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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/9/2022 - Live - JD Glazer and Mellissa Carone

Published Sept. 9, 2022, 8 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and welcome to a lets see my camera right here and welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg it is in fact friday september night in the morning i have a very special guest one with me to day at jailer and we were going to be talking about everything election and tirty as well as a call to action for the nobody gets a pass any more everybody's got to get off their behind and get moving to take the state back because we are in truly in the midst of a communist invasion of our nation has been going on for a long time i'm going to we we had some big news yesterday that the queen died it was the official announcement i'm not completely convinced that that was the actual day that she died but will let that go with that and that it was a significant thing because i watch numbers i read e research now like connect the dots just a little bit so i'm going to play a misleading because i want share the screen just a minute because i love a on her before started but its life he get what you here we go with a full screen and let's go ahead and they no trump has at all they know that he but all the information they know that he has the leverage but of course you do live and start stutter on well i guess it doesn't want to talk to me right now so we're going to go back to the to the broadcasts for some reason it's it's been a little wonky lately so i'm here with it as i got buddie got him happy with you everywhere you go and there you go great way to start to day so in a brain and jagadhri now and we're going to start talking about what what's going on not that that honestly it seventeen seventy six days since upon and i do like to listen to everything i will listen to absolutely anything people say i will talk to any one and i really don't care if people like me talk in a certain people or not was talking to james stuart yesterday and he got in trouble with a bunch of fortune oh no i'm the enemy because i am not on the republican party and i like him a lot he came on our he talked yesterday are we did interview it was awesome i have much rest relocated to other people and stop dividing us and the effort to pull this country back together again and fixed this nation which is tremendously broken so the good morning and how are you another beautiful day in michigan i see got your king cole and do something funny this is the one to start the day out because ashatea i think it's i think it's funny for a daylight today after we did yesterday and is kind of funny so anyhow how are you this morning then will you're welcome he had a little bit of discussion before we came on this morning about the fact that we all wake up at different times to what's going on and when i as it when you really woke up that you realize that the world is not necessarily what we thought it was thank you you need to talk a little wholesome yet the better i had my thumb over the for me it would be the summer of twenty twenty the downs the governor and all of our representatives and senators said you will close down your business you will not get paid but we will continue to get paid and that point i realize that the financial motivation of our representation is completely wrong they have no incentive to fix anything paid no matter what simply wrong he noticed how many people got raised those that were within our government during that time when morally took the people that were close to her and she cut their hours to thirty two hours a week but yet gave them a a a six hundred dollar has arper whatever you want to call it can pay which amounted to a seventy five dollar an hour a rate for those eight hours that they were that they were cut well it wasn't worth that i wasn't that educated at that time she's a real piece of work i move in money your ongeoise time cut the sheriff and i'm kind of a fan of the shares quite honestly so that that it wasn't working real well for me see some emails this week and it's really it's a call to action for the people of michigan and how we can change things from from it a lot of people it seems to me don't don't know how to really make a difference or how to get involved and i wanted you to bring to bring out this morning to talk about what you have in those steps as for tapers and verve and then three other steps and i can i can post it information on telegram to day and make sure that we get people moving in the right direction for the effort of removing people who are bad bad players in okay the steps are is it called for the removal of district chars who did not elevate alternate and it started at convention when we voted for pretence governor and there was a district chair who refused to elevate my team i personally do i don't want to say but then when given a copy i went and looked up the copy paper copy it was given to him or some one else but i went and got it says you shall they were still his refusal to elevate i thought that was an isolated in so i didn't think too much of it but afterwards we started talking a letter was sent out in this resulted in a lane complaints they were a ton alternates that went on elevated there were people who took off work from the up travelled took the day of work and then they weren't called up when they were vacant what people don't understand the purpose of alternate and delegates and they've been brain watched for a long time to think that you go there just to vote and your there to vote the party line and you're not you are there to represent the i wore and the people are entitled to representation at all i never know what's going to happen and to think saturday convention demonstrated that and you have to be there to respond and if you're not on the floor you can't respond it's not just about voting and what we proved on saturday was the delegates for the first time get to decide how convention goes he actually has no power to tell what they are supposed the reverse the delegates to the chair and thus the first time that anybody saw that demonstrated so the potations what people don't realize and that is that the officer who took an oath of office performed to the best of their ability the platform and to and enforce the rules of convention have cause for there is a disciplinary process that the people to remove these people from office and so the mails that i sent you call to action starts with of alternate who were not elevated and it's a copy of the convention rule number twelve it is a copy of the district by laws that gives the authority to proceed with this plenary process and why and then it is the actual disciplinary steps themselves to remove these terrific now this is what the people can do they don't know they can do this they can it's one of the first steps of the and one the reason why it is important is delegates and alternates a convention is the one time were regular people get to go and make decision that matter something on the house floor but you can do something in convention it is voted tampering and vote manipulation when party officers fear with an elevation of alternate and prevent them from being on the floor and prevent them from voting the yeah that that to me is something that's that alternately wrong with the two party system is that they are in fact making decisions from the top down and really taking away the vote of the vote of the choices the voter as they place people and we can really see it especially in this election cycle how how bad this problem is when you have when you have people that have infiltrated a party and they become kind of like an unchecked they have unchecked power to do whatever they want to have a real problem and they're not helpful and letting people know that they actually do have the power as they're kind of hiding it but everything is actually very backwards right now and it's upside down nothing's working away at supposed to and and it's i think what we preventeth cycle is that the two party that to major party system is broken is totally broken and we've got a gorgon have to try survive around it you know i think this is great for people that really good people who are within the republican party that want to do something and they want to change it and off to you know and every one has to get in and you know it fight here there and everywhere because we really need to come at these communities to expose them and eliminate them from their positions of power this is the one thing that people have control of come to think in the past couple days that the general election is the the truth is we have no control over the general election no one has been arrested for fraud no one has been removed the criminals are still a control of the election process and tell something some one is prosecuted for election fraud with the evidence the mountain avalanche of evidence that men collected those criminals still control the process the people still control are the county elections we could take over eighty three executive committees we could take over all of the district and we could take over state convention and we could take over the state chair that would put patriots back in control of the party what the people can do this is what the people can focus i had some one asked me about the time to focus on the general election what i'm talking about here long term planning an i takes coordination amongst counties which is something republicans are not used and if they don't focus on this they will lose control and they will be cheated again this is why this is why the establishment the money focus on and regular people ignore you don't understand the power of and they don't understand the power of the state rules so people respond to this and do this it demonstrates