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Published Jan. 10, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is january ten two thousand twenty three nuther crazy wild day happening around the round the world and lots to talk about a very sad about the report that diamond unexpectedly died yesterday and we want to really give a lot of coles to her family and a selfconscious dent trunk because ah this is its a sad day so i'm hoping she's in like witness protection or something like that that this is all part of the plan but but regardless i mean it's very sad thing too to a loose some one some one that we all enjoyed listening to and and he the laughter and such going through very serious times so what did you talk about that and there's a lot there's just a lagoon on the news that's amazing to day is at or tuesday with john tate and we a insomnio many comments i get in homing people really like tater to it is i think what it is is the ability to actually learn things that are pertinent that our most with information i am kind of a span you know i like you and moved all the time i like i like to do things that and i get i have to have my brain engaged all the time so for me learning is part of life i don't really watch tv and and i'll i'll look up documentaries and that sort of thing but i spend most my time just for really either doing things in my hands or looking things up a researching in that sort the and i think that's why it's so interesting to talk to people like john there's another guy that i've been talking to curtehose as many other common law and and people who are very educated at on the constitution and the processes aroun and realistically we we really have a good time just peace and together all of these all of these puzzle pieces cause that's what it's really really about right so i think something that i saw in the last few days that his kind of crazy is the fact that i can't i just can't call a prussian t call bianpr esident it's it doesn't roseires iden occasions back there and so yes that's what it is it is the resident in the white house his now at that they are going to make it illegal or there going to ban they're going to bed all natural gas for so i this is this is so naughty so now and it's a i'm not relied i have me go because pretty much all all of us should be rebelling against all of this non sans astolfo the united states is not and so anyhow yesterday or the last the last probably i don't know montipinoris archer right ellice i've been looking at how do we put the state of michigan back together outside of the moronic politician and outside of all these multinational corporations which are easily owned by one or two corporations which are basically controlled by several he and and put other things in le so being some of that likes to master skills and information i've been really diving into brodbeck and at this this is right this is my newest thing that i him heaven punishes terday started taking here and so i'll have to let him pretty now how i go is put at work in not being able to create starters for se soler dolls so that if we aren't able to get broader east or something like that it's a very very easy process actually decree your own soberest there's a lot of moonhaven aron for say four hundred years and passed out from people to people but guess what we can start our own now parading in clerksthat where i'm going with us some bring john on here for and were i to get started right now morning done how you doing on doing well how about yourself on to stator toosday said here with or proclitic it will i i took i have taken it all and actually is one of those things that you take it all and you go huh got to see how this little guy works survived it with one ear and eyes to if i put more than that out of he doesn't fit the bars so please canicollis got off his cot like all the props he mantenersi look at that about these oisille that was not and by the way now it's not you as a colored cord dated there was a note that went out with mister potato had and in john taintor this morning i must the man i think i've got to my low goher by c sexually riding jacket i got from a long it's along a marathon type thing that happens down in florida every year and i i got years ago this was like cicely really old but but you could call or anyhow so we got talking before you got on line and i wanted to start this out because i think that i for me i love i love to start the day out and in like we were talking oligochaete to talk everybody out there would be foregone and i have several things that i'll put on my phone when i'm sleeping that are just purely bible verses and i sleep like a baby when i do that i really do so i thought we would start the soup to day with a couple of nights thought were pertinent especially with everything work going on were talking on do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth where moths and vermin destroy and where thieves break in and steal but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moss and vermin do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal for where your treasure is there your heart will be also this matthew six nineteen and twenty one i shall pull these up yesterday going to read him yesterday and in this is the one that i thought felt less can be really pertinent or what you and i were talking about earlier he said to me this is her revelations twenty one through it he said to me it is done i am the alpha omega the beginning and the end to the thirsty i will give water without cost for from the spring of water like those who are victorious one hair at all of this and i will be their god and they will be my children the cowardly the unbelieving the vial the murderers a sexually immoral and those who press precious magic arts the idolaters and liars they will be concioned to the fiery furnace are fiery lake of burning sulphur the second revelations twenty one through eight and i think this is a great sage and i swear is like you know i like it's this so weird like god will pull things up and put him in your path and then all of a sudden you come to the table like this you know you and i who have no staff who just cut not like she prancome to the table and it's it's all there everything everything we need is right there because we are going to talk about being cowardly or being afraid enleyo break into the ill talk about my experience yesterday when i went out for lunch in my daughter because it was kind of naughty a how the reason i brought the idea talking about fear to day it is because i've been walking around and seeing a lot of people with as what is on withdrawalsupon third were enough third year of that people are still wearing that and so you got ask yourself what is it why are they wearing masks as they afraid there is a video how those of you that are interested in what were talking might go to it it's a david i video it's called in the truth shows and he does a pretty good job about explaining we are living a bubble and we don't want to get out of that bubble because if we get out of that bubble what would my mother think what would my brother so you put yourself in that bubble and you kind o follow along with what the process and you're not you're not even thinking about going outside that little ache shell there because in all you'd worry about what other people would think so therefore you were the masks and many speck many of the people wearing masks are doing that just they been wearing it for two years long the can take em off now i am called it's like a colt mentality and that i'm in the club i'm in the now i know what's really going on and all you cousins out there aren't as or as a virtue and it's like wearing colors of a gang to me that's what i that could very well be true the other problem that i have with it it could also be political then in a your worrying a masker dear saying i'm i'm a flaming liberal democrat aspossible that trochanter holy and but i don't look at it as being a flaming liberal it look at it as you pretty to i you tetsworth third year and you still haven't figured it out and history if you do any history any history studying about this so called pandemics that we've had in a bad none of the pandemics and they tried masks they tried to accent they tried to contagion are getting people together some sick and some heathen tried to get the healthy people and from the people that had the contagion or had the virus whatever couldn't do it so this history that shows that this whole thing is here i don't see in all of the history that i've read and probably the best place to look at said arthur first and bergs book the invisible rainbow because he really covers it carefully and the in very great detail going all the way back to marconi fact ages back to the seventeen hundred were they developed at the static electric and the wife of the scientists who developed static electricity said you are unleashing a very structive power and that was statical and now we're we're in all kinds other frequencies that are out there but we're trying to move our culture or world is trying to move into a new parade and trump he said it more than once the world that we're going to see in the future is so far much stronger and better than what we've ever experienced in the past but we can't bring go into the new future when we have people that are still running around thinking that there's a virus el and that they're going to collect our connect the firs by breathing in the act in the oxygen cleans the bodies means you don't don't know anything about your body about how old functions about why it functions that way this is out so now we have to bring these people on board and those that have already gotten vaccine some of them have figured it out that no mood i did what did i do to my others have still run out and get the boosters see not there not thinking and like his sunday don't know that under a lying in some on how body systems were or anything in so when when we not educate that we can get led down any any path cause we don't even know the questions to ask that point time he is we don't even know a that's a lie and the old call it out or this doesn't make sense or this procedure as what we're seeing in such and unfortunately they've spent so much thingprogram in us on t v and in schools and will everything else cause education right now is so pathetic you know it's like it it is it is there not teaching any applicat this the endif you can sit there and do so you know like i had statistics and finance when i was in college right and i remember sitting there looking at and mystics and say this is it because i'm not sure how in real life situation this is going to be applicable though you're sitting there doing four pages of a you know he likes one problem could be four pages long and in a like that's great i can do it i got to the end but now how do i really apply this and make this so that it's at younowto anything yet proved it further stupid task but if they can't if they can't do like an application to it or how you apply that in many different situations it's worth will absolutely worth and i think i think that that's something that we really need to get back to there's a really good series out there just in case anybody knows called sells at work it's an animal series and i really have to look at it because this from its japanese and so you you have to really look to find in an english speaking copy of you from the united states if these shelly incredibly this common books out there on it too so started with comic books and he then went to look for the vireos but what i really found interesting as there's a couple of doctors that comment on what they see in sometimes i'll do low little illstrations the one guy that i like it is thrown up its thrombin he's when and i as he was doctor hold and he does he does you the vireos any countess of copley a little bit of the very o and he he'll say well this is really you know this is really amazing how the bodies how the body uses the different cells in the anoplos in the blood to actually come that what is coming into the body and we think that a vigorous is coming you know is on my goshthe skirt or bodies are built take the stuff out and i i have a couple other i have a couple other thought processes on it because i tend to do a lot of experimentation i have experimented on my own body with lot of things over her and i am i i typically think that that the way we've look at cancer not the way it really