ten to look for carabinieri lempriere up and as we are to have families in our own minds we start looking more more paratroopers on yeah and and and a lot of the problems we have is how much roman it has been through its own loveit's almost impossible to avoid it because we've got we've got the big corporations immediate rations telling people this is a did you in its own intooition denton in fashion that every half and of that they eliminate from like you know you look at the younger girls blouses every half an i heard this and i i can't confirm it but i think it's probably are from the big corporations that that produce clothing everything aviate eliminate from a hound or short nasir is a million dollar profit so it goes back to being also an economic thing that the so they can push this type of clothing and fashion and it went in order to cut the cost it is economic in describing so with a sad it ten o'clock how about we how bout me this is an interesting it is an interesting of the of the beaten path of the topic i show here to day but i think it's it's good we should talk about everything and thank you guys to join to the dandy want to clinton to close out with any remarks that alora now i think that we covered everything water oh i just wanted to tell you that i thought you boys absolutely that i thought one i thought i thought that laborously charming i did he just like you no hesitation in so much she is ungainly i think we should have him teach a class on what it's like to be a patriot totally amazing so with that set no bearing more diligent i am getting myself one of those bold horns and then every time lead all around amelia something anything doesn't matter i enlisted because i get the words if thou with a way sunwards you know a little kid words he is adorable any echange what he was saying as we were driving rain have different sam but he was and tolerating no no you say one word for a little while and we both aratov restored her freedom and he was so he just over and over and over what i'm trying he goes the school you know where he goes to blother call the patriots i thought it was so cute but at yes he is he's my little campaign a sidier and he fanned now we're winning it's like it's like a reason single handedly take the state of michigan for for the frenetic you know he's going to be working well be working in the office that eatonton for a patriotic means to be in the office because his mind was smart enough to toast then the no you can't get you no it's not a so solitarily father we thank you so much for being with us to day thank you so much for jeremiad of course we took star campaign and every one else who came out yesterday for both events that we were a police blesseder each every person who is listening to the lead them now that they are loved beyond measure that you created them exactly the way that they are in you are walking with them ellinor pure and out for their life nothing random there are no coincidences and we trust the plan the plan is in fact your plan it's not a plan by guidman it's a plan by you to her heavenly father and your good all the time we are winning were winning bigly to to restore not only the nation but this world under you undergo thank you so much for being patient with us how best to show grace humility and long suffering with all people around us not expect perfection that we are self cannot the only one who was perfect with your only began son and that jesus christ he onoto throw stones so help us to have a mind set on hoping to educate people and also helping to be there to help each other through this journey of life that you put us out here to help to love the support third and we are something we love you we love you holy father so much we ask you to be with us all osiris to guide director wisdom grace he enjoyed the i need a man thinks in coleshall had the hamamatsu he's a micro mighty man of god in the making i try i try and he is i have to have em on me a lot and he loved it he loves it he is a social butterfly so he he just i want him to and faith wants to say and you know that so it's like he he has his own humanis own little things and you know this is what he believes you know i'm not madamigella yes definitely amain it leander full day to the eye you know we love everyone everyone out there is always on armines it in her part every single day and let you know that you're not alone were here reach out to us if you phone number against six one franzerl don't ever feel like you're alone because you've got a ten of us behind you for all walking together with god were walking were walking together and were here to defend them and protect not only you know all of those who feel that they don't have a boy booth wyeside by abatis brandenburg for governor do come and brand here and our for after governor dot com telegram is at brandenburg the number for i and i also have a bloater at dana numbers for i and then the blood that imposing videos in order of wetmore videos of on the video page to day what we do is more writing costliness release as a thin were also going to be getting up all of these apprentice things that you can just pull off these dispraise hand them out to be will start where videos giving their rally whatever put it in groups get un groups on face book in telegram in everywhere spread the news tacamahaca you can get this out or information of would be wonderful and memorially easy by putting the platform together for you to pass this out some very funny cards and means but out there to get everywhere love you he is as have a great day to day we will be back to morrow and thank you so much pericoloso much less i let me pointing you garcias nice meeting you as we used blessedness thank you so much guy