the power that the people actually have and the control they actually could take to get the party back all of these people could be a record number of new patriots became delegates and as demonstrated at convention we have the voting majority to have to do it now before we even lose at opportune yeah taking back the power to the people from what been an illusion taken it away as it is like he to going forward and everything so can we go through these documents that you sent me so that people came here step by step exactly what to do because i think that some people learn by reading some people learn by hearing and i think this is a nice opportunity to just really explain the process that i stepped you have yeah i do ye have them so i know you have too so i thought i'd just give you an opportunity to talk about them i don't i don't have in front of me i can put my mail i guess but i would lose my camera so how can you could read to the helpful i can do that i want to be a helpful if he can do this because i think think that you're after at getting people involved in getting them motivated as as extraordinary in its needs to so disciplinary investigation for non elevation of alternative at the twenty twenty two nominated a is not a criminal matter or a criminal case this is part of the entry process for the removal of party officers unfit for criminal legal process not do not apply more testimony does not apply that's important understand because the bar is much lower here say is allowed a personal testimony without being sworn in as loud there is there is an actual trial that's very similar to a criminal trial but it's not his and you don't have all those elements that and there's no criminal charges which is why the bar is lower but people can be found guilty of not performing their and they can be removed from do not the alternative is cause of pain are absent to cause complaint to not elevate alternis to deny the people proof juliet them their representation on the floor it is botanical alternate and the people that represent are entitled to all actions on the floor to convention not just one alternate entitled and then you got several sections there are two quite provisions for alternates one the complete representation of the convention as possible the by laws at the convention ship level ship provide the each unit shall elect a certain number of altar called to serve as vacancies are alternate spend money in travel time to attend the convention alternate the day off delegates have the duty to report they are leaving delegates cannot be late duty to serve should not leave hasty to be alternate were duly elected to go to convention by the people chairs are authorized to elevate the people gave them that authority county cheers now their people and him obligations to know about van committees took money for god that's kind of important i think it only member one thing that could restore ah that is it you can't you can't get involved with the money without it really coming back at him counting numbers in many cases and money to send alternate to convention that there's another one this is the most important function of our citizenry to vote purchase take notes of part one two three and four part two is a convent rule heart three is the key district by laws to target part four are the pallor parliamentary process do being disciplinary hearing and removal from office collect evidence testimony of non elevation from alternates who were not elevated for various reasons contact officers numbers of district committee and county committee this include your district representative which should be very a very useful ally not that district may by law say that one fourth of the members can force a special meeting to begin an investigation of complaints fifteen days after notification of special meeting it's up to you if this gets dropped buried or successful resolves the yeah a couple o things you asked me earlier about the chair delegate in a war i decline to answer and the reason it is that these people deserve an investigation for the rules before their name is slander so in accusation has to occur within the district of the alternate who have the ned to take it upon themselves to do they can demand and force what you just read an investigation it will be investigated and then the results of that that's up to them that's why i haven't said the name there are a few names estate the other is point that you read are duly elected people elected them and they elected a lot of them so that there is there are no vacancies are not supposed to be an people are entitled to representation on the floor at all time ridiculous that the party leadership doesn't know this and manipulate second is in the district by laws duties are levied for again more money is transacted and that could lead to fraud or financial mishandling that's in another point parrot gone the money the fact that now the money point that they are taking money for this and operate the car the district chairs are authorized now that means something we wake just overlooked these words when something says you shall you don't have a choice everyone thinks that their job is discretionary all do it if i feel like and they don't when when you accept a job certain things you shall do and then as these there authorized so the people gave them the power to do a certain job you know just get to not do it they were district chars he did not show up a convention that's a big fail there are district chairs who intentionally did not elevate and then there's district chairs say they didn't know and this isn't the first road of their is no excuse for a despatcher do not know the rules not of the process not nor the intense the americans no children here they're not children it's a very simple process it's not complicated we're not talking about something really hard here and so is not this a just monica while it goes i think it sometimes i goes back to putting unqualified people in place that may be either don't take things seriously or don't do their home agreed or your operative that's working to prevent it arrive that word right there because that's what we have we got a whole state full operative it goes much deeper than rioting inowre those who were weak willed republicans but actually blewe have democrat operatives now i know democrats when they are when their party lots are full of a discoorsin side and and we accept it we allow we let it it's a i agree with that so apart to convention move on yet the pretty important you need to read it the first part is the annotated and then the second part is the i'm going to go hard to these parts and so we can to convention rule on elevating alternate point district chairs are authorized to elevate so are other convention officers greatest there and authorized the people gave them a power think the people gave them a power to do something on their behalf by not doing that a descending you you percy very clear message about what he feels about it is expected shall occur at all times not discretionary automatic implied clear in ten implied people are to have the represent with it in four and walter august twenty two republican state convention rules twelve filing state convention delegate made our filling state convention delegate mayence i enumerated a in order to increase participation in the state convention be the elevation of all termitidae shall be a man discretionary shall be proposed for secreting about that first point to increase participation the intent of the party and when someone takes a othello duty the best they can increased participation of the people you know that's the essential point to the rest of the rules go ahead automatic and consistently applied process he at all times during the state convention i alternate shall be automatically elevated to delegates the district terrors and other convention officers had the authority to elevate the broke it out sometimes legal language which is bad again he against automatic consistently in man discretionary means to do have a choice about which delegate goes or which alternate goes there's a list that was elected by the people and they just go automatically means when it happens it happens being authorized again people gave them a job to do expecting that they will work on their behalf in state convention delegate vacancies in order to increase participation at the state convention the elevation of alternate and delegates should not discretionary automatic we applied process at all times during the state convention ousaphais your take on that when you read that what does that say that there automatically elevated as delegates that it really out to the discretion of the state of the state can you get a sense of important yea because this this is the top down what they've done as they assert the bottom of direction from the people and gone to a top now management the rest retire cutting up this was the problem that i have right now with all the parts is that they are cutting out the decision of the people and they are given the illusion of choice because to do whatever they want there there making up the rules as they go so even if in if there are you know the rules are in place there just so in their nose at all he goes down down with this one doing whatever i want it pretty well yeh that's pretty much what i'm seeing here but that's what we've seen that what i've seen with the with the whole process from the moment that i started running for governor was that nobody was paying attention any lawful process or proceed so it now as a hat tipped to donald william whose on your every day at maladministration because nobody follows any rules pretty much a free for all in our political grow already out there where you know people are are using oh i just don't want to follow that rule of snake it my rule as as i go that that pretty much in my mind tumosity now