is and that there is a fit we this has been a poi think this has been programmed and to a to think that it's this way because you know the scath canceration is is about three hundred thousand dollar whole shot or more i don't know what the current the current you know valois so an end of your ever in that situation you can see that immediately they will put you on a tread mill of this is what's going to happen and happen in happen a hapennies a strong person to go my only like your opinion on this because your opinions socks so we're going to be doing something diet and then to go to go at it from a different perspective they don't know how to cure an they'd have no idea they thenumbers of that i was told us that they can only care about two per cent of any cancers and the rest of it you know it's like sixty per cent of youdifferent your intimo only they'll only be able to get rid sixty per cent of the cancer cells even though on temese what takes care of the rest divining the in prome hessians were your mess and so if you can help that along you know your you got pretty pretty good fighting chance but everything that we've been told we have the use because it's you now from to and in not be not be afraid or coward to try just jump in there and try it what you got to lose i so there the angles kill us but anyhow sargo back to i guess it's not that we after gun off to the library newton wink in the library learning about a particular disease like hans we can go on internet and we can spend the whole day on internet finding that a lot of that infest if he had intercepted yeah ef we had to adapt this think what it was like twenty years ago when we didn't have the net now we have the internet and people are still dumbfounded about what it is and i kind of disagree with you i think they know how pass the wood it's frequencies but i don't think they are going to tell us and i don't think they're going to tell anybody that's got cans because like you say it's a three hundred thousand or a whole that there they that ye your throwing money at so young you're part of the process that keeps system going but it's the hot entire medical nothing he solierolii since that produced by them because if you set a patient died of cold bed even though he got killed in the tire motorcycle he still is still get the what is it nine ten thousand dollars per patient god o so this is a money ses and the medical professions of money busies that brings us to the legal post the legal profession almost well i don't know i think they are worse than the medical or but not by a lot obilot wearing believes yet exactly what it is the legal profession steal from you and the emetical profession just gets the money from you because you think that it's going to help you survive you're particular virus or whatever eche but you don't even understand and you're right about the menses so what do you do when you have a a cancerous cell you either burn it out he destroyed the menses or you cut it out putting a knife into the body destroys the body or creates drama to the body so there again you have a problem with the er must because you have attacked your body i sorosis printing it caribune slash and poison and poisons the other one so you're in put poison in your sister to help kill the cancer well what about your immenses there's in distendere doesn't discerned from one of the th in just poisons the anything in its way a yonder over land yourmansion cassave got to get rid of all the all the good stuff that it all so that also took out and how its unfortunate but a lot of what we've been taught is some that we all need to really question and i mean question at heart because they it's a licit that with a vaccination that wich was in vaccination the unmarried the gean modified of the crisper technology that they injected and people telling him that it was going to keep him safe from the pirus like what bunch of nonsense the stuff is out there two people can people can find that information out for themselves that they really want to know it's a it's all out there you and you don't have to look to you hard you can go into the pharmacy and say ah would you show me the full now information on this particular vaccine you're trying to stick me with and then the full out informations black so now what you don't have any information you just taking his stuff a blind taking it here give me a shot and what see if i argue upon he asked so i'm an throw out something to day there's something called back five out there and it was found in new zealand and it comes from it for substance called the dowels apple in a farmer was watching his hekikili like cans around the mouth of his cows and he watched it and then all the sudden it was gone in cans and skin cancer and so he followed the cows and they were all there eating this devil's apple and realized that that's what was getting rid of the skin cap so somebody got real smart and a decided to you know process the stuff inside of it and it coincidently is also found in an egg one and so you can the back five if you want to look of something real interesting for skedance look up that five on line but realize that it's the same thing that's an egg plant and there are other saves that you can buy for that and oh at that it gets a catskin of gruesome as it is its working on you but it it literally because it it does get rid of it from you now from the from the itanimal perspectives so i thought it was really interesting and tacoronte since you know that skin cancer is the same thing as long and it just gets an if it gets in your lungs the the a mute nucoline and rely or much more fragile becomes more proberly that's kind of crazy so he can make you know you can make some shot oques tions at that point the one really giving you something to chew on a little bit but you know it's life and i weren't a temporary temporary world right now and i think everybody out there knows i had it i'd put a horse down on over over the holidays and that was pretty that was pretty awful but ah and it was offbecause you just don't like to see me any one or anything suffer we tried to keep him off as long as we could and he got to the point where at six clock in the morning after benevoli i had to seat him and so i gave him almost a a full too of demolition and that that chinese you don't really took the agogiat that vandome and then though the vat came and had put him down because you don't really want to see anybody or anybody or anything suffer but there so much that we can that we can learn and and you learn from good and bad things and that's okay it's a temporary world and the wits post be so anyhow i'll get things so what are we talking about to day i've got the constitution one being makhotin shed with fear he distastes just go and that i love it this is sir orseback in two weeks well the other part of the once once they get you frightened with covet and your wing and may be even whether you are in the mascarene then we have now we get in the traffic now we get into the police department that's the now a revenue and handsome organization instead of a safety i'm here to protect the serve view and protect your safety were not into that we're in the collecting money so i just i thought this business about its words michigan but i hear that in indiana there was one of the people one of the sons of the one of the people in our group was driving and got pulled over by the police and the police said hey you know you are speeding and i tell you what we're going to do i'm going to give you a ticket for double parking and you won't get any points but it's a hundred and sixty five bucks so an unstable what is he going to do about it while he sate stay these cat and he doesn't know is probably can pay the feet linforth fine but here we have all a illegal organization which is the and i don't mean that the police themselves are illegal but there behavior there a totally all collecting money as the revenue and hansmen organization for the city is not allowed in the constitution of the state that there are three branches of government and there divided in one branch cannot overtake or or do what the other branches so who provides the funding for the city it's either the council or its the legislate but it's not the police not the executive it's not whitmer it's not the police department that's executive branch stay don't have any authority to raise revenue for their ears our doing this hands down the state of michigan and now i guess nation a good scan their pulling on and the people are buying into it and their paying the fine in as i talked and samenow they have the ordinance officers looking on all this your grass they predict the rule or out in grasso of mine aches oh do have any kind of paper on your lawn or whatever and there there now becoming the sanitation of the of the city for the purpose of raising revenue and in really they don't have that authority cause their executive but we buy into it because all my god this ordnance officer tagged me with a busted come piece of concrete in my driveway or whatever and i got a replaced it or is going to give me a ticket i find me for it that fires in concerned all totally illegal behavior to that brings us to the third point payment for these remember i talked to you last couple of for weeks ago is about how to pay a fine in beans i don't know if i sent you the five different exhibits but our several exits how one exhibitant particular is eugene glacier or montgomery wordsworth's eugene glasier which is what we call starry decis which means its once it's ruled on then it's lost and eugene glacier was told by judge she to pat and coffee beans he it's up to you how you decide to pay that fat the judge because eugene glacier wanted an idollers of and we've gone back to dollars of the dollars according to the coinage is so many grains of silver so many grains of gold so if it's if it's gold and silver we don't have it and then there's a m c r r m c l michigan compiled laws twenty one point one fight three one five floor that says that there only six species of money the state can ah accept from you gold and silver gold silver so federal reserve banks in federal resentre sury notes none of which exists in the market i do so we have been living on a funny moneys way back and a nineteen now thirteen nineteen sixteen on de when the federal reserve act lastwas ninety was brought on board we were living with a funny money she and nothing in that funny money she can be charged against the for payment to any kind of state business any kind of state no fees fines and so on its and so now i'm getting said sabran for like and i didn't do conceive and i didn't pay my hidden file my last report the telling on me i hope five hundred bucks then so i sent them ah a throw of those exact quotes are or exact arguments that amusing and i say hey you only used on you use them so whatever it was six hundred des i'm giving you for seven take a look at these and now now let's and timon heard when there added this but the point is that they they come up with one law of the michigan compiled law and they decide that that is the law and the sable speeding ticket you get a ticket from the police department it's got a lost sighted at the bottom of it as scott at him sealight and your sighing not only the state law your sight in the federal case your sighting court cases that are starry decis and your single which whose goes got more waiter you were me and its obvious that i have more weight now having a little issue with redford redford are brought forward brought forth an old two thousand eighteen because they're after that they have the money they boughton so they brought the back two thousand eighty nine just sent them off documents and stuff and i haven't heard from him so will she in irondale played that game with him and they are now saying well either they forgot or their acting stupid or they think that i am going to st capitulate and send a man on in fifty books which is noted the point i making here i'm not afraid of these let's go to corn by the way the latonia or i was supposed to go in for a hundred and twenty five dollars back last some and he of course can't lean mccann the judge over there doesn't want me in the court room so she had a yeah they wanted to send it to places from plymouth because they because he's one that ruled on it originally it was a little note because i didn't go and look on me for it i went to places and payments so now they want to send it back to back and the hare