or sums up as society right now or i don't want polarising make up and do what i want and a unfortunately i don't think that do whatever thou well is a good plan state convention of any challenges to the elevation of alternate sedater mined by the credentials i a convention delegate because she'll be filled from the alternate within the same county and connect grinaldi strict as the absent delegate thus if a delicate vacancy is from the eighth congressional district portion of kenton and it must be filled by juliette alternate alternate from the eighth district portentously if the delegate vacancy is eminent portion des then the vacancy can only be filled by a duly elected all to make from the wine count forepassed so what that saying is that the people of oakland are entitled to their represents and the people we are entitled to their repose people took to avert going to represent us for the day deny them that's what's happening actual denial a represented so they're denying even up to areas that they don't that they're not allowing to be represented if the denying alternates to been elevated as delegates than they can cut they came and caught areas of the state completely out of representing so this is becomes a regional perversion of what should be happening here you honestly they honestly could take in we're only going to have representation of the rural areas or our oregon to have represents of the cities or or something like that seethe whole states not being served they can they can they pick and choose the pick and choose who is going to who's going to vote with what the what the over lords and the party want so of representing the people yes this the number of people who can vote and one of the one of the premises is that you delegates just go and vote and do nothing else and as simply not true a delegate is just like the house of represented as with full rights to make arguments to side is he can they have full powers are not there to and aware of a phone call that was given to district chairs two not follow rule this was a fine call that supposedly took place two days before convention and they were told you will only elevate if it goes to a ballot vote while the intention here the rules was to have a voice vote only and never go to ballot so think about that all of those people would be denied to vote in the voice bolitho's when had occurred so what i'm seeing from his whole process from top bottom you know let me let me finish reading the merit de few delegates are quite angry with delegates have a duty to be there and not be late and a beard late it goes to your alternate because if you're late that means people don't have representation on the floor and as proved a convention there were issue starting from the moment that the bell rang so you don't get to be late this is not a joke this is not a game all of the serious preparation that it took to get a delegate to convention you have no excuse to be late completely ridiculed there are alternate who were denied elevation because oh well the delegates mother similarly you leave you have to report it immediately to get your replacement back on the floor quickly as post because anything can happen at any time yea and it this is truly is about stacking the deck to get the outcome that they want this is a potation now omination so okay so let me see where it in filling vacancies on the floor of the estate mentioned county must use a numerical elevation system of alternate elevation under the system alternates within the county or county portion of the congressional dis are elected on the american base all human alternate by the convention or counting portion of the congressional district at the time of their election and are elevated to fill delegate vacancies in that order thus the first alternate is given the first they can see and so on and in us in the event of the delegate arrives to return the state convention floor after an alternative taken as to her place the delegate immediately resumed his or her place and shall cast hell there's a word again cast his or her vote on all business which occurs their after where an alternate has been elevated and the delegate whose position he or she has taken returns to claim his a receipt the alternate shall be returned to the altar pool in his or her original rank alternate order a god that description discretionary process the people elected alternates in a certain order and they get promoted to the floor in a certain order and the chair doesn't get to decide or after that process you know what this reminds me of this reminds me of when we were in school remember when we were in school and we played sick ball and you you know you got all the kid standing on the side of the field and of course the best apple always sits in the middle of the field and so i took you and i think you and i fix you and anna and pick the ones that you know not necessarily the rocky know everyone gets represented but you know there's a you know they pick people and they don't even pick the best people sometimes sometimes you should there is because they don't want to mess with her body so it is even the most qualified person it's the body system that their place and in these positions and or the people that that there you know they're building their friendness vantine depends on the person i suppose it sitting there but it looks to me like it's a full full on a body so three misconstruction reddy uncle to her a to perform all duties delegated to it by law and mission republican party support advanced the republican party principles and republican party plans there's a reason why that stuff that's the goal the you know that's the sickness in the party the fact that we have leaders we are not doing those two guidelines jesus was asked what's the greatest law and he said love the lord our god with your heart mind and soul and then treat others as yourself all the other laws hang on this the same thing with the party if you're truly serving the people with the best intent we wouldn't even be havin his conversation is ridiculous that we have they were even having this conversation that there are officers who intentionally violate a rule that allows people intention of the and in the party should be the party should not be a structure as as it were it should be a platform of ideal the people want to have put in place it's not the structure of human beings it this should be the should be the ideology that all of them following their heart and when a form of government becomes absolutely corrupt it has to buy what i stated in the founding documents be removed and i think were we there right now it's i your you are here on the map of destruction of this nation so it is up to individuals to step up and have these people who are working against the platform of our ideals not you know they're not they're not representing representative of the party and like you said i think we have a lot of i'm not going to call democrats i think we have had over abundance of communists that have gotten into both the political parties and the job of everyone is to remove communists wherever we may find them i yet the article three membership approximately twenty five to thirty members i see a district chair district vice chair secretary treasure fifteen statutory numbers republican party state committee members elected for a term of two years and will serve until the sun are duly elected meaning they have to have charges preferred in a parliamentary trial to be removed from so there are people that you can approach hopefully out of all of those people which does include your congressional representative or senator and your local representative elected to the house ned to contact those people and say he what's happening here this is completely wrong and those people have to get involved i the chairs are responsible it's most likely the chair the violator not going to help so you have to bring in others in sure that this goes forward the charcot be allowed to and and i think that's important you know don't you hit a brook all going in to fight for something don't just stop because somebody else will be in there that will be able to have the ability to step in and help you and that goes not just for this but for any other male administration or any other agreed to one that we your true one of your true situations of your represented your representative varies if he doesn't go forward if he doesn't think that chairs violating the type of tissue not worthy of investigation something about the person you elected to represent it to atone complicity if they're not acting on it than their complicity even by their silence or ignoring it absolutely so and i mean every every single one of these people have tenderfeet held to the fire you don't just get walk away from something that was done wrong without being a part of it this is a horse sickness in the party a course sickness and all forms of government because everybody hiding for everybody else so that they don't get called out on it so i think that's one of the advantages of being an outsider is that you can see what's happening and you know you don't you don't have a you know you know you don't have a dog in the game it is easy to call out so also included chair for each e all single state legislators from their district and congressman from the district good good artificial have a vastantes it seen to it that the people have representation on the floor alone special meetings needs to be called for a trial to the chair person shall call a special meeting upon the request of one order all the committee membership to call the call to be issued within fifteen days of being filled with the district okay panted what that means is that the chairs not going to want to call but he can be forced to call this meeting with twenty five per cent of the people saying hey we want this to happen we have investigation that needs to occur that what the people need to realize and because this is outside the legal is something that the people can do because we've allowed so much corruption in our government we been stoned from judges and and people who won't do their job is something yeah and that action looking for looking for ways to get involved as a first start and taking it back to him some like yourself present this to people so they they have a little direction okay three notice special meetings shall state the purpose of the meeting investigation of negligence or will act of non elevation county delegates delegate alternative to state canton article eight rules roberts rolls or newly revised shall govern all meetings of the committee the executive committee and also committees accept us otherwise stated in these by laws of state party by laws easier it stops up again so it what's important about that by law says that robert's rules the blow there's no what that does is it authorizes disciplinary procedures for the removal of an officer to be applied if that was not the like in the committee by laws it said robert rules is overruled and the chair will decide the disciplinary matters state they took out parliamentary moral disciplines a problem that has to be nothing about that the state committee decided the basically will not have a display thus something we have to deal with but at a district the disciplinary process basically they just said a note of there's no discipline we can do what we want there's no consequences and that article five find it or article tinpence a duhallow ed annually on a basis of the number of delegates chicagoans you are a person you're so you understand this so do shall be levied and money paid for these people and then district chairs do not elevate them allow them to do their job those people without representation that taxation but representing essentially fraud sounds like it doesn't it see each indelicate edsall beloved annually on the basis of the number of delegates tony was allocated the prior false state convention money taken for delegate represents yeah sure sounds like it i mean i mean i would have to agree with that i mean it's a pretty heavy language shall be yeah you just can't take money and not not deliver out of promising or product to our service and that's exactly you know that's exactly what's happening here part four right you move on these are the disciplinary process for removal of a person and i don't think it's complicated but there are multiple steps and if you knew it might be overwhelming but if you just rethought and take a moment by just edred it to some one else it's not that hard it consists a charge the alternate have to come forward and say hey i was there there was a vacancy i was not elevated i should have been thus the then you told that to the district committee and he say you need to do something about that they need to be told that they need to have a formal hearing into this process to investigate they say if they find that to be true if they find that to be the case then charges will be preferred that the legal language for it where they will say yes we're making emotion that says the district chair did violate his duty and not fulfill this then they will have a hearing on that and trial actually he found guilty the piave not sworn testimony but witnesses will be called ford will be investigated and then there will be a decision on whether the charges are true and the intent is that penalty will be removal from so those are the state i think we should write those down in shorthand so that you know maybe people can have a very short hand of the steps and in published out there too i can unopenable jargon here which this is great to have as your base is an outer back out but i think that putting it into a very common easy language is going to make it easier to part for roberts rules on removing an officer for failure to perform duty and got a whole bunch of so are our robber rule six three point or tree to a society as the right to investigate a character of its numbers in officers and may be necessary to the enforcement of its own stand there so that's important you know we have the right to investigate and demand enforcement of our own stand my back to that course ign'ant i don't know that they can do yet the people don't understand the power that they actually have even under a second a grand jury there's so many things that you can do to actually write of a bad circus if after trial a number is expelled or an officer is removed from office society has the right to disclose that fact circulating it only to the extent required for the protection so what that means is you should go on channels news and say this but there should be announcement to everyone in the district the chair was removed for this reason and the party cares about his principles more than a cares about an individual and the intent is not to damaged somebody personally is to uphold the rules for every one you know rules for me also apply to you right in that and i liked that the fact that it's going to the people that are pertinent i really don't like the political assassination character sassination that's going on right now all there think it's i think it's horrible that's not what this is about right and and i and i see that i think that people need to keep that in mind that this is to preserve the process and the issues and if you have sootomtom one has to be moved out of the way that sign but to put a target on their back just move on this is one of those you know let's get out of high school thing move on move people out of the way and antonine to working for work forward rather than the destruction of a human being territories processes that need to be followed and then move on i boswell robert real sixty two sixteen in palaver the billows frothed officers for years and until the successors are elected an officer can be removed from office only for cause that is neglected duty in office or misconduct in a course the reason for that is depending on how a person is elected a different process applies the way that district officer was elected says you're elected for two years and until your successor is named that means it particular process applies to them so that's why i put that in the yet the process of important once again to go back to that process you know he can't this is something that i think people really need to understand that you can't always go on and absolutely star start harkened organization apart is a process you have to follow in order to stop the complete melton of the organization and that's true for the state to you know when i when i look at putting the state back together and how to hottentot he construct what's been done here with mark is and and i think it's really important now that there is going to be a process that it has to be followed other rights all of society are all organization completely and utterly false into chaos and destruction will a lot of what's happening is because no one ever gets held accountable to people were held accountable others would fall in line because they don't want it to happen to the each other that's what it is so that that is not in the gluttony of officer misconduct in accordance of the procedures describe three that is and investigated in committee must be appointed charge must be preferred and a formal trial must be three four ready a rigid are ordinarily it is impossible for the society to obtain legal proof of facts and disciplinary cases to get at the truth under the conditions of such trial heresay evidence has to be admissible and the judgement as to the best interests of the society may have to be based on what witnesses are not sworn so that's important people should not be afraid i am not a criminal process you're not going to have a district attorney involved you're not going to be instigated by a detective the bar of evidence is not lower if a group of people get together and say yet you did that a member or officer has the right that allegation against his good name shall not be made except by carteret on in reasonable ground thus he has the right to do process okay so the way this would work is you don't name names alternate who have a complaint would come forward and they would say we believe that the chair did not perform the function and you don't name them you just named the and as the investigation would happen then i found to have married would be preferred an the office so it keeps things and personal it becomes personal upon the removal and you don't have to go in guns blazing naming names yet because until an investigation committee has made a termination a private in well in the other thing is too is that it's really easy for people to jump on board and do a character assassination disease they don't like someone read instead of for the process so so and we're never going to like everybody all the time i mean there's going to be people that all of us just don't really care care for right and that's not a good enough reason to go out people in to destroy them that is a very that's a really demonic mind set that does that so we don't if we can can poor selves away from that and stick with the issues and anthea the positions in such we don't get into this morass of of of just it's like a high school drama that the you know and and popularity contest the body system because you can have a buddy system on both sides you can have a body system that is putting the team together you can bodyism on the side that ants destroy the team faced on maybe biasses are in such the dandiest mean that either that is that a correct process of itself gets in the way when that happens so for the protection of the society as that before below these are one confidential investigations by committee where is the word the words right there confidential to report of the committee and prefer of