clerk then i've been talking to says i'm trying to get hold of he you leave is not in a court room he hasn't been in sun summer time that's a great job why resisthow up for anything of you and there's those a few people that have done videos following these judges and her spoken cornet such and such a time and then they just don't showcase there all faint and whoever sidonian the court room is i take the day off work and the judge didn't decide not to show his ilare kidding me concini's con ofcrazy so that's where you need to that's where you need to send the judge oh that's a good idea i never thought of it manoel linden three times and then pile in in a local court file in the in so plans because you're not going to you know hit him from the half i love that idea son the judge a bell ii that's a great idea now what happens if enough people do that can be problem is either hand show up for he's going to get removed ere's going to pay the fee here thought it all comes down to standing together on all the stuff you know as the politics one or two or three to start make a noise others will follow events there's the problem that we have is too many people do not know the do not know this country was all about and do not know who they are in this we are the sovereign those people work for they are the public functionaries that phil a function in government and they worked for you and one yet you want now something crazy i got to bring this up while we were talking about covetan cancer and such all of a sudden i might dash board there popped benoict on from face book that the killed life start in the lives to face that bresentiment was it was right after we started talking about it you know i was kind o watching him clicking round here gone he so ye they killed the killed the life stream on face mocking we talked about cold bed and encamped this is there no not is typical of what's going on right there is motometaredomo morn there is no shock all their doctor that they came years ago and it was from a farming community that he was in a word became knows everybody and such and that he went to a a medical form and in a in chicago and i think i remember the story it was i was long fore i was born and long it was i think it was probably in the twenties or third any went that he was there and he was telling he was telling somebody about this and they they were they were coming up with cures for things and things that worked like pollio and the see other thing and he said ye said i sat there and watched him say you know say we we can't cure all these things because we'll be out of a job came out station are they here of say it from the he heard him say it and he was so outraged and shock about it but this has been going on for a long time so go ahead and censor me all you want i'm going to say it and you know people who really want to know the truth are going to find the truth we just got to keep talk and whether they conseruent you know that's the thing that's got to be there do it's going to be the great and because eventually people are going to say you don't face look you too by a roll event you can't find the truth you off if you want to find if you want to find you know something that's just off you're going to find it there but it's all broad and sure face not and you too are nothing more than bread carts the people busy as his no programme and waster handabove of and get us to comply that's right when yes word went out penesthai went out with my i went out for lunch of my daughter and i don't watch tv so whenever it if there's a big screen to von you know it's like one of those things that you will be like just asserts motion there and there was a to show on and this i don't know the name of it because i don't really care in i don't want to but what was really shocking is how the host had of a sonwas her what's her first she had from proportionfrom georgia she gets she got up there and i and they were like lad ohotono mass no mask the entire audience as color coded with yellow masks on like the good little behaving people that they were and i was like our new kitty me what's what the yellow that woolenette chickens part of it it may be o ye maybe but it was never single one of em had a yellow mask got and if it's funny when you look at crowds seems a lot of times deals a color coordination between the people in the crowd scenes but any out was just it was kind of a ohanoak about the capitulation cowardice and programming there you go there's supposed to shortshat lk about to day well i i wanted to bring in a couple more issues ah the twenty ex patriots and land in a washington dc has the character of an because they wouldn't vote for speaker of the house and i hardly ten oligohmic hy ten times they tried to hold him in aftenbladet the fifteenth time and each time he had to capitulate and give more back to the patriot for example one of the issues as you had the can only put one issue on an on ah bill coming forward you can't load it with fourteen she he can only put one issue and then napoleon that one an issue in the diconodont er carvil after so that's a great thing in or they can't load it down like ploceid when she was also to one point seven trillion perhaps going to ukraine and i'm saying perhaps because they're talking about rescinding the i will see if that that anyhowor or tax dollars and united states instead of going to politicians and poetical has who would have thought you know well you know it is going yet he just got the ukraine gets cleaned wondered and then backed absolutely thatexactly when going they're going to stop the i or some open things and i don't remember there was also i should a rode him down but the point is it only took twenty and only took twenty six parts to make those cakes since congress is four hundred and thirty five members or thirty seven members i only took a very small of people major changes and so is always then its tenteritae small a group of old committed patriots to get anything done or committed you know committed individuals to get anything done it's never been the man never is he you can yes o people need to realize that it's not we don't have to have the entire united states behind the change we just have to have that ten per cent or fifteen per cent or whatever that majority whatever that minority number is to make in and we will make a difference and obviously they proved it trot it is group of people proved it in congress on yesterday when they got maccarthen the program i thought that was i knew what was i didn't see that the very beginning how trumpet why trumpets sport but then toward the end when this thing came out i said o my god o it's obvious inohreae tin and pancretin the canoe weak minded guy that you know was easy to steer into the right direction mccarthy probably got something on on ye know it's like one of those warm here you know that they got something major on em i mean i wonder how many kids that he's messed with because that seems to be a big deal the whole poorfilthy and then catch it on with it so but i don't know i mean he just younever know what could be his dog or something who knows you know but i'm goin to aventred idend you have anything else to talk about and a couple more couple more are you an how do yer thing ortwine i was just going to read things from the chalmette and then well i'm so he will cover these couple more you may get more and post were such a big issue what a year ago eh are you familiar with the bombs slack asked the old mosely put on an ah er fifteen and then they can become an automatic weapon kind of thing and the bat f if you have a pump stock on your gun you have a week or two or whatever that time laps was to turn your gun in or you will be considered a criminal while the courts just said you can't do that and so you can have a bump stocks well that's goin to that's going to segande the next and i want people understand this game that the democrats for the left left these undrenethe socialists ch in that we talked about earlier to day ah bobbin the resident trying to pass or to make natural gas appliances illegal house doing now what enormiter him i'm pretty exists is going to work well for no it isn't but is it a executive order is using because who passes long congress he doesn't have any authority under anything as a resident or president or whatever you want as a scum bag to do anything so so the patefacts the so what the what these left the people do as they passed this kind of stupid law they know darn well it's not going to work and hector in a loose if they go to court and they know they're going to be an e so but but during that time last from when they when they passed the law to when it finally gets there's a time lapse there and those people that don't know the law i'm going to turn in their bumps i'm going to turn in there and natural gas replied is and get electrical light because they don't know any bent and what happens when we overloaded the whole gred for the electric re pliances because we cannot sustain all the eve cramp and all the other stuff it's not an unlimited capacity to move move energy resources and even electricity so then what what the going to do now you know besides she little they now thereanother don't care and they don't have a plan because i don't even know if they know how this works other the fact that they probably own stock and all these and all these indiciis like hated with fisher and johnson johnson that the sixth and eighth held stock by congs and so they don't care this is all about me no money for them and convenience to shut in the rest of us down so so a kind of a i don't know how thinks it is going to work for him will he he doesn't he's just pushing a narrative that there are going to be people in michigan that are still wearing the mask or that are in the other states the there are still wearing masks that are going to say oh my god let's turn in i guess suppliance and let's get electrical pliances just because their following the narrative without any background of authority and they don't understand that the president camped that the resident and he doesn't have that authority so if we would know our laws in no what weaken do in what they can do then we won't be playing this game with them and you know spending i don't know how many hundred to dollars on new appliances because you want to be electric cold not gass or getting rid of your bumps back or not very long ago it was about the ghost remember that you can't make a gun and they're saying that you can't build your own gun because whatever because you can trace it in all of that and the supreme court went back to the seventeen hundreds and so they got there we can't do it in to the intent of the law is the law so you can build all the gascons you want they can't stop and so this is the the logic that we as people in this one half the follow not to run out and buy a lecture because you know whatever if you want a lecture car go ahead and by it his penthemont on it go on don't be doing it because you're think you're going to save the plant now get the one the dirtiest forms of angeou there we start looking at the batteries and how much you know what really takes to make in anything that's electric is just like the windmills of windles are such a dirty form of addergey that if he is it's not like ye we're going to destroy the thing out and then harness the wind it's like all right let's cruelly look at this the and the the components that go in to it even the cool and the knolls cone is is worse than free one and the can't hold the seal on this and we got oil of the peso can't look at one issue you got to look at everything around it in the go down stream about twenty twenty jumps to see what's going to impart and in there not doing it you know it's kind of like living in no very only disney world in a fairy land or something like that we're just going to pull it out of the air magically it's going to appear i don't it doesn't work that way and i said you know the electrics come on not the i don't know well before you go there one more one more comment i get we goin to get up on reverentiores comments have good on you for two weeks so we got some catchin up to ah the comment is that when the country nor the united states promptly the tiger offender of all of them the palming other countrys then you can come and talk to me about possibly fixing and cleaning up the lane one born in fact when they attacked the irak and they use those depleted uranium weapons and polluted half