charges of martin for a poser fine line between confidential bearing the there people have to respect confidential but upon burial are the rules don't apply to public because enough pressure has to be applied at top level do their job so i respect everything until the point of the getting very well you absolutely and that the point being is that if you make that if you made no you're going to discourage other people from committing the same yes i i i do think that's really important but well what we go through the investigation it needs to be confidential because that's like trying people in the media you really should never try somebody in the media because all of a sudden becomes her say and the person is a tackbun opinion are they actually guilty and i mean we have seen that overlook it on entreated donald trump and you know general plan and so many people that are absolutely destroyed by the media with no proof whatsoever no we have to take the moral hiron here and if we're if we're in the party and were asking let us follow the all the now i see people that are behind the scenes screaming and yelling because because they didn't get their way that's another thing i think i pretty well lay somebody else for that because it tells the character there you go three formulation of the accused and for true in a number may at a time when not members are not pre offer resolution to appointment ausgang committee this resolution is to be in a form similar to the following motion olesale than an investigation committee that of five or or named persons be appointed by the committee to investigate complaints that alternatives to the august twenty twenty nominating convention were not elevated in disregard for august twenty twenty two convention rolle which if true would tend to injure the good name of the organization because of violation of the organisations principles and rules and the committee be instructed if it concludes these allegations are well found in to report resolutions covering the renewable from office of those officers found derelict in the performance of duty and oath of office taken a love that word aloof people don't take that seriously any more oh it's off and an oath of offshoots as more than one and and it's the one toussaint one at the very beginning that you like the office of sheriff and that's really important because the sheriff was elected by the job cheap protect the constitutional rights he takes an oath of office to do that and there's been a big effort to shrink the sheriff and expand the police the police don't take a note to a huge difference between the instrument of the police and the office of the sheriff by the people but of this a big deal and who takes it and who controls the huge deal and the other thing i like about the sheriff's too is that they are responsible to the people you ignite don't do their jobs or not a union shop there not an appointed position they are in elected position and if the people don't like the way the share of his doing their their job they just poot they remove them they so it puts the power back in the hands of we the people which is where it all should lie right and we will be in big trouble if all of our policing is done by politicians who have a responsibility to someone else not yes is there then that it's a it's a responsibility like that it's like any organization honestly party and arragon government it's like there the walthams into position will they're not responsible to any one but each other so they cover for each other and i'm not saying that we tall police but we certainly saw it during the riots and grander appetising brought up many times because i know a coat was holding one of the stairwell and i said o my sydy do that why why did you obey that you you know there was an oath of office to and his answer was that we were told from above to stay in the stairwell and not not intervene so the question is he who gave that rule who gave that order and i believe that person needs to be pretty much we have serious accountability from top bottom on that basis does finish of enemies within your first duty is constitution and a higher order that gives you an order to violate that there does wrong so to you to defy you don't jibingly except anything that that your old there comes the goes down to the end of the responsibility of the individual to form for bein on constitutional mandate that crochard i've heard this over and over again and everybody is like a water you going to do about the mandates and you know the forecastings of like well as a politician or somebody who is a leader a hate that were politician cause i'm not i'm a business person but you know as the leader i would strike it all down for certain but every single one of us has the ability to strike this all down just right now from our ability to tonon comply if we know of all one that at the same time take on responsibility for ourselves and no what i rights were as that yet no no you that this is not you don't you know entertain over this so so begone with you go go have forefoot and hermit because i'm not going to submit to three or what do i end up in a basket or to go back to sixty three twelve an investigating committee appointed as described above has no power to require the accused or any other person to appear before but it should be quietly conducted it should quietly conduct complete investigation making it after a to learn all relevant that's right that's important it means if the person doesn't want to began to be the investigation continues without him and it also when the hearing is actually called at the person being investigated as at a show at the hearing he doesn't hold in criminal court to be there but that's not the case he doesn't want to show up proceed without he cannot hold up the pros sixty three thirteen report of the investigating committee i prefer of charges the after mastication the committee that of or in indian is favorable to the accused or fifine at the matter can be resolved satisfactory without trial or reports that a but contented that means that one of the satisfactory outcome could okay so i just one but if the committee from its investigations find substance of to the allegations i cannot resolve the matter satisfactorily in any other way it makes their import and writing which is signed by every committee member who agrees outline the course of its investigation recommending in the report the adoption resolutions preferring charges arranging for a trial and if desire suspending the rights of the accused and the following so that's just saying that in during the investigation we found that allegations have married and so now we're going to file the formal charge against the second motion template resolve that officer i hereby cited to appear at saddening for trial to show cause why officers should not be removed from on falling charges a chance to defend them marlette duty and fiction and in that aerial to elevate alternate alternate according to the august nominating rule twelve thus depriving the people of representation of for section too in that officer failed to discharge their duty to identify vaccine in violation of the rule stating that vein shall be filled which deprive people of the right to rule as vacancies in estate make sense the goaded and put it in to say again so what is saying charge were saying you did not elevate being very specific they're asking what did i do and were saying you did not do your duty to fulfill the fiction three in that officer failed in their sworn off to perform the purpose according to the district committee by laws in advance to advance the party prince if you recall from the blows that was one of the first things that the purpose of their office and in the committee is to increased participation advanced the party ideals the good will the people you know what was the intent of our party and if the party officer is not going to fulfil that he shouldn't be leading the party specification for and as as at another her in resolve that from the time official mitigation of resolution is delivered to officer a dress on to a disposition of the case all the officers authority rights and duties pertaining the officer resolved that a number and anne and anne and his manager for the district committee at the okay so that the ends are just where you would insert the persians of your coming and that is a formal resolution templet district members can use as the exact language and process you would use he might fall traitor your particular case perfect now say it again if you would please the steps that the complaint you need a complaint it begins with the complaint from the alternate who are not elevated their testimony of what happened to assemble that you got to be stopped one set is you locate and find the members of your district mittie include your senator and your congressional representatives and your house representatives and county the people now the district chars the one authorized but the county chairs the one who knows his people and he knows the vacancies and he has a duty helping the chair full his right so you know the district charities to all the people but the chairs do any way i use your chair to start contacting these people let them know and then third step is the people on district made half to for special meeting call it force the special meeting to be called percent of them to be called a veto put pressure on them to make this happen hopefully they will willingly want to do now the fact that it only requires twenty five per cent of them to force the meeting to happen is a low bar for the buddy system so if there's a whole bunch of people who don't want this to happen as long as you have a small number of people who want this to happen it should have and then you start the investigation the preferred charges the trial then hopefully in our it's very possible that people were resigned just under the threat of this which would be a good thing but it's indicative that the people have power to hold their officers replied yeah i think it's important just like when you look at them when you look at the representational form of government of you know the constitution a republic is the best it best to ensure that all all voices are heard not just the majority democracy is really not a good term and it kind of sounds like it's it's the process ah designed in order to also have a lesser opinions being heard not just the majority of opinion so that it gives us some merritt democracy as marble and most it's really bad as a yes this one of the least stable form of government so i mean there's a reason why the constitutional republic why you know we are a constitutional republic because of that that a more equal representation that means to trot with the side everything for everybody at all it's it's it would be a definitely a problem so so okay well as songs like you've got a really good process there and if you write that out then all repose that quickness steps do clip none then will repose that can get that out there to cause i do think rouletta are you mine with a about several other things in election integrity across the state it the state is miss it's a mass from top to bottom and you know we can look at the stuff from the pit we can look at stuff from candace we can look at stuff from you know where they're offices are in a wise and east land seen and such the people that are involved in all of this that the software that behind all of it and all my the direct connections to what and thus my understanding of things i don't no information on that but we're allowing land in michigan to be sold to chinese companies the fact that we have officials who have businesses or do percent of their business which chianti to tell us that that does it influence their decision they have to look at the financial and you know what's at stake like here's a question for how did our republican house for a billion of she's the enemy if she so bad or come they handed her her budget and bad together they're all they're working for the same man because i don't believe that you know i don't believe that there's republicans are democrats i believe we've got a prostrate in place at as nobody everybody wants to think that some one else is representative is corrupt but not theirs okay here's something that's on my mind have been trying to educate after nomination convention and the handcar i really believe allowed to turn to be winter i don't think it would happen without the hand on in days of that two things happen nomadic was kicked out of cocks an interesting event and then but the bigger one is term limits bill got past now the term limits bill sounds good and most people if you stop there and vote for you think okay they did something the current system is if you between the house and the senate you can stay in for a total of six the term limits bill is oh well that sounds but what it does is it doubles house so if you stay in the house you can be in the house for years instead and you can be in the senate for twelve instead of at double your time and that's ridiculous okay now that's bad but what's really bad in this reveals the about your representative about every single republican that we have an office because everyone wants to believe it's not their guy that's bad okay so now i want you to think about this people really need to talk about this bill it's a bill proposal to be put on the november ballot which will make it law the house passed this bill in one day with the two third super majority and it passed the house in one day with the two third super majority now you know how hard that is to get a two third super majority vote on a bill and they did it in one day a water we always being told they never have the votes of we can't pass probity don't have the boats we can't pass this budget we don't have the boats we can't do anything for you we don't have the for their job protection they have two thirds super majority yet that this pretty tallies it reveals everything if you're willing to accept yeah and also i mean let's look at the title of the bills that there they put out that there all of them missed protect the vote was misleading the abortion bill was misleading because it isn't about it isn't about what what they say it is it's about removing it's about removing the things that we hold dear and they say the opposite every time pro like is not about the protection of women it's about the sale of body parts that's exactly what they think you for saying that it absolutely it's horrible when god looks down at us and people like to say their fighting he's going to say a when you when you fight for something you end and all of these people who are every single one of these elected politicians has taken our money on the right to life and then they say their fighting you look they have this their experts at voting republican just enough to be on the record but not actually getting anything done we sat down we say oh we're fighting we sent them money we're not fighting god's goin to look and say two million babies were murdered did you do and you're going to have to figure out well i was fighting everyone is going to be held accountable to that yeah i agree with that because it's our boats do matter what we vote for who we tomatters system is corrupt we are we are charged as a duty to remove those not only those the system that they put in play beresford the cost and right now i got to tell you i have no faith in any one that sitting in lancing or in any any leadership at whatsoever because i haven't seen any of them you know people talk about voting for your publicans in this coming election if they can solve observe public in party my hands off but at this point time it's going to be too late for the next election we only have installed we have installed people and not not only there's a couple of candidates that i think are good but the majority of aristotle puppets and that unfortunate but we were still going to have to vote with the inordinate held accountable for our gooweera a political party or such or are going to listen to you now listen to reason and the old stand in front of garlic one of the things that people should realize about state convention was we are being told don't be divisive were told to unite the only people telling this to night or those who want us to do what we're told to were all spoken or an that there's a danger of dividing the party don't do what we say and that's complete nonsense the people proved on a state convention was there was at percent unified approval amongst the people to do the right thing that seemed there's no unity to sit around any more and do the wrong thing and the other thing people should look at is the people made into now he heard was that the people heard something and the people made a decision and he voted on it now think about that in terms of the house these people that we elected and took our money and republican ideals can't make a simple decision like that it's not hard it's not hard and we proved it and the people are unified there is no division among the people there is a division between the people and leadership you and i was so proud of every one i had had spies there that were filling the unowhat was going on you now cause cause i wouldn't you know once i jumped up the party for the taxes parmetty much i resolve kind of person you know and so i would participate with the republican party after young job i had i don't think that that's a that's an ethical way to conduct yourself but i did and people that were telling you it was going on there so proud of every one as a delegate who stepped up to be united against people who should a never been put in that position to run to run the party is misleading and like you said he by and large mincemeat in the communist that really have taken over over the part in the and as i said before to to your point that if they can't make us the democrat they just like throw the throw the red buttons out in the hat and you know pulsating they run as a republican and trethake everybody think the repopulate if you listen to their words you look at what they have to say it doesn't match up and you know just somebody does something does that mean there's any truth to whatsoever so were responsible to do our own research and find out about these people because of so much deception going on it's a lie that christians have accepted that we're not supposed to judge thus not i told this we're supposed to judge the all the only thing someone has to do to get on the republican platform is just say i am pro life a progenitor whatever else accept it we don't look at the fruit and people have to demonstrate through their physical actions you can never know some one on the inside and you not supposed to judge some one on the can loathe action you know water it what are they doing and if they're not doing if there avoiding the platform and this could be though in action we have a lot of nice people who are not doing their job that their action none that's what we have to look at but we don't like to hold them accountable because they're nice and nice people are killing we intrude people's actions especially when they have an obligation to do something for us an if they're not doing job for us we do get to while look at how like it how so many kids are lured by somebody that comes to a park with candy or you know they they'll tell people i've got this wonderful thing for you and i to do all that's like this is like a hen abuser les good people and or naive people or children and that they would believe them for a militiaman disaster look like what they want to they want to see somebody that is oh i'm going to take care of you here's some candy here i promise i'm going to do this that nothing will