of iraqis uranium with the tea weapons and now their telling us that all you can't drive a gas power car is it pollutes the environment i give me break they put what they did in iraq over that inspanned and in afghanistan with the weapons at the use out there they blew up all over the the ground and forests and in the desert and whatever with the plated uranium and then their telling us that oh are you your car five miles in your polluting the non come on people the logic is an even logic as it even coke sandy when they take one of there when they take one of their big battle ships out that burns or hominy miles per gallon is the and they and they drive all over the sea all over the ocean with their airplanes and how about our politicians a public functionaries who have their own private and fly their own private and pollution fire i kind of leave my example right wright and i mean look at what bins trip down to the virgin islands there that he was down there in a helmahan millions dollars i took for that trip on our taxton you know i hate to say it but but all of these big parties and these gallows and this that the other thing we are paying the bill for them to have a full time the casion you know and it was like a fort from me now it was my plan as governor of statemanship to set my sitibnd right here and what we've proved through coved nonsense on the site codonoecea on nonsense all this is that there's so much traveling around to things that we don't need to do that we can condition to do the there really is most of it could be done most of this could be done saving seen of more of money that we have to put into security for these people and the obscene amount among to move me out that the boots bell for for our camels in such a the the transportation bill the party i think i read one time that it's one point five million dollars a state money to turn over the state to a new governor one point i will now the change in one person prenote corkerke your house because you can't make the mortgage at the one had worn we'll have a party yes i i don't know what in the whole thing is kind o not in north all right i yield the floor for a few minutes a right i'm going to go head on you this one to keep your mind or phones picking up on me again and then it seems like when i knew you for a few minutes and it then it goes back to normal again i don't even know why this happens i mean on trying to figure this out for months and monsoons and oh well it is what it is so were sere out like widowthe morning my cat you do in mikeses joe biden going to banattees appliances we does seven know where he's at half the time good point then point drilling himself for pan himself that's probably problem garry smith the constitution is very store to his original position of prominence yes it has an you know when we started this this whole thing people are actually talking about not politics but governance and how we want this nation be wrought to that's real post might so yes i still see the masts and its pathetic love good morning love loves us can't imagine why that judge doesn't want mister cater in her court elle i had i had a friend years ago that works for a doctor's office she happened to see a man on his desk about eight they had a cure for it and it was going to be squashed i i don't doubt that at all i absolutely don't doubt that at all and then let's see estrays oh as drew very more always the hosianna idea i'm watching that show and i'm like i'm prenticethe re going what i have no idea what is and ah not that and then also it was i don't wear and love says as for programming look at all the other cooking cutter houses that look like oh yes boring really boring so and then cars you know cars used to be a work of art you know what i like i like the cars led i like that i like old cars and i go i go to corses and sought cause i love old cars i like new cars i like car but i liked interesting i an and a the thereseveral cars that you don't i like the early sixties corvas two tones i think that is sixty two port rotis justabout spectacular but i also like a i like the really old cars like the jews in bergson and such it can in franklin if anybody's ever look at a franc one engine franklin engine and the franklin cars that is fascinating because in it kind o got squashed is to you know it's an interesting engine that's it's totally different than anything else that that you know propels the car but interesting car franknessoften of view yet more so then all coloso love as for programming look at all the concourses look alike astroturf says the entertainment and history makes every one job but only crew members are forced to mass yeah that's that's true and esther says drew was so excited that stacy if satyavan's not jackson it was satyavrata was on will continue to run for governor allola i'm not sighed bought her at all so red mike as california already had a bad electoral grid terrible electoral get greg and lev natural gas a profane heaps hotter than electric well you got a burn something to make electricity and o'er you know unless you have you don't what are you going to do i mean we're burning stuff no matter what not you have to have a reaction somewhere in order to have entered and i looked into several different free forms of energy free energy which is kind of interesting their some interesting stuff about mercury and free flowing mercury when you put electricity to it there is an interesting thing when you use quarts as a capacitor and run water underneath the and are able to to pull energy is from from like its like a peso type of all compassion is its kind of interesting how it works with yester on water underneath underneath the quarts in order to generate energy and you can't do that so it's the friction and the and the fiction as well as the pressure and so it's really really interesting but with everything that we have right now you have to burn so and oh and you know it's a like with windmills i don't know if you know this but when mell's lose about thirty per cent of their energy going through the transmission lines in the gathering systems under you know underground pestigation otto can't istake the energy has to get from point a to nowther at to be able to transmit in the other distribution that works that go into homes and we lose a tone of energythe that dosesthose institoot work why father was a general contract for years built house and his comment to me was when you use a gas plant and you turned the gas on you have automatic he when you use electricity you have to change the a structure of it back at the plant to make it electricity send it to your house and then turn it back into eat sasonow that's why it's three half times or two times more expense then a gas fired anything because you you have to transfer the electricity to gain or two some form of heating element in order to cause the heat problem says why would you do that that doesn't make any one he knew that thirty forty fifty years ago and dame and thro grass of the genus and oil is the renewable resource we will never run out oil is backmost pile of valcarlos on the planet on the nicest of the oil crudest is how it's like everybody means to defeat the lacks about this disisamnte part their lives it is exact a part of their lives what did alfred go back to freigeistige what out whatever it is but he spoke with necksomething is got to be aliens oh no i ween well they they're still pass the nearer still put out that a climate change is causing all of these problems remember it was once upon a time when i was really young it was we were in an ist then the ice didn't work ten years later it became global warming while global warming didn't work on't and trunk kind it through on were actually cooling down so they can't call a global warming annie so now it's climate the climate changes regularly because that's the nature of mother nature this what you is we have sailed and we've had some pretty nasty winters in my days i remember six seven for four five feet of snow or on the street savinien having within he remember a hundred and five hundred and ten temperature a couple of times in the summer so in all we're not anywhere near that right now outside there's no slow that he were a middle january and we've only had a dusting of soochis mashed okay you're on the wrong side of the state because we got hammered over here who could do oona where misnomer that there had to assacanes michigan is its own little little law a situation here there's nothing like it on the one side about twenty between twenty and oh say twenty and thirty miles in from the coast of michigan is a caminho my back i'm shore you my back dock and i'll see if i can get the thing to that's my nachgiebige rule yesthese thee to that that longer right there when i put my hand in from the top by i put my hand in like right here and i went down to the the bottom break there i literally was up to my shoulder and so in those those chairs and all the chairs that are over here that that was almost straight across from the back of to the back of the chair straight across the front you got to figure that if i'm sitting down the snow was said from where the chair went forward no not particularly tall individual i'll give you that but you do propetty average average height but still it's still was was it so was curly crazy it we had one point time so as we have animals so were always out in the mornin we've got four well dried trucks not elector vehicles because they're worth will and i went to the went to the barn such regot home in her name for his start and one of our neighbors said she had the grand kids therehis she goes is there a miracle that any one other his children's title in all all my grand kiss so alike we are any been out once we can run out and get it for her isoetaceae yea for will drive trucks his natural gas was hotter and loss as my son close and sudden we got two feet over christmas week we were we were above two feet where i am we want you for lettersshowed about this queen so you went sometohori onsite say never did the snow that we do i meet the people in buffalo shake with fear we getting snow or here a rather over here is very mild oh shut up down shut off where is oncoderes so hackethead johns like drinking his coffee going up where on these sad state is school i guess lay county has something cold very oh too fine or coats not well i thought maybe we would talk a little bit about the constitution about these there's a couple of points in there i don't want to go and on every hit it up ah then i on page i had action page for for yeah in its actually looking at imprisonment for okay i was actually there in the night tonbert the beginning to the font was cool graphic he casketwhich you get with me i'm sitting at the table here with no staff and saw this is just as good as he got the word i don't know did we even cover this but i think we of the cover this because this is part of the fee what happens if i don't say my hundred and fifty dollar at hanover city one will they do to me put me in jail right that's what the thought rose spiracle one section twenty one keep going organo therese you're almost the up there one in president for death there's no firsthand shall be imprisoned for debt arising out of or on a founded on contract express or implied in cases of fraud or breach of so where does the ticket had there's not one not one deino on any breach of any true when i travel i might be on a breach of the when i'm driving the difference being in commerce or not in if you're driving your income for traveling on a right to travel first amendment and they can put you in jail for a ticket that you got for travelling but if you don't understand these things these nuances of the law then you and upon old paying the fine because you're afraid get your license or but the licence is for driving it's a driver's lie it belongs to the department of motor vehicle cod and it is it not traveling it's driving so now you're in commerce in the state and the federal government have a right to regulate commerce that they do not have a right to regulate your right to travel so this this article right here of the state constitutions so you can put me in jail and so when a judge says are you got you're going to have a bench warrant served on you if you don't drop for record i'm not saying don't show up i'm saying show up with the argument o never ignore there are i've never ignored anybody's it airs or otherwise i've always answered him back and put them in the box and let them hence because when you put them in the box and they have to answer it you get a totally different opinion you know one on wealeven be compelled to have to anster the ridiculous letters they can pay for us to doubt and they've got no right to demand that we answer anything in my opinion it's like regret you i agree with you part we are in a situation right now where we've allowed this thing to get out of her act now were trying to bring it back into control so we have to we have to do our part yet and i engrohow and rectify the whole wreck system when we can that's right that's right it exactly so ah one of the friends of iris in our group was told by the judge aber freddy burton one of the probate criminals as told by the probate criminal that if he would not pay the attorney fees of twenty six hundred hours that he would have the sheriff come and arrested and bring a in to and take them to it was three weeks ago and obviously the shore and freddy burton tried to threaten him by saying that if you don't do abies you don't pay the attorney fees they don't have any authority to tell you of the pattern fees they can tell you that the fine on this ticket is or the fine on this particular argument is twenty five hundred but okay i turne you figure out how you're going to let the judges and ameniritis tell a citizen that he has to pay a tornies with that access but this is the kind of this is how day dig a little deeper this is how they usurp authority they were never granted and now less my friend when i ran out and paid the twenty six hundred dollars he would have been part of the problem because he would have accepted what this judge yes an i ain't here we got a topsy yet we have to arts or responsibility all such a stand and say no not going at not get the do this and we're going to work in to continue to fight this and until we get better behavior and less intimidation as it really is as its coercion its intimidation its its extortion they are extorting money for us illegally and so in different directions and they don't even understand their own jurisdict they are extorting feat though we had a we got to get and they can't and they can't because i told you a through my exhibits a through ff i tink it says that you don't have to pay and feed can you hear me my nose can you send us we soon as i of the and i don't care if you share him with whatever part him on your website at the one upon my telegram because right now it looks like face look just digged a soft with the manse of we'll see it's nothing a port and it disfacimenti cause i've still of you too too because you know god forbid should we talk about anything all through then now twenty three twenty two in tifonty two twenty twos about treason and basically ah everybody in lansing's created the in ordinary simple print of foote follow through but you as an individual will find it more difficult to acute treason see then if you could get hold of the prose that supposed to be i mean it isn't the something that you can do and that might not get that will get some traction but it'll be more decent reasons cried and we're not supposed to be able to prosecute criminal hesperornis to be able to protect civil okay so then i want to jump down to the enumerations of rights not to deny others and to this is in the federal constitution too this is the tenth article on the tenth amendment of the bill of rights the enumerations in an all to this spelled out not quite as detailed it says the enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the this that me that is the catch all for every right that is not in the case that we have in the bill of rights or in this case article on any right that is not in there the right to travel for example even those is not mentioned in the first amendment it is our right to try as we can't get to a if we choose to we can't get to assembly if we choose to we can't the purchase ah things at the store because we can't get there so we all have a right to inherent in the constitution and in it you can say it's the first the men first article or first amendment of the federal or it's the tenth amendment of the federal and the twenty third of amendment if you look at people get a chance to look at the right of criminal dictums ah we're gotten about criminal here they give all kinds of lee way to criminals ah if you were involved in some sort of criminal behavior they give you all kinds of right you have a right to trial youwrite to a speedy trial ah you have a right to confer with a pricewith the prosecutor ah you can't confer with the prosecutor if you're in a civil they ignore you the right to make statements to the court at sentencing while you don't quite get a sense some of these things ah some of these points or better for criminal than they are for s so if you get a civil in france which is a money damages which rejoin heard anybody it in destroy anybody's property but you got a because you violated a cold of the state of one of the city of therefore becomes a municipal civil in fact you don't get half of the you certainly don't get a right to drive by jury even though they say you have a right try to get one in court the judges going to stand on their head not to give because ninety per cent of the time it's not going to be in the favor of the prosecutor and the so they tried to stay away from that right let's move on to twenty five because i think this is is pretty clear to secure and preserve the benefit of marriage for our society and for the future generations of children the union all one man one woman in marriage shall be the only agreed recognized agree greement recognized as a marriage or simple union for any i don't remember any of the age betic people or any of those people trying to change the amendment of the cost the only way you can change that to ream to amend the os it's not been amended and yet they run around saying all yet we have a right to be married two men are too women together but that's not what the constitutions and so we there followed the constitution completely are we don't now if you want a cohabitate with a another man or another woman and and do that you could do that the best lot of merit the bite stretched the imagination is to people living together and that's okay that doesn't say anything about who can lift together who can't specifically talks about o there's some benefits about a married that you don't get when you're gravitating with the insurance companies are part of the pond they could change their law and say a few cohabitate with somebody then we will we will cover both of you in case one dies or whatever that could be done but that's not a merit that's cohabitation and its well stating the gold there when i find in fresnes it is to preserve the benefits of marriage what is the goal for our society and for future generations of children stability its stabilizing stabilization and for the benefit of future generations that the state of purposes are in time anything gets created it should always thatlegal or lawful it should always have a stated goal and that's the state go it's for the benefit of others and society is in general you see this oh that's your right that's your card that they gave the school yesht yeah so why didn't give it to me one one parent gave i don't teach any more slight in didn't see hist this kind of nonsense were their pushing there agenda which is it that's what it is this is an agenda that there to make it very easy for children to have sex change or to take hormones to change their sex when their ten or eleven or whatever that age because they feel that ten year old doesn't know if there met boy girl i didn't know what the hell the world was all about when i was ten either i was out doing all kinds of other stuff sooner scouts in shooting boleros and trying to build a fire i could careful whether i was a boy or girl at the but there making the train to make something out of nothing and to be bringing it up in the schools he publicly is ah an apominations i don't know how else it is an absolutely isn't abomination and it has no place in the schools and education at all not at all zerlate there and what's really disturbing us how they've turned this whole transnonsense into a money making nelaton of children when you see how many of these clinics of popped up all over to place this is money making and it's my making on the on the innate victimize his children and you can kind o see the same thing with you aticaming on in canada right now where they can say all this person didn't want to live and so they stayed in that they want how do we know that there is no we can't believe anything if they say how do we know that these kids are actually i mean even going to basiliam not justifying any of this at all cause i think it's horrible absorbeth do we even know they could come in and say anything oh you know this kid decided he wanted to be a girl or this girl decided he wanted you wanted to be a boy and so chhatarpat child could say i want to be you know i want to be an anelephthe day or whatever it is you know and it could change the i i have a feeling that has a lot more to do with the money that's going through the system and very unstable parents for trying to push in a gonefor them souls like you know you don't annigan it's almost like montes in spite cross to get attention and in that it is an with his answer had the over listened to a of a trans person who has the tried to treat de transition ah yea i have listened to goda couple videos on it they were upset that they were they were actually pushed in that direction yes they said that they were pushed in that direction not by their choice because they didn't know any better and one is the night up there the realised how much drugs and whatever they had to do keep that the sad going gonecarried condor life and the fact that no what it really does to a person this is so wrong on so many levels and in the suicide goes up for people who who do this who do the transition and if it doesn't solve the dissatisfaction which who they are or being able to be satisfied with no living within their own skin it it is much more complicated than this should never even in a million years happened to children its wrong is patently wrong and all it is as it sets of butchery of our children get again in another different direction it is so wrong you know and i think i think when we look at who was really affected the most by the lock downs and by all this stuff were supposed to be protecting our children and it's not happening the amount of hoopole involved in pedophilia and who in human trafficking this is victimisation of the in a sense and vulnerable section of our population just like what they did in the nursing homes their victimizing the hiss psychopathically deranged people who are victimizing vulnerable people or people who have who need some real help in an in life because maybe maybe the fervor what if reason there's a lot of lotores but all sudden at yet here you really you really i mean you can watch what they were doing for years trying to tell a kid's what to think and put words in their morals in a lot of times i think that i think that this becomes a badge of honor for others to what to people in something that fills a whole on their own heart i think that's what a lot the counsellings about not not that all of it is but there's a lot of that going on out there while i can agree with you i don't know how to say anything other than that but in all that's exactly the tenons nse that goes on one when kids are at that age clouding high school cluding twelfth grade twelve graters are half asleep os and they really have no idea emotionally mean if generally if it must there shone by the it sets many times and that could be just because in all the opposite sexes atamelik now disguise for here he doesn't honored is a computer geek or whatever rather than he doesn't have a chance to blast to get out of this skin and to move on high school doesn't do that i school doesn't sometimes at this i mean some people place port and that brings them out of it but i wasn't much of a sports player i was an arrow tse gi and i got more than enough ridicule from being an arrow design wherein a uniform the cool and that was in the sit late six saw a round sixty so you can imagine the warned vietnam and all that didn't help either and so i had my share of ridicule but everybody goes through and everybody gets their share of red and especially if you're trying to do something and be good