they haven't kept their word before why would we believe them now this pretty word it doesn't if you look at what government is doing now it's saying let us will take care you see this with the big stimulus to stay home don't work will provide the bible says god says if you don't work you won't eat so these are completely counter ideas our founding fathers would be horrified if people were sitting on collecting money from the government they would be absolutely horrified people who do are founding fares which if you are to take these people put them back to hundred and fifty years and our founding fathers looked at them and confronted them they belong and i'm not talking about the leaders in talking about the citizens who are sitting back for you go little prove their gowhee people back to work and stop a stabbing like children to have everything and to them because that's exactly what it is now i don't i don't you know there's a time in a place where people need help but no lettre we're not talking about that you were not ornithologists like you know we actually support a bunch of people my unshaking about people who who intently don't work because they intentionally want a pay check and they intentionally for government to raise taxes so that they can get free money that we were talking about him not talking about some one who needs help or who is temporarily out of work or is temporarily title to the insurance that they paid for you know not workers security erything that we're not talking about that okayondonghsera you know they don't want help any money there horrible people so i just like to clarify that because you know that that's the accidental do others going to get a hold of that and it's going to be all over the news you know but no potanou the group of people that intentionally vote for larger government were talking about the group of people who voted themselves raise as while every one else was out of work do to force closure by the people who are giving themselves raise austere talking about her the criminal the criminal in their intention because they have they have no qualms about taking advantage of other people it's all about themselves it's elevating themselves and using anything they can to continue to elevate themselves in in their work and do the right thing and let the point of a i think it important to know important issue that you know i really put a lot of time thought into is how do we get the nation back to work again you know there's a lot of political stuff that is going around which is really not productive i'm not talking about this conversation at all but just out there in general right i think this is very productive conversation but when you get into the political realm you can start seeing how much nonsense is all the the time was so like for my opinion when i watched how the ballot initiatives are and how many how many balloonists they had out there to get signatures in my opinion most that was busy work we did not move the line one iota except for giving people it it's it's all for apocope are like oh yes i'm going to sign that petition and were going to change the world is like the politicians are looking at every one doing this laughing out their window going look at how we kept them all busy and we haven't moved it moved think right which ones get through the product the vote which is not protected by an all the abortion one which is about like you said selling selling human human body has ah then you know just like did you know that the red cross only uses a percent of the blood that that they get in to to actually help people and they they saw donated blood to big farmer eighty per cent of what they take so when we look at the business of selling human body parts or selling you know there's some horrible things going on there's more money in the class broke out of blood then there isn't a blood itself carry for drugs how many drugs we have that it makes the compatible carrier for drugs i don't know people realize that but that's a carrier there's a lot of problems with all of that and i'm not sure what they do with the rest of seems like there's an awful lot of blood suckers in the system here there and everywhere and you take that how to you you know how anybody wants to take it but there's going to colouring our representatives when they are initiated in the congress there instructed to ignore any petition with less than ten thousand about the first because when you witness that it doesn't the proof of what i'm saying is the fact we witness that we watched a packet of seven thousand signatures dropped on the steps of the capitol completely ignored people haven't done is they haven't banded together to remove any one from office and until we start firing someone until we stop reelecting every single we will have no political power what correct we need to have people that are outside of the system that are not part of their little club the people are supposed to be the boss but they're not the boss because of boston fire people and until people put that together we send money and we have no power in these so they do spend money however they want so do you any questions for me i go ask some really interesting questions yesterday and i thought they were great questions you have any questions for me i asked all kinds of thank you covered this which came so i don't want to but i would ask you why are you running because the whole whole everything you know what i really i really never had in my cross here to ever run for political office that was never anything that if that i i would have ever envisioned me me dorian i was asked about five years ago if i would run and i it wasn't a political people in any way shape and then more people started asking me to run and i was like not a chance i am an equal opportunity political hater because they're all liars chief and i figured i just you know go about my business running my businesses and trained to take care of people as best as i could so i kind of thought it for a while and you know i pray you know i'm a believer and i pray that i'm like now this is just not going to happen this is i would be the wiliest politician that the world has ever seen because i won't sugar coat things because i like the truth and i'm going to say what need be said regardless of anybody likes it or not so i i was really fighting gateway he just kind of like keeps picking it euston just in a gives you those nudges right and over time and watching things be destroyed to the point that they were of an just seemed like we were on as such a downward spiral one day i was in my bible and i'm just sick of seeing all of the corruption that the at everything in the evolving in the chaos absolute chaos no or her people make it up rules one why which is clearly laid out the destruction of our schools the continued removal from god for mercy society the the absolute show that we have out there within our political institutions within you know watching how things are happening through the corporations being involved in this and how wide how i got in my bible one day an i was in german any finely got to meet that and i had to sit there and shook my head and i'm like i can't believe i'm doing this but okay god if you if you want me to run for governor of michigan i am willing but you are going to have to make this happen you're going after bring the people and to come alongside me because this this is going to require all of us to stand together against this incredible evil and i kind of think that a lot of it had to do with i had made up my mind to fight in some form or another because of what they do to choke and how many children are gone missy and the lack of adults that are willing to stand up for this because they are more worried about themselves in their comfort than it is to do the right thing i like if you want me to run god i am willing and the doors just start flying open and i i and then i went through the prose in the process from running is an outsider has been really extraordinary because i've got the seat from perspective of not being an insider but seeing where everything has fallen down on so many different levels of hastati me flat out lime and and that that started right at the beginning and i've got that document to the tea and the certain person that's inside the state at a advice in order to they try to take you from the inside that he that they'll give you bad administration are banded vice just to fail you even writing there are not altogether because you don't belong there i don't belong i was the candidate that was not supposed to happen look at every one else in all the all the help that they had they were all invited to sit at the table their names were mentioned they had people that showed up alongside of a man told me the process not me i went through about i don't know thirteen different refers for people that wanted to help with king and in fine it and understanding a little bit in that unreal things were not making sense so i have to i have to honestly conclude that they were sent there to set me up and to try to have me removed in one way or another i have to make that and i had political people that for the purpose of setting me up i had some that came to sun me i saw me a twenty thousand dollar trump endorsed the snow'll not be on the ballot and lest you pay the twenty thousand dollars of course doesn't go to present trump it goes to the people underneath him that was flat out as and offered a black man material in every single member of congress and unlike this is this girl does play ball with that kind of stuff in any way shape before and to watch how signature the signature manipulation i handled we have operatives within both parties that were involved in manipulating signatures signature gathering their entertain people not to turn the man or are we he no way you believe that no war you prove on that