at it and in a learned something then you get by the by the pond you get ridicule even more so you've got other how do you get out of that how do you change that i don't know i don't know how to change well look at your card and the amount of work that's gone into creating and a climate in which really is a cult mentality it's in a political its enero itica systems its in the political parties that political parties have become cult and so you got the card there that breaks you up into a color or another team which sepperates people out again instead of maybe what are you like and appreciated in a person as an individual in this instead of having to have all these monoceros to define who they are which is nothing more than women come women in whom we probably really are and why do we clear what any one thinks what why do we care we any of us you know because we were created each of us uniquely we don't have to fit and to we we can have our own opinions we can make her own choices and in any of this stuff that pushes us into while i ness or in that of bloodlike well okay you just limited everything you probably could be or are just by having to have a livelong or someone and they've made that almost that you have to have some sort of a label because that's right down at the really you know i think we can all just throw all those labels away and be you know be in no i'm just kind o i just kind of me and i may change to morrow whatever it is you know and trite and governed as long as you got your face your base character which is based on a tiger on oughteste the rest of it is like how you celebrate christmas who cares ever who care who hears how if it's what you want to do you be you that's great supposed to have that freedom is about the freedom and its iason fortunate relies so i i personally think that i'm i'm kind of i'm kind of moving to the opinion that a lot of the stuff that's in that then are a nation or state is jumped into his overstepped what it really should have its hands around all the time most of the stuff that i see really just should be a woman aided and we need to really get back to base on on what the beginning the founders the founders wrote in to the documents and the rest of it needs to be swept away because we complicated everything and it doesn't need to be remember how the socialist take over a couch and how our government and when i say socialists so talking about sea five eyes the organizations fbi in those organizations that have been in fled and god knows how long they've been in held probably back to the forties in before at least yes so the fact of the matter is how they take over a country is they get into the political first of all to get into the education then neolithicas and then once they've got this all working in their favor then they try to destroy the history of that cuntre take down statues oh braces on or whatever they can come up with all kinds of e and in once they destroyed the history and once they destroy the ah the political structure of it now they go after the the oath after they destroyed a structure of it then they go after the i can't can't think of the word now i just was on my mind and it's gone ah then they go after thee the there's no social part of it an individual are and in they try to divide the divide the groups of piathats they divide the groups of people athensnor not cohesive as an organization for as he grew much or scattered you've got the alg bt group you got the you got the blacks of lives manner people you got the there's a tone amount there organizations and you keep these organizations fighting at each other yes and religousness for bad behavior and then you move in and then you take over the centre and so we are at the final stages if we continue to allow this nonsense to content that we could lose his country fairly rapidly although i don't think we're going to lose this things of changed significantly now ah trumps opened the window heckes opened the garage ah an he's allowed feeble in on these called fake news out we're going on and on and on and effect were destroying the news media so where being not much more success ah in not allowing this to happen and there's a lot of people out there that understand what oh yeah it's minority that doesn't under that that socialism is or that there their ideologies are better then what was going on in america back in the seventeen hundreds and and that our founding fathers brought this country together to make a the people the sovereign and the government the slave of these the servian or service organization to serve the needs of governing its its dislike hiring a contractor the government should be a contractor on whose service is no contract to carry out our wishes it should run like a business service industry not punitive yet you don't send cytheris o a service above above a king and say you know will worry to watch or think you do well guess what were the sovereigns were the king where the kings and queens really and it bent the government is there serve what we are contract and paying them to do lately backwards you know and a cheer point what i see a lot of is the bread and circuses that are a thirty keep people busy and if you go back and you study things like alexander the great what had alexander the great jew to take over areas very simple really education religion entertainment once you once you take over those of those areas of controller distraction you've got the entire society and you eat that that and the government or an invading atitil walk right on and everybody's of plain not involved not really knowing what's going on and they don't care to have though it's all friends so in i think that something i've seen a lot o social media is people that want they want to know they want to know exactly what's going on any point time will anybody that really knows what's going on out there they are saying a word they're not tone and so we can make ghosts about what's going on ii typically think that what we're seeing is a very asaver much a military intelligence level operations going on right now to free our nation and i really know please that i i believe that it's a military plan to free oration there's so many so much evidence of it out there in its so all of this other nonsense is out there you know you've got this new sage that pops of over here and then they people get sick of that sage and then you get a new in the paths over there and people get sick at one and you know i don't know i've kind of been in the truth or in the the trutharthur community for many many many years and you see people kind of come and go it's like what's the new thing to sell people then it and the contingenter peaweep busy but i do think a lot of that is coming from the point actually in good point of view in order to await you know help people wake up to how bad the world is there's enough of it out there that's that's really eh that's really just a distraction and this information to keep people to keep people away from what's really happening well we have had we have had you know one of them my friend that with me on the political siendo on the laws says that the problem that we have is that news runs twenty four hours and he got a full a remover and over and boothe rules because otherwise in a what do you to have a plane are sped they should only be on couple hours a day what why do we need a man twenty four and every single network has the kind that kind of news said on twenty four hours same work same thophile same talking points why because in old and date in that its driving it home getting that information two years so in our youbelieving no matter what radio broad or or television broadcast he turned it on the talk in the same so so like your saying ah it came of reinforce its constant all the information we maybe since he so did sieves s got to be re yet that the two weeks that i took off there to re refocus a little but it was really wanted a kikohanata what you men of do and and oh you know to wasingas i am kind of like a son of the little bit of news how anon and i like to watch that with this also things that we all can be involved and which are teaching us skills which are benefiting our neighbors around us which are now keeping our eyes open and in taking care of the world around us not just of suing about what what's going to happen next trying to figure it out it's kind of amazing to me how much fightin i see out there with the patriots or who is the most right or who has the most information pethangtse good luck with that because you know pretty much all of us are still in the dark i so much of it that that is it's fun to keep up with its kind of fun and games a lot of its broad and sire and is keeping keeping our end and it could even be bread circuses from the good guys that are trying to keep people from being upset about how really bad it is and that they're working through things like the human trafficking portion of this and what's going on you know they were talking about the border prices with the sewing the elections will yet is there more to it oh yeah there's a lot more to it the normalizing the petaplan that the mount of hiding of that that's out there as well as you know the human trafficking that's going on to the kids are in this is such a big issue that i think that if people actually saw what happens to these kids and i'm not talking sixteen year olds that look like their eighteen somebody you know it which is bad enough i mean hananias hornefretter tacks and selftorture were he horrific acts of torture and of of a things that that i don't really think these people that do this sort of thing are actually human in the sense that we think that they are because you could never ever ever commit the crimes of these people are a capable over that they done with being an actual human being there was there was an interesting video that i pulled up this week and it was about the twenty twenty two mat got gals with they called it and what what it was was this on the sky is a he saw horror he produces horrors and they paraded a that it was opening the portal the how and they were they were showing pictures of these i don't know about monsters whatever does he created to look like sort of ideas horrible but one of the things was of you know ah somebody wearing the entrals of another human being or something like that and it was like screamed at the dam and and on nonius kept going on not for one point of of insanity to the next to the next to the next and i i think that the really sad thing is that people don't realize that is actually something that is going on it's like you know or if you if a person were to look up the vere on the wiener lap top of which there were twelve investigators that saw that nine of them are dead that saw that lap top foot it there were two girls in those videos that were ten years old that were being tortured and the th and the anti part of it was horrific and this stuff is happening all the time oh i i can't trust that enough and everybody's going to have to steal their steel their stomachs just a little bit about this because i do believe that this is going to come out in the open of what's actually happening you know the kids and cages its real the th it is it is real the stuff is really going on and when you find out that somebody who was as close to the top is a horse was and was actually dancing around with a ten year old intestines around her neck in this is not one of and and it's out there but there's more than that you know it's like it's like a o there's more than that and if people like it said the end is not for every one but it's out there and all of this stuff is out there and unfortunately as idols we are going to have to deal with the stuff with these monsters that took over our nation and that are also victimizing the children which we as adults and people which we as adults should be protecting with our very last breath and consequences be damned because it's going to take all of us to stand together and start stop fighting about about you know the small stuff that doesn't matter and sticking with really big stuff and the constitution a big thing it if we if we if we cannot is there if there or if this skillington were re gotto a constitutional con convention with the amount of people who have no integrity wore on we we i am so against this almeno conventions states are are constutional convent any of that we've got to get the scum cleaned out and clean out howls and that's from top to bottom i think that there should be a legal for china or any other foreign entity to own land in this nation i think that there is there is some bindings on any one who has you know been convicted of of had a filio or or any of this stuff needs to be no more because you're you're not going to change them and it's unfortunate but all these big things we're going to have to face and i know it's coming out and i know that it's going to become more main stream or where people who are say an onshore searchers have known that the stuff was around for years the the level that a lot of people are still on our anna the governmental level but there's others a whole there's the layers to and we were going to have to in a were going have to unravel that from the transient john do to the in owes mutilation of children to the gender of war which you talked about all this stuff were going to have to deal with it and i think that a very significant soft is is going to be to continue to educate people on a constitution on the rules that need to be there in order to stop some of these horrific ah this terrific chaos ah victimisation the that the money anderall of it because it's all the same it really is it's it's a a criminal is a criminal or insane mind and we can't let the inmates run the asylum in no kidding yes and we have we have them we have the criminals running the asylum right now in b not only to see lansing and several other others states avery stay it is from top to bottom it's in our school boards as the school minister its inner zonbor its in or is in our you know oh it's it's every level of government and that's the problem it when when downtrodden the swamp was so deep it is so deep you know we've got somebody here who allegedly took a twenty thousand dollar bribe in order to keep the masks we could and and so they were getting paid off the churches too the five or one see threes i mean this is so broad and so wide that when when god finally gets sick of this the tea retribution for bad behavior this got to be overwhelming and with a steel re resolve we cannot let one of these people go because they were the they'll come back it's just like a child to lest we let one of these people go and this is why we've got such a lack of structure right now you know we let rachisco and water he got a do they're going to go out in the good way forget as there could ravagin in their contract then until somebody finally decides to end this nonsense because they can be rehabilitated because they know it's wrong and they don't and so in the gas on every level of our government you know it that the constitution is something that all of us need to know and study because we can stand on this as a protection for ourselves and for those around as i really believe that and i'm on to keep beating his human trafficking drum patapedia you know satanic ritual abuse all of this has to just be just we just need the author just pound on this thing and tell everybody gets it because i think we've been stock in the predicates so long that when you actually throw something out there that is going on in its been going on for so long red under our nose as people are like only kent and alas and one to look at it okay fine then your you're compictacon you let it go and and we can so back to the chap oh mose see you live yesitis from lot you have to have a sorry garry smith who is your group john and how can i get more information ah we showed up long wear were there on one they knight and oh if you send me any mail to john jay tater stratton to come now no better cantator at you dataand asked for a connection i will send you in and i'll send it out later to days send it to me as quick as you can he not put on my mailed here were no me the following week which is the seventeenth a toosday at nicholas in field i don't know whether this gentleman lives if he lives on this side owner or siderolite side on or so he can come and and share dinner with us at five o'clock and and will run the meeting until nine and we talked about all kinds of things and that son not the seventeen a nice but i'll send them the invite if he sends him sea very cross so the dogger love onnessary o the fit is just about to hit the shan exceed like that love said al sole those horrors are true i went down the road all time ears ago then oohed the beast and whom a wearing a young girl's face and dancing round handed back away think most of us have seen it or at least we know what's going on ah lassepas cannot be rehabilitated and very said i only recently came to know why i can't on no makes me sick for the rest of my life well once you see that sort of thing or you realize what's really going on you you have to you can you can never go back you you can't go back to just the halloo the way things are supposed to be this is really what i think were supposed to be fighting and standing for and once you do see that you can't go back and you're going to fight for what's right from now and tell for ever you will you'll never you'll never be able to go back to the celestine and that's good can you bring up the constitution again i shook and in one more point i won't oryou don't get a back on track we go down that's good i don't know but nice i on page so you got oh on page fifty seven i'm so on marisforde annesgate no blows through all events what you did as you spark that interest to hear that i wanted to bring out a cast is article are idle man loved well for in some manner you doing good there fifty seven is not that the stuff is an important but this next point is very prodigal a la lawful basis in order what tack these these egregious violations oh there are good and so it is all dottels together we have to know the law we have now the constitution we have now the lawful process which is why we have been able to fight these people because we're going out with a she and judicial system in a bunch of born of frigid judges in study going in there in petitioning the legislate they then got in on oharriet the battle if we got on it the bar we howheaven it on till now we're getting there you hold it up on the higher and when the hammer drops it's going to be kind of shocking i believe in waiting of the organs is public all officers legislatures execute and judicial before entering upon the duties of their respective office shall take described the following or affirmation i do solemnly swear for or firm and i will support constitution of the united state and the constitution of this state and that i will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of whatever governor according to the best of my ability no other author affirmation or any religious test shall be required or as a qualification for any office or public is the ah most important part of the constitution right because what it does is it says that you mister governor miss or to support the constitution of the united states on we went over all of the articles in the first amendment and we talked all are the first articles which ran the bill of rights i know we can go over those again but this says that you've got to uphold or support the constitution of the united and the constitution of the state of shin and if you don't in every public functionary swears no i have a whole bunch since i've gone after you can write to the officer the great seal and send on the dollar and under a foyer request get there as of old and i have hold bind her full of otonies of every judge over ran and an now what why there's got to be a better way to get information out there than i have to foyaite know what's like thee there's got to be better were you some of this point and costs like a lot of money for people thank to get access to this information which should be ours in the first place it's just like all of the legal documents in the case is case you know it an attorney is to palinthus nd dollars for a set of book in order to actually have aces lie as the being kept from we the people what why is it that they make information so hard to get that we have to go through a meteor or another party that this is not its absolutely no i agree with you than its nuts in its not legal is not lost but it is the way that judicial systems set it up oh i understand and then but it's like a unfortunate that they did it because they did it just a lock down the process and lake we the people out of their little process to him another painter place scheme going on or pay for actooated but i think you can get away with fighting a feared a hundred paces but o the flier requests world the old if you don't have to give him anything but you won't get a certified and i want to certifie so i pay the extra pack for me it's a dollar for so i had something preventionthe had de thousand dollar estimate for for looking at penitration out of one of the government had asked the now which entity it was and then there are ways of fighting at but to god you got up the prepare again it's going back to do you know the law do you know what you're right sir do you know what the rights of the government are in others suppose to be and how this post act and under certain conditions if you know all that and your working at that situation then you could get away without paying the because you know that they really can't charge when you call the local clerk and you say i want in whatever this cork gassin she says all the corcases at two pages long we charged five dollars a page as four hundred to four hundred dollars ah you don't know any better you don't know that they can't do that because you have now not ever gone into that pose so now your anna and a loss how do i fight that situation what are i do to change the and you can change it we can go we can make these change we can go to the the city councils and we can make this changes at city councils or we can hold them all responsible for violating article eleven section one there oh and we can bring treason into that because that's what it is centeno yeah you sworn all the product and the federal constitution as the same old so if you violate the state of in the federals if created a situation where those are acts of trees not a few one how fight then and cord all all idol all entertained that no sugar and i'll get you kicked out of office or i'll get you a pair half defined one where the other but it's a process that we have to know how to make it work and the problem is that a lot of us we go to corn we lose in the district court level because the cords are set up that way you lose in the district court level ninety per cent of the time because the figure once you lose then you're just going to pack up your self and go home they don't think you're going to take it to the next level it you're going to fight him in any other way and that's why there are certain judges that would rather not have me in their cots because i don't tolerated if you violated my rights if you violated the law in court on record i got it now on paper yet and we're going to keep fighting no matter what you know that's running where in some of us are wired that way you know that we see things that discussed us in its like that's a ray to take another swing your just batesnor backs and when it comes forward it's going to have more force he gave us an orgy but that's the way everybody should start the if i lose in court first of all i'm not going to pay the next why because i have all the reasons i don't have the now take me to court and argue with and if your argument is not correct then you ever let me go or will take it to the next level well will continue this because if you if you give up then of course that's what you're going to hand up you're not going to get ye so you can't give up you got to fight the next you got to go on to the next level whatever that is and you can win eventually you will win no but the fight may take years he got to be in it for the long hall i mean and i think i think when it's in everything we do is a long hall battle and that's okay it's it's what we're supposed to do and it's what we can do so that's really good so elsie bright what what are your other options you know what we do for gotten watch up pots full of cut of cubans land in miami and have a new thing to complain about because the severewere you know you were content to fight the battles where we are and and help the people that are in our path it's not looking for the great the greener grass all the time because it's not it's just not we're going to find the same thing no matter where we go and hareneither reparde solution or we our part