and that's beams that even before you get into you know so you can put if you are an honest person on the outside and you but your best you are going to be attacked in time every step of the way and it's goin to make a great book or great move some day because i'm going to tell you people would not even believe the things that i've seen and heard and and it's all documented i'm kind of a research so like i told somebody i probably have sixty thousand source document shots video save off and somebody said are you worried about that i'm like the saved in a million different piece and places good luck finding him all because you know you have somebody who is a beast research or who is committed on exposing corruption ah you know it's like i told you beanlike just pushed me a little bit now doc a helot of you and so your notion and that you want to play hard ball that great you know will play hard ball but it's not going to end well for because because we have to get in there and we've got to fight i kind of how this came about you know being aware of what they do to children and the selling of a body part the live organ transplant that they're doing in anna in other countries syria had eighteen thousand that and when you start watching things like that like you know i was i i i ended up seeing and watching a two year old have their organs cut out of the body when they were alive i've i've seen when when you get into the research ram you got to be a little tough and when i first started getting into it i was like what in the world and god god kept happy me and say there is going to have to be adults that have come to terms with us that are in leadership position so when he brings his whole system down we won't be movable and fall apart like a lot of people will i've i've shown some things people say well what do you know about this and i'll pull video out and show something that actually happened perhaps satanic sacrifice that's going to be hard for people to take and what that actually looks like because stopped it's happening and it's not it's something that people can die at all day long but if you really want to see it i can myself and there's millions of us out there that seemed a part of the reason why i'm in the fight it's very very i part of my background was security there's a lot of phonography is a big part of computer secure but one of the things i can't pursue and i respect i to child molestation images i can't personally it's two horrific and people who deal with have to look at evidence or there are few prosecutors and investigators who deal with that evidence it's horrific it takes a special domain takes a special ability to work with that evidence and survive because its rich yeah it's pretty horrific because we and i think it all needs to come out i think that people need to see what some of these human beings are capable in this cosway path hillary clinton and what was on that reader laptop we all know about that at least most of us have been in the research community now what was on that laptop they know there were twelve people that watched it there were several people that that he had to leave the room and only nine of them are alive or three of them are alive now because why because they are considerable they remove people that are going to tell the truth and who are going to bring things to light and i got into this one when i first got into this i was told that there was a high proud of the lady that i won't make it to the and i'm like to heliodore i will not i will not stand the rest of my life with with a worthless pursue without an realizing what's happening to people not just not just you know even even so much as you know i heard a testimony from a doctor who was working in and china and he was told that he had to remove some organs bright on the apace where wasn't it was by the waters and he was walking and he was with some officials and he heard a gun shot go off and he walked around the corner and the man was still functionally alive but they put a bullet in him and he was either going to have a bullet put in him or he was going to remove the organs will this man heart was so this is one example of this and these testimonies are all over the place and i hate to say it but everybody is going to have to pull on their big boy in their bed girl pani because this exists because our politicians they know what's going on don't you believe for one minute they don't know what to obliterate of it their part of the petilia the part of the phonograph the prose to be something that is on these people that goes beyond just an affair i don't believe in this day and age that a simple affair with the beautiful woman is cause for someone to be blackmailed the sites pecially when there's that much money in other there has to be something darker aforetime them they want remove them a lot of times because those people are a threat to tell what they know the it's not that they themselves that's how they control the and if they get close to somebody telling the truth it's going to be death by a scarf like a red skirt round the nackerson thing like it from a door not excuse me who is stupid enough to believe that that is a suicide you do not hang from a door knob by a red scarf and indeed to go but like to end with some yes the coryanthes i know you're awake to the stuff too you know the my favorite by levers my case and i said he has told you o man what is good and what does the lord require to do justice to love mercy and walk humbly with our god your god and are required to do it's a requirement and god has told us what is good cannot be a christian interment and it does require fight sending money and hoping that some one is going to solve the problem for you for that is the hill to die on we are required to defend the there there is such thing as warren angels if i'm in a bad spot i'm goin to be calling on god the sun menot only his spirit but marriages to surround me and bounce back anything that's coming from the enemy in the name of jesus christ you know and then then then after we do our business and handled the fight that's when we pick up the survivors and you know the end and gather a lot that gathered the sheep and take care of them as a good shepherd well and i think that that's part of you know we've been sold a bill goods of gentle jesus with a lawn standing there while you know that pressed ideas lambs to the slaughter that was he never said you have a life of comfort and endless less now but it also you know also it's like jesus was you know god is also warrior it's not not you know there's time diabolical world view where we have a you know where we have a justice that we must follow and that is sometimes it looks like it's a little bit difficult but the reality is is that we are charged to protect the innocent we are charged to protected funds without a voice and that doesn't mean somebody with a differing i'm not telling going after somebody with a different opinion i'm talking about you're talking about babies that are being killed in their body particular being deserter talk and were talking about and human beings that of all ages you know look at what withered with their party murderer and in our nursing i molestation is not a different political the what was that say they gain or so charles molestation is not a direct and it's not negotiable it's not negotiable at bridge or a highway as negotiable as children are not negotiable as now there is no movie on that issue i don't i really have to go to a predetermination you like to say to regulate all dear father god i thank you for this conversation thank you that we can talk truth thank you the for government that you gave us to participate in you did give us the constitution you did give us the ability to self govern and we have to participate in that all christians are called to participate in that self government we thank you for that that you are the source of all blessing you are the source of all strange thank you for your care for us and lord you ask for your will be done we do have the spiritual problem people need to come to you the politician when he got saved he repaid his damages four times and that what people need to be father helpless forgive our enemies help us forgive those who have done wrong help us to spread our peace helpless help others feel your presence so they know that you care for any hassan the name of jesus he redeemeth you so much for coming antislavery conversation and wanted it quickly ended to say we were thinking about every single person out there you're not alone we love you were caring for you or fighting for not only your families but all those things that you care about your athought you're in our prayers and god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america a man right well to talking to you i will talk again thank you have a great day you do worry so every one mend up here leiningen please go to my web site which is brandenburg for governor dot com i write every single word on telegram and i do all the posting that at brandenburg the number four and i you can contact me there you can you can communicate with me there i do in fact answer the pope there are few are impostors out there i never get financial information or not financial i never get financial advice and i don't endorse any one that does give financial advice on any of my my media that for you to termini do not tell people how to vote and there's some other things so there are some impostors out there but it's you can find the direct link always at brandenburg for governor dotcom so have a great day and i will be back on monday morning monday morning a sheriff darleton the broadcast and we're going to be talking about the constitutional duties of the sheriff and helping to educate every one on their rights and how to continue to assert the rights and what we need to do to take back the nation together