of the problem situate beyond the problem we are there and so here here is the here's the question let's what we on that there let's good place to antitheton stitution we get latin to day but that's okay we had lost catch up on and i always long orentino he with that let the cook and we covered some of the more important it is good a nice to catch up after a break like that too and all these things though rest on our minds and such or thinking aolchis if you and i are thinking about it pretty escosura lot of the people are thinking about it too what's your thought about em cause we see what we see a lot of this kind of stuff out there which our thought about a financial crash or crisis and or he seems to me i had had a text that came from somebody that serving and landing and they said that there was like an emergency situation pight committee that mat and sent me a video frogthat on what you need to have it or disposal in case we didn't advise sandisone orr and hope or if the great goes down or anything like that and i thought that was kind of curious see that especially now cause there's a lot of people talking about it and i think if you want to financial you know you can kind of see the writing on the wall what what's your thought of the well my thought is according to what i have been studying that we are headed for a new moneys we are heading for a revaluation of and it's not a revaluation by the bank the great reed it is not that is one that has been brought on board by the i hate to say trump people ah but that cruel people though the the true patriots interpol ah the chinese the russians their st hundred and ten countries may be more than that now but they were two hundred and ten countries that signed on to the gold in this gold tree is going to be inacted at some time in the nearest when but it will come on board supposedly when the rats have all been drowned or there in because we don't want to refund the rat so people like i mean they're going to lose their one point seven trillion to ukraine and men and many more piles of money that they thought they could get their not going to get any more and so their losing when when their anemone there on a s the cid c does it avitamine s d c scorn out ah the hoose going out of its because the new currency that's coming on board is going to changed the features and make it make everything zero zero at the theatre so that is any place that you may have a mortgage and i'm not saying go out in by get a mortgage all but if you have a house mortgage yet there's a good chance that that elmorgo e will go these he'll end up with your house but the banks will not get the mortgage money that you are that you have oh that you all them because it that money won't not exist it'll be sorrownot so the new currency that's coming on board is a rainbow currency it looks fondly fed instead of being horizontal its red when i've seen of her now that they may change and that new currency is going to be brought on board and if you have money in the bank he minola hundred grand or whatever fifty grand or what that currency is going to automatically next time you go to the bank to morrow and we have the reset you'll get the new ceres and it will be back by gold and some sort of an asset bad he interesarse what how this shakes so coenesthesis to take five to seven years for everything to stable and i can understand ah you'll still be able to go and get along at the bank on but money will not be in she ah you've been if you'd listened and all to ininthe patriot stations i mean a truly patriot not a not a sea operative but a true patriot state there going to be talking to you about dick new currencies and about the what's going to happen when the currency values and if you have a bank full of money that they're not here to destroy you the heir to destroy the rats and in the process of doing all this all occurrences across the hundred and ten are two hundred and ten and maybe more countries our god all be equals the rouble will bele to the youth of the dollar which will be put to the end which will be equal to the pound so there won't be any disparages in the currencies from country to country and make it a more equitable and fair exchange of red so that's or were headed and i've been hearing that for some time so i'm pretty sure it's heading and in that direction and trumpets said more than once that a wire this is going to be the greatest transfer of wealth from the banking system to the people so that's where what the sole thing is folk a going to be interesting as for sure it may interest i think it's going to be i think it's going to really be interesting and as long as we stayed to gather and remembered to put things that important for and not get too bad shape when things you know and to have little faith that god is going to see us through it no matter what transition or what things look like as we we there could be a lot of things that we don't know exactly how things are going to really shake out in the end we got kind of an idea but i really think that we're going to be just fine and that i will get it figurethere going to be so is it's like a i've got i've got my new i got after i got my new coffee mug we can't be all fanshaped but the lizard people and whatever else the people throw out the is a lot of nonsense out there and i think we can just keep her eye on keep our eye on him god keep heroinethe gold and will be justine no man of the i think we're headed into a new paradise that's what i said at the very beginning that we are heading into a new paradine where we the people after have our axes together in our note so we understand what's going on we we have to be able to critically think we can't be following i'll be algebraical be following the resident in this process because there there there going to jail if they are not already there ah and so we have to be sure that we understand what are role is in this ever going to have the people bring people along there are people that are still wearing as they are going to have to be brought along if they want to they want to come along some of them will never he so we we have our own personal ah issues that were going to have to take care of when this thing finally does thee a flip and its coming well and i think too you know we want the government to be representative of the people than we have to act that way too with a service mine set in set me mememe grab a perhapsto what can i do to help it's got to be what can i do and serving in certain in or the first step is sir is change in our own hearts and doing the right thing no matter what the consequences are and then your refusing to submit to those things which we know are wrong and that's that such is harnessing to do for people is too for human beings have a hard time because there thinking well what of what in those with the compromise and it's like we do the right thing under any circumstances and let god worry about the end game you know it's it's like like you know i mean that's that's a truth and whatever we think that we've got control of its allusion we don't really have control over anything other than making a few good and bad does and so you know to try to to try it on you know well what about my job will that's got a lot of people in trouble with vaccination in my opinion what about this what about i losing my company if i don't shut down well so be it you know that's the way it is you know we sometimes have to make make choice as based on those higher moral moral choices and i know you know exactly what i'm talking about because you know we were both very much on the same page with us they do the right thing and the consequences be gone and i think that's that's really important you said something just like you joyce riley is on the power hours she used the gonado the next right and honorable thing and let god and the son i love the i don't know who joyce riley is but i like her all ready you know and not a and it kind o funny it's like when we think worth the end of things and we have no way god will always make away and it may be uncomfortable for a little while but even in the car oncomfortable situations we gained so much and you know you never eat don't really grow much when everything is perfect you really grows when things go bad and you find out what you're made of and the people around you are made of and try to think your way out of it even your thought presses so everything is ideal we we just you know we just sit in one spot and never really grow up and we never wenever we don't gain anything from the solehold be afraid that we should be afraid of the changes we shouldn't be afraid of you are things that we think that we're going to lose well you shouldn't be ever be afraid of that because there's always more there is always more it's not the end you know and congo forward with courage bravery no fears exactly what you dear point that you want to start out with us to day is it little bit cept talk here on everybody just be willing to go into this sin adventure not something to be afraid of this isn't adventure it's an adventure and opportunity for the adventure of our lives and if we are afraid of the change in holes back from a great adventure met the one he good men a stopping right now or do you want a yeah helikon a see for our men at itwill end up you rudely father thank you so very very much for the time that we could spend gather for john for everybody that's on the chat here to day and that is listening now that will listen later we us you bless each and every with a lion's heart a heart that is full of courage and that will go into any situation and be that be that person that can pull people together and help them not be afraid and and give them the confidence and the direction to always put you first to lead us into any situation and out of any situation that you go before us behind us and that no amount of masking or social distance or whatever it is never be better than to have in your presence with us behind in front behind a round and that your pulling us together every day thank you for giving us so ability three people with grace and with mercy when there trying to do thee their best and just for those that are doing the absolute patently wrong thing we ask that you would convict many hearts if they're doing something that is against your will or how you created this world to be the natural world we had everything that we ever need it to live here and be happy in the state that you created us in and were thankful for that help us to get back to those basics and just walking on the earth with you in the garden of that's all we need is just being able to be with you in the garden walking with you talking with you and serving each other that's where that's where our joy comes from and we are we are grateful that we can make a break with the material world with things that are around us with a pinions with with even unlawful processes and that we can truly just just lock with you upon this here and in the world to come may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven in all things and that everything that we do we lay at your feet none of it comes from us we are just we are just here to do here well and were thankful for that opportunity and ah we just love you to day and julis name we pray a mount there you though i do hartenstein in the end loves everybody out there you can always go to my website dinging in brine for cover not tom because i have not conceded in neither as john and ah we are the never give up not related down just he panchinese that first up there and let him have it now her back down for anything and a steel resolve and unwavering and all we do oh everybody out there your loved you're not alone there's a lot of people fighting for you and that our fighting to stabilize our future together as a people and as the fat is of a family going together an god bless you ah anything is to an say john god bless the ganigo by have a good day and go to flesh god bless all those whom you love and god bless america will be next tuesday with with a tetotailer cater and and a new incarnation of and so a mile back next next to say with mister taters to morrow it is a a redeeming grace church with dr chimpaka thursday is karen karen the riveter and i and also a friday i think it's going to be a carnanton again felt so that's kind of ore shooting for get back in the groove jumped back in saddle and read in to ride so have a great day they love to your family and i look for talking in a side